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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Compositions and methods for altering tocotrienol content
Combinations of active substances
Fungicidal compositions including hydrazone derivatives and copper
Process for deterring and training pets
Composition for treating infectious diseases
Bioherbicide from Festuca spp
Herbicidal compositions containing glyphosate
Preventive or therapeutic drug for Alzheimer-type dementia
Derivatives of morphine-6-glucuronide, preparation method thereof and use of same in therapeutics
Chemical compounds
Substituted pyrrolo-pyrazole derivatives active as kinase inhibitors
Liquid oral care product geared to disinfect and sterilize a toothbrush head in a collapsible condiment like package
Method for manufacturing wrapped food products, as well as conveyor system for carrying out said method
Method of improving the properties of a flour dough, a flour dough improving composition and improved food products
Preserved slices of vegetables and fruits and processing methods
Method for producing soy sauce powder
Method and apparatus for processing cigarette butts
Match container and striker for a match handle
Collapsible adjustable garment hanging device
Runner fastening device for an umbrella
Luggage with integrated vacuum bags
Audio / video isolation rack
Space saving wardrobe or closet
Furniture drive
Vehicle seat
Portable backrest for a person seated sideways on a sofa
Spinal supporting chair attachment
Linking style hanging closet
Display magnetic hanger system
Powdered silica, silica container, and method for producing them
Keyed twist-lock hook assembly for aperture board
Telescoping grilling tong
Endoscopic lens cleaner
De-looping tool for an endoscope
Epicardial access and treatment systems
Multi-orientation targeting set for MRI biopsy device
Surgical instrument for removing bone, cartilage or similar tissue
Minimally invasive instruments and methods for preparing vertebral endplates
Insertion and reduction tool for pedicle screw assembly
Dynamic facet replacement system
Load carrier for a bone fixation system
Eye therapy system
Systems, devices, and methods including catheters having components that are actively controllable between transmissive and reflective states
Method and systems for measuring interpupillary distance
Patient weight bearing monitor
Method and apparatus for monitoring brain activity
Monitoring device with an accelerometer, method and system
Physiologic parameter monitoring apparatus
Complex compound and MRI probe made of same
Method of measuring cardiac related parameters non-invasively via the lung during spontaneous and controlled ventilation
Orthodontic connector assembly and a method for treating teeth
Mouthguard and method of manufacture therefor
Tools for removal and installation of exchangeable cardiovascular valves
Gripping mechanism
Automatic hydrating device for invalids and the disabled
7-piperidinoalkyl-3, 4-Dihydroquinolone derivative
Phloroglucinol derivatives having selectin ligand activity
Anthranilic acid derivatives
Transition metal complexes of a bis[thio-hydrazide amide] compound
Compounds and methods for inhibiting the interaction of BCL proteins with binding partners
Stabilizing compositions for antibiotics and methods of use
Use of N-piperidine derivatives for the treatment of neurodegenerative pathologies
Hybrid opioid compounds and compositions
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of premature ejaculation
Macrocyclic compounds pounds and methods of use thereof
Composition containing fermantable polysaccharides
Cytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase (MDH1) targeted treatment for neurodegenerative diseases
Method of enhancing the acceptance and/or healing of a skin graft
Viral chemokine-antigen fusion proteins
Fully human influenza M2 specific antibodies
Method of treating cancer and/or cellular proliferative conditions and agents targeting hyaluronan anabolism useful for same
Pre-ligand assembly domain of the IL-17 receptor
Thickeners based on polyurethane
Boldline compounds for promoting bone growth
Synergistic mixed poloxamer systems for the solubilisation of drugs
Pharmaceutical microparticles
Pharmaceutical compositions
Nasal dilator
Method and apparatus to attain and maintain target end tidal gas concentrations
Resuscitation device
Method and apparatus for extensible intravenous drip line
Endoluminal access devices and related methods of use
Dispensing assembly for two components with double syringe and mixer
Endoscopic bite guard and related methods of use
Ultra-sonic and vibratory treatment devices and methods
Tricyclic heterocyclic compounds, compositions and methods of use thereof
Process for coating eyelashes
Fragrance microemulsion compositions
Pressure activated device and breathing system
Aircraft hose retrieval system
Floating foam for fire fighting
Calf enhancer for the lower extremity
Methods and systems for biomechanic characterization
Method for training a basketball player
Table game and method of play
Methods and apparatus for determining distances to selected targets on a golf course using a wireless communication device
Pari-mutuel wagering apparatus and method
Integrating chat and wagering games
Controlling and presenting virtual wagering game environments
Performing Operations; Transporting
Continuous processing and solids handling in near-critical and supercritical fluids
Beverage production device
Fluted filter media
Hydrophobic filter assembly for biopsy system
Airplane lavatory filtering system device
Velocity stack mounted air filter assembly
Oil separating device, especially for crankcase venting in an internal combustion engine
Methane recovery from a landfill gas
Advanced intercooling and recycling in CO.sub.2 absorption
Method for biogas treatment
Cheap thin film oxygen membranes
Late transition metal catalysts for olefin oligomerizations
Coated catalysts comprising a multimetal oxide comprising molybdenum
Method for producing energy using an alkali metal
Surface treating method and device thereof
Grinder-dispenser apparatus for frozen material
Method for creating a dry lubricant layer
Patterned magnetic bit data storage media and a method for manufacturing the same
Method of forming insulated conductive element having a substantially continuous barrier layer formed via relative motion during deposition
Method for sorting resistant seed from a mixture with susceptible seed
Spray nozzle tip adapter and method of cleaning paint spray nozzle
Method of manufacturing electrical discharge surface treatment-purpose electrode and electrical discharge surface treatment-purpose electrode
Single-crystalline metal nanorings and methods for synthesis thereof
Tool chuck with sleeve and clutch mechanism to remove operator variability
Assembly for head welding
Powdered grip clamping force
Complex apparatus and method for polishing an ingot block
Disc sander
Sandblasting apparatus
Hand held sharpening device
Polishing slurry and polishing material using same
Method for manufacturing a composite drive shaft manufactured using mold
Injection molding method
Rod-shaped implant, in particular for spinal stabilization, method and tool for producing the same
Hot-runner system having carbon nanotubes
Apparatus for molding optical fiber connector
Molded article transfer device
Pipe preformed liner comprising metal powder
Prescription label identity peeler
Disposable protective cover for a foot-receiving surface
Cleaning sheets, transfer member having cleaning function, and method of cleaning substrate-processing apparatus with these
Adjustable-height support member
Multi-dimensional print cutting head
Printing method and device having first and second printing units
Heater chips with silicon die bonded on silicon substrate, including offset wire bonding
Applications of shaped nano alumina hydrate in inkjet paper
Hand-cranked pencil sharpeners
Pneumatic tire
Bearing device of a transverse leaf spring that can be mounted in the region of a vehicle axle of a vehicle
Anti-siphoning device for fuel tanks
Switching device of a driving power transmission system and an off-road vehicle
Child car seat
Motorcycle transportation restraint system
Lashing strap hook load securing system
Interior light assembly
Vehicle seat arrangement and airbag arrangement for a motor vehicle and a method for protecting a vehicle occupant
Vehicle seat assembly
Headrest and vehicle seat provided with the same
Multi function patient transport
Vehicle front portion structure
Rear wheel drive assist with articulation based speed modulation
Cable steering linkage
Bicycle cable housing guide
Mimetic gear
Emergency evacuation system, in particular for a tailless aeroplane
Sky/space elevators
Safety cabinet for filling self-contained breathing apparatus bottles
Multi-valve delivery system
Formula bottle
Easy grip mixing bowls
Apparatus for shading a beverage container
Carton with divider
Interlocking device and packaging bag with interlocking device
Case structure and method for pre-forming the same
Foldable storage case
Hinged-lid package
Operation platform for loading and unloading workpieces
Component holdback system
Gondola carriage assembly
Shroud for a dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Purification of materials non-electrically conductive in the solid state and electrically conductive in the molten state with electric induction power
Spiro compounds
Centralized sump oil and acid oil treatment process and system
Bacterial eliminator
Robust air-detraining for cement milling
Method and system for treatment of biological wastes for preparation of fertilizers
Process for the synthesis of propargylated aminoindan derivatives
Process for producing 3-(2-cyano-1-propenyl)-2,2- dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid or salt thereof
Process for the selective preparation of light olefins
Systems for alkyl ester production
Polymorph forms of (2S)-(4E)-N-methyl-5-[3-(5-isopropdxypyridin)yl]-4-penten-2-amine
Processes for producing phenyl-6-(1-(phenyl)ureido)nicotinamides)
Heterocyclic derivative and use thereof
Organic thin film transistors comprising thienyl oligomers and their use as gaseous phase sensors
(1R, 1'R)-atracurium salts separation process
Isoquinoline derivative
Process for resolving zopiclone
Compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Preparation of organomonoalkoxy (or monohydroxy) silanes from alkoxysilanes/organometallic compounds
Conjugates and compositions for cellular delivery
Nanoparticles for delivery of bioactive agents
Nucleic acids encoding a deletion variant of uPAR
Inhibitor protein of the wnt signal pathway
Peptide capable of binding to immunoglobulin
Method for producing devolatilized polyolefin and molded article of polyolefin
Method for mechanical stabilization of nitrogen-containing polymers
(Pentaphenyl)phenyl group containing compound, polymeric derivative thereof and method for forming the same
Organic electroactive materials and an organic electronic device having an electroactive layer utilizing the same material
Engineering plastic resin composition containing graft copolymer
Air springs and vulcanizable compositions for preparing the same
Flame retardant agent for thermoplastic resin and flame retardant resin composition
Use of polymer powder containing UV absorber for the stabilisation of polymers against the effects of UV radiation
Graft copolymer, thermoplastic resin composition comprising the graft copolymer, and those production method
Infrared reflecting black pigment, paint and resin composition
Corrosion protection coatings
Method and apparatus for supply of low-Btu gas to an engine generator
Methods and materials for conferring resistance to pests and pathogens of plants
Reduction of lyso-phosphatidylcholine acyltransferase activity
Plant 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase
Five- and six-membered conformationally locked 2',4'-carbocyclic ribo-thymidines for the treatment of infections and cancer
DNA encoding hydantoinase, DNA encoding N-carbamyl-L-amino acid hydrolase, recombinant DNA, transformed cell, method of producing protein, and method of producing optically active amino acid
Gene having endoreduplication promoting activity
Method for controlling proliferation of cord blood hematopoietic stem cells and use thereof
Methods of specifying mesodermal, endodermal and mesoendodermal cell fates
Differentially recessed contacts for multi-gate transistor of SRAM cell
Methods of culturing fungi and producing cellulases and chitin
Formic acid treatments of biomass feedstock
Immobilized product tolerant microorganisms
Dry stick device and method for determining an analyte in a sample
Pancreatic cancer genes
Protective offset sputtering
CMP sensor and control system
Abrasive wire cleaning apparatus with stirring nozzles
Textiles; Paper
Systems, devices, and/or methods for washing and drying a product
Papermaking fabric
Paper with improved stiffness and bulk and method for making same
Fixed Constructions
Dock catway with improved nose piece, dock bumper and platform
Anchoring device and method for fixation of a launching unit for highwall mining
Sound attenuation systems and methods
Structural surface design device
On board screen device
Swimming pool rake and debris catcher apparatus and system
Apparatus for creating bidirectional rotary force or motion in a downhole device and method for using same
Cement composition containing a substituted ethoxylated phenol surfactant for use in an oil-contaminated well
Systems and methods for producing oil and/or gas
Equipment for pressurized adsorption of gaseous carbon dioxide from boiler flue gas for oil recovery by well injection
Method for optimizing in-situ bioconversion of carbon-bearing formations
Stimulation of biogenic gas generation in deposits of carbonaceous material
Di-functional surfactants for enhanced oil recovery
Treating nahcolite containing formations and saline zones
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Bearing device of gas turbine power generation equipment and gas turbine power generation equipment
Rotor for an axial flow turbomachine
Radiated sound reducing structure
Fuel line gasket for use with a diesel fuel injector
Liquefied natural gas system for a natural gas vehicle
Method for operating at least one injector of an internal combustion engine
Injection system, and method for the production of an injection system
Fuel supply system for motorcycle
APR plate clamping device
Fastening device
Cage nut for mounting server to server rack
Assembly and method for mounting a pump bearing in/on plastic coolant pump housings
Rotary elastic coupling and its method of manufacture
Roller type transmission device
Belt tensioner utilizing asymmetric motion control
Brush seal for a turbo-machine
Butterfly valve assembly incorporating a unitary shaft and butterfly plate valve element
Flexible pipe having pressure armour layer
Support stand for supporting electronic device
Solar light apparatus and system
Test device using light projection to test adherence of electrical device
Lighting apparatus having a plurality of retractable means and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting diode lamp
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Illuminating system,universal lamp holder and LED lamp
Illumination device having changeable illumination area
Heat-dissipating downlight lamp holder
Traffic light
Apparatus for safe carriage of a drink vessel within a darkened area
Light guide lens with curved surface parts that reflect light into an asymmetrical pattern, and bicycle headlight including the same
White-light emitting devices with stabilized dominant wavelength
Solar thermal unit
Heat pipe with composite wick structure
Heat sink having heat-dissipating fins of large area and method for manufacturing the same
Methods and kit for isolating nucleic acids
Microfluidic device having a flow channel
Method for producing purified hematinic iron-saccharidic complex and product produced
Methods and compositions for diagnosis or prognosis of cardiovascular disease
Binding of pathological forms of prion proteins
Nucleic acids and corresponding proteins entitled 254P1D6B useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Use of a bis-maleic anhydride cross-linking agent for fixation of a cell or tissue sample
Light blocking plate and lens module having same
Optical fiber connector
Method and apparatus for illumination
Image viewing systems with an integrated screen lens
Optical scanning projector with raster scanning unit and vector scanning unit
Projection display device having specified internal optical path angles
Heat-sensitive transfer image-receiving sheet
Method for finishing surface of preliminary polished glass substrate
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element, resist pattern manufacturing method, and printed circuit board manufacturing method
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element, method for forming resist pattern and method for manufacturing printed wiring board
Fantasy football system
Method of protecting an individual's privacy when providing service based on electronic tag
Hidden tag for providing information about associated goods and services
Kit for building a model of a cell
Laparoscopic trainer and method of training
Quick change drum head assembly
Control of light in response to an audio signal
Electroactive materials
Cochlear implant assembly
Aqueous absorptive polymer-containing resin composition-producing method, aqueous absorptive polymer-containing resin composition, and porous substance-producing method using same and porous substance, insulated electric cable-producing method, insulated electric cable and coaxial cable
Local lighting keyboard
High intensity discharge lamp with enhanced dimming characteristcs
Organic functional element and method for manufacturing same
Quartz boat method and apparatus for thin film thermal treatment
Method for fabricating a back contact solar cell
Methods for manufacturing trench MOSFET with implanted drift region
Method for making a thin-film structure and resulting thin-film structure
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Fabrication method of minute pattern
Manufacturing method of SOI high-voltage power device
Method for fabricating 3D-nonvolatile memory device
Spacer and process to enhance the strain in the channel with stress liner
Patternable low-K dielectric interconnect structure with a graded cap layer and method of fabrication
Electrode contact contaminate removal
Method for producing an array of thin-film photovoltaic cells having a totally separated integrated bypass diode and method for producing a panel incorporating the same
Light emitting device with air bars and method of manufacturing the same
Charge transport materials for luminescent applications
Stackable repeating frame with integrated cell sensing connection
Separator for fuel cell and fuel cell comprising the same
Ion-conductive polymeric composite membrane, membrane-electrode assembly, fuel cell, and process for producing ion-conductive polymeric composite membrane
Generator module architecture for a large solid oxide fuel cell power plant
Socket connector
Electrical connector
Substrate connector
Socket protection device and circuit board assembly
Electronic device and pin thereof
Thin card connector adapted for thin card
Card insert/eject mechanism having a position-limiting plate engaging a sliding block
Socket and power adapter employing same
Electrical connector
Connector with detachable module
Coaxial connector with cable diameter adapting seal assembly and interconnection method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Rectangular solid food bar
Cheesecake bar
Baby wrap
Combined child's slipper and rattle
Ski boot
Overshoe footwear
Lighted sport design on an athletic shoe
Sole for footwear
Shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Baby foot key chain
Product packaging for sporting equipment
Luggage case
Carrying and storage case
Case for holding a compact disc player and compact discs
Underseat storage box
Umbrella handle
Kitchen brush
Cement step finishing brush
Set of bristles for a toothbrush
Children's toothbrush
Embossed tissue
Embossed tissue
Embossed tissue
Repeating pattern for a bonded fabric with background
Seating unit
Seat with interior compartment
Adjustable high-chair for children
Bench organizer
Motorcycle saddle seat
Vehicle seat
Car seat leg rest
decorative bed frame
Combined tie and belt hanger
Foldable hanger for luggage
Footwear upper
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for tracking objects underwater
Interactive, individually controlled, multiple bladder seating comfort adjustment system and method
Microwave systems for medical hyperthermia, thermotherapy and diagnosis
Apparatus and method for determining the correct insertion depth for a biopsy needle
Apparatus and method for noninvasive glucose measurement
Cardiac event detecting system for a heart stimulator
Electroencephalograph based biofeedback system and method
Method for controlling data acquisition and image reconstruction during continuous MR imaging
Measurement confirmation devices and methods for fluoroscopically directed surgery
Catheter distal end assemblies with bonded surface coatings
Electrically heated chemical delivery system and method of manufacturing same
Active symbolic self design method and apparatus
External defibrillator electrode apparatus
Retractable lead with mesh screen
System and method of stimulation for treating gastro-esophageal reflux disease
Patient-worn energy delivery apparatus
System and method for calculating scatter radiation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process controlling method and device
Vehicle suspension control system and method
Control arrangement for longitudinal dynamics of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for determining fuel control commands for a cruise control governor system
Phone holder
Modular locomotive brake controller
Component deployment means for ice penetrating acoustics communication relay system
Low energy method for changing the inclinations of orbiting satellites using weak stability boundaries and a computer process for implementing same
Method and controlling system for preventing the scratching of wafer backs by the fetch arm of a stepper machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electrode materials from hydrous metal and/or hydrous mixed metal oxides
Fixed Constructions
Adjustable head assembly for ultrasonic logging tools that utilize a rotating sensor subassembly
Downhole monitoring method and device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for controlling turbomachines
Neural network based transient fuel control method
Adaptive controller with parameter adjustment law expressed in recurrence formula
System and method for monitoring exhaust gas hydrocarbon content in internal combustion engines
Method and device for driving an electromagnetic consumer
Vehicle transmission controller for changing gear ratios in accordance with road features
Apparatus and method for controlling speed change of a vehicle automatic transmission
Control apparatus and method for automatic transmission
Preventing gear hunting in an automatic transmission for a motor vehicle
Apparatus for controlling a continuously variable transmission and method thereof
Driving control system and monitoring device for fan filter unit in semiconductor clean room
Electroslag refining hearth
Method for the lateral avoidance of a mobile zone by a vehicle
Navigation system for vehicles and storage medium
Dynamic route guidance apparatus
Method and apparatus for the repeatable dosage of fluids
Multi-wavelength cross-connect optical switch
High-finesse optical resonator for cavity ring-down spectroscopy based upon Brewster's angle prism retroreflectors
Radiation thermometer and protective cover therefor
Method and apparatus for graphically monitoring and controlling a vehicle anti-lock braking system
Apparatus and method for calibrating moment-of-inertia and center-of-gravity
Detecting anomalies in rotating components
Versatile method and system for high speed, 3D imaging of microscopic targets
Method and apparatus for measuring multiphase flows
Cone penetrometer utilizing an X-ray fluorescence metals sensor
Non-contract method for assay reagent volume dispense verification
Instrument communication through signal jacks
Charge mode open/short test circuit
Optical layer quasi-centralized restoration
Time domain reflectometer having optimal interrogating pulses
Test permutator
Probe points and markers for critical paths and integrated circuits
Method for selecting operation cycles of a semiconductor IC for performing an IDDQ test by using a logical simulation and a fault simulation
Tunnel junction head structure without current shunting
Combined GPS and wide bandwidth radiotelephone terminals and methods
Method and apparatus for an autonomous cloud radar
Wavelet filtering of sodar signals
System and method for accurate positioning of mobile terminals
Estimating formation stress using borehole monopole and cross-dipole acoustic measurements: theory and method
Resistivity log correction method
Irradiance redistribution guide
Multiple dove prism assembly
Light source device including semiconductor lasers
Optical fiber ribbon
Microelectronic module having optical and electrical interconnects
Diffraction grating with reduced polarization sensitivity
Design and method for planar coupled waveguide filter
Method of making an optical waveguide to fibre connector using a free-standing, flexible waveguide sheet
Branching optical wave guide configuration
Optical attenuator
Optical fiber attenuator device using an elastomeric attenuator member
Multi-core optical fiber
Multi-wavelength channel transmission filter
Multiple port reflection based circulator
Compact optical matrix switch with fixed location fibers
Sensing configuration for fiber optic switch control system
Optical telecommunication apparatus
Imaging device
Optical fiber grating devices with enhanced sensitivity cladding for reconfigurability
Technique for fabrication of a poled electro-optic fiber segment
Article utilizing optical waveguides with anomalous dispersion at vis-nir wavelenghts
Optical device
Viewfinder system and optical apparatus having the same
Apparatus for switching an aspect ratio of an imaging field frame
Camera capable of displaying the level of visual effect
One-time-use camera with viewfinder incapacitated when rear cover part removed to load fresh film in camera
Optical apparatus and camera capable of line of sight detection
Camera having locator for image modification areas
Input device to input characters and symbols for recording characters and symbols on a film
Magnetic information recorder/reproducer
Rotational support for counter wheel facilitates assembly/disassembly or frame counter
One-time-use camera with fracture line of weakness non-coincident to pivot axis of film door
Enhanced device for producing analog and digital images from dental radiographic film and process for using the same
Motion compensation system having motion detection signal correction
Image blur correction apparatus
Pressure partition for X-ray exposure apparatus
Protective cover package for an organic photoreceptor belt
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a separation discharger
Double-sided image formation system
Electrical connector, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image bearing member and method of manufacturing the member and image forming apparatus using the member
Drive-voltage control device having a switching element for a drive-voltage supply line and an image forming apparatus using the drive-voltage control device
Image forming apparatus
Combined consumable material supply cartridge for image reproduction devices
AC scorotron
Toner supplying device, toner container therefor and image forming apparatus using same toner supplying device and toner container
Developer container, process cartridge, developer sealing member and sealing method
Developer removing apparatus of liquid printer
Recording apparatus and method including intermediate transfer medium
Image forming method and apparatus
Print medium guide for electrophotographic printer
Transfer roller positioning mechanism
Image forming apparatus
Fixing device using an induction heating unit
Image heating apparatus
Control apparatus for energizing heating element
Image forming apparatus and method with modes for copying an entire extent of a document and an extent except for edge portions
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a main assembly connector and a process cartridge having a cartridge connector electrically connectable with the main assembly connector
Photosensitive drum mounting method, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Process cartridge having shiftable cover with specific spacing between cover and cartridge
Grooved plane for congreve-style clock
Display device and watch with same
Electronically controlled mechanical timepiece
Method for measuring time and structure therefor
Logic system and method employing multiple configurable logic blocks and capable of implementing a state machine using a minimum amount of configurable logic
Method and apparatus for predicting and stabilizing compressor stall
Hazardous materials and waste reduction management system
Efficient fuzzy logic fault accommodation algorithm
Crossing network utilizing satisfaction density profile
Sinusoidal clock signal distribution using resonant transmission lines
Time synchronization algorithm for massively parallel processor systems
Semi-mobile desktop personal computer
Thermo-siphon and manufacturing method of thermo-siphon and information processing apparatus
Mechanism for automatic deployment of legs for portable personal computer for enhanced cooling
Supporting legs for a portable computer
Flexible computer system
Computer case with swing-out motherboard/backplane support
Contacting unit for card-shaped support elements for electronic components
Method and apparatus for tracking power of an integrated circuit
Retention mechanism for heat sink
Portable computer rotational heat pipe heat transfer
Apparatus and method for using a communications port in polling mode and without interrupts
Method for controlling electronic devices in response to sensed conditions using physical characteristic signal indicating use or anticipated use of the electronic device
Power control circuitry for use in a computer system and systems using the same
Energy-conserving power-supply system
Screening methodology for operating system error reporting
Detecting memory problems in computers
Data management apparatus, data management method, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for use of a host address to validate accessed data
Storage unit and storage unit subsystem
Communications system/method from host having variable-length format to variable-length format first I/O subsystem or fixed-length format second I/O subsystem using table for subsystem determination
Maintaining consistency of database replicas
Apparatus and method for streamlining data transfer with existing interconnect bandwidth
Device and method for identifying causes of web breaks in a printing system on web manufacturing attributes
Apparatus for monitoring tests run on a personal computer
Thread performance analysis by monitoring processor performance event registers at thread switch
Fault tolerant computer system
Method of debugging in a computer system
Intelligent backplane for collecting and reporting information in an SSA system
Generation isolation system and method for garbage collection
Computer system, program product and method of collecting interned data with a mark sweep collector
Method and apparatus for fetching information from a cache memory
Method and a system for determining an appropriate amount of data to cache
Apparatus and method for generating a stride used to derive a prefetch address
Method and system for rapid line ownership transfer for multiprocessor updates
Cache memory control system that caches requested data and adjacently displayed data
System for reducing storage access latency with accessing main storage and data bus simultaneously
Universal storage management system
Method and apparatus for miss sequence cache block replacement utilizing a most recently used state
System and method for controlling access to memory configured within an I/O module in a distributed I/O system
Method and apparatus for extending commands in a cached disk array
Disk array system for processing and tracking the completion of I/O requests
Method and apparatus for adaptively blocking outgoing communication requests and adjusting the blocking factor according to the volume of requests being received in an information handling system
Information processing apparatus
Process control system including a method and apparatus for automatically sensing the connection of devices to a network
Solid state data processor with versatile multisource interrupt organization
Data transfer apparatus with improved throughput due to reduced processing overhead in interrupt process
Bus arbitration interface for transferring signals converted in serial
Arbiter for transferring largest accumulated data block output from data buffers over serial bus
Secure bus arbiter interconnect arrangement
Method and apparatus for detecting a wake packet issued by a network device to a sleeping node
Apparatus providing connectivity between devices attached to different interfaces of the apparatus
Peripheral sharing system using a bus bridge to emulate peripherals on a first bus to a host on a second bus
Modular bus bridge system compatible with multiple bus pin configurations
Installation and removal of components of a computer
Multiple bus system using a data transfer unit
Apparatus and method for address translation and allocation for a plurality of input/output (I/O) buses to a system bus
Microprocessor with common bus for memory and peripheral circuit having data latch generator
Compact ISA-bus interface
Remote server management device
Automatic MAC control frame generating apparatus for LAN flow control
Method and apparatus for generating shared modem usage reports in a networked computer system
Vector shift functional unit for successively shifting operands stored in a vector register by corresponding shift counts stored in another vector register
Quantitative electroencephalographic (QEEG) process and apparatus for assessing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Real-time pipeline fast fourier transform processors
Image processing device with inverse quantization and two dimensional inverse discrete cosine transformation
Low latency correlation
Word-processing system for displaying primary and secondary language characters using a CGRAM and a CGROM
Method and apparatus for visually indicating status of a dataset when presenting portions of the dataset
Method for standardizing phrasing in a document
Morphological analysis method and device and Japanese language morphological analysis method and device
Determining similarity between words
Method and apparatus for searching for documents stored within a document directory hierarchy
Selective downloading of file types contained in hypertext documents transmitted in a computer controlled network
SCP database migration
Method for automatically providing a compressed rendition of a video program in a format suitable for electronic searching and retrieval
Data managing method and data managing device using the same for manipulating data independently from networks
Word-serial reader for network devices having limited display capabilities
File version reconciliation using hash codes
Hypermedia navigation using soft hyperlinks
Remote computer management system
Method and apparatus for structured document difference string extraction
Source code files in a file directory system having multiple hierarchies representing contextual views
Storage management system with file aggregation
Deferred referential integrity checking based on determining whether row at-a-time referential integrity checking would yield the same results as deferred integrity checking
Method and apparatus for synchronization of data retrieval and presentation
Method and apparatus for dynamic cache preloading across a network
Prefetching and caching documents according to probability ranked need S list
Digital system simulation
Inter-module data management methodology for circuit synthesis
Method of securing software configuration parameters with digital signatures
Personal computer ROM scan startup protection
System and method for using a second resource to store a data element from a first resource in a first-in first-out queue
Japanese text input method using a limited roman character set
Apparatus for converting game input port signals from a game controller into universal serial bus port signals
User definable windows for selecting image processing regions
Navigation key for a handset
Method for improving mouse performance and virtual device driver therefor
Storage and access of data using volume trailer
Apparatus and method that automatically scans for and configures previously non-configured disk drives in accordance with a particular raid level based on the needed raid level
Three input arithmetic logic unit with shifter
Pull through FIFO memory device
Frequency independent asynchronous clock crossing FIFO
High speed empty flag generator
Method and apparatus for synchronously transferring signals between clock domains
Longest coincidence data detection using associative memory units having interleaved data
Signal processing apparatus with stages in a signal path operating as LFSR of alternable type and method for processing signals
Method of and an apparatus for generating pseudo-random numbers
Cost reduced finite field processor for error correction in computer storage devices
Method and apparatus for performing shift operations on packed data
Data pointer for outputting indirect addressing mode addresses within a single cycle and method therefor
Speculative issue of instructions under a load miss shadow
System for completing instruction out-of-order which performs target address comparisons prior to dispatch
Apparatus and method for fast unified interrupt recovery and branch recovery in processors supporting out-of-order execution
Fetching and handling a bundle of instructions comprising instructions and non-complex instructions
Streams function registering
Cluster-based hardware-software co-synthesis of heterogeneous distributed embedded systems
Method and system for reducing an intentional program tree represented by high-level computational constructs
System for designing and implementing a graphical user interface
Software-enabled fast boot
Controlling the installation and configuration of programs and components in a network of server and client computers through entries into a primary server computer
Lock protocol for PCI bus using an additional "superlock" signal on the system bus
Methods and system for providing a background processing thread which manages the background tasks of external threads
Parallel distributed processing system and method of same
Method and system including a central computer that assigns tasks to idle workstations using availability schedules and computational capabilities
Shutter mechanism for electrode pad attached card and contact
Information reproducing apparatus for optically reading a data code pattern from an information recording medium where information is recorded as an optically readable data code pattern, and for reproducing such information
Liquid-level position measuring method and system
Profile extracting method and system
Apparatus for recognizing input character strings by inference
Computer implemented machine learning method and system
Computer system for interactive help using human-understandable knowledge and computer-understandable knowledge
Argument structure hierarchy system and method for facilitating analysis and decision-making processes
Case management for a personal injury plaintiff's law office using a relational database
Credit card collection strategy model
Constructing method of organization activity database, analysis sheet used therein, and organization activity management system
Software system and method for graphically building customized recipe flowcharts
Data copyright management method
System and method for performing an electronic financial transaction
Financial transaction processing systems and methods
Tree-based certificate revocation system
Automated data collection for consumer driving-activity survey
Electronic price label system including groups of electronic price labels and method of managing the groups
Associative search engine
Method for controlling a computer with an audio signal
3D image reconstruction for helical partial cone beam data
Server to dynamically generate graphics for the world wide web
Image mosaic construction system and apparatus with patch-based alignment, global block adjustment and pair-wise motion-based local warping
Method and apparatus for image rotation
Projective pan sharpening methods and apparatus
Method of and apparatus for calculating sharpness of image and apparatus for sharpening image
Method and apparatus for automatic discriminating and locating patterns such as finder patterns, or portions thereof, in machine-readable symbols
Apparatus and method for reducing imaging errors in imaging systems having an extended depth of field
Method and apparatus for removing temporal lighting variations from an image source
Image processing system and its smoothing method for correcting color fog and backlight of a digital image
Automated image enhancement for laser line scan data
Method of estimation and of hierarchised coding of the motion of image sequences
Measuring method and apparatus of photographic parameter and computer memory product
Compression encoding apparatus, encoding method, decoding apparatus, and decoding method
Digital signal processing method, digital signal processing apparatus, digital signal recording method, digital signal recording apparatus, recording medium, digital signal transmission method and digital signal transmission apparatus
Image discriminator
Image signal coding system
Picture encoding and/or decoding apparatus and method for providing scalability of a video object whose position changes with time and a recording medium having the same recorded thereon
Device for extracting parameters for decoding a video data flow coded according to an MPEG standard
Scalable inter-contour coding method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for batch mail processing with integrated scale and automatic manifest compilation
Postage metering system and method for automatic detection of remote postage security devices on a network
System for providing early warning preemptive postal equipment replacement
Banking system equipped with a radio linked portable terminal
Financial transaction terminal with limited access
Data receiver apparatus
Air traffic controller protection system
Information recording medium and reproducing device therefor with codes representing the software category and channels of recorded data
Digital hearing aid and method for feedback path modeling
Pinwheel transducer array
Speech synthesis system
Homograph filter for speech synthesis system
Method and apparatus for providing an improved user interface in speech recognition systems
Formant weighted vector quantization of LPC excitation harmonic spectral amplitudes
Audio encoding apparatus which splits a signal, allocates and transmits bits, and quantitizes the signal based on bits
DVD audio decoder having efficient deadlock handling
Sound compression/decompression method and system
Speech coding system and method including spectral formant enhancer
Method and system for adaptive speech enhancement using frequency specific signal-to-noise ratio estimates
Method and apparatus for providing an improved feature set in speech recognition by performing noise cancellation and background masking
Optical pickup system incorporated therein a polarizing film and a pair of 1/4 wavelength plates
Head switch operations in a magnetic disk system
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus for digital signals transmitted at variable data rate
Clamping mechanism for a disk playback device including a pivotable clamp arm
Disk transfer device
Disk player having a disk loading apparatus for loading a disk without using a tray
Data recovery in a disc drive with redundant sync data blocks
Method for controlling disk-type storage device
Speed of a compact disk drive
Method and apparatus for controlling the reproduction of data stored on a storage medium method
Frequency converter system
Reproducing apparatus having clock generator controlled by detected phase-difference and tendency of phase-difference
Data-reproducing device that detects equalization in the presence of pre-equalization data variation
Viterbi detector using path memory controlled by best state information
Optical disk drive recording/reproduction apparatus and method for producing modified address data
Optical disk with a groove for defining serial data modulated into a signal using modulation processing
Optical disc, optical disc device, and method for recording an optical disc
Phase locked loop circuit
Information reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Tape drive head cleaning cartridge having a cleaning element with cleaning segments extending above and below a cleaning tape
Method for precise velocity feedback control in an actuator system of a disk drive
Multi-drive, multi-magazine mass storage and retrieval unit for tape cartridges
Disk drive for detecting a retroreflective marker on a data storage cartridge
Magnetic tape cartridge
Apparatus for feeding and ejecting an optical card
Disk drive vibration isolation using diaphragm isolators
Disk drive system having a removable module
Header-formatted defective sector management system
Digital audio signal transmission apparatus with data blocks of varying sizes
Method and apparatus for writing and reading optical recording medium
Method and apparatus for recording compressed audio data on recording medium and method for transferring compressed audio data
System and method for detecting head-to-disk contact in-situ a direct access storage device using a position error signal
Method of testing performance of spindle motor in CD-ROM drive
Information recording/reproducing apparatus and a method of recording information onto an information recording/reproducing media having a plurality of storage medium types and recording modes
Recessed bezel for tape drive
Carrier to facilitate installation of an electronic device into an enclosure
Magnetic disk drive with air filtration
Air dams positioned between spinning disks for reducing the vibration in a data storage device
Magnetic head
Multi-element read/write tape head with low feedthrough
Bottom shield design for magnetic read heads
Magnetic head and system for controlling the position of a magnetic head
Hydrodynamic resistant latch for data transducer assembly and rotating disk storage device
Storage unit having reduced wait time of process with respect to command request
Repeatable runout free servo architecture in direct access storage device
Information recording apparatus
System for creating, reading and writing on rotatable information storage media, a method for combined writing and reading operations
Track counter
System for creating, reading and writing on rotatable information storage media, an apparatus for determining angular position, .theta.
Optical pickup and disc player
Composite slider with housing and interlocked body
Optical device for recording or reading data to an optical disk
Recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing method for optical recording media
Quantum random address memory with nano-diode mixer
Magnetic random access memory (MRAM) array with magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) cells and remote diodes
MRAM device using magnetic field bias to suppress inadvertent switching of half-selected memory cells
Methods of operating ferroelectric memory devices having reconfigurable bit lines
Ferroelectric memory used for the RFID system, method for driving the same, semiconductor chip and ID card
Ferroelectric memory device having two columns of memory cells precharged to separate voltages
Method and structure for refresh operation with a low voltage of logic high in a memory device
DRAM with reduced electric power consumption
Dynamic semiconductor memory device with low power consumption mode increasing electrostatic capacity of memory cell than in normal operation mode
Dynamic semiconductor memory device having excellent charge retention characteristics
Pulsed Y-decoders for improving bitline precharging in memories
Semiconductor memory
Circuit apparatus for evaluating the data content of memory cells
Semiconductor memory device having plurality of equalizer control line drivers
Method for reading out the contents of a serial memory
Semiconductor memory device
Multi-value dynamic semiconductor memory device having twisted bit line pairs
Non-volatile, static random access memory with high speed store capability
Multi-level memory circuit with regulated writing voltage
Dynamic single bit per cell to multiple bit per cell memory
System and method for programming nonvolatile memory
Sensing circuit for programming/reading multilevel flash memory
Apparatus and method for correcting data in a non-volatile random access memory
Ram-based associative content-addressable memory device, method of operation thereof and ATM communication switching system employing the same
Electrically erasable floating-gate memory organized in words
Source regulation circuit for an erase operation of flash memory
Non-volatile semiconductor storage device selecting bit lines on voltage divided from word line selection voltage
Word line and source line driver circuitries
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device whose addresses are selected in a multiple access
Semiconductor memory device
Efficient method for obtaining usable parts from a partially good memory integrated circuit
Semiconductor storage apparatus and method of manufacturing of the same
Redundant row topology circuit, and memory device and test system using same
High speed column redundancy scheme
Method for the testing of a dynamic memory
Symmetric memory board
Circuit and method for selectively overdriving a sense amplifier
Latch-type sensing circuit and program-verify circuit
Read circuit for non-volatile memories
Memory and circuit for accessing data bits in a memory array in multi-data rate operation
Bus-line midpoint holding circuit for high speed memory read operation
Precharge circuitry in RAM circuit
Synchronous memory with programmable read latency
Pointer circuit with low surface requirement high speed and low power loss
Semiconductor IC device having a memory and a logic circuit implemented with a single chip
Integrated circuit memory devices including circuits and methods for discharging isolation control lines into a reference voltage
Power-up circuit for semiconductor memory device
Multi-port SRAM cell array having plural write paths including for writing through addressable port and through serial boundary scan
Gravity driven suction pump system, methods, and apparatus
Fuel bundle and control rod assembly for a nuclear reactor
Electric double layer capacitor
X-ray tube with high-voltage plug
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
System for process data association using LaPlace Everett interpolation
Memory cell array architecture for random access memory device
High performance DRAM structure employing multiple thickness gate oxide
Thermal conductive member and electronic device using same
Heat sink for direct attachment to surface mount electronic device packages
Integrated circuit package heat sink attachment
Multi-chip land grid array carrier
Radio frequency module and method for fabricating the radio frequency module
Superluminescent diode and optical amplifier with wavelength stabilization using WDM couplers and back output light
Retractable radiotelephone antennas with extended feeds
Interface socket for transmitting both signal transmission and power supply from motherboard to external peripheral
Laser oscillator system
Passively mode-locked fiber lasers
Gas discharge excitation laser device
High-power external-cavity optically-pumped semiconductor lasers
Method and apparatus of producing coherent high-frequency electromagnetic radiation by interacting beams of ions and electrons
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser semiconductor chip with integrated drivers and photodetectors and method of fabrication
Cooling device of a planar light source
Laser diode protecting circuit
Variable capacitor
GFCI ground fault current filtering
Rapid short circuit protection for a multiple output power supply
Reserve d.c. power device
Electronic circuit for a portable electronic device
Asymmetrical pulse width modulated resonant DC-DC converter with compensating circuitry
Converter with low-inductance capacitor in an intermediate-circuit assembly
Power waveform synthesis using bilateral devices
Reception device for microwave signals
Paired multi-layered dielectric independent passive component architecture resulting in differential and common mode filtering with surge protection in one integrated package
Short circuit protection of IGBTs and other power switching devices
Shared counter
Dividing circuit for dividing by even numbers
Method and apparatus for performing digital fractional minimum shift key modulation for a very small aperture terminal
Multi-modulus frequency divider
Pragmatic trellis-coded modulation system and method therefor
Data communications system
Automatic identification of audio bezel
Method and apparatus for conserving power in a pager
System for communicating digital information between a base unit and plural mobile units
Relay station for wireless communication traffic
Method of, and apparatus for, processing low power pseudo-random code sequence signals
Code multiplexing transmitting apparatus
Method for selecting a control channel in a trunked radio system
System and method for suppressing noise in digitally represented voice signals
Apparatus and method for determining an optimum equalizer setting for a signal equalizer in a communication network receiver
Method and system for the transmission of data and power
Method for detecting strength of receiving signals of users in a code division multiple access system
Method and apparatus for processing power control signals in CDMA mobile telephone system
Two-way paging uplink infrastructure
Co-channel interference reduction
Arrangement and method in a base station
Closed loop power control for low earth orbit satellite communications system
Method and system for monitoring and controlling a single channel per carrier satellite link between two remote earth stations
Demand-based connection management integrated services access terminal (ISAT) for satellite communication system
System for linking transmissions from multiple sites over a wide area
System and method for detecting speech transmissions in the presence of control signaling
CDMA communication system
DS-CDMA transmission method
TDMA cellular communication system using a receiver station for detecting a timing difference between adjacent base stations
System and method for modeling simulcast delay spread and optimizing launch delays
Method and apparatus for control of carrier frequency and modulation and for quantizing block data
Multi-speed retainer
CDMA multi-code transmitter employing baseband signal time offset
Data transfer rate control method and data transfer rate controller
Method and apparatus for identifying signals for a set of communication devices in a signal stream having signals for a number of different sets of communication devices
Congestion control
Apparatus and method for controlling transmission parameters of selected home network stations transmitting on a telephone medium
Method and arrangement for mobile telephony
Method and apparatus for event data maintenance per MIN/ESN pair in a mobile telephone system
Packet framer
Telecommunications network
System and method for simultaneous voice and data with adaptive gain based on short term audio energy
Wireless communications system having a layered space-time architecture employing multi-element antennas
Variable rate circuit-switched transmission services in cellular radio systems
Data retransmission method used in confirmation information transmissions
Method and apparatus for performing error detection
Phase detector for carrier recovery in a DQPSK receiver
System for managing the configuration of multiple computer devices
Performance monitoring data acquisition library
Third-party notification by network directory server
Method and system for monitoring broadband quality of services
Adaptive digital wireless communications network apparatus and process
Method for storing and updating information describing data traffic on a network
Source and destination initiated interrupts for message arrival notification, and related data structures
Source and destination initiated interrupt method for message arrival notification
Method of mapping fibre channel frames based on control and type header fields
Method and apparatus for dynamic allocation of bandwidth to/from network adapter memory amongst active input/output ports
Programmable arbitration system for determining priority of the ports of a network switch
Network switch with a multiple bus structure and a bridge interface for transferring network data between different buses
Dynamic algorithms for shortest path tree computation
Multiple recent event age tracking method and apparatus
Multi-hop packet radio networks
Methods, systems and computer program products for end-to-end route selection in compound wide/local area networks
Snapshot routing with route aging
Buffered repeater with independent ethernet collision domains
Low cost searching method and apparatus for asynchronous transfer mode systems
Periodic verification of manually provisioned IS-IS routing data
Data stream shaper
Bandwidth management processes and systems for asynchronous transfer mode networks using variable virtual paths
Switching system
Method and arrangement in a radio communication system
Signal processing apparatus capable of processing received signals of different bit rates
Frequency offset estimation for wireless systems based on channel impulse response
Method of automatically detecting the baud rate of an input signal and an apparatus using the method
Method of generating address of coefficient memory in OFDM adaptive channel equalizer and apparatus employing the same
Timing phase synchronization detecting circuit and demodulator
Maximum likelihood estimation of symbol offset
Communication system
MMSE equalizers for DMT systems with cross talk
Method and apparatus of improving network performance and network availability in a client-server network by transparently replicating a network service
Method and system for enforcing a communication security policy
Methods and apparatus for a computer network firewall with proxy reflection
Network switcher
Robust delivery system
Maintaining sessions in a clustered server environment
Distributed directory for enhanced network communication
Enabling multicast distribution efficiencies in a dialup access environment
Multi-carrier CDMA communications systems
System and method for controlling access rights to and security of digital content in a distributed information system, e.g., Internet
Digital signature protocol with reduced bandwidth
Cryptographic system
Adjustable telephone headset
Pay phone box structure
Automatic dialing method
Application bound parameter storage
Host computer digital signal processing system for communicating over voice-grade telephone channels
Network facsimile apparatus capable of E-mail communications
System and method of implementing a private charge rate in a radio telecommunications network
Electronic surveillance in a public switched telephone network
Network controlled telephone for the visually impaired
Interactive method and apparatus for the generation of leads
Public IP transport network
Method for notification and control of incoming calls in a network
WWW-telephony integration
ACD with multi-lingual agent position
Voice-messaging system with non-user outcalling and auto-provisioning capabilities
Method of providing a multiple mobile subscriber access group in a radio telecommunications network
Hands-free speech communication apparatus
Communications terminal apparatus capable of detecting wide range of busy tones through telephone line
Color correction of a compressed image
Stereographic image compression with adaptive control parameter generation
Noise reduction apparatus for electronic edge enhancement
Image composition method and imaging apparatus for performing said method
Automatic timer event entry
Crypt key system
Real-time variable bit rate encoding of video sequence employing statistics
Digital recording and reproducing apparatus which multiplexes and records HDTV, SDTV and trick play data together on a magnetic tape
Video camera apparatus of digital recording type
System and method for recording, maintaining and viewing configuration and placement of equipment in field sites
Programmable reassembly of data received in an ATM network
Cell loss balance system and method for digital network
Virtual path merging in a multipoint-to-point network tunneling protocol
Communication line test apparatus with an improved graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for controlling a mixed network of analog and digital switches
Pots number processing using a service control point
Advanced intelligent single telephone number routing
Method and system for distributing messages from a signal transfer point to a plurality of service control points
Method and system for an intelligent distributed network architecture
Method and system for completing a voice connection between first and second voice terminals in a switched telephone network
Handling of time zones in a telecommunication system
Number portability using enhanced routing table
System and method for application location register routing in a telecommunication network
System for scheduling reverse-channel messages in narrowband communications systems and methods of operation
User interface for voice message access
Radio selective calling receiver having multiarea function and a reception restoring method
Encryption and decryption in communication system with wireless trunk
Packet switched radio channel congestion control
Method for providing closed user group service in mobile communication network
Authentication and tracking system for a cellular telephone
Mobile station originated SMS using digital traffic channel
Method of handling short message service acknowledgement messages between cooperating mobile switching centers in a radio telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for locating and tracking cellular telephones in a CDMA cellular communication network
Method and apparatus for wireless network architecture based on subscriber distribution
Signaling channel firewall for communications between wireless networks
Wireless access for local exchange carriers
Method and apparatus for routing calls to a low power portable
Transcoder unit
Method for detecting failure mobile station in cellular mobile communication network through transmission power control
Method of downloading a predetermined list of items into a mobile terminal controlled by a subscriber identity module, and a command, a subscriber identity module, and a mobile terminal corresponding to the method
Frequency assigning method for an eight cell frequency re-use plan providing cellular communications system without adjacent frequency channels
Accurate calculation of the probability of outage for the CDMA reverse link
Antenna system for narrowband communications systems and method of operation
Radiotelephone service planning system and method for determining a best server for a communication connection
Vehicle information communication system
Method and apparatus for defining and updating mobile services based on subscriber groups
Method of performing handoff in a wireless communication system
Method and system for global roaming in a cellular telecommunications system
Mobile communication termination controlling method and mobile communication termination controlling system
Rate detection for multi-rate communications
Apparatus and method for optimizing CPU usage in processing paging messages within a cellular communications system
System and associated method of operation for managing bandwidth in a wireless communication system supporting multimedia communications
Method for performing a soft handoff
Adjustable earphone with a microphone
Electrostatic capacitance type transducer
Continuous frequency dynamic range audio compressor
Hearing aids with standardized spheroidal housings
Hearing aid to be carried completely in the auditory canal and individualized by a cast body
Method for testing noise of a record/play-back loop in a computer audio system
Vest garment for acoustic stimulation of fetus
Transducer diaphragm with thermal strain relief
Fiber-honeycomb-fiber sandwich speaker diaphragm and method
Electroacoustic transducer
Method and apparatus for multi-planar radiation emission for imaging
Dual state memory card having combined and single circuit operation
Direct BGA socket
Network apparatus with removable electronic module
Electric device
Assemblies of electronic devices and flexible containers therefor
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