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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant preparations
Phenyl-substituted 5,6-dihydropyrone derivatives for use as pesticides and herbicides
LXR modulators
TV remote control unit with body fat measurement function
CT detector with integrated air gap
Treatment of addiction and addiction-related behavior using a composition of topiramate
Use of isovaleryl L-carnitine to increase healing of bone fractures
Taxanes having a C10 carbamoyloxy substituent
Compounds and compositions derived from olives and methods of the use thereof
8-azaprostaglandin analogs as agents for lowering intraocular pressure
Substituted 4H-chromene and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis and the use thereof
Compositions for inhibiting beta-lactamase
Substituted hexahydropyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazines, octahydropyrido[1,2-a]-pyrazines and decahydropyrazino[1,2-a]azepines
Compounds and methods of use to treat infectious diseases
Composition for nasal administration of insulin
Pharmaceutical agent containing Rho kinase inhibitor
Pharmaceutical composition with protective action against oxidative/toxic substances, especially cardiotoxic substances
Method for depositing a polymer onto a surface by applying a composition onto said surface
Rapidly soluble film preparation
Carbon-substituted diketopiperazine delivery systems
Solar-powered mobile
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for generation of molecular beam
Method for controling uniformity of colloidal silica particle size
Heat exchanger polymerization reactors for manufacturing drag reducing agents
Stable carbonous catalyst particles and method for making and utilizing same
Catalyst performance recovery method for reforming catalyst apparatus
Absorption reduction-type NOx purifying catalyst
Method for generating catalysts
Stabilization of fluorophosphite-containing catalysts
Process aid masterbatch for melt processable polymers
Consolidation device and method
Poly(arylene ether) adhesive compositions
Image recordal and generation apparatus
Thermal developing apparatus
Vehicular sound-processing system incorporating an interior mirror user-interaction site for a restricted-range wireless communication system
Wiring system for interconnecting vehicle-mounted electronic devices through a wiring harness
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Inverted novolac resin-type insulation binder
Crystalline forms of venlafaxine hydrochloride
Cyclohexane derivatives and methods for their preparation
Process for hydrolyzing di-isopropyl ether to isopropyl alcohol by catalytic distillation using a solid acid catalyst
Method for producing alcohol surfactants and alcohol ether surfactants, the products obtained and their use
Hydroxymethyl-substituted polyfunctional phenols
Process for preparing distamycin derivatives
4,7-Disubstituted indoles and methods of making
Processes for the preparation of 1,5-diaryl-3-substituted-pyrazoles
Method and reagents for N-alkylating ureides
Method for synthesizing epothilones and epothilone analogs
Processing method of lactionization in the preparation of statins
Indolinone combinatorial libraries and related products and methods for the treatment of disease
1,5-Benzothiazepines and their use as hypolipidaemics
Crystalline form I of 2-methyl-4-(4-menthyl-1-piperazinyl) 10H thieno [2,3-b][1,5]benzodiazepine
Process for the separation of glycosylated and nonglycosylated proteins
Flexible processing apparatus for isolating and purifying viruses, soluble proteins and peptides from plant sources
Vanilloid receptor-2
Protease inhibitor peptides
Method for producing transgenic plants resistant to weed control compounds which disrupt the porphyrin pathways of plants
Cyclic peptidomimetic urokinase receptor antagonists
Process for the deprotection of protected thiols
Dual-site olefin polymerization catalyst composition
Catalyst for the polymerization of olefins
Polymer scale deposition preventive agent
Polymer particle stabilized by dispersant and method of preparation
Compositions and methods of vinyl oxazolone polymerization
Polymeric dispersants prepared from copolymers of low molecular weight polyisobutene and unsaturated acidic reagent
Process for producing polyether
Intercalates, exfoliates and concentrates thereof formed with low molecular weight; nylon intercalants polymerized in-situ via ring-opening polymerization
Phase change ink compositions
Room-temperature curable organopolysiloxane composition
Care gents
Antisense modulation of polo-like kinase expression
Effective nuclear reprogramming in mammals using CDK2 inhibitors
Plant MSH2 sequences and methods of use
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Lamp reflector and reflector
Reflection sheet and backlight unit using the same
Method and apparatus for self-referenced dynamic step and scan intra-field scanning distortion
Spatial filtering in interferometry
Electrical drive unit
Apparatus and method of measuring vibration quantity and method of designing loop
Multi-path monochromator
Signal processing method for in-situ, scanned-beam particle monitoring
Semiconductor wafer inspection apparatus
