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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar WW109447
Method of enhancing drainage of lacrimal system with purinergic receptor agonists
Pharmaceutical composition comprising an AChE inhibitor and a mGluR2 antagonist
Serotype 5 adenoviral vectors with chimeric fibers for gene delivery in skeletal muscle cells or myoblasts
Polynucleotide encoding human adenylylcyclase VI and uses thereof for enhancing cardiac function
Alphavirus RNA replicon systems
Process for preparing orange oil
D-ring for brassieres and the like
Brassiere with soft/hard underwire assembly
Drip bag
Device for retracting tissue
Surgical retractor and method of positioning an artery during surgery
Method and apparatus for solid organ tissue approximation
Neuro thrombectomy catheter
Wedge plate inserter/impactor and related methods for use in implanting an artificial intervertebral disc
Fluid containment device
Body fluid sampling device and methods of use
Orthodontic systems with resilient appliances
Computer configured appliance for orthodontic correction of malocclusions
Apparatus and method for applying cardiac support device
Drugs for relieving hemicrania comprising 1-menthol and essential oils
Hydraulic anal incontinence treatment
Mechanism to improve stent securement
Modular hip stems and associated method of trialing
Revisable prosthetic device
Artificial intervertebral disc
Femoral reference tibial cut guide
Compounds and their uses
Fatty acid-anticancer conjugates and uses thereof
Basic salt of thioctic acid with L-carnitine
Guanidine mimics as factor Xa inhibitors
3-(cyclopenten-1-yl)-benzyl-or 3-(cyclopenten-1-yl)-heteroarylmethyl-amine derivatives and use thereof as medicines for treating schizophrenia
Pain balm
Method of inducing apoptosis in lymphoid cells
Protein kinase C peptides for use in withdrawal
Monomer protein with bone morphogenetic activity and medicinal agent containing the same for preventing and treating diseases of cartilage and bone
CDR-grafted anti-tissue factor antibodies and methods of use thereof
Osmotic delivery system having space-efficient piston
Processes for controlling microbial organic compound production
Process for treating waste anesthetic gas
Guided filter with support wire and methods of use
Cosmetic composition comprising a block copolymer
Weight stack fitness exercise unit
Iron type golf club set
Training bat
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for purging and disinfecting water
Sulfate-selective anion exchange resins for use in combination with TRSS resins in feed water treatment
Integral air/oil coalescer for a centrifuge
Shower head with water purification function
Method for operating a flue gas purification plant
Method and apparatus for feeding a chemical into a liquid flow
Method and apparatus for rapid heating of fuel reforming reactants
Metal-incorporated nanoporous nickel phosphate molecular sieve and its preparation method
Catalyst for purifying diesel engine exhaust emissions
Processes for the recovery and recycling of boron trifluoride or complexes thereof
Particle transport and near field analytical detection
Method of forming self-supporting pleated filter media
Device for reading the rotational speed of a paint sprayer provided with a rotating bowl
Non-intrusive photogrammetric targets
Porous sulpha sponge iron compound, a process for preparing the same and a method for desulphurizing natural gas therewith
Rotary cone bit with functionally-engineered composite inserts
Process for agglomeration and densification of nanometer sized particles
Cutting tool having a wiper nose corner
Milling tool holder with camming plug
Method for electrochemically forming a hydrodynamic bearing surface
Device for tightly fastening at least two members
Successively biaxial-oriented porous polypropylene film and process for production thereof
Paper including bodies carrying at least one biochemical marker
Phenol-free decorative laminates and method of producing the same
Decorative panel and method for the manufacture thereof
Alumina insulation for coating implantable components and other microminiature devices
Method for connecting two bodies
Selectively roughening conductors for high frequency printed wiring boards
Multi-channel laser pump source for optical amplifiers
Process and equipment for manufacture of advanced composite structures
Fluoropolymer bonding composition and method
Storage stable, thermofusible, thermosetting adhesive paste
Latent heat storage material, latent heat storage unit containing the material, processes for producing the material and the unit and processes for using the material
Optical sensor
Tape printer
Printhead with variable exposure width
Recording sheets for ink jet printing
Device for packaging and/or dispensing a product and manufacturing methods
Power supply unit for automobiles, which can provide braking force even when abnormality occurs in the power supply unit of electrically driven brake devices
Coil stop for rail road coil car
Vehicle lighting apparatus
Friction launch control system for a vehicle
Combustion engine for a motor vehicle
Protective marine vessel and drive
Apparatus for storing and moving a cassette
Fast swapping station for wafer transport
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for removing arsenic from water
Process for preparing isobutene from tert-butanol
Two-photon or higher-order absorbing optical materials for generation of reactive species
Process for preparing histone deacetylase inhibitors and intermediates thereof
Crystalline forms of modafinil
Process for preparing (branched-alkyl) arylsulfonates and a (branched-alkyl) arylsulfonate composition
Process for the preparation of thioalkylamine derivatives
Process for producing aldehyde
1,4-dihydropyridine and pyridine compounds as calcium channel blockers
Photogenerated reagents
N-phenylarylsulfonamide compound, pharmaceutical composition comprising the compound as active ingredient, synthetic intermediate for the compound and process for its preparation
Method of improving the operation of an existing ethylene oxide manufacturing process and system
Catalytic process for the preparation of epoxides from alkenes
Fused bicyclic aromatic compounds that are useful in treating sexual dysfunction
Process for preparing phosphoric esters
Artificial bidirectional promoter for activation of gene expression
Intermediate and process for preparing of .beta.- anomer enriched 21-deoxy,21,21-difluoro-D-ribofuranosyl nucleosides
Hemoglobin conjugates
Systems for sensitive detection of G-protein coupled receptor and orphan receptor function using reporter enzyme mutant complementation
Curable resin compositions and process for preparing oligomers containing acrylate groups and substituted methacrylate groups
Triazine compounds, polymers comprising triazine structural units, and method
Rubber composition and racing tire having tread comprising thereof
Polymerizable preparations on the basis of silicon compounds comprising aliphatic and cycloaliphatic epoxide groups
Reduction- and oxidation-stable iron oxide black pigments having high colour strength for colouring plastics and building materials, their preparation and their use
Method of producing a wavelength-converting casting composition
Methods and apparatuses for delivering a volatile component via a controlled exothermic reaction
Hydrotreating catalyst that contains a nitrogen-containing organic compound and its use
Degreasing compositions
Fabric care compositions comprising hueing dye
Molecular detection device and chip including MOSFET
Methods and compositions for culturing spirochete and treating spirochetal diseases
Method for determining cell cycle position
Plant centromere compositions
Functional DNA clone for hepatitis C virus (HCV) and uses thereof
Human heme-regulated initiation factor 2-alpha kinase
Isolated nucleic acid encoding L-lysine: 2-oxoglutaric acid 6-aminotransferase
Method of increasing complementarity in a heteroduplex
Preparation containing cell extracts for cell-free protein synthesis and means for synthesizing protein using the preparation
Alzheimer's related proteins and methods of use
Metal melting furnace
Textiles; Paper
Three dimensional knitted fabric having unevenness
Fixed Constructions
Area earthquake defense system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary combustion engine with device for conveying lubricating oil
Screw pump
Rotary apparatus for a gas turbine engine
Apparatus and method for enhancing lift produced by an airfoil
Method for controlling the adjustment of the valves in a combustion engine with variable valves and a vehicle with such an engine with electronic controlling device for the valve control
Sensor for measuring the position of an actuating element
Method and apparatus for gravity induced thermal energy dissipation
Pump pressure limiting engine speed control and related engine and sprinkler system
Tribological materials and structures and methods for making the same
Radial pumping oil seal for fluid dynamic bearing motor
Linear sliding guide, in particular for inter-adjustable components of office chairs
Sliding bearing for use under high load
Rolling Bearing
Compact constant velocity joint
Flexible couplings
Step down gear train for an adjusting device of an automotive vehicle seat
Resolver unit and resolver using same
Method and device for regulating a light source of a position-measuring unit
Apparatus for measuring temperatures of a wafer using specular reflection spectroscopy
Sensor for detecting fog-like media
Apparatus for measurement optical characteristic of a display panel
Measurement of multi-channel cold junction temperature
Methods of identifying agonists and antagonists of opioid receptors
Biological applications of quantum dots
Nucleic acid analysis device
System for cell-based screening
Impedance conversion circuit and integrated circuit including thereof
Method and device for signal amplitude detection
Electrical test device having isolation slot
Functionality test method
CMOS leakage current meter
Electrical probing of SOI circuits
Method for generating high-contrast images of semiconductor sites via one-photon optical beam-induced current imaging and confocal reflectance microscopy
AGPS system using NTP server and method for determining the location of a terminal using a NTP server
System for enhanced detection of a target
Ultra-wideband detector systems for detecting moisture in building walls
Keyhole echo-planar imaging with double (T1 and T2*) contrast (DC-EPIC)
Magnetic resonance system with suppression of capacitive coupling between an RF source and the subject
Thermally-conductive plastic articles having light reflecting surfaces
Optical connector adapter for connecting optical pump sources to optical waveguides and method of forming same
Positive resist composition
Method of blending toners using a high intensity blending tool with shaped risers for decreased toner agglomeration
Method of controlling the lifting of bottom sections of lying furniture such as a bed
Bias generator for body bias
Semiconductor device adapted to minimize clock skew
Method and apparatus for generating multiphase clocks
Surveillance management system
Apparatus for projecting computer generated stereoscopic images
Method for the manufacture of a smart label inlet web, and a smart label inlet web
Slope detector
Hand washing alert system
Vehicle information system for a loop intersection
Personal communication and positioning system
Multiple emergency vehicle alert system
Hybrid ground collision avoidance system
Drive method of light-emitting display panel and organic EL display device
Digital/analog conversion device and display device having the same
Signal production circuit and display device using the same
Backlight driving circuit
Method for projecting signs on printed matter and means for the same
Method for providing high bandwidth force feedback with improved actuator feel
Automatic piano, and method and program for automatically operating a key
Musical tone reproducing apparatus and portable terminal apparatus
Magneto-optical recording medium, method of manufacturing magneto-optical recording medium, method of recording on magneto-optical recording medium, and method of reproduction from magneto-optical recording medium
Inter layers for perpendicular recording media
High speed sample-and-hold circuit
Transmission electron microscope and image observation method using it
Resistance type oxygen sensor and oxygen sensor device using it and air/fuel ratio control system
Electric component having a variable air gap effect
On-chip high Q inductor
Collision impact detector for use in automotive vehicle
Antifuse programming, protection, and sensing device
Box extender
Light scanning microscope and use
Optical module
Optical scanner reflecting and outputting light with controlled intensity and image forming apparatus using same
Semiconductor device and fabrication method for the same
Method for forming a semiconductor device having a silicide layer
CMP cleaning composition with microbial inhibitor
Method for forming a semiconductor device having a structure of a single crystal scandium oxide film formed on a silicon substrate
Low-k dielectric process for multilevel interconnection using mircocavity engineering during electric circuit manufacture
Process for growing a dielectric layer on a silicon-containing surface using a mixture of N.sub.2O and O.sub.3
System for removal of a spacer
Method of electroless deposition of thin metal and dielectric films with temperature controlled stages of film growth
Substrates having increased thermal conductivity for semiconductor structures
In-situ chemical-mechanical planarization pad metrology using ultrasonic imaging
Low temperature etchant for treatment of silicon-containing surfaces
Dual silicide semiconductor fabrication process
Polymer spacer formation
Semiconductor processing methods of forming integrated circuitry and semiconductor processing methods of forming dynamic random access memory (DRAM) circuitry
Method for producing an electrical conductor element
Method of aligning an electron beam apparatus and semiconductor substrate utilizing an alignment mark
Method of making empty space in silicon
Patterning method
Fabrication method for a semiconductor structure and corresponding semiconductor structure
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method, and electronic device
Formation of ultra-thin oxide layers by self-limiting interfacial oxidation
Method for doping structures in FinFET devices
Integrated circuit package having a resistant layer for stopping flowed glue
Protective device for subassemblies and method for producing a protective device
Layered wiring line of silver alloy and method for forming the same and display panel substrate using the same
Local control of electrical and mechanical properties of copper interconnects to achieve stable and reliable via
Chip-join process to reduce elongation mismatch between the adherents and semiconductor package made thereby
IC package with power and signal lines on opposing sides
Electronic component, semiconductor device, methods of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Low dielectric constant film material, film and semiconductor device using such material
Detector for a tomography unit
Radiation image sensing apparatus and its driving method
Semiconductor device substrate with embedded capacitor
Active gate CCD image sensor
Solid-state image pickup device
Light-receiving element and photoelectric conversion device
Lanthanide doped TiO.sub.x dielectric films
Trench isolation for semiconductor devices
Arrangement and process for protecting fuses/anti-fuses
Bipolar transistor including divided emitter structure
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
LED light set
Active matrix display device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor channel on insulator structure
Semiconductor light emitter
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, adhesive sheet for use therein and semiconductor device
Transistor with silicon and carbon layer in the channel region
Ferroelectric memory and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having a gate with a thin conductive layer
Implanting carbon to form P-type source drain extensions
Vertical power JFET with low on-resistance for high voltage applications
Spin transistor and method thereof
Fingerprint detection device and method of its manufacture, and apparatus for forming a protective film
Piezoelectric micro-transducers, methods of use and manufacturing methods for same
Piezoelectric substrate, piezoelectric resonating element and surface-mount piezoelectric oscillator
Catalyst material and method of manufacturing the same and fuel cell using the same
Module for supplying hydrogen to a fuel mini-cell with sequential control of pyrotechnic elements
Proton-conducting membrane and use thereof
Solid oxide fuel cell system
Integrated RF-front end having an adjustable antenna
Adjustable resonator filter
Flat antenna holder
Cross-polarized antenna
Electrical socket with compressible domed contacts
Multi-polar connector
Directional coupler integrated with connectors
Card connector capable of guiding small card
Jack assembly
International electrical receptacle
Parallel connection kit for power generators
Portable data device
Stepping motor
Electromagnetic motor/generator
Step motor having stator with separated structure
Forklift and method for controlling induction motor applied to the same
Method and system for providing power for a movable scanner head in paper scanner
Load-based quadratic compensator gain adjustment
Broadband modulation PLL, and modulation factor adjustment method thereof
Apparatus, system, and method for oscillator network with multiple parallel oscillator circuits
Low phase noise crystal oscillator with supply noise filtering
System and method for detecting processing speed of integrated circuit
Laminated balun transformer
Operational time extension
Reduced area freeze logic for programmable logic blocks
Methods and systems for achieving improved intellectual property protection for programmable logic devices
Majority voter circuit design
Ultra-drowsy circuit
Flip-flop circuit arrangement and method for processing a signal
Dynamic biasing circuit for continuous time comparators
Low voltage comparator
Spread spectrum clock generator
PLL circuit and program for same
Jitter-resistive delay lock loop circuit for locking delayed clock and method thereof
Multiple input analog-to-digital conversion apparatus and radio receiver using the same
Reconfigurable switched-capacitor input circuit with digital-stimulus acceptability for analog tests
Power converter configuration, control, and construction
Method and apparatus for automatic selection of video interface
Data storage on photographs
Method and apparatus for fault tolerant program and data storage on photographs
Image capturing system
Multi-tap camera
System and method for providing a low power receiver design
Interpolation method for a video signal, and display device with function of interpolation for a video signal
Method of inter-frame Y/C separation
Energy conversion systems
Decorative tree with coordinated visual and sound effects
Method and apparatus for the generation of anionic and neutral particulate beams and a system using same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Octopus-shaped food product
Heart-shaped bagel with snack container insert
Men's underwear/inner liner for athletic shorts
Hair hat
Surface of a shoe sole
Portion of a glove
Portion of a glove
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Jewelry box
Decorative pager holder
Collapsible container
Video game cover
Removable handbag accessory
Range bag
Wheeled cargo organizer
Case for a breast prosthesis
Vertical leverage toothbrush handle
Electric dolphin toothbrush
Pattern, particularly for textiles, fabrics and sheet-like elements in general
Juvenile booster seat
Combined chair and ottoman
Beach chair with retractable canopy top
Waste bench
Playard with inwardly curving legs
Collectible holder and display
China cabinet
Entertainment center
Entertainment unit
Table top
Mounting girder for a string shelf system
Hook rack
Chair back lumbar support
Chair back framework
Chair seat framework
Chair seat and back
Card holder
Cutlery dispenser magazine
Tissue box cover with trapezoidal faces and flat borders
Large tissue box cover with herringbone ends
Square tissue box cover with horizontal flutes
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for determining ground speed of a work vehicle
Endoscope system and illuminating device for the endoscope
Method and apparatus for analyte detection using intradermally implanted skin port
Multi-wavelength frequency domain near-infrared cerebral oximeter
Method and apparatus for providing high contrast imaging
Collection assemblies, laminates, and autosensor assemblies for use in transdermal sampling systems
Biopotential sensor electrode system
Electrode for evaluating cardiac functions via esophagus
Voltage sensing system with input impedance balancing for electrocardiogram (ECG) sensing applications
Memory loop ECG recorder with continuous recording
Imaging safety device
Digital ECG detection system
Methods of characterizing ventricular operations and applications thereof
Laser transmitting system and hand instrument having such system for use with laser device
Electrical stimulation compress
Textured silicone tubing for electrical pacing leads
Temporary atrial cardioversion catheter
Dilatable cardiac electrode arrangement for implantation in particular in the coronary sinus of the heart
Device for the transvenous cardioversion of atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter including three coil electrodes
Method of treating complex regional pain syndromes by electrical stimulation of the sympathetic nerve chain
Method and apparatus for reduction of pain from electric shock therapies
Power dissipation reduction in medical devices using adiabatic logic
Mode transition timing for synchronized pacing
System and method for a classifying cardiac complexes
Implantable medical device for monitoring congestive heart failure
Method and apparatus for monitoring physiologic parameters conjunction with a treatment
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation and functionality of an electrotherapy device
High voltage switch isolation for implantable cardioverters/defibrillators
Defibrillator test system with wireless communications
Method and apparatus employing a scaling exponent for selectively defibrillating a patient
Apparatus for tissue remodeling
Indentification and quantification of needle displacement departures from treatment plan
Auxiliary memory device, method of setting time for electronic device, and information processing apparatus
Storage medium, robot, information processing device and electronic pet system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for conducting sensor array-based rapid materials characterization
System, method and computer implemented process for assaying coagulation in fluid samples
Device for monitoring the speed of rotation of an electric motor and centrifuging apparatus equipped with such a device
Process and arrangement of monitoring the effectiveness of a spray stream
Process and system for commissioning industrial plants, in particular in the primary industry
Method and device for pre-setting the planeness of a roller strip
Method for automatic conducting of a straightening process
Dual solder-hole layout for expansion slots
Robot failure diagnosing system
Substrate transport apparatus and transport teaching system
Multiblock robot system
Industrial robot
Method and device for detecting the absence of a product in a reservoir
Character layout method, image forming method and stamp-making method and apparatus therefor
Ink bottle set up unit for a printing machine
Remote control convenience and information conveyance system associated with a vehicle
Method and device for detecting the overturning hazard of a motor vehicle
Process for determining lateral overturning of vehicle, and system for detecting inclination angle of vehicle body
Method and system for control of a variable force damper
Device for changing the speeds of the front and rear wheels in a four-wheel-drive vehicle
Automatic leveling system for automotive headlamps
Crash detection system
Vehicle seat occupant characterization method including ultralight child seat detection
Vehicle seat occupant characterization method including empty seat detection
Vehicle stabilizing device and method for modifying brake pressures
Apparatus for controlling behavior of vehicle
System and method for vehicle stability enhancement control during ABS operation
Recursive vehicle mass estimation system
Selectable trims for a control system algorithm
Image forming apparatus having loop forming rollers in accordance with respective sheet feed units
Fraud detection through time analysis
Unitary microcapiliary and waveguide structure and method of fabrication
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Laser optimized multimode fiber and method for use with laser and LED sources and system employing same
Radiation curable resin composition
Hearing aid construction with electronic components encapsulated in soft polymeric body
Fixed Constructions
Method, apparatus and program products for designing roads
Hinge device of mobile telephone
Method for predicting the directional tendency of a drilling assembly in real-time
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Population data acquisition system
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, especially of an automobile
System and method for minimizing fuel evaporative emissions from an internal combustion engine
Method and system for determining the operational state of a vehicle starter motor
Ceiling fan with attached heater and secondary fan
Method and apparatus for detecting and compensating for compressor surge in a gas turbine using remote monitoring and diagnostics
Drive transmission for photosensitive drum with first and second engaging members, and urging means for engaging the first and second engaging members
Method and apparatus for three dimensional surface contouring using a digital video projection system
Operation control system capable of analyzing driving tendency and its constituent apparatus
Navigation system for processing information about adjacent position and method thereof
Route searching device
Method and system for using real-time traffic broadcasts with navigation systems
Navigation system with automatic change of data medium
Tunable optical filter system
Environmental condition sensor device and method
Estimation of device temperature
Method of in-situ focus-fusion multi-layer spectral imaging and analysis of particulate samples
Method and system for manufacturing semiconductor devices, and method and system for inspecting semiconductor devices
Method of calculating thermal resistance in semiconductor package accommodating semiconductor chip within a case which can be applied to calculation for semiconductor package with radiation fins
Flow through electrode with automated calibration
Computer-assisted methods and apparatus for identification and characterization of biomolecules
Chromatogram analyzer
Process and device for measuring tear fluorescein clearance
Memory supervision
Method and system for testing an integrated circuit
Step-tapered flexible peripheral coil
Magnetic resonance method and device for measuring a periodically varying fluid flow in an object
Expedited location determination in analog service areas
Method and apparatus for location determination of a cellular telephone
Device for determining distance and for transmitting data in a motor vehicle
Methods and apparatus for stationary object detection
Device for improving the security of aircraft in visual flight regime
System for robust location of a mobile-transmitter
Ultrasound image processing employing non-linear tissue response backscatter signals
Method for seismic facies interpretation using textural analysis and neural networks
Apparatus for the exposure of additional information into the film plane of a camera
Frustrated total internal reflection switch using double pass reflection and method of operation
Optical switching device and image display device
Fiber optical circulator
Fiber optic taper coupled position sensing module
Optical device using photonics
Broadening of arrayed waveguide grating passband response
Optical waveguide and process for producing same
Optical wiring layer, optoelectric wiring substrate, mounted substrate, and methods for manufacturing the same
Coupling of light into a monolithic waveguide device
Micro-aspheric collimator lens
Dispersion compensation
Optical switching device with reduced insertion loss
Apparatus for temporarily fixing light waveguide ends in a defined position
Fiber retaining system
Optical fiber pumping apparatus and method for use in pumped optical fiber amplifier and laser systems
Assembly of optical component and optical fibre
Light emitting and receiving device
Cable organizer and method
Cable retainer and cable organizer using same
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
Upgradeable connector module for use in a fiber administration system
Assembly and method for furcating optical fibers
Multi-autofocus distance-measuring system with a wide distance-measuring area
Stabilized thermally tunable optical waveguide devices and communication systems employing them
Integrated optics chip having reduced surface wave propagation
Tunable optical add/drop multiplexer
Adaptive optical waveguide router
Photographic camera system
Camera film loading with delayed culling of defective cameras
Method and device for displacing a moving body on a base mounted elastically with respect to the ground
Extended life recycleable silencer assembly
Printing system
Method and apparatus for varying gloss level for individual elements printed on a single page
Image forming apparatus with a blower to cool a scanning unit
Image forming apparatus with cleaning sequence of contact charging members
Developer used for electrophotographic apparatus
Toner supplying container and image forming apparatus
Developing device, printing device, and charging method through contact
Image formation apparatus, image formation unit and toner stirring unit
Developing apparatus and assembling method for the same
Reversible shutter lockout feature
Method and apparatus for toner cake delivery
Image forming apparatus with reduced transfer current to transfer material rear end
Fixing device with improved heat control for use in an image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus with first and second heating rotation members having a potential difference
Fixing member, fixing assembly and image-forming apparatus
Image output apparatus and control method therefor
Image forming apparatus having means for preventing developer passing through cleaning member
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatic customer replaceable unit (CRU) setup and cleaner blade lubrication
Process cartridge having storage device which communicates with image forming apparatus
Financial document processing system and method of operating a financial document processing system
Adjustment rule generating and control method and apparatus
Kiln thermal and combustion control
Apparatus for relay based multiple point process frequency response estimation and control tuning
Process for the protection of stored program controls from overwriting
Machining processor
Material directory-spindle speed and feed rate calculator
Substrate conveying system in semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Numerical control system and an input setting method for control software for numerical control devices
Parts classification unit
Semiconductor factory automation system and method for resetting process recipe by employing trace file
Vehicle-mounted control unit having checking program installed therein, inspection device, and inspection method
Portable control device for networked mobile robots
Flight control system and method for an aircraft circle-to-land maneuver
Media content protection utilizing public key cryptography
Method and system for selectively varying signal delay in response to detection of a quiescent signal
Portable networked computer system
Multiprocessor system including a docking system
Push button shutdown and reset of embedded systems
Sensing auxiliary power in various peripheral component interconnect environments
Semiconductor circuit for an electronic unit
Method and apparatus for externally generating system control interrupts as resume events from power-on suspend mode
Reduction of electromagnetic emission
Information processing apparatus that can hold internal information
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in a digital processing system
Demand-based processor clock frequency switching
Key stroke detection for keyboard remote wake-up
Method and apparatus for testing large arrays of storage devices
Error character generation
Method for recovering from computer system lockup condition
Method and apparatus for building and managing multi-clustered computer systems
Method of dual use of non-volatile memory for error correction
Method and system for restoring a computer to its original state after an unsuccessful patch installation attempt
Remote reboot of hung systems in a data processing system
Circuit and method for improving memory integrity in a microprocessor based application
Method and device for synchronizing databases in a network management system
Method and apparatus for providing battery-backed immediate write back cache for an array of disk drives in a computer system
Castout processing for duplexed cache structures
Method and apparatus for improved storage of computer system configuration information
Fault tolerant computer system
Host port interface
Method and apparatus for performing field diagnostics on a computer system
Quick identification of defect-uncovering files
System and method for performance monitoring of application code
Debugger for support of debugging of program, array data displaying method in debugger, and recording medium having array data displaying program in debugger
Apparatus and method for fast code coverage analysis
System apparatus and method for managing multiple host computer operating requirements in a data storage system
Method, system, and program for managing meta data in a storage system and rebuilding lost meta data in cache
ROM programming device, and related program output device, communication system and data storage medium
Memory aliasing method and apparatus
Information processing apparatus using index and tag addresses for cache access
Method and apparatus for processing cache misses
Fast invalidation scheme for caches
Information processing device capable of allowing the maximum processing performance of microprocessor
Cache memory control circuit including summarized cache tag memory summarizing cache tag information in parallel processor system
Pipelined snooping of multiple L1 cache lines
Directory based cache coherency system supporting multiple instruction processor and input/output caches
Method and apparatus for collapsing writebacks to a memory for resource efficiency
Method and system for cancelling speculative cache prefetch requests
Correlated address prediction
Method and memory cache for cache locking on bank-by-bank basis
Method, system, and program for managing requests to a cache using flags to queue and dequeue data in a buffer
Method for information retrieval in broadcast disk systems
System for communicating a plurality of information processing modules using two cascaded links
Method and apparatus for allowing packet data to be separated over multiple bus targets
Memory controller with programmable delay counter for tuning performance based on timing parameter of controlled memory storage device
Storage device buffer access control in accordance with a monitored latency parameter
System and method for identifying shared virtual memory in a computer cluster
Lower address line prediction and substitution
System for providing deterministic performance from a non-deterministic device
Bus management using logic-based arbitration among bus access requests
System and method for data pacing
Computer system and its control method
Flashtoaster for reading several types of flash-memory cards with or without a PC
Data processing system including apparatuses connected via a bidirectional bus to each other and data transfer method for use with the same
Updating termination for a bus
System and method for automatically identifying slots in a backplane
Configurable I/O expander addressing for I/O drawers in a multi-drawer rack server system
Computer system bus network providing concurrent communication and connection transition of peripheral devices
Central data exchange
Method and system for efficiently coordinating commit processing in a parallel or distributed database system
Method and apparatus for eliminating contention with dual bus masters
Reconfigurable logic for a computer
Sums of production datapath
Method and apparatus for optimizing conversion of input data to output data
Method and apparatus for optimizing unicode composition and decomposition
Method for associating a discussion with a document
Method and apparatus for a voice controlled foreign language translation device
Method and apparatus for revealing latent characteristics existing in symbolic sequences
Document processing method and apparatus which can add comment data added to an original document to a revised document
Usage based aggregation optimization
Data replication in data warehousing scenarios
Method of standardizing address data
System and method for private information retrieval from a single electronic storage device using verifiable commodities
Parallel index maintenance
Method for retrieving data from an information network through linking search criteria to search strategy
Method and apparatus for accessing an ordered array structure
Automatic query and transformative process
Method and system for compressing data which allows access to data without full uncompression
Method and article for processing queries that define outer joined views
Method for storing sparse hierarchical data in a relational database
Method of optimally determining lossless joins
Replicating updates in original temporal order in parallel processing database systems
System and method for improved serialization of Java objects
Method and system for dynamically generating code to enhance the performance of a relational database manager that provides access to a relational database
SQL-Based automated histogram bin data derivation assist
Computer-readable data product for managing sales information
System and method for cross-document coreference
Reuse of immutable objects during object creation
Method for multi-step filtering spatious objects by utilizing MMP filter in spatial database system
Method and apparatus for dynamic discovery of data model allowing customization of consumer applications accessing privacy data
File management system for managing data of photographed images
Generation of a system model
RTL code optimization for resource sharing structures
Integrated circuit models having associated timing exception information therewith for use in circuit design optimizations
High-level synthesis device high level synthesis method and recording medium with high level synthesis program
Method and apparatus for modeling gate capacitance of symmetrically and asymmetrically sized differential cascode voltage swing logic (DCVSL)
Fast search method for enabling a computer to find elementary loops in a graph
Methods and apparatuses for designing integrated circuits
Method for determining cleanup line routing for components of an integrated circuit
Connectivity-based approach for extracting layout parasitics
System and method for configuring a programmable logic device
Method and system for managing semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Method and apparatus for controlling access to confidential data by analyzing property inherent in data
Method and apparatus for client authentication and application configuration via smart cards
System and methods for improved scenario management in an electronic spreadsheet
Processing handwritten and hand-drawn input and speech input
Storage subsystem having a plurality of interfaces conforming to a plurality of data formats
File-based virtual storage file system, method and computer program product for automated file management on multiple file system storage devices
System and method which compares data preread from memory cells to data to be written to the cells
Recording device, interface card for using the same, and method for sending recording data from a host computer to the recording device
Composition of error messages in an error message system based upon non-local contextual information
Control apparatus for an automatic transmission of a vehicle and method
Method of and system for managing documents in a bandwidth constrained environment
Adder circuit
Adder having reduced number of internal layers and method of operation thereof
FPGA implemented bit-serial multiplier and infinite impulse response
Real-time programming method
Microcode patch device and method for patching microcode using match registers and patch routines
Distance controlled concatenation of selected portions of elements of packed data
Variable format memory access device
Method and apparatus for predicting loop exit branches
Dynamic handling of object versions to support space and time dimensional program execution
Detection of data hazards between instructions by decoding register indentifiers in each stage of processing system pipeline and comparing asserted bits in the decoded register indentifiers
System and method to reduce power consumption in advanced RISC machine (ARM) based systems
Generating partition corresponding real address in partitioned mode supporting system
System, method and article of manufacture for using multiple bidirectional ports in association with a java application or applet
Object-oriented system and method for visually generating software applications
Method and apparatus for object cache registration and maintenance in a networked software development environment
Dynamic mapping of component interfaces
Semantic user interface
In-memory modification of computer programs
Method and computer for locally and remotely updating a basic input output system (BIOS) utilizing one update file
Determining loading time of an operating system
Software linking system in information processor
Technique using FIFO memory for booting a programmable microprocessor from a host computer
Apparatus and method for conversion of messages
Router image support device
DCE functional dimensioning
Programmatic iteration scheduling for parallel processors
System and method for dynamically identifying free registers
System and method for eliminating compile time explosion in a top down rule based system using selective sampling
Multiple ISA support by a processor using primitive operations
Method and device for filtering events in an event notification service
Object-oriented communication system with support for multiple remote machine types
File transfer utility which employs an intermediate data storage system
Method and apparatus for fast, local corba object references
Delivering service to a client via a locally addressable interface
Program conversion apparatus
System and method for scheduling use of system resources among a plurality of limited users
Load balancing cooperating cache servers by shifting forwarded request
Polymorphic token based control
Distributed job integrated management system and method
Load balancing using directory services in a data processing system
System and method for transmitting data from a server application to more than one client node
System and method for performing context switching and rescheduling of a processor
Method and apparatus of a collaborative proxy system for distributed deployment of object rendering
Method of binarization in an optical character recognition system
Apparatus and method for rejecting out-of-class inputs for pattern classification
System and method for an interactive knowledgebase
System for retrieval of information from data structure of medical records
Relational database method for accessing information useful for the manufacture of, to interconnect nodes in, to repair and to maintain product and system units
Production scheduling management system, and method of managing production scheduling
Book data service system with data delivery by broadcasting
Repair and maintenance support system and a car corresponding to the system
Article inventory tracking apparatus and method
Electronic bulletin board system
Automatic generation of graphically-composed correspondence via a text email-interface
System and method for redirecting message attachments between a host system and a mobile data communication device
Method and apparatus for paying bills electronically using machine readable information from an invoice
Vault controller based registration application serving web based registration authorities and end users for conducting electronic commerce in secure end-to-end distributed information system
Transaction manager supporting a multi-currency environment
Automated content and collaboration-based system and methods for determining and providing content recommendations
Method and system for using caller pays service for single use and short term access to internet subscription services
System and method for transmitting and processing loan data
Apparatus for data copyright management system
Copy protection apparatus and information recording medium used in this copy protection apparatus
Method of processing image information and method of preventing forgery of certificates or the like
Visual presentation of information derived from a 3D image system
Method and apparatus for cardiac analysis using four-dimensional connectivity
Encoding images of 3-D objects with improved rendering time and transmission processes
Apparatus and method for 3-dimensional surface geometry reconstruction
Data processing method and processing device
Image forming apparatus
Methods and systems for image sharpening
Method and apparatus for using rotatable templates within look-up tables to enhance image reproduction
Vector quantization codebook generation method
Image compression method
Method for motion compensated frame rate upsampling based on piecewise affine warping
Method for operating a postage meter and addressing machine
Software based stamp dispenser
Security document validation
Integrated system and method of vending prescription medications using a network of remotely distributed, automated dispensing units
Security monitoring arrangement for a computer system
Integrated motion detector in a mobile communications device
Electronote wall mounted messaging device
Systems and methods for delivering data updates to an aircraft
Bitextual, bifocal language learning system
Image reading apparatus
Method, system and storage medium for providing training to multiple users
Method for reducing data rate during transmission of object-related data between two computer elements communicating within time limits
Network system for ensemble performance by remote terminals
Mixing, coding and decoding devices and methods
Acoustic transducer panel
Speech recognition method and apparatus and computer-readable memory
Reference pattern producing apparatus with controlled contribution of learning coefficients
Apparatus, method and system for cross-speaker speech recognition for telecommunication applications
Multi-stage pitch and mixed voicing estimation for harmonic speech coders
Method and apparatus for using coding scheme selection patterns in a predictive speech coder to reduce sensitivity to frame error conditions
Time synchronization of human speech samples in quality assessment system for communications system
Scalable audio coding/decoding method and apparatus
Process for searching for a noise model in noisy audio signals
Transfer unit extending between two or more cabinets for expansion of tape library systems
Multiple independent intelligent pickers with dynamic routing in an automated data storage library
Self aligning robotic arm calibration apparatus
Trace operations in an integrated circuit for a disk drive
Method of securing the playback of a DVD-ROM via triggering data sent via a cable network
Threefold error correction coding method and apparatus for high definition digital video cassette recorder
Encoded stream generating apparatus and method, data transmission system and method, and editing system and method
Data input method, encoding apparatus, and data processing apparatus
Edited-list creating apparatus, editing apparatus and editing method
Method for installing a hard drive into a computer and improved components therefor
Hash Cam having a reduced size memory array and its application
Method to prevent a flash memory from being miswritten
On chip error correction for devices in a solid state drive
Semiconductor memory and memory system
Timesharing internal bus, particularly for non-volatile memories
Apparatus and structure for rapid enablement
Wordline stress mode arrangement a storage cell initialization scheme test time reduction burn-in elimination
Low-torque electro-optical laminated cable and cablewrap
Equipment evaluation and design
Method of using a specimen sensing end effector to determine the thickness of a specimen
IC substrate noise modeling with improved surface gridding technique
Frequency dependent inductor apparatus and method for a narrow-band filter
High frequency low loss electrode with main and sub conductors
Laser diode antenna for mobile phone
Wireless communication system with adaptive beam selection
Apparatus for processing information of a wiring harness
Optical waveguide with dissimilar core and cladding materials, and light emitting device employing the same
Radio telephone holder with battery charging and movable cradle having telephone lock
Control of high speed DC motor vertical voltage vector component
Amplifier system with load control to produce an amplitude envelope
Radio frequency device with fast charging of an input capacitance
Balanced mixer with feedback pre-amplifier
Radio communication device and transmission power control method for radio communication device
Method for selective filtering
Method and circuit for sampling a signal at high sampling frequency
Apparatus and method for automatic selection of broadband frequency channel using double frequency conversion
Method for testing a current mode interpolator
Method and apparatus for deterministically altering cyclic redundancy check information for data storage
Dual transmitter arrangement with back-up switching
Facility for intializing a fiber optic data link in one mode of a plurality of modes
Wireless modem alignment in a multi-cell environment
Method and apparatus for SIR measurement
Air interface simulator and method thereof
Method for minimizing effect of interference, and radio system
Power control and cell site location technique for CDMA systems with hierarchical architecture
Immediate channel assignment in a wireless system
Reconfigurable satellite and antenna coverage communications backup capabilities
Audio signal identification using digital labelling signals
Multi-room entertainment system with in-room media player
Multiple driver rotary control for audio processors or other uses
Integrated television and internet information system
Protection switching in bidirectional WDM optical communication networks with transponders
Method for providing a precise network time service
High speed parallel bit error rate tester
Method and arrangement for the reliable transmission of packet data
System implementing a state transition having an interface storing a new next state of a self block and exchanging the state information with other block
Declarative message addressing
Dynamic multi-step overload control for message processing in wireless communication service network
Communication equipment, communication route selection method, and computer program product in memory for selecting a communication route
System, method, and article of manufacture for wireless enablement of the world wide web using a wireless gateway
System using ARP or RARP packet for communicating offset address of an application program and computer unique ID of a computer
Information distribution system and method
System and method relating to packet data communication
System and method for re-routing of e-mail messages
Entity management system
Secure wiretap support for internet protocol security
Imaging apparatus and network system using the same
Securely sharing log-in credentials among trusted browser-based applications
Method of pacing the frequency at which systems of a multisystem environment compress log streams
Method and system for managing accesses to a data service system that supports persistent connections
Method and arrangement for secure tunneling of data between virtual routers
Operating system based remote communication system
System and method for generating a modified web page in response to an information request from a client computer
Systems for monitoring and improving performance on the world wide web
Methods and protocol for simultaneous tuning of reliable and non-reliable channels of a single network communication link
Digital video network interface
Computer system with preferential naming service
Apparatus and method for operating on data in a data communications system
Method of establishing connections between client and server programs in respective computers using automatically constructed pipe names
System using buffers for decompressing compressed scanner image data received from a network peripheral device and transmitting to a client's web browser
Transmission security for wireless communications
Emulsion film media employing steganography
Data mapping method and apparatus with multi-party capability
Quantum cryptography device and method
Transmitting messages over a network
Methods and apparatus for improved cellular communication
Mechanical acoustic filter with adjustable high-frequency cut-off
Hand-free apparatus
Hearing aid communications earpiece
Circuit to improve transducer separation in handsfree telephone
Multi-band radio terminal apparatus
Absence reception information device and absence reception information method for folding portable cellular phone
Plural status indication control method suitable for use in a communication device
Telephone instrument with built-in modem device, and system for voice communications over the internet
Method and system for detecting and controlling severe echo
Method and system for deterministic charging in a satellite communications system
Method and apparatus for internet-based telephone access to prepaid card and pin systems
Load control and overload protection for a real-time communication system
Method and system for processing a telephone call while on-line
Method and apparatus for establishing communication between a transaction initiator and a transaction processing system
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Multifunctional apparatus and data processing method
Imaging system having a sensor array reset noise reduction mechanism
Scheduling storage accesses for multiple continuous media streams
Modular broadcast receiver system and memo
Arrangement for TV broadcasting outdoor events or the like
Recording and reproducing device and method of reproducing video information on variable-velocity basis
Method and system for selecting television programs based on the past selection history of an identified user
Video on demand system that presents users with a selection list of proposed videos for which server and network resources are available to immediately serve the selected video
Method for regenerating the original data of a digitally coded video film, and apparatus for carrying out the method
Technique for effectively searching for information in a vehicle
Method for compensating image color when adjusting the contrast of a digital color image
Virtual studio position sensing system
Recording/reproducing apparatus and method for including line numbers
Recording digital video signals and redundancy signals for error correction
XDSL splitter assembly for main distribution frame
Tone detection
System, method and computer program product for achieving local number portability costing support
System and method for local number portability for telecommunication networks
Multimode service radio communication method and apparatus
System for the observation of traffic
Mobile communication devices
Wireless communications management and control system using mobile station position and movement information
Network directed system selection for cellular and PCS enhanced roaming
Handover in a mobile communication system
Location update method and inter core network entity handover method
Device using selected receivers to facilitate handoff to a base transceiver station in a mobile communication system
Coordinating different types of messages sent to mobile radios in a mobile communications system
Seatbelt microphone mounting
3D woofer drive circuit
Open back acoustic speaker module
Vibration wave detector
Speaker apparatus
Method for making a conductor, or electric circuit balanced in radioelectric interference such as micro-discharge and corresponding conductor or circuit
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