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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method to package articles for storage and identification
Apparatus and method for harvesting and processing celery
Enhanced plant growth using alkane biostimulation
Raised garden bed kit
Garment with underarm externally accessible breast pockets and method of use
Ventilated garment
Sports shoe for sports involving a sliding movement
Clasp for jewelry
Adjustable mount for showerhead
Dust collector
Device and method for monitoring body fluid and electrolyte disorders
Diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, and operation controlling method thereof
Implantable medical device including self-bootstrapped therapy pulse output circuit switches
Diagnosis, treatment and research of mental disorder
Electric modulation of sympathetic nervous system
Method and apparatus for automatic implantable medical lead recognition and configuration
Rate smoothing control
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-cyclone dust collector for vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner employing the same
Robotic system for optically inspecting workpieces
Self-piercing blind rivet
Installation construction method for boiler facilities
Scissors with a ringlet
Framework for ordered handling of information
Apparatus and method for image forming capable of processing an image at suitable clock speeds
Support structure for car wash components
Apparatus and method for discerning a driver's intent and for aiding the driver
Modular clipping packaging apparatus and associated devices, methods, systems and computer program products
Fixed Constructions
Molded sectioned riser and locking cover
Foldable electronic equipment comprising a slidable hinge including leaf spring
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control device and exhaust purification method of internal combustion engine
Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engine systems
Method for controlling an internal combustion engine
Needle penetrable and laser resealable lyophilization method
Micro-structured drying for inkjet printers
Calibration method for a lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Operation equipment for vehicle
Platform based imaging system
Laser-scanning fluoroscopy apparatus
Modulated scatterometry
Tensioning rail applied by injection molding
Optical interrogation systems with reduced parasitic reflections and a method for filtering parasitic reflections
System and method of generating test signals with injected data-dependent jitter (DDJ)
Scan test expansion module
Semiconductor storage device
Seismic data acquisition system
Method of determining lens materials for a projection exposure apparatus
Projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus
Objective with crystal lenses
Apparatus and method for inspecting optical fiber end face
Method for controlling attenuation of an optical element
Method of preventing optical fiber failure in high power application
Uniform light guide mechanism
Nanowire optoelectric switching device and method
Optical device
Objective lens drive device
Transflective liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal orientation method
Polymer phase modulator
Projection-receiving surface that functions in ambient light
Finishing system
Remote access to print job retention
Tone reproduction curve (TRC) target adjustment strategy for actuator set points and color regulation performance trade off
Tone reproduction curve systems and methods
Image forming apparatus and phase adjustment of image carriers of the image forming apparatus
Method for repairing used fuser member
Dialogue control apparatus for communicating with a processor controlled device
Image forming apparatus including a heating unit
Fixing apparatus and image formation apparatus using same
Precision complex sinusoid generation using limited processing
Distributed global clock for clusters of computers
Method and system for standby auxiliary processing of information for a computing device
Method and system for high bandwidth fault tolerance in a storage subsystem
Managing process state information in an operating system environment
Object-based software management
Fixed content distributed data storage using permutation ring encoding
Method and system for ordered fault clearance
Computer system with two debug watch modes for controlling execution of guarded instructions upon breakpoint detection
Data processing system
Memory module having a memory controller to interface with a system bus
Method of controlling storage device controlling apparatus, and storage device controlling apparatus
Folding for a multi-threaded network processor
Multiple branch operations in an associative memory
Method and system for simultaneously supporting different block sizes on a single hard drive
Storage subsystem and storage subsystem control method
Non-volatile memory and non-volatile memory data rewriting method
Journaling technique for write transactions to mass storage
Storage system and control method thereof for uniformly managing the operation authority of a disk array system
Semiconductor device for outputting data read from a read only storage device
Method and system to order memory operations
Methods and systems for merging graphics for display on a computing device
Disk array control device with two different internal connection systems
Hybrid parallel/serial bus interface
Efficient detection of multiple assertions in a bus
Image processing system for outputting scanned images in the specified sequences
Information display control apparatus and recording medium having recorded information display control program
Color gamut mapping using a cost function
Printer replaceable component
Message queuing method, system, and program product with reusable pooling component
Protected Ethernet backplane communication
Use of online messaging to facilitate selection of participants in game play
Method and system for supporting off-line mode of operation and synchronization
Internet service error tracking
Unified navigation shell user interface
Encoding and distribution of schema for multimedia content descriptions
System and method for building a large index
XML patterns language
Network message processing using inverse pattern matching
Manufacturing design and process analysis and simulation system
Automatic system for configuring to dynamic database search forms
Unicode transitional code point database
Refinement of a search query based on information stored on a local storage medium
Query optimization by sub-plan memoization
Method and apparatus for relocating elements in a floorplan editor
Method, system and program product for evaluating a circuit
Placement/net wiring processing system
Placement/net wiring processing system
System and method for simulating network connection characteristics
Integrated circuit layout critical area determination using Voronoi diagrams and shape biasing
System and method for viewing and controlling a presentation
Method and system for making resources available
XGL and dynamic accessibility system and method
Data processing apparatus and data processing method that generates a final class code
Contact page
Reduced-area architecture for padded-protocol interface
Controller for controlling printing on both surfaces of a sheet of print media
Substrate transfer device
Rules customization and related methods
Place name information extraction apparatus and extraction method thereof and storing medium stored extraction programs thereof and map information retrieval apparatus
Document search system using a meaning relation network
Serverless distributed file system
System and method for detecting instruction dependencies in multiple phases
Computer based system adapted to create a representation of the pumping action of a heart
Absolute acceleration sensor for use within moving vehicles
System and method for on-demand computing for parallel SCSI
End-to-end authentication of session initiation protocol messages using certificates
Display of a digital information content and method of selection
Syntax checker with real-time feedback
Method and system for accessing drawing resources
Persistent messaging in a transaction processing environment
Systems and methods for preserving the order of data
Apparatus for simulating the deformation of materials, notably of soft body tissues
Color processing method and apparatus for generating a conversion condition for converting data in a device independent color space into data in a device dependent color space
Printer printing an unprinted surface of a previously-printed print sheet
Wavelet-based image processing path
Fingerprint recognizing display and operating method thereof
Display device and control system thereof
Adaptive motion estimation
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Pattern inspection method and pattern inspection device
Data insertion device and method of inserting data
System and method for automated symbolic recognition including evidence-based technique
Method and apparatus for high speed data compression and decompression
System and process for generating high dynamic range video
Hypothesis support mechanism for mid-level visual pattern recognition
System and method for effectively utilizing universal feature detectors
Method for remote execution of a function in a communication network
Method and apparatus for digitally signing an advertisement area next to a value-bearing item
Rendering outline fonts
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Apparatus and method for high-speed marker-free motion capture
System and method for tracking and establishing a progressive discount based upon a customer's visits to a retail establishment
Talking E-book
Driving circuit of a liquid crystal display device
Image display apparatus
Information processing system and screen display method
Autostereoscopic display
Color display driving apparatus in a portable mobile telephone with color display unit
Performing machine translation using a unified language model and translation model
Systems and methods for determining the determinizability of finite-state automata and transducers
Speech recognition system, program and navigation system
Controlling the listening horizon of an automatic speech recognition system for use in handsfree conversational dialogue
Control of speech code in mobile communications system
Low profile air-oil hybrid fluid dynamic bearing motor
System, method, and apparatus for distributing stress with one or more cavities in a disk clamp for disk drive applications
Recording apparatus, server apparatus, recording method, program, and storage medium
Method for indicating a sector on a data medium and data medium suited to this method
Heater control method and storage apparatus
Localized heating element for a suspension assembly
Disk drive with airflow diverter filter component
System and apparatus for reducing off-track gain for a disk drive actuator
Method and apparatus for destructing an optical disc
Objective lens for optical pick-up
Information recording apparatus and method, information reproducing apparatus and method, information recording program and information reproducing program, recording medium and information recording medium
Recording medium with judging area for track area identification based on wobbling polarity
Optical information recording medium with a partition wall between an information tracks groove and a preformat pit encoding information therefor
Method and apparatus for current sense amplifier calibration in MRAM devices
Magnetic tunnel junction current sensors
Magnetic random access memory, magnetic random access memory manufacturing method, and magnetic random access memory write method
Method and system for correcting errors in a memory device
Multiple power levels for a chip within a multi-chip semiconductor package
Methods and apparatus for accessing memory
Memory array with precharge control circuit
Multiport memory
Synchronous storage device and control method therefor
Access point antenna for a wireless local area network
Systems and methods for a capacitively-loaded loop antenna
Method for facilitating access to electronic components
Raman amplification repeater
Compact high power laser dazzling device
Medium voltage vacuum circuit interrupter
Electronic apparatus and DC power input apparatus thereof
Voltage source converter
DC power supply apparatus
Adaptive filter with GSPT LMS algorithm for reducing complexity
Transmitting data words
Optimizing the protection of wireless local area networks with real-time, flexible, perimeter sensor feedback
Frequency-doubling circuit arrangement, and mobile radio having that circuit arrangement
Method and apparatus for compensating an oscillator in a location-enabled wireless device
Methods for performing channel diagnostics
Opening/closing type portable information terminal
Alternating current power strip with network repeating and management
Interference protection
Optical-axis directional indicating apparatus for optical communication
Bit synchronization circuit and central terminal for PON systems
Pluggable bi-directional transceiver with a single optical fiber
Adaptive communication methods and apparatus
Selection of pre-computed equalizer based on channel characteristic
Physical channel relation system/method for use in cellular telecommunications network
Electrical pulse transformation using optical delay lines
Band control system for a digital subscriber network and band control method therefor
Transmission system
Communication system
Method for the interference-free communication during the operation of a jamming transmitter
ATM gateway system
Multi-protocol network interface card
Method and apparatus for managing payload buffer segments in a networking device
Method for assigning setting information for connection to external network
Hierarchical round robin arbiter
Ethernet switch and method of switching
Packet communication system, network side device and terminal side device thereof and identifier assigning method
Quality of service using virtual channel translation
Router using measurement-based adaptable load traffic balancing system and method of operation
Dedicated processing resources for packet header generation
Digital subscriber line services
Asynchronous system-on-a-chip interconnect
Method and apparatus for soft symbol scaling
Combining a browser cache and cookies to improve the security of token-based authentication protocols
8 PSK rotationally invariant turbo trellis coded modulation without parallel transitions
Systems and methods for distributing trusted certification authorities
Information providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, program storage medium, program, and information providing system
System and method for verifying delivery and integrity of electronic messages
System and method for guaranteeing software integrity via combined hardware and software authentication
Systems and methods for verifying documents
Fingerprinting media entities employing fingerprint algorithms and bit-to-bit comparisons
Supply power transition control
Using directional antennas to enhance throughput in wireless networks
Monitor network for a digital switching cross-connect module
Network-based timed ring suppression
Image reading apparatus
Data processing control apparatus, data processing control method and system thereof
Image processing apparatus
Method of making correction for color sensor output values in color image forming apparatus, and color image forming apparatus
Image conversion apparatus, and image conversion program storage medium
Binary halftone detection
Image data producing apparatus and image data producing program storage medium
Media data processing apparatus and media data processing method
Method of frame synchronization when scaling video and video scaling apparatus thereof
Digital broadcasting receiver
Subscriber characterization system with filters
On-screen display insertion
Image display controlling method, image display controlling apparatus and image display controlling program
Methods and apparatus for scheduling, serving, receiving media-on demand for clients, servers arranged according to constraints on resources
Transcoder for decoding encoded TV programs
Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, and recording medium therefor
Shared information system in network
System for enabling a high-speed moving vehicle to communicate with base stations
Telecommunication method for a wireless network
Method for transferring messages between communication terminals
Phone number replace code system and method
Hearing aid system and hearing aid for in-situ fitting
Resistive element apparatus and method
Fixing member for auxiliary circuit board
Integrated heat spreader and method for using
Heat transfer structure for electronic devices
Flexure plate for maintaining contact between a cooling plate/heat sink and a microchip
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Prescription mirror
Ergonomic customizeable user/computer interface devices
Container cap medication reminder
Bowling scoring console
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical systems and methods for rapid screening of libraries of different materials
Laser irradiation apparatus
Device for on-line control of output power of vacuum-UV laser
System and method for output management
Prediction and prevention of offset printing press problems
Method of treating a metal surface to increase polymer adhesion
Heliographic ink jet apparatus and imaging processes thereof
Thermal head
Thick-film thermal printhead with improved paper transfer properties
Character display apparatus and character input apparatus
Arrangement and method of vehicle tire identification
Configurable warning system for a vehicle instrument cluster
Light diffusion preventing structure
Indicators and illuminators using a semiconductor radiation emitter package
Vehicle reversal monitoring device mounting fixture
Method and apparatus for locating mobile units tracking another or within a prescribed geographic boundary
Method and apparatus for spacecraft payload pointing registration
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Polyborates useful for optical frequency conversion
Anti-reflection high conductivity multi-layer coating for flat CRT products
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for measuring properties of a moving fiber web
Fixed Constructions
Acoustic transmission system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel hose resin coupling
Magnetizing magnet
Deployable antenna using screw motion-based control of tensegrity support architecture
Underwater background-acoustics synthesizer system and method
Measuring instrument and method for measuring patterns on substrates of various thicknesses
Profiling of a component having reduced sensitivity to anomalous off-axis reflections
Pattern projection measurement grating
System for measuring structures of an object
Sheet thickness and swell measurement method and apparatus therefor
Measuring method and device
High accuracy ring laser interferometer using an external cavity ring laser
Method and apparatus for measuring spatial uniformity of radiation
Method and apparatus for calibrating an optical spectrum analyzer in wavelength
Optical sensor for illumination mixtures and method for the design thereof
Semiconductor piezoresistor
Measurement method of resonant nonlinearity in a nonlinear optical fiber using a long period fiber grating pair
Method and apparatus for timing intermittent illumination of a sample tube positioned on a centrifuge platen and for calibrating a sample tube-imaging system
Method for evaluating sample system anisotropic refractive indices and orientations thereof in multiple dimensions
Set-up of measuring instruments for the parallel readout of SPR sensors
Compact spectrofluorometer
Integrated circuit defect review and classification process
Test strip and measurement device for its evaluation
Power conversion device with power source voltage drop detection unit
Digital correlator for a receptor of signals from satellite radio-navigation systems
Receiver for pseudo-noise signals from a satellite radio-navigation systems
SAR radar system
Weather radar system integrating ground-based weather radar with on-board aircraft weather radar
Pet locator
System and method of carrier-phase attitude determination
Signal structure and processing technique for providing highly precise position, velocity, time and attitude information with particular application to navigation satellite systems including GPS
Circuit module for a phased array
Radar device, similar device, and received data write method
LIDAR with increased emitted laser power
Optical element designed to operate in transmission in the infrared spectrum, provided with a high-density-polyethylene coating
Compact lens with external aperture stop
Lens system having compliant optic mounting structure
Digital imaging system for assays in well plates, gels and blots
Zoom lens and video camera and electronic still camera using this
Zoom lens system
Directionally adjustable telescope arrangement
Optical prism for projecting image
Optical autofocus for use with microtiter plates
Microscope objective lens and microscope using the same
Digital imaging microscope
Shopping cart magnifier (E-Z reader)
Swollen gyricon displays and method of making same
Optical image separator
Optical interleavers with minimized dispersion
Folded optical interleaver with optional routing capability
Method and system for testing a tunable chromatic dispersion, dispersion slope, and polarization mode dispersion compensator utilizing a virtually imaged phased array
Optical apparatus with optical system having long optical path
Optical filter with little variation in chromatic dispersion
Optoelectronic device and method utilizing nanometer-scale particles
Multiplexer and demultiplexer for single mode optical fiber communication links
Method and apparatus for precision three-dimensional opto-mechanical assembly
Focusing device
Light shutter device
Optical attenuator using isolator and optical communications system including the same
Electrophoretic liquid crystal reflective display with slanted partition walls
Electrochromic projection and writing device
Liquid crystal display device and method of producing the same
Liquid crystal display including pixel electrodes with slit-positioned along first direction and longitudinal axis of liquid crystal molecules positioned along second direction
Active matrix type liquid crystal display device and method of forming the same
Device for enhancing the linear polarization intensity of light which passes through a polarizer
LCD having low-thermal-conductivity lamp holder for retain heat in fluorescent lamp
Normally closed liquid crystal display device using spacers coated with material having liquid crystal aligning ability by irradiation with polarized light
Liquid crystal display device
Reflective liquid crystal display device having an array of display pixels
Conduction defect correcting method for liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for optical beam steering based on a chirped distributed bragg reflector
Tandem optical frequency mixer
Optical waveguide device, and light source device and optical apparatus including the optical waveguide device
Device and method for regenerating a train of solitons
Electronic camera with quick review of last captured image
Method and apparatus to reduce bias between dense and sparse photoresist patterns
Illumination optical system and exposure apparatus having the same
Digital camera, having a flash unit, which determines proper flash duration through an assessment of image luminance and, where needed, a preliminary flash emission
Low thermal distortion extreme-UV lithography reticle
Device for the low-deformation support of an optical element and method for the low-deformation support of the optical element
Projection exposure apparatus
Multi-layered mirror
Extreme repetition rate gas discharge laser
Method and apparatus for making holograms including a diffuser shiftable in its own plane
Luminous wristwatch
Curfew timer apparatus
Operator/circuit interface with integrated display screen
Motor control apparatus, motor control method, disk apparatus and disk access method for correcting an assumed value based on error information
Briefcase computer
Server system rack drawer with keyboard, flat panel display and electronic switch
Computer having a built-in mouse rack
Shielding device for computer enclosure
Battery-power distribution panel for network equipment
Expansion card hold down assembly
Apparatus for cooling a circuit component
Fan flow guide
Cooling unit for cooling heat generating component and electronic apparatus having the cooling unit
Recovery ROM for array controllers
Memory module for preventing skew between bus lines
Method and apparatus for dynamic text resizing
Remote signaling device for a rolling code security system
Resolution policy for direct manipulation on hierarchically structured visuals
Hyper-relational correlation server
Telemetry encoding technique for smart stylus
Display system
Acoustic touch position sensor using a low acoustic loss transparent substrate
Ergonomic computer mouse
Transmitter and receiver for use in a wireless cursor control system
Multi-function key assembly for an electronic device
Method and apparatus for taking a note while in a call
Image display apparatus
Buffer memory managing method and printing apparatus using the method
Control circuit and semiconductor device including same
Dynamically specifying invocations in compiled objects
Integrated rendering and compositing in variable printing
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image output system image processing system image output method image processing method and recording medium
Reduction of banding in incremental printing, through selection among colorimetric equivalents
Semiconductor laser drive control circuit and image forming system using the same
Portable electro-optical device
Display apparatus and display control method of displaying data together with icon representing contents of data
Electronic visual indication system
Image reproduction apparatus having function of displaying synthesized data by varying part of original image data
Drawing with circular arcs
Computer curve construction system
Image processing apparatus and method of same
Method and apparatus for displaying three-dimensional image by use of tensor rendering
Methods and apparatuses for performing Z-buffer granularity depth calibration in graphics displays of three-dimensional scenes
Method and system for high performance computer-generated virtual environments
Method and apparatus for generating textures for display
Pseudo area lights
Video token tracking system for animation
Image generator, image generating method and image recording medium
Methods and apparatus for recording and information processing, and recording medium therefor
Method for modeling and rendering complex surfaces using local height maps
Method and apparatus for manipulating geometric constraints of a mechanical design
Bit-depth extension of digital displays using noise
Method and apparatus for deriving novel sports statistics from real time tracking of sporting events
Video compression/decompression processing and processors
Data transmission apparatus and data reception apparatus
System for detecting a foreign object attached to a bill passing through a bill validator
Highly reliable power line communications system
Message transmission to external unit in radio apparatus
Pixel driver that generates, in response to a digital input value, a pixel drive signal having a duty cycle that determines the apparent brightness of the pixel
Interactive control system having plural displays, and a method thereof
Display device and luminance control method therefor
Hardware system for genlocking
Computer system, and video decoder used in the system
Image data conversion processing device and information processing device having the same
Display control device and reproduction display device for electronic books
Optical reproduction method and optical information device
Optical information storage device capable of giving optimum phase compensations according to recording tracks in reproducing information
Apparatus for recording and reproducing digital information signals of different transmission rates
Media velocity detection for a capstanless tape transport system
C-ring tape path and wrapper mechanism for automated tape loading
Compact tape drive having delayed in time first, second and third rotated tape guides for reading and writing data on single reel magnetic tape cartridges
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus including a tape guide device
Cassette Holder
Cassette auto-changer with cassette accommodating portion providing cassette recording format information
Disc loading apparatus
Mount for recording media and recording media library apparatus using the mount
Small library horseshoe architecture
Disk drive including a recording surface employing servo zones recorded at a channel frequency different from data zones
System and method for adjusting a cutoff frequency of a tunable filter employed in a read channel of a data storage system
Phase-shift calculation method, and system implementing it, for a finite-impulse-response (FIR) filter
Method of modulating and/or demodulating RLL code having enhanced direct current suppression capability
Reading/reproducing apparatus having retry arrangement upon failed reading/writing of a signal
Information recording and reproducing apparatus having semiconductor laser drive circuitry in its pickup
Information reproduction apparatus, information recording apparatus, and reference mark detection circuit
Data storage communication channel and method of transmitting data
System and method for minimizing write-over encroachment in a disk due to radial sinusoidal runout at the fundamental frequency
Method and apparatus for reducing acoustic noise in a hard disk drive
Stackable, interlocking mounting supports for data storage actuator arm
Wear durability using high wear-resistant slip pads
Anti-rattle mechanism for cartridge
Device for cleaning magnetic head of a disk drive
Combination of VCR index and EPG
Actuator for data storage device
Method and mechanism to distinguish valid from outdated recording blocks in a tape drive
Hierarchical processing apparatus and hierarchical processing method for video and audio data
Information recording/reproducing apparatus
Storing digitized audio/video tracks
Electronic device
Hot-pluggable disk carrier having enhanced rotational drive vibration control capability
Replaceable SCA drive adapter board for a removable disc drive carrier
Optical pickup dust-proofing structure
Control device for master/slave signal of storing device in a computer mobile rack
Dummy write method for a magnetic head and drive unit for carrying out the method
High frequency response writer with recessed shared pole and vertical coils
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Axial force attachment of load beams to actuators
Low cost flexible support actuator
Method of parking hard disk drive head
Magnetic head linear actuator assembly for a magnetic data storage drive
Compensating for vortex shedding in a disk drive for modifying the thickness of an actuator arm
Information recording apparatus
Optical disk signal reproducing apparatus and crosstalk canceling system for use therein
Apparatus for recording and simultaneously reading information recorded on a moveable optical recording medium using objective lens and beam splitter
Method and apparatus for recording optical information
Recording medium for storing attribute information on basic recording unit and method of identifying data using the attribute information
System and method for imprinting and reading a sound message on a greeting card
Track jump apparatus
Device and method for focusing on optical disk
Method of and apparatus for detecting and compensating deviation in servo control systems
Compatible optical pick-up apparatus for recording and reproducing information from recording media having different formats
Optical pickup
Integrated memory having memory cells with magnetoresistive memory effect
Magnetic tunnel junction element and magnetic memory using the same
Method for operating a memory cell configuration having dynamic gain memory cells
Semiconductor memory device with normal mode and power down mode
Fast accessing of a memory device
Virtual channel DRAM
Method and apparatus for reducing bleed currents within a DRAM array having row-to-column shorts
High-density ratio-independent four-transistor RAM cell fabricated with a conventional logic process
Load-less four-transistor memory cell with different gate insulation thicknesses for N-channel drive transistors and P-channel access transistors
Single channel four transistor SRAM
Sense amplifier for content addressable memory
System and method for conserving power in a content addressable memory by providing an independent search line voltage
Differential sensing amplifier for content addressable memory
Nonvolatile memory cell with multiple gate oxide thicknesses
Flash memory with overerase protection
Differential signal path for high speed data transmission in flash memory
Voltage-level shifter and semiconductor memory using the same
Voltage regulator circuit for a semiconductor memory device
Row selection circuit for fast memory devices
Non-volatile memory with functional capability of burst mode read and page mode read during suspension of an operation of electrical alteration
Flash memory with multiple status reading capability
Interface circuit and method for writing data into a non-volatile memory, and scan register
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with improved erase algorithm
Erasing method for nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of improving a threshold voltage distribution
Semiconductor nonvolatile memory apparatus and computer system using the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Tailored erase method using higher program VT and higher negative gate erase
Redundancy memory circuit
Semiconductor memory having segmented row repair
Self-Test pattern to detect stuck open faults
Device and method for margin testing a semiconductor memory by applying a stressing voltage simultaneously to complementary and true digit lines
Semiconductor device having protective and test circuits
Semiconductor devices having mirrored terminal arrangements, devices including same, and methods of testing such semiconductor devices
Low power read scheme for memory array structures
Device and method for repairing a memory array by storing each bit in multiple memory cells in the array
Synchronous SRAM device with late write function
Semiconductor memory system, and access control method for semiconductor memory and semiconductor memory
Controlling reading from and writing to a semiconductor memory device
Sense amplifier
Cascode barrel read
Multi-level, low voltage swing sensing scheme for high speed memory design
Integrated memory
Method and apparatus for implementing high speed DDR SDRAM read interface with reduced ACLV effects
Semiconductor storage device data sensing method and apparatus
High performance multi-bank compact synchronous DRAM architecture
Semiconductor memory device with reduced interference between bit lines
Semiconductor memory device having structure implementing high data transfer rate
PTC thermister chip
Overlay surface mount resistor
Superconducting magnet apparatus and method for magnetizing superconductor
Method of fabricating a miniaturized integrated circuit inductor and transformer fabrication
Coil element
Electrochemical capacitors
Solid-state electrolytic capacitor
Chip type capacitor
Electrical relay contactor
Ground fault interrupter with display circuit
Ground fault circuit breaker
Shunt trip device for a molded case circuit breaker
Device for short-circuit protection
Chip assembly module of bump connection type using a multi-layer printed circuit substrate
Low-cost 3D flip-chip packaging technology for integrated power electronics modules
Apparatus and method for loading substrates of various sizes into substrate holders
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory and method for fabricating the same
Embedded memory assembly
MCM--MLC technology
Circuit configuration having at least one nanoelectronic component and method for fabricating the component
Low leakage clamp for E.S.D. protection
Solid-state image sensor having vertical transfer electrodes protected from short circuiting
Nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method therefor
Temperature self-compensating decoupling filter for high frequency Transceivers
Feed leg assembly
Method and system of directing an antenna in a two-way satellite system
Glass antenna system for mobile communication
Antenna attachment structure of a case
Polyurethane foam concealment panel
Aggregated distribution of multiple satellite transponder signals from a satellite dish antenna
System and method for providing a quasi-isotropic antenna
Single gimbal multiple aperture antenna
Low-profile, multi-antenna module, and method of integration into a vehicle
Conical horn antenna with flare break and impedance output structure
Thin film magnetodielectric for absorption of a broad band of electromagnetic waves
Method and apparatus for wireless communications and sensing utilizing a non-collimating lens
High power quadrapole FM ring antenna for broadband multiplexing
Dual function subreflector for communication satellite antenna
Adaptive antenna array and method for control thereof
Low sidelobe antenna with beams steerable in one direction
Method and apparatus for uplink and downlink weight prediction in adaptive array systems
Microstrip phase shifting reflect array antenna
Semiconductor device socket, assembly and methods
Adjustable expansion board securing structure
Substrate mount type terminal
Metallic microstructure springs and method of making same
Seal for an RF connector
L band multistage amplifier with improved noise figure
Optical amplifier with wide flat gain dynamic range
Apparatus and method for channel monitoring in a hybrid distributed Raman/EDFA optical amplifier
Laser device
Stable multi-fold telescopic laser resonator
All-metal, DC excited laser with RF pre-ionization
Optical amplification apparatus using Raman amplification
Wavelength stabilization of light emitting components
Flux concentration adjustment mechanism and method for hall effect sensors and circuit breaker using same
Differential protective relay for electrical buses with improved immunity to saturation of current transformers
Tuned filters for electric power systems
High efficiency power converter with fast transient response
Flyback converter with synchronous rectifying function
Protection circuit and method for switching power supply
Power conversion apparatus and methods with reduced current and voltage switching
Electronic power device
Full thyristor bridge circuit with free wheeling diode for de-excitation control and stability sensing
MOSFET rectifier circuit with operational amplifier feedback
Circuit device for cancelling out spurious pulses in a switched capacitance low-pass filter, and a filter incorporating it
Overcoming finite amplifier gain in a pipelined analog to digital converter
Analog to digital converter with enhanced differential non-linearity
Method and system for adjusting a threshold control in an analog-to-digital converter
Charge integration algorithmic analog-to-digital converter and its converting method
DA converter and liquid crystal driving device incorporating the same
D/A conversion circuit and semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for digital to analog conversion
High speed, high resolution digital-to-analog converter with off-line sigma delta conversion and storage
Multi-bit .DELTA..SIGMA. modulator having linear output
High speed encoder and method thereof
Device and method for entropy encoding of information words and device and method for decoding entropy-encoded information words
Decoding apparatus and decoding method for variable length codes
Digital telephone transmitter/receiver
Method and system for self-encoding a sequential string of data symbols for transmission via communication systems
Combining sub-chip resolution samples in arms of a spread-spectrum rake receiver
Method and apparatus for successive cancellation using multiple signal timings
Technique to extend the jamming margin of a DSSS communication system
Wireless datalink activation system having power conditioning capabilities
Robust method and apparatus enabling multi-mode wireless optical communication
Optical communication system with a single polarized, phase modulated transmitted beam
Intensity noise suppression using differential delay cancellation in external modulation links
Light wavelength-multiplexing systems
Distributed raman amplifier systems with transient control
Optoelectronic transceiver module, and method for receiving optical signals
Phase locked loop
Base-band receiver energy detection system
Device and method for controlling transmission power of a mobile station in a multi-carrier CDMA mobile communication system
System for interference cancellation
Method for determining the quality of a video and/or television image signal
Reconfigurable multibeam communications satellite having frequency channelization
Time-division multiple-access communication system
Hybrid analog/digital signal coding
CDMA type multiple transmission apparatus and CDMA type multiple transmission method
Signal monitoring apparatus for wavelength division multiplexed optical telecommunications networks
Method for transmitting a service channel in a plesiochronous frame of said service channel and corresponding transmission system
Signal quality maintenance in a communication system
Data packet transmission
Signal transmission system in a mobile communication network
Network delay and loss simulator
Method and apparatus for monitoring a dedicated communications medium in a switched data network
Load balancing between service component instances
Method and system for quality-of-service based data forwarding in a data-over-cable system
ATM network with ring architecture
System and method for establishing a call path through a private network
Traffic shaping device for ATM communication network
Connectionless communications network
Selective VP protection method in ATM network
Digital one-link relaying system for communication data in a cell transmission network
Apparatus and method in a network switch for swapping memory access slots between gigabit port and expansion port
Adaptive rate control based on estimation of message queuing delay
Method for automatic setup of missing RM cell count parameter CRM in an ATM traffic management descriptor
Credit-based scheme for high performance communication between devices in a packet-based communication system
Adaptive addressing filtering
Switchboard having a dual switching system
High speed bus structure in a multi-port bridge for a local area network
Method and apparatus for communications of frame relay data
Logical topology and address assignment for interconnected digital networks
Optical packet exchange system and optical switch
Input buffering and queue status-based output control for a digital traffic switch
Method and apparatus for controlling admission of connection requests
Method and system for allocating bandwidth and buffer resources to constant bit rate (CBR) traffic
Systems and methods for transmitting messages to predefined groups
Internet facsimile apparatus and E-mail communication method
Automated parallel and redundant subscriber contact and event notification system
System for providing analog and digital telephone functions using a single telephone line
Stabilizing the operation of fractionally spaced equalizers in digital signal receivers
Method and apparatus for stabilizing a decision feedback equalizer
Enhanced channel estimation
Binary code phase offset calculation method and a binary code phase synchronization method by using the phase offset
Method for saving power in a network system
Monitoring, policing and billing for packet switching with a common time reference
System and method for data alignment in a communication system
Method and apparatus for discovering network devices using internet protocol and producing a corresponding graphical network map
Timing recovery scheme for a discrete multitone transmission system
Multiple low speed sigma-delta analog front ends for full implementation of high-speed data link protocol
Data communications system
Apparatus having capacitive sensor
Call recovery method and apparatus for an attendant telephone set
System and method for providing voice messaging services utilizing a network connection
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification
Image communication apparatus with excellent operability to achieve operation for receiving e-mail at low cost
Telephone call screening unit
Automatic subscriber callback system
Method and system for global telecommunications network management and display of market-price information
Method and apparatus for selective audio logo and/or announcements in a telecommunications network
Method and system for transmitting information to a telecommunication terminal
Configuration for charging in a telephone network and method for operating such a configuration
System and method for forwarding call from disconnected telephone number to new telephone number
Multiple service announcement method
Multifunction autoattendant system and method of operation thereof
Method and apparatus for recording and automated playback of personal agent greetings in a communication-center environment
Voice mail interface
ISDN terminal apparatus
Image reading apparatus
System for automatically distributing received documents
Apparatus and method for reading a document using a waveguide formed in a substrate
Appliance and method for viewing captured images
Communication apparatus
Communication apparatus
Facsimile machine and TCF reception method for facsimile machine
Image forming apparatus
Dynamic creation of color test patterns based on variable print settings for improved color calibration
Extended dynamic range image sensor system
Preventing blur caused by motion of the subject in a digital image
Solid state image pickup device, signal processing method and camera therefor
Method for correcting amplitude of synchronizing signal of composite video signal and device therefor
Automatic gamma correction for multiple video sources
Edge enhancement with background noise suppression in video image processing
Suppression of effects of co-channel NTSC interference artifacts upon digital TV receiver adaptive equalizer
Method and apparatus for image processing using a template image
Image pickup apparatus enlarging a dynamic range of an image pickup signal
Image reproducing apparatus having a screen blanking function and a screen blanking method using the same
Computer convergence device controller for managing disparate video sources
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and television receiver
Video signal processing apparatus
Image signal transmitting method, superimposed signal extracting method, image signal output apparatus, image signal receiving apparatus and image signal recording medium
Method and apparatus for horizontally scaling computer video data for display on a television
Hostage negotiation system
Picture combining technique in multipoint control unit
Choosing a multimedia presentation
Apparatus and methods for transcoder-based adaptive quantization
Image pickup system for obtaining an image signal at a proper level with high definition from an arbitrary small area selected from all image pickup areas
Systems and methods for color specific hue control
Photographic system using chroma-key processing
Video signal processing device and method employing transformation matrix to generate composite image
Ethernet switch module and system
Depacketizer and a frame aligner including the depacketizer
High availability ATM virtual connections
Variation fluctuation smoothing (VFS) for ATM circuit emulation
General switch and a switching method
System and method for bypassing data from egress facilities
Method of routing a short message and an apparatus for routing a short message
Transmission system between base station and switching center of mobile communications using fixed length cell
System and method for quality-driven channel selection in a communication network
Random access in a mobile telecommunications system
Device and method for communicating packet data in mobile communication system
Method and device in a mobile telecommunication network
CDMA handoff arrangement for mobile station encountering sudden field strength variations at the boundary of adjacent cells
System and method for variable reassignment of transmission channels
Discharge lamp apparatus
Stake attached contact assembly in an integrated circuit socket assembly
Retaining structure for industrial console
Card cage with Integral card guides
Front face of an electronics card and an electronics card
Electronic control unit having connector positioned between two circuit substrates
Electronic equipment with cavity isolator
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