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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
SOS1 gene from halophila that confers salt tolerance
Synergistic and residual pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils with enzyme inhibitors
Steam cooker
Method of extracting lipids from nacreous mollusks
Water containing soluble fiber
Endoscope hood
Moving heat exchange catheter system
Implant for fixing bone plates
High-frequency surgery generator
Systems, methods, and devices for health monitoring
Pulse interleaving in doppler ultrasound imaging
Disposable diaper
Compliant tissue sealants
Endoprosthesis deployment system for treating vascular bifurcations
Method and apparatus for stent deployment with enhanced delivery of bioactive agents
Bioactive spinal implants and method of manufacture thereof
Shock-absorbing intervertebral implant
Warmer for medical treatment and its control method
Treatment device for hand and wrist ailments
Composition comprising a pulmonary surfactant and a PDE5 inhibitor for the treatment of lung diseases
Pyrazole compounds for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Indole-type derivatives as inhibitors of p38 kinase
Heterocycles and uses thereof
Prevention of urogenital infections
Receptor(SSTR4)-selective somatostatin analogs
Pre-mixes of GLP-1 and basal insulin
Method of treating atopic dermatitis using antibody against human interleukin-5 receptor alpha chain
Methods for delivering DNA to muscle cells using recombinant adeno-associated virus vectors
6-alkoxy-2,3-diaminopyridine couplers in which the amino radical in position 2 is a disubstituted amino radical, and use of these couplers for dyeing keratin fibres
Cationic liposome delivery of taxanes to angiogenic blood vessels
Triggered release from proteinoid microspheres
Tissue expander, system and method
Systems, methods and apparatuses for pumping cassette-based therapies
Vinca derivatives
Force swing exercise apparatus
Rubber compound for solid golf balls and solid golf ball
Ionomers modified with rosin and articles thereof
Ormocer composites for golf ball components
Golf green repair device method and apparatus
Handle collar for a bat
Roadway-transportable artificial golf practice green apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Storm water runoff treatment system
Minimization of purge NO.sub.x release from NO.sub.x traps by optimizing the oxygen storage capacity
Catalyst based on ferrierite/iron for catalytic reduction of nitrous oxide
Device for injecting a fluid located between two successive beds to simultaneously produce and distribute a polyphase mixture
Device and method for fabricating display panel having ink-jet printing applied thereto
Coating apparatus and coating method
Apparatus for increasing tail adhesion of wet rolls
Conveyance method and apparatus for processing step
High speed metal drill bit
Reversible drill and drive tool
Machine tool
Methods and apparatus for irradiating a substrate to avoid substrate edge damage
Laser processing method
Wafer characteristics via reflectometry and wafer processing apparatus and method
Robotic welding cell unit
Planarizing device and a planarization method for semiconductor substrates
Polishing cloth for chemical mechanical polishing, and chemical mechanical polishing apparatus using said cloth
Low-force electrochemical mechanical processing method and apparatus
Method for making precisely configured flakes useful in optical devices
Polymer transfer apparatus, methods, and composite webs
Method and apparatus for heating plastic extruding die
Plastic article and method for obtaining same
Method of building a tyre and tyre for a two-wheeled vehicle
Process for the manufacture of paperboard cartons
Flat textile strip forming one layer of a flexible duct that is used for hydrocarbon transport and the duct thus formed
Ultra-hard low friction coating based on A1MgB.sub.14 for reduced wear of MEMS and other tribological components and system
Fire resistant polymer sheets
White opaque film having low transparency and improved dielectric strength
Transparent film made from PET and PEN with UV protection, process for producing the film, and use of the film in packaging with extended shelf life
Multi-component conductive polymer structures and a method for producing same
Composite material comprising titanium dioxide layer on titanium suboxide layer on substrate
Glazing element and laminate for use in the same
Laser welded photoreceptor belts with quartz pressure plate welding seam control
Microfluidic device and its manufacture
Composite for removing moisture, liquid and odors with anti-microbial capability
Linoleum-based floor covering with improved flame-retardant properties and a method for producing the same
Dual output tray
Droplet discharging device
Capping device for a print head of an inkjet printer and a method thereof
Ink cartridge having positioning structure and recording apparatus for receiving the ink cartridge
Office machine
Laminate for printing and, printing method and printed matter using the same
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium, label and member, and, image processing apparatus and method
Ink jet recording medium, its manufacturing method, ink jet image forming method and image formed thereby
Automatic mechanical pencil and method of assembly thereof
Method of fabricating a write element with a reduced yoke length
Light emitting device for vehicles
Shipping container
Vehicle and trailer lighting system
Light control device for vehicle
Outboard motor control system
Position-dependent friction compensation for steering systems
Personal water activity apparatus with variable light display for protection against sharks and other water-borne predators
Flexure stage
Bag manufacturing system
Energy absorbing systems and processes, and processes for the production of energy absorbing structural elements
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthesis and use of hypothiocyanite
Method of making all-silica zeolite with IFR structure
Method for providing safe, clean chlorinated recreational water
User friendly dispensers
Creep resistant zircon refractory material used in a glass manufacturing system
N-alkylaspartyl dipeptide ester compounds
Fluorine-free metallic complexes for gas-phase chemical metal deposition
Production method of a coupling compound
Preparation of lactams
Benzothiadiazepine derivatives, processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Process for the industrial synthesis of the methyl diester of 5-amino-3-carboxymethyl-4-cyano-2-thiophenecarboxylic acid, and application to the synthesis of bivalent salts of ranelic acid and their hydrates
Heterocyclic metallocenes and polymerization catalysts
Foldable polymers as probes
Human BMCC1 gene
Peptides and DNA encoding the peptides useful for immunizations against Coccidioides spp. infections
Agents for adsorption and bridging for adenovirus
Plant defensin polynucleotides and methods of use thereof
Compositions and methods for regulating RNA stability using polypyrimidine tract proteins
Monoclonal antibody cPAM4
Antibodies to phosphorylated tau, methods of making and methods of use
Solid state process to modify the melt characteristics of polyethylene resins and products
