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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Teat cup carrier
Spinning reel drag mechanism
Cobalamin conjugates for anti-tumor therapy
Oil or fat compositions
Chocolate processing machine
Smoking article including a catalytic smoke reformer
Depth-adjustable device for a chair
Opening and closing switch structure for valve pin control of gas cylinder
Seat sock
Member tilting mechanism and mirror system
Dripless funnel assembly
Pneumatic suture instrument
Wedge shaped suture anchor and method of implantation
Closed loop control for intrastromal wavefront-guided ablation with fractionated treatment program
System for vision examination utilizing telemedicine
Volumetric imaging using "virtual" lenslets
Method and device for determining the anatomical condition of a human being or an animal and a strength training machine and a computer program which is saved to a memory medium
Bur for preparing metal substrates
Stent coatings containing self-assembled monolayers
Fluid warming cassette with a tensioning rod
Amines as anti-alcoholism agents
4-hydroxymethyl-1-aryl-cyclohexylamine compounds
Kinase inhibitors and associated pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
Compositions containing C-substituted diindolylmethane compounds
Mitochondrially targeted antioxidants
Methods for treating HIV infected subjects
Use of extracts of Ginkgo biloba for preparing a medicament intended to treat sarcopenia
Erythropoietin dosing regimen for treating anemia
Antimicrobial compounds and formulations
Compositions and methods for promoting myocardial and peripheral angiogenesis
Method and compositions for providing natural appearing hair color
Delivery of a sympatholytic cardiovascular agent to the central nervous system to counter heart failure and pathologies associated with heart failure
Combination room freshener and oil candle and method for making the same
Medical devices
Particle-removing medical device and method
Steerable catheter
Clip assembly part for use with an adapter to the proximal end of a peg tube
Derivatives of decahydro-cycloprop[e]indene compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Perimeter weighted golf ball
Three-piece solid golf ball
Golf putter
Separable golf club
Tamper resistant end cap for a bat
Skate apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Environmentally friendly acid neutralizing cartridge
Apparatus and method for distilling waste liquids
Waste collection system for separating liquid waste from solid waste
Mass spectrometer
Mixed metal oxide catalysts for the production of unsaturated aldehydes from olefins
Fluidized bed method and reactor for the treatment of catalysts and catalyst carriers
Spray nozzle with adjustable ARC spray elevation angle and flow
Speed limiting for rotary driven sprinkler
Dishwasher and adjustable rack
Method for recycling used-up plastic products and washing process of crushed plastic and apparatus therefor
Glass washing machine with conveyor and brush speed control
Mail opener apparatus
Tool changer of machine tool
Battery dispenser and refill
Chemical mechanical polishing process for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Quick clamping system for a workbench
Vice for tying a hook for fly-fishing
Tree step driving tool
Connected-screw driver
Limit structure for a hook of a pneumatic tool
Nail tray hoist structure for a coil nailer
Drilling control arrangement
Table saw having a measurement and display system
Method of producing a molded product comprising an insert
Internally heated nozzle for close cavity spacing injection molding applications
Modified injection takeout tube
Method of vacuum thermoforming a container
Tire with raised indicia
Friable sandstone structural blocks
Process for preparing metal-coated aromatic polyimide film
Recording medium, image-forming method employing the same, process for producing the same
Thermally foamable microsphere and production process thereof
Multilayer card
Inkjet printer cartridge refill dispenser with plunge action
Foam, method of forming the foam, print cartridge including the foam, and printing apparatus including the print cartridge
Printer and print control method
Ink supply amount adjustment method and apparatus for printing press
Blank modular book to be enclosed in an artistic case to be filled out in writing by the members of successive generations of the same family during a long time
Method and apparatus for controlling material removal from semiconductor substrate using induced current endpointing
Pneumatic radial tire
Collision air bag and flotation system
Motor vehicle with lowerable drive unit
Power plant mounting apparatus
Waste concrete disposal box
Side opening cargo rack
Apparatus for attaching semi-trailers to railcars
Vehicle seat having light alloy frame provided with airbag module
Method of bringing to readiness an inflatable airbag of safety device, safety device for a vehicle, valve device
Head restraint for automotive vehicle
Apparatus and method for controlling vehicle stability
Deadband regenerative braking control for hydraulic hybrid vehicle powertrain
Trash cart
Suspension system for a truck cab
Drive track support with vibration isolation
Truck assembly for a skateboard, wheeled platform, or vehicle
Apparatus including vehicle, console and molded canopy
Human powered watercraft
Flying vehicle-launching apparatus and method
Method of proof testing glass
System for pneumatically conveying bulk materials with improved discharge arrangement
Device for dividing a disorderly flow of cylindrical objects, for example drinks bottles, into several pathways
Wine pomace extraction apparatus and method
Dispenser capable of dispensing sheet-like articles
Apparatus for conveying sheets through a printing machine
Variable wire rope brake assembly
Saddle having improved comfort and contact between rider and horse
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical glass, precision press molding preform and method of manufacturing the same, optical element and method of manufacturing the same
Cement composition having chromium reducer
Preparation of mono-N-sulphonylated diamines
Methods for synthesis of acyloxyalkyl derivatives of GABA analogs
Amide derivatives of 2,2,3,3-tetramethylcyclopropane carboxylic acid
Method for the rhodium-catalyzed hydroformylation of olefins with reduction of rhodium losses
Process for producing (4E)-5-chloro-2-isopropyl-4-pentenoate and optically active form thereof
Substituted pyrrolines as kinase inhibitors
Process to prepare (1-carboxymethyl)-pyrimidinone compounds
Process for producing quinazolin-4-one and derivatives thereof
Cyclic fluorine compounds, polymerizable fluoromonomers, fluoropolymers, and resist materials containing the fluoropolymers and method for pattern formation
Phytase expression systems and methods of making and using them
Method of manufacturing a stellate cell death factor
Termini cysteine-added variants of granulocyte colony stimulating factor
Anti-human luteinizing hormone-related antibodies and uses thereof
Peptide containing Ser-Ser-Ser-Arg
Low void space resins and method of preparation
Radiation-curable coatings for plastic substrates from multifunctional acrylate oligomers
Preparation of comb-branched polymers
Flame-retardant polyolefin compounds and their use in surface coverings
Colorant for ocular lenses and material for colored ocular lenses using the colorant
Hydrofining process using bulk group VIII/Group VIB catalysts
Complex oil-in-water-in-oil (O/W/O) emulsion compositions for fuel cell reformer start-up
Personal cell sampling kit
Keratinocyte growth factor-2 polynucleotides
Cloning ungulates from a quiescent donor cell
Nucleic acid molecules encoding cyclotide polypeptides and methods of use
Expression vectors encoding epitopes of target-associated antigens and methods for their design
Fc fusion proteins of human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor with increased biological activities
DNA encoding hyaluronan synthase from Pasteurella multocida and methods of use
Sulfotransferase, its polypeptide and DNA encoding the same
Chondroitin synthase and nucleic acid encoding the enzyme
Process for enhancing anaerobic biohydrogen production
Detection of drug-resistant human immunodeficiency virus
Composite material containing tungsten and bronze
System and method for feedforward control in thin film coating processes
Method and composition for polishing a substrate
Crucible or related object holder and method of manufacture
Textiles; Paper
Device for a weaving machine
Fixed Constructions
Sliding door lock
Modular hunting ladder
Method of treating an oil or gas well with biodegradable low toxicity fluid system
Well tool protection system and method
Downhole safety valve assembly having sensing capabilities
Chemical injection well completion apparatus and method
Perforating gun quick connection system
Integral flush gauge cable apparatus and method
Determining horizontal and vertical permeabilities by analyzing two pretests in a horizontal well
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Relative position detection and control device for motor vehicle
Multicylinder engine intake system
Renewable energy electric power generating system
Hydrostatic bearing and stage apparatus using same
Double clutch transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Transfer case with dual chain transfer mechanism
Method for converting a non-driven tag axle system to a driven axle system
Cushion ring sprocket assembly and method
Sealing apparatus with encoder
Check valve for pump of electronically controlled brake system
Bleed valve system for motorcycle suspensions
Shut-off actuator with gas generation device
Electrostatic valves for microfluidic devices
Tube coupling
Illuminated panel portion for vehicles and vehicular accessories
Night light with fiber optics
Heat exchanger and heat transferring member with symmetrical angle portions
Heat exchanger
Double serving for a bow string
Method of producing a wheel speed sensor and the corresponding sensor
Inkjet recording ink, inkjet recording method, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording system
Vertical liquid level measuring device
Radiation source for the generation of short-wavelength radiation
Inspection system for a turbine blade region of a turbine engine
Monolithic integrated circuit/pressure sensor on pacing lead
Systems and methods for preparing and analyzing low volume analyte array elements
Non-destructive inspection device for inspecting limited-access features of a structure
Diagnostic agents for the prenatal diagnosis of preterm delivery, fetal infection, and fetal damage, and diagnostic kit containing the same
Oxygen monitoring device
Semiconductor type hydrogen sensor, detection method and hydrogen detecting device
Wafer probe
Arrangements having IC voltage and thermal resistance designated on a per IC basis
Method and apparatus for completely covering a wafer with a passivating material
Method and device for distance measurement by pulse radar
Calibration of a device location measurement system that utilizes wireless signal strengths
Radiation detectors and methods of detecting radiation
Method for magnetic resonance imaging with correction for fluctuations in the tramsission field strength
Lens for rearview mirror
Optoelectronic arrangement having a laser component, and a method for controlling the emitted wavelength of a laser component
Laser-based display with position sensitive detector
Color-generating device and display system
Image display device
Light recovery for projection displays
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element using the same, method for producing resist pattern and method for producing printed wiring board
Color toners and image forming method using the color toners
Imaging member having inorganic material filler surface grafted with charge transport moiety
Imaging member
Current sensing in multiple coupled inductors by time constant matching to leakage inductance
Actuating device
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Non-contact IC card reader/writer device, non-contact IC card, input device, and method of calculating location of non-contact IC card
Currency processing device
Theft prevention system for motorcycle
Lowerable smoke detector
Method and apparatus for detecting improper installation of child seat in a vehicle
Electronic termite detector
System and method for receiving a signal to trigger a pyroelectric activation system
Traffic control sign assembly
Glass substrate of disk for recording information, a disk for recording information, and a disk device for recording information
Method of patterning magnetic products using chemical reaction
Sintered body for thermistor devices, thermistor device and temperature sensor
Interconnecting cable
Power line conditioner
Circuit breaker
Electroluminescent devices
Method of generation of charged particle beam exposure data and charged particle beam exposure method using a block mask
Photo-imaged stress management layer for semiconductor devices
Microelectromechanical (MEM) device with a protective cap that functions as a motion stop
Process for producing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Method of making a high precision microelectromechanical capacitor with programmable voltage source
Liquid drop jetting apparatus using charged beam and method for manufacturing a pattern using the apparatus
System and method for surface reduction, passivation, corrosion prevention and activation of copper surface
Method for producing semiconductor device, polishing apparatus, and polishing method
Substrate processing method
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having an insulation film with reduced water content
Body capacitor for SOI memory description
Semiconductor device with a toroidal-like junction
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
High quality oxide on an epitaxial layer
Method of forming a locally strained transistor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and fabrication method for semiconductor integrated circuit device
Methods involving spin-on polymers that reversibly bind charge carriers
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device that includes forming a material with a high tensile stress in contact with a semiconductor film to getter impurities from the semiconductor film
Method of forming an integrated circuit incorporating higher voltage devices and low voltage devices therein
Method for fabricating semiconductor film and semiconductor device and laser processing apparatus
Module card structure
Memory card with an adaptor
Semiconductor device having capacitors for reducing power source noise
Filling small dimension vias using supercritical carbon dioxide
Chip scale package with heat spreader
Semiconductor device having pixels
Semiconductor device including fine dummy patterns
Chip circuit comprising an inductor
Spin transfer magnetic elements with spin depolarization layers
Triple-diffused trench MOSFET
MOS transistor and method for producing a MOS transistor structure
Transistor with nitrogen-hardened gate oxide
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Solid-state imaging device, method of producing the same, and camera
Optical functional film, method of forming the same, and spatial light modulator, spatial light modulator array, image forming device and flat panel display using the same
Multilayer piezoelectric element and vibration-wave drive device
Single crystal substrate and cutting method thereof
Organic light-emitting device
Battery pack having an electronic storage device
Membrane and electrode assembly, production method of the same and fuel cell employing the same
Planar electrochemical device assembly
Fuel cell system comprising an absorbent tank for removing residue therein
Directional antenna control device, beam selecting method therefor, and program
Electrical connector bridge arrangement with release means
Method for connecting a terminal to a connector and structure of the terminal
Sealed electrical connector
Socket for attaching an electronic component
Card connector
Cable connector assembly with unitary latch
Methods and systems for minimizing alien crosstalk between connectors
Terminal-protective card connector
Electrical connector using a substrate as a contacting member
Folding electric apparatus
Electrical connection device for bushing which supplies filaments, such as glass filaments
Connector in which a shell can be readily assembled to a connector housing
Manufacturing method of shielded wire harness and shielded cable and end structure thereof
Calculation of state of charge offset using a closed integral method
Interconnecting power generation system
Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Electric rotating machine
Electric machine, in particular brushless synchronous motor
Electromagnetically driven rotary motor
Motor drive inverter control apparatus
Miniature hydro-power generation system
Method to improve high frequency divider bandwidth coverage
Oscillator array with row and column control
Frequency modulation circuit
Single-ended pseudo-differential output driver
Sensor with improved gain-setting capability
Vernier circuit for fine control of sample time
Analog actuation allocation structure with many actuators
Programmable driver delay
Signal propagation circuitry for use on integrated circuits
On/off charge pump
Spread spectrum clock generator
Wide frequency range DLL with dynamically determined VCDL/VCO operational states
Analog-to-digital converter
Noise shaper circuit and method for reducing switching noise
Method and apparatus for constructing efficient codes for Wyner-Ziv video compression systems
Pyrene derivative, light emitting element, and light emitting device
Method for controlling a delta-T cooking process
Apparatus and method for fixing component of circuit substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
GPS control of a tractor-towed implement
Medical instrument and method for use with computer-assisted image guided surgery
System for use in displaying images of a body part
Surgical microscope
Pulse oximetry method and system with improved motion correction
Implant with close and long-range telemetry
Determination of glucose concentration in tissue
Method for measuring a conductive volume and device for implementing this method
Apparatus for measuring intrauterine pressure and fetal heart rate and method for using same
Electrode for measuring electrophysiological signals using liquid electrolytic gel with a high salt concentration
Biopotential sensor electrode
Biopotential electrode sensory component
Method and system for detecting cardiac depolarization
Neurocognitive ability EEG measurement method and system
Method and apparatus for judging recovery of physical condition in puerperium
Cardiac cine imaging with a short repetition time and high contrast between the blood and the myocardium
X-ray CT apparatus and X-ray imaging method
EKG-less cardiac image reconstruction
Co-extruded, multi-lumen medical lead
Intramuscular medical electrical lead with fixation member
Power consumption reduction in medical devices employing multiple supply voltages and clock frequency control
Regularization of ventricular rate during atrial tachyarrhythmia
System and method for optimizing far-field R-wave sensing by switching electrode polarity during atrial capture verification
Method and system for determining a noise floor in a cardiac pacing system
High frequency electro magnetic field treatment of abnormalities
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of generating chemical compounds having desired properties
Electroacoustic converter
Method for adjusting the workpiece flow in a production system
Method and device for automated robot-cell calibration
Robot controller
Method and apparatus for transforming a part periphery to be cut from a patterned sheet material
Method for controlling the assembly cycle of a frame assembling machine and machine for carrying out the method
Optical information recording medium, manufacturing method therefor, manufacturing apparatus therefor, and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Three-dimensional shape data processing device, carved plate and carving device
Suspension control system
Tire pressure vehicle speed limiting
Automotive control apparatus and method
Driving force control apparatus
Automatic stop/restart device of vehicle engine
Engine control system for hybrid vehicle
Automobile information system
In-vehicle integrated information system
Airbag sensor system
Motion sensor for a motor vehicle
Apparatus for detecting abnormality of a vehicle sensor and method
Track database integrity monitor for enhanced railroad safety distributed power
Method and apparatus for vehicle data transfer optimization
Boom extension and boom angle control for a machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Laser optimized multimode fiber and method for use with laser and LED sources and system employing same
Soft hearing aid moulding apparatus
Compositions of hepatitis C virus NS5B polymerase and methods for crystallizing same
Object interactive user interface using speech recognition and natural language processing
Rapid thermal heating apparatus and method including an infrared camera to measure substrate temperature
Fixed Constructions
Application of adaptive object-oriented optimization software to an automatic optimization oilfield hydrocarbon production management system
Adaptive acoustic channel equalizer & tuning method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
In-line fiber-optic polarizer
Gas turbine aeroengine control system
Upstream gauge sensor, downstream absolute pressure sensor system
Method for controlling/regulating a process in a motor vehicle and device for implementing the method
System and method for determining engine torque for controlling a powertrain
High voltage fault discrimination for EGR temperature sensor
Modular data collection and analysis system
Process for evaluating the driving dynamic request of the driver for the driving strategy of an automatic/automated transmission
System for adjusting a transmission ratio in a transmission built into a motor vehicle
Shift control method for automatic transmission
Vehicle control method for vehicle having a torque converter
Electronic control for a transmission control system
Controllable camera support and system
Size recognition system with method for determining price of a commodity
System and method for analyzing layers using x-ray transmission
Frequency stabilized laser system
Method of synchronized survey with computer aid
GPS device with compass and altimeter and method for displaying navigation information
Method and device for displaying animated navigation information
Service-rendering system, service-rendering apparatus and method, and navigation apparatus and method
On-vehicle navigation system for searching facilities along a guide route
Vehicle accessory for monitoring travel distance
Method and apparatus for synthesizing an incremental signal
Method and circuit for summing utility metering signals
Pressure based fluid gauging system
Method and apparatus for measuring light absorption spectra
Interpretation of thermal paint
Resistance based process control device diagnostics
Method for determining the instantaneous winding temperature of the stator winding of a three-phase AC motor, in particular a pole-changeable asynchronous motor
High reliability pressure sensor
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Automotive engine misfire detection system including a bit-serial based recurrent neuroprocessor
Computer apparatus and method for analyzing structural stability
Vision comparison inspection system
Automatic network analyzer having noise/NPR test capability
Apparatus and method for measuring loop impedance
Fiber optic difference current sensor
Automated creation of specific test programs from complex test programs
Method of analyzing electromagnetic fields in rotary machine and electromagnetic field analyzer
Method and device for suppressing stimulations in a subject undergoing a magnetic resonance scan
Shifting sampling window and interleaves sparse K-space data acquisition for improved temporal resolution
Method and apparatus for measuring displacement of object using GPS
Process for determining the relative velocity between two moving objects
Long-range, full-duplex, modulated-reflector cell phone for voice/data transmission
Distance measuring systems altimeters and aircraft
Method and system for estimating adaptive array weights used to transmit a signal to a receiver in a wireless communication system
Method and system for providing information for a mobile terminal and a mobile terminal
Technique for limiting the range of an object sensing system in a vehicle
Source pin loader method and apparatus for positron emission tomography
Method for estimating pore fluid pressure in subterranean formations
Single mode optical waveguide fiber with reduced dispersion
Optical system for injecting laser radiation into an optical conductor, and a method for its production
Grating writing method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for fabricating multi-period optical fiber grating
Reducing mode interference in transmission of a high order mode in optical fibers
Photonic local oscillator signal generator and method for generating a local oscillator signal
MEMS-based optical bench
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer with three waveguides
Optical interconnects with hybrid construction
Force equalizing filament clamp
Optical couplers for multimode fibers
Low loss wavelength selective optical switch
Bidirectional optical wavelength multiplexer/divider
Quantum optical methods of and apparatus for writing bragg reflection filters
Wavelength division multiplexing/demultiplexing devices having concave diffraction gratings
Optical waveguide slab structures
Optical switch having substantially equal output powers
Rotary light coupler
Beam converter for enhancing brightness of polarized light sources
Shield for fiber optic connectors and cables
Optoelectronic connector system
Low profile optical fiber ribbon cable
Light waveguide cable for use in high-tension systems
Optical transmission element, process as well as device for its manufacture
Fiber optic closure with couplers and splice tray
Fiber optic connector
Fiber optic connector
Optical cable and manufacturing method thereof
Pressure vessel assembly
Lens moving device
Driving mechanism using shape-memory alloy
Distance-measuring device, distance-measuring method and camera using the same
Image capturing device provided with focusing system
Method and apparatus for confining an optical beam in an optical switch
Device and method for variable attenuation of an optical channel
Lens barrel
Electric circuit board system for camera capable of structuring target camera by merely exchanging unit circuit board
Lens-fitted photo film unit of waterproof type and disassembling method for the same
Data-imprinting apparatus for a lens-equipped film unit
Method of recording data on photographic film
Orientation regularizing apparatus and sorting apparatus for lens-fitted photo film unit
Photographic and video image system
Camera with dual-function battery/manual operating button unit
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, and process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus employing the same
Image forming apparatus
Printing apparatus and toner density measuring method
Printing and photocopying device and method whereby one toner mark is scanned at at least two points of measurement
Image scanning apparatus having a bifurcating guide member
Image forming apparatus
Ink feeding valve of a wet type electrophotographic printer
Image forming apparatus having a transfer device for transferring a toner image and having a bias voltage controller
Image forming apparatus with selectable dual image transferring modes having different image transferring efficiencies
Transfix component having fluorosilicone outer layer
Recording apparatus responsive to changing electrical resistance of transfer media
Image forming apparatus
Liquid ink development (LID) machine having a fluid film thickness control apparatus
Oil secreting supply roller for an electrophotographic printer, including a method for applying a toner repelling substance to a fuser roller
Oil exuding roller for an electrophotographic printer, including a method for its fabrication, and its function encompassed by a method for applying a toner repelling substance to a fuser roller
Electrophotographic recording apparatus having lid with mechanism to retract exposing unit
Analog electronic timepiece
Timing circuit
Two-phase heat-flow analyzing method and the apparatus thereof
External components for a microprocessor system for control of plural control elements and operating method
Interface for managing test definitions
Testing system and method for automotive component using dynamometer
Vehicle component diagnostic and update system
Process and system for setting controller parameters of a state controller
Cosine algorithm for relatively small angles
Personal digital assistant with wireless telephone
PC server telecommunications power system
Rule based capacity management system for an inter office facility
Automatic detection and recovery for problems arising with interconnected queue managers
Method and apparatus for remote computer management using HTML in a web browser application and an internet server extension on an internet server API-compliant web server
Method of load testing web applications based on performance goal
System and method for identifying latent computer system bottlenecks and for making recommendations for improving computer system performance
Computer memory cards using flash EEPROM integrated circuit chips and memory-controller systems
Method of instrumenting garbage collection generating a trace file making a single pass analysis of object heap
Popular-object handling in a train-algorithm-based garbage collector
Scalable-remembered-set garbage collection
Memory system
UART with direct memory access buffering of data and method therefor
Method for writing back message ID information to a match ID register and a CAN microcontroller that implements this method
Hardware or software architecture implementing self-biased conditioning
Signal analyzer system and method for computing a fast Gabor spectrogram
Transverse correlator structure for a rake receiver
Processor and method for determining the statistical equivalence of the respective mean values of two processes
Method and apparatus for estimating a percentile for a value
Generating instruction sequences using independently executable pane renderers
System, method, and recording medium for drafting and preparing patent specifications
Language translator
Data transmission and data receiving apparatus that obtains file differences during transmission
Graphical query analyzer
Browser for hierarchical structures
Temporal updates of relevancy rating of retrieved information in an information search system
System and method for storing and retrieving filenames and files in computer memory using multiple encodings
System and method for reliable caching of database connections in a distributed application
Structured-text cataloging method, structured-text searching method, and portable medium used in the methods
Stand-alone cartridge-style data aggregation server providing data aggregation for OLAP analyses
Method for accelerated sorting based on data format
Information services patterns in a netcentric environment
Method for querying a database in which a query statement is issued to a database management system for which data types can be defined
Computer system and method for providing digital video and data over a communication channel
Method for transaction recovery in three-tier applications
WWW browser configured to provide a windowed content manifestation environment
Distributed metadata searching system and method
Visualization of Internet search information
Network-based, human-mediated exchange of information
Network transmission of pages in linkable markup language to receiving display stations with functions in currently displayed pages controlled by tags in succeeding pages
Method for effective indexing of partially dynamic documents
Method for data retrieval
System and method for transferring attribute values between search queries in an information retrieval system
Web server providing role-based multi-level security
Method for specifying enterprise-wide database address formats
Statistical deconvoluting of mixtures
File prefetch control method for computer system
Data lineage data type
Data capture and verification system
Integrated medical information system formed of text-based and image-based databases, and display thereof
Medical diagnostic system management method and apparatus
Designing and making an article of manufacture
Method and system for facilitating patient care plans
Alignment free methodology for rapid determination of differences between a test data set and known data sets
Method and device for evaluating assemblability and reverse assemblability
Facial imaging in utero
System for prepayment of electronic content using removable media and for prevention of unauthorized copying of same
Hand pointing apparatus
Script character processing method for interactively adjusting space between writing element
Automated data storage library with control path to shared robotic device via media drive
Optical disk having an attribute which designates whether a recording area permits rewriting or not
Data recording/reproducing apparatus, data recording/reproducing method and data format
Printing apparatus with real-time cut-sheet waiting state cancellation
Signalling and controlling the status of an automatic speech recognition system for use in handsfree conversational dialogue
Online syntheses programming technique
Flexible accumulator register file for use in high performance microprocessors
Method and system for supporting multi-method dispatching in object-oriented programming
Interactive customer support for computer programs using network connection of user machine
Method and system for demonstrating simulation of a communications bus
Card-type storage device
User modifiable geographical zones for the variable application of substances thereto
Technique for locating objects within an image
Pattern extraction apparatus
Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing meeting functions in an electronic calendar
Automatic updating of test management system with test results entered into an electronic logbook
Method for performing dynamic re-scheduling of fabrication plant
Production estimate management system
System for task tracking and controlling electronic mail
Tracking of internet advertisements using banner tags
Method and system for processing customized reward offers
Methods and systems for commerce
Method for the exchange, analysis, and reporting of performance data in businesses with time-dependent inventory
Interactive shopping system with mobile apparatus
Multicasting method and apparatus
Data control method, for embedding data control information, method for detecting data control information, device for embedding data control information and device for recording data
Data processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Smart erasure brush
System and method for image processing
Image processing apparatus and method, and medium therefor
System and method for generating super-resolution-enhanced mosaic images
Image registration method, image registration apparatus and recording medium
Method for automatic detection of targets within a digital image
Computer-aided diagnosis system and method
Method for monitoring a position of vehicle in a lane of a roadway
Aligning rectilinear images in 3D through projective registration and calibration
Generating three-dimensional models of objects defined by two-dimensional image data
Method and apparatus for image-based object detection and tracking
Method for reconstructing a bi-level image from a low quality discrete transform image
Block distortion reduction method and device and encoding method and device
Telephone interface call processing system with call selectivity
Method of providing secure user access
Multi-purpose transaction card system
Method for requesting and processing traffic information
Method of receiving messages, and electrical appliance for implementing the method
Vehicle spacing control system
Information communications apparatus for vehicle
Method and navigation system for display of sections of a digital map data base as well as an improved operating unit and interface for same
Anti-sound beam method and apparatus
Automatically determining words for updating in a pronunciation dictionary in a speech recognition system
Combined quantized and continuous feature vector HMM approach to speech recognition
System and method for referencing object instances and invoking methods on those object instances from within a speech recognition grammar
Creating and editing grammars for speech recognition graphically
System and method for indexing and querying audio archives
Network application software services containing a speech recognition capability
Method and system for transferring information within a mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for identifying frequency bands to compute linear phase shifts between frame prototypes in a speech coder
Human image dialogue device and a recording medium storing a human image dialogue device
Recording and reproducing apparatus having a magneto-optical head with an objective lens and laser-beam-permeable member
Optical disc system and method for controlling bias coil and light source to process information on a storage medium
Optical storage device and cartridge holding mechanism
Disk device
Optical disk apparatus
Optical disc reproducing apparatus
PCM data outputting method and PCM data output device enabling output of PCM group information and PCM data correctly correlated with each other
Information record disc and information recording apparatus
Method for storing data to optical disks using interleaving and sequential modes
Digital information recording/reproduction apparatus and digital information recording/reproduction method
Digital video apparatus user interface
Method of searching recorded digital video for areas of activity
Information reproducing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for slow-motion video and audio reproduction
Electronic device with device information display
Hard disc drive verification tester
Hard disc drive verification tester
Optical disc device
Optical disc having narrow recording track relative to light spot diameter
Optical head for land and groove recording
Apparatus and method for controlling tracking for optical recording/reproducing apparatus
Optical information recording/reproducing device
Optical information storage unit and laser power control method
Objective lens, optical pickup device and optical disk device
Optical pickup device
Machine-readable optical disc with reading-inhibit agent
Optical disk compatible with two different reading systems
Non-volatile memory using ferroelectric material and manufacturing method thereof
Circuit configuration for reading a memory cell having a ferroelectric capacitor
Circuits and methods for a memory cell with a trench plate trench capacitor and a vertical bipolar read device
Semiconductor circuit device with reduced power consumption in slow operation mode
Loadless NMOS four transistor SRAM cell
Memory apparatus including programmable non-volatile multi-bit memory cell, and apparatus and method for demarcating memory states of the cell
Programmable semiconductor memory array having series-connected memory
Semiconductor memory system
Non-volatile memory circuit
Flash memory cell for high efficiency programming
Apparatus and method for programming voltage protection in a non-volatile memory system
Sample and hold voltage reference source
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device capable of reducing read time
Semiconductor memory and method of controlling the same
VPX bank architecture
Nonvolatile memory devices having alternative programming
MUX-based ROM using n-bit subfunction encoding
Low-power low-area shift register
Method and system for generation and distribution of supply voltages in memory systems
Semiconductor device allowing external setting of internal power supply voltage generated by a voltage down converter at the time of testing
Recording medium, recording apparatus, recording method, editing apparatus and editing method
Semiconductor memory device for implementing high speed operation of delay locked loop
Sense amplifier imbalance compensation for memory self-timed circuits
Pulse train writing of worm storage device
Clocked memory device that includes a programming mechanism for setting write recovery time as a function of the input clock
Refresh control circuit for low-power SRAM applications
Method and apparatus for selectively disabling logic in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device for distributing load of input and output lines
Calibration technique for memory devices
Jet pump beam lock
Inspection method and apparatus for piping
Critical power enhancement system for a pressurized fuel channel type nuclear reactor using alignment of fuel bundle pairs
Fuel assembly
Radiation photographing apparatus
Chopper wheel with two axes of rotation
Antenna device and portable transceiver
Smart antenna with no phase calibration for CDMA reverse link
Side coupled pumping of double clad fiber gain media
Gas laser oscillator
Solid laser with one or several pump light sources
Repetitively pulsed Q-switched chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Article comprising a fiber raman device
Open loop wavelength control system for a tunable laser
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL)
Semiconductor laser
Multiwavelength distributed bragg reflector phased array laser
Semiconductor laser chip
Earphone wire winding box with coaxial and dual wheels
Memory architecture for map decoder
Power amplifier
Controlling the peak levels of the FM composite signal by half-cosine interpolation
Adaptive RF amplifier prelimiter
Transmission power control device capable of decreasing current consumption
Apparatus for controlling the conversion gain of a down converter
Radio communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for forming pulse shaped signals
TCM revisiting system and method
Apparatus and method for waveform equalization coefficient generation
Phase locked loop circuit for reducing lock-in time
Slotted idle mode for dual mode subscriber stations
Transmitting and receiving card selectively attached to portable phone or information terminal
Digital radiofrequency transceiver
Combined OOK-FSK/PPM modulation and communication protocol scheme providing low cost, low power consumption short range radio link
Method for the setting of a multiband mobile telephony transmitter-receiver and mobile telephone thus obtained
Diode-based switch for a radio transceiver
Filtering method to allow FDD and TDD operation in PCS transreceivers
Orthogonal frequency hopping using skip zones
Soft decision rule for demodulation of bi-orthogonal signals
Correlation system for use in wireless direct sequence spread spectrum systems
Adaptive symbol error count based technique for CDMA reverse link outer loop power control
Using decoupled power control sub-channel to control reverse-link channel power
Providing initial power estimate to wireless telephone handsets
Switching control method and apparatus for wireless telecommunications
Method and system for monitoring power output in transceivers
Macrodiversity control system having macrodiversity mode based on operating category of wireless unit
Antenna system for a cellular telephone network
Single channel autonomous trunking (SCAT) systems and methods that use a single duplex time division multiple access (TDMA) channel for SCAT control and working channels
Comprehensive global information network broadcasting system and methods of distributing information
Non-uniform multi-beam satellite communications system and method
Transfer control point, mobile telephone fixed terminal and switch capable of being used in a device for connecting a telephone switch located in an isolated community to a fixed telephone network
Medium penetration call announcement in telecommunications system
Method and device for radio transmission of data by means of frequency hops
Process for transmitting messages by digital sound broadcasting and receiver for carrying out this process
Digital broadcast receiver using weighted sum of channel impulse response data to adjust sampling window
Method and apparatus for interactive audience participation at a live spectator event
CDMA method with increased capacity
Method for universal channel allocation based on DS-0 channelized format
Simply-constructed digital radio communication system capable of changing transmission capacity mode
Adaptive layered coding for voice over wireless IP applications
Method for conveying TTY signals over wireless communication systems
Method and system for sequential ordering of missing sequence numbers in SREJ frames in a telecommunication system
Fast fourier transform apparatus and method
IEEE-1394 serial bus network capable of multicast communication
Internet-enabled service management system and method
Method for monitoring abnormal behavior in a computer system
Control property is mapped modally compatible GUI element
Infrared link
Autosensing LMI protocols in frame relay networks
Frame transmission method
MODBUS plus ethernet bridge
Programmable network element for packet-switched computer network
Data compression on a data connection
Multiple-access communication system capable of measuring and guaranteeing a service quality supplied for each service permitted to subscriber stations
System for real time communication buffer management
System and method for switching packets in a network
ATM network device
Data packet re-sequencer
Multi-level table lookup
Processing of network data by parallel processing channels
Adaptive service weight assignments for ATM scheduling
Method and system to abort data communication traffic in a communication network
Method and apparatus for identifying network data traffic flows and for applying quality of service treatments to the flows
Method for determining round trip time utilizing ATM traffic management mechanism
Method and system for stabilized random early detection using connection sampling
Virtual switching for interconnected networks
Management of memory units of data streaming server to avoid changing their contents by employing a busy list of allocated units for each content and a free list of non-allocated units
Weighted round robin engine used in scheduling the distribution of ATM cells
Packet communication system with QoS control function
Telecommunications provider agent
Internet protocol telephony voice/video message deposit and retrieval
Apparatus and method for automated multi-media messaging system information updating
Adaptive equalizing device
Generalized precoder for the upstream voiceband modem channel
Method and system for DC offset correction of a quadrature modulated RF signal
Differential encoding arrangement for a discrete multi-tone transmission system
2N-QAM macrocell
Extensible, object-oriented network interface
Critical resource management
Method and apparatus for network paging
System and method for implementing XoIP over ANSI-136-A circuit/switched/packet-switched mobile communications networks
Entryway system using proximity-based short-range wireless links
Transaction system and method therefor
TCP/IP offload network interface device
Dynamic address assignment for wireless devices accessing packet-based wired networks
Methods and apparatus for caching network traffic
Chat system allows user to select balloon form and background color for displaying chat statement data
Dynamic network master handover scheme for wireless computer networks
Wireless LAN for reestablishing wireless links between hosts according to monitored desired and undesired signals
Communications system and method for reducing the effects of transmitter non-linear distortion on a received signal
Initializing communications in systems using multi-carrier modulation
Synchronization burst processor for a processing satellite
Method and system for accessing electronic resources via machine-readable data on intelligent documents
Method and apparatus for canceling periodic interference signals in a digital data communication system
Mobile telephone with articulated flap above the keypad
Digital subscriber line access and network testing multiplexer
Communication system capable of displaying addresser information and method for displaying addresser-related information
Speakerphone feature for a wireless handset
Detection of flip closure state of a flip phone
Selecting flip phone operating mode using flip position
Electronic device support containing rheological material with controllable viscosity
Accessory device for handling multiple calls on multiple mobile stations
Cordless communication system operating under the dect standard
Long-distance transmission system and device
Communications device with extended filter and line monitoring function
Apparatus and method for broadband data communication
Voiceband/modem signal relay
Communication support system in which a ringing sound control processing is performed in response to a call from a telephone network
Multiple handset cordless telephone including a ring signal/call routing module
Cellular telephone billing management system
Method for dynamic management of a prepaid terminal subscription
Pre-paid cellular telephone system
Virtualized computer telephony integrated link for enhanced functionality in call centers
Exchange for providing service functions for given periods of time
Incoming call control system
Computer network telephony
Rules-based queuing of calls to call-handling resources
Communication system capable of automatically switching speech path via local area network to speech path via speech network
Full-duplex speakerphone circuit including a double-talk detector
Process for improving the echo suppression in a telecommunications system
Acoustic echo canceler
Composite machine, server, composite machine-server system, and program recording medium
Signal processing apparatus
System and method of constructing a photo album
Image processing method and apparatus for converting colors in a color image
Color conversion device and color conversion method
Warning device and method in multifunction electronic apparatus
Digital video tape recorder for digital HDTV
Reproducing method and apparatus, for a video signal having copy control information
Apparatus and method of using the same for internet and intranet broadcast channel creation and management
Multi-functional transcoder for compressed bit streams
Image synthesis and communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for encoding video information
Splicing of video data in progressively refreshed video streams
Digital multiplex transmission apparatus
Communication management system and method
Optical signal switching apparatus
Optical switching system
Connection control interface for asynchronous transfer mode switches
Communications system and method
TDM/TDMA distribution network
Telephone agent call management system
System and method for message-based real-time reconfiguration of a network by broadcasting an activation signal to activate a new connection configuration
System and method for removing data traffic from a telephone network
Channel associated signalling (CAS) compatible telecommunications node and software platform therefor
Enhancing the intelligent service capability of a network after a data flow has been established
Method and apparatus for routing calls with a digital cross-connect system
Method and apparatus for channel pattern based managing inbound traffic in a two-way wireless messaging system
Method and system for an air interface for providing voice, data, and multimedia services in a wireless local loop system
Subnetwork dependent convergence protocol for a mobile radio network
Method and apparatus in a wireless communication system for retrieving local information and services
Automatic data service selection method and apparatus for digital wireless communication networks
Portable communications and data terminal having multiple modes of operation
Method and apparatus for data communication using a multi-number mobile telephone
Method and apparatus for implementing ANSI TCAP in mobile communication network system
Method for optimizing mobile wireless communications routed across plural interconnected networks
Cellular call processor having concurrent instances of call models to support mixed media communication connections
Communication channel selection method and mobile communication apparatus
Wireless communication system that supports mobile test software agents
Method of implementing dynamic channel allocation in a cellular radio system
Method for subscribing telecommunications devices at cooperating stations by wireless telecommunication
Method for channel assignment and a radio communications system
Dynamic negotiation of resources for user equipment in wireless communications system
Method for controlling handoff in mobile communications systems
Method of performing service in mobile communication intelligent network
Procedure for the setup of an emergency call made by an unidentified subscriber in a wireless local loop
Method in a cellular radio communications system
Priority channel search based on spectral analysis and signal recognition
Method for selecting cell in cellular network
Sound isolation cabinet using two sound sources to generate complimentary sound waves
Headset with adjustable earhook
Compound electrolytic loudspeaker assembly
Ribbon microphone
Feedback cancellation apparatus and methods utilizing adaptive reference filter mechanisms
Apparatus and methods for combining audio compression and feedback cancellation in a hearing aid
Stereo headset with angled speakers
Audio signal mixer for long mix editing
Fibrous supported polymer encapsulated electrical component
Composite insulating clamp assembly for induction furnace
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