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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Defensin-encoding nucleic acid molecules, uses therefor and transgenic plants comprising same
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Livestock feeder system
Laptop computer desk
Communication methods based on brain computer interfaces
Method of indexing biological imaging data using a three-dimensional body representation
Tetrahydro-naphthalene derivatives as vanilloid receptor antagonists
Sulfamoyl benzamides and methods of their use
Treatment of coronavirus infection
Use of the distrontium salt of 2-[N,N-di(carboxymethyl)amino]-3-cyano-4-carboxymethyl-thiophene-5-carbox- ylic acid for the production of medicaments for the treatment of gastro-duodenal pain
Derivatives of andrimide and moiramide B having antibacterial properties
Piperazinylalkylpyrazole derivatives useful as selective T-type calcium channel blockers and preparation method thereof
Substituted diaza-spiro-[5.5]-undecane derivatives and their use as neurokinin antagonists
Aryl-4-ethynyl-isoxazole derivatives
Spermicidal and/or antifungal composition and methods of using the same
Conjugated psychotropic drugs and uses thereof
Inhibitors of Akt activity
Protein and its use in diagnosing Alzheimer's disease
Process for the preparation of an emulsion
Pharmaceutically active sulfonamide derivatives bearing both lipophilic and ionisable moieties as inhibitors of protein JunKinases
Anti-arrythmic and heart failure drugs that target the leak in the ryanodine receptor (RyR2)
Musical performance apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Base metal dehydrogenation of amine-boranes
Tailstock device for a lathe
Method of robotically welding a motorcycle fuel tank
Ratcheting socket wrench and sockets
Modified fastener and insertion tool
Hand-held tool
Miter saw with cutting alignment device on a dust chute
Compressed heat insulation housing
Rubber composition for tire tread and pneumatic tire comprising the same
Vehicle locating using GPS
Modular vehicle key system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Production method of phenylethanolamine compound, and its intermediate
Methods for producing nateglinide B-type crystals
Process for preparing 3,4-dioxo-substituted aromatic aldehydes
Sunflower seeds with high delta-tocopherol content
.alpha.-Ketol unsaturated fatty acid derivative and plant growth regulating agent using same
Integrated process for producing xylenes and high purity benzene
Methods and systems for alkyl ester production
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Aryl and heteroaryl compounds, compositions, and methods of use
6-oxo-6,7-dihydro-5h-dibenzo[b,d]azepin-7-yl derivatives
Process for the preparation of n-alkyl-2(hydroxy-4benzoyl)-3 benzofurans and intermediates thereof
Colorant compounds
Processes for the preparation of cephem derivatives
Catalytic depolymerization of polymers containing electrophilic linkages using nucleophilic reagents
Process for producing rubber mixtures
CDR-grafted anti-tissue factor antibodies and methods of uses there of
Systems for expressing toxic proteins, vectors and method of producing toxic proteins
Polymerization products and biomedical devices containing same
Polymerization catalysts, organic transition metal compounds, process for preparing polyolefins and polyolefins
Antistatic polyamide composition and articles therewith
Silicone oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion compositions useful for water repellent applications
DNA encoding Toxoplasma gondii rDGP5p protein
Recombinant hexose oxidase, a method of producing same and use of such enzyme
Method of transforming monocotyledonous seed
Brachytic2 (Br2) promoter from maize and methods of use
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rod-less cylinder device and system and method for operating thereof
Actuating mechanism for a regulated coolant pump
Method and apparatus for efficient generation of Hydrogen II
Air intake apparatus for vehicle
Bidirectional hydraulic system for operating table
Balance adjusting member and a balance adjusting method for a rotor
Vehicle oil pump
Device and method for gasification and/or pyrolysis, or vaporization of combustible materials
Obturation of drum cannons
Semi-fabricated armor layer, an armor layer produced therefrom and method of production thereof
Method of characterizing transparent thin-films using differential optical sectioning interference microscopy
Full-field three-dimensional measurement method
Angular rate sensor with suppressed linear acceleration response
Route searching device
Mechanical lift measurement system
System for synchronous detection of fluorescence in a drop
Motion detector module
Sub-threshold elastic deflection FET sensor for sensing pressure/force, a method and system thereof
Analytical instrument providing corrected sample volume dependent parameter
Sensor unit for assay and prism
Method and device for observing a specimen in a field of view of an electron microscope
Method and imaging system for imaging the spatial distribution of an x-ray fluorescence marker
Ion concentration transistor and dual-mode sensors
Testing apparatus
Systems and methods for monitoring a solid-liquid interface
Current detecting circuit
Test circuit and test method that includes supplying a current to a plurality of light-receiving elements
Sensor using the capacitive measuring principle
DRAM stacked package, DIMM, and semiconductor manufacturing method
Built in self test transport controller architecture
Method and apparatus for navigation data downloads from weak signals
Photo-conductor, radiation detector, and radiation imaging panel
Performing 3-D scatterer imaging from 2-D seismic data
Superconductor probe coil for NMR apparatus
Liquid lens having improved sealing structure
Moving mechanism, and compact camera, goniometer and fiberscope using the moving mechanism
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Image projection optical system and image projection apparatus
Zoom lens system and image pick-up apparaus
Multi-step eyepiece
Variable focal length assembly having optical lens module
High intensity laser or diode-based lighting apparatus having integrated optics
Method and apparatus for measuring the force of stiction of a membrane in a MEMS device
Sacrificial spacer process and resultant structure for MEMS support structure
MEMS display
Modifiable assembly of microscopic apertures
Visual effect apparatus for displaying interlaced images using block out grids
Universal broadband polarizer, devices incorporating same, and method of making same
Slack cable enclosure
Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
Variable optical attenuator and ranging apparatus using the same
Optical switch and path switching method
Planar lenses for integrated optics
Focusing-free microlens assembly and the method of making the same
Imaging lens
Offner relay for projection system
Systems and methods of actuating MEMS display elements
Near-field light-emitting element and optical head
Display device comprising a liquid crystal module defining a plurality of positioning columns along each edge of a top surface thereof
Flat display apparatus with speaker function
Liquid crystal display element, liquid crystal display device, and display equipment
Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor substrate therefor
Display apparatus with inspection and method of manufacturing the same
All-solid-state reflection-controllable electrochromic device and optical switchable component using it
Camera exposure optimization techniques that take camera and scene motion into account
Inclination angle adjusting mechanism for image pickup device
Autofocus device and method
Evaluation method and fabrication method of optical element having multilayer film, exposure apparatus having the multilayer film, and device fabrication method
Lithographic apparatus, thermal conditioning system, and method for manufacturing a device
Image forming apparatus having image placement control and method of controlling same
Printing apparatus and method performing either automatic or manual duplex printing based on copy media attributes
Methods and apparatus for remanufacturing toner cartridges
Image forming apparatus having an intermediate transfer member wrapped around and driven by a photoconductor drum
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same having fixed developing apparatuses
Arrangement and method for inking an applicator element of an electrophotographic printer or copier
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and image forming method
Image forming device with a control means to correct the fixing control temperature
Holographic recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus using soil conductivity thresholds to control irrigating plants
Lapdesk dual interface portable-stationary computer
Portable computer
Sales management system and method
Interconnect transaction translation technique
Storage system, and data management and migration method
Backup system, file server and backup method
Method and system for reducing cache tag bits
Self timed memory chip having an apportionable data bus
Dynamic command and/or address mirroring system and method for memory modules
Apparatus and method for managing a plurality of kinds of storage devices
Flexible wiring system for electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for arbitration in a wireless device
Navagation processing between a tracker hardware device and a computer host based on a satellite positioning solution system
Signal processing system control method and apparatus
Virtualization of a global interrupt queue
System for asynchronous DMA command completion notification wherein the DMA command comprising a tag belongs to a plurality of tag groups
Print system and print system control method
Client-server apparatus and method using alternative-response protocols
System and method for providing paper model replicas over a wide area computer network
Alternate stream signaling for adaptive stream selection
System and method for providing to multiple user computers concurrent telephonic access to multiple remote devices
Data collection in a computer cluster
Isolated working chamber associated with a secure inter-company collaboration environment
Automatic planning of network configurations
Network device management system and method of controlling same
Inter vehicular ad hoc routing protocol and communication system
Digital data reproduction apparatus capable of reproducing audio data, and control method thereof
Method and apparatus for repurposing formatted content
Offline multi-table data editing and storage
Master-detail provider and method of providing master-detail functionality
Generating unique name/version number pairs when names can be re-used
Data source task pane
Optimization of flip flop initialization structures with respect to design size and design closure effort from RTL to netlist
System and method of state point correspondence with constrained function determination
Validating one or more circuits using one of more grids
Method for verifying optical proximity correction using layer versus layer comparison
Method for comparing two designs of electronic circuits
Automatic trace determination method
Electromagnetic response model with improved high frequency stability
Automation of tie cell insertion, optimization and replacement by scan flip-flops to increase fault coverage
Method and apparatus for allowing mobile robot to return to docking station
Shut-down control device of internal combustion engine
Method for designing mold, mold and molded product
Methods of using mixed resolution displays
Output device using email to communicate and resolve conflict between multiple functions available for output process
Systems and methods for allowing multiple devices to share the same serial lines
Method for managing multi-tier application complexes
Multi-functional control interface
Rotary input apparatus
Light emitting display (LED) and display panel and pixel circuit thereof
Method and apparatus for matching a control with an icon
Systems for performing multiplication operations on operands representing complex numbers
Systems for performing multiply-accumulate operations on operands representing complex numbers
Low power array multiplier
Computer architecture with multiple operating systems using a common disc partition and method for the same
Non-disruptive method, system and program product for overlaying a first software module with a second software module
Method, system and computer program product for testing computer programs
Real options based iterative development program metrics
Software framework for web-based applications
Managing dynamic configuration data for producer components in a computer infrastructure
Flexible feature interface for multimedia sources
Image display and method for evaluating glass substrate to be used in same
Image processing apparatus and method
Apparatus for setting image monitoring area and method therefor
Methods and apparatus for filtering video packets for large-scale video stream monitoring
Multi-layered real-time stereo matching method and system
Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Image blocking artifact reduction via transform pair
Method and apparatus for the creation of image post-processing parameter curves
Automated statistical self-calibrating detection and removal of blemishes in digital images dependent upon changes in extracted parameter values
Image processing system and image processing method
Adaptive resampling classifier method and apparatus
Equipment procurement method and system
System and method for promoting commerce, including sales agent assisted commerce, in a networked economy
Intellectual property audit system generating a machine implemented estimated value comprising a financial quality and/or financial quantity of an intellectual property portfolio
Image processing system and information processing method
Applications with integrated capture
Medication compliance device
Management system with real-time interaction for environmental monitoring and method thereof
Shielding detection system for cargo receptacles
Cellular telephone-based wide-area radiation detection network
Article management device, article management system, article management method, and RFID-tag producing apparatus
Security screening and support system
Plasma display device
Display device and display panel and driving method thereof
Content adaptive resizer
Display device
Display device and display module of movable body
Optical pointing device
Image generation method and apparatus
Display controller, display system, and display control method
Double-sided electronic display
Apparatus, method, and product for downscaling an image
Display device, method of manufacturing display device, information processing apparatus, correction value determining method, and correction value determining device
Music box movement and method of operation thereof
Waveform generating apparatus and waveform generating program
Digital circuit transmission device
Speech synthesis method and apparatus, and dictionary generation method and apparatus
System and method for WORM magnetic recording
Magnetic disk drive with line contact
Disc drive
Magnetic storage systems and methods with tighter write fault window to improve reliability
Disk drive with vibration suppression member disposed near head assembly
FPC-connector connecting structure and magnetic disk
Magnetic disk apparatus having an adjustable mechanism to compensate write or heat element for off-tracking position with yaw angle
Flying height measurement method and system
Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with impedance adjustment
Recording/reproducing method of magnetic tape
Optical disk reproducing apparatus and optical disk reproducing method
Method for controlling data read speed of optical disc
Method and apparatus for establishing manufacturer-specific test writing parameters for writing of writable optical storage media
Optical disk apparatus capable of measuring and recording signal condition, and method thereof
Recording medium, recording apparatus, and reading apparatus
Optical disk apparatus having servo parameter setting unit
Medium, apparatus, and method of recording optical-information
Mushroom phase change memory having a multilayer electrode
Well bias circuit in a memory device and method of operating the same
Memory power supply circuit
Power supply circuit for oscillator of semiconductor memory device and voltage pumping device using the same
High voltage switch circuit having boosting circuit and flash memory device including the same
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for improving yield in semiconductor devices by guaranteeing health of redundancy information
Circuit and method of testing a fail in a memory device
Semiconductor memory device with partial refresh function
Semiconductor memory device
Fishplate and a wire duct tray comprising at least two segments interconnected by such a fishplate
Interposer decoupling array having reduced electrical shorts
Phase change MEMS switch
Micro-electromechanical actuator
Electronic apparatus
Special provisions for network protector retrofits
Adjustable bracket for outlet and switch boxes
Plasma display panel including address electrode
Multivalent ion generating source and charged particle beam apparatus using such ion generating source
Contamination reduction during ion implantation
CMOS image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Systems and methods for three dimensional sensors
Copper alloy for wiring, semiconductor device, method for forming wiring and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Stacked die package
Structure for reducing stress for vias and fabricating method thereof
Semiconductor devices having a trench in a side portion of a conducting line pattern and methods of forming the same
Laser beam processing apparatus for processing semiconductor wafer in production of semiconductor devices, laser beam processing method executed therein, and such semiconductor wafer processed thereby
Low power on-chip global interconnects
Thermal detector for electromagnetic radiation and infrared detection device using such detectors
Catalytic sensor structure
Lipid nanotube or nanowire sensor
Reconfigurable logic circuit using a transistor having spin-dependent transfer characteristics
Method and structure for forming strained devices
Semiconductor storage device and portable electronic equipment
AlAs/GaAs alloy to enhance n-type doping in AlGaAs distributed bragg reflector
Low voltage flexible organic/transparent transistor for selective gas sensing, photodetecting and CMOS device applications
Piezoelectric device and method for manufacturing the same
Two stage energy storage device
Layout configuration of differential signal transmission lines for printed circuit board having offset vias
Nanoparticle transmission line element and method of fabricating the same
Antenna and portable terminal having the same
Multiple-layer patch antenna
Array antenna calibration apparatus and method
Antenna arrangement for inductive power transmission and use of the antenna arrangement
Planar antenna apparatus for ultra wide band applications
Slave mode thermal control with throttling and shutdown
Direct-current stabilized power supply device
Constant-voltage power supply circuit with fold-back-type overcurrent protection circuit
Electric power circuit protecting apparatus using superconductor
Parameterization method for a converter and converter implementing the method
Dual-mode frequency divider
Low-latency start-up for a monolithic clock generator and timing/frequency reference
Transconductance and current modulation for resonant frequency control and selection
Back-gate coupling voltage control oscillator
Low jitter and/or fast lock-in clock recovery circuit
Operational amplifier
Adaptive channel equalization technique and method for wideband passive digital receivers
Adaptive equalizer, decoding device, and error detecting device
Communications bus for a parallel processing system
Energy-saving circuit and method using charge equalization across complementary nodes
Signal encoder and signal decoder
Method for operating a digital sensor
Capacitive sensing using a repeated pattern of sensing elements
Method for forming rate compatible code using high dimensional product codes
Modulation method and apparatus using alternate tables for translating data
Memory efficient coding of variable length codes
Frequency up-conversion using a harmonic generation and extraction module
Receiving apparatus and receiving circuit
Switchable directional coupler for use with RF devices
Antenna unit for mobile terminal
Analog compression of GPS C/A signal to audio bandwidth
Communication system with receivers employing generalized two-stage data estimation
System and method for reducing interference in an optical data stream using multiple, selectable equalizers
Communication of point to multipoint service information in wireless communication system
Method for link adaptation
Method and apparatus for detecting and processing global positioning system (GPS) signals
Method for preventing an unauthorized device from operating in a 800 MHz trunked radio communications system
CDMA communication system and method
Apparatus for antenna diversity using joint maximal ratio combining
Hybrid passive optical network using shared wavelengths
Transmission device for processing and transmitting signals of a plurality of channels
Apparatus and method for controlling an Ethernet switch's bandwidth
Layered network node, network incorporating the same, node, and layered network
Use of rtp to negotiate codec encoding technique
Efficient broadcast in wireless mesh networks
Information communication system, information communication method, information signal processing device and information signal processing method, and storage medium
Communication system for controlling a call portion
System and method for hybrid dynamic communication routing
Partially interconnected topological network
High throughput rotator switch having excess tandem buffers
Data loop port acceleration circuit
System and method for establishing a communication connection
Demodulation circuit and electronic device
Apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture for wideband signal processing
Carrier recovery architectures for multi input multi output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing receivers
Method and circuit for controlling the input signal for a contactless transponder
Blocker performance in a radio receiver
Hardware-based credential management
Encryption removable storage system
System and method for establishing and maintaining communications across disparate networks
Folding cellular phone
Expandable, modular communications apparatus with wireless interchangeable device authentication
Antenna mount for mobile terminal
Method, network node and system for managing interfaces in a distributed radio access network
Call ticker
Single telephone number calling method and calling apparatus for mobile unit
Changing operation parameter of communication terminal
Conference call peer-driven degraded line detection and removal
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for adjusting sharpness of image
Image processing apparatus and image processing program storage medium
Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
Automatic focusing method and digital photographing apparatus using the same
Image pickup apparatus
Value added digital video receiver
Receiving apparatus and television set for receiving broadcast signals
Method and apparatus for protecting broadcast data
Method and apparatus for recording time information for digital data streams
Digital broadcast receiver
Digital broadcast receiving and recording apparatus
Systems and methods for wireless digital video monitoring
Information providing system, information processing apparatus, and method
Control 3 signal synthesis
Method and device for incorporating additional information into main information through electronic watermarking technique
Digital watermarking which allows tampering to be detected on a block-specific basis
Apparatus for encoding and decoding header data in picture signal transmission
Media projector system
Image sensing apparatus, image sensing method, and program
System and method for identifying a radio frequency identification (RFID) device
Method and apparatus for providing a wireless interoffice facility
System and method for centrally-hosted presence reporting
Multiple media access control apparatus and methods
Mobile communication system, access router, management device and mobile communication method
Wireless ground link-based aircraft data communication system with roaming feature
Push-to-talk event triggered location operation in a wireless communication device
Discharge lamp driving device and driving method
Connecting substrate, connecting structure. connection method and electronic apparatus
Multilayer wiring board, touch panel and manufacturing method of the same
Printed circuit board and differential signaling structure
Covering apparatus for expansion slot
Heat dissipation device
Heat dissipation device with a fan duct
Cooling structure using rigid movable elements
Isolating cover
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Human Necessities
Device for monitoring overloading of products from working machine to transporting vehicle
Multifunctional sensing and control assembly
Helmet safety system
Sound producing device
Infant protective safety support with indicating means
Image orientation for endoscopic video displays
Radiation source assembly and transducer for analyzing gases or other substances
Wetness awareness training device
Liquid crystal shutter with low twisted nematic liquid crystal cells driven with a low frequency or DC voltage
Electronic on/off switch for remote control model protected from inadvertent turn-off of its receiver
Collapsible zoetrope
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for range measurement and contour detection by means of microwaves
System for the reduction of laser equivalent surface and for optical protection
Method and apparatus for marking patterns by a scanning laser beam, a mask applied to the same apparatus
Stitch machining method by industrial robot
Position control apparatus and method of the same, numerical control program preparation apparatus and method of the same, and methods of controlling numerical control machine tool
Position detection apparatus with correction for non-linear sensor regions
Vacuum system for removing ablated particles from media mounted in an internal drum platesetter
System and method for automating print medium selection and for optimizing print quality in a printer
Method for reducing donor utilization for radiation-induced colorant transfer
Method and apparatus for forming an image on a recording medium wherein ink emission is accurately controlled by varying the surface level of chargeable developer ink
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet printer head and method for fabricating the same including a piezoelectric device with a multilayer body having a pair of high rigidity plates provided on the side walls
Ink jet apparatus, ink jet cartridge and ink jet head having a construction which improves ink jet head integrity
Thin piezoelectric film element, process for the preparation thereof and ink jet recording head using thin piezoelectric film element
Image recording apparatus
Package for ink jet head
Detection apparatus and method for use in a printing device
Apparatus for mixing and ejecting mixed colorant drops
Thermal transfer recording method and apparatus utilizing intermediate transfer recording medium
Autofocus actuator device
Optical character generator for an electrographic printer or copier device
MICR indicia diagnostics
Short prevention control apparatus of air conditioner for electric vehicles
Vehicle interlock system
On board power regeneration system for electrically operated vehicles
High power drive from AC and DC sources using cryoelectronics
Bireflective lens element
Rear lamp module with trailer tow connector
Switching control system for automatically turning headlights off and on at intersections
Warning device for distance between cars
Automotive auditory feedback of changing conditions outside the vehicle cabin
Vehicle mounting for audiovisual equipment
Airbag system
Radar detector for pre-impact airbag triggering
Vehicle security system with local area pager and anti-drive away protection
Memory device having the function of detecting the locking or unlocking condition of a remote controller
Water drop detector or transparent substrate and initiating method and output stabilizing method therefor
Steer by wire system with feedback
Window structure with non-radial mounting support having graded thermal expansion
Method of and apparatus for detecting defects in a process for making sealed sterile packages
Method and apparatus for handling brake failure in variable frequency drive motors
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Photoinduced grating in B.sub.2 O.sub.3 containing glass
Cathode ray tubes having reduced glass browning properties
Phosphor for plasma display panel
Boron implanted dielectric structure
Thermoelectric element and cooling or heating device provided with the same
Fixed Constructions
Drive unit electric motor
Motor controlling equipment for power window
Method and apparatus for mud pulse telemetry in underbalanced drilling systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electric starter motor
Hybrid energy recovery system
Method and apparatus for controlling an induction motor
Brake and stall detector for a motorized actuator
Bang-bang laser spot tracker
Method and device for locating and identifying search objects concealed in the ground, particularly plastic mines
Laser speckle strain and deformation sensor using linear array image cross-correlation method for specifically arranged triple-beam triple-camera configuration
Apparatus and method of monitoring a power transmission line
Method and apparatus for dead reckoning and GIS data collection
Communication protocol for a vehicle navigation system
Quadrature encoding device with slope-triggered digitizing circuit
Position measuring system and method for operating a position measuring system
Position detecting apparatus for motor actuator
Fiber optic acoustic emission sensor
Fiber optic acoustic sensor array based on Sagnac interferometer
Optical position measuring instrument for generating a reference pulse signal
Antenna for a radar unit for level measurement
Dual bandwith bolometer
Device for measurement of optical wavelengths
Decoupled switched current temperature circuit with compounded .DELTA.V
Method of using thermally switchable optical devices
Microchip optical transport technology for use in a personal flow cytometer
High speed flaw detecting system for reflective material
Method and apparatus for measuring micro structures, anisotropy and birefringence in polymers using laser scattered light
Critical angle sensor
Device for evaluating quality of granular objects
Method and apparatus for inspecting a semiconductor wafer using a dynamic threshold
Location of defects using dye penetration
Image detection apparatus
Inspection jig
Method for initializing short time and groundfault protection heat index accumulators in a trip unit
Electrical energy meter for 3-wire delta service
Vehicle starting battery cold-cranking AMPS meter and method
Fault locator that uses positive-phase-sequence electricity
Testing high intensity discharge lamp fixtures
Method and apparatus for characterizing a specimen of semiconductor material
Non-contact tunnelling field measurement for a semiconductor oxide layer
System to simultaneously test trays of integrated circuit packages
Integrated or intrapackage capability for testing electrical continuity between an integrated circuit and other circuitry
Modular, semiconductor reliability test system
Universal decoder test board
Inspection apparatus with real time display
Method and apparatus for obtaining transfer characteristics of a device under test
Circuit board inspection apparatus and method
Phased-array coil, receive signal processing circuit, and MRI apparatus
MRI magnet with fast ramp up capability for interventional imaging
Microcoil based micro-NMR spectrometer and method
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Instrument landing system glide path transmitter device
FM-CW radar system for measuring distance to and relative speed of target
Object locating system
Multi-indicator aviation pilot collision alert
Averaging-area-constrained adaptive interferometric filter that optimizes combined coherent and noncoherent averaging
Meteorological radar apparatus
Device for measuring the co-ordinates of one or several retroreflectors applied on an object
Optical friendly fire avoidance system
Distance measuring apparatus
Method for improving the accuracy of a wireless location system
Transmit/receive module having multiple transmit/receive paths with shared circuitry
Optoelectronic sensor arrangement with a plurality of photosensitive elements arranged in one line or in an array
Dosimeter probe
Passive electrical marker for underground use and method of making thereof
Electronic article surveillance markers for direct application to optically recorded media
Nuclear magnetic resonance well logging to determine gas-filled porosity and oil-filled porosity of earth formations without a constant static magnetic field gradient
Apparatus and method for detecting tornadoes
Lenses for electronic imaging systems
Concentric lens with aspheric correction
Front converter lens system using a diffractive surface
Optical system and image taking apparatus
Catadioptric optical system
Lens barrel for use in a microscope
Method and apparatus for enhanced high-speed perception (EHP) of a moving object using an optical shutter spectacle
Method of making uniformly magnetized elements for a gyricon display
Scanning optical system
Optical scanning apparatus, information reading apparatus and information recording apparatus
Scanning type image viewing optical system
Optical system having reflecting surface of non-rotationally symmetric surface configuration
Personal visual display
Augmented retinal display with view tracking and data positioning
Image display apparatus
Color sequential display panels
High resolution color computer display to be worn on the head of an operator
Optical element with two optical systems having identical optical paths
Method and system for light field rendering
Lens arrangements
Phase retarder film containing TiO.sub.2
Temperature control by means of a CCD-camera in welding fiber ribbon cables
Optoelectronic module for bidirectional optical data transmission
Optical mount with UV adhesive and protective layer
Device for detecting zoom lens positions and apparatus employing the device
Switchable achromatic polarization rotator
Aerogel-based phase transition flat panel display
Ionizable gas for a plasma display
Flat panel displays having tiles and visually imperceptible gaps therebetween
Efficient color display using low-absorption in-pixel color filters
Method for producing a reflection type liquid crystal display
Reflector, reflective liquid crystal display incorporating the same and method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display
Latitudinal LCD with cylindrical and eliptical spacers at intersection of signal and gate lines
In plane switching LCD with 3 electrode on bottom substrate and 1 on top substrate
Display device
Transmission type liquid crystal display having an organic interlayer elements film between pixel electrodes and switching
Display apparatus and fabrication process thereof
Reflection type liquid crystal display
Defect compensation method and apparatus for liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Multi-domain homeotropic aligned liquid crystal display having cruciform bumps formed around pixel electrodes
N x M optical wavelength routing switch
Method for producing electromagnetically induced transparency in atoms with hyperfine structure
Rear projection screen assembly having triangular light dispersing elements
Dynamically adjustable high resolution adjustable slit
Reticle, semiconductor wafer, and semiconductor chip
Compact planar motor having multiple degrees of freedom
Apparatus and method for exposing a pattern on a ball-like device material
Method of processing resist onto substrate and resist processing apparatus
Aligning method
Exposure apparatus and positioning method
Operation scheduling system for a digital printing apparatus, where new constraints can be added
Hologram replicating method, and volume hologram
Crystal oscillator circuit having transistor with back gate voltage control
Signaling machine for computer controlled appliance
Movable barrier having force and position learning capability
Modular input/output system with redundancy and testing
Threshold voltage compensation circuits for low voltage and low power CMOS integrated circuits
Circuits and methods for multiple-input, single-output, low-dropout voltage regulators
Temperature compensating compact voltage regulator for integrated circuit device
Voltage supply circuit and semiconductor device including such circuit
Continuous media stream control
Reset input circuit for an MCU
Device and method to reduce power consumption in integrated semiconductor devices using a low power groggy mode
Video display apparatus with audio circuitry and a method for controlling power therein
ASIC low power activity detector to change threshold voltage
Power noise preventing circuit for microcontroller unit (MCU)
Data processing system and image processing system
Signal-transfer system and semiconductor device for high-speed data transfer
Signal transfer system and method using an intermediate voltage
Pager to computer link apparatus
Memory including logic for operating upon graphics primitives
Microstrip gas chamber high-speed data acquisition system and method of measuring samples by use of the system
Triangular semiconductor or gate
Computer resource regulation
Computer mouse glove
Wrist-pendent wireless optical keyboard
Progress-indicating mouse pointer
Method and apparatus for graphically manipulating objects
Computer-executed, three-dimensional graphical resource management process and system
Methods and apparatuses for presenting a collection of digital media in a media container
Method and system for reducing memory requirements by using separate specification and storage of default and overriding attributes
Method and system of altering an attribute of a graphic object in a pen environment
Dynamic control of panning operation in computer graphics
Data processing system having context sensitive visual feedback for user interface controls and method therefor
Light pen system for use with a CRT scanning display
X-Y direction input device
System and method of adjusting display characteristics of a displayable data file using an ergonomic computer input device
Data input device
Integrated display list and building tool for multiple personalities
Thin layer protocol.TM. for printer management
System and method for placement of operands in system memory
Method and apparatus for building an application interface
Methods and apparatus for isochronous printing with minimal buffering
Method and apparatus for combining a plurality of images without incurring a visible seam
RF identification system with restricted range
Contactless proximity automated data collection system and method
Transponder communication device for the contactless communication with a plurality of individually selectable transponders, and transponder for the contactless communication with at least one transponder communication device
Portable scanner with pivoting image head and rotating mirror
Fingerprint detection apparatus with partial fingerprint images
Display control apparatus which compresses image data to reduce the size of a display memory
Method and apparatus for anti-aliasing post rendering of an image
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for creating lifelike digital representation of hair and other fine-grained images
Anisotropic texture mapping using silhouette/footprint analysis in a computer image generation system
Dynamic selection of lighting coordinates in a computer graphics system
Method and apparatus for synthesizing realistic animations of a human speaking using a computer
System and method for correcting pixel data in an electronic device
Method for displaying used time of video processing apparatus
Programmable lock and security system therefor
Site control unit for video security system
Apparatus for determining the alertness of a driver
Expandable, modular annunciation and intercom system
Retractable tamper resistant annunciator
Intelligent speaker controller for a fire alarm system
Security system with randomized synchronization code
Remote control receiver and method of operation
Remote control learning system and method using signal envelope pattern recognition
Method and apparatus for detecting magnetostrictive resonator and traffic system
Information exchange system
Portable appliance for informing the users of a bus network about waiting times at stops in the network
Process and apparatus for assisting in the parking of a motor vehicle
Dialogic style RF guidance system for a visually handicapped person and its control method
Laser actuated keyboard system
System and method for monitoring a plural segment light-emitting display
Display of visual data utilizing data aggregation
Synchronous processing device
Display device with photoconductive coating
Display device
Format converter
Automatic image quality adjustment device adjusting phase of sampling clock for analog video signal to digital video signal conversion
Methods of improving display uniformity of thin CRT displays by calibrating individual cathode
Cell driving device for use in a field emission display
AC plasma display with precise relationships in regards to order and value of the weighted luminance of sub-fields with in the sub-groups and erase addressing in all address periods
Color plasma display panel having a plurality of data drivers
Motion pixel distortion reduction for a digital display device using pulse number equalization
Power output stage for the control of plasma screen cells
Display device
Analog driver for LED or similar display element
Photolithographic exposure system and method employing a liquid crystal display (LCD) panel as a configurable mask
Driver for liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
Analog display interface storing color values based upon user controlled calibration
Method for managing non-rectangular windows in a raster display
Three-phase clock signal generation circuit for LCD driver
Integrated graphics processor having a block transfer engine for automatic graphic operations in a graphics system
Spindle motor design facilitating and ensuring precise assembly of the motor
Punctured maximum transition run code, apparatus and method for providing the same
Encoder/decoder system with suppressed error propagation
Holographic memory device
Transistor, transistor array, method for manufacturing transistor array, and nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Track-and-hold signal generator having a time-aligned clock
Configuration memory integrated circuit
Memory tester and method of switching the tester to RAM test mode and ROM test mode
Switching circuit with an output voltage changing among four possible values
Sense amplifier for high-density imaging array
Scanning probe microscope
Resistor network with solder sphere connector
Electric resistor having positive and negative TCR portions
Current limiting breaking device using electromagnetic repulsion coil
Switch having a temperature-dependent switching member and a substantially temperature-independent spring element
Motor starting and protecting apparatus
Field electron emission materials and devices
Plasma display panel with bus electrodes having black electroconductive material
Full color surface discharge type plasma display device
Alternative current plasma display panel with dielectric sub-layers
Microwave oven magnetron design with a harmonic choke following a numerical expression
Electron beam deflection apparatus using an auxiliary deflection coil and a compensation coil
Shadow mask having an effective face area and ineffective face area
Color cathode ray tube having a small neck diameter
Display panels using fibrous field emitters
Field emission cold-cathode device
System for ion energy control during plasma processing
Fluorescent lamp
Composite discharge lamp having center, arc electrodes coated for electron emission
Electrodeless discharge lamp
Purity/beam landing error measurement method for electronic display devices
Wafer detection apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating
Capacitor and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having a multi-wall cylindrical capacitor
Semiconductor device utilizing annealed semiconductor layer as channel region
Optimized trench edge formation integrated with high quality gate formation
Field effect transistor having a floating gate
Method and structure for increasing the threshold voltage of a corner device
Insulated gate semiconductor device
MOSFET structure and process for low gate induced drain leakage (GILD)
Thin film transistor having a continuous crystallized layer including the channel and portions of source and drain regions
Semiconductor device face-down bonded with pillars
Semiconductor plastic package, metal plate for said package, and method of producing copper-clad board for said package
Electro-thermal nested die-attach design
High integrity vias
Self-aligned isolation trench
Advanced fabrication method of integrated circuits with borderless vias and low dielectric-constant inter-metal dielectrics
Metal attachment method and structure for attaching substrates at low temperatures
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device having wiring layers and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming triple well in semiconductor device
DRAM cell arrangement
Memory cell for EEPROM devices, and corresponding fabricating process
Semiconductor device having an improved interconnection and method for fabricating the same
Trench isolation with suppressed parasitic edge transistors
Ferroelectric semiconductor device, and ferroelectric semiconductor substrate
Vertical field effect transistor and diode
Semiconductor device fabrication method and apparatus using connecting implants
Package for semiconductor device having frame-like molded portion and producing method of the same
Electronic device and semiconductor package
Semiconductor device having magnetic shield layer circumscribing the device
Semiconductor apparatus having an insulating layer of varying height therein
Resin sealed semiconductor devices and a process for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having adhesive between lead and chip
Semiconductor device which is crack resistant
Die interconnections using intermediate connection elements secured to the die face
Semiconductor package including flex circuit, interconnects and dense array external contacts
Semiconductor device
Methods and apparatus for increasing metal density in an integrated circuit while also reducing parasitic capacitance
Freestanding multilayer IC wiring structure
Structure of a dual damascene
Semiconductor integrated circuit and supply method for supplying multiple supply voltages in a semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device having discharging portion
Electro-static discharge protection structure for semiconductor devices
ESD protection clamp for mixed voltage I/O stages using NMOS transistors
Field device electrostatic discharge protective circuit
Circuits and methods for dual-gated transistors
MOS integrated circuit device operating with low power consumption
Semiconductor structure for driver circuits with level shifting
Dynamic random access memory cell suitable for integration with semiconductor logic devices
Memory configuration with self-aligning non-integrated capacitor configuration
Symmetrical multi-layer metal logic array employing single gate connection pad region transistors
Semiconductor device with electrically isolated transistor
Photo sensor and method for forming the same
Solid state imaging apparatus having a plurality of metal wirings for supplying driving pulses to transfer electrodes of vertical CCD registers
Programmable interconnect structures and programmable integrated circuits
Trenched gate metal oxide semiconductor device and method
Silicon carbide semiconductor configuration with a high degree of channel mobility
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device having a plurality of parallel drift regions
Semiconductor logic element and apparatus using thereof
Charge transfer device and method for manufacturing the same
Ferroelectric memory device and a method of manufacturing thereof
Low threshold voltage diode-connected FET
Semiconductor light emitting device that prevents current flow in a portion thereof directly under an electrode wire bonding pad
Light-emitting diode with anti-reflector
Transformer with the piezoelectric transformer element held by lead terminals and elastic bodies in a case
Shaped multilayer ceramic transducers and method for making the same
Structure for high efficiency electroluminescent device
Solid bar battery strap assembly
Broad band quad ridged polarizer
Coaxial dielectric filter
Multilayer duplexer with no shielding electrodes
Nonreciprocal microwave component having adjustable magnetic field strength
Low insertion phase variation dielectric material
Distributed ground pads for shielding cross-overs of mutually overlapping stripline signal transmission networks
Millimeter wave polymeric waveguide-to-coax transition
Compact antenna feed circuits
Intelligent RF combiner
Method and apparatus for electrically tuning a resonating device
Structure of an antenna for a portable radio communication apparatus
Mast mounting device for radar
Dual band antenna for vehicles
Antenna device having a matching means
Conformal load-bearing antenna system that excites aircraft structure
Antenna with RF energy shield for a portable cellular telephone
Antenna for receiving satellite signals
Radio frequency absorber system
Compact waveguide horn antenna and method of manufacture
Phase-tunable antenna feed network
Wire antenna with stubs to optimize impedance for connecting to a circuit
Substrate antenna
Semiconductor chip carrier including an interconnect component interface
Mode selectable power receptacle
Electrical connector structure including integral resistive element for operating a motor at two speeds
Method for optical amplification and system for carrying out the method
Microscanner for portable laser diode displays
Drive circuit of light emitting element
Frequency conversion combiner system for diode lasers
Optical systems with one or more stabilized laser signal sources
Spark plug for having slidably wiping device for cleaning carbon deposits
Apparatus and method for fail-safe control of events in preparation for electrical power transfers
Method for managing back-up power source
Method and apparatus for determining when to terminate charging of a battery
Individually adjustable type automatic charging circuit for multiple batteries
Method for charging and discharging a smart battery of an electronic equipment
Charge/discharge control circuit and chargeable electric power source apparatus
Process and circuit layout for using an independent capacitor for the momentary retention of an output voltage when an input voltage is lost
Magnet fixed structure for compressor motor
Alternator for vehicle
Counterbored rotors for natural frequency variation
Three-phrase reluctance motor
Hybrid permanent magnet/homopolar generator and motor
Electronically commutated motor
Permanent magnet direct current (PMDC) machine with integral reconfigurable winding control
Brushless D.C. motor assembly
Reluctance apparatus for flywheel energy storage
Dust guard
Charge pump type booster circuit
Low voltage illumination system
Method and apparatus for high efficiency power amplification
Output power amplifier circuit with short-circuit protective function
Switched capacitor amplifier with one-clock delay
Method and device for improved class BD amplification having single-terminal alternating-rail dual-sampling topology
Differential output amplifier arrangement and method for tuning the output impedance of a differential output amplifier
Amplifier circuit
Pre-recorded sigma delta values for power amplifier control
Highly-linear continuous-time filter for a 3-volt supply with PLL-controlled resistor and digitally-controlled capacitor
Thin-film monolithic coupled spiral balun transformer
Electrically tunable band pass filter with symmetrical low-side and high-side protection
Transmission line impedance matching apparatus
Optimal cut for SAW devices on langatate
Piezoelectric resonator and electronic component including same
Circuit with ramp-up control and overcoming a threshold voltage loss in an NMOS transistor
Mixed signal circuit with analog circuits producing valid reference signals
Contactless switch
High speed process-controlled transresistance amplifier
Method and circuit for recycling charge
Integrated buffer circuits having improved noise immunity and TTL-to-CMOS signal conversion capability
Output buffer circuit with adjustable driving capability
Overshoot/undershoot protection scheme for low voltage output buffer
Erroneous operation protection circuit formed between data buses and intergrated circuit employing the same
Drive-current modulated output driver
Method and device for isolating noise sensitive circuitry from switching current noise on semiconductor substrate
MOS output buffer with overvoltage protection circuitry
Low power voltage translation circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit capable of realizing logic functions
Symmetrical NOR gates
Robust domino circuit design for high stress conditions
Multiplexer array with shifted input traces
Variable grain architecture for FPGA integrated circuits
Temperature controlled attenuator and method for stabilizing a temperature-dependent voltage
Bus-hold circuit having low leakage when power is off
Oscillator having a resonator coupled to an amplifier by a series resistance
Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor high-frequency ring oscillator
Clock-independent latch setup-and-hold time in a combined D-type latch and flip-flop
Adjustable delay circuit
CMOS RC equivalent delay circuit
Digital wave shaping circuit, frequency multiplying circuit, and external synchronizing method, and external synchronizing circuit
Phase locked loop circuit for eliminating impulses in output data which tend to produce malfunctions
Phase locked loop circuit and method of synchronizing internal synchronizing signal with reference signal
Algorithmic analog-to-digital converter with reduced differential non-linearity and method
Method and apparatus for extending the spurious free dynamic range of an analog-to-digital converter
Method and arrangement for the analog/digital conversion of a picture signal
Synchronous sigma delta modulator including a decision circuit using a polyphase sampler
Serial/parallel converter using holding and latch flip-flops
Method and device for aligning an optical transmission and reception beam in satellite connections
Method for generating duobinary signal and optical transmitter using the same method
Apparatus for enhancing extinction ratio in optical NRZ-to-RZ converting system, and optical modulation system therefor
Optical amplifier system generating high optical output level
Optical communication systems
System, method, and pointing device for remote operation of data processing apparatus
Fiber optic network using space and wavelength multiplexed data channel arrays
Optical amplifier for CATV system with forward and reverse paths
Optical add drop multiplex (OADM)
Message processing method and apparatus therefor
Modulator and modulation method for orthogonally modulating digital baseband signals
Device and method for controlling the sampling of a signal conveying binary information coded according to a two-phase code
Communication apparatus and communication control method
Electricity turning-on control device and facsimile device
Method and apparatus for orienting a recording media sheet on a support surface
Bi-level to contone data conversion
Multilevel screening for color laser printer
Facsimile apparatus using standardized and proprietary types of passwords
Color image forming device capable of achieving a uniform and stable image quality for various recording media
Digital photofinishing system including film under-exposure gamma, scene balance, and image sharpening digital image processing
Digital photofinishing system including scene balance, contrast normalization, and image sharpening digital image processing
Color correction device
Digital deflection control system in projection TV
Image sensor
Method and system for reviewing and navigating among images on an image capture unit
Video camera with interruption of recording upon detection of improper mounting of interchangeable lens
Image processing apparatus
Video and audio functions in a web television
System for processing a picture data signal for an image display device
Method and apparatus for reformatting auxiliary information included in a television signal
Omnibus closed captioning decoder for encoded video
System for dual-display interaction with integrated television and internet content
Algorithm for fast forward and fast rewind of MPEG streams
Video system with selectable bit rate reduction
Digital television signal flow regulation
Liquid-crystal projector having a mirror with a specific tilt adjustment mount
Projection optical unit and projection display
Submersible video viewing system
Apparatus for converting color signals
White balance self-adjusting apparatus for use in color display
Wavelength router
Switchable optical network unit
Entrance actuated lighting activation system
Device and process for operating a gas discharge lamp having a resonant circuit that contains the gas discharge lamp
Power supply system for a fluorescent lamp
Superconducting accelerator cavity with a heat affected zone having a higher RRR
Quickly removable RF sealed cover for test fixture
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