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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Modular long handled tool component system
Unloader system for an agricultural combine
Decorating pen
Single piece abdominal support garment
Brassiere jewelry item
Vehicle head restraint assembly
Protective cover for baby carrier
Showcase with an illuminating apparatus
Attachment apparatus for an endoscope
Method and device for the pathology analysis of the Schlemm's canal
Endotracheal intubation assistance device and method of use
Guidewire for crossing occlusions or stenoses
Continuous stitch wound closure utilizing one-way suture
Method of using ultrasonic vibration to secure body tissue with fastening element
Extracting device for surgical fasteners
Device and method for performing a fetal procedure
Surgical instrument for positioning a spinal rod
Bone fixation implant system and method
Spinal plate with compression locking
Spinal fixation device
Systems and methods for screen electrode securement
Methods and apparatus for cataract detection and measurement
Optical image acquisition apparatus having adaptive optics and control method for the same
Method and apparatus for assessing the health of an infant by estimating average growth velocity using an exponential model
Integrated spot monitoring device with fluid sensor
Blood measuring apparatus
Image displaying method and medical image diagnostic system
Orthognathic planning system and method
Moldable tray, system, and method for whitening teeth
Suction handle, suction handle assembly, and oral care systems comprising same
Set for producing a temporary tooth crown or bridge
Dental appliances and methods for their fabrication
Methods for treating conditions of the nail unit
Method of regenerating connective tissue with a scaffold of coral-derived collagen
Stent/stent graft for reinforcement of vascular abnormalities and associated method
Stent graft assembly and method
Patellar prostheses and instrumentation
Tibial component
Catheter deliverable foot implant and method of delivering the same
Humanoid electric hand
Artificial ankle joint
Vitrectomy probe with adjustable cutter port size
Radiolabeled annexins
UV-photoprotective compositions comprising diebenzoylmethane screening agents and silicon-containing s-triazine compounds substituted with two aminobenzoate or aminobenzamide groups
Transparent cosmetic or dermatological formulation
Nail enamel composition, method of preparation and method of use
Implantable pump with reservoir level detector
Reduced temperature sterilization of stents
Sterilization methods for medical devices
Process and apparatus for generating haloamine biocide
Air decontamination unit
Scleral buckling procedure and device
Techniques for compensating movement of a treatment target in a patient
Gas mist pressure bath device
Safety catheter
Hair restoration caring device
System and method of complementary day/night children's skin cream compositions
Process for permanent shaping of human hair
Personal exerciser for head and neck muscle strengthening and method therefor
Process and apparatus for exercising an operator
Handheld display with GPS receiver and RF transmitter
Reinforced objects
Putt break visualization instrument and method of use thereof
Batting tee
Portable ski and ski pole carrier system
Three wheel lean-steer skateboard
Bonus game for a gaming machine
Apparatus and methods for playing electronic table card games
Gaming device having transformable wild symbols or cards with wild signal indicators
Cooperative group play formats
Play chat during casino gaming
Slot machine hybrid pin and ball game
Car-based entertainment system with video gaming
Gaming system network and method for delivering gaming media
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods for recovering a solvent from a fluid volume and methods of removing at least one compound from a nonpolar solvent
Water separator having a filter assembly
Catalytic converter
Method of installing a multi-layer batt, blanket or mat in an exhaust gas aftertreatment or acoustic device
Gas separation membrane and method for producing the same, and gas separating method, module and separation apparatus using the same
Composite hollow ceramic fibers, precursors for, methods of making the same, and methods of using the same
Beverage container
Method of dynamic mixing of fluids
Acid alkylation system and process for controlling temperature in a settler
Plasma sterilization apparatus
Hydrogen separation membrane and permselective membrane reactor
Compact fuel processor
Multi-well rotary synthesizer
Method of producing microfluidic device
Device and method for treating exhaust gas containing soot particles
Separation system and method for separating a fluid mixture with this separating system
Dishwashing machine tank
Power tools
Method for producing bevel gears having hypocycloidal teeth in the continuous forming method using corresponding tools
Endless belt type grinding tool
Hemispherical joint for composite material joining
Creeper for car repairing
Filter removing tool
Method and apparatus for manufacture of a polymer film, which is oriented under an angle to its longitudinal direction
Photovoltaic ingot mold release
Blow molding machine and method for producing hollow bodies
Method and system for manufacturing a polymer endoprosthesis by injection molding and blow molding
Method of using a corrugated metallic foil tape
Multi-layered material and a method for making the same
Paper cutting device and a printer with a paper cutting device
Recording apparatus and sheet processing method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming method
Matting agent coating device and inkjet recording device
Image formation device and image formation method
Medium conveyance apparatus, image forming apparatus and medium conveyance method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Inkjet head and method of manufacturing the inkjet head
Ink jet printing systems and methods with pre-fill and dimple design
Piezoelectric element, liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus including the liquid ejection head
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric element, piezoelectric element, liquid ejecting head, and liquid ejecting apparatus
Piezoelectric element, liquid ejecting head, and liquid ejecting apparatus
Liquid ejection head, and recording method and suction method using the liquid ejection head
Nozzle plate, discharge head, method for producing the nozzle plate, method for producing the discharge head, and discharge device
Printhead including coanda catcher with grooved radius
Image recording apparatus and image recording method
Ink jet recording apparatus and discharge recovery method
Image recording device and image recording method
Printing device and printing method
Print control device, printing apparatus and method of providing information in printing apparatus
Hand sanitizing device and method of use
Bicycle rim
Method for operating a leveling device of a vehicle
Polyurethane adhesive for windshield applications
Automotive supplementary sun visor
Vehicle structure in which exhaust heat recovery apparatus is installed
Automatic rotation system for tilting seats of chairs or armchairs
Seating assembly for a vehicle
Retractable headrest
Apparatus for a vehicle for dumping and providing ground access
Tie down devices for securing a vehicle
Vehicle bumper device
Multistage energy absorber device and method of forming same
Car door shock absorber
Pillar garnish
Airbag folding method and airbag apparatus
Airbag module
Seat belt locking buckle and seat belt apparatus including seat belt locking buckle
Seat belt retractor and seat belt apparatus including the same
Mattress moving device
Shopping cart with a magnifying glass
Truncated V underbody protection enhancement
Positioning and reinforcement structure for a vehicle
Sill arrangement of a motor vehicle body
Tri-wing system for reduction of the aerodynamic drag of ground vehicles
Method of travel using a folding vehicle having a chassis that functions as a protective, carry-on casing
Watercraft surface cleaning device and associated methods
Electric outboard motor transom clamping system
Method and arrangement for ocean freight transportation
Device for unloading compartment trays, used in tobacco industry, filled with rod shaped elements
Large capacity automatic paper tray
Image forming apparatus
Moving print media in a printer
Sheet feed roller
Systems, apparatus, and methods for automatic stacking support configuration and unload configuration useful for substrate stacker support in printing systems
Duplexing unit with freely rotatable contact surface
Moveable drive nip
In-line substrate media sensor and protective guide
Hook assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Broad-emission nanocrystals and methods of making and using same
Method for preparing manganese sulfate monohydrate
Method of starting up autothermal reforming reactors
One-step production of graphene materials
Polycrystalline silicon and method for production thereof
Method and apparatus for preparation of granular polysilicon
Process for conducting an equilibrium limited chemical reaction using microchannel technology
Process for manufacturing of less acidic ferrous sulfate
Aqueous polishing agent comprising solid polymer particles and two complexing agents and its use in a process for polishing patterned and unstructured metal surfaces
Lactate activated cement and activator compositions
Product method for ceramic structure and production method for ceramic honeycomb structure
Process and apparatus employing microchannel process technology
Quaternary ammonium salt and composition, and electrochemical device
Agarose nano-platinum composite
Composition for application to a surface
Solid ink compositions comprising crystalline-amorphous mixtures
Phase change ink formulation including malic acid derivatives as amorphous materials
Antimicrobial size emulsion and gypsum panel made therewith
Phosphors and white light illumination devices utilizing the same
Phosphonate-substituted lignin as a flame retardant
Hydrotreating process
UZM-44 aluminosilicate zeolite
Apparatus and methods for utilizing heat exchanger tubes
Auto-combustible torch
Device, system, and method including micro-patterned cell treatment array
Method for producing raw material for ferronickel smelting from low grade nickel oxide ore
Steel for structural part of automobile and method for producing the same
Precipitation hardenable martensitic stainless steel and steam turbine blade using the same
Solder layer and device bonding substrate using the same and method for manufacturing such a substrate
Transparent conducting oxides and production thereof
Method of generating high purity bismuth oxide
Manufacturing apparatus
Substrate support having dynamic temperature control
Plasma source pumping and gas injection baffle
Process for preparing unsymmetrical biaryl alcohols
Process for the anodic cross-dehydrodimerization of arenes
Textiles; Paper
Method of forming single-walled carbon nanotubes
Electrostatic spinning assembly
Pressure diffuser with less power rating in hydraulic system
Cellulosic pulp mould comprising an impermeable outer surface
Method for the emulsification of ASA with polyamidoamine epihalohydrin (PAE)
Fixed Constructions
Resilient inflatable delineators
Vehicle door switch actuation system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fan unit
Method of securing a liner panel to a casing
Method for producing a lubricant feed line of a thrust bearing
Particulate matter reduction apparatus for diesel engine
Scroll pump having pockets formed in an axial end face of a scroll wall
Trillium wind turbine
Adjustable height pressure sensing port
Fluid machine and seal member used for the same
Scroll compressor
Open drive scroll compressor with lubrication system
Controlled angular acceleration for air moving devices
Adjusting ring for a charging device, more preferably for an exhaust gas turbocharger of a motor vehicle
Supercharger device
Stress distributing threaded fastener assembly
Profile bar connection system
Rolling bearing device for wheel
Slide bearing, slide bearing unit with same, and motor with the bearing unit
Fluid bearing apparatus
Rolling bearing having a cage to prevent flooding with lubricant
Rolling bearing device
Vibration absorber
Mechanism transforming rotational movement to different movement characteristics
Triple clutch multi-speed transmission
Gear-based continuously variable transmission systems and methods thereof
Gear-based continuously variable transmission systems and methods thereof
Piston assembly
Pipeline support
Tube fitting for releasably locking and unlocking a tube
System for storing a camera for quick use
Incoupling structure for lighting applications
Head lamp assembly and vehicle including the same
Control of luminous intensity distribution from an array of point light sources
Lighting assembly with asymmetrical light ray angle distribution
Crystal off-axis LED headlamp
Light emitter
Portable electronic apparatus
Illumination apparatus, display apparatus, and electronic device
Power production using grain fractionation products
Oven burner flame sensing apparatus
Triple flame section burner
Grip attachment with LED light for expandable police baton
Large array differential scanning calorimeter, DSC measuring unit
Apparatus and method for biochemical analysis
Lens cover mechanism for projector
System and method for nucleic acids sequencing by phased synthesis
Method for assembling a mirror plate stack
Retroreflective articles including printed areas
Solid imaging objective and assembly technique for small scale sensor applications
Light source module for macro photography
Camera accessory, camera body and camera system
Camera lens accessory holder
Stereoscopic image projection system
Polarization beam splitting element and image projection apparatus
3D display system
Combined lighting and video lighting control system
Controller for UV light purification system
Methods, systems, and apparatuses for wagering games including player-banked side bets
Diagnostic tool with recessed connector
Device for singularising coins
Electrically conducting curable resin composition, cured product thereof and method for producing the same
Self-wrapping textile sleeve with protective coating and method of construction thereof
Television tuner module having a shielded housing mounted on an outer circuit board and having an inner circuit board with a tuner chip
Waterproof connector
Eye-of-the needle pin contact
Charging connector and method of mounting it
Latching mechanism and connector assembly using the same
Delatching connector including extension member
Charging connector
Underfill applicator device and methods for assembling electrical contacts
Connection module for portable device
Multidirectional modular jack and face panel mounting structure
Electrical connector having connector position assurance
Plug-in coupling
Electrical connector having grounding material
Electrical coaxial connector
Method of forming a spark plug
Light guide, document illuminating device, image reading device, and image forming apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Smooth start system for power chair
Inclination adjusting means for backrest of bassinet
Frame member and attached membranes
Box level
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew