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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method, system, and storage medium for utilizing excess and surplus inventory
Garment sleeve with knuckle protector and thumb aperture
Reel based closure system
Quick connect coupling assembly
Waterproof structure for zippers
Swaddle accessory
Removable watertight bathtub wall
Optical methods for tissue analysis
Method for measuring blood urea level by reverse iontophoresis
Powered toothbrush with rotating sections
Closed-loop feedback-driven neuromodulation
Intravascular self-anchoring electrode body with arcuate springs, spring loops, or arms
Body implantable lead comprising electrically conductive polymer conductors
IMD connector header with grommet retainer
Structure and method for stabilizing an archer's hand
Catching tool for baseball or softball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Image recording apparatus with jet and suction
Windshield wiper assembly with unitary arm and post
Fixed Constructions
Mobile mounted steam cleaning system
Toilet transfer systems and methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for measuring overlay by diffraction gratings
Diffracting, aperiodic targets for overlay metrology and method to detect gross overlay
Monitoring of smart pin transition timing
Alignment target with designed in offset
Lens meter
Optical apparatus, method of determining position of optical element in optical system, and device manufacturing method
System and method for creating accurate topographical maps using low-drift DGPS
Bus station with integrated bus monitor function
Compact spectroscopic ellipsometer
Defect repair device and defect repair method
Quality-of-service monitor for voice-over-Internet-protocol calls
Memory module, test system and method for testing one or a plurality of memory modules
Initializing an output memory circuit of a scan cell
Method and/or apparatus for performing static timing analysis on a chip in scan mode with multiple scan clocks
Method and apparatus for multi-level scan compression
Method and circuit for parametric testing of integrated circuits with an exclusive-or logic tree
Microwave method and system for material inspection
Radar protection device for wireless networks
Method and apparatus for true relative amplitude correction of seismic data for normal moveout stretch effects
Environment detection system
Electronic imaging system
Building with roof mounted periscope
Optical deflector array
Electronically controlled stage lighting system
Differentially-cured materials and process for forming same
ND filter and aperture diaphragm apparatus
Tapered optical fibre with a reflective coating at the tapered end
Wavelength selector switch
Bidirectional optical add-drop multiplexer
Apparatus for stabilizing laser wavelength
Dry fiber optic assemblies and cables
Image scanning lens and image reader that uses same
Transflective LCD using multilayer dielectric film transflector
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
Array substrate with driving TFT and synchronization adjustment TFT
Electrochemical device such as electrochromic or photovoltaic device and electrical connection means thereof
Manual focus device and autofocus camera
Element layout apparatus, element layout program and element layout method
Method and apparatus for controlling radiation beam intensity directed to microlithographic substrates
Method for generating charge images of images to be printed on a moving photoconductive intermediate support of an electrographic printing or copying device
Image forming apparatus
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Developing unit, developing cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Dual-purpose surface-treating blade assembly
Hologram retention method
Tide display device
Control circuit for self-compensating delay chain for multiple-data-rate interfaces
Generating notifications by powered-down devices
Distributed preconfiguration of spare capacity in closed paths for network restoration
Method of identifying connection error and electronic apparatus using same
Transparent consistent active replication of multithreaded application programs
Data processing apparatus having error concealment function
Self-refresh system and method for dynamic random access memory
Storage system and method using interface control devices of different types
Speculative data streaming disk drive and system
Merging write-back and write-through cache policies
Automatic decoding method for mapping and selecting a non-volatile memory device having a LPC serial communication interface in the available addressing area on motherboards
Data recovery in a distributed system
Adaptive granularity refinement in detecting potential data races
Reconfiguring logical settings in a storage system
Storage and retrieval system for WEB cache
Programmed access latency in mock multiport memory
Method for avoiding aliased tokens during abnormal communications
Bus controller
Round robin selection logic improves area efficiency and circuit speed
Disk controller
Method and memory controller for scalable multi-channel memory access
Image processing method and apparatus
Computer system suitable for communications of structured documents
Printer pipeline bypass in hardware-ready format
System for spectral multiplexing of source image to provide a composite image with noise encoding to increase image confusion in the composite image, for rendering the composite image, and for spectral demultiplexing of the composite image
Application system with function for preventing modification
Interactive wireless device communication system for meetings and conferences
System and method for exchanging data
Multi-level ring peer-to-peer network structure for peer and object discovery
Transmit-only and receive-only Bluetooth apparatus and method
Method of preserving symmetrical routing in a communication system based upon a server farm
Technique for reconstituting a pre-boot firmware environment after launch of an operating system
Network system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and control program
Provision of information in an automation system
Gearbox and method for controlling a clutch, especially a double clutch
Data abstraction layer for a database
Method and a system for predicting protein functional site, a method for improving protein function, and a function-modified protein
Method, system, and computer program product in a logically partitioned data processing system for displaying messages in a management console's native language
Similar document retrieving method and system
Apparatus and method for providing sequence database comparison
Incremental bottom-up construction of data documents
Automated security tool for storage system
Fault-tolerant queue with autonomous client operation
Apparatus, method, and program for retrieving structured documents
Apparatus and method for providing products location information to customers in a store
Apparatus and system for developing LSI
Method and system for context-specific mask inspection
Methods and apparatus for transforming sequential logic designs into equivalent combinational logic
Method and apparatus for accelerating test case development
Determination of grain sizes of electrically conductive lines in semiconductor integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for performing input/output floor planning on an integrated circuit design
Method for correcting crosstalk
Method, system, and article of manufacture for implementing metal-fill with power or ground connection
Using assignment decision diagrams with control nodes for sequential review during behavioral simulation
Extended model checking hardware verification
Apparatus, generator, and method for clock tree synthesis
System and method for programming and/or operating an automation system with execution-oriented combination logic
Method for evaluating semiconductor device
Surface shape determining device for a machining apparatus and surface shape determining method
Method of, and apparatus for, recording/reproducing data to/from recording medium having copyright management data recorded therein
Method and apparatus for mapping electronic devices coupled to a wireless network
Method and apparatus for providing an inter integrated circuit interface with an expanded address range and efficient priority-based data throughput
Future activity list for peripheral bus host controller
System and method for accessing remote screen content
Dynamically generating multiple hierarchies of inter-object relationships based on object attribute values
Configurable finite state machine for operation of microinstruction providing execution enable control value
Debugging with set verbosity level during read and analysis of executable code and associated comments while logging according to set verbosity level
Changing user identities without closing applications
Method and arrangement for developing core loading patterns in nuclear reactors
Apparatus and method for simulating phenomena of a particle formed of substrate particles and adsorbate particles
Mode-based multi-hypothesis tracking using parametric contours
Electronic transaction verification system
Fingerprint recognition system
Image processing apparatus, method and storage medium therefor
Method for printing and verifying authentication documents
Simplified predictive video encoder
Image compression/decompression system employing pixel thinning-out and interpolation scheme
Knowledge-based hierarchical method for detecting regions of interest
Configuring image storage devices to enable imaging services
Electronic imaging capture and billing distribution system
Method and apparatus for correlating and tracking passengers and baggage for a trackable passenger trip
Method and system for paying for goods or services
System and method for generating a scanning program for a stand-alone measuring equipment
Voxel center smoothing
Systems and methods for optimizing geometric stretch of a parametrization scheme
Method and apparatus for modeling and real-time rendering of surface detail
Navigation system, abridged map distribution apparatus and vehicle guiding method
Display device and method of driving the same
Display medium driving method
Illumination device and display device using the same
Active matrix array devices
Electric dimming device and its driving method
Repairable memory in display devices
Display system
Source driver and structure of adjusting voltage with speed
Previewing a framed image print
Airport display method including changing zoom scales
Method and apparatus for image blending
HMI device with optical touch screen
Touch panel device
Optimized memory addressing
High bandwidth data transfer to and from rotating data storage devices
Disk-drive device
Method and apparatus for performing a self-servo write operation in a disk drive using spiral servo information
Method and apparatus for dynamic placement of an integration window in a disk drive having a disk surface with spiral servo information written thereon
Features for improved slider attachment
Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing protrusion feedback for a read/write element
Correlation receiver for demodulating servo track information
Semiconductor slider with an integral spin valve transistor structure and method for making same without a bonding step
Magnetic disk drive with servo bursts and alternating magnetic polarity regions therebetween
Microactuator for a hard disk drive with an integrated gimbal function
Optical disk device recording data on a recordable or rewritable optical disk by setting a recording velocity and a recording power for each of zones on an optical disk
Defect detection device
Optical disk apparatus and computer readable recording medium storing program
Method of formatting optical recording medium
Apparatus and method for stabilizing operation of disc driver in section for setting mode conversion
Optical pickup using two-wavelength light source module and method for correcting position difference
Memory cell having p-type pass device
Magnetic memory device and writing method of the same
Magnetic devices having a hard bias field and magnetic memory devices using the magnetic devices
Purge-based floating body memory
User configurable commands for flash memory
Content addressable memory having dynamic match resolution
Reducing floating gate to floating gate coupling effect
Nonvolatile memory apparatus and data processing system
Dual frequency first-in-first-out structure
Method and apparatus for accessing contents of memory cells
Semiconductor memory device and test method therefor
Forced pulldown of array read bitlines for generating MUX select signals
Hardware/software capability rating system
Multilayered chip capacitor and printed circuit board having embedded multilayered chip capacitor
Method of making a semiconductor memory device
Wireless terminal position detecting device and method
Low cost antenna devices comprising conductive loaded resin-based materials with conductive wrapping
Search algorithm for phased array antenna
Antenna system
Tunable laser with magnetically coupled filter
Raman amplifier and raman pumping method
Semiconductor laser device
Multi-stack power supply clamp circuitry for electrostatic discharge protection
Digital noise reduction for motors
Symbol reliability determination and symbol pre-selection based on reliability criteria
Apparatus for recovering carrier
Methods and system for equalizing data in multicarrier receiver systems
Determine coefficients of a decision feedback equalizer from a sparse channel estimate
Quantizer in a multilevel sigma-delta analogue/digital converter
Method and apparatus for using fire decoder to correct burst errors in a real-time communications system
Communicating using a partial block in a frame
Apparatus for iterative hard-decision forward error correction decoding
Method and system for collecting and transmitting data in a meter reading system
Pre-corrupting reference signals with inter-symbol interference
Spurious ratio control circuit for use with feed-forward linear amplifiers
Courtesy answering solution for wireless communication devices
Channel CODEC processor configurable for multiple wireless communications standards
Transmit and/or receive channel communication system with switchably coupled multiple filtering components
Back-to-back modem repeater
Variable gain control circuit and receiver apparatus using the circuit
Method and apparatus for fractional-N synthesis
Measuring method, and receiver
Physical layer repeater with selective use of higher layer functions based on network operating conditions
Virtual channel satellite communication system with improved bandwidth efficiency
Data distribution system and method, and electric equipment to be used therefor
Mobile play-list method
Efficient activity resumption in point to multipoint service flow
Optimal channel sounding system
Sparse channel estimation for orthogonal frequency division multiplexed signals
Method and apparatus for sensing a temperature along an optical path in semiconductor material
Techniques for frame detection and word alignment
Time based packet scheduling and sorting system
Multiprime RSA public key cryptosystem
Semiconductor integrated circuit for communication, radio-communications apparatus, and transmission starting method
Policy based mobile IP
Bandwidth efficient Quality of Service separation of AAL2 traffic
Self-configuring distributed switch
Efficient method and system for automatic discovery and verification of optimal paths through a dynamic multi-point meshed overlay network
Method for sending dual-tone multi-frequency signal using voice over internet protocol
System and method for DC offset compensation and bit synchronization
Intercircuit communications apparatus and method
Interleaver pattern modification
Secure inter-node communication
Secure transaction modem storing unique indicia
Method and system for ordering and delivering digital certificates
Binding content to a portable storage device or the like in a digital rights management (DRM) system
Dynamically linked basic input/output system
Entity authentication in a shared hosting computer network environment
Eyeglasses with wireless communication features
Distributed customizable voicemail system
Method and apparatus for telephonically accessing and navigating the internet
Method and apparatus for entertaining callers in a queue
Intelligent incoming call management during cordless intercom mode
Method and system for the management of subscriber functions
Image data interpolating apparatus and medium on which data interpolating program is recorded
Electronic information device having a display and method and apparatus for controlling power-off of the display
Combined editing system and digital moving picture recording system
Single sensor electronic video camera technique with diagonally coupled pixels
Digital broadcasting receiver
Image processing system and method, memory card, and storage medium
Video signal recording and reproducing apparatus
Multiple time-base clock for processing multiple satellite signals
Multistandard video decoder and decompression system for processing encoded bit streams including a video formatter and methods relating thereto
Audiovisual reproduction system
Method for delivering transport stream data
Three-dimensional perception of environment
Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, and recording medium therefor
Minimum latency cut-through switch fabric
Combinatorial mobile IP system and method of managing mobility using the same
Lawful intercept service
Wireless private branch exchange (WPBX) and communicating between mobile units and base stations
Method and a central control unit for channel switching in a packet-based wireless communication network
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional audio display
Imaging method and apparatus with exposure control
Apparatus for reducing signal reflection in a circuit board
Heat sink for surface-mounted semiconductor devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Haptic feedback for touchpads and other touch controls
Performing Operations; Transporting
Digital information recording apparatus and digital information recording and reproducing apparatus
Methods for retrofitting windows with switchable and non-switchable window enhancements
Method of correcting the position of an image to be printed on a printing material
Printhead mounting apparatus providing adjustment to effect printhead skew correction
Laser marking discrete consumable articles
Heat sensitive type printer
Thermal printhead and method of making the same
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus having the same
Image recording apparatus including vibration damping means
Liquid crystal pixel interpolating mechanism in a liquid crystal photo printer
Correction control for image forming apparatus and method
Laser marking techniques
Device for increasing traffic safety
Alarming apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Process for displaying several sets of information
Vehicle information acquisition and display assembly
Electrical connection box
System for remotely communicating with a vehicle
Method of image processing for off the glass rain sensing
Cooling resistor banks
Failure detection method for a steering wheel sensor
Foldable bicycle computer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical component
Electrode material for capacitors and capacitor using the same
Fixed Constructions
Detection system and switch device
Casing mounted sensors, actuators and generators
Method and apparatus for protecting a sensor in a drill collar
Rotating RF system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine ignition timing device
Axial bearing wear detector device for canned motor
Security system for firearms and method
Critical dimension analysis with simultaneous multiple angle of incidence measurements
Process and device for determining the thickness transverse profile and thickness longitudinal profile of a running strip of material
System and method of providing a resonant micro-compass
Moat feature for a laser gyroscope block
DSP signal processing for open loop fiber optic sensors
Method and system for providing end-user preferences with a navigation system
Sensor and evaluation system, in particular for double sensors for determining positions and limit values
Using a 2D displacement sensor to derive 3D displacement information
Optical position measuring system employing a scale with multiple partial measuring graduations having different graduation periods
Optical flow meter capable of operating with a variable refractive index
Water-monitoring apparatus capable of auto-tracing water level and non-contact signal relay for the same
Internal fault indicator for power electrical devices
Signal processing circuit for charge generation type detection device
Method and apparatus for measuring phase differences between intensity-modulated optical signals
Method and apparatus for article inspection including speckle reduction
Synchronous multiwavelength fluorescence system
Method and apparatus employing external light source for endpoint detection
Microwave plasma monitoring system for real-time elemental analysis
Method and device for determining in an aerosol the concentration of a medium which is different from air
Process for minimizing cross-talk in diagnostic signals of a pH sensor
Method of examining posture of an electronic part
Standardized test board for testing custom chips
Temperature-insensitive electro-optic probe
Printed wiring board inspection apparatus
Contamination-tolerant electrical test probe
Electrical test probe card having a removable probe head assembly with alignment features and a method for aligning the probe head assembly to the probe card
Peak hold and calibration circuit
Electrically testable process window monitor for lithographic processing
RMS-DC converter using a variable gain amplifier to drive a squaring cell
Revenue meter having precision time clock
Circuit for detecting an impedance change at a circuit input
Capacitive circuit array for fingerprint sensing
Fault indicator for three-phase sheathed cable
Connection tester for an electronic trip unit
Apparatus for conserving fuses
Method and apparatus for testing emissive cathodes
Method and apparatus for characterization of gate dielectrics
Structure and method for probing wiring bond pads
Pulse circuit
Semiconductor chip ground noise immunity testing system and tester
Method and apparatus for transforming pseudorandom binary patterns into test stimulus patterns appropriate for circuits having 1 of N encoded inputs
Polarizing antenna for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Mold for bonding MRI pole piece tiles and method of making the mold
MR apparatus provided with a gradient coil system
Nuclear magnetic resonance pulse sequence for improving signal-to-noise ratio
Method and apparatus for determining search center and size in searches for GPS transmissions
Method and apparatus for determining location using a coarse position estimate
Method and apparatus for compressing GPS satellite broadcast message information
FM-CW radar equipment
Complex homodyned FSK diplex radar
Low-cost radar with high-resolution imaging
Motor-vehicle-mounted radar apparatus
Distance measuring equipment and method
Method and apparatus for assisted GPS integrity maintenance
Method and apparatus for enhancing a global positioning system with terrain model
Method and apparatus for precursor based radar
Expendable jammer
Apparatus for improving image depth resolution in a magnetic field imaging apparatus
Determining the condition of a concrete structure using electromagnetic signals
Zoom lens and optical apparatus incorporating the same
Zoom lens system
Apparatus for photoluminescence microscopy and spectroscopy
Confocal optical microscope, magnifying attachment therefor and method of use thereof
Confocal microscope with a motorized scanning table
Binoculars having lens barrels movable between open and closed states by pivotal movement
Counter-rotating anamorphic prism assembly with variable spacing
Double-pass sagittally offset pre-polygon optics for raster output scanners
Image display device
Pattern reading apparatus
Illumination optical system and projector using same
Transflector, and a transflective display device
Supplementary appliance for telescopic sights
Lens barrel
Optical imaging system
Diffraction lens
Optical waveguides, optical circuits and method and apparatus for producing optical waveguides and optical circuits
Distributed resonant ring fiber filter
Add-drop multiplexer
Optical switch using tilt mirrors
Focusing method for a decentered optical system
Low-loss electrode structures for optical modulation applications
Extinction ratio optical communication device using superconducting films
System and method for the manufacture of a universal reflective-transmissive display
Structure of a multi-layered thin film protective layer
Polymer dispersion type liquid crystal display panel and its manufacturing method
Tilted polarizers for liquid crystal displays
Reflector having pits and projection on a surface thereof, manufacturing method for the same, and reflection-type liquid crystal display device employing the reflector
Display module protective structure and method for manufacturing the same
Color liquid-crystal panel having a frame-shaped black matrix and manufacturing process therefor
Liquid crystal display having high aperture ratio and high transmittance
Dynamic gain equalizer for optical amplifiers
Method and device for adjusting a desired white color on a part of an image
Liquid crystal display device and method for repairing breakage of circuit lines thereof
Liquid crystal display with filter and light shield separated from contact hole
Method for manufacturing a gate of thin film transistor in a liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal displays and manufacturing methods thereof
Liquid crystal display having improved image quality by reducing the excited interference voltage
Reflecting type liquid crystal display device
Projection displays with divergent chief rays at beam splitter
Master negative film making apparatus, master negative film making method, and master negative film
Photographic processing system, order receiving system, and product delivering system
Photofinishing method
Determination of center of focus by diffraction signature analysis
Power converter circuit and method for controlling
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having circuit generating reference voltage
Pump circuit with active-mode and stand-by mode booster circuits
Low EMI shutdown circuit for modem applications
Robust forward body bias generation circuit with digital trimming for DC power supply variation
CMOS voltage divider
Clock multiplexer circuit with glitchless switching
Process, voltage and temperature independent clock tree deskew circuitry-temporary driver method
Clock noise reduction method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Deskewing clock signals for off-chip devices
Portable information apparatus having a display unit comprising a housing and a display contained in the housing
Computer unit keyboard and keyboard cover
Translatable cursor actuator control for a portable computer
Computer with articulated mechanism
Simple screwfree locking structure for computer interface card and shield plate of interface card socket
Computer cooling system and method
Electronic apparatus having means for cooling a semiconductor element mounted therein
Heat sink grounding unit
Voltage sequencing circuit for powering-up sensitive electrical components
Method and system for run-time visualization of the function and operation of a computer program
User interface component
Haptic feedback joystick
Computer-telephony integration employing an intelligent keyboard and method for same
Illumination structure for keyboards
Stealthy keyboard
Abstraction of input mapping for keyboards
Method of driving color liquid crystal display panel and method of controlling display of timepiece
Method for viewing hidden entities by varying window or graphic object transparency
Method and apparatus for editing 3-D medical diagnostic ultrasound images
Ergonomic input device
Coordinate position inputting/detecting device, a method for inputting/detecting the coordinate position, and a display board system
Apparatus and method to improve resolution of infrared touch systems
Optical-mechanical roller with ratchet
Pointing device with reduced component count
Child friendly computer mouse
Method for displaying bar graph without totaling data and program storage medium thereof
Digital displacement encoding system and method
Object optimized printing system and method
Video adapter for supporting at least one television monitor
Method and apparatus for binding user interface objects to application objects
Low memory printer controller
System and method for bar code recognition in an electronic printstream
Apparatus and method for producing print data of a two-dimensional code and related recording media
Laminate RFID label and method of manufacture
Apparatus for transporting radio frequency power to energize radio frequency identification transponders
Optimal symbology illumination-apparatus and method
Imaging device, especially for optical fingerprinting
Generator of neuron transfer function and its derivative
Automated, hosted prepress application
GUI resource editor for an embedded system
Three-dimensional image processing apparatus
Method and computer program for displaying quantitative data
Method and apparatus for displaying musical data in a three dimensional environment
Method and apparatus for applying object characterization pixel tags to image data in a digital imaging device
Display of text on medical images
Image generating apparatus and method
Addressing of monolithic texture maps
Three-dimensional graphics drawing apparatus calculating tone of pixel based on tones of pixels at prescribed intervals, method thereof and medium recorded with program therefor
Method for traversing a binary space partition or octree and image processor for implementing the method
Method and system for transitioning graphic elements of a network interface description document
Method and apparatus for representing computer-modeled objects
System and method for reducing the effects of aliasing in a computer graphics system
Data reduction and representation method for graphic articulation parameters (GAPS)
System and method for generating and playback of three-dimensional movies
Triangle strip length maximization
Method and apparatus for processing and playback of digital images at a display monitor
Processing image data
Method and apparatus for video graphics antialiasing with memory overflow optimization
Vehicle control system including transponder jammer and related methods
RFID reader with integrated display for use in a product tag system
Security system
Alarm system for detecting excess temperature in electrical wiring
Pager with unread pager message indicator
Apparatus for indicating operational status of semiconductor fabrication equipment
Parked vehicle locator
Integrated air logistics system
Video display apparatus with scan conversion and reversion and a video display method using scan conversion and reversion
Correlation modulating apparatus
Circuit and method for display of interlaced and non-interlaced video information on a flat panel display apparatus
Plasma display panel unit
Method and apparatus for displaying gray scale of plasma display panel
Plasma display device
Method of driving a luminescent display
Liquid crystal display apparatus and electronic device for providing control signal to liquid crystal display apparatus
Active matrix liquid crystal display apparatus and method for flicker compensation
Liquid crystal display
Electro-optical device
Data driving circuit for liquid crystal panel
Apparatus having a DAC-controlled ramp generator for applying voltages to individual pixels in a color electro-optic display device
Graphic processing method and system for displaying a combination of images
Magnetic recording and playing back apparatus
Non-contact type transmission device and rotary magnetic head unit having the non-contact type transmission device and a bias current control section
Cassette mounting and ejection mechanism
Disk drive with interlocking disk clamp
Power consumption reduction method, power consumption reduction circuit, control circuit, and hard disk drive apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling write operations of a data storage system subjected to a shock event
Integrated data storage disk and disk drive
Data storage to enhance timing recovery in high density magnetic recording
System and method for calibrating a corner frequency of a tunable filter using ADC code difference method
Circuit and method for refreshing data recorded at a density sufficiently high to undergo thermal degradation
Removable cartridge disk drive with a receiver for receiving a cartridge housing a hard disk
Tape cassette reel-locking spring with connection portion bent downwardly at midway portion thereof
Customization schemes for content presentation in a device with converged functionality
Pluggable transceiver module having rotatable release and removal lever with living hinge
Pre-assembled voice coil magnetic assembly and rotatable attachment structure/method to base plate for disc drive
Hermetically sealed plural disk drive housing
Reducing bias current settling time in magneto-resistive head pre-amplifiers
Disc drive reader with reduced off-track pickup
High speed inductor current driver with minimum overshoot
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Properly biased AP pinned spin valve sensor with a metallic pinning layer and no read gap offset
Magnetoresistive structure having improved thermal stability via magnetic barrier layer within a free layer
Method of fabrication of striped magnetoresistive (SMR) and dual stripe magnetoresistive (DSMR) heads with anti-parallel exchange configuration
Read head with improved lead layers at an air bearing surface
Magnetic head shield pole with nonmagnetic separation film between transition portion and shield portion
Head assembly and storage device
Air-activated spindle/disk pack locking system
Measurement of tape position error
Position error signal calibration using measured bursts
Method and apparatus for head-positioning control, for use in a disk drive
Method for self-servowriting timing propagation
Method and apparatus for providing servo gain linearization for a magneto-resistive head
Speed profile selecting means for a recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical pickup apparatus
Bias circuit for series connected decoupling capacitors
Oscillator for simultaneously generating multiple clock signals of different frequencies
Output circuit for high-frequency transmission applications
Multidirectional input device
Electrical device comprising a PTC polymer element for overcurrent fault and short-circuit fault protection
Overvoltage protection device including wafer of varistor material
Circuit protection device
Thermal protection for surge suppressors
Microcomponents of the microinductor or microtransformer type and process for fabricating such microcomponents
Data communication isolation transformer with improved common-mode attenuation
Apparatus and method for PCB winding planar magnetic devices
Controllable inductor
Magnetoresistance effect film and magnetoresistance effect type head having specified antiferromagnetic promote layer
High k dielectric material with low k dielectric sheathed signal vias
Multilayer capacitor
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Chip capacitor having external resin packaging
Low resistance bonding in a multi-electrode double layer capacitor having single electrolyte seal and aluminum-impregnated carbon cloth electrodes
Capacitor terminal
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of making same
Capacitor with heat pipe cooling
Current controller for contact and a controlling method for contact
Split and angled contacts
Switching element produced in the form of a film
Miniature electromechanical switch
Cross bar for a conductor in a rotary breaker
Method for fabrication of an MIM capacitor and related structure
Method and apparatus for controlling chucking force in an electrostatic
Clip for heat sink
Mechanical loading of a land grid array component using a wave spring
Heat sink clip with pivotally connected arms
Solid state imaging devices and driving methods that produce image signals having wide dynamic range and multiple grey scales
Microwave phase-shifter and electronic scanning antenna with such phase-shifters
High-frequency filter, complex electronic component using the same, and portable radio apparatus using the same
Electrical transmission line arrangement having displaced conductor sections
Dielectric resonator, filter, duplexer, oscillator and communication apparatus
Retractable antenna for portable telephone
Single or dual band parasitic antenna assembly
Horn reflect array
Helical antenna, antenna unit, composite antenna
VHF/UHF self-tuning planar antenna system
Antenna device
Arrangement relating to reflector antennas
Cavity slot antenna
Dual band patch bowtie slot antenna structure
Coupling arrangement for a stripline network
Spatially orthogonal signal distribution and support architecture for multi-beam phased array antenna
Low profile, broadband, dual mode, modified notch antenna
Integrated MMDS antenna with reflector mounted on a totally sealed single-body dipole-transceiver base
Magnetic beam deflection devices
High gain, frequency tunable variable impedance transmission line loaded antenna providing multi-band operation
Low profile, broad band monopole antenna with inductive/resistive networks
Polarization and wavelength stable superfluorescent sources
Multistage optical amplifier with Raman and EDFA stages
High power, multiple-tap co-doped optical amplifier
Three-electrode-discharge surge arrester
Electrical housing with non-integral cable outlet port member
System for assembly and maintenance of connection modules in high-voltage switchgear, a method therefor and a system component
Setpoint silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) electrostatic discharge (ESD) core clamp
Integrated circuit with charge pump and method
Semiconductor device capable of generating a plurality of voltages
Component assisted power regulation
Oscillation circuits featuring coaxial resonators
Mixer with stepped gain and constant common mode DC output bias voltage
Semiconductor device
System and method for auto-bias of an amplifier
High power amplifier linearization method using extended saleh model predistortion
Feed forward amplifier
On-line calibration of linear amplifiers
Circuit for detecting distortion in an amplifier, in particular an audio amplifier
Method and apparatus for multi-channel digital amplification
System and method for converting from single-ended to differential signals
High speed output buffer
Programmable linear transconductor circuit
Gain-controlled tuned differential adder
Signal conversion circuit for stable differential amplification and semiconductor device provided with the same as input buffer
Method for bias rail buffering
CMOS buffer for driving a large capacitive load
Driver circuit with output common mode voltage control
Multi-stage, low-offset, fast-recovery, comparator system and method
Amplifier with feedback power control loop offset compensation
Computer tomograph with a multi-stage charge-integrated read amplifier
Electrical signal filter with improved isolation shield
Filter with controlled offsets for active filter selectivity and DC offset control
Decimation filter for a bandpass delta-sigma ADC
Method for constructing an encapsulated MEMS band-pass filter for integrated circuits
Drive circuit for semiconductor power device and semiconductor switching circuit using the drive circuit
Capacitively-coupled extended swing zero-DC-power active termination with CMOS overshoot/undershoot clamps
Resetting circuit independent of a transistor's threshold
Programmable impedance control circuit and method thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling both active and standby power in domino circuits
Output driver circuit using thin and thick gate oxides
Pre-buffer voltage level shifting circuit and method
Differential-input circuit
Signal output device and method for sending signals at multiple transfer rates while minimizing crosstalk effects
Low-power CMOS digital voltage level shifter
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Pin programmable reference
Programmable logic device routing architecture to facilitate register re-timing
Stack-based impulse flip-flop with stack node pre-charge and stack node pre-discharge
Differential comparison circuit
Precision set-reset logic circuit and method
D-FF circuit
High speed data sampling with reduced metastability
Input buffer with compensation for process variation
Receiving circuit
Apparatus and method in an integrated circuit for delay line phase difference amplification
Differential active loop filter for phase locked loop circuits
Reference signal switchover clock output controller
Digital fractional phase detector
PLL circuit and phase lock detector
Method and device for spectrally pure, programmable signal generation
Method and apparatus for analog to digital conversion using time-varying reference signal
Configuration bus interface circuit for FPGAs
Format converter
Cancellation circuit that suppresses electromagnetic interference in a high speed circuit
Mobile communication device
Combined transmit filter and D-to-A converter
Telephone line monitoring and alarm apparatus
Browser interface to scanner
Automated self-portrait vending system
Image sensing apparatus and method capable of merging function for obtaining high-precision image by synthesizing images and image stabilization function
CRT phosphor aging method
Digital camera and external device for image storage and camera control
Method and apparatus for audio and video end-to-end synchronization
Super resolution scanning using color multiplexing of image capture devices
Method for converting analog video signal to digital video signal
Transmission of wideband chroma signals
Automatic white balance adjustment system
Optical network
Apparatus for communicating multi-lingual messages and method therefor
Method and apparatus for limiting message loss and message latency in a messaging system
Pulse generating capacitor
Device for interfacing an integrated circuit chip with a printed circuit board
Electrical junction box
Mount shelf for an electronic circuit board
Techniques for cooling a circuit board component
Telecommunications enclosure with individual, separated card holders
Method for attenuating electromagnetic interference using resonant cavities of dissimilar dimensions
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