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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Bush cutter
Rotary plant hedger
System apparatus and method of training dogs to detect complex hazardous substances
Aquarium fish partition device
Line guide
Cold organ preservation composition and method of use
Method, composition and kit for treating frequent headaches
Method for improving bread-making properties of rice flour bread dough
Disposable beach ashtray
Tan-through sports brassiere
Stretch mark prevention undergarment
Footwear with improved upper
Anti-microbial sponge device
Folding broom
Deployable table for a spare tire assembly
Mattress retainer system for an adjustable bed
Powered height adjustable desktop
Captains bed having integrated shelving and slideout features
Mattress structure including low air loss
Infant covering blanket adapted for use with infant supporting apparatuses
Seat divider extension
Shoulder warming sleeping bag extension
Smokeless stovetop grilling device
Infusion device for infusion capsules and the like, particularly for espresso coffee machines and the like
Steam and platen toasting device
Chopping board
Rotary sponge having an adjustable elongated handle
Cleaning system incorporating stitch bonded cleaning pad with multi-filament stitches
Shoe cleaning apparatus
Resistance feedback laryngoscope
Implanted medical device useful for cosmetic surgery
Integrated vascular device with puncture site closure component and sealant and methods of use
Urethral anastomosis device and method
Universally deployable and expandable bone screw anchor
Magnetically-coupled bipolar radiofrequency ablation catheter
Anastomosis ring and anastomosis ring arrangement
Apparatus and method for operating a real time large diopter range sequential wavefront sensor
Personalized information discovery and presentation system
System and method for brain machine interface (BMI) control using reinforcement learning
Abdominal impedance measurement apparatus
Health care device with a sample capture system to evaluate a health condition
Automated vessel repair system, devices and methods
Interventional magnetic resonance imaging based on global coherent free precession
Information processing for a body motion signal
Medical breast-image capturing apparatus
Pharyngeal ultrasound guide
Ultrasound device with cavity for conductive medium
Energy harvesting insert for an ultrasonic handpiece with electrical device
Self-adaptive and optionally also otherwise adaptable wound dressing
Diaper with separator sheet
Diaper with separator sheet
Articles comprising impregnated thermoplastic members and method of manufacturing the articles
At least partially resorbable reticulated elastomeric matrix elements and methods of making same
Rotating stent delivery system for side branch access and protection and method of using same
Device comprising a swelling agent and sheathing for artificial callus distraction
Cartilage repair implant with soft bearing surface and flexible anchoring device
Artificial wear resistant plug for mounting to existing joint bone
Method and apparatus for use in operating on a bone
System and method for removing an implanted object in a passageway in a patient
Remotely adjustable gastric banding system
External fixation assembly and method of use
Device for the alleviation of snoring and sleep apnoea
Casket with moveable bottom panels
Stand-assist manual wheelchair footrest retraction device
Adult toy with self-lubricating system
Consumable pacifier
Teething device
Methods of delivering stable topical drug compositions
Infant bottle with formula dispensing means
Cellulose capsules and methods for making them
Small molecule solubilization system
Composition for treatment of tuberculosis
Ondansetron nasal spray composition
Pharmaceutical composition for improving dissolution rate of prasugrel and its preparation method
Use of azaperone for reducing antibiotic usage
Immunomodulating compositions and uses therefor
Methods and compositions using peroxiredoxin 1 (PRX1) as an adjuvant
Nutritional composition comprising lactococcus strains and reducing allergy symptoms, especially in infants and children
Use of peptidic vasopression receptor agonists
Method for inducing lymphoid tissue and modulating intestinal homeostasis
Compositions and methods using recombinant MHC molecules for the treatment of stroke
Cosmetic method using a composition containing siloxane resins and fillers
Ultra fine dead sea mineral compound and method of manufacture
Compositions and methods for surface abrasion with frozen particles
Compositions and methods for therapeutic delivery with frozen particles
Oral pharmaceutical compositions in timed-release particle form and fast-disintegrating tablets containing this composition
Functional amphipilic molecule or macromolecule formulations with multiple compartments
Pharmaceutical compositions for extended release of oxycodone and acetaminophen resulting in a quick onset and prolonged period of analgesia
Device, system, and method for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory medicaments to a mammalian subject
Implantable microstimulator with external electrodes disposed on a film substrate and methods of manufacture and use
Non-invasive cardiac potentiation therapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Using historical data to estimate wear profiles of consumable wear products
Lens array and line head
Heating resistor element component, thermal printer, and manufacturing method for a heating resistor element component
Image forming apparatus
Slip detection and traction control for a vehicle
Method and system for controlling a vehicle given to a third party
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Steering system of vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
MIF inhibitors and their uses
Pyridazinone herbicidal compounds
Pharmaceutical formulations comprising paraoxonase
Autism-associated biomarkers and uses thereof
Screening methods for compounds useful for treating pancreatic dysfunction
Fixed Constructions
Cord embedded roman shade curtain and cord embedded roman shade using the same
System and method for optical sensing of surface motions
Method for determining the attitude, position, and velocity of a mobile device
Light detection and ranging systems and related methods
Direction guiding apparatus and direction guiding method
Measurement apparatus for measuring transmittance distribution of optical system
Systems and methods for food safety detection
Optical sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Resistivity testing method and device therefor
Method for increasing accuracy of measurement of mean polarization mode dispersion
Method for scaling scattered ray intensity distribution in multi bulbs X-ray CT and multi bulbs X-ray CT apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring enrichment of UF6
Copper contamination detection method and system for monitoring copper contamination
Methods, systems, and computer program products for producing theoretical mass spectral fragmentation patterns of chemical structures
Probe tile for probing semiconductor wafer
Test socket for testing semiconductor package
Generating test benches for pre-silicon validation of retimed complex IC designs against a reference design
Additional pins on a USB connector
Token-based congestion control method for the internet
System and method for measuring a cable resistance in a power over Ethernet application
Detection of signaling flows
Chip-based prober for high frequency measurements and methods of measuring
Stiffener assembly for use with testing devices
Sensor for sensing a magnetic field direction, magnetic field direction sensing, method for producing magnetic field sensors, and write-in apparatus for producing magnetic field sensors
System and method for measuring a relative distance between vehicle components using ultra-wideband techniques
Human echolocation system
System and method for protecting against spoofed A-GNSS measurement data
System and/or method for obtaining a time reference for a received SPS signal
Apparatus detecting relative body movement
Lens apparatus and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Electro-optical display systems
Optical near-field distribution transfer device
Optical filter and visual display device with optical filter
Device with array of tilting microcolumns to display three-dimensional images
Turning film having multiple slopes
Suspension board with circuit and producing method thereof
Methods, materials and devices for light manipulation with oriented molecular assemblies in micronscale photonic circuit elements with High-Q or slow light
LCD based environment scanner and 3-D display
Display device
Liquid-crystal display device having a particular conductive layer
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
Image pickup apparatus and method of controlling the same
Exposure apparatus, optical projection apparatus and a method for adjusting the optical projection apparatus
Apparatus for cooling
Method and apparatus for elevation focus control of acoustic waves
Systems and methods for imaging components
Apparatus, method and system for feedforward of sheet electrostatic tacking parameters to image transfer subsystem in image transfer apparatus
Intermediate coupling unit between two image forming apparatuses and image forming apparatus adaptable thereto
Image forming unit and image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus and image processing apparatus
Heater, fixing unit and image forming apparatus
Development device and image forming device
Guide member, endless belt, method of producing endless belt, and image forming apparatus using endless belt
Correction device for timepiece display mechanism and wheel fitted thereto
Methods for cleaning lines on a game playing surface
Motor drive control device and image forming apparatus
Apparatus operating system
Apparatus and method for controlling an air supply for drying painted vehicles and other objects
Voltage regulating systems responsive to feed-forward information from deterministic loads
Reference voltage generating circuit
Voltage control for electric power systems
Voltage dividing circuit and magnetic sensor circuit
Portable electronic device
Digital furniture piece
Electronic apparatus
Method for adjusting setup default value of BIOS and main board thereof
Coarsely controlling memory power states
Reference state information generation
Embedded systems debugging
Detecting unexpected impact of software changes using coverage analysis
Debug trace messaging with one or more characteristic indicators
Automatic testing system and method for judging whether universal serial bus device is configured to computer
Method, system and programming language for device diagnostics and validation
System for automatically configuring a storage array
Computer system, storage system and method for saving storage area by integrating same data
Method and apparatus for finding subset maxima and minima in SAS expanders and related devices
Hard disk system state monitoring method
Dynamically adapting the fault tolerance and performance characteristics of a raid-based storage system by merging and splitting raid groups
Computer system and command execution frequency control method
Protected cache architecture and secure programming paradigm to protect applications
Recording medium, apparatus for decrypting data and method thereof
Community-selected content
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communication modes for sending messages to users
Storage system and storage control method
Serial bit ordering of non-synchronous bus signals
Processing stream instruction in IC of mesh connected matrix of processors containing pipeline coupled switch transferring messages over consecutive cycles from one link to another link or memory
Hardware acceleration for a software transactional memory system
Image processing apparatus, image processing apparatus administration information display method, system, program and storage medium
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image transmitting apparatus, including a reading condition determining unit
System for scalable transmission of content in a data network
Transaction-initiated batch processing
URI pointer system and method for the broadcast of MPEG-4 data in an ATSC MPEG-2 transport stream file system
System and method for processing transaction data
Method and apparatus for outputting a user interface (UI) event of 3rd party device in home network
Information providing system, information processing apparatus and method, and information providing apparatus and method
Methods, computer program products, and apparatuses for providing remote client access to exported file systems
Method, system and apparatus for encouraging frequent and purposeful electronic communications from caregivers to individuals with impaired memory
Providing enhanced interactions with software services
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving content on distributed storage system
Storage controller and method for determining client appropriateness
Redirection of notifications to a wireless user device
Job management system and method for minimizing log data
Attributes of captured objects in a capture system
Processing electronic messages
System and method for designing a customized switched metro Ethernet data network
Method for adjusting set-up default value of bios and mainboard using the same method
Method of installing software for enabling a connection of a phone to an interconnected network
Active feature probing using data augmentation
System and computer program product for national language support using a multi-language property file
Systems and methods for normalization of linguistic structures
Weighted linear bilingual word alignment model
Systems and methods for employing an orthogonal corpus for document indexing
Information retrieval apparatus and information retrieval method
System and method for restoring a virtual disk from a snapshot
Application data replication between computers
Processing data records for finding counterparts in a reference data set
Method and system for analyzing the effectiveness of marketing strategies
Methods for supply chain management
Query processing method for stream data processing systems
Method of controlling user information and information processing apparatus
Verifying a record as part of an operation to modify the record
System and method for managing bundle data database storing data association structure
System and method for managing bundle data database storing data association structure
Structure for couple noise characterization using a single oscillator
Stitched circuitry region boundary identification for stitched IC chip layout
Computer-readable non-transitory medium storing three-dimensional device simulation program and three-dimensional device simulation system
Affinity-based clustering of vectors for partitioning the columns of a matrix
Dummy pattern design for reducing device performance drift
Production method, design method and design system for semiconductor integrated circuit
Design structure for a phase locked loop with stabilized dynamic response
Legged robot and control method thereof
Method and apparatus for predicting braking system friction
Methods for normalizing error in photolithographic processes
Content data creating device, control method thereof, program for creating content data, and content data display device
Secure repository with layers of tamper resistance and system and method for providing same
Apparatus for reproduction song data with limitation dependent on preview or purchase
Supplemental communication interface
Heuristic status polling
Observing an internal link via a second link
Method of inputting characters on a wireless mobile terminal
System and method for real-time, multi-user, interactive and collaborative environments on the web
Multi-channel fractional clock data transfer
Apparatus operating system
Information display system, information display apparatus, and position indicating apparatus
System and method for thin client development of a platform independent graphical user interface
Order processing system for performing image reproduction processing in response to order for reproducing digital image data
Image sensing and printing device
Document managing apparatus
Information processing apparatus allowing plurality of users to concurrently log in, and method of controlling the same
Method and apparatus for image processing
Asset localization identification and movement system and method
Power conserving mobile transmitter
Population count approximation circuit and method thereof
Voting based scheme for electronic document node reuse
Systems and methods for cross-system digital asset tag propagation
System and method for organizing, compressing and structuring data for data mining readiness
Detecting estimation errors in dictinct page counts
Method and apparatus for enhancing electronic reading by identifying relationships between sections of electronic text
System and method for reservation station load dependency matrix
Program test system
Efficient generator of update packages for mobile devices that uses non-ELF preprocessing
Address translation system for use in a simulation environment
Quick deployment method
Method of power-aware job management and computer system
Device, system and method of managing a resource request
Method and apparatus for human interface to a machine vision system
Apparatus and system for recognizing environment surrounding vehicle
Pattern inspection method and apparatus
Reconstruction computing device, reconstruction computing method, and X-ray CT apparatus
Arbitrary power function using logarithm lookup table
Automatic original feeding device, and image reader and image forming apparatus using automatic original feeding device
Image scaler with controllable sharpness
Method and apparatus for performing segmentation based on partial differential equations
Enhancement of compressed images
Moving image coding apparatus, moving image decoding apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
Image correction across multiple spectral regimes
System and method for edge sharpening
Decoding apparatus, dequantization method, and computer readable medium storing program thereof
Method and system of creating health operating envelope for dynamic systems by unsupervised learning of a sequence of discrete event codes
Methods and systems for identifying and localizing objects based on features of the objects that are mapped to a vector
Systems and method for generating planogram images
Electronic acquisition system and method
Efficient inventory management for providing distinct service qualities for multiple demand groups
Method and apparatus for generating standardized carbon emission reduction credits
Device for facilitating compliance with medication regimen
Virtual account based new digital cash protocols with combined blind digital signature and pseudonym authentication
Method and apparatus for building commercial distributed computing networks via computer cost subsidization
Method and apparatus for specifying product characteristics by combining characteristics of products
Method and apparatus for procuring goods in an automated manner
Method, system and business model for a buyer's auction with near perfect information using the internet
Systems and methods for managing risk associated with a geo-political area
Method and system for bidding on multiple auctions
Computer readable medium for modifying an animation wire frame
Faulted circuit indicator device having an improved clamping mechanism
Tether apparatus
Optical fiber sensor for quantitative monitoring of deflection from high-speed launcher operation conditions
Connection mechanisms in absorbent articles for body fluid signaling devices
Sound production controller
Method for determining projected obstacle areas for moving obstacles
Driving circuit using pulse width modulation technique for a light emitting device
Stylus-based addressing structures for displays
Display device
Apparatus and method for managing the power of illumination devices
Display device using enhanced gate driver
Systems and methods for providing image rendering using variable rate source sampling
Pointing input system and method using one or more array sensors
Mounting mechanism and head-mounted image display apparatus
Color separation multiplexing for real-time multi-dimensional device calibration
Gamut map model with improved gradation fidelity at low chroma values
Audio signal interpolation method and device
Audio time scale modification using decimation-based synchronized overlap-add algorithm
Communication system noise cancellation power signal calculation techniques
Apparatus, method, and program for sound quality correction based on identification of a speech signal and a music signal from an input audio signal
Servo write method and servo write system for hard-disk drive
Optical disk drive for adjusting power of a recording laser
Slot-in type disk apparatus
Magnetic and optical rotating storage systems with audio monitoring
Disk drive and information processing system having the same
Disk drive including an actuator latch with a torsionally compliant pusher portion
Method for early detection of magnetic head degradation due to carbon overcoat wear
Optical disc and method for image forming thereon
Thermal solution for drive systems such as hard disk drives and digital versatile discs
Disk drive having a stationary plate facing a disk and with a recirculation filter coupled to grooves in the stationary plate
Method of reading optical information in super-resolution
Magnetic recording head and magnetic recording apparatus
Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with antiparallel-free layer structure and low current-induced noise
Magnetic head of magnetoresistance effect type with high resistance to external stress
Track compensation and skew compensation for drives having flangeless rollers and systems thereof
Device and method for detecting defect signals on an optical disc
Apparatus and method of recording/reproducing hologram and hologram recording medium
Recording medium and method and apparatus for recording data
Test writing method and information recording device
Static random-access memory with boosted voltages
Magnetic shielding in magnetic multilayer structures
Drift compensation in a flash memory
Memory having P-type split gate memory cells and method of operation
Semiconductor memory device including two different nonvolatile memories
Method for interleaving data in a communication device
Method and system for memory testing and test data reporting during memory testing
Semiconductor memory apparatus
Method of operating a memory apparatus, memory device and memory apparatus
Power-measured pulses for thermal trimming
Surface mount variable resistor
Light emitting device and method for producing same
Display device with cooperating groove and insert sealing structure and manufacturing method therefor
Plasma display panel having front panel with bismuth trioxide-containing dielectric layer
Charging device for battery
Multi-zone electrostatic chuck and chucking method
Electroactive nanostructured polymers as tunable organic actuators
Activating batteries based on environmental conditions
Method and apparatus for measuring electrochemical properties
Electronic device
Arrangement of an antenna on a container
Compact portable antenna for digital terrestrial television with frequency rejection
Laser device
Ignition anode, in particular for reignitable rocket combustion chambers
Circuit breakers and circuit breaker box
Undervoltage lockout circuit
Rechargeable battery packs and related methods
Systems and methods for receiving and managing power in wireless devices
Lithium polymer battery powered intravenous fluid warmer
Power converters
Current waveform construction to generate AC power with low harmonic distortion from localized energy sources
Control apparatus for rotational electric machine and driving apparatus for vehicle
Motor and motor drive system
Output pad system and pad driving circuit thereof
Fast phase-frequency detector arrangement
Differential amplifier with symmetric circuit topology
Loaded parallel stub common mode filter for differential lines carrying high rate digital signals
Circuit, apparatus and method of transmitting signal
Peak power reduction using fixed bit inversion
Low power high-speed output driver
Methods and articles of manufacture for operating electronic devices on a plurality of clock signals
Flip-flop circuit with internal level shifter
Digital signal receiver
Technique for photonic analog-to-digital signal conversion
Systems and methods for synchronous, retimed analog to digital conversion
Return to zero digital to analog converter and converting method thereof
LDPC (low density parity check) coded signal decoding using parallel and simultaneous bit node and check node processing
Method for synchronizing to a digital signal
Distributed block coding (DBC)
Arithmetic decoding apparatus
Method of driving bit stream processor
Method and circuit arrangement for calibration of a sampling control signal which influences the sampling time of a received signal from a sampling phase selection element
Automobile audio system
DCDC converter unit, power amplifier, and base station using the same
Suppressing interference for wireless reception and improvements relating to processing a frequency shift keyed signal
Baseband filters for use in wireless communication devices
Adaptive duplex modes in telecommunication equipment
System and method for adapting video decoding rate
Method and system for reducing AM/PM distortion in a polar amplifier
Media program identification method and apparatus based on audio watermarking
Transmitter, receiver, and data communications system and method
Passive optical network system and ranging method
Optical FSK/SSB modulator having intensity balance function
Phase control optical FSK modulator
Fiber optic interconnection
Transmitter delay and phase adjustment
Integrated compact eye pattern analyzer for next generation networks
Method of communicating neighbor base station information
Method and system for communicating to radio frequency integrated circuit
Reduced complexity parametric covariance estimation for precoded MIMO transmissions
Wireless relay amplification apparatus
Transmitter, transmitting method, receiver, and receiving method for MC-CDMA communication system
Signal receiver circuit and method of implementation
Source detection apparatus and method for audience measurement
Method of providing initial pictures to digital TV
Communicating distinct data using polarized data signals
Concept for reducing crosstalk
Systems and method for orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing
Utilizing multiple distortion measures
Intelligent routing for effective utilization of network signaling resources
M-ary orthogonal keying system
WiMAX system analyzer having RAS emulation function and method of acquiring UL synchronization and testing PSS using the same
Methods and apparatuses to effect a variable-width link
Transmission system
Diagnosis apparatus for object in TDM communication system and method for diagnosing the same
Apparatus and method for unilateral topology discovery in network management
Method, system and program product for outsourcing resources in a grid computing environment
Collision avoidance in multiple protocol communication networks using a shared communication medium
Wireless communicaton apparatus
Apparatus and method for supporting distortionless vector perturbation in multiple antenna system
Wireless communication method and wireless communication apparatus
Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus, and radio communication method
Network management apparatus and method thereof
Communication quality evaluation method, derivation device, communication quality evaluation system and computer program
PCI express packet filter including descrambler
Method of stall identification and recovery
Packet communication method and apparatus and a recording medium storing a packet communication program
Method and network element configured for limiting the number virtual local area networks creatable by GVRP
Method and system for providing quick service access
Proportionally fair-share time slot reservations with a fast increase, slow decrease rate controller
IP telephone system, IP telephone apparatus and calling method
Spurious component reduction
Method for the management of bandwidth in a communications network, corresponding computer-readable storage medium and devices
Method and apparatus for detection of loss of cipher synchronization
Proactive forced renewal of content protection implementations
Cryptographic processing apparatus
User authentication based on asymmetric cryptography utilizing RSA with personalized secret
Keytote component
Method, system and apparatus for preventing media access control address counterfeiting
System and method for establishing a shared secret among nodes of a security appliance
Information processing apparatus and method
Communication devices with integrated gyrators and methods for use therewith
Hands-free communication system for use in automotive vehicle
Method and system for user prioritization within telecommunication services and in particular within call completion services
Source selection for conference bridges
System and method for selecting a destination number upon receiving a dialed number from a calling party
Method and apparatus for providing internet protocol call transfer in communication networks
Code information printing apparatus, printing method, restoration apparatus, and restoration method
Original-document illumination apparatus, image reading apparatus, color-original-document reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Image forming apparatus for identifying undesirable toner placement
Active pixel sensor with mixed analog and digital signal integration
Viewfinder and image pickup apparatus
Imaging apparatus
Sensor apparatus
Digital TV equipped with universal CPU and method for signal processing therefor
Apparatus and method for video de-interlace
Method for processing motion image
Adaptive area of influence filter for moving object boundaries
Near field registration of home system audio-video device
URI pointer system and method for the carriage of MPEG-4 data in an MPEG-2 transport stream
Method of distributing sports entertainment
System and method for providing user-selected information to a paging-capable device
Linearly expandable broadcast router apparatus
RFID tag with accelerometer
Acoustic compliance adjuster
Reading stand
Personal location code
Device and method for quality testing using a battery operated mobile phone
Apparatus and method for performing handoff to reduce number of session transfers in a mobile communication system
Token-based receiver diversity
Method and apparatus for multimedia communications with different user terminals
Internet enabled cellular telephones
Adaptive bearer configuration for broadcast/multicast service
System and methods for establishing a real-time location-based service network
Power conversion structure
Support structures for planar insertion devices
Assembly and electronic apparatus
Electronic device thermal management
Air mover for device surface cooling
Electronic module with seamless anti-EMI device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Process for producing gel-coated seed
Non-myeloablative tolerogenic treatment
Biologically active aqueous fraction of an extract obtained from a mangrove plant Salvadora persica L
Methods for controlling dust mites and the allergens produced by dust mites
Blemish extraction means
Fungicidal method
Helical food product
Food patty molding machine
Enzymatic process for nixtamalization of cereal grains
Late addition of PUFA in infant formula preparation process
Starch phosphate ester composition, process and method of use in food
Streptococcus thermophilus strain, fermentation process using such strain and product obtained
Monoterpene synthases from grand fir (Abies grandis)
Process for freeze drying coffee extract
Long flavor duration releasing structures for chewing gum and method of making
Method for steam flaking grain
Companion animal therapeutic treat
Deesterified pectins, processes for producing such pectins, and stabilized acidic liquid systems comprising the same
Shelf-stable filled pasta and methods of making
Carotenoid agent for inhibiting the conversion of epithelial cells to tumors
Herbal weight loss supplement
Method for making a food product from the thigh of a bird or other animal and a food product resulting therefrom
Self-contained mobile system and method for selectively processing fresh corn
Method of providing flavorful and aromatic compounds
Panty-type sanitary napkin
Shock-absorbing cushion with a multi-holed and/or grooved surface
Combination lighting device
Detachable rope handle assembly for a battery
Cooking apparatus
Floor mat and continuous process for the manufacture thereof
Armrest for positioning adjacent a keyboard
Deployable bleacher/chair combination
Suspended furniture apparatus
Child seat liner
Personal care articles
Flow heater
Two-stage particle separator for vacuum cleaners
Imaging system and components thereof
Method and device for rinsing
Illuminated rectal retractor
Variable view arthroscope
Surgical instrument
Surgical biopsy system with remote control for selecting an operational mode
Methods and devices for automated biopsy and collection of soft tissue
Device and method for suturing blood vessels and the like
Longitudinal dilator and method
Apparatus and method for vein removal
Adhesive applicator tips with improved flow properties
Adhesive applicator tips with improved flow properties
Surgical retractor having a malleable support
Catheter system for release of embolization coils by hydraulic pressure
Aneurysm embolization device
Apparatus and method for compressing body tissue
Acetabular reamer cup and method of producing the same
Apparatus and method for use in positioning an anchor
Single-lock anterior cervical plate
Method and instrumentation for vertebral interbody fusion
Method and apparatus for crossing intravascular occlusions
Magnetically navigable and/or controllable device for removing material from body lumens and cavities
Dual action tongue scraper
Grip of endoscopic instrument
Anastomosis punch device and method
Sutureless closure and deployment system for connecting blood vessels
Apparatus and method for minimally invasive surgery using rotational cutting tool
Ultrasonic liposuction device and method of using the same
Diagnostic needle arthroscopy and lavage system
Trocar spike with a point
Device for repositioning fractured bone fragments
Disposable medical instrument and medical device incorporating the instrument
Cryogenic angioplasty catheter
Apparatus and method for thermal treatment of body tissue
Electrophysiological treatment methods and apparatus employing high voltage pulse to render tissue temporarily unresponsive
Expandable-collapsible electrode structures made of electrically conductive material
Surgical instrument for providing suction and irrigation
Photoacoustic removal of occlusions from blood vessels
Selective tissue targeting by difference frequency of two wavelengths
Detection of the shape of treatment devices
Fiberoptic-guided interstitial seed manual applicator and seed cartridge
Combination advanced corneal to topography/wave front aberration measurement
Surgical illumination device and method of use
Central-artery-pressure-waveform estimating apparatus
Mobile phone combined physiological function detector
Blood pressure monitor apparatus
Energy management of a video capsule
Waveform interpreter for respiratory analysis
Method for accelerating the delivery of a vasodilating agent to the penis
Goniometer-based body-tracking device and method
Method of confirming performer of exercise
Method for testing hearing ability by using internet and recording medium on which the method therefor is recorded
Dual riser/dual capillary viscometer for newtonian and non-newtonian fluids
X-ray diagnostic imaging apparatus
Computer radiographic oncology portal imaging
Ultrasonography of the prostate
Endodontic obturator system
Tartar trap
Barbed endodontic instrument
Method for producing completely ceramic structures in the field of dentistry
Convertible buccal tube
Dental implant and operative method of implantation
Dental impression tray
Method and apparatus for picking up auditory evoked potentials
Process of providing mechanical fasteners on disposable absorbent articles
Absorbent article with body-conforming bladder having peristaltic elements
Sanitary napkin
Single use hygiene article with combined mechanic and adhesive closing system
Safety sleeve to protect body extremities
Apparatus for the installation of a prosthesis in the treatment of inguinal hernias via the peritoneoscopic route
Devices and methods for assessment and treatment of urinary and fecal incontinence
Removable, variable-diameter vascular filter system
System and method for edoluminal grafting of bifurcated or branched vessels
Medical stents, apparatus and method for making same
Flexible hoop and link sheath for a stent delivery system
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Micro structure stent configurations
Self-sealing PTFE vascular graft and manufacturing methods
Catheter balloon with biased multiple wings
Intraocular multifocal lens construction
Self-centering phakic intraocular lens
Intraocular lens implanting instrument
Intraocular ring
Modular prosthesis and connector therefor
Implantable prosthetic devices coated with bioactive molecules
Mobile bearing knee prosthesis
Prosthetic cage for spine
Insertion tool for use with trial intervertebral distraction spacers
Foot orthosis
Cranial orthosis with safety stop and method
Hamstring brace
Female external catheter device
Medical condition seat cushion system
Heat exchange catheter with improved insulated region
Punctal cannula
Illuminated ophthalmic membrane pick assembly
Surgical instrument sleeve
Pulsed vacuum cataract removal system
Closed loop control for refractive laser surgery (LASIK)
Eyewear with ponytail holder
Infant care apparatus with uniform flow pattern
Wheelchair restraint system for a transportation vehicle
Wheelchair with a pivoting back, seat and leg supports
Back traction aid
Therapeutic table system
Spa motor cooling method and apparatus
Spa capsule
Aqueous cosmetic preparations in stick form
Extracts of mixed arctium lappa L., carrot and whole radish for treating hypertension, constipation and detoxification
Chilco product and method of making and using same
Compositions and methods for evaluating bone resorption
Plant extracts for the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of hepatitis
Treatment of sexual dysfunction with an extract of Lepidium meyenii roots
Acute testosterone administration
Gastrointestinal mucosa-adherent pharmaceutical composition
Adhesion prevention and an endoscopic insufflation system therefor
Bank of autochthonous strains of microorganisms and methods of its use for recovery of intestinal microbiocenosis of the men
Combined therapy with a chemotherapeutic agent and an oncolytic virus for killing tumor cells in a subject
Cyanovirin conjugates and matrix-anchored cyanovirin and related compositions and methods of use
Chemokine inhibition of immunodeficiency virus
Method for identifying active domains and amino acid residues in polypeptides and hormone variants
Vaginal suppository for treating group B Streptococcus infection
Method and composition for treating prostate cancer
Composition and method for lactose hydrolysis
Ringworm vaccine
Chelating immunostimulating complexes
Temperature-sensitive polymer/nanoshell composites for photothermally modulated drug delivery
Lubrication composition
Tea catechin formulations and processes for making same
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Compositions and methods for specifically targeting tumors
Method for determining oncogenic activity of a substance
Stabilized radiopharmaceutical kits
Dental porcelains
Acne treatment composition with cooling effect
Non-greasy make-up remover
Process for the synthesis of finely divided antiperspirant active ingredient suspensions
Nonaqueous liquid cosmetic
Low residue water-containing antiperspirant stick
Skincare compositions for ageing skin
Skin treatment composition
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type
Long-lasting liquid color compositions
Solid preparation for oral hygiene
Powdery nasal compositions
Pharmaceutical composition prepared by addition of a flavor vehicle to a medicament
Oral micro-emulsion composition of silybin
Epidural administration of therapeutic compounds with sustained rate of release
Bioadhesive nanoparticulate compositions having cationic surface stabilizers
Method of producing sub-micron particles of biologically active agents and uses thereof
Process for producing granules containing angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibiting peptides
Method for drug delivery to the pulmonary system
Metering and packaging of controlled release medication
Intra-articular preparation for the treatment of arthropathy
Pharmaceutical formulation comprising omeprazole
Composition and method for acceleration of wound and burn healing
Combined ozone generator and light source
Method for determining the efficacy of a decontamination procedure
Biocompatible glue
Hydroxylapatite gel
System for repairing inter-vertebral discs
Preparing artificial organs by forming polylayers of different cell populations on a substrate
Medical device formed of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene
Surface treatment of medical device
Suction catheter for rapidly debriding abscesses
Gravity driven liquid filtration system and method for filtering biological liquid
Integrated extracorporeal blood oxygenator, pump and heat exchanger system
Safety arrangement for a dialysis machine and method of activating the safety arrangement
Implantable heart assist system
Guidewire system
Guidewire with improved lesion measurement
Delivery of ultrasound to percutaneous and intrabody devices
Catheter hub anchoring device
Anchoring system for leur lock connector
Medical line securement device
Device for administering liquids to a patient
Apparatus for safely removing a needle from a subcutaneous septum
Positive-flow valve
Hand-piece for injection device with a retractable and rotating needle
In-line IV drug delivery pack with controllable dilution
Medication delivery container
Syringe plunger driver system and method
Needle assisted jet injector
Injection syringe with needle projecting in the syringe body
Multipurpose template and needles for the delivery and monitoring of multiple minimally invasive therapies
Side actuated lead connector assembly for implantable tissue stimulation device
Retrievable, shielded radiotherapy implant
Delivery of theraputic ultrasound by two dimensional ultrasound array
Process for the preparation of an herbal-therapeutic product extracted from the pulp of a species eugenia jambolana
Shadow-effect cosmetic composition
Method of providing safe haven within buildings during chemical or biological attack
Interactive video system responsive to motion and voice command
Sit-up exercising apparatus
Rotatable pedestal
Large core golf ball
Lighted ball toy
Golf club putter head
Golf club striking plate with variable bulge and roll
Golf putter
Metal golf club head
Golf club head with coated striking plate
Golf club holder
Golf ball-tee positioning implement
Retractable ball mark repair tool and ball marker
Portable goal apparatus for use in swimming pool-based activities
Putting practice apparatus
Golf training aid
Apparatus for illuminating a portable electronic or computing device
Electronic equipment, auxiliary information display device, and portable game machine
Manipulating device for an entertainment system and an entertainment system having the same manipulating device
Method for representing character, storage medium, image display device, and video game device
Volleyball video game system
Amusement attraction with moveable floor
Remote control model vehicle with audio output system
Method and apparatus for applying a transparent skin to a model airplane
Infant simulator
Flying device which rotates as it travels through the air
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reformation reactor and operating method
Method for purifying biological marcromolecules, and chromatographic column for performing said method
Method of sample introduction for supercritical fluid chromatography systems
Method for separating the constituents of a dispersion
Coagulation precipitator
Disposable centrifuge cartridge backed up by reusable cartridge casing in a centrifugal filter for removing soot from engine oil
Filter module with improved backwash capability
Filter cartridge made of an accordion fold pack folded in a zigzag-shaped manner and method for its manufacture
In-line storm water drain filter system
Temporary silt guard for sewer inlet
Filter apparatus and method
Oil path structure
Exhaust particulate controller and method
Pressurized cyclone including agitator assembly
Filter cleaning apparatus
Furnace with a panel and filter assembly
Filter holder gasket assembly for enhanced securement of candle filters
Hepa filter
Water-cooled distilling apparatus
System for processing waste water
Pressure swing adsorption process which provides product gas at decreasing bed pressure
Membrane gas separation process with compressor interstage recycle
Hydrogen getter package assembly
Method and apparatus for controlling air quality
Method and device for obtaining synthesis gas
Method for desulfurizing exhaust gas
Method and Apparatus for treating exhaust gases
Process and apparatus for high flow and low pressure impurity removal
Separation process
Purification method by mixing/diffusion of closed water zone and mixing/diffusion apparatus
Static laminar mixing method
Process for pickling a metal using hydrogen peroxide
Chemical reactor with stirrer and incoming and outgoing lines on the reactor floor
Granulation process
Process for reduction of gaseous sulfur compounds
Adsorption/separation method and a medium for adsorption/separation
Desulfurization and novel sorbents for same
Crystalline tantalum containing multinary metal oxide compositions, processes for using the composition
Electrokinetic concentration of charged molecules
Device for bringing solid bodies in the form of pourable pieces into contact with liquids and possibly gases
Low flow fume hood
High-throughput screening assay systems in microscale fluidic devices
Volume adjustable manual pipette with quick set volume adjustment
Cleaning deposit devices that form microarrays and the like
Method for coating a blood collection device
Advanced thermal gradient DNA chip (ATGC), the substrate for ATGC, method for manufacturing for ATGC, method and apparatus for biochemical reaction, and storage medium
Nucleic acid amplification reaction station for disposable test devices
Self-centering sample cup assembly
Apparatus for removing mist, smoke and particles generated by machine tools
Heap leach agglomeration/percolation extraction aids for enhanced gold and silver recovery
Support device for a centrifugal separator providing axial and radial support
Method for purging stagnant coating solution
Coating device and process for coating
Organic solvent composition for film transfer and a method for wet transferring of transfer film
Method for continuous thermal deposition of a coating on a substrate
Reduction of microfoam in a spray-applied waterborne composition
Method of forming coating films
Device and method for application of a gluing system
Method of polishing at least one surface of a silicon-based part
Subsea pig launcher
Aquifer remediation barrier for removal of inorganic contaminants
Solar powered environmental remediation devices
Lubricating structure of bearing
Method of forming a safety can end
Method of removing cores from ceramic matrix composite articles
Semi-solid concentration processing of metallic alloys
Multiplex composite powder used in a core for thermal spraying and welding, its method of manufacture and use
Metal sintere body and production method thereof
Sliding contact material, sliding contact element and producing method
Positioning arm for positioning and assembling systems and method for producing positioning arms
Parting or grooving insert
Drill bit for wood drilling
Resinoid dicing blade including a dry lubricant
Soldering method and soldered joint
Method of manufacturing diamond cutting tools through instantaneous heating process and cooling process and such a diamond cutting tool
Solder, solder paste and soldering method
Steel for welded structures and welding wire
Device for fastening a tool on a driveable tool spindle of a machine tool in a progressively adjustable manner
Pick and place device having two parallel axes
Machine tool
System and method for supporting a workpiece from a milling vise
Polishing apparatus
Method for machining
Method for pattern generation with improved image quality
Tool pot separation type chain
Method of providing semiconductor wafers each having a plurality of bumps exposed from its resin coating
Quick-release lens clamp pad assembly for use in eyeglass lens processing
Glass machining apparatus
Method and apparatus for polishing
Web-format planarizing machines and methods for planarizing microelectronic substrate assemblies
Method and apparatus for chemical mechanical planarization and polishing of semiconductor wafers using a continuous polishing member feed
Polishing apparatus
Planarizing pads, planarizing machines, and methods for mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Drainage structure in polishing plant
Method for chemical mechanical polishing using a high selective slurry
Abrasive pad and polishing method
Polishing apparatus for polishing a hard material-coated wafer
Method for wafer polishing and method for polishing-pad dressing
Grinding machine for grinding bar member for magnetic head and method of grinding the same
Wafer edge polishing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for edge finishing glass sheets
Coated abrasive tool and construction method
Soft polishing disc with holes and method of manufacturing the same
Vitrified abrasive solid mass having pores filled with resin, and solid lubricant agent
Method of manufacturing a polymer or polymer/composite polishing pad
Finishing element with finishing aids
Portable work light with tool container and power outlets
Assembly robot for wing
Direct driven robot
Method and apparatus for applying adhesives to the edges of a slit tube
Punch for production decorative cutouts
Method of and compositions for treating wood
Method and apparatus for casting a plumbing fixture
Method for constructing block for staircase
Round-shaft cutter
Process for recycling of powder coating waste
Apparatus for pelletizing strands of polymer
Rotational molding
Process and apparatus for preparing a molded article
Insert-molding method for obtaining a resin-molded product
Method and apparatus for separating contact lens mold sections
Ultra mold for encapsulating very thin packages
Apparatus for manufacturing a golf ball with an initial preparatory form having a seam
Method of manufacturing an in-mold laminate component
Molding mold
Method for manufacturing synthetic resin-made hollow member with intermediate element incorporated therein, and apparatus therefor
Process for manufacturing injection moulded objects using side walls and plural injection points
Apparatus for the preparation of preforms in manufacturing plants for the production of bottles and containers or products of various kind
Method for forming a hollow bottom of acrylic cups
Injection molding nozzle tip insulator and injection molding device
Apparatus for making a corrugation-free foam
Fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin structure, process for production of same, and extruder for production of same
Method of handling and transferring a molten parison
Universal blow mold assembly
Sleeve molding
Method for making a carbonated soft drink bottle with an internal web and hand-grip feature
Oil strainer
Cover for an optical device and method for making same
Lens molding apparatus and lens molding tool
Former for a bag maker
Apparatus for forming tubular containers with reinforced edges and container
Internal profile hanger with outwardly projecting tab member with informational indicia thereon
Multilayer plastic composition having an electrically conductive inner layer
Aluminum alloy member and production method thereof
Nb-based silicide composite compositions
Method for forming an automotive vehicle weatherseal having a metal substrate with bonded elastomeric layer
Low temperature material bonding technique
Laminated siding pieces and method of producing the same
Matboard/backing board and methods of manufacture and use
Method of manufacturing decorative wood products from engineered wood products
Resealable tamper indicating label flap including printer indicia
Films formed from blends of polyethylene and polypropylene
Biaxially oriented polyester film with high oxygen barrier, its use, and process for its production
Stable adhesive composite material made of polyurethane and of another thermoplastic material, a process for its production and a method for its use in motor vehicles
Preparation of a recording carrier
Process for laminating textile sheet materials onto moldable foam or onto foamed moldings
Method of producing a well-integrated multilayer material
Adhesive oxyhalopolymer composites
Method and apparatus for electro-coagulation printing and electrode control unit
Liquid ink printer having a heat and hold drier
Apparatus for achieving high quality aqueous ink-jet printing on plain paper at high print speeds
Method for achieving high quality aqueous ink-jet printing on plain paper at high print speeds
Ink, ink-jet recording method using the same, and photopolymerization initiator
Error mapping technique for a printer
Method and device for feeding recording sheet
Removable paper module for an orthogonal inkjet printer
Encoder strip with dimensional stability and ink resistance properties
Ink delivery system and method for controlling fluid pressure therein
Forming ink images having protection films
Printer cassette with label stock tensioner arm and associated printer
Package with web roll and take-up core
Sensor for identifying marks on a ribbon
Thermal printer
Ink jet printing process
Ink jet printing process
Heat transfer material having a fusible coating containing cyclohexane dimethanol dibenzoate thereon
Drying apparatus
Bookbinding system and method
Printer cartridge including machine readable ink
Scanning image and thermotransfer foil for production thereof
Roller ball pen with adjustable spring tension
Stylized writing instrument
Illuminable writing instrument
Liquid applicator having ink color identification
Decorative material
Cycle and tensioned spoked wheel assembly
Wheel bearing unit
Covering of vehicle tires withlight-alloy rims during prolonged transportation
Inside/outside air switching device having first and second inside air introduction ports
Device for controlling dome light illumination
Integrated viscous transmission in a differential
Constant-speed running controller for vehicle
Vacuum fluorescent display panel with integral illumination of panel indicia
Mesh vehicle seats
Hybrid automated manual transmission
Apparatus for controlling a vehicle and a method of controlling the vehicle
Vehicle seat with an adjustment for the seat's depth
Backlash reducing structure for recliner adjuster
Juvenile transportation system
Child vehicle seat with adjustable and removable base
Headlamp for a vehicle
Vehicle headlamp with movable and fixed shades
Spotlight for an all-terrain vehicle
Beam angle adjusting device for vehicular headlamp
Illuminator in storage box of motorcycle
Rearview mirror assembly with utility functions
Guide means for flexible elements
Vehicular rooftop load elevating device
Adjustable front lamp for a bicycle
Power transmission assembly
Aquatic body board
Paint-removing method, paint-removing device, and ship removed of paint
Water jet propulsion system having reverse gate optimized for braking
Flange for marine heat exchanger
Watercraft with steer responsive engine speed controller
Jet-propelled boat having through-hull housing for shaft penetration
Water jet propulsion unit with retractable rudder
Split torque epicyclic gearing
Transverse directional zipper with a double seal flange profile configuration
Computer controlled position slaved servo labeling system
Label system and method for label alignment and placement
Glass bottle for high-frequency heat sealing
Sack from a flexible material and method for its formation
Protective bag for shipment and storage of articles of equipment and method of fabricating same
Side dump body including a material compaction assembly
Drive sprocket with relief areas
System and method of conveying, storing, and dispensing packing material
Method of and apparatus for transporting particulate materials from a lower level to a higher level
Method and apparatus for application of adhesive tape to an elongated member
Paper discharge apparatus
Method of adjusting a longitudinal folding device in a folder of a web-fed printing machine
Moveable microelectromechanical mirror structures and associated methods
MEMS sensor structure and microfabrication process therefor
Process for manufacturing mirror devices using semiconductor technology
Method of making high aspect ratio features during surface micromachining
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing a chlorine-dioxide-containing disinfectant solution for water treatment
Powder synthesis and characterization of amorphous carbon nitride, a-C3N4
Process for producing spheroidized hard material powder
Process for the production of iron carbide from iron oxide using external sources of carbon monoxide
Method for growing low defect density silicon carbide
Process for the production of calcium fluoride
Bromide removal
Production of feed liquors for sodium carbonate crystallization processes
Manganese oxide, lithium manganese complex oxide and cobalt-coated lithium manganese complex oxide, and preparation processes thereof
Cobalt recovery process
Filter cartridge, particularly for jug water purifiers
Process and plant for the preparation and delivery of ozonated water to a user point
Water purifying and dispensing apparatus, and method of purifying chlorine-containing water
Biological waste water treatment system
Vadose zone for a leaching field
Apparatus and method for delivering solid bioremediation materials
Method of filtering a fluid
Method of making a coated optical fiber comprising measuring the delamination resistance of the coating at two different temperatures
Apparatus for coating a fiber
Method for manufacturing high-pressure discharge lamp
Aluminum nitride sintered body and method of preparing the same
Roughened electrolyte interface layer for solid oxide fuel cells
Structure with ceramic foam thermal barrier coating, and its preparation
Curable coating compositions
Apparatus and process for plasma treatment of particulate matter
Substrate body with a protective coating
Paste gold and golden ornaments
Use of ascorbic acid in permanent waving and hair coloring compositions
Electron transport material and light emitting diode that contains the electron transport material
Extracts of Hypericum perforatum and formulations containing them
Multichromophore fluorescent probes using DNA intercalation complexes
RNA respiratory syncytial virus vaccines
Composition and method of imparting resistivity to HIV superinfection to cells
Method and means for producing high titer, safe, recombinant lentivirus vectors
Hepatitis C virus multiple copy epitope fusion antigens
Yeast strains for the production of lactic acid transformed with a gene coding for lactic acid dehydrogenase
DNA encoding the human synapsin III gene and uses thereof
Human phosphatase inhibitor protein
Neuronal apoptosis inhibitor protein gene sequence and mutations causative of spinal muscular atrophy
Identification of congenital stationary night blindness in dogs
Growth differentiation factor, lefty-1
Composition of an endogenous insulin-like growth factor-II derivative
Protein fragment complementation assays for the detection of biological or drug interactions
TNF inhibitors for the treatment of retinal disorders
Lipoglycan compositions and methods of treating parasitic infections
Silicon reactive oligomers and coating compositions made therefrom
Battery and capacitor using quinoxaline resin
Low temperature curable organopolysiloxane coatings
Polymer matrix composite and method for making the same
Vehicular mount assembly with bonded rubber
Phosphatic pigment preparations
Curing accelerator and resin composition
Corrosion-stable aluminum pigments and process for the production thereof
Dye mixtures, 1:2 cobalt complex formazan dyes and their use
Concentrated leucoindigo solutions
Coatings based on hyaluronic acid and the derivatives thereof for the protection of electronic parts from external agents
One-component stoving composition and use thereof
Coating composition and use thereof
Sulfonated copolyester based water-dispersible hot melt adhesive
Adhesive and retroreflective article comprising the adhesive
Connection tape for square hole punch carrier type taping and method of manufacturing connection tape
Polishing composition and polishing method employing it
Refrigerant compositions
Optical projector with image enlarging and projecting capability and heat insulating and cooling means
Two phase hydroprocessing
Method for manufacturing magneto-rheological or electro-rheological substance-impregnated materials
Method for inhibiting oxidation of polyunsaturated lipids
Decorative candle and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for forming and packaging votive candles
Apparatus and method for growing anaerobic microorganisms
Isolation of RNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue specimens
Genes encoding denitrification enzymes
Nucleic acid molecules encoding histidine tags in three reading frames
Selection method for producing recombinant baculovirus
Cell population containing non-fetal hemangioblasts and method for producing same
Use of adipose tissue-derived stromal cells for chondrocyte differentiation and cartilage repair
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Method for identifying the source of carbon in 1,3-propanediol
Methods for determining the presence or absence of microorganisms in lipid-containing compositions
Rapid identification of microorganisms
Biochemical method to measure niacin status in a biological sample
Teichoic acid enzymes and assays
Systems tools and methods of assaying biological materials using spatially-addressable arrays
Methods of determining the presence of double stranded nucleic acids in a sample
Nucleic acid collection barrier method and apparatus
Mass spectrometric methods for biomolecular screening
Method for alteration detection
Methods and kits employing LAV antigens for the detection of HIV-1-specific antibodies
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
Direct smelting process
Trough having an erosion-resistant precast shape
Additive composition for use in special steel making
Method for heat-treating metallic workpieces
Hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of nickel and cobalt values from a sulfidic flotation concentrate
Iron-rich residue recyclable from the hydrometallurgical processing of flue dust
Zinc alloy powder and alkaline battery using the same
Method for producing large tear-free and crack-free nickel base superalloy gas turbine buckets
High-strength steel sheet having excellent formality and resistance to softening of the heat affected zone after welding
Non-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet having reduced magnetic anisotropy in high frequency region and excellent press workability
Substrates for superconductors
Ni-Ti-Nb alloy processing method and articles formed from the alloy
Method for coating and protecting a substrate
Method for the co-deposition of silicon and nitrogen on stainless steel surface
Process of coating super fine particles of multi-element thin film
Method of producing cathode ray tube and method of forming films
Process for producing sputtering target materials
Preventing defect generation from targets through applying metal spray coatings on sidewalls
Magnetic read head sensor with a reactively sputtered pinning layer structure
Selected adjustment of dropwise condensation on ion implanted surfaces
Method for producing a metal evaporated article
Tunable and removable plasma deposited antireflective coatings
Chemical vapor deposition apparatus with liquid feed
Vortex based CVD reactor
Single-substrate-processing CVD method of forming film containing metal element
Sequential method for depositing a film by modulated ion-induced atomic layer deposition (MII-ALD)
Wire for thermal spraying system
Apparatus and method for application of a chemical process on a component surface
Etching process to selectively remove copper plating seed layer
Method for recovering platinum from platinum-containing coatings on gas turbine engine components
Electrolytic method for the recovery and recycling of silver from a nitric acid solution
Gas diffusion electrode material, process for producing the same, and process for producing gas diffusion electrode
Process for producing low alpha lead methane sulfonate
Low temperature aluminum production
Apparatus and method for manufacturing Ni--Fe alloy thin foil
Substrate processing method and apparatus and SOI substrate
Apparatus and method for electrochemical processing of a microelectronic workpiece, capable of modifying processing based on metrology
Plating apparatus
Process for the removal of galvanic electrolytic residues from electrode frames or electrode frame webs with fiber structure
Reactor vessel having improved cup, anode and conductor assembly
Reactor vessel having improved cup, anode and conductor assembly
System and method for reversing electrolyte flow during an electropolishing operation
Procedure for electrochemical polishing of an aluminium substrate to obtain a specular surface
Feedback controlled airfoil stripping system with integrated water management and acid recycling system
Method and apparatus for growing a single crystal in various shapes
Method for forming a solid solution alloy crystal
Method of growing silicon crystal in liquid phase and method of producing solar cell
Silicon wafer, and heat treatment method of the same and the heat-treated silicon wafer
Textiles; Paper
Graded index plastics optical fiber and a method of continuously fabricating a graded index plastics optical fiber
Carbon fibers, acrylic fibers and process for producing the acrylic fibers
Acrylonitrile-based precursor fiber for carbon fiber and method for production thereof
Method of bleaching with formamidine sulfinic acid using a reducing agent to eliminate residual peroxide
Grooved long nip shoe press belt
Integrated paper machine
Resilient roll
Lotion composition for treating tissue paper
Fixed Constructions
Non-redirective gating crash cushion apparatus for movable, permanent and portable roadway barriers
Road marker collar
Filter system for mobile debris collection machine
Subsurface fluid drainage and storage system and mat especially utilized for such system
Folding support for removable piers and similar structures
Sectional interlocking sandbags
Connecting element for sheet piles
Power coupling mounting for a quick-disconnect coupling on a heavy-duty machine
Cutting tool retainer
Double sheet metal consisting of two covering metal sheets and an intermediate layer
Portable drywall joint compound pump station
Tile and carpet removal apparatus
Mining machine with sliding cutting tool assembly
Cable bolt
Heat added to underground cemented fill to obtain both early and long term strength increases
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine engine bearing support
Low windage loss, light weight closure bucket design and related method
Bolted joint for rotor disks and method of reducing thermal gradients therein
Stage 3 bucket shank bypass holes and related method
Mistuned rotor blade array for passive flutter control
Compressor endwall bleed system
Turbine vane with enhanced profile
Truncated rib turbine nozzle
Catalyst assembly for an exhaust gas system
Ventilation cover structure for outboard engine provided with four-stroke cycle engine
Fuel cooling apparatus of outboard motor
Electric motor
Laser ignition
Helical wind rotor and a method for manufacturing the same
Drive mechanism for adjusting the rotor blades of wind power installations
Air pump
Automated pump
Hydraulic delivery device
Reciprocating pump for a high pressure cleaning appliance
Capacity control scroll compressor
Horizontal scroll compressor having an oil injection fitting
Discharge valve
Heat shield with seal between end cap and non-orbiting scroll
Scroll compressor with slider block having circular inner bore
Scroll compressor for introducing high-pressure fluid to thrust-face side so as to decrease thrust load imposed on revolving scroll
Rotary vane compressor with economizer port for capacity control
Fluid pumps
System with fan speed synchronization control
Pump with auxiliary impeller vane inlet device
High speed, low torque axial flow fan
Attachment element for an anchor rod
Blind rivet
Self-drilling screw
Non cutting hole-shaping and thread-forming stainless screw and process with impact for driving in the same
Lock nut
Precision air bearing slide and stage assembly for controlled linear motion
Expansion shaft
Hydrodynamic gas bearing structure
Vented bearing end cap
Universal joint yoke
Flow passage structure for shaft-press-fitted flange members
Turbine wheel for hydrokinetic coupling apparatus, made of plastic material
Locking differential with clutch activated by magnetorheological fluid
Multiple-gear vehicle transmission
Apparatus and a method for controlling an automatic transmission
Control apparatus for synchromesh type automatic transmission system
Tensioner lever for chain drive
Shoe for tensioner device and chain guide
Conductive connecting structure of a pipe-type lamp
Decorative lighting device for festival or the like
Vehicle light beam adjusting device
Electrical power cord manager for a lighting fixture
L.E.D. thermal management
Light fixture for a ceiling fan
Candle device for burning candle without a cotton wick
Headlight for vehicle in accordance with projection principle
Fluorescent light fixture
Backlit liquid crystal display structure for a laptop computer
Advisory lighting fitting
Display system having a light source separate from a display device
Flashback detection sensor for lean premix fuel nozzles
Side shot burner
Resonance free burner
Electronic fuel convertibility selection
Utility lighter
Venturi ventilation system
Cartridge ejecting control mechanism for toy revolver
Selectably alignable removably attachable arrowhead tip
Arrowhead with a pivotal blade selectively positionable in a plurality of different cutting diameters II
Height measuring apparatus
Selective back side wet etch
Method for identifying active substances
Integrated-optical sensor and method for integrated-optically sensing a substance
Biosensors with polymeric optical waveguides
Apparatus and method of monitoring an analyte
Power compensation differential scanning calorimeter
Method for inspecting connection state of electronic part and a substrate, and apparatus for the same
Moisture sensitive element and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for diagnosing the condition of a gas sensor
Gel charger for capillary column
Sampler transfer
Electrochemical gas sensor
Method for determination of hemoglobins
Carbon monoxide detection and purification system for fuels cells
Antioxidant activity profile assay
One-step all-in-one dry reagent immunoassay
Composite arrays utilizing microspheres
Screening assays for the interaction of semaphorins and neuropilins
Test method for IgA nephropathy
Assay to identify compounds that alter apolipoprotein E expression
Prenatal screening for Down's syndrome using hyperglycosylated gonadotropin
Method for predicting the presence of haemostatic dysfunction in a patient sample
LDL receptor signaling pathways
Microplate for drug susceptibility testing containing a drug, a color reagent, and color suppressant
System and method for sample positioning in a robotic system
Method for testing a semiconductor die using wells
Test interface for coaxial cable
Concurrent design and subsequent partitioning of product and test die
Watthour meter socket adapter with auxiliary component mounts
Inspecting jig for wire harness
Twisting-cylinder display
Fabrication of gratings in planar waveguide devices
Method and device for splicing optical conductors
Apparatus and method for encapsulation of an optical fiber splice
Tunable fiber optic connector and method for assembling
Optical coupling of light pipes, with light diffusion
Interchangeable lens eyeglass system with interchangeable nosepiece
Eyeglasses having wire temples
Film image display system
Image representation system
Intraoral dental radiographic film packet with comfort enhancing folded edge
Imaged element with improved wet abrasion resistance
Multicolor photographic element with improved latent image keeping
Multi-part photographic color developing composition and methods of manufacture and use
Device and method for cleaning an elongated record medium
Method and apparatus that compensates for phase shift mask manufacturing defects
Phase-shift mask for printing high-resolution images and a method of fabrication
Method, article and composition for limiting particle aggregation in a mask deposited by a colloidal suspension
Enhanced bright peak clear phase shifting mask and method of use
Methods for fabricating reticle blanks for use in making charged-particle-beam microlithography reticles, and reticle blanks and reticles formed using such methods
Process for coating a solid surface with a liquid composition
Composite substrate carrier
Toner compositions containing a styrene acrylate copolymer
Chronograph timepiece and lever device for timepiece
Universal game engine for a game network and method therefor
Portable barcode printer with improved control and display for a small number of function keys
Business courtesy envelopes
Gaming machine with interlinked arrangements of puzzle elements
Method and apparatus for determining desired quantities of comestibles for consumption
Medical examination teaching system
Apparatus for displaying a representation of a wheeled vehicle in various poses with respect to a pictorial scene
Method for producing sliders
Method for manufacturing magnetic head suspensions and method for inspecting metal substrates for magnetic head suspensions
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording media having a layered structure for perpendicular magnetization of a recording layer
Method of producing a substrate for an information recording medium and method of producing an information recording medium
Method and apparatus for jumpering resistors and other components on a printed circuit board
Peel and strip magnets and method of manufacture thereof
Protective layer for continuous GMR design
Process and apparatus for producing a laminate for electronic parts
Process for producing an impermeable or substantially impermeable electrode
Assembling structure for bridge member and frame plate of press key
Method of forming DC plasma display panel
X-ray target
Composite self-aligned extraction grid and in-plane focusing ring, and method of manufacture
Method of forming barrier ribs used in a plasma display panel
Backside illumination of CMOS image sensor
Method of etching using hydrofluorocarbon compounds
Contact and method for producing a contact
Multilayer circuit structure build up method
Mould part, mould and method for encapsulating electronic components mounted on a carrier
Process to remove semiconductor chips from a plastic package
Nitride semiconductor and a method thereof, a nitride semiconductor device and a method thereof
Compact load lock system for ion beam processing of foups
Method for attenuating thermal sensation when handling objects at non-body temperature
Method for laminating circuit pattern tape on semiconductor wafer
Method for forming wiring pattern of a semiconductor integrated circuit
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
Self aligning method for forming a selective emitter and metallization in a solar cell
Electrochemical cell separator
Lithium secondary battery
Electrochemical cell incorporating an external hydrogen removing agent
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Sealed battery
Battery storage structure for portable electronic device
Accommodation for holding and connecting batteries
Battery pack comprising hollow portion and power tool using the same
Lithium secondary battery
Method of producing an electrode for non-aqueous electrolytic secondary cells
Negative electrode for high-energy lithium-ion batteries and method of production
Lithium ion batteries with improved resistance to sustained self-heating
Membrane electrode assemblies
Methods for making oxygen reduction catalyst using micelle encapsulation and metal-air electrode including said catalyst
Apparatus for regulating humidity of process air in fuel cell system
Coolant treatment system for a direct antifreeze cooled fuel cell assembly
Regulating the maximum output current of a fuel cell stack
Fuel cell system having a defrosting function
Fuel cell stack compression method and apparatus
Fuel cell power systems, direct current voltage converters, fuel cell power generation methods, power conditioning methods and direct current power conditioning methods
Battery connection plate and a manufacturing method therefor
Connecting structure for battery terminals
Connector with slide and lever
Network extender
Method of making a connection to a microelectronic element
Power supply adapter for portable electronic devices
Electrical terminal socket and method of fabricating same
Female connector
Flexible adapter for use between LGA device and printed circuit board
Modular audio/power connector system
Electrical connection box
Connector and connecting structure of connector and circuit body
Wire equipment
Connector support mechanism for interconnecting connectors
Lockable electrical cord connector unit
Locking device for electrical receptacles
Half fit preventive connector
Adaptive/reactive safety plug receptacle
Socket with embedded conductive structure and method of fabrication therefor
Cable connector comprising a housing, a shielding and at least one connector module in the housing
Surface mountable connector assembly including a printed circuit board
Fastenerless circuit board support
Coaxial connector fastening system
Electrical compression connection for retractable connectors
Inner-type connecting structure of a bulb assembly
Rotatable electrical connector for telephone cord
Snap electrical terminal
Electrical connector for power conductors
Electrical connector with overmold housing
Interposition structure between substrates
Coaxial cable assembly
Cable structure with improved termination connector
Assembly of a vehicle body and an electrical connection box installed thereon
Bus bar with terminal insulator and connector guide therefor
Composite substrate, thin-film electroluminescent device using the substrate, and production process for the device
Jack including crosstalk compensation for printed circuit board
Connector for use on board
Socket for electrical parts
Memory module with offset notches for improved insertion and stability and memory module connector
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Design Only
Design Only