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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Identification and use of KRP mutants in wheat
Cyclohexyl-azetidinyl antagonists of CCR2
Cannabinoid-2 agonists
Collapsible computer laptop table
Inflatable passenger seat assembly
Pumpkin carving spoon with nested knife
Multi-single serve beverage dispensing apparatus, method and system
Cover for food holder
Apparatus for displaying, monitoring and controlling shower or bath water parameters
In-vivo image capturing system
Diphenyl substituted cyclohexane derivatives, useful as modulators of the estrogen receptors beta
Substituted imidazoquinoline derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Tazarotene derivatives
Compound having PARP inhibitory activity
Modified peptide toxins
Compositions comprising receptor-associated protein (RAP) variants specific for CR-containing proteins and uses thereof
Anti-ephrin-B2 antibody and compositions comprising it
Method and system for developing a golf ball construction
Utilization of multiple devices to secure online transactions
Swing set
Convertible flower doll
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filtration method with self-cleaning filter assembly
Gas filter assemblies and methods for filtering gases
Impermeable polymer coating on selected honeycomb channel surfaces
Polymer composition and dialysis membrane formed from the polymer composition
Separation membrane module
Apparatus for mixing and discharging a fluid product and related system
Catalyst for recovering light oil and preparation method thereof
Tungsten oxide photocatalyst modified with copper ion, and process for production thereof
Compositions, devices and methods for hydrogen generation
Non-woven fabric, method for fabricating non-woven fabric, and gas generation apparatus
Aluminum-alkali hydroxide recyclable hydrogen generator
Intake or exhaust gas particle removal apparatus
Sanitary functional unit
Spray paint can spraying accessory
Liquid pourer device with venturi effect
Intermediate transfer belt and electrophotographic apparatus
Device for recycling molding sand
Separating machine for separating loose mixtures in a fluid
Hard floor surface care process
Apparatus and method for generating oxidatively and thermally-enhanced treatment liquids
Method for cleaning the interior surface of hollow articles
Discharging mechanism and a discharging method of solid matter
Device for fluid recirculation and tank cleaning, and storage tank
Indexing machine with a plurality of workstations
Control mechanism for electric nail gun
Production method for high purity copper powder using a thermal plasma
Power tool having a clamping device for a working element
Method and apparatus for the final assembly of aircraft
Boiling water reactor core shroud head bolt retainer tool
High abrasion low stress PDC
Drilling machine
Method and device for cutting a food strand into slices
Stamping and/or drilling device comprising a substrate support head with continuously controlled orientation
Water-resistant anti-slip articles
Device for two-sided or multi-sided labeling
Method of forming single-mode polymer waveguide array assembly
Glass article and method of forming the same
Cross-linked polyolefin foams comprising cork particles
Method of manufacturing translucent rigid substrate laminate
Low profile, wrappable elongate members spacer and method of maintaining elongate members in fixed, spaced relative relation
Soil and stain resistant coating composition for finished leather substrates
Printhead substrate, method of manufacturing the same, printhead, and printing apparatus
Image recording apparatus, image recording method, and recording medium storing a program for recording image
Image forming apparatus, control method thereof, and computer readable information recording medium
Blanket for printing roller and method for fabricating the same
Pneumatic tire
Tire position determination system
Air maintenance pneumatic tire
Energy conversion device
Vibrations reduction device in the chairs of helicopter pilots
Seat-cushion shell unit and shell seat for vehicle
Soldier support system in a vehicle
Vehicle seat
Driver condition assessment device
Device for assembling airbag cover
Method and apparatus for operation of a railway branch line
Trolley apparatus for unloading and supporting heavy coils of wound filament material from a winding machine to a packaging table
Transportation dollies
Vehicle steering system
Tracked vehicle with multiple self-contained tracked drives and remote tracked drive jettisoning capability
Motorcycle cover stowable in seat cushion
Trike convertible for use as seat assembly of a vehicle
Vehicle having a chassis that converts to a protective carrying case
Vertical glide mooring system
Cruise ship
Clean energy powered surfboards
Shallow water jacket installation method
Watercraft propulsion system
Method and apparatus for spacecraft attitude control using polynomial interpolation
Box grip
Packing member for articles
Moulded trim component for covering an airbag in a motor vehicle
Basket carrier including open-top basket and lid
Pet waste container
Apparatus for the intermediate storage of planar articles, in particular print products, which can be spooled in an imbricated stream arrangement, and a method for operating such an apparatus
Container transport device having pliable bottle supports
Method for automatically loading a feed line with bulk material
Method and device for the transfer of printed products
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus for correcting skew of a sheet
Device for handling objects
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen-generating device
Method for the pseudo-detonated gasification of coal slurry in a combined cycle
Recovery of silicon from kerf silicon waste
Fiber reinforced polyoxymethylene composition with improved thermal properties
Homogeneous enriched biosolids product and process of bio-nutrient granulation for making same
Method for working up mixtures
Quinolinone derivatives
Process for preparing aromatic and heteroaromatic amines
Pyrazole azetidine derivatives as sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulators
Inhibitors of sphingosine kinase
Inhibitor of JAK1 and JAK2
Compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof for the treatment of proliferative disorders
Macrocyclic compounds and metal complexes for bioimaging and biomedical applications
CCR5 antagonists for treating HIV
Benzopyranobenzothiazinones and their use as fungicides, antibiotics and antitumor agents
Phenyl C-glucoside derivatives, preparation methods and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for modulating AMPA receptor-mediated excitotoxicity
Composition and method for diagnosis and immunotherapy of prostate cancer
Cassia derivatives
Ultraviolet cured optic binder
Organometallic catalyst and preparation thereof
Catalyst-free methods of forming polyurethanes from pentafluorophenyl carbonates
Organic electronic devices, including organic photovoltaic devices, polymers, and monomers
Textile backing formed from recycled materials
Graphene formation
Process for producing silica and sulfur containing rubber composition
Method for additivating polymers in rotomoulding applications
Transparent film
High temperature polymer blends of poly(aryl ether ketone phthalazinone)
Production process for colorant, colorant composition, toner, ink for ink jet recording and color filter
Aqueous inkjet ink and method for forming inkjet image
Non-aqueous emulsions and methods of preparing surface-treated articles
Compositions and methods for making glass fortified wood
Biofuel pyrolysis device and methods of use thereof
Bearing grease
Conjugated linoleic acid rich vegetable oil production from linoleic rich oils by heterogeneous catalysis
Diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic uses of long non-coding RNAs for cancer and regenerative medicine
Method for rational mutagenesis of .alpha./.beta.T-cell receptors and correspondingly mutated MDM2-protein specific .alpha./.beta.T-cell receptors
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Biological synthesis of difunctional alkanes from carbohydrate feedstocks
Composition and method for in-system priming microfluidic devices
Therapeutic factor VIII antibodies
Loci associated charcoal rot drought complex tolerance in soybean
Methods and compositions for the identification of antibiotics that are not susceptible to antibiotic resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Variants in complement regulatory genes predict age-related macular degeneration
Electrochemical etching apparatus
Methods for isolating a peptide methods for identifying a peptide
Generation of human de novo pIX phage display libraries
Textiles; Paper
Liner for unvulcanized rubber member
Method of controlling washing machine
Oil deflection apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Train tracks
Buffer unit for slewing platform of tamping machine
Unbalance type exciter for a soil compaction device
Retaining device
Dual ventilation process
Wall construction system and method
Method for producing rectangular or square wall elements from flat sheet metal, and wall elements produced therewith
Support construction having increased structural dampening
Downspout extending device
Material removal tool
Framing tool
Free-wheeling hinge assembly
Rock drill bit, a drilling assembly and a method for percussive rock drilling
PDC disc cutters and rotary drill bits utilizing PDC disc cutters
Soft skin metal seal and technique of manufacture
System and method to facilitate interventions from an offshore platform
System and method for waterflooding offshore reservoirs
Automatic modular maintenance device operating in the annulus of a well for the production of hydrocarbons
Drill rig for simultaneously drilling successive adjacent sets of three spaced apart holes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary compressor-expander systems and associated methods of use and manufacture, including integral heat exchanger systems
Flow discourager integrated turbine inter-stage U-ring
Precipitate hardening stainless steel and long blade using same for steam turbine
Variable cam phaser for automobile engine and controller therefor
Exhaust post-treatment device and method for a vehicle, with a reductant vaporising surface being warmed by a Peltier element
Exhaust gas filter
Centrifugal particle separator and method of operating the same
Methods and systems for performing, monitoring and analyzing multiple machine fluid processes
Plug assembly for high-pressure valve
Apparatus for guiding a flexible member
Device for conversion of mechanical energy from sea waves to electric energy
Nacelle thermal conditioning system for off-shore wind turbines
Wind turbine generators
Hermetically sealed compressor
Diaphragm machine with a plurality of pump chambers
Swash plate type variable displacement compressor and method of controlling solenoid thereof
Fan assembly
Movable strut cover for exhaust diffuser
Diaphragm pump
Carbon dioxide compression systems
Passive thermal management of foil bearings
Sealing arrangement for a rotating shaft
Pulley device with a damping element
Automatic transmission device
Planetary gear system
Pressure-limiting valve
Pressure regulator with slide-mount lobes
Compressor relief valve cap and cover
Pressure regulating device and method of operating a pressure regulating device
Valve assembly and components therefore
Coupling element and unlocking element for the coupling element
Underwater oil pipeline heating systems
Holder for portable electronic device
Reduced-weight container and/or tube for compressed gases and liquids
Optical semiconductor lighting apparatus
Electronic device with illuminating assembly
LED lamp with air-cooled heat sink
Electronic censer
Lens and light source module with same
Linear light source apparatus
LED tube with light reflective face
Method for manufacturing a phospor device and lighting apparatus comprising such phosphor device
Aperture adjusting method and device
Broadband infrared light emitting device
Furnace tube arrangement for steam generator
Gasifier having a slag breaker and method of operating the same
Carbon dioxide refrigeration cycle
Low temperature device with low-vibration sample holding device
Modular heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems and methods
Variable munitions deploying flashlight device
Shotgun adapter for remote weapon station
Encapsulated effect body for an infrared decoy
Graded property barriers for attenuation of shock
Broadhead arrowhead
Rock breaking product
Multi-point measuring apparatus and method of FBG sensor having multiple delaying fibers
Thickness measurement system and thickness measurement method
Guided movement platforms
Hydraulic oil tank for construction machine
Radiation image capturing system and radiation image capturing apparatus
Birefringence correction for imaging ellipsometric bioassay system and method
Device for positioning a temperature sensor
Stimulus indication employing polymer gels
Apparatus and method for detection of mechanical inputs
Gage pressure transducer and method for making the same
Needle interface for fluid connections
Vitro measurement of sunscreen protection
Sensing system for sensing a substance in a fluid
X-ray imaging apparatus
Ultrasound measurement system
Polyanthrylene materials and methods for their preparation and use
Nucleic acid detection method and nucleic acid detection kit
Anti-fatty acid amide hydrolase-2 antibodies and uses thereof
Multi-unit plate for immunoblot analysis
Cytokine biomarkers as predictive biomarkers of clinical response for glatiramer acetate
Wind direction and orientation apparatus and method
Step connectors in test fixture for packaged device measurement
Energy harvesting power output measurement apparatus and methods for cycling
Battery charge determination
Non-contact current-sensing and voltage-sensing clamp
Method and device for imaging an object using electromagnetic high frequency radiation
Imaging detector and method for operating an image detector
Efficient wavefield compression in seismic imaging
RTM seismic imaging using combined shot data
Tunable interference filter, optical module, and electronic apparatus
Stereoscopic display system and driving method thereof
Imaging apparatus
Waveguide coupled surface plasmon polarition photo detector
Optical connector
Flex tactical cable splice
Optical connector and optical device having the same
Optical fiber connector and optical fiber coupling assembly having same
Opto-electronic device assembly
Magnifying device
Lens cap for optical module, optical module, and method for manufacturing lens cap for optical module
Electronic display projection assembly having substantially white off state
Light emitting diode module and light bar having the same
Microelectromechanical device and method of manufacturing
Method of manufacturing a flexographic printing plate with support structures
Method for making micron or submicron cavities
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Superhydrophobic nano-fabrics and coatings
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Developing device with developer replenishment
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and recording medium for performing image forming method
Fuser to prevent fluttering of fixing belt
Electrophotographic photoconductor, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Device for pressing back to a watch without removing wrist band
System and method for harvesting energy savings on a remote beverage system
Set of sensor units for communication enabled for streaming media delivery with monitoring and control of power usage of connected appliances
Pressure-regulating arrangement with a pressure-regulating valve and hydraulic circuit therefor
Current limiting circuit configured to limit output current of driver circuit
Operational transconductance amplifier feedback mechanism for fixed feedback voltage regulators
Identifying gestures using multiple sensors
Laptop computer cooling stand
Performing variation-aware profiling and dynamic core allocation for a many-core processor
Methods and apparatus to protect segments of memory
Selective monitoring of archive and backup storage
Multiprocessor with a plurality of debug modules and debug ring units connected to generate a ring
Multiple match detection for multiple flows in a content addressable memory
Different types of memory integrated in one chip by using a novel protocol
Systems and methods for background destaging storage tracks
Apparatus and method to copy data
Arbitrating bus transactions on a communications bus based on bus device health information and related power management
File index, metadata storage, and file system management for magnetic tape
Device, system and method of generating an execution instruction based on a memory-access instruction
Method and system for optimizing prefetching of cache memory lines
Management of point-in-time copy relationship for extent space efficient volumes
Storage device and method for controlling storage device
Micro-SD device loaded with a smart card
Virtualized PCI endpoint for extended systems
Determining a virtual interrupt source number from a physical interrupt source number
Processing data packets from a receive queue in a remote direct memory access device
Printing through physical proximity between printer and print client device
System to profile and optimize user software in a managed run-time environment
System and method for virtualized shared use environment with dynamic IP address injection
Method and apparatus for managing spam message in messaging service
Stream processing with runtime adaptation
Web analytics system and method
Method and system for migration of managed devices
Hybrid cloud integrator plug-in components
Learning spike timing precision
Filtering method and filter device for sensor data
Parallel processing of ETL jobs involving extensible markup language documents
Method, system, apparatus, program code and means for determining a redundancy of information
Dynamic model-based analysis of data centers
Methods and devices for classifying objects
Usage-based temporal degradation estimation for memory elements
Management of input methods
Computing device, storage medium and method for analyzing step formatted file of measurement graphics
Advancements in data distribution methods and referential integrity
Managing uncertain data using Monte Carlo techniques
Column based data transfer in extract, transform and load (ETL) systems
Minimizing replication search on failover
Information providing system that provides information based on strenghth of desire and current situation
Method and apparatus for optimizing access path in database
Method and system for improving utilization of human searchers
Tree traversal in a memory device
Method and apparatus of securely processing data for file backup, de-duplication, and restoration
Restoring distributed shared memory data consistency within a recovery process from a cluster node failure
Match window size for matching multi-level transactions between log files
Method and system for searching contact lists quickly--by group name, tags and/or metadata
Retargeting semiconductor device shapes for multiple patterning processes
Semiconductor device reliability model and methodologies for use thereof
Modeling semiconductor device performance
Retrieving odd net topology in hierarchical circuit designs
Methods and systems for designing and manufacturing optical lithography masks
Indicator-based product design optimization to find defective and non-defective status
Control system for a pipe handling apparatus
Method and system for application control
Method and system for content detection and interception in communication networks
Medical and personal data retrieval system
Content use control device, recording device, reproduction device, recording medium, and content use control method
Mobile provisioning device
Method for writing hardware encrypted backups on a per set basis
Improving serial peripheral performance over wireless communication links
Managing mobile execution environments
Method and system for enabling access to functionality provided by resources outside of an operating system environment
Computer input device with ergonomically formed and positioned actuators
Handheld operation device
Techniques and apparatus for managing touch interface
Optical touch device with symmetric light sources and locating method thereof
User interface and methods
Facilitating auto-completion of words input to a computer
Keyboardless text entry
Deduplicated data processing rate control
Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and recording medium
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and recording medium storing a program includes a device control program that is updated independently from a program executed on an external apparatus
Autostarting a vehicle based on user criteria
Content space environment representation
Query systems
Microprocessor systems and methods for a combined register file and checkpoint repair register
Software engineering system and method for self-adaptive dynamic software components
Method and system for combining multiple benchmarks
Software development assistant method and system
Completing functional testing
Profiling and optimization of program code/application
Processing automation scripts of software
Automated software script creator and editor
Melding of mediation flow service component architecture (SCA) components
Method and computer program for device configuration
Deploying a package for a software application
Process mapping in parallel computing
Opening a temporary object handle on a resource object
Adaptive resource usage limits for workload management
Task list generation, parallelism templates, and memory management for multi-core systems
Preferential CPU utilization for tasks
Rule-based dynamic resource adjustment for upstream and downstream processing units in response to an intermediate processing unit event
Process for reducing lubrication oil consumption for internal combustion engines
Hybrid winder machine system configured to emulate production of a wound product
Coupling architectural and implementation/behavioral models of a computer-based system
Flexible image processing apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for receiving unmanned mail
Device and method for detecting plantation rows
Bidirectional blood vessel segmentation
Multi-mode video event indexing
Method and apparatus to relate biometric samples to target FAR and FRR with predetermined confidence levels
Pantograph damage and wear monitoring system
Detection device and method for transition area in space
Computing device and method for identifying border lines of elements on images of objects
Lower modifier detection and extraction from devanagari text images to improve OCR performance
Method for determining relationships through use of an ordered list between processing nodes in an emulated human brain
System for the operation and management of a fleet of refrigerated autonomous containers
