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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Connector assembly having insulating material with different dielectric constant
Human Necessities
Implement height adjuster
Singulating seed
Aquatic feeding device
Method, feed cart and system for feeding of fur animals
Scoring machine
Breast shaping and lifting support garment
Eyelash extensions and method for applying eyelash extensions
Hair color wax changeable hair dyeing comb
Nail polishing stencil
Combination skateboard shoulder strap and garment belt
Article carrier for supporting multiple articles around a neck of a wearer
Height adjustable table
Rocking chair
Chair, convertible into a baby's highchair
Seating trim attachment retainer for EPP/EPS and polyurethane foam
Baby carrier
Fluid seal for endoscope
Z-shaped button for tissue repair
Devices and methods for suturing tissue
Tissue resection device and method
Methods for removing kidney stones from the ureter
Flexible vacuum grabber for holding lesions
Catheters and related devices for forming passageways between blood vessels or other anatomical structures
Completely resorbable connective tissue distraction devices and techniques
Advanced intra-spinal decompression implant
Bone fixing device
Separable pedicle screw
Method of using electrosurgical device for restricting loss of blood during surgery
Aid for training visual skills associated with a selected activity
System for clinical examination of visual functions using lenticular optics or programmable displays
Fundus photographing apparatus
Method for locating a catheter tip using audio detection
Pricking system
Blood pressure cuff
Mounting method of dental cast
Dental hygiene device
Sheath introduction apparatus and method
Method for maintaining a fastener in a folded configuration
Apparatus and method for loading and delivering a stent
Elements for versatility of a prosthetic anchor
Fully synthetic implantable multi-phased scaffold
Device and method for attaching hair
Hip surgery neck and ball adjustment apparatus and method
Multi-component knee implant assembly with combined articulating and belt support and traveling surfaces
Method of inserting an expandable intervertebral implant without overdistraction
Dynamic interbody device
Prosthesis of anterior spinal column, instrument guiding the prosthesis and method for installation thereof
Minimally invasive apparatus to manipulate and revitalize spinal column disc
Devices, systems, and methods to fixate tissue within the regions of body, such as the pharyngeal conduit
Cassette for irrigation or aspiration machine for endoscopy
Inner and outer telescoping catheter delivery system
Indwelling heat exchange catheter and method of using same
Hemostasis cannula
Public access CPR and AED device
Jaw exerciser
Proprioception training and exercise apparatus
Golf course for playing on at night
Apparatus for correcting a head-up phenomenon during a golf swing
Shoe mobility system
Systems and methods for processing software objects in connection with a map-based gameboard
Gaming device having different sets of primary and secondary reel symbols
Audio animation system
Wireless toy systems and methods for interactive entertainment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Bubble removal method and bubble removal device
Filter assembly and mounting flange extension for gas turbine filter assembly
Tiltable vacuum loader and receiver with blow-back
Oil coalescing device
Method and manifold for carrying reduced moment due to dimensional change in pressure vessel; removable insert with valve seat; pressure assisted valve arrangement and method
Membrane tube and reactor having a membrane tube
Polymers, polymer membranes and methods of producing the same
Mill and method of milling
Method and pulverizing apparatus for preparing pulverized product of extracted tooth, demineralized powder originated from extracted tooth, and composite of demineralized powder and apatite, suitable for use in highly advanced medical treatments
Method and apparatus for reducing acoustic noise in a synthetic jet
Burn protective materials
Mobile screen device with a frame pivotable about a vertical turning axis
Method for treating vertical tubes in a chemical reactor
Use of aluminum--zirconium--titanium--carbon intermediate alloy in wrought processing of magnesium and magnesium alloys
One-piece manufacturing process
Cutting tool
Apparatus for adhering solder powder and method for adhering solder powder to electronic circuit board
Device for treating wafers on assembly carriers
Electric tool, particularly a saw
Cutting tool
Pallet dismantler
Apparatus for molding a crash pad for a vehicle
Highly abrasion-resistant grafted polyolefin pipe
Reduction of edge chipping during wafer handling
Automotive structural joint and method of making same
Liquid ejection device
Inkjet recording ink containing fluorine based surfactant, inkjet recording ink set, and inkjet recording apparatus containing the inkjet recording ink
Inkjet ink comprising dynamic surface tension agent
Wiping assembly and image forming apparatus having the same
Method of manufacturing a light emitting device
Cartridge and printing material supply system
Print data generation device, print data generation method, and print data generation program
Control element for printed drop density reconfiguration
Liquid ejecting apparatus
Pneumatic radial tire
Hitch cover including adapter
Arm component for vehicles and its manufacturing method
Motor vehicle body with plasma-treated gluing surface
Automated vehicle sunshade
Self-correcting drive for retractable cargo canopy
Cooling structure for vehicles
Method and system for improving vehicle braking
Backrest for a motor vehicle
Bundle trailer for gas delivery
Vehicle seat assembly with air bag module having integral protection member
Enclosed weatherproof firearm case
Method and device for starting an internal combustion engine of a hybrid drive train
Valve assemblies for a dunnage or cargo air bags, and related methods of use
Accessory mounting systems for non-highway vehicles
Pallet jack power assembly
Motorized walker
Adjusting method and structure for seat post of bicycle
Floating foundation for mass production
Inlet nose cowl with a locally thickened fastening portion to enable an uninterrupted airflow surface
Aircraft rotary wing motion control and instrumented motion control fluid device
Lightweight pallet and container including mesh support surface and galvanized frame construction
One-piece foldable corrugated cooler with improved locking system
High strength packages and packaging materials
Molded tether for a vessel cover system and a method of forming
Viscous material selective packet method
L-valve construction for controlling solids flow in a liquid medium using standard pipe fittings
Image forming apparatus
Sheet feeder that detects multi-feed of sheets and image forming apparatus
Medium stacking apparatus and financial device comprising the same
Recording medium processing apparatus and image forming system
System and method for processing multi-page mail pieces
Systems and methods for controlling substrate flatness in printing devices using the flow of air
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and sheet size detection method
Fuel dispensing nozzle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods for reforming carbonaceous matter using a high temperature reformer
Bio-renewable phase change inks comprising recycled resin materials
Universal tint paste having high solids
Method for producing fuel briquettes from high moisture fine coal or blends of high moisture fine coal and biomass
Device, system, and method including micro-patterned cell treatment array
Plasma processing device, plasma processing method, and plasma surface processing method
Selective nitriding on a 3D surface
Textiles; Paper
Methods for producing high-freeness pulp
Fixed Constructions
Track with stopping means
Ice breaking / rubblizing machine
Wedge-activated rod clamp assembly
System for covering a camper
Remote-controlled security bar
Ladder standoff device
Method and apparatus for drilling and servicing subterranean wells with rotating coiled tubing
Extendable conductor stand and method of use
Segmented seal ring and support of same
Downhole apparatus with a swellable centraliser
Flow stop valve
Aqueous formulations of hydrophobically associating copolymers and surfactants and use thereof for mineral oil production
System and method for low damage fracturing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Refrigerant compressor
Device and method for redirecting a leakage current
Aspirator insert for a boundary layer in a fluid, a wall and a compressor equipped with said insert
Guide vane assembly
Eddy current damper and method
Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Impeller of a device for variable adjustment of the control times of gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine
Switchable pressure supply device
Fuel alcohol content detection via an exhaust gas sensor
Spark ignition internal combustion engine
Gasket with a compression limiter
Fuel injection control device of engine
Fuel injection device
Method and apparatus for reducing uncontrolled combustion in an internal combustion engine
Air assist start stop methods and systems
Composite wind turbine blade and method for manufacturing same
Upwind wind turbine and operation method thereof
Multiple rotor fluid transfer engine
Pump and heat pump apparatus
Friction controlled ball joint
System and methods for smoothly inverting one or more faces of a cubical device
Auxiliary device for bicycle
Bearing pin for a planetary transmission and carrier arrangement for a planetary transmission
Vehicle and method for controlling the same
Pressure control valve
Multi-way valve of a fuel system of a gas turbine
Apparatus and method for mechanically reducing internal pressure of column in refinery or petrochemical process
Heating and release valve assembly for a fluid receptacle
Pressure control valve
Pressure damper, liquid jet head, liquid jet recording apparatus, and method for damping pressure
Illumination device for a medical care unit
Compact high intensity solar simulator
Color changeable lighting keyboard
Lighting system
Illumination system, luminaire and display device
Gas burner
Device for providing a gas/combustion air mixture for a gas burner
Thermal management systems including venting systems
Recoil reduction apparatus and method for weapon
Device for decocking a crossbow
Fall-away arrow rest
Holster assembly and method using same
Holster assembly and method using same
Wearable air blast protection device having at least two attenuating regions
Air blast wave protection
Reduced size, symmetrical and asymmetrical crew compartment vehicle construction
Three component bullet with core retention feature and method of manufacturing the bullet
Microdispensing pump
Non-metallic doneless indicator
Lighting device, display device and television receiver
System and method for increasing the depth of focus of the human eye
Shock-absorbing mechanism for movable mirror of camera
Stereoscopic display apparatus
System for targeted local air humidification
Gaming device having a re-triggering symbol bonus scheme
Systems and methods for flexible gaming environments
Method and apparatus for prescribing and preparing a reproducible and customized dysphagia diet
Smoke simulator system for aircraft cockpit
Lighting device, display device and television receiver
Interposer and joint terminal
Simplified connector receptacles
Connector module and handheld electronic device
Euro power plug
Method and apparatus for coupling portable communication devices
Apparatus for connecting filaments of separate electroluminescent cables together
Adapter for connecting a harness to magnet wires
Coaxial cable connector with multi-contact to ensure establishment of ground loop
Alternator with decoupling device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Modified dendritic cells and use therefor
Preparation of essential oil compositions for portable liquid disinfection
Fat compositions for use in food
Nutritional composition for treating an immune condition
Agents for improving lipid metabolism and reducing high blood pressure
Compositions of plant carbohydrates as dietary supplements
Slowly digestible starch product
Preparation of nutrient rich salt of plant origin
Process for preparing beads as food additive and product thereof
Method for making a puffed food starch product
Device and method for frying products
Process for manufacturing a toilet training article containing effervescent agent
Monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors and uses thereof
Analgesic combination
Methods of isolating amyloid-inhibiting compounds and use of compounds isolated from Uncaria tomentosa and related plants
Compositions to control oral microbial oxidation-reduction (Eh) levels
Nasal passage cleaning composition
D-alanine racemase mutants of mycobacteria and uses therefore
IL-12 as an adjuvant for Bordetella pertussis vaccines
Method for producing purified hematinic iron-saccharidic complex and product produced
Method of cancer treatment
Targeted therapeutic delivery of vitamin D compounds
Methods to treat undesirable immune responses
Transdermal delivery of antiparkinson agents
Conversion of liquid filled gelatin capsules into controlled release systems by multiple coatings
Microprojectile delivery system and particulate product
Anti-fungal composition
Methods and clinical devices for the inhibition or prevention of mammalian cell growth
Vented medical fluid tip protector methods
Device and method for separation
Dispense molding method and apparatus for manufacturing cannulae
Performing Operations; Transporting
Solid/liquid separation system for multiphase converters
Method for separating zirconium and hafnium tetrachlorides with the aid of a melted solvent
Method of manufacturing a spacer of an electrically driven water purification apparatus
Chlorotrifuorine gas generator system
Method for treating waste by hydrothermal oxidation
Method and apparatus for preheating of a fuel cell micro-reformer
Zeolite SSZ-61 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Composite and manufacturing method thereof
Male fertility assay method and device
Process for the high-speed rotary application of liquid, pigmented coating agents
Self-assembled nano-phase particle surface treatments for corrosion protection
Method for manufacturing optical member having water-repellent thin film
Method for reworking a lithographic process to provide an undamaged and residue free arc layer
Oxidation-resistant magnetorheological fluid
Method and device discharging surface treatment
Method and apparatus for the manufacturing of reticles
Method of and apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing and slurry supplying device
Sheet having indicia registered with lines of termination
Methods of straw fiber processing
Method of making wallboard
Method and apparatus for producing and treating novel elastomer composites
Open mold multi-lap manufacturing process
Nitrile rubber mixtures with a low tendency towards mold contamination
Method of decorating a molded article
Injection molding method
Molded hologram apparatus method and product
Plastic-based composite product and method and apparatus for manufacturing same
Method of making a catheter balloon by laser fusing wrapped material
Method of reducing pattern distortions during imprint lithography processes
Mandrel-assisted resin transfer molding process employing resin outflow perimeter channel between male and female mold elements
Composite foam structures
SRZ-susceptible superalloy article having a protective layer thereon
Multilayer breathable film
Decorative sheet
Removable labels for mounting upon or proximate to electrical and/or other interfaces
Multi-layered preform and multi-layered bottle manufactured by using the same
Pre-cut fibrous insulation for custom fitting wall cavities of different widths
Modified pigment products, dispersions thereof, and compositions comprising the same
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Method of producing color filter
Method of making a material
Coated paper for gravure
Window pane capable of bonding with tear-away cord
Edge guard
Battery having a circuit board attached to it and a molded section enveloping the battery and the circuit board
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Manufacturing method of ito powder with tin dissolved in indium oxide, and manufacturing method of ito target
Lithium-transition metal composite oxide
Method for preparing lithium manganese spinel oxide having improved electrochemical performance
Cooling water scale and corrosion inhibition
Apparatus and method for continuous electrodeionization
Composition of matter and its use as a coagulant and flocculent
Coal bed methane wastewater treatment system
Septic battery
Coated substrates
Anti-reflective glass surface with improved cleanability
Adhesive composition and adhesive sheet and adhesive optical component using the composition
Fiber for reinforcing rubber products
Aluminum nitride sintered body, ceramic substrate, ceramic heater and electrostatic chuck
Permanent magnet and method for preparation thereof
Protective overlayer for ceramics
Hydrocarbon compounds, materials for organic electroluminescent elements and organic electroluminescent elements
Organic electroluminescent devices
Onium salts and the use therof as latent acids
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Method for determining genetic affiliation, substructure and gene flow within human populations
Gene delivery vectors provided with a tissue tropism for smooth muscle cells, and/or endothelial cells
Peptides of IL-2 and derivatives thereof
Chimeric gene formed of the DNA sequences that encode the antigenic determinants of four proteins of L. infantum, useful for serologic diagnosis of canine leishmaniosis and protein obtained
Diagnostic and therapeutic methods using the H37 tumor suppressor gene
Methods and compositions for determining the purity of chemically synthesized nucleic acids
Interactive system for presenting and eliminating substances
Method for manufacture of films containing insoluble solids embedded in cellulose-based films
Method of increasing the .alpha.-amylase-resistant starch content (rs content) of a polysaccharide, polysaccharides, the use thereof and food containing said polysaccharides
Surface-active photoinitiators
Fluorinated photopolymer composition and waveguide device
Use of amphiphilic polymers or copolymers for surface modification of reactive inorganic fillers
Surface treatment of plastic material with an organic polymerizable and/or crosslinkable composition having reactive functions
Polymers having ordered, monodisperse pores and their corresponding ordered, monodisperse colloids
Dicing tape
Electroluminescent device using metal coordination compound
Liquid-crystal medium, and electro-optical display containing the liquid-crystal medium
Liquid-crystalline medium
Liquid crystalline medium
Organic electric-field light-emitting element
Method of processing blood samples in order to produce DNA complex patterns for diagnostic applications
Gene targeting vectors comprising conditional positive selection markers
Corona ion generating method and apparatus for the manipulation of molecules and biological cells
Lineage specific cells and progenitor cells
Compositions and methods for treatment of microbial infections
Methods for evaluating the ability to metabolize pharmaceuticals
Precision fluorescently dyed particles and methods of making and using same
Method for aluminide coating of gas turbine engine blade
Method of forming a superconductor film
Optical recording medium, method for manufacturing the same and target used for sputtering process
Coated substrate
Methods of forming nitride films
Plasma treatment method and method of manufacturing optical parts using the same
Hafnium nitride buffer layers for growth of GaN on silicon
Textiles; Paper
Glass fibers
Fence tape
Sheet material especially useful for circuit boards
Fixed Constructions
Steel reinforced concrete systems
Apparatus for analyzing biologic fluids
Method and system for molecular array scanner calibration
System and method for wafer acceptance test configuration
Extensible, visible light-transmissive and infrared-reflective film and methods of making and using the film
Method for producing a polymer optical waveguide and laminated polymer optical waveguide with an alignment mark
Silver halide color photosensitive material
Method of processing a photographic element containing electron transfer agent releasing couplers
Flexographic element having an infrared ablatable layer
Process for forming a pattern of fluorescent substrate and plasma display panel
Positive-type photosensitive resin composition
Printable assist lines and the removal of such
Photomask and exposure method for large scaled LCD device
Photosensitive resin compositions
Developing method, substrate treating method, and substrate treating apparatus
Positive tone lithography with carbon dioxide development systems
Photosensitive bilayer composition
Method of preventing repeated collapse in a reworked photoresist layer
Method of monitoring an exposure process
Toner and fixing method
Transfer materials
Antisolvent-laminate body
Electrostatic image dry toner composition, developer for developing electrostatic latent image and image forming method
Tamper-responding encapsulated enclosure having flexible protective mesh structure
Gaming device having a bonus scheme with symbol generator and symbol terminating condition
Manufacturing method of CPP type magnetic sensor having current-squeezing path
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetorheological fluids with a molybdenum-amine complex
Magnetic random access memory designs with patterned and stabilized magnetic shields
Reducing the effects of neel coupling in MRAM structures
Dual function array feature for CMP process control and inspection
Semiconductor component and method of manufacture and monitoring
Method to make small isolated features with pseudo-planarization for TMR and MRAM applications
Ferroelectric random access memory device and fabrication method therefor
Organic light emitting material and device
Battery device
Non-aqueous electrolytic secondary battery
Square cell container and method of manufacturing the cell container
Integrated battery cover and movable handle
Connection for joining a current collector to a terminal pin for a primary lithium or secondary lithium ion electrochemical cell
Embedded electrical traces
Battery cover assembly for a portable electronic device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew