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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
O-methyltransferase gene from sorghum cloning, expression, transformation and characterization
Soybean cultivar S06-CL056534
Regulatory sequences for regulation of gene expression in plants and other organisms, and compositions, products and methods related thereto
Combinations of transfection lipids exhibiting increased transfection efficiencies
Leukemia treatment method and composition
Hexyl carboxanilides and their use for controlling fungi
Edible emulsions
Dietary regime for companion animals
Fat composition for coating food to be cooked and process for producing cooked food
Banquet cart including heat retention material
Fastening system for spinal stabilization system
Absorbent article with stabilized absorbent structure having non-uniform lateral compression stiffness
Absorbent article with lotion-containing topsheet
Implantable medical device comprising a pro-healing poly(ester-amide)
Multi-polymer hydrogels
Polymer-based stent assembly
Intravascular stent for treating vulnerable plaque and method of use
Expanding orthopedic pacifier
Nateglinide-containing preparation
Therapeutic substituted cyclopentanes
Compound from Antrodia camphorata and the use thereof
2-heteroarylcarboxylic acid amides
6-oxazol-4-ylmetholmethoxy-alko-alkoxymethyl substituted benzoic acid derivatives forming peroxisome proliferator--activated receptor (PPAR) ligands, process for their preparation and methods of use thereof
CCR1 antagonists and methods of use therefor
Azabicycloalkane compounds
4-(2-phenylsulfanyl-phenyl)-piperidine derivatives as serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Heterocyclic substituted 4-(aminomethyl)-piperidine benzamides as 5HT.sub.4-antagonists
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising trimegestone
Topical treatment or prevention of ocular infections
Avermectins substituted in the 4''-position having pesticidal properties
Methods and compositions for RNA interference using recombinant Dicer and Argonaut
Pharmaceutical composition for ophthalmic use
Isocyclomaltooligosaccharide (S) , isocyclomaltooligosaccharide-forming enzyme, their preparation and uses
Surgical compositions and methods of using the same
Multifunctional and biologically active matrices from multicomponent polymeric solutions
Species of fungi and their use in pest and disease control
Methods for preventing and treating Alzheimer's disease
Medicinal uses of mu-opioid receptor agonists
Cloning, sequencing and expression of a gene encoding an eukaryotic amino acid racemase, and diagnostic, therapeutic, and vaccination applications of parasite and viral mitogens
Allergenic latex protein
Compositions and methods of using chondroitinase ABCI mutants
Compositions for inhibiting atherosclerosis
Sustained release formulations
Method for producing porous body comprising apatite/collagen composite fibers
Cysteine variants of alpha interferon-2
Interleukin-6 suppressive agent
Immunoprotective influenza antigen and its use in vaccination
Topical delivery of vaccines
Protective antigen having fluorinated histidine residues
Use of a botulinum neurotoxin to alleviate various disorders
Viruses for the treatment of cellular proliferative disorders
Antagonists of neuropilin receptor function and use thereof
Methods of increasing muscle mass or muscle strength using antibody inhibitors of GDF-8
Method and composition for the treatment of scars
Automixable putty impression material
Gastric retained gabapentin dosage form
Preparation of hymenialdisine derivatives and use thereof
Myosin light chain kinase inhibitor compounds, compostions and related methods of use
Creating music and sound that varies from playback to playback
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and equipment for purifying an extraction solution from aqueous entrainment and impurities
Grease collection system
Fuel filter
Separating apparatus
Method and apparatus for the enhanced removal of aerosols and vapor phase contaminants from a gas stream
Membrane air dryer with sweep air control
Fluorination reactor
Ultrasonic energy system and method including a ceramic horn
Particulate absorbent materials
Liquid-absorbing base
Catalyst for methacrolein oxidation and method for making and using same
Dispenser for liquid crystal display panel and dispensing method using the same
Process for the production or coating of granules, apparatus for carrying out the process, and granules obtainable thereby
System and method for sorting dissimilar materials using a dynamic sensor
Systems and methods for single integrated substrate cleaning and rinsing
Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus
Laser machining apparatus, and apparatus and method for manufacturing a multilayered printed wiring board
Connection between members
Method of forming and securing a rod guide on a sucker rod
Methods of fabricating stents with enhanced fracture toughness
Polypropylene film and laminated material thereof
Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy substrates and methods of producing the same
Corrosion-resistant aluminum component having multi-layer coating
Water-vapor permeable films and textiles
Method and apparatus for nonlinear laying of material
Imaging apparatus having print engine that includes MEMS device
Optical writing device and image forming apparatus
Water contact indicator
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium, as well as reversible thermosensitive recording label, reversible thermosensitive recording member, image processing apparatus and image processing method
Organosilicon compounds and rubber compositions made by using the same
Multi-functional LRM performing SSPC and ELCU functions
Container for food products
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods of processing nanocrystals, and compositions, devices and systems including same
Solid borozirconate and borotitanate cross-linkers
Septic tanks
Method and system for treating waste matter from animals, urea-rich and urea-lean waste-matter products, and uses thereof
Optical member comprising OD-doped silica glass
Composition comprising a liquid absorbed on a support based on precipitated silica
Microwave dielectric ceramic
Slow-release (GSSP) fertilizer
Perylene derivative synthesis process, perylene derivative and organic EL device
Process for reducing bromine index of hydrocarbon feedstocks
Oligomerizing and alkylating with an ionic liquid at a molar ratio of olefin to isoparaffin of at least 0.8
Method of making an alkylated aromoatic using acidic ionic liquid catalyst
Process for obtaining pure oseltamivir
Method of amidocarbonylation reaction
Arylsulfinate salts in photoinitiator systems for polymerization reactions
Crosslinking agent based on linear hydroxypolyallyl ether
Process for producing .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated aldehyde compounds
Hydrogenation processes
Polymorphic form of atorvastatin calcium
Process for the preparation of enantiomerically enriched indoline-2-carboxylic acid
Stilbene derivatives, light-emitting element, display device, and electronic device
7-amino alkylidenyl-heterocyclic quinolones and naphthyridones
Colorant compounds
Crystalline form of linezolid
Phenothiazin derivatives, method for the production thereof and use thereof as pharmaceuticals
Benzonaphthacene glycoside derivative and use thereof
ALK protein tyrosine kinase, cells and methods embodying and using same
Nucleic acids encoding truncated soluble tumor necrosis factor
Altered recombinases for genome modification
Fused heterocycle derivative, medicinal composition containing the same, and medicinal use thereof
Alteration of Fc-fusion protein serum half-lives by mutagenesis
Tumor suppressor designated TS10Q23.3
Methods addressing aging in flocculated molecular sieve catalysts for hydrocarbon conversion processes
Titanium compound and process for producing optically active cyanohydrins
Stimuli-responsive polymer utilizing keto-enol tautomerization and stimuli-responsive separating material and chemical-releasing capsule comprising the same
Water-soluble sulfonic group-containing copolymers and terpolymers the production thereof and water-based painting and coating systems
Polymers functionalized with nitro compounds
Multi-branched polymer
Random copolymers of oxazoline
Method of making halophthalic acids and halophthalic anhydrides
Filler composites
Flame retardant polyimide/polyester-polycarbonate compositions, methods of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom
Molded object process for producing the same product for high-frequency signal transmission and high-frequency transmission cable
Modified acrylic block copolymers for hydrogels and pressure sensitive wet adhesives
Combination of aminofunctional and acrylatofunctional polyorganosiloxanes
Barrier based fuel resistant binder
Colorant compounds
Stilbene derivatives, liquid-crystal mixtures and electro-optical displays
Solid acid assisted deep desulfurization of diesel boiling range feeds
Process for the desulfurization of gasolines comprising a desulfurization by adsorption of the light fraction and a hydrodesulfurization of the heavy fraction
Preparation of aromatic polysulfonic acid compositions from light cat cycle oil
Phospholipid lubricant for coating moving webs
Lubricating oil additives, lubricating oil compositions containing such additives and processes for producing such additives and compositions
Vegetable lipid-based composition and candle
Integrated chemical microreactor with large area channels and manufacturing process thereof
Tethered vectors for cell surface immunoglobulin display
Characterization of the I-SpomI endonuclease from fission yeast
Method of conducting homologous recombination
Method for the transformation of plant cell plastids
Method for producing .alpha.-1, 6-branched .alpha.-1, 4-glucans from sucrose
Process for making transplantable cardiomyocytes from human embryonic stem cells
Laccase enzymes and their uses
Process for the preparation of dihydroxy esters and derivatives thereof
Enhanced production of lipids containing polyenoic fatty acid by very hugh density cultures of eukaryotic microbes in fermentors
Kits for detection of ATP
Methods for identifying lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferases
Production of isoprenoids
Selecting animals for desired genotypic or potential phenotypic properties
Sequences diagnostic for shrimp pathogens
Multiple SNP for diagnosing cardiovascular disease, microarray and kit comprising the same, and method of diagnosing cardiovascular disease using the same
Device for thermo-dependent chain reaction amplification of target nucleic acid sequences, measured in real-time
Methods for evaluating drug-resistance gene expression in the cancer patient
Method of determining a chemotherapeutic regimen based on ERCC1 and TS expression
Method for the production and purification of adenoviral vectors
Monoclonal antibody to the common epitope of NSs protein of watermelon silver mottle virus and assay for tospovirus
Hot-rolled steel sheet and cold-rolled steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Heated chuck for laser thermal processing
Process for stabilized zirconium triethanolamine complex and uses in oil field applications
Manufacturing apparatus of magnetoresistance elements
Plating method and apparatus for controlling deposition on predetermined portions of a workpiece
Rhombohedral fluoroberyllium borate crystals and hydrothermal growth thereof for use in laser and non-linear optical applications and devices
Textiles; Paper
Spinning method
Extrusion of peroxide crosslinkable polymer parts
Spatial localization of dispersed single walled carbon nanotubes into useful structures
Fabric having balanced elongation
Disposable nonwoven wiping fabric and method of production
Ceiling tile with non uniform binder composition
Method of dyeing a substrate with a reactive dyestuff in supercritical or near supercritical carbon dioxide
Dye composition and dyeing method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Heat exchanger unit for improving heat exchange efficiency and air conditioning apparatus having the same
Substrate heat treatment apparatus and substrate transfer tray used in substrate heat treatment
Wavefront sensor with optical path difference compensation
Method for optically testing semiconductor devices
Attitude detection system and method
Optical tilt monitoring apparatus
Roughness evaluation method and system
Lens meter
Optical multilayer mirror and fabry-perot interferometer having the same
Image null-balance system with multisector-cell direction sensing
Optical encoder with amplitude correction
Absolute encoder utilizing light of different wavelengths to reduce cross talk
Combination weighing apparatus with conveying unit including trough and spiral member
Nickel alloy precision force transducer with strain gauge elements
Gray balance calibration of an imaging system
Hyperspectral scene projection/generation systems and methods
Method for ascertaining the orientation of molecules in biological specimens
Thin film multi-layered pyroelectric capacitor
Body fluid testing device
Foreign substance inspection apparatus
Method and system for determining condition of process performed for coating film before immersion light exposure
Micro-cavity measuring equipment and method based on double optical fiber coupling
Formats for optical analysis and methods of manufacturing the same
Inspection system for inspecting an imprinted substrate on a printing press
Method for determining a property of a fluid for a household device
Electrophoresis gel and method of making same
System and method for testing chromatography media and devices
Cyanide sensing compounds and uses thereof
Method of management of analytical data and system for management of analytical data
Soluble epidermal growth factor receptor-like proteins and their uses in cancer detection methods
Liquid crystalline substrates for culturing cells
Method of analysis of a mixture of biological and/or chemical components with the use magnetic particles and apparatus for its embodiment
Detection and amplification of ligands
Revolvable clamp meter
Saturation detection circuits
Ultra-fine area array pitch probe card
Voltage clamp circuit and semiconductor device, overcurrent protection circuit, voltage measurement probe, voltage measurement device and semiconductor evaluation device respectively using the same
Apparatus and method of testing singulated dies
Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
Monitoring pattern for detecting a defect in a semiconductor device and method for detecting a defect
Positioning apparatus and positioning system
Method for data transmission in RFID or remote sensor systems
Radiation analysis devices, radiation analysis methods, and articles of manufacture
High resolution PET breast imager with improved detection efficiency
Radiation imaging apparatus
Magnetic field generator
Probe, system and method suitable for unilateral nuclear magnetic resonance
Magnetic field coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Multi-sensor mapping omnidirectional sonde and line locators and transmitter used therewith
Spirotetrathiocarbamates and spirooxothiocarbamates
Actuator, optical scanner and image-forming device
Circuit arrangement for the electrical isolation of signal lines
MEMS cavity-coating layers and methods
Homeotropic alignment liquid crystal film, optical film comprising the same, and image display device
Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display having a modified electrode array
Liquid crystal display device
Semitransmissive liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Environmentally safe electrochromic mirrors
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Mask pattern correction device, method of correcting mask pattern, light exposure correction device, and method of correcting light exposure
Cr-capped chromeless phase lithography
Photomask, focus measurement apparatus and focus measurement method
Method of producing a glass substrate for a mask blank by polishing with an alkaline polishing liquid that contains colloidal silica abrasive grains
Photomask with overlay mark and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for adjusting contrast of image
Image reading apparatus
Image processing method, program, image processing apparatus, and image forming system
Immersion photolithography with megasonic rinse
Method for exposing a substrate and lithographic projection apparatus
Photoconductors containing halogenated binders and aminosilanes in hole blocking layer
Single inductor serial-parallel LED driver
Burst frequency resonant inverter
Power supply circuit, display driver, electro-optical device, and electronic instrument
Image processing apparatus, its control method and data management method
Image-attached mail transiting apparatus, image-attached mail transiting method, and image-attached mail transiting program
Method and system for printing secure value documents and non-secure documents utilizing the same printing device
Image formation instruction apparatus, image formation instruction program, image formation instruction method, image formation server, image formation server program, processing method for image formation server, image formation control apparatus, program for image formation control apparatus, and image-forming method
Automated construction of shader programs
Image processing system
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for printing XML directly using a formatting template
Method and apparatus for image manipulation via a dither matrix
Image processing apparatus, image processing program, and image processing method with error diffusion
Apparatus and method for optimized facsimile transmission
Generating threshold values in a dither matrix
Device, method, and system for generating per-pixel light values using texture parameters
FACS solving in motion capture
Method, medium and apparatus rendering 3D graphic data using point interpolation
Method of extracting 3D building information using shadow analysis
Mobile readpoint system and method for reading electronic tags
Security device with display
Navigation system
Display device
Methods for driving bistable electro-optic displays, and apparatus for use therein
Image display apparatus and alternative current drive method
Display device
Display device, driving method thereof and electronic appliance
Liquid crystal display device and driving method of the same
Support and adjustment apparatus for a data processing device display
Hidden touch pad structure
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
Apparatus and method of transforming three color signals into multi-color signal
Pixel structure for electrical flat panel displays
System and method for profiling digital-image input devices
Stringed instrument fretboard for use with light-system
Playback device, contents selecting method, contents distribution system, information processing device, contents transfer method, and storing medium
Electrochemical sensor ink compositions, electrodes, and uses thereof
Current source, control device and method for operating said control device
MEMS actuator
Electromagnetic switching device
EL and display device having sealant layer
Light emitting device having an optical modification element with uniform thickness
Patterned light emitting devices
Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) including a barrier layer and method of manufacture
Organic light-emitting diode with relief patterns
Field emission electron gun and electron beam applied device using the same
System and method for measuring the output of a photodetector and for reducing sensitivity to temperature variations
Optical systems and methods using microelectromechanical-systems mirrors exceeding thirty microns
Lamp with an improved lamp behaviour
Method for fabricating high density pillar structures by double patterning using positive photoresist
III nitride semiconductor crystal and manufacturing method thereof, III nitride semiconductor device manufacturing method thereof, and light emitting device
Formation of through-wafer electrical interconnections and other structures using a thin dielectric membrane
Transistor of the I-MOS type comprising two independent gates and method of using such a transistor
Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices and structures thereof
Composite board with semiconductor chips and plastic housing composition and method
Fabricating method for flat display device
Methods of forming a denuded zone in a semiconductor wafer using rapid laser annealing
Manufacturing method of display device
Backlight including dot light emitting devices having at least two different brightness ranks and method for manufacturing same
Fabrication process for package with light emitting device on a sub-mount
Methods of forming phase changeable layers including protruding portions in electrodes thereof
Method of fabricating metal-insulator-metal capacitor and metal-insulator-metal capacitor manufactured by the method
Method of producing a porous dielectric element and corresponding dielectric element
Methods for fabricating dual bit flash memory devices
Buried biasing wells in FETs (Field Effect Transistors)
Trench MOS type silicon carbide semiconductor device
Process for wafer bonding
Plasma immersed ion implantation process
Sidewall memory with self-aligned asymmetrical source and drain configuration
Integrated sensor and circuitry and process therefor
Fabrication method of non-volatile memory
Device having enhanced stress state and related methods
Method of manufacturing semiconductor element
Semiconductor package with getter formed over an irregular structure
Semiconductor sensor device with sensor chip and method for producing the same
Semiconductor package
Semiconductor device having a interlayer insulation film with low dielectric constant and high mechanical strength
Semiconductor packaging substrate improving capability of electrostatic dissipation
Window type BGA semiconductor package and its substrate
Electrical fuse and associated methods
Power semiconductor device with improved heat dissipation
Power semiconductor component with semiconductor chip stack in a bridge circuit and method for producing the same
Imaging apparatus including a solid state imaging device including a plurality of photo diodes
High-K dielectric materials and processes for manufacturing them
Self-light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device and semiconductor device
Fuse structures and integrated circuit devices
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Silicon carbide semiconductor device
Compound semiconductor epitaxial substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Eliminating metal-rich silicides using an amorphous Ni alloy silicide structure
MOS devices with continuous contact etch stop layer
Semiconductor device having stressed etch stop layers of different intrinsic stress in combination with PN junctions of different design in different device regions
Refractive index variable element
Intermediate optical packages and systems comprising the same, and their uses
Conductive paste for connecting thermoelectric conversion material
Micro stage using piezoelectric element
Telescoping cylindrical piezoelectric fiber composite actuator assemblies
Transceiver circuit for film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) transducers
Self-poling piezoelectric MEMs device
Fluid amplifiers and vibration damping and isolation systems
Magnetic field detector and manufacturing method thereof
Programmable via structure for three dimensional integration technology
Semiconductor memory device with three dimensional solid electrolyte structure, and manufacturing method thereof
Anthracene derivative, and light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and electronic appliance using the same
Light emitting element and light emitting device having the light emitting element
Lithium ion secondary battery
Gas diffusion layer incorporating a gasket
Sealed rectangular battery
Air battery and manufacturing method
Lead acid battery having ultra-thin titanium grids
Composite polymer electrolyte composition
Solid polymer electrolyte for lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery
Solid oxide fuel cell component and a method of manufacturing a solid oxide fuel cell component
FM chip antenna
Omni directional top loaded monopole
Antenna system for notebook computer and method for communicating in multiple wireless systems
Combined satellite and broadband access antennas using common infrastructure
Wideband printed dipole antenna for wireless applications
Multifunction clips and ground/mounting strap for wiring device
Prevention of electro-chemical corrosion at charging contacts of a battery-powered handpiece and its charger device
Winding body for a coil of an electrical machine
Embedded magnet type motor
Brushless motor
Brushless motor
Electrical machine comprising a winding system with coil groups
Power tool with motor air flow path control
Biased gap-closing actuator
Linear drive ultrasonic motor
Ultrasonic motor having lightweight vibrating element
Ultrasonic motor
Electromechanical conversion element, vibration actuator, vibration actuator driving device, lens barrel and camera
Raindrop quantity sensing apparatus and wiper control system having the same
Method for controlling a heat engine vehicle driving assembly
Motion control using electromagnetic forces
Motor driving circuit
Brushless motor
Electric vehicle system for charging and supplying electrical power
Rotor position detection circuit and motor driving device
Power generation apparatus using AC energization synchronous generator and method of controlling the same
Oscillation circuit and oscillator
Fully differential comparator and fully differential amplifier
Noise-reducing transistor arrangement
Method and apparatus for PLD having shared storage elements
High speed low noise switch
Rectifier circuit
Frequency synthesizer
Method and apparatus for delay and combining circuitry
Superconductor multi-level quantizer
Data conversion circuitry for converting analog signals to digital signals and vice-versa and method therefor
Scanning method for stitching images
Method of shortening multiple-image scanning duration
Image reading apparatus and optical module thereof
Scanning device and calibration mechanism thereof
Printer apparatus with selectable photo enhancement project and settings storage dynamically definable user interface and functions and template definition
Methods for driving bistable electro-optic displays, and apparatus for use therein
Illumination apparatus for image-taking
Multiaxial embedded camera module
Setting imager parameters based on configuration patterns
Camera system for communicating information related to user authorization and image data over a radio communication system
Image pickup device and substrate mounting apparatus for an electronic part
Remote monitor and control system for draining floodgate of seawall
Digital camera capable of image processing for display on a monitor
Virtual reality camera
Night vision camera mount quick disconnect
Wide dynamic range linear-and-log active pixel
Image capture apparatus with a color property control function and image capture program
Semiconductor light emitting device provided with an alkaline earth metal boric halide phosphor for luminescence conversion
OLED driver and lighting apparatus equipped with the same
Lighting unit with multiple light sources of a different color temperature
Lighting device and a lighting method for a high pressure discharge lamp
Wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Diamond cutting method, enneahedral-cut diamonds and assembly of enneahedral-cut diamonds
Service case
Performing Operations; Transporting
Heat pump system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing a fluorine-doped silica powder
Method of inducing transmission in optical lithography preforms
Hydrocarbon gas processing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and system for liquefaction monitoring
Air conditioning system
Portable cooling mechanism
Refrigeration system and its condensing apparatus
Accumulator and air conditioning system using the same
Cold-storage appliance
Integrated air separation process and apparatus
Piezoresistive transducers
Variable flow float flowmeter
Flow sensor and flow resistive element
Compact flow meter
Capacitance meter
Ultrasonic flowmeter including stable flow rate calculation means based on instantaneous flow rate
Device for detecting force acting on a vehicle wheel
Semiconductor cooling device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew