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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Aquatic pollution monitoring
Cosmetic use of substituted amino heterocylic carbamoyl analogs and related compounds
Fabric sunshade
Beach umbrella with telescoping pole and base plate
Monitor supporting module
Solar panel mounting system
Closure for containers
Substituted 2,3,5,9,9B-pentaazacyclopenta[a]naphthalenes and uses thereof
Methods for treating or preventing cancer and neurodegenerative diseases
WDHD1 peptides and vaccines including the same
Chimeric relaxin polypeptides comprising an A and B chain derived from different relaxin family peptides
Prion epitopes and methods of use thereof
Attenuated RNA virus and applications thereof
Infectious hepatitis C virus--high producing HCV variants and use thereof
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of Eg5 gene
Interactive internet lottery
Performing Operations; Transporting
Humidifying medium having excellent lifespan characteristics and method of manufacturing the same
Compositions, devices and methods for hydrogen generation
Securing to a pneumatic tire
Methods of grinding workpieces comprising superabrasive materials
Line trimmer/grinder system
Line wrenches
Light installation pole
Electric testing device and method for hand tools having testing mechanisms
Device for locking and unlocking a first hardware component and a second hardware component, particularly of a motor vehicle seat, relative to each other
Utilty knife
Hand-held orthopedic electronic interface device and method of manufacture
Method of manufacture of fillets for aircraft assemblies or the like and a forming device
Hot pressing equipment for forming spherical portions of light guide bodies
Process for molding a closure-support ring of a container lid
Injection apparatus
Fiber reinforced resin polymer mortar pole
Composite materials comprising an open-cell polymer matrix and granules embedded therein
Ultrastrong and stiff layered polymer nanocomposites and hierarchical laminate materials thereof
Absorbent food pad
Fluidic structure with nanopore array
Resin particle comprising microparticle made of a crystalline resin, and method for producing the same
Method for driving liquid discharge head, liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge apparatus
Droplet break-up device
Method of forming a nozzle of a fluid ejection device
Image recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus that prevents image defect caused by off-centering of rotating shaft of photosensitive drum
Inkjet recording device and inkjet recording method
Ink jet printing method and printer
Ink-jet print head with integrated optical monitoring of the nozzle function
Method of mounting a flexographic printing plate with structured patterned backing tape
Ballpoint pen tip, ballpoint pen refill, and ballpoint pen
Adaptable vehicle
Tire condition advisory system
Tire bead breaking assembly
Drive device for a roof module of a motor vehicle
Conversion kit for converting a gasoline powered mid engine car to an electric powered car
Traction transmission capacity control device used in drive force distribution device
Four-wheel drive vehicle
Set of slideways, seat comprising such a set of slideways and support member for such a set of slideways
Soldier platform system
Baby carrier in the form of a bucket seat
Motorcycle passenger armrest assembly
ROPS mount for work vehicle display interface
Automobile airbag deployment dependent on passenger size
Electronic control unit
Folding trolley
Vehicle steering system
Retractable nose saddle
Bicycle, modifiable for uphill, downhill and/or trail conditions
Bicycle component positioning device
Solar powered illuminated boat cleat
Hydraulically regulated electromagnetic actuator, and landing gear fitted with such an actuator for controlling same
System and method for airborne deployment of object designed for waterborne task
Seat structure of airplane
Cargo plane lighting system
Bag deflation devices and methods for deflating bags
Multi-layered bags and methods of manufacturing the same
Dosage dispensing cap system
Medicament dispensing machine and medicament dispensing method
Transfer device
Sheet inverter and method for inverting a sheet
Image forming apparatus
Sheet feed apparatus and image forming apparatus including the sheet feed apparatus
Filling element, and filling system or filling machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the preparation of inorganic hydrogels with alkali halides
Method for preparing MWW-type molecular sieves
Boundary layer carbonation of trona
Method of treating stone wool
Method for producing polycyclic aromatic compound substituted by aryl group
Amine derivative compounds for treating ophthalmic diseases and disorders
Process for the preparation of aliskiren
Polymorphic form of a calcimimetic compound
Glucagon receptor modulators
Thioxothiazolidine derivative having Ras function inhibitory effect
Process for the preparation of phosphinic acid esters
Synthetic peptide inhibitors of Wnt pathway
Compounds containing alkyl-cyano-borate or alkyl-cyano-fluoroborate anions
Catalyst compositions containing transition metal complexes with thiolate ligands
Photocurable resin composition and optical component using the same
Melt polymerization of low melt viscosity liquid crystalline polymers
Ductile polymer binders and battery components using the same
Melamine-resin foams comprising hollow microbeads
Paste composition and dielectric composition using the same
Thermoplastic composition for use in high impact applications
Ink composition, inkjet recording method, and printed matter
Cathodic electrocoating compositions
Slurry for chemical-mechanical polishing of metals and use thereof
Starch-based adhesives
Fluorescent dyes for paper dyeing
Purification of aromatic feedstock
Process for generating a synthetic natural gas
Laccase variants
Method for making mature insulin polypeptides
Process for the preparation of talc based formulation for LDPE-degrading bacterial consortia
Methods of making hemagglutinin proteins
Engineering broad-spectrum disease resistance against haustorium-forming pathogens using RPW8 as a delivery vehicle
Gene expression technique
Banana promoters
Fungal .DELTA.-12 desaturase and .DELTA.-15 desaturase motifs
Compositions comprising a polypeptide having cellulolytic enhancing activity and a bicycle compound and uses thereof
Processes of producing a fermentation product
Synergistic composition useful as microbiological growth medium for rapid screening of phosphate accumulating microorganisms
Nanoparticle-mediated methods for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria
Activity based probes (ABPs) interacting with glycosidases
Method for detecting mutations at IL28B and ITPA
Method of oxidative leaching of molybdenum--rhenium sulfide ores and/or concentrates
Method for enhancing solid-liquid separation in conjunction with laterite leaching
Textiles; Paper
Embroidery and method thereof
Fixed Constructions
Safety crash barrier
Block for retaining wall
Gabion erosion and sediment control device
Tractor loader attachment system
Patio, porch or walkway assembly incorporating a plurality of blocks and including any combination of pre-cast and exposed surfaced patterns, interiorly supported heating pads and LED effect lighting
Sound diffuser inspired by cymatics phenomenon
Subfloor component and method of manufacturing same
Subfloor component and method of manufacturing same
Solar collector module
Multi-purpose recreational tent
Swimming pool lane line support apparatus
Low-cost door key with switch sensor indicator to detect dead bolt lock status
Enhanced hydrocarbon well blowout protection
Producing oil and/or gas with emulsion comprising miscible solvent
System and method for fracturing rock in tight reservoirs
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Drive system with a rotary energy-transmission element
Rotary compressor-expander systems and associated methods of use and manufacture
Axial turbomachine having an axially displaceable guide-blade carrier
Shaft-less radial vane turbine generator
Nozzle diaphragm inducer
Switching roller finger follower with locking mechanism
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Exhaust system for dual fuel engines
Control device for internal combustion engine
Rotary internal combustion engine
Rotary combustion engine and hydraulic motor
Rotary units, rotary mechanisms, and related applications
Method for determining a characteristic for a pressure regulating valve
Wind turbine with variable blade pitch for wind power electrical generator
Continuous fluid delivery system
Swiveling joint for a horse head on a pump jack
Method for varying the duration of a supply stroke of a pump element, and a pump device
Compressor with low friction sealing
Systems and methods for swirl brake tapering
Turboprop engine systems with noise reducing inlet assemblies
Vacuum trap
Method for mounting a hydrodynamic sliding bearing and hydrodynamic sliding bearing, in particular of a magnetic coupling pump
Part-bearing-ring, securing sleeve, rolling-element bearing, and mounting method
Adaptable multi-element vibration isolator
Shift system for power transmitting device
Differential apparatus
Forklift and inching control method of forklift
Quick connector
Water flow valve for improving accuracy of meter readings in communication with a water distribution system
Single operator trenching pipe laying device and method
Drain hose clip for a washer
Insulation material
Wall-mounted aiding mechanism and wall-mounted device
Electronic incense censer
Lighting fixture with extendable house structure
Illuminating lamp and vehicle head lamp, using light emitting diode
Powdered fuels, dispersions thereof, and combustion devices related thereto
Candle and wick extinguisher using the effect of air pressure
Shielding wall for a fuel supply duct in a turbine engine
Rotatable exhausting structure of a portable air conditioner
Superheated steam generators
Heat collection element support element
Solar collector and method for manufacturing such a solar collector
Service and maintenance guide for appliance
Ice dispensing system having a reversible conveyer
Tool removable adjustable divider
Firearm extraction system
Thumb safety for model 1911 handgun
Firearm locking system user interface
Simulation bullet includable BB bullet magazine
Portable remote-controlled target
Method of and apparatus for 3-D imaging a pipe
Methods, apparatus and systems for measuring snow structure and stability
Laser measuring device
Systems and methods for hands free inspection
Optimal path search system and optimal path search method
Low cost flight instrumentation system
Apparatus and method for measuring flow rate of meter
System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites
Thermostatic element
Torque detecting apparatus
System and method for quantifying the presence of components in the exhaust of commercial and/or heavy-duty vehicles
Transmission electron microscope sample fabrication
Image pickup unit and vehicle in which image pickup unit is mounted
Optical device with propagating and localized surface plasmons and detection apparatus
Particle detection device
Gamma ray imaging systems and methods
Methods of isolating peptides using surface-free affinity purification
Human domain antibodies against components of the human insulin-like growth factor (IGF) system
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of renal injury and renal failure
Neuropeptide Q as modulator of GPCR GALR2 and uses thereof
USP2a peptides and antibodies
Immunoassay for thrombin detection
Reagent and sample handling device for automatic testing system
Seismic sensor with four uniaxial motion sensing elements having substantially the same angle to the vertical and horizontal directions
Inertial dynamics measurement and structural configuration variation for hydrodynamic stability evaluation of a towed body
Sensor response calibration for linearization
Circuit for detecting structural defects in an integrated circuit chip, methods of use and manufacture and design structures
Ground fault detection for an electrical subsea control system
Reducing wafer bonding misalignment by varying thermal treatment prior to bonding
Alternating open-ended via chains for testing via formation and dielectric integrity
Scan compression ratio based on fault density
Signal generator, radar device
Colorimetric radiation dosimetry based on functional polymer and nanoparticle hybrid
Radiation measuring device
Method for recording a magnetic resonance image
Method for measuring subterranean formation density using a neutron generator
Methods, apparatus and systems for measuring snow structure and stability
Dielectric enhanced mirror for IMOD display
Compensating for hysteresis
Apparatus for cable organization
Resin-coated optical fiber
Method for extrusion-molding loose tube and apparatus therefor, and loose tube
Optical printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-port light sources of photonic integrated circuits
Optical fiber connector
Male optical connector and female optical connector and related optical fiber coupling assembly
Optical coupling element and optical fiber connector using same
Electrical cable with optical fiber
Adjusting assembly for a lens of a camera
Ocular product customization
Liquid crystal display module and method for making same
Liquid crystal integrated circuit and method to fabricate same
Protective enclosure assembly
Controlled video camera stabilizer
Light source structure of projector
Process of multiple exposures with spin castable films
Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation pellicle formation method
Chemically amplified photoresist composition and process for its use
Recording material determination device and image forming apparatus
Powder container, toner cartridge, drawer tray, and image forming apparatus
Method and device for drying a first side toner image before applying an opposite side second toner image
Portable head rest with storage container
User authentication via evoked potential in electroencephalographic signals
Methods and systems for determining efficient robot-base position
Vehicle control system
Modular low-power unit with analog synchronization loop usable with a low-dropout regulator
Universal power supplying apparatus and universal power supplying method
Current generator, notably for current of the order of nano-amperes, and voltage regulator using such a generator
Predicting timing violations
Method and system for waking up remote devices
Automated fault and recovery system
Automated fault and recovery system
In-situ computing system failure avoidance
Proactive risk analysis and governance of upgrade process
Method and system for searching for, and monitoring assessment of, original content creators and the original content thereof
Deskew apparatus and method for peripheral component interconnect express
Per-rank channel marking in a memory system
Remotely controlled data logging
Usability testing tool
Durable and coherent cache transactions between volatile and non-volatile memories
Efficient transfer of matrices for matrix based operations
Setting optimal space allocation policy for creating dependent snapshots to enhance application write performance and reduce resource usage
Techniques for synchronizing and/or consolidating storage areas
Hash functions used to track variance parameters of resistance-based memory elements
Retrieving data in a storage system using thin provisioning
Method and apparatus having a snoop filter decoupled from an associated cache and a buffer for replacement line addresses
Storing a small file with a reduced storage and memory footprint
Management of point-in-time copy relationship for extent space efficient volumes
Virtual machines failover
Polling determination
Method and system for conducting adversarial discussions over a computer network
Network centric structured communications network
Determining availability based on percentage available
System and method for identifying failing drives or media in media library
Continuous workload availability between sites at unlimited distances
Reducing computational load of processing measurements of affective response
Enhancing training of predictive coding systems through user selected text
System and method for annotation of data visualizations
System and method for pathology specimen collection
Systems and methods for managing information associated with legal, compliance and regulatory risk
Gaming device having a second separate bonusing event
Usage-based temporal degradation estimation for memory elements
Combined matrix-vector and matrix transpose vector multiply for a block-sparse matrix
System and method for maintenance planning and failure prediction for equipment subject to periodic failure risk
System and method for maintenance planning and failure prediction for equipment subject to periodic failure risk
Supporting flexible types in a database
Contextual data visualization
Apparatus and method for incremental physical data clustering
Support for international search terms--translate as you crawl
Source control inheritance locking
System, method and article of manufacture for advanced information gathering for targeted activities
System and method for providing network resource identifier shortening service to computing devices
Methods for modeling of FinFET width quantization
Method and system to fix early mode slacks in a circuit design
Detection of unchecked signals in circuit design verification
Integrated circuit product yield optimization using the results of performance path testing
Reprogrammable electrical fuse
Reticle data decomposition for focal plane determination in lithographic processes
Thermally-optimized metal fill for stacked chip systems
Method and apparatus for adaptive display calibration
Display indicating aiming point using intermediate point in trajectory path
Distributed computer systems with time-dependent credentials
End user license agreement detection and monitoring
Digital bookclip
Electronic device and adjustment method for adjusting setting value
Optical waveguide with light-emitting element and optical touch panel with the same
Method and system for context dependent pop-up menus
Using motion gestures to send, save, delete, and reject a message
Document processing method and system
Providing access control for public and private document fields
Account creating and authenticating method
Testing a software application interfacing with multiple external software applications in a simulated test environment
Trace correlation for profiling subroutines
Application-requirement based configuration designer for distributed computing systems
Deployment of operating systems with detection of loop conditions
Upgrade of software images based on streaming technique
Hypervisor subpartition as concurrent upgrade
Comparing system engram with product engram to determine compatibility with system
Identifying potential lock conditions in transactional software applications
Multiple project areas in a development environment
Techniques for instantiating and configuring projects
System and method for application configuration comparison and reuse
System, apparatus and method for translating data
Playback apparatus and playback method
Resource allocation based on anticipated resource underutilization in a logically partitioned multi-processor environment
Method and apparatus for managing processing resources in a distributed processing system
Managing and tracking thread access to operating system extended features using map-tables containing location references and thread identifiers
System, method and program product for determining execution flow of the scheduler in response to setting a scheduler control variable by the debugger or by a processing entity
Preferential CPU utilization for tasks
Method of scheduling tasks for memories and memory system thereof
Planning economic energy dispatch in electrical grid under uncertainty
Planning economic energy dispatch in electrical grid under uncertainty
Apparatus and method for estimating joint structure of human body
Device and method for detecting a region of interest on a delivery object
Incorporating video meta-data in 3D models
Systems and methods for quantifying graphics or text in an image
Image processing device and image processing method
Controlling quarantining and biasing in cataclysms for optimization simulations
Systems and methods for simulating accessory display on a subject
System and method for measurement, planning, monitoring, and execution of out-of-home media
Apparatus and method for gaming
Systems and methods for battery remediation in connection with an electric powered mobiel thing (EPMT)
Intruder deterrent system
Smoke detector with an easily-readable and highly-visible battery-life display
Backlight unit for display device
Modular art-post assembly and method of using the same
Portable programmable sign with adjustable mounting
Apparatus, display device, and method thereof for processing image data for display by a display panel
Virtual display device drivers compatible with windows display driver model
System and method for creating and sharing personalized virtual makeovers
Sounding board for musical instruments
Speech synthesis with fuzzy heteronym prediction using decision trees
Method and system for automated speech recognition that rearranges an information data base to disrupt formation of recognition artifacts
Electronic device with hard disk frame
Recovery of data written before initialization of format in tape media
Servo pattern of a tape storage medium
Objective lens driving unit and optical disc drive using the same
SRAM local evaluation logic for column selection
Methods and apparatus for storing data in a multi-level cell flash memory device with cross-page sectors, multi-page coding and per-page coding
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Applying a bias signal to memory cells to reverse a resistance shift of the memory cells
Methods and circuits for bulk erase of resistive memory
Read methods of semiconductor memory device
EEPROM cell and EEPROM device
Multiple erasure correcting codes for storage arrays
Methods and circuits for disrupting integrated circuit function
Leakage-aware voltage regulation circuit and method
Memory state sensing based on cell capacitance
Power management SRAM write bit line drive circuit
Method for injecting electrons into a fusion-fuel derived plasma
Method of manufacturing chain extended foam insulation coaxial cable
Shielded electric wire wrapped with metal foil
Floating switch assemblies and methods for making the same
Multi-chamber keys
Keyboard with gel containing chambers in key cap
Intelligent magnetic latching miniature circuit breaker
Electrical switch
Luminescent nanosheets
Ionization device, mass spectrometer including ionization device, image display system including mass spectrometer, and analysis method
Methods for depositing layers having reduced interfacial contamination
Distorting donor wafer to corresponding distortion of host wafer
Passive devices fabricated on glass substrates, methods of manufacture and design structures
Self-protected drain-extended metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor
Cleaning composition and process for cleaning semiconductor devices and/or tooling during manufacturing thereof
Methods and structures for protecting one area while processing another area on a chip
Structure for logic circuit and serializer-deserializer stack
Methods for overlay improvement through feed forward correction
Integrated circuit diode
On-chip diode with fully depleted semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device including source/drain formed on bulk and gate channel formed on oxide layer
Structure and method for reducing floating body effect of SOI MOSFETS
Lateral diode compatible with FinFET and method to fabricate same
MOSFET with recessed channel film and abrupt junctions
Self-formation of high-density arrays of nanostructures
Semiconductor device
Non-merged epitaxially grown MOSFET devices
Solid-state imaging device
Solar energy conversion devices and systems
Lens and LED unit using the same
Method for determining the roughness of an internal surface
Method of forming a VDF oligomer or co-oligomer film on a substrate and an electrical device comprising the VDF oligomer or co-oligomer film on the substrate
Electrical assembly for connecting components of a lighting system for illuminating store shelving
Induction generator for a bi-cycle
Voltage regulator having error amplifier
Tunable sector buffer for wide bandwidth resonant global clock distribution
Transient condition management utilizing a posted error detection processing protocol
Bidirectional and double-frequency optical transmission module and transmission assembly
Methods and systems for monitoring liquids
Pass-pattern authentication for computer-based security
Color medical imaging on film
Imaging apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium for recording program thereon
System and method for identification of highly-variable vocalizations
Database management in a wireless communication system
Process for the gradual exchange of personal information in non-trusted peer-to-peer environments
Network controlled interior lighting system
Lamp comprising active cooling device for thermal management
Handle module, hard disk drive assembly, and server
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Soil tiller assembly and method for tilling soil
Front three-point hitch system
Rear discharge mower unit and lawn tractor
Square bale processor
Hydraulically controlled stump grinder
Internally divided water pipe and diverter valve therefor
Irrigation system
Incubating box
Spinning reel spool
Dual-bearing reel spool-locking mechanism
Method and apparatus for cleaning a barbecue grill
Dough divider with pressure relief
Ultrasonic forming of confectionery products
Method for reducing the noise level of tobacco-processing machines with sound-damping line segments
Apparatus for removing rod-shaped articles of the tobacco processing industry from receptacles
Tobacco smoke containment apparatus and method therefor
Cigarette extinguisher and storage device
Seat belt restraint lock for children
End stop for reclosable fastener and method of installation thereon
Contactless data carrier
Umbrella with an improved runner fastener
Case for a pair of far-sighted eyeglasses
Case for personal wear
Hockey equipment carrying bag
Travel bag with protected zippers
Bag with hem mounted light source
Notebook with removable sheets
Binder with expandable pocket
Hair dyeing tool having dispensing mechanism
Hair coloring cap and method of use
Modular load bearing field support system
Reloadable fuse dispensing system
Foldable work table
Adjustable monitor support for flat monitors
Instruction card assembly for computer keyboard support
Portable folding utility table with center support assembly
Adjustable shelving with tiltable shelves
Support unit and assemblied rack for loading long objects
Method of installing a telescopic shelf in a cabinet
Under-cabinet lighting fixture
Working chair with synchronous seat and back adjustment
Neck support device for a vehicle car seat
Adjustment mechanism with slidable shaft
Vibrator/bouncer attachment for infant seats
Rice dispensing system
Food and drink conveying system
Display lighting system
Display unit
Newsstand display module
Method for displaying license plate frames
Barcode supervisory terminal
Adaptable and universal system for attachments
Hanging device and method of making same
Spout or lip for pouring liquid
Lid for beverage container
Suit hangers
Gas heated seaming iron
Decorative lighting string with filling air type
Mid-wall hanger
Window shade
Water circulated grill with grill steamer and steam pot
Composite bowl
Blender hopper
Holder for a dispenser package
Tissue roll holder release disc
Combined fluid and pop-up sheet product dispensing system
Corner caddy bucket
Liquid transport device
Dishwasher spray arm feed system
Telescopable vacuum-cleaner suction pipe
Apparatus for and method of disinfecting hands
Materials and methods for detection or monitoring of neoplastic disease
System and method for directing and monitoring radiation
Ceiling mounted, transportable, surgical C-arm with flat panel image receptor
Method for the computer-controlled production of dentures
Artificial tooth
Dental material packaging
Dental tool
Endodontic instruments having improved physical properties
Orthodontic archwire
Method and apparatus for generating a desired three-dimensional digital model of an orthodontic structure
Heal in-place abutment system
Dental implant system
Dental implant having a force distribution shell to reduce stress shielding
Reduced friction screw-type dental implant
Connecting pin and socket connection for fastening dental crown or jaw segments
Method of preparing and extruding a chemical agent using a kneader and chemical-agent extrusion assisting tool
Method and apparatus to treat conditions of the naso-pharyngeal area
Height adjustable wheelchair apparatus
Pharmaceutical dosing dispenser
Stop smoking method and composition
Method of use of monomeric insulin as a means for improving the reproducibility of inhaled insulin
Method of use of monomeric insulin as a means for improving the reproducibility of inhaled insulin
Coextruded tubing
Dispenser with doses' counter
Controlliing gas or drug delivery to patient
Nasal cannula with inflatable plenum chamber
Fluid mixing apparatus, method and system using same
Mini pneumatic mechanical pulmonary ventilator
IV pole
Method of using electrical energy to produce temporary conduction block for defibrillation and cardioversion
Automated system for coating the human body
Clamping base for hydraulic spreader
Roping sit harness with force distributor
Tree step with strap attachment
Core material for caddie bag and caddie bag using the core material
Golf club cover
Carrier for hockey sticks
Narrow profile truck
Illuminated sports board
Inline roller skate with attached slider plate
Multi-hinged skate and method for construction of the same
Skate with pivoting front wheels
Snowmobile with asymmetric skis
Ski binding
Apparatus and method of playing a casino-type dice game
Game using playing pieces
Medal playing machine
Game playing apparatus
Puzzle for reconstructing an overall picture
Animated puzzles
Board game with novel format
Performing Operations; Transporting
Valve for use in microfluidic structures
Tapered air purging circulator
Vibratory screen
Method of mixing viscous fluids
Continuous mixing apparatus with upper and lower disk impellers each having scrapers
Device and method for mixing and washing liquids and/or solids and for washing containers
Apparatus for removing impurities in liquid
Shell and tube type heat exchanger
Catalyst removal workstations and systems incorporating same for tubular reactors
Apparatus and method for rapid ultrasonic disruption of cells or viruses
Gas flow-type chipping machine
Small-scale mill and method thereof
Rotary granular material cutters
Low-noise air nozzle
Removable valve assembly
Rechargeable dispensers
Dispensing device and methods
On-off valve and apparatus for performing work
Insert for gazing ball
Low firing rate oxy-fuel burner
Air brush
Process solution supplying apparatus
Method and apparatus for sealing joints between components of vehicles
Fuel injection valve coated with anti-fouling perfluoropolyether film layer and associated method, and direct injection engine using same
Method and apparatus for exchanging sifter frames of a plan sifter
Vibratory screening machine with stacked and staggered screening units
Device for sorting and selectively collecting flat products
Fluid processing apparatus
Epicycloidic inductrial cleaning system
Apparatus and method for cleaning a semiconductor substrate
Apparatus and method for washing substrate
Containment system for spills
Flat tubes for use with heat exchanger and manufacturing method thereof
Gasketed aerosol mounting cup
Ceramic shell mold provided with reinforcement, and related processes
Method of recovering and refining filler from a lost wax composition
Apparatus for casting a molded part
Surface of a cooling roll for continuous casting machines
Drill bit for non-linear drilling
Instantaneous clamping/unclamping mechanism for CNC machine spindle tool units
Slotting cutter
Brake plate and method and apparatus for manufacturing same
Apparatus and methods for wave soldering
Articulated tool head
Device for selective flow connection of exhaust piping of cutting tools to an exhaust fan
Device for damping movement of telescopic guards
Object manipulator robot device
Tire with sloped blocks
Adjustable guide system for jaws of fluid-operated grippers
Reversible pneumatic motor assembly
Multi-speed power tool transmission
Clamping tool for aligning tubes
Pneumatic nail gun
Pneumatic fastener driving tool and an electronic control system therefore
Battery operated roofing nailer and nails therefor
Nailing device
Fastener driving device with enhanced adjustable exhaust directing assembly
Holder for a drive piston of a setting tool
Electric hand tool device with idle strike cutoff
Support ring for tool
Motor test mount with CG position adjustment
Integrated support for tools
Adaptive load-clamping system
Suction gripper
Robotic platform
Perforator for weblike materials with means for modifying the interval between consecutive lines of perforations
Processing tool for a road surface processing machine
Breaker device for removing the tops of columns
Apparatus for compounding resin and fiber
Safety mechanism for dispensing apparatus
Method for cast molding contact lenses with a rounded edge form
Vehicle headlamp, lamp lens and method for producing a lamp lens
Injection moulding machine
Internal latch for an injection mold
Extruder welding device
Process for depositing by winding on a support several rovings simultaneously of pre-impregnated fibers, device for practicing the same, and structure of a composite material thus obtained
Variable geometry dampening and trailing arm suspension including same
Splicing unit and method of splicing
Composite caul sheet with integral seal used in the fabrication of lightweight airfoils and method of making
Drive train for use with a kneader apparatus
Inflation control device
Laminating apparatus
Laminating apparatus and sheet cassette
Printer for incorporation into systems with limited access
Recording sheet package and sheet supply cassette for printer
Device for symbol printing and franking machine comprising same
Integrated adjustable core support and medium guide device
Method and apparatus for printing on a continuously moving sheet of work material
Automatic print cartridge alignment system
Apparatus and method for improved life sensing in a replaceable intermediate transfer surface application assembly
Apparatus and method using ultrasonic energy to fix ink to print media
Ink-jet recording head that minutely vibrates ink meniscus
Ink jet recording method and apparatus
Generation of driving waveforms to actuate driving elements of print head
Method of driving an ink jet printhead
Printing head and printing apparatus
Fluid ejection device controlled by electrically isolated primitives
Ink level gauging in inkjet printing
Print head drive scheme
Back-flow prevention device and method for ink jet printer
Structures including microvalves and methods of forming structures
Ink leakage detecting apparatus
Method and apparatus for information storage in a portable print roll
Hybrid carrier for wide-array inkjet printhead assembly
Piezoelectric actuator
Manufacturing method of monolithic integrated thermal bubble inkjet print heads and the structure for the same
Liquid discharge head, method of manufacturing the liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge recording apparatus using the liquid discharge head
Spring pad for electrical interconnection of inkjet printing system
Ink jet head and producing process therefor
Ink cartridge and recording apparatus
Packaged ink supply and method of packaging an ink supply to maintain ink in a degassed state
Liquid pressure supply apparatus and liquid discharge recording apparatus using the same
Pump for recirculating ink to off-axis inkjet printheads
Ink tank unit, an ink jet cartridge having said ink tank unit and an ink jet apparatus having said ink jet cartridge
Replaceable ink container having a separately attachable latch and method for assembling the container
Apparatus and method for controlling internal pressure of ink container
Ink tank coupling method, ink jet recording apparatus, and ink tank
Ink container having dual capillary members with differing capillary pressures for precise ink level sensing
Recording apparatus, liquid container cartridge and liquid container
Ink level sensing method and apparatus
Printer, control method for the same, and data storage medium for recording the control method
Ink jet printing method
Memory album
Z-fold mailer with built-in return envelope
Keyed data-and-print album page
Accordion-like file having document retaining structure
Laser pen with safety power cutoff device
Microstructure liquid dispenser
Magnetic self-stick pad
Device for carrying an article
Adjustable paint tray carrier apparatus and method
Bicycle hub for disc brake
Bicycle hub
Pneumatic tire using long afterglow phosphorescent rubber composition
Methods and apparatus for repair of flat tires
Non-pneumatic tire and rim combination
Amphibious caravan
Add-on self tracking axle for a vehicle
Composite torsion bar
Driving mode ride height adjustment
Front wheel suspension apparatus
Motor vehicle suspension alignment adjuster
Door plate driving mechanism of air conditioning system for automobile
Air conditioning unit and vehicular air conditioner
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle
Liquid fuel-operated water heater or air heater of a motor vehicle
Convertible car with a rear windshield movable in a guide track
Door mechanism
Automobile lift gate
Convertible vehicle roof and convertible vehicle
Collapsible truck shell assembly and accessories
Sliding roof device
Flexible hood for a convertible motor car
Cover for a pickup truck bed
Drive unit assembly for an electrically driven vehicle
Structure for installing an automotive battery
Cooling air ducting for excavator
Weldable mount for fuel system component
Buoyant vent valve
Spring-loaded contaminant cover for tank filler neck closure assembly
Liquid stabilizing baffle
Three axis adjustable automotive foot controls
Method and apparatus for securing an engine mount to a motor vehicle body
Apparatus for driving electric car by inverter-controlled motor through gear mechanism
Motor vehicle grab handle
Device for releasably fastening a vehicle seat or parts of a vehicle seat in a motor vehicle
Automobile seat assembly attachment structure
Swivel child car seat
Stowable rear seat tray table
Assist grip
Hot cup apparatus with locking device
Holder for a beverage container
Foldable retractable loading ramp assembly
Mobile pizza kitchen
Multi-array LED warning lights
Conspicuity plate assembly for fender mounting
Motor vehicle seat having extendable light
Mirror assembly for trucks
Automotive rearview mirror assembly including a helical antenna with a non-circular cross-section
Hand-held data capture system with interchangeable modules
Bedliner with anti-slip under layer
Grommet and fixing structure thereof
Vehicle crash determination arrangement and method, utilizing center of gravity, for an occupant protection system
Airbag sensor deactivator suitable for use in smart airbag system
Linear ultrasound transducer array for an automotive occupancy sensor system
Cab for earth-moving machines
Safety belt height adjusting device
Gas bag module
Inflatable side curtain
Inflatable side curtain
Air bag inflator with mechanism for deactivation of second stage and autoignition
Long duration air bag inflator
Inflatable side curtain with tensioning device
Gas bag protection device
Housing for the air bag in a motor vehicle
Simplified driver side air bag assembly
Air bag module with variable inflation
Air bag apparatus
Knee restraint device for vehicles
Inflatable knee bolster with external tethering
Vehicle occupant restraint device
Dual stage fastener
Gas generator for airbag
Automotive seatbelt take-up device
Truck catwalk system
Ski rack with easy loading
Assembly for carrying a bicycle on a vehicle
Wet battery and vehicle-based water management system
Parking lock device for three-wheeled vehicle
Fluid parking brake for a rail vehicle air brake cylinder
Process and device to improve the regulating action of an anti-lock braking system
Method for automatically detecting the installation position of brake force generating units of an electromagnetic motor vehicle brake system
Force feedback and pressure equalization brake system
Brake arrangement for a land vehicle
Combined full function ABS valve
Conveyable-article carrier
Golf bag cart
Accessories for a collapsible rolling caddy
Vehicle for gliding over the ground
Board assembly for sliding on grass slopes
Height-adjustable equipment cart with detachable table
Wheelchair safety lock
Golf cart towing device
Twin-type baby buggy
System for steering towed implement in response to, or independently of, steering of towing vehicle
Adjustable angle spindle
Frame structure for vehicle
Tailgate assembly
Traveling safety device for motor vehicle
Electric power steering control system
Electric power steering apparatus
Power steering valve with valve sleeve retainer
Trailer hitch support body
Snowmobile track with heat transfer clips
Track adjustment assembly to reduce vibration
Mobile scaffold vehicle
Corrosion-protected aggregate and method for producing such a component
Bicycle accessory mounting apparatus
Bicycle fork pivot, and bicycle fork equipped with the same
Steering bearing assembly for a bicycle
Bicycle trailer assembly
Collapsible skateboard
Safety driving equipment for toddler's scooter
Electrically integrated scooter with dual suspension and stowage mechanism
Snow vehicle conversion kit
Structure for adjustably attaching a disc brake caliper to a bicycle frame
Brake operating device with modulator
Automatic transmission for a cycle, such as a bicycle, and a cycle having such as transmission
Hoisting machine to move several boat to and from land and sea simultaneously
Jet propulsion system for watercraft
Trolling motor bow mount
Wing comprising a distal wing grid
Flight control system for a hybrid aircraft in the roll axis
Scalloped wing leading edge
Single release system
Regulator valve for escape slide
Checking device
Method and apparatus for operating satellites in orbit
Failure resistant multiline tether
Container filling device
Aseptic filling device
Lawn bag holder
Unwrapping apparatus
Method and means for dispensing releasable labels from roll-stock substrate
Self-adhesive item dispenser
Roll-fed labelling apparatus
Disk labeling device
CD labler fixture
Collapsible container
Plastic coin transport bag
Storage device with closure
Tamper evident plastic closure
Wide-mouth reclosable container and cover device
Positive orientation systems for closures and containers
Popcorn funnel
Disk-type toggle-action dispensing closure, package and method of assembly
Display with removeable informational panel
Collapsible bulk material container
Containers for foodstuff
Multi-view packaging material
Stackable archive container
Shipping carton and display tray
Closing device
Child-resistant flip top closure
Cardboard pocket pack with a concealed tamperproof seal
Individual beverage carton with a straw therein and a method of manufacture
Beverage container having a self-contained pop-up drinking straw or tube
Container paneling for forming pneumatically padded boxes and padded box construction
Plastic tote box improvements
Valve assembly for dispensing container
Method of packaging bicycles for shipment
Bulk bag with remote discharge
Attachable frame for lifting and moving a container
Flat-bottomed tank and method for fitting it with a leak-proof coating
Yard waste storage and disposal system
Storage rack having roller track
Storage bin assembly having unitary side and backwall supports
Push-back storage rack
Device for steering a conveyor belt
Intake device of an automated redemption machine for returnable containers such as bottles, cans and the like
High speed board feeder
Palletizing or depalletizing unstable articles utilizing article group pick-up and transfer
Silo reclaimer
Extendable trailer loader/unloader with user interface section
Curtain for a vehicle shelter and method for making the same
Power-up vehicle restraint
Apparatus and method for loading agricultural material
Sheet material supporting apparatus
Multiple card hopper for card printer
Card feed roller for printer
Vacuum device for peeling off thin sheets
Apparatus and method for unstacking sheets stacked in a feeder
Apparatus for removing sheets, one-by-one, from the top of a stack of sheets
Feeding mechanism
Interleaved roll mounted bags and dispensers for same
Method for storing spools, and storage device
Christmas light storage device
Controller scheduling constant current charging of a rechargeable power source of an elevator system
Elevator power management system having power storage apparatus maintaining a particular charge in accordance with time of day
Acceleration control system utilizing elevator platform stabilization coupler
Tensioning device for at least one trailing rope of an elevator installation
Plunger guide for a telescopic jack in a hydraulic elevator
Apparatus for the automated handling of loads
Pawl and ratchet assembly for winch mechanism
Manhole cover removing tool
Apparatus for picking up two containers placed one on top of another
Beverage dispense system
Flexibly oriented ice dispenser
Refuelling robot
Dispenser apparatus that controls the type and brand of the product dispensed therefrom
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for treating semiconductor substrates
Catalytic destruction of groundwater contaminants in reactive extraction wells
Mine backfill
Edged ceramic member and a method of manufacturing same
Ceramic to metal joint assembly
Reduced smoke gas generant with improved mechanical stability
Ink jet printing method
Process for in situ generation of chlorine dioxide in oil and gas well formations
Direct enzyme agglomeration process
Thermal spraying method and apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Network-like woven 3D fabric material
Fabric and seam construction
Bringer gripper for looms without shuttles
Take-up motion tension and/or pressure control system
Fixed Constructions
Rail fastening devices
Method of measuring mechanical data of a soil, and of compacting the soil, and measuring or soil-compaction device
Railroad crossing spacers
Wear resistant pavement marking
Artificial reef structure
Dock technology
Systems and methods for inserting wick drain material
Masonry retainer wall system and method
Configurable block for retaining wall
Method and apparatus for adjusting fiberglass manholes
Direct pin quick coupler
Tube assembly for communicating water to a fixture
Solenoid actuated wall hydrant
Motorized and computer operated variable acoustics treatment
Railing components and methods of making railings
Scaffold plank and method of making the same
Reusable gripper/stabilizer jig for construction anchor bolt
Universal portable hunting blind
Collapsible shelter with flexible, collapsible canopy
Dual drive pool cover
Child safety latch assembly
Door mechanism
Locking device of tailgate for vehicle
Securing device
Latching assembly
Mechanism for selectively operating and locking a pivotable window
Plug-in connector
Window treatment holder system
Modular horizontal window blind
Releasable cord connection apparatus
Apparatus and method for windlocking a building opening
Paint can holder
Rock drill
Dual-seal drill bit pressure communication system
Apparatus for drilling an offshore underwater well
Electrically controlled release device
Pivoting injector arrangement
Percussive tool
Liner hanger
Packerfoot with bladder assembly having reduced likelihood of bladder delamination
Downhole tools with a mobility device
Tubular running tool
Method for placement of blocking gels or polymers at specific depths of penetration into oil and gas, and water producing formations
Remote actuated plug apparatus
Well packer
Inflatable packer
Portable flare stack
Gimbaled table riser support system
Method of casing multilateral wells and associated apparatus
Apparatus comprising bistable structures and methods for their use in oil and gas wells
Method for annular sealing
Reducing sand production from a well formation
Controlled slow descent bailer
Device for drilling and draining holes in soil or rock
Mining machine having an extendable and retractable rotor arm and method of repairing an extendable and retractable rotor arm assembly
Tunnel-boring machine and method of using the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Oscillating-piston engine
Seal between static turbine parts
Leaf seal for inner and outer casings of a turbine
Bucket tip brush seals in steam turbines and methods of installation
Turbine nozzle stage having thermocouple guide tube
Gas turbine bucket with impingement cooled platform
Methods and apparatus for cooling gas turbine engine blade tips
Bearing damper
Fan blade compliant shim
Blade lock and process for manufacturing a blade lock
Turbine device
Gas turbine engine airfoils with improved cooling
Stitched composite fan blade
Nozzle ring for a gas turbine
Camshaft follower arrangement and method
Valve operating system in internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device
Apparatus and a method for sliding mode control
Internal combustion engine
Oil separator structure of internal combustion engine
Cylinder head for an internal combustion engine with a pump-jet unit
Muffler with interchangeable outlet tips
Ventilation device
Controlled self-ignition combustion process and associated four-stroke engine with transfer lines between the exhaust line and the intake line
Intake device with ram pipes and longitudinally adjustable resonance pipes
Intake port shape of internal combustion engine
Free piston engine and self-actuated fuel injector therefor
Chain drive of a V-engine having overhead camshafts
Air compressor assembly with shroud
Electronic throttle control system
Torque control in an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Control system for variable displacement engines
Method and system for transient load response in a camless internal combustion engine
Motor control method and apparatus for internal combustion engine
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus for an internal combustion engine and a control method of the air-fuel ratio control apparatus
Electromagnetic fuel injector and control method thereof
Drive unit for driving fuel pump for small sized vehicle
Throttle blade having snap-fit wedge
Secondary wide open throttle induction system
Cylinder head assembly for an internal-combustion engine
Exhaust gas flow measurment device
Vaporized fuel processing device
Fuel feed device and fuel pressure regulator
Bi-fuel injector, in particular for combustion engines, and method of injection
High pressure fuel injection pipe for diesel engine
Fuel system
Fuel supply system of an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection pump
Aneroid control for fuel injection pump
Fuel injection device for internal combustion engines
Injector hold down clamp
Fuel injection system
Fuel injector nozzle with outwardly opening check valve
Compressed natural gas fuel injector having magnetic pole face flux director
Fuel injector including outer valve needle and inner valve needle slidable within a passage provided in the outer valve needle
Rotary throttle valve carburetor
Ignition control device and method
High torque impulse turbine
Compressor with a part of a spring chamber in a rear housing
Multistage high pressure compressor
Head cover assembly with monolithic valve plate
Condensate removal protection apparatus and method therefore
High pressure pump having integral start valve
Method of ensuring optimum viscosity to compressor bearing system
Centrifugal pump with variable capacity and pressure
Multi-connection, stable fan blade attachment mount
Non-planar rotor cover for a centrifugal pump
Fan support assembly
Centrifugal pump
Pump impeller with enhanced vane inlet wear
Multi-pressure ball-poppet control valve
High-pressure ball-poppet control valve
Device for fastening components
Hydrodynamic type bearing unit
Sliding-contact bearings with diamond particles
Cage for rolling bearing
Angular type ball bearing and shaft support structure with the same
Split bearing arrangement and method of making same
Coupling means between a thermal motor shaft and a reciprocating pump shaft
Clutch apparatus
Rotary electric actuator with a mechanical spring return back-up
Controllable coupling
Soft stop mechanism and method
Vertical liquid inertia vibration isolator
Vibration attenuating apparatus and method for use on the damper spring of clutch disc
Diaphragm for air spring
Gas spring incorporating a safety member
Hydrodynamic torque converter
Transmission shifter with lever-position locking device
Metal gaskets
Rotary shaft sealing system
Non-contact type mechanical seal
Hydrogen seal ring having seal at ring intersegment
Radially pressure balanced floating seal system
Fluid-directing multiport rotary valve
Enhanced reverse buckling rupture disc
Combination pressure relief device
Vent control system
Silicon carbide valve disc for nuclear reactors
Safety valve for fluids
Water controlling stem structure of a faucet
Vacuum valve
Axially rotated valve actuation system
Actuator mounting assembly
Multi-lumen hose with at least one substantially planar inner partition and methods of manufacturing the same
Pipe connection with a connecting portion formed onto the pipe
Pipe connection for ventilating duct system
Cable clamp
Flexible tube or cord anchoring apparatus
Interlocking modular ladder-type cable tray
Air flow conduit quick connector
Anti-cantilever fastener for a conduit connection
Two piece universal elbow
Protective tube assembly
Plug for use with a conduit having cables received in the conduit
Ceiling-supported suspension means
Multiple position display mount for a computer or the like
Video camera support device
Apparatus and related method for continuously releasing a liquid
Solventless purgeable diaphragm valved manifold for low vapor pressure chemicals
Decorative light curtain
Vehicle headlamp having multi-reflex optical system
Folding and adjustable side-sliding fluorescent lamp fixture
Dynamic display night light
Versatile power-efficient automobile signal lamp
Elliptical headlight for motor vehicle
Recessed lighting fixture
Fiber optic Christmas tree
Keyed waveguide assembly and method for making same
Spread illuminating apparatus
Catalytic combustion device emitting infrared radiation
Reactive waste deactivation facility and method
Combustion gas and air recovery apparatus
Gas lighter with safety device
Air heater control
Air distribution fan and outside air damper recycling control
Catalytic combustion apparatus
Method and arrangement for supporting a web and avoiding air losses in a heat treating apparatus
Material feeding mechanism in association with continuous sintering apparatus
Thermosyphon radiators
Heat exchanger with small-diameter refrigerant tubes
Heat exchanger with fluid-phase change
Archery quiver for holding a broadhead
Base for an archery bow stabilizer
Device for throwing targets
Braking structure for a tape measure
Flexible temperature sensing probe
Produce recognition system and method
Heat flux differential scanning calorimeter sensor
Method and apparatus for the nondestructive determination of the purity of a test object
Method and device to measure the temperature of microwave components
Micro-mirror apparatus and production method therefor
Compositions having optically smooth surfaces
Method for producing a coupler based on fiber-fused connection
Connector for plastic optical fibers
Optical connector adapter
Optical fiber connecting structure and connecting member for connecting an optical fiber cable to a ferrule
Optical transceiver RJ-jack with EMI shield
Method of alignment in an optoelectronic assembly
Distributed network repeater module and method
Eyewear heart rate monitor
Vision therapy system and method
Digital camera having rotatable optical viewfinder unit
Triple-lens type projection display with uniform optical path lengths for different color components
Illuminating apparatus using multiple light sources
Radiation image reading method and radiation image reading apparatus
Automatic processing apparatus for photosensitive material
Substrate processing system and substrate processing method
Apparatus and method for packaging unit having toner storage
Mechanical timepiece with timed annular balance rotating angle control mechanism
Pumping system for the injection of measured quantities of fluid into a fluid stream
Damper for diaphragm-operated pressure regulating valves
Inlet unloader valve
Temperature actuated flow restrictor
Structure for mounting and dismounting an equipment unit
Interconnector and light pipe guide for disk drive and disk drive carrier
Miniature color printer using ink and paper cartridges
Compact keyboard
Attachable contoured computer mouse rest
Broadcast printing system and method
Barcode scanning system for reading labels at the bottom of packages on a conveyor
Method and device for the chronological remote identification and management of mobile labels in an interrogation field
IC card
Automated card insertion system with card multireader and method
Method for automatically measuring elementary time unit for communication peripherals dedicated to smart cards
Portable data collection device with variable focusing module for optic assembly
System and method for reading a barcode using laser diode array
System and method for the electronic storage and transmission of financial transactions
System and device for storing objects
Object routing system
Coin discriminating apparatus
Dispensing mean for vending machine
Data reading system in an electric component memory
Method of effecting payment with a cash card that includes an electronic purse
Overloaded card information display
Magnetic stripe card verification system
Automatic vending machine and container for articles of frozen confectionery
Food group monitoring apparatus
Method for developing and administering tests over a network
Drive simulation apparatus
Friction type of power transmission mechanism for driving reel support in VTR
Disc cartridge envelope
Container with hinged cover
Picture frame type cover for disk storage case
Self aligning, weather resistant electrical switch
Bulb-shaped fluorescent lamp
Integrated wafer stocker and sorter with integrity verification system
Wafer processing architecture including single-wafer load lock with cooling unit
Method of cleaning electronic components
Method for attaching solderballs by selectively oxidizing traces
Plasma treatment for polymer removal after via etch
Adapter device for carrier pods containing at least one flat object in an ultraclean atmosphere
Manual wafer lift
Transfer device for semiconductor wafers
Spring clip for fixing semiconductor modules to a heat sink
Cavity plate and jet nozzle assemblies for use in cooling an electronic module, and methods of fabrication thereof
Battery connection plate having busbar and terminal
Conductive trace interconnection
Input/output connector for a mobile electric device
Grounding scheme for a high speed backplane connector system
Connector with two rows of terminals having tail portions with similar impedance
Apparatus and method for shielding a circuit from electromagnetic interference
Printed circuit board connector
Switch for an electrical card connector
RF cable connector assembly for preventing mis-mating
Socket for PGA package
Electrical connector
High density edge card connector
Connector bearing high voltage
Electric outlet socket provided with a sealed bellows joint
Printed circuit board socket with guides for aligning and for releasing a printed circuit board
Receptacle connector assembly with keying devices
Electrical connector assembly with an EMI shielded plug and grounding latch member
Electrical connector with automatic switching between multiple devices
Electrical connector
Modular telephone jack
Modular jack connector meeting 1000base-T specifications
Power connector with easily removable conductive pin
Connector having shuntable and configurable contacts
Fluorescent tube base with terminal shorting clip
Power and guidance connector
Electrical connector comprising base with center aperture
Electrical component grounding device, electrical system grounding and support apparatus, and antenna component grounding system
Laser device and method for producing diffuse illumination
Laser flashlight
Modular terminal fuse block
Wire or cable pulling apparatus
Systems, methods and apparatus for winding conductive wires for a stator of an electric motor
Calibration of print contrast using an optical-electronic sensor
Multiple-surface display projector with interactive input capability
Optical apparatus
Illumination device for selectively compressing light from light sources and projection type display apparatus
High fidelity small omnidirectional loudspeaker
Loudspeaker system
Apparatus for assembling elements on a printed circuit board
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