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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rotary lawn mower cutting blade
Seed and plant growth medium module
Fake fishing bait device, and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Athletic glove with inner grip
Glove having detachable segments with a ring attachment
Helmet stabilization apparatus
Footwear outsole
Multi-purpose utility strap device
Brush head for a toothbrush
Cleaning device affixed to a footwear and method thereof
Breast support pillow
Methods for manufacturing a self-forming mattress cover
Foldable crib
Device for back massage
Mobile robotic vacuum cleaner with a detachable electrical fan
Apparatus and method for cardiac ablation
Medical treatment system
System and method for a catheter impedance seeking device
Pacing catheter for access to multiple vessels
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of and apparatus for making pipe from a tubular workpiece
Flow formed spline and design suitable for burr free machining
System and method for forming of tubular parts
Method of assembling inner diameter grinding tool
Method of forming cam shaft
Air hose removal tool
Secondary positioning device for workpiece machining
Assisted-opening folding knife
Coupling device for coupling containers, particularly containers used in cargo ships
Method and system for controlling a power unit with power bypass
Bag spreader for a container
Yard bag clip
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus and method for replacing a bridge using a pre-cast construction techniques
Window well cover and accessory for use there with
Dual tension connector
Reinforced sidings
Device for insertion between door and frame to hold door open
Blocking closure of a passageway
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Direct contact heat exchanger and methods for making and using same
Oxygen sensor bung of motor vehicle exhaust pipe
Method for purging a dosing system
Method and system for feeding a gas-turbine engine with liquid fuel
Ammonia injection system
Ignition timing control system for internal combustion engine
Wave and water energy converter mounted on bridge supports
Controller for automated variable-speed transmission in a motor vehicle with all-wheel drive
Pipe cleaning device
Gerotor expander for an air conditioning system
Firearm assembly
Remote contrivance refurbishment apparatus and related methods
Non-destructive detection method for detecting state of solder ball
Global positioning tag system and method
Systems and methods for navigation in a GPS-denied environment
Multi-axis level
Method and device for calibrating a magnetic induction tomography system
Compensation device for fluidic oscillation flow meter and compensation method using the same
Equipment for test stands of the braking system of vehicles
Pressure measuring glow plug
Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus
Corrosion and erosion corrosion type determination from parametric shape representation of surfaces
Composite chromatography column
Soot discharge estimating device for internal combustion engines
Micro/nano devices fabricated from Cu-Hf thin films
Systems, methods and apparatus for indexing and predicting wind power output from virtual wind farms
Actuator manufacturing method
Performance improvement for a multi-chip system via kerf area interconnect
Analog scan circuit, analog flip-flop, and data processing apparatus
G-ODLAT on-die logic analyzer trigger with parallel vector finite state machine
Multiple-capture DFT system to reduce peak capture power during self-test or scan test
Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
Arrayed-waveguide-grating-type optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Lens array and optical module having the same
Optical waveguide, optical waveguide module, and electronic apparatus
Actuator and camera module having same
Camera assembly and portable electronic device
Image forming apparatus with heater control and error detection, and control method for the same
Image forming apparatus and detecting method of pattern image regarding image quality adjustment
Image forming apparatus and transfer roller bias system
Image forming apparatus
Development agent supply device and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus, image information generation method, and computer program
Image forming method and image forming device
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image forming apparatus
Hybrid digital--analog time displays
System and method for determining carbon emission-conscious order fulfillment alternatives with multiple supply modes
Measuring of a landing platform of a ship
Long-range radio frequency receiver-controller module and wireless control system comprising same
Power distribution considering cooling nodes
Thermal relationships based workload planning
Server allocation to workload based on energy profiles
Measuring data switching activity in a microprocessor
Diagnostic data set component
Meta attributes in functional coverage models
Firmware recovery system and method
Optimized capacity planning
Method and system for diagnosing operation of tamper-resistant software
Disk array controller capable of detecting and correcting for unexpected disk drive power-on-reset events
Expanding memory size
Cache directed sequential prefetch
Integrated circuit for executing external program codes and method thereof
Executing host data transfer operations during setup of copy services operations
Storage system for reallocating data in virtual volumes and methods of the same
Management of persistent memory in a multi-node computer system
Sharing resources within a robotic media library amongst a plurality of connected servers
Upgrading a guest operating system of an active virtual machine
Cache bank modeling with variable access and busy times
Method for application backup in the VMware consolidated backup framework
Saving log data using a disk system as primary cache and a tape library as secondary cache
Storage apparatus and cache control method
Demand based partitioning of microprocessor caches
Solid state memory drive and method for receiving and coupling with cassette drive bays
Apparatus and method for converting protocol interface
Computer program, apparatus, and method for managing data
Technique for configuring data synchronization
Supporting virtual input/output (I/O) server (VIOS) active memory sharing in a cluster environment
Static code analysis
USB peripheral device with automatic mode switch