Flexible sensor package responsive to thermally induced distortion
Intelligent appliance home network
Electronic revenue meter with automatic service sensing
Semiconductor device inspection apparatus and inspection method
Conductive material for integrated circuit fabrication
GMR sensor with end portion magnetization of pinned layer modified to reduce side reading effects
Method for communicating a magnetic resonance signal, and reception arrangement and magnetic resonance system operable in accord therewith
Superconducting magnet, particularly for MRI imaging apparati and method of using same
Phase-continuous frequency synthesizer
Object-detecting system for vehicle
Method and apparatus for directing energy based range detection sensors
Apparatus and method for simulating sensor imagery
Radar system and car radar system
Image-sensor, image-sensing apparatus using the image sensor, and image-sensing system
Zoom optical system and camera comprising the same
Zoom optical system and imaging apparatus using the same
Zoom lens system
Scanning microscope having a microscope stand
Optical head, optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus and integrated optical module
Three dimensional multimode and optical coupling devices
Lens module for a thin scanning device
Mounting system for an optical assembly of a photoelastic modulator
Electrochromic devices
Process for roll-to-roll manufacture of a display by synchronized photolithographic exposure on a substrate web
Liquid crystal display with a novel structure of thin film transistor substrate
Optical modulator, optical device having the optical modulator and projector having the same
Packaging case-encased electro-optical device and projection type display device
Method and apparatus for self-referenced dynamic step and scan intra-field lens distortion
Fluctuation detecting apparatus and apparatus with fluctuation detecting function
Digital exposure circuit for an image sensor
Curved I-core
Stage apparatus, scanning type exposure apparatus, and device produced with the same
Position detecting system and exposure apparatus using the same
Optimal inductor management
Temperature-compensated output buffer circuit
Multi clock deciding system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Web pad module with coupling devices installed on a rear side of a web pad
Two-phase pumped liquid loop for mobile computer cooling
Enclosure for computer peripheral devices
Input interface for a raster object memory in a method, system and program
Interfacing method for network printers
Input unit, method for using the same and input system
Printing control method, printing control apparatus for producing/transmitting print command, computer program of printing control, and recording medium for recording computer program
Electronic file with flexible display medium
Tandem type printer scanning optical system having diffraction lens structure
Contactless IC card for preventing incorrect data recovery in demodulation of an amplitude-modulated carrier wave
Image processing unit and image processing method with simplified exposure, gain and white balance control
Image processing method and apparatus, and storage medium
Method of simultaneous format reduction and decoding of encoded video signals
Coordinate input device and its control method, and computer readable memory
Motor vehicle warning and control system and method
Apparatus for displaying a stereoscopic two-dimensional image and method therefor
Method and system for controlling electron beams from field emission cathodes
Energy recovery apparatus and method for plasma display panel
Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
Method of driving plasma display panel and apparatus thereof
Display device
Liquid crystal device, liquid crystal driving device and method of driving the same and electronic equipment
Method and system for providing edge antialiasing
Touch control apparatus and touch control method that can be applied to electronic instrument
Method and apparatus of recording data optimally onto a speed-changing disk
Spindle motor control using a current profile to taper current transitions
Disk drive including an actuator main coil and an actuator secondary coil with a lateral segment and method of operating same
Apparatus and method to monitor leader pin position
Magnetic recording system with patterned multilevel perpendicular magnetic recording
Erasing disk surface by direct current applied on a helical trajectory to minimize erase time
Peak to peak detect method to protect seek/settle induced encroachment
Magnetic transfer method and apparatus
Calibration of tracking error signal gain in a tracking servo system
Disc having grooves and pits with different depths, and method for manufacturing the disc
Semiconductor laser device, and optical pickup apparatus using the device
Magnetic element and magnetic element array
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic memory apparatus
Ferroelectric memory
Refresh controlling method and apparatus
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and data writing method therefor
CAM memory architecture and a method of forming and operating a device according to a CAM memory architecture
Semiconductor integrated circuit and nonvolatile memory element
Address counter strobe test mode device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Network packet buffer allocation optimization in memory bank systems
Resonant probe driving arrangement and a scanning probe microscope including such an arrangement
Rotating asynchronous converter and a generator device
Divalent europium-containing compositions
Monolithic multi-layer capacitor with improved lead-out structure
Micro electro-mechanical variable capacitor
Solid electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Key switch device having high drawability
Magnetic separator for linear dispersion and method for producing the same
Device and method for retaining mercury source in low-pressure discharge lamps
Red incandescent automotive lamp and method of making the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage and method for manufacturing the same
Microelectronic elements with deformable leads
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Single transistor ferroelectric transistor structure with high-k insulator
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Sealed electronic device packages with transparent coverings
Channeled heat dissipation device and a method of fabrication
Method for implementing electro-static discharge protection in silicon-on-insulator devices
Multiple dice package
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Nonequilibrium photodetector with superlattice exclusion layer
Method for manufacturing organic EL device, organic EL device and electronic apparatus
Magnetic memory elements using walls
Electronic part and its manufacturing method
Light emitting diode
Solid state activity-activated battery device and method
Adapter for connection to an external power source
Antenna, antenna device, and radio equipment
Aperture antenna having a high-impedance backing
Card device having antenna of two or more different frequencies
Conductive fluid ground plane
FSS feeding network for a multi-band compact horn
Multicarrier distributed active antenna
Dynamically reconfigurable aperture coupled antenna
Planar Antenna Arrangement
Apparatus for generating a magnetic interface and applications of the same
Crossing-wire fixing structure
Optical component fixing method and optical component support
Window glass obstruction detector
Uninterruptible power system with two current conversion units
Power sharing high frequency motor drive modular system
Bracket assembly having a plurality of plates for a dynamoelectric machine
Gas turbine engine starter generator with multiple windings on each exciter stator pole
Integrated start-up circuit with reduced power consumption
Enabling circuit for avoiding negative voltage transients
Time division multiplexed, piloted current monitoring in a switched mode DC--DC voltage converter and phase current measurement calibration for a multiphase converter
Inverter apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Method for limiting the current in an electric motor, and a motor for carrying out one such method
Electronically commutated motor
Differential amplifier circuit used in solid-state image pickup apparatus, and arrangement that avoids influence of variations of integrated circuits in manufacture and the like
Switchable gain amplifier having a high-pass filter pole
Designing methods and circuits for impedance matching
Efficient multichannel filtering for CDMA modems
Surface acoustic wave filter utilizing two parallel acoustic channels with one having a narrower bandwidth
Oscillation circuit and a communication semiconductor integrated circuit
Methods and devices for binary object serialization
Network communications link
Early warning failure detection for a lasing semiconductor optical amplifier
Dynamic radio link adaptation for interference in cellular systems
Method and system for manual admission control with user options
Method for generating OVSF codes in CDMA multi-rate system
Communication system and device that provides service independent communication bridging
Moving image encoding apparatus
PRBS generator selection in modem communication
Method and device for charging communications based on RSVP protocol
Method and apparatus for detecting faults in IP packet communication
Method for a network device inserted between point to point connected stations to automatically negotiate communication parameters between the stations
Method of monitoring packet communications traffic
Network switch enhancements directed to processing of internal operations in the network switch
Receiver decoding algorithm to allow hitless N+1 redundancy in a switch
Real/complex dual combination channel equalizer
Digital demodulation and applications thereof
Radio communication system
Receiving apparatus for signal transmission system of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing type
Compact image scanner capable of reading both a light-reflecting article and a light-transmitting article
Medium on which image modifying program is recorded, image modifying apparatus and method
Cooling structure for projection television
Encoding method for the compression of a video sequence
Picture coding apparatus, picture coding method, and recording medium having picture coding program recorded thereon
Communications interconnection network with distributed resequencing
Burst switching in a high capacity network
Selective call radio apparatus with improved display function
Mobile IP registration in selected inter-PDSN dormant hand-off cases in a CDMA2000-based cellular telecommunications network
Mounting structures for a high-frequency heating apparatus
Magnetron driving circuit board for microwave oven
Mask used for exposing a porous substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Engagement device and coupling member
Premise identification system
Game call
Turkey call with glare resistant striking surface
Steam oven
Device and method for processing a slaughtered animal
Fish spinal bone removal tool
Spinner candy toy
Magnetic drive blender
Bra having aromatic concentrate cells received therein
Body supports and protectors
Refillable deodorant dispenser
Liquid soap dispenser and scrub brush
Toothpaste dispensing toothbrush with valve
Mobile surgical support apparatus
Closure system for an active agent delivery device
Gripping handle for diagnostic instrument
Endoscope fluid controller
Surgical instrument
Bone anchors for bone anchor implantation device
Endoscopic suture systems
Aneurysm closure device assembly
Epicondylar axis alignment-femoral positioning drill guide
Apparatus for inserting spinal implants
Autoloader and skin testing system
Thrombectomy and tissue removal device
Expandable atherectomy burr and method of ablating an occlusion from a patient's blood vessel
Medical device having ultrasonic ablation capability
Medical retrieval basket
Microsurgical tool
Surgical instrument with an apparatus for limiting the transfer of a force
Apparatus for transport of fluids across, into or from biological tissues
Light guiding device and method
Bone anchored fixation for displacement of facial bones
Surgical instruments for minimally invasive surgical procedures
Means for interconnecting two spaced elongated rods of a human spine implant
Upper extremity bone plates
Bioabsorbable threaded soft tissue anchor system
Selective organ cooling catheter and method of using the same
Medical cryo-surgical device
Tissue sealing electrosurgery device and methods of sealing tissue
Template assembly for facilitating the placement of interbody fusion devices
Laser method for subsurface cutaneous treatment
Noninvasive, reattachable skull fiducial marker system
Master/slave system for the manipulation of tubular medical tools
Method and apparatus for correlating a body with an image of the body
Multi-slot laser surgery
Optical recognition methods for locating eyes
Sheath for tissue spectroscopy
Health monitoring system
Spectroscopic method and apparatus for optically detecting abnormal mammalian epithelial tissue
Disposable fiber optic probe
Electro-pneumatic assembly for blood pressure cuff
Arrhythmia detecting apparatus
Multipolar transmural probe
Apparatus and methods of bioelectrical impedance analysis of blood flow
Disposable anti-fog airway adapter
Ambulatory body position monitor
X-ray radioscopic apparatus
X-ray cassette holder apparatus
Pulse inversion doppler ultrasonic diagnostic imaging
Bone assessment apparatus
Apparatus for attachment of needle or catheter to endoluminal ultrasound probe
Device for curing with light
Dental hand instrument with incorporated light source for diagnostic purposes
Pair of forceps for applying of an articulating film to teeth in dentistry
Method for applying a dental composition to tooth structure
Dispensing cartridge with stepped chamber
Orthodontic appliance and bracket
Orthodontic archwire having reduced stiffness
Dental implant component holder
Dental implant having multiple textured surfaces
Absorbent articles having improved separator layer
Extensible absorbent articles having less extensible barriers
Liquid-permeable topsheet for body exudates absorbent article, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
Expandable bag tampon and spreading tampon applicator therefor
Method of forming petal tip tampon applicators
Female incontinence control device actuated by abdominal pressure
Fecal incontinence device and method
Bag enclosed stent loading apparatus
Self-exchange stent with effective supporting ability
Method of deploying a stent at a lesion site located at a bifurcation in a parent vessel
Pull back sleeve system with compression resistant inner shaft
Ostial stent
Fugitive stent securement means
Hybrid intrastromal corneal ring
Deformable intraocular corrective lens
Accommodative lens implantation
Stapling apparatus and method for heart valve replacement
Prosthetic heart valve
Orthesis for the carpal tunnel syndrome
Ingrown nail correcting device
Adjustment arm sling
Gynecological cylinders which treat diseases
Occluding device and method of use
Disposable thermal body pad
Wound treatment apparatus for normothermic treatment of wounds
High repetition rate erbium:YAG laser for tissue ablation
Wheelchair lift with improved outer, inner, and side barriers
Medical devices using electrosensitive gels
Stable and breathable films of improved toughness and method of making the same
Adhesive composition or structure
Coated implantable medical device
Operations system
Reinforcement device
Steerable catheter with preformed distal shape and method for use
Collapsible urinary catheter
Guidewire and catheter locking device and method
Guiding device and method for inserting and advancing catheters and guidewires into a vessel of a patient in endovascular treatments
Coated one-piece composite plastic catheter and cannula
Flow arrest, double balloon technique for occluding aneurysms or blood vessels
Single-lumen balloon catheter having a directional valve
Cerebral edema solute catheter and method of draining cerebral edema
Bi-directional catheter
Medical treatment utilizing ionically crosslinked medical devices
Intraluminal shunt and methods of use
Blunt needle connector
Aseptic connector and fluid delivery system using such an aseptic connector
Liquid drug infusion pump
Pressure container for applying pressure to a flexible bag received in it and filled with a medical fluid
NGAS powered self-resetting needle-less hypodermic jet injection apparatus and method
Repeat-dose medication delivery pen
Blood-collection needle-disposal system
Retractable needle medical devices
Four chamber pacer for dilated cardiomyopthy
Medical electrical lead with conductors coiled around an inner tube
Electrotherapy circuit having controlled current discharge based on patient-dependent electrical parameter
Method and apparatus for maintaining a high voltage capacitor in an implantable cardiac device
Defibrillator with improved hemodynamic response and enhanced myocardial stability
Light delivery catheter and PDT treatment method
Conformal patch for administering light therapy to subcutaneous tumors
Apparatus and method for determining optimal locations to place radioactive seeds at a cancerous site
Isotope seeding system that releases radioactive seeds for treatment of cancerous cells
X-ray device having a dilation structure for delivering localized radiation to an interior of a body
Magnetic control of exercise bicycle
Resistance device
Tensile cord connector of chest pull
Training apparatus
Exercise treadmill
Exercise device
Methods for creating consistent large scale blade deflections
Wound golf ball
Universal putter lie angle adapter for golf club
Bi-material golf club head having an isolation layer
Turf repair system
Multi-purpose retractable golf accessory
Simplified green slope indicator
Shooting aid for basketball players
Training and aligning accessory for attachment to a golf club
Three-dimensional object path tracking
Playground equipment comprising upright posts
Image synthesis method, games machine, and information storage medium
Amusement ride vehicle
Doll capable of walking with unsteady steps and with falling and upright recovery motions
Remote control toy vehicle with improved stability
Stunt performing toy vehicle
Motorcycle race track with moving rider figurines
Toy nursing bottle
Water maze
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dairy product whipping apparatus
Multi-port venturi mixer
Cutting tool with cutting edge mounting which is free of auxiliary equipment
Centrifugal separator with weight thrust bearing
Interactive entertainment device
Thermoplastic adhesive materials conveying system
Method of manufacturing an ultrasonic probe and the ultrasonic probe and an ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Centrifugal separator for dry components
Method and unit for feeding, in a product wrapping machine, a continuous band of wrapping material, the surface of which is pre-impregnated with an aromatizing substance
Stabilized fluid barrier member and method of forming same
Roll for hot rolling having enhanced abrasion resistance and reduced carbide segregation
Composite roll and method of manufacture thereof
Tee nut and method of manufacture
Injection molding cylindrical manifold insert and method
Engraving tool and method for forming
Drilling tool
Table-top type key-seater
Planar member and a control table mounting the planar member
Coping apparatus
Flexible torch assembly
Working head for numeric-control machine tools
Spindle extension for milling machine
Translation apparatus
Grinding and polishing machines
Polishing method for soft acrylic articles
Reciprocating assembly for abrading a workpiece
Polishing fixture and method
Abrasive belt machine tool for machining cylindrical bearing surfaces on shafts
Sander device having horizontal and vertical sander members
Process and device for polishing semiconductor wafers
Polishing apparatus having a material for adjusting a surface of a polishing pad and method for adjusting the surface of the polishing pad
Orbital motion chemical-mechanical polishing method and apparatus
Polyether-polyester polyurethane polishing pads and related methods
Processing jig
Eyeglass lens grinding machine
Method and device for the mechanical removal of a layer of alien material from a basic material
Drywall sanding tool
Method for manufacturing a workpiece carrier backing pad and pressure plate for polishing semiconductor wafers
Flexible abrasive member
Apparatus and method for machining workpieces by flushing working liquid to the tool-and-workpiece interface
Surface treatment article having a quick release fastener
Adjustable drill stand assembly for drilling overhead concrete or other overhead surfaces
Injection molding machine for manufacturing hollow plastic articles
Apparatus for injection moulding multi-layer articles
Substrate forming mold, and plate thickness adjusting method of formed substrate in substrate forming mold
Adjustable hot sprue bushing
Method of making a skid-resistant bed liner
Flat bottomed plastic bag
Repair device for damaged shafts or journals
Radial aligner and folding mechanism
Method and device for manufacturing bags from tubular paper sections of a single layer or multiple layers
Apparatus for making corrugated paperboard
Image recording apparatus utilizing serial recording head and sheet feed and image recording method therefor
Battery operated thermal printer with means to optimize battery life
Adjustable print head mounting mechanism
Keyboard dust cover
Media release mechanism for a printer
Machine for printing flat objects, in particular envelopes, with printing drum and thickness compensating device
Method of manufacturing books or brochures
Flip packet
Extendible form for non-impact printer
Fluid applicator
Writing instrument operated by a finger at a holding position
Writing utensil with a container for receiving freely a writing liquid
Wheel lift caddy
Motor vehicle steering linkage ball joint protective clip
Combined engine and transmission control for a motor vehicle
Vehicle lifting and towing method and apparatus
Lighting device for the rear end of a vehicle
Module construction applied in car roof
Control assembly for a work machine
Wheel fixing apparatus, pallet/truck and wheel fixing method, automatic wheel fixing apparatus and mode interchange
Monocoque composite joint
Motorcycle maneuvering apparatus
Crank axle for bicycle
Ski rope assembly
Wakeboard binding and system with baseless beam support
Adjustable oarlock pin and rigging assembly
Hydro-planing foil
Engine component layout
Packaging bag for sanitary articles, in particular diapers, with a carrying handle of plastic foil
Flexible bag with incorporated opening line
Bag-in-bag combination dunnage airbag having reduced number of paper plies
Stabilized, cubic, flexible container
Refuse container handling system
Center column and stored material support and transfer structure for reclaimer
Leveling apparatus for loading and leveling flowable metal chip scrap in shipping container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Utility lighter
Electroporation employing user-configured pulsing scheme
Rolling bearing
High-CR precision casting materials and turbine blades
Gas turbine engine airfoils having increased fatigue strength
Semiconductor wafer boat and vertical heat treating system
Fixed Constructions
Stackable vertical panel
Compaction wheel having replaceable cleats
Method and device for burying a conduit under water
Process for constructing intake pipe
Subsurface fluid drainage and storage systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll thrust bearing/coupling apparatus
Compressor ring attachment
Timed element, high pressure, industrial rotary lobe pump
Fluid mover
Seal device between fastening bolt and bolthole in gas turbine disc
Hydraulic turbine for enhancing the level of dissolved gas in water
Turbine nozzle assembly
Two section pump
Outboard motor
Dynamic control system and method for catalytic combustion process and gas turbine engine utilizing same
Fuel-feed unit
High-pressure fuel pump assembly
Fuel transfer pump
Swash plate compressor
Structure for a compact air compressor
Compressor mechanism for a portable battery operated inflator
Hermetic motor-driven compressor for refrigerators
Fluid pumping apparatus with two-step load limiting control
Fuel delivery pump with a bypass valve, for a fuel injection pump for an internal combustion engine
Single-acting manual pump for lubrication line, with deformable valve element
Crescentless internal gear pump
Vane cell pump
Reverse rotation protection for a scroll compressor using a valve means
Combined pressure ratio and pressure differential relief valve
Hermetic compressor having an inlet port and/or an outlet port with a sealed connecting member
Device for sealing a rotor shaft and screw-type compressor provided with such a device
Peristalic rubber impeller pump
Independent ceiling fan
Centrifugal blower impeller, especially for a heating and ventilating, and/or air conditioning, system for a motor vehicle
Structure for mounting blades of a ceiling fan
Turbo-Molecular pump with metal matrix composite rotor and stator
Magnetically coupled pump
Shaft coupling system
Submersible pump having float actuated valve
Categorizing fasteners and construction connectors using visual identifiers
Sheet metal anchor nail fastener with locking staple
Latch lock joint for telescoping tubes
Locking nut assembly
Threaded fastener with determinable clamp load
Self-contained fastener device
Sliding bearing element with lubricating oil pockets
Seal assembly and seal guard for a universal joint
Elastic torque-transmitting coupling
One-way clutch
Torque-responsive clutch with confined rollers
Arrangement for operating a friction clutch
Rotation damper
Propeller shaft
Traction drive transmission
Differential for vehicular power transfer systems
Overrunning clutch assembly
Method of operating a vehicle transmission
Temperature rise control for disc type friction torque transmitters
Speed change control device for vehicular continuously variable transmission
Control for controller-assisted, manually shifted, synchronized, splitter-type compound transmissions
Plate base of guide for chain drive
Dual sided slot valve and method for implementing the same
Outdoor lamp
Ornamental lamp
Recessed lighting fixture for sloped ceilings and baffle received therein
Circular mounting plate adapter for attaching an exit sign to a junction box
Actively cooled lighting trim apparatus
Incandescent visual display system having a shaped reflector
Watertight lamp socket for lamp belt
Co-extruded light pipe
Quick change pilot assembly and method of assembly
Flue gas recirculation system and method
Fuel injector arrangement; method of operating a fuel injector arrangement
Gaseous fuel burner and method of making same
Leak preventive structure for a case of a surface combustion burner
Combustion apparatus
Gas lighter with safety device
Double-button piezoelectric child-resistant cigarette lighter
Fireplace burner apparatus
Air-shower apparatus and semiconductor wafer processing method
Method and device for protecting a work surface
Walking-beam furnace
Anti-sliding bar for furnace wall constructions
Nondestructive fraudulent fastener screening and composition determination device
Method and apparatus for performing localized thermal analysis and sub-surface imaging by scanning thermal microscopy
Method for operating a sensor to differentiate between analytes in a sample
Method and apparatus for color flow imaging using Golay-coded excitation on transmit and pulse compression on receive
Pyrometer multimeter
Electric adapter with display unit
Method for enhancing an image derived from reflected ultrasound signals produced by an ultrasound transmitter and detector inserted in a bodily lumen
Device for optical connection of an optical fibre, with another optical element
Optical connector, and using method and tool thereof
Fiber optic component coupling apparatus with locking capability and methods of fabrication and use thereof
Hybrid connector
Chip-to-interface alignment
Illuminating optical system for use in projecting exposure device
Windows based network configuration and control method for a digital control system
System for evaluating treatment of chest pain patients
Health management device
IC card connector device with eject mechanism for ejecting IC card
Card reader connector having a separable cover
Coin lifting mechanism
Electronic amusement device and method for operating a game offering continuous reels
Wheel puzzle game book
Animal rider harness assembly
Method of calibrating a thermal trigger for an electrical switching device
Electric lamp
Method for forming emitters for field emission displays
Spatially uniform deposition of polymer particles during gate electrode formation
Component module holder
Light source
Radiation shielding and range extending antenna assembly
Female terminal
Card edge connector with improved reference terminals
Modular jack
Electrical connector assembly
Adapter frame assembly for electrical connectors
Press fit circuit board connector
Connector having terminals with improved soldier tails
Contact with dual compliant pin sections used in a ZIF socket
Push-lock BNC connector
Single piece electrical receptacle terminal
Method of electrically connecting a component to a PCB
Receptacle assembly for electric power leads
Connector bracket wire shield with connector retention arms
Holder connector apparatus and methods
Water-proof connector
Electrical connector with a family seal, and family seal
Sliding bypass valve connector
Tangle resistant cable connector
Connector fitting construction
Method of fitting connectors and the connectors for use in the method
Electrical connection box with restrained outer diameter
Lever-type connector
Electrical connector with stress isolating solder tail
Ejector mechanism of a connector
Structure of flat plug
Electrical plug retainer
Electrical connector mating structure
Fault preventing structure for engagement of a terminal seat
Coaxial cable connector
Multi-receptacle electrical connector
Electrical card connector having a grounding shield
Electrical card connector incorporating a grounding plate
Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data signals via a network connector system including integral power capacitors
Electrical connector with integral sensor device
Electric connector body
Panel mounting system for electrical connectors
Electrical connector
Electrical power outlet and switch
Connector assembly
Power adapter for interconnecting different types of power connectors
Status indicator for electronic device
Clockspring connector with carrier member
Cap housing for electrical connectors
Electrical connection and connectors
Electrical connection and couplings
X-ray tube frame support assembly
Electrical component for surface-mounting on a circuit board
Card connector with improved grounding terminal
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew