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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Combination garden tiller and sprinkler head grass trimmer
Dual action corn cob separation and corn cob separator
Portable apparatus for reducing vegetation and method for using same
Control handle for a crop sprayer
Device for production of seedlings from seeds
Method for treating seeds, and seeds obtainable with the method
Modular greenhouse system
Cattle management method and system
Cage dispenser for measuring food intake in laboratory rodents
Method for configuring a shellfish dredge
Fishing apparatus utilizing remote controlled boat
Box for storing fishing flies
Perimeter pest control system for use on brick structures
Method and apparatus for perimeter pest control
Therapeutic footwear and method of using same
Breathable fasteners
Comb for lifting hair upwardly
Convertible backpack and seat with an extensible blanket
Article holster
Foldable frame and a computer housing including the foldable frame
Height adjustable headrest for a vehicle seat
Head and body protection child safety seat
Extension arm with moving clevis
Image display apparatus and method for making same
Self-sealing auto-aligning magnetically-hanging spice dispenser
Batch deposition tool and compressed boat
Spill proof straw
Resiliently flexible hanger system
Shelf bracket and method of making same
Extrusion process, apparatus and product
Culinary utensil
Large area thermal ablation
Scalpel assembly
Electromagnetically guided spinal rod system and related methods
Method and apparatus for stabilization of facet joint
Percutaneous or surgical radiofrequency intravascular thrombectomy catheter system and method
Retractable electrosurgical electrode
Method and system for optically detecting blood and controlling a generator during electrosurgery
Apparatus and method for steering a guidewire and connecting to an extension guidewire
Apparatus and method for resistance-based muscular force evaluation using a hexagonal diagram of output distribution
Disposable diaper
Disposable undergarment for medical treatment and surgery
Radio frequency antenna for a wireless intravascular medical device
Methods and devices for delivery of prosthetic heart valves and other prosthetics
Containment system for constraining a prosthetic component
Stay hinge for orthopedic supports and method of using same
Corneal surgery apparatus
Air filters
Brachytherapy spacer
Surgical portal apparatus with variable adjustment
Miniature x-ray unit
Colorant with nacreous luster for keratin fibers
Process for colouring and permanent shaping keratin fibres
Fitness and rehabilitation apparatus
Adjustable abdominal exercise machine
One piece lacrosse stick
Elliptical cross trainer
Speed-dependent suggested driving lines
Communication device and method between an audiovisual information playback system and an electronic game machine
Slot-keno video gaming machine
Electronic bingo game player and method for playing electronic bingo
Toy vehicle
Interactive toy and areas designated therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for reducing hydrocarbon emissions
Air conditioning system
Composite structure for high efficiency hydrogen separation containing preformed nano-particles in a bonded layer
Magnetic stirring arrangement
Gas processing device
Method and apparatus for compounding medications
Fuel cell system, reformer used for the same, and method of manufacturing the same
Medical waste disposal device
Electric hopper-spreader
Electrohydrodynamic spraying system
Multiple tuckpointing tool and method disclosure
Methods for treating surfaces
Apparatus and method for cleaning, drying and sanitizing produce
Use of polymers for modifying surfaces in cleaning applications
Method of operating a dishwater with a central control unit
Chemical injection using an adjustable depth air sparging system
Sliver discharge device
Method and apparatus for forming a metallic container
Broaching tool and method for machining the surfaces of bores
Ultrasonic welding apparatus
Apparatus and method of fabricating a door
Molding installation method and device
Recycling facilitating system, recycling facilitating program, and recycling facilitating method
Polishing pad conditioning process
Ratchet screwdriver with an accelerating structure
Electric hair cutting appliance with counter weight
Egg slicing apparatus
Driving tool
Molding die
Methods and systems for releasably attaching support members to microfeature workpieces
Method and apparatus for adhering sheets together without trapped bubbles and easy detachment of stack
Adjustable drop placement printing method
Inkjet printhead incorporating interleaved actuator tails
Inkjet printhead with electrical disconnection of printhead prior to removal
Ink jet printer with high capacity tank and associated ink refilling system
Ink distribution structure with a laminated ink supply stack for an inkjet printer
Printer cradle for an ink cartridge
Printing head and ink jet printing apparatus
Disabling a nozzle
Device for tattooing and method of using the same
