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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Use of rice polypeptides for the enhancement of grain size
Method for extraction and purification of recombinant proteins from transgenic plants
Method for genetically modifying mouse embryonic stem cell by homologous recombination
Fertilizer--pesticide throw-pack
Long-lasting insect repellant, pesticide and antifeedant compositions
Herbicide composition comprising herbicide compound in acid form and acidifying agent
Method to inhibit ischemia and reperfusion injury
Method of activation of oxazaphosphorines
Pesticide preparations
Tortilla warmer control system for controlling the preparation and dispensing of tortillas
Transport chute for fish
Cheese capable of disinfecting Helicobacter pylori
Wheat starch and wheat flours and foodstuffs containing these wheat starch/wheat flours
Bidirectional heating cooker
Plush toy soap and sponge holder
Expandable bioabsorbable plug apparatus and method
Suture tensioning device
Embolic filtering method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for delivering a closure element
Vascular closure methods and apparatuses
Closure system and methods of use
Lancet device with optionally reusable lancets stored in a magazine
Lancet magazine
Patient matching surgical guide and method for using the same
Integrated IPD devices, methods, and systems
Method for selecting and installing a dynamic pedicle screw
Bending tool and method for reshaping a bone plate
Internal indifferent electrode device for use with lesion creation apparatus and method of forming lesions using the same
User interface for ablation therapy
System with a portable patient device and external operating part
Site specific fluorescence and contrast marker for same
Apparatus and method for measuring pulse waves
Moving body posture angle processing device
Methods for field of view control in imaging systems
Dental clinical apparatus and plasma jet applying device for dentistry
Compact dental implant
Healing components for use in taking impressions and methods for making the same
Vascular sheath with bioabsorbable puncture site closure apparatus and methods of use
Blastocyst culture supernatant as a fertility agent in blastocyst transfer
Method of making a high enhancer-loading polyacrylate formulation for transdermal applications
Absorbent article with side gathers
Pull-on article
Polymer-based surgically implantable haloperidol delivery systems and methods for their production and use
Coatings for implantable devices comprising poly(hydroxy-alkanoates) and diacid linkages
Device and method for treating ruptured aneurysms
Ear insert for relief of TMJ discomfort and headaches
Modular pedicle screw system
Instrumentation for repositioning and extraction an artificial intervertebral disc from an intervertebral space
Socket liner for artificial limb
Mechanical actuator interface system for robotic surgical tools
Convertible orthotic brace
Ostomy system
Athletic massage device
Body contoured stimulating and rejuvenating system
Safety mechanisms for belt cartridge used with chest compression devices
Curcuminoids and its metabolites for the application in allergic ocular/nasal conditions
Amides as inhibitors of human secreted phospholipase A2
Utilization of dialkylfumarates
Inhibitors of cholesterol ester transfer protein
O-methylated rapamycin derivatives for alleviation and inhibition of lymphoproliferative disorders
Azabicycloalkane derivatives, preparation thereof and use thereof in therapy
Use of 4-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)quinoline compounds to kill clinically latent microorganisms
Methods of treating bone mass diseases
Method of treatment of cancer using guanosine 3', 5' cyclic monophosphate (cyclic GMP)
Composition for preventing and treating acetaminophen inducing liver injury comprising the protein extract from Porphyra yezoensis
Post protein hydrolysis removal of a potent ribonuclease inhibitor and the enzymatic capture of DNA
Analogues of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) having amino acid substitution at position 59
Method for sensitizing cancer stem cells to cancer therapy
Alpha-MSH therapies for treatment of autoimmune disease
Microvesicles derived from recombinant yeast having haemostatic activities and uses thereof
Compositions containing coenzyme Q10
Use of GSTP1
Antibodies that bind OV064 and methods of use therefor
Modified Streptococcus pneumoniae pneumolysin (PLY) polypeptides
Combination therapies for treating type 1 diabetes
Antigens targeted by prevalent pathogennic T cells in type 1 diabetes and uses thereof
HLA-A* 3303-restricted WT1 peptide and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
Stem cell fusion model of carcinogenesis
Archaeal polar lipid aggregates for administration to animals
Stable lyophilized pharmaceutical preparations of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies
Ganglioside associated recombinant antibodies and the use thereof in the treatment of tumors
Prebiotic and preservative uses of oil emulsified probiotic encapsulations
Compositions, use and method for the use of surface active proteins in topical drug delivery across keratin
Methods and compositions for reducing viral genome amounts in a target cell
Skin lightening by topical application of 1-hydroxyl 3,5-bis(4'hydroxyl styryl)benzene
Sun protecting emulsion provided with a foam dispenser
Polymeric nano-carriers with a linear dual response mechanism and uses thereof
Foamable suspension gel
Method for obtaining non-water-soluble powders having antimicrobial activity, the powders thus obtained and the antibacterial use thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising water-soluble sulfonate-protected nanoparticles and uses thereof
Method for manufacturing uniform size polymeric nanoparticles containing poorly soluble drugs
Controlled and continued delivery of rifaximin and/or other substances
Sterilization of consumable composition dispensers
Fragranced biodegradable film
High specific gravity intragastric device
Transdermal patch with extensor means
Wound ventilation system
Low-profile microneedle array applicator
Injection port with applier
Minimally invasive applicators for robotic and non-robotic-assisted intraoperative radiotherapy
Illuminator for photodynamic therapy
Orthovoltage radiotherapy
Compositions containing a fatty quaternary amine, a nonionic surfactant, and a phosphate ester for lifting color and/or imparting shine onto keratinous substrates
Foam oxidative hair colorant composition
Process for treating hair
Method and integrated system for producing electric power and fertilizer
Physical fitness training system
Portable physical activity sensing system
Multi-layer golf ball with translucent cover
Weighting device and racket equipped with the same
Golf club head with sound tuning
Multimedia game based system and process for medical, safety and health improvements
Sports training system
Measuring method of golf club head
Sponsored hybrid games
Multi-platform gaming systems and methods
Gaming system having large display and plural gaming machines
Method of linking devices to gaming machines
Radio controlled toy for free form drawing
Flexible toy car racing track
Performing Operations; Transporting
Integrated vacuum evacuation of waste foam/gas from an electrocoagulation unit during effluent treatment
Plasma purifying device and method of controlling plasma purifying device
Process and device for separating liquid from a multiphase mixture
Fluid dispenser device and a dispensing method
Method for the separation and concentration of isotopologues
Methods and compositions for removing carbon dioxide from a gaseous mixture
Thin film gas separation membranes
Process for treating a flue gas
Edge member for membrane element and membrane element equipped with same
Apparatus for control of on site mixing of solid peroxide source and catalyst
Capture, control or removal of nutrient laden effluent, run-off or agricultural, industrial, commercial or domestic waste flow
Method of depositing electrically conductive material onto a substrate
Method for patterning nanomaterial using solution evaporation
Housing and method for making same
Process for incorporating an ion-conducting polymer into a polymeric article to achieve anti-static behavior
Molecular optimization of multiply-functionalized mesostructured materials
Electromechanical transducer and method for manufacturing the same which suppresses lowering of sensitivity while a protective layer is formed
Method for cleaning photo masks and semiconductor wafers using a jetspray nozzle
Method and apparatus for removing contaminants from substrate
Aqueous-based method for producing ultra-fine metal powders
Process and device for form locked joining of two components
Tool handling device for machine tools
Adjustable belt sander
Sweeper burnish head
Method of grooving a chemical-mechanical planarization pad
Methods for applying abrasive wear-resistant materials to earth-boring tools and methods for securing cutting elements to earth-boring tools
System and method for uniaxial compression of an article, such as a three dimensionally printed dosage form
Tire vulcanization mold
Combination packaging container and method of producing it
Composite layer
Cast-in-place torsion joint
Conductive reflective film and production method thereof
Luminescent sheet having see-through property, luminescent decorative material, and method of producing luminescent sheet
Orthopedic prayer mat
Disposable absorbent article and method of manufacturing the same
Thermoplastic multilayer interlayer polymer film and related glass laminate composite including same
Attachment mechanism of optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Apparatus, system, and method for flash printing
Exposure device and image forming apparatus including same
Information processing apparatus, system, and information processing method
Polymerisable photoinitiators for LED curable compositions
Apparatus and method of removing coating of line-shaped body using plasma
Antler mounting kit
Rubber composition for tread and pneumatic tire
Water-based ink, water-based ink set, and process for producing dispersion
Air pressure information display system of vehicle tire
Vehicle-use power supply control apparatus and control apparatus for controlling electric rotating machine mounted on vehicle as main engine
Structure of battery disconnection unit for electric vehicle
Tie-down devices for securing a vehicle
Intermodal transport platform
Adjustable decking system for supporting freight
Safety net assembly for opening in a cargo trailer
Idle stop control device for vehicle
Power transmission control device for vehicle
Marine device
Maritime transfer system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Low temperature sulphur dioxide oxidation catalyst for sulfuric acid manufacture
Catalytic dehydration of alcohols using phase pure, calcined single- and multi-site heterogeneous catalysts
Process for converting FGD gypsum to ammonium sulfate and calcium carbonate
Water treatment
Waste water processing system and method
Apparatus for recovering oil from a body of water
Processed mineral additive for reducing concrete permeability and increasing strength
Process of manufacturing of biologically active humic products
Catalytic hypergolic bipropellants
Production of a synthesis gas blend and use in a fischer-tropsch process
Polymorphic form of N-(S)-(3,4-difluoro-2-(2-fluoro-4-iodophenylamino)-6-methoxyphenyl)-1-(2,- 3-dihydroxypropyl)cyclopropane-1-sulfonamide and uses thereof
Method for preparing optionally substituted p-hydroxymandelic compounds and derivatives thereof
Benzodiazepinone compounds useful in the treatment of skin conditions
Liquid phase epoxidation process
Method of preparing lactide from lactate
Bi- and tricyclic indazole-substituted 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives and uses thereof
Oligo- and polyfurans, preparation and uses thereof
Production process of optically active 3-quinuclidinol derivative
Polymorphic form of rifaximin and process for its preparation
Panchromatic photosensitizers and dye-sensitized solar cell using the same
Process for the preparation of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate
Crystalline forms of a macrolide, and uses therefor
Chromophoric silyl protecting groups and their use in the chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides
Way of using thermolabile groups to protect hydroxyl functions and compounds for implementing the procedure
Truncated CD20 protein, deltaCD20
Anti-alpha2 integrin antibodies and their uses
Antibody identifying an antigen-bound antibody and an antigen-unbound antibody, and method for preparing the same
Anti-5T4 antibodies and uses thereof
Two-stage curable composition containing a surface-deactivated polyisocyanate
Derivatives of diphosphines as flame retardants for polyurethanes
Mixed polycycloaliphatic amines (MPCA) and MPCA alkylates
Compatibilized polypropylene and polylactic acid blends and methods of making and using same
Method for producing poly(arylene ether) block copolymers
Durable polyoxymethylene composition
Method of making a graft copolymer
Pigment dispersions with polymeric dispersants having pending chromophore groups
Coated biodegradable building article
Trimethine cyanine and its use
Slurry formulation for the production of thermal barrier coatings
Redispersible dried nanocrystalline cellulose
Pigmented magenta and yellow phase change inks
Silanes blend
Method for obtaining a fraction enriched with functionalized fatty acid esters from seeds of oleaginous plants
B-stageable and skip-curable wafer back side coating adhesives
Process and apparatus to foam a water-base adhesive
Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing same
Method and composition for enhanced hydrocarbons recovery
Method and apparatus for upgrading coal
Fuel additive for improved performance of low sulfur diesel fuels
Lubricant composition with improved electrical properties
Thermally stable subsea control hydraulic fluid compositions
Thickening composition comprising a copolymer of polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride and acrylamide
Biochemical reaction cassette and detection apparatus for biochemical reaction cassette
Method and apparatus for detecting an electric field fluctuation associated with the permeabilization of a bacterial cell wall
Back side plate illumination for biological growth plate scanner
Temperature control device with a flexible temperature control surface
Recombinant clostridia that fix CO.sub.2 and CO and uses thereof
Contaminant control in Zymomonas fermentation using hop acids
Miniature biological fuel cell that is operational under physiological conditions, and associated devices and methods
Antibodies and their use in the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of a disease associated with SOD1 abnormalities
RNAi for the control of insects and arachnids
Protein exhibiting activity of pyrethrin biosynthetic enzyme, gene encoding the protein, and vector bearing the gene
Cholinergic/serotoninergic receptor and uses thereof
Lyso-phosphatidic acid acyltransferase from Tropaeolum majus
Method of producing a lunasin polypeptide in plants
Method and system for collecting ethanol from aquatic plants
Stem cell banking system
Short RNA producing gene silencing in cells
Preparation of vaccines using photosensitizer and light
Mutated DNA polymerases with increased mispairing discrimination
Polynucleotides encoding engineered plant cysteine proteases and their uses
Expression cassette, recombinant host cell and process for producing a target protein
Humanized anti-CD47 antibody
DNA loaded supported gold nanoparticles, process for the preparation and use thereof
Control of contaminant microorganisms in fermentation processes with peroxygen-releasing compounds
Isolation of membrane vesicles from biological fluids and methods of using same
Method for selecting mevalonate synthesis modulators using cells derived from human pluripotent cells
Methods for natural product optimization
Microorganism for quantifying homocysteine, and use thereof
Methods for nucleic acid manipulation
Nickel recovery from a high ferrous content laterite ore
High-strength steel plate, method of producing the same, and high-strength steel pipe
Ultrahigh-strength welded joint and production method thereof
Combinatorial process system
Deposition system with a rotating drum
Vapor deposition reactor and method for forming thin film
Shower head and plasma processing apparatus having same
Photoelectrochemical cell and energy system using the same
Electroplating apparatus
Compositions and methods for producing cyclic peptoid libraries
Textiles; Paper
Method of making coiled and buckled electrospun fiber structures
Paper substrates containing high surface sizing and low internal sizing and having high dimensional stability
Fixed Constructions
Gravity-fed basin
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Blower impeller and blower
Energy harvesting device including MEMS composite transducer
Energy harvesting system
Adjusting device for adjusting the rotation angle position of the rotor of a wind energy system
Device and method for diluting a sample
Self counter-sinking fastener
Coupling element cooling arrangment
Torque fluctuation absorber
Multi-speed transmission
Multi-speed transmission
Multi-speed transmission
Multiple speed transmission having a band brake
Apparatus and method for providing access to a buried pipe
Anti-intrusion mat and associated use thereof
Imaging apparatus and imaging method using optical coherence tomography
Method and apparatus for optical imaging via spectral encoding
Means and methods of laser measurement for bocce
Absolute rotary encoder
Optical wheel, rotary encoder, linear encoder and method for generating a zeroing signal of a rotary encoder
Device for the reproducible adjustment of a pin hole opening and pin hole position in laser scanning microscopes using a reflector
Optical integrating cavity lighting system using multiple LED light sources with a control circuit
Optical sensor and display apparatus
Apparatus and method for operating a spectrometer
Assembly for monitoring power of randomly polarized light
Infrared spectrometer with enhanced readout speed
Infrared sensor and infrared array sensor
Clinical analyzer wash and method
Reaction analysis apparatus, recording medium, measurement system and control system
Turbidity sensor for an electric household appliance
Fluorescence detection apparatus
Combined raman and IR fiber-based sensor for gas detection
Optical chemical sensing device with pyroelectric or piezoelectric transducer
Reference electrode
Electrochemical nanocomposite biosensor system
Adhesive composition for use in an immunosensor
Sensor for determining gases and method for manufacturing the sensor
Sterilisation indicator
Cartridge and sensor-dispensing instrument
Tissue carbohydrate compositions and analysis thereof
High throughput screen
Method to produce a receptor chip using biotinylated protein
Methods of screening T1R1/T1R3 receptors for compounds that modulate umami taste signaling
PSCA: prostate stem cell antigen and distinguishing androgen receptor negative prostate cancer from benign prostatic hyperplasia
Electronic device for detecting an object beneath a wall section of interest having a persistent image display
Charge pulse detecting circuit
High-voltage supply unit for a particle beam device
Methods, systems, and devices for calculating temperature change of an electrocaloric effect material
Evanescent microwave microscopy probe and methodology
Systems and methods mitigating temperature dependence of circuitry in electronic devices
Method and system for frame classification
Network protection method and device
Wireless base station apparatus and wireless communication method
Method and system of diagnosing a video condition experienced at a customer premises
Magnetic field current sensors
Device for measuring physical quantities of nuclear materials and method of employing such a device
Apparatus for counting ions, and method for counting ions
Analog IMOD having a color notch filter
Substrate guided relay with image compensation
Head-up display apparatus
Apparatus and method for manufacturing color filter adsorbing toner nano particles by using electrostatic force
Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same
Multicore fiber and core placement method for multicore fiber
Optical network structures for multi-core central processor unit
Photoelectric transmission module
Thermally switched absorptive window shutter
Optical system for reducing stimualted brillouin scattering by controllably changing polarization direction of an optical signal
Optical biometric security element
Area active backlight with spatiotemporal backlight
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Tunable optical frequency comb generator
Interchangeable lens, camera, and camera system
Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
Movable body apparatus, exposure apparatus and pattern formation apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and method for producing device
Laser processing enabling radio frequency identification (RFID) customization
Photoresist composition
Method of fabricating nanostructure array and device including nanostructure array
Mask set for fabricating integrated circuits and method of fabricating integrated circuits
Deinking a print
Method for detecting opening/closed state of an interlock switch provided in an electronic device
Image forming apparatus, method thereof, and storage medium
Edge detecting device and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming device and failure control system for the same
Image forming device, image forming method, and image forming system for controlling a position of an intermediate transfer body in a width direction
Active banding correction in semi-conductive magnetic brush development
Development unit and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and image forming system
Apparatuses useful for printing and corresponding methods
Printer with liquid enhanced fixing system
Fixing device, control method for the same, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Cleaning device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and rotary developing device
Image-forming method
Method for producing an antenna structure for an RFID device, and dry toner for use in producing such antenna structure
Instrument display board and process for producing instrument display board
Electronic device with unlocking function and method thereof
Electronic apparatus and power supply device that switch between on-state and off-state
High-efficiency base-driver circuit for power bipolar junction transistors
Display data management techniques
Handwriting recognition in electronic devices
Edge to edge qwerty keypad for a handheld device
Display control device, operation display device, image processing apparatus, display control method and tangible computer-readable recording medium
Method for determining the number of fingers on a sensing device
Mobile terminal
Method and apparatus for enabling touchpad gestures
Method for increased accessibility to a human machine interface
Method of detecting position on touchscreen panel, touchscreen panel, and method of initializing touchscreen panel
Finger pointing, gesture based human-machine interface for vehicles
Method, apparatus, and computer product for managing image formation resources
Multiple setting user interface with visual icons for customized usability
Device cooperation system, image forming apparatus, function providing method
Information processing apparatus and method for transferring settings information
Devices and methods for print job tracking
System, apparatus, method, and computer program for information processing resource adjustment
Time measuring apparatus and image forming apparatus
Information processing device capable of outputting print data to print data device, and control method thereof
Print job management system, print job management apparatus, and print job management method for managing print jobs including acquiring process completion time and displaying information regarding processing completion time for each of image forming apparatuses as a list
Image forming apparatus and document management method thereof
System, apparatus, and method for communication in a tactical network
Device capable of extracting two-dimensional code, and method and program thereof
Image forming apparatus, method, and computer-readable storage medium for forming images on recording media such as paper having different sizes
Image processing apparatus, control method for image processing apparatus, and storage medium for correcting density using a reusable object
Systems and methods for identifying a colorbar/non-colorbar frame attribute
Sequential event detection from video
Tree structure creation apparatus, method and program
Image encoding/decoding method and apparatus
System, method and computer program product for video fingerprinting
Road estimation device and method for estimating road
Object-centric spatial pooling for image classification
Road estimation device and method for estimating road
Query by image
Systems and methods for displaying foreign character sets and their translations in real time on resource-constrained mobile devices
Image processing apparatus and control method therefor, as well as storage medium
Image processing apparatus for processing tomographic image of subject's eye, imaging system, method for processing image, and recording medium
Knowledge-based segmentation of attenuation-relevant regions of the head
Detecting streaks in printed images
Method and apparatus for characterizing discontinuities in semiconductor devices
Spatio-spectral sampling paradigm for imaging and a novel color filter array design
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Character recognition apparatus and method based on character orientation
Image processing system, image processing apparatus and computer readable medium
Apparatus and method for parallel encoding and decoding image data based on correlation of macroblocks
Method and system for compressive color image sampling and reconstruction
Image data processing apparatus, image data processing method, and computer readable medium
Image coding method
Image processing using bounds adjustment
Method and system for the selective application of automatic image enhancement to digital images
Method for performing image processing applications using quadratic programming
Optimization of plenoptic imaging systems
System for high ambient image enhancement
Still image verifying apparatus and method
Group method for making event-related media collection
Method and system for classifying image elements
System and method for detecting global harmful video
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Face and license plate detection in street level images with 3-D road width features estimated from laser data
Image processing apparatus for calculating a degree of similarity between images, method of image processing, processing apparatus for calculating a degree of approximation between data sets, method of processing, computer program product, and computer readable medium
Method and system for detecting the open or closed state of the eyes of a face
System, method, and computer program product for remote graphics processing
Rendering a text image using texture map character center encoding with character reference encoding
Multi-stage fire simulation
Image processing apparatus performing rendering using multiple viewpoints and method
Aligning ground based images and aerial imagery
Mobile terminal having a touchscreen for displaying a 3-dimensional (3D) user interface and controlling method thereof
Articles, methods of validating the same, and validation systems employing decay constant modulation
Submersible water pump having self-contained control circuit
System and method for preventing driving of a vehicle by an alcohol intoxicated person
Display device for an actuator and actuator for an armature
Method for traffic monitoring and secure processing of traffic violations
Display device
Pixel circuit and display device, and a method of manufacturing pixel circuit
Display device having a light emitting element
Display device and an electronic apparatus using the same
Liquid crystal display device, method of driving the same, and method of driving a portable information device having the liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display for reducing distortion of common voltage
Liquid crystal display device and method for local dimming driving using spatial filter of the same
Multi-display apparatus and method thereof
Portable electronic device and switching method of icon
Sensing system
Information processing device
Display device and E-book reader provided therewith
Map display method
Portable multi-display device
Control system for a remote vehicle
Method and apparatus to increase bit-depth on gray-scale and multi-channel images (inverse dithering)
Display control apparatus and display control method
Liquid crystal display devices and methods for driving the same
Data access tool for programmable graphics hardware
Read channel throughput management
Rotor hub, motor, and disk driving device
Methods and devices for determining thermally-induced expansion of magnetic recording media
System and method for disk sector failure prediction
Storage device
Magnetic recording/reproduction device and magnetic recording medium
Microwave assisted magnetic recording head and microwave assisted magnetic recording apparatus having a magnetic flux rectifying layer with a magnetic flux rectifying action
Low track pitch write module and bidirectional tape head
Magnetic head having a planar hall effect read sensor
Wired circuit board
Optical information recording apparatus, optical information recording method, optical information reproducing apparatus and optical information reproducing method
High speed low power magnetic devices based on current induced spin-momentum transfer
Semiconductor physical quantity sensor
Non-volatile memory (NVM) that uses soft programming
Determination of memory read reference and programming voltages
Semiconductor device
Memory circuit
Storage circuit
Memory component that samples command/address signals in response to both edges of a clock signal
Methods and apparatus for designing and constructing multi-port memory circuits with voltage assist
Memory device and electronic device
Rod position detection apparatus and method
Method of evaluating quantities relating to the distortion of a nuclear fuel assembly
Ion implantation apparatus and ion implantation method
Tungsten cathode material
Method and apparatus for increasing energy effeciency of a magnetic core
Transmission line transformer which minimizes signal loss
System and method for energy generation
Apparatus and method for capacitors having engineered electrodes with very high energy density
Flexible multilayer type thin film capacitor and embedded printed circuit board using the same
Concentrated capacitor assembly
Push switch and method of manufacturing the same
Push button-type switch device
Push-button switch
Small x-ray tube with electron beam control optics
Time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Hermetically sealed housing for electronic components and manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Backside depletion for backside illuminated image sensors
Fabrication of contacts for silicon solar cells including printing burn through layers
Method of mounting semiconductor chips, semiconductor device obtained using the method, method of connecting semiconductor chips, three-dimensional structure in which wiring is provided on its surface, and method of producing the same
Method of making diode having reflective layer
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Treatment of a substrate with a liquid medium
Method for manufacturing epitaxial wafer
Copper oxide removal techniques
Deposited material and method of formation
Compressive stress transfer in an interlayer dielectric of a semiconductor device by providing a bi-layer of superior adhesion and internal stress
Semiconductor device having elevated source and drain
Power MOSFET structure and method
Method of selectively growing semiconductor carbon nanotubes using light irradiation
Control of silver in C4 metallurgy with plating process
Electronic device, conductive composition, metal filling apparatus, and electronic device manufacturing method
Buried metal-semiconductor alloy layers and structures and methods for fabrication thereof
Plating process and structure
Semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Patterning of submicron pillars in a memory array
Photosensitive adhesive composition, photosensitive adhesive film, and semiconductor device using each
Method for producing semiconductor components, and corresponding semiconductor component
Solder joints with enhanced electromigration resistance
Semiconductor apparatus
Semiconductor device
Methods for multi-wire routing and apparatus implementing same
Imaging element having plural light collecting parts each including a specific projection and depression structure, method for manufacturing imaging element, pixel design method, and electronic apparatus
Field plate trench transistor and method for producing it
Monolithic integration of multiple compound semiconductor FET devices
Semiconductor device with dynamic array sections defined and placed according to manufacturing assurance halos
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and semiconductor logic circuit device
Solid-state image capturing device, method of manufacturing solid-state image capturing device, method of driving solid-state image capturing device, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor light emitting device utilising punch-through effects
Semiconductor memory device
Organic electroluminescence device
Semiconductor device
Package and fabrication method of the same
Nitride semiconductor substrate
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Thin-film transistor having etch stop multi-layer and method of manufacturing the same
Super trench schottky barrier schottky diode
Method for creating monocrystalline piezoresistors
Micro electro mechanical device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Aluminum-boron solar cell contacts
Electrolyte composition with a low gelling temperature and method for manufacturing electronic device using the same
Concentrated photovoltaic system modules using III-V semiconductor solar cells
Method of manufacturing solar battery
Driving substrate and display device
Light emitting device and projector
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Bulk dimensional nanocomposites for thermoelectric applications
Compact active vibration control system for a flexible panel
Electromechanical transducer and method of producing the same
Organic electroluminescent element
Quinoxaline derivative, and organic semiconductor device, electric field light emitting device, and electronic device which have the same
Photovoltaic handbag and system
Energy storage apparatus
Membraneless micro fuel cell
Battery with electrode arrangement in relation to the holder
Battery accommodating device, portable device, output device, and head mount display
Arrangement of battery poles of an electric energy accumulator
Secondary battery having a short induction plate
Fuel cell system
Waste to hydrogen conversion process and related apparatus
Mobile terminal
Active antenna
Switching multi-mode antenna
Wideband single resonance antenna
High bandwidth jack with RJ45 backwards compatibility
Integrated circuit (IC) socket with contoured capture groove
Blockout device for USB port
Electrical connection system that includes an integrally formed retaining means to secure a sealing member disposed therein
Communication jack having layered plug interface contacts
Terminal fitting
Terminal load
Method and apparatus for reliably laser marking articles
Generating narrow linewidth 1178 NM laser output using a seeded raman amplifier
Aluminum gallium nitride barriers and separate confinement heterostructure (SCH) layers for semipolar plane III-nitride semiconductor-based light emitting diodes and laser diodes
Bipolar DC to AC power converter with DC ground fault interrupt
Leakage detection protection circuit with lightning protection
Electricity distribution system and electricity distribution method
Method for charging a plug-in electric vehicle
Anchor charger
Electrical rotating machine with local heat reduction
Motor mounting plate
Electric machine
Switching circuit
Feedback of output voltage error via current sense winding
Method and apparatus for operation of a converter circuit having plural phase modules and sub-converter systems for the phase modules
Vibration wave driving apparatus
Rotator control device, rotator system, vehicle, electric car and electric generation system
Method and apparatus for controlling or managing bandwidth of a filter circuit within a system having two integrated circuits
Gate driving apparatus
MEMS vibrator and oscillator
Method to prevent phenomenon in vector modulator transmitter
Switching amplifier with pulsed current source and sink
Reproduction device and reproduction method
Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method
Multiple samples with delay in oversampling in phase
Resonator element, resonator, and oscillator
Latch with a feedback circuit
Ramp signal output circuit, analog-to-digital conversion circuit, imaging device, method for driving ramp signal output circuit, method for driving analog-to-digital conversion circuit, and method for driving imaging device
Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) based analog-digital converter
Solid-state image sensing device
Compapator and analog-to-digital convertor
Digital-analog conversion apparatus and method
Analog-to-digital converter, signal processor, and method for analog-to-digital conversion
Transmission of pathological data patterns
Methods and apparatuses for enhanced received signal processing based on a data-signal-aided channel impulse response estimation
Impairment covariance and combining weight updates during iterative turbo interference cancellation reception
Method of providing user interface and mobile terminal using the same
Image coding apparatus, method, integrated circuit, and program
Wireless transmission apparatus, wireless transmission method and computer program
Bit change determination method and bit change determination device
Small form factor pluggable unit with signal conversion capabilities
Multiple stage hybrid spectrum sensing methods and systems for cognitive radio
Monitoring node and reflector node of an optical communication network, optical communication network, and method for operating an optical communication network
Wireless network apparatus, wireless network system and wireless network node controlling method
Isolated communication system, and transmission unit and receiving unit applied to isolated communication system
Apparatus and method for controlling functions of a mobile phone via NFC communication with an external RF reader
Communication apparatus, method for controlling communication apparatus, and program
Controlling access point transmit power based on received access terminal messages
Data merging for bluetooth devices
Electronic communication system that mimics natural range and orientation dependence
Bidirectional microphone system
Cognitive radio spectrum sensing via CDMA receiver coding
Methods and systems for reducing crosstalk
Interference mitigation method for single or MIMO receiver devices
Base station, relay station, and backhaul control communication methods thereof
Antenna system
Apparatus, methods, and computer program products providing improved communication in decentralized wireless networks
Apparatus and method for signaling in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and methods for determination of gain factors for wireless communication transmission power
Superposition coding in a wireless communication system
Method for transmitting relay node-specific control channel
Communication on a plurality of carriers
Efficient flow control in a radio network controller (RNC)
Method for testing the communication performance of a plurality of wireless signal access devices
Collaborative MIMO using sounding channel in multi-cell environment
Method and apparatus for data-centric multiplexing and asynchronous command interface to the encoder and multiplexer modules
Packet assembly module for multi-core, multi-thread network processors
Method for data communication between a base station and a transponder
Unequal multipath protection of different frames within a superframe using different cyclic prefix lengths
Apparatus and method for processing digital transmission/reception signals to correct in-band gain flatness
Frame acknowledgment in a communication network
Network system
Controlling registration floods in VoIP networks via DNS
Information processing apparatus and operation method thereof, computer program, and storage medium
Radio base station system and base station
Authenticating a data transmission by varying a rate thereof
Method and network system for implementing user port orientation in multi-machine backup scenario of broadband remote access server
Method and system for indicating overload indicator report
Method and system for scalable ethernet
Communication routing
List range operation dispersed storage network frame
Third party VPN certification
Indoor competitive survey of wireless networks
Packet forwarding
Monitoring wireless nodes using portable device
Method for forwarding protocol frames in spanning rings and a shared node of multi-rings in the Ethernet
Telecommunication systems
OFDM communication system and method having a reduced peak-to-average power ratio
Network configuring method, network system and relay apparatus
Method and system for calling traditional circuit switched domain network user by packet core network
Application-aware dynamic bit-level error protection for modulation-based communication
Soft-bit generation and channel estimation for interference cancellation using decoder output
Reception device
OFDM symbol structure for power line communication
Rational clock divider for media timestamps and clock recovery functions
Access to authorized domains
Digital watermark key generation
System and method for secure key distribution to manufactured products
Active antenna array with a single common clock and a method for relaying a plurality of radio signals
Methods and systems for automatic forwarding of communications to a preferred device
Systems and methods for using caller data to add a phone number to an outbound-call list
Method and circuitry for matching impedance
Signal processing method, signal processing device, and signal processing program
Sound processing apparatus, method, and program
Transparent plate for platen, document scanning apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus, method of controlling an image reading apparatus, and storage medium
Gradation correction for an image forming apparatus
Method of measuring a deviation in timing of a start of writing in scanning lines, optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus
Image scanning device, image forming device, and method for correcting pixel value for pixel corresponding to position of rod lens array joint
Dynamic scanner with width sensing and single point sensor
Image processing apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer-readable recording medium storing print restriction program code
Motion vector refining apparatus
Disparity data transport in standard caption service
Method and apparatus for processing video signal
Stereo camera apparatus and vehicle-mountable monitoring apparatus using same
Methods and systems for presenting adjunct content during a presentation of a media content instance
Calibration of large camera networks
Quality assessment of high dynamic range, visual dynamic range and wide color gamut image and video
Compensation of compressive imaging measurements based on measurements from power meter
Shooting apparatus
Mobile terminal and image transmitting method therein
External lens device and portable eletronic device using same
Compound lens imaging device
Alignment of lens and image sensor
Video display apparatus, control method for video display apparatus, video output apparatus, and control method for video output apparatus
Information processing apparatus and method for correcting vibration
Imaging apparatus, control method of the apparatus, and program
Digital image processor for a digital camera
Terminal device and control method
Photographing apparatus and method to reduce auto-focus time
Image pickup and focus detection apparatus, control method, and storage medium
Shooting apparatus and mode setting method for controlling a shooting mode of a shooting apparatus
Method for selecting an input media source
Solid-state imaging device, imaging apparatus, and method of driving the solid-state imaging device
Image converter
Attachment structure for control key unit
Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium for content data associated with position data
Recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, recording method, and program
Video editing device and video editing system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Adaptive quantization based on spatial activity histogram
Apparatus and method for coding moving pictures
Noise estimator device of video decoder and related method
Method and system for intelligent video adaptation
Referenceable frame expiration
Encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus
Method for providing phone book using business card recognition in mobile communication terminal and mobile communication terminal using the method
Method and apparatus for providing secure internet protocol media services
Threat-detection in a distributed multi-camera surveillance system
Methods and system for stabilizing live video in the presence of long-term image drift
Photographing apparatus, photographing system and photographing method
Light pipe for imaging head of video inspection device
UV detection of objects hidden in foliage
Light or radiation image pickup apparatus
Dark reference in CCD image sensors
Audio headsets with multi-color ribbon cable and related systems and methods of manufacture
Adjustable headphones
Piezoelectric nanowire vibration sensors
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
Masking noise
Adaptive generation of channel quality indicators (CQIs) based on a current communication scenario
Method and apparatus for mode transition, compression, and decompression in robust header compression
SIP--enabled framework for multi-domain roaming control plane in a WiMAX access network
Rate shaping triggered discontinuous transmission in wireless communications
Methods and arrangements in a wireless telecommunication system
Apparatus and method for performing HARQ procedure
Wide area transport networks for mobile radio access networks and methods of use
Method and apparatus for planning radio frequency spectrum in a wireless network
Method and apparatus that facilitates interference cancellation for control channels in heterogenous networks
Method and apparatus for selecting appropriate coding scheme and transmission rate for transmitting a frame across a communication network
Method and device for indicating frame mapping modes
Radio base station and communication control method
Method and apparatus for transmitting a packet in a wireless network
Performing random access procedures using extended random access response
Relay backhaul in wireless communication
Power supply control device, plasma processing device, and plasma processing method
Tunable white luminaire
Ballast with control device for controlling the open-circuit voltage
Solid state light fixture with enhanced thermal cooling and color mixing
Passive anti-arcing protection device for fluorescent lamp ballast
Circuit arrangement and method for operating a high pressure discharge lamp
Illumination device control systems and methods
Accelerator for two particle beams for producing a collision
USB memory stick
Plug-in unit
High density digital signal cross-connect system
Display device mountable on an automotive vehicle and method
Fan bracket and fan fixing apparatus using the same
Modular high-power drive stack cooled with vaporizable dielectric fluid
Pluggable module and method of inserting electronic module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and device for separating a flow of crops
Device for controlling a forager chute
Azide method and composition for controlling deleterious organisms
Composition and method for inhibition of harmful bacteria
Essential oil mixture for miticide, miticide composition, and spray for miticide
Apparatus for automatically stuffing food casing
Apparatus for severing the link between two sausages
Method for forming multiple rows of meat patties
Processed mozzarella cheese and method for its production
Food supplemented with a carnitine, suitable for stimulating the biosynthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids from the saturated fatty acids contained in the food
Levan-producing Lactobacillus strain and method of preparing human or pet food products using the same
Method for producing bulk confectionery
Soluble, gum-containing, coated chewable tablet
Edible PGA coating composition
Method for producing an iced food product such as an iced lollipop
Enzyme granulate
Method of making microalgal-based animal foodstuff supplements, microalgal-supplemented animal foodstuffs and method of animal nutrition
Encapsulated flavor and/or fragrance composition
Coated flaked fats
Apparatus and method for forming two component food product
Method for producing filled foodstuff hollow bodies
Multiple garniture belt drive system for filter rod machinery
Lighting device designed to fit on a mounting, particularly textile
Composite and vessels including the composite
Dual inserter applicator
Cosmetic container for controlling powder flow rate
Spreadable food product dispenser
Damped drawer slide mechanism
Current collector for polymer electrochemical cells and electrochemical generators thereof
Liquid applicator valve
Autoclavable coupler for endoscopic camera system
Electrically-bent endoscope
Endoscope having red component cut filter
Endoscope light source apparatus for shielding central region of ray bundle earlier
Dental evacuation mirror
Multipurpose circular retractor
Apparatus for retaining otherwise hand-held retractors
Method and barrier for limiting fluid movement through a tissue rent
Three-needle closure device
Suture securing tool
Suture anchor
Methods and devices using magnetic force to form an anastomosis between hollow bodies
Vessel occlusion clamp
Femoral broach with undercut teeth
Coagulation clamp
Surgical repair kit and its method of use
Uni-directional dynamic spinal fixation device
Polyaxial modular skeletal hook
Spinal implant, driver tool and nut guide
Intramedullary nail-based bone fracture treatment
Modular intramedullary nail
Apparatus and method for the in-situ formation of a structural prosthesis
Apparatus for converting a clamp into an electrophysiology device
Ablation systems including insulated energy transmitting elements
Large area thermal ablation
Apparatus and method for sealing and cutting tissue
Transmural ablation device with integral EKG sensor
Radiofrequency probes for tissue treatment and methods of use
Method and apparatus for detecting and treating vulnerable plaques
Safety shut-off device for laser surgical instruments employing blackbody emitters
Method and apparatus for the controlled formation of cavitation bubbles using target bubbles
Registration method and apparatus for navigation-guided medical interventions, without the use of patient-associated markers
Detachable support arm for surgical navigation system reference array
Satiety meter
Optimal windows for obtaining optical data for characterization of tissue samples
Noninvasive blood pressure measuring method and apparatus
Wrist type blood pressure meter cuff
Respiratory monitoring system
Method for the selection of a new detector module for X-ray computer tomography
Dental X-ray clamping device with a multi-orientation support
Diagnostic medical ultrasound system having a pipes and filters architecture
Tissue warming device and method
Ultrasonic cellular tissue screening system
Ultrasonic occupant detection and classification system
Two-piece model and die system
Irradiation unit
Curing light
Keeper for a dental magnetic attachment
Interproximal squirt brush
Interproximal squirt brush
Dental articulation kit and method
Device and method of molar distalization and mandibular protraction
Flocked endodontic files and other flocked devices
Self-ligating orthodontic brackets including a metal ligation cover hingedly connected to a bracket base
Abutment screw with gold spring-washer
Protective and insulating cover for an injured limb
Anatomic wound dressing holder with an infinitely adjustable primary wound dressing
Colored absorbent article
Absorbent product with double barriers and single elastic system
Absorbent articles comprising a material having a high vertical wicking capacity
Sanitary napkin whose rear portion includes a longitudinally extending ridge
Method of forming composite absorbent members
Shaped tampon
Absorbent article having a high coefficient of friction backsheet and a self-release tape tab
Surgical instrument and method for treating female urinary incontinence
Vascular protection system
Disc shaped filter
Convertible blood clot filter
Catheter and stent delivery system
Repositionable and recapturable vascular stent/graft
Intraluminal prostheses having polymeric material with selectively modified crystallinity and methods of making same
Graft ligament anchor and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone
Implant device
Intraocular lens assembly and method
Venous valvuloplasty device and method
Intervertebral spacer device having a slotted domed arch strip spring
Passive hip reducer
Orthosis for supporting spinal structures
Flexible splint
Shoulder dislocation acute-phase immobilization orthosis
Liquid removal system which is compressible in the longitudinal and/or in the transverse direction
Laser treatment apparatus
Method for assessing irradiation intensity of a laser beam, an apparatus for assessing irradiation intensity used under this method, and a laser beam irradiation system
Ablation shape for the correction of presbyopia
Method of controlling massaging machine
Muscular relaxation machine for relaxation of leg muscles
Therapeutic composition providing enhanced cardiac function
Treatment of skin wounds using polyenylphosphatidylcholine and alkanolamines
Diagnosis and treatment of human kidney diseases
Kit and method for migraine headache treatment
Chemical composition and method for enhancing metabolism
Method of inducing or enhancing chondrogenesis with extracellular matrix containing BMP-4
Cell separation compositions and methods
Topically applied reconstituted ocean water mixture and method of producing and using the mixture
Prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of the ductal epithelium of a mammary gland for cancer
Methods and compositions for use in the treatment of filovirus mediated disease conditions
Combined vaccine compositions
Aerosol drug formulations containing hydrofluoroalkanes and alkyl saccharides
Hapten-carrier conjugates and uses thereof
Materials and methods for delivery and expression of heterologous DNA in vertebrate cells
Oxazinocarbazoles for the treatment of CNS diseases
Double-headed, closed-mouth cough suppressant and cold relief device
Porous drug matrices and methods of manufacture thereof
Rapidly disintegrating sustained release cefuroxime axetil composition
Method of microencapsulation
Method of preventing adhesions with absorbable polyoxaesters
Biocompatible tissue for therapeutic use and method of making same
Human medical treatment by aerosol inhalation of immunoglobulin A
Suction device with irrigation
Adapter for human breast pumps
Method and device for monitoring the access to the cardiovascular system of a patient
Centering catheter
Guidewire occlusion system utilizing repeatably inflatable gas-filled occlusive device
Antegrade cardioplegia catheter and method
System and method for forming a non-ablative cardiac conduction block
Positive flow valve
Medical injection devices
Single dose delivery device
Needle-less injector of miniature type
Medication delivery pen
Needle device
Coupled seed train
Enzyme blocking skin protectant cream
Cosmetic composition comprising a phosphoric triester and a skin activating component
Cosmetic composition with water-soluble or water-dispersible polymers
Multipurpose exerciser
Seated stepper
Exercise device
Pole vault training device
Device and method for Kinesiologically Correct exercise and rehabilitation
Jumping stick
Exercise stand
Golf ball with high coefficient of restitution
Golf club head
Golf club head
Golf club head
Golf club head
Golf club head and golf club
Golf club head and method for manufacturing the same
Extendable golf club having interlockable spacer segments
Golf teaching and training device
Consistent tee
Baseball and softball bat grip
Volleyball net pretensioned with rigid side strips
Collapsible backboard support assembly for a basketball goal system
Basketball shooting accuracy aid
Device for baseball batters
Wave forming apparatus and method
Golf teaching apparatus and method
Electronic gaming unit with virtual object input device
Game device, game region expansion and contraction method, game program and information storage medium
Communication game system and communication game processing method
Video game with sub-display for tracking target
Treasure hunt game utilizing wireless communications devices and location positioning technology
Device and method for configuring a slot machine having a hot streak phase
Free-standing jumping device
Board swing
Jointed linkage system
Wrist band call conditioner for friction game calls
Method for a customer-controlled stuffed toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Chromatographic device and method of forming a chromatographic device
Fluid treatment elements
Filter element fixation for filter presses
Screens for vibratory separators
Pleated filter and a method for making the same
Filter device
Pool skimmer basket kit
Water treatment device and method
Method and apparatus for recycling wash chemicals used in powder coating
Hydraulic oil filtration apparatus
Vortex tube system and method for processing natural gas
Permeable water reservoir covers
Method and apparatus for wet type flue-gas desulfurization
High efficiency scrubber for waste gas abatement
Crosslinked and crosslinkable hollow fiber membrane and method of making same
Polymer electrolyte membrane and solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell using same
Mixing apparatus
Mixer, and device and method for manufacturing thin-film
Food scraper attachment for food mixer
Device and process for producing a device for the catalytic generation of hydrogen from hydrocarbons
Vacuum processing device
Porous inorganic macrostructure materials and process for their preparation
Managing work-piece deflection
Dye loaded zeolite material
Microfabricated chemical reactor
Catalyst loading method and apparatus
Tubular reactor for catalytic gas phase reactions
Method for performing submicroliter crystallization experiments
Test tube holder
Multi-stage collector and method of operation
Method for vibration in a centrifuge
Centrifuge with a variable frequency drive and a single motor and clutch mechanism
Serviceable vortex-type filter assembly and method for servicing same
System and process for dispensing an adhesive onto a core during the formation of rolled products
Coating film forming apparatus
Peelable stenciling ink and method of using
Hot melt coating composition for film transfer and casting process
Method of increasing latent heat storage of wood products
Method of applying a uniform polymer coating
Method for achieving recoat adhesion over a fluorinated topcoat
Method of making membrane electrode assemblies
Ultrasonic impact machining of body surfaces to correct defects and strengthen work surfaces
Cleaning method and cleaning device for fluid dynamic bearings component
Manufacturing method for double tube having a hole formed therein, and mold for implementation thereof
Quasi-isothermal forging of a nickel-base superalloy
Method and device for producing a three-dimensional object
Exhaust manifold and method of making the same
Methods for the preparation of metallic alloy nanoparticles and compositions thereof
Cutting insert for drills having chip-embossing formations for stiffening chips
Toolhead assembly for CNC machines having misalignment prevention means
Surface compensating shaving apparatus
Friction stir welded assembly and method of forming a friction stir welded assembly
Method of weldbonding
Mandrel-holding slide or sleeve pod for numerical-control machine tools
Grinding method and device for the same
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic machining
Polishing apparatus
Processes for producing a whetstone and whetstone pellets with uniform abrasion layers
Apparatus and method for loading a wafer in polishing system
Reciprocal blade lapping machine
Knife sharper having cutting edge protective structure
Blasting apparatus and process for accelerating blast media
Polishing pad, method of manufacturing glass substrate for use in data recording medium using the pad, and glass substrate for use in data recording medium obtained by using the method
Piston ring grinder
Vertical type of double disc surface grinding machine for a brake disc
Method of determining the endpoint of a planarization process
Plated grinding wheel life maximization method
Method for controlling a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) operation
Method and apparatus for avoiding particle accumulation in electrodeposition
Signaling system for sandblasting
Planarizing pads for planarization of microelectronic substrates
Drill stand for a portable core drill
Mold for a pneumatic tire
Process for the production of paint coating layers
Formation of discontinuous films during an imprint lithography process
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing molded articles
Method for producing a plastic composite element
Resin molded product having metallic luster surface
Method and apparatus for mold clamping in an injection molding machine and the like
Apparatus and method for co-extruding multi color plastics
Method and apparatus for producing resin formed article
Method of three dimensional surface coating
Process for producing an artificial bone model and an artificial bone model produced by the process
Tool mounting assembly
Process for forming and removing a golf ball core or intermediate ball assembly
Food serving paperboard container pressing apparatus employing cast-in electrical heaters
Method for manufacturing angulated bottom paper bag with handle in rotary type bag manufacturing machine
Corrugated cardboard manufacturing machine
Control of stress in metal films by controlling the temperature during film deposition
Thermal barrier coating protected by tantalum oxide and method for preparing same
Beta-phase nickel aluminide coating
Releasable corrosion inhibitor compositions
Flexible electrically conductive film
Method to reduce damage caused by irradiation of halogenated polymers
Decorative floor covering comprising polyethylene terephthalate film layer in surface layer and manufacturing method of the same
Coated film and method of laminating the same
Multilayered package with barrier properties
Triple laminate roofing shingle
Scribed interleaf separator wafer packaging
Thermal heat shield
Label sheet for electrophotographic process and image forming method using the same
Fiber reinforced mineral-based materials and methods of making the same
Method of forming an improved roofing material
Electrostatic shielding, low charging-retaining moisture barrier film
Multilayer with spacers, touch screen and method
Method of manufacturing lithographic printing plate
Multi-stage pre-transfer substrate heating assembly
Ink-jet printing process
Cutter position control in a web fed imaging system
Card cartridge
Apparatus provided with carriage
Fluid ejection device
Ink-jet recording head
Ink-jet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Piezoelectric actuator and its manufacturing method and ink-jet printhead
Ink jet head and ink jet recording apparatus
Obtaining high frequency performance by controlling chamber pressure
Ink-jet recording method and apparatus
Reaction solution, set of reaction solution and ink, ink jet recording apparatus and image recording method
Method and systems for accessing a separation pad in a printing device
Ink jet printhead
Water soluble polymers as inkjet recording materials
Newspaper for offset printing
Radiation sensitive coating composition useful for lithographic printing plates and the like
Notebook with pouch cover
Writing assembly with eraser assembly
Air-conditioning apparatus
Film valve for an air conditioning system
Film valve assembly for a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
Vane for an air outlet
Contact arrangement
Planetary gear apparatus
Drive control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Control unit for a transmission and associated operating method
Non-skid floor mat design
Motorcycle anchoring device
Vehicular lamp
Rear view mirror assembly
Vehicular mirror
Signal light and rear-view mirror arrangement
Welded chain truck rail
Pivoting joint for pivotally joining a brake head to a brake beam
Hydromechanical transmission with differential steer
Tension leg platform having a lateral mooring system and methods for using and installing same
Turbine blade airfoil having improved creep capability
Steering and directional reversing control for waterjet propulsion
Air induction system within a cowl of a marine propulsion system
Personal watercraft
Active control of multi-element rotor blade airfoils
LED-based elevated omnidirectional airfield light
Apparatus and method for making bags of different dimensions
General purpose bag having film and mesh portions
Positive valve closure for plastic-lined bags and method for making same
Recloseable storage bag with secondary closure members
Gripping mechanisms, apparatus, and methods
Folding machine with collect run mode
Multi-purpose load bearing assembly for all terrain vehicle (ATV)
Slab tipping apparatus
Fabricating integrated micro-electromechanical systems using an intermediate electrode layer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ozone generator
Portable hydrogen generator
Reactor structure as a heat exchanger layer stacking construction and method of making same
High performance fuel processing system for fuel cell power plant
Simplified three-stage fuel processor
Production of sulphur and activated carbon
Method for producing silicon
Particulate silica and its preparation
Method and apparatus for increasing bulk conductivity of a ferroelectric material
Alkaline battery
Lithium cobalt oxides and methods of making same
Powder material, electrode structure, production processes thereof, and secondary lithium battery
Water treatment system
Wastewater treatment system for residential septic systems
Fluid purification and disinfection device
Ultraviolet-and-ozone disinfection apparatus having improvement on disinfection effect
Method of treating mine drainage
Heat-resistant glass fiber and process for the production thereof
Ultraviolet method of embedding structures in photocerams
Lead-coated complex porous structures and corresponding method of conductive activation
UV-cure of coating for optical fiber assisted by ultrasound
Gypsum product and method therefor
Method of manufacturing a super-lightweight ceramic foam
Explosive compositions
Fluorine compound, surfactant, aqueous coating composition and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material using them
N-substituted 3-hydroxy-4-pyridinones and pharmaceuticals containing thereof
Carbohydrate absorption inhibitor and method for manufacturing the same
Nucleic acid ligand binding site identification
Regulation of immune responses by attractin
Reagents and methods for automated hybridization
Peptides from the E2, E6, and E7 proteins of human papilloma viruses 16 and 18 for detecting and/or diagnosing cervical and other human papillomavirus associated cancers
Peptides which stimulate the expression of the cytokines of inflammation and promote tissue regeneration
Recombinants process for preparing a complete malaria antigen, gp190/MSP1
DNA molecules encoding vascular endothelial cell growth factor II subunits
Nucleic acid molecules encoding GLUTX and uses thereof
Human cyclic nucleotide-gated channel polypeptide
Nucleic acids encoding insect acetylcholine receptor subunits
Relationship of ABC transport proteins with hematopoietic stem cells and methods of use thereof
Erythropoietin (EPO) peptides and antibodies directed against these
Trypanosoma cruzi antigen, gene encoding therefor and methods of detecting and treating chagas disease
Substrate for PP2C
Method of testing for psoriasis vulgaris
Human c-Maf compositions and methods of use thereof
Antibodies specific for intracellular domain of protein tyrosine phosphatase
Ig fractions having immunomodulatory activity
Peptides for the treatment and diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Golf club head
Epoxy resin compositions containing phosphorus, flame retardant resin sheet using said epoxy resin containing phosphorus, resin clad metal foil, prepreg and laminated board, multi layer board
Spirobifluorene compounds, electroluminescence polymer and electroluminescence element having the same
Data storage media containing transparent polycarbonate blends
Azeotrope-like compositions containing fluoroethane
Polymer electrolyte, preparation method for the same and lithium battery using the same
Golf ball with vapor barrier layer and method of making same
Titanium-containing interference pigments and foils with color shifting properties
Optical component
Wax-modified coating compositions with improved abrasion resistance
High temperature coating composition and method of applying
Hard coat film
Wax emulsion
Complex material, artificial light-emitting skin and artificial light-emitting body
Liquid crystalline medium
Method for making a magnetic recording disk having a corrosion-protective layer of a perfluorinated polyether acid
Apparatus for growing cells
System for electrophysiological measurements
Treatment of diabetes with synthetic beta cells
Nucleic acid ligands to the prostate specific membrane antigen
Methods and means for producing efficient silencing construct using recombinational cloning
Modulation of endogenous gene expression in cells
Human GABAB receptor 1 promoters
Culture system for mouse tracheal epithelial cells
Purified forms of DNase
Animal component free meningococcal polysaccharide fermentation and seedbank development
Thermostable L-arabinose isomerase and process for preparing D-tagatose
Method for making recombinant proteins
Method for enzymatic splitting of oils and fats
Biosensor membranes composed of polymers containing heterocyclic nitrogens
Cell-based assay for screening cox-2 inhibitors
Glufosinate tolerant rice
Use of predetermined nucleotides having altered base pairing characteristics in the amplification of nucleic acid molecules
Method of determining biological/molecular age
Resistance sequences and uses thereof
Platelet immunoglobulin bead suspension and flow cytometry
Methods and compositions for the detection and treatment of multiple sclerosis
Method for producing low carbon steel
Method for recycling metals from swarf
Mechanical separation of volatile metals at high temperatures
Method and apparatus for enhanced purification of high-purity metals
Method and apparatus for containing and ejecting a thixotropic metal slurry
Method for protecting a surface with a silicon-containing diffusion coating
Article having an improved platinum-aluminum-hafnium protective coating
Vacuum deposition of dielectric coatings on volatile material
Thermal barrier coating resistant to sintering
High temperature superconducting thick films
Method for producing high surface area foil electrodes
Optical filter and method of manufacturing the same
Method for growing thin oxide films
Two-step atomic layer deposition of copper layers
Thin-film deposition method
Multi-station deposition apparatus and method
Method for depositing in particular crystalline layers
Method of TiSiN deposition using a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process
Thermal barrier coating protected by thermally glazed layer and method for preparing same
Diffusion barrier and protective coating for turbine engine component and method for forming
Alpha Al2O3 and Ti2O3 protective coatings on aluminide substrates
Wear indicator for sacrificial anode
Titanium-containing metals with adherent coatings and methods for producing same
Electrochemical process for the simultaneous stripping of diverse coatings from a metal substrate
Method and apparatus for measuring the position of a phase interface during crystal growth
System and method of making single-crystal structures through free-form fabrication techniques
Method for fabricating group III-V compound semiconductor substrate
Textiles; Paper
Method of making a melt-blown filter medium for use in air filters in internal combustion engines and product
Apparatus for the continuous production of spun-bond web
Enzymes useful for changing the properties of polyester
Multi-ply fibrous plasterboard web
Flexible press cover and shoe press roll with such a flexible press cover
Fixed Constructions
Solar stepping stone
Paver for the paving of ground courses for roads or the like
Soft wall for race tracks
Permanent and semi-permanent groyne structures and method for shoreline and land mass reclamation
Wedge assembly and internal anchorage using the same
Gutter lining method and insert apparatus incorporating porous non-woven fiber matting
One piece eaves treatment combining rain gutter, leaf screen, drip edge, fascia and soffit vent
Mortise lock with lighted trim plate sign
Continuous web of flexible plastic strips for strip door systems
Abrasive tool inserts with diminished residual tensile stresses and their production
Multipurpose unit for drilling and well intervention
Gas lift valve
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for controlling fluid leakage through gas turbine engines
Apparatus and method for detecting an impact on a rotor blade
Gas turbine shroud structure
Blade damper
Microcircuit cooling for a turbine blade tip
Turbine blade having a vortex forming cooling system for a trailing edge
Turbine nozzle segment cantilevered mount
Methods and apparatus for extending gas turbine engine airfoils useful life
Film cooled article with improved temperature tolerance
Diagnostic system for monitoring catalyst performance
Throttle control and failure accommodation
Engine control device
Multiple stage pump with multiple external control valves
Method for controlling ignition of an internal combustion engine
Wind power installation
Power generation system
Electrohydrodynamic conduction pump
Infusion device and driving mechanism and process for same with actuator for multiple infusion uses
Cylinder assembly of hermetic compressor
Vibration damping mechanism for piston type compressor
Scroll-type compressor
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Gerotor motor with valve in rotor
Heteroscopic turbine
Quick connect ceiling fan blade
Mounting system for supporting a ceiling fan assembly
Apparatus, system and method for minimizing resonant forces in a compressor
Ratchet assembly for electric fan
Single stage, dual channel turbine fuel pump
Preloadable retainer
Multi-body assembly connected by a threaded fastener
Bearing material for the manufacture of wear-resistant slide bearings made of a copper-aluminum-alloy with defined cover layers
Agricultural rockshaft bearing block structure and wear inserts therefor
Compressor having a power transmission mechanism which prevents balls from moving in an axial direction
Method of and apparatus for compensating for the influence of changes of rotational speed upon the characteristic curve of a clutch
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Six-speed planetary transmission mechanisms with two clutches and three brakes
Toothed belt wheel with a collar
Continuously variable transmission apparatus
Variable speed drive assembly
Fire-resistant fuel transport pipe
Apparatus and method for lubricant condition control and monitoring from a remote location
Adsorbent based gas delivery system with integrated purifier
Combination lamp assembly
Lamp assembly and lamp for a luminare
Vanity lighting system
Light apparatus for illuminating a video screen
LED flashlight
Rapidly-assembled lamp with a detachable lamp rod and lamp seat
Method and device for low-emission non-catalytic combustion of a liquid fuel
Safety cover for burner dials of a kitchen stove
Method of preheating catalytic heater
Adjustable roof ventilator jack
Germicidal lamp retaining assembly
Camouflage material for the temperate environment
Arrow system
Liquid metering system
Alternating aperture phase shift photomask having light absorption layer
Heated self-detecting type cantilever for atomic force microscope
Temporal thermometer disposable cap
Method for manufacturing a component, in particular a thermal sensor, and thermal sensor
Device for mass transport assisted optical assays
Metal ion specific capacity affinity sensor
Method and apparatus for improved gas detection
Optical detection in bio-separation device using axial radiation input
Automated electrophoresis gel manipulation apparatus
System for high throughput sample preparation and analysis using column chromatography
Method for culturing and assaying cells
Use of azetidinone compounds
Automated enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay device with ONP-GP
Rapid particle detection
Membrane transportable fluorescent substrates
A-form of cytoplasmic domain of nARIA (CRD-neuregulin) and uses thereof
Artificial human feces
Electronic component testing socket and electronic component testing apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic imaging
Fog prevention and antireflection optical element and optical equipment incorporating the same
Method of manufacturing optical waveguide device
Optical assembly and method for fabrication thereof
Modular optical components
Guide boot for a fiber-optic cable
Coupling device for glass fiber connectors
High density modular backplane connector for fiber optics
Surface optical device apparatus, method of fabricating the same, and apparatus using the same
Optical device package
Process for roll-to-roll manufacture of a display by synchronized photolithographic exposure on a substrate web
Image sensor having micro-lens array separated with trench structures and method of making
Color filter, display device and electronic equipment, manufacturing method thereof, and apparatus for manufacturing display device
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Method for quartz bump defect repair with less substrate damage
Transparent phase shift mask for fabrication of small feature sizes
Precursor composition for positive photosensitive resin and display made with the same
Photosensitive polymer including fluorine, resist composition containing the same and patterning method using the resist composition
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Photosensitive composition for manufacturing optical waveguide, production method thereof and polymer optical waveguide pattern formation method using the same
Method of designing phase grating pattern for use in modifying illumination in an exposure process, and method of manufacturing a photo mask system having the phase grating pattern
Photomask with dust-proofing device and exposure method using the same
Method of forming a minute resist pattern
Photoconductor for electrophotography and quinomethane compound
Imaging member
Photoreceptor of electrophotographic system, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Photosensitive member for electrophotography
Magenta toner for electrophotography and full color image formation method
Method for generating patient-specific implants
Cooling system including redundant fan controllers
Keyboard with improved lateral region
Keyboard arrangement for easy acquisition of typing skills
Method and apparatus for a slot machine gaming device simulating a bank robbery
Card connector
Nucleic acid synthesizers
Method of choosing and distributing enhanced odds
Gaming device having a bonus scheme including a plurality of selection groups with win-group outcomes
Method and apparatus for operating a gaming device to dispense a specified amount
Gaming machine with multi-dimensional symbols
Pre-writing teaching aid and method to assist beginning writers in creating letters
Book configuration and methods for same useable for teaching literacy
Conducting remote instructor-controlled experimentation
System and method for learning support using keywords
Channel letter lighting using light emitting diodes
Ballistic GMR structure using nanoconstruction in self pinned layers
Write-once-read-many optical recording media and process for recording and reproducing information on the media
Optical information recording medium and its manufacturing method
Metallocene-produced very low density polyethylenes
Electrically conductive polymer films
Method of producing a PTC-resistor device
Method for BEOL resistor tolerance improvement using anodic oxidation
Magnetorheological fluids
Method of making an electrostatic actuator
Fuse holder
Chamber having components with textured surfaces and method of manufacture
Gas discharge tube and method for forming electron emission layer in gas discharge tube
Method of manufacturing organic EL display and color conversion filter substrate
Substrate processing apparatus
Method of forming film
Method of fabrication of a micro-channel based integrated sensor for chemical and biological materials
System and method for integrated oxide removal and processing of a semiconductor wafer
Methods for providing a sub .15 micron magnetic memory structure
Semiconductor wafer manufacturing methods employing cleaning delay period
Method of forming a patterned metal layer
Apparatus and method for dicing semiconductor wafers
Method of manufacturing semiconductor packages and a clamping device for manufacturing a semiconductor package
Large bumps for optical flip chips
Leadless leadframe package design that provides a greater structural integrity
Method and system for flip chip packaging
Packaged microelectronic component assemblies
Fine particle film forming apparatus and method and semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
Apparatus and method for electrolytically depositing copper on a semiconductor workpiece
Use of a selective hard mask for the integration of double diffused drain MOS devices in deep sub-micron fabrication technologies
Method for forming narrow trench structures
Trench isolation employing a high aspect ratio trench
Semiconductor substrate with trenches of varying depth
Semiconductor device whose semiconductor chip has chamfered backside surface edges and method of manufacturing the same
Selfaligned source/drain FinFET process flow
Method of fabricating a thin and fine ball-grid array package with embedded heat spreader
Semiconductor capacitor with diffusion prevention layer
Method of manufacturing flash memories of semiconductor devices
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method of packaging semiconductor device
Polysilicon evaluating method, polysilicon inspection apparatus and method for preparation of thin film transistor
Method of monitoring anneal processes using scatterometry, and system for performing same
Wafer aligner
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and manufacturing system thereof
Method for improved alignment of magnetic tunnel junction elements
Process for doping a semiconductor body
Stacking memory chips using flat lead-frame with breakaway insertion pins and pin-to-pin bridges
Semiconductor wafer with spacer and its manufacturing method, semiconductor device and its manufacturing method, and circuit substrate and electronic device
Method for fabricating a liquid crystal display
Thin-film transistor and method for making the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, integrated circuit, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of forming wiring, and method of arranging devices and method of manufacturing image display system by using the same
Ball grid array package and process for manufacturing same
Aluminum leadframes for semiconductor devices and method of fabrication
Integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming integrated circuitry
Method and apparatus for employing a light shield to modulate pixel color responsivity
Method of forming an image sensor with large radius micro-lenses
Method for manufacturing of a vertical light emitting device structure
Optical semiconductor device
Method for increasing the copper to superconductor ratio in a superconductor wire
Organic electroluminescence panel and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing organic EL device with protective layer
Solid electrolyte battery
Heat dissipating battery pack
Sleeve separator for a lead plate
Separator for alkaline storage battery and alkaline storage battery using the same
Crosslinked polymer electrolytes and method of making such crosslinked polymers
Parallel flow fuel cell
Insulative component for an electrochemical cell
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and conductive separator plate thereof
Solid polymer type fuel cell and production method thereof
Fuel cell
Fuel cell stack and terminal member to be connected to cell voltage-measuring terminal thereof
Socket with double functions
Fused battery terminal connector
Coaxial connector with RF switch
Modular signal and power connection device
Connector enhanced in electromagnetic shielding function
Low insertion force connector
Twist contact for electrical connector
High frequency coaxial jack
Terminal with card edge locking provisions
Mezzanine integrated circuit interconnect
Contact arrangement with an electrical plug connection
Electrical box with pivoting tabs
Device with USB terminal
Connector equipped with dust-proof arrangement, and a set of dust-proof hoods for connector
Socket protective cover capable of preventing single-opening insertion
Connector with improved structure
Plug structure
Dissimilar metal hermetic connector
Card connector capable of locking/unlocking card
Tap handle with an integral electrical connection
Electrical penetrator connector
Lug engagement structure for an electrical connector
Connector with integral EMI shield
Electrical connector assembly structure
Electrical card connector
Flexible printed circuit connector capable of preventing electromagnetic interference
Active wafer for improved gigabit signal recovery, in a serial point-to-point architecture
Short circuit electrical connector
Connector incorporating a contact pad surface on a plane parallel to a longitudinal axis
Memory card connector
Electrical plug connector for information technology
Card adapter
Junction socket with a moveable contact piece
Electroluminescent cable connector
Connecting structure for electric cells
Fluorescent light tube adaptor
HDMI connector
Connector having terminal fitting covered with outer covering
Component carrier
Structure of signal plug
Method and apparatus for hermetically sealing photonic devices
Fabrication method of a semiconductor laser device
Wavelength variable light source apparatus with an optical connector between a light source slot section and a main control section
Connecting device for ignition systems of internal combustion engines
Printing system including a printer and client devices connected by a network
Light conductive member, illuminating device having the same, and information processing apparatus having the illuminating device
Projection display system, projector and menu image display method for same
Heating apparatus using induction heating
Method of fabricating honeycomb body
Circuit board having traces with distinct transmission impedances
Connector interface pad for structurally integrated wiring
Electrical connector
Fragmented backplane system for I/O applications
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