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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mechanism for guiding a windrower for making an initial cut for multiple windrows
Fish lure with vortex tail
Compounds for the treatment of infectious diseases
Neck dam collar for use with chemical-biological protective masks and hoods
Shoe and a method of making shoes
Walking boot for diabetic and other patients
Protective foot covering article
Mechanical fastening nets and methods of making the same
Hair extension drying apparatus
Adjustable bristle toothbrush apparatus
Bed with automatic mattress lifting system
System and method for enhancing the safety of a sleeping arrangement for a child on a bed
Collapsible cooler liner
Portable sink
Light plastic foam construction element for making shower stalls, bathroom stalls and the like
Sanitary cleaning device with disposable cleaning head
Floor washing-drying machine
Dust suction device
System and method for registration in orthopaedic applications
Device and system with moving squeegee fields
Toothbrush assembly having an environmentally safe polymer battery
11-substituted bile acid derivatives, process for the preparation thereof and use of these compounds as medicaments
Substituted gemcitabine bicyclic amide analogs and treatment methods using same
Nuclear targeting sequences
Generation of cytotoxic tumor specific cell lines and uses thereof
Template-fixed peptidomimetics
Chimeric polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding same, cells expressing same and methods of producing same
CD147 as receptor for pilus-mediated adhesion of Meningococci to vascular endothelia
Use of GPR83 to identify pruritus-related substances
Performing Operations; Transporting
Slurry distributor with a profiling mechanism, system, and method for using same
System and method for a combined contact and non-contact wafer cleaning module
Cleaning bullet
Rolling tool with integrated drawing stage
Method and apparatus for forming a reinforcing bead in a container end closure
Stent crimping
Method of manufacturing a drum-type washing machine
Reactor manufacturing method for a fuel cell processor
Chemically compatible, lightweight heat pipe
Method of processing seals like leaf seals
Solder alloy
Method for manufacturing inkjet head
Method of providing non-uniform stator vane spacing in a compressor
Method for reconditioning a turbine blade
Machine tool and method for controlling machine tool
Tool for removing and applying a fastening device
Torque wrench
Fast loosed belt structure
Systems and methods of a power tool system with interchangeable functional attachments powered by a direct rotational drive
Rotatable robot foot with perpendicular soles
Hairstyling scissors
Rotary type electric shaver
Rotary electric shaver
Razor having a brush or bristle head
System and method for bucking a stem
Plastic bodies and methods of forming plastic bodies
Thermoforming mold device and a process for its manufacture and use
Method for producing thermoplastic foam panels by means of at least two heating elements offset in parallel with each other
Method for mounting a vortex generator and mounting apparatus for carrying out the method
System for reducing the release value of a label
Transparent conductive film
Printer apparatus
Printer and printing jig
Method of forming and visualizing latent image
Composite tool for layout and installation of back splashes
Professional layout tool
Method and device for adapting tires of a means of locomotion to given travel situations
Pneumatic radial tire for passenger vehicle
Modular support for automobile doors, door assembly for an automobile and method for mounting the modular support on a door frame
Tonneau cover securing mechanism
Parallel charging and power supply system for pure electric vehicle
Head and neck restraining system
Debris catching system for a child seat
Apparatus and method for restoring a camera mounting to a calibrated position
Vehicle seat part
Airbag module
Vehicle communication system, in-vehicle device, portable device, and computer program
Bag for storing and holding electronic and non-electronic items
Wiper device, especially for a motor vehicle
Spare tire detection
Bi-modal traffic system
Vehicle door opening and closing control device
Rail track geometry measurement
Steering column device
Vehicle control device
Inflatable panel housing for an aerodynamic fairing assembly
Fuel efficient hydraulic power steering
Automatic bicycle pedal with engagement arches
Suction anchor
Underwater watercraft
Thermal acoustic insulation blankets
Aircraft hybrid flight control system
Drop down overhead galley stowage system
Overflow pan for an appliance
Method and apparatus for constructing pallets
Combination food storage and serving device
Packing bag and manufacturing method for the same
One-way valve for a compressible container and container with such a valve
Plastic beer keg
Tip indicator and packaging box equipped with same
Automated rack unloading apparatus
Vibratory conveying apparatus comprising trough attachment/detachment mechanism, and combination weighing apparatus
Transporting element for a distributing conveyor of a sorter of a sorting installation
Air vortex assisted sheet flipping device
Device and method for determining the diameter of a yarn balloon formed by a running yarn at a workstation of a textile machine
Hose winding device
Elevator with maintenance opening in the car floor
Strap winding apparatus and method
Pit cover
Riding saddle and its method of manufacture
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the preparation of syngas
Preparation of metal oxide-graphene composite films
Liquid treatment apparatus
Laundry wash water recycle system
Laundry wash water recycle system
Method of forming an optical lens by drawing material with curved surface parts
System and method for controllable non-volatile metal removal
Refractory product, use of zirconium dioxide, zirconium dioxide, method for manufacturing a refractory product and a refractory product manufactured therewith
Method of forming ceramic material containing aluminum particles
Catalysts, methods, and systems for preparing carbamates
Conversion systems for biomass
Nitrogen containing surfactants with alkoxylation on the hydroxyl group of fatty chains
Small molecule inhibitors of TRPA1
Process for separating propylene mixed with propane by adsorption in a simulated moving bed
N,N-substituted 3-aminopyrrolidine compounds useful as monoamines reuptake inhibitors
Process for preparing imidazolium based ionic liquids with di-polymerized oxirane base
Heat shock protein 70 (hsp-70) receptor ligands
Pyrazines as modulators of GPR6
Compounds .alpha..sub.v.beta..sub.6 integrin antagonists
Heterocyclic compound
Fused bicyclic heteroaromatic derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
Broad spectrum beta-lactamase inhibitors
Small molecules for the modulation of MCL-1 and methods of modulating cell death, cell division, cell differentiation and methods of treating disorders
Trail cell-penetrating peptide-like mutant MUR6 and preparation method thereof
TRAIL cell-penetrating peptide-like mutant MuR5 and preparation method thereof
Anti-CD33 antibodies and methods for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia using the same
Ethylsulfonated hyaluronic acid biopolymers and methods of use thereof
Polyarylene sulfide resin composition and method for producing same
Method for the preparation of NFC films on supports
Sterically hindered amine and oxyalkyl amine light stabilizers
Polyarylene sulfide resin composition and use of same
Resin composition whose lubricity under wet conditions is maintained
Ink, recorded matter, ink container, recording device, and recording method
Photo-curable ink composition
Protective flowable or spreadable composition, articles of manufacture, an apparatus for manufacture and a process for manufacture thereof
Hybrid material for optoelectronic applications
Polypropylene based hot-melt adhesive composition
Phosphor-nanoparticle combinations
Liquid crystal alignment agent, liquid crystal alignment film, and liquid crystal display element
Refrigeration machine oil composition
Composition and method for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery
Ceramic particles with controlled pore and/or microsphere placement and/or size and method of making same
Accelerator compositions and methods
Pyrolysis tar upgrading process
Systems and methods for controlling, monitoring, and operating remote oil and gas field equipment over a data network with applications to raw natural gas processing and flare gas capture
Lubricating oil compositions containing encapsulated microscale particles
Lubricating oil composition
Lubricating oil compositions with engine wear protection
Biomaterial handling device
Yeast with high content of Abu, .gamma.-Glu-Abu, and/or .gamma.-Glu-Abu-Gly
Yeast alleles involved in maximal alcohol accumulation capacity and tolerance to high alcohol levels
Methods and compositions for plant pest control
Method for regulating expression of specific protein using cytokinin-responsive transcription factor, isoprenoid-producing plant having gene encoding cytokinin-responsive transcription factor introduced therein, and method for producing polyisoprenoid using said isoprenoid-producing plant
Method for evaluating cell populations
Integrated process to recover a spectrum of bioproducts from fresh seaweeds
Biosynthesis of 1-undecene and related terminal olefins
Methods for nucleic acid manipulation
Methods and apparatus for forming bulk metallic glass parts using an amorphous coated mold to reduce crystallization
Method for producing a tribologically distressed laminate, a laminate and use of an organometallic compound for producing a functional layer of the laminate
Method for functionalizing a solid substrate, other than a substrate made of gold, via specific chemical compounds
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus on a textile machine for cleaning fibre material, for example of cotton, comprising a high-speed first or main roller
Method and device for manufacturing sawtooth card clothing and all-steel card clothing as well as sawtooth wire
Drafting device for spinning-knitting machines
High temperature resistant rope systems and methods
Apparatus for the treatment of strand-like textile material
Cross-linked polyethylene fiber, its use and process for its manufacture
Fixed Constructions
Rotating hydraulic gear motor
Snow shovel
Snow plow having two-piece mold board
Detachable lifting mechanism for a tracked snow vehicle method and apparatus
Casing assembly for forming CIP retaining wall and method for forming CIP retaining walls using the casing assembly
Securing system for basketball pole
Earth reduction tool
Structure having multiple interwoven structural members enhanced for resistance of multi-directional force
Cornice corner cap and methods related thereto
Spacer assembly for insulating glazing units and method for fabricating the same
Conical roof construction
Retractable roof system
Connection plate for use in constructing a metal building
Modular building block system and method of manufacture
System of blocks for use in forming a free standing wall
Roofing composition
Flatpack gutter trap
Tile system and method
Method for providing structure having multiple interwoven structural members enhanced for resistance of multi-directional force
Structural truss with crimp/clamp method of making same
Deployable and retractable space frame
Business productivity room
Arresting element and handle
Latch assembly for safety rail system
Immobilizing device for tracked vehicles
Hinge positioning structure and unit
Double sliding door
Sliding track coupling structure for sliding doors
Hinge kit and related methods
Damping hinge apparatus
Window regulator
Intelligent sensing edge and control system
Withdrawing mechanism
Decorative trim assemblies
Access control apparatus
Method of fabricating muntin bars for simulated divided lite windows
Electromechanical actuator and home automation installation comprising such an electromechanical actuator
Conveyor apparatus
Multi-gauge wrap wire for subterranean sand screen
Apparatus for the inductive heating of oil sand and heavy oil deposits by way of current-carrying conductors
Simulating well system fluid flow based on a pressure drop boundary condition
Particle dust control with liquid binding agents
Variably tacky proppants
Pumpable mine ventilation structure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Axial piston machine utilizing a bent-axis construction with slippers on the drive flange
Rotor disc
Rocker arm assembly for use in a valvetrain of a cylinder head of an internal combustion engine
Variable valve mechanism
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus for internal combustion engine
Exhaust emission purifying apparatus for engine
System for assisting regeneration of pollution management means in an engine exhaust line
Device and method for improving performance of a motor vehicle
Rotary piston engine with operationally adjustable compression
Compound turbine cooled engine
Assembly of an inner fixed structure of a turbojet engine nacelle and of a thermal protection
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
System and apparatus for gas turbine engine lean blowout avoidance
Fuel injection valve
Carburetor with throttle shaft retainer
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Sensor module for a pressure-measuring sheathed-element glow plug
Turbomachine component with a stress relief cavity
Fluid pressure changing device
Continuous flow pumping system
Lightweight compressor crankcase assembly and method
Portable DC cooling fan with simulated oscillation
Panel attachment system
Exhaust-gas turbocharger
Fluid transport pipe
Purse ring having multiple rollers
Drain bolt configured to be forcibly withdrawn
Rolling bearing
Transmission output shaft
Power plant with energy storage deep water tank
Hydraulic anti-lock brake wheel cylinder and axle braking system
Brake unit
Powertrain with torque converter and axially compact seven speed dual clutch transmission
Selectable one-way rocker clutch
Multiple speed transmission with integrated low range
Geared interface having non-linear feedback
Power transmission device and method of producing the same
Metal end cap seal
Hinged valve
Gas valve with rubber seal packing on the closing member
Aircraft fuel vent pipe
Gas valve
Unbonded flexible pipe
Inflatable connector
Pipe coupling for a riser for the connection of an oil or gas well to an oil rig
Household appliance comprising a locking element
Boot band
Orifice test device for protective mask testers
Stand for a portable device with a graphic user interface display
Flexible kickstand and mounting apparatus for portable electronic device
Vacuum heat-insulating material, and heat-insulating container, dwelling wall, transport machine, hydrogen transport tanker, and LNG transport tanker equipped with vacuum heat-insulating material
LED module and lighting assembly having a corresponding module
Light bar
Custom printed lamp shade
Light source module, fabrication method therefor, and lighting device including the same
Air-cooled LED light with separation plate
Light flux control member, light-emitting device, and illumination device
Methods for uniform LED lighting
Optomechanical system for injecting light, optical coupler of said system illuminating device with said system
Light source apparatus and projector
Mobile soft duct system
Vehicle air conditioning system
Combined electricity, heat, and chill generation for a Rankine engine
Beverage dispense font incorporating portable cooling device
Natural smoke/fog distribution system
Multiple-bottle gel-pack
Dehydrating device
Heat storing system
Trigger assembly of a precision guided firearm
Trigger mechanism and a firearm containing the same
Firearm magazine loader and unloader
Vertical foregrip leg extender
Firearm adapted for use in low light, illuminating rear sight, and method for aligning sights in low light environments
Device and method for dismantling explosive devices
Measuring probe and measuring probe system
Test piece and apparatus for testing
Position detector
Capacitive device and method with an enhanced measurement error correction capability
Sensor module, method of correction therefor, and mobile object including the sensor module
Sensor device
Systems and methods for autonomous vehicle navigation
Digital level detector apparatus convertible for remote sensing
Light-emitting keyboard
Multiple axis load cell controller
Fluid production computation apparatus using electromagnetic induction theory and fluid producing apparatus capable of computing fluid production
Reducing agent tank
Method and device for identifying a damaged bearing of a rotating shaft
Method and system for monitoring sub-synchronous torsional oscillations of a shaft line of a steam turbine
Modification processing device, modification monitoring device and modification processing method
Temperature sensing circuits
Temperature sensor circuit and semiconductor device including temperature sensor circuit
Load detecting sensor and collision detecting sensor using the same
Transistor-type pressure sensor and method for fabricating the same
Method for detecting malfunction of a cooling system based on detected coolant temperature
Method and apparatus of testing poles
Method and device for obtaining a determined flow resistance of a flow channel by means of a measuring bridge
Convection heating assisted engine-off natural vacuum test
Key testing apparatus
Method of sensing aerosol characteristic parameter using dual-wavelength scattered signal and application thereof
Localized surface plasmon resonance sensing chip and localized surface plasmon resonance sensing system
Heterogenous surface functionalization
Core sample analysis
Cell determination device, cell determination system, and cell determination method
Systems, devices and methods for a hydroscopic based lateral flow assay
Method, device, and test specimen for testing a part, and use of the method and device
Structural health monitoring (SHM) transducer assembly and system
Phasing adder and ultrasound probe
System and method for automated inspection of large-scale part
Magnifying device for jewelry and system for use of same
Automatic fecal occult blood detector
Method for determining radiosensitivity
Biomarkers for differentiating between non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
Moisture absorbent material with indicator function, humidity indicator and packaging bag
Angular velocity sensor device
Acceleration detecting device
System and method for detecting and localizing non-technical losses in an electrical power distribution grid
Phase shift detector
Reducing noise and enhancing readout throughput in sensor array
ICT probe contact improvement
Fluid pressure activated electrical contact devices and methods
Method for predicting failure of a light-emitting diode
Adjusting latency in a scan cell
Method for adapting the sensitivity of a sensor system
Method for establishing direction of arrival by use of signals of opportunity
Passive millimeter-wave detector
Method and electronic device identifying indoor location
Seismic data acquisition system with selectively enabled sensor units, and associated methods
Three-dimensional seismic acquisition system and method with dynamic resolution
Spin microscope based on optically detected magnetic resonance
System and method for providing broadband communications over power cabling
High frequency electromagnetic induction
Suppressing nuisance alarms of a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) surveillance system
Illuminating device
Electrowetting display device and manufacturing method thereof
Electrowetting display device
Relocating common connector pads in display devices
Brick type colored pixel wall for electrowetting displays
Method, apparatus and computer program product for image refocusing for light-field images
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer device comprising Porro prisms
Spatial image display apparatus
Enhanced, protected silver coatings on aluminum for optical mirror and method of making same
Hybrid fiber optic and graphene cable
Method and device for treating averted gaze
Optical film, and polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device that use this optical film
Mask assembly, color filter substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Optical member, polarizing plate set and liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Electrochromic multi-layer devices with composite electrically conductive layers
System for gigahertz to terahertz frequency signal generation using OPO and DFG
Exposure unit, image forming unit, and image forming apparatus
Developer accommodating container, developer accommodating unit, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Developing device and image forming apparatus having a collection container with a swing portion
Industrial control system and method for transferring data
Automatic guided vehicle
Accelerator pedal apparatus
Internally articulated parking brake assembly for automotive vehicle
Computing device and computing system using same
Bumper deployment mechanism and electronic device using the same
Management device
Detection and automatic transfer of standalone system dumps
Read-if-not-revision-equals protocol message
Shifting wearout of storage disks
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method
Management of extents for space efficient storage volumes by reusing previously allocated extents
Method to improve page out mechanism with compressed memory pools
Storage device and method for location based protection of data in a portable storage device
Handshaking method of hybrid hard-disk drive
Network congestion reduction
Flexible remote data mirroring
Aggregating redundant messages in a group chat
Collaborative analytics with edge devices
Method and system of session-aware load balancing
System and method for sharing data/objects between electronic devices via IMS infrastructure
Method, apparatus and computer program product for managing static uniform resource locator access
Generation collapse
Efficient data storage utilization and recycling by gradual data degradation
Discovery protocol for enabling automatic bootstrap and communication with a service appliance connected to a network switch
Accessing related application states from a current application state
Hybrid rendering of a web page
Analyzing a document that includes a text-based visual representation
Class-narrowing for type-restricted answer lookups
System for tokenizing text in languages without inter-word separation
Business intelligence data models with concept identification using language-specific clues
Hybrid OLTP and OLAP high performance database system
Crowdsourced analysis of decontextualized data
Resource efficient document search
Optimized index usage for data restore
Method for executing menu in mobile terminal and mobile terminal using the same
Virtual power management multiprocessor system simulation
On the fly netlist compression in power analysis
Enhanced parameter tuning for very-large-scale integration synthesis
Programmable integrated circuit standard cell
Redundant error detection in a clinical diagnostic analyzer
Data protection systems and methods
Electronic device access control using biometric technologies
Device and method for generating identification key by using semiconductor process
Limiting memory in a distributed environment at an operator or operator grouping level
Method for retrieval of unrecalled information from digital advertisement
Finger mounted computer input device and method for making the same
Mapping type three-dimensional interaction apparatus and method
Signal adapter for a display system for energy conservation
Control panel, especially for an oven, and oven, especially domestic oven
Touch display panel and method for controlling the same, and touch display device
Touch display panel, fabricating method thereof and driving method thereof
Wearable device and mobile terminal for supporting communication with the device
Touch-sensitive apparatus with improved spatial resolution
Conductive film and touch panel including the same
Self-capacitive touch and force sensing apparatus and self-capacitive touch and force sensing method
Method for calibrating a resistive contact sensor
Method and apparatus for causing a deformation representation
Categorized and tagged video annotation
Graphical user interfaces for supporting collaborative generation of life stories
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof for creating shortcut of executing application
Establishing a communication link between plural participants based on preferences
Directional interface for streaming mobile device content to a nearby streaming device
Method and systems for simulating a workload of a storage system
Dynamic random access memory
Search-on-the-fly/sort-on-the-fly by a search engine directed to a plurality of disparate data sources
Approximate assignment operator for constrained based evolutionary search
Supplementing a tuple with a derived value
Semiconductor devices and methods for dead time optimization by measuring gate driver response time
Static analysis based efficient elimination of false positive
Test case reduction in application binary interface (ABI) compatibility testing
Automated testing of application program interface
Verifying source code in disparate source control systems
Updating software instances
Integrated system for software application development
Identification of software updates using source code execution paths
Avoiding guard test invalidation for virtual and interface calls
Electronic device performing emulation-based forensic analysis and method of performing forensic analysis using the same
Method and system for dynamic pool reallocation
Processing interrupt requests
Electronic delivery of admission tickets direct to a purchaser
Adaptive processing of radio frequency identification
Graphical user interface features for a mobile device coupled to a barcode scanner
Fast, high-accuracy, large-scale fingerprint verification system
System and method of capturing and producing biometric-matching quality fingerprints and other types of dactylographic images with a mobile device
System, apparatus, and method for arabic handwriting recognition
Biometric identification and verification
Organizational logo enrichment
Method and electronic device of identifying redundant data
Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for estimating blur
Real-time object analysis with occlusion handling
Methods and systems for node-based website design
Methods for secure transactions
Intelligent adaptive label device and method
System and method for managing message campaign data
Systems and methods of uniform remote sizing and selling of articles such as footwear and other apparel
Method and apparatus for improved sales program and user interface
Post-disaster assessment systems and methods
System and method for automatic repositioning of market information in a graphical user interface
Optimizing shading process for mixed order-sensitive and order-insensitive shader operations
Reactive overlays of multiple representations using augmented reality
Optimized depth buffer cache apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for efficient processing of graphics commands
Terminable spatial tree-based position coding and decoding
Restoring color and infrared images from mosaic data
Side pool interleaved wagering system
Methods and apparatus for redeeming an entitlement
Method of activating a supplemental visual warning signal based on frequency emitted from a generator of a primary audible warning signal
Information processing apparatus and transmission control method
Footwear arrangement with battery and anti-theft protection
Security system with kill switch functionality
Electrical activity sensor device for detecting electrical activity and electrical activity monitoring apparatus
System and method of biological and germ cross contamination control
Distressed aircraft notification and tracking system
Apparatus, systems, and methods for signal localization and differentiation
Controller for managing base station in heterogeneous network environment and managing method of the controller, and base station managing system
Internet-of-things systems and methods
System, method and recording medium for emergency vehicle route guidance
Apparatus and method for providing service in vehicle to everything communication system
System and methods for transforming language into interactive elements
Extruded plastic u-channel sign post covers
Intelligent adaptive label device and method
Sign holding extrusion arrangement
Wear compensation for a display
Gate drive on array unit, gate drive on array circuit and display apparatus
Light field light source orientation method for augmented reality and virtual reality and front-end device
Shift register unit, gate driving circuit and driving method, and display apparatus
Rhino resonator and flute crown
Voice synthesizing method and voice synthesizing apparatus
Determining the inter-channel time difference of a multi-channel audio signal
Inter-channel level difference processing method and apparatus
Systems and methods for information capture
Laminate-wrapped hard disk drives and related methods
Method for assembling a head stack assembly with a disk drive base utilizing a tooling mandrel
Method to planarize perpendicular write poles using a combination of CMP and reactive ion milling
Method of forming an on-pitch self-aligned hard mask for contact to a tunnel junction using ion beam etching
Memory device, semiconductor device, and electronic device
Memory and memory control method
Systems and methods for data organization in storage systems using large erasure codes
Semiconductor device and electronic device
Conductive water borne coatings and methods for enhancing coating conductivity
Electro-conductive paste comprising coarse inorganic oxide particles in the preparation of electrodes in MWT solar cells
Wiring assembly and method of forming a channel in a wiring assembly for receiving conductor and providing separate regions of conductor contact with the channel
Vertical-coupling transformer with an air-gap structure
Electromagnetic coil driving control device
Ceramic multilayer wiring substrate and module including the same
High performance lithium-ion capacitor laminate cells
Rocker input mechanism
Electronic device with slidable control button
Contractor with micro-solenoid and device for retention of core of micro-solenoid for motor vehicle starter, and corresponding starter
Plasma treatment process for in-situ chamber cleaning efficiency enhancement in plasma processing chamber
Reflector lamp
Process of fabricating a circuit board
Micro-LED array transfer
Methods for forming thermoelectric elements
Oxide sintered body, sputtering target, and oxide semiconductor thin film obtained using sputtering target
Semiconductor device
Electronic apparatus having coplanar waveguide transmission line
Processing methods and apparatus with temperature distribution control
Test method for a redistribution layer
Ion implantation method and ion implantation apparatus performing the same
Prevention of charging damage in full-depletion devices
FinFET having highly doped source and drain regions
High performance middle of line interconnects
Method and apparatus for protecting metal interconnect from halogen based precursors
FinFET vertical flash memory
Method for forming capacitor, semiconductor device, module, and electronic device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and display device including the semiconductor device
Multi-angled deposition and masking for custom spacer trim and selected spacer removal
Display device and electronic device
Techniques for forming finFET transistors with same fin pitch and different source/drain epitaxy configurations
Semiconductor display device
Semiconductor device
Integrated electronic components and methods of formation thereof
Spacer chamfering gate stack scheme
Solar cell
Emitter for a thermo-photovoltaic system and thermo-photovoltaic system comprising at least one such emitter
Magnesium alumosilicate-based phosphor
Multiple transmission windows for OFDM symbol
Shell integrated light-emitting diode assembly, shell integrated light-emitting diode lamp, and manufacturing method thereof
System for thermoelectric energy generation
Thermoelectric conversion module
Resistive memory cell with sloped bottom electrode
Method for effecting a sleep mode of a cell supervision circuit of a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Systems for determining relative position and orientation of a vehicle with respect to a charging station
Carbon nanotube-metal nanocomposites as flexible, free standing, binder free high performance anode for Li-ion battery
Battery electrode binder and battery and electrode using same
Carbon support material for solid polymer type fuel cell use and metal catalyst particle- supporting carbon material and methods of production of same
Metal nanoparticle-graphene composites and methods for their preparation and use
Antenna device and communication device using the same
LAN connector with unlocking preventing mechanism
Photo-electric receptacle luminaire integration point
Method of manufacturing cord management device
Cable termination methods
Coaxial connector having a grounding member
Electrical connector box
Failure detection and alerting circuit for a differential mode surge protection device in an LED driver
Motor control device and steering control device
Decentralized module-based DC data center
Energy management method and system for energy supply system
Chassis design for wireless-charging coil integration for computing systems
Reconfigurable wireless power resonator
Portable multiple mobile electronic device charging station
Storage battery, method of controlling storage battery, and non-transitory storage medium
Power supply system and connector
Uninterrupted power supply with switchable reference
Rotor, method of manufacturing the rotor, and rotary electric machine having the rotor
Flexible connector system for connecting a high current motor to a PCB of an integrated electronics system of a vehicle
Method of manufacturing a stator in a rotating electric machine
Rotor shaft and method of manufacturing the same
Electric machine and method for winding a coil of an electric machine
Tapered bearing housing at coupled end of close-coupled motor
Switching power supply device
Power conversion device
Drive circuit and semiconductor apparatus for a high output motor
Active device which has a high breakdown voltage, is memory-less, traps even harmonic signals and circuits used therewith
System and method for providing an area efficient and design rule check (DRC) friendly power sequencer for digital circuits
Hybrid pulse-width control circuit with process and offset calibration
Systems and methods for verification of code resiliency for data storage
Optimizing a ringtone for audibility
Reusable carrier based polarization diversity for uplink of full-duplex radio-over-fiber system
IR communication method and electronic device thereof
Imaging cancellation in high-speed intensity modulation and direct detection system with dual single sideband modulation
System and method of peer-to-peer, paired, and synchronized nodes
Method and apparatus for antenna selection
Systems and methods to format and encode aviation data for improved transmittability
Guided distributed interference management system utilizing positive co-channel interference detection, measurement and mitigation employing a communication network or an internet connection
Mitigating reflection-based network attacks
Half-cycled orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing transmission and reception
Bidirectional optical element
Wireless communication method supporting reverse report and related wireless communication system
Method for communicating over DC power conductor
System and method for efficient name-based content routing using link-state information in information-centric networks
Flow state aware management of QoS with a distributed classifier
Data transmission method using multiple wireless networks
Active directory for user authentication in a historization system
Apparatus, systems and methods for deployment of interactive desktop applications on distributed infrastructures
Universal internet of things (IoT) smart translator
Protection for computing systems from revoked system updates
Method and device for informing user address
Biometric identification system and associated methods
Distributed collaborative offline charging system
Systems and methods for detecting and controlling transmission devices
Method, apparatus and system for processing trunked service attribute
Establishing communication sessions
Abnormality management system of image forming apparatus
Management apparatus, control method for the management apparatus, and storage medium
Image processing device and image forming apparatus that generates a line synchronization signal based on a modulation clock and with a variable line cycle
Practical two-frame 3D+2D TV
Video coding device using quantizing an orthogonal transform coefficient
Method and device for tone-mapping a high dynamic range image
Image processor, display image processing method and associated electronic device
System and methods for verifying and displaying a video segment via an online platform
Imaging apparatus
Apparatus and method for cloaked outdoor electronic signage
Transmitting settings in a digital imaging system
Transmitting settings in a digital imaging system
System for processing data from an omnidirectional camera with multiple processors and/or multiple sensors connected to each processor
Combination video and optical sight
Shared image devices
Interactive program guide system providing an application program interface for non-program guide applications
Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
News production system with dynamic character generator output
Device control in backup media-broadcast system
Selecting and providing of supplemental content for video transport stream
Vehicular image control apparatus
Multi-area white-balance control device, multi-area white-balance control method, multi-area white-balance control program, computer in which multi-area white-balance control program is recorded, multi-area white-balance image-processing device, multi-area white-balance image-processing method, multi-area white-balance image-processing program, computer in which multi-area white-balance image-processing program is recorded, and image-capture apparatus
Miniature sound generator
Hearing device interface
Phantom power supply device
Signal mixing architecture with extended single-axis spatialization control for more than two outputs, summing nodes, or destinations
Audio transmitting table
Mobile communication system, radio base station, radio mobile station and mobile communication method
Adaptable broker for location based second degree social networking
Method, device, system and storage medium for reducing measurement signalling in LTE network
Subscriber handling in radio telecommunication networks
Hybrid management of handovers in a self organizing network (SON)
Communication method using multiple input multiple output and communication apparatus performing the same
Method, system, mobile terminal and computer program product
Transmission power managing method of heterogeneous network system
System and method for decoding data carried on colliding channels
Method and apparatus for controlling random access opportunity in mobile communication system
Classified relation networking optimization platform in open wireless architecture (OWA) mobile cloud terminal device
Method and system for communication system interoperability
Method and device for detecting interference scenario
Low-power device positioning method using position updates calculated by low power processor
Method for controlling base station in multi-rat environment and transmitting/receiving data according to control of base station, and apparatus for performing same
PTP interaction association system supporting connection between audio electronic product and internet
Managing bandwidth availability in a mobile telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for distributive mobility management
Cellphone shell with extending handle for image capture control
Low-cost LED driving circuit using high voltage
Systems and methods for particle guiding
Method for a secure detach procedure in a radio telecommunication network
Mounting method of passive component
Dual-sided rackmount modular data processing assembly
Dust guard structure
Vertical electronic device and modular unit
Portable apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Belt adjuster
Adjustment device for helmet strap
Mop plate
Display unit
Storage cabinet
Bed headboard
Snowman mat
Multi compartment food service tray
Electric cooktop
Handle for cooking utensils
Cooking indentation
Eating utensil
Food preparation tool
Egg slicer
Dust pan
Trowel handle
Weeder rake
Screwdriver handle
Impact driver
Wall shelf bracket
Hand tool
Handheld power tool
Rechargeable impact driver
Trailer wheel lock
Adjustable dumbbell support base
Beverage bottle
Jewelry display box
Decorative box
Packaging carton
Closure cap
Music player watch
Interface for a measuring device
Remote indicator
Theft deterrent device
Tire tread
Tire tread
Skid plate
Front face of a floor mat
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Pop-up cupholder
Hood for a vehicle
Disc for a disc brake
Front fender for a four-wheeled motorcycle
Skid plate
Three wheel scooter
Jump starter
Four position power connector
Electrical connector
Electrical device
Circuit board
Semiconductor device
Ground block
Portable audio system
Speaker box
Decorative personal computer frame
Computer monitor support
Knee keyboard
Race car mouse pad
Portable telephone
Portable telephone
Cellular phone
Portable telephone
Television receiver
Cellular phone
Icon for a display screen
Auger for snow plows
Hand operated roller press
Digital camera
Housing for surveillance camera
Electronic camera
Digital camera
Label tag dispenser
Retractable top press ballpen
Ball point pen
Writing utensil
Toy voice changer
Snorkel duck
Mat for training golf swing
Golf club iron head
Putter head
Club and ball washer with concave upper surface and perimeter splash guard for enhanced water retention
Slot machine
Loop-sling adaptor
Quick change gimbel cup
Combination handheld showerhead
Sprinkler base
Auto-controlled stool seat
Heating device
Combination ceiling fan and light fixture
Ceiling fan housing
Wrist worn sensor platform
Glazing mullion
Construction block
Window component extrusion
Tea light candle holder for a bottle
Lighting device
Electric torch
Donut shaped drop opal lens trim
Champagne bottle light
Enclosed multicolored frustum shaped drop opal lens trim
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Light fixture having a ring lampholder
Lighting fixture hanger
Bullseye ashtray
Racing helmet cigarette lighter
Hair comb
Human Necessities
Method of conveying particulate material from an air seeder hopper
Diamond row pattern planter
Device for the selective metering of seed and additives intended for sowing and improving soils
Crop conversion plug
Apparatus for fine pulverization of dry leaves and garden debris
Fixed line head for flexible line rotary trimmers
Swing out arm for rear rotary deck
Lawn mower blade stop
Biocide applicator for sugar cane
Compactor structure for forming a crown on the top of a compacted cotton module
Harvester accumulator and basket structure
Wrapping implement
Hand-held device for selectively attaching or detaching a water drip system connector or plug
Method and apparatus for growing vine crops in a greenhouse
Hybrid Calycanthus plant named `Venus`
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `Smiley Face`
Phlox plant named `Junior Surprise`
Bracteantha plant named `Flobragbi`
Heuchera plant named `City Lights`
Scoop for cat litter
Multi-segmented deployable arched ramp
Adjustable cage feeder
Vibration sensor assembly and method for bark controller
Tension activated, hydraulically controlled rope severing device
Non-lethal gamecock sparring match, equipment & methods
Bird seed collector
Animal feeder
Automatic pet waterer
Spreader and spreader assembly
Automatic outrigger lock
Insect monitor and method
Disposable insect-control member
Deterrent strip for repelling birds and other pests
Alternating layer non-edible foraging matrix configurations for crawling arthropods
Method and apparatus for controlled ice crystal formation in a beverage
Wrapping materials for smoking articles
Swaddling blanket
Microbiostatic garment
Pants having an easy to open front area and method therefor
Cycle pants with breathable saddle cushion
Face mask having hook and loop type fastener
Vibration-proof glove and production method thereof
Cold-weather helmet with removable jaw shield
Coated headband for a cap
Sweatband for a cap
Jump assisting spring heel shoe
Detachable straps connection to a shoe bottom
Shoe having a three-dimensional insole
Closure device
Sealed slider adjustment mechanism
Pop beads having elongated necks
Jewellery setting
Jewelry ring and method of manufacturing same
Visual display of container contents
Foldable table with four bar link
Method of connecting partition panels
Jigsaw puzzle holding and assembling table
Compact space organizational system
Semi-rigid profile system for the continuous assembly of agglomerated boards for furniture manufacturing
Methods for retrofitting an adjustable chair
Head support with bed extension
Siderail pad for hospital bed
Alternating pressure pads
Dynamic baby cleaning and changing pad
Framing system
Spice storage and dispensing spoon
Therapeutic pillow
Transparent apertured pillow, filled with foam blocks
Pillow cover
Rotating barbecue grill
Tool force transmitting method and apparatus
Moving reef wave generator
Vehicle window cleaning apparatus and system
Hand tool for cleaning
Blower with dual tubes
Vacuum cleaner which secures to a surface
Trash can/vacuum combination
Cyclone-type dust collecting apparatus for vacuum cleaner
Washing apparatus for endoscope
Method to deliver blood from a heart chamber to a vessel
Method and apparatus for finding the position of a mechanical axis of a limb
Tool for shearing bolts
Patient positioning and transport system
Dynamometric key
Complex motion toothbrush
Method and system for customizing an orthodontic archwire
Method and apparatus for transmyocardial direct coronary revascularization
Goggle clip
Surgical table
Quick change casket corner attachment mechanism
Mobile refrigerator with reporting system
Nebulizer apparatus and method
Medicament respiratory delivery device, cartridge and method of making same
Medicament carrier
Device and process for metering breathing gas
Insufflation-exsufflation system with percussive assist for removal of broncho-pulmonary secretions
Carbon dioxide indicating apparatus, particularly, disk-like carbon dioxide indicating apparatus
Apparatus and method for diagnosis and therapy of electrophysiological disease
Golf club saver
Performing Operations; Transporting
Membrane dryer
Method and apparatus for mixing gases
Liquid dilution device
Liquid dilution device
Material sample preparation apparatus and method
Fuel injector with piezoelectric actuator and method of use
Spray-type dampening water supply apparatus
Method for decorating objects and device therefor
Roller cage assembly
Method and apparatus for single disc ultrasonic cleaning
Device for keeping a cold-rolled strip dry in the outlet of strip rolling mills
Method and device for determining the tension or the tensile stress in a metal strip
Thin walled compartmented tubular structure and its manufacturing process
Method and tooling for z-axis offset of lead frames
Method of manufacturing piping having joining portion
Combination of a press brake clamping system and at least a press brake tool
Flanging processes with radial compression of the blank stretched surface
Roll forming system for forming flanges in strip material
Method of manufacturing heat exchanging fin and die set for manufacturing the same
Finned tube for heat exchangers, heat exchanger, process for producing heat exchanger finned tube, and process for fabricating heat exchanger
Method of manufacturing a coil spring having an oblique and straight axial line
Riveting apparatus
Investment casting cores
Equipment for supplying molten metal to a continuous casting ingot mould
Mold fill method and system
CCFL wrapped with a heater wire, and machines for manufacturing same
Method for separating a flat pipe section of aluminum or aluminum alloy from a solder-coated thin-walled flat pipe section member
Ultrasonic bonding process for making a microfluid device
Automatic lathe
Large self-forming socket
Reinforcement structure for adjustable wrenches
Hand tool having a quick driving effect
Bidirectional ratchet wrench with a ratchet assembly
Device for removing a broken light bulb from a socket
Air powered wrench device with pivotable head and method of using
Magnetic bit holder and hand tool incorporating same
Torque-indicating wrench
Method of assembling a sealing ring in an outer annular groove
Threaded device for removing a fractured cartridge from a valve body
Striking head-interchangeable hammer with a stress-distributable fastener
Ice tool
Revolving screwdriver with ratchet device
Buffering member for scissors
Razor with integral trimming wand
Book trimming apparatus and method
Slicing machine with plug prevention device
Method and apparatus for cutting tire ply stock
Method and apparatus for trimming containers
Process for making sheet having indicia registered with lines of termination
Apparatus and methods for aligning a center of mass with a rotational axis of a shaft or spindle
Blank for rigid hinge-lid type wrappers for tobacco products and a procedure for manufacturing such wrappers
Metal foil/scrim flashings
Process and material for producing IR imaged gravure cylinders
Device for cleaning printing cylinders
Modular printing machine system for printing on sheets
Intaglio printing press
Gravure process for printing adjacent color surfaces with various color coating thicknesses
Tab with writing surface
One piece adjustable size brochure holder
Wheel-support rolling bearing unit and a method manufacturing the same
Wheel and adapter
Vehicle air conditioner with seat air conditioning unit
Combined cooling plant/heat pump for cooling, heating and dehumidifying a motor vehicle interior
Method of vehicle door assembly
Hot coolant type heat accumulating apparatus for a hybrid vehicle and heat accumulating method thereof
Flush-seating slide-out room for mobile living quarters
Support arrangement for lighting devices for the illumination of the number plate of motor-vehicles
Foldable triangular caution device
Low insertion effort U-base retainer
Occupant detection system
Stroke gain device for a master cylinder
Master cylinder having a seal retainer
Hydraulic fluid container for a vehicle hydraulic brake system
Wall arrangement for a servomotor
Pneumatic brake booster comprising improved sealing means
Steering wheel comprising a decorative element
Method of reinforcing an automobile structure
Bicycle handlebar extension with intergral armrest
Marine vessel fuel overflow tank system
Transducer mounting block
Downcomer for marine vessels
Boat docking aid
Remote mooring pulley system
Canoe stabilizer having vertically adjustable buoyancy
Protective bumper for towboats
Submersible vehicle
Boat plug key system
Method for producing lattice fin for missiles or other fluid-born bodies
Ballscrew locking nut
Electrically driven aircraft cabin ventilation and environmental control system
Control of temperature of supply of pressurized air
Infrared friend or foe identification system
Adapter, to interface counter-rotating torque producing engine mechanisms with stationary support accessories, for torque free output and torque sensitive environments
Airport bridge and lift
Automotive fluid exchange system and method of use
Medication filling apparatus
Banding packing machine
Assembly for collecting together different goods
Apparatus and method for loading a container with objects
Method and apparatus for making a continuous series of filled pouches
Net material feeding and cutting system for an agricultural round baler
Tying machine for tying an article
Process and apparatus for forming packaging bags with a fastener
Aroma-preserving canister
Cable tie
Method for packaging diagnostic specimens
Inflation/deflation valve for a bag to be filled with air
Curved back reclosable metal packaging unit
Prophylactic wrapper
Security disk case
Underground storage tank vapor pressure equalizer
Underground storage tank vapor pressure equalizer
Site furnishings receptacle and method
Telescoping stacking conveyor having a single conveyor belt and single drive mechanism for the belt
Crossover conveyor system
Conveyor belt cleaning system
Method and apparatus for transferring a web
Printing press racking board and corner angle support
System for height adjustment of a station for feeding items in a particular machine
Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems
Episeal pressure sensor and method for making an episeal pressure sensor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for producing ammonia (NH3)
Apparatus and method for forming silica glass elements
Optical fiber preform manufacture using improved VAD
Optical fiber producing method
Method for centering a glass flow control tube
Method for production of silica optical fiber preforms
Silica glass substrates and their selection
Textiles; Paper
Textile processing machine with a fiber conveying channel and a fiber-guiding surface
Combination tumble and cabinet dryer
Clothes dryer with control panel seal
Laundry dryer
Beam assembly in a tarpaulin handling machine
Fixed Constructions
Extendable support structures
Compact safety cone
Snowplow mounting assembly
Mooring cover and method of using the same
Frame clamp for anchor strap
Trenching tool
Connection system for attaching a wear member to an excavating lip
Faucet for preventing cold water from flowing to hot water tube
Fire hydrant valve seat flange
Closet carrier system and method of assembly
Device with toilet care action
Device with multiple toilet care action
Back flow prevention device for pipelines conveying fluids
Apparatus and method for determining density of insulation
Roof system with rows of superimposed tiles
Stucco anchorage nail
Column hung truss system
Inflatable tent
Collapsible canopy framework structure of a regular polygon
Tie down assembly for pool covers and pool cover incorporating same
Key cap
Combination lock with key opening mechanism
Latching device for a lock
Seal enclosure assembly for cargo doors
Apparatus for controlling a door
Rotating shaft with radial press device
Checker-equipped door hinge
Actuator for improving seal for overhead doors
Hinge mounting system
Lift-up hinge device of multifunction peripheral
Automatic closing door hinge, automatic closing door mechanism, and hinge of automatic closing door mechanism
Cable support apparatus
Window sash frame with hinged components
Apparatus for remote installation of devices for reducing drag and vortex induced vibration
Tool assembly and monitoring applications using same
Toilet with self-contained ventilation system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Reinforcement plate for a reciprocating engine
Wobble plate piston mechanism
Turbocharger apparatus
Waste heat collecting system having rankine cycle and heating cycle
Camshaft adjusting device for internal combustion engines of motor vehicles
Electromagnetic hydraulic valve, in particular a proportional valve for controlling device for adjusting the rotation angle of a camshaft relative to the crankshaft in an internal combustion engine, and a method for the production thereof
Device for the variable control of gas exchange valves in an internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing controller for internal combustion engine
System and method for controlling engine operation
Self-regulating electrohydraulic valve actuator assembly
Dosing system
Apparatus for controlling a lubrication fluid level
Locomotive and auxiliary power unit engine controller
Hydrocarbon adsorbent state monitoring device
Device and method for controlling the nox regeneration of a nox storage catalyst
Exhaust gas aftertreatment systems
Exhaust gas purification system and method
Cylinder head for a liquid-cooled multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine with combustion heater
Low drag fan for a ram air induction system
Direct injection engine
Gas-economizing powerful engine speed increaser
Method and arrangement for controlling the charge pressure of an exhaust-gas turbocharger
Reciprocating piston engine comprising a rotative cylinder
Cylinder head and crankcase manufacturing and assembly techniques
Control device for spark-ignition engine
Pulse detonation system for a gas turbine engine
Dual fuel power generation system
Turbine engine apparatus and method
Control system for engine
Controlling engine charge dilution for fuel efficiency
Actuation assembly for variable geometry turbochargers
Fuel properties estimation for internal combustion engine
Control system for improved transient response in a variable-geometry turbocharger
Method for detecting malfunctioning in a sensor
Fuel injection controller for internal combustion engine
Throttle control for a small engine
In-cylinder direct-injection engine and cylinder head
Universal injection valve assembly
Stratified scavenging mechanism of a two-stroke engine
Modular exhaust gas recirculation assembly
Engine throttle body
Emission control valve having improved force-balance and anti-coking
Evaporative emissions canister assembly and apparatus
Evaporative emission system integrity module
Fuel pump module and method of assembly
Fuel injection device for internal combustion engines, having a common rail injector fuel system
High pressure line connection strategy and fuel system using same
Fixing structure for fuel injection nozzle
SMA actuator safety mechanism
Piston bore
Lubricating structure for hydraulic driving apparatus
Release mechanism in missile
Compensated actuator with optimized power
Control valve
Floor panels with edge connectors
Driveshaft and method and device for producing same
Fluid coupling
Hydrodynamic component
Piston with supporting connector elements for a piston-cylinder arrangement, in particular a shock absorber piston
Electro-hydraulic manifold assembly with lead frame mounted pressure sensors
Actuating device for an automatic transmission of a motor vehicle
Meter register with water vapor seal
Fluid pressure releasing system and method
Gas control assembly
Two-way valve
Method for the production of a valve
Coupling system, kit, and method
Zero speed indicating devices and processes for testing same
Liquid heating device
Incinerator pre-fill chamber
Device for feeding pulverized coal to furnace
Sootblowing control based on boiler thermal efficiency optimization
Gas turbine combustor and operating method thereof
Container for portable heating equipment
Method for controlling noise reduction of air conditioner
Building heating assembly
Thermally isolated liquid evaporation engine
Tandem compressors with economized operation
Linearly actuated manual fresh air exchange
Drying resist with a solvent bath and supercritical CO2
Cold plate with vortex generator
Aluminum radiator and method of manufacturing tank thereof
Tank manifold for internally mounted radial flow intercooler for a combustion air charger
Method for making a multi-pass exhaust gas recirculation cooler
Heat exchanger, and method of making a heat exchanger
Process for the at least partial elimination of carbon deposits in a heat exchanger
Grip extender for handgun
Paintball gun anti-blocking device
Firearm cylinder indexing mechanism
Arrangement for the detection of relative movements of two objects
Measuring device
Apparatus and method for isolating and measuring movement in a metrology apparatus
Integrated gyroscope of semiconductor material with at least one sensitive axis in the sensor plane
Dynamically amplified micromachined vibratory angle measuring gyroscopes, micromachined inertial sensors and method of operation for the same
Vehicle data processing system which can communicate with information center
Siding installation tool
Method and apparatus for measurement of flow rate
Magnetic field coupler for fluid meter
Thermal flowmeter having a laminate structure
Method for assembling a multi-piece apparatus
Stick for measuring the level of a molten metal bath
Water well monitoring system
Device for determining and/or monitoring the level of a filled substance in a container
Device for the measurement and monitoring of a process parameter
High throughput microbalance and methods of using same
Method and device for the hysteresis correction of measured values for sensors with extensometers
Torque sensor for detecting a shaft torque
Torque sensor
High pressure sensor
Pressure sensor
Method and apparatus for centeredly clamping a motor vehicle wheel on a main shaft of a wheel balancing machine
Underground storage tank metering system in a service station environment
Method and apparatus for monitoring structural fatigue and use
Heat-transfer-inhibiting motor and rotor
Method of making a gas diffusion media and quality controls for same
Configuration for determining a concentration of contaminating particles in a loading and unloading chamber of an appliance for processing at least one disk-like object
Apparatus for continuous measurement of road surface friction
Apparatus and method for thermal conductivity detection in gas chomatography equipment
Apparatus and methods for interfacing acoustic testing apparatus with acoustic probes and systems
Process for the isolation of a major harmful oxidant from cigarette smoke
Method for a reliability assessment, failure prediction and operating condition determination of electric equipment
Method of monitoring dual-phase liquid and interface levels
Silicon dual inertial sensors
Dual microwave cavity accelerometer
Dual flexure plate angular accelerometer
Sanitary liquid pressure regulator
Enveloping body
Plastic case for storing four compact discs
Magnetic disc apparatus and magnetic head in which a recording/reproduction element is mounted on a slider via a piezoelectric element
Method of manufacturing a magnetic read/write head and slider assembly
Method for packing electronic device by interconnecting frame body and frame leads with insulating block and its packing structure
Method for making a magnetoresistive sensor having a cobalt-ferrite pinning layer
Method to improve post wafer etch cleaning process
Megasonic cleaner and dryer system
Method for array processing of surface acoustic wave devices
Multi-use electric tile modules
Magnetoresistance effect element and method for producing same
Apparatus and method for making electrical connectors
Method and apparatus for firestopping a through-penetration
Current mode DC/DC converter with controlled output impedance
Method of manufacturing a surface acoustic wave device
Method for fabricating surface acoustic wave filter package
Circuit board with embedded components and method of manufacture
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