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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Condition monitoring of pumps and pump system
Human Necessities
Methods of rucking using low profile ruckers capable of rucking fixed diameter coverings
Full depth rack
Ice-candy forming container
Device for the creating of a homogeneous cut tobacco flow
Interchangeable sandal and related methods
Electronic devices for luggage
Cosmetic or dermatological treatment method and devices for application of such a method
Retractable hanging element
Wire basket pathway system
Leg supporting device for use behind a head rest for air and vehicular travel
Chair seat with mutually moveable parts
Medical videoscope with a pivotably adjustable end part
Dissolvable closure device
Percutaneous methods for creating native tissue venous valves
Laterally insertable interspinous process implant
Apparatus and method for body tissue fixation
Method and apparatus for percutaneously securing a bone screw and a bone plate to a bone of a patient
Optical tomographic imaging method and apparatus
Image acquisition apparatus and image acquisition method using optical coherence tomography
Method for rating severity of psoriasis
Device for verifying and monitoring vital parameters of the body
Aspiration methods and devices for assessment of viscoelastic properties of soft tissues
Laparoscopic instrument and method for distance measurements of body parts
Device for correction of the form of dental alveolar arch
Disposable diaper with stretchable suspender members joined outside absorbent pad
Endoluminal delivery system
Polymer-bioceramic composite implantable medical device with different types of bioceramic particles
Universal liner
Artificial knee joint
Shoulder orthosis
Magnetic therapeuticall male device
Method of preparing a patient's leg in need of treatment, for ambulation
Arm restraint apparatus and method
Device with actively-moving members that hold or move the tongue
Pharmaceutical powder cartridge, and inhaler equipped with same
Coaxial catheter system
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Retraction means for transcutaneous device
Method and apparatus for detecting access recirculation
Medical needle
Abdomen exercising device that is operated safely
Physical exercising machine
Golf club and shaft replacing method
Relative position between center of gravity and hit center in a golf club
Croquet modifying game
Device for practicing a sequence of movement in the golf swing
Abdominal exerciser with electronic coaching device
Magnetic building block
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cyclonic separation apparatus
Cyclonic separation apparatus
Solid-state membrane module
Boiler having an integrated oxygen producing device
Fine bubble airlift device
Method for controlling process parameters of a cone crusher
Ice dispenser
Process and apparatus for separating solid mixtures
Stretch-leveling metal strip
Self-lubricating bearing and its manufacturing process
Locking pin for coupling components
Method of manufacturing ink jet circuit board with heaters and electrodes constructed to reduce corrosion
Clip machine and method for adjusting a clip machine
Glass mold polishing method and structure
Tweezers with magnetically pivotal illumination device
Hair thinning scissors
Hair cutting apparatus
Method for forming wiring on insulating resin layer
Poster printing using perforated paper
System for bifolding an absorbent article
Creasing device, post-processing apparatus equipped therewith, creasing method, image forming apparatus and crease-added printing method
Liquid droplet ejecting head and liquid droplet ejecting apparatus
Package method of inkjet-printhead chip and its structure
Droplet discharging head and method for manufacturing the same, and droplet discharging device
Ink jet recording apparatus
Combined ink stamp and digital counter device and associated method
E-Z riser stair guide
Use of piezoelectric sensor attached to electronics package housing
Sun visor for a motor vehicle
Nesting seats for improved ingress/egress
Vehicular seat
Headrest for vehicle seat
Tarping system for open top containers
Rearview mirror assembly including optical fiber signaling
Energy-absorbing deformation element for a vehicle
Interior structure of vehicle
Curtain air bag device and method of producing the same
Collision behavior control apparatus
Truckbed access apparatus
Automobile anticollision decelerating and emergency brake apparatus
Ice transport system
Steering system for tracked vehicles
Scooter having a collapsible structure
Cage pedal
Surfing skis
Supply system for the energy supply in an aircraft, aircraft and method for supplying an aircraft with energy
Container closure with overlying needle penetrable and thermally resealable portion and underlying portion compatible with fat containing liquid product, and related method
Safe storage of volatiles
Dispensing head and fluid product dispenser comprising same
Labeling apparatus
Gas cap and components therefor
Drinking cup lid having a plug
Specific theme-shaped eco-friendly disposable wet wipe container, and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Package of cigarettes
United nations certified 4G fiberboard box
Recording apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus
Sheet finishing apparatus and control method
Openable sheet processing device
Sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method and device for transporting a sheet
Mail feeding device
Sheet conveying device and control method therefor
Roller structure for fabric winding machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and system for forming a silicon ingot using a low-grade silicon feedstock
Composite shaft and self-centering coupling
Composite shaft aspirator assembly
Process for crystalline explosives containing halogenated wax binders
Use of an organic sol of cerium in paints, particularly lacquers and varnishes
Biodegradable composition, processed biodegradable article such as food container, and method of producing the same
Process for preparing alkali and heat stable polyols
Glassy metal composite material
Systems and methods for sealing in site-isolated reactors
Textiles; Paper
Fast rope
Nonwoven fabric, nonwoven fabric manufacturing method, and nonwoven fabric manufacturing apparatus
Transport cart for needle boards
Fixed Constructions
Connection element and a sheet pile wall with connection element therefor
Composite article for constructing floors
Fascia cap for roof
Panel for floor coverings and wall and ceiling linings, and a method for producing the panel
Ophthalmic surgery support device
Four ring spherical connecting hub for building space frame structures
Electromagnetic lock provided with a sliding bolt for a swinging-type door
Double door release
Device for taking the weight of a one-leaf or two-leaf door for a switchgear cabinet
Drill bit nozzle assembly and insert assembly including a drill bit nozzle assembly
Cutting structures for casing component drillout and earth-boring drill bits including same
Cutting elements configured for casing component drillout and earth boring drill bits including same
Stabilizer for drill strings
Coiled tubing equipment lifting methods
Use of low impact expansion to reduce flow friction
Plunger lift system for well
Fiber optic sensors in MWD Applications
Method for optimizing the location of a secondary cutting structure component in a drill string
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine wheel assembly for a pneumatic rotary vibrator and method of making same
Variable geometry turbine
Method for prolonging and/or controlling the life of one or more heat generating and/or passive components in a wind turbine, a wind turbine, and use thereof
Steam turbines
Method of increasing service interval periods in a steam turbine
Engine apparatus with heat recovery system and relative heat recovery method
Approach for detecting reductant availability and make-up
Split-cycle air hybrid engine
Split-cycle four-stroke engine
Split-cycle four-stroke engine
Method for operating a power plant and power plant
Vehicle, controller and control method therefor, and abnormality detection system for idle speed control device and abnormality determining method for idle speed control device
Diesel cycle internal combustion engine
Fuel supply device
Fuel injector
Magnetic brake system for starter motor
Floating solar energy conversion and storage apparatus
Safety retaining system for large industrial fan
Air-admitting guide member
Starting clutch, particularly for racing and sports vehicles
Device for actuating a multiplate clutch in a transmission
Power transmission damper for a torque limiter
Differential gear
Range switching device
Chain tension applying device
Wire material for coil expander and coil expander
Two-stage valve for controlling fluids
Procedure for descent of equipment to bottom of sea
Crimped/swaged-on tubing terminations and methods
Coupling mechanism
Flareless pipe coupling structure, flareless pipe coupling method, and on-site pipe coupling method
Cladding method and expansion tool
Folding bracket for light bar
Stair lighting system, and method for its implementation
Stage lighting lamp unit and stage lighting system including such unit
Forced air supply combustion apparatus
Temperature control systems and methods
Inverter system and vehicle
Water storage unit with dual bladders
Pellet gun feeder
Bow string vibration suppressor
Adjustable firearm supports and associated methods of use and manufacture
Bullet-proof structure
Ceramic armoring and method for the production of ceramic armoring
Spin element for arrow or bolt
Methods and apparatus to determine and use wellbore diameters
Apparatus for checking diametral dimensions of a rotating cylindrical part during a grinding thereof
Method and system for using a sensor element for identifying an object
Method for multiple gauges in a scanning laser based display device
Sensor arrangement and method for using same
Pressure state indicator
Pressure-measuring device
Method and device for balancing a rotor of an electrical machine
Method and a system for detection of an engine fault
Method and apparatus for detecting tank leaks
Acceleration sensor incorporating a piezoelectric device
Inclined axis gravity gradiometer
Projector lamp having pulsed monochromatic microwave light sources
Optical signal measurement device
Coupling device with breakaway and methods of using the same
Eyeglasses holder
Lens barrel with barrier device
Ball turret camera assembly
System and method of projecting an image using a plurality of projectors
Display shelf and display shelf system for projecting projector images displaying information about articles
Projection-type display apparatus
Sector blade driving apparatus
Safety pedal system
Promotional assembly
IC tag and inlet for IC tag
System and method for matching customers to financial products, services, and incentives based on bank account transaction activity
Banking system controlled responsive to data bearing records
Dynamic credit card with magnetic stripe and embedded encoder and methods for using the same to provide a copy-proof credit card
Electronic fund transfer or transaction system
Electronic fund transfer or transaction system
Decorative reflective spinning device
Directional backlight, display apparatus, and stereoscopic display apparatus
Renewal in advertising displays and in poster placement
RFID tag manufacturing method with strap and substrate
Axially compliant microelectronic contactor
Optical transceiver, connector, substrate unit, optical transmitter, optical receiver, and semiconductor device
Connector with a connecting member pressing insulators of terminals of two mating terminal housings
Spring connector with a bottom cover and fabricating method thereof
Rotatable secondary lock for electrical connector
Cable end joint assembly
Socket connector with vented pick up cap thereon
Electrical connector with one end threadably connected to a junction box and other end configured to be connected to a mating electrical connector
Electrical connector with a retainer with pressing member
Card edge connector with an ejector assisting a memory card inserted therein
Cable assembly with latching mechanism
Photovoltaic inverter
Lower profile cable assembly
Electrical connector with improved housing for staggering contact
Terminal plate circuit using a pressing member
Sound systems for model railroad locomotives
Method for manufacturing acceleration sensing unit
Method of forming a titanium heating element
Method of making a seal about a copper-based terminal
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred corn plant 94INK1B and seeds thereof
Soybean cultivar 0120285
Plant pest control
Methods for producing carotenoid compounds, and specialty oils in plant seeds
Table top cooking appliance
Household electronic toaster
Cooking device
Method for radiographic oncology portal imaging
Absorbent article having superabsorbent pockets in a non-absorbent carrier layer
Absorbent bodies in absorbent articles having improved liquid acquisition properties
Disposable absorbent articles with breathable fabric feel backsheet
Processes for the purification of tocopherol and/or sterol compounds and compositions containing orthoborate ester mixtures
Ultraviolet light detector for liquid disinfection unit
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for phase separated synthesis
Method for producing cyclopentanone
Promoted porous catalyst
Catalyst for production of acrylic acid and method for production of acrylic acid by the use of the catalyst
Polymerization of ethylene oxide using metal cyanide catalysts
Method for selectively producing propylene by catalytically cracking an olefinic hydrocarbon feedstock
Process for producing bisphenol a
Polymerization process
Transducer array using multi-layered elements having an even number of elements and a method of manufacture thereof
Device for transmitting ultrasonic energy to a liquid or pasty medium
Leakproof device of wire cut machine
Electric discharge processing power supply having a protection network for the switching element
Discharge tube for a local etching apparatus and a local etching apparatus using the discharge tube
Flash welding installation
Programmable pogo welding apparatus and method
Magnetic tape processing method and magnetic tape processing apparatus having an optical system
Supporting grid welding apparatus
Controlled laser production of elongated articles from particulates
Apparatus for verification of assembled printed circuit boards
High density column grid array connections and method thereof
Method and apparatus for determining seam tracking control of arc welding
Apparatus and method for welding pipes together
Contact tip
Drive-controlling method and apparatus and robot having the apparatus
Multi-mode treater with internal air cooling system
Modifier compounds
Automobile power supply system for preventing uncontrolled acceleration
Hybrid drive apparatus
Permanent magnet type electric rotating machine and hybrid electric vehicle using it
Generation control device of hybrid electric vehicle
Method of estimating the DC bus voltage in electric machine drives
Electrical equipment module
Continuously variable headlamp control
Reversing aid
Motor and electric power steering device
Method of making a micromechanical device from a single crystal semiconductor substrate and monolithic sensor formed thereby
Microcap wafer-level package
Semiconductor device produced by dicing
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for production phenylalkanes using a catalyst based on a zeolite with structure type EUO
Reductive amination of aldehydes
Process for recovering toluene diamine from toluene diisocyanate distillation residues
Hydrogenation of single ring aromatic diamines
Process for producing carbocyclic nitriles
Indane derivatives for antipsychotic compositions
Process for the preparation of d,I-menthol
Process for producing 2,4,5,-trialkylbenzaldenhydes
Copper material for chemical vapor deposition and process for forming thin film using the same
Method for preparing formic acid
Process for preparing saturated carboxylic acids having from 1 to 4 carbon atoms from butenes and butanes
Production of acid anhydrides and acid chlorides
Selective aromatics disproportionation process
Simultaneous process for simulated moving-bed dismutation and separation of toluene into benzene and xylenes
Method for producing alkoxylated dimer fatty acids
Co-alkylation for gasoline RVP reduction
Process for preparing pyrrolidone derivative
Processes and intermediate compounds for preparing guanidine and amidine derivatives
Method for making an oxirane
Method for continuous production of propylene oxide and other alkene oxides
Continuous process for the production of optically pure (S)-beta-hydroxy-gamma-butyrolactone
Depolymerization of polytetrahydrofuran derivatives
Benzylidenecamphor-substituted silanes/organosiloxanes for use in photostabilizing sunscreen compositions comprising dibenzoylmethane compounds
Organometallic catalysts
Synthesis of a hydrocarbylvinylphosphonic acid hydrocarbyl ester
Hepatitis C animal model
Maize PR-1 gene promoters
Patched genes and uses related thereto
Process for preparing olefin polymerization catalyst mixture
Hydrocarbon resins from aryl norbornene derivatives
Fluoroelastomer composition having excellent processability and low temperature properties
Process to reduce the AOX level of wet strength resins by treatment with base
Thermal grafts of polyamides with pendant carboxylic acid groups, methods for producing the same, compositions containing the same, and methods of using the same
Rice actin 2 promoter and intron and methods for use thereof
Production of cellulase in plastids of transgenic plants
Corn pullulanase
Endometriosis mouse model
Nitride semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Fixed Constructions
Drive device, especially for moving and turning the slats of a blind in a runner
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Oscillating motor
Method and apparatus for controlling engine overspeed due to lube oil ingestion
Generator apparatus driven by an internal combustion engine with start and stop controllers
Pressure switch
Magnetic bearing system and method of controlling magnetic bearing system
Add-on trough for cable management rack
Housing for fluorescent lamps retrofitted double ended sockets
Electronic gas-lighting device
Multiple infrared missile jammer
Method for forming a calibation standard to adjust a micro-bar of an electron microscope
Angular position sensor and method of making
Fluid level indicator
Method to control piezoelectric drives
Pocket-sized game scale and measuring device
Radiation detectors
Circuit for heating a component
Ionization chamber with electron source
Eddy current testing probe
Analogue eddy detecting apparatus and method for calibrating the same
Method and apparatus generating and detecting torsional wave inspection of pipes or tubes
Method and apparatus of interconnecting with a system board
Structure for mounting a bare chip using an interposer
GMR high current, wide dynamic range sensor
Combined filter inductor and hall current sensor
Current detecting device and current detecting method
Power booster and current measuring unit
N-diode peak detector
Device for measuring power using switchable impedance
Programmable monitoring device for electric consumption
Electronic power meter with phase and non-linearity compensation
Semiconductor device with test circuit
Differential spiral magnetic field sensing device and magnetic field detection module using the same
Sensor for measuring a magnetic field
Verification gauge for an electronic package lead inspection apparatus
Medical diagnostic method and apparatus utilizing radioactivity detection
Continuous rotation sampling scheme for transmission radiation corrected gamma cameras
Gamma radiation isolation shield and method of use
Transmission attenuation correction method for PET and SPECT
Diagnostic and therapeutic detector system for imaging with low and high energy X-ray and electrons
Solid state image detector and method for producing same
Photosensitive matrix electronic sensor
Scintillator panel, radiation image sensor, and methods of making the same
Radiographic flat panel detector
Real time monitoring of electron beam radiation dose
Optical scanner
Night vision system utilizing a diode laser illumination module and a method related thereto
Wide field imaging through turbulent media
Optical scanning system of printer and driving method thereof
Electromagnetic-wave shielding and light transmitting plate and display device
Flexible fiber optic microbend device, with interlocking flexible fibers, sensors, and method use
Lithography apparatus having a dynamically variable illumination beam
Multiple beam electron beam lithography system
Time switch
Time switch
Regulated power source circuit including an overcurrent detecting mechanism for eliminating loss in the output control element
Drive circuit for insulated gate type FETs
Apparatus for providing regulated power to an integrated circuit
Innovative switch for remote control applications
Imaging system
Light emitting display device having luminance compensating circuitry
Electroluminescent devices
Device and method for creating and reproducing data-containing musical composition information
Performance control apparatus and method capable of shifting performance style during performance
Coaxial musical instrument transducer
Spindle motor with magnetic seal
Spindle motor for a hard disc drive with a combination seal and electrical connector
Data transmitting/receiving device and method
Index signal generator
Surface light emitting devices
Near-field optical head
Method for improving breakdown voltage in magnetic tunnel junctions
Low-power CMOS device and logic gates/circuits therewith
Three-dimensional container diode for use with multi-state material in a non-volatile memory cell
Split gate type flash memory
Semiconductor device with address programming circuit
Safety contact rail or safety contact element
High temperature wire construction
Conductive polymer device and method of manufacturing same
Current transfer arrangement for circuit interrupter
Power breaker
Magnetic bi-directional shock sensor
Multi-function switch system
Apparatus and method of lead centering for halogen/incandescent lamps
Oil-cooled multi-staged depressed collector having channels and dual sleeves
Segmented gate drive for dynamic beam shape correction in field emission cathodes
Display device with grille having getter material
Organic field ionization source
Constant power dynamic focus coil
Charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus and methods exhibiting variable beam velocity, and device-manufacturing methods using same
Method and apparatus for surface imaging
Ion implanter
Electron beam irradiating apparatus having cathode plate formed of non-metal conductive material
Apparatus and method of controlling a gated power supply in an image intensifier with a micro-channel plate
TIR lens for uniform brightness
Discharge lamp with outer tube comprising silicon dioxide and boron
Sodium high-pressure lamp having a starting aid
Straight fluorescent lamp with surface-mounted electrical conduit
Methods of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source and image forming apparatus
Gas discharge display panel and gas discharge display device having electrodes formed by laser processing
Method and apparatus for a monolithic integrated MESFET and p-i-n optical receiver
Semiconductor component with foreign atoms introduced by ion implantation and process for producing the same
Method to enhance the formation of nucleation sites on silicon structures and an improved silicon structure
Method for making a novel graded silicon nitride/silicon oxide (SNO) hard mask for improved deep sub-micrometer semiconductor processing
Semiconductor device having a fluorine-added carbon film as an inter-layer insulating film
Interconnect structure having improved resist adhesion
Thin-film transistor elements and methods of making same
Ion-assisted oxidation methods and the resulting structures
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Method and article for filling apertures in a high performance electronic substrate
Method and apparatus for manufacturing an interconnect structure
Electrical mounting structure having an elution preventive film
Via-in-pad apparatus and methods
Semiconductor device
Chip C4 assembly improvement using magnetic force and adhesive
Semiconductor package having implantable conductive lands and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device which increases the capacity of a capacitor without deepening the contact hole
Shared body and diffusion contact structure and method for fabricating same
Integrated circuit substrate that accommodates lattice mismatch stress
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor component with silicon wiring and method of fabricating the component
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Long wire IC package
Multilayer spiral inductor and integrated circuits incorporating the same
Field effect transistor and method of its manufacture
Compound semiconductor field effect transistor and method for the fabrication thereof
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Semiconductor pin diode for high frequency applications
Field-effect transistor
Layered organic-inorganic perovskites having metal-deficient inorganic frameworks
Substrate assembly for burn in test of integrated circuit chip
Test structure and methodology for characterizing ion implantation in an integrated circuit fabrication process
Multiple active layer structure and a method of making such a structure
Cell capacitors, memory cells, memory arrays, and method of fabrication
Semiconductor read-only memory and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having nonvolatile memory cell and field effect transistor
Nand flash memory with specified gate oxide thickness
Densely patterned silicon-on-insulator (SOI) region on a wafer
Semiconductor support substrate potential fixing structure for SOI semiconductor device
Multi-chambered trench isolated guard ring region for providing RF isolation
Microprocessor having air as a dielectric and encapsulated lines
Method for forming interconnects on semiconductor substrates and structures formed
Wiring structures containing interconnected metal and wiring levels including a continuous, single crystalline or polycrystalline conductive material having one or more twin boundaries
DRAM cell with stacked capacitor self-aligned to bitline
Semiconductor component with method for manufacturing
Miniaturized chip scale ball grid array semiconductor package
Ball grid array integrated circuit package with palladium coated heat-dissipation device
Semiconductor device of surface mounting type and method for fabricating the same
Active heat sink for cooling a semiconductor chip
Method for forming a semiconductor connection with a top surface having an enlarged recess
Integrated circuit chip and method for fabricating the same
Integrated circuit chip and method for fabricating the same
Interposer tape for semiconductor package
Electrical device including a leaded cell assembly
Integrated circuit with improved interconnect structure and process for making same
Storage-capacitor electrode and interconnect
Ultra-thin tantalum nitride copper interconnect barrier
Connection element in an integrated circuit having a layer structure disposed between two conductive structures
Liquid damping of high frequency bond wire vibration
Pad design
Multichip semiconductor package
High density interconnect multichip module stack and fabrication method
Imbedded die-scale interconnect for ultra-high speed digital communications
Highly transmissive sensor for detecting the position of an optical signal
Combining electronically scanned input circuits for reading photodiodes
Electrostatic discharge power clamp circuit
Electrostatic discharge protection for MOSFETs
Protection device and protection method for semiconductor device
SOI semiconductor controlled rectifier and diode for electrostatic discharge protection
Optical Proximity Correction Structures Having Decoupling Capacitors
Bi-level digit line architecture for high density drams
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and its manufacturing method
CMOS imager with storage capacitor
Injection incoherent emitter
Color electroluminescence display device
Organic thin film EL panel and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescence display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having high breakdown voltage and method for manufacturing the device
In0.34A10.66AsSb0.15/InP HFET utilizing InP channels
Thin film transistor and method of fabricating thereof
Heterojunction field effect transistor
Halo-free non-rectifying contact on chip with halo source/drain diffusion
Semiconductor device having gate to body connection
Thin-film solar cells on the basis of IB-IIIA-VIA compound semiconductors and method for manufacturing same
Shortened solar cell array
Semiconductor device structures incorporating "buried" mirrors and/or "buried" metal electrodes and a process for their fabrication
Highly luminous light emitting device
Light emitting diode
Actuation device comprising at least one piezoelectric motor and a part able to move under the action of the said piezoelectric motor
Smart material motor with mechanical diodes
Centrifugal impulse piezoelectric electrical generator
Method of manufacturing a field-effect transistor substantially consisting of organic materials
Reduction of ambient-light-reflection in organic light-emitting devices
Lamp socket and discharge lamp operating device
AC generator for vehicle
Multipurpose flexible cable boot for enclosing trunk and feeder cable connectors
End cap for trunking for routing electrical conductors or cables
Lead-in clamp with electric wire protective casing
Insulating support of junction box
Electrical block
Adjustable bus bracing spacer and method
Polarity reversal protection circuit for a final electronic power stage
Systems and methods for preventing islanding of grid-connected electrical power systems
Method and apparatus for authenticating a charging unit by a portable battery-operated electronic device
Method and apparatus for indicating battery charge status
Battery pack
Overcharge prevention method, charging circuit, electronic equipment and timepiece for preventing overcharge of a charge storage device
Power-supply unit incorporating an electric double layer capacitor, and a method of charging the electric double layer capacitor
Solar power charging system
Rotating electrical machine and a process for manufacturing it
Power generator
Mounting device for rotating electric machines
Rotor of rotating machine
Electric motor
A.C. generator for vehicle
Terminal connector and wire containment apparatus
Rotary and linear motor
Electric motor intended for use in high-temperature environments
Small-sized coreless motor
Magneto generator
Voltage boosting device, in particular for speeding power-up of multilevel nonvolatile memories
Switch-mode power supplies
Voltage step down type DC-DC converter having a coupled inductor
Efficient CMOS DC-DC converters based on switched capacitor power supplies with inductive current limiters
Motor control device
Fast stopping method for induction motors operating from variable frequency drives
Method and device for controlling an electronically commutated polyphase D.C. motor
Method and system for reducing motor vibration by controlling flux producing current
Electronically commutated DC motor
Generator comprising two pairs of differential outputs
Voltage regulator for a generator drivable by an internal combustion engine
Surface acoustic wave device
Surface acoustic wave device and communication apparatus
Switching regulator and LSI system
Circuit having dynamic threshold voltage
Integrated circuit and method of controlling output impedance
Scanner navigation system with variable aperture
Image sensor having unit light receiving circuit with sample-and-hold means
Externally mountable discharge lamp ignition circuit having visual diagnostic indicator
Transformer and control units for ac control
Lighting device
Power feedback power factor correction scheme for multiple lamp operation
Control sequence for electronic ballast
Fluorescent lamp operating apparatus
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Plasma processing apparatus and method
Direct injection accelerator method and system
Structure and method for forming the same of a printed wiring board having built-in inspection aids
Electronic component and mounting method and device therefor
Apparatus and method for improving circuit board solder
Non-continuous conductive layer for laminated substrates
Self-adhering electromagnetic interference door seal
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
Design Only
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