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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Internal tank augers for air seeder hoppers
Groove design for precision rubber/urethane conditioning rolls
Collector and separator apparatus for lawn and garden
Human coagulation factor VII variants
Concealed stall door latch
Retractable leash for animals
Antimicrobial agents, products incorporating said agents and methods of making products incorporating antimicrobial agents
Method for introducing recessive properties into the genetic background of industrial baker's yeast
System for harvesting animal parts
Cocoa solids having a high cocoa procyanidin content
Shoe with permeable and breathable upper that covers at least partially an impermeable sole that is rendered breathable
Strap assembly for lingerie and brassieres
Protective case for use with a belt
Seating unit including novel back construction
Elastic cushion
Brewer apparatus with improved tray assembly
Auxiliary toilet seat
Auxiliary spa module
Drivable wagon, in particular a processing or floor cleaning machine
Bending control mechanism for endoscope
Tool for performing end-to-end anastomosis
Methods and devices for delivering occlusion elements
System and method of use for agent delivery and revascularizing of grafts and vessels
Bone connecting device and method of manufacturing the same
Tissue grafting material
Method and device for performing cooling- or cryo-therapies for, e.g., angioplasty with reduced restenosis or pulmonary vein cell necrosis to inhibit atrial fibrillation employing tissue protection
Attachment offset tooth eyelet
Method of manufacturing a printhead assembly having printhead modules in a channel
External incontinence device
Process for forming a porous drug delivery layer
Calcium phosphate bone substitute
Method of forming transfemoral sockets and lock adapter therefor
Heat transfer catheters and methods of making and using same
Bariatric treatment system and related methods
Apparatus and method for producing aqueous carbonic acid solution
Sulfur containing dermatological compositions and methods for reducing malodors in dermatological compositions
Methods of treating HIV infected subjects
Method for modulating steroidogenic activity
Amino-terminally truncated MCP-2 as chemokine antagonists
Hydrogel entrapping therapeutic agent and stent with coating comprising this
In vivo phenotyping for human cytochrome P450 3A activity
Formulations for transmucosal vaginal delivery of bisphosphonates
System for sanitizing and sorting mail
Method and apparatus for rapid deployment chest drainage
Glove with electrodes
Portable foldable exercise device
Resistance adjuster for adjusting a resistance-providing member on a stationary bicycle
Multi-layer golf ball
Color changing balls and toys
Method for defining a frictional interface
Baseball bat with replaceable barrel
Water skipping article incorporating elliptical outline and hollowed interior core
Elastic swimming exercise device
Gaming device having display with interacting multiple rotating members and indicator
Accounting system and method for casino game revenue
Performing Operations; Transporting
Scalable liquid distribution system for large scale chromatography columns
Device for separating a surface layer of a liquid
Single-body multiple sensing device
Channelized SCR inlet for improved ammonia injection and efficient NOx control
Volumetric solid and liquid dispenser
Method for oxidation of volatile organic compounds contained in gaseous effluents and device thereof
Clinically intelligent diagnostic devices and methods
Optical connector cleaning tool
Scrubber with sonic nozzle
Method and apparatus for using surfactants in supercritical fluid processing of wafers
Method for producing an eyelet
Method of blanking an element for belt for continuously variable transmission
Method for fabricating a driving and locking mechanism
Apparatus for making seamless siding panel
Sliding material made of copper alloy, method of producing same, sliding bearing material, and method of producing same
Connection point
Automated soldering system with multiple feed lines
Solder ball attachment system
Turbine nozzle segment and method of repairing same
Work-piece positioner and method
Method for simultaneous machining and measuring parameters of a surface being subjected to machining
Wafer polishing method and wafer polishing apparatus in semiconductor fabrication equipment
Mechanical coupler
Faucet seal and spring tool
Setting tool
Multipurpose 1911 pistol servicing tool
Tool case with cover member support
Cable-winder device
Mineral stains for wood and other substrates
Process and device for producing components and semifinished products from synthetic graphite or ceramic granules, in particular for producing graphite tubes
Lubricating polyorganosiloxane oil, aqueous emulsion containing same, preparation and use thereof for stripping metals
Process for producing golf ball
Coupling member for connecting a fuel receiving or fuel dispensing part to a fluid line and method for its manufacture
Method and thermally active convection apparatus and method for abstracting heat with circulation intermediate three dimensional-parity heat transfer elements in bi-phase heat exchanging composition
Fabric film for automotive heaters
Backlight system with multilayer optical film reflector
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Lithographic printing form and method of preparation and use thereof
Method of printing a receiving material with hot melt ink and an inkjet printer suitable for applying such a method
Inkjet printing apparatus, with plural printheads and control circuit
Inkjet nozzle arrangement within small printhead substrate area
Ink-jet head and recording apparatus
Polysilicon feed-through fluid drop ejector
Method of assembling an inkjet printhead assembly
Method of forming pillars in a fully integrated thermal inkjet printhead
Ink supply device, ink-jet recording device, and method of supplying ink
Image recording apparatus
Coded ribbon cartridge, decoder, and ribbon ink capacity indicator with LCD display
Method for determining the wheel loading of a motor vehicle
Automotive air conditioner and instrument panel module
Safety support device and method of using
Boat capture system
Electrical junction box with connector and fuse modules
Anti-lock braking system low pressure accumulator for protection master cylinder lip seals
Vehicle floor structure
Windscreen mounting structure for a motorcycle
Track for locating a ladder with respect to a gate on a deck
Controlled lifeboat deployer
Boat lift securing device
Portable canoe propulsion system
Multiple platform aircraft cargo loader
Polyoxymethylene as structural support member and propellant
Strapping packaging device
Machine for packing bottles in cardboard boxes
Apparatus and method for bagging ice
Thin film bag dispenser
Methods of making slide-zippered reclosable packages on horizontal form-fill-seal machines
Splash inhibiting beverage container lid
Packaging pouch and method of making same
System for transporting sliders for zipper bags
Printing plate removing/supplying device
Transfer device
Use of an organic dielectric as a sacrificial layer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and system for producing silane
Dispersion for chemical mechanical polishing
Method of removing calcium from water containing calcium hydrogen carbonate in high concentration
Method and apparatus to enhance denitrification of effluent
Substrate for information recording medium and magnetic recording medium composed of crystallized glass
Fade protector
Etching method for fabricating high quality optical fiber probe
Ceramic body reinforced with coarse silicon carbide whiskers and method for making the same
High-density barium titanate of high permittivity
Electrophotographic organophotoreceptors with novel charge transport materials
Polyamide nucleic acid derivatives, and agents and processes for preparing them
Flea allantoinase proteins and uses thereof
House dust mite allergen, Der f VII, and uses therefor
Therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Methods for selectively stimulating proliferation of T cells
Human cervical cancer 2 protooncogene and protein encoded therein
Epoxy resin composition and electronic part
Polymeric fluorescent substance, production thereof and polymer light-emitting device
Electrically conductive thermoset composition, method for the preparation thereof, and articles derived therefrom
Polymer electrolyte and a lithium secondary battery having the same
Abrasion and impact resistant coating compositions, and articles coated therewith
Intumescent polymer compositions
Invisible ink jet inks
Black eradicable ink, methods of eradication of the same, eradicable ink kit, and eradicated ink complex
UV curable paint compositions and method of making and applying same
Gallium nitride phosphor, its method of manufacture, and a display device using the phosphor
De-icing solution
Vegetable oil based dielectric fluid and methods of using same
Fracturing with viscoelastic surfactant based fluid
Proteases from gram-positive organisms
Irreversible immobilization of enzymes into polyurethane coatings
Compositions and methods for altering amino acid content of proteins
RAD51 polypeptides
Non-disruptive three-dimensional culture and harvest system for anchorage-dependent cells
Detection of a gene, vatE, encoding an acetyltransferase inactivating streptogramin
Real time measurement of cellular responses
Fluorescent probes for chromosome painting
Nickel-base superalloy composition and its use in single-crystal articles
Reactive preclean prior to metallization for sub-quarter micron application
Apparatus and method for multi-target physical-vapor deposition of a multi-layer material structure
Process for forming silicon oxide material
Component having at least two mutually adjacent insulating layers and corresponding production method
Methods of forming patterned compositions
Etching method for making fluid bearings
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Textiles; Paper
Composite needs
Separator for electrochemical device and method for producing the same
Fixed Constructions
Slot drain
Slide rail adjustment for grader blade
Drain plug structure for bath tub
Device and method for installing building material
Basement window system
Slide bolt locking systems
Hinge assembly
Low-contact area cutting element
Production profile determination and modification system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Intake system of internal combustion engine
Oil pump apparatus
Sodium cooled pistons for a free piston engine
Method for adjusting coolant temperature in an internal combustion engine
Reciprocating piston device
Increased surface area hydrocarbon adsorber
Internal combustion engine fuel injector and relative fabrication method
Pulsation reducing system for fuel line
Pump having flexible liner and compounding apparatus having such a pump
Locking block
Switchable fluid control valve system
Method and apparatus for fastening steel framing with a harpoon nail
Locking nut, bolt and clip systems and assemblies
Flexible element
Dynamic pressure bearing and method of manufacturing the same
System and method for ECM land erosion metrology
Fluid bearing and brushless motor having the same
Method of making a guide bushing
Bearing locking mechanism
Double rolling-lobe spring arrangement
Retaining cap for a protective bellows
Method for controlling and regulating a drive train
Speed change mechanism of automatic transmission
Multiple-speed power transmission for motor vehicles
Shifting arrangement for a manual shift lever and method of making and using same
Connection of a hose clamp and a hose for pre-positioning the hose clamp
Display apparatus
Fiber optic lighting radial arrangement and method for forming the same
Low NOx radiant wall burner
Gas burner with laminate catalytic device
Cooking oven with a cooled door that permits pyrolysis
Flexible microchannel heat exchanger
Prime surface gas cooler for high temperature and method for manufacture
Cooled particle accelerator target
Tube bundle heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Pipe size identifier and measuring tool
Method and device for attaching a scale element
Position measuring system and method for the assembly thereof
Magnetic flowmeter with integral liquid trap
System and method for detecting faulty fuel tank level sensor
Tilting platform checkweighing method
Method and apparatus for examining obstructed welds
Method for measuring suspended particulate matter in atmospheric air
Modification of selectivity for sensing for nanostructure device arrays
Method and device for characterizing a culture liquid
Bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit detection methods
Ion activity measuring device and method for producing the same
Assay for anti transglutaminase antibodies detection useful in celicac disease diagnosis
Method of diagnosing breast cancer using nipple fluid
Preservative solutions
Corrections for pulse reverberations and phasefront aberrations in ultrasound imaging
U-clip for optical device alignment
Method and apparatus for coupling optical elements to optoelectronic devices for manufacturing optical transceiver modules
Pattern-transfer process for forming micro-electro-mechanical structures
Method of embedding optical fiber in multilayer printed circuit board
Optical fiber module lead frame and optical fiber module
Semiconductor device for optically coupling semiconductor light-emitting device to optical fiber
Container having clip type power-supply unit for lamp
Method of aligning liquid crystal compounds
Panoramic and horizontally immersive image display system and method
Color separation device, imaging optical engine, and projection apparatus
Method for preventing the etch transfer of sidelobes in contact hole patterns
Semiconductor apparatus fabrication method forming a resist pattern, a film over the resist, and reflowing the resist
Multiple exposure method for forming a patterned photoresist layer
Flexible imaging member seam treatment apparatus
Color toner, and full-color image forming method
Base unit for modular component system
Guide shaft for a chip card holding assembly
Card connector with improved erroneous card insertion prevention
Package with aperture through product code
Electronic card assembly and shell therefor
Method for creating and visualizing an optically invisible mark
Gaming machine and operation method therefor
Symbol display device for game machine
Educational device and method
Securing and displaying apparatus
Current-perpendicular-to-plane-type magnetoresistive device, and magnetic head and magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for manufacturing image displaying apparatus
Method of heating a substrate in a variable temperature process using a fixed temperature chuck
Ultra low dielectric constant thin film
Microwave bonding of MEMS component
Method for producing a semiconductor device and corresponding semiconductor device
Method for forming a gate electrode in a semiconductor device including re-oxidation for restraining the thickness of the gate oxide
Apparatus and method for depositing superior Ta (N) copper thin films for barrier and seed applications in semiconductor processing
Cell based integrated circuit and unit cell architecture therefor
Method of forming a device substrate and semiconductor package including a pyramid contact
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic instrument
Packaging deposition methods
Predicting process excursions based upon tool state variables
MEMS based contact conductivity electrostatic chuck
Unlocking mechanism
Method of forming a low inductance high capacitance capacitor
Apparatus and method for improving AC coupling on circuit boards
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Battery pack having improved battery cell terminal configuration
Lithium secondary battery
Cooling system and cooling process of fuel cell
Connector for use with high frequency signals
Technique for connector to printed circuit board decoupling to eliminate flexure
Two-step electrical connector and method using high resistance path for electrostatic discharge
Module connector
Frame jig for a connector
Circuit-connecting structure including a terminal piece
Method and apparatus for printing grey levels with curable inks
Faceplate cover
Integrated circuit chip handling apparatus and method
Electrical connector with safe load lever
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Lawn and garden pan
Cultivator component part clamping assembly
Device and method for detecting cultivation boundaries and other guide variables
Linkage for independent vertical movement of digger/shaker/inverter root-crop harvester apparatus
Fluid-flow control device particularly useful as a drip-irrigation emitter
Corner irrigation system including a GPS guidance system
Irrigation system and method of performing same
Animal spray system
Heating element for a floor
Attachment unit for a double bearing type reel for fishing
Brake for a fishing reel
Elevatable stands for physically challenged hunters
Dynamic winged animal device
Hands-free flashlight assembly and harness therefor
Pivot for a winding device
Key locator
Purse organizer and carrying case
Carrying case for binoculars
Mirror compact case
Athletic ball-carrying pouch and waist belt
Partitioned binder having a ring binder compartment and a storage compartment
Hockey equipment bag
Tape roll carrier
Battery plate feeding and handling apparatus
Three pillar construction stand
Drawer side wall
Subsurface pullout guide for drawers, etc.
Modular support assembly for retaining accessory adaptors on a structural member
Gang chair device
Chair arm-rest having a pivotable front portion, and a chair including this arm-rest
Combined canoe carrier and chair
Universal adjustable chair
Collapsible chair
Folding chair structure
Leg extension structure for a chair
Adjusting device for chairs
Modular backrest system for a wheelchair
Backrest adjusting device
Multi-purpose child safety harness
Child carrier harness
Universal display case dolly
Supermarket goods display rack and cart therefor
Combination display and donning facilitator for a bracelet
Adjustable mounting device
Structure for and method of mounting an object on a vertical surface and a laminated backing for such a structure
Picture hanging system and method
Stands for Christmas trees or the like
Structure multipurpose partition
Global warming cover
Automatic vending machine in which a cup holder can be washed at an inner washing position
Suture-material-dispenser system for suture material
Devices for handling items with a head and a shank
Packaging of disposable gloves with consumer tissue products
Process and arrangement for examining a section of the eye
Ophthalmoscope attachment
Method and apparatus for improving vision and the resolution of retinal images
Ophthalmic instrument support and lighting system
Method and apparatus for aiding the handicapped in placing and retrieving items
Support arm for a service column
Electric wheelchair
Battery mounting system for a powered wheelchair
Adjustable wheelchair back, latching mechanism therefor, and related devices
Antibacterial device for spraying a liquid
Patient-end humidifier
Valve for regulating a gas flow
In-line flow rate control device
Rappel tool for descent of a load and rappel tool and stirrup assembly for ascent along a rappel rope
Line grip with elongated cams
Dual stage fire extinguisher
