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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus for turf aerification
Mounting structure and mounting method for vehicle interior parts
Convertible traction shoes
Goods-delivery box with easily breakable wall and method of delivering goods
Pliable handle
Electric toothbrush
Rim cleaning apparatus
Compact disposable finger-mount toothbrush
Assist device for getting into and out of sitting or reclined positions
Systems and methods for displaying articles
Backrest for a chair, with a retractor
Incline sleeper for an infant
Friction arrangement for hosiery donning aid
Method and apparatus for reducing eye fatigue
Apparatus for displaying image by projection on retina of viewer with eliminated adverse effect of intervening optics
Method of adjusting variable flow infant feeding assembly
Apparatus for enhancing absorption and dissipation of impact forces for sweatbands
Skating blade with improved rocker
Snowboard with partial sidewall
Device and method for continuously shuffling and monitoring cards
Novelty figurine and carabiner storage assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Travel control device for self-propelled recycle machine
Three-way valve and fuel injection device having the same
Modular flow cell and adjustment system
Method and apparatus for drying semiconductor wafer surfaces using a plurality of inlets and outlets held in close proximity to the wafer surfaces
Washing device and method for fabricating the same
Method of joining coiled sucker rod in the field
Method for separating electronic component from organic board
Methods and apparatus for optimizing the delivery of a set of gases in a plasma processing system
Power screwdriver
Vacuum driven light bulb changer
Fixture for shaping a laminate substrate
Device for conveying a sheet through a printing machine
Image forming apparatus with dust collector
Pagewidth printhead with flexible ink delivery extrusion
Ink jet printer
Reducing ink bleed artifacts
Saddle stitcher including card gluers for dispensing personalized printed cards and method therefor
Display organizer
Underground mine tire
Exterior accessory module for vehicular modular door
Cargo container door lock assembly
Traction control system
Instrument panel assembly
Method for heating a battery in a hybrid electric vehicle
Vehicle seat
Multi-story house trailer
Vehicle based communication system with a handheld device
Light with front and rear panels
Driver side airbag module assembly
Vehicle step apparatus and method of operation thereof
Parking-braking in vehicles having an electronic braking system
Lock assembly for a gate assembly of a railroad hopper car
Spring powered vehicle
Vehicle roof structure
Apparatus for supporting and transporting a bleacher
Motorcycle for adjustable riding postures
Bicycle frame
Bicycle crank axle with a radial projection
Vessel for transporting wind turbines, methods of moving a wind turbine, and a wind turbine for an off-shore wind farm
Active anti-fouling systems and processes for marine vessels
Modular aerospace plane
Friction welding metal components
Metering valve for a metered dose inhaler providing consistent delivery
Method and system for manufacturing a package
Netting chutes with ribbed flooring for manual and/or automated clipping packaging apparatus
Adjustable locking mechanism for container
System for transporting substrate carriers
Method of, and apparatus for, handling blanks, in particular coupons
Image forming device and sheet transport device
Hoisting device with load measuring mechanism and method for determining the load of hoisting devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Polysilicon manufacturing device
Textiles; Paper
Time-varying agitator oscillations in an automatic washer
Fixed Constructions
Lavatory cleansing devices
Barrier and barrier system
Lock system for movable closure element
Actuator for a vehicle door latch
Pivotal hinge mechanism for mobile computer
Bits and cutting structures
Multi-purpose sleeve for tieback connector
Well packer having an energized sealing element and associated method
Apparatus and method for drilling a wellbore with casing and cementing the casing in the wellbore
Subsea chemical injection unit for additive injection and monitoring system for oilfield operations
Hydraulic rotary-percussive hammer drill
Adjustable well screen assembly
Method and apparatus for rescaling measurements while drilling in different environments
Drilling and cementing casing system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Locking device for a camshaft adjuster
Exhaust gas cleanup apparatus
System and method for engine operation with spark assisted compression ignition
Rotation assistance device, rotation assistance method, and power generation device
Controlled starting and braking of an internal combustion engine
Dual fuel pump configuration for saddle fuel tanks
Fuel injector
Energy storage devices and methods of using same
Pneumatic booster with shifted valve seats
Eccentric shaft for an internal combustion engine
Spindle motor
Fastener and valve for a hydraulic apparatus
Centrifugal clutch, and method of making same
High performance disk brake
Brake tensioning device comprising shearing force measuring bolt
Continuously adjustable self-lubricating mill roll drive
Device for damping water hammer
Double-sheath pipe for transporting fluids, provided with a device for limiting propagation of a buckle of the outer tube and method for limiting propagation
Lighting element and lighting element fixture with said element
Headgear with forward illumination
Adjustable support for an electrical assembly
Laminated heating body
Prevention of compressor unpowered reverse rotation in heat pump units
Geothermal heating and cooling system with solar heating
Method and apparatus for evaporative cooling of a cooling fluid
Method for liquefying methane-rich gas
Hydraulic friction fluid heater and method of using same
Methods and systems for compact, micro-channel laminar heat exchanging
Modular heat exchanger having a brazed core and method for forming
Pistol with lockable manual safety mechanism
Internal red dot sight
Method and apparatus for evanescent filed measuring of particle-solid separation
Magnetostrictive strain sensor (airgap control)
TMR sensor
Inkjet recording ink for sublimation transfer and method of dyeing
Method and apparatus for measuring the position of an end head of a roll
Shock resistant blood pressure measuring apparatus
Road surface frictional coefficient estimating apparatus
Mechanism for facilitating an optical instrumentation testing system employing multiple testing paths
Nanochannel process and structure for bio-detection
System and method for hybriding wireless location techniques
Ophthalmic spectacle lens for correcting non-conventional refractive error
Projector system and camera system
Light propagation structure and optical display device of optical system, light propagation method of optical system, and display method of optical display device
Illumination apparatus and image projection apparatus
Method to manage the power setting of a receiver/decoder for pay-TV using management messages containing a first period defining a waiting period for subsequent management messages
System and methods for remote maintenance in an electronic network with multiple clients
System and method for listening to teams in a race event
Extracting indirect relational information from email correspondence
Information presentation control device and information presentation control method
System and method for using a same program on a local system and a remote system
Method and apparatus for controlling a computer over a TCP/IP protocol network
Reduced latency media distribution system
Optimizing streaming of a group of videos
Method and apparatus for providing an architecture for delivering mixed reality content
Method and apparatus for entitlement control via an endpoint device
Generation and caching of content in anticipation of presenting content in web conferences
Dynamic domain name server console for disaster recovery server management
Microelectronic circuit for activation or deactivation of at least one input/output, corresponding smart card reader and deactivation method
IC card
System and method for distributing and optimizing quality and quantity of social media posts
System and method of streaming 3-D wireframe animations
iKT universal electronic monitoring device and method of use for smart cooking
Advertising/promotional display system with integral sound generating means
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Bottle rack retainer leash
Setting device
Solid state storage media cartridge
Data alignment over multiple physical lanes
Method and apparatus for manufacturing motor coil
3D assembly for interposer bow
In-situ relaxation for improved CMOS product lifetime
Inhibiting propagation of imperfections in semiconductor devices
Selective gallium nitride regrowth on (100) silicon
Structure and method to obtain EOT scaled dielectric stacks
Method for manufacturing an interdigitated back contact solar cell
Stopping an etch in a planar layer after etching a 3D structure
Oxygen scavenging spacer for a gate electrode
Methodology and apparatus for tuning driving current of semiconductor transistors
Method for controlled removal of a semiconductor device layer from a base substrate
Reducing gate expansion after source and drain implant in gate last process
Formation of a high aspect ratio trench in a semiconductor substrate and a bipolar semiconductor device having a high aspect ratio trench isolation region
Lateral-dimension-reducing metallic hard mask etch
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Concurrently forming nFET and pFET gate dielectric layers
Method of implementing buried FET below and beside FinFET on bulk substrate
Method of forming an erbium silicide metal gate stack FinFET device via a physical vapor deposition nanolaminate approach
Back-end transistors with highly doped low-temperature contacts
Epitaxial grown extremely shallow extension region
Buried channel field-effect transistors
Replacement gate ETSOI with sharp junction
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Overlay-tolerant via mask and reactive ion etch (RIE) technique
Self-aligned vias formed using sacrificial metal caps
Self-aligned borderless contacts using a photo-patternable dielectric material as a replacement contact
Integrated semiconductor devices with single crystalline beam, methods of manufacture and design structure
High voltage laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor
Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) substrates with ultra-thin SOI layers and buried oxides
Bipolar junction transistors with self-aligned terminals
Facilitating chip dicing for metal-metal bonding and hybrid wafer bonding
Methods of forming non-continuous conductive layers for conductive structures on an integrated circuit product
Controlled metal extrusion opening in semiconductor structure and method of forming
Stringer-free gate electrode for a suspended semiconductor fin
CMOS transistors with identical active semiconductor region shapes
Transistor having replacement metal gate and process for fabricating the same
Embedded interlevel dielectric barrier layers for replacement metal gate field effect transistors
Method of manufacturing dummy gates of a different material as insulation between adjacent devices
High-K and metal filled trench-type EDRAM capacitor with electrode depth and dimension control
Method of forming fin-field effect transistor (finFET) structure
Chamfered corner crackstop for an integrated circuit chip
Graphene resistor based tamper resistant identifier with contactless reading
Compensating for warpage of a flip chip package by varying heights of a redistribution layer on an integrated circuit chip
Semiconductor device having improved thermal properties
Electronic device package and packaging substrate for the same
Interconnect structures containing a photo-patternable low-k dielectric with a curved sidewall surface
Packages for three-dimensional die stacks
Semiconductor package assembly
Semiconductor device
Structure for logic circuit and serializer-deserializer stack
Structure of very high insertion loss of the substrate noise decoupling
Measuring current and resistance using combined diodes/resistor structure to monitor integrated circuit manufacturing process variations
Method to form silicide contact in trenches
Semiconductor-on-insulator device including stand-alone well implant to provide junction butting
Embedded dynamic random access memory device and method
Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) deep trench capacitor
Structure and method of forming enhanced array device isolation for implanted plate EDRAM
Charge breakdown avoidance for MIM elements in SOI base technology and method
Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) structure with selectivity placed sub-insulator layer void(s) and method of forming the SOI structure
Electronic fuse line with modified cap
Source and drain doping profile control employing carbon-doped semiconductor material
Replacement gate integration scheme employing multiple types of disposable gate structures
High voltage lateral double-diffused metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (LDMOSFET) having a deep fully depleted drain drift region
T-shaped compound semiconductor lateral bipolar transistor on semiconductor-on-insulator
Dual L-shaped drift regions in an LDMOS device and method of making the same
Strained channel for depleted channel semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device including finfet and diode having reduced defects in depletion region
Semiconductor device
Self-aligned contacts for replacement metal gate transistors
Tunable hot-electron transfer within a nanostructure
Structure and method for increasing strain in a device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Pre-gate, source/drain strain layer formation
Replacement gate MOSFET with raised source and drain
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Free layers with iron interfacial layer and oxide cap for high perpendicular anisotropy energy density
Magnetic materials with enhanced perpendicular anisotropy energy density for STT-RAM
Photoconductor-on-active pixel device
Methods of fabricating trench generated device structures
Planar qubits having increased coherence times
Enhancing critical current density of cuprate superconductors
Methods for etching materials used in MRAM applications
Self-aligned lower bottom electrode
Dendron-tethered and templated quantum dots on carbon nanotubes
Organic EL element with light extraction and light emission efficiency
Multilayer electronic device having one or more barrier stacks
Lithium secondary battery
Butane free rechargeable charger lighter with solar power
Open-ended battery holder
Lead tab assembly and battery module with the same
Thin battery
Positive electrode collector for lead acid storage battery and method for producing the same
Fuel cell, fuel cell system and electronic device
Fuel cell system
Variable filter and communication apparatus
Marchand balun structure and design method
Single port dual antenna
Junction box for a photovoltaic solar panel
Land grid array (LGA) socket cartridge and method of forming
Power outlet with a support platform with inclined surfaces with through holes and a shutter with an incline with a hole
Method of manufacturing a lead frame
Wire processing method of cross-linking coated wire
Method of producing rotating machine provided with sleeve molded of porous material
Insulation system for a stator bar with low partial discharge
Linear vibration device having spring
Control circuit for power converter and method thereof
Switching control apparatus for two phase switched reluctance motor and method thereof
Increasing tape velocity by dynamic switching
Motor driving device, and motor control method
Variable frequency oscillator with specialized inverter stages
Method and apparatus for demodulating a wireless signal
Filter for attenuating undesired frequencies in a signal
Sound control for network-connected devices
Switched continuous time linear equalizer with integrated sampler
Surface acoustic wave device and electronic component
Switch circuit
Flip-flop having shared feedback and method of operation
Phase difference detection method, phase difference detection circuit, and wireless power transmission device
Random extraction from compressed data
Boosting decompression in the presence of reoccurring Huffman trees
Method and device for determining paths in multipath search
Wideband receiver robust to radio frequency harmonics
Passive optical loopback
Optical communication apparatus, optical communication method, and optical communication system
Reduction method and apparatus
Equalization circuit and equalization system
Method for transmitting channel quality information, user equipment, method for transmitting multi-user data, and base station
Dynamic gain for DAC illumination control
Apparatus and method for transmitting data using multiple antennas
Wireless communication network between participants of an assimilation step
Radio communication device, transmission circuit and buffer circuit
Receiver control circuit and portable electronic device employing same
Adaptive modulation for cooperative coded systems
Method of controlling relay communication
Method of transmitting data
Themed ornament with streaming video display
Method for transmitting uplink control information and user equipment, and method for receiving uplink control information and base station
Interface selection in a hybrid communication device
Ethernet apparatus and method for selectively operating multiple lanes
Wireless sensor network and central node device thereof
Frame concatenation apparatus
Method and apparatus for switching between low-power, single-chain listen and multiple-chain demodulation
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and a computer-readable recording medium recording information processing program
Network traffic distribution
Continuity check management in a link state controlled ethernet network
Devices and methods for beacon communication in ad-hoc networks
Method and apparatus for selecting between available neighbors in a RAPID alternate path calculation
Polar multi-symbol delay detector for carrier phase and frequency recovery for coherent transmission
Receiving device and receiving method for determining doppler frequency from pilot signals using OFDM
Network system, network relay method, and network relay device
Out-of band IP traceback using IP packets
Automatically recommending firewall rules during enterprise information technology transformation
Printing device capable of authorizing printing limitedly according to user level, printing system using the same and printing method thereof
System selection and determination through a smart storage device
Method and apparatus for reducing the contribution of noise to digitally sampled signals
Validating a user's identity utilizing information embedded in a image file
Information protection apparatus, information protection method, and storage medium
Communication device
Universal bluetooth/wireless glove
Notification and troubleshooting of interruptions, failures, and updates
Wireless communications method and apparatus
Monitoring and overriding features for telephone service system
Method and apparatus for creating and connecting to an ad hoc wireless cell
Image forming apparatus, electronic mail delivery server, and information processing apparatus
Image sensor module
Image forming apparatus
System and method to process motion vectors of video data
Signal adaptive filtering method, signal adaptive filter and computer readable medium for storing program therefor
Drift-free, backwards compatible, layered VDR coding
Personalized categorization of television programming
Image capturing system and method of generating image data
Portable hand-held device for manipulating images
System and method for using Wi-Fi inside a moving vehicle
Non-handheld high-definition digital video camera
Image systems and sensors having focus detection pixels therein
Audience selection type augmented broadcasting service providing apparatus and method
Signal adaptive filtering method, signal adaptive filter and computer readable medium for storing program therefor
Video game system having an infinite playing field
Mechanism for facilitating enhanced viewing perspective of video images at computing devices
Full-reference computation of mobile content quality of experience in real-time
Integrated system for underwater viewing and communications in turbid water
Methods for making thick film elements
Secure communication method and system in network environment which includes transmitter, receiver, and wiretapper
Method and device for transmitting/receiving channel state information in wireless communication system supporting multicarriers
Methods and apparatus for demodulation reference signals and synchronization signals in extension carrier of LTE advanced
Communication network component, communication devices, method for transmitting data and methods for data communication
Device and method for online computation of the feasible rates region of a random access network
System and method for mapping network congestion in real-time
Method and apparatus for efficiently receiving broadcast control message using MAC PDU header in wireless access system
Acknowledgement signaling in a wireless communications network
Radio resource division for compensating ratio changes of other clusters
Multi-tier wireless home mesh network with a secure network discovery protocol
Method and apparatus for small cell discovery in heterogeneous networks
System and method for multi-radio cloud computing for location sensing
Device, system and method of location estimation of a mobile device
System and method for providing a push to talk over cellular service
ABS-based method for inter cell interference coordination in LTE-advanced networks
Method and a device for deciding if the operating mode of a telecommunication device has to be switched in a different operating mode
Electronic cigarette circuit
Electric heating catalyst
State cycling apparatus and method, and control circuit for a lamp
Cutting device
Composite wiring board with electrical through connections
Wiring substrate and manufacturing method of the same
Method of manufacturing bandpass filters for GHz bands
Method for manufacturing multi-layer printed circuit board
Protecting a thermal sensitive component in a thermal process
Sidewalls of electroplated copper interconnects
Projection device
Systems and methods for improved window mounting on an electronic device
System for controlling electrical equipment units
Vertical airflow segregation panel and baffle
Expired Patents Due To Time
Belt clip
Holder and storage console
Towel ring
Hook rack
Transparent plastic pitcher
Beverage dispenser
Pitcher with undulating base and cap
Lid for a bowl
Serving plate with undulating base
Beverage container top
Can holder and support for cooking fowl
Fluted muffin pan
Handle for kitchen utensils
Portion of a cutting instrument
Apple corer
Macadamia nutcracker
Circular saw guard
Clamp handle
Awning accessory hook
Keyless drill chuck
Ivy spindle
Bench support bracket
Strap wrench
Fastener tool
Paint scraper
Reel and hose assembly
Keyless drill chuck
Strike box
Electronic authentication key
Sheet metal cable hook
Interlocking fastener strip
Glass bottle
Container with closure
Horizontal collapsible container
Molded plastic liquid container
Beverage and food carrier
Cushioning material for packaging
Cushioning material for packaging
Waste receptacle
Trash can receptacle
Wrist watch movement holder
Watch case bezel
Watch case
Trapeze watch and band
Watch with mesh bracelet
Parking meter housing
Spikeless water collector for irrigation system
Electrical testing device
Palm based photosensor instrumentation
Portable performance test stand for scaled radio-controlled nitro cars
Fluid pressure cylinder
Hollow rectangular traffic barricade 4 foot with positive lock connection
Hollow rectangular traffic barricade 8 foot with positive lock connection
Bracelet for watch
Jewelry setting
Oval planter
Award ornamentation
Professional emblem
Flag of Christ
Serving cart with sink and foldable faucet
Set of forks with markings for a high-lift pallet truck
Light watercraft trailer
Pair of saddlebag covers
Automobile tire
Automobile tire
Wide tire tread
Automobile grille
Truck tent
Vehicle overhead tool storage rack
Corvette rear air scoop
Motorcycle audio apparatus housing
Automobile body molding kit
Motorcycle saddlebag
Wheel for motor vehicle
Automotive wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Wheel for an automobile
Vehicle wheel
Electric coupler for batteries
Electric coupler for batteries
Electric coupler for batteries
Connector for printed circuit boards
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Co-axial cable connector
Electrical connector
Tap housing
Electrical connector
Cable storage box
Electrical connector
Electrical outlet extension
Buttons for a lighting control
Switch adapter
Surface mount package
Electrical connector
Surface mount package
Hands-free telephone communications cover
Cordless base for headset
Portable MP3 music player
Speaker stand
Combined video printer and player/recorder
Clock radio
Card type speaker
Communication device headset
Computer mouse
Monitor display
Computer mouse
Monitor display
Hand-held electronic device
Data input device
Compact or mini disc
Chassis for a personal internet web server
Optical scanner
Portion of a display panel having an icon for a computer display or similar automated device
Arithmetic operation control machine for electronic computer
Concave pushbutton
User interface for computer display
Portion of arithmetic operation control machine for electronic computer
Docking station
Icon for a computer screen
Single connector attachment drive tray
Face for a carrier for a portable computer drive
Illuminated keyboard
Server appliance bezel
Keys for a handset
Display screen
Liquid crystal television
Telephone antenna for vehicles
Housing for telecommunications module
Telephone switching apparatus
Telephone switching apparatus
Telephone switching apparatus
Trolling motor mount
Outboard cowling
Cover for preventing unauthorized access to a governor on an internal combustion engine
Trolling motor foot pad base
One-piece plastic protector and seal for a fluid cylinder shaft
Cover for pump station
Pump station cover
Lawn mower
Tooth cap for construction machinery
Eyeglass bridge structure
Eyeglasses frame with front-folding parallel temples
Eyeglass and eyeglass components
Voice synthesizer
Guitar pick
Electronic calculator
Coin sorter door
Combined tape printing machine and detachable picture frame
Screen printing rack
Educational illustration machine
Neon sign
Toilet paper tree
Oval lighted address plaque
Paint color display cards
Video game accessory light
Zodiac domino tile
Toy bar for bouncer seat
Battle robot
Video game accessory
Amusement device
Video game cover
Amusement device
Ball return assembly
Golf club putter head
Putter head
Golf club head
Golf club hand grip
Golf club head connection element
Sole for a golf club wood
Wagering device display
Ground stake
Inflatable swimming vest
Knife handle
Lever handle
Tub/shower control knob
Shark fin chlorinator
Deck-mount water outlet spout
Water world indoor/outdoor fountain
Shower apparatus
Sink faucet
Sink faucet
Tub/shower control knob
Wall-mounted sink with foldable faucet
Height adjustable shower caddy
Stand and lavatory
Floor stand for toilet paper and a toilet bowl brush
Shower plate
Toothbrush holder/sterilizer
Personal bath/shower body support
Viscous liquid dispenser
Electric air freshener
Ventilating system for toilet bowl
Coupling ring for ventilation ducts
Ceiling fan blades system
Fan blade
Filter element having sealing system
Handheld medical diagnostic ultrasound instrument
Top for a medical examination table
Medical examination table
Four spouted round bottomed tube
Diagnostic test card
Dental pick
Pneumatically operated chiropractic adjusting instrument
Infusion pump for delivery of fluid
Pipette tip
Ophthalmic medicant dispenser
Surface pattern for a disposable absorbent article
Tracheostoma filter
Wrist support
Human body respiratory vest
Baby teether and rattle
Nasal passage dust and pollen filter
Therapeutic band
Block for a flower bed
Top fence rail
Window component extrusion
Block for a flower bed
Keeper rail
Interactive kiosk
Foldable stepladder for use on a motor vehicle
Cast masonry candle holder
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Wooden lamp stand
Wooden lamp stand
Wooden lamp stand
Clear pillar candle with icons
Ornamental light
Tail lens assembly for pick ups
License plate light for two-wheeled motor vehicles
Solar powered outdoor light
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture backplate
Lighting fixture backplate
Rear portion of removable tweezers for a multipurpose tool
Face powder container
Motorcycle helmet
Athletic leg guard
Medallion for lighting fixture
Multi-level cat play structure
Human Necessities
Self-leveling hitch and clevis assembly
Method and system for high pressure liquid injection of turf seed
Mower cutting unit having an internal motor
Platform auger torque sensing brake activation
Intake and plucking arrangement as well as a harvesting machine
Mower deck attached trimmer
Fruit harvesting machine
Hydraulic drive for a feeder mechanism in a material pick-up device
Nonmetallic debris detector for harvester equipment
Baling press
Method and apparatus for braking an agricultural feed bagger
Grinding arrangement
Tool for installing emitters for drip irrigation
Plant carrier with pull-out remover
Chrysanthemum named `Currant Elgon`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Wish`
Curcuma plant named `Thai Supreme`
Hydrangea plant named `Limelight`
Aglaonema plant named `Emerald Bay`
Bracteantha plant named `Florabella Lemon`
Dahlia plant named `Limousin`
Geranium plant named `Amri Pink II`
Pineapple plant named `RL 41`
Hibiscus plant named `Largo Breeze`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Meibosnio`
Miniature rose plant named `Ruikenre`
Viburnum plant named `Henneke`
MacIntosh apple variety named `Miriela`
Azalea plant named `Timeless`
Bouvardia plant named `Green Spring`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Make-Up`
Apparatus for performing animal related operations
Multi-purpose cat structure
Protective coverings for animals
Bark control apparatus and method for use with multiple dogs
Cats tower assembly
Wireless confinement and training system for an animal
Animal feeder
Apparatus and method for providing humidified air to a terrarium
Fishing hook fitted with an artificial bait
Directionally controllable fishing lure
Oval fishing line guide
Automatic hook set fishing rod holder
Insect trap for capturing numerous species of the colepteran order and method of operation thereof
Flying duck decoy system
Spherical, food product baking device
Container for cooling perishable goods
Cold drink system
Peeling apparatus having feeder control based upon load and associated methods
Cigarette lighter clip
Reinforced undergarment
Auxiliary shirt cuff
Close fitting woman's undergarment
Restraint device cover jacket
Compression short
Firefighting garment
Forearm chaps
Slippery insert for a mechanical counter pressure glove
Dorsal metacarpal bladder and restraint for a mechanical counter pressure glove
Shoe with slip-resistant, shape-retaining fabric outsole
Dynamically-controlled cushioning system for an article of footwear
Scrubbing mopping device for use on foot
Asymmetric shoes
Method and apparatus for measuring foot geometry
Shoe with detachable vamp
Synthetic resin opening and closing press fastener
Complementary fastener product
Zipper pull of slider for slide fastener
Method for manufacturing a zipper
Diamond cut
System table with coordinate-input device incorporated
Card assembly with pocket for use with a computer display device
Collapsible table
Door handle installation structure of refrigerator
Side bolster system for a mattress
Modular mattress apparatus
Method for making a shape-adjusting mechanism
Baby playpen-bassinet combination
Wall system
Wall art picture decorated with electric lamps
Table covers
Hot/cold indicating coffee pot device
Floral sleeve having a shrinkable element
Floral sleeve having an arcuate upper end
Herbal-scented pillow
Electric kettle with metal healing plate
Device for infusing drinks
Automatic unit for preparing espresso coffee
Embossing press for producing embossed seams
Instant portable hot water making bottle
System for fastening bathroom accessories
Apparatus and method for dispensing towels
Portable training toilet
Disposable bodily waste collector
Duct cleaning apparatus
Vacuum cleaner nozzle
Ratchet mechanism for a surgical retractor assembly
Hand-held, heat sink cryoprobe, system for heat extraction thereof, and method therefore
Optical fiber-based fluid flow anemometer
Dental measuring device
Compressive orthosis such as retention stocking or tights
Wheelchair ramp with keyway joint
Compact portable patient lift
Apparatus and method for sensing and controlling a fluidization level
Hyperpolarized gas containers,solenoids, transport and storage devices and associated transport and storage methods
Method and apparatus for forming cuts in catheters, guide wires, and the like
Personal cooling air filtering device
Loft and lie gauge for golf clubs
Portable golf club head cleaning device
System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space
Lining element for baseball glove and baseball glove in which this lining element is used
Athletic glove pocket forming device
Sport measuring apparatus
Balloon locking cup and securing system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Suction accumulator for air conditioning systems
Delivery apparatus with interchangeable pipette tip
Method for monitoring closed containers
Method and device for coating and shaping strand-shaped metallic material by drawing
Machine for opening dies for extruding aluminum and alloys thereof
Method and device for producing leadthroughs on hollow profiles
Method for manufacturing corrugated fin
Method for constructing a one-piece bulbshield
Female crimping die and system for crimping metal sheets
Stop member having panel thickness measuring device for use with positioning conveyor which horizontally aligns panels
Composite urethane stripper for metal joining apparatus
Buttons and a universal assembly machine for manufacturing same
Coil spring forming and conveying assembly
Superplastic forming of tubing pull-outs
Closed cavity hydraulic piston and method of making the same
Planographic printing plate machining device planographic printing plate machining method planographic printing plate
Boiler tube flared-end segment peeler tool
Pipe cutting device
Turntable mechanism for a cutting tool
Mobile machine tool, especially table saw
Dust collection system for compound miter saw
Device for manufacturing parts with an outer profile
Workpiece handling device
Apparatus for performing automated manufacturing operations on panel-shaped workpieces
Method for maintaining concentricity of a combination of a top and bottom substrate during the assembly of a bonded storage disk
Table saw
Apparatus for the in-process dimensional checking of cylindrical parts
Quick adjusting device for a cutting or wrenching tool
Adjusting structure for a ratchet wrench
Reversible ratcheting tool with a smaller head
Tool handle having a completely openable configuration
Alex wrench
Screw assembly for a strip-shaped screw magazine
Wire wheel spoke tightening clamp apparatus and method
Device for placing a mechanical retaining means
Hydraulic tool
Aid for threading a seat belt through a child safety restraint
Tool and part holder
Folding multi-tool with adjustable pliers
Spirit level
Guide device for wiring member and/or piping member and robot with guide device
Low cost, high-strength robotic arm
Blade locking mechanism
Electric shaver
Flexy razor using finger-assisted bending
Shaving cartridge
Drywall cutting tool
Method for engagement cutting an imaging element
Device for slicing loaves and other bakery products
Vacuum assisted method of cutting a web material
Automatic pallet fabrication apparatus and methods
Method of packaging a thermoplastic composition with a film having a low complex viscosity and corresponding packaged article
Process for manufacturing shaped packaging
Top sealing and creasing apparatus and method for a gable top carton
Device for remoistening a dried paper web
Plate exchanging apparatus in rotary printing press
Device for separating a new printing plate from a plate cylinder
Doctor blade
Screen-printing device with printing-station shield
Sheet-feed perfecting press
Marking machine
Guide wheel assembly
Method of estimating tire performance
Crimped bushing
Automotive airconditioner having condenser and evaporator provided within air duct
Expansion element and a valve unit usable therefor
Mobile air conditioning system and control mechanism therefor
Process and condenser for the condensation of the interior coolant for automotive air-conditioning
Device for guiding and sealing a moveable window
Glass guide
Electronic control and method for power sliding van door with rear-center-mounted drive
Position and speed determination for moving glass panel
Steering wheel Y-lock
Mechanism housing
Brake master cylinder
Master cylinder
Brake servo unit
Accelerator and decelerator sliding block, in particular for transport system vehicles, and conveyor associable to said sliding block
Autonomous transport system
Method and apparatus for ventilating electrical equipment on board a rail vehicle
Rail vehicle with a fiber composite material head module
Railroad hopper car gate assembly and method of operating same
Center beam car with depressed cargo-carrying area
Setting fixture for door measurement
Steel cable lock structure
Method of supporting gear indicators for a bicycle
Boat mooring device
Vessel comprising a chain hawse having a chain support element
Apparatus for guiding and stopping an anchor chain on a floating structure
Tendon-based floating structure
Method for bringing people in life boats aboard a support vessel and a support vessel
Big game fishing chair
Sectioned ship
System for keeping afloat any type of boat in case of a leak
Floating drive-on dry dock assembly
Stowable semi-rigid wing sail system
Load drop platform for damping loads during a load drop
Probe and integrated ice detection and air data system
Packing system article distributive directing mechanism
Method and device for opening and filling pre-manufactured bag packages
Capping machine
Method for the manufacturing of a sealed container
Merchandise pairing tie
Food carrier
Heavy-duty transporting system, as well as drive module and hydraulic unit for it
Mechanism for moving two alignment devices simultaneously in opposite directions
Sensor alignment for a document processing apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Controlled production of ammonia
Method for identifying a heat soak tested glazing
Pressure monitoring system using disposable seals
Process for producing glass substrate for information recording medium and process for producing recording medium using said glass substrate
Glass-ceramic material and method of making
Propellant grain configuration
Method and apparatus for thermal transportation using polyvinyl alcohol
Method and apparatus for plasma processing
Plasma treatment method and apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for assessing yarn quality
Method of directly determining setting values for the application point of regulation in a regulating draw frame for fiber material
Yarn texturing machine
Yarn false twist texturing apparatus
Method of and apparatus for making twisted cable and the cable produced thereby
Application of antimicrobial to warp yarn
Device for securing a two-layered knitted fabric to a support
Knitting machine needle
Hydroentangled, low basis weight nonwoven fabric and process for making same
Fabric presser foot device of sewing machine
Loop module for tufting machine
Apparatus and method for carving and separating carpet
Spherical surface drive block for washing machine basket
Fixed Constructions
Soil testing assemblies
Combination bucket/breaker apparatus for excavator boom stick
Underwater excavation apparatus
Compact hydraulic excavator
Seat switch activated pump
Manifold for maintaining a latch actuator under pressure and accommodating leaks
Construction machine
Apparatus for multiplexing a plurality of hydraulic cylinders
Hammerless attachment assembly for a two-part digging tooth system
Self-contained toilet basin
Closet bolt
Collapsible housing
Hinge assembly for a truss
Apparatus and method for building a domed structure
Construction element and coupling device thereof
Seismic wall and ceiling expansion joint covers
Building stone and masonry formed therefrom
Display panel with deployable vertical stabilization
Sealed double glazing unit
Top plate
Web stiffener
Aluminum framing components and component systems for pool, patio and glass enclosures and the like
Glazing panel
Fastened structure of siding boards
Screed system for walls
Brick placement guiding apparatus and method of the same
Blasting apparatus, blasting method and retainer member used for the blasting method
Integrated keyslot
Anti-theft container
Tie lock assemblage with replaceable lock mechanism
Strap and lock assembly for luggage
Pod door alignment device
Pivot device for a notebook computer
Mounting apparatus for concealed hinge of operable wall
Hinge mechanism
Apparatus for hingedly connecting a cabinet door to a cabinet wall of a frameless cabinet
Door hardware interconnected with overlying reinforcement plate
Dual drum and rail window regulator drive system
Controlled door operator
Installation template for a door closer
Door stop
Framing structure for openings, particularly doorway side lights
Maneuverable wellbore tubular makeup and breakout apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power generating apparatus using compressed air
Solid fuel turbine drive system
Single rotor turbine engine
Flow balanced gas turbine power plant
Combined cycle power generation plant and method of operating such a plant
Combined cycle power plant
Pneumatic motor
System moisture absorber
Catalyst container
Turbocharger with integrated exhaust gas recirculation valve
Backpack-type working machine
Engine generator
Gas turbine in-line intercooler
Method and device for operating a heating and cooling machine functioning on the basis of a regenerative gas cyclic process
Shaped charged engine
Nozzleless rocket motor
Piston for a swashplate reciprocating compressor
Economizer injection ports extending through scroll wrap
Combination actuator with speed variable mechanism
Assembly for supporting a rotating structure
Dual action damper for hydraulic clutch actuator
Loop flushing circuit
Torque sensor for a motor vehicle power train
Surface traversing vehicle
Plastic base
Cryogenic vessel system with pulse tube refrigeration
Special effects cloud generation system
Super cooler for a heat producing device
Method of improving combustion in a system having a circulating fluidized bed, and a corresponding system
Arrangement for reduction of acoustic vibrations in a combustion chamber
Device, system and method for on-line explosive deslagging
Device for regulating and cleaning an air intake
Oscillation attenuation in combustors
Low NOx combustion liner with cooling air plenum recesses
Adjustable protective cover for an air conditioner
Condensate removal system
Fluid heating apparatus and methods for using same
Heat-pump water heater
Air conditioner for multiple room
Inhibitor replenishment system
Photonic microheatpipes
Remote maintenance system and method for chiller units
Vortex generator to recover performance loss of a refrigeration system
Automatic vending machine capable of carrying out a defrosting operation adapted to a frosting condition
Structure for mounting monitor on refrigerator
Process and device for the low-temperature fractionation of air
Production method for oxygen
Dehumidifier drying apparatus
Firing mechanism for a pyrotechnic flare signalling device
Trigger system for recoil driven weapons
Electronically controlled firearm
Electrical connector for use with pyrotechnic ignition apparatus
Method of assembling a firearm having a security apparatus
Plug insertion and removal tool for a handgun
Gravity bow sight
Archery bow sight mount with horizontal adjustment of the sight
Non-lethal personal defense device
Mems arm fire and safe and arm devices
Center-cut method for tunnel excavation utilizing large unloaded blast holes and a circular pre-split
Measuring probe with diaphragms and modules
Coordinate positioning apparatus with indexable stylus, components thereof, and method of using it
Pull element travel sensor
Datum plane setting device
Magnetic compass pointer with bearing support
Multiple point calibrated HVAC flow rate controller
Magnetic flow sensor and method
Strain gage having an attached unstrained area for the mounting of signal conditioning components
Method and apparatus for high cycle fatigue life test
Infrared detector
Food temperature measuring device with audible signal
Optical method for measuring poisson's ratio
Method and apparatus for determining a slack-side tension of a track on an earthworking machine
Capacitive differential pressure sensor with coupled diaphragms
Microsystem with a flexible membrane pressure sensor
Device for measuring the forces generated by a rotor Imbalance
Method and apparatus for evaluating swimwear for underwater leakage
Pipe testing apparatus
High accuracy aerosol impactor and monitor
Apparatus and method for measuring the concentration of a paramagnetic gas
Ultrasonic leakage inspection device of non-pressure type
Process for the continuous determination of the interaction between drilling fluids and shale formations
Obstacle detecting system having snow detecting function
Automatic ultrasonic flaw detector
Dynamic shear test sample and method
Apparatus and methods for gas sampling
Resonant element
Semiconductor physical quantity sensor including frame-shaped beam surrounded by groove
NMR polarization monitoring coils, hyperpolarizers with same, and methods for determining the polarization level of accumulated hyperpolarized noble gases during production
Apparatus for manufacturing photographic film and photographic film cassette
Lever pivoting structure
Adjustable pedal
Compact adjustable pedal system
Linking apparatus of emergency exit signal casing
Inspection and registration holder
Extruded label holder
Sign stand with flexible upper mast portion
Method for manufacturing an inductive write element employing bi-layer photoresist to define a thin high moment pole pedestal
Pressure sensitive sensor terminal processing method
Fuse holder
Apparatus and method for plasma processing of a substrate utilizing an electrostatic chuck
Apparatus for drying batches of wafers
Plasma vacuum substrate treatment process and system
Method of and apparatus for drying a wafer using isopropyl alcohol
Method for bonding conductors, in particular beam leads
Clean box, clean transfer method and apparatus therefor
Method of transferring a material from first apparatus to second apparatus in the clean room and an assembly line
Method of fabricating a true-time-delay continuous transverse stub array antenna
Floor mounted utility post
Mechanical scribing methods of forming a patterned metal layer in an electronic device
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