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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Use of parthenolide derivatives as antileukemic and cytotoxic agents
Automatic scratch-off material removal device
Non-marring gun hook
One-piece seat back structure
Detergent dispensing and pre-treatment cap
X-ray measurement apparatus
Thin back glass interconnect
Quinolone compound and pharmaceutical composition
Piperazine compounds
Phenyl ethynyl derivatives as hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Pyrido[4,3-B]indoles and methods of use
2,5-methano- and 2,5-ethano-tetrahydrobenzazepine derivatives and use thereof to block reuptake of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin
5-HT3 receptor modulators, methods of making, and use thereof
Method for screening inhibitors of interleukin-32 (IL-32)
HMGB1 specific monoclonal antibodies
Discharge device with tube
Virtual and augmented reality
Skid stabilizer for use with a radio controlled helicopter
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electric heating catalyst
Headspace gas treatment apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for preparing a solution of a shear sensitive material
DNA extraction using a photo-polymerized monolith in a capillary
Photocatalyst with enhanced stability for hydrogen production and oxidative reactions
Method of cladding diamond seeds
Gasification reactor for production of crude gas containing CO or H2
Electrostatic system and method of sorting plastics
Device with slotted nozzle assembly for dispensing fluid
Integrated swivel spray aerator with diverter
Stabilized high flow doctor blade head for transfer roller
Device for supporting substrate and examiner for seal pattern of LCD cell using the same
Vented combinatorial processing cell
Polymer compound for medical material, and biochip substrate using the polymer compound
Ultrasonic cleaning fluid, method and apparatus
Method for deicing and cleaning fans
Conduit decontamination and pressure testing device
Deep draw manufacturing process
Flaring tool
Multi-component composition metal injection molding
Working component for mating with multiple shaft ends
Method for welding depending on a preferred direction of the substrate
Lens structure and manufacturing method, and the manufacture of shaped polymer articles
Magnesium welding wire
Antioxidant gas supply unit
Method of welding two sides of a joint simultaneously
Test arrangement for a centrifugal compressor stage
Strip resistant screw and rescue driver
Wheel weight pliers
Adjustable lightweight camping mallet
Dive knife with two elastic buckles at two lateral sides
Nanoimprint lithography
Manufacturing nanocomposites
Sterile heating apparatus for plastics material pre-forms
Apparatus for the heating of plastics material pre-forms with sterile room
Process for preparing a heat resistant polylactic acid foamed article
Methods for joining electronic device housing structures using heat activated thermoset film
Biopolymer materials
Method and device for saving energy in extrusion
Production method of wafer lens
Tyre carcass forming method and drum
Membrane and method of fabricating the same
Printer apparatus
Mailing lines and related methods
Supporting mechanism and printing device thereof
Printing up to edges of printing paper without platen soiling
Laser drawing control apparatus, laser drawing apparatus, method of controlling laser drawing apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Printing device
Micro ballpoint pen and printing apparatus
Tire changing apparatus
Rim or rim portion made of composite material
Motorcycle tire
Articulated gull wing door
Transmission driving device
Axle for a motor vehicle
Battery charge/discharge control device, battery charge/discharge control method, and hybrid working machine with battery charge/discharge control device
Work vehicle
Vehicle assistance device and method
Device and method for adjusting the headlight range of a motor vehicle
Reading light unit and system of a light control unit and a reading light unit
Front-end structure of a motor vehicle
Short offset sheet metal reinforcement to limit rotation during crash
Brake system
Flexible mud flap hanger-bracket
Construction machine
Two-way interactive light control device
Quick release hub assembly
Boat line management
Apparatus and system for detecting and sharing characteristics of a ride on a watercraft
Cork watersports board
Paddleboard storage and seat support assembly
C-shaped rigid buoyancy tube assembly for boats
Boat expanding and contracting apparatus
Interlock vessel for hyperbaric transfer system
Floatable boat ramp
Door assembly with two door leaves
Apparatus and method for fuelling an aircraft tank system
Container usable as a deep bottom and shallow bottom type container, and manufacturing method thereof
One piece bulk bin having an automatically-erecting bottom and methods for constructing the same
Container for dispensing a combination product
Floating anchor curb system
Removable profile assembly and method of use
Device for transporting hollow bodies
Sheet stabilizer with suction nozzle having center protrusion
Sheet feeding device, image forming device, and method for feeding sheets
Load transport system and method
Multiple inlet dispensing apparatus and system for preparing beverages
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Flexible polymer concrete and methods for making flexible polymer concrete
Compositions containing dialkylethers, thus produced coatings and use of dialkylethers
Petroleum ashphaltene handler additive compound
Method for producing silicon carbide-carbon composite
Method for producing stable, high-purity molded bodies from pyrogenic metal oxides without the addition of binders
Method for upgrading FT synthesis oil, and mixed crude oil
Methods for converting carbohydrates into oxygenated hydrocarbons
Process for working up solvent-containing hydrogenation product mixtures
Fluorinated aromatic bis(acyl)-containing compounds and polyesters prepared therefrom
Geranyl geranyl acetone (GGA) derivatives and compositions thereof
Process for producing alkyl methacrylate
Mixtures used in oxidizing alkyl aromatic compounds
Substituted phenoxypyridines
Desazadesferrothiocin and desazadesferrothiocin polyether analogues as metal chelation agents
Method for the manufacture of furan compounds for renewable primary products
3-heterocyclyl-substituted benzoyl derivatives
Amidine compound or salt thereof
Processes and intermediates in the preparation of morphine analogs via N-demethylation of N-oxides using cyclodehydration reagents
Forms of Apixaban
Imidazoquinoline compounds
Pyrimidone derivatives and their use in the treatment, amelioration or prevention of a viral disease
PAA nanoparticles for tumor treatment and imaging
Hexahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-2-amine compounds
Heteroaryl-substituted hexahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-2-amine compounds
Method for producing monosilane and tetraalkoxysilane
Diphosphonate compound and a method for preparing the same and an application of the same
Method for preparing precursor used for labeling hepatocyte receptor and containing trisaccharide and DTPA ligand
Methods for producing amino-substituted glycolipid compounds
Glycosylated aminocoumarins and methods of preparing and uses of same
Soluble fragments of influenza virus PB2 protein capable of binding RNA-cap
Polyols derived from a vegetable oil using an oxidation process
Radio frequency magnetic field responsive polymer composites
Structured mineral multi-pigment
Inorganic oxide powder
Zirconium treated sodium aluminosilicates and methods of making same
Insulating composition for substrate, and prepreg and substrate using the same
Europium, and yttrium oxide or gadolinium oxide core/shell composition, phosphor including said composition, and methods for preparing same
Carbodiimide phosphors
Yellow light afterglow material and preparation method thereof as well as LED illuminating device using same
Polymerizable compounds and use thereof in liquid crystal displays
Cast molded parts formed from a liquid crystalline polymer
Heat transfer method
Pyrolyzer furnace apparatus and method for operation thereof
Method for producing lubricant base oil
Means for the transient production in plants of recombinant proteins that can be used in particular in prophylaxis and in therapeutics
Pentose fermentation by a recombinant microorganism
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of intraerythrocytic parasites
Artificial three-dimensional microenvironment niche culture
Methods and compositions for identifying, classifying and monitoring subject having Bcl-2 family inhibitor-resistant tumors and cancers
Method for forming thin film while providing cooling gas to rear surface of substrate
RF plasma reactor having a distribution chamber with at least one grid
Electrolyser with coiled inlet hose
Methods and systems for in-situ electroplating of electrodes
Electropolishing fixture with lever arm
Electrochemical etching apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Spiral textile and system for weaving the same
Manufacture and use of a composite structure containing precipitated carbonate
Fixed Constructions
Pole assembly with transition ring
Device for oil spill cleanup
Center-supported wall panel
Brick veneer header bracket
Systems and methods for wide engineered siding
Cut stone construction and masonry method
Reusable shim shell mechanical edge setting system and method for setting tiles and tuning lippage
Clip and method for the mounting of panels
Locking equipment rack
Apparatus, methods, and systems for filling and circulating fluid in tubular members
Pumping system
Systems and methods for well positioning using phase relations between transverse magnetic field components of a transverse rotating magnetic source
Bubble logging tool
Method of increasing productivity of oil, gas, and water wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas supply device
Electronics rack with liquid-coolant-driven, electricity-generating system
Lost-motion variable valve actuation system with valve deactivation
Camless engine operating system
Cold start up auxiliary system for alcohol and flex engines with air-inlet and alcohol warm up
Method for operating a combined cycle power plant
Pressure energy conversion systems
Vehicle air intake mechanism
Starting control unit and start command signal generation apparatus therefor
Starter motor with torque limiter
Rail mounted wind turbine
Apparatus for generating electricity
Method and apparatus for reducing bird and fish injuries and deaths at wind and water-turbine power-generation sites
Integrated solar energy thermal storage system and methods
Motor pump unit
Inhalation therapy device compressor
Gear pump having grooved mounting adapter
Variable vane pump with communication groove in the cam ring
Venturi tube assembly and manual/pneumatic pump including the venturi tube assembly
Tacking nail or tacking pin including a charging time indicating member for tacker
Decorative clip assemblies
Bore-scope sealing apparatus and plug therefor
Threaded fastener
Assembly of thermoplastic extrusion blow molded component and fastening element
Bearing assembly
Bearing structure for internal combustion engine
Fastening device for a module element in an airplane
Overrunning isolating decoupler pulleys
Hydraulic auto-tensioner
Self-retaining gasket and fastener retainer
Diaphragm and backing cushion shaping for increased membrane life
Solenoid actuator with magnetic sleeving
Locking devices for valves and other equipment
Process for manufacturing a heat-insulated uncoupling element and an uncoupling element, especially for exhaust gas lines of internal combustion engines
Quick connect tool with locking collar
Para-seismic support for pipes
Tether for tubes of an exhaust system joint
Panel mounting system
Multi-directional pivoting light mount with position locking
High efficiency directional light source using lens optics
Thermal bridge for LED luminaires
Light dispersion device
Frame and backlight module having same
Light guiding element and backlight module
Simulated solar irradiation device and spectral adjustment method thereof
Reheat burner
Combustion liner assembly having a mount stake coupled to an upstream support
Solar energy collector with comprehensive effects
Air conditioner with electromagnetic induction heating unit
Specialty cooling features using extruded evaporator
User-selectable operating modes for refrigeration appliances
Freeze-drying method and apparatus for the same
Adjustable modular trigger assembly for firearms
Crosswind resistant fletching construction
Fletching sleeve system and method of application and manufacture
Optical system for measuring the orientation of a helmet using corner cubes and a telecentric emission lens
Full-field optical coherence tomography system for imaging an object
Trajectory planning
Correcting for two-phase flow in a digital flowmeter
Method of measuring amount of substances in an ambient noise environment
Load cell assembly for an electrical scale
Automatic optimal positioning of spectrophotometer while measuring moving media
Wavelength variable interference filter, optical sensor, analyzer and process for producing wavelength variable interference filter
Real-time temperature sensitive machine level code compilation and execution
Coaxial cable Bragg grating sensor
Collision test apparatus, vehicle design method, and vehicle
Capillary fluid flow control
Measurement by means of atom interferometry
Method and device for contactless determination of the thickness of a web of material, including correction of the alignment error
X-ray imaging apparatus and X-ray imaging method
Liquid quality checking device and liquid storage tank provided with the device
Fabrication of tunneling junction for nanopore DNA sequencing
Serologic correlates of protection against Bacillis anthracis infection
Cancer evaluation method using haptoglobin .beta. chain defined by antibody RM2
Assay, composition and non-enzymatic mechanism of statin in modulating lipid metabolism
System and method including multiple processing lanes executing processing protocols
Electric arc discharge evaluation method, and associated test stand
Identifying defective components on a wafer using component triangulation
Seal method for direct liquid cooling of probes used at first level interconnect
Signal transmission lines with test pad
Radar system and detection method
System for detecting sea-surface wind, using satellite observation, and a method for detecting sea-surface wind
Handheld antenna attitude measuring system
Range localization system
Coordinate-free measurement-domain navigation and guidance using location-dependent radio signal measurements
Self-powered gamma detector
Double helix boron-10 powder thermal neutron detector
Device for monitoring nuclear material placed in a glove box
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Confocal and concave 1D photonic crystal resonant cavities with ultra-low mode volume
Optical communication device
PDL compensator optical device, and PDL compensation method
Photoelectric conversion device and optical fiber coupling connector
Optical coupling module and optical fiber coupling connector
Fiber optic connector
Optical connector with alignment device
Glasses storage system
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
Low-speckle light sources and displays employing multimode optical fiber
Projector having blue light alleviating part
Method for monitoring focus on an integrated wafer
Imaging system for imaging fast-moving objects
Lithography mask having sub-resolution phased assist features
Resist overlayer film forming composition for lithography
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Gloss applicator and image forming apparatus including same
Development device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image forming apparatus
Fixing device and method, and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Liquid developer containing electro-conductive particles and an electro-conductive pattern forming method using said material and an electro-conductive pattern forming apparatus using said material
Method and apparatus for quantum holographic information processing
System and method for credential management and administration
Protective casing having keyboard
Electronic device case and method of use
Frequency and voltage scaling architecture
Multiprocessor system and method of controlling power
Inadvertent freed storage recovery
Model-based testing of a graphical user interface
Instruction-set architecture for programmable Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) computations
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for written mathematical expression analysis
Nested distributed storage unit and applications thereof
Method and apparatus for detecting a row or a column of a memory to repair without reporting all corresponding defective memory cells
Method and system for analyzing parallelism of program code
Monitoring software execution
Storage system group including scale-out storage system and management method therefor
Cluster of processing nodes with distributed global flash memory using commodity server technology
Object transformation of arrays of formulas and values
Context switch data prefetching in multithreaded computer
Replicating tag entries for reliability enhancement in cache tag arrays
Determining weight values for storage devices in a storage tier to use to select one of the storage devices to use as a target storage to which data from a source storage is migrated
Computing device having optimized file system and methods for use therein
Virtual machines failover
Communication control system, switching node, communication control method and communication control program including PCI express switch and LAN interface
Digital flowmeter
Information processing device, information processing method, and computer program product
Social and contextual recommendations
Content management for packet-communicating devices
Method, server and system for converging desktop application and web application
Fencing data transfers in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
Modeling interactions with a computer system
Continuous availability between sites at unlimited distances
Encryption acceleration
Genetic optimization method and system
Visual security for point of sale terminals
Methods, systems and computer program products for processing cells in a spreadsheet
Internationalization technology, including associating a text string in a target computer program with an attribute of a user-interface element
Techniques for improving the efficiency of mixed radix fast fourier transform
Machine translation-driven authoring system and method
Methods and systems for alignment of parallel text corpora
Electronic previous search results log
Method and system for finding data objects within large data-object libraries
Creating a link relationship between document objects and storing in a link directory
Systems, methods, and computer program products for secure multi-enterprise storage
Optimization of fingerprint-based deduplication
Electronic device and method for resetting unlocking password of the electronic device
Scalable row-store with consensus-based replication
Hierarchical multi-tenancy management of system resources in resource groups
Managing drill-through targets
Anonymizing sensitive identifying information based on relational context across a group
Monte-Carlo planning using contextual information
Traffic impact prediction for multiple event planning
Method and system for performing verification of an electronic design
Computer-based modeling of integrated circuit congestion and wire distribution for products and services
Method for filleting 3D mesh edges by subivision
Method for conducting nonlinear electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Apparatus system and method for deterministically transferring data by rebooting to a data transfer kernel
Content distribution system and method
Controlling acceleration of mouse cursor movement based on screen segments and image features
Computing device for running computer program on video card selected based on video card preferences of the program
Method for running computer program on video card selected based on video card preferences of the program
Group network connector
System and method of dynamically generating a frequency pattern to realize the sense of touch in a computing device
Optical navigation device with non-spherical ellipsoidal reflector
System and method of determining stylus location on touch-sensitive display
Touch screen system
Systems and methods for parallax compensation
Method and apparatus for improved text entry
Cloud-based trash-can
Labeling inserted pages within print previews of a print job
Display apparatus, print control method, and program
Apparatus and method for assigning print job
Computing a quantification measure associated with cases in a category
Find regular expression instruction on substring of larger string
System and method for controlling access to a resource
Delay device, method, and random number generator using the same
Dynamic software version selection
Discovery, consolidation, and archival of multiple operating system software licenses
Vectorization in an optimizing compiler
Debugger with previous version feature
System and method for providing Quality-of-Services in a multi-event processing environment
Software installation
Designing and building virtual images using semantically rich composable software image bundles
Virtual machine migrating system and method
Determining method, computer product, and determining apparatus
Throttling message producers based on total heap usage of a messaging engine
Method, system and computer product for rescheduling processing of set of work items based on historical trend of execution time
Indicating disabled thread to other threads when contending instructions complete execution to ensure safe shared resource condition
Apparatus, method, and medium for determining executability of process definition tickets in an image forming apparatus
Event source management using a metadata-driven framework
Updating and utilizing dynamic process simulation in an operating process environment
Identifying impact of a traffic incident on a road network
Multiface document
Antenna for dipole-type IC tag, antenna roll, and usage method for IC tag
Track barcode systems for railroad management
Two-dimensional position map correcting method
Prioritized contact transport stream
Computed tomography system and method for tracking a bolus
Image processing using a bilateral grid
Structured grids and graph traversal for image processing
Location determination for an object using visual data
Computer-readable recording medium storing authentication program, authentication device, and authentication method
Mode determination for multivariate time series data
Intelligent plant development library environment
Defining marketing strategies through derived E-commerce patterns
Operating system based event verification
Method, medium, and system for an online textbook exchange
System and method for instantaneous fingerprint recognition and analysis resulting in targeted output
Systems and methods for securing online content ratings
Sophisticated automated relationship alerter
System and method for facilitating creation of a rich virtual environment
Apparatus and methods for playing electronic table card games
Banking system controlled responsive to data bearing records
Systems and methods for detecting outages in a medical record exchange system
Alarm device to prevent drowsiness in drivers
Method and system for managing an alarm signal, alarm clock comprising such a system
Children's exercise play set
Transportable system for simulating free fall in air
Automatic eBook reader augmentation
Backlight module with diffusion sheet having a sub-wavelength grating
Wingtip fin of an aircraft
Rally towel apparatus
Display apparatus
Rotating an N-sided object to navigate items of an ordered data set
Configurable imaging system
Display device where supply of clock signal to driver circuit is controlled
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Circuits for controlling display apparatus
Telescoping tube position lock apparatus
Pole position sliding pickup system
Electronic apparatus
Scalable and embedded codec for speech and audio signals
UV disinfecting device
Inductor with non-uniform lamination thicknesses
Tubular lighting systems with inner and outer structured surfaces
Phase change type heat dissipating device
Semiconductor device using a silicon wafer with a pattern arrangement
MEMS element and method of manufacturing the same
Curable silicone composition, cured product thereof, and optical semiconductor device
Polymer membrane and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell system comprising same
Electrical charging system
On-die trim-able passive components for high volume manufacturing
Evolving algorithms for telecommunications network nodes by genetic programming
System and method for monitoring down-hole fluids
System and method for providing messages
Intrusion protection for a client blade
Processing context information
Strap for portable device with light indicator
Controlling a voice site using non-standard haptic commands
Representing a graphical user interface using a topic tree structure
Media determination for a print job from a rasterization process
Methods and apparatuses for printing three dimensional images
Image stabilizer and image capturing device
Modifying one or more session parameters for a coordinated display session between a plurality of proximate client devices based upon eye movements of a viewing population
Optical probe
Safety guard device and method for detecting falling object
Biodegradable microwavable container
Mounting assembly for data storage devices
Heat dissipation device
Highly survivable and rugged computer assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Enhanced minimum tillage planter/renovator system
Harrow tine with a cutting edge
Multifunctional recycling lawn mower
Crop processor roll arrangement for a forage harvester
Fruit shaker
Agricultural bale accumulator having a load bed extension module
Pick-up baler for harvested agricultural produce
Protecting device for a teat localizer
Method of and a device for milking an animal
Vacuum transfer system utilizing biased ball
Bicycle pet carrier
Chewable pet shelter
Portable squeeze chute apparatus
Training method and apparatus for training and using dogs in the detection of contaminants
Livestock incubator
Collapsible bait fish trap
Two-stage fishing bobber
Microbe-mediated method and apparatus for attracting mosquitoes
Controlled injection of dry material into a liquid system
Pizza oven deck
Tortilla cooling conveyor with distributed air diffusion
Method for defrosting a container and a frozen liquid therein
Method of treating tobacco to reduce nitrosamine content, and products produced thereby
Device for displacing rod-shaped objects
Pair of underpants, particularly a pair of boxer shorts
Seamless brassiere
Multi-layer garment pad construction
Lint removal glove
Device for coating a web-like sheet formation
Impact absorbing composites and their production
Waist adjusting device
Hood with shoulder support
Variable cushioning structure
Protective boot and sole structure
Body piercing jewelry substitute and method of application
Decorative cosmetic case
Wrist band
Hair dyeing process utilizing a heat application device
Hair curler device
Unitary construction of three bottles for fingernail adornment fluids
Hair root volumizing clip
Snap on pony tail holder/anchor ring
Liquid dispensing handle
Three point force sensing system for a toothbrush
Ratchet mechanism for connecting a cleaning head to a handle
Book holding device
Computer chair assembly
In-flight meal service cart
Collapsible step assembly
Method of inclining a body
Suitcase cooling apparatus
Armrest with a push button for controlling level of a chair seat
Cushion construction for furniture
Light string attachment accessory
Combination display stand and artificial christmas tree
Spiral tie and accessory rack with stacked pole segments
Rotatable jewelry cabinet
Clamp for a retail display apparatus
Magnetic mounting object holder and hook
Mobile-dining mealholder with bottle-supported plate-lid
Method and apparatus for decanting wine
Mailbox indicator flag
Sleeves formed of polymeric materials having a texture or appearance simulating the texture or appearance of paper
Decorative plant support for gardens
Juice extractor
Device for locking/unlocking a pressure cooker with lug-bayonet type closure
Griller with presettable cooking temperature and timed alarm capability
Coffee maker filter basket with steeping feature
Electric barbecuing cooker
Air discharge pressure measuring device for endoscope having an air supply tube
Fluid supplying apparatus for endoscope
Visual acuity examination apparatus
Drive system for dental handpiece
Procedure device for the decanting of dental filling substances
Tooth spacer
Flexible spring brace for the correction of tooth misalignment
Dental cast tray assembly
Apparatus for making composite sheet
Emergency inflatable spinal support device
Applicator ring for condoms
Weight-shifting reclining and tilting wheelchair seat
Lightweight wheelchair frame
Assist apparatus for patients in a wheelchair
Automatic variable positive expiratory pressure valve and methods
Dosing machine for hard gelatin capsules
Tissue-derived tumor growth inhibitors, methods of preparation and uses thereof
Scented fresh rolls
Fluid management systems
Breath-activated metered-dose inhaler
Determination of mask fitting pressure and correct mask fit
Sensing valve motion limiting mechanism for respiratory equipment
Virtual reality immersion therapy for treating psychological, psychiatric, medical, educational and self-help problems
Vehicle roof for controlling light exposure of the skin
Hanger assembly for passenger oxygen masks
Falling safeguard device
Fire extinguishing device
Golf bag functioning as a golf cart and a foot stand
Training device for archers
Braking device particularly for skates
Multi-functional roller skates
Safety brake for in-line skates
Gangster board game
Map puzzle game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Two-step process for nitrogen removal from natural gas
Process and apparatus for purifying hydrogen bromide
Method of purifying waste gases, and a gas burner
Method for applying a brazing medium to a configuration
Atomizer foil, atomizer having such an atomizer foil and use of such atomizer foil
Mixed-resistance structured packing
Suction device
Method and apparatus for grinding rubber
Air-assisted density separator device and method
Fluid product spraying device
Pump dispenser having vent valve
Sprinkler head installation tool
Spray gun with common control of fluid and air valve
Spraying apparatus having a sealing member with apertures
Air brush with removable and rotatable nozzle head
Nozzle with automatic disengaging bale
Waste depository
Method and apparatus for dry-in, dry-out polishing and washing of a semiconductor device
Apparatus for passive removal of subsurface contaminants and volume flow measurement
Roll changing apparatus of rolling mill
Method of manufacturing gas springs
Method and a machine for the production of accumulator plates
Sheet metal hemming method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for downhole sealing
Method of forming a safety can end
Hybrid exhaust manifold for combustion engines
Rocker arm and method of fabricating rocker arm body
Die casting vacuum apparatus
Casting chamber for a die casting machine
Module casting systems with shared controls
Sand core breaking apparatus
One-piece, composite crucible with integral withdrawal/discharge section
Pour tube with improved flow characteristics
Toolholder with a removable head
Sliding jaw chuck assembly
Ring cutting tool
Pavement cutter
Method and apparatus for micro BGA removal and reattach
Force sensing apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of production of the same
Method and apparatus for applying solder to an element on a substrate
Line up of pipes or pipe components
Programmable positioner for the stress-free assembly of assemblies
Drive unit
Machine tool accessory high pressure fluid distribution system
Method and apparatus for grinding rotors for hydraulic motors and apparatus therefor
Sander for smoothing curvilinear surfaces
Honing tool
Polishing head for chemical mechanical polishing using linear planarization technology
Polishing process monitoring method and apparatus, its endpoint detection method, and polishing machine using same
Polishing apparatus
Apparatus for supplying flush fluid
Pressurized delivery system for abrasive particulate material
Fixed abrasive polishing pad
Rotary floor sander
Water jet peening apparatus
Superhard material article of manufacture
Heavy metal burr tool
Polishing pads and methods relating thereto
Scored polishing pad and methods relating thereto
Polishing apparatus
Fastening unit for blocking the items to be processed on the working plane of a woodworking tooling machine, and a tooling machine equipped with said unit
Screwdriver having a plurality of interchangeable tips of various specifications
Toeing nosepiece for screwdrivers
Modular stamped parts transfer gripper
Portable, combustion-engined tool and a method of controlling the tool operation
Masons tool carrier
Tool holder
Combination mechanic's creeper and chair
Device for relative movement of two elements
Wet shaving razor having a blade assembly moveable in a plurality of directions
Separating device for a print engine
Adjustable fence for a compound miter saw
Apparatus for molding blocks
Bubbler tube with integral inlet pipe and bimetal core for injection molding tools and method of making the bubbler tube
Aluminum chassis having heat insulating foam filled in hollow, its manufacturing method and apparatus
Method for making a two part reservoir and resulting reservoir
Expansion valve
Injection unit for an injection molding machine
Welding method using heating plate and welding apparatus using the same
Method and means for handling of forestry wastes
Sleeve with rounded lower end
Method for changing a printing plate
Inking unit in a printing machine
Convertible media dryer for a large format ink jet print engine
Recording medium transportation apparatus
Use of very small advances of printing medium for improved image quality in incremental printing
Educatable media determination system for inkjet printing
High-density inkjet nozzle array for an inkjet printhead
Bow ribbed core
Ink cartridge
Bidirectional printing that takes account of mechanical vibrations of print head
Microwave energy ink drying system
Droplet generator for a continuous stream ink jet print head
Ink jet with coiled actuator
Ink-jet head, method of manufacture thereof, and ink-jet printer
Ink jet print head with tapered nozzle chambers
Transformation of motion in a nozzle arrangement for an ink jet printhead
Dual curable encapsulating material
Ink set, ink-jet recording process, ink-jet recording apparatus, and method for alleviating formation of solid within common recovery-system unit
Single pass printing of text among interleaved printing of non-text material
Machine for reproducing writing
Permanent heat activated printing process
Plate-making sheet and plate-making sheet printing device
Method of printing electronic images on a piece of colored cloth
Diffractive anti-counterfeiting tag with naked-eye inspection and machine inspection
Positive sleeving system for photographic negatives
Writing elements which connect together
Multi-color pen system
Method and device for maintaining the opening position of an envelope
Generator of objective nomenclature for colors
Spoked cycle wheel
Tire isolation device
Wheel cover with improved retention system
Tire having circumferential cables for anchoring the carcass and process of preparing such cables
On-axle tire inflation system
Steel cord having flat side surface portion, method of manufacturing same, and pneumatic tire reinforced with same
Pneumatic tire with cords directly contacting tread compound
Vehicle winch arrangement
Automotive suspension system incorporating splay reduction device
Torsion bar with multiple arm adjusters for a vehicle suspension system
Process and system for stabilizing vehicles against rolling
Suspension arm bushing of vehicle
Aluminum frame hanger for axle/suspension systems
Air-conditioning system for a motor vehicle
Air conditioner
Interior air processing casing, especially for an automobile vehicle
Control device for variable displacement compressor
Motor vehicle air conditioning circuit provided with pre-expansion device
Method for detecting low-charge condition in air conditioning system and device incorporating same
Condenser for a vehicle air-conditioning system
Sacrificial shield for window assembly
Vehicle window track adjustments in the vertical and transverse direction
Weather strip for supporting door glass of automobile
Retractable visor for an automobile windshield
Vehicle liftgate power operating system
Guide rail assembly
Roof arrangement for a convertible
Convertible motor vehicle roof
Convertible motor vehicle roof
Evaporative emission control system
Device for delivering fuel from a storage tank to the internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Transmission on all wheel steer power machine
Control system for all-wheel drive vehicle
Internal combustion engine shutdown method and control system
Non-contact power supply apparatus and pickup portion used therein
Device for aiding a movement of a current collector trolley in and out of an elongate plastic profile of a sliding contact line
Vehicle seat assembly
Height-adjustable underframe of a vehicle seat with two side parts
Restraint with a web adjuster and coupling
Bulk handling apparatus
Side dump body including a material compaction assembly
Locking wheel chock apparatus for single tire
Rooftop deck systems for vehicles
Articulating cargo bed extender
Cargo restraint device
Auxiliary safety or turning light device for vehicle
Rotary connection device
Securing system for integrally shaped bumper
Luggage restraining structure
Gas bag restraint system
Air bag module
Vehicle safety seat with fluid manifold
Belt retractor force limiter
Belt retractor and method of controlling operation of an occupant restraint system
Retractable, telescoping handrail for recreational vehicles
ATV storage box apparatus
Sports equipment rack for a vehicle
Bicycle carrier
Fairing assembly
Touch-free loading system for an in-bay, automatic vehicle wash system
Vehicle leveling assembly
Master cylinder with valves having reduced clutch pedal free play
Brake booster
Electrically operated braking system having a device for operating electric motor of brake to obtain relationship between motor power and braking torque
Braking pressure control apparatus having device for diagnosing manually operated hydraulic system
Loading car for bulk materials
Friction shoe for freight car truck
Collapsible trolley
Hand truck with pusher plate
Modular cart
Shaft assembly capable of length variation and having minimal rotational backlash and minimal sliding resistance
Steering gear frame
Truck/trailer box constructions
Load-shifting vehicle
Vehicle electric power assist steering system and method using velocity based torque estimation
Electric power steering apparatus
Over the road trailer with adjustable bed configuration
Folding bicycle
Quick-release bicycle axle with theft-deterrent locking end cap
Clipless pedal and method for assembling it
Boat hull
Chain tensioner and stopper
Apparatus and method for removing coatings from the hulls of vessels using ultra-high pressure water
Articulated multiple buoy marine platform apparatus
Outboard reflector kit
Sail battens
Spinnaker pole control system for sailboats
Cyclical thermal management system
Bottom discharge drainmast for an aircraft
Piezoelectric actuators for circulation controlled rotorcraft
Electrical outlet with protective cover
Electro-optic ice detection device
Led obstruction lamp
Method and apparatus for wrapping a load
Conveyor for conveying articles on an automatic wrapping machine
Method of wrapping a bouquet
Method and device in particular for packaging flat objects
Multi use funnels
Tape-shaped parts package, parts storing tape, tape-shaped cover and parts packaging apparatus
Beverage container
Tabbed liner
Containment system
Beverage carrier
Adhesive applicators with improved applicator tips
Insulator wrap for beverage container
Article dispensing apparatus
Valve for pressurized dispensing container
Envelope assembly having partial protective panel
Cargo extension frame
System and method for order packing
Conveying apparatus having a modular conveying belt and at least one toothed drive wheel
System and method for conveying loose material
Conveyor device and corresponding transport means
Method and a device for the formation of flat articles into groups
Method and apparatus for rotating an article, more particularly for rotating a folding carton having the shape of a cuboid
Containment device
Vehicle sealing device
Low friction envelope feeder
Apparatus for handling reels
System and method for producing coreless fabric rolls
Web handling process
Method and apparatus for disposing of web material
Device and method for transferring a threading strip or a material strip
Image recording apparatus and method
Gripper mechanism for devices for handling objects in the form of sheets or plates, in particular for post processing machines
Method and apparatus of building multiple packages on a single collet
Ribbon winding preventing method and traverse drum
Cord holder
Keyed hub and core for ribbon supply
Carrier tape reel assembly
Steel cord take-up spool
Method for temporarily operating an elevator in response to user transmitted program
Strip barrier brush assembly
Double backup power for elevator
Gravity-assisted elevator brake/clutch
Arrangement for controlling a work machine
Quick mount truck lift
Method and apparatus for providing lateral support to a post
Aerial work platform apparatus with anti-tipping supplement
Non-personnel lifting device
Tilting speed controlling apparatus and method for industrial vehicle
Jar holder
Refrigerated water dispenser for refrigerators
Removable soda bottle dispenser
Snaffle bit with two side rings and a shackle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for glass sheet forming
Rod in tube method of forming a fiber preform, with maintaining a gas supply until after an end is stretched
Colored anti-fog mirror
Low-energy shock tube connector system
Silicone rubber composition for coating air bags
Reciprocal heat exchanger
Pyrolysis heater with paired burner zoned firing system
Toilet bowl cleaning method
Tower furnace for heat treatment of metal strips
Surface treatment of helically-profiled rotors
Textiles; Paper
Device for processing a card clothing
Cable and yarn double-twisting spindle
Sewing yarn and process for the manufacture of a sewing yarn
Apparatus for treating fabrics
Clothes drying and dewrinkling cabinet
Electric iron
Cylindrical screen and a method of manufacturing it
Method and device for moisture profiling
Fixed Constructions
Hand held salt dispensing device
Process for reclaiming salvaged asphalt
Combination step and ramp apparatus for floating docks
Folding pusher
Lateral displacement pier, and apparatus and method of forming the same
Load bearing pivot assembly providing a fluid path
Device for the automatic delivery of water
Building drainage system
Oil sealant-preserving drain odor trap
Modular partition system
Stress-tension hazard concrete slab indicating device and system
Panel structure
Illuminated exterior railing systems
Integrated flexible frame tie down retention system for raised and non-raised floor applications
Water impermeable adhering liner device for structure protection against natural disasters and method of using the same
Continuity tie
Door lockset
Locking device with a key-activated cylinder core
Tubular lever lock
Gravity operated gate latch
Rekeyable padlock with a lock cylinder having an enlarged viewing slot
Padlock with elongated shackle bar
Lock handle assembly for casement windows
Self-closing fire rated floor door
Window lifter with a guide rail affixed on a base part
Window regulator with window panel clamp unit
Open/close body control equipment and method
Method and kit for repairing a construction component
Method of fabricating muntin bars for simulated divided lite windows
Slat tensioning mechanism and frame structure for louver assemblies
Flood protection device for closing opening in wall against floodwater
#35 outside mount glass door mount
Locking device for a child safety door
Cord tilter with an elevated start gear ratio
Pressure compensated disconnect system and method
Anti-rotation device for use with well tools
Gripper block for manipulating coil tubing in a well
Up-hole pump-in core barrel apparatus
Apparatus for handling geological samples
Overshot tool
Valve with secondary load bearing surface
Method and system for accessing subterranean zones from a limited surface area
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Axial piston motor
Compressor and regenerator for fuel cell
Pyrometer mount for a closed-circuit thermal medium cooled gas turbine
Stator assembly for a rotary machine and method for making the stator assembly
Accordion nozzle
Valve drive mechanism for outboard motor
Valve moving apparatus of an internal combustion engine
Switchable support element
Variable valve drive mechanism and intake air amount control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Discharge silencer provided with drain recovering function
Dual spring exhaust valve linkage assembly
Diagnostic system for monitoring catalyst operation using arc length ratio
Vehicle engine coolant pump housing
Induction system for supplying an internal combustion engine with combustion air
Fuel injection diagnostic control device
Internal combustion engine suction air throttle turbine
Method for regulating or controlling a supercharged internal combustion engine
Diesel engine load governing using engine speed setpoint
System and method for determining engine control parameters based on engine torque
Controller for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for internal combustion engines
Fuel injection control system
Control system for internal combustion engine
Compression self-ignition gasoline internal combustion engine
Method for automatically generating smoothed characteristic diagrams for an electronic engine control of an internal combustion piston engine
Method for controlling a super-charged internal combustion engine
Method of controlling generation of nitrogen oxides in an internal combustion engine
Two-stroke direct fuel injected marine engine having anodized piston ring grooves
Carburetor with vapor purge pump
Method for recycling exhaust gas of a multi-cylinder reciprocating internal combustion engine operated with a turbocharger
Air-exhaust mixer assembly
Canister for evaporated fuel treatment apparatus
Fuel delivery unit
Fuel injector
Control unit for controlling the pressure buildup in a pump unit
Piston and barrel assembly with stepped top and hydraulically-actuated fuel injector utilizing same
Fuel injector
Gaseous fuel injector having spring loaded metal seal
Ignition coil with control and driver apparatus having reverse polarity capability
Method for laying electrical cables from a first offshore wind power plant to a second offshore wind power plant
Axial piston engine
Clutchless variable-capacity type compressor
Pump unit
Piston-type internal-combustion engine with throttle-free load control and a device for generating a vacuum, and method for operating the device
Resonator pumping system
Coupling and fuel-supply pump with coupling
Positive displacement rotary pump
Helical blade type compressor having a helical blade in a stationary cylinder
Gearing with mating internal and spur gears
In-line centrifugal fan
Shrouded rotary compressor
Feed pump
Turbine fuel pump
Fluid directional control device for solenoid valve assembly
Seal structure for rodless cylinder
Direct multi-tension indicating washer having bumps of a first and second height
Connector for pipe sections
Substrate attaching member
Screw-locking assembly for garden shears
Method and apparatus for the use of suction cups on delicate surfaces
Thrust ball bearing
Bearing arrangement for supporting a movable component, in particular the crankshaft of an internal combustion engine
Method of making roller cage for roller bearing
Positive lock for bearing subassembly and adjusting nut kit
Support assembly for a rotating shaft
Thrust plate assembly
Brake system and a method for assembling thereof
Friction pad assembly for a disc brake
Switchably controlled liquid sealed type vibration isolator
Actuation arrangement for movable components on vehicles
Energy guiding chain
Rolling-body screw drive with radially inserted circulatory element
Continuously variable transmission
Piston drive mechanism
Rotary ring and mechanical seal using the same
High impact type gate pressure release valve
Valve and method for forming valve
Valve and method of making the same
Ball valve having retractable sealing member
Gate valve
Flexible air ducting
Flexible tube and manufacturing method for the same
Joint at ventillating ducts
Golf club washer mounting apparatus
Clamp for a horizontal skid which allows axial movement of pump
Purging method, apparatus to be purged and purging apparatus
Hydrogen cooled hydride storage unit
Unitary reflector for a recessed mounted lighting fixture
Vehicle headlamp
Temporary lighting apparatus and cage therefor
Light ramp
Illuminating apparatus using multiple light sources
Vehicle lighting unit with an optical conductor system
Back lighting plate
Light guide pipe having elongate roughened protrusions and/or roughened concaves, planar light source unit having a broad viewing angle characteristic, and liquid crystal display device
Planar light source and display device using the same
Sootblowing optimization system
Liquid fuel burner and atomizer having low emissions of NOx and dust
Gas burner configuration for cooking areas
Miniature garbage incinerator
Grate trough as part of a grate for a plant for the thermal treatment of waste
Combustor for gas turbine engine
Method of operating a gas turbine
Unvented heating appliance having system for reducing undesirable combustion products
Portable device for containing a campfire therein
Molded plastic basepan for a room air conditioner
Fabric air duct held in tension
Temperature control device for sleeping
Electromagnetic radiation collector system
High efficiency refrigeration system
Cryogenic refrigeration system
System for providing cryogenic refrigeration using an upstream pulse tube refrigerator
Removable ice bucket for an ice maker
Ice guide for an ice making machine
Apparatus and process for the refrigeration, liquefaction and separation of gases with varying levels of purity
Low temperature hydrocarbon gas separation process
Cooling device with micro cooling fin
Trigger assembly for use in a firearm having a security apparatus
Muzzle brake
Archery bow having a swing arm cable guard with adjustably mounted cable saver
Bowstring release system for crossbows
Adjustable weapon auxiliary mount
Pry-proof gun port
Probe tip locator having improved marker arrangement for reduced bit encoding error
Relative height gauge
Optoelectric apparatus for the dimension and/or shape checking of pieces with complex tridimensional shape
Apparatus and method of surveying
Pressure insensitive gas control system
Sensor plug
Lever transmitter for determining a filling level of liquid in a tank
Infrared temperature wave guide device
Shape memory alloy thermal exposure monitor
Cold junction compensation for multiple thermocouples
Relative-pressure sensor having a gas-filled bellows
Portable single car test device
Capacitive sensor
Oil-less differential pressure sensor
Pressure sensor unit
Method for identifying misfirings in a piston internal combustion engine
Testing device for an inside door handle
Device for monitoring leakage for long durations, especially for use in flat tank structures
Networked air measurement system
Microflow sensor element and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for gas-assisted suppressed chromatography
Glass transition temperature measurement system
Carrier for a module integrated circuit handler
Optical mirror flexing structure and assembly
Projection lens unit and projector using the same
Reflecting mirror and film and television receiver
Method of cautionary warning on vessels and a removable cautionary warning device
Flexible circuits with strain relief
Connecting structure for optical connector
Optical fiber connector
Molded fiber optic ferrule receptable
Fiber optic receptacle with protective shutter
Optical module and method of manufacturing the same
Folding device of glasses
Film delivery and recovery stabilization system
Tented art projector
Universal camera mounting assembly
Camera shutter with plural blades
Screwdriver hanger
Method and apparatus for dispensing resist solution
Method for forming a cylindrical photosensitive element
Maskless exposure system
Wafer alignment jig for wafer-handling systems
Substrate treatment system, substrate transfer system, and substrate transfer method
System and method for inputting, retrieving, organizing and analyzing data
System and method for cosimulation of heterogeneous systems
Smart card connector
Contactless card comprising inhibiting means
Method for preventing unauthorized use of credit cards in remote payments and an optional supplemental-code card for use therein
Remote ordering device
Token counting using scanner
Coin selector
IC card information processing system, and apparatus and cards for the same
Indicator tab for carafe
Loading device
Storage case for information carrying disks
Taping device and taping method
Apparatus and method for reducing solvent residue in a solvent-type dryer for semiconductor wafers
Method for assembling tape ball grid arrays
Conductive adhesive having a palladium matrix interface between two metal surfaces
Substrate conveyance system
Contact socket for electrical pin-and-socket connector
IC socket
Electric connector
Input/output device having removable module
Plug-in connector with cable strain relief
Circular plug and socket connector for producing electrical line connections
Electrical cabinet including remote connector insertion
PCI card retention guide
RJ jack with integrated interface magnetics
Connection head for stereo headphone set
Connection plug for stereophonic headphones
Flexible tape conductor
Clamp connector assembly
High density electrical connector
Equipment for the linear feeding of cable ends to finishing units
End connector for coaxial cable
Gas laser chamber with vertical vibration isolator
Control cabinet with a cabinet body, an inner door and a closing door
Control and/or signaling device for mounting in the mounting bore of a mounting plate
Modular and flexible server frame enclosure
Solar power generation administration system, and solar power generation administration method to provide useful information to user
Hollow semicircularly curved loudspeaker enclosure
Impedance control in edge card connector systems
Linked PCB and the linking method thereof
Offset printing method and offset printing apparatus
Apparatus for fastening objects flush to a surface
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