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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean variety XB06H04
Compositions for eliminating human and animal excrement smells and a method for use therein
Pyrazolyl-substituted heterocycles and their use as phytosanitary products
Imidazo [2,1-b]-1,3,4-thiadiazole sulfonamides
Lactic acid bacteria for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of giardiasis
Method and apparatus for bone removal
Increasing the HDL level and the HDL/LDL ratio in human serium by balancing saturated and polyunsaturated dietary fatty acids
Process for making stable protein based acid beverage
Adhesive bra with improved breathability
Applicator dispenser of a paste cosmetic product, typically a mascara
Liquid dispenser
Single-handed biopsy system
Tissue specimen encapsulation device and method thereof
Methods for marking a biopsy site
Medical instrument for dissecting tissue
Flexible systems for spinal stabilization and fixation
Apparatus and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone
Bendable cutting device
Method and kit for treatment of tissue
Catheter deployment device
Medical instrument for accessing a breast duct for performing a medical procedure
Diagnostic imaging contrast agents with extended blood retention
Viewing system having means for processing a sequence of ultrasound images for performing a quantitative estimation of flow in a body organ
Echogenic coatings with overcoat
Dental cast scanning apparatus
Multilayer conductive appliance having wound healing and analgesic properties
Pharmacotherapeutic process and composition for central nervous system disorders
Vascular filter system for carotid endarterectomy
Compositions containing fast-leaching plasticizers for improved performance of medical devices
Engineered proteins, and methods of making and using
Shoulder prosthesis with anatomic reattachment features
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Selected fused pyrrolocarbazoles
Pyridine-3-carboxamide derivatives as CB1 inverse agonists
Dialkylhydroxybenzoic acid derivatives containing metal chelating groups and their therapeutic uses
Process for preparing water soluble phosphonooxymethyl derivatives of alcohol and phenol
pH-sensitive polymeric micelles for drug delivery
Dietary supplements containing natural ingredients
Peptides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other beta-amyloid protein fibrillogenesis disorders
Insulin derivatives
Supplemented fibrin matrix delivery systems
Regulation of biodegradability of composite biomaterials
Method to enhance the immunogenicity of an antigen
Methods and compositions for inducing apoptosis in cancer cells
Blockade of T lymphocyte down-regulation associated with CTLA-4 signaling
Physiologically active agents containing vicinal dithioglycols and use thereof in various branches of economy
Pharmaceutical formulations of modafinil
Paroxetine controlled release compositions
Amino acid modulated extended release dosage form
Oral 2-methyl-thieno-benzodiazepine formulation
Ibuprofen containing hard shell capsules
Method for controlling the position of a permanent magnetically supported rotating component
Tissue expander, system and method
Removable occlusion system for aneurysm neck
Rapid exchange catheter with stent deployment, therapeutic infusion, and lesion sampling features
Multiple lumen catheter
Safety non-coring needle
Automated radioisotope seed loader system for implant needles
Tights-type leg support garment
Golf ball
Filament wound bat and winding and molding method therefore
Batting system
Continuous water ride
Method and system for the distribution and maintenance of entertainment-related objects and devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Integrated dual cross flow filtration and ultrasonic transducer assembly
Method for producing a membrane made of bridged polymer and a fuel cell
Exhaust emission control device
Delivery system for a composition
Purification process comprising microfiltration at elevated temperatures
Method for gel hydration system
Supported catalyst and method for preparing the same
Screw conveyor for a decanter centrifuge
Method of making a glove with gripping dots
Display comprising a cholesteric liquid-crystal in hardened gelatin and method for making the same
Etching system using a deionized water adding device
Mechanically alloyed precious metal magnetic sputtering targets fabricated using rapidly solidified alloy powders and elemental Pt metal
Helical cutting insert with progressive cutting edge
Wire cutting device, wire transport system, and method for severing of a wire electrode in an EDM machine
Tool changing device for a machine tool and method for changing tools on a machine tool
Tool replacement method and nut driver for machine tools
Cover structure of a machine tool
Knife sharpener
Swing device of industrial robot
Drive unit for plastics injection machines
Press die alignment
Method of producing a golf ball
Pressing device for manufacturing of shaped compacts from pulverized material
Method of manufacturing a sponge device
Imprint lithography template having a feature size under 250 nm
Disk substrate, mold apparatus for injection molding the same, and disk substrate taking-out robot
Magnetic encoder
Epoxy resin composition and fiber reinforced composite material using epoxy resin composition
Hydrolysis-stable film comprising a polyester with a hydrolysis stabilizer and process for its production and its use
Device for satinizing and embossing flat materials
Method and apparatus for feeding slider-zipper assemblies
Treatment for ultrasonic welding
Antireflection film and making method
Nanoconduits and nanoreplicants
Low defect density, ideal oxygen precipitating silicon
Automatic printing plate feeding system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Generation of an ultra-superheated steam composition and gasification therewith
Methods of making intermediates from polyhydroxyalkanoates
Chromatographic method for the analysis of both in process and finished sevoflurane
Process for hydrogenation of aromatics in hydrocarbon feedstocks containing thiopheneic compounds
Carnitine-magnesium hydroxycitrate
Amorphous HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors of desired particle size
Dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors; processes for their preparation and compositions thereof
Catalytic process for the preparation of thiazole derivatives
Compositions containing oxetane compounds for use in semiconductor packaging
Ureido or carbamate derivatives of crown ethers and of silicon usable for preparing supports intended for the separation by chromatography of metal cations and of organic molecules comprising amine functional groups
Stereoselective method for the preparation of nucleosides
Crystalline form III of anhydrous moxifloxacin hydrochloride and a process for preparation thereof
Process for preparation of 7-[.alpha.-Amino (4-hydroxyphenyl) acetamido]-3-substituted-3-cephem-4-carboxylic acid
Process for preparing tertiary phosphines
Method for the production of calendic acid, a fatty acid containing delta-8,10,12 conjugated double bonds and related fatty acids having a modification at the delta-9 position
CCT protein expression promoter
G cap-stabilized oligonucleotides
2,5-diketo-D-gluconic acid (2,5-DKG) permeases
Soluble toll-like receptor
Therapeutic using a bispecific antibody
Boron-containing compound, ion-conductive polymer and polyelectrolyte for electrochemical devices
Process for the preparation of urethane resins and urethane resin compositions
Hydrophilic polymer composition
Polycarbonate--ultem block copolymers
Use of polyacrylate-modified polysiloxanes as levelling agents in coating compositions
Bituminous compositions
Water dispersible compositions containing natural hydrophilic water-insoluble pigments, methods of preparing same and their use
Writing instruments with eradicable inks and eradicating fluids
Pre-coated particles for chemical mechanical polishing
Environmentally benign anti-icing or deicing fluids
Refrigerant compositions
Retort heating systems and methods of use
Detergent product
Functional substances derived from oligoolefins having functional groups at the ends
Carpet cleaning composition with citrus
Acoustic wave RFID/biosensor assemblies
Arabidopsis thaliana derived frigida gene conferring late flowering
Modulation of forkhead box O1A expression
Methods for increasing the efficiency of recombinant AAV product
Recombinant porcine liver esterases, their use and a method for the production thereof
Polymer conjugates of proteinases
Nucleotide sequences coding for the MtrA and/or MtrB proteins
2,5-DKG permeases
Enzymatic synthesis of deoxyribonucleosides
Nucleotide sequences coding for the MtrA and/or MtrB proteins
Anti-DOTA antibody
Biological systems for manufacture of polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers containing 4-hydroxyacids
Proteomic screening for redox state dependent protein--protein interactions
Alpha-2B-adrenergic receptor polymorphisms
Sensing phage-triggered ion cascade (SEPTIC)
Inhibitors against galectins
Sputtering apparatus
Process for pickling martensitic or ferritic stainless steel
Apparatus for controlling and/or measuring additive concentration in an electroplating bath
Process for the coating for metallic implant materials
Nanostructures produced by phase-separation during growth of (III-V).sub.1-x(IV.sub.2).sub.x alloys
Textiles; Paper
Feeding arrangement for feeding of chips to chip bins
Fixed Constructions
Reinforced mat for unstable surfaces
Sack-based processes for recovering oil floating on water
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compliant seal and system and method thereof
Rotor assembly retaining apparatus
Corrosion protection for wind turbine units in a marine environment
Horizontal type compressor
Bearing having embedded hard particle layer and overlay and method of manufacture
Back drive silent chain system with low profile sprocket
Shift system for transfer case
Convertible flashlight
Industrial up light reflector
Insulated beverage cup
Portable terminal having cameral lens assembly
Backlight using surface-emitting light sources
Apparatus for adjusting a signal and prohibiting adjustment of the signal based on a position of a movable member
Portable air defense ground based launch detection system
Method of determining optical properties and projection exposure system comprising a wavefront detection system
Plasma-based debris mitigation for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light source
Field induced THz wave emission microscope
Raindrop sensor
Enhanced photophysics of conjugated polymers
Methods for SEM inspection of fluid containing samples
Automatic detection of quality spectra
Method for matching two measurement methods for measuring structure widths on a substrate
Microfluidic device with network micro channels
Method and apparatus for measuring sucrose transport into the fruit of plants
Nanotube sensor
Standard sample composition and manufacture thereof
Method and a device for measuring, by photo-spectrometry, the concentration of harmful gases in the fumes through a heat-producing plant
Diagnostic kit for predicting the onset of menopause
Assays, antibodies, and standards for detection of oxidized and MDA-modified low density lipoproteins
Methods for determining the relative benefits and/or evaluating quantitative changes of products on epithelial tissue
YKL-40 as a marker and prognostic indicator for cancers
Monoclonal antibody against ovarian carcinoma
Thin film probe card contact drive system
Non-contact mobile charge measurement with leakage band-bending and dipole correction
Method for detecting and monitoring wafer probing process instability
Semi-conductor component testing process and system for testing semi-conductor components
Curved spring structure with elongated section located under cantilevered section
Connector test device
Inspecting apparatus for liquid crystal displays
Method for improving the image homogeneity of image data from phase-cycled steady state sequences
Streamlining data transfer to/from logging while drilling tools
Fiber-optic connector for releasably coupling an optical fiber to an optoelectronic device and related method
Restraining temperature rise in light exiting-side polarizer constituting liquid crystal light valve
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Alternating phase shift mask design for high performance circuitry
Method for forming an opening in a light-absorbing layer on a mask
Method for preparing lithographic printing plates
Production process of light emitting device
Process for producing negative-charging electrophotographic photosensitive member, negative-charging electrophotographic photosensitive member, and electrophotographic apparatus using same
Color toner, and full-color image forming method
Hologram film having identification information recorded thereon and method for manufacturing the same
Fixed-frequency current mode converter and control method thereof
Lighting of discharge lamp by frequency control
Analysis of data from a mass spectrometer
System, method, and computer program for interfacing an expert system to a clinical information system
Imprintable ancillary signal indicator for indicating a communication
Method and system for identifying lost or stolen devices
Portable exerciser for stringed instrument players
Magnetic detecting element having pinned magnetic layers disposed on both sides of free magnetic layer
Over-current protection device and conductive polymer composition thereof
Inductive component and method for producing same
Flexible sheet for resistive touch screen
High intensity discharge lamp ballast with anti-theft operating mode
System and apparatus for adjustable keyboard arrangements
Light source
Plasma display panel and method of driving thereof
Electron beam lens for micro-column electron beam apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Enhanced scanning control of charged particle beam systems
Carrier and analyzing apparatus including the carrier
Electron beam exposure apparatus
Mass spectrometer
Orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Photoluminescent phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating same
Device and method for monitoring process exhaust gas, semiconductor manufacturing device, and system and method for controlling semiconductor manufacturing device
Method for producing a protection for chip edges and system for the protection of chip edges
Methods for metal plating of gate conductors and semiconductors formed thereby
Method to selectively remove one side of a conductive bottom electrode of a phase-change memory cell and structure obtained thereby
Method for producing a stacked structure
Process for the transfer of a thin film
Method for processing a layered stack in the production of a semiconductor device
Method to reduce photoresist pattern collapse by controlled surface microroughening
Method of forming an integrated circuit incorporating higher voltage devices and low voltage devices therein
Process for producing a field-effect transistor and transistor thus obtained
Semiconductor device having a random grained polysilicon layer and a method for its manufacture
Alignment and orientation features for a semiconductor package
Semiconductor die packages with recessed interconnecting structures
Adhesion improvement for low k dielectrics to conductive materials
Stitched micro-via to enhance adhesion and mechanical strength
Film formation method and apparatus for semiconductor process
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, electronic device, electronic equipment, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing electronic device
Semiconductor package
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Inspection methods and structures for visualizing and/or detecting specific chip structures
Copper ring solder mask defined ball grid array pad
Integrated circuit package with laminated power cell having coplanar electrode
Electronic circuit device with reduced breaking and cracking
Registration mark within an overlap of dopant regions
Image reading apparatus having an image sensor unit
Solid-state image pickup device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor optical device having current-confined structure
Capacitor placement for integrated circuit packages
Semiconductor device having transferred integrated circuit
Light emitting device comprising film having hygroscopic property and transparency and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor transistor having structural elements of differing materials
Self-aligned double gate device and method for forming same
Dual damascene copper interconnect to a damascene tungsten wiring level
Active matrix substrate and display device
Semiconductor device having a metal conductor in ohmic contact with the gate region on the bottom of each groove
Digital magnetic storage cell device
Laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Ferroelectric capacitors having oxidation barrier conductive layers and lower electrodes disposed in trenches defined by supporting insulating layers
Electric contacts and method of manufacturing thereof, and vacuum interrupter and vacuum circuit breaker using thereof
Self-aligned low-k gate cap
Semiconductor component and sensor component for data transmission devices
Semiconductor light emitting device
Gas barrier substrate
Vibration wave linear motor
Forming electrical contacts to a molecular layer
Organic electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Battery pack apparatus with heat supply and discharge
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Planarized structure for a reliable metal-to-metal contact micro-relay MEMS switch
Compact high-power beam hopping switch network
Female contact
Terminal fitting
Drawer-type all-in-one card connector
Connector and a connector assembly
Device plug and electronic instrument socket particularly for use in recharging instrument battery
Gripper contact
Signal connecting apparatus for a folder type mobile terminal
Method and system for making and using an electrical connection between a conductor and a circuit board
Connector improved in reliability of electrostatic protection
Spark plug
Multifunction clips and ground/mounting strap for wiring device
Circuit arrangement for stabilizing a supply voltage and method for operating said circuit arrangement
Efficient high-speed electric device using low-loss materials
External rotor motor and method for assembling such a motor
Brushless motor control apparatus and brushless motor control method
Oscillation circuit and electronic equipment
Emitter coupled logic oscillator circuit
Technique to improve the gain and signal to noise ratio in CMOS switched capacitor amplifiers
Negative feedback system with an error compensation scheme
System and apparatus for receiver equalization
Amplifying circuit, noise reducing apparatus and power converting apparatus
Method and apparatus for phase balancing of amplifier modules
Voltage to current converter and method for converting
Acoustic mirror
Fault tolerant selection of die on wafer
Programming semiconductor dies for pin map compatibility
Logic circuits utilizing gated diode sensing
Closed-loop delay compensation for driver
Duty cycle corrector
Method and apparatus for controlling transition rates on adjacent interconnects
Low current consumption detector circuit and applications
Multi-level/single ended input level shifter circuit
Phase-locked loop circuits with reduced lock time
Retiming circuits for phase-locked loops
Audio codec adapted to dual bit-streams and methods for use therewith
Compressor airfoil surface wetting and icing detection system
Method for controlling the operation of a probe
Electrical heating element
Golf ball heater
Metal sheathed heater using splice connection assembly with heat shrinkable tubing, and method of use
Dual voltage infinite temperature control for an electric cooking appliance
Analog control of light sources
Metal halide lamp having function for suppressing abnormal discharge
Microwave or radio frequency device including three decoupled generators
Protective coating method for pieces made of heat resistant alloys
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hair processing accelerator with rotatable adjustable semicircular heaters
Method for determining the location and orientation of a bone for computer-assisted orthopedic procedures using intraoperatively attached markers
Apparatus for image-supported treatment of a work object
MRI system for measuring vision capabilities
Intraoral jig for optical measurement
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Monitoring constituents of an animal organ using statistical correlation
Infrared ATR glucose measurement system utilizing a single surface of skin
Two electrode heart rate monitor measuring power spectrum for use on road bikes
Module for acquiring electroencephalograph signals from a patient
Mapping and ablation catheter system
Systems and methods for identifying images
Method for obtaining trabecular index using trabecular pattern and method for estimating bone mineral density using trabecular indices
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
CT apparatus
Medical apparatus provided with a collision detector
Fading resistant multi-level QAM receiver
Tongue placed tactile output device
Anti-aging electromagnetic apparatus
Electrode arrangement for medical catheters
Stimulating electrode having low polarization and method of making same
Stimulating electrode having low polarization and method of making same
Split contact with super elastic retaining ring for implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for treating auditory hallucinations
Method for collection of biventricular histograms
Implantable cardiac stimulation device having autocapture/autothreshold capability
Catheter for treating supraventricular tachyarrhythmias
Cardiac rhythm management system with atrial shock timing optimization
Magnetoresistive-based position sensor for use in an implantable electrical device
Transcutaneous energy transfer device
Multiple state morphology-based system detecting ventricular tachycardia and supraventricular tachycardia
Apparatus for tissue remodeling
Microphone mounting structure for a sound amplifying respirator and/or bubble suit
Bowling center system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Array of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer elements with through wafer via connections
Process for monitoring and controlling the quality of rolled products from hot-rolling processes
Method and apparatus for determining the position of an elongated object relative the surface of an obstructing body by means of electromagnetic radiation
Abbe error correction system and method
Torque control
Power assist apparatus and control method for same
Pressure-distribution sensor for controlling multi-jointed nursing robot
System for controlling clamp pressure in an automatic molding machine
Signal processing method
Wet type image forming apparatus and information processing system using this apparatus
Vehicle wheel information supply device which supplies smaller data set earlier than larger data set
Preceding vehicle following control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Control apparatus of hybrid vehicle and control method thereof
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Vehicle headlamp leveling device
Restraint deployment control method with feed-forward adjustment of deployment threshold
Vehicle customization, restriction, and data logging
Fuzzy logic based vehicle collision avoidance warning device
Vehicular brake control device
Remote verification of software configuration information
Pyro-acoustic generator for protecting submarines and surface ships
Processes for packaging perishable and other products
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Polymer dispersants and methods of use in a nuclear steam generator
Textiles; Paper
Fiber having optical interference function and use thereof
Sewing data processing apparatus and program storage medium
Fixed Constructions
Hydraulic circuit control device of construction machinery
Water heating appliance with tipover and float switches
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine control system for improved driveability
Method of determining barometric pressure for use in an internal combustion engine
Dual suspension bearings for x-ray tube
High speed rotating shafts and methods of characterizing same
Rotary anode X-ray tube with an axial bearing arrangement
Control method of auto-balancing system of optical disk drive
Speed ratio control system of continuously variable transmission
Low profile waveguide system
Cooling system for cooling interior of substantially airtight housing
Autonomous landing guidance system
Distributed GPS navigation system
Automatic charting of obstructions for mission planning
Information terminal and cartographic information providing system
Portable terminal with the function of walking navigation
Navigation system and a method for operating it as well as a navigation data carrier and a method for writing onto it
Destination input device in vehicle navigation system
Navigation system with route indicators
Satellite tracking velocity recorder
Distance-measuring apparatus and method for camera
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for determining the vertical speed of an aircraft
Water management system
Dynamic friction measurement apparatus and method
Nip pressure sensing system
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Specimen preview and inspection system
Nonintrusive inspection system
Direct structure determination of systems with two dimensional periodicity
Software for the display of chromatographic separation data
Control apparatus for gas analyzer system and control method thereof
Method and apparatus for monitoring performance of multiple electrical loads from a single source
Circuits, user terminals, and methods for determining information associated with pin limited devices using excitations of different frequencies
Magnetic resonance imaging system with an interventional instrument
Imaging system for a medical diagnostic apparatus
User interface for global positioning system receiver
Method and apparatus for locating GPS equipped wireless devices operating in analog mode
Hybrid radio location system using a combination of satellite pseudoranges and radio pseudoranges
Computerized auditory scene analysis particularly suited for undersea applications
Sonar system performance method
Sensor apparatus and method
Seismic exploration device and method of operation thereof with remote control processing of seismic signals produced by individual seismic sensors
Application of hybrid gathers for rapid determination of seismic acquisition parameters
Method for integrating gravity and magnetic inversion with geopressure prediction for oil, gas and mineral exploration and production
Transfer function method of seismic signal processing and exploration
Method for 2D inversion of dual laterolog measurements
Optical switch
Optical phase shifter having an integrated planar optical waveguide and phase shifter element
Optical switching apparatus
Measuring device with an optical interface with low polarization dependent loss (PDL)
Dispersion and dispersion slope compensated fiber link
High-power waveguide lasers
Optical probe and method for manufacturing same and scanning proximity field optical microscope
V-shaped groove block for an optical fiber
Negative dispersion single mode waveguide fiber
Wavelength tunable filter device
Waveguide coupler
Optical alignment system
Fiber grating and fiber optic devices using the same
Monolithic 2D optical switch and method of fabrication
System and method for refracting and deflecting light utilizing liquid crystal bars and blocks
Modular approach to substrate population in a fiber optic cross connect
Integrated optical switch array
Double hermetic package for fiber optic cross connect
Optical device having an optical component isolated from housing
Module for parallel optical data transmission
Optical module and manufacturing method thereof
Self-tolerancing fiber optic transceiver shield
Communication cable having enhanced crush resistance
Polarization maintaining optical isolators
Method and device for producing a choice of either single photons or pairs of photons in an optical channel
Unstable optical cavity for laser beam
Ratcheting diopter adjustment device
Finder optical system
Ring light guide device for camera
Image processing apparatus, image output device, and image processing system
Stereo camera
Image data recording method and frame image regenerating method
Zoom camera with automatic power-shutoff function and the automatic power-shutoff method thereof
Lens-fitted photo film unit capable of changing over aperture stop
Picture image forming system with stapler
Image forming apparatus and method with sheet removal after jam detection
Image forming machine having finisher for different length sheets
Thermal fixing system for recording media of a printer or copier device that are printed on one or both sides
Image forming apparatus which pre-prepares for sheet processing
Developer-carrying member having exposed surface containing graphite or molybdenum disulfide particles
Image forming apparatus using intermediate transfer medium
Image transferring device and image forming apparatus including the same
Image heating apparatus provided with a body that is movable with a recording material
Wick roller assembly for an electrophotographic machine
Electrostatographic reproduction machine having a motion-defect-free cleaning method and assembly
Watch character panel and watch
Multifunction wristwatch with electronic device
Electronic timepiece
Rapid triggering digital timer
Universal remote including apparatus using compressed codes for video recorder control
Control circuit for regulating at least two controlled variables
Control system for apparatus repair information
System for controlling/regulating the operational sequences in a motor vehicle and a method for starting such a system
Method and device for controlling the movement of a support
Wireless interface adaptor for remote diagnosis and programming of vehicle control systems
Contactless connectors for use in a high frequency alternating current power distribution system
Dual input, hot swappable dual redundant, enhanced N+1 AC to DC power system
Method and apparatus for arbitrating bus access amongst competing devices
Apparatus and method for digital data transmission
Variable mode averager
Data processing method and apparatus
Enhanced model identification in signal processing using arbitrary exponential functions
Text data extraction system for interleaved video data streams
Method and architecture for an interactive two-way data communication network
Tooling adapter for allowing selected manipulation of a workpiece
Self-organizing industrial control system using iterative reverse modeling to evaluate bids
Managing how current files of a product are at the time of release
Efficient process tool utilization in semiconductor manufacturing using an additional process tool state
Stepper alignment process
Robot feature tracking devices and methods
Method and apparatus for entering data strings including hangul (Korean) and ASCII characters
Method and apparatus for accurate placement of semiconductor wafers onto respective platforms within a single reaction chamber
Method and apparatus for generating random numbers from a communication signal
4-Bit population count circuit
Method for evaluating an input data signal and circuit system for carrying out said method
Handwriting verification device
Feature extraction system and face image recognition system
Image processing system with automatic image cropping and skew correction
Method and apparatus for estimating motion using block features obtained from an M-ary pyramid
Data conversion processing circuit
Identity verification methods
Molecular computer
Control system for controlling object using pseudo-emotions and pseudo-personality generated in the object
Method and system for making up and managing a logistic chain
Fully automated vehicle dispatching, monitoring and billing
Cash-less automatic vending system
Systems for requesting service of a vending machine
Formation and analysis of signals with common and transaction watermarks
Steganographically encoding a first image in accordance with a second image
Using a minimal number of parameters for correcting the response of color image sensors
Image processing method including a chaining step, and medical imaging apparatus including means for carrying out this method
Image processing method including spatial and temporal noise filtering steps, and medical imaging apparatus for carrying out this method
Text enhancement
Method and apparatus for processing images to compute image flow information
Method and system for knowledge guided hyperintensity detection and volumetric measurement
Image processing apparatus
Image subregion querying using color correlograms
Deriving dimensions of a detail of an object
Repeated decoding and encoding in subband encoder/decoders
Motion vector compensation using overlapping weighted windows
Moving picture coding apparatus
Video signal recording and reproducing apparatus
Land vehicle communications system and process for providing information and coordinating vehicle activities
Motor vehicle navigation system
Methods and apparatus for measuring signal level and delay at multiple sensors
Magneto-optical recording device with three distinct layers
Magneto-optical storage medium having first and second recording layers
Magnetic head up/down mechanism for magneto-optical disc drive
Optical reproducing method
Method for reading optical information medium and optical information medium
Self-lubricating layer for a data storage disk
Method and apparatus for providing a resume function for a disc player
Recording and reproducing system having resume function
Disk supporting device
Method and device for controlling information signal recording
Digital servo channel for recording apparatus
Data storage utilizing parity data to enhance performance
Disk cartridge and adapter
Disc changer capable of selecting a medium for playback again within a prescribed time
Method for operating a jukebox
Information recording and reproducing apparatus for dubbing an audio-visual digital signal and auxiliary information recorded in a magnetic tape
Recording/reproduction and/or editing of real time information on/from a disc like record carrier
Editing device with display of program ID code and images of the program
Information recording method, information recording/reproducing apparatus, and information recording medium
Method and apparatus for blocking reproduction of video title in optical disk player
Multimode multi-track optical recording system
Information recording apparatus
Disk player for performing data reproduction recorded on a disk
Optical information reproducing device
Optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus using wobble signals detected from a groove and pit signals detected from pits on the recording medium to control recording and/or reproducing
Optical disk drive apparatus capable of searching an optimum target position
Information recording method and apparatus
Method for reproducing information from optical medium
Apparatus for scanning optical recording media having a scanner and a travel measuring device
Pick-up head controller for optical disk drives
Scanning micropatterns on an optical medium
Methods and apparatus for detecting and correcting magnification error in a multi-beam optical disk drive
Optical pickup device and optical disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Aberration detection device and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Device for reading from or writing to optical recording media
Servo control for correcting errors in tilt angle of optical beam
Bifocal optical pickup head
Objective lens for high-density optical focusing, and optical pickup using the same
Magnetic random access memory having digit lines and bit lines with a ferromagnetic cladding layer
Magnetic random access memory having digit lines and bit lines with shape and induced anisotropy ferromagnetic cladding layer and method of manufacture
Integrated ferroelectric memory having plate lines selected by a column decoder
Method for cell margin testing a dynamic cell plate sensing memory architecture
Semiconductor memory device having reduced current consumption at internal boosted potential
Memory device with booting circuit capable of pre-booting before wordline selection
Transparent continuous refresh RAM cell architecture
Dram CAM cell with hidden refresh
Selective look-ahead match line pre-charging in a partitioned content addressable memory array
Embedded CAM test structure for fully testing all matchlines
Read device and read method for semiconductor memory
Trimming method and system for wordline booster to minimize process variation of boosted wordline voltage
Flat memory cell read only memory
Redundancy circuitry for repairing defects in packaged memory having registers
Method for testing a memory device having two or more memory arrays
Method for testing a memory device with redundancy
Fuse circuit using anti-fuse and method for searching for failed address in semiconductor memory
Die architecture accommodating high-speed semiconductor devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for controlling activation thereof
Method and apparatus to conditionally precharge a partitioned read-only memory with shared wordlines for low power operation
Semiconductor memory device enabling reduction of test time period
Low-voltage digital ROM circuit and method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with memory banks and read buffer capable of storing data read out from one memory bank when data of another memory bank is outputting
Semiconductor device
Initialization system for recovering bits and group of bits from a communications channel
Method for regulating read voltage level at the drain of a cell in a symmetric array
Multi-level signal lines with vertical twists
CMOS boosting circuit utilizing ferroelectric capacitors
Embedded static random access memory for field programmable gate array
Register file scheme
Method and system for monitoring at least one operating parameter of the core of a nuclear reactor
Dry radioactive substance storage facility
X-ray apparatus including a filter provided with filter elements having an adjustable absorption
High resolution x-ray imaging of very small objects
X-ray tube anode cooling device and systems incorporating same
Rotary anode for an x-ray tube and method of manufacture thereof
Cold-plate window in a metal-frame x-ray insert
Vacuum processing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing line using the same
Integrated circuit package
Semi-selective chemical vapor deposition
Integrated circuit package substrate integrating with decoupling capacitor
Selective device coupling
Selective device coupling
Device having a light transmission device
Headset assembly including replaceable battery
Paging antenna and radiotelephones incorporating same
Detachable flip cover assembly for a portable phone
Discharge unit for a high repetition rate excimer or molecular fluorine laser
Splitter for use with an optical amplifier
Semiconductor laser device and optical processing system using the device
Semiconductor laser device with non-oxidized facet regions
Structure and method for asymmetric waveguide nitride laser diode
High-power laser with transverse mode filter
Electric power system having series connected capacitor
Voltage multiplier for low voltage microprocessor
Synchronous PWM switching regulator system
Power supply apparatus for the reduction of power consumption
Control switch for synchronous rectification circuit of DC-DC converter
Rectification circuit
Digital phase-locked loop apparatus with enhanced phase error compensating circuit
Power amplifier saturation prevention method, apparatus, and communication system incorporating the same
Temperature compensated, zero bias RF detector circuit
Combined parallel adaptive equalizer/echo canceller
Input device
Distortion reduction method and apparatus for linearization of digital pulse width modulation by efficient calculation
Spectral shaping a CDMA signal
Frequency hopping for baseband transmitters
Ultrawide-band communication system and method
Coherent adaptive subcarrier modulation method
Receiver and method for CDMA transmission with enhanced path searcher
Network healing smart fiber optic switch
Device and method for minimizing optical channel drift
Method for accurate signal-to-interference measurement for wireless communication receivers
Method and device for measuring the transmission quality in cells of mobile radio networks
Method for improving performance of a mobile radiocommunication system using power control
CDMA base station lantern application
Multipath transmission for optimizing receiver reception
Adaptive radio system
Spread spectrum radio transmission digital mobile communication device
Scanning antenna diversity system for motor vehicles
Rake receiver for spread spectrum signal demodulation
Generalized orthogonal designs for space-time codes for wireless communication
Process of cyclic detection in diversity of polarization of digital cyclostationary radioelectric signals
Single-LNB satellite data receiver
Methods for enhancing service and reducing service cost in mobile satellite systems
Method and system for controlling uplink power in a satellite communication system using error leveling
Satellite communication system using linear cell tracking
Dynamic compensation of signals for space telecommunication repeaters
System for controlling communications between a terminal and satellite and method therefore
Method for transferring data over a satellite network by using unique beam identifiers to route the data
Spread spectrum communication apparatus
Reception method and receiver
Receiver apparatus for a random access channel of a CDMA mobile communication system
Radio communication system, transmitting apparatus, radio communication control apparatus, receiving apparatus, and radio communication method
Mobile station access to a base station on a digital multiple access control channel
Method for selecting a wireless communications service provider in a multi-service provider environment
Technique for effectively communicating multiple digital representations of a signal
Method and apparatus for performing satellite selection in a broadcast communication system
Method and configuration for synchronizing system units
Method and apparatus for transporting gigabit ethernet and fiber channel signals in wavelength-division multiplexed systems
Broadband telecommunications system interface
Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) cell multiplexing/demultiplexing apparatus
Method of and apparatus for performing line characterization in a subscriber line communication system
Apparatus and method for examining and standardizing line connections
Estimating data delays from poisson probe delays
Enhanced signaling for terminating resource
Communication of physical layer control parameters
Wireless communication method, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication control apparatus
Communication control apparatus
Method for transmitting multimedia packet data using a contention-resolution process
Local network with redundancy properties having a redundancy manager
Scheduler system for scheduling the distribution of ATM cells
Congestion avoidance on communications networks
Apparatus and method of reducing packet length count processing
Communication controlling apparatus
Crossbar switch fabric with deterministic maximal scheduling of connection requests with strict scheduling prioritization derived from requested service delays
System and process for GHIH-speed pattern matching for application-level switching of data packets
Trunk delay simulator
Multi-stage queuing discipline
Transmitting delay sensitive information over IP over frame relay
Internal traffic in a telecommunications node
Fabric system and method for assigning identifier for fabric apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for message routing, including a content addressable memory
Client-optimized data transmission system and method
Traffic control method for providing predictive guaranteed service
Supporting multiple application traffic types over connection oriented networks
Allocation of control channel in packet radio network
System and method of providing a bi-directional DSL connection
Methods of encoding payload bits for transmission
Phase constellation modulator
Spread-spectrum GMSK/M-ary radio
Processing circuits for complex operation
Receiver for detecting an amplitude modulated signal insinuated on an GHM signal
Digital QAM modulator using post filtering carrier recombination
Control system for controlling a mobile robot via communications line
Communication system supporting simultaneous voice and multimedia communications and method of operation therefore
Communications involving disparate protocol network/bus and device subsystems
Unified table for L2, L3, L4, switching and filtering
Duplex satellite communication using a single frequency or pair
FM in-band-on-channel digital audio broadcasting method and system
Method and system for distributing telephone and broadband services over the copper pairs within a service location
Multidirectional communication systems
Non-data-aided feedforward timing synchronization method
Receiver to recover data encoded in a serial communication channel
Method for transmitting digital data over a capacitive interface with data integrity
System and method for controlling disclosure time of information
Method and apparatus for generating a stream cipher
Method for retrieval of stored telephone numbers in a radio communication device
Method and device for selecting a destination telephone number using a mobile station
Noise eliminated digital wireless transceiver apparatus
Automatic conversational record
Wireless private branch exchange (WPBX) and communicating between mobile units and base stations
Procedure and system for executing an alarm function
Capacitive isolation system with digital communication and power transfer
Allocating antenna-provided communications services
Method for the acceptance of calling charges for individual calls as well as telephone network and terminal unit
Validation query based on a supervisory signal
Dial-around compensation method and system
System and device for detecting subscriber's busy hour
Telecommunications system and method providing generic network access service
Telephone main unit and telephone control apparatus
Message switching apparatus for processing message according to message processing procedure
Message delivery system
Method and apparatus for an automated caller interaction system
System and method for computerized status monitor and use in a telephone network
Image forming apparatus with lamp burn-out detection
Image processing apparatus and method
Symbol sign directed phase detector
Method and apparatus for performing phase detection and timing recovery for a vestigial sideband receiver
Autofocus apparatus
Digital broadcasting receiver
Apparatus and method using compressed codes for television program record scheduling
Digital video signal recording/reproducing method and apparatus
Multi-angle digital and audio synchronization recording and playback apparatus and method
Transmitter, receiver, transmitting method and receiving method
Conditional access
Motion prediction apparatus and method
Methods of recording/reproducing moving image data and the devices using the methods
Stereo video data coding apparatus
Forward error correction at MPEG-2 transport stream layer
Data transmission system based upon orthogonal data stream mapping
Phone line splitter assembly
Apparatus and method of testing optical networks using router modules
Apparatus and method for bidirectional data transfer
Asynchronous bit-table calendar for ATM switch
Partitioning of shared resources among closed user groups in a network access device
Automatic echo cancellation for an integrated services digital network interface
Multimedia channel management through PSTN signaling
Internet telephone apparatus, communication system utilizing wide area data communication network, and terminal adapter
Method and apparatus for switching data between bitstreams of a time division multiplexed network
Method of transmitting an acknowledgement to an A-subscriber
Integrating the telephone network and the internet web
Communication node, restoration method and communication network
Service and information management system for a telecommunications network
System and method for redirecting control of in-band signaling
Methods and apparatus for originating voice calls
Intelligent telecommunications network providing automated call booking, call reconnection and diary booking services
Communication system consisting of at least two private branch exchanges with pbx team function
Three stage router for broadcast application
Credit information in a mobile phone
Breakout test box for monitoring signal integrity in a modular base station
Test facility and test method for the continuous monitoring of the services in GSM networks
Apparatus and method for generating a pilot signal in order to perform a hard hand-off
Soft handoff algorithm and wireless communication system for third generation CDMA systems
Call handoff
Mobile radio receiver for cellular radio telecommunications systems
Speaker and speaker device
Compact modular in-the-ear hearing aid
Cooling mechanism for an audio speaker
Sound image localization method and apparatus, delay amount control apparatus, and sound image control apparatus with using delay amount control apparatus
Recording and play-back two-channel system for providing a holophonic reproduction of sounds
Audio and video reproducing apparatus having independent control of selected signals
Power circuit for a semiconductor light source operable from a solid state relay
Non-contact power supply device
Method for operating a radiation examination device
Apparatus for supporting an electronic equipment
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