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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Variable length header truss for harvesting header
Air rooting shell
Multi-part, molded athletic cup
Apparatus for identifying strollers
Support apparatus
Cleaning sheet
Vacuum cleaner nozzle with magnetic lock
Tuned RF energy for selective treatment of atheroma and other target tissues and/or structures
Device and method for intraluminal imaging for the reconstruction of 3D image data sets
Catheter tip tracking for interventional procedures monitored by magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device
Implantable device and method for the electrical treatment of cancer
Intravenous pacemaker electrode
Gastro-electric stimulation for increasing the acidity of gastric secretions or increasing the amounts thereof
Remote control for implantable medical device
Neural stimulation system providing auto adjustment of stimulus output as a function of sensed impedance
Using implanted sensors for feedback control of implanted medical devices
Cardiac pacing system for prevention of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia episode
Minimizing hemodynamic compromise during post-mi remodeling control pacing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for preparing a surface for applying a thermally sprayed layer
Mounting stents on stent delivery systems
Unitary safety scaffolding and method for one individual to install the same
Method of installing a longitudinally offset multi-layer mat in an exhaust gas aftertreatment or acoustic device
Processing apparatus
Method of making stents with radiopaque markers
Method of making stents with radiopaque markers
Methods for crimping a polymeric scaffold to a delivery balloon and achieving stable mechanical properties in the scaffold after crimping
Methods for crimping a polymeric stent onto a delivery balloon
Structured material web having a multi-dimensional structure, and method for the production thereof
Stylus flashlight housing and method for making same
Method of chucking a tool or a workpiece and apparatus for carrying out the method
Socket insert adapter and method of use
Spring-assisted folding knife
Wiper connector
Electric power steering apparatus
Electronic apparatus with detachable and openable lid
Textiles; Paper
Cottonseed delinters and methods
Hybrid rope
Fixed Constructions
Tunable load sharing arch bridge
Convertible door system and method of operation
Composite pre-formed construction articles
Frame assembly for sheet material
Adjustable roof mounting system
Finger-safe door
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hybrid solar/non-solar energy generation system and method
Module-based oxy-fuel boiler
Diagnostic method and diagnostic system for a particle filter of an internal combustion engine, in particular for a soot filter in a diesel motor vehicle
Exhaust system for lean burn IC engine including particulate filter and NO.sub.x absorbent
Fuel volatility compensation for engine cold start speed control
Slewing type working machine
Cord release of window covering
Cam mechanism for converting constant velocity rotary motion into a constant velocity reciprocating motion
Gear pair with intersecting axes
Gear selector apparatus and control for a vehicle transmission
Adjustable pistol grip for firearms
Sighting system
Multi-person pose recognition system using a zigbee wireless sensor network
Position measurement system, position measurement method and computer readable medium
Flow measuring device
Vehicle communication method and system, function identifying system, and electronic control unit
Method for inspecting tires, enabling the on-site detector of defects, the state of wear of the rubber, or the internal condition of the tire
Compression measurement device
Method for assessing the damage of keratin fibers
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for formulating culture media
Sampling frequency control method and protective relay
Electronic circuit and integrated circuit including scan testing circuit, and power consumption reducing method used for integrated circuit
Manufacturing method of foreign object detection apparatus
Calibration circuit for calibrating an adjustable capacitance of an integrated circuit having a time constant depending on said capacitance
High sensitivity global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver platform having DMA controller for transferring between internal and external memory
Index-matching gel for nanostructure optical fibers and mechanical splice assembly and connector using same
Composition, optical device article, and associated method
Semi-tight optical fiber unit
Interchangeable lens type digital camera
Vibration reduction mechanism and optical device
Optical apparatus with aperture controller
Image forming device and cartridge in which an amount of developer is detectable
Measurement of engine response curve in the presence of process direction noise
Developing device preventing damage by toner and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus with compactly arranged image forming devices
Image forming apparatus
Charging system, image forming apparatus, information processing device, charging method, and program for managing charge adjustment according to contents of a trouble
Photosensitive member cartridge
System and method of controlling data center resources for management of greenhouse gas emission
Process and device for controlling the robotal device
Base display for an item of value and methods of making same
Autonomous vehicle and planar obstacle recognition method
System for graphical illustration of a first possible outcome of a use of a treatment parameter with respect to body portions based on a first dataset associated with a first predictive basis and for modifying a graphical illustration to illustrate a second possible outcome of a use of a treatment parameter based on a second dataset associated with a second predictive basis
System restart circuit and system restart method thereof
System and method for reducing power consumption in a device
Methods and apparatus for generating precise timing information using progressive block averaging
Serial communication system and method for transmitting and receiving data in synchronization with a clock signal
Use of a UUID as a time epoch to determine if the system clock has been reset backwards in time
Fault tolerant distributed storage method and controller using (N,K) algorithms
Capturing computer application diagnostics
Method and system for detection and prediction of computer virus-related epidemics
Built-in at-speed bit error ratio tester
Cluster-type storage system and managing method of the cluster-type storage system
Information processing unit, computer control method, and information storage medium
Instruction cache using perfect hash function
Integrated circuit device, information processing apparatus, memory management method for information storage device, mobile terminal apparatus, semiconductor integrated circuit device, and communication method using mobile terminal apparatus
Reducing round trips across a wide area network for resource locking by extended locking and delayed unlocking
Decoupling of write address from its associated write data in a store to a shared memory in a multiprocessor system
Methods and systems for managing status audit messages in a gateway routing node
Hard disk drive data object
Coherent access register data transfer device and methods thereof
Incremental method for backup of email messages
Method and apparatus for accessing a contacts database and telephone services
Portable storage device with network function
Interrupt mailbox in host memory
System and method for the operator control and for the monitoring of an automation system over the internet using an asymmetric internet connection
Automated data delivery systems
System and method of delaying connection acceptance to support connection request processing at layer-7
Distributed kernel density estimation
Software content downloading methods in radio communication networks
Method and system for dynamic application layer gateways
Service provisioning method, system and computer program product
Method and apparatus for transmitting frequency shift key data in a packetized format
System for selectively and automatically compressing and decompressing data and enabling compressed data to be rendered in a pseudo-native form
Download and data transfer gaming system
Controlling access of concurrent users of computer resources in a distributed system using an improved semaphore counting approach
Creation of a chat room for television network
Method and apparatus for reducing pool starvation in a shared memory switch
System and method for using remote module on VIOS to manage backups to remote backup servers
Resource allocation in data centers using models
Display-screen-sharing system, display-screen-sharing method, transmission-side terminal, reception-side terminal, and recording medium
Migrating recovery modules in a distributed computing environment
Method of provisioning a packet network for handling incoming traffic demands
Method and system for visualizing network performance characteristics
Method and apparatus for external event notification management over in-band and out-of-band networks in storage system controllers
Secure content delivery system
Securing an access provider
Programmable communication interface
Method and apparatus for setting up and managing operational environment in P2P wireless networks
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, and program
Measured value transformation method and measured value transformation system
Automatic photo album page layout
Method and system for dynamic pricing of web services utilization
Compression and compressed inversion of interaction data
Method and computer-readable medium for fitting text to shapes within a graphic
Method and system for determining page numbers of page images
System and method for updating information for various dialog modalities in a dialog scenario according to a semantic context
Database for storing device handle data in an extensible firmware interface environment
Systems and methods for push-to-talk wireless applications
Model generation for ranking documents based on large data sets
Fast local recommender queries via modified spatial data structure querying
Method and system for synchronizing data shared among peer computing devices
Entertainment management interactive system using a computer network
Scalable programmable video recorder
Efficient data handling representations
Methods, systems, and user interface for e-mail search and retrieval
Balancing collections of vertices in a network
Mechanism for estimating and controlling di/dt-induced power supply voltage variations
Profile control method and system therefor
Control unit
Method & system for managing and preparing documentation for real estate transactions
Dynamically configuring a web page
Method, system, and program for managing path groups to an input/output (I/O) device
Serialization of data for communication with different-protocol slave in multi-chip bus implementation
Computer directory system having an application integration driver infrastructure
Using physical objects to adjust attributes of an interactive display application
Combined representation of a hierarchical data item collection
Address matching system and method
System and method for responding to ground and flight system malfunctions
Incremental backup of partial volumes
Automotive information display system
Apparatus and method for providing remote user interface service
Methods and systems for delivering software via a network
Cluster-based management of collections of items
Security restrictions on binary behaviors
Method and system for virtual object generation
Sequencer address management
Reconfigurable processor
Securing the contents of data storage devices within a computer
System and method for compiling a computer program
Enhanced function point analysis
Extensible meta-data
Method and apparatus for virtual load regions in storage system controllers
Information handling system including dynamically merged physical partitions
Checkpoint service
Two dimension autonomous isotropic detection technique
Biometrics system and biometrics method
Perspective improvement for image and video applications
Apparatus, method, and program for taking an image, and apparatus, method, and program for processing an image
Scale-space self-similarity image processing
Data set visualization
Image information encoding apparatus and image information encoding method for motion prediction and/or compensation of images
System and method for boundary artifact elimination in parallel processing of large format images
System and method for automated reading of handwriting
Bayesian network triads for geologic and geophysical applications
Web-based managed care system having a common administrative account
Method and system for issuing, aggregating and redeeming merchant loyalty points with an acquiring bank
Method and apparatus to facilitate generation of invoices combining multiple transactions established utilizing a multi-seller network-based marketplace
Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing services accounts through electronic budget adjustments based on defined rules
Secure and efficient payment processing system
System and method for dynamic quantity orders in an electronic trading environment
Methods and apparatus for determining non-obvious savings in the purchase of goods and services
System and method for automated commodities transactions including an automatic hedging function
Using currency to purchase from sellers that do not recognize the currency
Digital receipt generation from information electronically read from product
Efficient market for financial products
Preference elicitation in combinatorial auctions
Digital audio signal compression method and apparatus
Electronic map apparatus and electronic map display method
Method and apparatus for speech encoding by evaluating a noise level based on pitch information
System and method for repairing a TTS voice database
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in a mobile communication terminal
Speech controls for use with a speech system
System and method for correcting errors when generating a TTS voice
Apparatus and method for memory card testing
System-in-package and method of testing thereof
Cable preparation tool
Apparatus for cleaning of circuit substrates
Microstrip filter including resonators having ends at different coupling distances
Method of manufacturing wire harness
Method of forming stator coils of electric machinery
Method of manufacturing rotating electrical machine
Combined encoder/syndrome generator with reduced delay
Live performance audio mixing system with simplified user interface
Method and device for processing signals received by a receiver of radiophonic signals and car radio comprising such a device
Passive filter selectivity with precise resolution for integrated circuit radios
Wireless network system, wireless communication device and connection set-up method
Wireless data communication card with compact antenna
Efficient use of trusted third parties for additional content-sharing security
Characterization and control of optical dispersion compensating element
Dynamic upstream attenuation for ingress noise reduction
Method for designing a modal equalizer for a low frequency sound reproduction
Screening transmissions for power level and object identifier in asset monitoring and tracking systems
LPRF device wake up using wireless tag
Method for synchronizing a radio communication system that is divided up into radio cells
Air interface protocols for a radio access network with ad-hoc extensions
Audio player device for synchronous playback of audio signals with a compatible device
Topologically multiplexed optical data communication
Method and apparatus for securely exchanging cryptographic identities through a mutually trusted intermediary
Security protocols on incompatible transports
Method and apparatus for SATA tunneling over fibre channel
Radio communication using OFDMA and IFDMA
Traffic manager for distributed computing environments
Reliable elliptic curve cryptography computation
Shrinking key generator for parallel process
Method and system for authentification of a mobile user via a gateway
System and method for a remote access service enabling trust and interoperability when retrieving certificate status from multiple certification authority reporting components
Mobile telephone
Device and method for processing system-related events in a portable terminal
Mobile communication system and method for determining base station antenna proximity state
Digital television recorders and stream format conversion and methods thereof
Apparatus and method for processing signals
Media streaming enhancements
Systems and methods of decoding and processing transactions for an addressable cable television tap
Network-based service to provide on-demand video summaries of television programs
Video data transmission/reception system in which compressed image data is transmitted from a transmission-side apparatus to a reception-side apparatus
Randomly accessible visual information recording medium and recording method, and reproducing device and reproducing method
Encoded signal characteristic point processing apparatus
Connecting means for housings of hearing devices
Automobile audiovisual system
Method for locating mobile terminals, system and components therefor
Mobile node for discovering neighbor networks in heterogeneous network environment and network discovery method
Radio access node registration for multimedia broadcast multicast service
Methods and apparatus for extrapolating person and device counts
Automated load balancing of receivers in a network
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Nematicidal trifluorobutenyl imidazole thioether derivatives
Fatty acid-based herbicidal composition
Composition comprising an enzyme having galactose oxidase activity and use thereof
Liquid pharmaceutical composition
Methods and devices for providing prolonged drug therapy
Antitumor effect potentiators
Compounds and methods for use thereof in the treatment of viral infections
Anti-epileptogenic agents
Nitrosated and nitrosylated phosphodiesterase inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
Use of 2-alkoxyphenol-substituted imidazotriazinones
Use of vasopeptidase inhibitors in the treatment of metabolic diseases, nephropathy and advanced glycation end-product associated diseases
Heterocyclic derivatives
Alkylated iminodibenzyls as antioxidants
Estrogenic compounds as anti-mitotic agents
Composition for the treatment and prevention of endothelial dysfunction
Matrix metalloproteinase and tumor necrosis factor inhibitors
Use of ribofuranose derivatives against inflammatory bowel diseases
Use of CDP-choline for the prophylactic treatment of cerebral ischemia
Airway alkalinization as a therapy for airway diseases
Use of polysulphated cyclodextrins for treating osteoarthritis
Chimeric cell-targeting pathogenic organism and method of therapeutic use
Use of vascular endothelial growth factor, placenta growth factor or both for preventing or treating ischemic disease or stroke
Use of central cannabinoid receptor antagonist for preparing medicines designed to facilitate smoking cessation
Methods of activating a receptor using amphiphilic drug-oligomer conjugates
Diglycosylated erythropoietin
Tissue factor for influencing blood vessel formation
Shampoo containing a cationic guar derivative
Veterinary treatment of ophthalmic disease in animals using topical tacrolimus
Pharmaceutical composition comprising factor VIII and neutral liposomes
Proteins producing an altered immunogenic response and methods of making and using the same
Method for making polymer mixtures and compositions thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for treating a lipophilic fluid
Air filter, method of manufacturing air filter, local facility, clean room, treating agent, and method of manufacturing filter medium
Desulfurization and sorbent for the same
Methanol reforming catalyst
Process for the production of catalysts with improved accessibility
Substituted polycyclic cyclopentadienes and method for their preparation
Heterocyclic nitrogen-containing activators and catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
NiO catalyst configurations, methods for making NOx adsorbers, and methods for reducing emissions
Integrated chemical microreactor, thermally insulated from detection electrodes, and manufacturing and operating methods therefor
Seal ring
Fabric blank for multi-segment air bag tether construction
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the treatment of industrial effluents using marine algae to produce potable wafer
Method for producing a high-molecular weight flocculant
Non-pigmented ink jet inks
Cement system including a binder for use in freeform fabrication
Anti-explosive fertilizer coatings
High-purity lanthanum isoproxide and a process for producing the same
Inhibitors of HCV NS5B polymerase
Isomer composition excellent in chemical resistance containing optically active trans-1-(2,2,6-trimethylcyclohexyl)-2-buten-1-one and fragrance compositions containing the isomer composition
Vanadia-titania metal molybdate dual catalyst bed system and process using the same for methanol oxidation to formaldehyde
Process for the production of unsymmetric and/or symmetric dialkyl carbonates and diols
sPLA2 inhibitors
Antihistaminic piperidine derivatives and intermediates for the preparation thereof
Process for the preparation of paroxetine substantially free of alkoxy impurities
Aryl substituted 3-ethoxy phenyl trifluoromethane sulfonamides for the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM)
Chiral ligand
Melanin-concentrating hormone antagonist
Methods of preparing tocopherol compound salts in supercritical media
Process for the preparation of heterocyclic pentalene derivatives
Substituted alkylaminopyridazinone derivatives, process for the preparation thereof and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Compounds derived from oxindoles and their therapeutic application in cancer treatment
Adhesion promoters containing benzotriazoles
Stable hydrate of a muscarinic receptor antagonist
Oxazolyl-arylproplonic acid derivatives and their use as ppar agonists
3-Oxadiazol-5-yl-1-aminoalkyl-1h-indole derivatives
Substituted heterocyclic compounds
Gyrase inhibitors and uses thereof
6-azauracil derivatives as thyroid receptor ligands
Pyrrolo (2.1a)dihydroisoquinolines and their use as phosphodiesterase 10a inhibitors
Antidepressant azaheterocyclyl methyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-6H-5-oxa-1-aza-phenanthrene
Method of preparation of 21-amino epothilone derivatives
Tetracyclicazaindoles and indolines having 5-HT activity
Thiazolopyrimidines useful as TNF.alpha. inhibitors
Isoreticular metal-organic frameworks, process for forming the same, and systematic design of pore size and functionality therein, with application for gas storage
16-halogen-epothilone derivatives, process for their production, and their pharmaceutical use
Siloxane bischloroformates
Phosphate prodrugs of fluoroxindoles
Antibiotic agents
Genes encoding carotenoid compounds
Composition and methods of using the Mirabilis mosaic caulimovirus sub-genomic transcript (Sgt) promoter for plant genetic engineering
25501, a human transferase family member and uses therefor
Assays for sensory modulators using a sensory cell specific G-protein beta subunit
Methods for preparing 7alpha-hydroxy-dehydroepiandrosterone
Major neutralization site of hepatitis E virus and use of this neutralization site in methods of vaccination and in methods of screening for neutralizing antibodies to hepatitis E virus
Hepatitis C virus constructs characterized by high efficiency replication
Compositions and methods for regulating autolytic processes in bacteria
Expression contructs using Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis lac repressor protein and its lac repressor binding site, microorganisms and methods thereof
Streptococcus pneumoniae SP042 polynucleotides
IL-21 antagonists
Proteins related to schizophrenia and uses thereof
Antibody which binds human blue-light photoreceptor hCRY2
Modulators of leukocyte activation, BIC compositions and methods of use
G-type peptides to ameliorate atherosclerosis
Treating arthritis with TNF receptor releasing enzyme
Antigen associated with type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
C-peptide specific assay procedure
Conformationally constrained backbone cyclized somatostatin analogs
Peptides and remedy for bone diseases containing the same as active ingredient
Ziegler-natta catalyst for polyolefins
Polymerization catalyst for olefins and process for polymerization of olefins
Polymer bound single-site catalysts
1-Butene polymer and molded product consisting of the polymer
Fluorinated allyl ether polymer
Catalyst composition for preparing olefin polymers
Polyolefin compositions with improved properties
Star block copolymers comprising polyisobutylene-B-polyacrylonitrile arms radiating from an aromatic core
Polymer, processes for producing polymer, and composition
Production of maleic anhydride modified butyl rubber and use thereof
Polyurethane, method for production and use thereof
Process for the continuous preparation of thermoplastically processable polyurethanes with improved softening properties
Continuous preparation of thermoplastically processable polyurethanes
Polyurethane hydrogel contact lens
Powder coatings based on thermoset-modified polymers and polyesters
Photocationic polymerization initiator and photocationically polymerizable composition
Low density polymer beads
Low dielectric loss tangent resin composition, curable film and cured product, electrical part using the same and method for production thereof
Method of improving blown film processing performance and physical properties
Acrylic latex composition
Use of a polypropylene based composition for expanded beads
Propylene polymer compositions
Polyoxymethylene resin composition and molded articles made therefrom
1,2-polybutadiene, thermoplastic elastomer composition and polymer composition
Flame retardant and smoke supressive additive powder for polymeric thermoplastics and thermoset resins
1:2 chromium complex dyes
Functional fluorescent dyes
Method for the trichromatic dyeing or printing of synthetic polyamide fiber materials
Aqueous polymer blend composition
Enhanced polyisobutylene modified hot melt adhesive formulation
Aqueous cleaning and disinfecting compositions based on quaternary ammonium compounds including alkylpolyglycoside surfactants having reduced irritation characteristics
Wipes impregnated with biliquid foam treating liquids
Fabric softening compositions
Compositions and methods using sub-PPM combinations of polyquaternium-1 and high molecular weight PHMB
Method for cloning of a rare, specifically mutated cell
Protein fragment complementation assays for the detection of biological or drug interactions
Human transferase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Chemically modified proteins with a carbohydrate moiety
Polynucleotides encoding oxalate decarboxylase from Aspergillus niger and methods of use
Citrullimycines, a process for their production and their use as pharmaceuticals
Riboflavin synthesis in yeast
Methods for nucleic acid manipulation
Method for accelerated genome walking and DNA fingerprinting
Method for the expression of proteins in in vitro translation systems with coexpression of folding helper proteins
Composition for the detection of gastrointestinal disorders
Method of evaluating antifungal agent
Gluconobacter oxydans 2-ketoreductase enzyme and applications thereof
Analysis using a distributed sample
Reliable semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Highly defective oxides as sinter resistant thermal barrier coating
Device for analyzing immunoassays
Optical microscopy and its use in the study of cells
Methods for the detection of demyelinating diseases
Method for diagnosing an adenocarcinoma or a benign prostate pathology
Diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Reflective spatial light modulator mirror device manufacturing process and layout method
Semiconductor device, display device, and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming pattern
Patterning layers comprised of spin-on ceramic films
Process for preparing nano-porous metal oxide semiconductor layers
MOSFET with a thin gate insulating film
Method of monitoring introduction on interfacial species
Method of forming a conductive structure in a semiconductor material
Method for programming single-poly EPROM at low operation voltages
Method of forming high voltage metal oxide semiconductor transistor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Feedthrough design and method for a hermetically sealed microdevice
Manufacturing method of flip chip package
Method of introducing resin for electronic component and apparatus used therefor
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Methods of forming memory cells and arrays having underlying source-line connections
Method for packaging semiconductor device
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit package utilizing a conductive structure for improving the bond strength between an IC package and a printed circuit board
Microelectronic device fabrication method
Method of making an ultra dense trench-gated power device with the reduced drain-source feedback capacitance and miller charge
Gettering using voids formed by surface transformation
Laser synthesized wide-bandgap semiconductor electronic devices and circuits
Method for forming bottle-shaped trench
Electronic circuit structure with improved dielectric properties
Method of forming a capacitor of an integrated circuit device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with contact body extending in direction of bit line to contact storage node
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Integration of pre-S/D anneal selective nitride/oxide composite cap for improving transistor performance
Method for manufacturing NAND flash device
Method of fabricating a complementary bipolar junction transistor
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device that includes well formation
Self-aligned drain/channel junction in vertical pass transistor DRAM cell design for device scaling
Low cost fabrication method for high voltage, high drain current MOS transistor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Strained silicon MOSFETs having NMOS gates with work functions for compensating NMOS threshold voltage shift
Corner rounding process for partial vertical transistor
Triple metal line 1T/1C ferroelectric memory device and method for fabrication thereof
Package design and method of manufacture for chip grid array
Early response to plasma/charging damage by special pattern design of active region
Multi-die module and method thereof
Manufacture of solid state imager having plurality of photosensors per each pixel
Semiconductor memory with trench capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with a bipolar transistor, and method of manufacturing such a device
Method of forming a current controlling device
Method for producing a light-emitting semiconductor component
Method for the production of an electronic component
Method of packaging electronic components with high reliability
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew