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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Sprinkler system
Potato cultivar J3
Abrasion resistant omnidirectionally reflective retractable pet leash
Dog waste collection device
Head harness for tree-stand users
Gelatin-containing topical composition
Sublingual buccal effervescent
Controlling zoonotic disease vectors from insects and arthropods using preconidial mycelium and extracts of preconidial mycelium from entomopathogenic fungi
Treated biodiesel glycerin
Compositions of dibromomalonamide and their use as biocides
Aminofucoidan as a vector for fibrinolysis in thrombotic diseases
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Antiviral drugs for treatment of Arenavirus infection
Compositions of dibromomalonamide and their use as biocides
Herbicidal combination comprising azines
Isoxazoline derivatives as insecticides
Apparatus for skinning poultry products
Polyunsaturated fatty acid-containing oil product and uses and production thereof
Confectionery composition comprising a fat system
Production of expanded nuts
Atomization assembly and electronic cigarette
Battery connector for electronic cigarette with side air intake
Atomization assembly and electronic cigarette
Pre-rolled smoking paper stuffer
Hanger system, method and apparatus
Shirt stay
Personal head and neck cooling cap
Helmet lock
Sole for footwears capable of recovering part of the energy produced during deambulation
Tap for dance shoe
Self-fitting, self-adjusting, automatically adjusting and/or automatically fitting shoe/sneaker/footwear
Collapsible luggage and a method for its use
Aluminum tube-coated novel hair curler
Dual charging cable lanyard
Input and/or display consoles for exercise apparatuses having an adjustable media shelf
Furniture drawer locking mechanism and method for implementing the same
Convertible stand for concealing a mattress
Slip cover for an outdoor, collapsible chair
Beverage production methods with multi chambered basket units
Pans for baking and/or cooking pizza pies, bread, other dough related products, and/or like food products, and methods for making the same
Footwear-cleaning device
Domestic cleaning appliance
Vascular closure device with a plug having a variable expansion rate and method for using the same
Systems and methods for sequential mixing of activator in bioadhesive delivery device
Mitral valve leaflet clip
Laparoscopic scalpel and method for use
Instruments and methods for orthopedic implant assembly
Compact eye imaging and eye tracking apparatus
Monitoring device and cognitive behavior therapy
Controlled exposure of in-vivo sensors
Biological tissue inspection method and system
Remote delivery and monitoring of health care
Equine performance tracking and monitoring system
Adaptive sampling
Heartbeat signal processor and heartbeat signal processing method
Sleep tracking and waking optimization system and method therefor
Method and device for measuring dissolved substances in human or animal intraocular fluid
Method and system for pigtail catheter motion prediction
Variable scale stent deployment device
Systems, methods, and devices for cannula insertion
Filament based on hyaluronic acid in the form of free acid and method for obtaining it
Thin film compositions and methods of synthesis and use therefor
Machine for making absorbent sanitary articles
Medical device intended to come into contact with a patient's tissue and related manufacturing method
Ligament reconstruction fixation system
Osteoimplant and method of making same
Method for manufacturing a template to adapt the shape of a bone defect in a jaw to a bone superstructure
Scaffolds having radiopaque markers
Ostomy barrier seal
Modular anti-fog goggle system
Robotic mobility device
Back massaging apparatus
Walker device
System for sealing a container for storing and delivering a product
Color changing silicone sleeves
Ophthalmic composition
Concomitant pharmaceutical agents and use thereof
PPARs agonist activity enhancing drug
Pharmaceutical composition comprising rotigotine salts (acid or Na), especially for iontophoresis
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Fungicidal pyrazoles
Sulfone derivative
Compositions for treating bacterial infections
Pyrazolylbenzothiazole derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Compositions comprising apomorphine and organic acids and uses thereof
Piperidine and piperazine derivatives
Medical use of artemisinin compounds and gephyrin agonists
Indolyl-substituted pyrazino-quinolines and their use for the treatment of cancer
Method of treating atrial fibrillation
Methods for heat shock protein dependent cancer treatment
Pyrimidine substituted purine compounds as kinase (S) inhibitors
Mineral amino-acid complexes of active agents
Geminal dialkyl prostanoids
Modified C-3 betulinic acid derivatives as HIV maturation inhibitors
Betulinic acid derivatives with antiviral activity
22-haloacetoxy-homopregnacalciferol analogs and their uses
Antibacterial compounds, methods of making them, and uses thereof
Therapeutic or preventive agent for meibomian gland dysfunction or meibomian gland blockage
Use of anabolic agents, anti-catabolic agents, antioxidant agents, and analgesics for protection, treatment and repair of connective tissues in humans and animals
Antimicrobial cationic polycarbonates
Use of MKS inhibitor peptide-containing compositions for treating non-small cell lung cancer with same
Method of making demineralized bone particles
Anti-angiogenic agents and anti-obesity substances applied with anti-angiogenesis from natural products
Compositions and methods for stimulation MAGP-1 to improve the appearance of skin
Therapeutic composition for treating gangrene
MIC-binding antibodies and methods of use thereof
Peptide and peptidomimetic inhibitors
Use of prolactin receptor antagonists in combination with an agent that inactivates the HER2/neu signaling pathway
Template-fixed peptidomimetics with CCR10 antagonistic activity
Method for treating neuropathic pain
Neuroprotection by hepatic cells and hepatocyte secretory factors
Compositions and methods for visualizing and eliminating cancer stem cells
Peptides for inhibiting transglutaminase
Method of removing E. coli bacteria from an aqueous solution
Modified coagulation factors with prolonged in vivo half-life
Method for treating pain and method for screening pharmaceutical compositions having an anti-pain effect
Spray dried compositions and methods of use
Combination of intercalating organometallic complexes and tumor seeking biomolecules for DNA cleavage and radiotherapy
IPV-DPT vaccine
Vaccination response for immunodeficiency disorders or high cortisol
Use of complement inhibitors to treat ocular diseases
Combination Alzheimer therapy using anti-N3pGlu Abeta antibodies + a BACE inhibitor
Method for preparing chitosan-coated magnetic nanoparticles for protein immobilization
Modified poxviruses, including modified smallpox virus vaccine based on recombinant drug-sensitive vaccinia virus, and new selection methods
Methods, compositions, and kits for collecting and detecting oligonucleotides
Use of miR-30e to treat vascular lesions
Multimodal imaging method using nano-emulsion comprising optical nano-particles and perfluorocarbons
Imaging probes, methods of making imaging probes, and methods of imaging
Foam strip for the delivery of oral care compositions
Ethylene copolymer with PEG, cationic and anionic units, cosmetic composition including same and treatment method
Method of making longan seed extract
Nanodiamond UV protectant formulations
Substantially anhydrous compositions for personal care
Silicone modified polyolefins in personal care applications
Controlled release hydrogels
Reduced form of Coenzyme Q in high bioavailability stable dosage forms and related applications
Method and apparatus for forming delivery devices for oral intake of an agent
Gelatin non-woven structures produced by a non-toxic dry solvent spinning process
Process for preparing objects made of biocompatible hydrogel for uses thereof in the medical field, and more particularly in ophthalmology
Methods of forming coatings with a crystalline or partially crystalline drug for implantable medical devices
Connector for a respiratory mask and a respiratory mask
Urological medical devices having a porous membrane for delivery of urologically beneficial agents
Conformable tissue expander
C-shaped cross section tubular ophthalmic implant for reduction of intraocular pressure in glaucomatous eyes and method of use
Needle assembly attachable to an injection device, the needle assembly having a reservoir assembly with locking mechanism
Self-lubricating medical syringes
Gastrointestinal system
Electrical stimulation of the sympathetic nerve chain
Systems for stimulating neural targets
Intraocular iontophoretic device and associated methods
Treatment of consumption disorders with biostimulation
Esophageal stimulation system
Tracking progression of congestive heart failure via a force-frequency relationship
Systems and methods for placing electronic devices into "cautery-safe" mode
Surrogate implanted medical device for energy dissipation of existing implanted leads during MRI scans
Secure operation of implanted device
Pressure-sensitive external charger for an implantable medical device
Advanced system and method for ozone containing packaging for sanitizing application
MHC class II restricted T cell epitopes from the cancer anitgen, NY ESO-1
Composition in the form of a foam for coating the eyelashes
Process for permanent shaping of human hair
Flexible dry sprinkler having a differential pressure controller
Muscular training device, system and method
Baseball/softball and method of processing thereof
Metal wood club
Versatile exercise apparatus with adjustable volume to weight ratio
Kicking and punching apparatus with electronic scoring system
System for analyzing golf swing process and method thereof
Analyzing team game play interactions using gaze data
Puzzle with attachable and releasable pieces
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optimizing feed mixer performance in a paraffinic froth treatment process
Corrosion preventing apparatus, corrosion preventing method, and wire electric discharge machining apparatus
Methods, apparatus and systems for concentration, separation and removal of particles at/from the surface of drops
Device and external functional means and treatment apparatus for the treatment of medical fluids
Dual bag filter
Dual bag filter with spacer
Model based tempering air control and enhancement of exhaust for select catalytic reduction
Catalyst blends
Method of mixing a liquid in a container
Composite absorbent for catalyst residues removal from polyolefin solution polymerization mixture
Materials and methods for oil removal
Immobilized heteropoly acids and the use of the same for electrode stabilization and enhancement
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst, exhaust gas purification device and filter, and method for producing said catalyst
Method to increase volumetric hydrogen storage capacity for Pt/AC materials
Apparatus for analyzing a test liquid
Vial transport element and assembly
Method and apparatus of processing whole tobacco plants
Method and apparatus for removing metallic matter from an oil well circulating completion fluid stream
Paint roller
Forming or patterning composite microstructures using microfluidics
Enhanced multipurpose twist tie and method of fabrication and operation
Method for cold-forging thin-walled portion and explosion-proof valve
Polystyrene/polyethylene oxide copolymer for enhancing water vapor permeability in thermoplastic foam
Fabrication method of nanoparticle
Moldable composition for use in hand or machine forming an article
Hydrothermal method for manufacturing silver nanowires
Process and system for friction stir welding of a stiffener on an aircraft panel
Articulated surgical instrument for performing minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity and sensitivity
Elastic bonding films
Reflector and lighting apparatus using the same
Bias charge roller surface coating comprised of carbon nanotubes
Mechanical tape separation package
Label printer
Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
Packaging material for a pharmaceutical product having a coloured element which at a predetermined temperature discolours partially, revealing a marking, and method for producing this material
Multi-layer sheet material
Underwater vehicles with improved efficiency over a range of velocities
Method and control module for controlling the drive mode of a hybrid drive to prevent jerky movements
Control unit and method for automatically guiding a vehicle
System and method for torque control in a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
Hybrid vehicle battery charge management apparatus
Method of producing a component of a device, and the resulting components and devices
Energy recovery system
Two-axis inertial positioner
Animal lifting table with offloading ramp
Porous thin film having holes and a production method therefor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
III-V nanoparticles and method for their manufacture
Flame synthesis of metal salt nanoparticles, in particular calcium and phosphate comprising nanoparticles
Environmentally benign graphite intercalation compound composition for exfoliated graphite, flexible graphite, and nano-scaled graphene platelets
Heat sink and manufacturing method of porous graphite
Methods of preparing clusterboron
Beta-quartz glass ceramics and related precursor glasses
Copolymer having polyether side chains and dicarboxylic acid derivative components
Procedure for the production of biofuel from organic wastes
UZM-44 aluminosilicate zeolite
Asymmetric cyclization processes using unsaturated nitro compounds
Method for preparing fluoroacylated arylamine
Process of preparation of glyoxylic acid aqueous solution
Process for the preparation of 4-amino-5-fluoro-3-halo-6-(substituted)picolinates
Optically active cyclic alcohol compound and method for preparing the same
Chiral 2-(benzylsulfinyl)thiazole derivatives and 2-[(1H-pyrazol-4-ylmethyl)sulfinyl]thiazole derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Separating phases of a mixture
Salts of 6-heterocycle substituted hexahydrophenanthridine derivatives
Substituted N-heterocycloalkyl bipyrrolidinylphenyl amide derivatives, preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Nitrogen containing compounds and their use
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Process for preparing cationic ruthenium complexes
Human microRNAs and methods for inhibiting same
Modified food grade microorganism for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Compositions comprising homogeneously glycosylated erythropoietin
Active-energy-ray-curable resin composition, cured product thereof, and film
Amphiphilic block polymers prepared by alkene
Polymerization process
Water/oil repellent agent and water/oil repellent composition
Accelerated cure of isocyanate terminated prepolymers
Method for continuously producing polyester mixtures
Monocapped conductive polymers with alkenyl or alkynyl end groups and block copolymers therefrom
Polyamide membranes with fluoroalcohol functionality
Polystyrene/polyethylene oxide copolymer cell size enlarger for foam
Rubber composition comprising a 1,2,4-triazine
Multistage polymer dispersions, processes for preparing them, and use thereof
Studless tire for passenger vehicle
Efficient polymer composites based on natural wool
Cement compositions with a high photocatalytic power and an improved rheology
Adhesive compositions for bonding composites
Acrylic adhesive composition and polarizer film using the same
Formulation and method for preparing gels comprising hydrous aluminum oxide
Process and apparatus for producing a reformate by introducing isopentane
Systems and processes for removing elemental sulfur compounds from desulfurized fuels
Method of evaluating the biodegradation of hydrocarbons trapped in a basin
Process for producing granules comprising one or more complexing agent salts
Cleaning agent
Quaternized polyethulenimines with a high ethoxylation degree
Cartridge for biochemical analyses, system for biochemical analyses, and method of carrying out a biochemical process
Device for detecting and separating target molecules and method for detecting and separating target molecules by using the same
Method and apparatus for assay for multiple analytes
Increased production of secreted proteins by recombinant eukaryotic cells
Steady state anaerobic denitrifying consortium for application in in-situ bioremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated sites and enhanced oil recovery
Method for detaching cultured cells, cell detachment device used in said method for detaching cultured cells, and incubator
Enhancing vessel lesion homing and repair potential of stem cells
Tango 240 nucleic acids and uses thereof
Nucleotide sequences mediating male fertility and method of using same
MEG1 endosperm-specific promoters and genes
Methods and compositions for treating respiratory conditions using platelet enriched plasma
Method of differentiation of morula or inner cell mass cells and method of making lineage-defective embryonic stem cells
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Method for producing alcohol using bioethanol waste fermented solution
Designer Oxyphotobacteria and greenhouse distillation for photobiological ethanol production from carbon dioxide and water
Methods and compositions for detection and enrichment of target small RNAs
Method for making populations of defined nucleic acid molecules
Inhibitors of FAM3B gene, inhibitor compositions, inhibiting methods and applications of inhibitors in preparing pharmaceuticals
Method of making aluminum or magnesium based composite engine blocks or other parts with in-situ formed reinforced phases through squeeze casting or semi-solid metal forming and post heat treatment
Method for packaging target material and method for mounting target
Electrolyzer for producing sodium hypochlorite
Steel sheet for can exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance
Open-reading-frame (ORF) phage display
Textiles; Paper
Sewing machine with image synthesis unit
Systems and methods for making fiber webs
Aldehyde-functionalized polymers with enhanced stability
Fixed Constructions
Artificial oil lifting unit using absorbent belts
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydroelectric turbine with floating rotor
Mist generating apparatus
Line equipped with a coupling having an integrated heating element
Method of measuring surface structure of display device
Transformer testing
Rotation sensor and rotational angle detection apparatus
Method and device for updating the position of an aircraft
Multimedia system for vehicle with portable dash pad
Method and apparatus for conditional provisioning of position-related information
Portable apparatus
Identification tag navigation system and method thereof
Device and method for generating route restriction information of intersection, computer program for generating route restriction information of intersection, and recording medium for recording computer program
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system and control method thereof
Time code validation and correction for proximity-based ad hoc networks
Necks for string instruments
Scanning device and method for detecting the contour of an object
Spectrometer, and image evaluating unit and image forming device incorporating the same
Multi-dimensional fluid sensors and related detectors and methods
Method for enhancing current throughput in an electrochemical system
Electronic battery tester
Method for monitored separation and collection of biological materials
Methods and kits for detecting ITA in a biological sample
Methods of detecting factor D with anti-factor D antibodies
Neoepitope detection of disease using protein arrays
Monoclonal antibodies against HER2 antigens, and uses therefor
Methods to identify compounds useful for tumor sensitization to DNA damage
System and method for measuring hydrogen content in a sample
Arrangement for connecting an electrical component to an electrical unit
Inspection method and device
Determination of water cut and salinity using a coincidence function
Capacitive detection type electro-mechanical transducer
Track light powered adapter for wireless networking device
Constant window back-off method for multiple access in wireless local area networks
Semiconductor device test method and semiconductor device
Integrated circuit and a method for testing a multi-tap integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for evaluating and optimizing a signaling system
Electromagnetic survey systems and methods with rotation-corrected motion compensation
Determining root correspondence between previously and newly detected objects
Globally referenced positioning in a shielded environment
Method and system for determining the location of an electronic device using multi-tone frequency signals
Pulse radar receiver
Radiographic imaging apparatus and control method therefor
Unipole and bipole acoustic logging while drilling tools
Method for spatially resolved determination of an MR parameter
Boring tool locating signal frequency tracking apparatus
Detection of 3D formation structures based on electro-magnetic coupling measurements
Method for detecting formation resistivity outside of metal casing using time-domain electromagnetic pulse in well
Processing of azimuthal resistivity data in a resistivity gradient
Lens barrel
Zoom lens unit and imaging apparatus incorporating the same
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Optical apparatus
Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus, and lens controlling method
Diffractive optical element, optical system and optical apparatus
Fibre optic sensor package
Optical waveguide
Fiber-based photonic microdevices with sub-wavelength scale variations in fiber radius
Thermally switched reflective optical shutter
Patterned polarization plate, image display apparatus and image display system
Liquid crystal device, electronic apparatus and lighting device
Liquid crystal display device's substrate, liquid crystal display device including the same, and manufacturing method of the same
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method involving fluid mixing and control of the physical property of a fluid
Substrate transport apparatus and method, exposure apparatus and exposure method, and device fabricating method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method involving a barrier to collect liquid
Adapter, camera system, and adapter control program
Apparatus of repairing a mask and a method for the same
Image forming apparatus for measuring a color of a formed image
Process for forming a hydrophilic coating and hydrophilic coating, and process for forming an ink jet recording head and ink jet recording head
Pattern forming method
Pattern forming method, chemical amplification resist composition and resist film
Patterning process and resist composition
Surface-modified middle layers
Image forming apparatus and computer readable medium
Image forming apparatus and program product for image forming
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Cleaning member including strip shaped body, cleaning device, and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus
Image scanner, image forming apparatus and image adjusting method of image scanner
System and methods for using toner shape factor to control toner concentration
Powder supply device, developing device, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of eliminating a charge on a recording medium by applying an AC voltage
Fixing belt and fixing apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including a switching unit for switching a state of the fixing device
Image forming apparatus
Automatic document feeder, image scanning device, and method for feeding original document
Optimized integrated controls for oxy-fuel combustion power plant
Charged particle beam writing method and apparatus therefor
Electric vehicle, taxing server, charging apparatus, drive management method, and program
Policy-based robot managing apparatus and method for managing a plurality of robots
Throughput/yield optimized model predictive control
Integrated bio-reactor monitor and control system
Reverse shunt regulator
System for representing, storing, and reconstructing an input signal
Microprocessor having a low-power mode and a non-low power mode, data processing system and computer program product
Frequency synthesis methods and systems
Using pulses to control work ingress
Foldable electric device
System, method and apparatus for early termination based on transport block fail for acknowledgment bundling in time division duplex
Receiver for reducing power consumption and digital broadcast receiving system including the same
Malware target recognition
Fault detection based on diagnostic history
Test selection based on an N-wise combinations coverage
Simulation and test framework for a rule engine
Multirank DDR memory modual with load reduction
Information processing device, external storage device, host device, relay device, control program, and control method of information processing device
Conversion of in-memory data representations
Biometric-enabled smart card
Partition-free multi-socket memory system architecture
Controlling DRAM at time DRAM ready to receive command when exiting power down
Computer system including CPU or peripheral bridge to communicate serial bits of peripheral component interconnect bus transaction and low voltage differential signal channel to convey the serial bits
Host apparatus and method to share favorite image reading apparatuses thereof
Image forming apparatus, control method, and medium for performing printing with a transparent recording agent
Peer-to-peer identity management interfaces and methods
Interpersonal communication enhancer
Minimizing incorrectly addressed communications when working with ambiguous recipient designations
Providing a user with virtual computing services
Apparatus and method for selectable hardware accelerators
High data rate interface
System and methods for accelerated data storage and retrieval
Message authentication using signatures
Shared heartbeat service for managed devices
System for automatic configuration of computers in a server farm
Editing parent and child web pages
Pushbutton radio frequency identification tag for media content delivery
Method and system for processing document on layers
Vending machine for change round-up
Continuous audio interaction with interruptive audio
Network policy management and effectiveness system
Method and communication network for providing announcements in preferred language while roaming
Print image forming apparatus, computer readable medium storing program and method for forming print image having an overt identifier
Techniques for translating content
System and method for indexing documents
Generating references to reusable code in a schema
Attribute based rating of authors and content
Determining rewrite similarity scores
Techniques for web site integration
Systems and methods for confidence-based selection of hierarchical locations
Rapid access information database (RAID) system and method for mobile entity data aggregation
Electronic apparatus, information processing method, and program
Method and communication device for protecting a user's privacy
Quality validation method
System and method for logstream archival
Two-level structured overlay design for cluster management in a peer-to-peer network
Integration of CRM applications to ECS application user interface
Personalized security management
Relative ordering circuit synthesis
Methods for designing semiconductor device with dynamic array section
Computer product, design support method, design support apparatus, and manufacture method
Parsing data representative of a hardware design into commands of a hardware design environment
Method and apparatus for extracted synthesis gate characteristics model
Detection system and method of suspicious malicious website using analysis of javascript obfuscation strength
Method for verifying the certification of a recording apparatus
Authentication device using true random number generating element or pseudo-random number generating element, authentication apparatus, and authentication method
Device and method for reinterpreting stored stenographic keystrokes
Remote controls for electronic display board
Display device and output buffer circuit for driving the same
Touch-screen keyboard facilitating touch typing with minimal finger movement
Touch-screen keyboard facilitating touch typing with minimal finger movement
Surface capacitance with area gestures
Capacitive touch controls lockout
Method and program for displaying information and information processing apparatus
Method and system for utilizing transformation matrices to process rasterized image data
Inter-queue anti-starvation mechanism with dynamic deadlock avoidance in a retry based pipeline
Printing apparatus, control method for printing apparatus, and program, that supplies power based on a predetermined temperature
Processing image data provided by multiple digital sources
Devices, methods, and media for using compatible commands to control recording devices
Print control apparatus, image forming system, and non-transitory computer readable medium
Default media selection methods in a multi-media printer
Method and apparatus for creating contextualized feeds
Documentation system
Method and systems for the management of non volatile items and provisioning files for a communication device with multiple service accounts
Node authentication
Information processing apparatus capable of authentication processing achieving both of user convenience and security, method of controlling information processing apparatus, and recording medium recording program for controlling information processing apparatus
Information processing apparatus, security method, and storage medium storing security program
Method of manufacturing security document and method for authenticating the document
System and method for sharing online storage services among multiple users
Polynomial evaluation delegation
Method and apparatus for programmable coupling between CPU and co-processor
Software model normalization and mediation
Deterministic pseudo-random fault event recordation and injection tool
Digital item ingestion process
Client-side and server-side unified validation
Method and system for distributed application stack deployment
Task prioritization management in a virtualized environment
Judging apparatus, method, and recording medium of program for estimating the effect of deployment of an application in a virtual machine environment
Dynamically scaling multi-tier applications vertically and horizontally in a cloud environment
Dynamically scaling multi-tier applications vertically and horizontally in a cloud environment
Method and electronic device for synchronizing information of dual operating systems and recording medium
System and method for reducing the static footprint of mixed-language JAVA classes
Image forming apparatus discriminating whether image data of an object to be subjected to transformation processing is stored in a storage unit
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program protecting security of an object in a document
Method and system for 2D detection of localized light contributions
Image reconstruction including shift-variant blur compensation
Estimation apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Methods for recognizing pose and action of articulated objects with collection of planes in motion
Methodology and apparatus for objective, non-invasive and in vivo assessment and rating of psoriasis lesion scaliness using digital imaging
Fully automatic rapid microscope slide scanner
System and method for filtration reduced equalized exposure computed tomography
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Methods for assessing line of sight radio service availability and reception characteristics
Method, medium and apparatus classifying and collecting area feature information according to a robot's moving path, and a robot controlled by the area features
Method for automatic region segmentation on cartridge case base and selection of the best mark region for cartridge case comparison
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Data compression method and data compression system
Apparatus and method for video sensor-based human activity and facial expression modeling and recognition
Masking tool
Image processing apparatus, non-transitory computer readable medium, and image processing method for resolution conversion using a ratio
Information processing apparatus performing character recognition and correction and information processing method thereof
System and method for using pattern vectors for video and image coding and decoding
Image processing device, image processing method, and image processing program
Image enhancement method, image enhancement device, object detection method, and object detection device
Image encoding device and image encoding method
Automatic extraction of character ground truth data from images
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
System and method of detecting movement of an object
Data loss prevention (DLP) system for estimating monetary costs due to data loss
Product configuration modeling and optimization
Method for carrying out an electronic transaction
Billing device and processing method
Facilitating purchase of excess items
Pre-qualifying sellers during the matching phase of an electronic commerce transaction
Retail website user interface
Packing and vehicle loading for order fulfillment
Virtual world support for electronic commerce
Endorsing a product purchased offline
Computer-implemented securities trading system
User interface for an electronic trading system
Credit card system and method
System and method for mobile payment at point of sale
Online management portal
System and method for identifying and assessing comparative negligence in insurance claims
Method and apparatus for providing retirement income benefits
Computer-implemented systems and methods for modeling risk of an investment portfolio
Use of adaptive and/or customized compression to enhance the efficiency of digital data exchanges
Data processing apparatus having a parallel processing circuit including a plurality of processing modules, and method for controlling the same
Method and apparatus for displaying 3-dimensional image and method and apparatus for controlling shutter glasses
Systems and methods for transporting physical objects from real physical life into virtual worlds
Activity meter, activity amount measurement device, portable terminal, information sharing assistance device, information sharing system, activity assistance device, and activity assistance system
Method and device for avoiding seed-metering errors in planters
Sensor with mount
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling remote devices
Athletic event timing and display systems
Method of operating a sleep mode in a wireless communication system
Display device and electronic device
Display device using electrowetting
Method for driving display device
Liquid crystal driving circuit and liquid crystal display device
Optimized on-screen video composition for mobile device
Method of controlling touch panel display device and touch panel display device using the same
Apparatus, system, method, and program for processing information
Display apparatus and power circuit devices thereof
Remote activated percussion device
Music search apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
Male acoustic model adaptation based on language-independent female speech data
Handheld voice activated spelling device
Near-field light generating element, method of manufacturing near-field light generating element, near-field light head, method of manufacturing near-field light head, and information recording and playback device
Image reproduction apparatus and image reproduction program
Disk drive adjusting rotational position optimization (RPO) algorithm to compensate for repeatable runout (RRO)
Information recording medium, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information
Bipolar spin-transfer switching
Method and apparatus for programming an anti-fuse element in a high-voltage integrated circuit
Optical memory device and method of recording/reproducing information by using the same
Semiconductor memory device
Radiation emitting apparatus, radiation therapy apparatus, and collimator drive control method
Composite oxide sintered body and sputtering target comprising same
Ternary thermoelectric material containing nanoparticles and process for producing the same
Composite material with dielectric properties and preparation method thereof
Gas insulated device
Multilayer ceramic substrate and method for producing the same
Vacuum capacitor
Package type multi layer thin film capacitor for high capacitance
Electrochemical capacitor
Top push switch
Devices, systems, and methods for shunting a circuit breaker
Short-circuit release having an optimized coil connection
Low pressure lamp using non-mercury materials
Structure and method for determining a defect in integrated circuit manufacturing process
Sheathless interface for coupling capillary electrophoresis with mass spectrometry
Method and apparatus for reducing noise in mass signal
Mass spectrometer
Three-phase AC power controller
Molecular layer deposition of silicon carbide
Methods for fabricating MOS devices with stress memorization
Copper bonding compatible bond pad structure and method
Method for producing a connection region on a side wall of a semiconductor body
Method of manufacturing metal oxide film
Methods of forming conductive copper-based structures using a copper-based nitride seed layer without a barrier layer and the resulting device
Semiconductor wafer with electrically connected contact and test areas
Coating adhesives onto dicing before grinding and micro-fabricated wafers
Changing effective work function using ion implantation during dual work function metal gate integration
Package for housing semiconductor element and semiconductor device using the same
Formation of air gap with protection of metal lines
Repairable semiconductor device and method
Semiconductor device assembly having a heat spreader
Double side cooling power semiconductor module and multi-stacked power semiconductor module package using the same
Self aligned borderless contact
MEMS device with simplified electrical conducting paths
Through-silicon via self-routing circuit and routing method thereof
Charge multiplying solid state imaging device having multiplication register units with different number of multiplication stages
IO ESD device and methods for forming the same
Semiconductor device with multiple stress structures and method of forming the same
Apparatus for, and method of, recording/playing audio data having additional information embedded therein
Epitaxial source/drain contacts self-aligned to gates for deposited FET channels
Light-emitting diode, light-emitting diode lamp and lighting device
Field-effect transistor, and memory and semiconductor circuit including the same
Power semiconductor component with plate capacitor structure having an edge plate electrically connected to source or drain potential
Semiconductor structure having undercut-gate-oxide gate stack enclosed by protective barrier material
CNT-based electronic and photonic devices
Semiconductor device and process for production thereof
Low-profile local interconnect and method of making the same
Method for fabrication of active-matrix display panels
Harvesting and aggregating low photonic energy
Photovoltaic device including flexible or inflexible substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Photoelectric conversion device and electronic device provided with the photoelectric conversion device
LED module having a heat sink
Electrically pixelated luminescent device
Lens arrangement and LED display device
Lighting device utilizing light active sheet material with integrated light emitting diode, disposed in seam and/or in low profile application
Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
Light emitting device
Contact element intended for a superconducting cable unit
Magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) device and fabrication methods thereof
Organic electroluminescence element
EL display device
Green phosphorescent iridium complexes, fabrication method thereof and organic light-emitting diodes comprising the same
Flexible battery and flexible electronic device including the same
Colorimetric or electrochemical mercury and trace metal detector
Lithium anodes for electrochemical cells
Battery with chlorophyll electrode
Multi-mode wideband antenna
Control logic for adaptive antenna
Tuning elements for specific absorption rate reduction
Multi-band antenna
Antenna device
Laser diode drive circuit
Terahertz wave emission laser device
High voltage direct current cable termination apparatus
Controller for hybrid energy storage
Hydrogel implants with varying degrees of crosslinking
Stator of an electric motor and process for producing it
Switched reluctance motor
Motor and disk drive apparatus
Kinetic energy to electric power converter
Power factor correction circuits for switched reluctance machines
Linear wind powered electrical generator
Direct drive waveform amplifier
Method and circuit system for deciding a symbol upon reception of received symbols coupled with a quadrature signal pair
Doherty power amplifier and implementation method thereof
Network audio processor
Programmable duty cycle setter employing time to voltage domain referenced pulse creation
Latch circuit and semiconductor device
Methods and apparatuses for interference cancellation with frequency error compensation for equalizer adaptation
Receiving and transmitting signals across non-contiguous channels in a communication system
Frequency-doubling delay locked loop
Methods and apparatus for calibrating pipeline analog-to-digital converters
D/A conversion circuit and semiconductor device
Integrated real estate showing scheduling and key dispensing system
Broadcast transmitting apparatus and method for processing broadcast signals
Interference reduction for multiple signals
Methods for detecting and classifying signals transmitted over a radio frequency spectrum
Method of processing a signal and apparatus for processing a signal
Method and system for transmission of identification via metadata for repeating relays using spread-spectrum technology
Minimizing interference to non-associated users
Radio wave propagation characteristic estimation system, radio wave propagation characteristic estimation method, and radio wave propagation characteristic estimation program
Handset-based approach of multimedia service quality management
Earpiece messaging
Method and a device for calibration
Method for transmitting precoded signal in collaborative multiple-input multiple-output communication system
Relay device, relay system, relay method, radio communication system, and program
Wireless device which can improve stability in wireless communications and wireless network using the same
Apparatus and method for inferring seamless service plan of video contents
Cluster analysis of viewer tendencies
Multi-channel reception system including a superheterodyne-type receiver associated with spectral analysers with instantaneous bandwidth
Congestion/load indication for high speed packet access
Network-independent provision and registration for services
Repeater apparatus for simultaneously transceiving signals in a wireless communication system, and method for same
Scheduling method with power savings
Multiple channel system for a twisted pair telephone wire local loop system
Processing messages with incomplete primary identification information
Methods and systems for dynamically selecting requested forward-link data rate based on C/I ratio
Network system, layer 2 switch, and method of detecting occurrence of a fault in a network
Host route convergence
Wireless network system and wireless communication device
Method and apparatus for requesting bandwidth in a wireless communication system
Home network system and method
Communication system, communication method, communication terminal device, control method thereof, and program
Apparatus and method for link duplication in mobile communication system
Method, system and signaling gateway for enabling message intercommunication between GSM and CDMA
Duplicate traffic avoidance in a point to multi-point network
Block acknowledgement for wireless communication methods, apparatuses and systems
Authentication using DHCP services in mesh networks
VOP (voice over packet) automatic call distribution
Optical packet switch device
Mechanisms for session border control of VOIP communication from non-symmetric port address translation device
Apparatus and method for processing signal in wireless communication system
System, method, and computer program for superposition coded multicast with a single modulation scheme
Antenna control
Spatio-temporal processing for communication
Pulse-sync demodulator
High sensitivity GPS receiver
Local wireless signal transmitting/receiving apparatus and method using digital radio frequency processing technology
System and method for dynamically allocating stream identifiers in a multi-encryption transport system
Securely field configurable device
System, method and computer program product for tamper protection in a data storage system
Memory device, host device, and memory system
Data security authentication system and related multi-function memory card and computer program product
System and method for wiping encrypted data on a device having file-level content protection
System and method for secure and/or interactive dissemination of information
System and method for automatically detecting and then self-repairing corrupt, modified or non-existent files via a communication medium
Method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving RF signals through various radio interfaces of communication systems
Data execution control method and system therefor
Mobile communication terminal having conversion lens and photography method using the same
Method and system for telephone message management
Method and apparatus for voice interactive messaging
Method and apparatus for providing special call handling for valued customers of retailers
System, method, and program for generating screen
Smartphone contact data management system
Clustering geofence-based alerts for mobile devices
Extending the range of vehicular cellular communications
Biometric identification in communication
Mobile terminal and vibration method thereof
Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal
Methods and systems for providing customer relations information
Acoustic encoding of dynamic identification codes
Teleconferencing system for allowing large numbers of callers by transferring callers to connected servers in a call bridge
System and method for wireless meta service
Identity blocking service from a wireless service provider
Communication wall panel, nursing care system having communication wall panel, and conference system having communication wall panel
Parallel signal processing system and method
Image reading device and image forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus and computer readable medium
Image sensor unit and image reading apparatus
Real time vergence control for 3D video capture and display
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and electronic equipment
Solid-state image capture device and control method and control program therefor
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion apparatus
Solid-state imaging device, signal processing method thereof, and image capturing apparatus
Imaging apparatus with supporting device having improved heat dissipation
Customizing digital image transfer
Shake measurement system, shake measurement method, and imaging device
Control circuit for image-capturing device
Digital camera
Second camera for finding focal target in poorly exposed region of frame taken by first camera
Image sensing apparatus and image capturing system
Image processing device, dynamic image reproduction device, and processing method and program in them
Information recording apparatus and method, information processing terminal, medium and apparatus, and recording medium
Interactive television program guide with remote access
Region of interest-based video transfer
Video source coding with decoder side information
Method, device, and system for multiplexing of video streams
Video display screen with camera position optimized for video conferencing
Audio source locator and tracker, a method of directing a camera to view an audio source and a video conferencing terminal
Method and device for displaying images of a video sequence
Provision of marked data content to user devices of a communications network
Method and apparatus for monitoring using a movable video device
Wireless information transfer and interactive television system
Detection device and method for detecting fires and/or signs of fire
Systems and apparatus for image-based lighting control and security control
Signal processing apparatus and control method thereof
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Actuator apparatus with comb-drive component and methods useful for manufacturing and operating same
Speaker system with at least two codirectional channels
Sonic motion operated devices
Loudspeaker diaphragm and loudspeaker including the loudspeaker diaphragm
Method and apparatus for intermittent location reporting
Distributed storage and aggregation of multimedia information via a broadband access gateway
Method and system for reporting quality statistic information of call link
Method of controlling the connection of station and access points
Internet security updates via mobile phone videos
Wireless line usage status monitoring method and device
Methods and apparatus for broadcast optimization in mobile IP
Method for managing mobility of a mobile device within a network using a proxy MIPv6 protocol
Method and system for ad-hoc communications over millimeter wave wireless channels in wireless systems
Method and apparatus for transceiving data in a wireless access system
Method and apparatus for supporting machine-type communications with a mobile-originated-only mode
Method and apparatus for paging policy adaptation in a wireless network
Fault tolerant ion source power system
Illumination apparatus
Light dimmer for fluorescent lamps and methods for use thereof
Detector circuit and method for actuating a fluorescent lamp
Induction cooking
Methods for processing substrates comprising metallic nanoparticles
DC high voltage source and particle accelerator
Display device
Printed circuit board incorporating fibers
Rack-mounted computer system with shock-absorbing chassis
Method and device for an internet radio capable of obtaining playlist content from a content server
Server frame and rack-mounted server suitable for use in the server frame
Semiconductor module
Heat pipe type cooling device and railcar control equipment using the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Waste stream digestion method
Belt drive two speed shift mechanism
Implement for demarcating an area, as well as a vehicle suitable for being used in said implement
Door for a vertical mixer
Method of manufacturing a spinning reel rotor
Wild game call
Antimicrobial coated metal sheet
Alkylamine derivatives as antifouling agents
Dough handling apparatus
Automated classifier and meat cut fat trimming method and apparatus
Method for making a fowl wing cut and the resultant product
Cartridges for dispensing fluent material
Jewelry alloy compositions
Neck wrap/brace for holding items and belt article holder for same
Adjustable keyboard support
Erogonomic computer wrist wrap
Latch controller for quick-mount support for telescoping slide
Chair raiser
Computer case
Fold-up seat
Person transport wheelchair
Chair with oscillating seat
Portable ergonomic cushion
Clean diner high chair seat cover
Display strip
Display system
Display system and methods
Cup holding assembly
Magnetic soap holder
Removable decorative mailbox cover
Adjustable spice grinder
Modular dispenser
Bathroom caddy for disposable wet wipes
System and method for dispensing soap
Expandable dish drainer
Endoscopic sheath assembly and associated method
Optic for industrial endoscope/borescope with narrow field of view and low distortion
Variable view arthroscope
Endoscope apparatus
Apparatus for intubation
Light source device with dual alternately-directed lamps that facilitate lamp replacement
Tamping mechanism
Tag attaching device
Prosthetic vascular graft connector
Non-overlapping spherical three-dimensional coil
Device and method for intra-bronchial provision of a therapeutic agent
Retractor and method for spinal pedicle screw placement
Ultrasonic devices and methods for ablating and removing obstructive matter from anatomical passageways and blood vessels
Apparatus and methods for treating stroke and controlling cerebral flow characteristics
Apparatus and methods for clot dissolution
Infusion clamp
Catheter for artificial insemination
Implantable bone fracture reduction apparatus having a polymeric applicator
Cryo ablation coil
Electrosurgical system
Electrosurgical jaw structure for controlled energy delivery
Methods for electrosurgical tissue contraction within the spine
Resectoscope apparatus and electric operation apparatus
Electro-surgical bipolar forceps
RF device for treating the uterus
Eye registration and astigmatism alignment control systems and method
Microdialysis probe
Device for measuring the body temperature
Non-invasive measurement of blood pressure
Comprehensive pain assessment systems and methods
Lancing device
Lancing device with automatic stick and return
Two-piece pallet assembly for patient table
Ultrasonic diagnosing/treating device and method therefor
Dental apparatus
Curing light
Pre-dosed applicator and applicator system
Support apparatus for supporting components of dental material
Multiple use dental viscous material dispenser
Ready-made customized impression tray for fabricating and fitting dentures
Hardenable orthopaedic supports (lobes)
Flushable absorbent article
Absorbent article with improved fit
Open lumen stents
Apparatus and method for replacing aortic valve
Longitudinally expanding medical device
Stent with cover connectors
Method of preventing the dislodgment of a stent-graft
Intravascular stent
Multi-lumen prosthesis systems and methods
Intravascular stent
Helically formed stent/graft assembly
Urethral catheter stent delivery system
Implantable penile prosthesis fluid transfer systems and methods
End member for a bone fusion implant
Instrumentation and method for implant insertion
Prosthetic foot with a resilient ankle
Nonbulky ankle brace for use with footwear
Flexion control ankle joint hinge
Shoulder orthosis
Support device for ostomy appliance
Method and device for reducing secondary brain injury
Closing device for a flap on an incubator hood
Battery operated flexible massage tube
Internal drug dispenser capsule medical device
Apparatus for locking a pressure vessel
Calcium phosphate cement composition and a method for the preparation thereof
Intraluminally placeable textile catheter, drain and stent
Air scenting compositions and processes for use thereof in air scenting devices
Secure dispensing apparatus
Keyed anesthetic vaporizer filling system
Reinforced multi-lumen medical shaft
Elongated syringe
Medical line anchoring system
Drainage catheter with bifurcating tip
Delivery and recovery systems having steerability and rapid exchange operating modes for embolic protection systems
Method and apparatus for percutaneously accessing a pressure activated implanted port
Apparatus for flow rate control
Injector for liquid medicine
Intravenous catheter housing with retractable needle
Safety syringe cylinder
Syringe disposal device
Apparatus for deposition of ultrasound energy in body tissue
Pigment with a metallic luster
Cover gases
Apparatus and method for treating containerized feed materials in a liquid reactant metal
Exercise equipment
Inertial resistance exercise apparatus and method
Balance and gait training board
Selectively weighted golf ball
Golf ball
Golf club shaft and iron golf club set
Iron type golf club head
Golf club head
Golf club head
High moment for inertia putter having three weights
Golf swing training device
Tee up golf practicing device
Method for predicting a golfer's ball striking performance
Lacrosse head having inward extending flaps
Bat for baseball
Foldable basketball game assembly
Devices, systems and methods for performing and practicing aerial maneuvers
Starting block with connected pedals
Athletic exerciser pulling device
Apparatuses and methods for a net-suspended target
Athlete training device
Putting instructor
Golf putting teaching device
Basketball goal base pad
Snow scooter and method of using snow scooter
Billiards indicator system and method
Cue stick bridge support
Apparatus and a method for more realistic shooting video games on computers or similar devices
Fishing game device
Recording medium, method of using a computer and computer for executing role-playing games
Game machine system with server device, display device, and game executing device connected by external communication line and method of using the system
Golf trivia board game for one or more players and method therefor
Method and apparatus for multi player bet auxiliary game
Horizontal rotating amusement swing
Skydiving simulator and skydiving training process using the same
Wheelchair glider
Water projecting toy
Doll and infrastructure therein
Decorative vent attachment
Puppet book
Performing Operations; Transporting
High-affinity, low-molecular-mass displacers for ion-exchange chromatography
Fine filter for a fuel feed unit
Cooling device
Filter medium for air filter and process for producing the same
Sand separating apparatus for a thermal sand removal oven
Air cleaning apparatus
Method and apparatus for pressure swing adsorption
Sorbent capsule
Electrophoresis separator
Device and assembly for cross-flow filtration
Methods and apparatus for reclaiming components of concrete and other slurries
Fluid dispensing apparatus with check-valve operated mixing ability
Interconnection support for plate-like microcomponents
Column packaging for chromatography
Two stage process for hydrodesulfurizing distillates using bulk multimetallic catalyst
Process for decoating a washcoat catalyst substrate
Solid phase microextraction field kit
Microfluid system for reactions and transfers
Parallel array of independent thermostats for column separations
Dissolution test sample holder
Centrifuge with separate hero turbine
Fluid dispenser pump
Vehicle powder coating system
Turbine speed control for rotary irrigation sprinklers
Apparatus and system for spray coating an article
Rectangular cathodic arc source and method of steering an arc spot
Asphalt production plant
Pressure washer assembly
Detergent, cleaning method and cleaning apparatus
Gas recovery from landfills using aqueous foam
Control of hot rolled product cross section under localized temperature disturbances
Punch press
Wax runners for casting
Pitted mold
Method and apparatus for uphill casting with a slide valve closure placed on the casting table
Slag detector for molten steel transfer operations
Tundish impact pad
Synthesis metal nanoparticle
Drilling tool and indexable drill bit
Vibration-dampened tool for working in metallic material
Indexable cutting tool
Spindle with axially acting collet-opening device
Drill and surface insensitive starting drill for difficult materials and deep holes
Rotary cutting tool
Pipe fitting removal tool
Contour plunge milling
Cutting insert and cutting insert holder therefor
Cutting insert and milling cutter
Milling tool and cutting insert therefor
Optimized board edger and method of operation thereof
Solder joint structure and method for soldering electronic components
Method for determining optimum bonding parameters for bonding with a wire bonder
Solder deposition method
Two-stage actuation clamp for electrical device under test (DUT) with DUT-linked double action
Automation alignment system and method
Polisher and polishing method
System for chemical mechanical polishing comprising an improved pad conditioner
Method and apparatus for filtering a chemical polishing slurry of a wafer fabrication process
Methods for enhancing within-wafer CMP uniformity
Polishing apparatus
Power tool with a clamping device for axially securing a disk shaped tool
System and method for metal residue detection and mapping within a multi-step sequence
Apparatus and method for degrading the information bearing capabilities of a disk
Slurry recycling method
Abrasive solid
Flexible abrasive product and method of making and using the same
Bit holder
Washer for fastener and for fastening of objects
Swing-arm clamp
Quick action bar clamp with improved stiffness and release button
Pneumatic nail gun
Roll dispenser
Semi-automatic mortising machine
Sacrificial plastic mold with electroplatable base
Injection mold and injection mold pin
Tip for a foam-in-place dispenser
Mold part guide mechanism
Arrangement for detecting temperature variations with accommodation for related sensor
Rotary transfer device in blow molding machine
Method of making an interior trim part
Method and apparatus for manufacturing polyurethane foam injected with strand mats
Mold and method for casting ophthalmic lenses
Apparatus for making multi-layer optical discs
Apparatus with a single oscillating arm, for producing a tire reinforcement from a single thread
Machine for spreading out cardboard boxes automatically
Belt drive assembly for feeding zipper tape
Fire resistant glazings
Slip sheet capture mechanism and method of operation
Method and device for winding up at least one paper web
Media-position sensor system
Inkjet printhead chip for use with a pulsating pressure ink supply
Wire marker label media
Methods and apparatus for sensing a paper low condition for fan-folded tickets in a ticket printer
Ink set for ink jet recording and ink jet recording method
Drive circuit of ink jet head and driving method of ink jet head
Testing for correct operation of micro electromechanical device
Ink-jet recording head and method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating nozzle arrangements for an inkjet printhead chip
Thin film ink jet printhead adhesion enhancement
Printhead module with one or more resilient mountings
Multi-layer ink jet recording head and manufacturing method therefor
Ink-jet recording head, manufacturing method of the same, and ink-jet recording apparatus
Printhead incorporating nozzle assembly containment
System and method for servicing non-scanning printhead
Container of consumable supplies for a printer and printer utilizing the container
Ink jet printing apparatus and wiping method therefor
Ink cartridge having bellows valve, ink filling method and apparatus used thereof
Ink cartridge for ink-jet recorder and method of manufacturing same
Printer solid ink stick removal access feature
Ink jet recording apparatus, ink container, and ink cartridge
Ink cartridge vacuum package and ink cartridge vacuum packaging method
Fluid detection system
Inkjet recording apparatus
RFID tag, antenna, and printer system
Post processing device with saddle stitching
Printing system, controller, printing method and storage medium
Printer driver log security verification for identification cards
H and D easy display
Method and apparatus for forming patterns in flat, plastic floor coverings
Wheel support bearing assembly
Lifting unit for tire vehicle wheels
Tire in with cavities in bead region
All-terrain vehicle tire
Pneumatic radial tires
Hydraulically compensated stabilizer system
Vehicle seat air conditioning system
Duct/frame element assemblages and methods of assembling ducts and frame elements
Automotive door trim assembly with removable access panel
Vehicle door
Vehicle door and manufacture thereof
Transformable vehicle
Flip seat arrangement having upper seat back pivot
Lock for a removable roof
Removable roof assembly for a motor vehicle
Removable roof assembly for a motor vehicle
Spring assembly for an open roof construction for a vehicle, and open roof construction provided therewith
Clutch actuation system for two-speed active transfer case
Method for operating a vehicle drive device with device with a continuously variable transmission (cvt) in a brake-engaging mode
Vehicle seat incorporated with an occupant sensor
Aircraft seat with synchronized back rest and leg rest
Structure of ashtray for automobile
Mechanical jack
Dump trailer gate for trucks
Pull-out extender for passenger vehicle
Truck bed storage apparatus and tonneau cover
Connector housing with integrated lamp and switch
Auto headlamp module with integrated photocell
Vehicle having a luminous unlocking handle and method of making said handle
Lighting fixture
Vehicle impact sensing system
Adaptable door mirror of an automobile
Movement mechanism
Power fold mechanism for double arm mirrors
Motor-vehicle bumper assembly
Motor vehicle bumper system
Variable time venting algorithm
Energy absorbing turning loop cover
Air bag
Airbag apparatus for automobile
Airbag device and method for opening an airbag flap
Gas generator
Flip under cell phone holder
Automatic locking ladder rack
Universal mounting bracket for a vehicle-mounted equipment carrier
Stamped ABS sensor bracket
Cargo restraint apparatus
Audio mixing console flight case
Appliance platform apparatus
Mobile appliance lift tool
Transportable saddle rack and equipment carrier
Lifting and telescoping dolly
Suspension support structure
Rear floor part structure for vehicle
Plastic fender for a motor vehicle and device for fastening the same
Vehicular body front structure
Smooth side body structure and method
Crawler shoe with peening pads in roller path
Caterpillar track tension management
Air cushioned grippers for article holders
Break apart bicycle
Adjustable steering column
Bicycle trailer hitch
Mechanism for driving bicycles
U-shaped float tube with stabilizing frame
Outboard motor
Cooling method for a marine propulsion system
Method for controlling a shift procedure for a marine propulsion system
Non-jamming, fail safe flight control system with non-symmetric load alleviation capability
Rotor system for helicopters
Method and apparatus for installing and actuating movable airfoils, including canards
Modularized integrated aircraft seat structure
Ram air parachute with tensioned top skin
Conformal airliner defense (CAD) system
Interstitial regional aircraft boarding piers, and methods of using same
Derivative aircraft and methods for their manufacture
Tool storage holster
Sterile filling machine having needle filling station within e-beam chamber
System for thermoforming sheet material to obtain containers therefrom
Plastic container with sidewall construction
Hot-fillable multi-sided blow-molded container
Reusable storage container with latching mechanism
Nested safety mailing envelope
Composite sealing cap
Waste container with access door and hinge therefor
Assembly for the packaging and application of a fluid product
Stopper and straw within a bottle preventing leakage and providing for drinking a beverage
Quantitative measuring dispenser
Plastic drink-through cup lid with fold-back tab
Stackable folding containers with pouring devices
Thermochromic cap
Severable carton wall
Product sampler packet assembly with enhanced burst strength and method of manufacture
Flexible reclosable container with easy opening
Container bag for seasoning sauce
Watertight protective carrying case
Removable hatch cover for an internal floating roof manway
Fuel bladder container
Multi-purpose foldable frame
Method and storage loading system for loading and unloading loads in storage
Continuous fabric strip for use in manufacturing paint roller covers
Film splicing and cutting mechanism
Method of transferring a moving web to a core and apparatus for implementing the method
Sheet diverting assembly
Method and device for transferring at least two overlapped sheets to a sheet-handling machine
Feed roller mechanism
Sheet feeder and sheet feeding method
Compact bank note dispensing device to prevent duplication releases
Stacker for a printer
Fiber payout follower
Method of winding yarns to form frustoconical yarn packages
Apparatus and method for detecting paper skew in ink-jet printer
Self-orienting retractable ID card holder
Pneumatic lift device
Refuse container lifter
Dispenser adapter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Compounds, compositions and methods to reduce SOx emissions from FCC units
Method of storing, uptaking, releasing of gases by novel framework materials
Process for production of hydrogen by partial oxidation of hydrocarbons
CO2 separator method and apparatus
Water purification system
Sludge treatment at a mesophilic temperature
Apparatus for three-phase separation during treatment of wastewater and sludge
Method for preventing asbestos from freeing airborne particles
Formulation of phosphorus fertilizer for plants
Stabilized energetic water-in-oil emulsion composition
Method for the fluorescent whitening of cotton
Monoazo dyes and their preparation and use
Anthrapyridone compounds, water-base magenta ink compositions and method of ink-jet recording
Ink set and image forming process, and water-based ink used therein
Ink for inkjet recording
Ink composition for inkjet recording
Erosion control reinforcement mat
Explosive fragmentation process
Leveller bar for coking ovens
Method of removing contaminants from petroleum distillates
Grain-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet
Method for leaching copper concentrate
Golf club head and method of manufacturing the same
Aluminum die-casting alloy
Sputtering target, Al interconnection film, and electronic component
Sputtering source for ionized physical vapor deposition of metals
Hydrogen assisted undoped silicon oxide deposition process for HDP-CVD
Gas injectors for a vertical furnace used in semiconductor processing
Device for hot dip coating metal strands
In-situ photoresist removal by an attachable chamber with light source
Compositions and methods for releasing adherent deposits from surfaces and substrates
Electroplating apparatus using a non-dissolvable anode and ultrasonic energy
Apparatus and method for feeding wire in treatment liquid
Substrate plating apparatus
Crystal manufacture method
Method for preparing single crystal oxide thin film
Single crystals, method for making single crystals by growth in solution and uses
Textiles; Paper
Heat treatment device for synthetic fiber filament yarns
Composition comprising a dye
Method and arrangement for feeding wood batches into a pressure grinder
Paper making method and apparatus
Shoe press belt
Roll cover
Method for the manufacture or treatment of a material web
Tissue products having reduced slough
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus and method for three-dimensional contouring
Vibratory mechanism and method for lubricating the same
Traffic cone
Chain-control device for solar road studs and solar energy flash device
Hydraulic valve and a liquid flow system
Shore protective barrier system
Water control fixture having thermostatically controlled bypass valve
Tilt-up construction chamfers
Adjustable button mechanism for a lock
Door lock, particularly sliding door lock with automatic function
Lever lock system
Storage compartment and latch arrangement thereof
Magnetic lock
Drive system of powered doors or gates for vehicles
Hood support mechanism
Structure for double glazing having a glass-enclosed chamber with venetian blind, electrically connected to an operating device after installation
Electrical contact for downhole drilling networks
Method and system for mining hydrocarbon-containing materials
Rock bolt and method of use
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas compressor
Rotary engine device and power generating system
Steam line closing valve and steam turbine plant comprising such a steam line closing valve
Locking spacer assembly for slotted turbine component
Cooled rotor blade with vibration damping device
Counterbalanced flow turbine nozzle
Split flow turbine nozzle
Diesel engine water pump with improved oil control
Thermostat device and temperature control method and system for engine coolant
Method for controlling variable compression ratio of an engine having an automatically controlled transmission
Valve for the control of fluids
Fuel injector having a swirl regulator
Fuel injection valve and internal combustion engine mounting the same
Generally circular spray pattern control with non-angled orifices in fuel injection metering disc and method
Valve for controlling fluids and method for measuring pressures
Downshifting time torque-down control device and method
Turbine apparatus and method
Combination air purifier and wind generator
Pneumatically actuated integrated life support system
Valve assembly for reciprocating compressors
Thick matter pump
Horizontal two stage rotary compressor
Oil pump rotor
Blower assembly including exhaust restriction device
Plenum fan banding
System for connecting mounting rails
Mounting element for connecting a component to a circuit board
Adjustable locking mount
Journal bearing and thrust pad assembly
Controlling of an automated starting element
System and method for aircraft braking system usage monitoring
Camera with motor and gear drive system
Power transmission for a vehicle
Planetary gear carrier assembly
Hydraulic pressure control apparatus and method for vehicular automatic transmission
Shift control apparatus and shift control method for a vehicular automatic transmission
Stem to sleeve connection for pivot actuated sleeve valve
Butterfly valve
Electric motor actuated stop and self-closing check valve
Interference-fit seal for gate valves
Solenoid valve
High force solenoid and solenoid-driven actuator
Valve actuation system and methods for pipeline valves
Apparatus for flow rate control
Apparatus for connecting flanged pipes
Tube couplings
Moisture seal for an F-Type connector
Expansion valve fitted with a connector that is designed for the connection of a user socket
Multi-hinge system for displays
Shoulder mounted support assembly to hold camera of camcorder
Connecting structure of branch connector in fuel pressure accumulating container
Candle holder adapter for an electric lighting fixture
Submersible lantern
Led indicator lamp
Solar powered electric candle
Lighting fixture frame and mounting panel apparatus
Systems, devices and methods for lighting
Suspension lamp having quick connection function
Apparatus and method for increasing light output over operational life of arc lamp
Paint brush clip
Twist lock mounting system
Vehicular lamp
Light guide panel and method of use
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Burner apparatus
Low NOx duct burner
Combustion chamber assembly for a heating device
Timer circuit for valve activation in oil burner system
Elevated candle lighter
Air flow deflector
Portable multi-purpose heating unit
Heat insulation pedestal and vertical type furnace tube
Dispenser for delivering an adjustable volume of flowable dry material
System for temperature monitoring
Purge and trap concentrator with improved drying
Method for determining the suitability of a transparent moulded polymer article for coloring without defects and resulting article
Electrochemical sensor having improved response time
Sensor for measuring a gas concentration or ion concentration
Two dimensional microfluidic gene scanner
Optical detection in bio-separation device using axial radiation output
Method for conducting capillary zone electrophoresis
Vaporizer tube for vaporizing liquid samples in capillary gas chromatography
Method and a device for measuring concentrations
Light-reflective material and light source device using the same
Reflection optical device and imaging apparatus comprising it, multi-wavelength imaging apparatus, and vehicle mounted monitor
Ion beam modification of residual stress gradients in thin film polycrystalline silicon membranes
Connector for making an optical connection underwater
Small form-factor pluggable bail latch
Optical device module
Optical communication module and single fiber bi-directional optical communication module
Module apparatus and method of alignment
Eyewear with exchangeable temples housing bluetooth enable apparatus
Contoured metal eyeglass frames
Multifocal contact lens
Colored contact lens having very natural appearance
Projector with foreign matter detecting means
Illumination apparatus
Camera shutter
Reading/recording apparatus, reading control method, and program for implementing the method
Variable flow fluid tempering valve
Retractable stabilizing systems for computer hardware
Directory management device and method
Selectable control of raster image processor
Card connector having an eject lever with a swingable locking member mounted thereto
Orientation-indicating machine readable coded data
Monitoring bi-directional motor drive failure in electro-optical reader
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Reconstruction of virtual raster
Personal identification method and personal identification device
Date specific package delivery system
Internet gaming system
Automated fee collection and parking ticket dispensing machine
Access control device
Frozen product vending machine
Network game method and network game system
Casino game with hidden bonus feature
Self-service terminal
Method of producing a hologram
Cash storage apparatus
Method and apparatus for storing retail performance metrics
Interface device and method for interfacing instruments to medical procedure simulation systems
Quick exchange infinity mirror display apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for controlling speed in recording/reproducing apparatus
Tape cartridge
Cartridge housing for inhibiting damage to recording media
Recording tape cartridge
Sputter ions source
Vacuum envelope with spacer and image display apparatus
Plasma processing apparatus capable of evaluating process performance
Method of manufacturing electron source and image display apparatus
Method and apparatus for heating and cooling substrates
Wafer transfer apparatus and device and method for cleaning robot arm in wafer transfer apparatus
Bonded structures for use in semiconductor processing environments
Lead frame with interdigitated pins
Device package with hermetically sealed cap and device encapsulation method
Laser transfer of organic material from a donor to form a layer in an OLED device
High altitude platform control system
Combined electrical connector and radiator for high current applications
Terminal block arrangement for a printed circuit board in a smart connector
Interconnection arrangement
CPU socket
Socket with non-connecting terminal
Electrical connection device between a pin-typed IC package and a circuit board
Socket for electrical parts and method for using the same
Apparatus for applying a mechanically-releasable balanced compressive load to an assembly such as a compliant anisotropic conductive elastomer electrical connector
Electrical contact having contact portion with enhanced resiliency
Method and apparatus for blocking pathways between a power cable and the environment
Mounting structure for lamp wires of a back light module
Land grid array connector assembly with reliable block
Card connector
Electrical connector with reliable resilient beams
Electrical connector assembly having sleeve units that prevent relative movement between two electrical connectors in a transverse direction of contact pins
Connector and a connector assembly
Coaxial connector structure
Electrical connector with shielding plate
Connector for memory cards
In-line AC adapter for camping and marine electrical service
Bathing unit controller and connector system therefore
Lamp socket and socket assembly
Terminal seat
Method and device for sealing off channels of electric connectors
Connector and a method for producing a resin part assembly such as a connector
Electrical connector with mounting member and method of making same
Cable end connector assembly with a shield device
Coaxial cable connector with viewing window
Wire pulling method and apparatus
Electric junction box
Universal junction box
Autostereoscopic display
Projection display system and projector
Semiconductor chip and conductive member for use in a light socket
Socket connector with actuator mechanism mating means
Retaining assembly for rack cabinet
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