Envelope closing mechanism and method for closing an envelope
Device movable along body surface
Hybrid powertrain for homogeneous charge compression ignition engine operation
Vehicle-mounted lifting system
Vehicle lamp with overhead sign illumination
Variable output inflator
Vehicle console assembly
Fail-safe concept for an electromechanical brake
Insulated cargo containers
Energy absorbing steering system
Apparatus to improve the aerodynamics, fuel economy, docking and handling of heavy trucks
Method and apparatus for wake free marine craft
Ergonomic pedaling apparatus
Aircraft structure and a fastener for use therewith
Landing gear for a hovercraft
Wheeled, fuel hose lift
System and method for packaging cotton sliver
Pallet packing tool
Large load carrier
Multicompartment evacuable storage bag
Bathroom dispenser and organizer
Pocket money band apparatus
Surgical instrument case
Convertible packaging
Cassette for holding disks of different diameters
Synthetic resin container with thin wall
Storage conveyor
Automated handling line guide rail assembly
Container-gripping device
Vertical conveyor in a commissioning system for vertically conveying goods that are to be transported
Automatic sensing and outputting device for an object
Printer paper waste reduction method and computer program product
Signature transport device
Sheet feeder with feed belts and traction belt
Method and arrangement for feeding out end sheets from a stack of sheets
Method and apparatus for controlling a fluffer port in an image production device
Wire tensioning arrangement
Feedback-based document handling control system
Backing film wind-up in a fiber placement machine
Pill container opener
Fluid product dispensing head
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Overflow downdraw glass forming method and apparatus
Aluminium oxide powder produced by flame hydrolysis and having a large surface area
Black pigment compositions, thick film black pigment compositions, conductive single layer thick film compositions, and black and conductive electrodes formed therefrom
Phase change inks containing colorant compounds
Method for the hydrometallurgical treatment of sulfide concentrate containing several valuable metals
Protection of reinforcement
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus on a textile machine for cleaning fibre material, for example of cotton, having a high-speed first or main roller
Apparatus on a textile machine for cleaning fibre material, for example of cotton, having a high-speed first or main roller
Drum type washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Pavement profiler
Body panel having improved stiffness and method of making
Method and/or system for compensating for effects of heat flow and/or air flow through fiberglass insulation
Modular tile with controlled deflection
Bracket and method for supporting a platform from concrete form tabs
Pumping tower support system and method of use
Railing ball
Patio cover and storm protection device
Device for holding panels and separation element
Production tubing hydraulic release mechanism and method of use
Seismic source and method of generating a seismic wave in a formation
Polymeric microspheres as degradable fluid loss additives in oilfield applications
Percussion drilling assembly and hammer bit with an adjustable choke
Initiation and propagation control of vertical hydraulic fractures in unconsolidated and weakly cemented sediments
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Insulated turbine disc of a turbo-pump
Method and device for converting heat into mechanical work
Valve train for internal combustion engines
Internal combustion engine and method with improved combustion chamber
Internal combustion engine and method with improved combustion chamber
System and method for use in a combined or rankine cycle power plant
System and method for modeling of turbo-charged engines and indirect measurement of turbine and waste-gate flow and turbine efficiency
Fuel injection system with a plurality of pressure reservoirs
Handheld electric starter for engines and method of use
Managing lean air/fuel transients in coordinated torque control
Radial piston pump for supplying fuel at high pressure to an internal combustion engine
Foam reduction device for a compressor
Fuel pump with inner channel priming
Propeller shaft
Bearing device
Bearing seal and swing device
Gap-forming element for mounting on a shaft
Cycloid limited slip differential and method
Precision motion transducer utilizing elasticity ratio
Lubricating element and lubricating unit
Automatic transmission for automotive vehicles
Housing part for a drive unit, as well as method and mold for manufacturing same
Couplings for water fed poles
Pipe section provided with a socket end part
Pipe connecting device
Adjustable holding frame
Solar light apparatus and system
Recessed luminaire
Liquid crystal display apparatus and lighting unit
Ultra thin radiation management and distribution systems with hybrid optical waveguide
Identification device for visually identifying cables or ducts over their entire length
Piezoelectric lighter
Waste heat utilizing system
Refrigerator with ice making device
Air-conditioning assembly
Air enhancement system and methods for food processing systems
Ice chest cooler and temporary air conditioner
Food container and refrigerator having the same
Wood-drying solar greenhouse
Heat exchanger with tube core, in particular for a supercharged internal combustion engine
Shielding for structural support elements
Launch vehicle stage integration device
Semiconductor bridge device and igniter including semiconductor bridge circuit device
Measuring device for cylinder
Laser straight liner
Light fixture alignment tool
Slab doctor level
Mass flow meter with solder/braze-flow secured spacer
Screw type material feeding apparatus
Coolant flow measurement devices and methods of measuring coolant flow
Method and device for controlling closed packages
Nondestructive testing of torsional vibration dampers
Phantom device
Interactive ultrasound-based depth measurement for medical applications
Three-axial acceleration sensor inspection device and method of inspecting three-axial acceleration sensor
Fusion splicing structure of optical fibers
Single-lens reflex camera
Lens barrel
Image display device
Linking device having connecting member with thermal deformation absorbing structure
Push rod to brake pedal assembly and method of assembly
Parking lever system for vehicle
Medium management system, image formation apparatus, print medium, medium management method, and program
Mobile communication terminal and program thereof
Card dispensing apparatuses and associated methods of operation
Method and system for dissemination of paperless transaction receipts in non-networked environments
Method for implementing anonymous credit card transactions using a fictitious account name
Electronic menu display system employing a plurality of portable menus, each including an electronic-ink display label for displaying information updated by one or more activator modules within the restaurant
Card-sized electronic data storage device employing an electronic-ink layer for displaying graphical indicia
Method of providing personal contact information with the use of a code-pattern
Method and apparatus for operating multiple games on a network of gaming devices
Lock for coin deposit container
Apparatus and method for instruction in orthopedic surgery
Display sign adapted to be backlit by widely spaced light emitting diodes
Officiating flag apparatus
Structure and method for reduced corrosion of auxiliary poles during the fabrication of perpendicular write heads
Method of manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording write head with notched trailing shield
Method for fabricating a conduction-cooled high-temperature superconducting cable
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a flat fluorescent lamp
Method of forming a circuit board
Methods and systems stackable circuit boards
USB application device having a supporting portion projected from the inner bottom wall of the casing
Signal exchange system and transforming connector thereof
Probe connector
High-power breaker switch with a wheel gear and a wheel rack
Electrical connector assembly
Lever-fitting type connector with rotatably insertable locking lever
High current electrical connector with flat connector pins
High frequency unit with improved mounting plate
Micro USB compatible combo system connector
Positive locking light fixture with faceplate
Connecting device arranged between a steering wheel and a pitman module of a motor vehicle
Stationary source radiotherapy
Control module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Portable multipurpose viewing apparatus
Combined lantern and intermittent signalling light device
Flexible flashlight extension
Combination flashlight and night light
Light diffuser
Multiple function electro-luminescent night light devices
Image generator having an improved illumination system
Light modifier
Swivel lamp
Laser lighting system
Illumination system
Spotlight source apparatus
Cooling arrangement of a heating device of the light irradiation type
Halogen lamp with reflector
Light source device and illumination system
Brightness enhancement article
Vehicle signal lamp
Corner floor lamp
Lamp display system
Vehicle external rearview mirror with rear facing blinker light
Vehicular exterior rearview mirror system with signal light assembly
Vehicle headlight
Vehicular headlamp with integrated aiming bracket
Hand held cemetitious mixing tool
Rotary elevator for feeding aggregate from a drum dryer to a mixing drum
Continuous mixer
System for continuously preparing at least two different liquid foodstuff mixtures
Apparatus for processing dispersions of solids in a fatty phase
Liner for a mixing container and an assembly and method for mixing fluid components
Double sided Mixing and aerating apparatus
Method of mixing slurries
Method for agitating the liquid contents of paint balls
Methods and apparatus for calibrating temperature measurements and measuring currents
Projector and a measuring device provided with the same
Thermocouple lance with layered sheath for measuring temperature in molten metal
Flexible package with peel-away covering
Telescopic rail with stop block
Hydrostatic bearing for a steel mill guide
Crowned conical bearing
Rotational shaft for a non-ball type bearing
Bearings and mechanical seals enhanced with microstructures
Thrust bearing to be used in a contaminated environment
Wheel supporting structure
Ball bearing oil/grease loss containment shield
Bearing device
Optical module product with sealing cap
APS camera for ensuring the cassett indicator is in the parked position
Configuration for depositing recording media
Printing system and printing control method
Feed apparatus for continuous band form print media and cut sheet form print media
Peeling device, tape processing device incorporating the peeling device, and tape printing apparatus incorporating the tape processing device
Suntan lotion applicator
Pressing device for a pen
Apparatus and method for dispensing a cleaning agent onto a cleaning implement
Application member for the application of a product to the skin and assembly thus equipped
Application device and system having helical bristles, and method for applying a product
Ring binder having actuating lever with cushion member
Control shaft carrying a control element and method for its manufacture
Fixing device
Universal drain fitting
In situ reactive gate
Spread illuminating apparatus with a uniform illumination
Lighted footwear module with random time delay
Corrosion resistant cam follower bearing assembly
Optical fiber wavelength filter and manufacturing method for the same
Fiber optic connector with micro-alignable sensing fiber and associated fabrication method
Adhesion preventing method and support body extracting method
Apparatus and system for securing cargo
Extensive engagement fastener
Floor mat retainer
Captive screw
Fastening arrangement of an assembly part onto a carrier part
Screw including a moldable mass to secure the screw against unintended loosening
Apparatus and method for automated cassette handling
Automated rotary die storage and retrieval unit with complementary rotary die storage rack and complementary rotary die storage cart
Bundle turner
Apparatus for transporting rows of products
Vertical axis pump
Radial split diffuser
Method and apparatus for cooling an airfoil
Swash-plates system for control of the pitch of rotor blades with rotating plate driver
Pressure relief device for a propeller hub
Blade for fluid pump
Propellers and impellers with stress-relieving recesses
Suspending structure of ceiling fan
Sealed compressor using hot oil to actuate protector switch
Apparatus for adjusting the stroke length of a pump element
Microdosing device and method for operating same
Active feedback apparatus and air driven diaphragm pumps incorporating same
Variable displacement pump
Single-ended swash plate compressor
Variable-type swash plate compressor having a cock member for fixed capacity operation and manufacturing method therefor
Suction gas conduit for a refrigeration compressor
Scroll compressor
Discharge manifold and mounting system for, and method of assembling, a hermetic compressor
Magnetically coupled rotary pump
Sealless integral-motor pump with regenerative impeller disk
Water pump for circulating cooling water in an internal combustion engine and camshaft mounting structure therefor
Valve arrangement and pump for a gear system
Distributor-type fuel injection pump
Air-tight type reciprocating compressor
Radial piston pump
Spring blade intake valve for air compressor
Method and apparatus for temperature stabilization in gear pumps
Scroll type fluid machine
Compressor having a valve mechanism of relatively high accuracy
Gear ring pump having a housing wall with a hollow cone recess
Multi-cylinder rotary compressor
Rotary machine
Hydraulic control system for an injection molding machine
El apparatus for eyeglass lens curing using ultraviolet light
Apparatus for the extrusion of plastic pipes or profiles
Apparatus for molding disc-like rice food
Molding apparatus having an improved fastening means of the peripheral dies to the core
Nozzle for injection molding rubber products
Vent tube system
Injection moulding tool
Molding apparatus having upper and lower composite mold/press units with replaceable mold cavity forming components
Over temperature limiting scheme by reducing gas pressure
Method and system for igniting a burner of a gas stove
Withdrawal device for a shaft furnace
Disposal of gas evaporated with heat treatment
Substrate support for a thermal processing chamber
Method and apparatus for removing bonded dental appliances
Orthodontic appliance with improved precipitation hardening martensitic alloy
Curved elastomeric orthodontic ligature
Dental hand tool for interproximal dental restorations
Dental light filter
Clip holder for dental material
Dental saliva ejector tube assembly
Distractor suitable for permanent implantation into bone
Device for handling dental implants
Zirconium oxide dental implant with internal thread
Arrangement and its use for anchoring a threaded implant in bone, for example dentine
Method of treating a partially or totally edentulous patient
Disposable tooth bleaching tray
Method and apparatus for the withdrawal of dental post
Remote computer implemented methods for cognitive testing
Antibody teaching aid
Non-Julian calendar for aiding a child in determining daily intervals preceding a date of significance
Laminated 90-degree connector
Board-to-board alignment and securement device
Electrical contact-making connection and controller for a motor vehicle having an electrical contact-making connection
Electrical connector with multiple rows of terminals
Surface-mounted type connector and method for producing circuit device including the same
High-voltage connector
Intermediate electrical connector
Shield connector structure
Connector with improved performance characteristics
Electrical connector for reducing electrical crosstalk and common mode electromagnetic interference
Cable dock fixture with EMI shielding
Arrangements relating to electrical connections between apparatuses containing electrical circuitry
Link for an electrical mounting rack terminal with two busbars, and mounting rack terminal
Connector and method of assembling said connector
Retaining structure of connector
Anti-rotation terminal with captured nut
Terminal connector securing wire with a wide range of diameters to a conductor of an electric power switch and an electric power switch incorporating the terminal connector
Electrical connection between and a method of installation of a main terminal and a bore copper of a dynamoelectric machine
Amphibious vehicle drivetrain
Retractable trolling motor
Tilt device for marine propulsion unit
Operator display panel control by throttle mechanism switch manipulation
Assembly and method for routing exhaust through a gimbal in a stern drive
Inflatable shaded float
Short motion swim fin
Organic EL display device and method of making
Fiber spacers in large area vacuum displays and method for manufacture
Method of welding shadowmask in flat cathode ray tube
Method of attaching a tension mask to a frame
Combination water gun and self-propelled water toy
Smoke generation system for model toy applications
Self-aligning wing
Jumping toy vehicle
Doll comb having apparatus for attaching ornaments
Toy building set
Doll kit
Toy submarine with counter rotating propellers
Projectile launching action toy having members capable of coordinated movement
Toy figure pair simulating combat
Breast support garment
Process for determining optimum grinding conditions
Method and apparatus for detecting an end-point in chemical mechanical polishing of metal layers
Method of forming a transparent window in a polishing pad
Wafer sensor utilizing hydrodynamic pressure differential
Polishing apparatus
End face polishing apparatus and method for polishing end face of ferrule
Polishing method, polishing device, glass substrate for magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording medium
Apparatus and method to polish a wafer using abrasive flow machining
Surface polishing method and apparatus wherein axis of autorotation of workpiece is revolved about an axis within circumscribed circle of the workpiece
Apparatus and method for distribution of slurry in a chemical mechanical polishing system
Test probe cleaning
Combined slurry dispenser and rinse arm
Filter apparatus
Granule dishwashing apparatus and method of use
Method and apparatus for fluid jet formation
Barrel-polishing apparatus
Abrasive machine
Vibration surface finishing apparatus
Wafer polishing apparatus and wafer manufacturing method
Hand-held tool for drill bit sharpening
Wafer suction pad
Accessories and attachments for angle grinder
Apparatus for putting gullet ligatures into place
Process for preparing turkey rib cuts
Pelvic bone splitter, particularly for deer
Catfish fillet machine
Coin dispensing device
Two-way hingeless ventilator
Heating and/or air-conditioning device for a motor vehicle with removable air filter
Method and apparatus for controlling airflow
Central forced air cooling of a gaming machine
High availability airflow management system for use in electronic equipment
Frame to support a deflated fabric air duct
Air diffuser having improved bridges for supporting air control blades
Single sheet of paper for duplicating information entered on both surfaces thereof
Device, method and storage medium for displaying penalty kick match cursors in a video soccer game
Method and ticket for game of chance
Computer network management of wide-area multi-player bingo game
Cashless method for a gaming system
Wireless game control units
Cashless computerized video game system and method
Video game apparatus outputting image and music and storage medium used therefor
Two-mass flywheel with a speed-adaptive absorber
Torque limiting slip clutch apparatus for cable reel drive assembly
Bi-directional, dual wrap spring, torsional coupler with decoupling means
Hydrokinetic coupling apparatus with locking clutch for motor vehicle
Flywheel for internal combustion engine
Universal joint
Compact axle hub unit
Constant velocity joint with improved profile
Plunging constant velocity universal joint for propeller shaft
Driving shaft with male and female shaft members
Impact-absorbable power transmission device
Establishment for viewing image
Slide apparatus and method
Method of adapting a relatively small number of bowling balls for testing use by a relatively large number of bowlers
Luminous bowling ball
Ball support and golf swing aid for golf practice
Golf putter
Method and means for selectively positioning golf club shaft flex point
Iron-type golf club head
Joint construction method and article constructed by said method
Golf tee
Striking practice device
Apparatus and method for performing timed basketball drills
Training baseball bat and method
Monolithic string network for sport rackets
Racket stringing clamp
Ball featuring resilient radiating arms
Continuously variable transmission
Gate drive assembly
Eccentric toothed gear
Infinitely variable toroidal drive
Computerized exercise system and method
Treadmill with adjustable cushioning members
Reciprocating therapeutic exerciser
Method for exercising
Adjustable asymmetric-resistance upper body exerciser
Multi-purpose sliding exerciser
Ball return apparatus for exercising abdominal muscles
Body contouring device
Rolling pin
Abrasion resistant surface coatings and method of forming same
Elongated roller assembly and methods of making and replacing a roller
Process and apparatus for preparing packaging material for the production of (cigarette) packs
Cutting tool support
Multi-view print cutting apparatus using lenticular material as an alignment guide
Flow-through centrifuge for centrifuging biological fluids
Electromagnetic therapeutic treatment device and methods of using same
System for treating congestive heart failure
Fluorescence endoscope
System and method for determining a reference baseline of individual patient status for use in an automated collection and analysis patient care system
Intelligent system for noninvasive blood analyte prediction
Compensation of concentration values concerning a patient
Magnetic resonance imaging
Intracorporeally introducible suspension of ferromagnetic particles and method using same for spatially resolved body temperature monitoring
Stent and MR imaging process for the imaging and the determination of the position of a stent
Apparatus for enhancing the visibility of a luminous object inside tissue and methods for same
Three-dimensional tissue/flow ultrasound imaging system
Aerogel backed ultrasound transducer
Patient identification for the pacing therapy using LV-RV pressure loop
System and method for non-invasively monitoring hemodynamic parameters
Method and apparatus for removing baseline wander from an egg signal
Infant condition monitoring system and method using load cell sensor sheet
Method and apparatus for assessing susceptibility to stroke
Apparatus and methods for detecting and processing EMG signals
System and method for determining muscle dysfunction
Apparatus and method for measuring body composition
High speed accurate temperature measuring device
Methods and devices for collection of soft tissue
Substance delivery device for use with a procedure performing instrument
Device and method for separating component of a liquid sample
Hypodermic needle assembly
Ultrasound therapeutic apparatus
Massage device
Artificial limb joint device
Device for stationary and/or ambulant traction of the spinal column
Extracorporeal blood processing system
Ultrasonic dissection and coagulation system
Controlled fluid transfer system
Medical for tracking patient functional status
Method of filling a drug capsule and article produced thereby
Localized delivery of drug agents
Stent securement by balloon modification
Thrombolytic filtration and drug delivery catheter with a self-expanding portion
Method and apparatus for local delivery of therapeutic agent
Tissue traction device
Constant flow medication infusion pump
Container for storing and dispensing injection, infusion and diagnostic preparations
Hypodermic needle guard
Reaccessible medical needle safety devices and methods
Automatic injection device
Feeding apparatus with replaceable feeding bottle
High flow rate dialysis catheters and related methods
Apparatus and method for using a needle in an intravascular assembly
External urinary catheter
Absorbent article with a flap and biasing spacer
Multi-tiered feminine pad
Absorbent article having flaps with step configuration and zones of extensibility
Gross filter for a drainage device
Syringe device fixable on a flask
Sterile formed, filled and sealed flexible container and draining administration port therefor
Clip-on access port and methods of use
Introducer system
Angiographic catheter
Method and systems for laser treatment of presbyopia using offset imaging
Eye tracking and positioning system for a refractive laser system
Laser ablation device
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic treatment of the skin, including hair depilation
Adjustable position injection tubing
Cautery apparatus
Apparatus and method for RF lesioning
Multi-axial bone screw assembly
Spinal fixation system
Spine distraction implant and method
Multi-axial bone anchor system
Tubular splint
Bony tissue resector
Cannulated tissue anchor system
Portable computer docking station with movable docking connector
Patient cable connector
Radio frequency electrical connector
Electrode receptacle plug and method
Lug adapter assembly having reduced force clips
Zero insertion force connector
Socket for electrical parts
Socket apparatus for IC packages
Seal for disposition between wires and their receiving connector
Electric connector housing and method for detecting engagement of the same
LGA socket with reliable securing mechanism
Zero insertion force connector socket with helical driving mechanism
Electrical connector having a metallic inserted plate
Electrical connector
Connector with break resistant locking arm
Electrical connector with locking mechanism and metal spring
Submarine periscope eye box connector, mast connector, and connector guide for facilitating blind interconnection
Plug connector
Electrical terminal
Electrical connector
Communication cable termination
Resilient contact for electrical conductors
Wire shaking prevention structure of connector
Enclosure for spliced cable
Testing system with bridge clip, and connector having a positive stop
Full-face one-piece jackfield designation plate
Electric connector
Cable connector assembly
Electric connection box
Dual contact power connector
Securing structure of connector
Surface mounted electrical connector
Hold-down element for electrical and/or electronic components
Connecting assembly for decorative lighting net
Electrical connector with terminal retaining means
Electrical connector
Electrical connector firmly retaining an insulative housing
Spindle with linear motor for axially moving a tool
R-8 collet
Breast surgery method and apparatus
Releasable basket
Balloon actuated ligating band dispenser
Hernia mesh patch with stiffener line segment
Head acupuncture instrument
Surgical instrument for facilitating the detachment of an artery and the like
Methods for treating bone
Polymer covered vaso-occlusive devices and methods of producing such devices
Surgical grasping and holding forceps
Back biting surgical instrument
Devices and methods for performing vascular anastomosis
Patient-worn energy delivery apparatus
Implantable intravenous cardiac stimulation system with pulse generator housing serving as optional additional electrode
Reducing skin damage in use of medical electrodes
Prosthesis gripping system and method
Apparatus and method for delivering a self-expanding stent on a guide wire
Endovascular graft system
Delivery system for deployment and endovascular assembly of a multi-stage stented graft
Scleral prosthesis for treatment of presbyopia and other eye disorders
Implantable iris device for the eye, and method of installing same
Intrastromal corneal modification
Glare-free intraocular lens and method for using the same
Apparatus and method for tibial fixation of soft tissue
Resorbable, macro-porous, non-collapsing and flexible membrane barrier for skeletal repair and regeneration
Devices for tissue repair and methods for preparation and use thereof
Hydrogel intervertebral disc nucleus implantation method
Hip joint prosthesis convertible in vivo to a modular prosthesis
Cement restrictor
Artefact suitable for use as a bone implant
Foot prosthesis having cushioned ankle
Indirect illumination taillamp assembly for a vehicle
Sizing methods and compositions for carbon dioxide dry cleaning
Method of treating natural or synthetic polyamide fiber materials
Method of manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitors
Method for the manufacture of a lithium battery
Human Necessities
Illuminated assembly for a handcuff key
Methods and apparatus for indirect high voltage verification in an imaging system
Ophthalmologic insertor apparatus and methods of use
Performing Operations; Transporting
Self-adhering drill and cutter
Milling tool with precisely positionable inserts
Damped tool holder and method
Marker for wire casings
Rolling bearing unit for supporting vehicle wheel
Shock absorber attachment for containers
Motor vehicle lighting system with a signaling function for use in daylight
Apparatus and method for placing and engaging elongate workpieces
Fixed Constructions
Reinforced retaining wall
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Optical fibre connector
Two-part device and method for protecting optoelectronic units
Flexible printed circuit connector with an improved slider
Flat cable drop connection system
IC card connector
Battery connector having reliably positioned terminals
Wall mounted heater fan with electrical outlet
Multi-conductor cable connector with integral grounding bus
Ignition wiring connector
Method and apparatus for selectively connecting electrical circuits and components
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew