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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Medical apparel with differentiating identifiers
Disposable over-garment
Wrap and cover-up device
Sweeping device
Surgical microscope
Guide wire insertion and re-insertion tools and methods of use
Transcutaneous power supply
Gastric device and instrument system and method
Gastroelectric stimulation for influencing pancreatic secretions
Implantable cardiac stimulation device that minimizes parasitic muscle stimulation and method
Methods and apparatus for discriminating polymorphic tachyarrhythmias from monomorphic tachyarrhythmias facilitating detection of fibrillation
Apparatus and method for automated invoicing of medical device systems
X-ray therapy electronic portal imaging system and method for artifact reduction
Performing Operations; Transporting
Tandem printing apparatus with a center positioned dual finisher station
Shift control apparatus for vehicle step-variable automatic transmission
Wiper device
Attitude sensing apparatus for determining the attitude of a mobile unit
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for producing at least one characteristic line of an air mass detecting device for an internal combustion engine
System and method for calibrating signal paths connecting a device under test to a test system
Method and circuit for real time frequency analysis of a non-stationary signal
Method of resonance spectroscopy for the analysis of statistical properties of samples
Method of measuring the effective directivity and/or residual system port impedance match of a system-calibrated vector network analyser
Non-binary address generation for ABIST
Test generator for converting a model of computer component object behavior and stimulus values to test script
Zoom optical system, and imaging system incorporating the same
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Mirror actuator position sensor systems and methods
Double hidden flexure microactuator for phase mirror array
Multibeam scanning apparatus
Scanning lens unit and optical scanning apparatus including the same
Optical apparatus which uses a virtually imaged phased array to produce chromatic dispersion
Compensator optics to improve the stability of beam delivery systems that utilize beam shaping technology
Projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus
High efficiency collector for laser plasma EUV source
Apparatus and method for controlling the bend radius of an optical fiber cable
Surface light source having light guide plate with polygonal cells
Optoelectronic package having a transmission line between electrical components and optical components
Optical circuit element and production method therefor, array-form optical circuit element, optical circuit device using it
Semiconductor optical device having asymmetric ridge waveguide and method of making same
Positioning and measuring station for photoelectric elements
Schemes for controlling optical signals in optically functional waveguide structures
Variable optical attenuator
Optical switch and safety apparatus using the same
Compact and lightweight digital camera lens
Test-element-provided substrate, method of manufacturing the same, substrate for electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling a bias voltage of a Mach-Zehnder modulator
Variable lenslet array
Electrophotographic printer
Closed loop control of photoreceptor surface voltage for electrophotographic processes
Image forming apparatus with simplified removal of components
Toner, toner conveying apparatus and method, and image forming apparatus
Powder conveying device and image forming apparatus using the same
Fixing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Fixing device of an image forming apparatus having a heat transfer unit
Image fusing device and image forming apparatus
Mechanical hour and minute display device
Timepiece equipped with a device for displaying two time zones
Method and apparatus for measuring data timing using unity time-voltage sawtooth ramps
Electronic apparatus for a bus system
Precision positioning device and processing machine using the same
Apparatus and method for preventing one way connectivity loops in a computer network
Trusted system clock
Same edge strobing for source synchronous bus systems
Electronic apparatus
Heat dissipating structure for computer casing
System and method for re-routing failed video calls
Failure information management method and management server in a network equipped with a storage device
Use of unique XID range among multiple control processors
Method and device for establishing the network topology of a bus system
Method and apparatus for monitoring component latency drifts
Vector monitor, related method of controlling a transmitter and transmitter employing the same
Automatic testing of microprocessor bus integrity
Generating a test sequence using a satisfiability technique
Transactional file system for flash memory
Multi-dimensional associative search engine having an external memory
Method for mapping a selected sector to a zone on a disk
Accelerated RAID with rewind capability
Cache line pre-load and pre-own based on cache coherence speculation
System and method for optimizing bus bandwidth utilization by grouping cache write-backs
Interval matching circuit for classification
Adaptive page management
Storage system and method for reorganizing data to improve prefetch effectiveness and reduce seek distance
System and method for managing objects stored in a cache
Multimedia storage device having digital write-only area
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Storage device having secure test process
Data transfer in multi-node computer system
Race free data transfer algorithm using hardware based polling
Asic expansion module for PDA
Cache interface circuit for automatic control of cache bypass modes and associated power savings
Method, apparatus and recording medium for data transfer
Memory control for multiple read requests
Method and system for efficient access to remote I/O functions in embedded control environments
Multi-level skimming of multimedia content using playlists
Applying a permission grant set to a call stack during runtime
Information distribution system, information distribution method, and computer program for executing the method
Server-side scripting that enables creation of customized documents for clients
System, device, and method for establishing label switched paths across multiple autonomous systems
Internet service telephone communication connection method
Service assignment apparatus
Switch node for connecting a keyboard video mouse to selected servers in a interconnected switch node network
Caching techniques for streaming media
Electronic mail program
Method and system to access software pertinent to an electronic peripheral device at an address based on a peripheral device identifier
System and method for trading above or below the market
Method, article of manufacture, and apparatus for generating a multi-dimensional record management index
Efficient computation of log-frequency-scale digital filter cascade
Filtering method and apparatus
Managing media objects in a database
Apparatus for managing electronic data, program code and the recording medium thereof, and system for managing electronic data
Automated research engine
Method and apparatus for mapping platform-based design to multiple foundry processes
Layout design method of semiconductor integrated circuit, and semiconductor integrated circuit, with high integration level of multiple level metalization
Chip debugging using incremental recompilation
Method and system for managing semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Method and database structure for managing technology files for semiconductor manufacturing operations
Method of estimating doppler frequency shift and method of transmitting data using the same
Vehicle identification means detection and evasion system
Robot apparatus and method and system for controlling the action of the robot apparatus
Medical records, documentation, tracking and order entry system
Method and system for dynamically adjusting metrology sampling based upon available metrology capacity
Document data structure and method for integrating broadcast television with web pages
Efficient method to obtain device addresses from devices on a bus
Data computation apparatus and method for using the data computation apparatus for adjustment of electronic controller
Storage control apparatus and storage control method
Vehicle energy management system using prognostics
Critical aperture convergence filtering and systems and methods thereof
System and method for abstracting and visualizing a route map
Minimal bends connection models for wire density calculation
Programmable controller
Software component execution management using context objects for tracking externally-defined intrinsic properties of executing software components within an execution environment
State management of server-side control objects
Dynamic class packaging
Systems and methods for determining nutrients within dietary intake
Parallel loop transformation methods for race detection during an execution of parallel programs
Methodology for generating a modified view of a circuit layout
System for controlling and monitoring a process
Method, computer program product, and system for creating form independent applications operative on IMS resources
Method and apparatus for efficiently viewing a number of selected components using a database editor tool
Gas flow simulation method
Method of designing watermark in consideration of wiener attack and whitening filtered detection
Image inspection device
Image information apparatus
Recognizing a print inhibit image pattern using image data converted for fast recognition
Personnel access control system
Analysis of chemical data from images
Image processing apparatus
Method, apparatus, and program for image data compression
Video objects coded by keyregions
Apparatus and method for adaptive spatial segmentation-based noise reducing for encoded image signal
Method and apparatus for high speed data compression and decompression
Apparatus and method for image/video compression using discrete wavelet transform
Adaptive image processing unit for extracting characteristic portion from image
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Method and apprartus thereof for detecting a hidden image in a hologram
Spelling correction system and method for phrasal strings using dictionary looping
Method and apparatus for managing multiple projects
Systems and methods for aggregating buyers for the purchase of telecommunication services via a network
Automated communication of neighborhood property value information for real estate marketing
System and methods to effect return of a consumer product
System and method for designing and operating an electronic store
Interactive remote auction bidding system
Builders on-line assistant
System and method for redemption of awards by award program participants
Time-aware best-effort hole-filling retry method and system for network communications
Early acknowledgement of primary packets
Thematic response to a computer user's context, such as by a wearable personal computer
Computer device, method and article of manufacture for utilizing sequenced symbols to enable programmed application and commands
Modelling and processing filled pauses and noises in speech recognition
Disk player
Servo demodulator systems including multiple servo demodulators
Information storage medium, information recording method, and information recording/reproduction apparatus
Reproduction apparatus capable of selecting pieces of information for reproducing
Magnetic-head gimbal assembly capable of reworking and its production
System and method for automatically determining magnetic eccentricity of a disk
Method of servo writing for magnetic recording system, magnetic recording system
Shielded pole writer
CPP sensor with in-stack biased free layer
Disk drives and disk drive containing devices that include a servo frequency generator and spindle control timer that compensate for disk eccentricity
Disk drive with a dual-stage actuator and failure detection and recovery system for the secondary actuator
Optical pickup
Laser diode driver, method of driving the laser diode driver, and method of initializing an optical recording and reproducing apparatus
Method of determining optimum tracking offset value during optimum power control (OPC) for optical disk drive
Optical recording apparatus capable of changing the length of synchronization portions
Storage device using resistance varying storage element and reference resistance value decision method for the device
Method for homogeneously magnetizing an exchange-coupled layer system of a digital magnetic memory location device
Spin driven resistors and nanogates
Two terminal memory array having reference cells
Memory system and semiconductor integrated circuit
Programmable memory address and decode circuits with low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
High bandwidth datapath load and test of multi-level memory cells
Method for reconfiguring a memory
Semiconductor memory having testable redundant memory cells
Method for bus capacitance reduction
Apparatus and method for a one-phase write to a one-transistor memory cell array
Semiconductor memory device
Differential current-mode sensing methods and apparatuses for memories
Redundancy control circuit which surely programs program elements and semiconductor memory using the same
Semiconductor memory device and layout method thereof
Parallel sense amplifier with mirroring of the current to be measured into each reference branch
Semiconductor memory device, write control circuit and write control method for the same
Memory output timing control circuit with merged functions
Compact decode and multiplexing circuitry for a multi-port memory having a common memory interface
Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
Apparatus and method for repairing reactor vessel cladding using a seal plate
Method and apparatus for a capacitor shell including two mateable cupped components
Ferroelectric capacitor and a method for manufacturing thereof
Control method and circuit for using a heterojunction bipolar transistor power amplifier in a zero intermediate frequency architecture transmitter
Optical transmission system, optical repeater, and optical transmission method
Method of monitoring an optical signal from a laser
Hybrid gas-insulated switchgear
Electrostatic gripping device
Tracking soft start circuit for generating a plurality of soft start voltages where all soft start voltages are prevented until all have been brought to the same prescribed state of operation
Frequency stabilization technique for self oscillating modulator
Dc converter
DC voltage conversion circuit
Method of controlling speed of synchronous motor, and method of identifying constant of synchronous motor
System and method for transmission format detection
Monolithic class D amplifier
Method and apparatus for time domain equalization in an XDSL modem
Gain control device for packet signal receiver
Receiving system with improved directivity and signal to noise ratio
AM receiver and demodulator
Automatic notification of personal emergency contacts from a wireless communications device
Communication system for individuals
Tri-state transmitter
Multiuser detection of differing data rate signals
User equipment using combined closed loop/open loop power control
Method of decoding turbo-encoded data and receiver for decoding turbo-encoded data
Method, device, and system for processing optical signal
Bit-rate independent optical receiver and method thereof
Optical signal receiver and optical space transmission system
Method for dispersion compensation regulation
Three-order sigma-delta modulator
System and method for measuring power of optical signals carried over a fiber optic link
Variable gain selection in direct conversion receiver
System and method for power control calibration and a wireless communication device
Communication systems, communication apparatuses, radio frequency communication methods, methods of communicating using a radio frequency communication system, and methods of forming a radio frequency communication device
Synchronization of optical signaling beacons
Reduced power consumption in a communication device
Apparatus for cancelling interference in CDMA system using multiple transfer rates and method thereof
Method and apparatus for audio output combining
Optical network unit
Multiplexing in a PDH telecommunications network
Program clock reference correction method in a multiplexed burst mode downlink transmission in an integrated multispot satellite communication system
Dynamic mapping of broadcast resources
Methods and objects employing machine readable data
User confirmation system and method
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data packets to avoid stall during re-sequencing of data packets
Topological design of survivable mesh-based transport networks
System and method for packet data servicing node (PDSN)initial assignment and reselection
Method and apparatus for implementing hub-and-spoke topology virtual private networks
Fanout upgrade for a scalable switching network
Voice packet processor and method of operation thereof
Method and system for quality of service (QoS) support in a packet-switched network
Channel access scheme for use in network communications
Radio spectrum management apparatus for base stations
Method and apparatus for generating and using dynamic mappings between sets of entities such as between output queues and ports in a communications system
Method and apparatus for hierarchical bandwidth distribution in a packet network
Method and apparatus for ATM address resolution
Agent-based multimedia communication system that supports web telephony call model
Combining narrowband applications with broadband transport
System and method for providing private in-band data to digital set-top boxes in a broadcast environment
Constellation design for modem receiver
Symbol-based signaling device for an electromagnetically-coupled bus system
System and method for an in-service decision-directed signal to noise ratio estimator
Method and apparatus for symbol boundary synchronization
Method and apparatus for symmetrical DMT X-DSL communications
Measure-controlled delay circuit with reduced playback error
Methods and arrangements for using a signature generating device for encryption-based authentication
Method and apparatus for communicating securely with a token
System and method for supporting multiple encryption or authentication schemes over a connection on a network
Granular authorization for network user sessions
Pen-shaped cellular phone
Method for controlling a multimedia messaging service between a telecommunication device and a telecommunication network, respective smart card and telecommunication device
Method and system for testing XDSL wiring
Methods for providing on-hold music using auto-composition
Methods and systems for enabling charging land-line long-distance calls to wireless subscriber's account
Mobile station and communication system
Communication assistance system and method
Method and apparatus for determining the carrier used for an AIN call
Methods and apparatus for a bridge tap moderator
Digital video recording system and its recording medium
Video encoding method and apparatus
Methods and systems for efficient video compression by recording various state signals of video cameras
Method and apparatus for providing scalable pre-compressed digital video with reduced quantization based artifacts
Apparatus and method of converting frame and/or field rate using adaptive motion compensation
Adaptive video bit-rate control
Apparatus for encoding and decoding header data in picture signal transmission
Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, and recording medium therefor
Wireless communication system using access points that can be freely set up by users
Wireless data communication network switching device and program thereof
Context aware computing devices having a common interface and related methods
Cognition models for wireless communication systems and method and apparatus for optimal utilization of a radio channel based on cognition model data
Method and system for planning and/or evaluation of downlink coverage in (CDMA) radio networks
Unbalanced coding for cordless telephony
Customer activation system for cellular network
Software modem architecture
Method of generating an electrical output signal and acoustical/electrical conversion system
Fluoroscopic apparatus and method
Tomography apparatus with gantry-carried component mounted to withstand centrifugal forces
Device having a slot capable of receiving at least four types of memory cards
Lid mechanism for an interface slot opening of notebook computers
Electromagnetic bus coupling
Expired Patents Due To Time
Intake device
Cam and tappet carrier for engine
Method for triggering the controlling elements of an internal combustion engine
System and method for controlling engine torque
Fuel pressure control apparatus for cylinder injection engine
Load adjustment device
Method for controlling the power supply to a vehicle engine
Throttle control device
Method for knock regulation in an internal combustion engine
Air fuel ratio control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Method for evaluating an ion current signal of a self-igniting internal combustion engine
Hydraulically actuated fuel injector with cold start features
Fuel supply system responsive to engine fuel demand
Method and arrangement for controlling the injection pressure of liquid fuel
Pressure regulator for controlling the pre-injection quantity of fuel in internal combustion engines
Pressure-maintaining arrangement
Fuel supply system for fuel supply of internal combustion engine
Watercraft fuel supply system
Fuel vapor emission control system employing fuel vapor tank
Evaporative emission control canister system for reducing breakthrough emissions
Heater for a cold start fuel injector
Internal combustion engine
Apparatus for controlling internal combustion engine with supercharging device
Exhaust gas re-circulation valve
Ventilation device for a crankcase of an internal combustion engine
Engine crankcase ventilation system including a blowby gas passage defined between crankcase members
Blow-by gas evacuation and oil reclamation
Oil separator for removing oil from the crankcase ventilation gases of an internal combustion engine
Spray bar pair assembly
Ignition apparatus of internal combustion engine
Control method for controlling injection of an internal combustion engine as a function of fuel quality
Method of controlling injection of an internal combustion engine as a function of fuel quality
Toy gun with multiple discharge ports
Method for sawing wafers employing multiple indexing techniques for multiple die dimensions
Rocking apparatus and method for slicing a workpiece utilizing a diamond impregnated wire
Articulated lock for a saw rope
Shield for gas burner
Cooking apparatus with a gas burner and a device for holding a cooking vessel support over the burner
Cooking apparatus and method
Determination of leak and respiratory airflow
Filter support, assembly and system
Emergency breathing apparatus
Protective system for face and respiratory protection
Breathing tube connection for respiratory protective headgear
Variable flow and pressure ventilation system
Regulator with bypass tube
Purification system
Medical drape
Method and system for positioning patients for medical treatment procedures
Tactical medical vest and method of providing emergency medical care
Portable cigar humidor
Hairbrush having a brush seat provided with slidable bristles thereto
Mascara brush with multi-length fibers and method of making the same
Bulk ultrasonic degreasing, cleaning, and drying method
Etching method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
Method of and apparatus for removing oil from a waste object
Parts washer with solvent recycling
Method and apparatus for washing and drying glasses for LCDS/PDPS while being free from leaving any spot on the glasses
Container cleaning and disinfecting apparatus utilizing ozone
Cleaning method and cleaning apparatus
Universal platform support for a walker
Flexibly elastic and light reflective tip for sticks
Electric steam trap system and method of draining condensate
Flow actuated valve
Increased flow, split venturi valve system
Impact responsive safety shut-off for vehicles
Thermal safety valve for automatically shutting off pipes
Mixing eductor
Air hose assembly for a portable tire pump and having the dual functions of air inflation and pressure release
Method for securing a valve cap
Liquid zone seal
Valve with improved piston with elastomer O-ring
Fluid-cooled injector
Flow and temperature control valve handles
Water stopping seat of ceramic control valve of faucet
Microvalve device having a check valve
Fluid metering valve
Connection for connecting a measuring device to a gas unit
Flow control means
Valve for a bathroom faucet
Apparatus for generating microbubbles while mixing an additive fluid with a mainstream liquid
Auxiliary propane fuel tank system for vehicles
Energy attenuation apparatus for a system conveying liquid under pressure and method of attenuating energy in such a system
Multi-layer plastic tube
Fuel hose
Rubber compositions, hose manufactured therefrom, and method of manufacturing hose
Corrosion-protected metal construction in the form of a pipeline
Device for selecting a thread in a textile machine and textile machine fitted with said device
Method for preliminarily storing yarn and feeding device
Tool head for automatic cable tie installation system
Portable hands-free gas pumping device and method therefor
Method and system for delivering and metering liquid sterilant
Actuator with a longitudinal filling passageway communicating with each formed internal compartment
Device for positioning at automatic fuelling of vehicles
Filler valve for liquids containing fibers
Closure cap for a tank
Dripless closure
Wood planing machine with improvement relating to a thickness adjustment device
Method for more efficient use of smaller diameter trees
Non pneumatic tires
Low pressure tire
Method to control increase in viscosity during aging of siloxane modified polymers
Tire with EPDM-based component
Pneumatic radial tires with circumferential cord belt layer having specified cord twisting structure
Heavy duty pneumatic radial tires with bead portion reinforcing layer having multiple inclination angles
Method and apparatus for merging and attaching documents to envelopes
Apparatus for automatically installing a grip on a golf club shaft
Separating mechanism with variable pull-back force
Awning device
Cover design for retractable awnings
Fixing device in a venetian blind
Prefabricated furniture
Screen and frame assembly in which the screen is adhesively secured to the frame
Bleed out detector for direct chill casting
Induction heating of side or dam blocks in a continuous caster
Method and device for sensing a clearance
Method of manufacturing cooling devices made up of several metal shaped-section elements for mounting on semiconductor components, shaped-section elements for use in the manufacture of such cooling devices, and cooling devices manufactured by the method
Cooling apparatus using boiling and condensing refrigerant
Temperature-Humidity controller for semiconductor equipment and controlling method thereof
Tool for managing fluid flow in a well
Heat insulation compositions and methods
Heavy oil viscosity reduction and production
Method and multi-purpose apparatus for dispensing and circulating fluid in wellbore casing
Thixotropic materials
Downhole chemical delivery system for oil and gas wells
Apparatus and method for circulating fluid in a well bore
Method of forming and servicing wellbores from a main wellbore
Assembly and method for providing a means of support and positioning for drilling multi-lateral wells and for reentry therein through a premilled window
Apparatus for optimizing production of multi-phase fluid
Pad eye
Pipe running system and method
Nozzle and fire fighting installation
Signaling fire extinguisher system
Sod cutting attachment for skid-steer vehicle
Row crop debris clearing apparatus
Rotating push rod boring system
Boring tool control using remote locator including a command generation arrangement and method
Indexing mechanism and apparatus incorporating the same
Downhole flow pulsing apparatus
Roller cone bit with improved seal gland design
Motorization system for a merchandise cart
Steering system for a vehicle equipped with a traffic-lane following device
Arrangement and method for steering a motor vehicle
Steering system for non-tracked motor vehicles
Vehicle steering gear mounted in suspension part
Disposable diaphragm stethoscope
Speaker assembly
Selectively tuned vibration absorber
Energy absorbing connector
Collapsible ladder having highly nesting rungs with integral stand-off projections
Speed responsive coupling device especially for fall arrest apparatus
Slidable handle for grease gun hose
Newspaper dispensing apparatus and method
Lifting apparatus
Attachment for flood and yarn trucks with a lift mast, especially for fork lift trucks
Method and system for detecting objects in a detection zone using modulated means
Control cable sealing quick release
Hydraulic parking brake for a railroad vehicle braking system
Electro-mechanical brake system for a vehicle
Electric braking device
Parking brake system
Friction dampener particularly adapted to railway vehicle motion control
System for controlling or adjusting an electromechanical brake
Integrated axle spindle and brake spider
Suspension system for a truck mounted brake assembly
Brake rotor with non-directional braking surface
High efficiency braking and self-draining brake-disk with visual wear control
Final balanced brake drum having integral squealer band and method for producing same
Magnetorheological fluid damper
Magnetorheological fluid damper with multiple annular flow gaps
Shock absorber using a hydraulic fluid and a magnetorheological fluid
Shock absorbing adjusting structure
Device for reducing the vibration generated on the structure of a rotary-wing aircraft
Wheeled luggage with third wheel control mechanism
Pull rod of luggage capable carried on one''s back
Contoured carrying case and luggage
One-way clutch containing rolling bearing
Multi-plate clutch for a motor vehicle
Electromagnetic clutch
Adjustable centrifugal clutch
Clutch disc
Parking pawl assembly
Powered, undirectional output controlling apparatus
Chute liner system
Apparatus for movably supporting article
Conveyor frame
Merchandising machine with bulk coin hopper
Vending machine for dispensing single copies of periodicals and newspapers
Coin handling mechanism
Conveyor system for conveying articles of different types
Rotary orienter dual indexing system
Container uprighting device
Automated semiconductor processing system
Adjustable rotor machine
Self-cleaning drive mechanism for driving conveyor belts
Belt cleaner apparatus
Electro-magnetic conveyor
Article conveyance having mechanical drive
Arrangement for the movement of production goods along a production line
Vibratory conveyor table
Carousel apparatus
Conveyor belt tensioning and tracking systems
Chain drum arrangement
Arrangement for feeding product carriers moveably arranged on a rail
Barrier pack having an absorbing agent applied to the interior of the pack
Food casing package and method of preparing
Foam packaging tray and packaging method using same
Compact disc display and mailing packages
Dual purpose golf bag system
Cordless power tool holder
Bathroom accessories
Device for facilitating engagement and disengagement between needles and associated syringes and sheaths and for receiving sharps
Tool kit structure
Seal for a sterilizable bag and method of making the same
Reclosable blister pack
Study aid device
Process and System for the recycling of household waste
Process and apparatus for removing solids from an aqueous paper fiber suspension
Method and device for distributing mail items
Filtration device
Wide rectangular clarifiers
Combination desk lamp, compact disc holder, beverage cup holder and desk organizer set
Method and apparatus for releasably securing a computer system component within a housing
Method and system for securing a personal computer to a rack
Telecommunications equipment rack having improved structural strength
System and a support and storing device for CD''s
Apparatus and method for facilitating circuit board processing
Medication recordkeeping apparatus
Rack for small containers
Information display system
Knockdown frame storage system
Collapsible pallet rack
Hoisting device
Railcar cushioning device with internal spring
Safety closure with tamper-resistant locking tab and method and apparatus for making same
Container with an increased door opening height
Indoor/outdoor electrical enclosure
Device for forming a mouth in a container
System for handling and transportation of bottles
Vessel with improved food support surface
Manually actuable fluid dispensing unit and process
Lid body of beverage container
Cover locking mechanism
Tissue dispenser for a vehicle cup holder
Dispensing apparatus
Dispensing control system
Liquid dispenser with an ornamental device
Closable opening device for sealed packages of pourable food products
Packaging for pasty liquid product with improved degree of emptying
Boxed liquid drip catcher
Dental rinse bottle with quick connect
Dispensing valve
Trigger activated pump sprayer having a combination dual action spring and fluid chamber
Membrane pump for a receptacle
Device for fixing a dispensing member on the neck of a container
Beverage container
Storage container with pouring insert
Container and closure package and method of filling
Submerged entry nozzle for use in continuous casting
Device for folding of Apparel
Apparatus facilitating the removal of a latex glove from the hand of a wearer
Removal aid for a spare wheel
Packaging bottle with carrying handle
Shoulder strap
All-weather protective cover for luggage items
Apparatus and method for hanging holiday lights or other such cordage
Storage assembly
Portable detachable combination gun case and gun rack for a vehicle
Multifunctional tray for motor vehicles
Vehicle roof rack and carrier for easy loading/unloading
Vehicle article carrier having wind noise reducing cross bar
Bicycle handlebar-mounted carrier
Strap attachment system
Continuous paper cutting unit
Plastic bag dispenser
Method and apparatus for pinless feeding of web to a utilization device
Nail guide mechanism for a nail gun
Circular stapler for side to end, side to side and end to side anastomosis
Piezoelectric sensor for measuring bonding parameters
Solder application technique
Method for producing rotational-symmetrical articles of sheet metal with double curved surface and varying thickness of material
Cylindrical helical seamed tube and method and apparatus therefore
Soldering apparatus for providing a fixed quantity of solder piece onto target plate
Stacked chip process carrier
Apparatus and process for mounting conductor balls on terminal pads of semiconductor devices
Laminated envelope assembly
Multipurpose adjustable single sheet container
Recloseable, cuboidal folding box with hanging means
Cardboard pack for display stand
Printable blank for forming video cassette boxes
Information collection kiosk
Telephone paystation coin receptacle cover
Method and apparatus for performing an electronic money terminal function using a smart card
Electronic transaction terminal for preventing theft of sensitive information
Fault monitoring and notification system for automated banking
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for dynamically positioning magnetic shielding to reduce magnetic interference at a magnetic read head
One dimensional bar coding for multibyte character
Method and apparatus for reducing bandwidth limited noise in an optical scanner
Two-dimensional code, reading and producing method and recording medium storing related software
Mixing fitting with single lever operation
Temperature control system
Guide-rail attachment for railroad switch
Compressed gas propelled aerosol devices
Fountain having background surface for displaying liquid running thereover
Portable unit and wall unit dispensers and method of dispensing with timer
Reusable chemical caddie
Sprayer dolly
Pistol nozzle
Fuel injector
Fuel injection valve
Magnetostrictively actuated fuel injector
Single pole solenoid assembly and fuel injector using same
Fuel injector having fault tolerant connection
Magnetic tape reel coupling
Data tape cartridge with modified hub mounting arrangement
Belt shortening device with L-shaped spindle
Magnetic chuck for unwinding of wire from a spool
Cable forerunner
Topography-aided guidance system and process
Drive system for a propeller driven transport aircraft
Aircraft undercarriage lock mechanism
Combined damper and truck positioner for landing gear
Aircraft terminal/hangar facility
Aircraft de-icing system
Silicon thermal control blanket
Woven wire netting for protection against rock falls or for securing a top layer of soil, and method and device for producing same
Keyboard pad with reversible mouse pad
Heat exchanger housing support
Elevator clips for portable computer
Hanger for suspending articles from walls
Removable blind hanger brackets
Seat assembly
Mounting device
Holding device for a motor, particularly an electric fan wheel motor
Multi-part form of a mold for forming a containment member for molten metal
Extruded plastic rustication device for forming decorative concrete panels
Proportional flow control valve
Intelligent valve actuator
Actuator device
Quick-acting valve
Fuel injection valve
Coupling for hoses or the like
Gate valve with improved telescoping seat assembly
Hammer with integral lever mechanism
Electric wire fishing implement
High temperature, high strain piezoelectric compositions
Corner fence post bracing system
Onsite temporary fall protection system
Method and apparatus which exposes a second object with a pattern formed on a first object and which performs statistical calculation based on position information of marks on the first object
Oxygenating apparatus, method for oxygenating a liquid therewith, and applications thereof
Bearing module for an actuating element
Shock absorbing buffer for a transmission
Magnetic clamp for welding magnetic objects
Power clamps
Articulated lever tensioning device
Modular tooling system with radial base platform
Loose die fixture
Combination rotary and jaw folder for a printing press
Modular processing line for printed products
Image forming apparatus with highly operable sheet discharge device
Automatic sheet feeder for an image forming apparatus
Device for separating stacked flat bag pieces provided with socalled side folds
Feeder with large pseudo-radius
Systems and methods for dynamically setting air system pressures based on real time sheet acquisition time data
Sheet separator dam
Air cushion guide and method of adjusting a flotation height
Substrate sensing mechanism for use in a printer output bin
Sheet guide device with sheet position adjusting mechanism and image forming apparatus using the same device
Identification card inverter that maintains the card support plane
Game system
Amusement game
Pinball machine with sloping playing field
Shuffleboard game with air cushion supported play pieces
Video game controller system with interchangeable interface adapters
Spacial game board with spacial chess and spacial checkers
Diabetes mellitus game
Game having multiple game activities
Method for playing a casino game
Word game
Method and apparatus for operating tug-of-war style electronic dart games
Sliding member and manufacturing method thereof
Sealing apparatus
Refractory channel with outer insulation and method for joint packing
Flat gasket and method of producing the same
High pressure seal
Apparatus for securing a workpiece to a rotatable machine member
Variable camber suspension system
Inline skates with two brakes used simultaneously
In-line skate wheel disabling apparatus
Personal winter vehicle
Snowboard safety release binding
Sled with independent steerable skis that simultaneously move in three distinct directions
Removable wheel system
Compartmentalized container
Surfing scooter
Structure of scooter
Vehicle with vertically movable and vertically pulsating wheels
Lock pin release device for truck tandem axle
Locking mechanism for movable subframe of semi-trailers
One-handed drive wheelchair having relative speed control for rear wheels
Collapsible bicycle
Wheelchair automatic anti-rollback assembly
Intermediate shaft plate for transmission control linkage
Vehicle frame
Trailer safety chain assembly
Device for guiding the coupling of a trailer hitch
Head-protecting air bag device
Air bag module housing
Steering wheel with airbag guide
Air bag with diverter and expanded volume chamber
Guide fitting for inflatable vehicular safety belt
Methods for controlling a system in a vehicle using a transmitting/receiving transducer and/or while compensating for thermal gradients
Heater for air bag inflator
Method and system for triggering an airbag
Protective device comprising a gas bag for motor vehicle occupants
Axle crutch
Steering column
Adaptive collapsible steering column
Flexible mount for an intermediate steering column
Restraint belt presenter having offset rotary action
Mobile storage tank
Money saving book
Elastic bookmark
Food portion tabulator and method of use
Optical discs, producing methods and production apparatus of the optical discs
Label sheet for annular labels for compact disks
Rotatable hose coupling
Safety joint
Coupling device and method for fabricating a grip ring to be used in such a coupling device
Multiple-piece elbow assembly
Pipe joint
Connector made of resin for connecting pipes of small diameter
Duct joining system
Servicing apparatus for treating compressed air
Gas pressure regulator coupling arrangement
Automatic knot-tying device
Latch with sensor
Closing device for a movable element, in particular for a door of a vehicle
Energy absorption apparatus
Chrome-plated bodyside molding for vehicle and method of making same
Implement and method for picking up and removing pet excrement
Wafer handling device having conforming perimeter seal
Armrest mounted computer dock
Work vehicle roof structure
Supplementary vehicle tailgate support and related method
Integrated pick-up truck bed extender
Removable vehicle seat and vehicle comprising such a seat
Vehicle seat storing device
Method of installing automotive window molding
Auto visor
Safety attachment for automobile visors
Lawn tractor personal enclosure
Continuous colored seal
Cab for earth-moving machines
Roof construction for a vehicle
Motor vehicle body with a vertically oriented member
Folding mechanism with kick-out tab for folding chair
Folding table for fitting to the rear side of the back of a seat in a motor-coach or an aircraft
Adaptation of golf cart seats
Linear seat-back recliner mechanism
Reclining device for seat
Headrest arrangement for a vehicle seat
Portable pew
Seat mounting mechanism
Heat shrinkable fabric panels for facilitating seat cover installation
Method for production of gas from a coal seam using intersecting well bores
Waste container and wheel assembly with pultruded axle
Hydraulic braking system
Method of braking force distribution control for a vehicle hydraulic device
Brake control system for balanced braking of a towed vehicle
Anti-lock brake relief valve with integrated flow control orifice
Brake hydraulic control device for use in vehicle
Braking force control system for automotive vehicle
Brake force control apparatus
Sound reducing carrier roller
Track tensioning assembly for adjusting tension on a drive track chain of a work machine having an actuator which includes a pair of concentrically arranged pistons
Circuit and assembly with selectable resistance low voltage differential signal receiver
Printhead apparatus having digital delay elements and method therefor
Heat exchanger for an inkjet printhead
Cleaning mechanism for inkjet print head with fixed gutter
Positioning of service station sled using motor-driven cam
Recording apparatus
Automatic ink-jet pen loading/unloading
Segmented resistor inkjet drop generator with current crowding reduction
Ink-jet head and ink-jet printing apparatus
Structure of ink slot on ink-jet printhead chip
Ink jet nozzle head
Continuous ink-jet printer and method of operation
Ink cartridge for printer
Ink cartridge receiving pocket assembly
Ink jet printing process
Ink jet printing process
Ink jet printing process
Customized clip-on accessory for spectacles
Eyeglasses assembly
Prismatic optical viewing glasses
System for detecting and correcting color vision deficiencies based on critical fusion frequency spectral scanning
Indirect ophthalmoscope
Efficient two-panel projection system employing complementary illumination
Lens design to eliminate color fringing
Projection apparatus
Aligning images of a projection system
Optical equipment
Script prompt device
Optical apparatus
Electrochrome mirror
Emergency lighting device
Surface light source device of side light type
Human Necessities
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reel having an improved reciprocating mechanism
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