Means for fighting fire in at least one cable or line run
Wheeled fire hydrant diffuser
Valve for an explosion protection apparatus
Golf club head cover
Dasher board system
Active piezoelectric damper for a snow ski or snowboard
Billiard table foot and leg height adjuster
Random trump selector
Twenty-one side bets
Stock car racing game
Method of playing modified chess game
Bingo table top
Arcade game gamepiece guide with flexible portion
Grabbing reflex game
Three-dimensional puzzle
Columnar race game
Coupling device for model railway
Child safety bucket
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for packing capillary columns
Gravity liquid filtration apparatus
Supports for stacked fractionation tray end pieces
Paint container lid for a semi-automated automotive paint dispensing system
Process for the production of a honeycomb body from two differently constructed kinds of sheet metal layers
Hand held classifying device
Apparatus and process for separating contaminants from particulate material
Process of separating mixed plastic waste into light and heavy plastic phases
System and method for sorting electrically conductive particles
Flotation cell with radial launders for enhancing froth removal
Liquid dispensing pump
Water-powered aircraft lawn sprinkler
Material applying device
Irrigator capable of angular movement about an axis of orientation and having interchangeable nozzles
Applicator systems and methods for stucco materials
Low-cost air-blast atomizing nozzle
Portable automatic misting device
Perforated drum in a stock preparation system for screening foreign matter from recycled paper
Separatory screen
Sieve box screen and pan cleaner
Sorting apparatus
Process and device for producing metallic composite materials
Metal delivery system for continuous caster
Adjustable molten metal feed system
Drill chuck with metal-reinforced plastic body
Bearing stand
Method for soldering integrated circuits
Circuit board component retention
Pressure welding apparatus and pressure welding method
Bonding load correction method and wire bonding apparatus
Method for the manufacture or repair of a blisk by linear friction welding
Friction welding drill and fuse fitting apparatus
Drill rod and method for its manufacturer
Solder ball arrangement device
Reinforced solder preform
Method for assembling high temperature electronics
Vice device
Vacuum clamping system
Electric tool structure having a light device
Multiple rotary socket hand tool
Device for pulling objects
Pneumatic clamp
Clamping apparatus
Fastener-driving tool having magazine mounted to tool handle by mortise and tenon mounting
Pneumatic nailer including safety trigger for disabling/enabling operation
Pneumatic hammer
Crack-proof structure of the nail pulling groove of a hammer
Hydraulic hammer having buffer assembly
Hand operable motorcycle stand
Socket stud for tool suspension rack
Folding creeper
Apparatus for automatically forming rounded corners on a planar member
Pallet notcher
Woodworking shaper head
Cutter device for a wood planing machine
Lumber production machine not requiring seasoning and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for continuous devulcanization of rubber
Automobile windshield molding and the method of producing the same
Heat exchanger, in particular for a heating and cooling configuration of an extruder barrel
System and method for supression of bubble generation during ultrasonic welding of a printer cartridge
Wet clutch/brake for a mechanical press
Method and apparatus for detecting press tool failure
Cushioning conversion system and method with combination stock roll storage rack
Method for splitting up a honeycomb panel, thus obtained separator and separator for abrasive plates
Overcoat fixing device
Ink jet recording method
Ink-jet printer and drive method of recording head for ink-jet printer
Elastic ink jet printing head and method for manufacturing head block thereof
Liquid discharge head, liquid discharge method, head cartridge and liquid discharge device
Simplified ink jet recording head and a manufacturing method thereof
Method for preserving a liquid-ejection head, and liquid-ejection apparatus
Discharged ink treating method, recovery device for carrying out the same and ink discharge device
Ink jet recording device
Ink jet recording apparatus
Process for priming a multi-chamber ink jet print head
Manual printing device
Ink container, ink and ink jet recording apparatus using ink container
Refillable disposable inkjet cartridge with foam-filled and free ink reservoirs
Device for determining quantities of consumable products contained in reservoirs and a document printing device having several different reservoirs of pigmented products
Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing apparatus
Recording apparatus and method for gradation recording in divided or overlapped regions of a recording medium
Ink-jet printing apparatus
Apparatus for ink jet printing
Method for binding a plurality of groups of sheets
Machine-readable security document and method of preparing the same
Mailer blank
Image recorded product, image recording system, image reproducing system, and recording medium for use to superimpose-record/reproduce additional information
Bookmark and pocket assembly for books
Vertical card file
Hand-held pneumatic impact tool and method of controlling the same
Integrated wheel and wheel hub assembly, particularly for a vehicle
Tool-less releasable axle mount for wheel barrows
Pneumatic tire including cap layer and base layer
Multi-purpose tire for motor-vehicles
Tire having tread including working rib portion
Positive lock gooseneck hitch
Trailer hitch cover and accessory components
Breakaway shock isolating mount
Pocketed four-link front suspension
Molded air duct with integral attachment member
Permanently mounted vehicle shade
Vehicle sun shades
Vehicle and folding top for a vehicle
Folding truck bed cover
Pickup truck bed cover
Windbreak aero-board apparatus for open-top vehicle
Children's ride-on vehicle with independently driven and reversible wheels
Exhaust system support arrangement
Composite conformable pressure vessel
Sealing device for a filling opening and method for its control
Quick-on fuel cap
Hydraulic system for a power-take-off clutch
Four-wheel drive vehicle
Instrument panel unit
Vehicle instrument panel with movable pods having fore and aft airbags
Segmented brake pipe train control system and related methods
Apparatus for sensing a forward position of a vehicle seat
Manual height adjustment assembly for a vehicle seat
Seat recliner with memory dump mechanism
Vehicle seat fitted with a hinge mechanism
Child seat mounting system
Automotive seat with electrically actuated ottoman
Adjusting device
In-vehicle cup holder
Gravity discharge grain wagon with discharge opening closure system
Winch device
Combination clearance and marker light assembly
Ejecting electronic instrument mount
Exterior body side cladding attachment for a motor vehicle and related method
Restraining system for truck and trailer wheels
Side impact sensor system and method
Method and apparatus for sensing side impact crash conditions with an enhanced safing function
Interior material for automotive vehicle
Non-inflatable curtain with inflatable device
Air bag apparatus
Vehicle occupant restraint apparatus
Airbag system for motor vehicles
Automotive seat with side air bag device
Steering wheel with an integral pad portion
Gas generator made of metal sheets for protective devices of motor vehicles passengers
Inflator disk actuator backer plate
Adaptive pyrotechnic gas generator for airbag, with neutralizing device
Multi-chamber inflator
Chemical cooling of airbag inflation gases
Occupant restraint system with a belt pretensioner
Ignition switch key cylinder
Gear lock
Sliding cargo floor
Work-order clip board
Coat hook assembly with closeout panel
Vehicle umbrella holder
Knock-down hoist
Multipurpose carrier
Vehicle washing system
Stabilizing apparatus for recreational vehicles and the like
Bearing-and-brake-member assembly for motor vehicles, provided with an intermediate connection element between the bearing and the brake member
Adjustable mobile machine base systems and methods
Electronic emergency brake load weigh device
Remote control of a valve
Braking system for a towed vehicle
Simplified deadman brake
ABS pump motor modulation
Hydraulic brake control system for use in a vehicle
Non-metallic wear plate for railroad car couplers and method of use
Collapsible luggage cart
Hand truck with stair tread roller assembly
Baby stroller
Racing sulky
Construction of root portion of front side member
Energy-absorbing covering for a vehicle body column of a motor vehicle
Vehicle steering system
Fifth wheel hitch release
Overhead storage system
Base of bicycle saddle
Bicycle seat
Suspension seat post for a bicycle seat
Bicycle lock mounting bracket
Securing device for bags
Light-weight bicycle crown containing lightening bores
Adjustable gas spring suspension system
Three person bicycle
Personal transportation apparatus
Riding toys and component parts thereof
Engine drive for scooter
Rotary drive means for front wheel drive bicycle
Battery carrier lock for electric power assisted vehicle
Cycle handlebar actuator
Conversion system for all terrain vehicles
Method and apparatus for countering asymmetrical aerodynamic process subjected onto multi engine aircraft
Airfoil and wing configuration
Strut-wing interface having dual upper links
Automatic liquid filling device and method of filling to a predetermined level
Transfer system for transporting articles cut from a blank of material
Vertical-rib reinforced bottle
Metal pallet
Combination box for holding articles made of metals
Stackable canister for fluid under pressure
Anti-creeping cap for container
Molded plastic container closure with fully embedded barrier
Dust cover attachment for push-pull cap
Child resistant closure and container
Closure for supporting a container of viscous liquid
Self-closing seal with a sealing membrane
Container and closure with dispensing valve and separate releasable internal shipping seal
One-piece multiple-compartment shipping and display box
Slide lock child resistant safety cap
Vented flask cap for absorbing radioactive gases
Safety accessory for sabering a bottle of sparkling wine, and an implement fitted with such an accessory
Tamper evident seal for connector type container orifices
Carton packaging
Container dispenser and display rack
Beverage container with self-contained drinking straw
Tamper proof for reusable closure system
Tubular absorbent pads and tray for food products
Child-resistant closure for pill containers
Aerosol containers
Metering valves for pressurised dispensing containers
Food transportation container
Light-tight packaging entity for strip-shaped light sensitive material
Pivoting hatch cover assembly
Adjustably mounted elongated conveyor and transverse picking tray
Conveyor deployment system
Modular belting for use in the food processing industry
Conveyor belt containing elastic yarns
Apparatus for transporting workpiece holders in circulation
Conveyor scraper and mounting of scraper blade
Multi-cell chute for a tilt tray sorter
Vacuum lifting device
Method and arrangement for winding a web
Method and apparatus for loop stabilization with forced air
Sheet-depositing device
Sheet supplying apparatus and recording or reading apparatus
Hi-speed sheet feeder
Sheet supplying apparatus with separating means and guide
Discharged sheet accommodating tray
1-N and N-1 cut sheet receiving and stacking apparatus
Processing channel for incoming imbricated printed products
Accumulator station with stack height control
Yarn feeder including an adjustable carrier ring for varying braking effects
Opto-electronic sensor device for a yarn feeder
Device and method to control yarn tension and yarn feeder
Apparatus and method of thermally detecting elevator machine brake
Pit-less elevator
Wheel winch
Personnel lift with adjustable shim wear blocks
Tap for bottles
Beverage dispenser cabinet and holder
Encapsulated liquid dispensing device and method
Vapor recovery system accommodating ORVR vehicles
Method and apparatus for adding fluid additives to fluids
Textiles; Paper
Arrangement for sealing an opening of a rotor housing
Method for weaving a pile fabric with high pile density
Electromagnetic yarn stopping device for premeasuring weft feeders of air-jet looms
Dosing device for a highly viscous liquid
Apparatus and method for opening an access door located in an outer surface of a cylindrical drum of a textile laundering appliance
Garment tool for expanding sleeves and pant-legs
Arrangement for feeding wood in a pulp grinder
Roll arrangement and method for cooling a roll
Fixed Constructions
Waste collection device
Rising stem tap of plastic, preferably with a metal threaded insert
Flood control valve assembly
Awning extension and retraction mechanism
Edge lifting recess former and reinforcement system
Door latch striker
Locking clamp for a motor vehicle locking means
Translating handle assembly
Computer enclosure locking mechanism
Overhead door and track therefor
Shutter slat with integrated screw boss
Lift cord adjustment system
Actuation unit for venetian blinds or the like
Tilt rod support for a venetian blind
Vane for an architectural covering and method of making same
Shutter tracks for rolling protective shutters
Walk-through ladder
Drill bit reverse circulation apparatus and method
Rolling cutter drill bit with stabilized insert holes and method for making a rolling cutter drill bit with stabilized insert holes
Impregnated drill bits with adaptive matrix
Core sampler apparatus with specific attachment means
Stretch compensation in a hoisting system for a derrick
Down hole bypass valve
Apparatus and method for opening perforations in a well casing
Wellbore fishing tools
Casing hanger
Sand-bearing water-soluble stick and methods of use
Washout arrangement for a well
Subsurface safety valve assembly for remedial deployment in a hydrocarbon production well
Roller-cone bits, systems, drilling methods, and design methods with optimization of tooth orientation
Method and apparatus for remote control of a tubing exit sleeve
Well perforating and packing apparatus and method
Pressure actuated safety switch for oil well perforating
Methods of stimulating and producing multiple stratified reservoirs
System, arrangements and associated methods for tracking and/or guiding an underground boring tool
Drill rig operator cab viewport
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electronic throttle control with adjustable default mechanism
Flow control valve for reducing valve leakage
Air-assisted type fuel injector for engines
Spool valve for fluid control
Pulsation suppression device for a pump
Coupling device for a drive assembly
Solenoid-actuated zero-leakage fail-safe three-position poppet-style four-way hydraulic directional control valve
Tortuous path fluid pressure reduction device
Coupling toothing in a gearbox
Pushrod impact isolator
Electromagnetic coupling device with noise damper
One way clutch bearing
Device for the operation of an instrument, for example an axle
Duo-servo type drum brake device
Aircraft brake and method with electromechanical actuator modules
Wear detection probe for a braking element and a braking element using the same
Friction clutch with a compensating system
Clutch plate for motor vehicle clutches
Clutch assembly with actuation device supported by damper
Two-way magnetorheological fluid valve assembly and devices utilizing same
Rotary damper
Pulley unit
Plural valve seating arrangement
Safety relief valve
System for monitoring and controlling the level of a liquid in a closed container
Drive arrangement for an actuator
Solenoid valve
Magnetic valve
Valve actuating device having a reduced impact operating mechanism
Smooth vent valve
High pressure valve
High-vacuum valve
Spring diaphragm for shut-off valves and regulators
Pipe coupling stiffener
Air hose holder
Apparatus and method for reducing wear on a conductor
Articulated machine overhitch hose support
Tubing connector
Plug-in coupling for pressure fluid systems
Plug-in coupling for pressure application systems
Quarter turn quick connect fitting
Undersea hydraulic coupling with tapered probe
Coupling with female half having internal pressure relief
Water hammer arrester
Support arm system for a control device
Adjustable television stand
Mechanical arrangement for feeding fluid at a minute flow rate
Method and apparatus for an L.E.D. flashlight
Equipment using mounting hole of ceiling as fixing element and accessory devices
Lighting fixture with emergency illuminating device
Reflector for a lighting device with an elongated light source
Feed water heater
Room temperature control apparatus having feedforward and feedback control and method
Temperature control system and method for efficiently obtaining and maintaining the temperature in a conditioned space
Restraining system for water heaters
Quadruple heat exchanger
Integral-type heat exchanger
Projection system
Interactive eyewear selection system
Device, particularly reduced, for the elasticizing of one ear-piece for spectacles
Method and apparatus for injecting liquid crystal material
Microfilm cartridge assembly
Projection-type display apparatus
Projection type display apparatus
Motion picture film platter system
Pressure regulator with integrated control valve, adjustable downstream pressure build and quick exhaust
Electronics rack alignment structures
Method of producing a smart card module, a smart card module produced by the method, and a combination smart card containing the smart card module
Card-shaped data carrier for contactless uses, having a component and having a transmission device for the contactless uses, and method of manufacturing such card-shaped data carriers, as well as a module therefor
Apparatus and method for scanning a symbol using an intelligent laser focus control
Method and apparatus of autodiscriminating in symbol reader employing prioritized and updated table of symbologies
Method of decoding bar codes and bar code reader
Apparatus and method for reading bar codes on a moving web
Bar code reading apparatus for reading plural code systems
ATM delivery roll validation
System and method for enhanced fraud detection in automated electronic credit card processing
Vending system
Ticket dispenser
Apparatus for processing symbol-encoded document information
Coin counter dejamming method and apparatus
Coin dispensing apparatus
Electronic debit card and method for recharging an electronic debit card
Method and device for preventing unauthorized use of credit cards
Host and user transaction system
Backlighting apparatus and display apparatus using the same
Decorative packaging arrangement
Low noise air conditioner housing
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus provided with reel mount device for mounting tape reel thereon
Cartridge buckler for a tape drive
Tape drive with movable centering guide and door opening arrangement
Storage case for cartridge, manufacturing method thereof and cartridge
Double- or single-solenoid type selector valve encapsulated in resin
Conveyance vehicles
Solder deposit support
Wafer support device having a retrofit to provide size convertibility
Article holders and holding methods
Universal equipment mounting structure and method of using
Loudspeaker system
Concentric tube suspension system for loudspeakers
Base for holding the tweeter of a speaker
Case frame for a game machine
Device for sealing pressure compensation openings
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