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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Vehicle steering apparatus
Compact lawn mower motor adjustment
Decorative pole and base stand stabilizing container
Foldable protective helmet
Apparatus for continuous collection of human waste products and method for incontinence management
Central vacuum cleaner cross-controls
Optical sampling interface system for in vivo measurement of tissue
Apparatus and method for pattern delivery of radiation and biological characteristic analysis
Combination of electrogram and intra-cardiac pressure to discriminate between fibrillation and tachycardia
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dent removal tool
Pressing machine with die cushion device
Apparatus and process for reducing profile variations in sheet metal stock
Method of manufacturing light-alloy wheel for vehicle and the wheel
Pole saw head having a rope setting auxiliary hook
Coupling for a clamp
Portable corral and method
Floral easel
System, method, and apparatus for packaging coins
Waste disposal device including a mechanism for scoring a flexible tubing dispensed from a cartridge
Cap clip
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for distributing fibrous material
Method for producing a glass ceramic having a garnet phase
Textiles; Paper
False twisting yarn and production method thereof
Warp-knitting machine
Linen treatment device with imbalance monitoring, level monitoring, or load monitoring
Gasket and a washing machine having the same
Fixed Constructions
Portable or tow-behind snow melter
Building covered with resin films
Gutter retaining system
Apparatus and method for managing runoff water from a down spout of a gutter system
Crown extrusion
Key-removable lock core
Pivot mechanism and electronic device applying the same
Snap assembly friction hinge
Opening/closing device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for turbocharging an internal combusting engine comprising a pulsation damping chamber
Gas turbine power generator plant and silencer for the same
Jet engine exhaust nozzle flow effector
Apparatus and associated methods to generate useable energy
Cover assembly for gas turbine engine rotor
Method and control for preventing flooded starts in a heat pump
Refrigerant line purging apparatus
Punch deflection gauge
Measurement device for optical measurement of a property of a measurement object
Feedback control of an interferometer
Rotor position detection in an electrical machine
Information center for communications-type navigation device
Prediction of vehicle operator destinations
Compact spectrometer
Triboacoustic probe
Scatterometry for samples with non-uniform edges
Method and system for monitoring component consumption
Method and control device for controlling the temperature of a detector system inside a computed tomography unit
Method and device for analyzing the effects of the vibrations of a vehicle transmitted to a person
Method and apparatus for transferring hidden signals in a boundary scan test interface
Method and apparatus for generating signal transitions used for testing an electronic device
Method and apparatus for selective scan chain diagnostics
Receiver for a position-finding system with improved sensitivity
Zoom optical system, and electronics incorporating the same
Method and apparatus for a reflective spatial light modulator with a flexible pedestal
Multi-beam scanner, multi-beam scanning method, synchronizing beam detecting method and image forming apparatus
Stereoscopic display
Transformable, applicable material and methods for using same for optical effects
Image display apparatus
Wall mount chassis
Method and system for finding evolving regions in graphs without persistent node identity
3D photonic bandgap device in SOI method
Reflective optical switch
Low loss spectrally periodic all-fiber filters
Optical device and method of manufacturing the same
Temperature-controlled flexible optical circuit for use in an erbium-doped fiber amplifier and method for fabricating the flexible optical circuit
Lens moving mechanism and imaging apparatus
Electro-absorption modulator
Transflective LCD with reflective electrode offset from transmissile electrode
Polymer based electro-optic scanner for image acquisition and display
Image processing system, projector, program, information storage medium, and image processing method
Screen member for a transmission screen, a transmission screen and a rear projection
Method of optimizing imaging performance
Image forming apparatus mounted with replaceable unit, image forming system, and method of controlling image forming apparatus
Color image forming apparatus and color image forming method having overlapping toners
Method and apparatus for transferring multiple toner images and image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus featuring a developer carrying member with an elastic surface layer
Method of uniformly fixing toner to recording medium in image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Printer control apparatus and method of controlling the same, printer and method of controlling the same, reader and method of controlling the same, and image forming system
On-chip realtime clock module has input buffer receiving operational and timing parameters and output buffer retrieving the parameters
System and method for using a learning sequence to establish communications on a high-speed nonsynchronous interface in the absence of clock forwarding
Precise phase shifting using a DLL controlled, multi-stage delay chain
Trace data and power measurement data matching apparatus and method that adds synchronization markers
Data recording method for optical disk drive
Overlapping jumping window for SONET/SDH bit error rate monitoring
System and method for selection of redundant control path links in a multi-shelf network element
Adaptive cache algorithm for temperature sensitive memory
System and method for maintaining applications with their current versions
Method and apparatus for implementing a search engine using an SRAM
Cache slot lock for multi-thread file request
Media player with instant play capability
Instructions for test & set with selectively enabled cache invalidate
Method and apparatus for resolving physical blocks associated with a common logical block
Method and apparatus for reducing memory latency in a cache coherent multi-node architecture
Method and apparatus for controlling evaluation of protected intellectual property in hardware
Disk array system and fault-tolerant control method for the same
Mechanism to support multiple port configurations
PCIXCAP pin input sharing configuration for additional use as PCI hot plug interface pin input
Peripheral component interconnect arbiter implementation with dynamic priority scheme
Physical quantity monitoring and control system and portable information terminal used for the same
Apparatus and method for providing dynamic multilingual web pages
Planning and scheduling reconfigurable systems with regular and diagnostic jobs
Arrangement for accessing an IP-based messaging server by telephone for management of stored messages
System and method of downloading configuration data from a central location to components for a communication switch
Data communications
Messaging mechanism employing mailboxes for inter processor communications
Method and apparatus for booting from a selection of multiple boot images
Methods for routing items for communications based on a measure of criticality
Postage metering system including a printer having dual print heads
Equality of extensible markup language structures
Policy-based automation using multiple inference techniques
Method and apparatus for a parallel correlator and applications thereof
System for processing at least partially structured data
Timestamping in databases
Three-dimensional interconnect resistance extraction using variational method
Circuit group design methodologies
Timing analysis for programmable logic
Fault isolation in a programmable logic device
Method for improving the critical dimension uniformity of patterned features on wafers
Test set for testing a device and methods for use therewith
Device for the management of electrical sockets
Method and system for estimating a state of an uninitialized advanced process controller by using segregated controller data
Phase comparing method and apparatus in which a sampled periodic signal has a predetermined resolution
Apparatus and methods for performing operations on an object
Real-time performance monitoring and management system
System and method for shared integrated online social interaction
Adjustable elasticity FIFO buffer have a number of storage cells equal to a frequency offset times a number of data units in a data stream
Document production system for capturing web page content
Lane-change assistant for motor vehicles
Apparatus for visualizing information in a data warehousing environment
Method for initializing or configuring an electrical circuit
Processor registers having state information
Branch prediction using precedent instruction address of relative offset determined based on branch type and enabling skipping
Method for managing memory space during system initialization
Solid-state memory device that emulates a known storage device
Computer multi-tasking via virtual threading using an interpreter
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Methods and systems for computer analysis of skin image
Scan color conversion method
Encoding and decoding method and apparatus using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Image data compression apparatus for compressing both binary image data and multiple value image data
Computation-reduced IDCT method for video coding
Dynamic expert system
System and method for providing shopping aids and incentives to customers through a computer network
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Recordable card holder unit
Method of displaying high-density dot-matrix bit-mapped image on low-density dot-matrix display and system therefor
Display controller, image display and method for transferring control data
Time and voltage gradation driven display device
Pointing device with integrated audio input
Display panel drive circuit
Device and method for varying the row scanning time to compensate the signal attenuation depending on the distance between pixel rows and column driver
Method and apparatus for modeling and real-time rendering of surface detail
Notebook having combined touch pad and CD-ROM drive
Display device, drive circuit, testing device, and recording medium
Control knob with multiple degrees of freedom and force feedback
Computer program product and computer system
Low-frequency band noise detection
Speech recognition system using normalized voiced segment spectrogram analysis
Method and apparatus for speaker verification using a tunable high-resolution spectral estimator
Systems and methods for marking and later identifying barcoded items using speech
Disk drive system employing effective disk surface stabilization mechanism
Disk player
Power supply apparatus and method using same
Optical disk control device for time-division-multiplexing and A/D conversion
Method for eliminating the need for a dedicated landing zone at the outer diameter of a storage system's platter
Method and apparatus for providing a temporary utility zone in a disk drive
Servo track writing device and method thereof
Stabilization structure for CPP GMR/TV
Method for emptying recording buffer can be made empty by at most one access operation and at most two recording operation, in a simultaneous recording and reproduction
Integrated memory arrangement based on resistive memory cells and production method
Thin film magnetic memory device for conducting data write operation by application of a magnetic field
Optimized layout for multi-bit memory banks each with two data latches and two arithmetic circuits
Sense amplifier circuit
Reduction of programming time in electrically programmable devices
Non-volatile semiconductor memory and method for reading a memory cell
External storage device and memory access control method thereof
Semiconductor memory device with MOS transistors each having floating gate and control gate
Semiconductor memory device
Latch-based random access memory (LBRAM) with tri-state banking and contention avoidance
Method and apparatus for address generation
Capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Antenna structures and their use in wireless communication devices
Conformal driveshaft cover SATCOM antenna
Method for making smart cards
Miniature pulsed fiber laser source
Pulsed light sources
Circuit output stage protection system
Integrated circuit with an electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Level shifter ESD protection circuit with power-on-sequence consideration
Semiconductor integrated circuit with voltage generation circuit, liquid crystal display controller and mobile electric equipment
Charge pump circuit and power supply circuit
Low kVA/kW transformers for AC to DC multipulse converters
Circuit configuration with error feedback for the actuation of power semiconductor switches and associated method
Sampling clock generator circuit and data receiver using the same
Apparatus and method for converting a signal from a first analog format to a second analog format
In-line early reflection enhancement system for enhancing acoustics
Circuit configuration and method for transmitting digital signals
Decoder for trellis-based channel encoding
Wireless communication deinterleaver using multi-phase logic and cascaded deinterleaving
Synchronization establishing device, method of establishing synchronization, and receiver
Efficient communication with passive devices
Dynamically reconfigurable universal transmitter system
Smart BLUETOOTH interface gateway to mate a non-BLUETOOTH wireless device with a BLUETOOTH headset
RF transceiver with compact stacked mixer design for multiple frequency conversion
Low voltage microelectromechanical RF switch architecture
System and method for determining the location of an acoustic event
Radio device with transmission directivity, and control method and control program for the radio device
Method for searching pilot signals to synchronize a CDMA receiver with an associated transmitter
Wireless communication method
Connection-based bandwidth utilization
Optical communication system, method for supplying pump light, and distributed Raman amplifying apparatus
Time division media access controller and method of operation thereof
Network with self regulating quality of service (QoS)
Record medium, record medium manufacturing device, computer readable record medium on which program is recorded, and data presentation device
Tunnel reroute
Apparatus and method for supporting multiple traffic redundancy mechanisms
System, device, and method for routing information in a communication network using policy extrapolation
Method and system for encapsulating time division multiplex data into individual packets of a packet based network
Apparatus for transmitting/receiving wireless data and method thereof
Transport of encoded information across a core network
Interface device with stored data on transmission lines characteristics
Switched channel-band network
Packet transfer control circuit
Channel estimation using linearly constrained filter coefficients
Technique for oversampling to reduce jitter
Method and apparatus for increasing the entropy of a pseudorandom number
Anonymous authenticated communications
Method and apparatus for generating pairwise cryptographic transforms based on group keys
Enciphering apparatus and method, deciphering apparatus and method as well as information processing apparatus and method
Separate client state object and user interface domains
Device and method for displaying data in mobile terminal equipped with camera
Message playback concurrent with speakerphone operation
Managing caller identifiers at a communication device
Communication terminal device
Signal tracing system and method
Data card reader
Display controller, three dimensional display, and method of reducing crosstalk
Imaging apparatus utilizing image pickup devices used for an interlaced scanning
Display apparatus and control method of picture thereof
Image pickup apparatus with image evaluation
Method for high resolution incremental imaging
Image sensor with interleaved image output
Method and scalable architecture for parallel calculation of the DCT of blocks of pixels of different sizes and compression through fractal coding
Reduced complexity efficient binarization method and/or circuit for motion vector residuals
Method and apparatus for color non-uniformity correction in a digital camera
Method for measuring confusion rate of a common packet channel in a CDMA communication system
Wireless communication system and transmission power control method therefor
Proximity triggered job scheduling system and method
Wireless communication terminal and handoff judgment method
Method for robust handoff in wireless communication system
Interconnect system and method for multiple protocol short message services
Speaker arrangement for communication terminal
Microphone system for a communication device
Systems and methods for controlling an X-ray source
Computerized method for generating a schedule for implementing examination with an x-ray apparatus
Medium having data storage and communication capabilities and method for forming same
Frame-level thermal interface component for transfer of heat from an electronic component of a computer system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Animal actuating signaling device
Fishing reel signaling device
Fabric antenna
Personal collision warning and protection system
Device for detecting and signalling or indicating status as regards contents in a container, and in particular a letterbox
Apparatus and method for boil phase detection based on acoustic signal features
Elderly fall monitoring method and device
Object-image displaying apparatus
Combination breathalyzer and eye-sensor
Liquid sensor and body fluid leak sensing device comprising the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for differential spectroscopic measurements
Robot system for measuring dust and particles in duct
Measuring device for measuring the accuracy of the position and track of a moving machine element
Haptic device attribute control
Lens of gradient dielectric constant and methods of production
Integrated chassis for automatic document feeder in a scanning unit
Method and apparatus for printing and dispensing liner-less media with adhesive backing
Pressure-sensitive and heat-sensitive image transfer apparatus for recording
Three-heads one-pass type thermal printer
Thermal printhead compensation
Illumination system for use in imaging systems
Laser printing method and apparatus for printing characters
System and method for improving printing of a leading edge of an image in a gravure printing process
Preconditioning of the passenger compartment of a vehicle while stationary
Instrument cluster
Warning device for an automobile
License plate having reverse alarm device
Mirror-based audio system for a vehicle
Power distribution module with reversible relay footprint
Apparatus and method for detecting vehicle rollover having roll-rate switched threshold
Magnetic sensor
System and method for locating lost or stolen articles
Vehicle burglar alarm lock
Receiver for electronic key in antitheft device
Vehicle security system siren and associated method
Method and apparatus for measuring position of object for vehicle
Frangible actuator with redundant power supply
Modular deployable antenna
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electrolyte composition for electric double layer capacitor, solid polymer electrolyte, composition for polarizable electrode, polarizable electrode, and electric double layer capacitor
Liquid crystal reflective display
Fixed Constructions
Controlling activation of devices
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Solar lighting apparatus
Environmental system for rugged disk drive
Method of using scatterometry measurements to determine and control gate electrode profiles
Electronic shearography apparatus for producing animation of shearogram images
Surface inspection using the ratio of intensities of s- and p-polarized light components of a laser beam reflected a rough surface
Multiple wavelength or multiple shear distance quantitative differential interference contrast microscopy
Autofocusing apparatus of a sighting telescope
High precision GPS/RTK and laser machine control
Optical traingulation displacement sensor using a diffraction grating
Light wave rangefinder
Method and apparatus for a non-invasive measurement of the velocity of a gas or a fluid medium
Image-splitting color meter
Method for creating a color microlens array of a color display layer
Wavelength measurement by dispersion timing
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics and recording medium
Method and device for treating samples
Contrast imaging method for inspecting specular surface devices
Sensor having improved desorption times and related control circuitry
Carbon monoxide emitting apparatus, carbon monoxide monitor shutoff, and circuit therefor
Semiconductor device having a sensor with the temperature compensation function
Modular current sensor and power source
Fault indicator providing light indication on fault detection
Instantaneous arc fault light detector with resistance to false tripping
Method and apparatus for detection of electrical overstress
Configuration for reducing the number of measuring pads on a semiconductor chip
Wafer testable integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for precision trimming of a semiconductor device
Giant magnetoresistive sensor with pinning layer
Mobile terminal and system and method for determining the geographic location of a mobile terminal
Method and apparatus for synchronizing base stations using remote synchronizing stations
Method and apparatus for determining time for GPS receivers
Method and apparatus for determining time in a satellite positioning system
Dual mode transmitter-receiver and decoder for RF transponder tags
System and method for displaying vertical profile of intruding traffic in two dimensions
Method for determining the position of an object, a positioning system, a receiver and an electronic device
Mobile control system
Determination method for use with analog cellular system
Noise riding threshold control with immunity to signals with high pulse repetition frequencies and high duty cycles
High-speed serial-to-parallel and analog-to-digital conversion
Zoom optical system
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens system
Display illumination system
TV camera
Scanning optical microscope and method of acquiring image
Method for manufacturing roof mirrors
Optical system
Confocal optical system
Frustrated total internal reflection-based micro-opto-electro-mechanical modulator/demodulator
Scanned display with plurality of scanning assemblies
Internal diffuser for a charge controlled mirror screen display
Light modulation device and system
Beam deflection device
Head mounted display with eyetracking capability
Video processing methods and apparatus for gaze point tracking
Multiview three-dimensional image display apparatus
Polymeric photonic band gap materials
Wavelength-selective optical amplifier
Optical apparatus
Adjusting mechanism for the lens set of an imaging system
Apparatus for picking up images of photographed and unphotographed subjects
Liquid crystal lens circuit
Octave spectra acousto-optic tunable filter
Electro-optic device incorporating a discrete photovoltaic device and method and apparatus for making same
Reflection type liquid crystal display device and display apparatus therewith
Cholesteric liquid crystal layer, optical element, lighting device, and liquid crystal display
Apparatus for maintaining and converting a localized polarization shift into a localized intensity variation in a LCD display assembly
Reflection liquid crystal display which includes a pair of substrates
Pretilt angle direction in a liquid crystal cell
Liquid crystal display device having a spacer
Liquid crystal display
High reflectivity bistable liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Electro-optical apparatus having faces holding electro-optical material in between flattened by using concave recess, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic device using same
Transmission type liquid crystal display having a transparent colorless organic interlayer insulating film between pixel electrodes and switching
Electrooptical apparatus, method of producing the same and electronic apparatus
Reflection type liquid crystal display with particular angle between polarization axis and quarter wavelength plate optical axis
Color-stabilized electrochromic devices
Flat chamber for filling with fluid media
Optical parametric oscillator
Method and apparatus for wavelength conversion and switching
Recording/reproducing apparatus
Distance measuring apparatus and distance measuring method
Device having electrical board mounted thereon and method for manufacturing apparatus having the device
Auto restoration of a print
Method of illumination uniformity in photolithographic systems
Exposure method and apparatus
Color printing system
Method for printing by using a multilevel character generator and printing device
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method for adjusting print density in a printer
Threshold voltage generation circuit
Current-mode filter with complex zeros
Bias current source with high power supply rejection
Programmable clock generator
Process, voltage and temperature independent clock tree deskew circuitry-active drive method
Low wiring skew clock network with current mode buffer
PCMCIA compartment
Apparatus for extending a cursor control stick
Rack mount system for pluggable computer modules
Heat exchanger for a portable computing device and docking station
Scrolling system of a display image
System for integrating an on-line service community with a foreign service
Method and apparatus for the determination of mask rules using scatterometry
Method of system circuit design and circuitry for high speed data communication
Logic circuit including combined pass transistor and CMOS circuits and a method of synthesizing the logic circuit
Method and apparatus for selecting a java virtual machine for use with a browser
Finger operating apparatus, and arm operating apparatus using the finger operating apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating a tab list menu in a hierarchical menu structure
Stationary scrolling for user interfaces
Graphical action invocation method, and associated method, for a computer system
Virtualization of interactive computer input
System and method for automatic animation generation
Method and apparatus for containing a cursor on a computer used in harsh environments
Removeable, axially elongated extension for a non-axial (round) computer mouse of prior art
Seeing eye mouse for a computer system
Orientation-detecting apparatus, orientation-detecting method, orientation-detecting sensor device and orientation-designating device
Variable rate value selector
Method and apparatus for using a touch screen display on a portable intelligent communications device
Image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for manipulating bitmap raster data using a modular processing pipeline
Systems and methods for managing print jobs
Printing control apparatus and control program selecting method
Method and apparatus for improving processor to graphics device throughput
Displaceable display arrangement
Parallel programming development environment
Method of establishing a set of print stream objects in an object oriented environment
Image formation apparatus having image memory
Apparatus for determining priority of print jobs in a printer system
Device for processing intermediate files in printer control system
Method of controlling light intensity in image exposure apparatus
Image output apparatus and method of controlling same
Micropower differential sensor measurement
Image processing apparatus
Dual fragment-cache pixel processing circuit and method therefore
Steaming prefetching texture cache for level of detail maps in a 3D-graphics engine
Apparatus and method for displaying both an image and control information related to the image
Apparatus and method for three-dimensional terrain rendering
Data processor apparatus and shading apparatus
Methods for generating image set or series with imperceptibly different images, systems therefor and applications thereof
Method for compensating for noise in lane drifting warning system
Apparatus and method for determining the winner of a race
License plate surveillance system
System for supervision and control of objects or persons
Integrally molded remote entry transmitter
Digital camera with biometric security
Multipurpose wireless video alarm device and system
Crib gate position indicator
Multiuse on/off switch for hazard detector
Digital enunciator, process and communication system employing same
Pager and a method of displaying the number of messages received by the same
Radio paging receiver with an error indicating function in which error indication data to overwrite faulty message data can be altered
Communication device of moving body information and communication method thereof
Package tracking system
Movable body detecting/notifying system
Security tag
Flexible touch-sensitive matrix cathode ray tube
Image display apparatus and personal computer for displaying personal computer signals and broadcast signals
Display device with several light sources and arrangement of display devices
Method and apparatus for driving a plasma display panel
Plasma display panel drive method and apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device having a gray-scale voltage producing circuit
Compensation circuit for display contrast voltage control
Methods and systems for rendering line and point features for display
Virtual force feedback interface
Method and system for displaying data in a second display area
Data transmission method and device for reducing the electromagnetic interference intensity of liquid crystal display circuit
Dynamic write-order organizer
Memory architecture for video graphics environment
Method for tracking control
Method of making high density recording medium having a non-magnetic, metallic layer on a flexible substrate
Magnetic head cleaner
Cassette auto changer system
Tape cartridge holder with misinsertion prevention structure
Disc cartridge
Limited initial special use tape cassette with unlimited conventional use thereafter
Process management method using servo track writer
Split compound gear assembly for a drive loader
Cordless compression motor connector for a hard disk drive
Photocatalytic device for disk drive contamination reduction
Compensating write data in transformer-coupled recording system using DC content code
Magnetic head, method for producing the same, video recording and reproduction apparatus including the magnetic head, and video camera including the magnetic head
Tape head contour utilizing enclosed through slots
Method of manufacturing a magnetic head
Thin film magnetic head adaptable to gap narrowing and substrate for forming the same
GMR read sensors with non-uniform height
Merged read/write head and method of fabricating same
Structure and method for redeposition free thin film CPP read sensor fabrication
Compound magnetoresistive head and method for manufacturing same
Transducer suspension system having a rigid extension section
Servo write head
Magnetic data storage tape with etched servo pattern, method of manufacturing same, and method of servo positioning on same
Disk drive with radially dispersed servo bursts
Active rear posts improved stiction flyability slider integrated pads
Laminated carbon-containing overcoats for information storage system transducers
Master carrier for magnetic transfer and method for transfer
DRAM module and method of using SRAM to replace damaged DRAM cell
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for reducing bleed currents within a DRAM array having row-to-column shorts
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of operation thereof
CMOS switch circuit for transferring high voltages, in particular for line decoding in nonvolatile memories, with reduced consumption during switching
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device controlling the range of distribution of memory cell threshold voltages
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Write pulse limiting for worm storage device
Device and method for repairing a semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device having redundancy circuit for saving faulty memory cells
Semiconductor integrated circuit with variable bit line precharging voltage
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory with testing circuit
Semiconductor memory device of low power consumption
Circuit configuration for enhancing performance characteristics of fabricated devices
Delay locked loop for use in semiconductor memory device
Set of two memories on the same monolithic integrated circuit
Row decoded biasing of sense amplifier for improved one's margin
Current mirror type sense amplifier circuits for semiconductor memory devices and methods of operating same
Two-phase charge-sharing data latch for memory circuit
Sense amplifier and method for sensing signals in a silicon-on-insulator integrated circuit
Memory device with a sense amplifier detection circuit to control an output buffer amplifier
Gate coupled voltage support for an output driver circuit
Method and apparatus for glitch protection for input buffers in a source-synchronous environment
Circuit and method of selectively activating feedback devices for local bit lines in a memory
Semiconductor memory having multiple redundant columns with offset segmentation boundaries
Thermistor elements
Overvoltage protector for high or medium voltage
High voltage transformer arrangement
High efficiency thin film inductor
Resistive superconducting current limiter
Current limiting device with printed conductor configuration of high Tc superconductive material and method for producing the device
Solenoid actuator
Magnetic-field thermal treatment apparatus capable of reducing weight and utility consumption thereof
Apparatus for forming electrode of chip-like electronic part
Formation of thin film capacitors
Monolithic capacitor
Tubular electric double-layer capacitor
Tablet input device with switch
Motor protector apparatus
Micromachine MEMS switch
Cam and axle for adjustable magnetic trip device
Connection verifying trip unit
Controlled switching device
Capacitor constructions
Method of repairing semiconductor memory, electron-beam memory repairing apparatus and redundancy memory circuit to which the method of repairing semiconductor memory is applicable
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus
Heat sink assembly
Heat sink attachment clip
Semiconductor device having heat radiating member
Structure computer heat dissipater
Method and structure for reducing the mutual inductance between two adjacent transmission lines on a substrate
High performance output buffer with ESD protection
Electrostatic discharge protection device using semiconductor controlled rectifier
Variable power device with selective threshold control
High frequency power amplifier module and wireless communication system
Dielectric filter, a dielectric duplexer, and a communication apparatus
Dielectric filter, composite dielectric filter, duplexer, and communication apparatus having resonance-line holes with offset steps
Multimode dielectric resonator apparatus, filter, duplexer and communication apparatus
Monolithic LC resonator and filter with a capacitor electrode within a tubular inductor
Frequency-stabilized waveguide arrangement
Non-reciprocal circuit element and millimeter-wave hybrid integrated circuit board with the non-reciprocal circuit element
Electrical transmission arrangement
Directional coupler, antenna device, and transmitting-receiving device
Radome for a range warning radar
Elastic antenna element
Antenna assembly
Integrated PIFA having an embedded connector on the radome thereof
Diversity antenna structure for wireless communications
Transmission antenna directivity control apparatus and method
Wideband patch antenna
Surface-mounted antenna and wireless device incorporating the same
Antenna system and radio unit using the same
Reception antenna for radio wave marker
Helical antenna
Method of providing increased low-angle radiation sensitivity in an antenna and an antenna having increased low-angle radiation sensitivity
Multiple antenna reflectors for microwave imaging and sounding
Lens antenna and lens antenna array
Antenna polarization adjustment tool
Phased array including a logarithmic spiral lattice of uniformly spaced radiating and receiving elements
Method and apparatus for an improved antenna tracking system mounted on an unstable platform
Printed circuit board connection including a conductor foil
Small form-factor pluggable module having release device
Optical amplifier and a method of preventing emission therefrom of optical power exceeding a prescribed safety limit
Low cost amplifier using bulk optics
Raman-based utility optical amplifier
Optical amplifier, optical amplification apparatus, and optical amplification method
Multiwavelength pumps for raman amplifier systems
Bus connection access panel
Arc fault detector with circuit interrupter
Combo AFCI/GFCI with single test button
ESD network with capacitor blocking element
Power supply with plug-receiving receptacles carried on bracket affixed to battery casing
Charge preventing circuit for a pager
Communication appliance having an emergency battery as well as a method for setting up said communication appliance
Method for switching off a switched-mode power supply in the event of short-circuit, and a switched-mode power supply
Power converter packaging
Pump circuit boosting a supply voltage
Voltage booster circuit control method
Switching power supply having a plurality of output voltages and minimal number of terminals
DC to DC converter
Boost topology having an auxiliary winding on the snubber inductor
Power supply unit
High voltage circuit
Multiple output power supply circuit
Arrangement having a switched-mode power supply and a microprocessor
Switching power supply packages
Power supply apparatus
Driving a quadrupole mass spectrometer via an isolating stage
Method for reducing losses during the commutation process
Apparatus and method of operating two switches connecting respectively a load to power source terminals in response to a switch control signal
Microwave oscillation circuit using a dielectric resonator
Frequency-voltage conversion circuit and receiving apparatus
Low noise I-Q mixer
Power amplifier and communication device including power amplifier
Electronic circuit for providing a desired common mode voltage to a differential output of an amplifier stage
Fully balanced transimpedance amplifier for high speed and low voltage applications
Impedance matched frequency dependent gain compensation network for multi-octave passband equalization
Current clamp circuit
Operational amplifier designed to have increased output range
Single cell rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifier
System and method for offset error compensation in comparators
Methods and apparatus for amplifying a telecommunication signal
Correlated double sampling circuit with op amp
Automatic gain control system with signal presence conditioning
Line filter assembly for minimizing unwanted emissions
Phase shifter, and demodulator employing it
Noise reduction auto phasing circuit for switched capacitor circuits
Fractional decimation filter using oversampled data
Laminated piezoelectric component
High Q structure
Methods, apparatuses, and systems for sampling or pulse generation
Voltage stabilized low level driver
Method and apparatus for switching a field-effect transistor
Translating switch circuit with disabling option
Method for achieving low feed-through and consistent transition delay in a multiplexor circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit system
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor logic circuit device of low current consumption
Silicon-on-insulator CMOS circuit
Overvoltage-tolerant interface for integrated circuits
SOI CMOS dynamic circuits having threshold voltage control
Architecture and interconnect scheme for programmable logic circuits
Configurable dynamic programmable logic array
Pulse-based high speed flop circuit
Pulsed D-Flip-Flop using differential cascode switch
Voltage level shifter circuit
High speed Schmitt Trigger with low supply voltage
Voltage level shifting circuit
Double-gate low power SOI active clamp network for single power supply and multiple power supply applications
MOSFET-based switch
GTL+one-one/zero-zero detector
Circuit for data signal recovery and clock signal regeneration
Delay locked loop with reduced noise response
Programmable on-chip damping coefficient for CMOS filter circuits that gives faster lockup times and lower jitter in phase lock loop circuits
Adjusting untrimmed VCO during operation of the oscillator
Reduced latency differentiator
AD converter with a power saving circuit and its control method
Analog-to-digital conversion with reduced error
D/A resistor strings with cross coupling switches
Current source cell arrangement, method of selecting current source cell and current addition type digital-to-analog converter
Analog-digital converter with single-ended input
Calibration of analog-to-digital converters
Offset error compensation of input signals in analog-to-digital converter
Data conversion device having mediator for determining data conversion order
Differential current multiplexer for current switched DACs
Digital-analogue transformer using resistor string
Method of encoding binary data
High speed analog-to-digital converter
Data compression and multiple parameter estimation
Universal lossless compressor for digitized analog data
Decoding method and decoding apparatus for variable length code words, and computer readable recording medium for storing decoding program for variable length code words
Method for suppressing noise in signals
Eye quality monitor for a 2R regenerator
Optical performance monitor
Optical fiber amplifier and optical transmission system using the same
Digital optical receiver for cable television systems
Apparatus and method for a self adjusting Raman amplifier
Optical transmission path having sections which overcompensate for dispersion occurring in the sections
Frequency agile transponder
Combined power and communication delivery system and kit for installation at or beyond the demarcation point
Apparatus for monitoring optical signal-to-noise ratio of optical signals in WDM optical transmission system
Optical management channel for wavelength division multiplexed systems
Method and apparatus for improving transmission performance over wavelength division multiplexed optical communication links using forward error correction coding
Optical switch
Device and method for correcting the baseline wandering of transmitting signals
RF slipring receiver for a computerized tomography system
D/A conversion method and apparatus
Phase adjustment technique
Warm-up controller for a scanner light-source
Data transfer within a communication system
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Data communication apparatus for combining data with the same identification information
Facsimile apparatus
Exposure apparatus for image formation and image formation method
Stochastic screening method with dot pattern regularity control and dot growth
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for the conversion of color values
Demodulator, particularly for a SECAM chrominance signal, with double frequency adjustment
Detection of Gaussian noise in video signals
Measurement-free G2 calibration of color picture tubes
Method and device for imaging with high geometrical resolution on a microsatellite
Method and apparatus for multi-level image alignment
Signal processing apparatus for setting up vertical blanking signal of television set
Method and apparatus for self-calibration and fixed-pattern noise removal in imager integrated circuits
Solid state image sensing device and image sensing method
System for efficiently generating a variety of solid signals and key signals
Expanded information capacity for existing communication transmission systems
Method and apparatus for automatically setting time information in a multi-format digital television product
Image pickup system and storage medium
Information signal output control method, information signal duplication prevention method, information signal duplication prevention device, and information signal recording medium
Digital electronic still-video camera, and method of controlling same
Picture conversion using field-by-field vertical inversion dependent upon the type of picture signal to be outputted
Off-air phase lock technique
Videoconferencing method and system for connecting a host with a plurality of participants
Contour emphasizing circuit
Video signal processing method for improving the picture of dim area
Method and apparatus for protection switching
Optical wavelength multiplexing system having a redundant configuration
Paging system with spacial, frequency and time diversity
Method of improving quality of radio connection
Electromagnetic sound generator
Apparatus for interconnecting multiple devices on a circuit board
Protected and printed wiring board and method of making same
Electronic circuit board case
EMI-protected eject interface for an electronic device
IC card assembly
Circuit board interconnect
Liquid-cooled power semiconductor device heatsink
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