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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Adjustable plant stake assembly with improved ground anchors and kit therefor
Distribution valve monitor and distribution valve incorporating same
Hanging plant saucer
Bird feeder with removable feeding tray
Inhibitors of the 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase Type 1 enzyme
Viscous fat compositions having low amounts of trans-fat, methods and products
Carpet installer's knee hammer
Safety harness
Powered toothbrush with multi-action movement
Toothbrush having pivoting head
Handle for a portable table
Volume-adjustable unit and furniture comprising frame made of the same
Compact, modular storage system
Picnic table
Ottoman recliner
Cover for vehicle seat handle
Support structure with side guards
Portable wall-partition
Container receiving unit with even distribution of beverage
Pill crusher with pill holder verification and safety features
Upright type vacuum cleaner with water cleaning function
Cleaning sheet
Mop assembly with reversible head
Methods and apparatus for cleaning surfaces
Surgical instruments for accessing and stabilizing a localized portion of a beating heart
Method and apparatus for performing ACL reconstruction
Devices and methods for the repair of arteries
Method for interconnecting longitudinal members extending along a spinal column
RF return pad current detection system
Precision depth control lancing tip
System for automated measurement of skin perfusion pressure
Apparatus and method for monitoring and communicating wellness parameters of ambulatory patients
X-ray device
Detecting and classifying lesions in ultrasound images
Method and apparatus for delivering therapy in and association with an intravascular ultrasound device
Closure tape tab for absorbent article, prelaminated closure tape, and method of manufacturing a closure tape
Absorbent article with improved containment flaps
Method to treat collagenous connective tissue for implant remodeled by host cells into living tissue
Provisional bone plate
Bone graft forming guide
Therapeutic compounds
Compound, useful for pancreatic lipase inhibition and the process for isolation thereof
Sulfonic acids, their derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Multifunctional and biologically active matrices from multicomponent polymeric solutions
Method of enhancing blood antioxidant activity ingesting a compound in the form of at least one form selected from amongst juice, powder, granule, tablet and capsule, which contains an effective amount of at least one vegetable selected from the group consisting of broccoli, spinach, parsley, komatsuna (Brassicad rapa L.) and japanese radish leaves, and at least one vegetable selected from amongst lettuce, cabbage and celery
Methods for altering mRNA splicing and treating familial dysautonomia and other mechanistically related disorders
Enhanced transport using membrane disruptive agents
Peptides and related molecules that bind to TALL-1
Method for treating occlusive vascular diseases & wound healing
Interleukin-15 antagonist peptide
Soluble inhibitors of vascular endothelial growth factor and use thereof
EG-VEGF nucleic acids and polypeptides and methods of use
Methods of inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus infection through the administration of synergistic combinations of anti-CCR5 monoclonal antibodies, fusion inhibitors, and CD4-GP120 binding inhibitors
Antibody fusion proteins: effective adjuvants of protein vaccination
LNA antagonists targeting the androgen receptor
Methods of diagnosing small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and SIBO-related conditions
Products for preventing penetration into the skin
Method of treating skin conditions
Red herbal dentifrice
Method of making particles for use in a pharmaceutical composition
Shell-and-core dosage form approaching zero-order drug release
Pressure wedge irrigation pump
Nasal respiratory devices
Methods of treating respiratory disorders
Controllable stiffness catherer guide device
Methods and apparatus for pericardial access
Sealing catheter hub attachment
Pharmaceutical delivery systems and methods for using same
Apparatus for optical stimulation of nerves and other animal tissue
Hair dyeing composition
Early suppression fast response fire protection sprinkler
Illuminating wrist exerciser
Exercise system utilizing elastic bands
Lacrosse stick
Lacrosse head having a grooved frame member and independent stop
Electrical signal analysis to assess the physical condition of a human or animal
Chin guard apparatus for use with a helmet
Roller shoe
Facilitated gaming system and method with equalizing criteria for facilitator
Shuffling apparatus and method
Control apparatus for use with a computer or video game system
Gaming device display and methods of use
Computer program product
Mounting arrangement for squeakers
Mounting arrangement for squeakers
Posable toy and method of forming
Performing Operations; Transporting
Crossflow filtration system with quick dry change elements
Cyclone processing system with vortex initiator
Purification of polluted air
Dosing agent injection control for selective catalytic reduction catalysts
Methods and systems for reducing the emissions from combustion gases
Filtration devices with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tags
Segmented auger for a concrete dispensing apparatus
Method of operating a catalyst which includes components for storing hydrocarbons
Catalyst for hydrotreating hydrocarbon oil, process for producing the same, and method for hydrotreating hydrocarbon oil
Conversion of fine catalyst into coke-like material
Method for the production of a flowable powder of a fluoropolymer compound and flowable powder produced according to the method
Ultrasonic liquid delivery device
Substrate holding apparatus
Process for applying a protective layer
Method for activating surface of base material and apparatus thereof
Method of manufacturing a cast-in place ink feed structure using encapsulant
Thread tap adapter
Apparatus and method for rotary friction welding
Device and method for joining the faces of parts
Layered products for fluxless brazing of substrates
Process of machining inner or outer joint parts with parallel pairs of tracks
Pipe unit and method for assembling pipe conduit using the same
Method of fabricating or repairing a blisk
Carve smart
Rivet delivery apparatus and method
Hammer drill with hard hammer support structure
High-speed parallel robot with four degrees of freedom
Alignment system for a fence for a table saw
Manufacturing method of plugged honeycomb structure
Aged roofing tile system
Method and system for film removal and sorting of coated resin products
Metal powder with nano-composite structure and its production method using a self-assembling technique
Interior cooling body for a blowfilm system, blowfilm system, and process for producing a blowfilm
Blow moulding machine for the moulding of containers, comprising a mould base which is biased upwards
System and method for an expandable pushrod mold seal
Corrugated pattern forming sheet and method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing antireflector, retardation plate, original process sheet plate, and optical element
Article for preventing items from falling behind furniture
Shaping and laying a tire belt ply
Rotary method for forming a vaginal applicator
Surface enhancing coating for gypsum-containing floor underlayments
Thermosetting resin composition, resin film, metallic foil provided with an insulation material, insulation film provided with a metallic foil on each side, metal-clad laminate, multi-layered metal-clad laminate, and multi-layered printed wiring board
Optical article covered with a visible-absorbing, multi-layer anti-reflective coating, and production method thereof
Coating composition, undercoating composition, multilayer body having coating film made of such composition, photocatalyst coating film, and molded body
Release coating containing thermoplastic silicone-containing polymer
Hollow structural member with reinforced bulwark and process for producing same
Compact no-turn athletic equine boot, laminate and method
Holographic films employing cycloolefin copolymers
Method of attaching fluidic MST devices to a support member
Medical devices containing multi-component fibers
Formation of nanostructures comprising compositionally modulated ferromagnetic layers by pulsed ECD
Composite structure and method for forming the same
Method for pretreating and/or coating metallic surfaces with a paint-like coating prior to forming and use of substrates coated in this way
Polymeric film with low blocking and high slip properties
Coated substrates and methods for their preparation
Laminate film for electrophotography, information recording medium using the same, and method for producing the information recording medium
Conductor identification system
Recording apparatus and liquid ejecting apparatus
Recording apparatus
Liquid ejecting apparatus, recording apparatus, and field generating unit
Droplet discharging head and inkjet recording apparatus
Printhead with elongate nozzles
Printing system particle removal device and method
Liquid jetting apparatus
Ink jet ink cartridge with vented wick
Cartridge holder
Printing system, printing method, and medium storing control program for the printing system
Printer comprising two printhead modules and at least two printer controllers
Microbubble and microdroplet switching, manipulation and modulation of acoustic, electromagnetic and electrical waves, energies and potentials
Printing apparatus and printing medium conveying apparatus
Alignment method for hand-operated printer
Ink ribbon cartridge with take-up shaft resistance means
Writing instrument with a tape flag dispenser
Spoke for a bicycle wheel, bicycle wheel comprising such a spoke and method for manufacturing such a spoke
Heavy duty tire with silica-rich polyisoprene rubber based intermediate transition layer
Heavy duty pneumatic tire with belt hard rubber layer
Low noise pneumatic tire
Suspension system for suspending a wheel having a motor therein
Vehicle's active electrically controlled non-step speed change mechanism
Power output apparatus
Solar thermal power system
Seat configuration system for an automotive interior
Vehicle seat system
Width control device of armrest for vehicles
Pickup truck window, bed, and cab protector
Vehicle headlight
Knee bolster assembly
Glove box energy absorbing structure
Inflator with vent
Woven belt
Seatbelt retractor
Overhead storage compartment for a vehicle
Hatchback assembly
Control apparatus for vehicle and parking mechanism
Conveyor system with a conveyor carriage with axially aligned track rollers
Shock absorber
Railroad switch indicator
Working vehicle
Front structure of vehicle body
Front portion structure of vehicle
Marine outboard engine having a padded section
Optimized fuselage structure
Dripless nozzle
Device for sealing tray-shaped or pot-shaped receptacles
Device for picking up articles from a supply station and for inserting the articles into a container
Neck of a synthetic resin bottle
Baffled tank for a vehicle
Chuck tape and packaging bag with chuck tape
Bin gate for providing variable output flow rates
Container and combination packaging
Packaging assembly for containing and displaying a product
Linearly actuated rotating handrail system for escalators and moving walkways
Releasable connection between members
Pill bottle
Apparatus and method for unloading trays having a pallet layer loaded
Apparatus, method and system for handling, positioning, and/or automatically orienting objects
Electric dispenser for dispensing sheets from a roll of perforated web material
Web guiding roller and web conveying apparatus
Smart tray for dispensing medicaments
Automatic paper feed apparatus having improved paper separation device
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Original feeding device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Production of hydrogen sulphide in a reaction vessel
Process for removing aluminum and other metal chlorides from chlorosilanes
Modification process of synthetic silica powder and its quartz glass product
Processes for production of silica gels carrying derivatization agents for carbonyl compounds
Method for recovering iodine
Dual generator single power source for tandem pool and spa
Dewatering system
Liquid-solid fluidized bed waste water treatment system for simultaneous carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous removal
Method of and apparatus for working a glass plate
AI.sub.2O.sub.3-rare earth oxide-ZrO.sub.2/HfO.sub.2 materials, and methods of making and using the same
Proppants and anti-flowback additives made from sillimanite minerals, methods of manufacture, and methods of use
Renewable process for manufacturing ground and soil treatment compounds using plant by-products
Pyrimido[5,4-e][1,2,4]triazine-5-7-diones, processes for preparing them and their use
Antiglare coating and articles
Composition and method for storing and releasing hydrogen
Azeotrope-like compositions containing sulfur hexafluoride and uses thereof
System and process for concentrating hydrocarbons in a bitumen feed
Systems, methods, and catalysts for producing a crude product
Method of cleaning and disinfecting beverage dispensing systems
Enhanced oil delivery from structured surfactant formulations
Multicomponent thin-to-thick system
Method for removing contamination from a substrate and for making a cleaning solution
Method for dissolving oil at low temperature
Fluidic force discrimination
Additive for feeds and feed containing the same
Microorganism of corynebacterium genus having resistance to kanamycin and enhanced L-lysine productivity and method of producing L-lysine using the same
Cellular targets for treatment of retroviral infection
Nucleic acid sequences having gene transcription regulatory qualities
Nucleic acid sequences having gene transcription regulatory qualities
Nucleic acid sequences having gene transcription regulatory qualities
Methods for cloning amplified nucleic acid molecules
Nanobio device of imitative anatomy structure
Method for constructing reconstructed skin
Methods of assaying for modulators of the inflammatory process using components of the ubiquitin ligation cascade
Methods of diagnosis of androgen-dependent prostate cancer, prostate cancer undergoing androgen withdrawal, and androgen-independent prostate cancer
DNA cloning method
Methods of detection of a target nucleic acid sequence
Process for separating microorganisms
Process for the recovery of value metals from base metal sulfide ores
Process for metals recovery from spent catalyst
Pt/Pd alloy wires, strips or reshaped parts hardened by oxide dispersion, and process of producing the same
Steel plates for ultra-high-strength linepipes and ultra-high-strength linepipes having excellent low-temperature toughness and manufacturing methods thereof
Aluminum alloy pipe and method of manufacturing same
Method for manufacturing a lanthanum oxide compound
Cassette for preventing breakage of glass substrate
Textiles; Paper
Fibers formed from immiscible polymer blends
Annular concentric-lay bead cord
Apparatus for forming an unbalanced, circular knit fabric and a coated fabric produced therefrom
Sealing head for machines for thermal treatment of filaments
Washing machine and controlling method of the same
Method for manufacturing bleached mechanical and chemithermomechanical pulp
Paper substrates containing high surface sizing and low internal sizing and having high dimensional stability
Method of making absorbent sheet from recycle furnish
Fixed Constructions
Snow plow having catch structure
Snow plow for all terrain vehicle
Method and device for inserting a drainage wick
Piping struture of front work machine
Display fountain, system, array and wind detector
Floor panels with edge connectors
Structural vented roof deck enclosure system
Acoustical mounting bracket for attaching ceiling suspension to floor joists
Wind turbine assembly tower
Transition molding and installation methods therefor
Roof truss
Slotted track with double-ply sidewalls
Wall restraint system
Erectable shelter with collapsible central roof support
Latch device
Folding cargo bay cover for pickup truck
Retention hinge connection for use with an exterior rear view mirror
Pocket door mounting system
Self-locking door assembly
Weather strip for motor vehicle
Dual-saddle ear support apparatus
Drillable down hole tool
Tieback seal system and method
Distortion compensation for rod piston bore in subsurface safety valves
Wireline slip hanging bypass assembly and method
Ball catcher for wellbore operations
Perforating system with shaped charge case having a modified boss
Subsea adapter for connecting a riser to a subsea tree
Pressure driven pumping system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Removable bearing arrangement for a wind turbine generator
Method for determining the instant at which a nitrogen oxide storage catalyst is switched from the storage phase to the regeneration phase and for diagnosing the storage properties of this catalyst
Exhaust apparatus and method for gasoline driven internal combustion engine
Drive device for at least one machine auxiliary unit
Internal combustion engine controller
Engine noise
Pivoting fairings for a thrust reverser
High-pressure fuel supply apparatus and control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Virtual fuel sensor for dual fuel tank applications
Starter with reliable fulcrum supporter supporting fulcrum portion of shift lever
Compressors and methods for use
Fluid flow control device
Multi-position ball lock/quick release pin bushing/retainer
Dog clutch
Hydraulic load centering spring perch
Line routing arrangement
Double clutch transmission
8-speed transmission
8-Speed Transmission
Multi-speed transmission
8-speed transmission
9-speed transmission
External speed sensor and method
Device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Electro-hydraulic control system with three-position dog clutch actuator valve
Double padded finger seal
Damper device
Valve arrangement, particularly for spray damping units for printing machines
Self-extending electrical hose
Device and method for making and using a pipe coupling device
Portable gas powered internal combustion engine arrangement
Seat sliding apparatus for vehicle
LED light
Illumination device and method of making the device
Lamp reflector cooling air deflector
Lightbulb housing containing a frosted and translucent lens to convert the visual effect of a plug-in fluorescent lightbulb into the same visual effect as an incandescent BR30/BR40 reflector lightbulb
Vehicle lamp
Light source unit
Lighting system
Area light source and lightguide used therefore
Luminaire with main and accent light sources
Safety control switch for an ignition device
Door locking mechanism for an oven having French-style doors
Device and method for controlling the air-conditioning system of a vehicle
Thermal compensation system and device there of in heat pump and refrigeration system
Fluid pump having expansion device and rankine cycle using the same
System and method for controlling temperature of an energy storage device in a vehicle
Portable cooler
System and apparatus for non-powered cleaning of tubular heat exchange systems
Projectile and method for sealing a projectile in a barrel
Electromuscular incapacitation device and methods
Offset accessory mount
Shotgun-barrel projectile with intercalation and cartridge
Measuring apparatus for heavy workpieces and workpiece receiver for such a measuring apparatus
Method to measure flow line return fluid density and flow rate
Tangential meter for liquids
Safe and accurate method of chemical inventory management on location
Dynamic pressure probe with adapters fitted on the probe head
Vehicle wheel balancer system with projection display
Method for determination of absolute configuration of chiral compounds
Method for verifying fitness of an analysis element
Thermoelectric device and mirror surface state detection device
Multi-dimensional electrophoresis method
Electrophoresis member, production thereof and capillary electrophoresis apparatus
Laser bond inspection using annular laser beam
Apparatus and method for assaying coagulation in fluid samples
Methods and compositions comprising capture agents
Human T2R63 receptor and related assays for identifying human bitter taste modulators
Measuring apparatus and measuring method for concrete-forming materials
Double mold optocoupler
Spring hinge for spectacles
Digital camera pedestal with cable in neck
Three-dimensional display device
Substrate-guided display with improved image quality
Slip film compositions containing layered silicates
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element employing it, resist pattern forming method, process for manufacturing printed circuit board and method for removing photocured product
Reflective film interface to restore transverse magnetic wave contrast in lithographic processing
Heat exchanger bypass valve having temperature insensitive pressure bypass function
Method and system for manual authorization
MRAM as critical event storage for powered down gaming machines
Information processing device, information providing device, information processing method and information providing method
System and method for state-based execution and recovery in a payment system
Multiple account wireless payment device
Portable terminal unit
Radio frequency identification method and system of distributing products
Medicament container locking system and method
Enclosure for automated banking machine
Operating room display and related methods
Liquid crystal display
Moving image display device and moving image display method
Substrate for information recording media and manufacturing method thereof, information recording medium, and starting material glass plate
Granular perpendicular magnetic recording media with dual recording layer and method of fabricating same
Bracket for mounting radio or other instrument in automotive vehicle instrument panel
Ion-conducting polymers and membranes comprising them
Electron-emitting material, manufacturing method therefor and electron-emitting element and image displaying device employing same
Glass frits
Electrically conductive composition for via-holes
Method of manufacturing circuit board
Brush core assembly
System and apparatus for using test structures inside of a chip during the fabrication of the chip
Via including multiple electrical paths
Method for the production of an anti-reflecting surface on optical integrated circuits
Installation for processing a substrate
Light or radiation detector manufacturing method
Methods to fabricate MOSFET devices using a selective deposition process
Method for making quantum dots
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device using overlapping exposure and semiconductor device thereof
Method for fabricating a power semiconductor device having a voltage sustaining layer with a terraced trench facilitating formation of floating islands
Silicon-on insulator substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Solid state imaging device, manufacturing method of the same, and substrate for solid state imaging device
Method of manufacturing a trench transistor having a heavy body region
Semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing therefor
Method for damage avoidance in transferring an ultra-thin layer of crystalline material with high crystalline quality
Quantum dot array and production method therefor, and dot array element and production method therefor
Method of fabricating CMOS devices using fluid-based dielectric materials
Resist trim process to define small openings in dielectric layers
Method of manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Laser beam irradiation method and method of manufacturing a thin firm transistor
Automobile display system
Isolation trench geometry for image sensors
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Fuel cell stack
Composition for fuel cell bipolar plate
Can type lithium secondary battery
Ceramic membranes with integral seals and support, and electrochemical cells and electrochemical cell stacks including the same
Battery cooling system
Fuel cell
Dialytic power generator using diffusion gradients
Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Pattern molding of polymeric flow channels for micro fuel cells
Fuel cell system and method for operating a fuel cell system
Solid oxide fuel cell system
Electrical connector for a kitchen appliance
Electric connection box
Electrical junction box with a decreased height size and waterproof function
Connecting device for connecting electrical lines to electrical contacts
Connector assembly with improved solder tails
Electrical connector having a pair of load levers
Chip module sliding connector
Connector assembly with variable stack heights having power and signal contacts
Implantable connector with protected contacts
Docking station for a mobile robot
Method and apparatus for determining warning alert list contents for assignment of cells to tracking area identifiers
Device authentication by tagging
Subsystem for authorization and activation of features
Medical body area network (MBAN) with key-based control of spectrum usage
Radio access network based traffic steering to non-cellular access
Wi-Fi calling quality of service on trusted WLAN networks
Micro to macro IP connection handover
Communication apparatus
System and method for distributed mobility management with GPRS tunneling protocol
Network node, a mobility management node and methods therein for handling GTP tunnel failures in a radio communications network
Secure toll-free application data access
Mechanisms to optimize and align discontinuous reception configuration of device to-device capable user equipment
Communication system
Neighbor aware network logical channels
Band preference in wireless networks
Automatic heating apparatus
Lighting device, luminaire, and control method for the lighting device
Control system for color temperature regulation of LED lights
Information processing apparatus, and method
Lighting control method and device
Circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Touch sensor, touch panel, and electronic device
Electronic equipment divider assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Cutting tool
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and plant for continuously producing construction
Resin roller and device and method for manufacturing the resin roller
Automobile assembling system and method of assembling automobiles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing a sectional door panel using a combination of quick-setting and structural adhesives
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of manufacturing variable vane seal and washer materials
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew