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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Combination garden tiller and sprinkler head grass trimmer
Lawn aerating device
Crop residue and soil conditioning agricultural implement
Sectional distribution of granular product
Particulate residue separators for harvesting devices
Pet collar with ear guards
Bird feeder with adjustable sealing feeding port
Method and device for generating waves in an aquarium
Composition and method for inhibiting Salmonella and Campylobacter colonization in poultry
Methods of treatment using electromagnetic field stimulated mesenchymal stem cells
Tactical defense device having baton and spray dispensing capabilities
Multi-container device for packaging and dispensing products and method for applying make-up using such a device
Display system
Accessory personna moi
Weather resistant container for displaying building permits and storing construction documents
Friction drawer slide
Adjustable height counter top system
Magnetic attachment element
Method for producing objects, volumes, furniture modules and furniture, and articles produced by said method
System and method for modular furniture assembly
Height adjustment mechanism for armrest
Device to aid the unloading of support elements
Shelf display apparatus for absorbent articles packaged in flexible film
Shelf bracket and method of making same
Cornice fixture
Steam cooker
Bottle holder
Methods and devices for endoscopic imaging
Laryngoscope blade
Vessel occlusion clamp
Surgical device
Extraluminal sealant applicator and method
Minimally invasive valve repair procedure and apparatus
Surgical stapling apparatus having a wound closure material applicator assembly
Skin seal with inflatable membrane
System for closing a tissue structure from inside
Minimally invasive mitral valve repair method and apparatus
Surgical instrument
Articulating spinal implant
System for stabilization of fractures of convex articular bone surfaces including subchondral support structure
Bone resection guide and method
Instrumentation for minimally invasive unicompartmental knee replacement
Spinal stabilization system with flexible guides
Facet repair and stabilization
Crosslink for securing spinal rods
Method for restoring vertebral body height
Foam electrode and method of use thereof during tissue resection
Voltage threshold ablation apparatus
Magnetically augmented radio frequency ablation
Cerebral vascular reactivity monitoring
Guide wire
Implanted air passage sensors
Orientation sensing apparatus for radiation imaging system
Ultrasonic endoscope
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, image processing apparatus and image processing method
Minimum arc velocity interpolation for three-dimensional ultrasound imaging
Method and system for enhanced orthodontic treatment planning
Biomaterials formed by nucleophilic addition reaction to conjugated unsaturated groups
Sanitary napkin with attachment straps
Disposable pull-on wearing article
Absorbent article
Delivery tube assembly for an applicator
Vascular implant device
Surgical coring system
Aneurysm sealing device
Bioreactor for the manufacture of tissue engineered blood vessels
Displaceable stent side branch structure
Laminated drug-polymer coated stent with dipped and cured layers
Medical articles having regions with polyelectrolyte multilayer coatings for regulating drug release
Intraocular lens
Vertebral body replacement implant
Expandable framework with overlapping connectors
Personal upper body support device for lower back muscles assist
Coated vaginal device for delivery of anti-migraine and anti-nausea drugs
Corneal excision or scoring device
Method of implanting an intraocular lens system
Walker glide
Crutch stroller
Negative pressure ventilation and resuscitation system
Massaging device having reciprocally deflective massaging function
Methods and compositions for treatment of lesioned sites of body vessels
Methods of promoting hematopoietic and mesenchymal cell proliferation and differentiation
Use of unsaponifiable components of vegetable oils for preparing a cosmetic and related treatments
Methods for modulating eicosanoid metabolism
Methods for treating oral cancers with herbal compositions
Chemoprotectants from crucifer seeds and sprouts
Production process of recombinant placental growth factor
PTPase inhibitors and method of using same
Method of inducing immune tolerance
T cell receptor CDR3 sequences associated with multiple sclerosis and compositions comprising same
Antibodies that bind to cancer-associated antigen CD46 and methods of use thereof
Human immunodeficiency virus gp41 mimetibody polypeptides
Methods of treating allergies using TGF-.beta.1 and allergens
Soluble ErbB3 methods of detection and antibodies
Ex vivo animal or challenge model as method to measure protective immunity directed against parasites and vaccines shown to be protective in the method
Method for treating glaucoma comprising administering to a patient in need thereof a composition comprising an antibody against gremlin
Enhancement of the immune response for vaccine and gene therapy applications
Influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants
Immunological herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for use thereof
HIV-1 Tat compositions
Soluble lymphotoxin-beta receptors and anti-lymphotoxin receptor and ligand antibodies as therapeutic agents for the treatment of immunological diseases
ST receptor binding compounds and methods of using the same
Methods of modulating T cell or natural killer cell activity with anti-P-selectin glycoprotein ligand 1 antibodies
Method for identifying a patient at risk of having difficulty in sustaining a pregnancy
Dispersions for the formulation of slightly or poorly soluble agents
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Method of making particles for use in a pharmaceutical composition
Block copolymer micelle composition having an enhanced drug-loading capacity and sustained release
Use of liposomal glucocorticoids for treating inflammatory states
Volatile liquids having predetermined evaporation profiles
Method for reducing the number of unwanted molecules in blood
Aerosol inhalation systems and interface elements for use therein
Inhalation device
Catheter tip to reduce wire lock
Surface modified reinforcing member for medical device and method for making same
Catheter with spiral cut transition member
Tool for facilitating the connecting of a catheter or other tubular member onto a guide-wire without access to the ends of the guide wire
Device and method for modulating renal function
Rotatable catheter assembly
Implantable drug delivery system responsive to intra-cardiac pressure
Apparatus and methods for delivering stem cells and other agents into cardiac tissue
Systems and methods of de-endothelialization
Method and apparatus for delivering an agent to the abdomen
System of infusion of pharmacological solutions
Medical fluid therapy flow control systems and methods
Infusion hub assembly and fluid line disconnect system
Valve assembly including diameter reduction structure for trocar
Catheter anchoring system
System for influencing of a biological cellular structure
Semipermanent hair shaping method
Colouring composition
Styrl tetrahydroquinolinium thiol/disulfide dye compound and method for lightening keratin materials using the same
Patient interface device with dampening cushion
Roadway for decelerating a vehicle including an aircraft having a fire retardant material
Apparatus for and method of producing hydrogen using microwaves
Suit for forcedly modifying a human posture and producing an increased load on a locomotion apparatus
Aerobic Resistance Exercise Device
Exercise apparatus
Golf balls having two or more core layers formed from HNP compositions
Multi-layer core golf ball having opposing hardness gradient with steep gradient outer core layer
Multilayer golf ball with a thin thermoset outer layer
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Multi-layer core golf ball
Golf club head
Ornamental golf bag cover
Electronically traceable golf club incorporating a programmable transponder
Ball practice device
Method for achieving an optimal golf stance
Putt sensor training device
Golf mat apparatus
Truck assembly for a skateboard, wheeled platform, or vehicle
Restraining and longitudinal position adjusting device of a binding for skis
Bank shot guide for billiards
Image generation system, program and information storage medium
Method of managing a card game, a computer implementation thereof, and a card game kit
Speed-dependent suggested driving lines
Event calendar at electronic gaming device
Identity guessing game and methods of playing
Automatic dice shaking apparatus
Automatic dice shaking method
Gaming device having an accumulating award symbol
Slot machine game having a plurality of ways for a user to obtain payouts based on selection of one or more symbols (power pays)
Gaming machine displaying special symbols that shift positions
Apparatus having movable display and methods of operating same
Roller coaster maintenance vehicle
Dolls with alterable facial features
Interactive play sets
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microfluidic devices and methods facilitating high-throughput, on-chip detection and separation techniques
Fluid separation system
Plugging material for aluminum titanate ceramic wall flow filter manufacture
Connection between filtering cap and container
Method of generating hydrocarbon reagents from diesel, natural gas and other logistical fuels
Integrated apparatus and methods for treating liquids
Liquid filter
Process of forming multilayered structures
Multi-cyclone dust separating apparatus of vacuum cleaner
High capacity gas filter system with indicator
Systems and methods for processing methane and other gases
Gas separation membrane comprising a substrate with a layer of coated inorganic oxide particles and an overlayer of a gas-selective material, and its manufacture and use
Selective catalytic reduction system and process using a pre-sulfated zirconia binder
Ultrasonic energy system and method including a ceramic horn
Functionalized carbon nanotube-polymer composites and interactions with radiation
Polymerization reactors with a by-pass line
Gasification method and device for producing synthesis gases by partial oxidation of fuels containing ash at elevated pressure with partial quenching of the crude gas and waste heat recovery
Catalyst for microelectromechanical systems microreactors
Microchannel reactors for catalytic oxidative dehydrogenation
Planetary ball mill
Method for preparing black phosphorus or black phosphorus-carbon composite, lithium rechargeable battery comprising the prepared black phosphorus or black phosphorus-carbon composite and method for using the rechargeable battery
Stator for an impact crusher
Method and apparatus for rapid particle manipulation and characterization
Fluid dispense tips
Ultrasonic fuel injector
Ultrasonic washing apparatus
Cleaning tool
Laminar water jet with pliant member
Stent coating apparatus and method
Spray gun
Portable system for automatically and periodically applying moisture to curing concrete
Squeeze for screen printer
Nanolithography methods and products therefor and produced thereby
Ink-jet recording medium for dye- or pigment-based ink-jet inks
Process for coating fluoroelastomer fuser member using fluorinated surfactant
Coated glass substrate with infrared and ultraviolet blocking characteristics
Method for manufacturing electroluminescence device
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing method thereof and thin film forming apparatus
Method of forming carbon nanotube on semiconductor substrate, method of forming semiconductor metal wire using the same, and method of fabricating inductor using the same
Process for producing a cable with a recyclable coating comprising a thermoplastic polymer and a dielectric liquid
Adjustable slide width reducer for gravity slide sorter
Dry cleaning apparatus and method capable of cleaning the cleaning agent
Method for removing protective film on article
Substrate treating apparatus and method
Aqueous tube cleaning apparatus and method
Dynamic consolidation of powders using a pulsed energy source
Hollow sphere metal oxides
Handheld portable tubing cutter drivable by handheld power drill and having a minimized working profile
Abrasive disc
Soldering flux and method for bonding semiconductor element
Chromium-free welding consumable
Method for making a closed container, said closed container and its components
Turning center
Centerless feed-through super-finishing device having a lapping system containing a freely-disposed abrasive
Polishing medium for chemical-mechanical polishing, and method of polishing substrate member
Combustion type power tool having fan
Cam operated devices
Rotary spindle for power tool and power tool incorporating such spindle
Thumb utensil with cutting board
Method and device for producing slots in workpieces
Nonwoven panel and method of construction thereof
Nonwoven elastic fibrous webs and methods for making them
Rock cutting and trimming device
Method and device for manufacturing extremely fine particles and porous materials by controlled low temperature drying
Mold temperature control system
Tire vulcanizing apparatus
Method for curing a thick, non-uniform rubber article
Photo-crosslinkable polyolefin compositions
Apparatus and method for growing fullerene nanotube forests, and forming nanotube films, threads and composite structures therefrom
Interlaminar structure for security element
Apparatus for forming hollow moldings having thin film on inner surface
Valve device of injection molding device
Method for making water-proof laminates from wood
Methods for continuous processing polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin
Solution casting apparatus and method
Roller die press
Folder having a retractable covering cam for changing operating mode
Edge insulation for vacuum insulation panels
Resin molding
Medical device components and processes
Method of treating substrates for bonding
Laminated structure and method for manufacturing the same
Support coil comprising a mechanical locking means and method for the production thereof
Microsystem component and method for gluing microcomponents to a substrate
Hard-material-coated member excellent in durability
Contaminant removal tape roll with sheet removal feature and method of manufacturing the same
Method of printing upon a soap bar
Methods and apparatus for storing slip-sheets
Recording device
Recording apparatus and recording method
Ink jet printer
Media conveyance system of an ink ejection image forming apparatus
Moving floor media transport for digital printers
Printer with ink transfer roller and cleaning station
Capacitive load driving circuit and method, and liquid drop ejecting device
Ink-jetting apparatus and ink-jetting method
Method for manufacturing inkjet recording head of inkjet recording device
Nozzle plate of a spray apparatus
Flexible printhead module incorporating staggered rows of ink ejection nozzles
Duplex printer assembly with capping printheads for a pagewidth printer
Liquid discharge apparatus and liquid discharge device group capable of changing fluid resistance
Printing-fluid container
Needle and manufacturing method thereof
Printer controller for monitoring an ink drop count
Mechanical dithering of printing mechanisms
Recording apparatus and transport method
Recording apparatus
Print head check method and image forming apparatus
Self-inking stamp with internal snap-in element
Image-recording material support, method for producing the same, and image recording material
Secure product authentication tags
Areal security element and method for producing it
Sticky note printer and method of controlling the same
Ready lock ring binder mechanism
Paste patterns formation method and transfer film used therein
Gas for removing deposit and removal method using same
Apparatus for fitting or removing a pneumatic tire to or from a rim of a vehicle wheel
Method and apparatus for aligning a trailer hitch
Vehicle stabilizer system
Rear wheel suspension device for two-wheel vehicle
Hollow shaft junction connection
Suspension arm and cushion arm structure for vehicle
Switchable waste gas exchanger
Reinforcement structure for upper portion of vehicle door
Panoramic retractable top
Deflector for responding vehicle speed
Reserve tank structure
Anti-tilt apparatus and frame structure of tilting vehicle using the same
Automatic vehicle stop control method
Collapsing truss for a vehicle seat
Protection system
Transport vehicle and method
Vehicle lighting system
Carrying structure for a vehicle battery pack
Occupant safety device for roof reinforcement
Airbag-releasing structure, inner case, and airbag device
Driver side aspirated airbags
Integrated overhead side airbag module
Knee airbag device for vehicle
Method for operating to brake gear of a vehicle
Brake control system
System and method for adaptive brake application and initial skid detection
Method for driving a parallel hybrid drive train of a motor vehicle with several drive units
Control apparatus of vehicle
Holding a hybrid electric vehicle on an inclined surface
Hybrid solid oxide fuel cell and gas turbine electric generating system using liquid oxygen
Rail vehicle with impact-absorbing posts
Product trolley
Cab suspension linkage system
Rotatable cab with toe guard
Roof liner and procedure for obtaining a roof liner for vehicles
Steering control apparatus for a vehicle
Power steering apparatus having failure detection device for rotation angle sensors
Mining utility transport vehicle
Variable rack stroke system for vehicle
Radiator mounting for a motorcycle
Straddle type vehicle having rear cover and light assembly and method for assembling a light unit
Multihull hydrofoil watercraft
Davit assembly and a method for moving a boat
Rescue mat
Outboard engine system
Jet-propulsion personal watercraft
Power and imaging system for an airship
Aircraft luggage handling system
Systems and methods for controlling flows with electrical pulses
Controllable winglets
Leading edge configuration for compressor blades of gas turbine engines
Collapsible concrete systems for runways
Calculating method for deducing possibilities of all possible scenarios of satellite members in low earth satellite constellation
Method for designing an orbit of a spacecraft
Liquid filling nozzle
Box assembly
Container assembly
Assembly for packaging and dispensing liquid
Blow molded universal lid
Lock box
Carton with reinforced end handles
Carton with upright handle and multi-ply reinforced top wall
Food and beverage carrier and method
Carton having dispensing configurations
Bottle neck vacuum pump
Suspension packaging assembly
Bag including lockable handle
System for storing and temporarily relocating a trash container
Dust tight closed type belt conveyor
Drawing machine and method of drawing a workpiece
Panel feeding device, panel feeding method, and panel assembling device
Conveying installation for transporting goods by way of a conveyor belt
Receive device and conveyor method
Method and apparatus for transporting flat products
Transport device, in particular for panel-type workpieces
Sheet feed device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including sheet processing unit capable of aligning sheets
Jam-door open sensing using media sensor and method for use thereof
Belt spool
Method and system for determining instantaneous peak power consumption in elevator banks
Elevator system
Elevator control system which operates an elevator in an event of a fire
Method for seizing rows of bag packings (pouches)
Gripping device
Rebar separator with inflatable vibrational cushions and torsion bar vibration transferral
Method and apparatus for switching flow circuits in a product dispenser
Material composition for producing a coating for a component made from a metallic base material, and coated metallic component
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Functionalized ionic liquids, and methods of use thereof
Gas purifying process and device
Gas adsorption and gas mixture separations using carborane-based MOF material
High purity magnetite formation process and apparatus, and product thereof
Method for manufacturing metal nanoparticles
User friendly dispensers
Wastewater flow diverter
Plant for wastewater treatment
Resist pattern thickening material, resist pattern and forming process thereof, and semiconductor device and manufacturing process thereof
Energy conserving pozzolan compositions and cements incorporating same
Lightweight composite materials and methods
Biomass heating system
Process for reducing Bromine Index of hydrocarbon feedstocks
Paper coating pigments
Solvent/latex binder system for heated inkjet printing
Retardation film and method for production thereof
Cyclobutane and spiro[3.3]heptane compounds
Polymerizable liquid crystal composition and uses for the same
Inorganic aqueous putty or liquid suspension, thermally insulating, non toxic, fire retardant
Frost-preventive composition
Coking apparatus and process for oil-containing solids
FCC catalyst stripper configuration
Process for fluid catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon feedstocks with high levels of basic nitrogen
Process for desulphurizing a hydrocarbon feed by adsorption/desorption
Fuel composition containing an alkylene oxide-adducted hydrocarbyl amide having reduced amine by-products
Coal drying method and equipment, method for aging reformed coal and aged reformed coal, and process and system for producing reformed coal
Recombinant herpes simplex virus useful for treating neoplastic disease
Methods for interfering with rank signaling
Deep cryogenic tempering of brake components
Microwave iron-making furnace
Group I-III-VI quaternary or higher alloy semiconductor films
Ionized PVD with sequential deposition and etching
Vaporizer for MOCVD and method of vaporizing raw material solutions for MOCVD
Apparatus for an optimized plasma chamber grounded electrode assembly
Reduced contaminant gas injection system and method of using
Plasma processing apparatus
Gas venting system
Method for producing a magnesium-lanthanum praseodymium cerium intermediate alloy
Continuous plating system and method with mask registration
Bulk monocrystalline gallium nitride
Textiles; Paper
Extrusion process
Methods for bulk synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Seat belt webbing, method and narrow fabric needle loom for production of same
Dry-cleaning article, composition and methods
Indole-derived styryl dye comprising an alkylene linker, a dye composition comprising this dye, and a process for lightening keratin materials using this dye
Twin wire for an ATMOS system
Polyareneazole/thermoplastic pulp and methods of making same
Paper quality improver
Fixed Constructions
Drainage element of ovate shape and method of making
Manhole with locking device
Adjustable striker bolt system and method
Inventory display lock system
Collapsible barrier for swimming pool, providing a safe walking path
Slats for a sun protection blind
Clip for transportation of ladders and method
Apparatus and method for reducing required torque
Auger stabilizer
Cutting elements of gage row and first inner row of a drill bit
Tubular handling apparatus and a drilling rig
Slip spool assembly and method of using same
Snubber spool with detachable base plates
Method of running a tubing hanger and internal tree cap simultaneously
Force balanced rotating pressure control device
Cement flow control tool
Pressure balanced piston for subsurface safety valves
Dual tractor drilling system
Remote operation wire line core sampling device
Method and rock drilling rig for hole drilling
Boring tool tracking fundamentally based on drill string length, pitch, and roll
Shield of a degradation assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Axial piston machine
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a steam turbine
Thermal module with centrifugal blower and electronic assembly incorporating the same
Vane coupling
Transmission and transfer case having integrated lubrication systems
Engine on pulsed fuel additive concentrate dosing system and controller
Compact counterflow fuel reformer
System and method for exhaust gas recirculation
Engine-driven generator
Portable gas powered internal combustion engine arrangement
Breather structure for internal combustion engine
Gas sensor controller
Multipart, cooled piston for a combustion engine
Fuel liquid and vapor pressure sensor
Fuel feed apparatus
Heated catalyzed fuel injector for injection ignition engines
Fuel injector including an orifice disc, and a method of forming the orifice disc including punching and shaving
Linear fan
EOLIC energy transformation tower
Method for removing fluid from a well bore
Cup washer for a fastener
Conductive roller and inspection method therefor
Propshaft assembly with stiffening ring and seal
Bearing for alternator and bearing for pulley
Bearing having cylindrical member connected to outer member of bearing
Production series of adapter devices and an adapter device
Compact integrated brake system
Vibration-control platform
Vibration damping device and bucket for construction machine
Torsional vibration damper
Structure of transmission for bicycle
Cylinder head gasket
Methods and apparatus to facilitate sealing in rotary machines
Seals and a method of making seals
Air control module unit for portable pneumatic tool
Bursting disc assembly
Passive pressure relief device system based on thermobattery for a compressed gas storage tank
Shutter and gate valve assemblies for vacuum systems
Valve actuating device
Light-weight versatile J-lay system
Jointed head with temporary clamp for stirling machine
Rotary neck cradle
Automatic level controlling apparatus
Self-leveling foot for an appliance
Double-walled container having supports for positioning the inner and outer walls
Backlight unit and method for fabricating the same
Built-in light
Portable luminaire
Backlight assembly without a bottom chassis
Lighting fixture
Backlight device and liquid crystal display device
Candle-maintenance tool
Apparatus for conveying solid waste to a furnace
System and method for improving the thermal efficiency of a heating system
Aerosol generating devices and methods for generating aerosols having controlled particle sizes
Water heater
Liquid cooling unit with auxillary heat exchanger and auxillary pump
Thermal module allowing adjustment in the height of heat sink relative to fixing rack
Shark deterrent device
Archery target method and apparatus
Fragmentation warhead with selectable radius of effects
Propellant sealing system for stackable projectiles
Non lethal spread projectile
Indication instrument
Backlighting device
Methods and apparatus for temperature measurement and control on a remote substrate surface
Device for determining chlorine dioxide and method
Method for determining effective diffusivity of substances through porous materials
Procedure to recognize the diffusion gas composition in a wideband lambda sensor
Stationary phase materials for micro gas analyzer
Methods and device for biomolecule characterization
Hardened fiber optic connection system with multiple configurations
Hardened fiber optic connector compatible with hardened and non-hardened fiber optic adapters
Optical fiber connector
Telecommunications enabled eyeglass
Eyewear device, and method of making the same, that reduces fogging
Camera module having colloid layer surrounding sensor
Lens barrel, camera, portable information terminal device, and image input device
Projector including a turn table for shifting a lens barrel
Optical device and projector
Aperture mechanism, optical apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Game system including slot machines and game control method thereof
Method and apparatus for locating electronic shelf labels
Multiple image security features for identification documents and methods of making same
Tamper evident adhesive and identification document including same
Semiconductor device and memory card having the same
Chip card retaining mechanism
Recording medium management system and recording medium liquidation apparatus
Electronic-ink based label system employing a plurality of remote activator modules in communication with a plurality of remotely-updateable electronic-ink display labels each assigned unique encryption keys for allowing only a subset of said labels to receive a broadcasted message from a common encrypted message broadcast signal
Authentication system including electric field sensor
Method for labeling sample containers
Method and apparatus for an up-to-date transportation notification system
Devices useful in system and method for dispensing prescriptions
Refreshable Braille display device
Lighting device and light control member used therefor and image display device using the lighting device and the light control member
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
Helmet bracket
Conductive thermoplastic elastomer composition, method of producing same, and molding
Nickel-rhenium alloy powder and conductor paste containing the same
Cross-linkable composition for a battery electrolyte
Production apparatus and method of producing a light-emitting device by using the same apparatus
Method of growing carbon nanotubes and method of manufacturing field emission device using the same
Suppressor of hollow cathode discharge in a shower head fluid distribution system
High speed cable termination electrical connector assembly
Nanostructure material, method for the preparation thereof
Electronic device including printed circuit board, connector and casing
Electrical connector with low profile contacts
Connector for electrical cables
Sealed electrical connector part
Squib connector connecting structure of airbag inflator
Multi-level cell (MLC) rotate flash memory device
Cable conductor assembly with protective stiffener
IC socket and IC socket assembly
Electrical cord locking connector
Carrier assembly and system configured to commonly ground a header
Aircraft wiring installation
Upright electrical connector
Electrical connectors for storage device
Connector with plugging direction perpendicular to circuit boards
Card connector and method of assembling same
Electrical card connector for receiving at least two electrical cards
Audio signal switcher
High amperage busway system
Expansion connection module for connecting to at least two coil connectors of an electromagnetic switching device, in particular a contactor
Sliding contact retaining device
Apparatus and method for manufacturing load plates used on socket connector
Spring contact structure and electronic device using same
Moving coil actuator for middle ear implants
Water dispersible polyanilines made with polymeric acid colloids for electronics applications
High-pressure discharge lamp, lamp unit and image display device
Dielectric film with low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) using liquid crystalline resin
C-arm holding apparatus and X-ray diagnostic apparatus
Vacuum roll coated security thin film interference products with overt and/or covert patterned layers
Expired Patents Due To Time
Portion of a shoe outsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Clip on sliding holder
Wheeled carrier which can be removably secured to a vehicle
Carrier pouch
Combined toilet brush and holder
Surface pattern of a paper product
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Chaise lounge
Massage chair
Bed for baby
Portable diaper changing apparatus
Combination desk and hutch
Foldable clothes hanger
Wrist watch case with band
Human Necessities
Method and system for determining an efficient vehicle path
System and method for changing transmission from an in vivo sensing device
Implantable enzyme-based monitoring system having improved longevity due to improved exterior surfaces
Risk monitoring
Physiological sensor combination
Stimulation methodologies and apparatus for control of brain states
MRI scanner and method for modular patient handling
Non-invasive method for disease diagnosis
Position tracking and imaging system for use in medical applications
Anaesthesia control system
Quality control system for medical diagnostic apparatus
Determination of the ultrastructure of connective tissue by an infrared fiber-optic spectroscopic probe
System and method for placing endocardial leads
Implantable lead and method for stimulating the vagus nerve
System and method for far-field R-wave detection
System and method for automatic atrial capture detection and atrial pacing threshold determination
Cardiac resynchronization with adaptive A1-A2 and/or V1-V2 intervals
Enhanced power efficiency in implantable cardiac stimulation devices
Pacemaker housing with lead connection assembly
Apparatus for treating fibrillation of at least one chamber of a heart
System or method for calibrating a radiation detection medium
Integrated physiologic sensor system
Robot apparatus, method of controlling robot apparatus, method of display, and medium
Method and apparatus for sampling remote data sources
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid separation conduit cartridge with encryption capability
System for automatically setting a portable object with a clock function
Method and apparatus for visually indexing objects upon a moving surface
Efficiently handling client requests in a server farm
Device with automatic help function
Method of generating pattern via laser cutting process on a cloth or fabric
Adaptive EEPROM storage system for tire pressure loss detection
Method for operating an adaptive clutch in a power transfer assembly
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Vehicle stability operator feedback system
Automated self-control traveling system for expressways and method for controlling the same
System and method for monitoring brake overload in electronically-controlled brake systems of vehicles and vehicle combinations
Driving assist system
Multiblock robot system
Beverage dispenser including an improved electronic control system
Method and apparatus for monitoring operational performance of fluid storage systems
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods for designing agents that interact with MMP-13
Methods of genetic cluster analysis and uses thereof
Textiles; Paper
Providing character data for use by an embroidery machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine with NO.sub.x adsorber
Re-entry strategy from boost mode to EGR mode
Engine control device
Engine transient detection and control strategy
Fuel injection quantity control device
Damper and vibration proof structure for mechanical chassis
Figure eight hysteresis control method and follow-up system
Multi stage control architecture for error suppression in micromachined gyroscopes
Electronic sensor with signal conditioning
Helmet-mounted parachutist navigation system
Systems and methods for providing information regarding the arrival of a party
Route guidance apparatus and method
Navigation apparatus, navigation method and navigation software
Integrated vertical situation display
Wafer edge detector
MEMS based tilt sensor
Method for synchronizing signals acquired from unsynchronized sensors
Manufacturing system, measurement data collecting system, and measurement terminal apparatus
Method, system, and device for graphically presenting water temperature data
On-chip temperature measurement technique
Computer chip heat responsive method and apparatus
Temperature sensor scheme
Ultra accurate gas injection system with vehicle transient air simulation
Method and apparatus for analyzing multi-channel chromatogram
Waveform detection system and state-monitoring system
Waveform complexity detector
Efficient sampling of digital waveforms for eye diagram analysis
Capacitance measurements for an integrated circuit
Jitter measurement circuit for measuring jitter of measurement target signal on the basis of sampling data string obtained by using ideal cyclic signal
Auto-linking of function logic state with testcase regression list
Resolving LBIST timing violations
Test pattern generator for SRAM and DRAM
Semiconductor device having embedded array
One-chip microcomputer and control method thereof as well as an IC card having such a one-chip microcomputer
Test circuit topology reconfiguration and utilization techniques
Scheduling the concurrent testing of multiple cores embedded in an integrated circuit
Time shift circuit for functional and AC parametric test
Method for standard positioning service and precise positioning service cooperative operation
Low-cost, low-power geolocation system
GPS receiver tracking system
Method and apparatus for precise positioning of large structures
Methods for detecting, computing and disseminating location information associated with emergency 911 wireless transmissions
Method for using three GPS frequencies to resolve carrier-phase integer ambiguities
Apparatus and method for measurement of the magnetic induction tensor using triaxial induction arrays
Generating an optical model for lens aberrations
System for managing operation status of equipment and apparatus used therein
Palletizer system for selectively palletizing individual or pairs of objects moving along a conveyor
Automatic calibration of a wafer-handling robot
Appliance retrofit monitoring device with a memory storing an electronic signature
Numerically controlled curved surface machining unit
Household appliance with advertising display mode
Method and apparatus for ensuring integrity of transmitted data in a distributed control system
Apparatus and method for monitoring and maintaining plant equipment
Control loop status maintainer for temporarily opened control loops
Smart card controlled internet access
Clock management scheme for PCI and cardbus cards for power reduction
Method and apparatus for eliminating dead zone in phase locked loops using binary quantized phase detectors
Method and apparatus for optimizing clock distribution to reduce the effect of power supply noise
Tracking distributed data retrieval in a network device
Method and system in a client computer system for generating and displaying a local server clock synchronized with a server clock using a client clock
System and method for co-operative thermal management of electronic devices within a common housing
Electronic apparatus capable of using an external power source and a bus power source simultaneously
Power reduction mechanism for floating point register file reads
Lowering display power consumption by dithering brightness
Block interleaver method and system
Registration system and method in a communication network
Exception mechanism for a computer
Method of monitoring the activation of programmed sequences of a programmed system and computer program and apparatus for implementing same
Data integrity error handling in a redundant storage array
Failure detection and failure handling in cluster controller networks
Dynamic modification of fragmentation size cluster communication parameter in clustered computer system
Fail thresholding in a batch simulation farm network
Method and apparatus for backing up and restoring data from nonvolatile memory
Error code indexing and interpretation apparatus and method
Data backup/recovery system
Method of finding application components in an intelligent backup and restoring system
Hardware I/O control block structure for mirrored and non-mirrored data transfers
Memory including portion storing a copy of primary operating system and method of operating computer including the memory
Method and device to transmit data
Functional fail-over apparatus and method of operation thereof
Technique for handling subsequent user identification and password requests within a certificate-based host session
System of secret internet web sites for securing user access
Method and system for software object testing
Storage system having trace information fetching structure and method of fetching the same
Method and apparatus for accurate profiling of computer programs
Multi-channel, multi-service debug on a pipelined CPU architecture
Debugging apparatus and method
Method for protecting a program flow
Delayed leaky write system and method for a cache memory
Decoupling floating point linear address
Methods and structure for multi-drive mirroring in a resource constrained raid controller
Content addressable memory with hashing function
Counter in CAM word
Traffic controller using priority and burst control for reducing access latency
Process and apparatus for managing use of a peripheral bus among a plurality of controllers
Method, system, and program for managing information for an application program using a file management system
Method and computer for data set separation
Determining an amount of data read from a storage medium
System and method for dynamically allocating memory and managing memory allocated to logging in a storage area network
Bi-directional stack in a linear memory array
Automatic prefetch of pointers
Disk device having cache memory
System and method for caching data based on identity of requestor
Method for performing flash memory file management
Method and apparatus for avoiding cache line collisions between an object and corresponding object table entries
Method and system for improving input/output performance by proactively flushing and locking an entire page out of caches of a multiprocessor system
Band detection and performance optimization for a data storage device
Controlling access to multiple memory zones in an isolated execution environment
Method and system for striping spares in a data storage system including an array of disk drives
Method and apparatus for managing computer storage devices for improved operational availability
Method and apparatus for sharing common data objects among multiple applications in a client device
Cache coherence directory eviction mechanisms in multiprocessor systems which maintain transaction ordering
Computer switch able to switch connections between an input device and a plurality of computers connected thereto either from the input device or from the computer
Message processing apparatus
Data prefetch method for indirect references
Analog signal interface for digital control
Computer system for enabling an optical drive to self-test analog audio signal paths when no disc is present
Method and arrangement for communicating with SCSI devices
Method and apparatus for handling memory read return data from different time domains
Dual-port memory controller for adjusting data access timing
Programmable counters for setting bus arbitration delays involves counting clock cycles equal to a count number loaded from a memory
External memory engine selectable pipeline architecture
System and method for effectively performing isochronous data transfers
Port expansion peripheral module system
USB sharer for use with an external USB device
Server chassis hardware master system and method
High speed interface with looped bus
Data transmitting and receiving system with speedy retransmission of missing data and data receiving device
Interface, structure and method for transmitting data of PCI bus which uses bus request signal for judging whether a device supporting dual transmission mode
Motion detection and analysis
Methods and apparatus for integrating external applications into an MPEG-4 scene
System to optimize received power in an optical network
System and method for monitoring a security state of an electronic device
Software and method for controlling the timing of delayed downloads
Method and apparatus for exchanging event information between computer systems that reduce perceived lag times by subtracting actual lag times from event playback time
Method and apparatus for resequencing of packets into an original ordering using multiple resequencing components
Method and system for cross-domain service invocation using a single data handle associated with the stored common data and invocation-specific data
Method and apparatus for providing backup internet access
Method and device for providing more accurate subscriber device billing
Parallel processor with functional pipeline providing programming engines by supporting multiple contexts and critical section
Method and apparatus for displaying intermediate content messages in the unused portion of a web browser display space
Method and system for generating a transform
Identifying logical elements by modifying a source document using marker attribute values
Method and system for inserting a data object into a computer-generated document using a text instruction
Graphical data entry screen
Method for providing a description of a user's current position in a web page
Apparatus and method for blocking access to undesirable web sites on the internet
Systems and methods for automatically generating cookies
Information extraction system, information processing apparatus, information collection apparatus, character string extraction method, and storage medium
Database access
Uniform handling of external resources within structured documents
Tagging XML query results over relational DBMSs
Automatic invalidation of cached data
Creating customized internet access client user interface
Methods and apparatus for reducing resource contention in parallel data backup processes
Medical image management system
Centralized mapping of security credentials for database access operations
Management of file extent mapping to hasten mirror breaking in file level mirrored backups
System and method for loading a cache with query results
Method for collecting and storing data regarding terms and conditions of contractual agreements
Dynamic synchronization of tables
Using a stored procedure to access index configuration data in a remote database management system
Method and system of routing messages in a distributed search network
Generating coherent global identifiers for efficient data identification
Categorizing and retrieving items
Collection content classifier
Organization of multiple snapshot copies in a data storage system
Method for designing semiconductor circuit
Method for optimizing strategy for electric machines
Method and apparatus for designing a pattern on a semiconductor surface
Method and system for including parametric in-line test data in simulations for improved model to hardware correlation
System and method for configuring a device to perform measurement functions utilizing conversion of graphical programs into hardware implementations
Specifying and targeting portions of a graphical program for execution by multiple targets
Layout methodology and system for automated place and route
Virtual test environment
Semiconductor integrated circuit, method and program for designing the semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for interactive annotation and measurement of time series data with automatic marker sequencing
Address geocoding
Method for determining superficial residual stress as applied to machined, mechanically or thermally processed surfaces
Nanotube fiber reinforced composite materials and method of producing fiber reinforced composites
Method for comparing and correlating analyses of changes in cells and tissues
System for determining carrier service using logistics considerations
Method and system for reducing semiconductor wafer breakage
Integrated circuit having integrated programmable gate array and method of operating the same
Security keys for enhanced downstream access security for electronic file systems and drives
System and method for regulating the transmission of media data
Privacy protection in a server
Authenticated search engines
System and method of using the public switched telephone network in providing authentication or authorization for online transactions
Method and system of reversibly marking a text document with a pattern of extra blanks for authentication
Method for aborting data transfer commands
User level web server cache control of in-kernel http cache
Image and sound input-output control
Building block removal from partitions
Information processing apparatus and input assisting method for use in the same
Method and apparatus for improving a progress monitor during a long computer process
System and method for providing a history list of existing imaging compositions
Methods and structure for SCSI/IDE translation in a storage subsystem
System and method for managing workflow using a plurality of scripts
Grouping and displaying of contextual objects
Method and system for identification and maintenance of families of data records
Methods and apparatus for management of work objects
Method and system for presenting programs to a user that facilitate selecting programs from a multitude of programs
Interface definition language compiler
System for determining an implement arm position
Method and system for performing shift operations
Data sorting method and navigation method and system using the sorting method
Vehicle network and communication method in a vehicle network
Euclidean distance instructions
Optimization of adder based circuit architecture
Simplified circuit for correlating binary and non-binary sequences
Method and apparatus for predicting multi-part performability
Method, computer program product, and system for dual mode batch program execution
Flexible interface for controlling streaming data in passive streaming plug-ins
Method for memory addressing in micro controller and device using the same
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
Microprocessor having a low-power cache memory
Method and apparatus for reducing register file access times in pipelined processors
Method for unwinding a program call stack
Lightweight native method invocation interface for java computing environments
System and method for enterprise modeling, optimization and control
Apparatus and method for adaptive address-based historical utilization recording
Portable operating environment for information devices
Method and apparatus for providing multi-level access control in a shared computer window
Globally distributed load balancing
System and method for personalizing an electrical device interface
Storing and retrieving of field descriptors in Java computing environments
Method and system for reliable device configuration in a computer system
Computer program for controlling the manner in which an operating system launches a plurality of application programs
Operating system selector and data storage drive
Computer system and method for constant pool operations
Program creation method and program execution method
Methods, systems and computer program products for controlling variables associated with transactions in a multiple transaction environment
Controlling a processor resource based on a compile-time prediction of number of instructions-per-cycle that will be executed across plural cycles by the processor
Method of programming linear graphs for streaming vector computation
System and method for using data address sequences of a program in a software development tool
Source code transformation-temporary object reduction
Optimization of control transfers to dynamically loaded modules
Timing performance analysis
Computing system construction method under execution environment to be dependent on OS
Thread dispatcher for multi-threaded communication library
Visual tool for developing real time task management code
System and method for grouping diverse operations
Method and apparatus used for data communication between processors, and data processing apparatus
Memory management apparatus, memory management method, memory management program and computer readable storage medium therein
Method and apparatus for installing an operating system
Systems and methods for managing-system-management-event data
Deferred procedure call in interface description language
Method for the scheduled execution of a target function
System and method for migrating processes on a network
Agent system for generating and executing a plan, and for re-planning
Identification code management method and management system
Circuit and method for protecting electronic devices
Method for improving OPC modeling
Custom rule system and method for expert systems
Automated document drafting system
Automatic manhour setting system and method, distributed client/server system, and computer program storage medium
Method and system for comprehensive management of chemical materials
Automatically expanding abbreviated character substrings
Payment transaction method and payment transaction system
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works
Method and apparatus for controlling communications
Method and system for authorizing a commercial transaction
System for contact services utilizing a local contact server and contact devices
Automated on-line experimentation to measure users behavior to treatment for a set of content elements
System and method for extension of group buying throughout the internet
On-line interactive system and method for transacting business
System and method for managing mail/bills through a central location
Computer architecture and method for supporting and analyzing electronic commerce over the world wide web for commerce service providers and/or internet service providers
Method and apparatus for browsing objects in a user's surroundings
Warranty transaction system and method
Method of generating unpredictable and auditable random numbers
Process and device for isotropic communication between a vehicle and a tag
Secure communications for a currency handling machine
National identification card system and biometric identity verification method for negotiating transactions
Method for authenticating at least one subscriber during a data interchange
System, method, and computer program for managing storage and distribution of money tills
Event notification within a local system
Tracking system and method
Noise signal analysis apparatus, noise signal synthesis apparatus, noise signal analysis method and noise signal synthesis method
Method for generating a statistic for phone lengths and method for determining the length of individual phones for speech synthesis
Voice recognition device for toys
Disambiguation language model
Processing speech recognition errors in an embedded speech recognition system
Methods and systems for enabling speech-based internet searches
Voice-interactive marketplace providing promotion and promotion tracking, loyalty reward and redemption, and other features
Device and method for coding speech to be recognized (STBR) at a near end
Conversational networking via transport, coding and control conversational protocols
Method to select and send text messages with a mobile
Speaker's voice recognition system, method and recording medium using two dimensional frequency expansion coefficients
Method and system for inter-channel signal redundancy removal in perceptual audio coding
Quantization matrices based on critical band pattern information for digital audio wherein quantization bands differ from critical bands
Error resilient scalable audio coding
Recording medium driving device
Access control apparatus and method for controlling access to storage medium
Media player with instant play capability
Data alteration checking apparatus and method and recording medium
Optical disk apparatus
Disc cartridge with mounting part of shutter slide portion arranged on stage of another shutter slide portion
File systems supported data sharing
Disk recording and/or reproducing device
Airflow guidance structure for heat discharge in optical storage carrier player
CAM with policy based bandwidth allocation
Content addressable memory with programmable word width and programmable priority
Variable self-time scheme for write recovery by low speed tester
I/O compression circuit for a semiconductor memory device
Integrated circuit memory devices having asynchronous flow-through capability
Specimen analyzing method
Cable or module identification apparatus and method
Radio transmission apparatus
Elliptical resonators with radial current mode and radio frequency filter formed therefrom
Integrated repeater
Portable type radio equipment
Apparatus, and associated method, for selecting antenna pattern configuration to be exhibited by an antenna assembly of a communication station
Communication device
System and method for exact compensation of fundamental phasors
Automatic gain control apparatus
CMOS current mode RF detector and method
Process for noise reduction, particularly for audio systems, device and computer program product therefor
Turn architecture for routing resources in a field programmable gate array
Clock generation and distribution in an emulation system
Network interface using programmable delay and frequency doubler
Rational frequency synthesizers employing digital commutators
Using microcode to correct ECC errors in a processor
CRC encoding circuit, CRC encoding method, data sending device and data receiving device
Electromagnetic radiation alerting device for use with a cellular telephone
Method of and a system for estimating the frequency uncertainty of a mobile radio system able to use two different mobile radio networks
Receiving unit, receiving method and semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for transmission line analysis
Transmission power correcting method, mobile communications system and mobile station
Software analysis tool for CDMA system
Switching VSAT transmitter
Space-based integrated multi-mission broadband architecture
Method for controlling transmission point of a dedicated channel in a CDMA communication system supporting an uplink synchronous transmission scheme
System for transmitting digital signals with FM signals
Satellite broadcasting system capable of designating areas for broadcasting program and satellite broadcasting reception apparatus
System and method for obtaining comprehensive vehicle radio listener statistics
Radio network system
Method and apparatus for enhancing input/output error analysis in hardware sub-systems
Automatic BIOS recovery in a multi-node computer system
Remote administration of smart cards for secure access systems
Computer network indicating relatedness of attributes of monitored terminals
Methods, apparatuses and systems enabling a network services provider to deliver application performance management services
Radio communication system
Operating method for a data bus for several users with flexible timed access
Stack-based access control using code and executor identifiers
Digital device, bridge circuit, and method
Methods and apparatus for determination of packet sizes when transferring packets via a network
Network formation in asset-tracking system based on asset class
Fine-stage automatic frequency compensation in post-detection short-range wireless applications
System for capturing resources in broadcast and data communication in unification mode
Method and apparatus for managing multiple instances of server code on a machine
Method for file system replication with broadcasting and XDSM
Adaptable switch architecture that is independent of media types
Method and apparatus for managing and presenting changes to an object in a data processing system
IP (Intellectual Property) generating system
Method, system and program for sharing the ability to set configuration parameters in a network environment
Terminal device, apparatus and method for controlling a terminal device, and method of controlling a process in a terminal device
Quality of service extensions for multimedia applications in wireless computer networks
Method of converting a network address
Method and array for determining the virtual address of a terminal
Communication data relay system and method of controlling connectability between domains
Virtualization of iSCSI storage
Methods and apparatus for processing network data transmissions
Connection cache for highly available TCP systems with fail over connections
Digital system having a multiplicity of self-calibrating interfaces
Security system and method for handheld computers
Method and apparatus for a service provider to provide secure services to a user
Evidencing and verifying indicia of value using secret key cryptography
System, method and article of manufacture for knowledge-based password protection of computers and other systems
Composite keystore facility apparatus and method therefor
System for coupling a mobile radio service base station to an antenna
Extending hinged flip apparatus for a communication device
Cellular phone holder
Personal wearable communication and speaker system
Mobile phone with a hidden input device
Method and apparatus for providing Hindi input to a device using a numeric keypad
Method for searching for data in at least two databases, and database system having at least two databases
Apparatus and method for controlling multi-function device of mobile terminal
Schedule management device and schedule management method and recording medium recording the schedule management program
Radio communication device, method of and program for rewriting boot program therefor
System combining pager type personal digital assistant and mobile phone module
Method and apparatus for filtering incoming calls in a mobile communication system
Automatic selection of favorite media selections of a user of a media presentation device
Interactive television program guide with passive content
Method and apparatus for use of a time-dependent watermark for the purpose of copy protection
Service system
Data download method through multimedia device
Electronic program guide viewing history generator method and system
Watching method of baseball using mobile communication means of motion picture
Method and apparatus for user-time-alignment for broadcast works
System for generating, distributing and receiving an interactive user interface
Control apparatus for controlling recovery of terminal-station apparatus from abnormality
Wireless communication device and controlling method thereof
Method for wireless data transmission for adaptive multiple protocols
Mobile communications network
Portable telephone set for detecting radio wave interference on switched perch channels and displaying interference warning
Portable telephone with moving status detection function
Adaptive omni-modal radio apparatus and methods
Apparatus and method for use in identifying presence of wireless terminals in mobile wireless communication systems
Low layer paging indicator processing system and method for multi-layer communication equipment used in a wireless communication system
Mobile communication terminal apparatus, control circuit, and handoff control method
Method and apparatus for control of soft handoff usage in radiocommunication systems
Method and apparatus for configurable selection and acquisition of a wireless communications system
Method for compressing serpentine trace routing on printed circuit boards
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