Computer system, storage system and method for controlling power supply based on logical partition
Method and structure of using SIMD vector architectures to implement matrix multiplication
Creating a virtual universe data feed and distributing the data feed beyond the virtual universe
System and method for supporting collaborative activity
Method and computer-readable medium for social network audio exchange with push-to-talk
Messaging and service system for mobile computer
Distributed parallel messaging for multiprocessor systems
Method and apparatus for frequency reuse in a multi-carrier communications system
Technique for setting network communication parameters
Methods and apparatus for scoped role-based access control
Systems and methods for efficient live application migration within bandwidth constrained networks
File sharing system
Extended write combining using a write continuation hint flag
Conference aided system, input board and control method thereof, and program
Computer system with simplified server access and corresponding process
Metadata management method for NAS global namespace design
Associating problem tickets based on an integrated network and customer database
Dynamically identifying client applications on mobile devices
Method and system for matching and repairing network configuration
Performing constraint compliant crossovers in population-based optimization
Generating constraint-compliant populations in population-based optimization
Modifying constraint-compliant populations in population-based optimization
System and method for solving multiobjective optimization problems
Performing a local reduction operation on a parallel computer
Delayed code parsing for reduced startup latency
Serialization of XACML policies
Ratings-based digital media distribution and reproduction for a wireless network
Wall-following robot cleaner and method to control the same
Data protection system selectively altering an end portion of packets based on incomplete determination of whether a packet is valid or invalid
Determining content layout positions produced by a layout engine
Method and system and file format of generating content by reference
Data management method
Directory traversal in a scalable multi-node file system cache for a remote cluster file system
Search query hash
Scheduling highly parallel jobs having global interdependencies
System and method for providing highly readable text on small mobile devices
Dynamic context definitions in distributed databases
Client-based index advisor
Internet-based method of and system for managing and delivering consumer product information at points along the world wide web using consumer product information (CPI) requesting and graphical user interface (GUI) displaying subsystems driven by server-side objects and managed by consumer product manufacturers and/or authorized parties
System and method for simulating a multiprocessor system
Generating a power model for an electronic device
Gradient-based search mechanism for optimizing photolithograph masks
Mitigation of mask defects by pattern shifting
Yield enhancement by multiplicate-layer-handling optical correction
Method for calibrating an SRAF printing model
Method for compensating for variations in structures of an integrated circuit
Latch clustering with proximity to local clock buffers
Implementing enhanced RLM connectivity on a hierarchical design with top level pipeline registers
Method, a program storage device and a computer system for modeling the total contact resistance of a semiconductor device having a multi-finger gate structure
RF circuit, circuit evaluation method, algorithm and recording medium
Electronic device and method for checking layout of printed circuit board
Semiconductor integrated circuit design apparatus and method for analyzing a delay in a semiconductor integrated circuit
Method for ascertaining consumption and/or emission values
Predictive conditioning in occupancy zones
Modular manifold system
Oilfield equipment identification method and apparatus
Device and method for preventing a motor vehicle engine from stopping in an automatic brake operation
Defending smart cards against attacks by redundant processing
High-assurance secure boot content protection
Methods of tracking remote software installations and registrations and related systems and computer program products
Master-slave device communication system based on current
Portable electronic device having multifunctional audio port
Apparatus, system, and method for contextual visual search
Customized advertising for online slideshow
Distributed multi-user mashup session
Multi-level driver configuration
System and method for item inquiry and information presentation via standard communication paths
Image pickup apparatus, method for controlling display of image pickup apparatus, and computer program for executing method for controlling display of image pickup apparatus
Method for defining a uniform injection molding interface and an injection molding system using the same
Method, system and program product for screensaver breakthrough of prioritized messages
Contextual templates for modifying objects in a virtual universe
Distributed free block map for a clustered redirect-on-write file system
Automated data source assurance in distributed databases
Method, system and computer-usable medium for early notification of a pending digital video recorder deletion event
Authenticated session replication
Automated software deployment triggered by state differences in distributed systems
System development planning tool
Graphical modelization of user interfaces for data intensive applications
Seamless migration of tuxedo.RTM. applications to a CICS.RTM. hosting environment
Device, system and method of modeling homogeneous information
Documentation roadmaps and community networking for developers on large projects
Command line interface permutation executor
Debugger with audiation
Automated test system
Method and system for stack back-tracing in computer programs
Compute units using local luts to reduce pipeline stalls
Executing platform-independent code on multi-core heterogeneous processors
Virtual machine maintenance with mapped snapshots
Facilitating the utilization of complex data objects
System and method for dynamically building application environments in a computational grid
May-constant propagation
Vector atomic memory operation vector update system and method
Improving performance in a nested virtualized environment
Efficient slack projection for truncated distributions
Alleviating denial-of-service conditions on a server
Method, system, and apparatus for allocating resources to a software configurable computing environment
Enterprise resource planning with asynchronous notifications of background processing events
Storage management in a data processing system
Methods and systems for assigning non-continual jobs to candidate processing nodes in a stream-oriented computer system
Thread selection according to predefined power characteristics during context switching on compute nodes
Methods and apparatus for parallel pipelining and width processing and configured to process a multiple task processes apportioned a different section of memory
Task switching based on a shared memory condition associated with a data request and detecting lock line reservation lost events
Electronically maintained community escrow
Apparatus and method for simulating one or more operational characteristics of an electronics rack
Numerical analysis data evaluation apparatus and thermal fluid pressure data evaluation apparatus using the same
Selection of I-frames for client-side watermarking
Movement timestamping and analytics
Image inspecting apparatus
Pattern recognition method, character recognition method, pattern recognition apparatus, and character recognition apparatus
Communication apparatus
Method for rating areas in video frames
Spatial diffusion in images
Auto-focus image system
Cortex-like learning machine for temporal and hierarchical pattern recognition
Decision support system optimizer for a real-time command center
Dynamically pooling unused capacities across an organization to execute atomic tasks
Option framework for managing on demand service offerings
Method and system for estimating costs for a complex project
Method and apparatus for outlet location selection using the market region partition and marginal increment assignment algorithm
Method for configuring installation capacities of hybrid energy generation system
Electronic auction processing and database system
System and method for automated generation of communications involving products or services
Method of structuring and administering borrower financing
System and methods for content-based financial database indexing, searching, analysis, and processing
Method and apparatus for commodity sourcing management
Adaptive H-ARQ using outage capacity optimization
Data transmission method, data reception method, mobile terminal and radio communication system
Concave information display unit
Garment tag
Method for the correction of measured values of vowel nasalance
Sound quality control apparatus and sound quality control method
Voice reproduction with playback time delay and speed based on background noise and speech characteristics
Thermally assisted magnetic recording head
Portable electronic device with rotatable disc drive
Integrated disk driving module
Apparatus for tracking and recording vital signs and task-related information of a vehicle to identify operating patterns
Method for providing a perpendicular magnetic recording transducer using a low energy mill
Method and apparatus for centring a disk on a spindle
Phase error detection apparatus, phase error detection method, and reproduction apparatus
Objective lens and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
Spin-torque transfer magneto-resistive memory architecture
Spin-torque transfer magneto-resistive memory architecture
Graphene-based switching elements using a diamond-shaped nano-patch and interconnecting nano-ribbons
Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same
Memory device with multiple planes
Nonvolatile memory and operation method of the same
Non-volatile memory device and method for operating the same
Logic circuit for a semiconductor memory device, and method of managing an operation in the semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device
Latency detection in a memory built-in self-test by using a ping signal
Multiple layers of memory implemented as different memory technology
Electronic device and method for preventing data loss in memory storage device and electronic device assembly
Method of preparing a terminal end of a corrugated coaxial cable for termination
Semiconductor laser drive device, semiconductor laser drive method, light transmission device, optical wiring module, and electronic device
Semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor laser, module and optical transmitter
Support for electronic equipment
Method and apparatus for increasing the power capability of a power supply
Switching power supply
Switching power supply apparatus
Channel-adaptive likelihood determination
Method and apparatus for boosting an audible signal in a notification system
Summer block for a decision feedback equalizer
Systems and methods for memory devices
Apparatus and method for interference minimization in body area networks using low duty cycle and preamble design
Systems and methods to attenuate intermodulation interference
Dual-use portable display device
Multi-housing mobile terminal
Reduction of polarization-dependent loss in double-pass grating configurations
Output circuit for audio codec chip
Methods of selecting signal transmitting, receiving, and/or sensing devices with probabilistic evolutionary algorithms in information conveyance systems
Information processing apparatus and capture image transmitting method
Reconfigurable orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) chip supporting single weight diversity
Method to minimize interference into legacy SDARS reception by varying overlay modulation as a function of satellite position
Information distribution and processing system
Quick paging channel with reduced probability of missed page
Allocation of transmission power in an optical communication system
Optical access system
Optical communication system and communication bandwidth control method
Network system, optical network unit and optical line terminal
Wireless communication apparatus and method
Encoding and decoding a multi-view video signal
Method and apparatus for improved MBMS capacity and link management through robust and performance optimal soft combining
Quasi-orthogonal space-time block encoder, decoder and methods for space-time encoding and decoding orthogonal frequency division multiplexed signals in a multiple-input multiple-output system
Verification device, verification method, and verification program
Conferencing that bridges virtual world and real-world meeting places
Hierarchical network topology
Dynamic table sharing of memory space within a network device
Method for dynamic routing using tunneling
Digital communications system
Transmitter comprising a pulse width pulse position modulator and method thereof
Method and system for partitioning gain for wireless radio frequency integrated circuits
Multi-input multi-output-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing transceiving method and apparatus
Digital signature generation apparatus, digital signature verification apparatus, and key generation apparatus
Techniques for handling SSL certificate expiration and renewal
Authentication in data management
Communication with non-repudiation
Mobile communication terminal having fragrance member
Cradle for a portable terminal
Method and system for increasing efficiency in a radio front-end
Side key flexible circuit board for mobile telecommunication terminal
Call ordering system using a pre-filled transaction record in a call center transaction from a mobile phone
Technique for providing a personalized electronic messaging service through an information assistance provider
Busy lamp field system for remote telephones and method for the same
Method and system for multi-network telephone calling
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, recording medium, and program
Image decoding apparatus and method adding a sign of the coefficient before linear estimation
Method of and apparatus for deciding encoding mode for variable block size motion estimation
Objective perceptual video quality evaluation apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining expected distortion in decoded video blocks
Adaptive motion estimation
Vibration plate, speaker unit and portable information terminal
Wind noise classifier
Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, communication system and communication method using adaptive hybrid automatic retransmission request method
Methods and apparatus for RF handoff in a multi-frequency network
Dispatch network with IMS integration
System and method for peer-to-peer advertising between mobile communication devices
Method and system for sending, routing, and receiving information using concise messages
Interactive short messaging service
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a sectorparameters message in an active state in wireless communication system
Phone number encapsulation using token based framework
Electronic component embedded connector, and method and device for manufacturing the same
Electronic device with supporting apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus for high speed application of liquid or dry fertilizer
Beach cleaning apparatus and method
Power mower with riding platform for supporting standing operator
Lawn mower lawn trimmer assembly
Method and apparatus for anchoring flails on a string trimmer
Combination weeder/edger/trimmer
Flexible finger inserts for cotton stripper fingers
Envelope inserting apparatus
Separating arrangement for adjacent belts in a round baler
Tension control system for round bale forming apparatus
Stabilized turf for athletic field
Apparatus for dispensing and laying a sheet of film material
Vacuum reservoir liquid delivery apparatus
Hedge clippers
Vegetable growing apparatus
Device and method for automatic milking of animals
Pet litter box assembly
Pet carrier for travelers
Apparatus and method for confining an animal within a boundary
Pet training mat
Pet lock collar leash
Animal leash assembly
Multiple nesting structure for cliff swallows
Bird feeder having removable apertured metal floor
Artificial fishing lure with longitudinal rows of resiliently flexible rib-like projections
Fishing lure
Fishing lure with spring-loaded rotatable and translatable hooks
Face gear for spinning reel
Floating bait caster and bait protector with depth control
Fishing rod holder with automatic hook setting mechanism
Fishing pole tip-up system
Method and means for preventing or minimizing termite attack or infestation
Bread making machine and method with automated dispenser and pause function
Gas burner for smoker grill
Dual drum food processor
Egg white and yolk separator
Method for controlling the gas extraction rate from a cryogenic apparatus and apparatus therefor
Smoking article with non-combustible wrapper, combustible fuel source and aerosol generator
Cigarette packing device
Thermo electric humidor
Vaporization of volatile materials
Deflector-arm protector
Ring protector
Face mask having a combination adjustable ear loop and drop down band
Stealth waders
Puncture-resistant gloves
Necktie knot cover and retaining device
Removable sizing band for head wear
Modified safety helmet heat sink
Shoe pocket and method of use
Tongue for footwear
Sports boot having a mobile collar
Fastening device
Footwear cleat
Slide fastener slider and mold for die-casting the same
Jewelry item
Watch band
Clasp with unfolding arms
Automatically spreading and collapsing umbrella
Automatic umbrella having rib assembly formed with light grooved rib reinforced resilient rib
Multiple-fold windproof umbrella with compact restoring mechanism
Grip for an umbrella cane or a walking stick
Multi-functional hand-held hair dryer
Tool for the removal of braids in hair
Beauty utility cart with sterilizer
Protective covering for clothing
Retaining apparatus
Cleaning apparatus using photocatalyst
Transversal toothbrush
Toothbrush with a detachable and disposable bristle head and attached floss dispensing unit
Bristle for a toothbrush
Balance table
Lap beverage/cup holder with wings
Tray or shelf for scissor and aerial lifts
Waterbed mattress system for boats
Method and apparatus for supporting an element to be supported, in particular the body of a patient, and having an integrated system for achieving pressure equilibrium dynamically and automatically
Sunshade for outdoor furniture
Lid for beverage container
Drinking receptacle with removable chilling liner
Tree stand
Elongated convertible blanket
Manufacturing method for a valance
Computer controlled brewing apparatus
Outdoor barbeque grill
High efficient convection fryer with continuous filtration
Coffee grinding, portioning, and pressing device
WC brush with handle and brush sections and brush storage device
Shower Chair
Maintaining a closure of a shower curtain
Threshold assembly for barrier free shower units
Personal hygiene product
Suction head for floor cleaning machine
Table dishwasher
Washing and/or scouring device for manual use
Footwear drying apparatus
Apparatus and method for cleaning window blinds
Portable vacuum cleaner for attaching to a can of compressed gas for creating a suction
Multifunctional vacuum cleaning appliance
Portable cleaning device for a mountain bike
Silencer for a suction cleaner
Brush and spacer assembly for a vacuum cleaner
Tissue freezing apparatus
Method for treating intervertebral disc degeneration
Systems and methods for locating and guiding operative elements within interior body regions
Optical tracking system
Bed system for radiation therapy
Glow-in-the-dark hearing protective devices
Goggle with replaceable seal
Decorative visor assembly
Disposable backboard and blank for forming a backboard
Casket and method of manufacture
Hydrotherapy jet valve fixtures for spa tubs and pools and method of installation
Method for photo-altering a biological system to improve biological effect
Methods and apparatus for fine particle formation
Neuronal stimulation using electrically conducting polymers
Inhalation device
Methods and apparatus for delivering aerosolized medication
Portable respiration apparatus, and system employing same
Ventilator suitable for miniaturization
Laryngeal mask assemblies
Ventilator triggering device
Anesthesia respirator
Apparatus for providing benefits to respiratory gases
High voltage output array switching system
Progressive pressure indicator
Scoring table with integral possession indicating sign
Billiard cue repairing machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Circulating fluidized bed reactor with floored internal primary particle separator
Dual air dryer with spin-on cartridges
Method for verifying proper operation of a liquid sample dispenser
Rotary shear
Apparatus for applying granules to an asphalt coated sheet to form a pattern having inner and outer portions
Electrical coupling for piezoelectric ultrasound detector
Parts washing system
Rinse/dry apparatus including a chamber with a moveable side wall
Anhydrous HF in-situ cleaning process of semiconductor processing chambers
Method and apparatus for removing image forming substance from image holding member
Object-separating device
Material-working machine having parallel plates housing and supporting beam
Compression unit for oscillating roll
Self-organizing rolling mill
Automobile frame machine
Auger tube repair tool
Apparatus for securing a wheel rim to a spider
Metal strip bending device
Apparatus and method for necking container ends
Clutch drum, method of manufacturing clutch drum and apparatus for forming tooth profile
Method for bending difficult-to-work metallic wire and method for shaping coil section thereof
Method for profile-kneading workplaces
Corrosion resistant metal body, bullet blank, and bullet and method for making same
Component made from a metallic foam material
Self-damping bar pusher rod for bar feeders
Electrically powered hand held pipe cutter
Miter fence-box joint fixture
Tension adjusting mechanism for wire saw
Viewing window lockout mechanism for power tool
Handling and supporting structure for cutting machines
Process for producing vibration isolator
Method of manufacturing rotor for a vane compressor
Apparatus for installing flashover protection covers on energized electrical power lines
Transfer mechanism for a turret indexing and positioning system
Advanced magnetically-stabilized couplings and bearings, for use in mechanical drives
Support tool for deep rolling crankshaft fillets
Screw and bolt clamp drive
Rotary hand tool with a crank arm incorporated into its handle
Hand tool having a variable torque-limiting in-line drive
Kind of dish type brake cylinder adjustment device
Snap apparatus for housings
Locking plier tool
Handle with marking
Ergonomic handle for terminal insertion tool
Device for relative movement of two elements
Razor comb blade unit
Rotary cutter
Reciprocating slot cutting tool
Method of manufacturing a flat container for samples
Thermoforming, filling, and capping receptacles
Method and a device for securing selected portions of heat-sealable product wrappings
Methods of cutting and mounting soft parts and apparatuses for cutting and mounting soft parts
Forming apparatus for an elevated bottom carton
Method of form and seal packaging
Laser-driven method and apparatus for lithographic imaging and printing plates for use therewith
Device and method for driving a printing machine with multiple uncoupled motors
Web-fed rotary printing press with apparatus for diverting a wet printed web
Stencil printer and ink viscosity sensing device
Device for filling depressions in a cylinder; doctor blade device for this purpose and process for changing it
Dampener activation apparatus and method
Staggered gear for bi-directional operation
Stamping device having transparent mounting block and imprinting element
Printing method and apparatus for performing the same
Stencil mask with channels including depressions
Lithographic imaging and plate cleaning using single-fluid ink systems
Single wheel caster apparatus
Process and devices for detection of the actuation of support of a tire on a safety bearing
Refrigerant flow management center for automobiles
Cooling structure an electric vehicle
Axle drivetrain having speed reduction gear unit for automotive vehicles
Control device for restarting engine of vehicle
Battery condition-detecting apparatus and battery condition-detecting unit using an optical signal
Portable seat assembly
Vehicle tray apparatus
Locking device for slide-out rooms
Apparatus and system for securing cargo
Memory mirror system for vehicles
Vehicle memory mirror position transducer
Vehicle electronic equipment apparatus and its assembling method
Central electric system for a motor vehicle and method of manufacturing same
Belt tightener for a safety belt system
Key apparatus for vehicle, method of controlling starting of vehicle engine, and key system for vehicle
Channel expander for remotely controlled automotive security and convenience systems
Steering column locking and torque limiting bearing support sleeve
Capacitive rain sensor for windshield
Windshield wiper arm retainer with integral nozzle bracket
Battery charging and handling system for electric vehicles
Apparatus for controlling negative pressure in internal combustion engine
Transport system
Door drive and lock for a mass transit vehicle
Separable rail transport unit for carrying a load, particularly a road unit
Steering column for a motor vehicle
Connecting element
Motor drive apparatus
Gearshift for bicycle gears
Non-brush type direct current motor for electric bicycle
Retractable boat line
Tilting frame fold away swing boom skiff lift
Process, plant and overall system for handling and treating a hydrocarbon gas from a petroleum deposit
Hydrofoil boat
Apparatus for motorized boat attitude adjustment
Multihull boat
Rope clamp
Illuminated dock bumper
Folding pontoon boat
Submarine propulsion control system
Bag-loading machine and bag-filling machine and combination thereof and related method
Packaging station
Vertical sealing assembly for a packaging machine
Ultraviolet energy and vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide sterilization of containers
Method and apparatus for the packaging of articles within flexible material bags
Reinforced, rackable and recyclable pallet and runner
Combination bottled beverage chiller/caddy and miniature golf club bag
Dynamic braking system for a motorized lifting mechanism
Outer seam wall can opener
Gas pump fill automatic shut-off adaptor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for reducing tin defects in float glass
Manufacturing method of synthetic silica glass
Process for manufacturing optical member for excimer laser
Toughened glass sheet
Processing and post-processing compositions and methods of using same
Sampling apparatus for the microbiological analysis of air
High density plasma process chamber
Photo-assisted remote plasma apparatus and method
Method of producing a slide surface on a light metal alloy
Method of producing a slide surface on a light metal alloy
In-situ magnetron assisted DC plasma etching apparatus and method for cleaning magnetic recording disks
Textiles; Paper
Process and an apparatus for the pneumatic cleaning of a thread withdrawal tube
Method and apparatus for opening reinforcing fiber bundle and method of manufacturing prepreg
Method and apparatus for producing a multicolored yarn from differently colored part-threads of endless filament
Device for feeding an elastically extendable yarn to hosiery knitting machines
Needle bed cleaner for a flat knitting machine
Cutting apparatus in a pile forming textile machine
Sewing apparatus
Driving device for feeding material to be sewn in a sewing machine
Sewing installation for the production of a piped pocket opening
Double-thread chain-stitch sewing machine
Eyelet-buttonhole sewing machine
Faulty sewing detector
Embroidery frame
Method for the heat treatment of textiles
Automatic apparatus for dyeing textile materials
Washing machine with an air bubble generator
Method and device for unloading items of washing from a treatment machine
Arrangement for drying section of paper machine
Curl and profile correction with high velocity hoods
Apparatus for treating a product web
Fixed Constructions
Bulk spike loading system
Underground utility location marker
Snow-handling trail-grooming device
Foundation for manufactured homes
Load sensing hydraulic system with high pressure cut-off bypass
Portable fire hydrant
Device for cleaning toilet bowls and other drains
Flush valve with partial-flush function
Platform assembly for elevating a toilet
Stud, top plate, and rafter tie down
Corner construction for buildings having stacked tongue-and-groove lumber or log construction or the like
Removable wall assembly
Partition and floor channel construction
Frame support assembly and method for curved walls
Box shaped structural member with pultruded flanges and connecting webs
Composite floor structure
Mechanical shingle remover
Method and equipment for making a building board
Corner connector for L-section frame elements
Safety barrier for roof construction
Headstone display assembly
Interlocking tent clips for quick setup
Suction powered pool cleaner
Method for installing a mechanism which protects against earthquake damage in electrical equipment
Dead bolt combination lock with integrated re-locking features
Security system for a motor vehicle opening leaf comprising improved connection means
Key assembly with aperture, slot and insert
Electrically controlled slidebolt lock
Swing door lock for refrigerated cabinet
Lock device for electronic test apparatus
Self-retaining configurable face plate
System for opening and closing doors in furniture, rooms and the like
Roller bracket apparatus for an overhead door
Handle unit of a manual window apparatus
Attachment to retrofit existing safety gates to imrove the safety afforded by the gates
Window mount system
Door/window frame structure
Shutter handle latch
Apparatus and method for raising and lowering a piston in a piston cylinder arrangement in a derrick
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and devices for eliminating the pollution of cyclic internal combustion engines with an independent combustion chamber
Internal combustion engine
Combination internal combustion and steam engine
Method and device for cooling a low-pressure turbine section
Method of making double diaphragm compound shaft
Cooling apparatus for gas turbine moving blade and gas turbine equipped with same
Method for servicing an internal combustion engine
Cam follower apparatus
Method for the dimension checking of the timing system of an engine
Self-diagnosing apparatus and method of variable valve timing structure
Self-clipping slave piston device with lash adjustment for a compression release engine retarder
Cyclo-valve for internal combustion engines
Method for filling a silencer with sound insulating material
Secondary air system for an internal combustion engine
Cleaning apparatus for cooling water passage of an outboard motor
Gasoline direct-injection engine
Internal combustion engine of the diesel type for combustion of gas, and a method of supplying such an engine with fuel
Engine for outboard engine system
Engine operated working machine
Jet engine and method for reducing jet engine noise by reducing nacelle boundary layer thickness
Turbogenerator/motor control with synchronous condenser
Exhaust control valve structure for 2-cycle engine
Reciprocating piston engine
Valve and valve control method
Fuel limiting method in diesel engines having exhaust gas recirculation
Dual fuel engine which creates a substantially homogeneous mixture of gaseous fuel, air, and pilot fuel during a compression stroke
Evaporated fuel treatment device of an engine
Fuel injection system and method for an air-compressing internal-combustion engine
Heater control having capability of restoring normal heater power supply after detection of abnormality
Method for improved sealing between members of fastened joint
Plenum/runner module having integrated engine valve cover
Apparatus and method for adaptively controlling moving members within a closed cycle thermal regenerative machine
Synchronizing control system for aircraft jet engine thrust reversers
Fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Fuel injection apparatus and control method thereof
Fuel injection internal combustion engine with sub-combustion chamber
Fuel injector
Apparatus and method for installing a starter-generator on an aircraft engine
Ignition system having ignition coil
Swash plate variable displacement compressor
Leak detector for a pump
Hydraulic unit
Precontrolled 3-way pressure control valve
Method for supplying a device or system with an alternating, pulsating, or cyclic flow of power or energy
Rolling bearing with information sensor welded to race
Method for manufacture of rectilinear guide unit
Alternator pulley
Method of specifying and diagnosing abnormalities in partially-connected clutch stroke levels
Carrier link having removable crossbar with opposite ends snap-fitted on cross-sectionally T-shaped protrusions
Ball screw having spacers
Shift into optimal engine braking control system and method
Motor vehicle stepped transmission
Method and an apparatus for controlling a car equipped with an automatic transmission having a lockup clutch
Shift control method for an electric-power-assist transmission
Control for controller-assisted, manually shifted, synchronized, splitter type compound transmissions
Clad piezoelectric valve actuator and application of same in controlling highly reactive and corrosive gases
Vacuum-insulated refrigerant line for allowing a vaccum chamber system with water-vapor cryocoil compressor to be locatable outside cleanroom
Edge-lit signs
Computer controlled injection device for generating steam
Integrated boiler burner with balanced heat flux
Fuel injector with a replaceable sensor
Method for incinerating refuse and for treating the resulting slag
Exhaust treatment machine
Gas tube assembly
Dry low oxides of nitrogen lean premix module for industrial gas turbine engines
Compact gas range
Outdoor unit of separate type air conditioner
Adjustable louver system for radiant heat transfer control in a direct-fired heater
Electricity storage type air conditioning apparatus and cooling/heating source device therefor
Pulse tube refrigerator
Crossover warm liquid defrost refrigeration system
Refrigerator air flow diffuser assembly
Refrigerator having dual air velocity generating apparatus for air curtain flow
Ice storage element
Separation of carbon monoxide from gaseous mixtures containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen
Heat pump dryer with desciccant enhanced moisture removal
Method of making a dimensionally stable tube type plastic heat exchangers
Automatic cartridge monitoring and indicator system for a firearm
Crossbow bowstring drawing mechanisms
System for the loading of a mortar
Laser sight for hunting bow
Design for a gun-launched rocket
Self loading gun cartridge
Radome nose cone probe apparatus for use with electrostatic sensor
Acoustic navigation aid for autonomous coal miner
Method and laminated member for measuring gap dimension
Tape blade level
Scanning-probe microscope including non-optical means for detecting normal tip-sample interactions
Inclination-compensating display device for a compass
Rotation rate sensor
Gauge having an indicia-bearing insert
Impact type flow meter with trough-like material supply device having a built in supply opening
Method for measuring flow rate of a fluid in a conduit
Method for electromagnetic flow measurement and a corresponding flowmeter
Flow measuring device and flow measuring method
Apparatus and method for measuring size of fish
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic wave measurement
Circuit and method for controlling temperature without using CPU and software
Flat tire sensor
Spark plug with concentric pressure sensor
Torque sensor using power measurement
Device for checking a closure or a connecting weld for tightness
Brake cylinder leakage test method and device
System and methods for mechanically processing bags
Rotatable batch sampler with wedge-shaped cone
Portable sample system and method for filling a portable sample container
Continuous emissions monitoring system
Method and apparatus for treating samples
Method and apparatus for analyzing non-synchronous blade vibrations using unevenly spaced probes
Torsion spring tester
Acceleration sensor with a circuit board separated from a base plate by a space
Board for evaluating the characteristics of a semiconductor chip and a method for mounting a semiconductor chip thereon
Temporary semiconductor package having dense array external contacts
Probe compensation for losses in a probe cable
Input ranging circuit for an electronic instrument
AC current sensor having high accuracy and large bandwidth
ARC detection sensor utilizing discrete inductors
Apparatus and method for burn-in/testing of integrated circuit devices
Automated testing method for electronic circuitry
Test head for applying signals in a burn-in test of an integrated circuit
Multi-chip module with accessible test pads and test fixture
Survivor capacity measuring apparatus for a battery
Apparatus and method for detecting memory effect in nickel cadmium batteries
Method and apparatus for identifying electronic circuits in a distributed electronic system
Fast adiabatic pulses
MRI imaging with noise filtering in wavelet space
Calibrated high power radio frequency step attenuator
Auto-orienting motion sensing device
NMR logging of natural gas reservoirs
Hard mask for metal patterning
Semiconductor calibration structures and calibration wafers for ascertaining layer alignment during processing and calibrating multiple semiconductor wafer coating systems
Intelligent fixture system
Mixing valve for hot and cold water
Thermoelectric cooler control circuit
Feedback apparatus including ultra low valve current source
Voltage regulator circuit
Temperature stabilized reference voltage circuit that can change the current flowing through a transistor used to form a difference voltage
Hermetic sealing assembly for refrigerators in machines for vending prepackaged foodstuffs, such as toasts, small pizzas or the like
Display chip and method for displaying an article
Balance correction station for a disc drive
Method for fabricating a dual element head
Disk drive utilizing Bemf of spindle motor to increase VCM voltage during seeks
Method and apparatus for balancing rotating components of a spinstand of a magnetic head and disk tester
Method and apparatus for mechanical screening of magnetic recording disk drives
Method for manufacturing magnetic head
Wafer processing techniques for near field magneto-optical head
Internal clock signal generator for synchronous memory device
Line decoder for memory devices
Sampling scanning probe microscope and sampling method thereof
Dimming ballast and drive method for a metal halide lamp using a frequency controlled loosely coupled transformer
Method of making a multi-electrode double layer capacitor having single electrolyte seal and aluminum-impregnated carbon cloth electrodes
Electron gun with photocathode and folded coolant path
High efficiency collector for traveling wave tubes with high perveance beams using focusing lens effects
Low energy spread ion source with a coaxial magnetic filter
Cathode-ray tube
Anti-doming composition for a shadow-mask and processes for preparing the same
Color cathode ray tube having fluorescent substance particles with wave length selective layer
Focusing electrode in electron gun for color cathode ray tube
Liquid-cooling type cathode-ray tube with light shielding member
Field emission device having a focusing structure and method of fabrication
Method of modifying an RF circuit of a plasma chamber to increase chamber life and process capabilities
CRT socket and CRT assembly employing the same
Discharge lamp for an automotive vehicle
Illumination unit and liquid crystal display device
Vehicle lamp with shaped envelope interior providing a light-trapping dome
Power semiconductor device
Self-aligned silicide contacts formed from deposited silicon
Gallium nitride-based III-V group compound semiconductor
Chip module with conductor paths on the chip bonding side of a chip carrier
Microelectronic package including a polymer encapsulated die
Connection structure utilizing a metal bump and metal bump manufacturing method
Vacuum processing chamber having multi-mode access
Dual landing pad structure including dielectric pocket
Isolation regions and methods of forming isolation regions
Semiconductor wafer assemblies comprising silicon nitride, methods of forming silicon nitride, and methods of reducing stress on semiconductive wafers
Dishing avoidance in wide soft metal wires
Semiconductor device with a copper barrier layer and formation thereof
Germanium alloy contact to a silicon substrate
Methods and apparatus for bipolar elimination in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) domino circuits
Heat sink assembly manufactured of thermally conductive polymer material with insert molded metal attachment
Package with integrated thermoelectric module for cooling of integrated circuits
Semiconductor package having a heat spreader capable of preventing being soldered and enhancing adhesion and electrical performance
Face-to-face (FTF) stacked assembly of substrate-on-bare-chip (SOBC) modules
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Lead frame having supporters and semiconductor package using same
Lead-on-chip type semiconductor device having thin plate and method for manufacturing the same
Multilayer lead frame structure that reduces cross-talk and semiconductor package using same and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device having variable delay circuit having multi-layered semiconductor structure
CMOS logic circuit and method of driving the same
Surface mounting type piezoelectric element
Embedded piezoelectric resonator
Traveling-wave piezoelectric motor
Hybrid motor
Connector for automatic transmission and method of assembling the same
High frequency shielding case of semiconductor laser
Spark plug and an internal combustion engine igniting system using the same
Spark plug for internal combustion engine
Optimized stripping blades
Overtemperature warning cycle in operation of polyphase DC motors
Electrical power supply with low-loss inrush current limiter and step-up converter circuit
Circuit arrangement for limiting the current at make for a transformer
Method of controlling rapid charging of an industrial storage cell having an alkaline electrolyte
Battery state of charge detector with rapid charging capability and method
Resistance and charging monitor within a standby battery bank
Integral power pack and recharger
Method of charging a secondary battery and apparatus for the same
Electrical machine with dual excitation, especially a motor vehicle alternator
Rotor for electric motor
Lacing mandrel for containing stator wedges
Method and apparatus for powering shaft-mounted sensors on motors and generators
Set of laminations for a switched reluctance machine
Rotating electric machine usable in radioactive environment
Covering device for totally enclosed fan cooled motors
Buck converter with inductive turn ratio optimization
Switching controller chip operable in selected ones of multiple power switch setting modes
Motor drive circuit
Appliance having an a.c. series motor and having switching means for switching this motor to different speeds
Method and device for braking an all-mains motor
Controlled braking device for electric motors and in particular portable tools
Low jitter zero crossing BEMF detector and motor incorporating the same
Narrowband LC folded cascode structure
Amplifying power converter circuits
Switching of a capacitor on a mutually exclusive selected one of a plurality of integrated amplifiers
Driver circuit with temperature correction circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit having controlled output resistance of an output buffer circuit
Current control technique
Interface circuit
Method for level shifting logic signal voltage levels
Output buffer circuit
High speed common mode logic circuit
Initialization of floating body dynamic circuitry
Programmable logic device incorporating and input/output overflow bus
Integrated circuit with field programmable and application specific logic areas
Tiered routing architecture for field programmable gate arrays
Dynamically controlled timing signal generator
Voltage converting buffer circuit capable of realizing high speed flip-flop action in the flip-flop circuit
Method and apparatus for controlling clock signals
Sequencer module for a pulse width modulation driver
DLL calibrated switched current delay interpolator
Phase-locked loop circuit
Digital controlled oscillation circuit and PLL circuit
Arrangement and method for the remote cooling of radio transceivers
Coupled noise reduction circuitry
Method and apparatus for providing moire effect correction based on displayed image resolution
Circuit arrangement, and signaling light provided with the circuit arrangement
Remote control adapter
Discharge lamp lighting device driven by internal combustion engine
Electronic ballast
Apparatus for mounting electronic components
Method for depositing solder paste on a pad
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