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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Agricultural implement comprising a transporting device
Granular material spreader attachment for mower or other apparatus
Cultivation of morchella
Flying and simulated wounded mechanical bird decoys and method
emulsified soil biocides used in drip irrigation systems
Protein hydrolyzates, process for producing the same and drinks and foods containing the protein hydrolyzates
Transglutaminase soy fish and meat products and analogs thereof
Belt load distribution device
Eyelet for reinforcing the edge of a hole in a carrier strip and device for attaching an eyelet to a carrier strip
Interchangeable jewelry setting
Cosmetic container having a cooling device
Concealable baton scabbard
Toothbrush with stand
Lateral motion chair arm mechanism for chair arm
Push lumbar support with flexible pressure surface
Foldable bassinet with suspended floor hinge
Dynamically sensitized decorative lighting equipment
Low reserve indicator for a paper towel dispenser
Tissue anchoring devices, biological vessel suspending devices and systems and methods utilizing same
Laser device for medical treatment system
Apparatus for conveying a light source to an intravenous needle to kill blood pathogens
Microneedle devices and methods of manufacture
Device for injecting ultrasonic waves into a medium
Diagnostic imaging tabletop
Dental care device
Structurally variable stents
Expandable stents and method for making same
Goggle shield
Aid for lifting and carrying a mass/object
In vivo use of water absorbent polymers
Non-invasive localization of a light-emitting conjugate in a mammal
DNA encoding human papilloma virus type 18
Production of novel bovine respiratory syncytial viruses from cDNAs
Compositions and methods for enhancing receptor-mediated cellular internalization
Socket for dialyzer
Process for debittering peanut hearts
Device for rescuing persons, objects and the like from buildings
Fast response fluid flow control valve/nozzle
Ruthenium silicide wet etch
Process for treating a solid-liquid mixture
Exercise apparatus
Exercise and therapeutic trainer
Shaft for use in golf clubs and other shaft-based instruments and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for operating lotteries and for generating and processing lottery entries
Method for constructing a race track for remote control toy vehicles and apparatus therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid distributor
Process and a plant for the production of Portland cement clinker
Method of producing nanostructures in membrances, and asymmetrical membrane
Macrostructures of porous inorganic material and process for their preparation
Reusable storm water sampler and pollutant filter insert
Screw for a solid-bowl centrifuge and a method of extracting oil using the centrifuge
Fire hose storage and deployment system and method
Oscillating shower sprayer
Application of complex-mode vibration-fluidized beds to the separation of granular materials of different density
Thermochromic compositions of color formers and lewis acids
Contaminant removal by laser-accelerated fluid
Method and forming machine for deforming a hollow workpiece
Method of manufacturing alloy rim for automobile
Method for scalable production of nanoshells using salt assisted purification of intermediate colloid-seeded nanoparticles
Quick change drill bit
Table saw
Complete device layer transfer without edge exclusion via direct wafer bonding and constrained bond-strengthening process
Simultaneous magnetic pulse framing
Method and apparatus for making a lid with an optically transmissive window
High-pressure tank and method for fabricating the same
Advanced Bi-directional linear polishing system and method
Chemical mechanical polishing endpoint detection
Apparatus for processing a lens
Reel-to-reel substrate tape polishing system
Split slitter
Apparatus and method for locking a tire vulcanizing press
Apparatus for forming a microlens array mold
Mold releasing method and apparatus for diffraction optical element
Method and device for joining sections of thermoplastic continuous web material
Process for making a composite material assembly and aircraft wing and stabilizing element obtained by this process
Method and apparatus for placing a product in a flexible recloseable container
Glass cover with shatterproofing film
Laminate composite fabric
Flexographic printing on containers
Inkjet printing apparatus, inkjet printing method and program
Driven rotary body, sheet material conveying apparatus, and recording apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus, ink-jet recording method and ink jet recording medium
Separable cutting mechanism for printer
Arcuate print path to avoid curl in thermal printing
Recording apparatus and recording control method, and ink jet recording method and apparatus
Ink cartridge and ink jet printer
Printing fluid delivery system
Continuous ink jet color printing apparatus with rapid ink switching
Print-quality control method and system
Thermal printing and cleaning assembly
Ink jet printing method
Ink-jet recording method
Identification card
Vertical paint tray
Non-rotating hitch ball
Bumper with integrally formed energy absorber
Automotive suspension with a rotational shock-absorber
Refrigeration unit guard device
Saddle tank fuel delivery system
Hydrostatic transmission
Power control unit for electric vehicle
Two way positive locking latch
Seat for attachment to a vehicle hitch or sport utility rack
Reflection optical device, and reflection solid-state optical device, imaging device comprising this, multiwavelength imaging device, video camera, and monitoring device mounted on vehicle
Bumper for a motor vehicle and method of making same
Shock absorber
Electric brake actuating assembly and actuator
Master cylinder device for brake
Linear actuator, in particular an aircraft brake actuator
Park break system for vehicles
Throttle sensor mounting structure
Link type suspension for vehicle such as motorcycle
Collapsible mat assemblies
Rebuilt double hull tanker and method of rebuilding an existing single hull tanker into a rebuilt double hull tanker
Mast device for a submarine
Airship system
Beacon docking system with visual guidance display
High-efficiency REA optimized stationkeeping
Shaftless gyrostabilizer for aerial platforms
Hopper apparatus and method for application of joint compound to corner beads
Conveyance unit and boxing unit having the same
Portable package for a floral bouquet
Delivery for a machine for processing flat printing materials
Compiling platform to enable sheet and set compiling and method of use
Anti-theft protective cover
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus and method for synthesizing spherical diamond powder by using chemical vapor deposition method
Biosolids flow-through thermophilic treatment process
Prefabricated biological purification system
Plunger for bottle forming I.S. machine
Self-aligning impact tolerant I.S. machine cartridge assembly
Method of joining a high-temperature material composite component
Camp factor of streptococcus uberis
Method for utilizing gas reserves with low methane concentrations and high inert gas concentrations for fueling gas turbines
Thermally conductive chuck for vacuum processor
Mixed composition interface layer and method of forming
Cold trap for CVD furnace
Method and apparatus for encapsulation of an edge of a substrate during an electro-chemical deposition process
Textiles; Paper
Dimensionally stabilized roller body
Fixed Constructions
Trench shield ladder
Composite systems and methods for anchoring walls
Conductor polymer backfill composition and method of use as a reinforcement material for utility poles
Mechanically stabilized earth wall systems and methods
Control apparatus of hydraulic valve for holding load
Steel roofing panel support
Pigmented radiation cured wear layer
Concrete construction material and method of use
Tower for wind power installations
Collapsible protective shelter device having dielectric and fire-resistant properties
Optical security system
Multipoint lock assembly
Vehicle door handle
Locking device
Method and device for driving into the marine subsurface at great depths, a tubular tool for soil sampling or for measuring soil characteristics
Open well plunger-actuated gas lift valve and method of use
Method and apparatus for supercharging downhole sample tanks
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust system for a V-type engine
Failure diagnosing apparatus for an engine cooling water temperature sensor
Internal combustion engine with elevated expansion ratio
Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine
Engine fuel injection control system
Fuel pump with automatic shutoff
Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Hydrostatic axial piston machine with a swashplate design
Air fan
Fan attachment with dynamic out-of-balance equalization
Split lock screw fastener assembly and method
Linear motion bearing segment
Apparatus and method for detecting air contamination in fluid dynamic bearings
Shaft locking device for bearing assemblies
Torque limiting coupling device
Apparatus and method for retarding translation between two bodies
Multiple-speed power transmission for motor vehicles
Abnormality detecting device for vehicular hydraulic pressure control circuit
Pressure regulated, safety bypass valved, bottle adapted fitting for lever actuated release of a regulated gas
Diaphragm valve for high-temperature precursor supply in atomic layer deposition
Detachable hose coupling with an improved female and male coupling having an interlocking U-shaped staple
Tapping fitting
Lighting device with linear light sources
Photolytic method of improving mercury capture in fossil (coal) fired systems
Boiler improvements with oxygen-enriched combustion for increased efficiency and reduced emissions
Apparatus and method for shutting down a fuel fired appliance
Combined cycle engines incorporating swirl augmented combustion for reduced volume and weight and improved performance
Heat exchange system
Condensing gas boiler having structure of preventing corrosion caused by using heterogeneous metal
Heat exchanger panel
Automatic firearms with a detachable breech lock
Vibrating gyroscope and angular velocity sensor
Vibration type angular velocity sensor
Method for measuring flow of fluid moving in pipe or groove-like flow passage
Fuel level sensor
Method of independently measuring bearing preload in an axle assembly
Electrochemical gas sensor having a porous electrolyte
Electrochemical sensors having nonporous working electrode
Dropping test apparatus for mobile communication terminal
Method and apparatus for aspirating liquid from a container
Optical illumination system and image projection system including the same
Sub-mount and optical receiver using the same
Apparatus for uniformly baking substrates such as photomasks
Wafer alignment marks protected by photoresist
Hand-held programmer for programmable liquid crystal display
Card processing system with combined magnetic encoder and card flipper
Display and record medium and information writer
Electronic game for computer or slot machine
Time increment selector
Method for manufacturing a spin valve having an enhanced free layer
Radioactive substance decontamination method and apparatus
Method of manufacturing spin valve film
Method of producing flat panel displays
Edge wheel assembly in a substrate processing brush box
Apparatus and method for controlling wafer temperature
Tailored interconnect module
Battery connector
Connector for a flexible printed circuit board
Electrical socket having terminals with elongated mating beams
Connector having a simple structure assuring a stable mounting operation
Earphone jack
Connector assembly for attaching perpendicularly to an adapter card
Electrical connector with safety load lever
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Power take off shaft safety retainer
Spray cart
Telescoping flat bed gripping and lift assembly
Tractor-mounted forklift
Bale lifting apparatus
Pavement edging
Snowboard binding
Forming mold cavities
Pocket light
Bottom case for bowling bags
Body supported mirror
Dispenser-applicator assembly
Applicator tip for desensitizing agents and method
Make-up brush and method for manufacturing such a brush
Mounting arrangement for computers
Two user computer desk
Laptop computer support
Folding table and bench assembly
Door assembly for a corner cabinet
Interlocking cabinet system
Storage cabinet cam-shaped locking arrangement
Self-locking mounting apparatus
Drawer slide protector
Pocketed spring assembly
Folding chair
Chair back construction
Seating arrangement
Toy attachment for child's play pen
Bungee cord carrier
Illuminating optical system for cutting infrared light by relief type optical element
Sunlight sensitivity tester
Coaxial spatially resolved refractometer
Ophthalmological system and method
Scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Neuroimaging as a marketing tool
Dental handpiece with dust control mechanism
Method and system for acquiring three-dimensional teeth image
Disposable prophy angle
Dental instrument
Tooth powdering applicator
Dental capsule for containing and dispensing low viscosity dental material and method of filling and applying said low viscosity material
Force recording orthodontic appliance
Intraoral growth appliance
Abutment delivery system
Dental implant piece
Dental implant, a template for inserting a dental implant, and a process for producing them
Device for the production of a dental working model for preparation of a prosthetic work
Locking spring-biased latch
Accessory for supporting a wheelchair in a stable reclined position
Foldable walking-assistant device
Golf cart collapsible device
Landscape lighting
In-line roller skate with two-piece frame for wheels
Body mounted sail assembly
Method of playing a card game
Electronic video poker games
End-to-end board game
America's chess
Word Game
Darkhorse wagering: a lottery method of play
Puzzle with story board
Realistic doll head system and method therefor
Eye article for taxidermy form
Weightless toy objects
Three dimensional figure eight propeller/impeller blade apparatus
Simulated assault weapon
Performing Operations; Transporting
Mixing system for mixing and dispensing reactive materials
Continuous mixing feeder
Reactor distribution apparatus and quench zone mixing apparatus
Roller-type liquid applicator
Density modification displacement to remediate contaminated aquifers
Bar loader
Tool holder with pivotal adjustment
Cutting tool and method for producing and cutting a non-porous surface layer
Multi-head drilling machine for drilling shutter components
Miniature tenon cutter
Cutter for use in forming dowels, plugs, and tenons
Profile processing method and processing machine therefor
Device for spatially moving a body with three to six degrees of freedom in a controlled manner
Automatic boring device
Handling device
Valve assembly, especially for a fuel-injection valve and method of making same
Gripping device
Clamping device
Edge clamp
Hydraulic spike puller
Two-armed transfer robot
Universal mounting bracket for french fry press
Pellet forming extrusion apparatus
Candle recycling assembly
Apparatus for manufacturing a respirator cartridge seal
Pressure-activated gas injection valve for an injection molding apparatus
Stamper protecting layer for optical disk molding apparatus
Heater block with unitized removable heat conductive member
Thin light managing system for directing and distributing light from one or more light sources and method for making optics structures for use in the system
Apparatus for variable limitation of a flat flow channel
Molding apparatus
Universal mold carrier with improved air flow compensation
Heat staking apparatus with radiant heat source
Apparatus for formation of on-site coated and tinted optical elements
Booklet maker
Printing control apparatus, printing method with the printing control apparatus, and storage medium storing a computer readable program
Ink jet printer mechanism with mechanically linked service station carriage and media support
Image recording device having a cassette that pivots feed rollers into nipping position
Printer with media supply spool adapted to sense type of media, and method of assembling same
Ink droplet ejecting method and apparatus
Printing method by ink jet and a printing device by ink jet
Ink jet recording head
Ink jet print head
Liquid-ejecting head and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for improved ink-drop distribution in ink-jet printing
Ink cartridge and ink jet printer
Carriage stabilization during periodic valve engagement for printhead replenishment
Disabling refill and reuse of an ink jet print head
Ink reservoir for an ink jet printer or plotter
Continuous jet printer mixing system
Ink jet recording method, recording apparatus, and information-processing system
Ink-jet printing apparatus for performing printing with ink and printing ability improving liquid
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for adjusting lateral image registration in a moving web printer
Method and apparatus for printing text on a booklet-like article
Sheet processing device
Mechanism for connecting book binding and paper supplying machines
Coupon catalogue apparatus
Storage device
Index divider sheet assembly
Organizer notebook for holding index cards
Side knock-type mechanical pencil
Light pen with multicolor light sources
Engraving head
Traction enhanced wheel apparatus
Wheel bearing
Safety shopping cart
Retention mechanism for use with an axle assembly
Automobile wheel cover
Cycle trailer hitch adapter
Trailer hitch quick-lock
Hitch system for gooseneck trailer
Torsion-bar type suspension
Frame structure for sport utility vehicle or light truck
Carrier leveling and stabilizing system
Torque balance rod assembly for vehicles
Vehicle height control apparatus
Vehicle suspension for providing kneeling function to a vehicle having a lowered floor
Level control arrangement for vehicles having air springs
Twist beam axle and method of producing same
Ball joint
Rear suspension system of automobile discriminative of road irregularities and wheel braking
Vehicle air freshener powered from cigarette lighter receptacle
Device and method for positioning windshield glass
Roof molding device for a vehicle
Vehicle compartment seals
Vehicle transport cover
Windshield visor for motor vehicles
Windshield visor for motor vehicles
Vehicle sunvisor
Fuel tank support
Method and apparatus for regenerative and friction braking
Occupant protection system
Slide rail for a vehicle seat with longitudinal setting memory and seat comprising such a slide rail
Floor mounting system for a collapsible vehicle seat
Head restraint assembly for motor vehicle
Chair truck table accessory
Square/round beverage container receptacle for automotive vehicle cup holders
Ramp for vehicles
Device for loading a small vehicle or other load onto a pickup truck
Snowmobile trailer
ATV tie down rack system
Boat stop
Truck body extension
Cart lock
Crumbling prevention sheet device
Lighting system at rear part of motorcycles
Light conducting structure for use in a control panel and method of manufacturing
Advanced helicopter emergency escape lighting system
Multipurpose lamp device
Electro-optic rearview mirror system
Security lighted vehicular exterior rearview mirror system
Exterior rearview mirror for vehicles, preferably motor vehicles
Mirror with lighted indicia
Relaying device between relatively rotatable members
Bumper reinforcing structural unit
Passive restraining system for motor vehicles and air bag module as restraining element
Seat weight sensor system for controlling a vehicle restraining device
Retractable and/or removable net type cargo restraining system
Side impact and roll over inflatable head protector
Decorative emblem for air bag module cover
Air bag cover
Gas bag module
Compressed air bag inflator
Adjustment device for a deflection fitting
Load limiting device for a seat belt
Belt integral seat of a motor vehicle with a retractor for the safety belt and a sensor steering the retractor
Vehicle access step assembly
Drive unit for motor vehicle ladder rack
Wheeled or vehicle-mounted cart apparatus
Connection of a spindle and/or stud with a crank lever of a wiper system
Landing gear
Outrigger jack
Method and apparatus for a deceleration-regulated braking system
Breaking control system for agricultural tractors
Hydraulic braking systems for vehicles
Setpoint generator for control of an electrically controlled brake system
Apparatus for facilitating securing a component to a stationary bracket
Traction assembly for a work machine
Mounting arrangement for supporting a hydraulic control unit of a vehicular braking system
Golf club cart
Adjustable wheelbarrow system
Drive shaft utility cart
Shopping cart with child seat
Convertible multi-function stroller
Lockup mechanism for an infant stroller
Attachment for a baby stroller
Upper and lower mounting bracket assembly for a steering column of an automotive vehicle
Intermediate shaft apparatus of steering shaft assembly
Collapsible shaft having tunable collapse load for motor vehicle
Splice joint for connecting adjacent side rail sections in a vehicle body and frame assembly
Hollow frame member of aluminum alloy for vehicle body frame
Truck body with modular construction and improved subframe system
Device to selectively create drag on a transport vehicle for speed reduction
Steering knuckle
Brake light system for bicycles
Bicycle with crank assembly suspension system
Hitch for bicycle trailer
Bicycle trailer hitch
Two wheel drive for bicycle
Water vehicle
Rocking ship propulsion and the rocking propelled ship
Hydrostatic propulsion system for a marine vessel
Power transmission arrangement for an outboard marine drive
Helicopter rotor blade control device
Airway obstruction luminaire
Method and apparatus for handling sheet stacks
Automated labware storage system
Device for the transfer of an object between at least two locations
Fruit tray denesting apparatus and method
Device for unrolling sheets
Device for changing the moving direction of a flat rectangular sheetlike product
Fire hydrant lifting and setting device
Single-wheel hydraulic jack
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of regulating the oxidation of hydrogen in air, including the transition to combustion, the intensity of combustion, the transition from combustion to explosion and the intensity of explosion
Feed apparatus for batch preparation feed mixture for feeding into smelting furnace
Process for the functionalization of surfaces
Production of photopolymerized polyester high index ophthalmic lenses
Coal charging car for charging chambers in a coke-oven battery
Method and apparatus for monitoring the condition of a vaporizer for generating liquid chemical vapor
Semiconductor wafer boat with reduced wafer contact area
Sensors incorporating nickel-manganese oxide single crystals
Textiles; Paper
Multihole melt blown die nosepiece
Fixed Constructions
Asphalt paver with remixing conveyer system
Apparatus for inserting dowel bars in a concrete slip forming machine
Dry cutting and grooving apparatus for pavement
Island forms
Anti-terror bollard
Marker post having a webbed triangular cross section
Ice composite bodies
Offshore platform assembly
Apparatus for controlling movement of an implement relative to a frame of a work machine
Arrangement for determining the relative angular orientation between a first machine element and a second machine element
Taper lock rebar splice joint
Latch dog assembly
Lock mechanism
Lock with improved torsional strength
Quick releasable mounting for window guards
Door handle assembly with inertial lock
Automotive door latching system
Cam-actuated security override system
Snap-fit door hinge assembly and method
Point attack tooling system for mineral winning
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Displacement fluid machine
Cantilever mount orbiting scroll with shaft adjustment
Admission section of a turbine casing
Soft bearing support
Combined connection for axially split casings
Tandem airfoils
Coolable airfoil for a gas turbine engine
Axial serpentine cooled airfoil
Gas turbine rotor blade
Cooled stationary blade for a gas turbine
Output stage for an axial-flow turbine
Structure of output section of jet propulsion engine or gas turbine
Fan shroud for internal combustion engine
Outboard marine heat exchanger
Machine with at least two modes of operation and switching means for changing the machine mode of operation
Adjustable accessory mounting system for automobile motor
Lubrication and oil drain system for 4 cycle outboard motor
Cowling for outboard motor
Intake apparatus of outboard motor
Diaphragm stopper construction for a high-pressure accumulator
Hydraulic motor with function selector
Fluid power storage device
Variable displacement/load device
Variable displacement compressor improved in a lubrication mechanism thereof
Pneumatic compressor system
Variable capacity compressor
Biased open suction valve
Absorption refrigeration system having a diaphragm pump and a hydraulic piston pump
Peristaltic pump with flow control
Pump controller
Pump to surface pump
Single-piece piston for use in a pneumatically-activated pump
Axial piston machine
Fuel delivery pump with a bypass valve and an inlet check valve for a fuel injection pump for internal combustion engines
Gas blower and method utilizing recirculation openings
Two speed geroter motor with external pocket recirculation
Roller vane stage for a fuel pump
Stand for a fluid compressor having an extending and rotating movable starter box base plate
Composite roller bearing for variable pipe diffuser
High velocity fan
Plastically formed hybrid airfoil
Downhole electrical submersible pump with dynamically stable bearing system
Centrifugal pump with seal cooling and debris flushing arrangement
Cooling fan mounting arrangement
Air pump
Longitudinal stabilizer for vibration reducing bushing
Cone clamping set
Pedal module with variable hysteresis
Spring breakage safety system
Device for the resilient fastening of an electric motor within a housing, especially for a motor vehicle
Structural vibration damper with continuously variable stiffness
Apparatus for absorbing shock and attenuating vibrations
Sealing device for rotating shaft
Composite metallic type seal with spiral springs, and manufacturing process for this seal
Machinery seal
Mechanism for forming a seal around the shaft of a liquid pump
Pump trap assembly having multiple pivot axes
Electro-mechanical torque limiter for valve actuators
Electrically operated recreational vehicle drain valve
Valve-actuating handle with end-position override
Valve arrangement for the delivery of fluids
Connector for metal ribbed pipe
Fitting for the connection of pipes by means of pressing
Clamping device, in particular for a male coupling
Vehicle headlight
Flashlight lamp shock absorber
Integrated clamping/support/cord storage assembly
Roadside emergency security flashlight
Socket for compact fluorescent bulbs
Search probe
Liquid crystal display device
Enhanced MTBF backlight system and related method
Surface light source element and liquid crystal display device, sign device and traffic control sign device using same
Power phase regulator circuit improvement motor start switch self-adjusting preheat and ignition trial improvement and series-type voltage regulator improvement to hot surface ignition controller for fuel oil burner
Extendable safety lighter
Childproof cigarette lighter
Gas lighter with safety device
Support attachment and cigarette lighter safety device
Safety mechanism of lighter
Fill-in-place humidifier
Correction circuit for linearizing output of temperature sensor and method of construction
Resin cure monitor
Adjustable wedge washer
Asynchronous analog or digital frequency measurement on digital test equipment
Light box apparatus for computer editing of photographs
Manufacture method for micromechanical devices
Method of spatially moving a projection beam from a video or graphics projector
Splice protection sleeve for a plurality of optical fibers and method of installation
Terminal for fiberoptic cable
Composite body
Compliant optical mirror mounting system for hand-held scanner devices
Structure of eyeglasses
Eyeglasses including threading means and mechanically bonded means
Goggle frames with quick fitting sides
Contact lens design
Hinge with wire extending therethrough
Conical centering process and device
Establishment for viewing image
Simplified camera mechanisms
Lens-shutter device
Method for processing a photographic material by surface application
Method for feeding paper in image forming apparatus
Sheet original conveying apparatus having original travel reverse apparatus and image forming apparatus
Pressure regulator for watering system
Closure system for devices having a stylus
PC card rugged interconnect
Retractable coaxial jack
Apparatus and methods for execution of computer instructions
IC card connector
Electrical card connector
Automatic clasping connector for SIM card (1)
Educational card game
Device that interacts with target applications
Authoring system and method for computer-based training
Apparatus and method for testing magnetic disk drive components
Device for dispensing mercury, sorbing reactive gases, shielding electrodes in fluorescent lamps and a process for making such device
Substrate transfer method and substrate transfer cassette
Wafer aligning apparatus for semiconductor device fabrication
Non-contact holder for wafer-like articles
Connector and connecting structure for connector
Electric connector having module retaining device
High-speed edge connector
Cable connector capable of surely connecting a cable
Latch key mechanism
Low profile zero insertion force socket
Contact having a force distribution member
Electrical receptacle
Compression connector
Terminal retention system
Shielded electrical connector having a spacer with improved locking means for engagement within the connector
Wire spacers for connecting cables to connectors
Connector plug-locking mechanism
Securing means for blades of electrical plug
Connector with lever
Female receptacle with retaining device for securing male plug to female receptacle
Connector and connector assembly
High frequency electrical connector for reducing crosstalk
Shielded connector
Electrical connector
Customer bridge with automatic connect and disconnect features
Coaxial connector with switch
Dual multiport RJ connector arrangement
Connector with adaptable insert
Low profile shunt connector
Circuit connector block
Planar connector
Cold cathode lamp lampholder with mains switching
Electrical connector with a clamping screw having an insulating portion
Electrical connector
Connector for a printed circuit board or an electric or electronic device
Ultrasonic welding terminal
Terminal and connection structure between terminal and wire
Solder-holding clips for applying solder to connectors or the like
Contact for use with matrix type connector
Module for interconnecting two monopair lines
Waterproof container for electrical plugs and sockets
Armature support pallet
Electrical motor unit having a control module
Electronic control module for an electric motor
CMOS digital level shift circuit
Printing system and method for recording images using multivaluing techniques
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