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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant hanger with watering system
Process and device to accelerate growth
Floating apparatus useful for shellfish hunting and the like
Hydronic heating system and method for pest control
Cigar holder
Undergarment for use with protective vest
Tzitzit garment
Garment pocket system for securely holding personal items with easy access
Garment measurer
Method and apparatus for an adaptive impact absorbing helmet system
Decorative system with fasteners and interchangeable connectors
Combination nail care system
Paddle holder for a watersport article and method
Oral care system, kit and method
Attention enhancing writing instrument accessory and method of use
Adjustable rack assembly for use with a washing appliance
Support system for use with an appliance
Soldier platform system
Air tool with modularized air pad
Vehicle seat
Vehicle seat
Seating device
Crockery basket comprising height-adjustable racks
Beverage container
Roll-up retractable covering for architectural openings
Pillow device
Preparation device for a beverage, in particular for iced tea
Conveyor griddle system
Condiment grinder
Twin bladed scraper tool
Golf towel
Dishwasher assembly having an air conduit
Ophthalmic apparatus
Light intensity control apparatus, light intensity control method, program, and ophthalmologic apparatus
X-ray apparatus
Compact pet spa
Airway implants and methods and devices for insertion and retrieval
Patient pad for operating theatre
Patient transfer device
Device for dispensing a fluid product
Condensation reduction and management systems in a gas flow delivery system
Method of extinguishing underground electrical fires
Numerical game apparatus and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter element, filter device and method for producing a filter element
Mixing device for food masses and a sausage filling machine
Fibrous materials and composites
Amine-aldehyde resins and uses thereof in separation processes
Injector for a fluid
Showerhead with flow directing plates and radial mode changer
Device and method for coating elongate objects
Atomization cooling equipment and atomizing method
Air cooled heat shield
Method for producing a housing for a fluid bearing apparatus
Bending machine for the production of bent profile sections, in particular for exchanger tubes
Method of manufacturing a bicycle rim
Shot tube plunger for a die casting system
Die-casting die
Jig for measuring dimensions of workpiece
Counter-rotating spindle for friction stir welding
Process for making a heat radiating structure for high-power LED
Seal protector assembly
Expanding colander
Portable oscillatory power tool with planetary gear
Arrangement at a vice or a chuck
Universal ratcheting tool
Oxygen sensor tool and method for installation and removal of an oxygen sensor
Retooling device and tool
Powered stapling device
Portable sawhorse workstation
Outlet detector system
Machine for labeling containers
Quick change digital label press
Liquid ejection device
Thermal ink-jetting resistor circuits
Corrugated membrane MEMS actuator
Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus
Liquid ejection apparatus, cleaning apparatus for liquid ejection head, and inkjet recording apparatus
Component supporting device and ink-jet device
Capacitive load driving circuit and liquid ejection device
Inkjet printing apparatus with humidification unit
Image forming apparatus
Printing apparatus and control method of executing check printing
Multi-function system for recovering media printed with thermo-reactive ink
Attachable dry erase shopping list
Interlocking compressible, paired spoke wheel system
Tyre having a built-in self-sealing layer
Method and system for monitoring and changing air pressure in a rotating wheel
Apparatus and method for sealing tubeless tires
Cooling device including a solar radiation blocking unit for a vehicle-mounted electrical apparatus
Sunscreen for vehicle
Flexible protective cover
Autonomous modular vehicle wheel assembly
Vehicle seat
Cup holder
Light warning device for emergency vehicles
Crush box and vehicle bumper apparatus including the same
Top for a vehicle
Airbag cushion for seat belt
Adjustable grip steering wheel safety system to protect hands and upper extremities in low impact collisions
Airbag, airbag apparatus and vehicle
Passenger airbag device
Car top carrier
Pneumatic disc brake device for railway rolling stock
Braking strategy for a hybrid drive of a vehicle
Car equipment protection structure for railcar
Retractable wheel assembly
Car body with a shear element on one side
Motor vehicle body having structure-reinforcing front frame attachment
Vehicle fender panel mounting structure
Floor mat system for vehicle
Collapsible tailgate extension
Ground vehicle wing
Front turn light on rear view mirror of motorcycle
Universal accessory mount for vehicle control bodies
Frame structure for saddle-ride type vehicle
Collapsible motorized two-wheeled cycle system
Assembling structure of support bracket and wheel axle of skateboard
Winch system safety device controlled by towrope angle
Marine craft engagement
Coupling head, coupling device with coupling head, rendezvous head couplable thereto, rendezvous device with rendezvous head and underwater vehicle therewith, coupling system, coupling method and deployment method for an underwater vehicle
Device for shrouding an aircraft nacelle
Systems and methods for rotor/wing aircraft
Active gurney flap
Method and apparatus for cooling fuel in an aircraft fuel tank
Apparatus for an automated aerial refueling boom using multiple types of sensors
Method and apparatus for handling workpiece
Methods for gravimetrically metering liquid color
Vehicle powered by hydrogen fuelcell and system for fuelling such vehicle
Metering device and method for operating said metering device
Suction pump and apparatus for loading material into a stent strut
Apparatus and methods for improving vibration isolation, thermal dampening, and optical access in cryogenic refrigerators
Beverage container with integrated anchoring system
Beverage packaging
Sealing mechanism for a cylindrical container opening using a cap having a cap body and an upper lid
Container and capsule
Conformable computer holder
Protective envelope for CD, DVD, other disc media, or other discs
Medicament filling machine
Method, system and device for assisting a patient in complying with a medical regime
Wipe dispenser and collector unit
Manipulator for the assembly of rotor blades of a wind power installation
Ratchet pawl system, device and method
Fluid supplying device
Bottle cap opener
Method for dispensing ophthalmic fluid
Reversible spout for bottles
Spray system with remote target inspection and actuation
Cold block with embedded chambered beverage tap
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ink composition, ink set and image forming method using the same
Textiles; Paper
Impulse type shock wave flash dyeing machine
Iron sole plate
Fixed Constructions
Guard rail including noise-reducing measures
Constant temperature outlet structure
Adjustable radius bullnose corner
Insulated concrete form and method of using same
Metal stud building panel with foam block core
Foldable construction blocks
Roof clamp
Hollow core post anchor
Pool cleaning vehicle having internal drive propulsion
In-ground storm shelter with sliding door
Burglary prevention device and associated use thereof
Vehicle door handle device
Door lock assembly
Molded integral joint
Vertical door conversion kit
Fastening plate for a door closer and door closing device having such a fastening plate
Scheme for operating an electric window lifter
Methods, systems, and apparatus for processing drill tools
Multi-functional machine adaptable for drilling, boring and lifting
Downhole cyclic pressure pulse generator and method for increasing the permeability of pay reservoir
Self centering downhole float valve for vertical and lateral wells
Well tool actuator and isolation valve for use in drilling operations
Orbital downhole separator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Shim for valve drive mechanism, and valve drive mechanism
Method of setting a particulate filter regeneration setpoint based on exhaust flow mass
Control apparatus for temperature excursions within an exhaust gas treatment system
Hybrid catalyst convective preheating system
Exhaust system for a lean burn ic engine
Variable compression ratio apparatus
Reduced mass crankshaft
Non-reciprocating piston engine
Turbine exhaust cylinder and strut cooling
Injector remanufacturing
Fluid injector having a novel inlet valve arrangement
Engine stopping and restarting system
Proportional motion control valve
Positioning apparatus for positioning object, retainer and fastener thereof
Bearing package for a progressive cavity pump
Bearing device for a wheel
Tripod rolling element with spring ring
Bearing housing of an exhaust-gas turbocharger
Fluid dynamic bearing device
Rolling element bearing comprising a multi-part cage
Ventilated heat shield
Rotary damper
Damping mechanism
Seven speed dual clutch transmission
Seven speed dual clutch transmission
Eight speed dual clutch transmission
Low leakage plunger assembly for a high pressure fluid system
Dual fuel heating source
Riser recoil valve
Inflating valve assembly
Electromagnetic valve
Keg tapping system
Air flow adjustment
Choke assembly tensioner system for a drilling rig
Pipe connection consisted on interior of a joint pipe
Slide actuating tubular connector
Retractable pipe assembly of air blow gun
Cable tray
Adjustable clip
Linking device for linking a first body to a second body, in particular for an aircraft engine assembly
Omnidirectional LED based solid state lamp
Headgear having an electrical device and power source mounted thereto
Heat cooling apparatus assembly of LED illuminating device having heat pipe and heat sink
Variable shaped lamp shade of LED lamp
Lamp unit
Method and device for biomass combustion without carbon dioxide emission
Dual fuel heating system and air shutter
Thermal insulation element with ventilation ducts
Dryer transporting moistened medium through heating liquid
Liquid coalescence and vacuum dryer system and method
Weapon mounting system for firearms
Weapon mounting system for firearms
Multi-layered angular armor system
Vibrating gyro device and manufacturing method therefor
Pointer of an instrument driven with a shaftless stepper motor containing a lighting mechanism for lighting the pointer
Flow meter apparatus including two polarized magnets in opposite direction and magnetic field sensors to sense direction and intensity of magnetic field
Powder measuring and dispensing apparatus
Torque sensor
Process for monitoring the function of a particulate filter
Multifunctional apparatus comprising a superliquidphobic surface
Measurement device with resonator
Multi-frequency-band blade condition monitoring system
Systems and methods for gettering an atomic sensor
Scanning probe microscope and method of operating the same
Optical connector assemblies having alignment components
Managed fiber connectivity systems
Eyewear frame
Illumination obscurement device with two separate light cell arrays that produces a shaped beam of light as output
Projection display apparatus
Method of fabricating a timepiece balance spring assembly in micro-machinable material or silicon
Temperature responsive fluid flow control device
Dispenser for controlling fluid flow and a method of controlling fluid flow
Security vulnerability determination in a computer system
Methods for categorizing input data
Method and apparatus for detecting malicious code in an information handling system
Method and system for virtual private network connectivity verification
Method and system for creating personalized packaging
System and method for obtaining a markup language template through reversing engineering
System and method for data collection and processing
Semantically applying style transformation to objects in a graphic
Web bookmark manager
Licensing digital content use
Storage medium, method of producing transfer file data, and data signal
System and method for processing DRM-enabled files
Method of storing data in a personal information terminal
Method and system for stencil design for particle beam writing
Methods and apparatuses for timing analysis of electronic circuits
Timing violation debugging inside place and route tool
Validating a memory type modification attempt
Authentication method, terminal device, relay device and authentication server
Integrated experience of vogue system and method for shared integrated online social interaction
Arranging channel indicators in a television schedule system
Electronic program guide displayed simultaneously with television programming
Resource yielding in a multiple application environment
Differential tree and dialog device settings menu
Previews of information for selected download on auxiliary display
Attention economy for attention to messages, tasks and resources
Secure storage device for transfer of digital camera data
Document creation system and related methods
Device for protection against error injection into an asynchronous logic block of an elementary logic module
Preventing fraudulent internet account access
Method and apparatus for managing computer virus outbreaks
Distributing and storing content to a user's location
Elevated patching
Software feature usage analysis and reporting
System and method of analyzing risk in risk-based software testing
Method and system for specifying device interoperability source specifying renditions data and code for interoperable device team
Automatic test case for graphics design application
Firmware update in electronic devices employing SIM card for saving metadata information
Methods and apparatus for creating software basic block layouts
Processors and compiling methods for processors
Program converting method
System and method for implementing a client side HTTP stack
Multi-thread processing system for detecting and handling live-lock conditions by arbitrating livelock priority of logical processors based on a predertermined amount of time
Method for verifying a time-sensitive and/or temperature-sensitive indicator
Wireless IC device
Image processing device, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium storing image processing program
System and method for article authentication using encoded signatures
Paper money input and output device
Backlight source and display device
Sign holder device
Method for manufacturing a read head having conductive filler in insulated hole through substrate
Method of manufacturing a limited use data storing device
Method for producing an electric component
Method of adjustment during manufacture of a circuit having a capacitor
Multi-stage substrate cleaning method and apparatus
Carbon nanotube contact structures for use with semiconductor dies and other electronic devices
Radially collapsible and expandable textile sleeve and method of construction thereof
Receiving apparatus and method for processing interruptions in streaming broadcasts
Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
Positional camera and GPS data interchange device
Local network in a vehicle
Inclined beamline motion mechanism
Method of manufacturing a lighting assembly with thermal overmolding
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred maize line PH91C
Soybean cultivar 0491738
Inbred corn line BE8736
Hybrid maize 33N09
Soybean cultivar SE73090
Anti-roosting device
Fungicidal phenylimine derivatives
Use of non-peptidyl compounds for the treatment of insulin related ailments
Chimeric toxins for targeted therapy
Topical organic ectoparasiticidal formulations
Avermectin B1 derivatives having an aminosulfonyloxy substituent in the 4'-position
Cholesterol lowering supplement
Methods of making disposable products having humidity activated materials with shape-memory
Antiandrogenic biphenyls
Combination comprising combretastatin and anticancer agents
Process to prepare psorospermin
Compositions of ezetimibe and methods for the treatment of cholesterol-associated benign and malignant tumors
Process for preparation of crystalline form-1 of pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate
Hydroxy substituted fused naphthyl-azoles and fused indeno-azoles and their use for the treatment of glaucoma
Anilinoquinazolines as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Pyranosyl cytosines: pharmaceutical formulations and methods
JAK-3 inhibitors for treating allergic disorders
Use of mirtazapine for the treatment of sleep disorders
Inhibition of irritating side effects associated with use of a topical ophthalmic medication
Method to produce a solid form of heparin
Therapeutic delivery compositions and methods of use thereof
Regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase by GPE
Protein kinase C peptides for use in withdrawal
Prevention of fetal alcohol syndrome and neuronal cell death with ADNF polypeptides
Treatment of hypertension using growth hormone in mammals subjected to fetal programming
Isolated laminin 10
Compositions comprising multiple immunodeficiency virus subunits for inducing an immune response
Dramatic simplification of a method to treat neoplastic disease by radiation
1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyrimidine-2-one compositions, articles and therapeutic methods for upper airway breathing disorders
Flavin N-oxides: new anti-cancer agents and pathogen eradication agents
Process for preparing certain pyrrolotriazine compounds
Derivatives of isoindigo, indigo and indirubin and methods of treating cancer
Molecules that home to various selected organs or tissues
Dental curable composition
Resorcinol derivatives
Formulation comprising an ionic compound, a polyionic polymer, and a block copolymer
Nanotechnology for drug delivery, contrast agents and biomedical implants
Doped odor controlling materials
Composition of crosslinkable prepolymers for biodegradable implants
Particulate acellular tissue matrix
Method for linking nucleic acids and/or glycosaminoglycans to polar/hydrophilic materials
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for the production of bisphenol-A
Liquid material supply system and method for semiconductor manufacturing
Low boron containing microfiberglass filtration media
Thermal insulation gel with controlled crosslinking for petroleum hydrocarbon transmission lines
Microwave heating apparatus
Sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide
Method for performing a Fischer-Tropsch process using an iron-containing layered material
Process for vinyl chloride manufacture from ethane and ethylene with partial CHl recovery from reactor effluent
Catalyst for synthesizing alkylene carbonate
Composite oxide powder, a method for producing the same and a catalyst using the same
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and polishing apparatus
Fabric for welding
Adhesive composition
Seated passenger's weight detection device
Waterproof grommet
Silicone-cork ablative material
Substrate etch method and device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Alkali-free glass and method for producing the same
Dielectric ceramic composition, electronic device, and method for producing same
Beta-spodumene ceramics for high temperature applications
Critical phase alkylation process
User- and eco-friendly hypervalent iodine reagent and method of synthesis
Method for producing 2-halo-6-nitrobenzoic acids
Process for the arylation of aza-heterocycles with activated aromatics in presence of caesium carbonate
Amination of aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic analogs thereof
Process for preparing 5,6-diethyl-2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-2-amine
Amphiphilic compounds having a dendritic branch structure
Integrin receptor inhibitors
Production of stable olefinic fischer tropsch fuels with minimum hydrogen consumption
Low loss high refractive index vinyl sulfide compounds and method of making same
Functionalized metal complexes
Acetone process
Processes for preparation of hexafluoroacetone and its hydrate
3,3-Dimethylcyclohexane derivatives
Aldehyde as perfuming or flavoring ingredient
Method for producing methacrylic acid from isobutane
Production of diisopropylbenzene
Mono carbonylation of benzene diols
Process for the transesterification of fat and/or oil by means of alcoholysis
Methods of making intermediates from polyhydroxyalkanoates
Plastisol compositions comprising vinyl chloride polymers and mixtures of aromatic and aliphatic esters of diols as plasticizers
Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers
Substituted naphthylenes for the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
Process for the synthesis of 3-cyano-6-alkoxy-7-nitro-4-quinolones
Fused azabicyclic compounds that inhibit vanilloid receptor subtype 1 (VR1) receptor
Therapeutic agent for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Pyridine-2,4-dicarboxylic acid diamides and pyrimidine-4,6-dicarboxylic acid diamides and the use thereof for selectively inhibiting collagenases
Halogenobenzyl aminopropionic acid derivatives
Process for the synthesis of 5-(4-fluorophenyl)-1-[2-((2R,4R)-4-hydroxy-6-oxo-tetrahydro-pyran-2-yl)-et hyl]-2-isopropyl-4-phenyl-1H-pyrrole-3-carboxylic acid phenylamide
Process for epoxidation of a liquid olefinic organic compound using a supported nano-gold catalyst
PGD2 receptor antagonistic pharmaceutical compositions
2,4,5-Trisubstituted phenylketoenols
Hydroxamic and carboxylic acid derivatives
Compounds effective as .beta.2-adrenoreceptor agonists as well as PDE4-inhibitors
Indole compounds
Pyrazole derivatives
Methods of synthesizing heteroatom-bearing ligands and intermediate used therefor
Synthetic molecules for labeling histidine-rich proteins
Substituted carbazoles as inhibitors of sPLA2
Aminoalkyl thiazole derivatives as KCNQ modulators
Heteroarylalkanoic acids as integrin receptor antagonists
Amide compounds and use thereof
Substituted isoindoles and the use thereof
Heteroaryl-fused nitrogen heterocycles as therapeutic agents
7-chloro-4-hydroxy-2-(2-pyridylethyl)-1,2,5,10-tetrahydropyridazino[4,5-b]q uinoline-1,10-dione and the use thereof for the treatment of pain
Anti-obesity 1,2,3,4,10,10a-hexahydropyrazino[1,2-a]indoles
Nitrogen-based homo-camptothecin derivatives
Thiophene-based tricyclic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions comprising same
Complex compounds and their use in olefin polymerization
Process for the production of vicinal diesters from epoxides
Phthalocyanines with peripheral siloxane substitution
Protected 3,5-dihydroxy-2,2-dimethyl-valeroamides for the synthesis of epothilones and derivatives and process for the production and the use
Ethylene-styrene copolymers and phenol-triazole type complexes, catalysts, and processes for polymerizing
Process for the synthesis of 2-deoxy-D-glucose
11-deoxy azalide antibacterials
Regioselective and stereoselective oxidation of fused ring systems useful for the preparation of aminosterols
Specificity exchangers that redirect antibodies to bacterial adhesion receptors
Mutant tyrosine repressor proteins
Cell cycle polynucleotides, polypeptides and uses thereof
mcFP encoding nucleic acids, polypepetides, antibodies and methods of use thereof
Methods for treatment of diabetes using a peptide analogues of insulin
Methods for purifying highly anionic proteins
Secretory thyroid stimulating hormone receptor, and method for assaying anti-thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibody using the same
Orally administered peptides to ameliorate atherosclerosis
Methods of treating peripheral neuropathies using neurotrophin-3
Nav2 channel gene-deficient mice
Compositions and methods for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Peptides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other beta-amyloid protein fibrillogenesis disorders
P53 protein variants and therapeutic uses thereof
Increasing antibody affinity by altering glycosylation of immunoglobulin variable region
2-{N-(2-amino-3-(heteroaryl or aryl)propionyl)-aminoacyl}-amino}-alkylboronic acid derivatives
Method of preparing modified cellulose ether
Excipients containing low residual solvent and method for producing the same
Thermoplastic polymer blend produced from thermoplastic starch and method for the production thereof
Olefin polymerization process
Aluminoboronate activators for single-site olefin polymerization catalysts
Ultra-clean fluoropolymers
Thermally re-mendable cross-linked polymers
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
Copolymerization of ethylene and dienes
Styrene polymer resin and composition thereof
Particles of carboxylated polymer
Low odor insulation binder from phosphite terminated polyacrylic acid
High index curable photochromic composition and its process
Polymers having reactive functional groups at terminus and curable compositions comprising the same
Process for forming polyalkenyl acylating agents
Golf ball
Composition based on water-dissipatable polyurethane
Powdered epoxy composition
Aromatic diamine and polyimide thereof
Polyaspartate derivatives for use in detergent compositions
Nitrile rubber composition, vulcanizable nitrile rubber composition, and vulcanizate
Low-VOC aqueous coating compositions with excellent freeze-thaw stability
Reactive grafting and compatibilization of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes
Tubes obtained from a propylene polymer composition
Sealant for polypropylene and easily openable hermetically sealed package including the same
Thermoplastic elastomeric compositions and methods of preparing thermoplastic elastomeric compositions
Conductive adhesive sealant for bipolar fuel cell separator plate assemblies
Bisazo dyestuffs based on hydroxynaphthalene carboxylic acid
Water-based ink
Method of producing powdery coating material
Controlled hydration of starch in high density brine dispersion
Threaded component for seizure-resistant tubular threaded joint
Emulsified based lubricants
Alkaline cleaning and sanitizing composition effective for soap scum removal
Effervescent cleaning composition for use in fabric washing
Liquid protectant composition
Methods for coexpression of more than one gene in eukaryotic cells
Farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase protein, nucleic acid and promoter region thereof
Protein C or activated protein C-like molecules
Mammalian proteinases; oxidoreductases; related reagents
Graded thin films
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Plasma-resistant articles and production method thereof
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of forming a thin film with a low hydrogen content on a semiconductor device
Textiles; Paper
Water-and oil-repellent composition
Methods and tools for identifying compounds which modulate atherosclerosis by impacting LDL-proteoglycan binding
Guitar pick holder made of a flexible magnetic body
Fiber optic cable enclosure
Method of forming a capacitor
Method for forming a minute pattern and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
Acoustic device
Performance device of music box or the like type
Easily installable optical position transducer and keyboard musical instrument having the same
Musical tone control system, control method for same, program for realizing the control method, musical tone control apparatus, and notifying device
Media player with "DJ" mode
Method for producing playlists for personalized music stations and for transmitting songs on such playlists
Circuit breaker on a pushbutton switch
Switching apparatus and vehicle-mounted electronic apparatus having the switching apparatus assembled therein
Switch capable of showing a circle of light thereon
Organosilicate polymer and insulating film therefrom
Method of fabrication for III-V semiconductor surface passivation
Method for removing conductive residue
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming pattern of stacked film
Methods of forming conductive interconnects, and methods of depositing nickel
Semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Method for patterning a layer of silicon, and method for fabricating an integrated semiconductor circuit
Two-mask process for metal-insulator-metal capacitors and single mask process for thin film resistors
Semiconductor device having a capacitor with rare metal electrode
Method for making interconnects and diffusion barriers in integrated circuits
Integration system via metal oxide conversion
Method for transistor gate dielectric layer with uniform nitrogen concentration
High selectivity and residue free process for metal on thin dielectric gate etch application
Method for removing contaminants on a substrate
Method for forming a ROM coding in a semiconductor device
Method for forming enhanced areal density split gate field effect transistor device array
Plasma etching
Low temperature nitridation of amorphous high-K metal-oxide in inter-gates insulator stack
Tightly spaced gate formation through damascene process
Microcircuit fabrication and interconnection
Method of forming a metal gate in a semiconductor device
Ultra-low loop wire bonding
Method for underfilling semiconductor components using no flow underfill
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Methods for improving well to well isolation
Method of reducing oxidation of metal structures by selectively implanting ions through a mask positioned above and not in contact with the substrate
Method for integrating SiGe NPN and vertical PNP devices on a substrate and related structure
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device using STI technique
Method for integrating non-volatile memory with high-voltage and low-voltage logic in a salicide process
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device featuring formation of conductive plugs
Method for fabricating a trench having a buried dielectric collar
Method of fabricating a flash memory device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Isolation structure and method for semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing of contact plug in a contact hole on a silicon substrate
Method of fabricating integrated circuitry
Dielectric film
Method for forming pattern using argon fluoride photolithography
Printed circuit board having permanent solder mask
Thyristor switch for microwave signals
Photovoltaic cell
High-frequency signal transmitting device
Electrical extension cord
Conductor rail system with control line
Terminal connection device for speaker
Electrical contact and connector
Methods and apparatus to secure a ground strap assembly to an electrically conductive member
Stabilizing power and wavelength of output radiation from a stabilized radiation source in optical communications systems
Duct with wire locator
Microwave oven and method of controlling the same
Customer-engaging food merchandising module
Microwave oven with food stirring device
Method for bonding ceramic to copper, without creating a bow in the copper
Selective area solder placement
Shielding apparatus for electronic device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew