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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Lexical association metric for knowledge-free extraction of phrasal terms
Human Necessities
Protective device for plants, seedlings, and trees
String trimmer head configuration and method
Helix-shaped dog chew
Fishing lure
Volatile material dispensers
Concealed smartphone pocket
Concealed smartphone pocket
Bathing garment set
Skate boot with improved flexibility
Aerodynamic bicycle shoe cover and pedal cover
Automatic head care apparatus and automatic head washing apparatus
Automatic head care apparatus and automatic head care method
Scrubbing apparatus and method
Stainless steel toothbrush with thermochromic display
Pen style tool and kit for cleaning validation
Portable desk apparatus and methods
Device for supporting a plurality of flexible containers for liquid
End clamp for fastening framed PV modules
Fishing rod caddy for pickup trucks
Bathtub cover
Extendable lighted intubation stylet
Surgical stapler
Surgical stapling device and method
Method for attaching radiopaque markers to a stent
Hand sweatband
Breathing mask for feeding a breathing gas to a mask user and discharge device for discharging breathing gas
Combination MDI and nebulizer adapter for a ventilator system
Explosion suppressor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas injection heating probe
Lifter bar assembly for a crushing mill and method of installation
Static fluid separator device
Piezoelectric actuator and injector comprising a piezoelectric actuator for an internal combustion engine
Substrate treating system
System and method for cleaning tokens
Tubing expansion
Use of aluminum-zirconium-carbon intermediate alloy in wrought processing of magnesium and magnesium alloys
Technology of production of bimetallic and multilayer casts by gravity or spun casting
Tundish impact pad
Stator coil removal method
Spring actuated link clamp
Tool for operating oxygen tanks
High efficiency pneumatic nailer
Electric power tool
Safety razor
Table saw
Manufacturing method of package carrier
Solid/fluid separation device and method for treating biomass including solid/fluid separation
Pneumatic tire
Pneumatic tire
Vehicle performance enhancing apparatus
Exhaust system outrigger assembly for a crop sprayer
Wiper blade with a supporting element
Multi-component wiper arm
Blocking device, gear-drive unit containing such a blocking device, and method for producing such a gear-drive unit
Track circuit transceiver
Spacer for spacing wheel rim from compartment floor
Bicycle operating device
Floating flue
Boundary layer control system and methods thereof
Landing gear
Mid-wing multi-deck airplane
Metering device for powdery substances
Apparatus and method for inflating and sealing an inflatable mailer
Apparatus for storing articles
Cartons, to methods of constructing the same and to carton blanks therefor
Bowl with lid
Flexible cover for produce container
Package and insert adapted to form part of a package
Actuator cap for a spray device
Electronic device case with finger retaining loop
Gapping system for sortation rate maximization
Sheet feeder and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image forming apparatus capable of reducing time and effort for user in setting size of irregular-size sheet, control method therefor, and storage medium
Sheet conveying system, computer program product, and sheet conveying method with sheet inserting apparatus
Non-integer overlap feeder for machines processing printing materials
Magnetic lock for a control unit in an elevator installation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Three dimensional micro-fabricated burners
Filter for gas generating system
Textiles; Paper
Sewing machine and computer-readable medium storing sewing machine control program
Heating appliance covered with a self-cleaning coating and production method thereof
Fixed Constructions
Connector and related method
Toilet stool using cyclone type sewage purifier
3-dimensional lattice truss structure composed of helical wires and method for manufacturing the same
Method of assembling emergency shelter panels including a bed platform
Firestopping apparatus with airflow-blocking elements
Skylight with improved low angle light capture
Composite insulated precast and tilt-up concrete structures
Photovoltaic panel fastening system
Induced macro-cell corrosion prevention method
Method for installing wall panels to the exterior wall of a building
Quick-set, full-moment-lock, assemblable and nondestructively disassemblable, column and beam frame system
Hinge device having connected tubular housings
Hinge joint
Gate apparatus
Weatherstrip attachable to edge of opening portion in vehicle body
Methods of attaching a shank to a body of an earth-boring tool including a load-bearing joint and tools formed by such methods
Wellbore tools having superhydrophobic surfaces, components of such tools, and related methods
Drilling riser adapter connection with subsea functionality
Apparatus and method for recovering fluids from a well and/or injecting fluids into a well
Downhole downlinking system employing a differential pressure transducer
System and method for increasing production capacity of oil, gas and water wells
BOP stack with a universal intervention interface
Well completion plugs with degradable components
Umbilical technique for robotic mineral mole
Triggerable lost circulation material and method of use
Compliantly coupled gauge pad system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Oil drain system bypass
Lubrication apparatus for four-stroke engine
Engine oil change detection systems and methods
Outdrive gear oil monitor
Abnormality detection apparatus for particulate filter
Ammonia slip catalyst diagnostic methods and systems
System and method for controlling reducing agent injection in a selective catalytic reduction system
System and method for controlling exhaust regeneration
Internal combustion engine and fresh air system
Device for transmission of force from the pistons of a piston engine
System and method of supplying fuel to a gas turbine
Stopping position control apparatus and stopping position control method of internal combustion engine
Mobile thrust reverser cowl and thrust reverser provided with such a cowl
Fuel feed apparatus
Multi-stage solar power device
Variable displacement piston-in-piston hydraulic unit
Fixing structure
Bicycle operating device
Universal joint coupling mechanism for detachably engaging tool attachments
Through-connection clutch and method for the actuation thereof
Pneumatic lock-up clutch
Device for controlling functions of a mobile vehicle, and method for controlling said functions
Combined deceleration and acceleration device
Hydro-pneumatic piston accumulator
Device for converting rotational movement into translational movement
Motion converter/transmitter
Drive train
Faucet diverter valves
Precision low flow rate fluid delivery system and methods for controlling same
Proportional throttle valve
Hydrogen supply apparatus and fuel gas supply apparatus
Weighted spoolable pipe
Cable positioning bracket
Load sustaining bushing
Universal portable device stand and holder apparatus
Foldable frame
Device for implement storage
Modular large load variable spring and method for using
Centrifugal lubrication apparatus
Gas burner system for food cooking appliances
Bottom ash discharging device for coal-fired boiler
Method for coupling two adjacent heat exchangers and coupling unit for use therein
Heat driven liquid self-circulating devices and the system employ same
Tray dryer
Vacuum kiln apparatus and method of using same
Boosted electromagnetic device and method to accelerate solid metal slugs to high speeds
Telescopic sight ring mounts alignment tool
Wearable air blast protection device having at least two reflective regions
Condition-monitoring device and switch-control device provided with the same
Angular velocity sensor
Sanitary clean in place microwave probe and sealing gasket assembly
Method and system for controlling a user interface of a device using human breath
Field device with internal battery for measuring a physical quantity of a fluid
Liquid level detecting apparatus
Rationality diagnosis method and rationality diagnosis apparatus for sensor inside tank
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional measurements of physical characteristics within a data center
Torque sensor
Creep indication system and method for determining creep amount
Systems and methods for detecting and communicating moisture leaks in fluid conduits
Dispersion analysis method and device
Phased array ultrasonic examination system and method
Wireless enabled fatigue sensor for structural health monitoring
Utilizing serializer-deserializer transmit and receive pads for parallel scan test data
Boundary scan path method and system with functional and non-functional scan cell memories
Method and apparatus for generating and using a regional-terrain model
Disdrometer system having a three-dimensional laser array unit
Method and system for determining water vapor profile using GPS signals
Thermostat assembly with removable communication module and method
ATV parking brake
Methods and architecture for cross-device activity monitoring, reasoning, and visualization for providing status and forecasts of a users' presence and availability
System for conserving battery life in a battery operated device
Method and program for generating execution code for performing parallel processing
Information system, data transfer method and data protection method
Process for detecting the availability of redundant communication system components
Test case selection apparatus and method, and recording medium
System crash analysis using path tracing technologies
Detecting polymorphic threats
Enabling clean file cache persistence using dual-boot detection
System for managing appliances
Event and sport performance methods and systems
Semiconductor memory and data access method
Patching ROM code
Image forming apparatus, shared data management method and shared data management system
Consistent backups of data using a roll-back log
Storage subsystem and storage subsystem control method
Data processing device
Backup system, method, and program
Graphical user interface that permits the selection of a security setting to control access to a removable storage device
Restricting communication of selected processes to a set of specific network addresses
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method for data processing device exchanging data with computer
Leveraging markup language data for semantically labeling text strings and data and for providing actions based on semantically labeled text strings and data
Encoding of markup language data
System utilizing updated spam signatures for performing secondary signature-based analysis of a held e-mail to improve spam email detection
System and method for revenue based advertisement placement
System, method, and article of manufacture for seamless integrated searching
Apparatus and method for extensible real-time workflows
Bi-level addressing for internet protocol broadband access
Method and apparatus for browsing a management information base
System and method for automatically forwarding email and email events via a computer network to a server computer
Managing network-enabled devices
System and method for making available identical random data to seperate and remote parties
User interface conversion system and method capable of supporting various devices
System and method of communications within a virtual environment
Method and apparatus for grouping spam email messages
Network file server sharing local caches of file access information in data processors assigned to respective file systems
Method and apparatus for providing load diffusion in data stream correlations
Adding data to text pages by means of an intermediary proxy
Computer system
System and method for transmitting pollution information over an integrated wireless network
Method for interacting with user and terminal thereof
System and method for load balancing
System and method for router virtual networking
Medical indication device and identification method
Hospital display terminal
Table interpolation methods and systems
Method and system to analyze aspect rules based on domain coverage of an aspect-value pair
Method and system for merging security policies
Waveform equalizer, waveform equalization method, and integrated circuit
System and method for anomaly detection
Program and/or method for calculating tuning parameters for numerical computation library
Relationship analysis system and method for semantic disambiguation of natural language
System and method for providing automobile marketing research information
System and method for selecting object metadata evolving over time
Search engine
Enforcing currency and consistency constraints in database query processing
Context snippet generation for book search system
System and method for generating substitutable queries on the basis of one or more features
Network attached device with dedicated firewall security
Design and layout of phase shifting photolithographic masks
Fast hardware co-simulation reset using partial bitstreams
Apparatus and methods for monitoring and modifying anticoagulation therapy of remotely located patients
Information processing device and method, program, and information processing system
System and method for community centric resource sharing based on a publishing subscription model
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, and program
Media authoring and presentation
Supplying notifications related to supply and consumption of user context data
Internal monitoring of applications in a distributed management framework
Disk array apparatus
Automatic capturing and editing of a video
File content display device, file content display method, and computer program therefore
Blended editing of literal and non-literal values
Interface and method adapted for capturing subjective preferences of program users
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Creating a voice response grammar from a presentation grammar
Multi-pass data organization and automatic naming
Systems and methods for determining relevant information based on document structure
Using a calculation expression to define and control access rights for records in a database
Service offering system, management server, server provider, terminal device, storage medium issuing apparatus, server offering method, and storage medium
Methods and systems for providing a response to a query
Techniques for automatically provisioning a database over a wide area network
Data input routing after failure
Method and system for creating a well-formed database using semantic definitions
Method and system to analyze aspect rules based on domain coverage of the aspect rules
System and method for providing media samples on-line in response to media related searches on the internet
Source independent file attribute tracking
Method and system for finding conjunctive clusters
Scalable user clustering based on set similarity
Reviewing user-created content before website presentation
Extensible portlet templates
Method and system to grant indefinite use of software options resident on a device
Integrated reservoir optimization
Electronic security system and scheme for a communications network
Parallelism with variable partitioning and threading
Instruction encoding to indicate whether to store argument registers as static registers and return address in subroutine stack
Social networking system
Methods and apparatus to analyze processor systems
Information processing apparatus, executability determining method, and computer program for the same
Parallelism performance analysis based on execution trace information
Function values in computer programming languages having dynamic types and overloading
Methods of factoring operating system functions, methods of converting operating systems, and related apparatus
Systems and methods for selectively blocking application installation
Method and apparatus for selectively optimizing interpreted language code
Emulation system, method and computer program product for malware detection by back-stepping in program code
Method and program for simulating occurrence of air pocket
Method for estimating protein-protein binding affinities
Laser scanning module with rotatably adjustable laser scanning assembly
Smart card holding member and portable electronic device employing the same
Systems, devices, admixtures, and methods including transponders for indication of food attributes
Method for developing complex probabilistic models
Method of electronically consolidating mail items
Mailpiece tracking
Apparatuses and methods for wireless monitoring and control of supplies for environmental sampling and chromatographic apparatuses
Aggregation of user usage data for accounting systems in dynamically configured networks
Guest limited authorization for electronic financial transaction cards
Sales system and recording medium
Automated sales support system
Systems and methods to facilitate selling of products and services
Automated targeted and proportional investment management systems and methods
System, method and computer program product for performing a contingent claim valuation of an early-launch option
Method and system for insuring against investment loss
System and method for providing market data in an electronic trading environment
Electronic settlement system, electronic settlement method and cash paying method using LCD barcode displayed on mobile terminal
Method for using internet access networks through mobile internet-compatible mobile communication terminals
Automated accounting for business reply mail
Systems, methods and computer program products for modeling demand, supply and associated profitability of a good in a differentiated market
Method and system for restricting the usage of payment accounts
Trading program for interacting with market programs on a platform
Display control device and method
Methods and devices for electromagnetically tuning acoustic media
Method and system for voice-enabled autofill
System and method for processing audio frames
Subtitle generation and retrieval combining document with speech recognition
Voice synthesizer, voice synthesizing method, and computer program
Multimedia data management by speech recognizer annotation
Voice signal detection system and method
Script compliance and agent feedback
System and process for muting audio transmission during a computer network-based, multi-party teleconferencing session
Storage system, control method, and program for enhancing reliability by storing data redundantly encoded
Method of manufacturing multi-layer printed circuit board
Method of coupling digitizing sensors to a structure
Method of P-forming a continuous conductor having a rectangular cross section and a stator including a stator winding formed from a P-formed conductor having a rectangular cross-section
Viewer selection of programs to be subsequently delivered
Systems and methods for facilitating secure remote access to sensitive data from an embedded device
Data transmitting system and method, drive unit, access method, data recording medium, recording medium producing apparatus and method
Method and system for consistent recognition of ongoing digital relationships
Hardware multimedia endpoint and personal computer
System for supporting security administration and method of doing the same
Authenticating method for short-distance radio devices and a short-distance radio device
System for conducting remote biometric operations
Systems and methods for watermarking software and other media
Client-server based interactive television program guide system with remote server recording
All-pass network for data transmission over a CATV system
Method for producing a ceramic filter element
Component built-in module, and manufacturing method for component built-in module
Method of making a storage system having an environmentally-modifiable conductor
Expired Patents Due To Time
Performing Operations; Transporting
Saw guide for use with lined sheet material
Alignment structure
Laser level
Compass with electromagnetic half-shell transformer energy transmission and optoelectronic data signal transmission
Spirit level
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew