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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Implantable intravascular device for defibrillation and/or pacing
Treatment of epilepsy
Clinical care utilization management system
Sensor isolation
Apparatus for non-invasive spectroscopic measurement of analytes, and method of using the same
Blood volume determination and sensor calibration
Apparatus and method for multi-modal imaging
X-ray imaging system for performing automated imaging of patient anatomy
Techniques for positioning therapy delivery elements within a spinal cord or brain
Method and apparatus for gastrointestinal stimulation via the lymphatic system
System with left/right pulmonary artery electrodes
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vehicle information display
System and method for sensing soil-and curb-tripped rollover events
Method for determining correction values for correcting positional measurement errors in a machine having at least one translational axis of movement
Traveling control method, medium, and apparatus for autonomous navigation
Motion planner for unmanned ground vehicles traversing at high speeds in partially known environments
System for intelligently controlling a team of vehicles
On-chip over-temperature detection
Determining power
Vehicle cargo inspection station and associated method
Method of producing thermoelectric material
Ab initio generation of single copy genomic probes
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Service alarm correlation
Radiation measuring device and data processing method
Method for reducing 3-D migration operator to 2-D migration operator for inhomogeneous media
Sensor mount for marine seismic streamer
Two-group zoom projection lens and projection display
Lens barrel
Applications of adaptive optics in microscopy
Flexible electrophoretic display and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for reducing microlens surface reflection
Phosphor screen and displays systems
Single mode optical fibre as well as optical communication system
Multimode interference device with side input/output ports
Systems and methods for chirp control of a dual arm z-modulator to minimize dispersion effect of fiber plant
Optical switch module
Illumination optical apparatus and optical apparatus
Color-corrected optical system
Spatial light modulators with changeable phase masks for use in holographic data storage
Lighting apparatus, electronic flash apparatus and camera
Camera shaking correcting device, and image pickup device
Focus state detection apparatus and optical instrument
Imaging apparatus
Photographing apparatus, photographing method and a computer readable medium of instructions for controlling the photographing apparatus
Focus controller, optical apparatus using the same, and control method
Checking and conditional processing of a print job printed with multiple transfer media
Storage unit holding mechanism and image forming apparatus having the holding mechanism
Lifetime management device and image forming system
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Positional-deviation correction apparatus, method of controlling positional deviation, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and retreat method of switch unit of image forming apparatus
Apparatus for adjusting fixing pressure and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus with a brush roller that rotates and reciprocates
Conductive member, process cartridge using conductive member and image formation apparatus using process cartridge
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge employing the same having brush roller charger
Sheet post-processing apparatus with protection cover
Image reading apparatus with a mirror having a curved surface to reduce defocusing during image scanning
Toner replenishing method, toner replenishing apparatus, and computer readable recording medium
Conveyor device and image forming apparatus
Developing device and image-forming apparatus using multiple-component developer
Image forming apparatus with fixing fluid application device
Unit, image forming apparatus, and method of manufacturing unit frame
Image fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus capable of effectively controlling an image fixing temperature
Cover-body locking construction and image forming apparatus provided with such locking construction
Imaging device with click count fragmentation
Gait generator of legged mobile robot
Industrial controller based on distributable technology objects
Method and apparatus for a computing system having an active sleep mode CPU that uses the cache of a normal active mode CPU
Video display unit support bracket
Data communication device has data signal generation circuit and transmission circuit on basis of reference voltage and received signal
Enabling idle states for a component associated with an interconnect
Information error recovery apparatus and methods
Highly reliable storage system and internal network thereof
Automatic extraction of transfer mappings from bilingual corpora
Seamless data migration
System and method for analyzing remote traffic data in a distributed computing environment
Probabilistic technique for consistency checking cache entries
System and method for performing virtual device I/O operations
Composite user interface and framework
Coherent device to device data replication
Semiconductor memory card access apparatus, a computer-readable recording medium, an initialization method, and a semiconductor memory card
Storage subsystem and storage system
Data processing method, system and apparatus for processing a variety of demands from a service provider
Query data packet processing and network scanning method and apparatus
Network-attached storage device configuration
Modular computer system
Block management for mass storage
Wireless mouse system containing a flash memory
Computer-implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for managing DMA write page faults using a pool of substitute pages
Physical object with memory tag and apparatus for use with such objects
Method of data processing and program
Inter-process messaging using multiple client-server pairs
WAFS disconnected-mode read-write access
Monitoring system of apparatuses connected in a network, monitoring apparatus, monitoring method and program
Digital content delivery and viewing system and method
Automatic configuration system and method
Method and apparatus for acquiring internet real-time media channels in a private network
Web-based groupware system
Apparatus and methods for forwarding data between public networks via a private network
Content update feature for an instant messaging service
System and method for subscription-based content distribution to vehicles via wireless communication
Adaptive caching for a distributed file sharing system
Don't disturb service management system and implementation thereof
Method, system, and article of manufacture for integrating streaming content and a real time interactive dynamic user interface over a network
Method for controlling the number of servers in a hierarchical resource environment
Transferring SNMP messages over UDP with compression of periodically repeating sequences
Method and apparatus for realizing personalized information from multiple information sources
Network communication device
Decrypting load balancing array system
Method and apparatus for improving bandwidth efficiency in a computer network
Distributing data in a peer to peer network
Method for scheduling transmissions in communication systems
Addressing a management object
Dynamically adaptable collaborative electronic meeting space
System and method for passive detection and context sensitive notification of upgrade availability for computer information
Communication arrangement and method for communication systems having an interactive voice function
Multimedia timeline modification in networked client/server systems
System and method for monitoring information in a network environment
Web system, communication control device, and storage medium
System for communicating management information and method of operation
In-operation system check processing device, method, and program thereof
Method and apparatus for resolving a web site address when connected with a virtual private network (VPN)
Method and apparatus for configuring and controlling network resources in content delivery with distributed rules
USB encapsulation for network transmission
Personal access and control of media peripherals on a media exchange network
System and method for analyzing and coordinating Service-Level-Agreements (SLA) for Application-Service-Providers (ASP)
Method and system for communicating predicted network behavior between interconnected networks
Method of semi-automatic data collection, data analysis, and model generation for the performance analysis of enterprise applications
Method and apparatus for redirecting network traffic
Method, system, and apparatus for dynamic reconfiguration of resources
Distributed architecture for food and beverage dispensers
Method for processing sensor data within a particle stream by a KStore
Device, system and method for displaying a cell phone control signal in front of a driver
Method of managing data on recording medium
System, method, and computer program product for scaleable data collection and audience feedback
Method and system for discovering knowledge from text documents using associating between concepts and sub-concepts
Sparse and efficient block factorization for interaction data
Data display server, data display method and program thereof
Universal visualization platform
Information management system, information processing device, and program
Efficient recovery of replicated data items
Actionable email documents
Communicating network information using universal resource locators
Functionality index (FI) for use with an engineering management system (EMS)
Creating adaptive, deferred, incremental indexes
System and method for electronically managing medical data files in order to facilitate genetic research
Recommender system for identifying a new set of media items responsive to an input set of media items and knowledge base metrics
Document similarity detection
Method, system, and storage medium for implementing transaction-based data exchange
Method and system for generating dynamic comparison models
System for automated excavation contour control
Hand and handling robot
Fault detection system and method using augmented data and fuzzy logic
System and process for calibrating pyrometers in thermal processing chambers
Apparatus for acquiring lateral acceleration at the center of gravity of vehicle, and motion control apparatus for vehicle
Facilitating electronic exchange of proprietary information
Authorization method
Methods and apparatus for managing secured software for a wireless device
Method and system for structured programmed input/output transactions
Multi-function peripheral and information acquisition system including a plurality of the multi-function peripherals
Universal remote control device for controlling entertainment-related functions
Trusted interface unit (TIU) and method of making and using the same
System and method using hierachical clustering for evolutionary clustering of sequential data sets
System, apparatus and method for using and managing digital information
Multi-level reputation based recommendation system and method
Indexed views
Information search apparatus, information search method, information search program, and graphical user interface
DVD metadata wizard
Systems and methods of information backup
Disposal processing system and disposal processing apparatus
Building automation system controller
Computer-readable recording medium having recorded hash-value generation program, computer-readable recording medium having recorded storage management program, and storage system
Driving-force distribution control device
Systems and methods for purchasing, invoicing and distributing items
Extension of organizational chart dynamic group lists based on LDAP lookups
Dynamic views based on LDAP
Query string matching method and apparatus
Optimization using a multi-dimensional data model
System and method for creating an object model
Database application including split views
Relocation tracking during write operation
System and method for generating a binary result in a data processing environment
Collaborative linking system with bi-directed variable granularity search engine
Test postcondition items for automated analysis and test generation
Action recognition apparatus and apparatus for recognizing attitude of object
Method of text information recognition from a graphical file with use of dictionaries and other supplementary data
Electronic lock box using a biometric identification device
Finger sensor apparatus using image resampling and associated methods
System and method for generating composite substraction images for magnetic resonance imaging
Data processing method
Method of assessing localized shape and temperature of the human body
Method and system for screening cargo containers
Techniques for filtering handwriting recognition results
Image data delivery system, image data transmitting device thereof, and image data receiving device thereof
Paper-based upload and tracking system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Detecting objects in images with covariance matrices
Separate learning system and method using two-layered neural network having target values for hidden nodes
Universal communications, monitoring, tracking, and control system for a healthcare facility
Method of selling commodities and sharing sales profits using internet
Ad server system with click fraud protection
Managing on-line advertising using metrics such as return on investment and/or profit
Method and apparatus for facilitating management of information technology investment
Secure sales method and system
ASP business decision engine
Method and system for electronic trading via a yield curve
Method and system for quantity entry
Valuation methods, apparatus, media and signals, and methods relating to asset-secured loans
Interactive funds transfer interface
Authorization and capture with multiple currencies
Method and apparatus for facilitating management of information technology investment
Method and system for effecting straight-through-processing of trades of various financial instruments
Redistribution of rights-managed content and technique for encouraging same
Display configuration
Frames-based advertising service with response and activity reporting
Method for providing revisional delta billing and re-billing in a dynamic project environment
Generating new invocable composite network services based on multiple other invocable constituent network services
Communications meshes
Automatic vehicle braking device
Vehicle operation assisting system
Reduced complexity recursive least square lattice structure adaptive filter by means of limited recursion of the backward and forward error prediction squares
Speech recognition enhancer
RF autocorrelation signal trigger generator
Online learning for dialog systems
Method of and apparatus for managing dialog between user and agent
Storage device with pulsed motor torque
Optical disk device
Hard disk drive with external sensor interface, system for use thereof and method
Disc medium separator plate including multiple airflow directing features
Load/unload ramp for an actuator assembly in a data storage device
Thin film magnetic head with thermal flying height control pads located at both ends of all pads series on slider side plane
Optical pickup having radially arranged lenses in a low profile construction
Drive device
Recording medium with optional information and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, reproducing and controlling reproduction of the recording medium
Non-volatile memory devices including local control gates on multiple isolated well regions and related methods and systems
Measuring high voltages in an integrated circuit using a common measurement pad
Controlling global bit line pre-charge time for high speed eDRAM
Semiconductor memory device and a data write and read method thereof
Passive device structure
Dual-mode superconductive filter having an opening pattern in a ground plane
Transmission circuit and communication device
Wide-bandwidth mode-locked laser
Laser light source device and image display device
Method and device for electrostatic fixing of substrates with polarized molecules
Dynamic braking load analyzer
Bidirectional active power conditioner with DC/AC inverter in low-frequency switching
Method and apparatus to reduce audio frequencies in a switching power supply
Method for setting switching times, in particular idle times, of an inverter based on detected power, and inverter
Apparatus for determining a frequency offset error and receiver based thereon
Symbol tracking for AM in-band on-channel radio receivers
System and method for an adaptable timing recovery architecture for critically-timed transport applications
Clock and data recovery circuits
Equalization method with adjustable equalizer span
Multi-pair gigabit Ethernet transceiver having adaptive disabling of circuit elements
Apparatus and method for adaptively correcting I/Q imbalance
Direct conversion RF transceiver for wireless communications
Methods and apparatuses for channel assessment
Method and apparatus for signal receipt and acquisition
Interference reduction receiving device and method thereof
Radio resource management method, management apparatus employing the same, base station, and terminal
Terrestrial repeater with redistribution of pseudo-random codes on different carrier frequencies
RF transmitter front-end and applications thereof
Method and system for a transmitter loft cancellation scheme that maintains IQ balance
System frame number (SFN) evaluator
System and method for programmably adjusting gain and frequency response in a 10-gigabit Ethernet/fibre channel system
Adaptive electronic transmission signal cancellation apparatus for full duplex communication
Frequency mixer device and method for compensating DC offset
Local oscillator apparatus and method
Data transceiving method and data transceiving equipment
Wireless communications system with reduced sideband noise and carrier leakage
Method and apparatus for coding image information, method and apparatus for decoding image information, method and apparatus for coding and decoding image information, and system of coding and transmitting image information
Remote sensing imagery accuracy analysis method and apparatus
Method and system for temporal autocorrelation filtering
Control apparatus and control method for optical modulator
Parallel channel optical communication using modulator array and shared laser
Error detection and recovery of an optical network element
System and method for a channel guard in a reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer
Suppression of stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in high power fiber amplifiers
Method and installation for acousto-optic imaging
Wireless device authentication at mutual reduced transmit power
Method for operating a near field communication system
Power control avoiding outer loop wind-up
Method of updating channel information by a mobile station that is in power saving mode
Apparatus and method for canceling interference in relay station in a communication system
Wirelessly networked gaming system having true targeting capability
Radio controller system and method for remote devices
Method for operating a radio communications system with subscriber stations serving as routing nodes, a routing method and a corresponding subscriber station
Configurable serial memory interface
Performance monitoring of frame transmission in data network OAM protocols
Method and apparatus for adjusting a signal-to-interference threshold in a closed loop power control communications system
Network configuring apparatus
Passive optical network system, optical line terminal, and optical network unit
Separation and combination of multiple channels in a bi-directional time-division communication system
Dynamic beaconing in wireless mesh networks
Method and apparatus for processing transport stream packets to compensate for jitter
Remote monitoring of switch network
Multi-protocol wireless communication apparatus and method
Cross-bar switch having bandwidth allocation
Conveying protocol units for portable electronic objects via a protocol for microcomputer peripherals
Combined header processing for network packets
Error control in multicast video distribution
Allocation of packets in a wireless communication system
Striping data over transmission channels
Apparatus and method of dynamically adapting the LUT spacing for linearizing a power amplifier
Method and an arrangement for avoiding unnecessary retransmissions
Method for the monitoring of transmissions of a bidirectional interface
Evaluation of network data aggregation
Method and apparatus for verifying service provisioning in networks used to provide digital subscriber line services
Method and apparatus for detecting process failure
Playout based delay scheduler
Network device management apparatus, network device management program, and network device management method
Systems and methods for accelerated learning in ring networks
Method to dynamically create a virtual network
Out of band messages
Inter-autonomous-system virtual private network with autodiscovery and connection signaling
Dynamic queue management
Pointer allocation by prime numbers
Obtaining path information related to a virtual private LAN services (VPLS) based network
Memory management unit for a network switch
System and method for suppressing silence data in a network environment
Bandwidth-on-demand systems and methods
Network switching device and method dividing packets and storing divided packets in shared buffer
System and method for bundling information
System and method for device registration replication in a communication network
Signal-type dependent real-time fax relay
Method and apparatus for enabling dynamic codec selection on a per application basis
Multiframe control channel detection for enhanced dedicated channel
Method and system of channel estimation
System and method for panel linking in a security system
Trellis decoder for decoding data stream including symbols coded with multiple convolutional codes
Methods and systems for redirecting data
Cryptographic system using chaotic dynamics
System and method for the electronic management and execution of transaction documents
User selected caller ID override
Method and system for controlling resources via a mobile terminal, related network and computer program product therefor
Concept for enabling access to a network using local wireless network
Methods and systems for providing on-line bills for use in communications services
Remote control system
Systems and methods for integrating PSTN and IP application platforms to enable advanced telephony services
Method and apparatus for soft-response echo suppression
Dynamic attenuation method and apparatus for optimizing voice quality using echo cancellers
Recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction duration of still pictures recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
System and method for producing medical image data onto portable digital recording media
Video data reduction in MPEG bit stream
Video conversion methods for frame rate reduction
Method for fast multiple reference frame motion estimation
Information recording medium, information processing device, information processing method, and computer program
Apparatus for providing a modified analog video signal from an internet transmission of a video signal
Method of coding a video image stream with a view for subsequent recoding using the same type of code
Acoustic apparatus, connection polarity determination method, and recording medium
Fixed access point for a terminal device
Method and apparatus for registering mobile node in a wireless local area network (LAN) environment
Enhancing streaming media reception for a mobile device during cell reselection
Management of distributed location servers
Method and system for determining operating modes of users of a telecommunication system
Portable telephone performing a predetermined operation based on location information
Multi-layer substrate having conductive pattern and resin film and method for manufacturing the same
Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method
Circuit board storage bag and storage rack
Electronic apparatus
Heat radiating member mounting structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for assembling a package for sutures
Method and apparatus for wrapping pads
Wearable electrode apparatus and manufacture thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
High thermal efficiency heat exchanger, partially corrugated sheet metal for heat exchangers, plant and procedure for obtaining said partially corrugated sheet metal
Method of forming a protruded shaft for an electronic memory device
Hydrotapping power unit
Method of rolling worm gear and the worm gear
Hinged saw table, system, and method for forming and cutting an elongate workpiece
Apparatus for locking a motor-vehicle steering shaft
Automatic banding packing machine
Method for handling syringe bodies
Method for packing a product using a flat tubular package
Shrink tunnel assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and machine for stretching pelt on pelt-boards
Textiles; Paper
Composite needle of knitting machine
Circular knitting machine, especially for the production of spacer fabrics
Fixed Constructions
Security device for roll-up doors
Adjustable rail for shaping large single curvature parabolic membrane optic
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew