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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Vehicle, and method for steering control of same
Paired row furrow opener
Slicing disc mower knives
Emitter and drip irrigation tube
Hydroponic cultivation device
Glyphosate tolerant corn event VCO-O1981-5 and kit and method for detecting the same
Fish attracting assembly
Small animal rearing container
Fishing reel
Portable heating system and method for pest control
Insect restriction system
Pharmaceutical composition for topical application
Outer membrane vesicles and uses thereof
Carotenoid-containing composition and method for producing same
Method and system for arranging rod-like elements and system for recovering tobacco from waste cigarettes
Method for producing packaging blanks for consumer goods
Electronic cigarette with adjustable ventilation area
Battery rod and electronic cigarette
Headgear system that includes easily coupled cap and outer head covering and that helps to protect against vision obstruction
Wearable electronic device having buckle
Intelligent schoolbag
Rotatable handle attachable to an object having a longitudinal extent
Roller applicator
Identification badge holding system
Magnetic brush apparatus
Ready-to-assemble furniture
Movable table
Sleep assist device for seated persons
Shielded seating assembly
Hook-on chair
Rail position lock
Device adapted to facilitate insertion of a hand into a glove
Assembly for a machine for making infused beverages
Container holder with filtration unit for use in a nutritional preparation machine
Rotisserie rod and adaptor
Spatula culinary utensil and methods of use
Portable toilet system
Safety shower water temperature control using geothermal energy
Vacuum grooming tool
Vacuum cleaner
Control system for medical devices and related methods of use
Endoscopy instrument guide port
Method and device for ultrasound guided minimal invasive access of a bodily cavity
Biopsy with marker device and method
Enteric fistula treatment devices
Meniscal repair device
Device combination for connecting hollow organs (anastomosis)
Systems, devices and apparatuses for bony fixation and disk repair and replacement methods related thereto
Surgical locking screw
Visual health maintenance and improvement
Near-infrared super-continuum lasers for early detection of breast and other cancers
Shave biopsy devices and related methods
Large capacity biopsy forceps
Personalized sleep disturbance monitoring apparatus and method with correlation of sleep signals and ambiance disturbance signal
Automated vessel repair system, devices and methods
Electrochemical and luminescent sensor structures integrated on common substrate
Detection of breathing in the bedroom
System and method for neurocognitive training and/or neuropsychological assessment
X-ray anti-scatter grid with varying grid ratio
X-ray photography device
X-ray apparatus and system
Device and method for detecting skin to muscle depth by simultaneous detection of ultrasonic depth sensor and force sensor
Device for converting a rotating motion into a reciprocating motion and an electric mascara applicator assembly having such a device
Gauge system for measuring underbite and overbite in ruminants
Intervertebral disc
Balloon catheter with stent and method for manufacturing it
Dynamic orthosis for foot drop
Footwear-type growth stimulation apparatus
Container having a use indicator
Tolerogenic synthetic nanocarriers for inducing regulatory B cells
Anticancer activity of gold(III) complexes of meso-1,2-di(1-naphthyl)-1,2-diaminoethane
Dosage forms and related therapies
Highly concentrated stable meloxicam solutions
Selective HDAC6 inhibitors and uses thereof
Use of maleimide derivatives for preventing and treating cancer
TCR/MHCII-collagen interaction inhibitors useful for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Otamixaban formulations with improved stability
Trk-inhibiting compound
Methods for treating solid tumor cancers using a histone deacetylase inhibitor and an I.kappa.B kinase inhibitor
Preparation made from oatmeal and method for its use
Association of a tetrapeptide and a glyceryl ester for treating androgenic alopecia
Compositions for intranasal delivery of human insulin and uses thereof
Compositions and uses therefor
Treatment of pemphigus
Benefit delivery particle, process for preparing said particle, compositions comprising said particles and a method for treating substrates
Reduction in CPC taste aversion by reducing CPC activation of TRPA1, TPRV1, or both
Method for treating deleterious effects arising from tattoos
Method for coating surfaces by enzymatic reaction
Bisacodyl compositions and delivery apparatus
Mesoporous silica nanoparticles for biomedical applications
Pharmaceutical dosage form comprising nifedipine or nisoldipine and an angiotensin II antagonist and/or a diuretic
High-density lipoprotein coated medical devices and methods of treatment using the devices
Device for removing a vascular occulsion
Guidewires with variable rigidity
Subdural drainage catheters with self contained mechanism for restoration of flow following catheter obstruction
Device for protecting the rectal anastomosis
Assembly with a guide tube, a fixator for attaching to a blood vessel, and a pump
Real-time adaptive immune system and method
Graft-catheter vascular access system
Display arrangement for a drug delivery device
Cartridge system for delivery of medicament
Apparatus and method for identifying atrial arrhythmia by far-field sensing
Magnetic neural stimulator and method of activation of neural tissue with same
Light applicators, systems and methods
Jungle gym joint and jungle gym
Exercise device
Wheelchair exercise device
Upper body exercise equipment with lower body pedals and methods of using the same
Golf ball manufacturing method
Rebounder assembly having an adjustable tension bed
Systems and methods for a retrieval tool
Push-up device and method of use
Ski oscillation damping apparatus
Constructing social networks using monitored game play
Yoyo with propeller blades
Joint structure
Hunting call
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter means and filter element for treating a flushing liquid for material-removing machining and method for material-removing machining
Device and method of extracting high-concentration plasma from whole blood
Used oil recycling filtration assembly
Machine for dusting a profiled roof tile comprising raised patterns with particulate matter
Hands free frozen drink mixing systems
Metal sulphide-based composite photocatalyst for producing hydrogen
Semiconductor-oxides nanotubes-based composite particles useful for dye-removal and process thereof
Integrated biorefinery for production of liquid fuels
Reactors and methods for producing solid carbon materials
Biologic fluid analysis cartridge
Particle precipitator
Changeover device for coating media and coating system for coating objects
Surface cleaning unmanned aerial vehicle
Container rinsing system and method
Roll for hot rolling
Device and method for producing at least partially closed hollow profiles with rotatable die halves and low cycle time
Press forming apparatus and press forming method for a semi-solid metal material
Pendulum assembly for a crankshaft pendulum having cast-in near net shape hardened inserts
High-pressure casting method and high-pressure casting device
Mo-Si-B manufacture
Method and apparatus for chamfering and deburring gear cut workpieces
Wire electrical discharge machine
Method and device for structuring the surface of a hard material coated solid body by means of a laser
Method and apparatus for preplacement of metal filler powder and flux powder for laser deposition
Repairing method for composite material and composite material using the same
Machine tool
Tool and method of installing a bulkhead within a structure
Nail pushing device for nail gun
Handgrip for cleaning tool handles
Crossclipping and bundling system and method for veneer packets
Underwater pelletizing method for low viscosity hydrocarbon resins
Systems and method for producing three-dimensional articles from flexible composite materials
Actuator apparatus and method enabling multiple piston velocities
Methods of fabricating electronic and mechanical structures
Method of manufacturing cord included rubber sheet
Laminate and process for producing same
Cross seam joining device for joining a sealing seam for a flexible packaging
Method for joining a sealing seam of a tubular bag packaging by means of an ultrasound applicator and longitudinal seal joining device for use with said method
Method and apparatus for cleaning printing presses for three dimensional objects
Drying apparatus and conveying system
Line inkjet head cleaning apparatus, cleaning method, and cleaning program
Bookbinding apparatus and image forming system
Security document with holographic foil and printed machine-readable markings
Page pressing apparatus and document camera system
Erasing implement and writing implement provided with erasing implement
Pneumatic tire
Regeneration of an air dryer on a vehicle
Detection device, detection system, and detection method
Hitch attachment
Vehicle rear wheel steering assist control system and control method therefor
Vehicular heat management system
Laminated windshield with defined break path
Shutter control arrangement for a vehicle
Device for efficient self-contained inertial vehicular propulsion
Management of a remote electric vehicle traction battery system
Controlling apparatus for vehicle
Automated commercial fishing location determination
Blind spot indicator
Illuminated automotive glazings
Collision avoidance system for vehicles
Bumper module
Gas generating system
Gas bag arrangement for a motor vehicle
Wiper device
Method for securing a vehicle at a standstill
Vehicular brake system
Bicycle hose structure
Preventive measures for a cognitive impaired user
Cart transporting apparatus
Sliding tire-chain hanger system and method
Active side-skirts for a motor vehicle
Rotatable extension for robot foot
Preventive self-adjusting structure vehicle seat designed restraint
Human-powered vehicle
Vertical take-off and landing aircraft
Methods and systems for transitioning an aerial vehicle between hover flight and crosswind flight
Cake transporting device
Closure apparatus for flexible pouch
Ventilated pizza box
Bottle holder and related methods
Closure for drink containers
Oxygen-absorbing medical multilayer container and method for storing biological medicine
Apparatus for handling soiled articles
PTP sheet-guide device and tablet dispenser
Filter for capsules for making espresso coffee and capsule for making espresso coffee
Hold and centering device, container treatment device and method for treating containers
Hose for bulk transfer operations
3D printing filament feeding apparatus
Device for filling a receptacle
Liquid soap dispenser with controls positive and reverse rotations of motor and liquid discharge amount through angle counting
Modified nicotinic compounds and related methods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and device for producing polychlorosilanes
Process for the preparation and/or purification of ruthenium(III) chloride
Metallic gold cluster molecules as therapeutic agents for arthritic animals
Expandable water filter reservoir
Method and devices for de-emulsifying and complexing organic compounds in emulsions
Amino acid, carbohydrate and acrylamide polymers useful as flocculants in agricultural and industrial settings
Radial flow hydrothermal reactor for sludge thermal hydrolysis treatment
Bio-mechanical wastesolution treatment system
Method of removing recalcitrant organic pollutants
Application of fermentation broth of potamogeton crispus in the removal of nitrogen in constructed wetlands
Method of making hydrophobic coated article, coated article including hydrophobic coatings, and/or sol compositions for use in the same
Process for producing reaction bonded silicon carbide member
Combustible aerosol composition
High temperature isomerization of (E)-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene to (Z)-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
Aryl naphthyl methanone oxime(s) and process for preparation thereof
Polymers based on glycerol carbonate
Inhibitors of viral replication, their process of preparation and their therapeutical uses
Enzymatic process for the preparation of (S)-5-(4-fluoro-phenyl)-5-hydroxy-1morpholin-4-yl-pentan-1-one, an intermediate of ezetimibe and further conversion to ezetimibe
N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor modulators and methods of making and using same
Amino quinazolines as kinase inhibitors
Method of preparing ATG's analogue, and the application of ATG and it's analogue
Pain-relieving compositions and uses therefor
Compounds and methods of treating neurological disorders
Nitroalkene trolox derivatives and methods of use thereof in the treatment and prevention of inflammation related conditions
Kinase inhibitors
Pyridazine derivatives as RORc modulators
Inorganic siloxane ladder composites and methods of their preparation
Process for preparing a composition containing 2-ethylhexyl silicate
Silicon-containing polymer and method of making a silicon-containing polymer
Oligonucleotide compositions and uses thereof
Chromatographic purification of antibodies from chromatin-deficient cell culture harvests
Anti-Siglec-15 antibodies and uses thereof
Signal biomarkers
mAB 2 anti-Met antibody
Clostridium difficile antibodies
Prodrug of an ICE inhibitor
Method for polymerizing ethylene to form a high density polyethylene nanocomposite
Bisphenol polyether oligomers, methods of manufacture, and polycarbonates made therefrom
Methods and compounds for producing nylon 12
Organopolysiloxane prepolymer and a curable organopolysiloxane composition comprising the same
Flame retardant block copolymers from renewable feeds
Refining apparatus and refining method for recycling waste plastics
Enhanced adhesive materials and processes for 3D applications
Bio composite ABS/CF material
Tire rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Method of producing ultra-low density fiber composite materials
Fluorescent schiff base conjugate Cu(II) chemosensors and methods thereof
Silica protected pigments for use in artist media
Swellable packer seal composition
Process to extract liquid dielectric coolant from the rice bran oil
Segregating fluids, methods of making, and methods of use
Methods and compositions for treating a subterranean formation with salt-tolerant cement slurries
Generation of hydrocarbon fuels having a reduced environmental impact
Direct coal liquefaction process and system
Method for producing modified coal, and modified coal
Fluid-borne microorganism particle detecting device and fluid-borne microorganism particle detecting method
Method and apparatus for extracting DNA from a biological sample
Pyrazolotriazolyl nucleoside analogues and oligonucleotides comprising them
Methods for use in modulating miR-122A
miR-29 mimics and uses thereof
Method for increasing the activity of a cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator protein
Entomotoxic polypeptides
Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF) Activity Reporter Cell Line
Cardiomyocyte differentiation
Methods for modulating cyclic nucleotide-mediated signaling in cardiac myocytes and compositions
Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Recombinant host cell expressing a family glycoside hydrolase 61 polypeptide
Modified Epstein-Barr virus DNA polymerase and methods for isothermal DNA amplification
Advanced microplate, microtiter, and microarray technologies with per-well fluidics, gas exchange, electronic sensors, and imaging for cell culture and other applications
Thermally resolved molecule assays
Diagnostic method
Methods and genotyping panels for detecting alleles, genomes, and transcriptomes
Method and components for detecting nucleic acid chains
Mutations in the Bcr-Abl tyrosine kinase associated with resistance to STI-571
Diagnostic methods for determining prognosis of non-small cell lung cancer
Materials and methods for assessment of colorectal adenoma
Materials and methods for assessing progression of prostate cancer
Method for extracting lithium from solution containing lithium
Amorphous alloy roll forming of feedstock or component part
Creep-resistant TiA1 alloy
Thixotropic liquid-metal-based fluid and its use in making metal-based structures with or without a mold
High carbon steel wire rod having excellent drawability
Steel material
Steel for cold forging/nitriding, steel material for cold forging/nitriding, and cold-forged/nitrided component
UV irradiation apparatus with an additional monochromatic radiation source
Method and apparatus for a low cost and carbon free point of use dissociation of water into elemental gases and production of hydrogen related power
Solvent extraction and stripping system
Method for producing a coated surface of a tribological system
Electrochemical etching apparatus
Method for fabricating carbon-based composite material
Textiles; Paper
Electrospinning apparatus and method for producing multi-dimensional structures and core-sheath yarns
Lightweight, cut and/or abrasion resistant garments, and related protective wear
Fibers and Nonwovens with improved mechanical and bonding properties
Washing machine and control method thereof
Automated selection of settings for an ironing device
Fixed Constructions
Pet waste collector apparatus
Wheeled snowplough system
Control system of hybrid construction machine
Wing shroud for a dragline lip
Toilet bowl washing system
Portable temporary structure
Modular home and garden kit
Connecting element for corrugated panels and method of use of same
Mounting assembly for glass balustrade
In-floor pool cleaner collar with venturi assembly
Pool enclosure anchor kit
Device for releasing catcher for refrigerator and freezer
Dead bolt lock system and method of retracting a dead bolt
Folding door trolley
Completion method featuring a thermally actuated lock assembly for a telescoping joint
Wireline riser tensioner system and method
Methods and systems for stimulating and restimulating a well
System and method for stimulating a well
Method and apparatus for treating a wellbore
Method and apparatus for treating a wellbore
Completion system and method for completing a wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Modular turbocharger clearance seal
Rotating fluid machine
Turbine blade monitoring
Blade retaining ring for an internal shroud of an axial-flow turbomachine compressor
Valve actuating device and method of making same
Valve timing control device for internal combustion engine
Intake valve apparatus for use with a combustion engine and methods of use and manufacture thereof
Oil feed member and lubricant feed mechanism for engine provided with same
Ammonia adsorption amount estimation apparatus, ammonia adsorption amount estimation method, and exhaust gas purification system for internal combustion engine
Temperature control device for engine
Sliding block for a scotch yoke reciprocating piston engine
Apparatus and method for using negative pressure energy of engine
Method and device for monitoring an engine control unit
Methods and systems for engine fuel and torque control
Cylinder injection internal combustion engine
Heat energy recovery system
Thrust reverser for nacelle of aircraft turbofan
Intake manifold with internal exhaust gas recirculation tube
Fluid injection valve
Control device for internal combustion engine
Water surface floating high efficiency waterwheel generator
Method and device for mounting a rotor hub on a wind turbine
Flow deflection device of a wind turbine
Joint structure and wind power generation device
Pump system
Fluid flow apparatus, fan assembly and associated method
Rotary pump comprising a rotor and delivery elements
Ceiling fan blade
Drive unit of a fluid-actuated linear drive and method for its manufacture
Steered shaft support structure
Rolling bearing
Pump apparatus with switching valve and driving power transmission device
Method and device for actuating a shift element of an automatic transmission having a start-stop means
Multimode electromechanical variable speed transmission apparatus with smooth mode shifting and method of controlling the same
Control method for preventing backward slipping of vehicle
Piston ring and method for manufacturing same
Forage gas relief valve device
Small solenoid valve
Integrated safety device for self-propulsion gas systems
Valve wedge for a slide valve
Long-throw microfluidic actuator
Fire engine hose connector
Seat sliding device for vehicle
Fastening structure based on ratchet mesh
Multi-function portable lighting apparatus
Optical film stack for light duct
Lighting device and luminaire
Grow light matrix system incorporating blade lighting system
Lens for a light emitting diode
Lighting system having improved unidirectional intensity
LED lighting device having a structural design that effectively increases the surface area of the circuit board for circuit layout
Light-emitting device and mount therefor
Method and apparatus for adhesively attaching a light collecting reflector to enable a solar light comprising a bendable strap and a light conveying means
Surface-mounted pluggable wiring insert key, driving power source box, and detachable modular LED lamp
Illumination device
Light indicator
Cavitation engine
Burner with oxygen and fuel mixing apparatus
Oven with at least one illuminated oven cavity
Control of a conditioned air supply system
Heat exchanger
Rotating head assembly for use with the bolt assembly of a gun
Pistol loading assistant
System and method for improving orientation data
Method for simultaneous observation of three degrees of vibrational freedom using single heterodyne beam
Construction site monitoring system
Quantifying anomalous behavior by identifying anomalies at subtrajectories
Method and device for operating a vehicle
Terminal and server for modifying magnetic field and method thereof
Pitot-static tester kit
Fluid flow rate measuring device including a diverting unit for diverting the flow into a measuring section
Short-wave infrared super-continuum lasers for natural gas leak detection, exploration, and other active remote sensing applications
Micro-fluorescence capable micro-Raman spectrometer
Apparatus for detecting an analyte with surface enhanced raman scattering
Patch clamp technique with complementary Raman spectroscopy
Unevenness inspection apparatus and unevenness inspection method
Systems, devices, and/or methods for managing a thermocouple module
Temperature sensing system for switching device
Rotation transmission device and wind power generation device equipped with the same
Transmission test rig comprising belt drives
Single cell capture with polymer capture films
Method and device for the preparation and optical analysis of a solid sample subjected to a controlled environment, by multiple internal reflection infrared spectroscopy
Chromophores for the detection of volatile organic compounds
Method for optical detection of surveillance and sniper personnel
Radiography and computed tomography with high-energy electron beams
Nanopore sensor for detecting molecular interactions
Chemical and biomedical nanosensors
Method for determining boiler tube cold side cracking and article for accomplishing the same
Method of characterizing the thermal ageing of composite materials, in particular composite materials having an organic matrix
Dynamic impact fatigue device
Apparatus and method for separating and analyzing blood
Method for determining a performance index of a cooking utensil for a predetermined cooking temperature with the aim of assessing nutritional gain
Mercury detecting paper and method of using the same
Method of efficient extraction of protein from cells
Method for detecting a target analyte
Methods and compositions for determining and treating relapse in inflammatory bowel disease
Point of care sickle cell test
Real space mapping of oxygen vacancy diffusion and electrochemical transformations by hysteretic current reversal curve measurements
Frequency estimation
Sensor apparatus
Capacitive proximity sensor for a motor vehicle, collision protection device for a motor vehicle and motor vehicle with a capacitive proximity sensor
Measurement apparatus and method
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Smart entry system
Method and system for partial reconfiguration simulation
System and method of providing recommendations related to a service system
Apparatus and method for managing digital rights management contents in portable terminal
Hierarchical layout versus schematic (LVS) comparison with extraneous device elimination
Method of resistor matching in analog integrated circuit layout
Systems and methods of controlling a manufacturing process for a microelectronic component
Portable license server
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
Information processing apparatus
System and method for providing identity theft security
Security-activated operational components
Scripting of soap commands
Access management method
Security token and system and method for generating and decoding the security token
Method for enhancing the security of the multicast or broadcast system
Dynamic interface synthesizer
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for automatically generating customizable user interfaces using programming patterns
System and method for evaluating and selecting software components and services
Configurable software application
Compiling method and processor using the same
System and method and apparatus for automatically generating computer code for remote procedure calls
Metadata merging in agent configuration files
System and method for developing a rule-based named entity extraction
Implementing dual speed level shifter with automatic mode control
Virtual calculating machine system, virtual calculating machine control apparatus and virtual calculating machine control method
Method and system for providing checkpointing to windows application groups
Running native code across single or multi-core hybrid processor achitecture
Resource allocation within multiple resource providers based on the incoming resource request and the expected state transition of the resource requesting application, and selecting a resource provider based on the sum of the percentage of the resource provider currently used, the requesting load as a percentage of the resource provider's total resource, and the additional load imposed by the expected state of the requesting application as a percentage of the resource provider's total resource
Method of managing resources within a set of processes
Facilitating processing within computing environments supporting pageable guests
Image data processing device and transcranial magnetic stimulation apparatus
Alert devices and apparatus
Interchangeable display system for art ornaments on motor vehicles
Disk device
Methods and devices for selective deposition of materials including mechanical abrasion
Systems for cost-effective concentration and utilization of solar energy
Electrical vehicle and associated transport facility
Battery pack replacement system for electric vehicle with energy storage system
Notifications in a credential production system
Methods, apparatuses, and systems for the dynamic evaluation and delegation of network access control
Device for sharing anonymized information, and method for sharing anonymized information
Botnet spam detection and filtration on the source machine
Systems and methods for identifying devices by a trusted service manager
Security control system and method for personal communication terminals
Method for outputting electronic program guide and broadcasting receiver enabling of the method
Integrated digital device and selecting method thereof
System and method for displaying television program information on a remote control device
Simplified interactive user interface for multi-video channel navigation
Content customization portal for media content distribution systems and methods
Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
X-ray imaging apparatus and X-ray imaging system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Speech-related event notification system
Methods and apparatus for high-speed approximate sub-string searches
Method and apparatus for generating random numbers based on filter coefficients of an adaptive filter
Method to perform thermal simulation of an electronic circuit on a network
Method for generating three-dimensional CAD models of complex products or systems
Method and system for partial-order analysis of multi-dimensional data
Apparatus and method for detecting operation value using lookup-table
Method and apparatus for implementing task-oriented induction capabilities in an implantable cardioverter defibrillator and programmer
Implementation of an LRU and MRU algorithm in a partitioned cache
Method and system for ergonomic assessment and reduction of workplace injuries
EDR direction estimating method, system, and program, and memory medium for storing the program
Apparatus and method for bi-ventricular pacing and sensing in an implantable device
Algorithms tunning for dynamic lot dispatching in wafer and chip probing
Methods and system for improved searching of biometric data
Memory controller which increases bus bandwidth, data transmission method using the same, and computer system having the same
Extensible actions and container types in an extensible scene graph system
Method for the separate authentication of a template and user data
System and method for detecting high credit risk customers
System and method for filtering query statements from multiple plans and packages according to user-defined filters of query explain data
System and method providing automated margin tree analysis and processing of sampled data
Method and apparatus for dynamically determining whether access to a resource connected to a computer has changed and determining how to access the resource with a new identifier
Mobile communication terminal apparatus
Method and device for use in micturition studies
Human Necessities
Electrical evaporator with adjustable evaporation intensity
Active pulse blood constituent monitoring
Multi-domain motion estimation and plethysmographic recognition using fuzzy neural-nets
Analyte detection system with software download capabilities
System for adaptively deriving ECG chest lead signal data
Database of body surface ECG P wave integral maps for localization of left-sided atrial arrhythmias
System for reduction of undesirable brain wave patterns using selective photic stimulation
Method and system for conducting medical imaging transactions
Delivery of active fixation implatable lead systems
Intracutaneous microneedle array apparatus
Drive shaft seal for a medical electrical lead
Method to create pacemaker timing cycles
Method and apparatus to monitor pulmonary edema
Method and apparatus for monitoring myocardial conduction velocity for diagnostics of therapy optimization
Implantable tissue stimulating device
Implantable medical device with air core antenna assembly
Implantable cardioverter defibrillator having fast action operation
Computerized system and method for practicing and instructing in a sport and software for same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Integrated transport system
Methods for monitoring and controlling chemical mechanical planarization
Method for a robot
Vacuum heat insulator, hot insulating device using vacuum heat insulator, and electric water heater
System and method for monitoring the condition of a heat exchange unit
Vehicle electric motor diagnosing apparatus
Portable personal authentication apparatus and electronic system to which access is permitted by the same
Detection apparatus for steering angle in vehicle
Vehicular steering device
Torque sensing for a steering system
Compass and communication system
Data processing apparatus for divers and a data processing method, program, and recording program storing the same
Aircraft control method
Method of automating a loading and unloading of container ships in container terminals, and crane automation system
Apparatus and method of forming image using rotary developer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Three dimensional protein mapping
Methods for obtaining and using haplotype data
Vaporizer for MOCVD and method of vaporizing raw material solutions for MOCVD
Textiles; Paper
Micro-control apparatus for circular knitting machines
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Optimal rib design method for exhaust components
Regulating device and method to regulate and/or calibrate a mixing valve
Hybrid vehicle and method of starting internal combustion engine mounted on hybrid vehicle
Methods and devices for determining a correction value for a measured segment time
Shift control apparatus and shift control method for a vehicular automatic transmission
Toroidal continuously variable transmission control apparatus
Compact integrated forced air drying system
Self-calibrating, multi-camera machine vision measuring system
Apparatus and method of compensating for an attitude error of an earth magnetic sensor
System and method for providing high performance quantizer processing
Traffic information output device/method and traffic information distribution device/method
Method for correcting position error in navigation system
Method for transmitting information on position on digital map and device used for the same
Navigation system and a route guidance data storage program
Flight control display for use in an aircraft cockpit and in aircraft simulation systems
Automatic adjusting method for measuring equipment and apparatus using the same
Test circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit effectively carrying out verification of connection of nodes
System and methods for processing analyte sensor data
Likelihood-based modification of experimental crystal structure electron density maps
System for providing a calibrated path for multi-signal cables in testing of integrated circuits
Measurement interface optimized for both differential and single-ended inputs
Electrical power sensing
Data converter with statistical domain output
Method for quantifying safe operating area for bipolar junction transistor
System processing time computation method computation device, and recording medium with computation program recorded thereon
Method and apparatus for reduced pin count package connection verification
Method of detecting an integrated circuit in failure among integrated circuits, apparatus of doing the same, and recording medium storing program for doing the same
Jitter measuring system in high speed data output device and total jitter measuring method
Apparatus for and method of calculating electromagnetic field intensity, and computer program product
Method, systems, and program product for selecting and acquiring data to update a geophysical database
Method for determining formation quality factor from seismic data
Side-hole cane waveguide sensor
Mode-filtering and mode-selecting method in multi-mode waveguide, and waveguide amplifier, semiconductor laser, and VCSEL using the method
Optical waveguides and optical devices with optical waveguides
Method and apparatus for compactly coupling an optical fiber and a planar optical waveguide
Chromatic dispersion compensation module
Optical add/drop module
MEMS optical switches with guaranteed switching status
Coupling a tapered optical element to an optical fiber
Optical fiber array with lenses
Multifiber connector, installation tool and associated methods of validating optical fiber continuity
Parallel fiber-fan-out optical interconnect for fiber optic system
Opto-mechanical assembly
Optical transmitter module
Methods and apparatus for forming an optical cable splice
Optical fiber unit for air blown fiber installation
Bypass cable assembly for use in optical fiber hydrophone array
Dry tube fiber optic assemblies, cables, and manufacturing methods therefor
Hybrid electro-optic cable for free space laser antennas
Contoured electric fields and poling in polarization-independent waveguides
Photonic crystal device having variable bandgap, optical waveguide using the same, and optical multiplexing/demultiplexing device using the same
Optical fiber, slanted optical fiber grating, band rejection optical filter, gain equalizing optical filter for optical amplifier, and optical amplifier module
One-time-use camera containing improved film element
Real time analysis of periodic structures on semiconductors
Lithography tool image quality evaluating and correcting
Image forming apparatus having change-over type developing device
Method of and apparatus for deriving information, electric appliance, image formation apparatus, and computer product
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a humidity control function
Method and apparatus for providing data logging in a modular device
Image-forming apparatus including inspection and storage of developing devices
Image-formation apparatus, controlling method thereof and image-formation method
Method and apparatus for cleaning a charging device
Image forming apparatus and the control method including a feature of detecting a remaining amount of a developer
Toner residual amount detection apparatus
Led color specific optical toner concentration sensor
Toner cartridge hopper with labyrinth channels for releasing air while trapping toner in cartridge
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor, process cartridge and memory device
Image forming apparatus capable of shortening start up time of fixing device
Image forming apparatus and image forming method including low-noise mode at paper sheet reverse section
Process cartridge remanufacturing method
Language structure for autonomous cooperative control system
Remote console
Control device for injection molder determining whether user of injection molder is registered
User interface and system for creating function block diagrams
System and method of designing cooling fans
Apparatus for monitoring and controlling pump and valve system operations
Method and system for testing battery connectivity
Method for verifying the execution of a software product
System and method for transferring data from a higher frequency clock domain to a lower frequency clock domain
Computer restoration systems and methods
System, method and computer program product for selecting virus detection actions based on a process by which files are being accessed
Add-on card for wireless communication with power-managing circuit
Preventing general purpose event interrupt storms in a computer system
Battery firmware customer/field update method
Multiple mode power throttle mechanism
Background transfer of optical disk to hard disk
Information processing apparatus, power control method and recording medium to control a plurality of driving units according to the type of data to be processed
System and method for optimizing fault tolerant storage controllers
Method for a computer using the system image on one of the partitions to boot itself to a known state in the event of a failure
Electronic apparatus with ROM data correction function
Storage system
Disk array apparatus
High performance multi-controller processing
Method, apparatus and computer program product for efficient, large counts of per thread performance events
Shared memory management utilizing a free list of buffer indices
Method and apparatus for handling memory refresh and maintenance operations
System and method for directional prefetching
Maintaining coherency in a symbiotic computing system and method of operation thereof
Method and apparatus for multi-functional inputs of a memory device
Method and apparatus for refreshing memory to preserve data integrity
Address mapping in solid state storage device
Memory allocation method using multi-level partition
Write-barrier maintenance in a garbage collector
Method and apparatus for relocating objects within an object-addressed memory hierarchy
Method and apparatus for patching code and data residing on a memory
Distributed memory module cache command formatting
Device and method for information processing
Processor and method of arithmetic processing thereof
Set address correlation address predictors for long memory latencies
Data-maintenance method of distributed shared memory system
Reconfigurable cache for application-based memory configuration
Method for using a portion of the system cache as a trace array
Apparatus and methods for sharing cache among processors
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for migrating data subject to access by input/output devices
Method and system for translation lookaside buffer coherence in multiprocessor systems
System and method for providing application services with controlled access into privileged processes
Recovery of data using write request copies in delta queue
Method for connecting gigabit interface converters with serial identification capability into an active two-wire serial bus
Method and apparatus for coalescing two or more transacting requests
Method and apparatus for copying data between storage volumes of storage systems
Method and apparatus for addressing multiple devices simultaneously over a data bus
Blade server system with KVM switches
Data transmission apparatus and method with control feature for transmitting data or transmitting a storage location of data
Dual-function computing system having instant-on mode of operation
Data transfer via Host/PCI-X bridges
Intelligent, extensible SIE peripheral device
Integrated circuit and information processing device
Method and apparatus for merging contiguous like commands
40/80-core cable discriminating method and system performing exact discrimination although master and slave storage apparatuses are connected host
Apparatus and method for refreshing a terminal display in a multiple information handling system environment
Memory integrated circuit device which samples data upon detection of a strobe signal
Duplicator for recording medium and method for duplicating recording medium
Method, system, and program for controlling multiple storage devices
Dual access serial peripheral interface
Reprogrammable input-output pins for forming different chip or board interfaces
Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and recording medium
Method for bus capacitance reduction
Clock supply controller supplies an independent clock control signal to a PCMCIA controller which generates an interrupt signal
Safety stock determination
Computer network monitoring with test data analysis
Methods and systems for asynchronous catalog requests for system objects via secure table look-up
Modifying web page links for display on a mobile terminal to indicate the cache status of linked web pages
Remote hard copy apparatus control including firewall penetrating protocols
Networked devices, adapters and methods which identify monitored equipment units
Data communication system
Processing of unsolicited bulk electronic communication
Method and apparatus for managing a network using link state information
User interface for monitoring remote devices
Methods, systems and computer program products for policy based network control of characteristics of user sessions
Method and apparatus for reliable booting device
Methods and apparatus for communicating information in a supervised learning system
Electronic device for data processing, such as an audio processor for an audio/video decoder
Processing EEG signals to predict brain damage
Industry simulation environment
System and method for hybrid minimum mean squared error matrix-pencil separation weights for blind source separation
Regression-clustering for complex real-world data
Hardware-assisted tuple space
Method and apparatus for handling requests for content in a network data processing system
Method, apparatus, and program to efficiently serialize objects
Systems and methods for generating prediction queries
System for using a floating pallet for a digital asset management system in a plurality of different applications
Text information browsing aid apparatus, digital content creation system, digital content distribution system, and storage medium
Real-time decision support system
Method and system for identifying representative trends using sketches
System and method for enabling statistical matching
Law retrieval system, law retrieval apparatus and law retrieval program
Profiling system for controlling access for a plurality of users to a plurality of objects located in at least one electronic database
Method and apparatus for optimizing queries in a logically partitioned computer system
System and architecture for privacy-preserving data mining
Virtual data labeling system and method
Biological data processing
System and method for automatic generation of dynamic search abstracts contain metadata by crawler
Enhanced backup and recovery methodology
Creating visual data models combining multiple inter-related model segments
Method and apparatus for providing personalized relevant information
Ephemeral list for object-action navigation
Method and apparatus for analyzing a design
Volume detailed building structure
Method for early optimization of a manufacturing system design
Method and system of calculating lot hold time
Feature targeted inspection
Integrated back-end integrated circuit manufacturing assembly
Protected storage device for computer system
Programmable logic device with decryption algorithm and decryption key
System and method for limiting use of a software program with another software program
Systems and methods for integrity certification and verification of content consumption environments
Mobile application security system and method
Apparatus and method for protecting a computer system against computer viruses and unauthorized access
Standard configurable universal serial bus (USB) device identifier
Dynamically self-adjusting polling mechanism
Human interface method and apparatus
Power management delay system using mouse pointer indicator to indicate power-up delay during powering up a powered down disk device
Interactive examples for online coding tutorials
Implicit addressing sequential media drive with intervening converter simulating explicit addressing to host applications
Apparatus and method for asynchronously interfacing high-speed clock domain and low-speed clock domain using a plurality of storage and multiplexer components
Method, apparatus, and program for separate representations of file system locations from referring file systems
Method of storing, maintaining and distributing computer intelligible electronic data
Method and mechanism for database partitioning
Retrieval apparatus, retrieval method and retrieval program
Storage efficient minimization logic
System and method for communications between a CORBA object request broker and a non-CORBA object request broker
Pop-compare micro instruction for repeat string operations
Parallel vector table look-up with replicated index element vector
Data dependency detection using history table of entry number hashed from memory address
Pipelined instruction decoder for multi-threaded processors
Method and system for using dynamic, deferred operation information to control eager deferral of control-speculative loads
Direct access from client to storage device
Branching around conditional processing if states of all single instruction multiple datapaths are disabled and the computer program is non-deterministic
Method and apparatus for executing multiple JAVA(.TM.) applications on a single JAVA(.TM.) virtual machine
Data processing apparatus generates initialization schedule by sorting module order according to number of its dependencies for initializing data affecting execution of operational instructions
Flexible subscription-based event notification
Method migrating open network connections
Data processing device and method of controlling operation of data processing device
Pattern classification method and apparatus thereof, and computer readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for secure data storage and retrieval
Data management system for automatically accessing, maintaining, propagating user data among plurality of communities, each of which contains plurality of members
Accepting query that includes at least a portion of address without shipping identifier for tracking, delivery of shipment in computer network
Order information acquiring method and order information controlling method for medical imaging system
System and method for operating workflow
Payment instrument authorization technique
Viable alternative to private vehicles in urban areas
Method and apparatus for distributing promotional material to a user in a commercial sales outlet
Method and apparatus for remotely inspecting properties of communicating devices
Motor vehicle operating data collection and analysis
IC card system and IC card
Phone monitoring appliance
Systems and methods for modifying broadcast programming
Information processing apparatus and method for generating derivative information from vocal-containing musical information
Decision making in classification problems
System and method providing utility-based decision making about clarification dialog given communicative uncertainty
Method of speech recognition using variational inference with switching state space models
Speaker verification method
Prototype waveform phase modeling for a frequency domain interpolative speech codec system
Digital interface device
Noise reduction method and apparatus
Scalable means of supplying power to a remotely controlled, semi-autonomous robot
Frequency modulation (FM) recording apparatus of video tape recorder
Optical disc playback apparatus and optical disc playback method
Video indexing using high quality sound
Status register architecture for flexible read-while-write device
Memory device having different burst order addressing for read and write operations
Semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device internally provided with logic circuit which can be readily controlled and controlling method thereof
Line coupling structure, mixer, and receiving/transmitting apparatus comprised of suspended line and dielectric waveguide
Tower top cellular communication devices and method for operating the same
Method of predicting motor performance based on CRML material properties
Dual digital low IF complex receiver
Communication device
System and method for eliminating signal zero crossings in single and multiple channel communication systems
Peak limiter and multi-carrier amplification apparatus
Down converter using C/N ratio correcting circuit of base station for mobile communication network
Programmable transmit SCSI equalization
Fully integrated low noise multi-loop synthesizer with fine frequency resolution for HDD read channel and RF wireless local oscillator applications
Bias filtering module including MOS capacitors
Cellular phone in which memory is removably installable due to the removability of battery, and battery recharger capable of supporting date write to cellular phone memory
Voice activated text strings for electronic devices
Reconfigurable data communications system with a removable optical backplane connector
Method and apparatus for maintaining a pre-determined ratio of a pilot tone power and a mean optical output power of an optical signal
Bit-rate-independent optical receiver
3R optical signal regeneration
Optical device including dynamic channel equalization
Regenerator for a wavelength division multiplex transmission system
Lossless optical splitter
On-signal quadrature modulator calibration
Apparatus, and associated method, for selectably permitting communication of burst data in a radio communication system
Fast forward power control during soft handoff
Radio equipment capable of real time change of antenna directivity and doppler frequency estimating circuit used for the radio equipment
Soft decision-based decorrelator for estimating spatial signatures in a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for co-channel interference measurements and base station color code decoding for drive tests in TDMA, cellular, and PCS networks
Radio communication apparatus and antenna control method
Bi-static communication relay architecture
GPS RF front end IC with programmable frequency synthesizer for use in wireless phones
Method for selecting a ground station within an aeronautical telecommunications network
Joint multiple program coding for digital audio broadcasting and other applications
Downconverter for the combined reception of linear and circular polarization signals from collocated satellites
Reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer with buried dispersion compensation module
Optical node with add-drop or cross-connect functionality
Methods and apparatus for authenticating the download of information onto a smart card
Failure isolation in a distributed processing system employing relative location information
Jitter histogram approximation
System, method and computer program product for reading, correlating, processing, categorizing and aggregating events of any type
System for dynamically adjusting performance measurements according to provided service level
Method, server and arrangement in a communication network
Power management system including a power controller for switching components to low or high power state based on signals received from power modules
Congestion control and avoidance method in a data processing system
Integrated circuit architecture for programmable wireless device
Method and apparatus for adaptive synchronization of network devices
Method and system for data encryption/decryption in a client-server architecture
Agreement and atomic broadcast in asynchronous networks
Method and apparatus for discovering data services in a distributed computer system
Technique for data synchronization in a multiple system vehicle architecture
Adaptable wireless proximity networking
System and method for server display confirmation record response in a connection oriented client / server protocol
Concentrated system for controlling network interconnections
Method and apparatus for resolving protocol-agnostic schemes in an internet protocol multimedia subsystem
Method and apparatus for selectively retrieving information from a source computer using a terrestrial or satellite interface
Router monitoring
Folder type time stamping system and distributed time stamping system
Wireless mobile device
Radiophone provided with an operation key with multiple functionality for handling access to a menu structure
Portable companion device only functioning when a wireless link established between the companion device and an electronic device and providing processed data to the electronic device
Communication devices with application shortcut keys and methods therefor
Bus optimization based on network device communication
Method and apparatus for identifying a vertical blanking interval in a television signal
Apparatus and method for downloading desired data signal to user-selectable storage unit
Information processing apparatus and method
Personalized presentation system and method
Mobile terminal with a text-to-speech converter
Interference analysis for a mobile radiotelephone system with adaptive antennae
Method and an arrangement for management of bearers
Portable telephone set and communicative base station switching system
System and method of call admission control in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for a target-initiated handoff from a source cellular wireless network to a target non-cellular wireless network
Method and apparatus for frequency-domain downmixing with block-switch forcing for audio decoding functions
System and method for providing interactive audio in a multi-channel audio environment
Infrared generator from audio signal source
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