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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Multi-gene expression constructs containing modified inteins
Herbicide composition and weed-controlling method using the same
Transposase and method of gene modification
Transposase and method of gene modification
Pyrrole derivatives and their methods of use
Method for generating a 3D reconstruction of a body
Selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Double salts of (-)-hydroxycitric acid and a process for preparing the same
Diphenylamine-substituted salicylthiazole derivatives and related compounds as phosphotyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTB1B) inhibitors for using as blood-sugar decreasing active ingredients for treating diabetes
Process for preparing purified S-BEL and R-BEL and compositions thereof
Benzimidazole-derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
A2B adenosine receptor antagonists
17,20(E)-dehydro vitamin D analogs and their uses
2-Methylene-(20R,25S)-19,27-Dinor-(22E)-Vitamin D Analogs
Composition and method for treating occlusive vascular diseases, nerve regeneration, and wound healing
Casein kinase 2 antisense therapy
RNA aptamers and methods for identifying the same
Therapeutic uses of inhibitors of RTP801
Use of interleukin-18 inhibitors to inhibit tumor metastasis
Biologically active peptides and their use for repairing injured nerves
Exendins and exendin agonists for weight reduction and obesity
Stimulation of cellular regeneration and differentiation in the inner ear
Modulation of apolipoprotein (a) expression
Methods of using nucleic acid vector-lipid complexes
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for preparing dispersed ingredient having metal-oxygen bonds
Hydroprocessing catalyst, method for the preparation thereof and use of the same
Method for applying an isolation layer to a brazed end of a generator armature winding bar
Method of welding a pipe/connector joint
Flame-retardant treatments for cellulose-containing fabrics and the fabrics so treated
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Water-soluble glass composition
Inhibition of bid-induced cell-death using small organic molecules
Indene derivatives and process for the preparation thereof
Reference standard for characterization of rosuvastatin
Catalyst composition
Process for the preparation of linezolid and related compounds
Nucleic acid anchoring system comprising covalent linkage of an oligonucleotide to a solid support
Polynucleotides encoding a truncated ORF2 from Corynebacterium
Spinocerebellar ataxia type 8 and methods of detection
Non-fluorescent energy transfer
siRNA targeting gremlin
Human liver regeneration associated protein and the use thereof
Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Nucleic acid probes and methods for detecting clinically important fungal pathogens
Glycosylation-deficient hepatocyte growth factor
Breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP) antibodies
Binding molecules for the treatment of myeloid cell malignancies
System and a method for a UV curable ink having infrared sensitivity
Carboxyl group-containing polyurethane and heat-curable polyurethane resin composition
Highly oxygen permeable polymer
Process for making vinyl fluoride interpolymers and dispersions
Methods for producing macromolecule-identifying polymers
Preparation of polymerization catalyst activators utilizing indole-modified silica supports
Rubber composition and tire using the same
Rubber composition and uses thereof
Roadway repair and maintenance
PVC plastisols comprising effect pigments, their preparation and use in coil coating
Curable organopolysiloxane composition
Versatile pigmented ink-jet inks with improved image quality
Encapsulation of pigment particles by polymerization
Ozone stable ink-jet inks
Compositions and methods of stabilizing subterranean formations containing reactive shales
Geosynthetic composite for borehole strengthening
Lubricant composition, expandable shaft, and steering system using the same
Compositions including hardness ions and gluconate and methods employing them to reduce corrosion and etch
Diacylglycerol acyl transferase proteins
Expression of human serum albumin in plastids
S-adenosyl-L-methionine synthetase promoter and its use in expression of transgenic genes in plants
Method for obtaining improved fertility restorer lines for transgenic male sterile crop plants and a DNA construct for use in said method
Methods and compositions for expression of transgenes in plants
Methods for stimulating nervous system regeneration and repair by regulating arginase I and polyamine synthesis
Antibody composition exhibiting increased cellular cytotoxicity due to glycosylation
Surfactants not toxic to bacteria
Method and apparatus for locally measuring refractive characteristics of a lens in one or several specific points of said lens
Methods, systems and computer program products for removing undesired artifacts in fourier domain optical coherence tomography (FDOCT) systems using continuous phase modulation and related phase modulators
Optical emission device with boost device
High-speed polarizing device and high-speed birefringence measuring apparatus and stereoscopic image display apparatus utilizing the polarizing device
Motor driven variable optical attenuator with IR sensor closed-loop control
Input device, input method and electronic equipment
Ionization vacuum gauge
Cells for biochemical analysis, kit for biochemical analysis, and biochemical analyzer
Diffusion material, diffusion material evaluating method, blending method for fine particles in the diffusion material, and production method for the diffusion material
Reflectivity/emissivity measurement probe insensitive to variations in probe-to-target distance
Imaging apparatus
Prober for testing magnetically sensitive components
Detection of sealing by means of noise analysis
Capacitive switch of electric/electronic device
Test apparatus for the testing of electronic components
System and method for filtering packets in a switching environment
Communication-efficient distributed monitoring of thresholded counts
Apparatus and methods for performing a test
Electric meter having a detachable measuring bar
Magnetic probe
Method of acquiring error correction value of reference frequency, terminal device, and recording medium
Adapting a high-performance pulse processor to an existing spectrometry system
Parallel magnetic resonance imaging
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Optical scanning device and printing apparatus
Composite optical dividing device
Color wheel
Lens barrel and camera with lens barrel
Lens control apparatus
Cylindrical model eye, cylindrical test device and the manufacturing method thereof
Lens unit
Color filter substrate and manufacturing method thereof and liquid crystal display panel
Color filter plate and thin film transistor plate for liquid crystal display, and methods for fabricating the plates
Transflective liquid crystal display device having high aperture ratio and fabrication method thereof
Method of fabricating an LCD, including steps of forming a color filter by pressing with a soft mold
Large-sized display apparatus and display device and display module used in large-sized display apparatus
Electro-optic device, method for fabricating the same, and electronic apparatus
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device with common voltage transmission wire
Display and tape carrier package structure
Liquid crystal display device capable of preventing reflectance and white balance value from shifting
Electro-chromic display device and method of manufacturing the same
Coating and developing method, coating and developing system and storage medium
Scintillator panel for radiation, and flat panel detector
Image processing device, image processing method, image forming apparatus, image processing program, and storage medium
Monocular holographic data storage system architecture
Sensing and correcting angular orientation of holographic media in a holographic memory system by partial reflection, the system including a galvano mirror
Mechanical digital display
Timepiece display apparatus, movement, and timepiece
Circuit for the generation of two symmetrical buses of tension with respect to the negative of the feeding tension
DC-DC converter
Electronic device quick connect system
Over-center latch apparatus for a portable computing device
Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) and method for implementing multiple paths for fault tolerance
Deadlock detection in a telecommunication network
Method, device system and computer program system for processing document data
Image input and output apparatus selecting processing according to colored pattern
Image display system
Data transmission/reception system that informs a user that image data has been transmitted
System and method of identifying a printer output tray
Image processing device, image processing method, and program product for the same
Motion sensor with LED alignment aid
System and method for optimizing a graphics intensive software program for the user's graphics hardware
Method and apparatus for displaying characters on a screen
Method and apparatus for a radio frequency identification repeater
Server and method for processing meter data into a common format
Display device and light source
Organic electro-luminescence display device and driving method thereof
Element substrate and light emitting device
Pixel circuit and display apparatus
Display control apparatus and method
Backlight control system for small size display, LCD panel therefor, and method for making backlight control system
Efficient and high speed 2D data transpose engine for SOC application
Device control using data communication
Method for selecting a color transformation
Signal line driver circuit, light emitting device and driving method thereof
Strainer system of snare drum and snare drum with the strainer system
Methods and apparatus for context and experience sensitive prompting in voice applications
Near field light generating device and heat assisted magnetic recording head with the same
Spectral analysis of a position error signal
Head-disc interface (HDI) modal response monitoring
Semiconductor component and method for fabricating it
Rd algorithm improvement for NROM technology
Method and apparatus for improving storage performance using a background erase
Dynamic random access memory with low-power refresh
Container for long-term storage of radioactive material, and method and apparatus for manufacturing the container
Multi-beam modulator for a particle beam and use of the multi-beam modulator for the maskless structuring of a substrate
Approach and device for focusing x-rays
Exposure device
Saddle-shaped coil winding using superconductors, and method for the production thereof
Magnetic element
Miniature transformers adapted for use in galvanic isolators and the like
Coin-shaped storage cell
Dual contact bimetallic thermostat
Handling machine using lifting magnet
Ceramic discharge vessel having a sealing composition
Microwave generator
High energy crystal generators and their applications
Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system
Method of forming a semiconductor device having dummy features
Method for cleaning a solar cell surface opening made with a solar etch paste
Electronic device with wire bonds adhered between integrated circuits dies and printed circuit boards
Josephson junction device for superconductive electronics with a magnesium diboride
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit including metal mesh structure
Bond pad structure with stress-buffering layer capping interconnection metal layer
Control layer for a nanoscale electronic switching device
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing same and method of designing same
Semiconductor decoupling capacitor
Semiconductor device having ultra-shallow and highly activated source/drain extensions
Electro-optical device and electronic device
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
Semiconductor apparatus and manufacturing method using a gate contact section avoiding an upwardly stepped polysilicon gate contact
Electronic access control device
Isolation and termination structures for semiconductor die
Bridged gate FinFet
Solar cell module
Image sensor and image sensing apparatus comprising waveguide and multilayer wiring structure
Integrated circuit device with temperature monitor members
InGaAIN light-emitting device containing carbon-based substrate and method for making the same
Energy shuttle based high energy piezoelectric apparatus and method
High voltage isolation semiconductor capacitor digital communication device and corresponding package
Tunable micro electromechanical inductor
Antenna arrangement
Two-tier wide band antenna
Antenna device and portable radio communication device comprising such an antenna device
Antenna for the plug-in dual-interface smart card
Damage prevention interposer for electronic package and electronic interconnect structure
Laser navigation sensor
Method and system for a pulsed laser source emitting shaped optical waveforms
Scalable laser with robust phase locking
Spark plug
Fuse module with movable fuse holder for fused electrical device
Gas-insulated equipment
Circuit arrangement and method for detecting the state of a circuit protection element
Battery charging apparatus including notification control unit
Lithium polymer battery powered intravenous fluid warmer
Feeder line drawing structure of motor for ship propeller
Automotive alternator
Multi-element resonant converters
Method and apparatus for regulating power in a flyback converter
Precharging boost converters in DC to DC power converters
Measurement of the current of a frequency converter
Automatic opening/closing trash bin lid for lavatory unit of aircraft
Apparatus and method for driving 2-phase SRM
Method for managing transitions in a three-phase BLDC motor and corresponding device
Control apparatus and method for controlling an adjusting device in a motor vehicle
Frequency divider
Quadrature oscillator with simplified amplitude, phase and frequency control
Transmission circuit by polar modulation system and communication apparatus using the same
Frequency modulation using a digital frequency locked loop
Circuit and method for dynamic current compensation
Automatic gain control circuit
High frequency surface acoustic wave device and the substrate thereof
Semiconductor switch circuit having MOS transistors with low current consumption
High voltage drive circuit employing capacitive signal coupling and associated devices and methods
Calibration methods and circuits to calibrate drive current and termination impedance
Integrated circuit device, electro-optical device, and electronic instrument
Apparatus and method for generating a constant logical value in an integrated circuit
MOSFET gate interface
Dual-use comparator/op amp for use as both a successive-approximation ADC and DAC
Providing running digital sum control in a precoded bit stream using precoder aware encoding
System and method for implementing a boosterless optical communication system
Method for rate matching in data transmission
Dual-polarization receiver
Neural network-based mobility management for mobile ad hoc radio networks
Low power digital media broadcast receiver with time division
Apparatus and method for estimating frequency offset
Method for transmitting data by a mobile station comprising a step of determining a Maximum Datagram Size (MDS)
Method and apparatus for transporting a client layer signal over an optical transport network (OTN)
Time domain symbol timing synchronization circuit and method thereof for communication systems
Path switching control system, path switching control method and computer system using path switching control
Coordinated environment for classification and control of network traffic
Selectively sending link state messages in a network link state protocol based on interest of network nodes
Ethernet chaining method
Distributed networking agent and method of making and using the same
Method and apparatus for bandwidth management of aggregate data flows
Method and system of promptly processing real-time media stream data packet
System for automated management of spontaneous node migration in a distributed fixed wireless network
Techniques for distributing replication points for traffic using point-to-point links
Method and apparatus for dynamic network address reassignment employing interim network address translation
Simultaneous serial transmission of messages with bit-arbitrated selection of the numerically largest or smallest value in the messages' data fields
Data input circuit and semiconductor device utilizing data input circuit
Utilizing a null jitter buffer to monitor session traffic
DSP voice buffersize negotiation between DSPs for voice packet end devices
Interconnectivity between autonomous systems
Multifabric communication using a backbone fabric
Method for performing segmented resource reservation
Method for detecting calls and corresponding units
Switchboard for multiple data rate communication system
Transmission circuit, and communication apparatus using the same
Method and device for data processing in a wireless mobile terminal
Automated correction of duplex mismatches
Pulse counter with clock edge recovery
Cryptographic method protected against covert channel type attacks
Methods, systems, and products for alerting of calls
Speakerphone establishing and using a second connection of graphics information
Mobile device calls via private branch exchange
Method and device for removing echo in an audio signal
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Methods and systems for color gamut adjustment
Flexible segmented image sensor
Solid-state imaging device, pixel-signal processing method, analog-signal transferring device, and analog-signal transferring method
Image sensor and digital camera
System and method for classifying files in an information processing device
Image file sharing method, and digital camera and center server used in image file sharing system
Extendable pivot shaft mechanism, and an extendable pivot shaft mechanism of a camera for pivoting a rotatable grip on a camera body
Portable terminal having digital camera function
Image processing apparatus, digital camera, and image processing method for attaching proper imaging conditions to a captured image
Image-capturing apparatus and camera-shake compensation mechanism
Zoom method of a digital camera based on extracted values
CMOS solid-state image pickup device and drive method thereof
In-camera dud image management
Network configuration file for automatically transmitting images from an electronic still camera
Monitoring image recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing acquisition in power save mode for wireless communication systems
Method for efficient bearer traffic routing in a communication system
Scheduling method for wireless packet data channel
Systems and methods of configuring a layer-2 switch for multicast filtering
Heater for automotive vehicle and method of forming same
Heat transfer device for use in barbeques
Apparatus for driving a light source and liquid crystal display device using the same
X-ray system and method for image composition
X-ray radiographic apparatus and method
Electronic device and method of fabrication of a same
Piezo fans for cooling an electronic device
In-vehicle apparatus
Ceramic foam electronic component cooling
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred corn line PHB6R
Methods for plant transformation and regeneration of Papaver somniferum
Granule-bound starch synthase
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39V62
Cotton cultivar DP 393
Method for altering storage organ composition
In vivo animal model of human leukemia
3-Keto- or 3- oxime-ether-substituted benzoylcyclohexanediones
Gelling agents or thickeners
Supplementary device for a small electric appliance
Trifluoroacetylalkyl-substituted phenyl, phenol and benzoyl compounds and related methods of treatment
Absorbent structure having improved absorption properties
Magnetically shielded conductor
Adhering therapeutic tool
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and apparatus for catalytic distillations
Process for producing methacrylic acid
Catalyst containing microporous zeolite in mesoporous support and method for making same
Mesoporous material with active metals
Bar type vibration motor
Closed box structure of the horizontal linear motor machine tool
Electric linear motor, and secondary for a linear motor
Method for monitoring a metal layer during chemical mechanical polishing using a phase difference signal
Cascaded die mountings with spring-loaded contact-bond options
Vehicle control apparatus
Power supply for an automotive vehicle
Load driver with power storage unit
Switch structure of lamp unit
Method and system for acoustic function control in motor vehicles
Method and apparatus for waterproofing a wire harness
Anti-stiction technique for thin film and wafer-bonded encapsulated microelectromechanical systems
Device for the recognition of residual synchronization errors of multiple slats of flaps placed next to each other in aircraft
MEMS having a three-wafer structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Phosgene having low content of carbon tetrachloride
Method for the nuclear chlorination of ortho-xylene
Process for the preparation of
Process for the preparation of linear low molecular weight olefins by the oligomerization of ethylene
Process for producing 2,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)nitrobenzene
Process for preparing aminostilbene derivatives
Multicomponent synthesis of amino acids and derivatives thereof
Process for producing a cyclic aliphatic oxime
Process for the preparation of diisocyanates
Process for the hydrogenation of acetone
Method for purifying a fluorinated hydroxyl compound
Production methods of citalopram and intermediates therefor
Liquid phase oxidation of cycloalkane compound
Method for production of unsaturated carboxylic ester
PRO1184 polypeptides
Rhamnose binding protein
CCR5 chemokine receptor-specific antibodies
Synthetic peptides for demyelinating conditions
DNA encoding bovine immunoglobulin a inducing protein and uses therefor
Method of controlling the binding of calmyrin to presenilin
Gene family with transformation modulating activity
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Polymeric compound
Telechelic ionomeric polyester and method of preparation thereof
Process to produce polyether polyols
High reliability non-conductive adhesives for non-solder flip chip bondings and flip chip bonding method using the same
Modified polyamides, compositions based on same and macromolecular compounds used to obtain them
Maize cellulose synthases and uses thereof
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotation angle detection device
Position detecting device
Method for producing a hydropower plant
Tide compensated swell powered generator
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of compressor
Rotation angle detector
Conductivity sensor
Spark checker-spark arc gage
Method and apparatus for monitoring detergent concentration in a decontamination process
Using surface microwaves for measuring and determining density and/or moisture content of a material
Flexible multi-layered probe for measuring a signal from an object
Membrane probing system
Range resistors for AC-DC transfer measurements
Method for the temperature-compensated, electro-optical measurement of an electrical voltage and device for carrying out the method
Digitizing ohmmeter system
Capacitive probe assembly with flex circuit
Method and apparatus for accelerated SER testing of circuitry
Method using conductive atomic force microscopy to measure contact leakage current
Partial discharge detection test link, partial discharge detection system and methods for detecting partial discharge on a power cable
System for testing integrated circuit devices
IDDQ testing of CMOS mixed-signal integrated circuits
Traction motor fault detection system
Electronic battery tester with battery failure temperature determination
High resolution scanning magnetic microscope operable at high temperature
Method/system for switched frequency ripple reduction in MRI gradient coils
Head coil arrays for parallel imaging in magnetic resonance imaging
Three dimensional MRI RF coil unit capable of parallel imaging
Time-variable magnetic fields generator for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Compact optical cable
Storage capacitor of planar display and fabrication method of same
Mobile receptacle, power feeding gate device, server device and power usage management system for efficiently delivering electric power
Device and method for controlling a machine tool
Cage mounting assembly
Circuit and method to compensate for RMR variations and for shunt resistance across RMR in an open loop current bias architecture
Electronic device and method of manufacture the same
System and method for relating electromagnetic waves to sound waves
Inspection method and apparatus for EL array substrate
Fast release clamp for a cymbal
High-hat stand
Method of producing guitar picks from identification cards
Apparatus for analyzing music using sounds of instruments
Adjustable keyboard apparatus and method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Memory with conductors between or in communication with storage units
Chemically-doped composite insulator for early detection of potential failures due to exposure of the fiberglass rod
Switch for vehicle
Switch matrix
Safety switch box for saw machine
Electric machine and manual machine tool comprising the same
Switch assembly for electronic appliances
Plasma display and manufacturing method thereof
Compliant tension mask assembly
Color selection apparatus including frame supporting tension mask for cathode ray tube
Arc tube/shroud holder for hid lamp
Display device
Method for improving current stability of field emission displays
Method for alloy-electroplating group IB metals with refractory metals for interconnections
Electronic component including a housing and a substrate
Semiconductor device of transistor structure having strained semiconductor layer
Integrated circuit substrate having laminated laser-embedded circuit layers
Integrated circuit substrate having laser-embedded conductive patterns and method therefor
Thin film device and a method of providing thermal assistance therein
Silicon on insulator structure having an epitaxial layer and intrinsic gettering
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit arrangement
Shock hardened mounting and cooling of a semiconductor device
Package structure for optical image sensing integrated circuits
Stacked semiconductor die assembly having at least one support
Surface mounted package with die bottom spaced from support board
Semiconductor device
Grid array microelectronic packages with increased periphery
Under bump metallization structure of a semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same and semiconductor device-mounted structure
Power gridding scheme
Using adhesive materials as insulation coatings for leadless lead frame semiconductor packages
Wire bonding method and apparatus for integrated circuit
Tape carrier package
Multilayer printed wiring board and method of producing multilayer printed wiring board
Electronic device includes an insulating film having density or carbon concentration varying gradually in the direction of the thickness and a conductive film formed therein
Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlayer insulator film, and semiconductor device
Electronic parts packaging structure and method of manufacturing the same
Dicing tape and die ejection method
Method for determining an ESD/latch-up strength of an integrated circuit
Solar cell module-mounting structure and solar cell module array
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescence device
Organic electroluminescence display panel and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device having a folded layer structure
Dual-phase delay-locked loop circuit and method
Device for converting solar radiation into electric power
Temperature-sensing diode
Electromechanical functional module and associated process
Piezoelectric element
Multilayer electrical component having a passivation layer
Vibration element and vibration wave driving apparatus
Organic electro-luminescence device and fabricating method thereof
Electroluminescent display device with desiccant layer
Multi-series connection type battery cell pack for reducing self-consumption over a long period of time
Ground bar
Electromechanical switching device
Flexible wiring and tubing carrier for slide-out rooms
Automotive electrical connection box
Split junction box
Cage mounting assembly
Base for electrical outlet and related method
Two-piece swivel hanger assembly
Ground wire insulator post for utility poles
Battery charger with a timed high-current stage
Discharge methodologies for optimizing the performance of lithium/silver vanadium oxide cells
Residual capacity correction method for battery
Battery charger
Mobile electrical power source
Power system for a telecommunication facility
Subassembly of an electrical machine and electrical machine with one such subassembly
Rotor of dynamo-electric machine
Brushless electro-mechanical device
DC motor brush filter circuit
A.C. motor-inverter integrated drive unit
Multi-stage motor
Motor armature having distributed windings for reducing arcing
Generator rotor pole crossover
Several phase for a stator of an alternator for a motor vehicle
Electric apparatus having a stator with insulated end laminations within the central opening of end plates
Rotary electric machine stator and method of manufacturing the same
Centralized power distribution unit having bus bars accommodated in holding grooves of insulating holders
Linear motor
Linear electrodynamic system and method
Linear synchronous motor with multiple time constant circuits, a secondary synchronous stator member and improved method for mounting permanent magnets
Torque converter and system using the same
Compliant stator
Armature support structure of starter for automotive engine
Alternator stator having a multiple filar construction to improve convective cooling
Circuit for the generation of electric power of opposite polarity in a pulsating power supply
Switching regulator circuit
Current sense apparatus and method using a combination of a simulation and a real sense for a switching mode power converter
Method for electronic damping of electrostatic positioners
Driving circuit for improving starting of hybrid induction motor and method thereof
Method for reducing the influence of a DC current component in the load current of an asynchronous motor
Apparatus for controlling deceleration of DC motor
Container inspection machine
Hybrid synchronous/induction generator power plant
Level shifter having low peak current
Exponential conversion circuit and variable gain circuit
Delay circuit and method with delay relatively independent of process, voltage, and temperature variations
Film bulk acoustic resonator
Tuning fork type crystal unit and bar type crystal unit
Method and apparatus for reducing charge injection in a FET switch
Method and circuit for reducing losses in DC-DC converters
Differential transistor and method therefor
Terminating resistor driver for high speed data communication
Thevenins receiver
Quasi-feedforward PWM modulator
High bandwidth feed-forward oscillator
Triple redundant latch design with storage node recovery
Method and apparatus to delay signal latching
Methods and apparatus for delay circuit
High-speed receiver for high I/O voltage and low core voltage
Circuit for controlling the performance of an integrated circuit
Frequency division/multiplication with jitter minimization
Apparatus and method for reflection delay splitting digital clock distribution
System and method for code division multiple access communication in a wireless communication environment
Circuit arrangement
Theatrical lighting control network
Method and apparatus for controlling images with image projection lighting devices
Power supply device for energizing discharge lamp
Method for operating at least one low-pressure discharge lamp and operating device for at least one low-pressure discharge lamp
Flexible printed wiring boards
Circuit substrate having improved connection reliability and a method for manufacturing the same
Printed circuit boards and method of producing the same
Flex-circuit shielded connection
Shielding device in a transitional area between a housing and a cable
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew