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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods of harvesting downed corn
Multi-functional and modular tree removal and maintenance apparatus and related methods
Pet leash
Systems and methods for the portable electroanesthesia of fish
Animal attracting apparatus and method of use
Tofu coagulant producing apparatus and soymilk coagulation machine comprising the same
Cigarette storage system
Backpack for filter bag used in combination with a pneumatic sander
Vibrating toothbrush
Dental implant post cleaner
Cryogenically cooled detector pin mount
Soldier platform system
Inclined body positioning and support system
Footboard with linen holder and transport shelf
Collapsible seat
Toolbox seat for pickup truck bed
Whiteboard mounting system
Shelf-mounted handgun rack
Bicycle support
Method of making a multi-level swing out cooker/smoker
Hot beverage brewing system and use thereof
Device for metering coffee brewing
Essence extracting drinking vessel
Pill crusher device and method
Dough preparing machine
Automatic toilet seat or lid lift apparatus and methods of using the same
Shower unit comprising a shower receiver and a pumping device
Sponge with mocrofiber
Vacuum cleaning head
Vacuum cleaner with noise suppression features
Lid with a curved edge for use with a leaves collection system with a portable blower/vacuum allowing the rejection and retention of debris in a bag
Non-contact electronic tool for dream enhancement
Method for stent retention on a balloon catheter
Surgical draping system
Assistant standing seat
Patient self-transfer system
Air injection bathtub
Medicine dispensing system and medicine dispensing device
Powder inhalation device
Fluid product dispensing device
Respiratory apparatus with improved flow-flattening detection
Golf bag with mechanism to secure clubs
Method of and machine for playing gambling game with multiple winning thresholds
Apparatus and method for playing a skill game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oil tank
Composite semipermeable membrane and method for producing the same
Buoyant aerator array with remote air supply
Micromixing chamber, micromixer comprising a plurality of such micromixing chambers, methods for manufacturing thereof, and methods for mixing
Light solidifying device having a magnetic slide cover
Portable grinding device
Sink disposal and metal sensor
Poultry litter composting apparatus
Confinement of foam delivered by a proximity head
Foil configuring device
Punching press
Electro-hydraulic flanging and trimming
Wedge activated rotating filler cam utilizing a saddle for rotation
Method of assembling an optical sensor assembly for a carriage printer
Closing plate and sliding closure on the spout of a receptacle for molten metal
Device for holding an ancillary device at right angles to an imaginary axis of rotation
Cutting insert and cutting tool, and cutting method using the same
Thermally stable polycrystalline ultra-hard constructions
Soldering system of soldering a dip component on a circuit board
Method for bonding heat-conducting substrate and metal layer
Manufacturing method for microvalves
Extruded brazing ring with integrated flux
Cast grid array (CGA) package and socket
Crimping apparatus
Tool holder assembly
Clamping device with removable handles
Portable magnetic positioning tool
Percussion device
Clamping mechanism
Multi-purpose utility tool
Drill bit driver
Engine-driven cutter
Image-forming device and method for forming an image which detects shifting amounts of a continuous recording material
Printing apparatus and printing method
Recording apparatus
Image forming method and image forming device
Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, piezoelectric element, and piezoelectric ceramic
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer-readable storage medium
Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus
Liquid ejection head
Inkjet recording head substrate and drive control method, inkjet recording head, inkjet recording head cartridge and inkjet recording apparatus
Solid ink printer with magnetic ink mixing
Printhead including coanda catcher with grooved radius
Method for printing in a printer having an inoperable ink reservoir
Image forming apparatus
Recording medium lift detection apparatus and inkjet recording apparatus
Inkjet printing apparatus and method for controlling drive of nozzles in inkjet printing apparatus
Inkjet head drive method and inkjet head drive device
Wrinkle elimination for solid inkjet web printer
Inkjet printhead and method of printing with multiple drop volumes
Inkjet printing apparatus
Slope traversing system for zero turning radius vehicles
Protected caster assembly
Pneumatic tire
Heavy duty tire
Pneumatic tire
Pneumatic tire
Suspension of vehicle wheel for rough terrain driving
Controlling temperature of vehicle devices using a variable speed fan
Control device for an engine-independent heater, heating system, and method for controlling an engine-independent heater
Roller blind arrangement for a motor vehicle
Vehicular sun visor
Clamshell acoustic insulator assembly for a passenger compartment of a vehicle
Sunroff apparatus
Arrangement structure for charging port cover
Exhaust heat regeneration system
Hybrid-type construction machine and control method for hybrid-type construction machine
Vehicle seat slide device
Truck bed with extensible rails
Head lamp system comprising a pair of head lamps and method for controlling the same
Airbag apparatus
Inflator and airbag device
Wheel security lock
Door lock retainer
Three-wheeled vehicle with steering apparatus configured for enhanced operation during a banking turn
Vehicle airfoils for safety, efficiency, and performance
Motor and electric power steering system
User-operated mobility apparatus
Combine header transport trailer
Handlebar assembly with shock absorber
Interface member for a bicycle brake
User-propelled vehicle having a channel to receive an illuminatable means
Ocean going transport vessel with docking arrangements
Storable, sickle-shaped sailboat mast
Versatile flexible scrubber brush
Aircraft including an engine controlled by synchrophasing
Leading edge snag for exposed propeller engine installation
Aircraft engine supporting pylon
Adjustable filling and sealing method and apparatus therefor
Refillable travel dispenser
Foldable carrier packaging
Bottle having arcuate mouth and closed circular segment rim with ribs
Packaging method and apparatus
Synthetic resin bottle
Easy open bag
Dispenser for both foam and liquid
One-way valve for discharge regulation in tubes, tube with such a one-way valve and method for manufacturing such a one-way valve
Air cargo container with moveable step-up platform
Arrangement for machining workpieces
Support structure for radial conveyor
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, sheet feed control method, and storage medium
Alternative method for reducing web feed rate variations induced by parent roll geometry variations
Fire hydrant box
Earphone cable winder
Lifting system for a transportation system structure
Control device and container for spouting drink, and control method thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Component based glass casting system and method
Method and apparatus for surface strengthening of blisk blades
Textiles; Paper
Sewing method for a cover material
Punch data generating device and computer readable medium storing punch data generating program
Embroidery hoop
Washing machine with a liquid detergent mixer
Fixed Constructions
Roadway arrangement for power generation
Fire and water resistant expansion joint system
Firestopping apparatus with airflow-blocking elements
Building assembly kit with roof ring
Apparatus for securing ceiling panels
Space frame connector
Integrated thermal module and back plate structure and related methods
Attachment device for suspended member
Emergency storm shelter assembly
Electrical liner actuator for lock
Locking arrangement
Push button assembly for opening and closing a glovebox for a vehicle
Vehicle door lock device
Superabrasive cutters with grooves on the cutting face, and drill bits and drilling tools so equipped
Adjustable drill bit
High-speed triple string drilling system
Electrical wiring for drill pipe, casing, and tubing
Hydrostatic flapper stimulation valve and method
System for controlling flow of an actuating fluid
Systems and methods for enhanced waterfloods
Method for extracting bitumen and/or ultra-heavy oil from an underground deposit, associated installation and operating method for said installation
Subsea cooler
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for cooling an expander
Power generation apparatus
Regulating the temperature of a heat regenerator used in an installation for storing energy by adiabatic compression of air
Cogeneration apparatus
Air-cooled exhaust gas heat exchanger, in particular exhaust gas cooler for motor vehicles
Multi-tiered telescope shaped atomizer
Piston cooling apparatus
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Compressor flow control
Accommodating piston seat for differential-stroke cycle engines
Synchronizing clutch mechanism for a split crankshaft in an internal combustion engine
Staging valve arrangement and valve for use therein
Shock cancellation mechanism for the control of unsteady interaction in contra-rotating high- and low-pressure turbines
Burner for a gas turbine engine
Turboreactor for aircraft
Fuel injector assembly
Controlling operation of exhaust of an engine including a particulate filter
Hose coupling element
Solar-based power generator
Hydraulic pressure feedback for servovalves
Axle lubrication and cooling system
Wheel bearing retainer
Relative displacement device with both slight push force and strong elastic pull force
Fluid bearing assembly
Retainer segment for tapered roller bearing, tapered roller bearing, and method for mounting tapered roller bearing
Spindle device
Clamping assembly
Auxiliary pump system for hybrid powertrains
Flip-flop clutch
Torque converter pump hub with profiled assembly surface
Friction brake with a resistive sensor
Spring guide and cushion device
Support washer for shock absorber valve with blow-off tunability
Cord release of window covering
Eight speed dual clutch transmission
Toothed-rack steering gear, and servo steering system equipped with the same
Electric propulsion system for vehicles
Gearbox comprising gear pump
Hydrodynamic bore seal
Rotary supply joint, rotary timing valve and product handling apparatus
Single-lever mixing gear for a plumbing fixture
Valve apparatus
Flow rate accuracy of a fluidic delivery system
Magnet valve and driver assistance system
Valve and a method for providing such a valve
Air tool hook
Method and apparatus for lighting involving reflectors
Light emitting diode (LED) module
Air conditioner that enables deodorizing using a photocatalyst
Changing graphics in an apparatus including user interface illumination
Planar lighting device
Devices, methods, and systems for control of heliostats
Electrocaloric effect heat transfer device dimensional stress control
Thermal block unit
Appliance feature module enabled by energy or materials sourced from the host appliance
Evaporator and vapor production method
Heat exchanger comprising a heat exchange core and a housing
Caliber conversion for pistol
One-piece sleeve for firearm noise suppressor
Handguard systems for firearms
Gun sight with range finder
Measuring device
Plan orientation template
Underwater work device and underwater strain gauge device
System and method of strain measurement amplification
Inertial sensor with off-axis spring system
Electrical heating element and method of measuring a filling level
Fixture for evaluating a metal-to-metal seal between tubular components and method of use of same
Intra-extra oral shock-sensing and indicating systems and other shock-sensing and indicating systems
Intra-extra oral shock-sensing and indicating systems and other shock-sensing and indicating systems
Portable ultrafine particle sizer (PUPS) apparatus
Capacitive humidity detector with nanoporous hydrophilic dielectric
Moisture sensors on conductive substrates
Sample injection port and auto-sampler having the same
Scan output connection in tap and scan test port
Cube corner retroreflector for measuring six degrees of freedom
Transmission of laser pulses with high output beam quality using step-index fibers having large cladding
Connectored cable and method for manufacturing connectored cable
Hybrid connector
Camera flash module
Method and apparatus for wireless image transmission to a projector
Water conserving devices and processes
Hardware-based intrusion detection accelerator
Method and apparatus providing unified compliant network audit
Destination application program interfaces
Device-directed default list naming for mobile electronic device
System and method for providing forms on a user interface
User interface in a mobile station
Method and system for improving the manufacturability of integrated circuits
Method for technology mapping considering boolean flexibility
Access control in a web application using event filtering
Method and apparatus for tailoring content of information delivered over the internet
Midi composer
Methods and apparatus to provide a handheld pointer-based user interface
Method for executing computer programs in accordance with preset execution priority
Poetry screen saver
System and method for providing three-dimensional graphical user interface
Authentication system, control method and program thereof, and storage medium
Server computer issued credential authentication
Method and apparatus for preventing bridging of secure networks and insecure networks
Faster loading of extension-based applications using caching
Regulating remote registry access over a computer network
Method and apparatus for packaging and streaming installation software
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing application services to a user
Securely hooking installations for compatibility with other applications
Method and system for compiling multiple languages
Method and system for creating a boolean model of multi-path and multi-strength signals for verification
Scheduling synchronization of programs running as streams on multiple processors
System for application priority based on device operating mode
Method and apparatus for shockwave attenuation via cavitation
Security element for protecting documents of value
Method and apparatus for providing omnidirectional lighting in a scanning device
Laser scanning bar code symbol reading system having intelligent scan sweep angle adjustment capabilities over the working range of the system for optimized bar code symbol reading performance
Label for enabling verification of an object
Characterizing items of currency
ARQ for point to point links
Wine bottle greeting card
Protein microscope
Transport device having a deflectable sealing frame
Method and apparatus for sealing connections between electrical power cords
Multi-standard turbo interleaver using tables
Signal decoder, a signal decoding method and a storage system
Erasures assisted block code decoder and related method
Method and system for error correction over serial link
Credential mapping
Method and apparatus for performing antivirus tasks in a mobile wireless device
Multiple tiered network security system, method and apparatus using dynamic user policy assignment
Certificate based authentication authorization accounting scheme for loose coupling interworking
Client-server based interactive television program guide system with remote server recording
Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
System and method for controlling push to talk interruptions while watching television
Making electronic storage system having code circuit
Method and apparatus for detethering mesoscale, microscale, and nanoscale components and devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Performing Operations; Transporting
Strapping machine with double hinged access doors
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for operating a steam power plant, in particular in the part-load range
Supercharger arrangements for engine assemblies
Catalyst degradation determining method
After-treatment system and method for reducing emissions in diesel engine exhaust
Nozzle with fluted tube
Method and apparatus for gas turbine over-speed protection
Engine control for a vehicle equipped with an emission control device
Rocket engine
Blanking-plug system for blanking off an orifice of a pipe, particularly for blanking off an orifice of a duct for introducing air into the combustion chamber of a ramjet
Shape memory alloy actuators for use with repetitive motion devices
Forward/backward switching control apparatus for hydraulic drive vehicle, and control method therefor
Actuator for a valve, in particular a turbine valve
Method and a device for supplying fuel to a combustion chamber
Gas turbine combustor
Dual fuel fin mixer secondary fuel nozzle
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew