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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Artificial turf cleaning system
Modular self-sustaining planter system
Soybean cultivar S07-02JR407076
Game decoy lift apparatus and methods
Device and method for ambient storage of fresh/frozen tissue sections via desiccation
Reduction of contaminants in blood and blood products using photosensitizers and peak wavelengths of light
Stable aqueous suspension concentrate for delivery of UV-labile water-insoluble biocides
Neuritogenic peptides
Method for improving skin appearance and reducing hair loss
Pharmaceutical composition and method of manufacturing
Oven door
Apparatus and method for simultaneous imprinting and piercing of dough
Apparatus and method for simultaneous cutting, imprinting and piercing of dough
Methods of making ready to eat oatmeal product
Shoulder strap carrying device
Hanger for hollow walls
Activation device for motion activated furniture
Climate controlled sleeping space
Leg cushioning and relative placement system
Modular rack system for displaying flat articles
Combination storage and display system
Track shelving system with adjustable shelves
Snap-in replacement curtain hanger and method
Automatic coffee maker and tube valve
Spice grinder
Device comprising actuating mechanisms for lifting and lowering the cover and the seat of a WC, independently from each other or simultaneously
Shower curtain enhancer
Distractor device for joints
Arthroscopic method and apparatus for tissue attachment to bone
Biopsy needle assembly
Apparatus for controlling a load on a hip joint
Bipolar forceps
Laser modulation for coagulation
Ergonomic detection, processing and alerting for computing devices
Measurement and use of in-socket residual limb volume change data for prosthetic fitting
Joint imaging apparatus
Dental suction adapter
Universal transitional abutment
Orthotopic artificial bladder prosthesis
Installation and sealing of a battery on a thin glass wafer to supply power to an intraocular implant
Toe joint replacement models
Method and apparatus for use in operating on a bone
Joint spacer
Alignment sheath apparatus and method
Ankle walker
Moxa holder support and customized moxibustion device comprising the same
Portable human transport system
Method and apparatus for passive exercise to facilitate breathing, prevent and treat edema and post surgical adhesions, and improve the delivery of inhaled medications
Configurable air diffusion body supports
High frequency and low intensity vibration stimulator for the treatment of osteoporosis
Compositions and methods for prevention and treatment of wounds
Iminosugars and methods of treating viral diseases
Hematopoietic neoplasm chemotherapy
Method for improving blood flow using stilbenoid derivatives
Immune activation of green tea hydrolysate and method for preparing food composition containing the same
Nucleic acid ligands to LL37
X-ray contrast media compositions and methods of using the same
X-ray contrast media compositions and methods of using the same to treat, reduce or delay the onset of CNS inflammation and inflammation associated conditions
Method for topical treatment of eye disease and composition and device for said treatment
Disease treatment via antimicrobial peptides or their inhibitors
Amyloid peptide inactivating enzyme to treat alzheimer's disease peripherally
Bacterial ribonucleic acid cell wall compositions and methods of making and using them
Antigenic peptide of HSV-2 and methods for using same
Antibodies against epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and uses thereof
Therapeutic compositions for targeted vessel delivery
Low profile agent delivery perfusion catheter having a funnel-shaped membrane
Imaging-guided anesthesia injection systems and methods
Needle safety system and method
Valve for introducer needle
Medical delivery device having air shot means
Reference electrode apparatus and method for neurostimulation implants
Implantable medical lead and system, and method of use thereof
Drug-eluting electrode
Acquiring nerve activity from carotid body and/or sinus
Insertion stylet
Resorbable anchor arrangements for implantable devices and methods of making and using
RF diathermy and faradic muscle stimulation treatment
Laser treatment for CNS injury
Composition having a reduced exotherm in actinic curing of urethane (meth)acrylate oligomers on fingernails
Foldable treadmill
Ellipse exerciser with inclination adjustment unit
Support frame for exercise apparatus
Dynamically configurable balancing board
Process for making thermoplastic golf ball material and golf ball with thermoplastic material
Remote controlled target supporting device and cargo carrier
Device for automatically supplying golf balls
Golf putter
Cue ball deflections path teaching aid and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Systems, devices, and methods for automation control
Diode-laser marker with one-axis scanning mirror mounted on a translatable carriage
Wide field diode-laser marker with swinging projection-optics
Printer with debris control apparatus
Image forming method for forming images of plural colors on an image carrier at once
Lens array, exposure head, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Modular vehicle power system
Collision detection device and method of manufacturing the same
Torque split strategy for a belt alternator starter (BAS) hybrid
Eyelash holder
Method and apparatus for forming portions of fibrous material
Object carrying device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
Isoxazoline derivatives as pesticides
Radiotracer precursor for imaging of hypoxic tissue, radiotracer, and method for preparing the same
Multimeric biotinidase resistant multimodality probes
Cell death inhibition by macrophage migration inhibitory factor and a binding substance thereto
Heparan sulphate
MIR-21 promoter driven targeted cancer therapy
Fixed Constructions
Door lock assembly
Optical coherence tomography apparatus
Interferometer with multiple modes of operation for determining characteristics of an object surface
Compact optical contour digitizer
Exposure measurement method and apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
System and method for rendering a primary flight display having an attitude frame element
GPS navigation code system
Assisted walking device
Dial module and process for manufacturing the same, LED display element, display module, movement module, connector module and meter employing the same
Position detector and a detected element having a pattern for generating a position signal formed thereon
Neutron absorption detector
Device and method for processing and/or analyzing image information representing radiation
Device and method for measuring microporous film on battery electrode plate, coater equipped with film measuring device, and coating method using film measuring method
Radiation detection apparatus and radiation detection system having a light source located to reduce dark current
Spectrometric analysis of fluids in-situ
Coffee refractometer method and apparatus
Microstructures, method for producing microstructures, and optical field amplifying device
Surface inspection apparatus and method thereof
Apparatus of inspecting defect in semiconductor and method of the same
Method and apparatus for inspecting integrated circuit pattern
Detecting microorganisms in blood utilizing physical and chemical changes in blood
Electrical submersible pump rotation sensing using an XY vibration sensor
Inverted magnetic isolator
Energy usage monitoring and balancing method and system
Frequency characteristic measuring apparatus
Resonator, printed board, and method for measuring complex dielectric constant
Electromagnetic interference reduction calculation method, device, and program, and its electronic circuit
AC coupled parameteric test probe
Device and method for sensing a position of a probe
Method and system for passively detecting and locating wire harness defects
Contacting component, method of producing the same, and test tool having the contacting component
Construction structures and manufacturing processes for integrated circuit wafer probe card assemblies
Method and apparatus for equalizer testing
Semiconductor integrated circuit including power domains
Structure for redundancy programming of a memory device
Method and apparatus for generating expect data from a captured bit pattern, and memory device using same
Transient emission scanning microscopy
Apparatus and method utilizing magnetic field
DVOR monitor device, and DVOR monitor method
Counter target acquisition radar and acoustic adjunct for classification
Method and system for object localization
Multiparametric direction finding method comprising the separation of the incidence and nuisance parameters
Image sensor, image-sensing apparatus using the image sensor, and image-sensing system
Method of locally measuring mobility of protic solvent in sample, instrument of locally measuring mobility of protic solvent in sample, measuring instrument locally measuring behavior of protic solvent in sample based on magnetic
Lens array
Optical filter element, optical filter, and method of manufacturing optical filter
Zoom lens system and electronic imaging apparatus that uses the same
Zoom lens and image pickup device
Systems, devices, and methods including a dark-field reflected-illumination apparatus
Image display apparatus
Information display panel and method of manufacturing same
Method of manufacturing MEMS devices providing air gap control
Method of operating a micromechanical device that contains anti-stiction gas-phase lubricant
MEMS devices with multi-component sacrificial layers
Method and device for selective adjustment of hysteresis window
Observing device and method to observe a three-dimensional flow field
Display system for vehicle and display method
Optical device provided with polarizing plate
Hologram reading apparatus, hologram reading method, hologram recording apparatus and hologram recording method
Fiber optic cable control clips and enclosure assemblies and methods incorporating the same
Superconducting power cable capable of quench detection and quench detection system using the same
System and method for fiber optic bundle-based illumination for imaging system
Beam steering element with built-in detector and system for use thereof
Optical waveguide having bistable transmission states suitable for optical logic circuits
Optical device, light irradiation apparatus and light irradiation method
Lens activating device
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display including the same
Display device with secured support on frame
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Vertically aligned liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
Storage control apparatus having power saving controller which stops particular data transfers based on connection and data transfer rates
Image forming apparatus, image formation control method, and computer program product
Method for regulation of the optical density in an electrographic printing method as well as a toner layer thickness measurement system and electrographic printer or copier
Transfer belt unit for image forming apparatus
Endless belt member, transfer unit incorporating same, and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Developing device for developing latent images to toner images
Developer supply case and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and tandem image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus
Chemically-treated cleaning web
Heating apparatus, fixing apparatus, and image forming apparatus which charges an auxiliary power unit to less than a maximum value in a standby status
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
DC/DC converter with dynamic offset compensation
Differential charge pump with common mode control
Circuit and method for determining current in a load
Multi-stable electronic circuit state control
Phase clock generator
Motherboard module
Display mount
Storage device and performance measurement method for the same
Redundancy method and switch apparatus
Fault management system in multistage copy configuration
Data processing apparatus and method thereof
Methods and apparatus for automated generation of abbreviated instruction set and configurable processor architecture
Allocating clusters to storage partitions in a storage system
Computer and method for controlling whether or not to release all real storage areas assigned to virtual volume
Storage system and method of controlling a storage system
Method of protecting data saved to recording medium and data storage apparatus adopting method
Cache memory system, and control method therefor
Image sensors worn or attached on humans for imagery identification
Method for continuous analysis of the transmission quality in fieldbus networks
Method and apparatus for asymmetric internet traffic monitoring by third parties using monitoring implements
Hiding conflict, coherence completion and transaction ID elements of a coherence protocol
Dynamic, local retriggered interrupt routing discovery method
System and method for replacing binary level masks in a page description
Information processing apparatus for processing print data, method thereof and media in storage of control program of executing such method
Image forming apparatus and method which multicolor prints using an electrophotographic process
Multi-threaded internet small computer system interface (iSCSI) socket layer
Network characteristic-based compression of network traffic
Method for setting up failure recovery environment
Providing aggregated directory structure
Method and system for detecting and reducing botnet activity
Techniques for timing optimization in wireless networks that utilize a universal services interface
Presence information providing system, and method and server thereof
Data sharing sequence display method and corresponding sharing device
Virtual memory technique for efficiently solving connected problems in a distributed environment
Apparatus and method for providing remote access redirect capability in a channel adapter of a system area network
Systems and methods for implementing an instant messaging remote control service
Scalable indexing for layout based document retrieval and ranking
Method of driving a display using non-negative matrix factorization to determine a pair of matrices for representing features of pixel data in an image data matrix and determining weights of said features such that a product of the matrices approximates the image data matrix
Techniques for project lifecycle staged-based access control
Frequent pattern array
Performance evaluating apparatus, performance evaluating method, and program
Method of controlling total disk usage amount in virtualized and unified network storage system
Data processing apparatus, method, and program
System and method for visualization of categories
Workflow management method and workflow management apparatus
Method and apparatus for linking representation and realization data
Method and apparatus for de-embedding on-wafer devices
Implementing enhanced wiring capability for electronic laminate packages
Model import for electronic design automation
Integrated circuit design utilizing array of functionally interchangeable dynamic logic cells
Method for compensating performance degradation of RFIC using EM simulation
Method and a system relating to network management
Vector sequence simplification for circuit verification
Inertial sensor software architecture security method
Skin design process
Method and system for intelligent automated reticle managment
Algorithm for power drive speed control
Quality control system and method thereof
Method and system to detect invalid and fraudulent impressions and clicks in web-based advertisement systems
Creation and manipulation of internet location objects in a graphical user interface environment
Sensor network system for managing the latest data and history data
Concurrent input/output control and integrated error management in FIFO
Importing and exporting markup language data in a spreadsheet application document
Negotiable exchange of link layer functional parameters in electronic systems having components interconnected by a point-to-point network
Multiple-touch sensor
Surface acoustic wave touch panel, electrooptical device, and electronic apparatus having spacers between first and second touch panel substrates
Handheld mobile communications device incorporating pagewidth printer apparatus
Received document input and output device and input and output method of received document
Controlling a configuration of an image forming apparatus
Print process system and computer readable medium
Recording/playback apparatus, recording/playback method, program, and storage medium
SMS and packet data performance monitoring
System and program product for sequential coordination of external database application events with asynchronous internal database events
Federation for parallel searching
Real-time synchronization of XML data between applications
Home page automatic update system and home page automatic update method
Method, system, and program for specifying multidimensional calculations for a relational OLAP engine
Image forming apparatus, control method of the apparatus, and control program of the apparatus
System and method for memory-based parallel PN generation
Unmanned device utilization methods and systems
Method and apparatus for delaying a load miss flush until issuing the dependent instruction
System and method for specifying functional and non-functional requirements for a project
Transmission delay analyzing apparatus, medium recording transmission delay analyzing program, and transmission delay analyzing method
Identifying industry segments with highest potential for new customers or new spending for current customers
Remote copy storage device system and a remote copy method to prevent overload of communication lines in system using a plurality of remote storage sites
Method and system for lithography simulation and measurement of critical dimensions
Image transfer system and image transfer method
Image forming apparatus and document distribution method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
True/false determining apparatus, image forming apparatus, true/false determining method, and image forming method
Fractal for evaluating image quality
Two stage detection for photographic eye artifacts
Method for inspecting pattern defect occured on patterns formed on a substrate
Optimization methods for the insertion, protection, and detection of digital watermarks in digital data
Methods and arrangements employing digital content items
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and three-dimensional elastic ratio calculating method
Image searching apparatus, control method thereof, program, and storage medium
X-ray CT apparatus and image processing apparatus
Image processing method and image processing computer program
Portable terminal
Anomalous change detection in imagery
Image resolution conversion with error detection
Method and system for facilitating a compliance audit using a rule set
System and method for providing a searchable database of surgical information
Smart placement rules
Disease and case management system
Golf course time management system
Integrated mail, internet, and telephony event tracking system
System and method for automated auctioning of web services
System and method for verifying bidding price
Global method and system for providing enhanced transactional functionality through a customer terminal
Interactive voter choice system
Method and system for delivering content to and locking content in a user device
Transport system
Processor and method for executing instructions requiring wide operands for multiply matrix operations
System, method and computer program product for geometrically transforming geometric objects
Realistic transformation of 3D lighting models
Automatic 3D modeling system and method
Method for originating call
Online sales promotion method and device
Nuisance alarm filter
Device charging
Method and system for monitoring latent faults in power supplies
Map display apparatus
Apparatus for supplying driving signals to plasma display panel and plasma display panel thereof
Field sequential display apparatus that reduces color breakup and method thereof
System and method for view-dependent cutout geometry for importance-driven volume rendering
Image deformation using physical models
Method of displaying delay time, device and storage medium
Non-conventional use of cups in cymbals
Structure of a key
Combination compact disk player and jewelry box
Perpendicular magnetic recording write head with notched trailing shield
Read head for magnetic storage system
Semiconductor laser device protection circuit, optical pickup apparatus, and information recording/reproducing apparatus
Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording/playback management information on/from optical disc
Optical reproduction device, optical recording/reproduction device, and optical reproduction method
Dynamically configurable multiple wavelength photodetector array for optical storage applications
Apparatus and method for detecting an optimal writing power
Static random access memory cell and devices using same
Variable write and read methods for resistive random access memory
Semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having assist gate
Source side asymmetrical precharge programming scheme
Sonos-based non-volatile memory AND-array
Wordline driver for a non-volatile memory device, a non-volatile memory device and method
Fault detection
Check testing of an address decoder
Memory card and memory controller
Multimedia three-dimensional memory module (M3DMM) system
Three-dimensional memory-based three-dimensional memory module
Method and apparatus for reducing leakage in bit lines of a memory device
No-disturb bit line write for improving speed of eDRAM
Sample preparation system
Ion beam system and machining method
Barrier system for the line bushing of an electrical installation
Water stopping structure and water stopping method
Ignition coil for an internal combustion engine
Two-stage switch apparatus
Entertainment button device and game machine
Rail vehicle with a wagon body and method for protective grounding of such a wagon body
High intensity discharge lamp with improved crack control and method of manufacture
High-pressure discharge lamp
Metal halide lamp with cerium oxide seal
Mercury source
Traveling-wave tube 2D slow wave circuit
Interlaced Y multipole
Brazing alloy and ceramic discharge lamp employing same
Cold cathode tube lamp with an external electrode capacitively coupled to a mounting member, lighting device, and display device
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Integrated circuit, interface circuit used in the integrated circuit, and apparatus using the integrated circuit
Applications of smart polymer composites to integrated circuit packaging
Fabrication of microelectronic devices
Silicon interposer-based hybrid voltage regulator system for VLSI devices
Substrate, manufacturing method thereof, method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Flip-chip assembly with organic chip carrier having mushroom-plated solder resist opening
Substrate strip for semiconductor packages
Method and apparatus providing air-gap insulation between adjacent conductors using nanoparticles
Trench semiconductor device and method of making the same
Heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) with self-aligned sub-lithographic metal-semiconductor alloy base contacts
Variable width offset spacers for mixed signal and system on chip devices
Lateral junction varactor with large tuning range
Solid state light sheet and encapsulated bare die semiconductor circuits with electrical insulator
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Thin film transistor substrate and display device
Injection molded soldering process and arrangement for three-dimensional structures
Memory circuit with field effect transistor and method for manufacturing a memory circuit with field effect transistor
Anti-halo compensation
Image sensor and sensor unit
Stacked photovoltaic apparatus
Electrochemical cell structure and method of fabrication
LED device with re-emitting semiconductor construction and converging optical element
All NPN-transistor PTAT current source
Electroluminescent device
Organic light-emitting device
Device having an energy converter and an energy limiter to limit supplied electrical energy
Dual band antenna
IC tag
Laser driver circuit and laser display
Pulse laser apparatus, terahertz measuring apparatus, and terahertz tomographic apparatus
Pump recycling scheme for terahertz generation
Forward converter transformer saturation prevention
Feed intermediate apparatus, feeding system, and feed intermediate method
Method and system for providing supplemental power
Primary part having a cover for a linear motor
Electrical machine with magnetic bearing and safety bearing
DC converters with constant and variable duty ratio switching
Self-excited controlled frequency generator system with bi-directional converter
Crystal device for surface mounting
Universal CMOS current-mode analog function synthesizer
AWG having arbitrary factor interpolator and fixed frequency DAC sampling clock
Method and arrangement for a voltage controlled oscillator circuit
Linearization circuits and methods for power amplification
Digital audio amplifier and digital audio amplifying method therefor
Power amplifiers with discrete power control
Clock generation circuit and integrated circuit
Impedance calibration circuit, semiconductor memory device with the impedance calibration circuit and layout method of internal resistance in the impedance calibration circuit
Pseudo-differential interfacing device having a balancing circuit
Logic circuit having gated clock buffer
Semiconductor device including output buffer and control circuit adjusting an impedance of the output buffer
Semiconductor device
Pulse width modulation signal generating circuit
Level shift circuit and display device having the same
Apparatus and method for modeling coarse stepsize delay element and delay locked loop using same
High speed voltage following device for analog-to-digital conversion system
Gain control method and electronic apparatus capable of gain control
Encoding method and apparatus for cross interleaved cyclic codes
Method and apparatus to process dedicated pilot bits from multiple fingers
Method and system for rate>1 SFBC/STBC using hybrid maximum likelihood (ML)/minimum mean squared error (MMSE) estimation
Dual band receiver
Systems and methods for telescopic data compression in sensor networks
Radio receiving apparatus for vehicle
System for switching, controlling, programming and operating communication devices
Voice-data-RF integrated circuit
Radio card having independent antenna interface supporting antenna diversity
Systems and methods for deriving parameters for impulse noise detectors
Wireless communication system for portable gaming device
Communication module with dual systems and method for defining operating mode thereof
Interference cancellation in a spread spectrum communication system
Commissioning tool, commissioning system and method of commissioning a number of wireless nodes
Optical communication apparatus and optical add/drop apparatus
Systems and methods for determining an AC/DC cross-calibration coefficient
Communications apparatus and method, storage medium, as well as program
Use of differential pair as single-ended data paths to transport low speed data
Acoustic echo reduction in mobile terminals
RFIC chip, and position recognition system and security system using the same
Optical switch and optical switch control method
Method for synchronizing radio communication system divided into radio cells
Method and system for using services within a communication network
Method and apparatus for S.I.P./H.323 interworking
Method for processing multiple operations
Method and system for telecommunication apparatus fast fault notification
Method for estimating telecommunication network traffic using link weight changes
FPGA-based network device testing equipment for high load testing
Method of controlling transmit power for retransmission packet in uplink dedicated channel
Mobile communication control method, mobile communication system, routing device, management device, and program
Method for limiting utilizing terminal of contents, and storage device and system for method
Information processing apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, and program
Multicast query propagation scheme for a peer-to-peer (P2P) network
Transmission apparatus
Peak suppressing OFDM transmitter
MIMO transmitting apparatus and MIMO transmitting method
Gain control method and device for a bursty data frame reception system
Direct sampling type wireless receiver and method using the same
Method and system for an efficient channel quantization method for MIMO pre-coding systems
Brokering state information and identity among user agents, origin servers, and proxies
Communication system and communication apparatus
Feedback control of processor use in virtual systems
Methods, network services, and computer program products for dynamically assigning users to firewall policy groups
System and method for managing files
Method and apparatus for partially encrypting speech packets
Method of generating anti-collusion fingerprint codes using (n.sup.a,n.sup.2a-2,n.sup.a-1,n,0,1) GD-PBIBD
Method of authenticating digital signature
Key generation and retrieval using key servers
Integrated mobile phone ring scheduler
Mobile terminal and speaker
Mobile communication terminal
Hand held mobile communication device and method for managing printed documents
Portable radiotelephone for automatically dialing a central voice-activated dialing system
Methods and apparatus for out of service processing with varied behaviors
Remote activation system
Image formation device and support body
Methods, apparatus and systems for blending multiple GCRS
System and method to compensate streaks using a spatially varying printer model and run time updates
CMOS imager with integrated circuitry
Method and system for image construction using multiple exposures
Image pickup element module, and lens unit and portable electronic device using image pickup element modules
Transmitting digital images to a plurality of selected receivers over a radio frequency link
Image processing apparatus, image playing method, image pick-up apparatus, and program and storage medium for use in displaying image data
Solid state imaging device and image pickup apparatus
Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
Image sensing apparatus, imaging system, and image sensing apparatus driving method
Adaptive de-interlacer and method thereof
Motion estimation method utilizing modified rhombus pattern search for a succession of frames in digital coding system
Analysing viewing data to estimate audience participation
Method for reducing channel change time of internet protocol television (IPTV) and IPTV service provision server for implementing the same
Optical tomographic imaging method and optical tomographic imaging apparatus
Computation transformations for streaming applications on multiprocessors
Reflector and projection type display apparatus
Imaging apparatus having temperature sensor within image sensor wherin apparatus outputs an image whose quality does not degrade if temperature increases within image sensor
Wireless tag determination system and wireless tag determination method
Audio output apparatus and audio processing system
Directional silicon condenser microphone having additional back chamber
Automatic audio systems for fire detection and diagnosis, and crew and person locating during fires
Method and apparatus for pervasive authentication domains
Method and system for mobile communications
Method for optimizing a wireless distribution system
Wireless communications device
Mobile terminal for sending and receiving contents using messaging service and method thereof
Message transmission system using an area address to transmit messages
Electronic device for acquisition of a dummy paging message
Centralized management of telecommunications parameters
Inter-technology handoff method in an IP-based wireless communication system
Method for allocating spatial radio resource in communication system
Mirrored styling iron
Electroluminescence element having metal particles dispersed in light scattering layer
Control circuit and method for self-exciting capacitor charging circuit
Feedback circuit for DC/AC inverter
High efficiency off-line linear power supply
Electronic ballast for a gas discharge lamp with controlled filament heating during dimming
Illuminating device
Photo-guiding device for a radiotherapy apparatus
Control apparatus, in particular a mechatronic transmission control device or engine control device
Electronic apparatus and in-rack electronic apparatus
Data storage system having adjustable display module
Stacked busbar assembly with integrated cooling
On demand storage array
Passive conductive cooling module
Stacking structure of printed circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method of making decorative grass having a cloth-appearing finish on a surface thereof
Method of compiling a functional gene profile in a plant by transfecting a nucleic acid sequence of a donor plant into a different host plant in an anti-sense orientation
Inbred corn line G3000
Hybrid maize plant & seed 34D34
Inbred corn line IT201
Soybean cultivar M001219
Soybean cultivar 96-01957
Gene combinations that alter the quality and functionality of soybean oil
Aqueous suspension formulation of encapsulated pesticide
Delivery systems for cyclopropenes requiring less water
Use of thiol compounds in viral inactivation
Covalently linked oligonucleotide minor groove binder conjugates
Spot-on formulations for combating parasites
Stable, high available halogen 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-trione compositions having rapid dissolution rates
3-aryl-1,2,4-triazone derivatives with herbicidal properties
Methods and compositions for retarding and eradicating infestation in trees and tree derived products
Synergistic biocidal activity if ternary complexes of negatively-charged biocides (component A), transition metal ions (component B), and neutral chelators (component C)
Herbal supplement for cognitive related impairment due to estrogen loss
Use of lysophosphatidylethanolamine (18.1) and lysophosphatidylinositol to retard senescence and to enhance fruit ripening
Low-carbohydrate high-protein creamer powder
Shredded cheese
Method of treating colostrum
Methods for treating phosphatide-containing mixtures
Method for making a cold water soluble tea extract
Over-coated product including tableted center and medicament
.beta.-glucan products and extraction processes from cereals
Soy products having improved odor and flavor and methods related thereto
Flake feed, especially for aquatic animals
Method for improving bone modeling and chondrocyte functioning in growing canines
Method and compositions for increasing the anaerobic working capacity in tissues
Process for preparing hydroxyketones
Oil in water microemulsion
Food product for health, nutrition and weight management
Bacon trimmer
Effervescent mixtures and methods of making
Process of elimination of bacteria in shellfish and of shucking shellfish
System and method for processing citrus fruit with enhanced oil recovery and juice quality
Underwire bra
Absorbent members comprising an agglomerate of hydrogel-forming absorbent polymer and particulate hydrophilic foam
Interactive furniture for dieters
Table tennis table
Heater with electrical heating elements for waterbeds
Child activity device
Flexible, laminated shoe horn
All surface cleaner
Endoscope, in particular video endoscope
Electronic endoscope apparatus having magnification changing function
Forceps, in particular biopsy forceps
Positioning device and incision closure device
Vascular wound closure system
Method for attaching hernia mesh
Method and apparatus for fast electrolytic detachment of an implant
Fast-detaching electrically insulated implant
Spinal fusion implant
Medical devices using electrosensitive gels
Ultrasonic medical instrument
Endoscopically useable instrument for coagulation by means of high frequency and for the serving of coagulated tissue areas
Ultrasonic cutting tool
Puncturing device for tomography
Cannula and a retractor for percutaneous surgery
Obstetric forceps
Contourable polymer filled implant
Devices and methods of vertebral disc augmentation
Ablation catheter with electrode temperature monitoring
Treatment of tissue in the digestive circulatory respiratory urinary and reproductive systems
Method and apparatus for modifying skin surface and soft tissue structure
Treating body tissue by applying energy and substances with a retractable catheter and contained cooling element
Surgical apparatus for positioning a diagnostic or therapeutic element within the body
Irradiation enhanced permeation and collection
Implantable surgical marker
Multipurpose surgical instrument tray
Therapeutic and diagnostic method and apparatus
System and method for monitoring and controlling a plurality of polysomnographic devices
Method for monitoring insulin medication
System for measuring physical parameter utilizing vibration transmission
Method and device for detecting extravasation
Method and apparatus for characterizing gastrointestinal sounds
Wideband phased-array transducer for uniform harmonic imaging, contrast agent detection, and destruction
Device and method for embolus detection
Ultrasonic imaging system
Robotically assisted medical ultrasound
Noise-free real time ultrasonic imaging of a treatment site undergoing high intensity focused ultrasound therapy
Method and apparatus for a motorized multi-plane transducer tip
Ceramic structure and method for manufacturing the structure
Method and device for detection of a tooth root apex
Disposable diaper
Absorbent article with a raised portion
Method for making superabsorbent containing diapers
Article having a lotioned topsheet
Bundles of fibers useful for moving liquids at high fluxes and acquisition/distribution structures that use the bundles
Method for delivering non-biodegradable bulking composition to a urological site
Hernia repair prosthesis
Cardiac disease treatment and device
Methods and devices for filtering fluid flow through a body structure
Helical mesh endoprosthesis and methods of use
Delivery apparatus for a self-expanding stent
Method for making a multi-laminate stent having superelastic articulated sections
Expandable catheter
Polysaccharide sponges for cell culture and transplantation
Method and apparatus for facilitating removal of a corneal graft
Phakic iol film frame
Surgical instrument for heart valve reconstruction
Methods and devices for implanting cardiac valves
Prosthetic hip joint having at least one sintered polycrystalline diamond compact articulation surface
Sliding partners for artificial joint implants
Pistol for the pressing out of bone cement with an attachable cement syringe
Leg exoprosthesis for adaptation to a thigh stump
Tightening device
Methods for enzymatic deinking of waste paper
Electrical heating correcting waist pad
Ocular treatment device
Method and apparatus for controlling vacuum as a function of ultrasonic power in an ophthalmic phaco aspirator
Knee exercising device
Process for producing hollow plastic receptacles
Preparation and use of a specific GABA-A.alpha.5 receptor ligand for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Anorexigenic composition
Oxethazaine as antimicrobial agent
Prevention and treatment of skeletal disorder with EP2 receptor subtype selective prostaglandin E2 agonists
Treatment of sexual dysfunction in certain patient groups
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising tyrphostins
Treatment for diabetic complications
Imidazoethyl thiophenes
Heterocyclic carboxamide-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses containing phenylenediamine group
Certain heteroaryl substituted thiol inhibitors of endothelin-converting enzyme
1-phenyl-4-benzylpiperazines dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Formulations and methods for providing prolonged local anesthesia
Prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer by 6-fluoroursodeoxycholic acid (6-FUDCA)
Therapy for constipation
Therapeutic mixture useful in inhibiting lesion formation after vascular injury
Angiogenic inhibitory compounds
Methods for selectively occluding blood supplies to neoplasias
Ascorbic acid as an adjuvant in the treatment of malignant tumors using chemotherapy and radiotherapy
Use of physiologically balanced, ionized, acidic solution in wound healing
Storage of materials
Pharmaceutical composition containing an inhibitor of immunoglobulin-receptor interaction
Method of enhancing the efficacy of anti-tumor agents
Matrix-free osteogenic devices, implants and methods of use thereof
Immunosuppressant activity of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I)
Method and compositions for increasing intestinal absorption of fats
Methods for treating vascular disorders
Methods for inactivating enveloped RNA virus particles and compositions for use therewith
Herbal formulation for rebuilding intestinal bacteria
Attenuated strains of Leishmania and uses thereof
Method for treating allergic lung disease
Variant of LAV viruses
Use of .beta.-lactamase inhibitors as neuroprotectants
Formulations of tocopherols and methods of making and using them
Inhibition of noninactivating Na channels of mammalian optic nerve as a means of preventing optic nerve degeneration associated with glaucoma
Method for preventing and treating alcoholism
Chelerythrine-based therapies for cancer
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) nucleic acid ligand complexes
Protease-activatable pseudomonas exotoxin A-like proproteins
NL3 TIE ligand homologue nucleic acids
Radioconjugation of internalizing antibodies
Cascade polymer complexes, process for their production and pharmaceutical agents containing said complexes
Enhancement of NMR and MRI in the presence of hyperpolarized noble gases
Photopolymerizable one-component dental material
Cosmetic firming formulation
Liquid cleansing composition comprising lamellar phase inducing structurant with low salt content and enhanced low temperature stability
Substantive water-soluble bis-quaternary salts of cinnamidoalkylamines
Use of tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane in cold permanent waving processes
Powder compositions comprising a skin irritation reducing agent
Method and composition for preventing sweat-related odor
Water-in-oil emulsion, composition comprising such an emulsion, and use thereof
UV-photoprotective dibenzoylmethane compositions comprising photostabilizing amounts of benzalmalonate silanes
Cosmetic compositions
Use of bismuth-containing compounds in topical oral dosage forms for the treatment of halitosis
Hair-treatment compositions comprising oligoesters
Hair treatment compositions
Underarm gel products with water lock component
Cosmetic preparation of active substances with high protection factor against free radicals
Calcium mupirocin sprayable formulation
Cell encapsulating device containing a cell displacing core for maintaining cell viability
pH-sensitive, serum-stable liposomes
Encapsulated cells producing antibodies
Herbal compositions for hepatic disorders
Sustained-release theophylline tablet
Orally administrable immediate-release and prolonged-release galenic form comprising an absorption-promoting agent and use of this absorption-promoting agent
Multilayered soft capsule for eliminating bad breath and process for producing the same
Hydraulic surgical cement
Radiopaque compositions for visualization of medical devices
Oil burning lamp adapted to disperse fragrance
Application of film forming technology to fragrance control release systems; and resultant fragrance control release systems
Fragrance compositions
Multi-directional needle medical device
Compact needle shielding device
Folding spring for a catheter balloon
Medical syringes
Needle-less injector
Syringe and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Hydraulic syringe
Device for transdermal electrotransport delivery of fentanyl and sufentanil
Hair removal system
Device and process for activating objects
Apparatus and method for transcranial magnetic brain stimulation, including the treatment of depression and the localization and characterization of speech arrest
Catalytic process for the decomposition of perfluoroalkanes
Abdominal buttocks and other muscle groups exercise device
Apparatus for stretching the calf muscles
Golf ball with soft core
Golf ball core
Golf club head with a face insert having indicia thereon
Golf swing practicing device
Flying ball stopping net for ball games
Music game machine with selectable controller inputs
Game machine and information storage medium
Game machine and information storage medium
User image integration and tracking for an audiovisual presentation system and methodology
Database driven online distributed tournament system
Super keno
Wheel assembly
Impact-absorbing wing connection system for model aircraft
Baby doll gift set and method of manufacture thereof
Fashion doll transforming from princess to bride
Wheel toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for degassing a paper stock suspension
Silicone based defoamer
Sequential descending bed filters with reject/washwater containing impurities being fed to a separate unit for elimination of impurities
Travelling screen with travel pause for improved cleaning of screen and method of implementing same
Cartridge adapter
Air cleaner with self-mounted inlet shroud seal
Air purifier
Method and apparatus for removing trace impurities from a gas using superactivated carbon material
Single bed pressure swing adsorption process
Advanced adsorbent for PSA
Porous gas permeable material for gas separation
Method and device for drying a gas
Air purifying matrix for the oxidation of air-borne particulate and gases
Filter device
Method for using laser light to control crystal form
Method for producing foaming substances, especially foaming cement substances, and corresponding device
Method and apparatus for chemical and biochemical reactions using photo-generated reagents
Process for detecting impurities in liquid metal heat exchange fluid in high hydrogen permeation environment
Method and apparatus for screening catalyst libraries
Supercritical fluid aided coating of particulate material
Method of reducing material size
Process for purifying air by adsorption over a barium-exchanged zeolite
Oxidation resistant granular activated carbon
Hydrogen scavengers
Process for the production of hydrogen using a carbonated adsorbent with selected dubinin parameters
Process for introducing a functionality
Method for reduction of potassium in an integrated process for the production of 2,6--NDA
Method for increasing the yield of 2,6 -NDA
Exhaust emission control catalyst for diesel engines
Catalyst for the conversion of low carbon number aliphatic hydrocarbons to higher carbon number hydrocarbons, process for preparing the catalyst and process using the catalyst
Ionic perfluorovinyl compounds and their uses as components of ionic conductors of the polymer type, of selective membranes or of catalysts
.mu.-oxo-bis-metallocene complex compounds and catalysts using same for the polymerization of olefins as well as polymerization process
Vessel for regenerating a catalyst for the production of aromatic compounds or for reforming, with improved oxychlorination
Process for continuous oxidation
Removal of soluble metals in waste water from aqueous cleaning and etching processes
Reforming apparatus
PCR plate cover and maintaining device
Disposable diagnostic device and method
Collection assembly
Disposable tip magazine
Multi-well platforms, caddies, lids and combinations thereof
Filter cartridge magnetic attachment
Housing for electronic air cleaner
Method and apparatus for separating plastic
System for removing bleed-throughs from old corrugated container fiber pulp
Device and method for separating a heterogeneous mixture
Solid bowl centrifuge with liquid release during rotation
Cyclonic separation apparatus
Coating method employing die enclosure system
Particle beam processing apparatus
Substrate having a multilayer coat and method for its production
Preparation of metal coatings
Process for coating plastic substrates
Hole processing apparatus and method thereof and dynamic pressure bearings cleaning method
Process for removing chemical mechanical polishing residual slurry
Material recovery system and method for used oil filter and oil contaminated materials
Gas generator disposal method and system therefor
Tailored blank
Threaded load transferring attachment
Foundry binder compositions and mixes that contain a divalent sulfur compound
Dosing chamber method and apparatus
Composite hard magnetic material and method for producing the same
Creep resistant titanium aluminide alloys
Salvaged castings and methods of salvaging castings with defective cast cooling bumps
Method and laser system for production of high quality single-layer laser-induced damage portraits inside transparent material
Method for manufacturing discharge nozzle of liquid jet recording head and method for manufacturing the same head
Nozzle system for laser beam cutting
Optical apparatus and method for shrinking heat shrink tubing, fusing wires and solder and unsolder packaged electronic components
Electrode and method of making same
Differential pressure chemical-mechanical polishing in integrated circuit interconnects
Reduction of surface roughness during chemical mechanical planarization(CMP)
Method and apparatus for obtaining a precision thickness in semiconductor and other wafers
Optical techniques of measuring endpoint during the processing of material layers in an optically hostile environment
Method for pressure treating wood
Aromatic polyester preform, blow molded product and preform production process
Process for pelletizing ultra-high melt flow polymers
Processed fiber for emission of energy into a medium and method therefor
Partially vulcanized shaped rubber composition and preparation of an article, including tires, having a component thereof
Method for grounding EBP processing
Method of making a molded internally threaded closure
Method of injection-molding coil spool of ignition coil device
Method for injection molding a roller body from thermoplastic materials
Method of injection molding for creating a fluid meter housing
Moldable pressure sensitive adhesive for automotive trim panels
Methods of manufacturing microfabricated substrates
Method for bonding two halves of a DVD (digital versatile disc)
Golf club head that optimizes products of inertia
Baseball or softball bat
Method for the production of a transverse web
Thermoplastic elastomer rolled bellows
Segmented mold for curing tires
Moveable tape head for box erecting machine
Method for producing a packing material from plastic film or a similar weldable material
Creping blade, creped paper, and method of manufacturing paper
Lamination between plastic resins and cement
Moulded part and flexible film with a protected printed conductor, and method for producing the same
Resin composition laminate and laminate film
Co-processable multi-layer laminates for forming high strength, haze-free, transparent articles and methods of producing same
Method of manufacturing a thermal bend actuator
Method for ink jet recording on non-absorbing recording medium
Polycationic polymer salts, their production and use
Water-resistant protective overcoat for image recording materials
Sticker blank for attachment to writing implements
Air conditioner with rotary door and filter
Differential gear
Motor/generator apparatus for motor vehicle
Vehicle steering wheel
Trailer air dryer with purge during park feature
Controllable-pitch propeller
Cutting or sealing plastics material
Chemical vessel cap
Suspended micromachined structure
Method of fabricating devices incorporating microelectromechanical systems using UV curable tapes
Method for producing optically planar surfaces for micro-electromechanical system devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hybrid ozone generator
Sol-gel calcium phosphate ceramic coatings and method of making same
Sol materials
Aqueous borate-containing compositions and their preparation
Method for reducing metal ion concentration in brine solution
Treatment of solid containing material derived from effluent
Preparation of water soluble polymer dispersions from vinylamide monomers
Continuous flow completely mixed waste water treatment method
Apparatus and method for preparation of a peritoneal dialysis solution
Process for treating wastewater from a bleach plant
Process for concentrating soluble and colloidal substances in process waters
Multilayer article and method of making by ARC plasma deposition
Low vacuum vapor process for producing superconductor articles with epitaxial layers
Piezoelectric ceramic compositions
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric element using the same
Graphite material coated with silicon carbide
Agricultural extraction products and processes
Systems and methods for producing organic fertilizer, and organic fertilizer manufactured using said systems of methods
Ultra low density explosive composition
Energetic plasticizer, and explosive and propellant composition containing same
Continuous process for the preparation of pentafluoroethyl iodide
Fluorination in liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide
Method for preparing decomposition products from the thermal decomposition of 1,2-dichlorethane
Method for reducing organic fluoride levels in hydrocarbons
Ether diamines quaternaries
Composition and method for preparing granular amino acid chelates and complexes
Process for the synthesis of urea
Hydroformylation process
Method for producing 1,6-hexanediol and 6-hydroxycaproic acid or their esters
Process for purifying gallium alkoxide
CETP activity inhibitors
Method for producing acrolein and/or acrylic acid from propane
One step process for producing dicarboxylic acids
Process for producing isocoumarines and intermediates for the same
6-membered aromatics as factor Xa inhibitors
Processes for the manufacturing of 3-hydroxy-N,1,6-trialkyl-4-oxo-1,4-dihydropyridine-2-carboxamide
Sulfonamide inhibitors of farnesyl-protein transferase
4,5-substituted imidazolyl compounds for the treatment of inflammation
Substituted condensation products of N-benzyl-3-indenylacetamides with heterocyclic aldehydes for neoplasia
Alkoxy-substituted compounds, methods and compositions for inhibiting parp activity
Inhibitors of caspases
Photoresist monomer, polymer thereof and photoresist composition containing it
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Diphenyl heterocyclic thioamide derivatives
Aryl and heteroaryl substituted indolealkanoic acids
Antagonists of follicle stimulating hormone activity
Processes and intermediates useful to make antifolates
.alpha. v integrin receptor antagonists
Heterobicyclic derivatives
2-(Purin-9-yl)-tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol derivatives
Benzothieno[3,2-c]pyridines as .alpha.2 antagonists
Ruthenium metal alkylidene complexes coordinated with triazolylidene ligands that exhibit high olefin metathesis activity
Procedure for the preparation of aromatic derivatives of titanocene
Preparation of bissilylnorbornane compounds
Process for the preparation of hindered phosphites
Protecting groups useful in the synthesis of polysaccharides, natural products, and combinatorial libraries
Residues for binding third strands to complementary nucleic acid duplexes of any base pair sequence
Nucleic acid molecules that bind prion proteins and processes for the production thereof
Difference detection methods using matched multiple dyes
Defective recombinant adenovirus lacking E1A coding sequence and comprising a heterologous nucleotide sequence under control of the E1A promoter
Oligonucleotide mediated nucleic acid recombination
Nucleic acids encoding human immunodeficiency virus type 1 genetic suppressor elements
Alphavirus structural protein expression cassettes
Detection of conversion to mucoidy in Pseudomonas aeruginosa infecting cystic fibrosis patients
Group B Streptococcus vaccine
Maize RS324 promoter and methods for use thereof
Genes for Niemann-Pick type C disease
MAGE-3 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
Neurotransmitter transporter SC6
Methods and compositions for modulating ubiquitin dependent proteolysis
Assays involving an IL-1 receptor antagonist
Satiety inducing composition comprising Neuropeptide Y analogues and methods of inducing satiety and treating a disease or condition associated with it
PGC-1, a novel brown fat ppar.gamma. coactivator
Polynucleotides encoding a human potassium channel
TRAF family molecules, polynucleotides encoding them, and antibodies against them
Receptor for intestinal trefoil factor
Methods and kits for improving retroviral-mediated gene transfer utilizing molecules, or mixture thereof, containing retroviral binding domains and target cell binding domains
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Inhibitors of STAT function
Peptidic procollagen C-proteinase inhibitors
Polymeric supported catalysts for olefin polymerization
Method of polymerizing olefins using unsupported catalyst compositions
Benzopyrans annelated in C7-C8 with an aromatic heterocycle and compositions and (CO)polymer matrices containing them
Fine-particle polymer dispersions for paper sizing
Water borne pressure sensitive adhesive compositions derived from copolymers of higher vinyl esters
Radiation curable coating for thermoplastic substrates
Dual crosslinkable emulsion polymers at ambient conditions
Process for producing poly (cyclic conjugated diene)
Hydrogenated block copolymer compositions
Thermoplastic crosslinked product and heat-sensitive elastic adhesive
Latex binder for nonwoven fibers and article made therewith
Functionalized polypropylenes and process for production
Oligomeric epoxy/isocyanate systems
Polyether-modified polyisocyanate mixtures having improved dispersibility in water
Polyacetal copolymer and method for producing the same
Methods for the synthesis and polymerization of .alpha.,.alpha.'-dihalo-p-xylenes
Poly (trimethylene terephthalate) polymer composition
Water bath and method for electrolytic deposition of copper coatings
Process for producing an absorber material
Electrically insulating non-woven fabric, a prepreg and a laminate
Manufacture of plain bearings
Sulphonated polyimides, membranes prepared with them, and a fuel cell device that includes these membranes
Method of producing porous calcined polyimide
Method for improved stability of aqueous polymer dispersions
Single-wall carbon nanotube-polymer composites
Graphitic material loaded with alkali metal
Cellulose films for screening
Polyethylene film for packaging
Resin composition and injection-molded article
Melt processible fluoropolymer composition
Anthraquinone and condensed anthraquinone colorants having sulfonamido linked poly (oxyalkylene) moieties and their preparation
Solvent-based fluorescent inks for writing instruments based upon pigment dispersions in non-aqueous solvents
Modified polyolefin composition and uses thereof
Electron beam modification of perhydrosilazane spin-on glass
Composition for fire-protection coating
Anisotropically electroconductive adhesive material and connecting method
Adhesive rubber article having scored released liner and guide to facilitate field application and related methods
Adhesive film for electronic parts
Method for making high-efficacy and long life electroluminescent phosphor
Metal cleaner-polish
Biodegradable drilling mud and process for its preparation
Functional fluid
Lubricating oil composition for continuously variable transmission
Lubricant composition
Detergent compositions for the removal of complex organic or greasy soils
Chelating agent and detergent comprising the same
Wrinkle reduction laundry product compositions
Phenol oxidizing enzymes
Sperm analysis system
Biological conductivity testing cell
Oligonucleotide mediated specific cytokine induction and reduction of tumor growth in a mammal
Antisense modulation of phosphorylase kinase alpha 1 expression
Antisense modulation of calreticulin expression
Antisense modulation of RIP2 expression
Plant seed oils
Method for inducing osteoblast differentiation of human extramedullary adipose tissue cells
Nitric oxide-scavenging system for culturing oocytes, embryos, or other cells
Therapeutic uses of heterologous superoxide dismutase (HSD), and method for selecting said HSD
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Recombinant .alpha.-L-iduronidase, methods for producing and purifying the same and methods for treating diseases caused by deficiencies thereof
Genetically modified cells and methods for expressing recombinant heparanase and methods of purifying same
Xylanase derived from a Bacillus species, expression vectors for such xylanase and other proteins, host organisms therefor and use thereof
Homogeneous enzymatic assay for vitamin B6 and improvements in H2S detection
Method for detecting candida infection
Nystatin-resistant Aspergillus terreus CLS 247-13, KCTC 0673BP for preparing triol heptanoic acid employing the same
Screening assays for modulators of human kinesin protein HsKif21b
Bone remodeling genes
Oligonucleotide microarrays: direct covalent attachment to glass
Direct reduction device to obtain metal iron with a high content of carbon in the form of carbide
Non-oriented electrical steel sheet excellent in permeability and method of producing the same
High tensile strength hot-rolled steel sheet
Universal alloy steel
Si(Ge)-Cu-V steel alloy
Ferritic stainless steel
Technique for deposition of multilayer interference thin films using silicon as the only coating material
Method of sputtering high moment iron nitride based magnetic head layers
Process for producing thin film, thin film and optical instrument including the same
Method for fabricating transparent conductive ITO film
Method and system using power modulation for maskless vapor deposition of spatially graded thin film and multilayer coatings with atomic-level precision and accuracy
Advance integrated chemical vapor deposition (AICVD) for semiconductor
Method for forming a three-component nitride film containing metal and silicon
Method of manufacturing an aluminum oxide film in a semiconductor device
All-surface biasable and/or temperature-controlled electrostatically-shielded RF plasma source
Process chamber including stage having improved base and substrate mounting member
Methods for forming films having high dielectric constants
Method for hot-dip galvanizing
Coated cemented carbide cutting tool member
Wet chemical etch process for patterning MRAM magnetic layers
Etchant for copper or copper alloys
Process for avoiding foaming during cleaning of metal salts of intermediate length carboxylic acids from surfaces
Azeotrope-like compositions and their use
Membrane electrode assembly and method of its manufacture
Surface coated non-carbon metal-based anodes
Treated copper foil and process for making treated copper foil
Plating system with secondary ring anode for a semiconductor wafer
Process for removal of chloride ions from steel surfaces
Epitaxial growth substrate and a method for producing the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor laminated substrate, semiconductor crystal substrate and semiconductor device
Textiles; Paper
High-speed false-twist texturing process
Thermosol treatment of textiles carrying a dye
Process for extruding fibers
Spin finish
Storm proof roofing material
Aqueous composition for finishing fibrous material for a thermal transfer printing process
Screening device and method of manufacture
Layered fiber structure in paper products
Press device and process for treating a material web
Apparatus and associated method for drying a wet web of paper
Method of manufacturing press felt, and press felt
Treatment of cellulose substrates
Fixed Constructions
Device for applying mortar on a workable surface
Warm/cold double-circulation water filter system and swimming pool arrangement
Mine door power drive system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust arrangement for outboard motor
Small watercraft
Auxiliary generator set with variable transmission for an internal combustion engine
Power transmission
Multi-speed power transmission
Methods of fabricating a sweep elbow tube connector
Fire-protection sleeve for pipes, cables and the like
Method for black liquor gasification in recovery boilers
Pore-containing web for diffusing fluids
Variable load refrigeration system particularly for cryogenic temperatures
Method and system for optical distance and angle measurement
Method for fabricating micromachined members coupled for relative rotation
Mouse pad scale
Opto-electronic ultra-violet radiation dosimeter
Optical signal detector and optical signal detecting method
Bolometric detector with intermediate electrical insulation and manufacturing process for this detector
High precision wavelength monitor for tunable laser systems
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component having a fixed electrode between two flexible diaphragms
Method for silver staining a pathologic sample
Method for protecting a specific region in a sample applied in preparing an ultra-thin specimen
Sample dilution module with offset mixing chamber
Reagentless analysis of biological samples
Phase-modulation fluorometer and method for measuring nanosecond lifetimes using a lock-in amplifier
Method for analyzing secreted bodily fluids
Device and method for inspecting pattern shapes
Method of calibrating a vial autosampler
Automated on-line evaporating light scattering detection to quantify isolated fluid sample compounds in microtiter plate format
Method for determining eta phase copper
Apparatus and method for determining whether formaldehyde in aqueous solution has been neutralized
Analyte sensing mediated by adapter/carrier molecules
Water-soluble thiol-capped nanocrystals
Method for the functional detection of disorders in the protein C system
Method for feeding containers into and out of an analytical instrument
Automatic handler for feeding containers into and out of an analytical instrument
Automatic handler for feeding containers into and out of an analytical instrument
Multi-probe test head and process using same
Printed board with signal wiring patterns that can measure characteristic impedance
Method and apparatus for optimal imaging of the peripheral vasculature
Gamma resistant dual range neutron detectors
Method for operating a preferably confocal laser scanning microscope
Color filter and method of making the same
Device for the connection of a multiple-tube structure and method of access to this device
Method for making semiconductor optical modulator
Method for producing an electrochromic device
Active matrix display device having multiple gate electrode portions
Mixtures of organic silver salts in color photothermographic systems
Method of processing motion picture print film to provide improved laser subtitling performance, and processed motion picture print film
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Color photographic element containing speed improving compound in combination with electron transfer agent releasing compound
Chromogenic black and white silver halide print material
Off-axis pupil aperture and method for making the same
Preparation method for printing plate
Method for manufacture semiconductor devices
Dummy feature reduction using optical proximity effect correction
Surface-position detection device, a projection exposure apparatus using the device, and a device manufacturing method using the apparatus
Method of inspecting photo masks
Compact multi-bounce projection system for extreme ultraviolet projection lithography
Single component developer for use with ghost exposure
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Post etch photoresist strip with hydrogen for organosilicate glass low-.kappa. etch applications
Toner containing azo iron compound
Toner and developer compositions with charge enhancing additives
Liquid toner containing foaming inhibitor, foamed product, foamable intermediate product and method of producing or manufacturing same
Logic circuit and its fabrication method
Optical paper sheet checking apparatus having an automatic adjustment function
Gaming device having a bonus round with a win, lose or draw outcome
Stringed musical instruments and method therefor
System and method for teaching/learning to play a musical instrument
Method and apparatus for generating percussive sounds in embedded devices
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Magnetic hard disc substrate and process for manufacturing the same
Micro-aperture probe evaluating apparatus having a display and a collimating optical system
Laminated rare earth structure and method of making
Surface-modified insulator and method of modifying the surface of an insulator
Soft magnetic alloy strip, magnetic member using the same, and manufacturing method thereof
Method for fabricating high-Q inductance device in monolithic technology
Magnetostatic wave device
Method for providing a bi-directionally wound cell stack for enhanced battery performance
Pneumatic switch operator
Vacuum valve
Impregnated cathode and method of manufacturing same, electron gun and electron tube
Method of making a field emission device with buffer layer
Defect-review SEM, reference sample for adjustment thereof, method for adjustment thereof, and method of inspecting contact holes
Plasma processing method and apparatus for eliminating damages in a plasma process of a substrate
Process for producing semiconductor device
Uniform emitter array for display devices, etch mask for the same, and methods for making the same
Method of making field emitters using porous silicon
Processing system
High density stacked MIM capacitor structure
Patterned plasma nitridation for selective epi and silicide formation
Method for removing an upper layer of material from a semiconductor wafer
Projection gas immersion laser dopant process (PGILD) fabrication of diffusion halos
Epitaxial delta doping for retrograde channel profile
Semiconductor device, lead-patterning substrate, and electronics device, and method for fabricating same
Barrier layer fabrication methods
Semiconductor memory and method for fabricating the same
Buried metal dual damascene plate capacitor
Flexible interconnections with dual-metal dual-stud structure
Thin film resistor fabrication method
Method for doping spherical semiconductors
Doped semiconductor material, a method of manufacturing the doped semiconductor material, and a semiconductor device
Method of co-deposition to form ultra-shallow junctions in MOS devices using electroless or electrodeposition
Method of analyzing the effects of shadowing of angled halo implants
Schottky diode having increased forward current with improved reverse bias characteristics and method of fabrication
Methods for forming iridium and platinum containing films on substrates
Reduction of via etch charging damage through the use of a conducting hard mask
Method for etching passivation layers and antireflective layer on a substrate
Method for expanding trenches by an anisotropic wet etch
Method for fabricating semiconductor device by using etching polymer
Method of reducing undesired etching of insulation due to elevated boron concentrations
Fabrication of a high density long channel DRAM gate with or without a grooved gate
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Charge transfer device and solid image pickup apparatus using the same
Method to solve intermetallic dielectric cracks in integrated circuit devices
Method for forming three-dimensional circuitization and circuits formed
Circuit and method for heating an adhesive to package or rework a semiconductor die
Method to form bump in bumping technology
Method for bumping and backlapping a semiconductor wafer
Preprocessing method of metal film forming process
Method for fabricating an embedded DRAM with self-aligned borderless contacts
Method of forming a protective conductive structure on an integrated circuit package interconnection
Velcro strapping for semiconductor carrying trays
Apparatus for integrated monitoring of wafers and for process control in the semiconductor manufacturing and a method for use thereof
Method for manufacturing semiconductor chips using protecting pricing and separating sheets
Method of forming solder bumps on a semiconductor wafer
Process for making a semiconductor integrated circuit device having a dynamic random access memory
Methods and a device for heat treating a semiconductor wafer having different kinds of impurities
Process for manufacturing a crystal axis-aligned vertical side wall device
Single sided buried strap
Methods of forming dynamic random access memory circuitry
Low bitline capacitance structure and method of making same
Silicon-on-insulator vertical array DRAM cell with self-aligned buried strap
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
High performance direct coupled FET memory cell
Method for making thin film semiconductor
Substrate processing method and method of manufacturing semiconductor substrate
Method of rounding the corner of a shallow trench isolation region
Method to reduce STI HDP-CVD USG deposition induced defects
Method of forming a vertically oriented device in an integrated circuit
Schottky diode with dielectric trench
Semiconductor chip packaging method
Planarization using laser ablation
Interconnection system with lateral barrier layer
Method of patterning a dual damascene
Method for making a merged contact window in a transistor to electrically connect the gate to either the source or the drain
Method of fabricating a barrier layer associated with a conductor layer in damascene structures
Minimizing resistance and electromigration of interconnect by adjusting anneal temperature and amount of seed layer dopant
Method of fabricating conductive straps to interconnect contacts to corresponding digit lines by employing an angled sidewall implant and semiconductor devices fabricated thereby
Enclosure for electronic components
Ceramic circuit board
Composite monolithic electronic component
Reducing relative stress between HDP layer and passivation layer
Integrated circuit structures and methods employing a low modulus high elongation photodielectric
Stackable flex circuit chip package and method of making same
Stackable flex circuit IC package and method of making same
Method for forming a semiconductor connection with a top surface having an enlarged recess
Method of manufacturing wire bond pad
Circuit board
Interleaved signal trace routing
Kerf contact to silicon redesign for defect isolation and analysis
Methods and circuits employing threshold voltages for mask-alignment detection
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a method of assembly thereof
Film carrier with adjacent electrical sorting pads
Semiconductor device including high-frequency circuit with inductor
Electro-optic aperture for vehicular imaging system
Solid-state image pickup apparatus for reading out image signals with pixels reduced to one-third or less in a horizontal direction and signal reading method for the same
Dual non-parallel electronic field electro-optic effect device
Semiconductor device
Optimized border of semiconductor components
Manufacturing method for an inverted-structure bipolar transistor with improved high-frequency characteristics
Flash memory and manufacturing method therefor
Semiconductor memory
FET structures having symmetric and/or distributed feedforward capacitor connections
Semiconductor device
Process of forming a thick oxide field effect transistor
Incorporation of carbon in silicon/silicon germanium epitaxial layer to enhance yield for Si-Ge bipolar technology
Semiconductor device having improved short channel resistance
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Process for forming power MOSFET device in float zone, non-epitaxial silicon
Switching speed improvement in DMO by implanting lightly doped region under gate
Method for forming thin film transistor with lateral crystallization
Lateral polysilicon pin diode and method for so fabricating
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Vertical field effect transistor with metal oxide as sidewall gate insulator
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor light emitting device
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device
Gunn diode, NRD guide gunn oscillator, fabricating method of gunn diode and structure for assembly of the same
Double layer perovskite oxide electrodes
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery incorporating magnesium as a charger carrier
Air cell
Electrochemical cell
Lightweight metal bipolar plates and methods for making the same
Electrochemical cell separators with high crystallinity binders
Method of diluting hydrogen gas exhausted from a fuel cell
Sealing method and apparatus for a fuel cell stack
Fuel cell device
Cable sectional assembly which houses concatenated electronic modules
Apparatus and method for shielding electromagnetic wave
Protective cover for battery connection terminal, and assembly of the protective cover and battery connection terminal
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Control cabinet for a tablet press
Ultra-thin piezoelectric resonator
Temperature compensating circuit, temperature compensating logarithm conversion circuit and light receiver
Optics module for optical scanning device
Flat resistance heating element
Light diffusing signal mirror heater
Apparatus and method for microwave heating using chaotic signals
Peripheral power board structure
Electroplating both sides of a workpiece
Formation of multisegmented plated through holes
Method of making a printed circuit board
EMI shielding vent panel for high volume applications
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