Environmentally friendly coating compositions for coating metal objects, coated objects therefrom, and methods, processes and assemblages for coating thereof
Water-soluble or water-swellable, associatively thickening copolymers containing sulfo groups, method for producing the same and use thereof
Multi-layer nano-particle preparation and applications
Aqueous additive systems for polymeric matrices
Method for the preparation of olefin polymerization catalysts
Preparation of polytrimethylene ether glycol and copolymers thereof
Method for joining liquid-crystalline polyester resin composition parts and jointed article made of liquid-crystalline polyester resin composition
Rubber composition for a tire comprising a citraconimido-alkoxysilane as coupling agent
Plasticized polypropylene thermoplastics
Phthalocyanine compound, method for production thereof, and near infrared absorbing dye and near infrared absorbing filter using same
Phosphor and plasma display device
Green light emitting phosphor and light emitting device
Viscoelastic surfactant fluids and related methods of use
Powder composition
High conversion hydroprocessing
Fuel composition
Process for preparing an overbased detergent
Personal care compositions comprising alkyl phosphate surfactants and selected weak acid auxiliary agents
Method of treatment of osteoporosis with compositions of red rice fermentation products
Diterpene-producing unicellular organism
Process for preparing an immobilized enzyme
Immobilized DNA polymerase
Non-human transgenic mammals expressing an n-3 desaturase gene
Means and methods for fibroblast-like or macrophage-like cell transduction
Nucleic acids and proteins of insect Or83b odorant receptor genes and uses thereof
Plant having improved tolerance to various environmental stresses, method of constructing the same and polyamine metabolism-relating enzyme gene
Molecular mechanisms for gene containment in plants
EPSP synthase highly tolerant to glyphosate
Adhesive N,O-carboxymethylchitosan coatings which inhibit attachment of substrate-dependent cells and proteins
Nucleic acid sequences encoding Conus protein disulfide isomerase
Method to produce para-hydroxybenzoic acid in the stem tissue of green plants by using a tissue-specific promoter
RS7 antibodies
Method of treating or inhibiting obesity
Method for detecting catalytic activity
Direct assay of cholesterol in skin samples removed by tape stripping
Isolation and amplification of nucleic acid materials
Methods to increase nucleotide signals by Raman scattering
Oligonucleotide-immobilized substrate for detecting methylation
Pyrophosphorolysis activated polymerization (PAP)
Thermal synthesis production of steel
Corrosion tester
Electroplating apparatus with functions of voltage detection and flow rectification
Textiles; Paper
Multicomponent fiber including elastic elements
Fixed Constructions
Impulse-responsive rotary actuator for storm drain barrier not disabled by immersion
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for integrating wind and hydroelectric generation and pumped hydro energy storage systems
Offshore windmill electric generators
Serial fan with a plurality of rotor vanes
Prestressed bearing for electrical machines
Rolling bearing
Boot for a joint
Seven-speed powertrain of an automatic transmission for a vehicle
Control apparatus for use with driving device of vehicle
Torque vectoring drive axle assembly
Light emitting diode lamp with conically focused light guides
Backlight module with urged light guide plate and liquid crystal display having same
Backlight module
Light guide plate with subwavelength grating and backlight module using the same
Device for controlling hydrogen flow of hydrogen storage canister
Microwave sealing for radar level gauges
Optical external cavities having brewster angle wedges
Capillary active test element having an intermediate layer situated between the support and the covering
Delayed and diffused flow rapid confirmatory immunological testing apparatus and method
Controlled transport through multiple reversible interaction point membranes
Rh antibody
Identification of sortase gene
Pregnane X receptor method
Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of perlecan domain I splice variants
Soil penetrating electrode with conical taper
Liquid crystal module inspecting apparatus and liquid crystal module
Device for measurement and analysis of electrical signals of an integrated circuit component
Portable multi-purpose toolkit for testing computing device hardware and software
Pulse transport apparatus, systems, and methods
Mobile wireless communications device comprising a satellite positioning system antenna and electrically conductive director element therefor
Platform shake compensation method in synthetic aperture processing system
Partial almanac collection system
Partial almanac collection system
System and method for providing golf play information, portable terminal, and server used for the same
Detector for x-ray computer tomography scanners
X-ray detector
Detection arrangement for modular use in a combined transmission/emission tomography unit
Magnetic resonance apparatus and gradient coil/radio frequency unit therefor with fracture-resistant electrical connections
Coil arrangement for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Subsurface electromagnetic measurements using cross-magnetic dipoles
Light condenser
Bezel for fiber optic components
Fibre optic connector
Apparatus and method for projection type display
Projection type display apparatus and lamp cooling apparatus
Image projector
Image display system
Electrophotographic photoreceptor
Silicon-containing layers for electrophotographic photoreceptors and methods for making the same
Method and device for processing powder
Active power supply rejection using negative current generation loop feedback
Programmable inductor current control for DC-DC converters
Casino game with multiple playing modes and wagering options
Single gate oxide differential receiver and method
Parts authentication employing radio frequency identification
Menu sign system
Communications system and program
Keyboard musical instrument equipped with automatic player and method for retrofitting keyboard musical instrument
Electronic musical instrument
Optical information-recording medium, novel oxonol compound and method of recording information
DC superconducting cable
Wire for coil
Resistive composition, resistor using the same, and making method thereof
Enhancement magnetizer for magnetic resonance imaging screening
Contact sensor and method for making the same
Switch device
Fluorescent lamp and display apparatus having a fluorescent lamp
Small electron gun
Method of assembling light-emitting apparatus
Manufacturing method for compound semiconductor device
Method for fabricating tandem thin film photoelectric converter
Hermetically sealed micro-device package with window
Single transistor memory cell with reduced programming voltages
System for the preferential removal of silicon oxide
System and method for manufacturing semiconductor devices using a vacuum chamber
Chemically and electrically stabilized polymer films
Energy conversion and storage films and devices by physical vapor deposition of titanium and titanium oxides and sub-oxides
Formation of a semiconductor substrate that may be dismantled and obtaining a semiconductor element
Formation method for metal element, production method for semiconductor device, production method for electronic device, semiconductor device, electronic device, and electronic equipment
Forming thin hard mask over air gap or porous dielectric
Method to minimize formation of recess at surface planarized by chemical mechanical planarization
Method and apparatus for selective deposition
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having an alignment mark
Silicon buffered shallow trench isolation
Semiconductor device having conductive spacers in sidewall regions and method for forming
Trench semiconductor device having gate oxide layer with multiple thicknesses and processes of fabricating the same
Flash memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Methodology for recovery of hot carrier induced degradation in bipolar devices
Heat removal in SOI devices using a buried oxide layer/conductive layer combination
Thin film transistor structure and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Memory card with a cap having indented portions
Packages for semiconductor die
Bonding structure of device packaging
Semiconductor package with recess for die
Selectively converted inter-layer dielectric
Lead frame and semiconductor device having the same as well as method of resin-molding the same
Multilayer wiring board, method for producing the same, semiconductor device and radio electronic device
Interlayer dielectric under stress for an integrated circuit
Resistor tuning
Bipolar transistor with divided base and emitter regions
Memory cell, method for the production thereof and use of a composition therefor
Light-receiving panel or light-emitting panel, and manufacturing method thereof
Self-aligned lateral heterojunction bipolar transistor
CMOS pixel with dual gate PMOS
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device, semiconductor device, and portable electronic apparatus
Schottky barrier rectifier and method of manufacturing the same
Ferroelectric memory device
Photovoltaic module with light reflecting backskin
Light emitting diode
Tunable optical filtering component
Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising same
Lithium secondary battery
Cathode for air assisted battery
High voltage laminar cathode materials for lithium rechargeable batteries, and process for making the same
Solid electrolyte with high ion conductivity and electrochemical system using the solid electrolyte
Biological fuel cell and methods
Multicell amplifier and power divider/combiner employable in same
Fin-shaped antenna apparatus for vehicle radio application
Dynamic orientation adjusting device and method for satellite antenna installed in moveable carrier
Wireless communication device having conductive elements antenna
Contact structure and manufacturing method thereof, and electronic member to which the contact structure is attached and manufacturing method thereof
Card holding structure for portable electronic device
Cable connector assembly with latching mechanism
Electronic device interconnection system
Vehicle lighting source adapter
Individual controller for shield support frames
Normal-through jack with monitor and test ports
Terminal fitting and a blank therefor
Shielded connector
Field communication and computer data distribution system
Safety switching apparatus for safely disconnecting an electrical load
Battery overcharging compensation system and method
Power conversion apparatus and methods using an adaptive waveform reference
Method for reducing undesired currents in an electrical power generation system
Power distribution system and control system for same
Brush DC motors and AC commutator motor structures with concentrated windings
Moving magnet type linear actuator
Uniaxial drive unit and surface shape measuring apparatus using the same
Method of forming a micro-rotating device, and a micro-rotating device produced by the method
Vehicle seat having an electronic control system
Circuit configuration and method for controlling an electric motor, in particular of a washing machine
Serially RC coupled quadrature oscillator
Power amplifying apparatus
Semiconductor apparatus capable of preventing occurrence of multiple reflection, driving method, and setting method thereof
Apparatus and methods for improved input/output cells
Techniques for providing multiple termination impedance values to pins on an integrated circuit
Impedance matching
Programmable pin impedance reduction on multistandard input/outputs
Predriver circuit
Reset circuit and digital communication apparatus
Device and method for frequency synthesis for wireline transceivers and similar devices
Codec system and method
System and method for payment using radio frequency identification in contact and contactless transactions
Organic electroluminescent device
Electronic ballast with adaptive lamp preheat and ignition
Dual-plunger energy switch
System and method for venting air from a computer casing
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bell cuff for clothing
Athletic pants
Server's apron with concealed pocket
Sole for footwear
Shoe sole
Shoe sole
Sandal upper
Shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Keyless pistol box
Transparent bag
Two liter bottle crate
Eyeglass clip (II)
Insert for a golf bag to protect golf clubs
Toothbrush head
Hair brush
Combined brush and scraper
Body support
Gardening working vehicle structure
Animal automobile seat
Upholstered couch
Folding chair
End table
Entertainment center
Storage cabinet
Merchandising display
Apparatus for displaying photographs
Tool handle
Golf knife set
Security cap for plug lock
Housing portion of fingerprint identification lock
Portion of housing of fingerprint identification lock
Reseal drinking can
Package for booklets
Actuator for shave gel or foam
Human Necessities
Electrical fumigation device
Hair processing accelerator with rotatably adjustable semicircular heaters
Simple-type fluid heating tube structural arrangement
Method and apparatus for transforming view orientations in image-guided surgery
Determination of the position and orientation of at least one object in space
Non-invasive blood glucose measurement system and method using optical refractometry
Infrared 3D scanning system
Method for improving calibration of an instrument for non-invasively measuring constituents in arterial blood
Implantable sensor
Instrumentation and software for remote monitoring and programming of implantable medical devices (IMDs)
Method for quantification of stratum corneum hydration using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Diagnostic system and method using radiant energy and implants
Apparatus and method for measuring cardiac vagal tone
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method of imaging the blood flow as a function of time in an object to be examined
Data acquisition modifications for improved reconstruction with conventional CT
Computed tomography device including a position measuring system
Operation of halogen lamp for curing of material
Methods and apparatus for providing a sufficiently stable power to a load in an energy transfer system
Contrast-enhanced coronary artery and coronary artery bypass graft imaging using an aortic root catheter injection with either magnetic resonance angiography or computed tomographic angiography
Apparatus and method for expanding a stimulation lead body in situ
Total system for contrast delivery
Compliance monitoring apparatus and method
Device for iontophoretic administration of drugs
Device and method for production of visual sensations by optic nerve stimulation
Implantable cardiac stimulation device having a programmable reconfigurable sequencer
Method and apparatus for diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias
Local cardiac motion control using applied electrical signals
Method and system for stimulating a mammalian heart
Implantable medical device programmers having headset video and methods of using same
Apparatus and method for remote troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrade of implantable device systems
Implantable ventricular cadioverter-defibrillator employing atrial pacing for preventing a trial fibrillation form ventricular cardioversion and defibrillation shocks
Cardiac stimulator and defibrillator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Robot device and motion control method
Versatile robot control system
Variable speed image formation apparatus and method
System for authenticating physical objects
Apparatus and method for controlling vehicle behavior
Front wheel-and rear-wheel drive vehicle
Adaptive fuel strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle
Apparatus and method for measuring weight of an object in a seat
Vehicular component control systems and methods
Process for the capacitive object detection in the case of vehicles
Method and apparatus for thermal testing of brake performance
System for detecting rotating speed
Determination of road conditions in a non-braking or partially braking vehicle
Motor vehicle steering system
Fuzzy steering controller
Electronic trip meter for a bicycle
Procedure for generating operational ballistic capture transfer using a computer implemented process
Air bearing mechanism for flattening paper in a printing machine
Pendulation control system and method for rotary boom cranes
Fuel dispensing home phone network alliance (home PNA) based system
Solder-packaged optical MEMs device and method for making the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for altering the refractive index of optical fibers using stress
Expert system for analysis of DNA sequencing electropherograms
Accelerator-driven transmutation of spent fuel elements
Semiconductor processing system and method for controlling moisture level therein
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Modification of pedal progression with acceleration feedback using electronic throttle control
Method and apparatus for diagnosing a vehicle
Drive train control of a vehicle having continuously variable transmission
Manual operation control of automatic transmission
Method for controlling an automatic transmission
Vehicle transmission with memorized starting gear selection
Process and apparatus for measuring the volume of an object
Thin layer nuclear density gauge
Numerically controlled surface processing machine and a method for preparing a numerically controlled surface processing process
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and computer-readable storage medium having an image forming program
System and method for defining and creating surrogate addresses for township and range quarter sections
Second order complementary global positioning system/inertial navigation system blending filter
Extendable on-vehicle information system
Navigation device
System and method for providing directions between locations
Method and apparatus for determining transit-time differentials for signal waveforms for real-time pattern recognition, localization and monitoring of optical and acoustic signals
Apparatus and method for protecting devices, especially fibre optic devices, in hostile environments
Devices for controlling temperature indications in integrated circuits using adjustable threshold temperatures
Analyzing inflectional morphology in a spoken language translation system
Stress sensor based on periodically inserted color-changing tactile films to detect mishandling of fiber optic cables
Method and apparatus for networked wheel alignment communications and services
Chalcopyrite based nonlinear waveguided heterostructure devices and operating methods
Machine vision methods and articles of manufacture for ball grid array
Reduced access X-ray imaging device
X-ray inspection of ball contacts and internal vias
Method for reconstructing a three-dimensional image of an object scanned in the context of a tomosynthesis, and apparatus for tomosynthesis
Coherent x-ray scatter inspection system with sidescatter and energy-resolved detection
X-ray analysis
Apparatus and method for improved energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer
Method for predicting flammability limits of complex mixtures
Controlling moisture content of vapor in calcination or oxidation zones
Computer interface module having a flat menu
Ring oscillator clock frequency measuring method, ring oscillator clock frequency measuring circuit, and microcomputer
Polarization measuring apparatus in a mobile communication system
Apparatus and method for determining the integrity of cables and wiring harnesses
Method of detecting a fault in a monitored section of an electric transmission line using distance protection techniques
Technique to decrease the exposure time of infrared imaging of semiconductor chips for failure analysis
Accelerating scan test by re-using response data as stimulus data
Method and apparatus for testing circuits with multiple clocks
Diagnostic system with learning capabilities
Failure capture apparatus and method for automatic test equipment
System and method for intelligent analysis probe
Logic built-in self test selective signature generation
Memory module test system with reduced driver output impedance
Failure analyzing method and apparatus using two-dimensional wavelet transforms
Method and circuit for detecting batteries in a distributed battery network
Method and apparatus for pre-crash threat assessment using spheroidal partitioning
Method of tracking and sensing position of objects
Method and device for acquiring azimuth information
Method and apparatus for a location sensitive database
Extended field of view ultrasonic diagnostic imaging
FDXD detector with dose sensing
Method for detection and monitoring of hydrocarbons
Vertical cable time processing
Reliability measures for statistical prediction of geophysical and geological parameters in geophysical prospecting
Inhomogeneous background based focusing method for multiarray induction measurements in a deviated well
Optical fiber grating and manufacturing method thereof
Limited mode dispersion compensating optical fiber
Optical waveguide structures
Optical device having modified transmission characteristics by localized thermal treatment
Arrayed waveguide grating
Optical attenuator and optical attenuator module
Optical waveguide chip and method of formation thereof
Optical coupling device and method
Self-aligned fiber optic connector for NxM arrays
Optical wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer with uniform loss
Optical filter fabrication method and apparatus, optical filter, fiber holder with spiral groove, and phase mask
Flexible optical circuit having a protective foam layer
Optical fiber management device
Prefabricated optical fiber ribbon cable for connectorizing with a terminal connector and methods of connectorizing and fabricating the same
XBOX optical adapter
Holding ribbonized optical fibers
Focusing apparatus
View finder
Distance-measuring device and distance-measuring method
Flash apparatus with one-time-use camera
Camera with a light emitter
Device for opening and closing a cover of a film cartridge chamber
One-time-use camera with electronic flash having film identifying indicia which cannot be removed without destroying flash
Camera with sound recording capability
Exposure control device for camera
Camera capable of storing photographing data and display device connectable thereto
Electrophotographic marking machine including a controller for the selective interruption and restart of a print mode operation and method
Finishing technology in image forming system
Image forming apparatus
Developer density controlling apparatus including target density information detection and toner image density detection
Image forming apparatus having a developer carrier capable of preventing toner adhesion
Scavenger plate monitoring system
Liquid electrophotographic printing apparatus and method wherein liquid carrier absorption and discharge between rollers and photosensitive medium can reach equilibruim
Transfer apparatus employing a transfer roller having a dielectric layer on its outer surface
Thermally conductive fuser belt
Lamp holder, and lamp cartridge using the same and fixing unit using the same
External radiant heater for fuser members and method of making same
Image forming apparatus for making recovery and restoration of toners by electrical conductive member
Electrophotographic image forming method, electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and processing cartridge
Hydraulic controller using multiple regime specific controllers combined with fuzzy logic
Method for step motor control
System level data flow programming interface for a multi-axis industrial control system
Method of automatically generating and verifying programmable logic controller code
Method and apparatus for controlling an implement
Method and device for managing equipment connected to controller of production machine
User configurable multivariate time series reduction tool control method
Anti-rut system for autonomous-vehicle guidance
Method and apparatus for high frequency wireless communication
System and method for extensible positive client identification
System and method for executing a request from a client application
Method of generating an optimal clock buffer set for minimizing clock skew in balanced clock trees
Expandable mobile computer system
Thermal control within systems having multiple CPU performance states
Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected
Preventing damaging of low voltage processor in high voltage system
Power control method and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus to control processor power and performance for single phase lock loop (PLL) processor systems
Information processing apparatus and power saving apparatus
Method and apparatus for power management in a memory subsystem
Web-based integrated testing and reporting system
Cluster node distress signal
Method, circuit and apparatus for preserving and/or correcting product engineering information
On-vehicle computer having function of protecting vehicular battery
Error recognition in a storage system
Method and arrangement for restoring a damaged ROM BIOS using a previously compressed ROM BIOS image
Determining a current machine state of software
Method and apparatus for independent and simultaneous access to a common data set
Resource allocation throttle for remote data mirroring system
Method for internal mechanical component configuration detection
Apparatus and method utilized to automatically test a computer
PC interval timer test method
Multi-tasking system, recording medium in which program thereof is recorded, and processing device
Bus control system
Determination of local variable type and precision in the presence of subroutines
Operating system support for in-server caching of documents
Method of and system for the dynamic scheduling of requests to access a storage system
Dynamic expansion of storage device array
System and method for generating dependent data
Memory management device including a free block table and a conversion table with a free block address data identification component
Raid-type storage system and technique
Self-tuning memory management for computer systems
Parallel bus system capable of expanding peripheral devices
Method and apparatus for determining an address uniquely identifying a hardware component on a common bus
Configuration and method for providing data using a combination of hardwired and programmable values
Load based cache control for satellite based CPUs
Method and apparatus for utilization of plural commands to improve read response times of data from a disk track
Selectively powering X Y organized memory banks
Data processing device
Techniques for improving memory access in a virtual memory system
Computer memory address translation system
Data processing system, cache, and method that utilize a coherency state to indicate the latency of cached data
Allocating system resources based upon priority
Method and apparatus for identifying spoof documents
Method and apparatus for interfacing memory with a bus
System and method for handling storage consistency conflict
Pre-decode conditional command generation for reduced SDRAM cycle latency
Bus protocol and token manager for execution of global operations utilizing a single token with multiple operations with explicit release
Computer system having PCMCIA slot
System and method for resolving data transfer incompatibilities between PCI and Non-PCI buses
Handling multiple delayed write transactions simultaneously through a bridge
System and method for interrupt command queuing and ordering
System and method for providing an improved synchronous operation of an advanced peripheral bus with backward compatibility
Auto enable/disable system and method for computer interfaced devices
System resource arbitration mechanism for a host bridge
Method and system for automatically determining maximum data throughput over a bus
System for priming a latch between two memories and transferring data via the latch in successive clock cycle thereafter
Memory system having synchronous-link DRAM (SLDRAM) devices and controller
Method and system for filtering multicast packets in a peripheral component environment
Incremental archiving and restoring of data in a multimedia server
Data processing system including a shared memory resource circuit
Architecture for a process complex of an arrayed pipelined processing engine
Cache memory having a DRAM memory cell
Customer information control system application programming interface with transient data functions, in a loosely coupled data processing environment
Component mapper for use in connection with real-time optimization process
Method of synthesizing a cycle redundancy code generator circuit using hardware description language
Spectrum analysis method and apparatus
Resampling method and resampler circuit
Record for multidimensional databases
Script character processing method for compression encoding and smoothing of ink strokes
Searching for documents with multiple element types
Method and system for merging cells in a table and for adding an integrated header and a nested table to a table in an electronic document
Information retrieval apparatus and information retrieval method
Characterization of data access using file system
Object identification and data communication during an object synchronization process
Shared cache parsing and pre-fetch
Methods for ordered delivery of electronic content
Method and apparatus for dynamically forming customized web pages for web sites
Hash system and hash method for transforming records to be hashed
Method of constructing binary decision trees with reduced memory access
Apparatus and method for data transfer between databases
Term-level text with mining with taxonomies
Apparatus and method for using incomplete cached balance sets to generate incomplete or complete cached balance sets and balance values
Video information retrieval method and apparatus
Automatic categorization of documents using document signatures
Method of and computer system for performing a transaction on a database
Database interface for database unaware applications
Evaluation of enterprise architecture model including relational database
System and method for transmitting data content in a computer network
Universal database adapters
Method, product, and apparatus for processing reusable information
Frame-based knowledge representation system and methods
Controlling data transmissions from a computer
Dynamic SKU management
Method and apparatus for changing temporal database information
System and method for organizing search categories for use in an on-line search query engine based on geographic descriptions
Generating statistics for database queries using tensor representations
Structured document browser
Word recognition device and method
Shared data views for large-scale multimode environments
Establishment of user home directories in a heterogeneous network environment
Interactive method of optimum LSI layout including considering LSI chip size, test element groups, and alignment marks
Method and system for simulating a communications bus
Virtual logic system for solving satisfiability problems using reconfigurable hardware
Clock signal analysis device and clock signal analysis method
SOI circuit design method
Placement method for integrated circuit design using topo-clustering
Method and apparatus for improving auto-placement in semiconductor integrated circuit design
Method and apparatus for layout-constrained global routing
RTL back annotator
System and method for timing abstraction of digital logic circuits
Method of automatically generating schematic and waveform diagrams for analysis of timing margins and signal skews of relevant logic cells using input signal predictors and transition times
Copy protection system only authorizes the use of data if proper correlation exists between the storage medium and the useful data
Security method and apparatus employing authentication by keystroke dynamics
Authenticated time device
Control apparatus
Maximizing sequential output in a disk array storage device
System and method for avoiding storage failures in a storage array system
Method of changing an electronic price label display sequence
Flag generation scheme for FIFOs
Output FIFO data transfer control device
First-in-first-out (FIFO) memory device for inputting/outputting data with variable lengths
Decompression software package that can store files in assigned storage device
Multiplier carry bit compression apparatus and method
Methods for resource consolidation in a computing environment
Method for dynamic allocation and efficient sharing of functional unit datapaths
Processor with different width functional units ignoring extra bits of bus wider than instruction width
Method and apparatus for providing data to a processor pipeline
Update forwarding cache for address mode
Compressed string and multiple generation engine
Alternate fault handler
Digital signal processor and digital signal processing method
Apparatus and method for guard outcome prediction
Apparatus and method for superforwarding load operands in a microprocessor
Method and system for bypassing a fill buffer located along a first instruction path
Pipelined central processor managing the execution of instructions with proximate successive branches in a cache-based data processing system while performing block mode transfer predictions
Power saving by disabling memory block access for aligned NOP slots during fetch of multiple instruction words
Design by contract with aspect-oriented programming
Apparatus and method for checking dependencies among classes in an object-oriented program
Process model generation independent of application mode
Interactive process modeling system
Software tool to perform concurrent national language translation builds
Mechanisms for division, storage, reconstruction, generation, and delivery of java class files
Apparatus, method and architecture for task oriented applications
Apparatus for automatically retrieving and installing device drivers across a network
System, method, and program for checking dependencies of installed software components during installation or uninstallation of software
Dynamic system relocation based on availability of system memory
Method and apparatus for system maintenance on an image in a distributed data processing system
Method and system for compressing reduced instruction set computer (RISC) executable code
System of generating and implementing rules
System, method and article of manufacture for a persistent state and persistent object separator in an information services patterns environment
Software architecture for message processing in a distributed architecture computing system
Facilitating workload management by using a location forwarding capability
Multi-system resource capping
Environment extensibility and automatic services for component applications using contexts, policies and activators
Processor architecture for virtualizing selective external bus transactions
Data collection and restoration for homogeneous or heterogeneous process migration
Method for scheduling contexts based on statistics of memory system interactions in a computer system
Method of moving objects across multiple locations in a computer network
Distributed data processing system method for controlling such a system
Data carrier with at least two demodulation stages having different sensitivities for modulated carrier signals with different modulation intensities
Methods and apparatus for statistical process control of test
High security flash memory and method
Automatic bit-rate controlled encoding and decoding of digital images
Method for controlling a decisional process when pursuing an aim in a specific field of application, such as economical, technical, organizational or similar and system for implementing the method
Method and system for automatic electronic mail address maintenance
Workflow systems and methods
Method and apparatus for improved contact and activity management and planning
Dynamic aircraft maintenance management system
Computer-based system and method for mapping and conveying product location
Method for determining amount of fertilizer application for grain crops, method for estimating quality and yield of grains and apparatus for providing grain production information
System for corporate travel planning and management
System and method for personalized and customized time management
Workflow management system, method, and medium that morphs work items
Method and system for providing secure online communications between registered participants
Exemplar workflow used in the design and deployment of a workflow for multi-enterprise collaboration
Verification of authenticity of goods by use of random numbers
Method and system for sorting and forwarding electronic messages and other data
Messaging system with application-defined states
Message center system
Wireless transaction and information system
Apparatus and methods for managing key material in heterogeneous cryptographic assets
Methods and apparatus for delivering targeted information and advertising over the internet
System and method in a collaborative data processing environment for customizing the quality of service on a per-client basis
Multi-processing financial transaction processing system
Multimedia data embedding
Watermark detection utilizing regions with higher probability of success
Controlling operation of a device using a re-configurable watermark detector
Computed tomography apparatus involving a conical radiation beam and a helical relative motion
Optical disk system incorporating computer graphics rendering capability to create and display three-dimensional (3-D) objects synchronized with 3-D sound
Method and device for generating display frames from a sequence of source frames through synthesizing or more intermediate frames exclusively from an immediately preceding source frame
Rotated read-out of JPEG compressed images
Digital image processing apparatus with interpolation and adder circuits
Method and system for the computerized analysis of bone mass and structure
Measuring apparatus
Motion vector field error estimation
Storage apparatus and writing and/or reading methods for use in hierarchical coding
Transformation and selective inverse transformation of large digital images
Image coded data re-encoding apparatus without once decoding the original image coded data
Video encoding method and system
Procedure for verifying the duration of a process in a telecommunication system based on processor operation
Vision-based method and apparatus for monitoring vehicular traffic events
Vehicle-traveling supporting system
Method and apparatus for presenting traffic information in a vehicle
Method and apparatus for an automatic vehicle location, collision notification, and synthetic voice
Method for the auditory navigation of text
System and method for computer based test creation
Speaker model adaptation via network of similar users
Bi-directional natural language system for interfacing with multiple back-end applications
Method and apparatus for continuous speech recognition using a layered, self-adjusting decoded network
Method for refining time alignments of closed captions
Methods and system for encoding an audio sequence with synchronized data and outputting the same
Data structure for audio signals that can be mixed and/or switched
Apparatus and method for correcting information storage position
Information reproducing apparatus
Information recording medium, apparatus and method for recording or reproducing data thereof
Data recording method and apparatus, data recording medium, and data reproducing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for improving playback of interactive multimedia works
Look-ahead reallocation disk drive defect management
Recording medium failure analysis apparatus and method
Video data recording and reproducing apparatus including a plurality of recording media having different capacities
Equipment control command processing system and method thereof
Method of and apparatus for improving data integrity in a disk drive system
Archival information storage on optical medium in human and machine readable format
Low power linear feedback shift registers
Method and apparatus for detecting intercell defects in a memory device
Parallel bit testing circuits and methods for integrated circuit memory devices including shared test drivers
Data output buffer
Sleeve assembly for nuclear fuel racks
Method and apparatus for dynamic sampling of a production line
Mobile communication apparatus
Radio telephone with high antenna efficiency
Portable electronic communication device with dual-band antenna system
Optical amplifier
Control apparatus for carrying out switching operations in a switchgear assembly
System and method for simulating disaster situations on peer to peer remote copy machines
Method and apparatus for implementing a low cost, intelligent controller for a switched reluctance machine
Digital demodulator using boxcar filters and boxcar filter sections
Demodulator and digital wireless communication receiver
Automatic gain control in a zero intermediate frequency radio device
Loudness volume control system
Lattice structure for IIR and FIR filters with automatic normalization
Reduced transistors data switch port wherein each of a plurality of transmission gates is coupled to both first and second control signals for selectively enabling
Method and apparatus for defining and generating local oscillator signals for down converter
Multi-phase-locked loop for data recovery
Clock regenerator
Digital isolation system with hybrid circuit in ADC calibration loop
Power level determination device in an RF booster for wireless communications
Methods and apparatus for turbo code
Convolution code generator and digital signal processor which includes the same
Radio apparatus and method having a d.c. component signal superposed on a transmission-signal
Ghost eliminating equalizer
Filter switching system and method
Mobile radio telephone set
Systems and methods for maintaining operation of a receiver co-located with a transmitter and susceptible to interference therefrom by desensitization of the receiver
Multi-function module incorporating flash memory and enhanced I/O interface that can translate data from one format into another format for subsequent transmission to an external device
Composite high frequency component and mobile communication apparatus including the same
Method and apparatus for determining the severity of a trend toward an impending machine failure and responding to the same
Average signal to noise ratio estimator
System for creating a computer model and measurement database of a wireless communication network
Echo canceller and echo cancelling method
Method and apparatus of canceling echoes in multi-channel
Method and apparatus for reverse link loading estimation
Method for self-calibration of a wireless communication system
Base station device and radio communication method
Method for error compensation in an OFDM system with diversity
Diversity transmitter based on linear transform processing of transmitted information
Method and apparatus for selectively operating satellites in tundra orbits to reduce receiver buffering requirements for time diversity signals
Commercial broadcasting system
Method for efficient synchronization in a communication system
Digital radio communication station
Method and apparatus for transmission of digital data
Docking station for environmental monitoring instruments
System, method and article of manufacture for information service management in a hybrid communication system
Fault localization and health indication for a controller area network
Distributed computation
Device and method for communicating at a distance and system using them
Arrangement for controlling network proxy device traffic on a transparently-bridged local area network using token management
Controlling the flow of information between senders and receivers across links being used as channels
Providing global coherence in SMP systems using response combination block coupled to address switch connecting node controllers to memory
System for traffic data evaluation of real network with dynamic routing utilizing virtual network modelling
Analyzing a packet radio cellular communications network
Method and system for centralized storage and management of electronic messages
Methods and apparatus for transmitting prioritized electronic mail messages
Modulating circuit, demodulating circuit and modulating and demodulating circuit system, using PPM method
Simultaneous decoding and phase synchronization using the criterion of maximum likelihood
System for digital information transmission with associated methods and devices
Digital communication receiver with digital, IF, I-Q balancer
Method of administering a dynamic filtering firewall
Distributed database system with authoritative node
Method and apparatus for implementing three tier client asynchronous transparency
System and method for secure and anonymous communications
System and method for delivering web content over a broadcast medium
Fault isolation for communication networks for isolating the source of faults comprising attacks, failures, and other network propagating errors
Device and method for communication over a network
Method and apparatus for communication control of mobil computers in communication network systems using private IP addresses
Method and apparatus for distributing picture mail to a frame device community
System, method and article of manufacture for universal transaction processing
Client/server system which automatically ensures the correct and exclusive supervision of data against faults
Method and apparatus for a site-sensitive interactive chat network
System, method and program for migrating files retrieved from over a network to secondary storage
System and method for dynamic creation and management of virtual subdomain addresses
Methods and apparatus for secure electronic, certified, restricted delivery mail systems
Method and system for multiple network names of a single server
Method and apparatus for lost connectivity recovery
Mixing and separating method for a plurality signals
Method and system for data transfer
System and methodology for messaging server-based management and enforcement of crypto policies
Apparatus and method for demonstrating and confirming the status of a digital certificates and other data
Method and apparatus for obtaining status of public key certificate updates
Telephone number lookup with reduced scrolling
Electronic business cards
Voice conferencing system having local sound amplification
Telephone call router for transferring data to and from data collection apparatus
Portable telephone
Airtime usage limiting system
Method and apparatus for integrating business data and transaction data in a transaction processing environment
Local routing system and method
Digital isolation system with low power mode
Telephone line longitudinal balance tester and method
Method for detecting and reducing fraudulent telephone calls
Telephone system with call forwarding apparatus and method
Method of implementing a line group function in a communications network based on ITU-T H.323
Echo canceler including subband echo suppressor
Automated electronic document transmission
Calibration method and strip for film scanners in digital photofinishing systems
Method and apparatus for processing partial lines of scanned images and communicating associated data over a network
Hand-held video camera-recorder-printer and methods for operating same
Three-pixel line screen with high addressability and error diffusion
System and method of channel map correction in an EPG guide
Electronic program guide using markup language
Digital video recorder connectable to an auxiliary interface of a set-top box that provides video data stream to a display device based on selection between recorded video signal received from the dig
Program guide system for recording television programs
System and method for motion compensation and frame rate conversion
Multimedia conferencing system having a central processing hub for processing video and audio data for remote users
Video storage unit architecture
Apparatus and method for transmitting data
Electronic device that controls the vailidity of information based on a selected function unit
System and method for transporting, processing, storing and displaying EIT and EPG information in a television system context
Digital signal processor, processing method, digital signal recording/playback device and digital signal playback method
Method of coding and decoding image
Anti-flicker logic for MPEG video decoder with integrated scaling and display functions
Down conversion decoding device of digital television
Apparatus and method for defect channel nulling
Method and apparatus for traversing a multiplexed data packet stream
Systems and methods for providing vehicular traffic information to a mobile station (MS) through a wireless telecommunications network
Modified directed retry feature
Method and system for communicating with remote units in a communication system
System and method for identification of uplink/downlink interference sources
Use of mobile locating and power control for radio network optimization
Method of estimating interference level in a radio system
Method and radio communication system for data transmission
Location security for a subscriber unit in a telecommunication system by denying a parties' location request
Method of processing group calls within a wireless communications network
Method for disconnecting a connection of a subscriber station
Method for conducting handoff back communication scenarios
Method and apparatus for optimizing parameters of a communication system
Cell-site broadcasting method using traffic channels and a control channel
Method and arrangement for locating a mobile station
Apparatus for AC-to-DC conversion which provides a signed DC signal
Acoustic conditioner
Voice-to-remaining audio (VRA) interactive center channel downmix
Apparatus detecting howling by decay profile of impulse response in sound system
Acoustic devices
Method and apparatus for loudspeaker presentation for positional 3D sound
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