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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Radiographic and fluoroscopic CT imaging
Breast's radiation image taking apparatus and a method of taking a breast's radiation image
Path planning and collision avoidance for movement of instruments in a radiation therapy environment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical writing device and image forming apparatus
Lens array, a line head and an image forming apparatus using the line head
Wavefront-aberration measuring device and exposure apparatus including the device
Pellet sorting by diameter measurement
Method and device for adjusting gap dimensions and/or an offset between a vehicle hood and the remaining vehicle body
Testing system for testing color wheels
Measuring apparatus
Color identifying device for identifying colors of reaction surfaces produced by chemical reaction and gas identifying device
Optical scanning device and method of deriving same
Portable meter to measure chlorophyll, nitrogen and water and methods
Pattern defect inspection apparatus and method
Optical fiber continuous measurement system
Inspection device and method for inspecting coated transparent component
Apparatus for inspecting defect of rubbing cloth and rubbing apparatus with the same
Sample holder for an optical element
System and method for flow cytometry
Centralized bandwidth management method and apparatus
Method, system, and apparatus for loopback parameter exchange
Non-intrusive monitoring of quality levels for voice communications over a packet-based network
Method of monitoring a network
Traffic information aggregating apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling logging in a communication network
Global positioning receiver with PN code output
System and method for suppressing radio frequency transmissions
Fracture clusters identification
Lens module
Lens barrel
Image pickup apparatus
Illumination module for evanescent illumination and microscope
Electrowetting display devices and fabrication methods thereof
MEMS devices and processes for packaging such devices
Methods and configurations for manufacturing hinges for micro-mirror devices
Method for packing a display device and the device obtained thereof
Electro-osmotic displays and materials for making the same
Micro thin-film structure, MEMS switch employing such a micro thin-film, and method of fabricating them
Beam irradiation apparatus, beam irradiation method, and method for manufacturing thin film transistor
Imaging device
Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
Polarizer, polarization light source and image display unit using them
Lens module
Lens actuator
Zoom lens module
Device for transferring lens
Lens module
Lens barrel supporting frame, lens retaining structure, lens barrel and camera
Imaging system
Image display device, image display method, and image display program
Electro-optomechanical beam steering system, and associated methods
Liquid crystal display and electronic apparatus
High luminance polarizing plate, and liquid crystal panel and image display using same
Dual mode display
Optical element, light condensation backlight system, and liquid crystal display
Photo-luminescent liquid crystal display including a blue dichroic mirror layer
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display apparatus
Display panel
Spacer positioning to improve display quality in a liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Conductive thin film and thin film transistor
Image capturing apparatus having a plurality of focus detention devices and control method therefor
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method and method of calibrating a lithographic apparatus
Timer and display device
Voltage generating circuit
Pulse generator and method of generating pulses, such as for template generation in impulse radio systems
Circuit and method for clock skew compensation in voltage scaling
Portable electronic device having auxiliary input unit
Electronic device
Method and system for coupling a laptop or other portable or hand-held device to a docking system using an Ethernet interface
Chip card catching mechanism and portable electronic device using the same
Computer front bezel
Retransmission control method and device
Automatic call distribution system using computer network-based communication
Method and system for pay per use document transfer via computer network transfer protocols
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Color image processing apparatus and method
Network-based image forming device and print secure method thereof
Image reading device and image processing method utilizing the same
Apparatus and method for driving liquid crystal display device
Display apparatus and a method of controlling the same
Method for improving positioned accuracy for a determined touch input
Coordinate input apparatus and its control method
Image data transmitter and image data communication system
Job management apparatus and method of recognizing job completion, and control program used therewith
Variable gain mixer
Printed document managing method, printed document managing program, image forming apparatus, and printed document managing system
Image quality improving apparatus and method using detected edges
Method of and device for image enhancement
Dither matrix producing method and apparatus, image processing method and apparatus, image forming method and apparatus, program and recording medium
System and method for linking current and previous images based on anatomy
Detecting and correcting peteye
Document processing using embedded document information
Machine vision system and method for estimating and tracking facial pose
Virtual endoscopy with improved image segmentation and lesion detection
Image processing method for windowing and/or dose control for medical diagnostic devices
Registration method for biometrics authentication system, biometrics authentication system, and program for same
Method and apparatus for inspecting a substrate
System and method for three dimensional modeling
Image diagnosis supporting system and method
Method of analysing separation patterns
Method of analysing a representation of a separation pattern
Systems and methods for tracking the eye
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Substring detection system and method
Distance transform based vessel detection for nodule segmentation and analysis
Automated estimation of average stopped delay at signalized intersections
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
Mass segmentation using mirror image of region of interest
Selection of decorative picture suitable for input picture
Method and apparatus for predicting the size of a compressed signal
Systems and methods for section-by-section processing of a digital image file
Identification of a photoelectric sensor array
System and method for good nearest neighbor clustering of text
Methods and apparatus for target discrimination using observation vector weighting
System and method for generating an animatable character
Method and apparatus for generating a 2D image having pixels corresponding to voxels of a 3D image
Drawing processing apparatus, texture processing apparatus, and tessellation method
Identification of occlusions in stroke-based rendering
Method and system for conducting near-field source localization
Passive container tracking device, system, and method
Device and method for identifying, locating and tracking objects on laboratory equipment
Circuit arrangement for load regulation in the receive path of a transponder
Electronic substrate, semiconductor device, and electronic device
Safety switch for monitoring a closed position of two parts moveable relative to one another
Smoke warning system
Light scattering type smoke detector
Pump failure alarm device
Method and apparatus for installing a wireless security system
Instant messaging applications in security systems
Integrated remote control system
Transflective liquid crystal display
Plasma display device having improved luminous efficacy
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Image display device
Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display deriving modulated data using approximation
Display device having an improved video signal drive circuit
Thin-film transistor circuit and a semiconductor display using the same
Reference voltage generating circuit and liquid display device using the same
Method and apparatus for extending the color depth of displays
Power source circuit, display driver, electro-optic device and electronic apparatus
Dual-plane graphics
Inverter circuit
Method of realising a boundary of a rotated object
Graphics display system with anti-aliased text and graphics feature
Brightness correction method and system utilizing the same
Entry of data in a data processing system
Systems and methods for updating a frame buffer based on arbitrary graphics calls
Disk drive detecting defective spiral servo track
Media drive, processing method for recording data onto a medium, processing method for data read from a medium, and method for controlling a process for reading data from a medium
Optical disc medium and optical disc device
Magnetic recording apparatus and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Tape-based data storage system capable of reading and/or writing multiple error correctable sets of data
Magnetic read head with reduced shunting
Magneto-resistance effect element with a surface contacting with a side face of electrode having a magnetization direction
Disk drive comprising slanted line servo bursts having reverse polarity segments
Encapsulant for a disc drive component
Method and apparatus for determining offset between read head and write head in a disk drive
Disk drive comprising slanted line servo burst sets offset radially
Information recording medium and recording/reproducing apparatus
Information recording device and method, and computer program
Optical recording medium drive apparatus and method of determining the number of layers
Optical disc device and reproduction method
Laser focus controlling method on an optical disk and an optical disk apparatus with using thereof
Servo controlling method of optical information processing apparatus and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical head and optical disk device capable of detecting spherical aberration
Data processing method, information recording medium manufacturing management system, recording data generation apparatus and method, and computer program
Writing power determining method and optical disc apparatus
Recording control method for optical disk recording apparatus and optical disk recording apparatus
Method of allocating areas in optical disc, data recording and/or reproducing apparatus adopting the same, and optical disc therefor
SEU hardened latches and memory cells using programmable resistance devices
Operating process of organic device
Semiconductor memory device
PRAM and method of firing memory cells
Thermally assisted multi-bit MRAM
Molecular quantum memory
Multiple-level memory with analog read
Non-volatile semiconductor latch using hot-electron injection devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Memory comprising diode
CMOS twin cell non-volatile random access memory
Amplifier circuit and associative memory
Range checking content addressable memory array
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
High density 45 nm SRAM using small-signal non-strobed regenerative sensing
Asynchronous data transmission
Metal programmable self-timed memories
Rotary variable resistor
Thermodynamic cycles
Lamp transformer assembly
Field coil assembly of electromagnetic clutch
Interleaved planar transformer primary and secondary winding
System and method for controlling movement of an object
Electrolytic capacitor and electrolyte thereof
Drive device with an input shaft and an output shaft particularly for driving a contact piece of an electrical switching device
Medical fluid machine having solenoid control system with temperature compensation
Portable electronic device with hall sensor
Rotary anode X-ray tube
Integrated non-reciprocal component
Polarization-preserving waveguide filter and transformer
Waveguide to microstrip line transition having a conductive footprint for providing a contact free element
Reconfigurable radiation desensitivity bracket systems and methods
Mobile terminal using an internal antenna with a conductive layer
Antenna mounting assembly
Plane super wide band coupling antenna
Antenna arrangement
Composite structures with integral intelligent skin
Adaptive antenna matching
Antenna apparatus including a shield cover which covers an amplification circuit, the shield cover having an aperture positioned to allow observation of an input unit of the amplification circuit from outside of the shield cover
Antenna device having good symmetry of directional characteristics
Cross dipole, cross dipole module, array antenna, and multiple input multiple output antenna
Waveguide retroreflector and method of fabricating the same
Method and systems for optimizing laser and electro-absorption modulator performance for long-haul optical transmission
Amplifying optical electromagnetic wave concentrator
Stun gun with an extendable electric shock distance
Current transformer disconnect switch
Adaptive multi-level threshold system and method for power converter protection
Drive circuit for switching device
Protection circuit and method of protecting a load circuit
ESD protective circuit having low leakage current
ESD protection for integrated circuits having ultra thin gate oxides
Asymmetrical interleaving strategy for multi-channel power converters
Galvanically isolated direct current transducer
Switching power supply apparatus
Control circuit for a switch unit of a clocked power supply circuit, and resonance converter
AC-DC converter circuit and power supply
Bonding-type surface-mount crystal oscillator
Self-calibrating modulator apparatuses and methods
Systems and methods for power amplifier with integrated passive device
Electric circuit device
Multimode multicarrier modem system and method of communication over the same
Decoding method and apparatus
Signal splitter/combiner for reducing noise ingress and cable television network incorporating plurality of same
Multi-voltage multiplexer system
Switch circuit device, and wireless circuit device and sampling circuit device employing the same
Electric circuit
Driving device of voltage drive type semiconductor device
Circuit and method for driving a junction field effect transistor
Signal detection circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit with flip-flop circuits mounted thereon
Clock generating circuit and semiconductor device provided with clock generating circuit
Sequential circuit element including a single clocked transistor
Integrated circuit including filter circuit arrangement
Pulse width modulation regulator system with automatically switching pulse skipping mode
Junction field effect transistor input buffer level shifting circuit
Voltage level shift circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Wake-up circuit
Frequency-doubling delay locked loop
Sample and hold circuit, multiplying D/A converter having the same, and A/D converter having the same
Variable gain amplifier and D/A converter
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key data
Message encoding/decoding using templated parameters
High speed serializer/deserializer transmit architecture
Method and apparatus for generating and transmitting code sequence in a wireless communication system
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
Method and apparatus for filtering noisy estimates to reduce estimation errors
Bit synchronization method and system for a GPS
Method of generating an index value
Optical amplifier transient control with gain error limits
Method and device for optimizing codebook for quantized precoder by using steepest descent algorithm
Efficient wired interface for differential signals
Wake on wireless network techniques
Performing a scan of diversity parameter differences
Log-likelihood ration (LLR) generating apparatus and method in Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna communication system
Signal detection method for MIMO communication system employing spatial multiplexing
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data in a multiple-input multiple-output communication system
Beam combining and hybrid beam selection method for improving digital broadcasting reception performance, and digital broadcasting receiving apparatus using the same
Dynamic multi-access relaying for wireless networks
Method and system for a power control in a communication system
Signaling method, system, base station and mobile station
Method and apparatus for supporting adaptive multi-rate (AMR) data in a CDMA communication system
System and method for maintaining wireless channels over a reverse link of a CDMA wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling gain level of a supplemental channel in a CDMA communication system
Method and apparatus for improving traffic distribution in load-balancing networks
Band limiting method and wireless communication system
Orthogonal signal generation using vector spreading and combining
Systems and methods for obtaining an optimum transmission format of reference signals to maximize capacity and minimize peak to average power ratio
Techniques to generate constant envelope multicarrier transmission for wireless networks
Method and system for allocating data bursts in a wireless communication system
Method for transmitting data by means of a carrier current
Pilot pattern design for an OFDM system
Interface device and inter-chip communication interface apparatus to control data transfer between chips
Multi-stage SONET overhead processing
Audio/video processing unit and control method thereof
Method, detection device and server device for evaluation of an incoming communication to a communication device
Management of redundant and multi-segment pseudo-wire
System and method for calculating bandwidth of mobile terminal for streaming service
Method and apparatus for transporting ethernet services
Base station and method for allocating bandwidth in a broadband wireless network with reduced latency
Data communications system
Network controller and method to support format negotiation between interfaces of a network
Band allocation method, communication control unit and communication apparatus
SONET management and control channel improvement
Method and device for assembling forward error correction frames in multimedia streaming
Method and apparatus for end-to-end clear transport protocol
Power amplifier pre-distortion
Method and system for bandwidth calibration for a phase locked loop (PLL)
Apparatus and method for controlling dynamic range of weight vectors according to combining methods in a mobile station equipped with multiple antennas in high rate packet data system using code division multiple access scheme
Synchronization apparatus and method for improving timing estimation performance in OFDM-FDMA/CDMA/TDMA system
Method and apparatus for preserving data in a system implementing Diffserv and IPsec protocol
Beam-former and combiner for a multiple-antenna system
System and method for dynamically optimized message processing
Resource based data rate control
Method for providing extra-traffic paths with connection protection in a communication network, related network and computer program product therefor
Packet data serving node and communication method using the same
Efficient transport of program clock reference for audio services delivered on an MPEG-2 transport stream
Method and apparatus for communicating data using TX/RX FIFO structure in a wideband stereo codec interface
Adaptive estimation of multimedia data transmission rate in a data communication system
Enabling mobile IPv6 communication over a network containing IPv4 components using ISATAP
Communicating method between IPv4 terminal and IPv6 terminal and IPv4-IPv6 converting apparatus
Dynamic network allocation for mobile router
Ordered and duplicate-free delivery of wireless data frames
Method and mobile routers in a communications system for routing a data packet
Instant service method for deficit-round-robin (DRR) data packet scheduling
Communication processing system, communication processing method, communication terminal, data transfer controller, and program
Fast flexible filter processor based architecture for a network device
Testing applications or devices in large networks
System and method for fault tolerant TCP offload
Maskable content addressable memory
Communications gateway and method of using the same
Interface card and CTI system applying interface card
Mechanism for modem pass-through with non-synchronized gateway clocks
Method and apparatus for network address translation based on pure hardware architecture
Method and apparatus for transporting broadcast video over a packet network including providing conditional access
Packet routing as a function of direction
Time multiplexing logic in physical design domain for multiple instantiation
Jitter buffer management in a packet-based network
Method and system for a gigabit Ethernet IP telephone chip with integrated security module
Methods and apparatus for frequency tracking of a received signal
Method and apparatus for asynchronous incremental redundancy transmission in a communication system
Receiver for a wire-free communication system
Efficient detection of predetermined sequences
Pilot multiplexing method and OFDM receiving method in OFDM system
Electronic transmitter/receiver
Methods and systems for communicating over a quantum channel
Technique for implementing a security algorithm
Multi-user quantum cryptography method and system using wavelength division multiplexing
Retaining device for mobile user devices
Subscriber line driver with equalizer
Devices and methods for acoustic usability
Opening and closing mechanism, and electronic device
Wireless headset apparatus and methods
Voice message transmission and retrieval
Apparatus and method of providing a call service using a prepaid card in a portable terminal
Interactive telephony trainer and exerciser
Telephone hold feature
Telephone control system
Method for managing information in a telephone and telephone for managing information
Handset and base unit with semi-translucent finish
Method and system for stereo echo cancellation for VoIP communication systems
Method for removing defects in scanned images
Scanner and method thereof
Scanner and exposure control method thereof
Method and device for scanning images
Bi-directional inverter printing apparatus and method
Controller of scanning apparatus
Automatic scanning method and apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
Image illumination and capture in a scanning device
Area image acquiring method for image reading apparatus
Image processing apparatus for image retrieval and control method therefor
Image production using enhanced eye-marks
Method and device for compressing image data
Information processing method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for generating a color separation table used in converting an image signal for the amount of a colorant
Method and system for improving the appearance of deinterlaced chroma formatted video
Pixel array and image processing apparatus for image-capturing
Image pick-up device
Method for adjusting image display range of a document camera
Illumination apparatus, imaging apparatus and irradiation method for an imaging apparatus comprising light emitting diodes which are duty-driven during an imaging period of a frame period
Image sensing device having a fiber optic block tilted with respect to a light receiving surface thereof
Folded compact image capture apparatus
Red-eye filter method and apparatus
Methods and systems for synthesizing pickup images
Resolution proportional digital zoom
Highly integrated television tuner on a single microcircuit
Color management unit
Operation screen controlling method, operation screen controlling program, and display device
Image capture apparatus including generation of backup data
Method and apparatus for accessing multi-dimensional mapping and information
Mobile telephone device
Apparatus and method for storing data in a digital broadcasting receiver
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding video signal using reference pictures
Video encoding and decoding methods and corresponding devices
Method and apparatus for providing rate control
Moving picture encoding apparatus and method, moving picture decoding apparatus and method
Videoconference data relay server
Device for viewing images, such as for videoconference facilities, related system, network and method of use
Techniques of imperceptibly altering the spectrum of a displayed image in a manner that discourages copying
Motion prediction compensating device and its method
Robust single-pass variable bit rate encoding
Image signal processor and deficient pixel detection method
Reading from and writing to memory tags
RF transactions using a wireless reader grid
Hearing device and method for wind noise suppression
Screen for playing audible signals by demodulating ultrasonic signals having the audible signals
Soundbridge test system
Acoustic tube and directional microphone
Method for wireless terminal dynamically switching window in a wireless LAN environment
Reduced time packet transmission in a wireless communications system
System and method for an ultra wideband radio wireless local area network
Method and system for integrating media independent handovers
Overhear-based transmitting control system in WLANS
Logically distinct wireless data communication networks sharing gateway for communicating with external networks
Methods and arrangements for selection of a wireless transmission method based upon signal to noise ratios
Polarization reuse and beam-forming techniques for aeronautical broadband systems
Bar type ionizer
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Adaptable plug-in mezzanine card for blade servers
Portable electronic apparatus with improved audio quality through a curved and sloped surface of a housing
Electronic device with support legs
Touch panel
10G XFP compliant PCB
Heat sink and a method for manufacturing the same
Heat sink assembly having a clip
Electronic device
Package assembly with heat dissipating structure
Methods and apparatus for cooling electronic devices using thermally conductive hinge assemblies
Heat sink assembly having a clip
Clamp for electrical devices
Modular heat-radiation structure and controller including the structure
Shield case
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Audible warning and visual enhancing walking stick
Automated receiving and delivery system and method
Image pickup apparatus having auto-centering function
Electronic endoscope with three-dimensional image capturing device
Interferometric measuring device
Multifrequency electro-magnetic field generator
Key-operating device for a hand-held video game apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid product distribution device and distributor comprising such a device
Device with at least one light source, comprising several individual light sources
Method and apparatus for measurement of a consumable electrode
Optical techniques for measuring layer thicknesses and other surface characteristics of objects such as semiconductor wafers
Optical elements and methods for making thereof
Polarizing plate and method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display using the polarizing plate
Method and apparatus for two-color thermal point of sale (POS) printing
Pixel clock generation apparatus, pixel clock generation method, and image forming apparatus capable of correcting main scan dot position shift with a high degree of accuracy
Collimation assembly and methods and apparatus for calibrating collimation and pre-scan assemblies in a laser scanning unit
Image-processing device independently controlling each of functions that correct density of image
Antenna for tire pressure monitoring wheel electronic device
Vehicle controller
Informing sound generation method and apparatus for vehicle
Electrochromic mirror with two thin glass elements and a gelled electrochromic medium
Method and system for remotely monitoring vehicle diagnostic trouble codes
Trailer based collision warning system and method
Door handle for vehicle
Vehicle safety system
System and method for detecting obstacles within the area of a railroad grade crossing using a phase modulated microwave signal
Bike braking warning control
Air travel security method, system and device
MEMS mirror
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of controlling intermodulation distortion of non-reciprocal device
Making dye mixtures to produce a certain target color
Copper oxide monitoring by scatterometry/ellipsometry during nitride or BLOK removal in damascene process
Fixed Constructions
Anti-theft tag
Adaptive acoustic transmitter controller apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
A/D conversion processing apparatus providing improved elimination of effects of noise through digital processing, method of utilizing the A/D conversion processing apparatus, and electronic control apparatus incorporating the A/D conversion processing apparatus
Optical devices using reflecting polarizing materials
Multiple-antenna jamming system
Configuration measuring apparatus and method
Thin film optical measurement system and method with calibrating ellipsometer
Compressed symbology strain gage
Tire inspection apparatus and method
Confocal wafer-inspection system
System and method for measuring optical distance
Panoramic aerial imaging device
Apparatus for assisting simple recognition of a position and program for assisting simple recognition of a position
Ramp arrangement and method for measuring the position of an actuator in a rotating media data storage device
Sensor array induced phase angle calculation based on mixed signals
Lateral acceleration indicator for aircraft
Holographic filters for spectroscopic identification of substances
Color reference system for display monitor
Method for optical system coherence testing
Method and a device for bending compensation in intensity-based fibre-optical measuring systems
Method and device for detection of information on optical elements, particularly for monitoring a laser arrangement
Method and apparatus for measuring Raman gain, method and apparatus for controlling Raman gain, and Raman amplifier
Method of polarimetry
Ellipsometry methods and apparatus using solid immersion tunneling
Methods and apparatus for determining optical constants of semiconductors and dielectrics with interband states
Method and arrangement for applying optical emission spectroscopy to the detection of the 193 nm spectral line of carbon
Dual laser web defect scanner
Certification and verification management system and method for a web inspection apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in a fluid
Method and apparatus for detecting radiation
Fiducial alignment marks on microelectronic spring contacts
Probe card
Electronic circuit inspection sensor and inspection system using same
Electrostatic discharge testers for undistorted human-body-model and machine-model characteristics
Apparatus and method for detecting and communicating interconnect failures
Ring oscillator system
PWM-based measurement interface for a micro-machined electrostatic actuator
Chip card circuit with monitored access to a test mode
Magnetic circuit with opposing permanent magnets and method for adjusting magnetic field thereof
Gradient coil for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus, and method for producing same
Signal acquisition using data bit information
Multi-ship coherent geolocation system
Wide bandwidth radar
Time domain radio transmission system
Programmable source of pulse trains on intermediate frequency and IFF emitting assembly using it
Method and system for localizing a target in an interrogation-response system
Ranging apparatus, ranging method, and opto-electric conversion circuit
System for tracking and monitoring vessels
Direction and distance finder
Method and system for positioning mobile units based on angle measurements
Method and apparatus for tracking objects and people
Sector antenna apparatus and vehicle-mounted transmission and reception apparatus
Method and device for aligning radar mount direction, and radar aligned by the method or device
Time-gain controlling method and apparatus, recording medium and ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Displacement sensing system
Laser microscope
Method for differentiated investigation of diverse structures in preferably biological preparations
Confocal microscope comprising two microlens arrays and a pinhole diaphragm array
Television standard converter for endoscope
Single-etalon, multi-point wavelength calibration reference
Chirped optical MEM device
Variable focal length lens comprising micromirrors with two degrees of freedom rotation and one degree of freedom translation
Variable focal length lens comprising micromirrors with one degrees of freedom rotation and one degree of freedom translation
Chromatic dispersion compensation device having an array of micromirrors
Display devices with integrated control elements and methods of making devices
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Optical scanner and image reproducing apparatus
Scanning optical system
Optical scanning system
Method and apparatus for use and construction of compensated higher order waveplates
High efficiency viewing screen
Optical component and compact wavelength locking arrangement including such a component
First surface mirror with chromium inclusive nucleation layer
Fiber optic collimator and collimator array
Methods and apparatus for generation and control of coherent polarization mode dispersion
Data communication over a power line
Focus detecting device with photoelectric conversion portion having microlens and with light blocking portion having first and second openings
Thinner, lighter and lower aberration prisms for ophthalmic applications
Multilayer single lens structure with zooming and focusing functions
Microelectronic devices and methods for packaging microelectronic devices
Magnetic field and electrical current visualization system
Liquid crystal display with a heat shield between the inverter and the backlight assembly
Structure and method for supporting a flexible substrate
Liquid crystal display device and array substrate for the same
Liquid crystal display and its driving method
Liquid crystal display
Light emitting device addressed spatial light modulator
Manufacturing method for a liquid crystal display device
Active matrix substrate and method for producing the same
Liquid crystal display including an anisotropic scattering layer
Transflective liquid crystal device with bright reflective display
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Super bright low reflectance liquid crystal display
Method of forming a color filter layer on an array substrate and device thereof
Liquid crystal panel substrate, liquid crystal panel, and electronic device and projection display device using the same
Liquid crystal display device
System for interactive display of a magic show
Method for photolithography using multiple illuminations and a single fine feature mask
Exposure apparatus, semiconductor device manufacturing method, maintenance method of exposure apparatus, and semiconductor manufacturing factory
Shutter for digital still camera
Method for optimizing the image properties of at least two optical elements as well as methods for optimizing the image properties of at least three optical elements
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and exposure method for use in forming a pattern of a semiconductor device
Illumination apparatus, illumination-controlling method, exposure apparatus, device fabricating method
Optical proximity correction method utilizing gray bars as sub-resolution assist features
Reticle focus measurement method using multiple interferometric beams
Multiple mask step and scan aligner
Method and apparatus for minimizing the influence of register differences
Optical element and manufacturing method thereof
Closure security seal with time-recording feature
Magnetically influenced current or voltage regulator and a magnetically influenced converter
Mobile device and key arranging method
Mobile system with ergonomically improved user pointing subsystem
Button key structure integrated with a speaker
View navigation and magnification of a hand-held device with a display
Housing for a computing device
Dynamic computation of chipset-supported accelerated graphics port aperture sizes
Technique for verifying print job formatting for network printing
Process and device for reducing bus switching activity and computer program product therefor
Data processing apparatus
Printer and recording material for the same
Distributed resource architecture and system
Design for a non-blocking cache for texture mapping
Method and system for range sensing of objects in proximity to a display
Information processing apparatus, method and computer program for virtual reality aura setting
Electronic apparatus and electronic system provided with the same
Enhanced computer peripheral input device
System and method for optical navigation using a projected fringe technique
Pen cartridge that transmits acceleration signal for recreating handwritten signatures and communications
Accurate interactive acoustic plate
Information processor, method for processing information and memory medium for storing program readable by computer
System and method for configuring a printing device for a physical environment
Information transmission system using light as communication medium, information transmission method, image pickup device, and computer programmed product
Packet length indication for a facsimile system
Rectifying charge storage element with transistor
Method for forming radio frequency antenna
Image processing apparatus connectable to network
Method for antialiasing a set of objects represented as a set of two-dimensional distance fields in object-order
Alpha correction to compensate for lack of gamma correction
Method and system for dynamically allocating a frame buffer for efficient anti-aliasing
Method for correcting an adaptively sampled distance field
Scene representation method and system
Incremental resolution changes in multi-resolution meshes with update records
Method for interpolation of tristimulus color data
Noise cleaning and interpolating sparsely populated color digital image using a variable noise cleaning kernel
Cost function to measure objective quality for sharpness enhancement functions
Digital still camera system and method
Data storage module for a security system
Photon intrusion detector
System and method for disabling data on radio frequency identification tags
Due-date alarm for rented items such as video cassettes and DVDs
Security bulb assembly
Remote control with LED capabilities
Method and apparatus of position location
Method and apparatus for the display of temporal distance data
Pixel clock PLL frequency and phase optimization in sampling of video signals for high quality image display
Plasma display device, luminance correction method and display method thereof
Operation voltage auto-adjustable active matrix organic light emitting diode circuit and auto-adjusting method thereof
Pixel based gobo record control format
Image display device and method thereof
Method and circuit for LCD panel flicker reduction
Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display
Image display apparatus
Image display apparatus and method of driving image display apparatus
Pointing device with storage
Data filter for haptic feedback devices having low-bandwidth communication links
Electronic book player with audio synchronization
Method for out-of core rendering of large 3D models
Aspect ratio conversion of video content
Color conversion characteristic determining method, image display device, and recording medium
Computer mouse with elastomeric dome switch
Proximity sensor with adaptive threshold
Semiconductor device for driving liquid crystal and liquid crystal display apparatus
Process and device for representations of application on a digital television screen
Display apparatus in which recovery time is short in fault occurrence
Servo pattern based tape tension control for tape drives
Apparatus and method to monitor the relative position of a tape medium disposed in a tape drive
Encoding and decoding process and corresponding data detector
Music storage apparatus and picture storage apparatus
Method of measuring non-linearity in magnetic recording/reproduction, device for magnetic recording/reproduction and LSI for magnetic recording reproduction
Digital data reproducing apparatus
Servo synchronization based on a servo synch mark that conflicts with self-clocking encoding algorithms
Method and apparatus for head positioning control in a disk drive
System, method, and apparatus for testing a head gimbal assembly
Apparatus to generate an adaptive track zero crossing signal in a disc drive and method used by the apparatus
Multi-tone representation of a digital image on a digital nonlinear editing system
Car disk drive unit
Hard disk drive having drive temperature self-adjustment for temperature-sensitive measurements
Tape reposition minimization using multiple reads
Technique to compensate for resonances and disturbances on primary actuator through use of a secondary actuator
Method and apparatus using reverse disk rotation to achieve slider contact with a disk surface
Band identification using a single C-core servo write head for timing based servo patterns
Method for obtaining head positions in magnetic data writing apparatus
Read channel with automatic servo track writer
Reduced bit number wedge identification techniques within a rotating media storage device
Method and system for providing dynamic actuation of a write head using a strain element
Data card with a full circular track for alignment and amplitude calibration
Electrical component having a protective layer
Variable resistor
Method of manufacturing discrete electronic components
Devices and methods for protecting windings around a sharp edged core
Polymer sheet core and coil insulation for transformers
Leakage transformer
Method of installing transformer winding coils and the transformer structure formed using such method
Support member for a superconducting magnet assembly
Actuator, method of manufacturing the actuator and circuit breaker provided with the actuator
Electromagnetic relay
Phase-to-phase isolation of cassette type circuit breakers
Interconnection structure with etch stop
Method for storing and retrieving data from an imaging array of vertical-color-filter detector groups
CMOS image sensor having block scanning capability
Solid-state image pickup device
Voltage controlled oscillating circuit
High frequency switch
Radio frequency diplexer
Resonator and high-frequency filter
Electro-ferromagnetic, tunable electromagnetic band-gap, and bi-anisotropic composite media using wire configurations
Automotive radar
Narrow reactive edge treatments and method for fabrication
Multichannel access point with collocated isolated antennas
RF card with conductive strip
Extendable planar diversity antenna
Electronically tunable planar antenna and method of tuning the same
Dual-frequency antenna
Protective cover for satellite dishes
High-efficiency transparent microwave antennas
Receiving signals from plural satellites in one antenna
Antenna apparatus
Antenna having at least one dipole or an antenna element arrangement which is similar to a dipole
Antenna alignment using a temperature-dependent driver
Multiband microwave antenna
Motor and/or transmitting device
Variable directivity antenna and variable directivity antenna system using such antennas
Mobile communications antenna and transceiving apparatus
Electrical signal filter with solderless ground connection
Dispersion-compensated erbium-doped fiber amplifier
Torque motors
Frequency synthesizing circuit having a frequency multiplier for an output PLL reference signal
Voltage-controlled oscillator and electronic device using same
Method of overtone selection and level control in an integrated circuit CMOS negative resistance oscillator to achieve low jitter
Oscillation circuit, electronic apparatus, and timepiece using a potential stabilization circuit with resistive terminations
Oscillating circuit and a semiconductor integrated circuit
Trimming method and trimming device for a PLL circuit for two-point modulation
AM detecting apparatus with overmodulation detecting function
Apparatus and method for compensation of temperature drift of SAW filters
Predistortion circuit and power amplifier
Linearized darlington amplifier
Amplifier circuit and method
Output stage for high gain and low distortion operational amplifier
Method and apparatus for efficient mixed signal processing in a digital amplifier
Method and apparatus for efficient mixed signal processing in a digital amplifier
Common mode bias control loop for output stages
Integrated circuit
Variable gain differential amplifier and multiplication circuit
Variable gain low noise amplifier
Film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) device and method for producing the same
Distributed load transmission line matching network
Acoustic reflector for a BAW resonator providing specified reflection of both shear waves and longitudinal waves
Microelectromechanical apparatus and methods for surface acoustic wave switching
Surface acoustic wave device with lithium tantalate on a sapphire substrate and filter using the same
Surface acoustic wave filter, branching filter, and communication apparatus
Television tuner which maintains UHF band tuning circuit bandwidth constant in low to high band range
Circuit for detecting and correcting central level of FSK demodulation signal
Reference oscillator
Power consumption stabilization system and method
Acoustic wave sensor with EMAT drive
Low-leakage integrated circuits and dynamic logic circuits
Method and apparatus for coupling an input node to an output node
Large gain-bandwidth amplifier, method, and system
Dual mode analog differential and CMOS logic circuit
Bus network interface
Digital/analog converter circuit with a device for compensating nonlinear distortions
On-chip VCO calibration
Phase locked loop circuit
Testing of mixed signal integrated circuits generating analog signals from digital data elements
Integrated circuits with temperature-change and threshold-voltage drift compensation
Applying desired voltage at a node
Pipelined analog-to-digital converter with unequal work timing
Encoding method using code constraint violation pointers
Method and apparatus for coded symbol stuffing in recording systems
Variable data rate receiver
Feedback steering delta-sigma modulators and systems using the same
Degenerative inductor-based gain equalization
Pipelined analog to digital converter
Optical switching apparatus and optical communication network system
WDM optical communication system
Optical communication systems including optical amplifiers and amplification methods
Printed circuit suppression of high-frequency spurious signals
Method and apparatus for adapting antenna array using received predetermined signal
Miniaturized digital GPS anti-jam for space and size constrained applications
Information processing apparatus, display control method, and recording medium
Signal demodulating method of a two-phase frequency shift keying (FSK) digital demodulator
Image data processing system and server system
Compact output-retaining paper handling for portable printer
Method for image layout using energy minimization
Image reading apparatus and method with reading suspension and resumption based on memory characteristics
Method of adjusting gray scale response to more closely correlate scanner based image analysis systems
Integration of color pages on a black and white printer managed by a raster imaging processor
methods for producing device and illumination independent color reproduction
Method and apparatus for fast robust estimation of image noise in a video processing system
CMOS image sensor outputting signal data before reset data and method for driving the same
MOS type image pickup device having pixel interleaved array layout and one analog to digital conversion unit provided per each pair of adjacent photoelectric conversion columns
System and method for reducing noise in images
Image-shake correcting device
TDI imager with automatic speed optimization
Sharply tuned bandpass filter
Reconstruction of color components in digital image processing
System for producing time-independent virtual camera movement in motion pictures and other media
Surveillance system
Multi channel imaging engine apparatus
Image capturing apparatus
Method and system for airborne meter communication
High density capacitor filter bank with embedded faraday cage
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