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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus for collecting artificial turf for recycling
Hydraulic-pneumatic third point connector
Low-maintenance lawn seed mixtures and use thereof
Compressed air engine
Plant screening apparatus
Pet toy convertible between a compact configuration and an expanded configuration
Pet toy convertible between a bone shape and a ball shape
Nest for solitary bees
Automated animal watering apparatus
Apparatus and methods for providing drinking water and/or entertainment for pets
Fishing rod support system
Hookah bowl
Support device
Shoe device with electronic graphic designs
Quick release buckle with dual release
Stabilizer support for crutches and/or walking sticks
Cosmetic compact
Hair styler capable of producing steam
Multi-function brush for overdenture
Adjustable office chair
Chair for use during wade fishing
Medical support system
Seating device
Keyboard instrument stand with concave sides
Cord organizer device and method of use
Three-dimensional picture frame system and related methods
Multi-orientation support
Transaction card holder for dispensing and retracting cards within itself
Grill panel removal tool
Cleaning glove with agitating feature
Apparatus and system for vertebrae stabilization and curvature correction, and methods of making and using same
Surgical nail
Method and system for measuring lung tissue damage and disease risk
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Dental implant
Variable length endovascular graft prosthesis adapted to prevent endoleaks
Line of cotyloid implants of different sizes
Ankle and foot orthosis
Retracting eye drape
Stretcher shade
Piston-type breast pump
Suction device for piston breast pump
Pneumostoma management system having a cosmetic and/or protective cover
Devices for the administration of drugs and vaccines in the form of injectable needles
Infusion pump and slide clamp apparatus and method
Medicament dispensing devices and methods
Exercise device
Exercise platform with angled steps
Golf club head
Electronic basketball shooting coach
Athletic training device
Spelling game
Multiplayer electronic word game
Gaming apparatus and systems
Double time-based bonus method and apparatus for gaming machines
Interactive multi-screen display
Expandable packaging assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and process for inhibitor injection
Concrete pulverizer
Shredder thickness with anti-jitter feature
Film forming apparatus and method of forming film
Reclaim chemistry
Vehicle motor mounting tool
Numerically controlled lathe with guide bush, and method of processing workpiece by using the numerically controlled lathe
Drilling bit with the depth-limiting and angle-leading function for the carpenter's work
Robot gear reducer replacing apparatus and method
Structure for installing split-style diamond grinding disk
Tools with driving rods
Clutching jig
Fastening tool with depth of drive adjustment
Surface protector when hammering nails
Multi-functional folding knife
Method of forming locking groove in groove flank
Injection mold
Injection mold
Multi-layer, light markable media and method and automatic and manually operated apparatus for using same
Device for controlling a sheet-fed rotary printing machine having a plurality of drive motors
Ink cartridge refill apparatus
Printing apparatus and printing method
Vehicle wheel and wheel cover assembly and method for producing same
Means for electrically connecting a vehicle electrical system to a trailer
Quick change trailer axle hub
Protective shield
Operation unit for construction machine and hose cover to be provided therein
Device for investigating the vicinity for a vehicle and method for its production
Arrangement and method for transporting a wind turbine rotor
Seatbelt relief device
Self-orienting, two-wheel pipe crawler
Sprung mud flap device
Detachable gooseneck trailer locking mechanism
Self propelled transport device
Lever enhanced pedaling system with wrap around chain propulsion system
Counter-rotational inertial control of rotorcraft
Foldable swan-wings aircraft
Towing apparatus for a spacecraft when in orbit and a towing spacecraft
Method and installation for grouping of stackable products of the cases and other type
Plastic pallet
Pick-up style utility vehicle with expandable cargo bed
Dispensing cap with automatic valve for containers for transporting and dispensing liquid or creamy substances
Trash bag
Dispensing system for food products
Transportable pastry container
Package for container
Valve for an aerosol device
Substrate storage container
Conveyor belt scraper and system for the same
Container for segregating and blending multiple seed types
Device for applying sheet material and method thereof
Palletizing system and method
Multiple-unit indexing clamp with mating vertically-grooved stacking units
Apparatus and method for moving heavy equipment
Tap for dosing viscous liquids
Multi-chamber container system for storing and mixing fluids
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for wet processing substrate
Textiles; Paper
Front-loading drum-type washing machine having a laundry deflector
Fixed Constructions
Load transfer apparatus for cast-in-place concrete slabs
DCM having adjustable wear assembly
Wall anchor
Seismic base isloation and energy dissipation device
Column block system
Support system for solar panels
Contoured floor pads and method
Formwork anchor
Method for manufacturing a railing assembly
Bi-directional adjustable benefit denial safer/keeper
Deceleration device for a hinge and a hinge having the deceleration device
Drive unit for garage doors with universal electric connection options
Multi-directional hinge mechanism
Viscoelastic transmission device for a roller shutter actuator
Ladder stabilization device
Adjustable hang ladder with fall arresting and cushioning arrangement
Cutter assembly for a raise boring reamer
Hydraulic disconnect
Post removal system
Non basepipe-welded accessory attachment
Method and system for accessing subterranean deposits from the surface and tools therefor
Method of modifying drilling pattern, rock drilling rig, and software product
Extraction system for mineral extraction and retaining device for a sensor system therefor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Multicylinder free piston machine
Nitrogen pressure-based engine device
Power systems and methods for high or medium initial temperature heat sources in medium and small scale power plants
Inlet for exhaust treatment device
Waste to energy process and plant
Hydrogen system for internal combustion engine
Horizontally opposed center fired engine
Gas turbine combustion chamber
Actuator for an aircraft nacelle mobile structure, and nacelle comprising at least one such actuator
Method and system for providing fuel to internal combustion engines
Air intake device for internal combustion engine
Device for supplying an internal combustion engine with fuel
Disengageable module for a system for transmitting a starting torque to an internal combustion engine
Jet pump apparatus
Fastener for strut channel
Sliding anchor
Hardware for furniture assembly
Heat dissipation plate
Damping system and method for eliminating torsion vibrations
Modular and adjustable axle systems for vehicles
Gear shift fork for shifting a transmission
Hydraulic valve device
Oxygen content adjustment apparatus and container data center including the same
Folding tool stand
Seat slide rail
Pole mounted rotation platform and wind power generator
Candleholder and method
LED lamp and street lamp using the same
Apparatus and method for collecting an atmospheric gas
Cooling rack structure of thermoelectric cooling type
Barrel-mounted device for a firearm
Transportable shooting bench and target
Fletching sleeve system and method of application and manufacture
Shaped charge fuse booster system for dial lethality in reduced collateral damage bombs (RCDB)
Device and method for measuring the geometry of a workpiece
Human-portable MEMS Azimuth sensing unit and method
Vortex flow meter with gain control
Quartz sensor and sensing device
Surrogate circuit for testing an interface
Lighting unit and display provided with the same
Camera mounting assembly
Automatic water distributor
Tracing apparatus and tracing system
Recovery of failed disks in an array of disks
Byzantine fault tolerant dynamic quorum using a trusted platform module
Disk array system and control method thereof
Generating a functional coverage model from a trace
Mobility of versioned workload partitions
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data in resource allocation in wireless communication system
Methods for layout error detection
System and method for matching patterns
Apparatus and method for processing data in a massively parallel processor array system
Resource management for data storage services
Apparatus and method for data backup
Apparatus and method for on-demand in-memory database management platform
System and method for handling IO to drives in a raid system based on strip size
Constrained coding to reduce floating gate coupling in non-volatile memories
Information processing apparatus, memory control method, and memory control device utilizing local and global snoop control units to maintain cache coherency
Computer with ability to charge electronic device in power off state and USB interface module thereof
Methods and systems for dispatching messages to mobile devices
Method and system of recording and reproducing web application operation
Communications system and method, information processing apparatus and method, information management apparatus and method, recording medium and program
Enhanced zoning user interface for computing environments
Resource conservation for packet television services
Traffic engineering and bandwidth management of bundled links
Method and device for distributing digital data in particular for a peer-to-peer network
Method of indicating a path in a computer network
Computer system and performance assurance method
Layout of field area where merchandise and advertising information are inserted or determining position and size of area where merchandise and advertising information flow
Dynamic code insertion and removal for static analysis based sandboxes
Technology migration for integrated circuits with radical design restrictions
Machine learning approach to correct lithographic hot-spots
Electronic design automation tool and method for employing unsensitized critical path information to reduce leakage power in an integrated circuit
Circuit design using design variable function slope sensitivity
Electronic device and simulation method for checking printed circuit board power loss
Method and system simulating a hacking attack on a network
Methods for identifying cells in a path in a flowchart and for synchronizing graphical and textual views of a flowchart
Method and apparatus for providing instructional help, at multiple levels of sophistication, in a learning application
System and method for searching and providing contents, and software storage media
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
System and method of ranking and searching for professional profiles
System and method to create a collaborative web-based multimedia contextual dialogue
Inter-process communication methods and apparatus for building scalable/redundant telecommunications systems
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Performance adjustment apparatus and method of information processing apparatus
Method, apparatus or software for identifying dependencies between components for a given build of a componentised product
Method and apparatus for efficient and precise datarace detection for multithreaded object-oriented programs
Life cycle of a work packet in a software factory
Method, apparatus and storage medium for customizing application
Embedded electronic device and method of implementing user interface therein
Updating client node of computing system
Software development and testing environment
Forms conversion and deployment system for mobile devices
Providing assistance for editing markup document based on inferred grammar
System and method for identifying circuit components of an integrated circuit
Thermal relief optimization
Method and system for reducing power loss to backup IO start time of a storage device in a storage virtualization environment
Handling and reporting of object state transitions on a multiprocess architecture
Runtime dependence-aware scheduling using assist thread
Learning method for chemical compound nomenclature
Disc tray body insert-molded with a motor base and a disc drive using the same
Optical disc apparatus with mechanical chassis having a recess
Electrical connector
Board-to-board connector
Card connector
Connector assembly and male-side connector
Cable installation assembly
Receiving device and decoding method thereof
Wireless network probe system and method
System and method for evaluating and certifying video pat software
Delivering personalized media items to users of interactive television and personal mobile devices by using scrolling tickers
Method and system to daisy-chain access to video resources
Content reproduction apparatus and content reproduction method
Expired Patents Due To Time
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Human Necessities
Agricultural implement provided with a scraper and a blade
Versatile implement system
Tool for cultivating and hilling row crops
Parallelogram boom devices for mounting agricultural implements to short wheel base tractors and adjusting implement position relative to ground
Axle driving unit for a lawn tractor
Portable sprinkler distribution assembly
Master control system for conserving water by sprinkler systems within a geographical region
Non-spill bottle for liquids and the like
Cleaning device for cleaning a teat of an animal
Block former
Animal litter, process for preparing animal litter, and method for removal of animal waste
Animal twitch
Animal treat dispensing toy
Configuration of an actuation mechanism which controls operation of a sub-drag mechanism in a fishing reel
Rotary manipulator for conveyor goods
Self-contained portable fluid dispensing assembly
Automated corn popping apparatus with oil conduit system
Mechanical nut cracker
Nicotine-impermeable container and method of fabricating the same
Heating garment
High speed method for producing pant-like garments
Portable drawing box
Concealed pulling rod of luggage case and wheel stand construction
Rolling luggage with detachable notebook carrier bag
Collapsible container
Beauty coil and method
Hair comb
Hair clip
Adjustable position harness buckle system
Holder for receiving an object provided with a button
Motorized, rotating hair brush
Articulated keyboard shelf
Shoe rack system
Temporary work surface for construction site
Removable bottom standing divider unit
Shelving system
Mounting apparatus for components/assemblies
Holder for supporting a component below a support
Support stand, assembly using the same, and method of making the same
Backpack baby carrier
Shoulder baby carrier
Drinking container support apparatus and method for infant feeding
Display case for food items
Display stand
Tipping-resistant display stand
Retainer for card edge connector
Countertop projection laser scanning system for omnidirectional scanning volume projected above a countertop surface of code symbols within a narrowly-confined scanning
Container having ornament
Resealable flip-top beverage can lid
Cap for beverage container
Structure of a steaming apparatus
Apparatus for brewing beverages
Hot beverage vending machine
Portable cooker
Wet hygienic towel dispenser
Hands-free paper towel dispenser
Drag-reducing hub and support arm assemblies for roll goods dispenser
Easy curtain
Dispensing system with multi-port valve for distributing use dilution to a plurality of utilization points and position sensor for use thereon
Surgical sutures dispenser and a method of coiling surgical sutures
Submucosal esophageal bulking device
Reinforced sterilizable containers
Bite-block for protecting the mouth of a patient receiving electroconvulsive therapy
Vibratory mill and method of use for low contamination grinding
Clear plastic eye shield
Multiple diameter expandable graft for blood vessel and method for deploying the same
Non-linear nasal dilator
Prophylactic having integral extensions and a fluid absorbing means
Condom with multi-purpose sexual device
Intake for whirlpool-type bathtub
Flow blockage suction interrupt valve
Apparatus for metering and dispensing powder into hard gelatin capsules or the like
Compositions and methods for treating autoimmune disease
Method of reproducibly effecting a patient's glucose level
Inhalation device
Unit dose inhaler apparatus and method of delivery using same
Device for aerosolizing narcotics
Disposable oxygenating device
Device for administering/sampling inhalant/expired gases in an oro/nasopharyngeal airway
Airway valve to facilitate re-breathing, method of operation, and ventilator circuit so equipped
Pressure-limiting valve wherein valve plate oscillations are prevented
Rescue chute
Safety system
Crown anchor for a roofing safety system
Simple mask for protection of respiratory system
Horizontal sidewall sprinkler head
Golf bag with support stand
Modularized amusement ride and training simulation device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Waste water grease filter
Enhanced efficiency nozzle for use in fluidized catalytic cracking
Deep well rack assembly for pipette tips and the like
Magazine for pipette tips
Method for producing an atta flour
Flotation process for separating silica from feldspar to form a feed material for making glass
Nozzle for producing a high-impact long-range jet from fan-blown air
Pulsating spraying device
Counter revolution sewer cleaning nozzle
Process and a device for atomizing liquids
Low pressure dual fluid atomizer
Spray gun for atomizing and applying liquid coatings having interchangeable nozzle assemblies
Gumming device for applying adhesive to sheet material
Ultrasonic vibration cutter
Mobile screening apparatus and method
Grizzly screening apparatus
Brushing device for lubricating and cleaning guide and/or drive elements
Motor drive assembly for a semiconductor wafer processing system
Wet cleans for composite surfaces
Bath system for semiconductor wafers with obliquely mounted transducers
In situ cleaning of the surface inside a vacuum processing chamber
Scrap tire collection, volume reduction, and transportation
Shifting device for rolling stock placed on a roller conveyor
Heat exchanger having a double pipe construction and method for manufacturing the same
Laying tube for windings
Can components having a metal-plastic-metal structure
Beverage container with increased bottom strength
Piston with piston rod
Apparatus for die casting of metal matrix composite materials from a self-supporting billet
Drill bit compact with boron or beryllium for fracture resistance
Device for guiding a bar at the outlet of a lathe feeder
Device for improving an edgebanding machine
Assembly to shear rolled sections
Wire saw and method of using it
Seam welding method and apparatus
Process for bonding metallic members using localized rapid heating
Bump forming method and bump bonder
Diffusion bonding apparatus for pipes
Collating strip and strip assembly for use with a manual welding tool
Rodless cylinder
Apparatus for dispensing slurry
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and an apparatus for manufacturing the same
Superabrasive electrodeposited cutting edge and method of manufacturing the same
Stick file wrench
Wrench for hexagonal nuts
Nut holding devices
Universal socket wrench
Nested expansible socket
Adjustable incline wrench
Adjustable wrench
Hand tool with ratchet handle and associated quick release mechanism
Bolt extraction tool
Staple driving device
Seat for guiding screws and nails
Reciprocating tool having a piston retainer
Elongate article holding system and method for making same
Socket receiving device
Adjustable height tool bin system
Rotary linear unit
Method for cutting to length an unvulcanized rubber strip member by a cutting edge
Rotary trimmer and blade biasing carriage assembly for use with a rotary trimmer
Multiple nozzle fluid cutting system for cutting webbed materials
Method and apparatus for slitting a sheet material web
Slats of bamboo window shade and method for making same
Dimensionally stable oriented strand board (OSB) and method for making the same
Breaking apparatus for ceramic board
Incrementally continuous laser cleaving process
Waste processing apparatus, waste recovery system and liquid container
Casting of complex micromechanical objects
Method and apparatus for lining a conduit
Machine for applying a protective material onto a pipe
Ultrasonic welding/cutting machine
Apparatus for manufacturing a tire having the sidewalls ends overlapping the ends of the tread band
Continuous press and method of operating same
Single facer with angled medium feeding
Acoustical speaker housing and method of installation
Oil-based ink for preparation of printing plate by ink jet process and method for preparation of printing plate using the same
Method and device for security printing
Method and device for force loading a rubber blanket roller in a printing press
Registration system for screen printing
Apparatus for screen position correcting in screen printing
Suction gripper in a reversing device of a sheet-fed rotary printing press
Apparatus and method for reducing mottling in printing presses
Paper transfer assisting mechanism and paper transfer apparatus incorporating the same
Web having alignment indicia and an associated web feeding and working apparatus
Hand stamp printing of numerous indicia by interchangeable hook and loop fasteners
Overprint stamper and method of making the same
Stencil printer
Stencil printer having back press roller with clamp and movable wall member
Short run offset printing member
Embosser having limited cant hammer and method of manufacture thereof
Process and device for decorating packages with convex surfaces
Dual bucket assembly
Pneumatic radial tire including chamfered blocks
Tire pressure control system
Pneumatic tire with circumferential belt layer/inclined belt layer laminate
Rotary damper
Twin-axle rail vehicle bogie
Vibration damper for engine cooling module
Apparatus for supplying fuel to vehicular combustion heater
Sectional door
Integral tube/nut stopper for engine fuel line tube
Coupling device which is disposed between left and right wheels of vehicle
Hybrid powered automobile with controller
Hybrid drive system
Hybrid drive system for motor vehicle
Hydraulic drive system for a vehicle
Control device for an automobile vehicle seat adjustment element
Device for screwless mounting of an accessory
Strap to your dash cupholder
Mounting device and method for installing steering wheel
Locking assembly for wheeled cargo transportation cart
Linear actuator and preferred application
Brake actuator
Electrically-operated disc brake assemblies for vehicles
Brake apparatus for vehicles
Streamline track system for self-driving carriers
Tracking, propulsion and braking system for bridge tripper/hopper car
Device for extending the handle of a wheeled cart
Main frame assembly
Frame assembly for a construction machine and an associated method of manufacturing the frame assembly
License plate carrier for a motor vehicle
Steering apparatus
Apparatus for providing self-propelled motion to medication carts
Pneumatic greasing system for a fifth wheel
Controlled torque steering system and method
Aero handle and support system for bicycles
Motorcycle swing arm
Adjustable leverage brake lever
Hand brake for a wheeled walker
Retrievable vessel anchor with reliable grasping mechanism
Swim board bracket
Driver's seat for motor of sailboats
Tanker spillage protection system
Floating dock section
Mounting device for mounting a self-steering system on the stern of a boat
Self-steering system for boats
Roller furling apparatus
Lifting-fuselage/wing aircraft having low induced drag
Multi-purpose aircraft
Rotary wing aircraft supplementary power drive system
Aircraft structure to improve directional stability
Adaptive deployable ramp for suppression of aircraft weapons bay acoustic loads
Solid-state spacecraft with minimal moving parts
Composite fairing with integral damping and internal helmholz resonators
Three axis attitude readout system for geosynchronous spacecraft
Method and apparatus for generating propulsive forces without the ejection of propellant
Satellite with improved heat sinkage
High speed air nozzle with mechanical valve for particulate systems
Solenoid valve and its application to an apparatus for delivering cryogenic liquid and a packaging plant
Conveyor for stabilizing packets of cigarettes coming off a packing machine
Aseptic liquid fillings
Litter bag hanger
Office envelope
Storage and dispensing unit for merchandise bags
Plastic bucket and lid
Tip for liquid drop dispensing container
Tear-away container top
One piece folded and glued container with tabbed columns
Container for floor box with integral temporary cover
Device for adding a component to a package
Metal packaging structure for a bundle of panels
Goods hanging member
Package having a flexible wall and containing a liquid
Outlet fitting and container having the same and method for containing a material and draining and filling the same
Child resistant pill rotating disk dispenser
Double chamber aerosol container
Rod transport container
Handling system for agglomerable materials
Thermal-and sound-insulating container of multilayer insulations
Commodity takeout mechanism of automatic vending machine
Slippable roller conveyor for a cleanroom
Holding system for a belt conveyor
Conveyor belt
Conveyor chain using an oil impregnated sintered bushing
Reusable axle assembly and a replaceable roller sleeve for a conveyor roller
Orderly bottle-feeding machine
Apparatus for separating and orienting pouched articles
Bulk feeder
Conveyor operation control system
Conveyor device for accelerating a series of products
Transfer machine tipper mechanism
Article dispensing assembly
Machine and method for producing logs of sheet material
Apparatus for transporting a recording medium in an electrographic printing or copying device
Inclining slide for card dispensing device
Tape dispensing system with automatic backing removal
Tape application device
Portable filament dispenser
Self-compensating filament tension control device
Assembly for cable winding and despooling
System for moving spools and tubes in automatic spoolers
Sloping transportation apparatus for carrying large sized objects
Guide rail lubricating device for elevator, and case and oil-retaining member for the lubricating device
Tower hoist mechanism confined within a tower interior
Telescopic crane boom section and a process for making sure
Stabilizing arrangements in and for load-bearing apparatus
Bottle opening device
Water dispensing system
Cleaner funnel
Multiple flavor beverage dispensing air-mix nozzle
Method and apparatus for connecting a fluid reservoir with pipelines
Method and apparatus for a product recovery system
Chemical delivery systems and methods of delivery
Fuel dispensing system providing customer preferences
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Liquid gun propellant stimulation
Non-pyrotechnic initiator
Method of plugging a well
Compositions and methods for sealing pipe in well bores
Method and apparatus for cleaning boiler of power generation plant
Pressurized cleaning of developer dispenser nozzles
Alleviating sticking of normally closed valves in nuclear reactor plants
Mixed frequency CVD apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Device for producing a leno selvedge, in particular for shuttleless looms
Apparatus for tensioning warp threads for a weaving machine and a weaving machine with an apparatus of this kind
Apparatus and method for measuring air pressure in an air jet loom reed
Embroidery stitch data producing device
Stitch data compensation device
Apparatus for altering length of trousers
Chain-off forming apparatus for cover stitch sewing machines
Finger tip protective device for sewing and quilting
Absorbent glove tree
Method and apparatus for filling a pulp tower
Fixed Constructions
Soil sample procuring tool and associated method of testing the soil sample
Non-educting back flow prevention device
Awning having balanced fabric stretching
Travel latch for retractable awning
Dismantling method of tank or the like
Studio lamp scaffold system
Work holder
Stabilizer arm for a folding door
Sectional door with pinch resistant hinge between door sections
User-sizeable headrail assembly
Garage door opening screen enclosure
Rock bit nozzle arrangement
Earth-boring bit with super-hard cutting elements
Preform cutting elements for rotary drill bits
Electrically insulating gap subassembly for downhole electromagnetic transmission
Releasable connector assembly for a perforating gun and method
Torque transmitting device for rotary drill bits
Methods of completing wells utilizing wellbore equipment positioning apparatus
Flowline connection system
Wellhead union with safety interlock
Hydraulic fluid actuator with metal to metal seals
Method and apparatus for hanging tubulars in wells
Method and apparatus for cementing a well
Perforation gun for well casing
Soil sampling device with frangible section and method of sampling
Apparatus for pulling a pipe into an earth bore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine with improved gas exchange
System for delivering pressurized lubricant fluids to an interior of a rotating hollow shaft
Four-stroke cycle internal combustion engine
Variable valve control for piston internal combustion engine
Variable valve actuator apparatus
Method for controlling changing-over of rotational direction of internal combustion engine
Cylinder head for internal combustion engines
Carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite rotary valve for an internal combustion engine
Environmentally safe fluid changing system
Blow-by gas passage abnormality detecting system for internal combustion engines
Oil supply method for an internal combustion engine
Dome muffler
Coolant filter with coolant additive sensor
Internal combustion engine cooling device
Enhanced split cooling system
Direct-injected four-cycle internal combustion engine and method of operating same
Injection device and combustion process for an internal combustion engine
Electric-control-type throttle apparatus
Process for operating an internal combustion engine and a fuel injection system for carrying out the process
Process and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas recirculation system
Fuel vapor storage and recovery apparatus and method
Method of operating an internal combustion engine such as an engine of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for operation of an internal combustion engine in a true closed loop fuel control
Electronic bucking damping device for internal-combustion engines
Cylinder identifying device for internal combustion engines
Intake port injection system with shared injectors
Tool for use in adjusting internal combustion engine valves
Marine engine control
Integrated intake manifold and air cleaner system
Fuel supply system
System for delivering fuel to a motor vehicle engine and related method
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injector with solenoid and terminal assemblies
Hydraulic system with a combination filter screen and gasket
Starter for an internal combustion engine
Multi-cylinder four stroke direct injection spark ignition engine
Spring drive assembly
Swash plate compressor in which a swash plate has a sliding surface non-parallel to a reference surface thereof
Fuel pump
Load-holding brake valve
Electrohydraulic control valve
Fluid pressure cylinder end wall device
Hydraulic elevator
Bar joist clamp with locking bar
Push-on adjustable cable strand end-fitting
Universal actuator assembly
Self-adjusting friction clutch
Friction clutch having protective internal shield
Spud locking assembly for a pneumatically actuated clutch/brake
Clutch with on-demand cooling
Friction clutch arrangement
Clutch assembly having reaction force circuit
Retraction spring for drum brake shoes
Shaft brake disk for rail vehicle disk brake systems and method of making same
Cushion for crash attenuation system
Worm gear assembly for drive axle
Method and apparatus for controlling duty-cycle type solenoid valve
Leak resistant, switching, double valve system
Unstable flap valve for fluid flow control
Check valve
Rotatable valve assembly
Faucet assembly
Quick connect fuel filter and regulator
Combined directional and flow control valve
Flexible piping structure having a continuous metal inner tube
Dual coil tubing assembly
Mounting apparatus for pipes and other articles and method of manufacturing the same
High impact bellows
Pipeline plug
Portable ergonomic work station
Wall mount motion switch clip-on mounting bracket
Arrangement for converting a conventional oil boiler to a boiler with moist, granular and solid fuel
Flammable fluid fueled heater
Venting system for gas oven
In-line fluid flow trap for modular refrigeration systems
Coil type condenser for refrigerator
Lamination type heat exchanger having refrigerant passage divided by inner fin into subpassages
Heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger
Force-multiplying compound bow
Backsight assembly for hunting bow
Tube connection, in particular, for connecting two tubular fuselage portions of a missile
Artillery fuse circumferential slot antenna for positioning and telemetry
Apparatus for feeding a flowable particulate material into a proportioning apparatus
Testing apparatus for gas sensors
Method and apparatus for discriminating different coins in free fall
Storage container for precision substrates
Pressure sensing apparatus for regulating the transportation of a liquid
Vacuum generator with incorporated check valve
Comfort control system incorporating weather forecast data and a method for operating such a system
Control lever assembly with handle lock-out
Retention mechanism for cassette CPU module
Variable formatting of digital data into a pattern
Hybrid information recording medium with masking layer
Controlling industrial processes
Integrated circuit card reader with coupling circuit to limit the function of microprocessor of the reader
Method and device for adapting a chip card to different card terminals
Optical focusing device and method
Circuit structure of bar code reader capable of reading bar code with decreased power consumption
Glove-mounted system for reading bar code symbols
Interface and method for controlling an optical reader having a scanning module
Method of estimating the mid-points of bar code elements
Device for conversion from a pharmaceutical identification number to a standardized number and method for doing the same
Note hopper/dispenser
Method to solicit funds
Coin collecting mechanism with top coin slot and coin return function
Magnetic stripe card verification system
Tariff management apparatus and method for communications terminals using smart cards
Coin return chute structure of payphone
Structure of a coin collector cover
Dual purpose data cartridge storage pack
Shaped magnetoresistive readers
Automated brush fluxing system for application of controlled amount of flux to packages
Electrical junction box supporting bracket
Communications equipment housing
Mounting bracket and supporting brace
Junction box construction for use in curved structures
Winding machine having freely positionable nozzle
Cassette case for holding substrates therein
Tape winding apparatus and tape winding method
Fastening system for fastening a plate within an enclosure
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew