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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method of attaching an end seal to manufactured seeds
Stabilizing mechanism for a tree-felling head
Climate control for a greenhouse
Expandable animal kennel
Revolving lock rod storage holder
Carbonation system for enhancing the flavor of fruits and vegetables
Golf alignment device, method and apparatus
Method of forming a gem setting
Holder for an identification card
Refrigerator shelf retainer assembly
Mail delivery indicator assembly
Universal pillow
Wash basin comprising an illuminating device
Appliance which utilizes a magnetic clutch to transmit power from a drive means to a movable member and a magnetic clutch
Method to detect misalignment and distortion in near-eye displays
Electric toothbrush housing design
Self-adjusting child harness
Inhaler with vibrational powder dislodgement
Performing Operations; Transporting
Valve device
Comminution apparatus
Method of deagglomerating ceramic powder, deagglomeration mill used therefor and method of preparing highly dispersed slurry using the deagglomerated powder
Aerosol impingement baffle
Hinged door module bracket
Methods of making refrigerator storage assemblies
Radial arm saw safety top
Method for shaping a laminate substrate
Method of transferring large uncured composite laminates
Apparatus and method for manufacturing double-sided mounting substrate
Maximum engagement wrench
Self-adjustable universal spanner with variable jaw spacing
Detachable cross wrench
Hammer tacker, and tack therefor
Fruit juice extraction apparatus and subcombination thereof, comprising perforating filtering tube and piston
Piezoelectric ink jet head
Thermal ink jet printhead with bubble collapse point void
Thermal inkjet printhead with drive circuitry proximate to heater elements
Liquid jet head
Motor vehicle sway control assembly
Rear window car curtain
Motor vehicle roof with two openable covers
In-wheel motor capable of efficiently cooling motor
Apparatus for controlling hybrid vehicle
Single locking collar and sprocket hub apparatus and method
Slouch rear seat system
Tarping system transport method
Vehicle cover
Stowage device for a luggage space of a motor vehicle
Vehicle hitch adaptor and seat assembly
Control system for brake-steer assisted parking and method therefor
Chair conversion device
Transporter for a foldable tent
Foldable carrying cart
Steering apparatus for a car and method of manufacturing the same
Snap-in capsule for steering columns
Chassis auxiliary-frame arrangement for improving the safety in a crash
Vehicle body stiffener
Structural assembly for vehicles and method of making same
Three wheel motorcycle conversion assembly
Folding bicycle
Foldable pedal assembly
Unitized rotary actuator hinge fitting
Aerodynamic control of a hypersonic entry vehicle
Vacuum packaging machine
Membrane releasing-tightness adjusting device for a membrane strapping dispenser
Snap-on screw-off closure with retaining member for tamper-indicating band
Structure and process for packaging and shipping produce
Means for safely supporting fragile articles
Modular conveyor belt with tight turn radius
Method for conveying tires
Hanging cable shortener arrangement
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cathode active material coated with flourine compound for lithium secondary batteries and method for preparing the same
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation, and semiconductor device using the same
Textiles; Paper
Wobbling washing machine and method of controlling the same
Fixed Constructions
Extendable ramp for boats and vehicles
Jack for a working implement and method
Structural truss and method of making same
Protective covering and method of manufacturing
Device for equipping an expansion joint, in particular an expansion joint between concrete slabs
Top-down method of assembling dome structures
Sliding door lock
Anti-rattle door assembly
Removable window insulator
Method and system to deploy control lines
Apparatus for and method of radial expansion of a tubular member
High data rate borehole telemetry system
Non-rotatable wear ring and retainer sleeve for a rotatable tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Spring retainer and method for manufacturing the same
Valve timing control device for internal combustion engine
Camshaft and oil-controlled camshaft phaser for automotive engine
Motorcycle oil filtering system
Internal combustion engine
Fuel switching for dual fuel engine
Internal combustion engine having variable compression ratio selection as a function of projected engine speed
Engine powered generator
Methods and apparatus for generating gas turbine engine thrust using a pulse detonator
Internal combustion engine having a carburetor and a starting device
Fixing tool
Bicycle control device
Clutch release bearing and method of assembly
Traveling gear for agricultural working machine
Ordered elastomeric composite material
Heat exchanger tank-pipe connection structure
Detachable swimming pool shade and sport mounting
Electric oven with door cooling structure
Multi-temp system with tandem compressors and reheat function
Hybrid tandem compressor system with multiple evaporators and economizer circuit
Unitary air conditioning system
Heat pump type hot water supply device
Tubes with elongated cross-section for flooded evaporators and condensers
Indentation to optimize vapor injection through ports extending through scroll wrap
Cryogenic refrigeration system for superconducting devices
Air-conditioning installation, especially for motor vehicles
Defrost mode for HVAC heat pump systems
Hybrid heating and cooling system
Drawer refrigeration unit
Drying machine and drying machine with washing function and method of controlling the same
Heat exchanger of ventilating system
Heat exchanger with integral shell and tube plates
Feeler device for workpieces being machined
Using viewing-angle-sensitive visual tags to determine angular orientation and/or location
Laser tilt apparatus and the method thereof
Pressure measuring system for vacuum chamber using ultrasonic wave
Apparatus and process for sensing target gas species in semiconductor processing systems
Estimating loss rates of links in smart grids
Devices configured to cooperatively measure properties of a power transmission system
Threshold determination in TDOA-based positioning system
Removable eyeglasses clasp
Short corridor progressive addition lenses with reduced unwanted astigmatism
Eyeglasses having magnetically coupled primary lens frame and auxiliary frame
Device for displaying imagery three-dimensionally
Motor driving circuit and motor driving system
Power save mechanism for peer-to-peer communication networks
Latching module for housing of portable electronic device
Multiple access test architecture for memory storage devices
Optimizing software configuration values using CMDB
Discovering and connecting wireless devices without discoverability
Method that enables devices near each other to automatically exchange owner profile information
Method and system for realizing interaction of embedded data in multimedia
Presenting information in a conference
Method for providing scalable multicast service in a virtual private LAN service
Configuring consumption of service for electronic devices
Sharing memory among mobile devices
Dynamic message retrieval by subdividing a message queue into sub-queues
Efficient name management for named data networking in datacenter networks
Connectivity, adjacencies and adaptation functions
Systems and methods for anchoring content objects to structured documents
Systems and methods for selecting data compression for storage data in a storage system
Laser locating and tracking system for externally activated tags
Zero-latency network on chip (NoC)
Flow control for reliable message passing
Collimating signals
Barcode with enhanced additional stored data
Method and system for watermarking 3D content
Multiple description coding with plural combined diversity
Dynamically and customizably managing data in compliance with privacy and security standards
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Money transfer systems and methods for travelers
System and method for capturing and searching image data associated with transactions
Electrical unit outlet
Apparatus and method of reporting power headroom in wireless communication system
Display device having an improved video signal drive circuit
Disk drive unit having seal part forming gas-liquid interface of lubricant
Skew adjusting apparatus and optical disc drive including the same
Adaptive soft-output detector for magnetic tape read channels
Method for fabricating a magnetic head
Lateral tape motion signal conditioning
Servo pattern of a tape storage medium
SRAM cell with individual electrical device threshold control
Three dimensional non-volatile storage with asymmetrical vertical select devices
Semiconductor memory device and control method of the same
Flash interface error injector
Single-ended low-swing power-savings mechanism with process compensation
Data storage device, memory control method, and electronic device with data storage device
Memory device having control circuitry for write tracking using feedback-based controller
Method and system for designing a nuclear reactor core for uprated power operations
Half-heusler alloys with enhanced figure of merit and methods of making
Electric power transmission cable comprising continuously synthesized titanium aluminide intermetallic composite wire
Separator structure for Cat 6 cable
Permanent magnet and manufacturing method thereof
Image communication apparatus wirelessly connectable to other apparatuses, system having the image communication apparatus, and method for controlling the same
Method of and printable compositions for manufacturing a multilayer carbon nanotube capacitor
Tunable capacitor
Electrical switching device
Electromagnetic opening/closing device
Electrical box and sleeve assembly
Multiple-filament tungsten-halogen lighting system having managed tungsten redeposition
Multi-piece-array and method of manufacturing the same
Microcrystalline semiconductor film, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing an interdigitated back contact solar cell
Method to dynamically tune precision resistance
Dual phase gallium nitride material formation on (100) silicon
Narrow body field-effect transistor structures with free-standing extension regions
Method of forming a gate contact
Reduced threshold voltage-width dependency in transistors comprising high-k metal gate electrode structures
Middle of-line borderless contact structure and method of forming
Fabrication of field-effect transistors with atomic layer doping
Method to fabricate copper wiring structures and structures formed thereby
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor mounting substrate
Color yield of white LEDs
Transport system and set-up method
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit with on chip planar diode and CMOS devices
Semiconductor packages having warpage compensation
Chip assembly and chip assembling method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Deep trench capacitor
Interdigitated finFETs
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Tunable light-emitting diode
Semiconductor device having plural memory cells with cavities formed therein, and method of manufacturing the same
Elemental semiconductor material contact for high indium content InGaN light emitting diodes
LED die, method for manufacturing the LED die and automobile lamp having the LED die
Curable silicone composition, cured product thereof, and optical semiconductor device
Thermoelectric conversion material and production method for thermoelectric conversion material
Multi-layer thermoelectric module and method for fabricating the same
Nonvolatile storage device
Perylenebisimide-polyester blend
OLED device with a brightness distribution controlling means
Hybrid electrochemical cell systems and methods
Secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Surface treatment of electrochemically active materials for rechargeable cells
Anion exchange polymer electrolytes
Polymer electrolyte membrane based on polyazole
Quick-release waveguide flange clamp
RF mems crosspoint switch and crosspoint switch matrix comprising RF mems crosspoint switches
Multi-band antenna
Reflectarray antenna system
Antenna circuit
Electronic device carrier and manufacture tape
Mounting adapter, printed board, and manufacturing method thereof
Power outlet with jack safety shield device
Card socket with heat sink
Zero no-load USB power supply and a method for controlling the power consumption of a USB power supply
Shielding shell for a connector
Electrical connector having a rotatable buckle
Earth connection for electrically and mechanically connecting earth wires
Current diverter ring
Press bond terminal and method for pressing and bonding terminal
Methods for connecting wires
Terminal crimping apparatus, method of manufacturing terminal crimping electric wire, and terminal crimping electric wire
Coaxial connector with inner shielding arrangement and method of assembling one
Noise detection, diagnostics, and control of modelocked lasers
Method, system and apparatus for automatically determining operating conditions of a periodically poled lithium niobate crystal in a laser system
Normal dispersion frequency comb
External cavity tunable laser with 25GHz frequency interval
Laser emitter module and laser detecting system to which the laser emitter module is applied
Client connection device for UPS system
Cover plate screw extender
Electricity distribution system
Connector with embedded charging integrated circuits
Charging circuit for capacitor
Charging circuit and charging method
Generator with compact single turn wave winding and wind turbine
Stator manufacturing method
Multipolar electromagnetic generator
Photovoltaic cell and related method
Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same
Passive magnetic bearings for rotating equipment including induction machines
Switched-mode power supply startup circuit, method, and system incorporating same
Reconfigurable voltage controlled oscillator for supporting multi-mode applications
Low inductance transformer
Systems and methods for operating a power amplifier
Method for enhancing low frequences in a digital audio signal
Multipath continuous time linear equalizer with allpass filter
Sparse equalizer system
Sensor element device for a capacitive proximity switch
High-speed fully-differential clock duty cycle calibration circuit
Determination of series resistance of an array of capacitive elements
Frequency stabilization of an atomic clock against variations of the C-field
LDPC multi-decoder architectures
Error correction system using an iterative product code
Beamforming precoding matrix using non-uniform angles quantization
Method and arrangement for feeder sharing in a telecommunication system
Solar powered mobile phone
Optical communication system, optical transmitter, and transponder
Method for allocating resources in broadband wireless access system
Power line communication system
Method and apparatus for coexistence among wireless transmit/receive units (WTRUs) operating in the same spectrum
Apparatus for multi-user multi-antenna transmission based on double codebook and method for the same
Method and system for monitoring a display venue
Wireless device and method for low power and low data rate operation
Optical transmission apparatus
Communication system, transmitting station, and mobile station, for determining allocation of frequency band used in communication
Determining policy follow-up action based on user-specified codes
Transaction middleware based application level transaction instance tracking across a composite application
Pervasive network diagnostics using HBAs
Relay station in radio communication system and operating method for the relay station
Measurements for the interworking of wireless wide area and wireless local area networks
Communication system, control apparatus, node controlling method and node controlling program
Method and system for combined peer-to-peer (P2P) and central relay server-based telecommunication conferencing using a telephony and conferencing protocol
Synchronous transmission methods and apparatus
Synchronization of client application data between POTS telephone and content portal through PSTN
Method and apparatus for providing interfacing between content delivery networks
Low-power policy for port
Fine step blended modulation communications
Method for reducing channel length and corresponding filter and signal
Secure key storage and distribution
Peer discovery and secure communication in failover schemes
Set top box architecture supporting mixed secure and unsecure media pathways
Techniques for virtual representational state transfer (REST) interfaces
Wireless telecommunicatons network
Radio-frequency transceiving front-end apparatus using passive elements in wireless communication system
Apparatus, system, and method for timing recovery
Spread-spectrum apparatus for voltage regulator
Techniques for key derivation for secure communication in wireless mesh networks
Method and apparatus for restricting access to a wireless system
Authenticator, authenticatee and authentication method
Screen display processing apparatus and method
Sensor driven message retrieval for mobile device
Telephone functions for computers
Wireless interface device allowing a reliable digital and audio communication transfer between a security system, POTS and/or IP network modem device
Dynamically configurable mobile device and cellular phones with functions
Service request routing using passive skill certification
Secure key management in conferencing system
Performing proximity based routing of a phone call
System and method for automatic call scheduling
Remote telephony service management
Electronic device and computer program product
Management apparatus, management method and network system
Image processing apparatus and method that perform multiple image processes, and storage medium storing a program thereof, for decompressing a compressed image according to first and second information indicating image processing to be performed
Image forming apparatus that controls image formation condition
Image capturing apparatus and method for capturing images of objects
High-speed railroad inspection using coordinated 3D cameras
Camera extension apparatus and method using a switch for taking pictures at a distance from a user
System and method for combining computer-based educational content recording and video-based educational content recording
Mobile terminal and control method of mobile terminal
Methods and systems for annotating images based on special events
Pseudo-video creation device, pseudo-video creation method, and pseudo-video creation program
Device for recording and reproducing image, method for recording and reproducing image, and recording medium
Moving image distribution system and moving image distribution server
Techniques enabling video slice alignment for low-latecy video transmissions over mmWave communications
Color correction of images
Electronic device with loudspeaker
Method and device for checking loudspeakers
Method of manufacturing a gas flow meter
Stereo microphone
Information processing apparatus equipped with wireless communication function, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Communication device
Removal of ICI/ISI errors in frequency domain channel estimation for wireless repeaters
Session recovery after network coordinator or AP restart for single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or MIMO wireless communications
Communication system, method of detecting hole area, base station apparatus, and mobile station apparatus
Power efficient paging channel decoding
Base station device and terminal device
Facilitating baton handover in multi-carrier TD-SCDMA communications systems
Providing for mobility for flexible bandwidth carrier systems
Mobile communication system with device handover and method of operation thereof
Method and system for RF transmitting and receiving beamforming with location or GPS guidance
System for streaming using mobile devices and servers
Methods for reducing interference in communication systems
Method and device for transmitting and receiving data in radio access system that supports multi-radio access technology
Apparatus and method for transmitting reference signals in wireless communication system
Random access channel preamble selection
Method and system for controlling access and utilization of femtocells via a network based service
Wireless communications circuit for improving current consumption and RF performance
Base station device
Method and apparatus for idle mode operation for M2M communication
Method and apparatus for providing machine-to-machine communication in a wireless network
Video sub-reservation protocol in a wireless ecosystem
Modulation and coding scheme selection method for a specific absorption rate compliant communication device
Method and apparatus for simultaneously performing frequency resource sensing and data transmission in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus to facilitate mobile relay and group mobility
Apparatus for transmitting a signal using scheduling information in a mobile communication system and method for same
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
Method and device for transmitting/receiving data in wireless access system supporting multi-radio access technology
Method for transmitting a beacon in a star network (master-slave ad hoc network) and a sensor node in a star network
Crimping fixed, remotely regulated electric heater
Dielectric window for plasma treatment device, and plasma treatment device
Electronic censer with control system having wind force sensor to regulate light emitting state thereof
Power factor control for an LED bulb driver circuit
Intelligent lighting control system and network comprising multiple-channel photo sensor
Controlled converter architecture with prioritized electricity supply
Configurable light timer and method of receiving data to control the operation of a configurable light timer
Digital controller for an electronic ballast
System and method for the control of a plurality of lasers
PFC LED driver having a flicker control mechanism
LED light bulb with failure indication and color change capability
Housing for an electric circuit for a fuel pump
Mounting device for expansion card
Magnetic wall cover system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Slumber bag
Pant with meshed portion
Tethered pocket vest
Footwear sole
Footwear upper
Athletic sock
Hexagonal shaped non-skid tread surface for an arch support
Carpenter's thimble
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Race car cell phone holder
Jewelry box
Luggage with strap
Winged PDA case
Storage container
Trifold makeup planner kit
Two liter bottle crate
Key fob
Handle for a luggage case
Hand scrubber
Musician's performance chair
Bed frame
Baby swing chair
Saddle frame
Mobile storage
Display china
Combined ottoman, table and storage chest
Chair armrest
Desk leg
Chair back
Single foodservice unit
Chair back rest
Chair control housing
Executive chair
Table base
Chair armrest
Table base
Decorative frame
Garment hanger body
Foil tray
Ornamental dish
Cup for drinking beverages
Drinking cup with integral handle
Shrimp ring having tray with transparent cover
Portable sandwich preparation tray
Set of handles for pressure cooker
Barbeque grill handle
Food scoop
Roaster oven
Knife handle
Paint tray with brush holder
Paint brush holder
Toothpick container
Snow slider frame
Portable air impact wrench
Wrench for fastener
Spool for receiving, storing and securing cord
Handle with input and battery compartment
Decorative wooden latch mechanism
Water pistol bracket
Golf caddie
Water pistol bracket
Magnetic fastener
Squeegee handle
Bottle portion
Aromatic bottle
Multi-compartment container
Wall structure for a container
Jewelry display box
Packaging box
Compact condom display package
Box with divider
Threaded cap
Toe ring pad
Trash receptacle holder
Rollout cart lid
Medication reminder timer dial
Hair color analyzer probe
Location tracking device mountable in a vehicle
Navigation device
Laser level
Tape ruler
Emergency vehicle warning system
Parking stall bumper with removable cover
Ornamental earnut
Switch plate
Ornament tree
Switch plate
Sausage conveyor hook
Awning for cruiser flying deck
Foldable wing aircraft
Recreational vehicle
Roof for a catering trailer
Screen pre-filter for a motorcycle engine
Portion of an electric power assist cycle
Motorcycle radiator cover
Tire tread
Helmet with releasable mounting mechanism
Extendable top hood and container for a bicycle
Wheel for motor vehicle
Vehicle console
Automotive wheel
Vehicle wheel
Surface configuration of a rear bumper for a vehicle
Motorcycle front fender
Vehicle body panels
Surface mount package
Rechargeable battery
Narrow gear box
Wire winding box
Semiconductor device
Surface mount package
Geographic adaptor electric plug
Co-axial cable connector
Sleeve for co-axial cable connector
Speaker box
Information device
Icon for an electrosurgical tissue recovery instrument
Handheld computer
Icon for an electrosurgical tissue recovery instrument
Computer enclosure
Computing device
Computer mouse
Head for handheld data reader
Computer display accessory
Icon for an electrosurgical tissue recovery instrument
Small foot-print server chassis
Computer generated image of a control device for a demand-based music scheduling system
Wireless transmitter for attachment to a microphone
Telephone accessory
Network communication housing
Wireless LAN USB
Key matrix for a handset
Combined wireless telephone and player/recorder
Hand portable air compressor
Refrigerant compressor for an air conditioner of vehicle
Vibratory trench roller
Tooth cap for construction machinery
Dishwasher lower spray arm
Canister body for cyclonic vacuum cleaner
Medial front portion of a suction nozzle
Built-in refrigerator front panels and doors
Toric lens
Swimming goggle
Ink tank for printer
Multi-function pen
Pencil sharpener
Device for teaching shoe orientation and measuring feet
Cosmetic dispenser
Large tissue box cover with vertical grooves
Kitchen toy
Amusement device
Foot stepper
Bowling ball
Baseball bat with grip
Portion of a golf club head
Golf tee device
Exercise device
Gaming device display
Decoration for Christmas tree
Fishing lure
Scent dispensing fishing lure
Fishing float
Knife blade
Fish scent dispenser
Wall-mount water outlet spout
Marine deck drain strainer
Spray gun
Exhalation water trap and filter adapter
Sprayer gun
Water fountain housing
Water pistol
Stock car sprinkler
Handle hub
Hand shower
Pistol nozzle
Deck-mount water spout
Paper towel holder
Blade for louvered ventilation panel
Fan housing
Portable fan base
Case of a heat dissipating fan
Magnetic field generating device for use in MRI
Infusion pump for delivery of fluid
Ellipsoidal syringe barrel
Diagnostic test card
Needle holder
Needle holder
Hardened skin care instrument
Combined applicator device and discharge nozzle for dental material placement
Assembled bone implants
Sanitary napkin
Animal shaped bandages
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Public telephone column
Vending stand
Butterfly votive holder
Double lamp tube assembly
Pendent lamp
Combined light fixture and lens
Ceiling lamp
Pendent lamp
Vehicle stop, turn and tail lamp
Suspended luminaire
Light bulb device
Light bulb
Lamp support arm and hanging rods unit
Lamp support arm
Lamp support arm
Light cover with faux alabaster appearance
Motorcycle headlight cover
Palm-held liquid and lotion applicator
Sheet for applying cosmetics
Liquid and lotion applicator
Hair color applicator
Dental floss holder
Tongue retention device
Inhaler sleeve with spring clip
Human Necessities
Spathiphyllum plant named `Double Take`
Shrub rose plant named `POULisab`
Plum tree named `Gulfrose`
Plant variety of Lonicera.times.brownii named `Kristin's Gold`
Begonia plant named `77KK Blush Pink`
Peach tree named `Burpeacheight`
Leucanthemum plant named `Sunny Side Up`
Geranium plant named `Guipierre`
Fig tree named `Violetta`
Sarracenia plant named `Cobra Nest`
Geranium plant named `Ravpil`
Plumbago plant named `BCT9805PLU`
Cornus alba plant named `Cream Cracker`
Rose plant named `Tanfulltax`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiewidiv`
Phlox plant named `Rubymine`
Dahlia plant named `Balsas`
Protective air cushion gloves
Helmet with ventilation for fog management and respiration
Retention mechanism for a helmet
Protective helmet
Retractable handle device having adjustable structure
Bathing cleaner
Cabinet having a fold-away bed
Support cushion
Playyard system with canopy
Infant support assembly
Clothing accessory clip
Automated court document docketing filing system
Tub surround assembly clip
Surface working apparatus
Suturing needle assemblies and methods of use thereof
Staple and staple applicator for use in skin fixation of catheters
Strap tab cap for a knee brace
Protective sports eyeglasses with buffer and shock-absorbing function
Self-assisted transfer system for beds
Elevating bath lift seat for elderly and disabled persons
Performing Operations; Transporting
Rivet setting tool with jaw guide and nose housing quick connect
Shrouded tube termination method
Method of handling a forming die between die forming operations
Homogenizing process for fiber-wrapped structural composites
Hand-held multifunctional tool to assist in decorating activities
Industrial caster wheel with elastomeric spring/damper member
Intermittent driving apparatus for rotary window cleaner
Coiler can having a vertically movable bottom
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the synthesis of nabumetone
Textiles; Paper
Transport belt for transporting a fiber strand to be condensed and method of making same
Method for varying programs stored in a program-controlled household appliance
Fixed Constructions
Elevated bridge infrastructure design method
Connection device for connecting an extension tube to a faucet
Water-saving device for a toilet having a sink with a float-operated drain valve
Push button for metered flow
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Diagnosing system for engine
Apparatus and method for diagnosing microcomputer memory
Acoustic 3D analysis of circuit structures
Architecture, circuitry and method for testing one or more integrated circuits and/or receiving test information therefrom
General port capable of implementing the JTAG protocol
Functional testing method and circuit including means for implementing said method
System and method for aligning output signals in massively parallel testers and other electronic devices
Convergence technique for model-based optical and process correction
Magnification setting apparatus for image forming apparatus
Single variable priority constraint fuzzy control system
Bus controller and bus control system
Motor vehicle control unit having a processor providing a first and second chip select for use in a first and second operating mode respectively
Methods and apparatus for monitoring a 1394 home network
System and method for selectivety defining access to application features
Security policy for protection of files on a storage device
Electronic device having a configuration for connecting and removing an expansion module
Series-parallel battery array conversion
Selective power-down for high performance CPU/system
System and method for fault recovery for a two line bi-directional ring network
Failure detection and isolation
Fault tolerant memory
Method and system for software recovery
Methods for selecting a boot partition and hiding a non-selected partition
Boot sequence for a network computer including prioritized scheduling of boot code retrieval
Disk subsystem with multiple configurable interfaces
System and method for monitoring the state of a plurality of machines connected via a computer network
Data processing system with RAS data acquisition function
Tracking and managing failure-susceptible operations in a computer system
Method and apparatus for testing job control language (JCL) members
Diagnostic procedures in an integrated circuit device
Source-level debugging of client dump image in a computer network
Method and apparatus for streaming data in a data processing system
System and method for heuristically allocating memory
Unified memory hard disk drive system
Semiconductor storage device for group management of data sectors
Memory with address conversion table
Method of replication-based garbage collection in a multiprocessor system
Methods and apparatus for prioritization of access to external devices
Linked list memory and method therefor
Data processing system for use in conjunction with a font card or the like
Arranging address space to access multiple memory banks
Method for performing address mapping using two lookup tables
Scratchpad RAM memory accessible in parallel to a primary cache
Local cache-to-cache transfers in a multiprocessor system
Disk control unit and method for prefetching according to partition information and concatenation information
Apparatus and method for distributed non-blocking multi-level cache
Processor and method for just-in-time delivery of load data via time dependency field
Digital signal processor with direct and virtual addressing
Apparatus and method for a virtual hashed page table
Speculative address translation for processor using segmentation and optical paging
Single-level store computer incorporating process-local address translation data structures
Cache and management method using combined software and hardware congruence class selectors
Method and apparatus for automatic activation of bus termination on a fast ethernet repeater stack
System and method for performing remote requests with an on-line service network
Method and apparatus for high speed data capture utilizing bit-to-bit timing correction, and memory device using same
Self-arbitrating, self-granting resource access
Method and system for assigning interrupts among multiple interrupt presentation controllers
Method and apparatus for reducing direct memory access transfers using smart coalescing
Method and system for a physical bus selector
Methods, arbiters, and computer program products that can improve the performance of a pipelined dual bus data processing system
Fibre channel and SCSI address mapping for multiple initiator support
Electronic circuit for the conversion of data
Minimizing use of bus command code points to request the start and end of a lock
Method and apparatus for accessing variable sized data with prioritization
Data management small computer system interface (SCSI) extender for extending SCSI communications between SCSI interfaces located relatively far apart
Method for multiplexing bus interfaces on a computer expansion bus
Direct data access between input and output ports
Method and apparatus for reducing data return latency of a source synchronous data bus by detecting a late strobe and enabling a bypass path
Method and apparatus for interfacing a processor with a bus
Flash configuration cache
Data analysis method for clarification of perceptions
Method and apparatus for FFT computation
Computerized spreadsheet with auto-calculator
Method and apparatus for synchronizing the provision of data among geographically distributed databases
Collaborative document management system with customizable filing structures that are mutually intelligible
Method and means for increasing performance of multiprocessor computer systems by reducing accesses to global memory locations through the use of quanta
Distributing and synchronizing objects
Goal seeking engine and method for generating custom media presentations
Mobile document paging service
Intelligent harvesting and navigation system and method
Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
Scenario editing apparatus for performing editing of multimedia using figure feature points
Partition support tool to maintain/service multiple copies of a database
Parallel distinct aggregates
System and method for providing a query object development environment
Recipe management database system
Prefix search circuitry and method
Sequence generation using a constraint satisfaction problem formulation
Method for converting queries with logical operators into free text queries
Method and apparatus for profile score threshold setting and updating
Keyword creation method and its apparatus
Method and system for integrating spatial analysis and data mining analysis to ascertain relationships between collected samples and geology with remotely sensed data
Method and system for deleting messages from a server
Method and apparatus for parsing data
System and method for asynchronously receiving multiple packets of audit data from a source databased host in a resynchronization mode and asynchronously writing the data to a target host
Optimized database management system
Identifying a group of words using modified query words obtained from successive suffix relationships
Multi-frame output form that facilitates internet search and update in a hierarchical database
Apparatus and methods for collaboratively searching knowledge databases
Interactive system for investigating products on a network
Method and device for data transmission between a central unit and a data terminal
Contextual based groundrule compensation method of mask data set generation
Method and apparatus for processing executable program modules having multiple dependencies
Method for accessing complex software applications through a client user interface
Methods and apparatus for performing slew dependent signal bounding for signal timing analysis
Logic circuit synthesizing method and logic synthesizing system
Method for determining bus line routing for components of an integrated circuit
Process and system for maintaining 3 sigma process tolerance for parasitic extraction with on-the-fly biasing
Method for structured layout in a hardware description language
Computer processable interconnect topology
Software execution contingent on home page setting
Method and apparatus for displaying and header scrolling a hierarchical data structure
Noise tolerant conductance-based logic gate and methods of operation and manufacturing thereof
Controllable bit stream generator
Apparatus and method for elliptic-curve multiplication and recording medium having recorded thereon a program for implementing the method
Method and apparatus for enabling a computer system
Address generation utilizing an adder, a non-sequential counter and a latch
Methods and apparatus for dynamic instruction controlled reconfigurable register file with extended precision
Processor circuits, systems, and methods with efficient granularity shift and/or merge instruction(s)
Processor executing plural instruction sets (ISA's) with ability to have plural ISA's in different pipeline stages at same time
Reliable branch predictions for real-time applications
Scoreboard mechanism for serialized string operations utilizing the XER
Digital signal processor
Processor and method of prefetching data based upon a detected stride
Method and apparatus for enforcing memory reference dependencies through a load store unit
Pre-arbitrated bypasssing in a speculative execution microprocessor
Hardware system for fetching mapped branch target instructions of optimized code placed into a trace memory
Method and system for calculating instruction lookahead
Thread synchronization via selective object locking
Enhanced processing technique for object-oriented software
Method and system for reversible installation of software applications in a data processing system utilizing an automated archival process
Java data manager for embedded device
Java application manager for embedded device
Methods and apparatus for type safe, lazy, user-defined class loading
Data processing method and device
System and method for data coverage analysis of a computer program
Object-oriented communications framework system with support for multiple remote machine types
Methods and systems for java inter-applet communication
Method and apparatus for distributing requests among a plurality of resources
Method, device and article of manufacture for efficient task scheduling in a multi-tasking preemptive priority-based real-time operating system
Real-time operating system and a task management system therefor
System for sharing CPU time amongst multiple users
Method and apparatus for evolving configuration bitstreams
Method and apparatus for generating agent scripts
Use of online analytical processing (OLAP) in a rules based decision management system
Workflow management system, method and medium with personal subflows
Method and systems for asset management
Method and apparatus for multi-user awareness and collaboration
Integrated knowledge provider with logical hyperlinks
Integrated resource management system and method
Managing inventory purchases
System and corresponding method for providing redundant storage of a data file over a computer network
Method and system for monitoring and modifying a consumption forecast over a computer network
Computer-implemented program for financial planning and advice system
Predictive modeling of consumer financial behavior
System permitting retail stores to place advertisements on roadside electronic billboard displays that tie into point of purchase displays at stores
System for direct placement of commercial advertising, public service announcements and other content on electronic billboard displays
Single precision array processor
System and method for rendering electronic images
Controlled acceptance mail fraud detection system
Method and apparatus for priority-based jukebox queuing
Secure one-way authentication communication system
System and method of reporting a status of another system through an electronic price label system
System for securely transporting objects in a tamper-proof container, wherein at least one recipient station is mobile and portable
Vocabulary and/or language model training
Determining an adequate representative sound using two quality criteria, from sound models chosen from a structure including a set of sound models
Bilateral speech system
System and method for efficient time-domain aliasing cancellation
Audio decoder core MPEG-1/MPEG-2/AC-3 functional algorithm partitioning and implementation
Method and apparatus for demixing of degenerate mixtures
Apparatus for automatically processing both encoded and unencoded data
Error correcting device and data reproducing apparatus provided therewith
Method and device for changing memory contents in a control unit, especially of a motor vehicle
Method for writing data into non-volatile memory in vehicle electronic unit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for monitoring its internal signal
Memory device for constituting a memory subsystem of a data processing apparatus
Container and method for transporting a syringe containing radioactive material
Apparatus for processing a wafer
Quartz glass jig for heat-treating semiconductor wafers and method for producing same
Semiconductor integrated circuit having thereon on-chip capacitors
Cord organizer
Data recording and reproducing method and apparatus using plurality of data recording and reproducing units, and computer-readable recording medium
Method for utilizing virtual hardware descriptions to allow for multi-processor debugging in environments using varying processor revision levels
Method of manufacturing a stator
Method of securing a stator winding in a rotating electrical machine
High speed signaling for interfacing VLSI CMOS circuits
Forward error correction scheme for data channels using universal turbo codes
Method for decreasing the frame error rate in data transmission in the form of data frames
System and method for constructing low complexity block coders
Path compression for records of multidimensional database
Method for decoding coefficients of quantization per subband using a compressed table
Protocol and bit rate independent test system
Stand-alone telecommunications security device
Soft selection combining based on successive erasures of frequency band components in a communication system
Network device management apparatus and method, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for establishing a database used for correlating information gathered via SNMP
Method and apparatus for providing and facilitating interaction with distributed manager information of a network
Process and system for network and system management
Scalable system method for efficiently logging management information associated with a network
Methods and systems for dynamic measurement of a system's ability to support data collection by network management system applications
Predictive model-based measurement acquisition employing a predictive model operating on a manager system and a managed system
Just-in-time services for small footprint devices
System using different tag protocol identifiers to distinguish between multiple virtual local area networks
Virtual private data network session count limitation
Network switch with a multiple bus structure and a bridge interface for transferring network data between different buses
System and method for locating and retransferring lost data through the use of position number within a file
Technique for enabling messaging systems to use alternative message delivery mechanisms
Network transceiver having circuitry for referencing transmit data to a selected input clock
Architecture for web-based on-line-off-line digital certificate authority
Method and apparatus for accepting and rejecting files according to a manifest
Method and system for interactively responding to instant messaging requests
Managing networked directory services with auto field population
Method and apparatus for providing data storage management
Virtual distributed home agent protocol
TCP/IP address protection mechanism in a clustered server environment
Domain name routing
Name service for network management architecture
Methods, systems and computer program products for automated movement of IP addresses within a cluster
Apparatus and methods for inband protocol correction in distributed object networking
Apparatus of storing URL transmitted via vertical blanking interval of television signal
Device for distributing television signals by cable
Protocol interfacing method
Method and apparatus for inter-domain alarm correlation
Method and device for projecting sound sources onto loudspeakers
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