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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Electronic cigarette charging apparatus
Gaming system and method for offering simultaneous play of multiple games
Local jackpot system appearing global in nature and global prize management system and method of use
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ultrasonic cleaning of marine geophysical equipment
Non-lithographic line pattern formation
Lens array fabrication method, and film containing base plate and film attaching instrument employed in same
Magnetic kinetic propulsion motor apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine having optimized efficiency
Light source, backlight module and display apparatus
Adjustment dial assemblies for sealed systems
Airborne particulate source detection system
Airborne particulate source detection system
Flow control device and methods of attachment
Method and apparatus for providing a charge blocking layer on an infrared up-conversion device
Method for compensating for propagation inhomogeneities for a temporal reflectometry signal
Semiconductor wafer and method of concurrently testing circuits formed thereon
Methods for testing a battery and devices configured to test a battery
Techniques for assessing condition of leds and power supply
System and method for locating a gradient coil
Systems and methods for utilizing compressed sensing in an entertainment system
Radiation detector and radiation imaging apparatus including the same
Method and configuration for the optical detection of an illuminated specimen
Electrowetting display device including an internal refractive diffuser
Display apparatus and display system
Fabrication of lenses by droplet formation on a pre-heated surface
Dynamic spatial-mode allocation in an under-addressed optical MIMO system
Prosthesis and method for widening the palpebral fissure of an individual's eye
Light-source device and liquid crystal display apparatus
Display panel and display apparatus having retardation film with grid
Manufacturing method of a liquid crystal device comprising an alignment film formed under reduced pressure
Liquid crystal display device
Image pickup apparatus
Head-up display device with dust cover
Transparent sound dampening projection screen
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for control of suction of air passed through fixing unit
Cartridge, image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus and control method for fixing device
Fixing device and image forming apparatus with a movable presser which moves a fixing belt
Controlling device and method for controlling power consumption in a system of power consuming devices
Intelligent wireless and wired control of devices
Key fob with sliding lock status indicator
Automatic guiding system for analyzing pavement curvature and method for the same
Determining a time for corrective action in a data center
Apparatus and method for selectively disabling one or more analog circuits of a processor during a low power state of the processor
Clock circuit and method for providing an electronic device with an adjustable clock signal
Direct attach dock cooling leveraging maximum silicon junction temperature control
Method and apparatus for controlling a connection interface
Method to avoid over-rebooting of power supply device
Techniques for solar cell management for computing devices
Electronic device, image processing apparatus, and device control method
Detection of undocking for electronic devices
Data mirror volume verification
Computer flight recorder with active error detection
Self-error injection technique for point-to-point interconnect to increase test coverage
In-channel memory mirroring
SMS4 acceleration processors having encryption and decryption mapped on a same hardware
Cloud computing benchmarking
Test case generation for uncovered code paths
Cached volumes at storage gateways
Selection and placement of volumes in a storage system using stripes
Adjustment of volume synchronization
Virtual storage address threshold for freemained frames
I3C high data rate (HDR) always-on image sensor 8-bit operation indicator and buffer over threshold indicator
Coherent fabric interconnect for use in multiple topologies
Methods, systems, and computer program products for processing a request for a resource in a communication
Processing a stream of tuples
Restriction of posting information to sharing processors
Computer-implemented system and method for prioritizing electronic messages based on importance
Peer-assisted mail thread management
Intelligent message queue management
Using custom protocol headers to modify non-header data
Selecting subsets of participants in electronic message threads
Method and device for Internet protocol communication over a DMX network
Enabling access to user-chosen and/or preferred content via remote trusted third-party systems
Quality of service for high network traffic events
Monitoring a business transaction utilizing PHP engines
Graph segment representing a gist of an online social network conversation
Cloud independent tuning service for autonomously managed workloads
Scalable and programmable processor comprising multiple cooperating processor units
Layered structure with conductive polymer for recognition of manipulation and process for the production thereof
Validation of formulas with external sources
Analytics and deduplication for air-gapped log analysis
Contextual determination of emotion icons
System and method for global identification in a collection of documents
Media platform for adding synchronized content to media with a duration
Inserting new elements in a tabular data structure
System and method for supplementing a question answering system with mixed-language source documents
System and method for supplementing a question answering system with mixed-language source documents
Determining NCCs and/or using the NCCs to adapt performance of computer-based action(s)
Text prediction using multiple devices
System and method for retrieving internet pages using page partitions
Managing a database management system using a set of stream computing data
Index traversals utilizing alternate in-memory search structure and system memory costing
Index traversals utilizing alternative in-memory search structure and system memory costing
Systems and methods for automatic narrative creation
Interactive advisory system
Using access count of the remote site to optimize file transfer order for asynchronous replication
Managing a search
Continuous content refinement of topics of user interest
Methods and systems for searching logical patterns
System and method for identifying miscategorization
Method for determining condition of category division of key performance indicator, and computer and computer program therefor
System and/or method for linking network content
Methods and systems for searching, selecting, and displaying content
Point of presence distribution mechanism for digital content objects
Protocol based user data management
Dynamic document collection and custom portal creation
Obtaining software asset insight by analyzing collected metrics using analytic services
Data synchronization
Modeling the performance of a field effect transistor having a dynamically depleted channel region
Detecting dispensable inverter chains in a circuit design
Topography simulation apparatus, topography simulation method and recording medium
On the fly netlist compression in power analysis
Solver for hardware based computing
System and predictive modeling method for smelting process control based on multi-source information with heterogeneous relatedness
System and method for secure access of a remote system
Authentication management
Threat-aware provisioning and governance
Enhanced data leakage detection in cloud services
Layered vector architecture compatibility for cross-system portability
Method and system for display of visual information
Wearable sensor system for providing a personal magnetic field and techniques for horizontal localization utilizing the same
Film haptic system having multiple operation points
Apparatus for a user interface and associated methods
Imaging device with review display control function
Touch determination by tomographic reconstruction
Display device and method of controlling the same
Input device, display control method, and integrated circuit device
Smart display data capturing platform for record systems
Mirroring application GUI layout to operating system GUI layout
Multi-zone interface switching method and device
Method to enable semi-automatic regeneration of manuals by saving manual creation operations as scripts
Cognitive screen sharing with contextual awareness
Displaying a contextual organization chart with awareness
Automatic deep view card stacking
Systems and methods for look-initiated communication
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable recording medium storing information processing program
Apparatus and method for digital content navigation
Composite gesture for switching active regions
Cloud-based trash can
Hidden application icons
Systems and methods for providing a trading interface
Method and apparatus to abort a command
Dynamically managing a table of contents
Handling storage unit latency in a dispersed storage network
Printing apparatus, control method for printing apparatus, and storage medium to avoid performing sheet type detection in printing
Image forming system, server, information processing method, and image forming apparatus that decrease paper jam
Tethering type head mounted display and method for controlling the same
Efficient full delete operations
Method and system for determining relevant text in a web page
Computer-implemented method of carrying out a search for information available over a network
Supplementing a tuple with a derived value
Network authentication of a geo-fenced volume
Processing method for network address translation technology, NAT device and BNG device
Chaining of use case-specific entity identifiers
Dynamic reconfigurable compiler
Automated identification of redundant method calls
ROM-code programmable digital signal processor
Universal history buffer to support multiple register types
Instruction stream tracing of multi-threaded processors
Instruction and logic for a convertible innovation and debug engine
Accurately estimating install time
Deploying and utilizing a software library and corresponding field programmable device binary
Proactive cognitive analysis for inferring test case dependencies
Exemplary testing of software
Automatic detection of potential merge errors
Identifying user managed software modules
Infrastructure for the automation of the assembly of schema maintenance scripts
Modeling an enterprise
Task processing method and virtual machine
Avoiding overloading of network adapters in virtual environments
Information processing apparatus, information processing system and program
Dynamic optimization of workload execution based on statistical data collection and updated job profiling
Generating a non-deterministic model of a process for a goal
Data carrier
Selectively optically readable data carrier
Multilayer wiring coupling dual interface card carrier-band module
Image processing of organs depending on organ intensity characteristics
Tagging visual media on a mobile device
System and method for partial fingerprint enrollment and matching using small size fingerprint sensors
Systems and methods for mapping an environment
Image apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable, non-transitory medium
Apparatus and method for generating depth information
Biometric sensor for detection of wrist blood vessels in a wrist strap
System and method for creating a virtual backdrop
Systems and methods for evaluating suitability of an article for an individual
Migrating a legacy system by inferring context-sensitive business rules from legacy source code
Apparatus and method for tracking and gathering information associated with assets
System and methods for facilitating value exchanges using mobile devices
Distribution and enablement of reloadable prepaid cards in transit
System and method for transaction automation
Age-targeted online marketing using inferred age range information
Hierarchical systems, apparatus and methods for displaying context-aware content
Visible insurance
Devices, system, and method of selecting, displaying, and purchasing favorite drinks of a user within a location-based virtual social networking context
Method and apparatus for virtual 3D model generation and navigation using opportunistically captured images
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Augmented reality system
User/object interactions in an augmented reality environment
Augmented reality objects based on biometric feedback
Display control of an image on a display screen
Flexible control in resizing of visual displays
System and method for assessing wound
Large-range-first cross-camera visual target re-identification method
Mobile wireless payment and access
Wireless incentive system for vehicle users
Treatment system and method for ingestible product dispensing system and method
Gaming machine and image alteration control method of gaming machine
System to manage automated prize value accumulation and distribution
Financial device
Method and apparatus for providing search information
Cell phone recovery device
Tracking a user based on an electronic noise profile
Anti-theft tag for electronic device charging port
Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
Dual mode item locating system
Systems and methods for monitoring use of rail on a footpath
Method for conveying driving conditions for vehicular control
Drumstick control trainer
Pelvic model
Audio demonstration kit
Intelligent label device and method
Display devices with transmittance compensation mask
Method for one-touch translational navigation of immersive, virtual reality environments
Display apparatus constituting multi display system and control method thereof
Electronic display with a relief
Method for producing a color image and imaging device employing same
Hammer pick
Adapting a speech system to user pronunciation
Handheld communication device and method(s) of use
Method and apparatus for signal extraction of audio signal
Moving cartridge between library strings
Actuator coil temperature estimation using skew values
Distributed storage and computing of interim data
Dual mode operation having power saving and active modes in a stacked circuit topology with logic preservation
Method of determining the value of a parameter representative of the operability of a nuclear reactor, determining system, computer and corresponding medium
Protective device and laser raman safety inspection apparatus comprising the same
Nuclear reactor target assemblies, nuclear reactor configurations, and methods for producing isotopes, modifying materials within target material, and/or characterizing material within a target material
Electric wire and method for producing the same, and multi-core cable and method for producing the same
Methods and devices for generating double emulsions
RF-only detection scheme and simultaneous detection of multiple ions
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of optimizing wire RC for device performance and reliability
Flexible-substrate-based three-dimensional packaging structure and method
BEOL vertical fuse formed over air gap
Vertical single electron transistor formed by condensation
Wafer stress control and topography compensation
Silicon composite substrates
Method for transferring a thin layer with supply of heat energy to a fragile zone via an inductive layer
Fabricating contacts of a CMOS structure
Centering substrates on a chuck
Method of manufacturing a wiring structure on a self-forming barrier pattern
Voidless contact metal structures
Formation of metal resistor and e-fuse
Confined eptaxial growth for continued pitch scaling
Dual liner silicide
Heat dissipation structure of semiconductor device
Columnar interconnects and method of making them
Device architecture and method for precision enhancement of vertical semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Non-contacting inductive interconnects
Test pattern layout for test photomask and method for evaluating critical dimension changes
Fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator transistors
Circuits and antennas integrated in dies and corresponding method
Semiconductor device
Resistive memory with varying dopant concentration in select transistor channel
Display device
Integrated strained stacked nanosheet FET
Bipolar junction transistors and methods forming same
Lighting device, backlight module and illumination module
Mirrored contact CMOS with self-aligned source, drain, and back-gate
Implantation formed metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) contacts
Charge carrier transport facilitated by strain
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor assembly and method of manufacture
Method for mitigating layout effect in FINFET
Semiconductor device, electronic component, and electronic device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing thereof
Dual channel memory
Optical sensor device
Solar cell, manufacturing method thereof, and solar cell module
Organic dye for a dye-sensitized solar cell
Photodetector cell and solar panel with dual metal contacts and related methods
Control circuits for dynamically biased avalanche photodiodes
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Composite substrate, semiconductor chip having a composite substrate and method for producing composite substrates and semiconductor chips
LED unit and manufacturing method thereof
Energy recovering assembly and a method of providing the same
Hole transport material
Perovskite thin films having large crystalline grains
Ionic liquid and power storage device including the same
Battery case for mobile device
Battery heat exchange duct system
Positive electrode active material
Negative-electrode material for nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery production process for the same, negative electrode for nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery, and nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery
Polycrystalline vanadium oxide nanosheets
Electrochemical device electrode including cobalt oxyhydroxide
Electrode assembly comprising fiber-shaped structures
Enhanced hybrid-tee coupler
Frequency modulation assembly and cavity filter
Transmission type antenna
Embedded symmetric multiple axis antenna system with isolation among the multiple axes
Sealed accessories for electronic devices
Method and switch for automatically cutting off high temperature and high current by using metal-insulator transition (MIT) device
Systems and methods for operation of an AC power supply distribution circuit
Systems and method for HVDC transmission
Wireless power transmission system and method for increasing coupling efficiency by adjusting resonant frequency
Charge cabinet and storage device thereof
Combined triangular power strip and USB charger
Wireless charging module and mobile terminal including the same
Embedded magnet motor and rotor of embedded magnet motor
Bus bar unit and manufacturing method of bus bar unit
Failure mode protection for electromechanical battery
Device for generating a movement, motor comprising said device and use of the latter
Drive circuit and method of using the same
Electronic circuit and boost converter
Controller for a resonant converter
Modular subsea converter
PLL post divider phase continuity
Comparative balancing
Electroacoustic component and method for the production thereof
Matrix ferrite driver circuit
Method to perform convolutions between arbitrary vectors using clusters of weakly coupled oscillators
Semiconductor device and electronic device
Power-efficient successive-approximation analog-to-digital converter using LSB averaging
Matching pattern combinations via fast array comparison
Detection of a dispersed pulse signal
High frequency transmitters and receivers
Multi-purpose portable power bank and/or mobile phone fixing device
Active phased array transmitter, active phased array receiver, and active phased array transceiver
Optical transmitter, optical communication system, and optical transmission/reception control method
Optical signal transmission system and method of allocating center frequencies of intermediate frequency (IF) carriers for frequency division multiplexing (FDM) optical fiber link
Multi-PAM output driver with distortion compensation
Near field communication mode adjustment based on a screen state
System and method for joint MIMO transmission and compression for interference mitigation with cooperative relay
Exploratory beamforming training techniques for 60 GHz devices
Method and terminal for performing beamforming based on sensor information of terminal
Speed frame exchange rules
Secure computer architecture
MoCA packet aggregation
Selective event reporting in a mobile telecommunications network
Hardware-based packet processing circuitry
PIM source discovery by last hop router on shared tree
Live events attendance smart transportation and planning
Communication control system, communication control method, and communication control program
Allocating charges for communications services
Control device, communication system, control method, and non-transitory recording medium
Method and system for sending flow table in SDN, of controller, and of switch
Window management based on an indication of congestion in a stream computing environment
Facilitation of adaptive dejitter buffer
Future generation 5G and multimode 4G and 3G mobile modulation format selectable (MFS) communications
Mobile device identify factor for access control policies
Filtering network traffic using protected filtering mechanisms
Cognitive authentication with employee onboarding
Protection of application passwords using a secure proxy
Retrospective discovery of shared credentials
Media list for travel
Management of encryption within processing elements
End-to end protection for shrouded virtual servers
Selecting bitrate to stream encoded media based on tagging of important media segments
System, apparatus and method for secure network bridging using a rendezvous service and multiple key distribution servers
Secure assertion attribute for a federated log in
Wireless information passing and authentication
Transition from a primary communication session type to a secondary communication session type
Techniques for promoting and viewing social content written by nearby people
User equipments, base stations and methods for carrier aggregation
System and methods for opportunistic cryptographic key management on an electronic device
Highly accurate security and filtering software
Trusted communications between untrusting parties
Management of secret data items used for server authentication
Determining process to be executed based on direction of surface in which vibration-applied surface faces and application state
Content selection and delivery of complementary information
Rearranging display of mobile applications based on geolocation
Information processing apparatus and multifunction peripheral having openable unit and detector
Image forming apparatus, non-transitory computer readable recording medium, and information processing system
Image reading device, image forming apparatus, and method of setting white reference value
Rights management in a distributed image capture system
Image reading device and method, and image forming apparatus, with pixel value correction based on estimated image data of non-reading region
Filling disparity holes based on resolution decoupling
Systems and methods for guided conversion of video from a first to a second compression format
Method and apparatus for managing access plans
Computing system with video-tagging anomaly detection feature
Comment-provided video generating apparatus and comment-provided video generating method
Video frame playback scheduling
Image adjustment apparatus, method, and imaging apparatus to determine a boundary in an image based on a position of a light source
Apparatus and method to maximize the display area of a mobile device
Camera module including ventilation groove and recess portion
Panoramic camera enclosure
Electronic apparatus, method of controlling the same, and computer-readable recording medium
Method of adjusting digital camera image processing parameters
Thermal imaging device and a method for using same
Video encoding method, video encoding device, and video encoding program
Monitoring apparatus
User authentication via image manipulation
Feature identification using an RGB-NIR camera pair
Image processing method for locally adjusting image data of real-time image
Clip scheduling with conflict alert
Passive optical network (PON) supporting fragmentation function of media access control (MAC) frame
Transducer components and structure thereof for improved audio output
Large-capsule, side-address, switchable multi-pattern removable assembly for condenser microphone
Vehicle entertainment system
Portable device and method for entering power-saving mode
Electronic device, control method, and control program
System and method for restraining ear-fitting headphones
System and method for all electrical noise testing of MEMS microphones in production
WiFi access management system and methods of operation thereof
Wireless communication system, terminal device, wireless communication method, integrated circuit, and processing method
Techniques for optimizing dual track routing
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
High-energy X-ray imaging device and method therefor
Method and apparatus for visualizing a 3D data set
System and method for thermal management of CT detector circuitry
Method and system for dual or multiple energy imaging
Radiation therapy device
Method and apparatus for online geographic and user verification and restriction using a GPS system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Q-switching method for pulse train generation
Image processing apparatus and image communication apparatus for protecting image information, and method for controlling the same
Computer-equipped mobility device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Optical sensor and method for detecting projectile impact location and velocity vector
Apparatus and method for showing contour lines in modeling
End point detection with imaging matching in semiconductor processing
Current loop control circuit for a time of flight ranging system
Method and apparatus for producing unique radiation spectra
High optical rejection optical spectrum analyzer/monochromator
Diffraction-based optical correlator
Method for taking a spatially resolved spectrum by means of a fourier-transform (FT)-spectrometer and such spectrometer
Miniaturized holographic fourier transform spectrometer with digital aberration correction
Method for characterizing particles in suspension from frequency domain photon migration measurements
Quantum resonance analytical instrument
Pipeline internal inspection device and method
Methods and systems for smoothing
Method and system for multi-PHY addressing
Power source detector
Method and apparatus for code phase tracking
Method for directional location and locating system
Method of aligning optical system using a hologram and apparatus therefor
Optical switch and optical switch module
Optical element and manufacturing method thereof
Optical switch with reversible electroplating mirrors
Micromirror actuator and manufacturing method thereof
Fiber-attached optical devices with in-plane micromachined mirrors
Optical switch, optical add/drop apparatus, optical transmission system, and method of producing optical switch
Microchemical system
Variable polarization plane rotator and optical device using same
Waveguide devices incorporating Kerr-based and other similar optically functional mediums
Diode pumped, multi axial mode intracavity doubled laser
Zoom lens system and camera having the same
Camera with an exposure control function
Extreme ultraviolet soft x-ray projection lithographic method system and lithographic elements
Image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Multi-axis wheel scroller and selector
Method and apparatus for synchronizing timekeeping devices
Multichannel digital data sending device and method, information organizing device and method, and multichannel digital data managing device and method
Event detection with a digital processor
Network device including reverse orientated modules
Portable computer having a split screen and a multi-purpose hinge
Processor shroud adaptor for multiple CPU locations
Frame format and frame assembling/disassembling method for the frame format
Color rendering dictionary for testing color conversion
Link selection parameter modification for network access selection
Telephone equipment compatible, twelve button alphanumeric keypad
Printing method and apparatus having multiple raster image processors
Program counter circuit
Execution time measurement device in a control unit and an execution time measurement method
Automatic remote firmware upgrade
Method for selecting a finishing device for digital printing
Web-enabled live scanner and method for control
Method and apparatus for measuring motion of an object surface by multi-resolution analysis using a mesh model
Handwritten character recognition apparatus
Size reduction method and device for compressed images
Bi-directional motion compensation method to reduce the number of registers
Video processing of a quantized base layer and one or more enhancement layers
Automated rip tide detection system
Method and device for displaying or searching for object in image and computer-readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for modifying graphics content prior to display for color blind use
Selective mesh refinement
Method for improved automatic partial color constancy correction
Method of spatially filtering digital image for noise removal, noise estimation or digital image enhancement
Method and apparatus for detecting moving object
System and method for progressively transform coding digital data
Rate and delivery time multiplexing for bandwidth optimization
Three-dimensional wavelet-based scalable video compression
Motion picture data converter, and computer product
Apparatus and method for image coding using tree-structured quantization based on wavelet transform
Method and apparatus for controlling loop filtering or post filtering in block based motion compensationed video coding
Method and device for the generation of printed graphic patterns for exhibiting movie pictures to moving observers by means of a static optical apparatus
Simultaneous read-write memory cell at the bit level for a graphics display
Computer audio system
Correlating call data and speech recognition information in a telephony application
Optical recording medium and optical pickup device
Optical disk and optical disk drive device
Disk positioning device for an optical disk reading device
Optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus that records/reproduces data after finalizing process
Signal processing circuit for preventing pseudo lock of timing recovery PLL
Information storage apparatus
Method of hiding areas on a disc like recording of the optically rewritable type
Optical irradiation head and information recording/reproducing device
Tracking and focus servo system with head load
Phase compensation method and optical storage apparatus
Optical information recording medium, and substrate and manufacturing method for the optical information recording medium
Optical information processor and optical element
Optical element
Optical information reading apparatus with super-resolution cut-off filter
Optical recording medium applicable for improved servo control
Grooving apparatus and grooving method
Ultra-high density storage device with electron beam steering
Methods for isolating memory elements within an array
Magnetic memory and driving method therefor
Cross-point MRAM array with reduced voltage drop across MTJ's
Magnetic memory device, method for writing on the same and method for reading from the same
Magnetic random access memory cell device using magnetic tunnel junction
Voltage boosting device for a ferroelectric memory device
Ferroelectric memory and operating method therefor, and memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having ferroelectric capacitor
FeRAM semiconductor memory
NAND-type flash memory device having array of status cells for storing block erase/program information
Redundancy circuit and semiconductor device using the same
Semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
Semiconductor device
Methods, circuits, and systems for refreshing memory cells in a memory device that have different refresh periods
System and method for power saving memory refresh for dynamic random access memory devices after an extended interval
Refresh control and internal voltage generation in semiconductor memory device
Method of reading memory device in page mode and row decoder control circuit using the same
Semiconductor memory device having potential amplitude of global bit line pair restricted to partial swing
Contact structure, phase change memory cell, and manufacturing method thereof with elimination of double contacts
NAND type flash EEPROM in which sequential programming process is performed by using different intermediate voltages
Programming an electronic device including a non-volatile memory, in particular for adjusting the features of an oscillator
Suspend-resume programming method for flash memory
Nonvolatile memory and method of programming the same memory
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
High speed low voltage driver
Reading circuit, reference circuit, and semiconductor memory device
Method of over-erase prevention in a non-volatile memory device and related structure
Method for erasing a flash EEPROM
Semiconductor memory device which can recover a memory fail
Semiconductor memory device having test mode
Sector synchronized test method and circuit for memory
Memory device and methods of controlling resistance variation and resistance profile drift
Data compression read mode for memory testing
Circuit topology for high-speed memory access
Power savings in active standby mode
Semiconductor memory device having an internal voltage generation circuit for selectively generating an internal voltage according to an external voltage level
Low voltage non-volatile memory cell
Semiconductor memory device with read and/or write column select gate
High efficiency redundancy architecture in SRAM compiler
Method and apparatus for establishing and maintaining desired read latency in high-speed DRAM
Semiconductor memory device having self-precharge function
Self-timed strobe generator and method for use with multi-strobe random access memories to increase memory bandwidth
Method and apparatus for measuring current as in sensing a memory cell
Semiconductor memory device having hierarchical structure of data input/output line and precharge method thereof
Data signal reception latch control using clock aligned relative to strobe signal
Semiconductor memory device capable of accessing data in continuous burst mode regardless of location of accessed data
Device for storing information and a method for partial write and restore
Line selector for a matrix of memory elements
Flash memory capable of utilizing one driving voltage output circuit to drive a plurality of word line drivers
Method of establishing a nuclear reactor core fuel assembly loading pattern
Multi-leaf collimator and medical system including accelerator
System and method for irradiating large articles
Multi-layered unit
Multilayer ceramic capacitor
Anode member for a solid electrolytic capacitor, solid electrolytic capacitor using the anode member, and method of producing the anode member
Method of selectively forming local interconnects using design rules
Using isolated p-well transistor arrangements to avoid leakage caused by word line/bit line shorts
Densely packed electronic assemblage with heat removing element
Electronic module
Optical transmitter equipment and semiconductor laser device
Generating electronic carrier signals in the optical domain
Pump source for lasers
Solid-state laser device
Laser light source
System and method for using an output transformer for laser diode drivers
Feedback mechanisms for stabilizing a laser system
High power laser having a trivalent liquid host
Method of transferring energy in an optical fiber laser structure using energy migration
Digitally tunable laser
Control of current spreading in semiconductor laser diodes
Distributed Bragg reflectors with reduced optical absorption
Integrated semiconductor laser device and method of manufacture thereof
Wavelength locked semiconductor laser module
Long wavelength vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Semiconductor laser driving apparatus with filter to attenuate enhanced frequency component and optical disk apparatus including the same
Method and apparatus for improving temperature performance for GaAsSb/GaAs devices
Fuel cell inverter
Computer power supply
Power regeneration circuit and power conversion system
Factorized power architecture with point of load sine amplitude converters
Switching power supply and distributed parameter structure
N-point-converter circuit
Single-stage backlight inverter and method for driving the same
Method and apparatus for generating a phase dependent control signal
Feedforward clock switching circuit
Digital phase locked loop
Low noise, low distortion, muxable Gilbert mixer signal processing system and method with AGC functionality
Multiple stage and/or nested predistortion system and method
Frequency dependent excursion limiter
Soft mute circuit
Process and apparatus for correction of a resampler
Remote commander
Gray code counter
Phase-locked loop with analog phase rotator
Frequency hopping wireless communication system with filtered adaptive slicer
Ultra wide bandwidth spread-spectrum communications systems
Peak power and envelope magnitude regulators and CDMA transmitters featuring such regulators
Symbol-directed weighting in parallel interference cancellation
Signal detector employing a doppler phase correction system
Infrared emitter
Method and apparatus for inband testing of an echo canceller
Antenna diversity receiver
Hybrid CDM/TDM signaling for packet acknowledgment
Wide frequency offset correction using encoded interburst phase differences
Background test system for time division multiplexing switching systems
Synchronization signal for synchronizing base stations
Serial communications link for a base stations
Digital receivers and receiving methods that scale for relative strengths of traffic and pilot channels during soft handoff
System and method for synchronizing with data received over an unreliable asynchronous medium
Training sequence with a random delay for a radio communications system
Optical adaptation layer frame for aggregating IP flows at edge nodes for sonet transport
Access device and method thereof for accessing a network
Systems and methods for providing pooled access in a telecommunications network
PON transmission system and dynamic band assignment system to be employed in the same
Framed packet bus with improved FPB protocol
Method for data rate selection in a wireless communication system
Upstream data transmission
Data transmitting apparatus and data transmitting method
Reduction of aggregate EMI emissions of multiple transmitters
Burst ratio: a measure of bursty loss on packet-based networks
Virtual private network management system
Method and systems for bandwidth management in packet data networks
Control program structure of ATM switching system and method thereof
Intelligent network and method for providing voice telephony over ATM and private address translation
Devices, software and methods for measuring packet loss burstiness to determine quality of voice data transmission through a network
System and method for traffic management control in a data transmission network
Central office technician notification and information system
Secure printing over cable network to home printer
Method and apparatus for management of configuration in a network
System and method for selectively broadcasting a multidimensional digital frame structure
Local network router and method of routing IP data packets
Integrated POTS/DSL line driver with floating supply voltage
Packet prioritization protocol for a large-scale, high speed computer network
Scaleable RSVP signaling between VoIP dial-peers for tandem voice solutions
Vehicle active network with backbone structure
Method and device for switching a plurality of packet-oriented signals
ATM processor for switching in an ATM system
Communication device communication method, and communication terminal device
Receive processing for dedicated bandwidth data communication switch backplane
IP multicast services over ATM multicast
Method for generating and transmitting a train packet in an ATM switch system
Hybrid switching
Method and apparatus for processing services in communication system
System for interconnecting packet-switched and circuit-switched voice communications
Method for estimating channel parameters of radio channels of a W-CDMA mobile radio system
Method, article of manufacture and system to determine a bit rate of a signal
Single transformer hybrid system and method
Transmitter having programmable transmission parameters temporally aligned with payload and method therefor
Differential coding and carrier recovery for multicarrier systems
Apparatus and method for synchronization in a multiple-carrier communication system by observing a plurality of synchronization indicators
Power reduction
Signal detector
Secure wireless local or metropolitan area network and related methods
Method and system for fast IP connectivity in a mobile network
Network-device control system and apparatus
Integrated circuits, systems, apparatus, packets and processes utilizing path diversity for media over packet applications
Dynamically adjustable software encryption
Encryption device using data encryption standard algorithm
Methods and systems for generating encryption keys using random bit generators
Method and system of securely escrowing private keys in a public key infrastructure
Non malleable encryption method and apparatus using key-encryption keys and digital signature
Dual personality analog port
Scalable voice over IP system providing independent call bridging for outbound calls initiated by user interface applications
Facilitation of a conference call
Intelligent call processing platform for home telephone system
System and method for implementing calling card security and secured calling card
Echo cancellation
Caller control of internet call waiting
Methods and systems for providing communications services
Internal line control system
Multiple routing options in a telecommunications service platform
User invoked directed outdial method and apparatus
System and method of serving data messages
Apparatus and method for providing caller-specific data to agent station and for automatically launching corresponding application
System and method for using voice-messaging system to place local and long distance telephone calls
Systems and methods for per use busy message
Communication apparatus capable of automatic activation of forwarding setup instructed by remote access, and control method thereof
Voice chat service on telephone networks
Telephone-computer interface
Mood based virtual photo album
Paper discriminator
Image processing method, apparatus, system and storage medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer readable recording medium for recording program for computer to execute the method
Method for converting the coordinates of image data by way of random offset of the picture elements
Method for making an exposure adjustment on a rendered image
System and method for progressive stereo matching of digital images
Method of real time MPEG-4 texture decoding for a multiprocessor environment
Method and apparatus for the compression and/or transport and/or decompression of a digital signal
Dynamic allocation of radio resources in a packet switched communications-system
Method and apparatus for generating pseudo random numbers in a video device having an embedded cipher unit
Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, data processing system, storage medium and signal
Decoding system and method for proper interpolation for motion compensation
Motion vector selection based on a preferred point
Transition templates for compressed digital video and method of generating the same
Coding device and coding method
Apparatus and method for motion detection of image in digital video recording system using MPEG video compression
Apparatus and method for synchronizing video and audio MPEG streams in a video playback device
Broadband telecommunications system
Failover mechanisms for remote networked phones
Application-specific subnet for enhanced call processing
Hybrid TDM and ATM voice switching central office and method of completing inter-office calls using same
Base station which selectively utilizes B and D channels to support a plurality of communications
Data transmission method in mobile communication system
Base station apparatus and communication method
TDMA radio communication system, and a base station and subscriber stations for radio communication
Data packet numbering in packet-switched data transmission
Insert earphone
Thin enclosure electroacoustical transducing
Feedback compensation device and method, and hearing aid device employing same
Hearing aid and a method for operating a hearing aid
Zoom microphone device
Multi-dimensional processor and multi-dimensional audio processor system
Electro-acoustic transducer with two diaphragms
Laser plasma generation method and system
Mechanism to cross high-speed differential pairs
Circuit board and slot connector assembly
Arrangement of integrated circuits in a memory module
Arrangement of integrated circuits in a memory module
Electronic component support structure
Land grid array assembly using a compressive liquid
Method and system for coupling a chassis to a rail
Electronic component securement system
Docking cassette for printed circuit boards
Heat-dispersing module of electronic device
Electromagnetic shielding plate, electromagnetic shielding structure, and entertainment system
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