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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for resetting CMOS imaging element in endoscope apparatus
Living body optical measurement system
Wireless stroke monitoring
Device for determining the position of a medical instrument
Physiological status indicator apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for dating a body sample
Medical fluid delivery system with RFID-equipped wand
Apparatus and method for identifying atrial arrhythmia by far-field sensing
Graphene electrodes on a planar cubic silicon carbide (3C-SiC) long term implantable neuronal prosthetic device
Device for stimulation by means of electric and magnetic fields, and field applicators for this purpose
System and method for estimating clustering of electrodes in neurostimulation system
Neural stimulation with respiratory rhythm management
Switched diverter circuits for minimizing heating of an implanted lead and/or providing EMI protection in a high power electromagnetic field environment
Path planning and collision avoidance for movement of instruments in a radiation therapy environment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Rotary connection coupling
Device detecting curl of sheet and image erasing device
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
Method of manufacturing thermal head, and thermal printer
Inkjet printer having an image drum heating and cooling system
Image forming apparatus with control unit for preventing ripples in pulse signal produced by pulse generating unit
Danger sensing apparatus of vehicle and control method thereof
Driver assistance system for a vehicle
Security authorization system
Electric vehicle charge reduction apparatus and method
Steering device for vehicle
Fixed Constructions
Exit lane monitoring system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Automatic stop and restart device for an engine
Automobile 12 volt air freshener
Multi-setting circuits for the portable dryer
Stepped flow-line concentrators and collimators
Methods and systems for measuring openings using photogrammetry
Method and system for measuring the thickness of an object
System for pattern recognition in real-time location-based services applications
High resolution slit-free direct-viewing multiplexing field spectrograph
Methods and systems for assessing vehicle transmissions
Method for determining the fatigue of a pump rotor of a gas turbopump
Media stress analysis system and method
System and method for analyzing pore sizes of substrates
High-energy X-ray-spectroscopy-based inspection system and methods to determine the atomic number of materials
Input-output circuit
Circuit for monitoring of accumulator cells connected in series
Ion gauge, a monitoring system and a method for determining a total integrated concentration of substances having specific molecular weight in a gas sample
X-ray characterization of solid small molecule organic materials
Spectral method for determining the source of expanded vermiculite insulation in attics and walls
Systems and methods for detecting tape on a document
Application using a single photon avalanche diode (SPAD)
Method of sensing magnitude of current through semiconductor power device
Energy prediction system
Method and device for overload detection in battery-operated devices having an electric motor
Monitoring apparatus and monitoring method
Mobile communication method and mobile station
Support of home network base station local internet protocol access
Full grid cassette for a parallel tester for testing a non-componented printed circuit board, spring contact pin for such a full grid cassette and adapter for a parallel tester for testing a non-componented printed circuit board
Selecting an IC core tap linking module for scanning data
Enable gating select signal to P1500 IR and DR gating
Enable gating clock, shift, capture, and update to first gating
Parallel scan paths with three bond pads, distributors and collectors
Active array antenna device
Anisotropic parameter determination
Methods and apparatus for geophysical prospecting to detect bodies of fluids in underground formations
Zoom lens barrel
Low numerical aperture exclusion imaging
Electrowetting display device
Image reading optical system and image reading apparatus
Overhead cable termination arrangement
Optical device using a plasmonic waveguide, and optical isolator
Microfluidic waveguide detector
Electrowetting display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Exposing device
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal panel, glass substrate for liquid crystal panel, and liquid crystal panel including the same
Color filter using surface plasmon, liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device including LED light source
Display with color control
Color filter and display devices including the same
Light guide plate, surface-emitting apparatus, liquid crystal display apparatus, and method of producing a light guide plate
Method for producing liquid crystal display panel, and liquid crystal display panel
Cholesteric liquid crystal display devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Metal coatings, conductive nanoparticles and applications of the same
Lens control device and lens control method
Stage apparatus and exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Exposure apparatus, method for producing device, and method for controlling exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
Zoom motor noise reduction for camera audio recording
Compact acquisition format for dimensionalized digital cinema projection at forty-eight images per second
Document reading apparatus and image processing method
Method and apparatus for electronic fuser assembly labeling
Image forming apparatus with high-voltage board
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of latent image indexes
Inferring toner contamination of electrodes from printing parameters
Toner replenishment device and image forming apparatus having the same
Magnet roller
Developer collecting device and image forming apparatus
Toner conveying device or image forming apparatus having the toner conveying device
Image forming apparatus
Producing gloss-watermark pattern on fixing member
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Fixing device and image-forming apparatus including the same
Cleaning unit and image forming apparatus
Method and device for regulating the speed of a motor vehicle
Smartphone controller of vehicle settings
Selective implementation of an optional vehicle mode
Selective implementation of an optional vehicle mode
Distributed power supply system
Method and apparatus to control a power factor correction circuit
Data processing system, method for processing data and computer program product
System and method for handling a power outage
Clock circuit for a microprocessor
Managing apparatus, managing method
Framework for managing failures in outbound messages
System for managing computers and pieces of software allocated to and executed by the computers
Controlling memory redundancy in a system
Network-based service for the repair of IP multicast sessions
Apparatus and method for retransmitting data in wireless communication system
Data processing apparatus and validity verification method
Method and apparatus for a trust processor
Autonomic fault isolation in a highly interconnected system
Efficient address generation for pruned interleavers and de-interleavers
System and method for image processing with assignment of medical codes
Semiconductor memory card access apparatus, a computer-readable recording medium, an initialization method, and a semiconductor memory card
Protection against data corruption for multi-level memory cell (MLC) flash memory
Systems and methods for minimizing the effects of garbage collection
Method and apparatus for a priority based processing system
Cache device, data management method, program, and cache system
Device and method for enhancing flexibility of interface between 3G communication module and application processor
Electronic apparatus and cooling method thereof
Method and apparatus for configuring electronic devices to perform selectable predefined functions using device drivers
Interrupt control apparatus and interrupt control method
Data transfer apparatus, data transfer method, and storage medium
Implementing quickpath interconnect protocol over a PCIe interface
Image processing apparatus, server apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus, image processor, image processing method and computer readable medium
Abnormality detection system, abnormality detection method, recording medium, and substrate processing apparatus
Image copy device, image copy method, information processing device, and program for scanning and copying a double-sided manuscript without degrading the security level
Printing apparatus and method of controlling same
Approach for managing printer driver settings
Page image treatment
Methods and systems for improved throughput performance in a distributed data de-duplication environment
Apparatus and a method for distributing load, and a non-transitory computer readable medium thereof
System and method for effectively optimizing content segment downloads in an electronic network
Components for web-based configurable pipeline media processing
Authentication apparatus, authentication method, and data using method
Environment aware business delegates
Method of generating a web feed and an associated system
Internet transaction and user interface therefor
Event queuing and distribution system
Method and apparatus for computing over a wide area network
User interface that provides relevant alternative links
Method and system for replacing hyperlinks in a webpage
Systems and methods for pre-rendering an audio representation of textual content for subsequent playback
Apparatus, method and computer program for seamless session transfer
Administering globally accessible memory space in a distributed computing system
Autonomous performance probing
Model-based composite application platform
Methods for web site analysis
Method and system for management of sampled traffic data
Allocating method, allocating apparatus, and computer product
Methods and reconfigurable systems to optimize the performance of a condition based health maintenance system
Secure information classification
Fuzzy logic based system monitoring system and method
Generic reasoner distribution of resources using a plurality of shallow reasoners, and a predictor server
Remotely-executed medical therapy device
System and method for enhanced streaming audio
System and method for determining a billing structure for documents based on color estimations in an image path
Indexing content at semantic level
Information processor for translating in accordance with features of an original sentence and features of a translated sentence, information processing method, and computer readable medium
Adaptive multi-channel content selection with behavior-aware query analysis
Detecting associates
System and method for a modular user controlled search engine
Method and device for managing information in an aircraft
Systems for and methods of user demographic reporting usable for identifying users and collecting usage data
System and method for adapting an internet filter
Systems and methods for phrase clustering
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and computer readable non-transitory medium
Data processing apparatus and method thereof, and information processing apparatus and method thereof
Customizable answer engine implemented by user-defined plug-ins
Finding and disambiguating references to entities on web pages
Fixed phrase detection for search
Computer system and computerized method for processing account data
Computer product, operation and management support apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus and method for controlling image processing apparatus
Quality control system for providing results in response to queries
Application store concierge
Personal computing device-based mechanism to detect preselected data
Method and system for navigating within a body of data using one of a number of alternative browse graphs
System, method, and computer program product for selecting an event category based on a category score for use in providing content
RC corner solutions for double patterning technology
Pattern recognition for integrated circuit design
Balancing mask loading
Method and system for vehicle refueling
System and method for mass custom manufacturing of dental crowns and crown components
Method and system for providing recording device privileges through biometric assessment
Secure system and method for audio processing
Method for outsourcing data for secure processing by untrusted third parties
Method of and system for dynamically controlling during run time a multifunction peripheral (MFP) touch panel user interface (UI) from an external remote network-connected computer
Method of and system for dynamically controlling during run time a multifunction peripheral (MFP) touch panel user interface (UI) from an external remote network-connected computer
Finding and consuming web subscriptions in a web browser
Graphical user interface for unified identity management across internal and shared computing applications
Apparatus for and method of processing data
Collaborative gesture-based input language
Pen-like optical input device
Protective panel and electronic device
Display device equipped with a touch panel
Multiple actuation handheld device
Touch panel and electronic device including the same
System and method for virtual touch sensing
Noise cancellation circuit of a touch panel
Apparatus with position detection function
Display device
Sensor-in-pixel display system with near infrared filter
Optical sensor for measuring a force distribution
Touch position detector and mobile cell phone
Integrated LCD touch screen to determine a touch position based on an induced voltage superimposed on both the scan signal of the gate line and a timing pulse of the signal line
Interface for toggling objects
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable recording medium storing information processing program
Display method and system for portable device using external display device
Image processing apparatus, method and non-transitory computer readable medium using variable screen update polling interval
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and computer program product for setting a conveying speed
Image processing apparatus, method and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program with variable polling interval
Auto-positioning user interface based on user activity
Contents providing system, printing apparatus, and program therefor
Image carrier and image forming apparatus therewith
Method and apparatus to print e-mail according to printing environment settings corresponding to each user
Image forming device, log recording method, and computer-readable recording medium
Image forming apparatus that communicates with a portable terminal device, and information processing system
Verification of a printer calibration utilizing hand-held mobile devices
Method and system for on-the-fly diagnostic print methodology
Method and apparatus for using a shared ring buffer to provide thread synchronization in a multi-core processor system
Predictive selection of item attributes likely to be useful in refining a search
System and method for conveying backup and restore data via email
Document management apparatus, document management system, and document management method
Part number search method and system
Ranking of search results based on microblog data
Rounding unit for decimal floating-point division
Method and/or system for comparing character expressions
Modular digital signal processing circuitry with optionally usable, dedicated connections between modules of the circuitry
System and method for generating finite element models
Driving assistance device
Method and apparatus for integrating personal computer and electronic device functions
Secure local boot using third party data store (3PDS) based ISO image
Memory tagging and preservation during a hot upgrade
Method and system for managing faceted data
System for generating personalized documents
Print program, print control apparatus and image forming apparatus
Three-dimensional image processing device, and three-dimensional image processing method
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Method for generating a tomographic temperature map in a patient by way of a CT device, control and computing unit and CT system
Image processing apparatus and computer readable medium
Registering measured images to layout data
Character recognition
Removable handle scan body for impression trays and radiographic templates for integrated optical and CT scanning
Image processing apparatus capable of efficiently compressing an original image
Methods of object search and recognition
Image processing method and image processing apparatus which perform color correction of an image
Segmentation and quantification for intravascular optical coherence tomography images
Masking tool
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
Reporting informational data indicative of a possible non-imaged portion of a region of interest
System and method for identifying defects in a material
Comparing device
Image recognition information attaching apparatus, image recognition information attaching method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
Efficient probabilistic reasoning over semantic data
Method of assisting a sales representative in selling
Point bank system
Network-based collaborative control of distributed multimedia content
Method and computer program product for developing a process-oriented information technology (IT) actionable service catalog for managing lifecycle of services
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for providing commitments information relative to a turf
Method and mobile terminal for realizing network payment
Single tap transactions using a server
Single tap transactions using a mobile application
Using a mobile device as a point of sale terminal
System and method for determining internal fit of footwear
Facilitating content generation via messaging system interactions
Method and apparatus for defining routing of customers between merchants
Item substitution for unavailable items relating to a customer order
Method and system for placement and pricing of internet-based advertisements or services
Modified auction style game and game of chance driven by collective user data, random choice, and partial payback
System and method for creating an ad hoc social networking forum for a cohort of users
System and method for changing order priority levels in an electronic trading environment
Impulse donation/buy without risk method
Method, apparatus and article-of-manufacture for managing and supporting initial public offerings and other financial issues
Products and processes for generating a plurality of orders
System and method for executing strategy security trading
Health care eligibility verification and settlement systems and methods
Inspection room decision support system, inspection room decision support method and computer readable medium
Computer-based system for automating administrative procedures in an office
Method for providing electronic medical records utilizing portable computing and communications equipment
Method of processing three-dimensional image in mobile device
Space debris visualization
Display system with image conversion mechanism and method of operation thereof
Apparatus and methods for processing digital 3D objects
System and method for content based automatic zooming for document viewing on small displays
Emergency equipment power sources
Hands-free home automation application
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, storage medium, and information processing system
System and method for article authentication using signatures
Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods
Water leak detection and shut-off method and apparatus using differential flow rate sensors
System and method for determining location
Method apparatus and computer program
Reconfigurable user-interface device
Apparatus and method for providing haptic function in portable terminal
Devices, systems and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly
Image display device and method of controlling the same
Display device and electronic equipment using the same
Organic electroluminescence display device manufacturing method and organic electroluminescence display device
Electronic paper display device
Display device, and method of operation thereof
Display device for reducing parasitic capacitance with a dummy scan line
Backlight brightness control for liquid crystal display panel using a frequency-divided clock signal
Video display device
Device and method of controlling brightness of a display based on ambient lighting conditions
Information processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer-readable recording medium storing program
Input device
4-primary color display and pixel data rendering method thereof
Avionics device display dimming system and method
Parameter FIFO
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing text independent voice conversion
Apparatus and method for low complexity combinatorial coding and decoding of signals
Communication apparatus for adjusting a voice signal
Encoded packet selection from a first voice stream to create a second voice stream
Motor unit including circuit board arranged on a base portion and disk drive apparatus
Audio data receiving apparatus, audio data receiving method, and audio data transmission and receiving system
Disk drive accounting for fractional clock cycle when measuring reader/writer gap
Image processing apparatus
Magnetic recording system using perpendicular exchange spring media and ring heads
Tuned shunt ratio for magnetic sensors
Protecting hard bias magnets during a CMP process using a sacrificial layer
Suspension substrate, suspension, suspension with head and hard disk drive
Media record/play device and media record/play method
Reading a cross point cell array
Memory element and memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Word line driver for memory
Semiconductor device, method for inspecting the same, and method for driving the same
Self-repairing memory
Repair device and method for integrated circuit structured arrays
Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor device
Two-phase mixed media dielectric with macro dielectric beads for enhancing resistivity and breakdown strength
Resistive foil edge grading for accelerator and other high voltage structures
Vacuum capacitor
Variable capacitance device, antenna module, and communication apparatus
Vacuum capacitor
Multiple-coil supercapacitor
Electric double layer capacitor, lithium ion capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Electric receptacle apparatus with replaceable protection module
Residual-current circuit breaker
Shortage voltage trip device of molded case circuit breaker
Cold electron number amplifier
Multiband antenna for a mobile device
Wireless terminal device
Antenna and mobile terminal including the same
Wide-band linked-ring antenna element for phased arrays
Method and apparatus for high-power, pulsed ring fiber oscillator
Semiconductor optical amplifier device
Device for holding at least one switch in an enclosure, e.g. a switch cabinet
Reverse current sensor
Protection circuit, semiconductor device, photoelectric conversion device, and electronic device
Semiconductor device and apparatus including semiconductor device
Contactless charging module, contactless charging device, and method of manufacturing contactless charging module
Control pilot detection circuit
Method and apparatus for charging an electric vehicle from a streetlight
Battery pack capacity learn algorithm
Battery control system, battery controller, battery control method and program
Power supply device and image forming apparatus
Three level inverter device
Control device for vehicle AC generator
Frequency synthesizer and associated method
Programmable varactor and methods of operation thereof
Modulator and an amplifier using the same
Method, apparatus and system for phase difference adjustment in transmit diversity
Optimizing cascade gain stages in a communication system
Over-current protection for a switch mode class D audio amplifier
Active antenna arrangement with Doherty amplifier
Amplifier bias control
Interpolation of filter coefficients
Half bridge apparatus and half bridge control method
Method and system for detecting hidden ghost keys on keyboard matrix
Multi-phase clock generation apparatus and method
Semiconductor device
Equalization device, equalization method, and recording medium
Signal buffer circuit, sensor control board, image scanner, and image forming apparatus
Phase-locked loop system
Translational phase lock loop and synthesizer that eliminates dividers
Analog-to-digital conversion device and method thereof
Systems, devices, and methods for continuous-time digital signal processing and signal representation
Joint encoding and decoding methods for improving the error rate performance
Dynamic HARQ buffer management
Interference cancellation for predictive signals
Low radiation wireless communicator
Method of controlling instant message and mobile terminal using the same
Portable radiotelephone for automatically dialing a central voice-activated dialing system
Femtocell/WLAN communication device
Systems and methods for wavelet and channel-based high definition video encoding
Photonic impulse generator
Apparatus for controlling lighting equipment for lighting communication
System and method for establishing secure communications between transceivers in undersea optical communication systems
Electronic dispersion correction circuit for optical transmission system
Optical transmitting apparatus and optical communication system
Generation of a full-rate optical duobinary signal using half-rate electrical binary signals
Wave energy-based communication
RF receiver front-end assembly
Method for improving multiuser MIMO downlink transmissions
Communication device and control method thereof
Output control apparatus, output controlling method, program, and output control system
Method and system for tactile signaled authentication
Apparatus for MIMO channel performance prediction
Content source, content sink, and method for natively managing and delivering active content from one or more content sources to one or more content sinks wirelessly
Bluetooth dedvice
Selective transcoding of encoded media files
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and program
Proximity access and alarm apparatus
Transmission apparatus, receiving apparatus, and radio communication method
Sequential transmission multi-beamforming method with low complexity using Hadamard matrix
Method for limiting interference received by a plurality of destinations
Dynamic frame scheduling based on permutations of sub-channel identifiers
Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference
Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference
Method, system and server for authorizing computing devices for receipt of venue-based data based on the geographic location of a user
Interleaver address generation in turbo decoders for wireless communication systems
Symmetrical clock distribution in multi-stage high speed data conversion circuits
Radio transmission apparatus and radio transmission method
Variable-length training fields in coaxial communications
Data processing system and data processing method
Systems and methods for multi-domain routing
Method and apparatus for transmitting feedback request and method and apparatus for receiving feedback request in wireless communication system
Interface control system and interface control method
Method and apparatus for carrier selection in multi-carrier communication systems
Packet transmission device
Method for providing border gateway protocol fast convergence on autonomous system border routers
Method and monitoring component for network traffic monitoring
Methods for measuring cell load for adaptive rate services and related systems and computer program products
Picture control device and method of the same
Mobility signaling delegation
Method and device for link protection in virtual private local area network
Method for neighbor set selection for handover in a home access environment
Traffic-engineered connection establishment across resource domains for data transport
Method and apparatus for transporting mobile broadcasting service, and method and apparatus for receiving mobile broadcasting service
Efficient classification of network packets
Automatic path selection for hybrid communication networks
Demand based distribution of internet protocol forwarding information with a router
Automatic retransmission and error recovery for packet oriented point-to-multipoint communication
Multimedia data monitoring system and multimedia data monitoring method
Method, device for implementing identifier and locator split, and method for data encapsulating
Communication device and communication management system
Automated prompting techniques implemented via mobile devices and systems
Presence-based communication
GSM cell broadcast SMS message transmission in CDMA communication systems
Method and apparatus for ensuring accessibility to emergency service via VoIP or via PSTN
Receiving apparatus, data transfer apparatus, data receiving method and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
Data receiver circuit
Demodulation circuit, demodulation method and receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for demodulating a signal in a communication system
Method and apparatus for use in a communications network
Method and system for sharing trusted contact information
Radio terminal and demodulation method
Multicarrier transmission system with low power sleep mode and rapid-on capability
FPGA configuration bitstream encryption using modified key
Standalone "hands-free" phone device, in the form of a removable single-piece object clamped on a sun visor of an automotive vehicle
Image/audio playback device of mobile communication terminal
Mobile terminal and method of controlling mobile terminal
Keypad assembly with a contoured keypad facade for a mobile computing device
Prioritized prompt ordering and call processing in interactive voice response systems
Elimination of typing noise from conference calls
Method and system for automatic assignment of outbound and inbound call identity
Mass-scale, user-independent, device-independent voice messaging system
System and method for indexing voice mail messages by speaker
Voice message communication method and system
Method for interfacing a femto-cell equipment with a mobile core network
Method and apparatus for reporting emergency in call state in portable wireless terminal
Methods and apparatus for alternative billing of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services
System and method for location based exchanges of data facilitating distributed locational applications
Emergency services based on location information statistics
Media optimization using transcription analysis
Sensor-based determination of user role, location, and/or state of one or more in-vehicle mobile devices and enforcement of usage thereof
Telecommunications device localization and alarm
Method and apparatus for ubiquitous access to dialing plans for enterprise networks
System and method for automatically leaving an outgoing caller message
Creating automated voice response menus for telecommunications services
Reverse buffering media content at a mobile communications device
Exchange of location information using a wireless communication device
Method and system for stereo echo cancellation for VoIP communication systems
Clock skew compensation for acoustic echo cancellers using inaudible tones
Image processing apparatus, method for performing image processing and computer readable medium
Copy machine with elliptical diffusion plates
Image reader, image forming apparatus, computer readable medium for image adjustment and image adjusting method
Correction apparatus, image forming apparatus, image forming system, and computer readable medium
L*a*b* scanning using RGB-clear
Multiview video decoding apparatus, multiview video decoding method, multiview video decoding program, and multiview video decoding integrated circuit
Video data loss recovery using low bit rate stream in an IPTV system
Apparatus and method for creating and displaying media file
Dual-view stereoscopic display using linear modulator arrays
Methods and apparatus for transient light imaging
CCD image sensors and methods
Analog to digital conversion in image sensors
Driving method of solid-state imaging device
Apparatus and method of capturing jump image
Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling power of the digital photographing apparatus
Lens unit, imaging apparatus including the lens unit, and imaging method
Light reduction device and imaging apparatus
Image recording apparatus and image processing method
Method and apparatus for video stabilization by compensating for view direction of camera
Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, solid-state imaging device, image processing method and program
Imaging compositions of multiple images having different image ranges
Portable device, operating method, and computer-readable storage medium
Image capturing device and image capturing method
Apparatus and method of blurring background of image in digital image processing device
Image pickup apparatus having an exit pupil with divided areas
Solid-state imaging apparatus
Solid-state imaging apparatus
Solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof, and imaging apparatus
Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
Recording apparatus
Movie making techniques
Home media server control
Adaptive encoder-assisted frame rate up conversion
Offset calculation in switched interpolation filters
Filtering and dithering as pre-processing before encoding
Method and apparatus for avoiding quality deterioration of transmitted media content
System and method for calculating 3Deeps action specs motion estimation from the motion vectors in an MPEG file
Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, frame rate conversion system, and frame rate conversion method
Apparatus and method for temperature mapping a turbine component in a high temperature combustion environment
Digital camera having a multi-spectral imaging device
Image sensing device
Electronic apparatus, content recommendation method, and program therefor
Sound processors and implantable cochlear stimulation systems including the same
Speaker diaphragm and speaker device
User profile-based assistance communication system
Control apparatus, mobile communication system, radio communication control method, and computer readable medium
System and method for naming a location based on user-specific information
Apparatus and method for providing position information in a mobile communication system
Stale feedback using a secondary base station
Mobile device equipped with mobile network congestion recognition to make intelligent decisions regarding connecting to an operator network
Link layer assisted robust header compression context update management
Method for transmitting UE-triggered channel status information
Method for cooperative control of power among base stations and base station device using same
Mobile communication system and position detection method
Base station for transferring data in switching amongst multiple communication methods of a mobile device
Mobile router network method
Heterogeneous communication system and method for processing call in the same system
Methods and apparatus for home agent discovery in mobile IP using link state advertisements
Assignment of wireless coverage areas based on media codec
Method and apparatus for implementing network coding in a long term evolution advanced system
Triggering migration of a network access agent associated with an access terminal
Apparatus and method for distributing data among mobile stations via a base-station network
Antenna array control method and access point using the same
Method and apparatus for transmitting feedback information to terminal in wireless communication system using CoMP transmission
Method, apparatus and computer program product for preserving a signaling connection
Method for scheduling radio resources in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for wireless distributed computing
Base station apparatus and communication control method
Method and system of managing wireless resources
Mobile communication system, base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, and mobile communication method
Mobile-originated to HTTP communications
Receiving apparatus and data obtaining method
Systems and methods for forwarding a multi-user RF signal
X-ray generating apparatus and control method thereof
Housing for slate tablet computer
Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Post and handrail support
Front face of a floor mat
Method and apparatus for preventing damage due to media faults in discs spinning at high speeds
Modular refrigerator
Exercising device
Magnetic head suspension
Light emitting diode
Laser leveling device
Image on-demand transmitting device and a method thereof
Waste container stabilizer
Round handle for a push pin or magnet
Vehicle grille
Establishing consistent, end-to-end protection for a user datagram
Outdoor enclosure
Communication device
Automatic channel generation for home network systems
Portable hair dryer
Rear projection television
Method and system and article of manufacture for an N-tier software component architecture oilfield model
Methods and systems for canceling requests for the transmission of data
Electronic pen
Ergonomic and functionally-efficient one-hand user input interface
Callus safety shaver
Protocol agnostic web listener
Extruded confection
Confectionery bar
Sports sweat pad with hook and loop fastener
Sport pants
Pair of sandals
Shoe bottom
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Shoe upper
Sheath for saw
Holster holder device
Fishing fly storage box with sliding cover
Tablet case
Tote bag
Carrying case for hand-held computing/controller device
Hanging wire basket
Key holder
Carry bag
Backpack with a visual element
Mobile telephone case
Urban yoke
Toothbrush including a tongue scraper
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for a paper towel
Underlay sheet
Chair and ottoman
Portion of a bed
Seating surface for a vehicle seat
Modular accessories cabinet
Three drawer metal unit
Wall mountable accessory
Goods display stand
Display case for watches and jewelry
Seat and back rest for a chair
Seat and back rest for a chair
Hanger of love
Disposable toilet mat
Baby change cover for ironing table
Automobile seat cover with string adjustments
Drinking fountain
Combination food and beverage plate
Stereo cooler
Beer dispensing cooler
Food carrier
Combined divided bowl and lid
Barbecue grill
Tabletop kettle grill
Dome-top kettle grill
Electric cooktop
Butter warmer
Handle for cooking utensils
Handle for a kitchen utensil
Dutch oven lid
Eating utensil
Eating utensil
Eating utensil
Utensil for cutting food into child-size bites
Gourmet slicer
Spice grinder
Cruet for oil and vinegar
Extended shoehorn
Ice cream scoop
Pot holder
Hammer drill
Manual/electric candle grooming tool
Strap cutter
Cordless electric ratchet wrench
Member for stacking wires or cables
Holder for pots
Knob for furniture
Toilet seat handle
Display framework hub
Multi-purpose clip
Rack formed from skateboard pieces
Dispensing bottle
C/D multi-power cell display package
Package for holding a CD opener and single sheet paper cutter
Flexible pouch
Tooth-shaped bottle cap
Packaging for battery operated toothbrush
Child-resistant closure
Tooth-shaped bottle cap
Caddy for container
Waste can
Watch case
Watch case
Watch head design
Indexing panoramic level
Laser leveling device
Fish tape reel
Housing for test and measurement instruments
Remote indicator
Combined illuminable novelty pin, pendant, and magnet
Jewelry finding
Drainage bag for plant pots and containers
Frame for a collapsible wheel barrow
Combined escalator comb and floor plate
Keel cube
Cowling for water scooter
Watercraft-mountable carrier for wakeboards, water skis and the like
Automobile body shape
Automobile body
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy and/or other replicas
Motor vehicle
Bicycle chain stay
Combination infant seat carrier and detachable storable stroller support assembly
Tire lug
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Flexible, trimmable fender trim for an all terrain vehicle
Vehicle side mirror
Skid plate
Front face of a floor mat
Canopy for stroller
Crown line and window configuration for a jet airplane
Audio and charging station for a handheld electronic device
Battery charger for electronic cameras
Desktop charger
Cable connector
Motor starter controller with control unit
Twin flat electrical plug
Housing for an automation system controller
Electrical coupler
Power point
Electrical connector
Co-axial cable connector
ISO/DIN auto stereo mounting device with pocket
Earphone with microphone
Speaker box
Speaker box
Earphone with microphone
Desktop audio recording and playback system
Lap top case
Computer host
Combined universal serial bus adapter and base
Amplifier for electric guitar
Media device
Remote control with battery charger and locator
Television receiver
Mobile telecommunication device
Cellular phone
Rear projection television
Portable telephone
Portion of a display screen
Magnetic head suspension
Compressor pump
Traveling body for construction machine
Rear grill for skid steer loader
Combination electric suction and collection household appliance
Presser foot for sewing machine
Refrigerator door assembly
Modular refrigerator
Sewing machine
Scroll saw
Boring and drilling system
Grinding tool
Eyeglass and eyeglass components
Optical lens
Curved ski spectacles
Guitar strap
Bridge for a guitar
Musical instrument stand
Multifunction cash register input and display unit
Electronic calculator
Dispenser for adhesive coated notepapers
Business card holder
Organizer cover
Tubular device with carabiner thereon
Tubular device with carabiner thereon
Tubular device with carabiner thereon
Tubular device with carabiner thereon
Glitter pencil having three color glitters forming transversal stripes
Vacuum vending machine
Toilet paper dispenser
Triptych banner assembly
Banner display
Overhead display system
Hand-held display device
Sign system
Address display
Arcade game machine
Object for the control of a remote controlled toy car through attitudinal orientation of the object
Sports ball
Golf club head
Golf club head
Putter head
Putting guide
Insect bait station
Integral pivoting faucet
Free standing pivot faucet set
Faucet handle
Faucet handle and base
Device for dispensing a liquid active substance
Sprinkler pattern disc
Pedestal paper holder
Accessory post
Child's toilet training step and footrest
Air freshening device
Ventilation grid for power supply housing
Ceiling fan blade
Faceplate for volatile actives dispenser
Air freshener housing
Data collection unit
Teeth whitening mouthpiece
Surgical tool for measuring a vagus nerve size
Masking strip design
Deck clamped standard
Electronic lockbox
Door facing
Tree-mounted hunting blind
Compact light assembly
Light source
Solid state lighting module
Solar powered light cross
Solar powered outdoor light
Beer mug light
Tungsten halogen lamp
Light fixture
Light fixture
Cosmetic appliance
Birdcage attachment
Double jointed horse-bit mouthpiece
Combined pet leash and collar
Pet toy
Human Necessities
Agastache plant named `After Eight`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balcebpiel`
Verbena plant named `Kleve03327`
Guzmania plant named `Holiday`
Means for moveable bills or brims of caps and hats
Plastic fastener with slider and bag body with plastic fastener
Ultimate brush
Playyard latch mechanism
Powered toilet seat positioner
Sanitary tub
Sweeping and wringing apparatus
Agitator drive system with bare floor shifter
Surgical biopsy instrument
Apparatus for contracting, loading or crimping self-expanding and balloon expandable stent devices
Dual battery power system for an implantable cardioverter defibrillator with voltage booster
Performing Operations; Transporting
Seaming apparatus and method for cans
Process of molding and assembling three-dimensional ornaments
Tool for installing communication cable in a cleft
Device and method for eliminating front and end trimmings from series of rolls
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Porcelain oven rack
Fixed Constructions
Foot assisted plunger construction
Insulated cover and method for using same
Feed forward process control using scatterometry for reticle fabrication
Electrode with improved signal to noise ratio
Capacitance parameters calculation method for MOSFET and program therefor
Automatic method and system for instantiating built-in-test (BIST) modules in ASIC memory designs
Inspection method and inspection system using charged particle beam
Integrated excitation/extraction system for test and measurement
Design instrumentation circuitry
Apparatus for reshaping a patterned organic photoresist surface
Selective data encryption using style sheet processing
Systems and methods for interpreting communications packets
Method and apparatus for handling transient memory errors
Rapid fail analysis of embedded objects
Method and apparatus for generation of validation tests
Computer system and a method for controlling a computer system
Method and system for testing hardware and software configurations in a computer system
Multiprocessor emulation support using dynamic linking
Secure network file access controller implementing access control and auditing
System for bus monitoring using a reconfigurable bus monitor which is adapted to report back to CPU in response to detecting certain selected events
System and method for combinatorial test generation in a compatibility testing environment
Memory card and memory controller
Method and system for managing documents
Publishing layout wizard
Method for automatic extraction of semantically significant events from video
Method and system for appending information to graphical files stored in specific graphical file formats
Method, medium, display device, and hypertext display system including correspondence information between location information and link information
Dynamic web list display
Integrating into an application objects that are provided over a network
Automated audit methodology for design
Method and apparatus for identifying a path between source and target states
Mask cost driven logic optimization and synthesis
Method for rapid estimation of wire delays and capacitances based on placement of cells
Design verification system for avoiding false failures and method therefor
Design and optimization methods for integrated circuits
Hierarchical feature extraction for electrical interaction calculations
System and method for designing circuits in a SOI process
Method and apparatus for determining viability of path expansions
Routing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for placing repeating flip-flop stations on signal lines within an integrated circuit
Data integrity device providing heightened error protection in a data processing system
Indications of secured digital assets
Multi-level position designating method for a multimedia stream
Automatic positioning of display depending upon the viewer's location
Teleprompter device
Removable hardware device authentication system and method
Programming method and model for expressing synchronous, fine-grained parallelism
Method and system for collapsing a graphical representation of related elements
System and method of evaluating the performance of an image processing algorithm
Method and apparatus for versioning statically bound files
Method of accessing data and logic on existing systems through dynamic construction of software components
Low impact breakpoint for multi-user debugging
Computer system upgrade method employing upgrade management utility which provides uninterrupted idle state
Mangled strings for testing of internationalization
System and method for re-storing stored known-good computer configuration via a non-interactive user input device without re-booting the system
Accessing a translated resource descriptor of a hardware device
Method for switching between boot devices in information processing unit
Encrypted compiler
Program optimization
Method and apparatus to facilitate sharing optimized instruction code in a multitasking virtual machine
Instrumentation of code having predicated branch-call and shadow instructions
Method of, system for, and computer program product for providing automatic identification of a computer program code candidate for web deployment or a stored procedure
Interrupt throttling for inter-processor communications
Method for implementing a variable-partitioned queue for simultaneous multithreaded processors
Controller for multiple instruction thread processors
Data type mapping for external callouts
Distributed document processing
System and method for creating a performance tool and a performance tool yield
Reviewing and merging electronic documents
Vault controller supervisor and method of operation for managing multiple independent vault processes and browser sessions for users in an electronic business system
Method of navigating a collection of interconnected nodes
Page sub-component prerequisite control mechanism
Noisy operating system user interface
Spindle mortor for optical disk drive having a stator with upper tracks at different heights
Clamp mechanism for an optical disk reading device
Open and close mechanism for recording medium insertion path
Hybrid disc and method and apparatus for discriminating same
Method of assembling rotor structure
Enhanced copy protection of proprietary material employing multiple watermarks
Detection in the presence of media noise
System and method for detecting media and transport degradation during multichannel recording
Optical pickup
Cartridge for an information recording medium
Method of manufacturing a read head
Pickup device and disk drive
Method of assembling separable transformer
Multi-barrel die transfer apparatus and method for transferring dies therewith
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method of manufacturing same
Method for assembling conductive segments of a rotor winding or stator winding in a rotary electric machine
Simulated circuit layout for low voltage, low paper and high performance type II current conveyor
Method for manufacturing quartz crystal tuning fork resonator, quartz crystal unit having quartz crystal tuning fork resonator, and quartz crystal oscillator having quartz crystal unit
Error correction method for high density disc
Decoding extended error correcting codes using soft information
Communication system and method using signal to noise ratio estimation for scaling in processing received wireless communication signals
Self-optimizing the diagnosis of data processing systems by flexible multitasking
Method for superimposing a sequence number in an error detection code in a data network
Cable modem having a wireless communication function
Dual protocol layer automatic retransmission request scheme for wireless air interface
Fail-over control in a computer system having redundant service processors
Bit error measurement apparatus and method, and recording medium
Hierarchical connected graph model for implementation of event management design
Image object recording, compression, and encryption method and system
Secure handshake protocol
Dynamic image provisioning
Method and system for ensuring the security of fax transmission using an identifying card
Method and a device for encryption of images
Approach facilitating the selection of various machine vision functionality from among different platforms
Interactive television system and method for simultaneous transmission and rendering of multiple MPEG-encoded video streams
Methods and arrangements for providing a novel television and multimedia viewing paradigm
Virtual creature displayed on a television
Method for manufacturing speaker
Electronic component mounting apparatus
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