Information scanning across multiple devices
Drawing apparatus, drawing method, and drawing program
Stereoscopic image generation method and stereoscopic image generation system
Position estimation device, position estimation method, and computer program product
Goods transmission system
Mirror used as microwave antenna for motion sensor
Temperature displaying device for faucet
Electrical fault detection device for a waterborne structure and method therefor
Traffic light illumination duration indicator
Medical training apparatus
Audiovisual record of a user reading a book aloud for playback with a virtual book
Lensed cable light systems
Systems and methods for calibrating a display to reduce or eliminate mura artifacts
Multiple texture compositing
Display apparatus and brightness adjusting method thereof
Method of providing feedback on performance of karaoke song
Entity variant generation and normalization
Rotating apparatus capable of improving the shock resistance and method for manufacturing the rotating apparatus
Writable information recording and reproducing apparatus
Storage device, storage system, and method for controlling storage device
Heat pipe with sealed vesicle
Imaging unit
Coupled dynamical systems for chaos computing
Signal level crossing detector circuit
Segment-based encoding system using residue coding by basis function coefficients
Receiver, apparatus, and methods for wirelessly receiving data from a power infrastructure
Method and device for tactile presentation
Method and apparatus to keep consistency of ACLs among a meta data server and data servers
Software development and distribution workflow employing meta-object time stamping
Method for conducting a sports technology reality television show
Using thermal imaging for control of a manufacturing process
Electronic device, storage medium and method for validating speed of a fan thereof
Method and apparatus for editing program search information
Method and apparatus for controlling content recording device
Method and system of radio frequency (RF) power transmission in a wireless network
LED module with improved cooling and LED lamp with LED modules distributed three-dimensionally
Data storage device mounting apparatus
Electronic device
Heat sink structure with a vapor-permeable membrane for two-phase cooling
Low-force gap-filling conductive structures
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Gardening tool
Baffle system in a rotary threshing and separation unit
Harvesting machine having transversely rotating conveying drum with conveying tines
Systems for positioning and tensioning wires in trellis systems for vineyards
Brush chipper with a slidable feed roller
Centrifugal brake structure of dual bearing type fishing reel
Game call apparatus
Safety protective cover of a blender
Assembly for a seafood cleaning machine
Frozen dessert dispenser
Brassiere underwiring
Neck tie tying tool
Device for garment design
Sporting and exercising device having a spring portion with stringed/clipped shock absorbers
Garment hook
Method for manufacturing a woven zipper half
Fingerprint jewelry
Band and wrist device
Reel for a suspended sunshade
Basketball coin bank
Contact lens case with clip
Reversible key case/squeezing device
Luggage with adjustable packing board
Device for displaying a character having a virtual image
Dispensing device
Waterproof swimming pouch
Backpack fishing tackle box apparatus
Double looped enclosure mechanism
Umbrella mount
Support rail assembly for office accessories
Coupling device, particularly for a fibre-optic network
Document display shelf apparatus
Document holder
Sliding door hardware assembly
Drawer slide cushion end stop bumper construction
Decorative trim for unit doors used on new motor control center
Seating furniture with downwardly movable, pivoting backrest
Stackable step stool
Vehicle head and neck rest
Tacking strip sleeve
Folding massage chair structure
Seating device
Spine tensioning support chair
Fishing pole harness/chair support apparatus
Stair chair
Dry foodstuff dispenser
Device for installing ceiling displays
Climatic condition reproducer cabinet
Tool holding device
Modular storage system for cylindrical objects
Beverage display tray
Computerized shopping cart with storage and distribution system, for supermarket use
Article holder with lift mechanism
Garment hanger
System and method for suspending a tree
Rolling weighted base
Extendible partition assembly
Tongs and spoon holder
Cleaning brush with disposable cleaning member
Flexible retractable door
Appliance washing tub having non-metallic reinforcing body and metallic inner liner
Telescopic extension for an electric household appliance
Apparatus and methods for donning sterile gloves
Method and system for determining a source-to-image distance in a digital imaging system
Biplane angiography/CT apparatus
Radiography device
X-ray diagnostic device
X-ray device
Tapered light probe with non-circular output for a dental light curing unit
Medication delivery devices
Elastic dental device
Orthodontic appliance and method
Orthodontic distalizing appliance
Apparatus and method for delivering and mixing a liquid bone cement component with a powder bone cement component
Lifting apparatus
Adjustable rotation radius articulated joint for gym machines and knee tutors
Articles of manufacture and methods for treating pain
Exercise harness for use with unweighting apparatus
Medication package ejection mechanism
Gel type vapor release device
Liquid air freshener dispensing device for a duct
Hydrodynamic blood bearing
Delivery system for a medicament and method for the assembly thereof
Flexible, continuous, axially elastic interstitial brachytherapy source
Method for the gas-inflation articles
Competitive balance exercise game device and method of play
High precision resistance device for an exercise
Multi-function personal exerciser
Weight plate having a triad of integrally formed handles
Method and apparatus for adjustings resistance to exercise
Universal resistance cross-training system
Dumbbell suspension system
Treadmill fall prevention system
Exercise treadmill
Adjustable exercise apparatus
Elliptical exercise machine with adjustment
Adjusting strap structure for swim fins
Golf ball having a polyurethane cover
Golf ball
Golf ball and method of evaluating golf ball
Golf ball comprising water resistant polyurethane elastomers and methods of making the same
Low spin golf ball comprising a mantle with a cellular or liquid core
Tennis racket with cross-bar handle
Internal off-set hosel for a golf club head
Golf putter with symmetrical extruded surfaces
Metal golf club head
Golf club and method of use
Supported golf bag
Batting training device
Batting skills training device
Aiming device of golf putter
Personal tracked vehicle
Brake for an in-line roller skate
Roller ski board
In-line-roller-skate interchangeable independent suspension, removable boot and a chassis supporting multiple brake systems
Equipment for use on covering a sports stadium
Device for coupling a shoe with a sports gear
Collectible cards and a game played therewith
Interactive games and method of playing
Portable game machine having image capture, manipulation and incorporation
Apparatus and method for illuminating a portable electronic or computing device
Table-slots game and method of play
Method of playing a multiple-draw poker card game
Method of dealing a casino poker game
Method of playing a poker game that is better than caribbean stud poker
Method for playing a game of chance
Method of playing a spelling game
Electronic verification machine for documents
Progressive wagering system
Encoded image puzzle/decoder
Jigsaw puzzle box easel
Group walking toy
Toy vehicle crashset having rebound mechanism
Model space craft glider
Balloon composed of two multilayered superimposed sheets
Toy for creating visual and audial patterns
Toy figure with force measurement and audible messages
Toy figure with articulating joints
Interactive role-playing posable toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas burner assembly and method of making
Apparatus for mixing and injection molding thermosetting polyurethane
Stirring a medium by means of a magnetic stirrer while checking the magnetic drive, associated apparatus
Hub assembly
Seal assembly for installation on shafts of mixers for concrete, mortar and similar mixtures
Continuous mixing apparatus with upper and lower bladed disk impellers and a notched blade
Striker bar for disintegrating breakable materials
Device for treating of processing and especially for disintegrating of substances or compounds
Pulverizing system purging
Nozzle assembly with an extendable turret
Container with snap-on neck
Floating fountain
Floating gasket plate for paint cup on spray gun
Caulking gun and cartridge structure
Module and nozzle for dispensing controlled patterns of liquid material
Storage rack for storing sorted mailpieces
Aligner mechanism for a mail handling system
Pressure washer with duty cycle temperature controller and method
Gas-phase modification in earth materials
Method of forming a synthetic cap on a bulk material pile
Method and device for continuously cutting during hot rolling
Wire mandrel having a spring biased restraining arm in a wire uncoiler
Sorting machine for stacks of sheet metal panels
Easy opening can end and method for fabricating the same
Golf club head with a face composed of a forged material
Set of woods with face thickness variation based on loft angle
Parts transfer system
Mechanism for inverting the cope of a molding flask
Core assembly method for cylinder head castings
Foundry sand
Method for producing a cooled, lost-wax cast part
Bottom pouring fully dense long ingots
Agitated continuous casting process for aluminum alloy
Hot-chamber diecasting machine
Method and apparatus for cooling mold
Immersion nozzle
High precision expanding mandrel with quick sleeve change
Locking chuck
Template guide for centering drill in removing of broken stud
Variable radius notching machine
Method and device for the surface machining of a structure such as a cellular structure
Rotary cutting tool
Portable tool support stand
Split bearing arrangement and method of making same
Radiation furnace with independently controlled heating elements
Apparatus and a method for removing solder from an object
Bondhead lead clamp apparatus and method
Print head for ejecting liquid droplets
Method for chemically reworking metal layers on integrated circuit bond pads
Back-up clamp component
Hollow nozzle partition with optimized wall thickness and method of forming
Thread repair insert
Coin cleaning apparatus
Method and apparatus for supplying lubricant
V-block for drilling round objects
Joint mechanism for structural members
Robotic turntable
Apparatus and method for chemical mechanical planarization
Technique for reducing slivers on optical components resulting from friction processes
Magnetic finishing apparatus
Apparatus and method for qualifying a chemical mechanical planarization process
Electrically driven grinder for ceramic cutlery
Wafer polishing pad centering apparatus
Workpiece polishing apparatus comprising a fluid pressure bag provided between a pressing surface and the workpiece and method of use thereof
Abrasive machine
Chemical mechanical polishing processes and components
Pressurized delivery method for abrasive particulate material
Chemical mechanical polishing with multiple polishing pads
CMP polishing pad including a solid catalyst
Method of chemical mechanical polishing organic silicon material with low dielectric constant
Wafer holder and polishing device
Abrasive machine for machining a flange on a work piece
Abrasive means and a grinding process
Structure for enhancing torque output of electric drill
Tool for removal of large bolts
Swing arm clamp mechanism
Low-profile rocking lever clamp
Clamp apparatus
Tool belt carrier
Ladder bag
Object manipulator and manipulation system
Force display master interface device for teleoperation
Apparatus for comminution of solid materials using a processor-controlled liquid jet
Pack of self-opening plastic bags
Post processor for the image formation machine
Apparatus for plasticizing material for molding thermoplastic resin foam
Plastic container component and method of forming the same
Wear resistant fuel pump
Injection mould
Resin-molding mold unit and resin-molding apparatus provided with the resin-molding mold unit
Ultimate control, reduced slippage golf ball
Blow molding apparatus with fixedly positioned pin and reciprocating sleeve
Face coating for a golf club head
Media movement apparatus
Ink jet validation printer
Print processing for performing sub-scanning combining a plurality of feed amounts
Pinch roller for inkjet printer
Image forming apparatus having auxiliary tray
Printer continuous paper drive
Recording device
Methods and apparatus for full width printing using a sparsely populated printhead
Image printing apparatus and image printing method
Device for controlling fluid movement
Apparatus and method for real-time measurement of digital print quality
Liquid discharge head, liquid discharge method, liquid discharge apparatus, recovery method for liquid discharge head, and fluid structure body
Liquid discharge head, liquid discharge method and liquid discharge apparatus
Charged droplet position determining apparatus
Method of increasing the reliability of an inkjet printer
Adaptive incremental print mode that maximizes throughput while maintaining interpen alignment by nozzle selection
Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting device and liquid ejecting method
Nozzle arrangement that includes a thermal actuator for an ink jet printhead
Thermal actuator drop-on-demand apparatus and method with reduced energy
Warming device for controlling the temperature of an inkjet printhead
Multilayered ceramic substrate serving as ink manifold and electrical interconnection platform for multiple printhead dies
Ink jet recording head substrate, ink jet recording head, ink jet recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
Opposed ejection ports and ink inlets in an ink jet printhead chip
Actuator for inkjet print head
Ink jet printer with cleaning mechanism and method of assembling same
Ink jet recording apparatus
Fiber tracking management system for inkjet printheads
Liquid container, method of manufacture therefor, ink jet cartridge that uses such container, and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink cartridge for an inkjet printing system
Method for manufacturing ink tank, ink tank, ink jet cartridge, and ink jet recording apparatus
Fluid and vacuum control in an ink jet printing system
Liquid discharge recording apparatus, liquid discharge head unit, and mounting method therefor
Ink bag fitment with an integrated pressure sensor for low ink detection
Method for multicolorant printing of digital images using reduced colorant amounts
Liquid ejection apparatus using air flow to remove mist
Ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
Color ink jet recording method/apparatus
Ink-jet printing apparatus and ink-jet printing process using the same
Ink jet recording method
Ink-jet printer
Printer ink cartridge
Ink-jet print cartridge, ink-jet printer, method and apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus and method
Tape printing device and tape cassette
Method and apparatus for making an album page
Waterfast ink jet images treated with hardeners
Reusable checklist device
Adjustable book jacket and cover
Universal flexible binder
Tab marking system
Wearable pen-holder device
Click type writing implement
Double ended direct-feed type writing implement
Correction pen with pressure adjusting structure
System and method for registration of documents by marking and registration of markings
Apparatus for impact marking
Bicycle hub with threaded spacer and detachable freewheel
Wheel fastener assemblies
Rim extension device
Tire manipulator for mine service vehicles
Revolving shackle
Stabilizer arrangement for a motor vehicle and method of making same
Flexible joint for a vehicle suspension device and process for stabilizing the mechanical operating characteristics of a flexible joint for a vehicle suspension device
Anti-roll mechanism for vehicle suspension system
Subframe for suspension
Mechanical coupling for elastic axial and radial constraint with torsional freedom, especially for elastic pivots and suspensions and the like
Inside/outside air switching device with rotary door
Air conditioned cart
Method for controlling a heating and/or air conditioning apparatus
Device for air temperature control in a vehicle
Ventilation system for an interior of a motor vehicle
Window sealing strip for a convertible
Inflatable car flood rescue raft
Method for operating a vehicle power sliding door
Automotive double folding tailgate
Universal rear door frame for a trailer
Retractable tarpaulin cover apparatus for open-topped container
Convertible vehicle top
Device for tensioning side tarpaulin having abutment element securing tightener independent of side tarpaulin tension
Transformer cargo cover
Motor vehicle convertible structure with removable side members
Vehicle sunroof device
Radiator assembly for internal combustion engines of an automobile
Cooling system for working vehicle
Fuel tank for automobile
Seal assembly for a fuel tank
Propeller shaft deflector
Vehicle component mounting assembly
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Torque detector and controls for prohibiting the operation of an electric motor on a hybrid vehicle when the driving torque of the vehicle exceeds a predetermined value during start-up
Seat device of a vehicle
Seat adjuster
Part of a motor vehicle seat
Vehicular seat support structure
Latching device for articulated elements, in particular, elements forming vehicle seats
Device for avoiding whiplash injuries
Device for avoiding whiplash injuries
Car bench seat
Vertical movement apparatus for vehicle seat
Pick-up vehicle having a swivel device, swivel device, and process for loading and unloading the pick-up vehicle
Slag transporter
Pivotal hitch-mounted hauler
Vehicle transporter having resiliently-biased locking system
Method of making dunnage bags
External side view mirror
Structure for attaching pillar garnish
Bumper beam having double open sided channel members
Energy dissipating device for an automobile bumper
Energy absorber securing structure and method
Air bag and method of seam assembly for minimizing gas leakage
Inflatable curtain with anchor device
Inflatable side curtain
Cover assembly for an air bag
Gas inflator for an airbag for reducing vibration in a steering column
Modular air bag housing
Airbag apparatus for front passenger seat
Air bag device
Occupant restraint system for a vehicle
Method of folding air bag for driver
Knee bolster apparatus with center tether
Airbag device for a front seat passenger's seat
Inflator and airbag device
Pyrotechnical gas generator
Sensor for a belt retractor
Seat belt retractor
Side runner assembly for a vehicle having a dropping step
Visor for vehicles
Storage systems for pickup trucks and other vehicles
Surrogate top tube
Pump arrangement for liquid tanks
Wheel brake for a kick scooter
Valve assembly for electrically controlled pneumatic brakes
Steering and braking stability program
Method for applying defined operating forces
Solenoid based park brake method
Method and device for detecting unstable braking and controlling braking pressure
Electromagnetic valve
Rotary lighting system
Railway locomotive brake controller
LED wayside signal for a railway
Folding collapsible golf cart
Shopping cart collection vehicle and method
Collapsible steering column and method
Apparatus for altering operation apparatus and actuator combinations, and operation lever apparatus
Mechanism for adjusting toe angle of wheel and steering apparatus
Structure for front part of automotive vehicle body
Extruded node for attaching body mount bushings to tubular vehicle frame components
Universal bracket mount
Truck bed extension
Combination bumper skin and under-engine fairing for a vehicle
Vehicle rear underside structure
Load-securing device
Method and apparatus for ground working
Vent for a power-assisted steering system
Operating system for locking pins for sliding undercarriages
Trailer for balancing vehicle
Suspension and drive mechanism for multi-surface vehicle
Suspension and drive mechanism for a multi-surface vehicle
Roller assembly of an undercarriage assembly having a roller hub configured to receive rims of varying sizes and method for making the same
Guiding arrangement for a track type work machine
Axle lifting device for a vehicle
Tilting vehicle
Bicycle front mudguard
Article storage device of motorcycle
Detachable footplate for scooters
Two-stage bicycle disk brake assembly with an anti-lock device
Bottom bracket assembly for bicycles
Apparatus for reducing dissipation rate of fluid ejected into boundary layer
Method and arrangement for transporting load units
Cargo load retractable receiver
Articulated multiple buoy marine platform apparatus and method of installation
Articulated multiple buoy marine platform apparatus
Boat lift apparatus
Inflation device
Recreational floating device having underwater projectile dispensing feature
Apparatus for generating a fluid flow
Two speed transmission with reverse for a watercraft
Sheave assemblies and pulley blocks
Air induction system for small watercraft
Marine electrical generator
Flow-efficient, static pressure-shielding, fire-resistant decompression panel assembly
Heat pipe cooling of aircraft skins for infrared radiation matching
High speed rotor aircraft
Tailored wing assembly for an aircraft moveable slat system
Mechanism for releasing articles from kites
Aircraft drainmast assembly
Main deck cargo barrier net configuration
Thruster systems for spacecraft station changing, station keeping and momentum dumping
Cigar feed unit
Gassing of containers
Packaging system for reusable food or beverage containers
Return mailer
Attachment for extraction of corks and similar bottle stoppers
Child proof sealing device for a container of substances to be kept separate up to their dispensing
Closure ring assembly for an open-head drum
Spigot assembly for container
Spout assembly for liquid container
Display carton
Package design
Container for freshly harvested respiring, leafy produce
Folding carton with attachment and cover
Display shipper
Peel-openable container
Cushioned container assembly
Packaging of smoking articles
Explosion resistant aircraft cargo container
Multi compartment residential manual side loading collection vehicle
Rack for stacking metal sections
Gravity-advance conveyor for pallet loads
Rotary drive for vibratory conveyors
Adjustable unit for the unscrambling and lined up delivery of empty containers
Small-parts feed and conveying device
Conveyor module for simultaneous translation and rotation of products
Sheet feeder
Roll sheet conveying device and recording apparatus
Filmstrip transport mechanism with compensation for perforation pitch variations for improved film registration
Gripper for flat objects
Method for transporting printed products
Dynamic gap establishing synchronous product insertion system
Multi-compartment paralleling reel having independent compartments
Winding machine with yarn traversing device
Coil tubing winding tool
Self-compensating filament tension control device employing a friction band
Yarn carrier having an annular recess containing markings for yarn identification
Elevator control calculating power consumed and power generated by a controlled elevator
Elevator speed controller responsive to power failures
Controller for dynamically allocating regenerative power to a rechargeable power supply of an elevator
Absolute position reference system for an elevator
Elevator platform stabilization coupler
Rope support device for elevator
Hydraulic elevator system
Drive configuration for stair lifts
Lifting device for increasing the performance of a handling apparatus for ISO containers
Winch and winch drum
Self-adjusting furniture lifting bracket assembly
Vehicle supported lift system
Jack apparatus
Lifting carriage
Modular volumetric valve system
Bottled liquid dispensers
Self-sealed spout
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Gas turbine stationary shroud made of a ceramic foam material, and its preparation
Inkjet inks which improve drop-velocity stability and prolong resistor life in inkjet pens
CMP slurry for planarizing metals
Spotting fluid for differential sticking
Compositions containing aqueous viscosifying surfactants and methods for applying such compositions in subterranean formations
Candle with insert
Furnace roller and cast tire therefor
Method and device for loading a susceptor
Gas panel
Showerhead apparatus for radical-assisted deposition
Apparatus and method for positioning gas injectors in a vertical furnace
Semiconductor processing apparatus with substrate-supporting mechanism
Quartz window having reinforcing ribs
Article having corrosion resistant coating
Article having corrosion resistant coating
Article having corrosion resistant coating
Textiles; Paper
Low abrasion elastomeric fabric
Carpet backing and methods of making and using the same
Roll adjustable in shape
Fixed Constructions
Dolly track
Directional controls for vibrating plate
Multiple jet hydrodemolition apparatus and method
Athletic track with post-tensioned concrete slab
Quick re-install bumper guard system and method
Slot guard for slotted rail terminal
Blow molded barricade
Device for placing cones on a roadway surface
Hand-held shovel
Nondestructive system for adjusting manhole and catch-basin elevations
Method of arranging reinforcement in forming foundation of ground reinforcing type and foundation body
Method and apparatus for forming piles in place
Pivotal faucet
Sound absorbing structure
Modular formwork elements and assembly
Lighting assemblies for mounting in suspended ceiling configured to permit more compact shipment and storage
Three-yard concrete bucket with integral ladder
Rotating catch lock, specially for motor vehicles
Lock device of automobile openable body
Vehicle door latch with power operated unlatching mechanism
Double pawl console latch
Optical components for daylighting and other purposes
Control and suspension system for a covering for architectural openings
Ladder leveling arrangement
Rock drill bit
Sharp gage for mill tooth rock bits
Buoyancy system with buoyancy module seal
Casing centralizer
Invisible liner
Making and breaking of couplings between pipe sections in a drilling rig
Annular flow safety valve and methods
Method for attaching subsea manifold to pipeline tee
Firing head/perforating gun latching system and associated methods
Fluid well pump
Choke restrictor devices and methods
Apparatus and method for detecting a location and an orientation of an underground boring tool
Method and apparatus for sampling fluids from a wellbore
Method for sensing coal-rock interface
Cable truss system and related method of installation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vane pumping machine utilizing invar-class alloys for maximizing operating performance and reducing pollution emissions
Rotary compressor
Combined brush seal and labyrinth seal segment for rotary machines
Bucket tip clearance control system
Gas injector system and its fabrication
Impigement cooled airfoil
Shroud assembly having C-clip retainer
Bucket and wheel dovetail connection for turbine rotors
Bucket and wheel dovetail connection for turbine rotors
Gas-turbine rotor
Variable vane for use in turbo machines
Aerofoil for an axial flow turbo machine
Bore tube assembly for steam cooling a turbine rotor
Film cooling air pocket in a closed loop cooled airfoil
Apparatus and method for fluid replacement
Precise replacement of liquids and components in a liquid mixture
Motor vehicle muffler
Exhaust cooling system vehicles
Closing cap for motor vehicle radiator
Butterfly body
System for controlling drivetrain components to achieve fuel efficiency goals
Carburetor for a general purpose engine
Oil sealing assembly for injector wire
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injection valve
Needle adjustment means
Engine waste heat recovering apparatus
Variable capacity type compressor with check valve
Spring supporting structure of linear compressor
Hermetic reciprocating compressor
Electrostrictive micro-pump
Diaphragm pump
Fluid pump
Piston pump having housing with a pump housing and a pump assembly drive housing formed therein
Air driven devices and components therefor
Reciprocating pump for feeding viscous liquid
Rotary pump
Fluid machinery
Friction vacuum pump with a stator and a rotor
Turbo-molecular pump
Methods and apparatus for reducing vibrations induced within fan assemblies
Turbo machines
Labyrinth sealing device, and fluid machine providing the same
High suction performance and low cost inducer design blade geometry
Split blade radial fan
Clamping device of cooling fan
Low vibration blower housing and motor mount
Jet pump sensing line clamp assembly and methods
Gas-liquid ejector
Self drilling swivel toggle anchor
Body bolt absorber assembly
Component attachment apparatus
Linear guide device
Linear motion bearing assembly with integral performance enhancing features
Linear guide device
Combination structure for oil-impregnated bearing
Disengaging device for a clutch
Constant velocity universal joint
Segmented locking retainer for one-way clutch bearings
End bearings for one-way clutch, manufacturing process thereof, and one-way clutch provided with at least one of such end bearings
Brake cylinder apparatus
Duo two leading type drum brake device
Disc brake actuator
Brake cable-connecting apparatus for drum brake
Electric power steering apparatus
Composite bow mono-leaf spring
Body mount having independent vertical and lateral rates
Dual hemisphere elastomer mount
Hydraulically damping rubber support
Switchable, hydraulically damping bearing
Liquid sealed type vibration isolator
Distributed aerodynamic and mechanical damping of cables with active smart control
Tunable vibration noise reducer with spherical element containing tracks
Connection arrangement for coupling a hydrodynamic torque converter to a rotating shaft
Differential apparatus
Transmission output bearings with intermediate speedometer sensor
Process for controlling a CVT installed in the power train of a motor vehicle
Pulley slip control for continuous variable transmissions
Tensioner with plunger stopper pin
Hydraulic chain tensioner with vent device and pressure relief valve
Continuously variable transmission
Gasket tab retainer
Stress-induced gasket
Neck seal with v-groove spring
Brush seal with positive adjustable clearance control
Valve body with integral seal retention groove
HVAC damper
Solenoid operated hydraulic control valve
Non-contaminating gas-tight valve for semiconductor applications
Pipe connection
Resin pipe joint
Tube joint having tightening member for accommodating tubes of varying wall thickness
Mounting ring for water closet coupling and method of installation
Coupling structure for tube
High pressure conduit connector
Clamp for closely spaced pipes
Internal conduit sealing member and band
Pipe with crack stopper feature, and process of protecting a pipe against propagation of cracks
Multilayer fuel pipe
Automatic refill system for ultra pure or contamination sensitive chemicals
Exterior lighting system
Lighting apparatus for portable spas and the like
Adjustable lamp shade
Headlight with a ventilated mask
Enclosing / snapping-type inlaid light
Peripherally sealed card-like flashlight device having light generating module and holder therefor seated in cavity of main body structure
Lamp housing with controlled cooling
Vehicle lamp lens with surface treatments
Vehicular headlamp
Light conducting plate for a back lighting device and back lighting device
Surface light source device of side light type
Reflection illumination device for object to be illuminated
Hand held lighting device having a luminescent body
Gas burner for cooking areas
Modulating fuel gas burner
Landfill condensate injection system
Flint gas lighter with ignition resistant mechanism
Candle snuffer
Gravity cooling unit
Heat exchanger with intertwined inner and outer coils
Modular front panels
Barrier device to surround air delivery structures
Hopper vent
Operating mechanism for vent louver
Ventilation fan
Door assembly for rotary furnace
Pulse thermal loop
Lamina stack for a two-pass evaporator
Heat-pipe type radiator and method for producing the same
Evaporator with improved condensate drainage
Heat exchanger with at least one connecting element
Portable target stand and target
Rotary laser irradiating apparatus and construction machine control system
Device for dispensing measured quantities of a fluid from a container and a metering container using such a device
Infrared ear thermometer
Radiant type thermometer
Sensor mount
Method and apparatus for introducing a tablet into a climate control system
Foam detector apparatus and method
Method of checking wirebond condition
Ferrule having optical fiber incorporated therein as an integral part thereof and method for production thereof
Optical connector
Connector for fiber optic cable
Optical fiber connector with improved ferrule float feature
Optical device and method for manufacturing the same
Optoelectronic module
Assembling optical components
Connecting assembly of optical fibers with optical or optoelectronic components
Device for adjusting an optical apparatus
Continuous frames for glasses
Multifocal ophthalmic lens with reduced halo size
Camera having a spring loaded mechanism for driving a light-shielding door member
Printing apparatus
Processing photographic material
Photosensitive material processing device
Proportional variable force solenoid control valve with armature damping
Apparatus to enhance cooling of electronic device
Data pipeline system and data encoding method
Method and device for checking the correctness of answers to quiz questions over the media and in events, especially television and radio
Color calibration for digital halftoning
Contactless electronic memory card
Electronic module for chip card
Optoelectronic device for acquisition of images, in particular of bar codes
Optical reader controlling operation between multi-scanning and single-scanning modes
Multi-channel signal processing in an optical reader
Apportionment of pay out of casino game with progressive account
Remote ordering device
Random number generator
Money handling apparatus
Slot table game apparatus and method of playing slot-table game
Method and system for identifying and handling critical chip card commands
Method of authenticating a personal code of a user of an integrated circuit card
Phonological awareness, phonological processing, and reading skill training system and method
Interactive computer program for measuring and analyzing mental ability
Interactive learning of a foreign language
Learning-support device and learning-support method
Electronic bulldozer game
Thermostat having an illuminated keypad and display
Spindle motor unit having hydrodynamic bearing
Compliant tape reel flanges
Magnetic tape cartridge
Case for containing a disk cartridge
Disk magazine for accessing CD disks
Co-solidification of low-level radioactive wet wastes produced from BWR nuclear power plants
Electron source fabricating method and an image forming apparatus fabricating method
Electric light bulb having a mirror, and a strip light including at least one such bulb
Multi-function chamber for a substrate processing system
Die bonder and/or wire bonder with a suction device for pulling flat and holding down a curved substrate
In/out load port transfer mechanism
Integrated edge gripper
Wafer transfer arm stop
Dual arm linear hand-off wafer transfer assembly
High density multichip interconnect decal grid array with epoxy interconnects and transfer tape underfill
Electrical connector with a supporting mechanism
Header connector having two shields therein
Electrical connector having improved shielding means
Socketable flexible circuit based electronic device module and a socket for the same
Device for the electrical and mechanical connection of two printed circuit boards
Compact electrical connector having boardlocks
Connector having rear holders and method of manufacturing thereof
Connector and a set of terminal fittings
Sealed electrical distribution centers
Push-pull connector assembly and connector for this assembly
Data signal connector with protective overmold
Connector with locking piece and ribs configured to prevent penetration of wire below locking piece
Connector position assurance device
Multiple peripheral connection device for connecting multiple peripheral devices to a host device
Compact PCI connector guide
Mechanically assisted blind mate electrical connector
Plug connector
ESD protecting device
Connector for airbag gas generator
Electrical power connector for printed circuit boards
Movable structure for connectors
Reduced complexity hot plug blind mate fan assembly and connector therefor
Reduced return loss electrical connector
Electrical jack
Two-wire type wiring case
Rotary connector capable of largely increasing height of space accommodating flexible cable
Conductor-connecting element
Insulation-displacement terminal fitting and production method therefor
Snap-in electrical conductor connecting system using conductor-cutting anvils
Electrical connector
Electrical connector with improved terminal arrangement and structure
Method for protecting and reworking connector block wiring
Rotary connector and connecting structure of flexible cable and lead block used therein
Connector and mould
Low profile cable end connector with EMI shell
EMI shell used with low profile cable end connector
Low profile cable end connector
Device for connecting attachable switchgear cabinets
Submarine plough
Wall-mounted installation housing
Electrical outlet fixture recessible in a housing
Captive splice assembly for electrical bus and method for using same
Perimeter light illumination systems for portable communication devices and associated methods
Laser imaging using a spatial light modulator
Apparatus for the redistriabution of acoustic energy
Method and apparatus for manufacturing electronic parts
Transporter for lead frames and transport assembly
Chip-type circuit element mounting apparatus
Printed circuit board electrical connector with anchoring device
Card reader structure with an axial-rotate joint
Socket for pin grid array package
Cable management arm assembly
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