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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Adjuvant compositions for herbicides
Silver nanoparticles with specific surface area and a method for producing them
Fungicidal compositions including hydrazone derivatives and copper
Pyridazino-pyridinone compounds and methods of use
N-(4-perfluoroalkyl-phenyl)-4-triazolyl-benzamides as insecticides
Methods of controlling insects
Pyrrolopyrimidinedione and its therapeutic use
Method of treating sensorimotor disorders with alpha-2 adrenergic receptor agonists
Lactobacillus helveticus CNCM I-4095 and weight control
Food or beverage composition comprising unroasted coffee solids
Dual pelvic snip and method to use it
Systems and methods for processing eggs
Systems and methods for processing eggs
Anchoring element
Hysterectomy ring
Device for the treatment of fractures of the femur
Systems and methods for treating vertebral bodies
Systems and methods for reducing fractured bone using a fracture reduction cannula with a side discharge port
Endoscopic devices and related methods of use
Method and device for detecting and preventing plantar ulcers
Bifurcation delivery systems and methods
Brush copolymers
Prosthetic disc for intervertebral insertion
Hybrid fusion/arthroplasty apparatus and methods
Rear entry ankle brace with medial and lateral access
External fixation assembly and method of use
Method and apparatus for reducing body temperature of a subject
Substituted spiro-amide compounds
Compositions of CHK1 inhibitors and cyclodextrin
Benzofuran type derivatives, a composition comprising the same for treating or preventing cognitive dysfunction and the use thereof
Gossypol and apogossypol derivatives, preparation thereof and uses thereof
Imidazole derivatives useful as inhibitors of FAAH
Thiazole and thiadiazole compounds for inflammation and immune-related uses
Therapeutic compounds
Benzoxazolone derivatives as aldosterone synthase inhibitors
3-hydroxy-5-arylisoxazole derivative
Quinazoline based EGFR inhibitors containing a zinc binding moiety
Substituted pyrrolidine derivative
Selected inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinase activity
Use of norgestimate as a selective inhibitor of TRPC3, TRPC6 and TRPC7 ion channels
Compositions and their uses directed to diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1
Compositions containing a synergic mixture of polyols and xyloglucanes as phytosanitary and bio-fertilising products
Vision-protecting composition with prophylactic and therapeutic activity against diabetes or diabetic complications
Appetite suppressant composition
Tissue targeted complement modulators
Melanocortin receptor-specific peptides
Melanocortin receptor-specific peptides
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Method for enhancing skin appearance
Single domain TDF-related compounds and analogs thereof for use in treating a tissue differentiation factor related disorder
Process for solubilizing glucagon-like peptide 1 compounds
Microparticles comprising carbohydrate beads covalently linked with allergen
Method for inducing a multiclade immune response against HIV utilizing a multigene and multiclade immunogen
Methods for detecting and inhibiting angiogenesis
Recombinant toxin fragments
Cellulose derivative and method for production thereof
Use of VEGF-D gene to prevent restenosis
High molecular weight chelation structure
Peroral tablet for bowel cleansing
Solid dose micro implant
Methods and devices for the treatment of ocular conditions
Sustained release compositions of alfuzosin
Paneled capsule shells for release of pharmaceutical compositions
Biological rhythm adjustment method, biological rhythm adjustment device, biological rhythm adjustment system
Illumination instrument for an infusion pump
Method for constructing an instrument with a covered bore for subcutaneous implantation
Hypodermic syringe with retractable needle
Configurable exercise system
Body contouring apparatus and the method thereof
Low lift golf ball
Golf tool system
Pitching game system and associated method
Golf putting practice device and methods of practicing putting thereof
Gaming machine with movable display screen
Performing Operations; Transporting
Production fluid solid trap
Filter for edible oil and fat
Device and a method for carrying out chemical and/or physical reactions between a solid material and a gas as well as a plant for cement manufacture
Triple-flow vortex tube
Air condenser housing screening apparatus
Air handling device
Charging device, air handling device, method for charging, and method for handling air
Method for manufacturing hairline elements in case frames
Method for growing carbon nanotubes on clay platelets
Apparatus and system for cleaning baseball bases
Methods for evacuating particles from a hard drive component
Electrostatic chuck cleaning method
Methods for extending the lifetime of pressure gauges coupled to substrate process chambers
Energy collection and power reduction in laser coupling process
Diamond growth devices and methods
Method and apparatus for molding an article
Optical shaping apparatus and optical shaping method
Stamper and stamper evaluation method
Method for producing drip irrigation pipes
Composite compositions comprising cellulose and polymeric components
Process for the manufacturing of a decorative laminate provided with an aligned surface structure
Compensation element for joining components
Method of assembling two webs of tissue paper with or without marking of said webs
Acrylic rubber-metal composite
Transparent laminate film and method for producing same
Environment-friendly foamed container closure laminate with embossed tabs
Decorative stainless steel rolled sheet with embossed pattern
Method and system for providing a full wrap-around shield using a frame configured wet etch in a damascene process
Tire rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Amphibious vehicle
All vehicle mats
Lighting system control method
Locking cylinder and closing method
Outboard motor
Microwave cooking tray with pop-up legs
Microwave cooking tray with pop-up legs
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Natural gas production method utilizing a gas dynamic laser, with cogeneration of electrical power
Storage materials for hydrogen and other small molecules
Nanoporous materials and related methods
Selective leach recovery of minerals from composite ores
Processes and apparatuses for treating and/or increasing dryness of a substance
Apparatus and methods for control of waste treatment processes
Method of controlling chemical in wet decarburinozation of fly ash
Use of polyols and cyclohexane polycarboxylic acid derivatives for the removal of dust from chemical construction products
Method of making linear alkylbenzenes
Process for the purification of aromatic amines
Method for producing phenylalkane-1-ols
Use of ionic liquids with tetracyanoborate anions as a solvents for extraction of alcohols from aqueous solutions
Chlorothioformate manufacturing method
Compounds for treating proliferative disorders
Hydroxy- and aldehyde functional compounds
Carboxylic acid production process employing solvent from esterification of lignocellulosic material
Method for converting aromatic aldehydes to aromatic acyl halides
Process for preparing carboxylic esters by reactive distillation
Halosubstituted aryloxyalkylimidazolines for use as pesticides
Formulations for benzimidazolyl pyridyl ethers
Substituted pyrimidine compositions and methods of use
Process for statins and its pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Method for producing 4,4'-(propane-1,2-diyl)-dipiperazine-2,6-dione
Method for preparing hydroxymethylfurfural
Duloxetine compositions in the form of a powder for suspension in a liquid
Vegetable oil esterified lipoic acid
N-(5-cycloalkyl)-pyridin-3-yl carboxamides
Aminopyrimidines useful as kinase inhibitors
Diaminoalkane aspartic protease inhibitors
Pyrrolopyridine derivatives substituted with cyclic amino group
Rapamycin carbonic ester analogues, pharmaceutical compositions, preparations and uses thereof
Wood and cell wall gene microarray
PMMA binding peptides
Methods and compositions for prostate cancer immunotherapy
Dynamic pressure control in double loop reactor
Curable composition comprising imidazolium monocarboxylate salt
Process for preparing fluorinated block copolyesters
Supramolecular functional materials
Preparing expandable styrene polymers
Water-soluble product
Photosensitive resin composition, flexible circuit board employing the same, and circuit board production method
Wellbore operations using controlled variable density fluid
Additive for oils and lubricant comprising the same
Cleaning compositions
Compositions and methods for the removal of chewing gum residues from substrates
Plants with improved morphogenesis and method of constructing the same
Method for increasing seed yield or biomass by expressing RNA binding proteins in transgenic plants
Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Multiple mutation variants of serine protease
Protease variants for pharmaceutical use
Method for producing metal nanoparticles
Modification of exosomal components for use as a vaccine
Method of detection of microorganisms with enhanced bacteriophage amplification
Saprolite neutralisation of heap leach process
Use of butyraldehyde oxime as an anti-nitrous agent in an operation for the reductive stripping of plutonium
Method for depositing hydrogenated diamond-like carbon films using a gas cluster ion beam
Protective offset sputtering
Textiles; Paper
Pulp composition for paper and solid board production
Manufacture of filled paper
Process for inkjet paper and paper produced thereby
Fixed Constructions
Induction welded waterproofing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotational kinetic energy conversion system
Systems, apparatuses and methods for the transmission of energy and power
Manipulator arm mechanism
Measurement of changes in surfaces of objects
Method and system for mapping the shape of a head under operating conditions
Retro-reflector for image-guided operation systems
Fiber based SERS sensor
Vectorial polarimetry method and apparatus for analyzing the three-dimensional electromagnetic field resulting from an interaction between a focused illuminating field and a sample to be observed
Directable light
Methods for real-time contamination, environmental, or physical monitoring of a photomask
Device for detecting signs of bacterial infection of the teeth
Optical sensor and image forming apparatus
Poly(aniline boronic acid) polymers and methods of use
Circuit for checking the voltage of batteries
Field emission devices including nanotubes or other nanoscale articles
Diagnose of mycobacterial infections by determination of IFN-gamma
Biomarkers for follicular thyroid carcinoma and methods of use
Low voltage differential signaling test system and method
Electronic apparatus and method of calculating input power value of power supply unit in electronic apparatus
Measurement circuit for power supply
High speed measurement of random variation/yield in integrated circuit device testing
Reliability evaluation test apparatus, reliability evaluation test system, contactor, and reliability evaluation test method
Measurement circuit for capacitor
3D multiple die stacking
Radiation detection device
Projection lens
Wafer level camera module and method of manufacture
Zoom lens and imaging device using same
Biaxial scanning mirror for image forming apparatus
Optical component manufacturing method, and lens, lens unit and camera module
Method for producing wafer lens assembly and method for producing wafer lens
Lens module
Holding arrangement for an optical element
Wide-conversion lens
Directly modulated spatial light modulator
Method of forming semiconductor device by using reduction projection aligner
Alignment marks for multi-exposure lithography
Electrophotographic photosensitive member and electrophotographic apparatus
Systems and methods for automated wireless authorization for entry into a geographic area
Remote control devices and method for preventing accidental operation thereof
Control circuit for fan
Power systems with platform-based controllers
Current mirror circuit
Power supply with non-isolated DC DC splitting
Method and system for a process sensor to compensate SoC parameters in the presence of IC process manufacturing variations
Power supply assembly
Electronic device
Flash memory stick
All-in-one computer
Motherboard and server using the same
Mounting apparatus for hard disk drive
Computer enclosure
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program for generating and displaying network structures
System and method for informing an aircraft operator about a temporary flight restriction in perspective view
Scent-based board game
Methods and apparatus for stringed controllers and instruments
Self-adapting keypad
Determining a position of a pointing device
Wireless file transmission
Sensor element and method of driving sensor element, and input device, display device with input function and communication device
Electronic device of touch input type
User interface system
Touch sensing apparatus and method of driving the same
Facsimile device, computer readable recording medium storing control program code for facsimile device, and control method for facsimile device regarding transfer-scheduled data and print-scheduled data
Apparatus, system, method, and storage medium for managing and generating print data
Image reading device and image processing method utilizing the same
Method for setting function options and multi function peripheral using the same
Data-driven integrated circuit architecture
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling sheet conveyance intervals in same
Printing method, multi-function printing apparatus, and printing system for disk media
Image-processing apparatus and image-processing method
Method and apparatus for reproducing image using output prediction
Ranking nodes in a graph
Lighting environment simulation system and method
3D reconstruction from oversampled 2D projections
Apparatus and method for portable tracking
Nuclear radiation-warning detector that measures impedance
Sensor with mount
Sensor module
Attachment detection method and system
Duplication prevention method and system
Circuit and method for controlling a liquid crystal segment display
Plasma display device
Display apparatus and display driving method for enhancing grayscale display capable of low luminance portion without increasing driving time
Data driver including shift register unit, sampling latch unit, holding latch unit, and digital-to-analog converter, and organic light emitting display using the same
Light emitting apparatus, method for driving the light emitting apparatus, and display apparatus including the light emitting apparatus
Liquid crystal display module
Display unit, display device and information processing apparatus
Display device, drive method therefor, and electronic apparatus
Printed circuit board
Electronic device and display method
Integrated information presentation system with environmental controls
Processing computer graphics generated by a remote computer for streaming to a client computer
Apparatus and method for providing wireless communication and FM transceiver operation for a wireless computer mouse
Method for driving matrix displays
System to highlight differences in thumbnail images, mobile phone including system, and method
Methods of providing pickups and other accessories on stringed instruments and the stringed instrument
Detachable electric pickup for musical instrument
Multi-layer optical disc
Magnetic coil assembly
Transformer coil assembly
Side key assembly for portable electronic device
Lamp device comprising illuminates surrounded by solid particles comprising a particle number density gradient in a direction away from the illuminates
Mask health monitor using a faraday probe
Region divided substrate and semiconductor device
Methods and apparatus for assembling and operating electronic device manufacturing systems
Method for recovering an on-state forward voltage and, shrinking stacking faults in bipolar semiconductor devices, and the bipolar semiconductor devices
Method for manufacturing light emitting diodes
Deposition of germanium film
Glass plate for display panels, process for producing it, and process for producing TFT panel
Fully-depleted SON
Multi-stack ferroelectric polymer memory
Three dimensional integrated deep trench decoupling capacitors
Ferroelectric polymer
Trench capacitor with spacer-less fabrication process
Method of forming a semiconductor device introducing plural impurities to form plural wells
Sidewall image transfer using the lithographic stack as the mandrel
Use of an organic planarizing mask for cutting a plurality of gate lines
Antenna for plasma processor and apparatus
Ink-jet print ink and organic thin film transistor using thereof
Method for fabricating a connection region in a semiconductor device
Method for removing native oxide and associated residue from a substrate
Devices with gate-to-gate isolation structures and methods of manufacture
Method of forming an integrated circuit interconnect structure
Planar and nanowire field effect transistors
Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Method and package for circuit chip packaging
Semiconductor device
Chemical vapor deposition of titanium
Template wafer and process for small pitch flip-chip interconnect hybridization
Semiconductor device
Mosfet package
Opto-mechanical infrared thermal viewer device
Embedded NOR flash memory process with NAND cell and true logic compatible low voltage device
Image sensor having four-transistor or five-transistor pixels with reset noise reduction
Method of manufacturing solid state imaging device, solid state imaging device, and camera using solid state imaging device
Light emitting device using GaN LED chip
Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device in which decrease in coupling ratio of memory cells is suppressed
High efficiency solar cell using IIIB material transition layers
Light guide array for an image sensor
LED unit having self-connecting leads
Method of manufacturing light emitting diode packaging lens and light emitting diode package
Semiconductor light-emitting device
LED-based light source utilizing asymmetric conductors
Nanoelectronic structure and method of producing such
Hybrid semiconductor electronic device having multiple material layers
Method for producing crystalline nitride phosphors
Organic light emitting diode display having scattering portion
System and method for applying a plurality of energy pulses to a cathode for rapid depolarization of batteries
Outdoor monitoring system
Electrochemical device
Battery system for electric motorcycle
Fixing apparatus for fixing battery
Anode and lithium battery including the anode
Fuel cell with electrolyte strengthening substrate having a penetration portion
Integrated PEM fuel cell
Electrical connector having improved contact member
Eletronic device having a tray for placing digital card
Fuse-receiving device
Device and method for the captive accommodation of a screw in a terminal
Coaxial cable connector with strain relief clamp
Common mode magnetic device for bus structure
Refrigerator module utilities enabled via connection
Protection system for server
Method and apparatus for utilizing recycled batteries to surface charge an automobile battery
Smart wall plate
Disk drive device for rotating a disk
Programmable high voltage energy saving system
Adaptive filter with coefficient determination based on output of real time clock
Differential amplifier stage with integrated offset cancellation circuit
High-speed comparator
Stiffness-enhanced surface-mounted piezoelectric devices
Implementing temporary disable function of protected circuitry by modulating threshold voltage of timing sensitive circuit
Duty correcting circuit, delay-locked loop circuit including the circuit, and method of correcting duty
Initialization circuit and bank active circuit using the same
Monitoring negative bias temperature instability (NBTI) and/or positive bias temperature instability (PBTI)
Level shifter
Phase-frequency comparator and serial transmission device
Analog-to-digital converter
Image forming apparatus
Method of pressure detection for selective scanning of a document
Image processing device for judging whether or not input pixels satisfy an achromatic condition
Stereoscopic camera with automatic obstruction removal
Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program
Systems, methods, and apparatus for generation of reinforcement pattern and systems, methods, and apparatus for artifact evaluation
Illumination device with improved remote control
Image capturing apparatus and control method of the same
Imaging lens, imaging device, and mobile terminal
Solid-state imaging device
Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and computer-readable storage medium storing program therein
Onscreen remote control presented by audio video display device such as TV to control source of HDMI content
Recovery of service mode data corruption
Dynamic RF AGC switch/mixer for optimal NTSC video detection
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Digital display device for a DVR system that receives a movement image and a method for using such
Variable backlight control for bezel
Photographing apparatus and smear correction method thereof
Synchronization of devices in a RFID communications environment
Helix heated hose
Induction accelerating device and acceleration method of charged particle beam
Printed circuit board module
Back-end-of-line planar resistor
Serial advanced technology attachment dual in-line memory module assembly
Computer enclosure having expansion card retention frame
Card assembly and electronic device thereof
Electronic device chassis
Housing and method for making the same
Support assembly and computer keyboard using the same
Electronic device housing and manufacturing method thereof
Optical disc reproduction apparatus
Spring loaded security slot attachment for portable device security
Adjustable mount assembly
Electronic device with support
Housing and portable electronic device using the same
Elastic module and slide mechanism and electronic device using the same
Power module
Server rack with baffles
Conductive film stacked member, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Electronic device having inner holder for functional module
Method of repair of electronic device and repair system
Casing having local portion adjacent to wireless device
Personal storage device with charging capability
Electronic device
Electromagnetic shielding device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method of counting seeds dispensed through seed tubes of an air seeding system
Soybean variety 94B41
Cotton plant named 926 B Pima
Flow-through system and method for toxicity testing
Vegetable-based dog chew
Heat modifiable peanut dog chew
Tank cleaning system
Extended human hematopoiesis in a heterologous host
Methods and compositions for sedating, anaesthetizing and euthanizing aquatic organisms
Stomach-action molluscicides
Solid agricultural composition comprising a monosaccharide, an oligosaccharide and/or a polysaccharide
Composition and method for treating plants with exogenous chemicals
Composition and method for treating plants with exogenous chemicals
Efficacy enhancer for agricultural chemicals and agricultural chemical compositions
Anti-microbial powder coatings
Oligonucleotide modulation of cell adhesion
Methods and compositions for attracting and controlling termites
Bicyclic amine derivatives
Synergistic juvenoid chitin synthesis inhibitor termiticide compositions
Biocidal compositions for treating water
Article for release of repellents and insecticides
Pre-cooked sandwich packaging and method of reheated sale
Toaster cookies
Natural color concentrates and antimicrobial nutraceutial from plants
Process for preserving product quality of lychee
Hydrocolloid composition for use as a gelling agent viscosifier and stabilizer
Process for making cheese using transglutaminase and a non-rennet protease
Method and apparatus for electrically treating foodstuffs for preservation
Complete nutritional milk compositions and products
Beverage antioxidant system
Confectionary holder
Molded aerated frozen bar
Method for removing nitrogenous waste products from animals with hepatic disease
Batter, material for frying, freezing and microwave cooking and frozen fried material for microwave cooking
Method of microwave heating of food
Process for removing fat substitutes from foods containing same
Enhanced cholesterol extraction from egg yolk
Shelf-stable butter containing microwave popcorn article
Use of polyvinylpyrrolidone in fat reduced salad dressings
Antitumor active substances
Maca and antler for augmenting testosterone levels
Sugar imbalance and diabetes treating herbal formulation
Reduced absorption of fatty acids
Flexible lightweight protective pad with energy absorbing inserts
Artificial leaf decorations and method of forming same
Bleeding costume element
Reinforcing tape for slide fastener
Silver-based antimicrobial compositions
Method of making imitation tree and frame therefor
Process and device for in vitro diagnosis of allergic disorders
Self-adhesive laminate
Eye bandage used after intraocular surgical operation
Absorbent article, such as a diaper, an incontinence guard, a sanitary napkin or like article
Liquid-permeable topsheet for body fluids absorbent article and method of making this topsheet
Disposable article having a responsive system including a feedback control loop
Process and apparatus for manufacturing intermediate absorbent products, and absorbent articles obtained from such products
Cosmetic and dermatological compositions containing aminoalcohol derivatives containing a urea functional group and uses thereof
Therapeutic composition
Therapeutic treatment for skin disorders
Methods and composition for treating skin proliferative diseases
Therapeutic agents for asthma
Agents with leukotriene B4-like activity as antiherpes viral agents
Selective .beta.-3 adrenergic agonists
Therapeutic treatment for sexual dysfunctions
Methods of modulating serine/threonine protein kinase function with azabenzimidazole-based compounds
Form of (E)-3-[6-[[(2,6-dichlorophenyl)-thio]methyl]-3-(2-phenylethoxy)-2-pyridi nyl]-2-propenoic acid
Use of dopamine receptor antagonists in palliative tumor therapy
Substituted bicyclic heteroaroylguanidines, a process for their preparation, their use as a medicament or a diagnostic agent, and a medicament containing them
Amidino-camptothecin derivatives
Method for treating prostate cancer
Use of aldosterone antagonists to inhibit myocardial fibrosis
Enteric-coated chromium picolinate compositions and uses thereof
Mixtures of dideoxy-nucleosides and hydroxycarbamide for inhibiting retroviral spread
Polysubstituted benzimidazoles as antiviral agents
Mannose-6-phosphate composition and its use in treating fibrotic disorders
Peptide copolymer compositions
Method for gene therapy involving suppression of an immune response
Method of inducing an immune response using vaccinia virus recombinants encoding GM-CSF
Methods for promoting functional regeneration of mammalian muscle by administering leukaemia inhibitor factor
Co-administration of interleukin-3 mutant polypeptides with CSF's for multi-lineage hematopoietic cell production
Method and compositions for lipidization of hydrophilic molecules
Inactive but immunogenic cytokines, pharmaceutical compositions containing same, and methods of treating homeostatic disorders associated with an overproduction of cytokines
Modulation of the sensitivity of tumor cells to chemotherapeutics
Vaccine for induction of immunity to malaria
Vaginal lactobacillus medicant
Unique associated Kaposi's sarcoma virus sequences and uses thereof
Medical use of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors for inhibiting tissue contraction
Compositions for regulating skin appearance
Therapeutic methods employing disulfide derivatives of dithiocarbamates and compositions useful therefor
Method and pharmaceutical composition for regulating lipid concentration
Pharmaceutical compositions, containing S-adenosyl-L-methionine salt, 5-methyl-tetrahydrofolic acid and 5-formyltetrahydrofolic acid
17.beta.-nitro-11.beta.-arylsteroids and their derivatives having agonist or antagonist hormonal properties
Composition to treat ear disorders
Gene therapy for cystic fibrosis
Method for covalent attachment of compounds to genes
Methods and compositions for the specific coagulation of vasculature
Metal complexes derivatized with folate for use in diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Bisamine bisthiol radiolabel binding moieties
Silicone composition useful for dental temporary sealing
Peptides and hair growers having actions of promoting proliferation of hair papilla cells
4,4-diarylbutadienes as water-soluble photostable UV filters for cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations
Rinse added fabric softening compositions and method of use for the delivery of fragrance derivatives
Melatonin derivatives and anti-free-radical dermocosmetics comprised thereof
Inhibition of hair growth
Fluidized polymer suspensions of cationic polysaccharides in polyols and use thereof in personal care compositions
Skin care compositions
Personal care compositions
Shaving and skin conditioning lotion
Combined dehydroepiandrosterone and retinoid therapy for epithelial disorders
Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor
Hair-care composition comprising an aqueous polymer dispersion
Process for manufacture of carotenoid compositions
Sustained release matrix for high-dose insoluble drugs
Process for producing riboflavin-containing granules
Compliance verification method and device in compulsory drug administration
Melt-stable semi-crystalline lactide polymer film and process for manufacture thereof
Bioresorbable copolymers
Frangible compounds for pathogen inactivation
Methods and compositions for the selective modification of nucleic acids
Extended-release chemical formulation in tablet form for urine pretreatment
Method for manufacturing a fiber-reinforced bioactive ceramic implant
Non-calcific biomaterial by glutaraldehyde followed by oxidative fixation
Medical devices made from improved polymer blends
Potpourri stirrer and refresher device
Methods for making multi-layer golf balls using rigid uncrosslinked shells
Golf driving range distancing apparatus and methods
System for prioritizing audio for a virtual environment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process of recovering .epsilon.-caprolactam from PA-6 synthesis extract water
Device for discontinuous injection of a fluid F2 into a zone Z1 or discontinuous extraction of a fluid F1 from A zone Z1
Method for the fractionation of molasses
Method and apparatus for separating oil from water in wastewater containing an emulsified oil
Sewage treatment apparatus
Air scour/backwash apparatus for celless traveling bridge filter
Sealing arrangement for filter belt
Multiple discharge water faucet with self-contained filter
Process for the synthesis of urea and equipment therefor
Purification of gases
Method and apparatus for pollution control in exhaust gas streams from fossil fuel burning facilities
Four-way diesel exhaust catalyst and method of use
Removal of nitrogen oxides from exhaust gas using catalyst
Method and device for moving molecules by the application of a plurality of electrical fields
Method of dye removal for the textile industry
Electrochemical solid phase synthesis
Method for the coating or encapsulation of fluidizable substrates
Adsorbent for metal ions and method of making and using
Method for selecting raw material for bleaching clay
Catalyst for dehydrogenating 1,4-butanediol to .gamma.-butyrolactone
Method of treating spontaneously combustible catalysts
Carbon monoxide oxidation catalyst and process therefor
Process for the manufacture of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane
Carbided hydrocarbon conversion catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Noble metal hydrocracking catalysts
Alkylation catalyst and the application thereof
Sealable chamber extrusion apparatus and method with process controls
Polymerization system with organosilicon compound
Photocatalyst-binder compositions
Apparatuses and methods for electrochemically modifying the retention of species on chromatography material
Purification of immunoglobulins
Plate for distributing a multiphase mixture through a catalytic bed
Polynucleotide separation method and apparatus therefor
Miniaturized planar columns in novel support media for liquid phase analysis
Method for separating a mixture of residual wastes
Magnetic purifying apparatus for purifying a fluid
Electrospraying apparatus and method for introducing material into cells
Atomizer for spray forming ring structures
Thermoplastic melting apparatus
Process for the production of multilayered coatings
Gene recombinant with biodegradability for chlorinated ethylene and bio-treatment of chlorinated ethylene therewith
Composite member
Activated metal and a method for producing the same
Process for operating a plasma arc torch
High frequency heating coil device
Apparatus and method for surface treatment, and apparatus and method for wire bonding using the surface treatment apparatus
Magnet and reed switch/lock
Plural layered metal repair tape
Method of pipe welding
Contact tip for welding
Method of making a recess termination in a component
Polish pad with non-uniform groove depth to improve wafer polish rate uniformity
Method of surface finishes for eliminating surface irregularities and defects
Reinforced thermoplastic composite systems
Forming moulding with simulated wood grain surface
Method of making an expandable gap filling product
Method of continuously curing a sheet formed of EPDM material
Insulating sheathing with tough three-ply facers
Expandable thermoplastic polymer particles and method for making same
Seat with surface material having multilayer having different hardness and method for manufacturing the same
Method of forming electrical components
Actuatable switch in sealed housing
Panel of material such as, for example, a vehicle door panel having reinforcements and a handle
Golf ball injection mold and method for injection molding golf balls
Clamp system and method
Low orientation thermoplastic sheet products and processes
Method for producing a biaxially oriented open-ended container
Method of lining pipelines with flow-through apparatus and liner
Grommet strip manufacturing method and apparatus
Structure and method of forming a laminate structure
Process for gradient refractive index optical objects
Paper receptacle
Polyvinyl butyral sheet
Water soluble perfluoro polyether salt topcoat lubricants
Mat and method of making mat
Stretch wrap films
Fiber glass mat for laminating to foam, foam laminate precursor, foam laminate, and methods of making the mat and the foam laminate
Heat sensitive imaging element and a method for producing lithographic plates therewith
Lithographic printing plate
Spontaneously color changing type thermal sensitive recording medium
Thermally processable imaging element with improved adhesion of the overcoat layer
Alumina sol and recording sheet
Mordanting substrates and agents
Process for the preparation of articles with a three-dimensional surface structure, and articles prepared by this process
Abrasion resistant laminate and method for making same
Dendritic polyester macromolecule in thermosetting resin matrix
Method for decorating surfaces with transfer patterns
Electric seat heater
Heated steering wheel
Precise recipe spice dispenser
Colored composition
Automobile protective masking material
Microfabrication process for enclosed microstructures
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fuel cell using an aqueous hydrogen-generating process
Method for generating water for semiconductor production
Comprehensive system for utility load leveling, hydrogen production, stack gas cleanup, greenhouse gas abatement, and methanol synthesis
Selective separation of rare earth elements by ion exchange in an iminodiacetic resin
Process for producing trivalent titanium coordination complex
Anhydrous zinc antimonate sol and method for producing the same
Synthesis of silver vanadium oxide for cathode material
Nuclear fuel reprocessing
Method for removing toxic substances in water
Process for controlling the nitrification and denitrification phase
Process for removing nitrogenous compounds and remineralizing water
Ice dispenser with an air-cooled bin
Quartz glass, heat treating apparatus using quartz glass, and heat treating method
Method and compositions for decorating glass
Method for the production of glass product
Antistrip latex for aggregate treatment
Method of manufacturing ceramic sintered bodies
Heat-and corrosion-resisting protection tube
Crystal-oriented ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics using the same, and methods for producing the same
Low temperature coefficient dielectric materials and devices comprising same
Ceramics with excellent electrostrictive property
Piezoelectric ceramic composition
Rare earth X-ray scintillator compositions
Silylalkylboranes, oligo or polyborocarbosilazanes and silicon carbonitride ceramics
Carbon-carbon composite for friction products and method of making same
Production of alkenyl bridged ring compounds
Aromatic dimethylidyne compounds
Method for producing perfluoro(n-pentane)
Process for preparing 4,6-diamino-resorcinol dihydrochloride
Process for preparing alkanolamines from polyolefin epoxides
Process for preparing optically active 2-hydroxy-methyl-3-phenylpropionic acid
1,7,7-trimethyl-bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane derivatives as anxiolytic agents having enhanced receptor specificity
Galanthamine derivatives and process for their preparation
N-bis- or N-tris-[(1,2-dicarboxy-ethoxy)-ethyl]-amine derivatives and preparation and use of the same
Method for producing bis (trifluoromethyl) benzene
Phenylenediamine derivative, production method thereof and antioxidant for rubber using it as effective constituent
Process for the preparation of acylglutamate solutions
N-(.alpha.-alkylbenzylidene)-.alpha.-phenylalkylamine, its use and process for producing the same and process for producing intermediate therefor
Preparation of substituted guanidine derivatives
4-hydroxybiphenyl hydrazide derivatives
N-acyl sulfamic acid esters useful as hypocholesterolemic agents
Inhibitors of p38
Universal linker for combinatorial synthesis
Sulfonium salt compounds, polymerization initiator, curable composition and curing method
1,3-diphenylpropane derivatives having inhibitory activity against tyrosinase and process for preparation thereof
Polyoxyalkylene surfactants
Separation of the divinyl ether of diethylene glycol or triethylene glycol from the monovinyl ether of the corresponding oliogethylene glycol
Method of producing alkaline-earth salts of aliphatic .beta.-keto compounds
Process for the preparation of ibuprofen
Process for producing maleic anhydride
Enantioselective resolution process for arylpropionic acid drugs from the racemic mixture
Preparation of perylene-3,4-dicarboxylic acid anhydrides
Plant growth promoter
Preparation of cyclopentanols
Ester co-production
Process for continuous production of carbonate esters
Calixarenes for use as dissolution inhibitors in lithographic photoresist compositions
Process for the preparation of 10,11-dihydro-5H-dibenzo[A,D]cyclohept-5-enes and derivatives thereof
Imidazole and imidazoline derivatives and uses thereof
Cationic lipids
Method and reagents for N-alkylating ureides
Prodrugs of proton pump inhibitors
Substituted pyridazin-3-one compounds
Process for the continuous production of basic cyclic optically active .alpha.- amino acids
Tricyclic benzazepine compounds
N-trityl and N-phenylfluorenyl carboxyanhydrides of amino acids
Tyrosine derivatives
Method for storing a biological organ transplant graft using a benzisoselen-azoline or -azine compound
Muscarinic receptor agonists
Amines substituted with a dihydro-benzofuranyl or with a dihydro-isobenzofuranyl group, an aryl or heteroaryl group and an alkyl group, having retinoid-like biological activity
Process for preparing 3-(1-hydroxyphenyl-1-alkoximinomethyl) dioxazines
Benzothiophene derivatives, their preparation and use as urokinase inhibitors
Inhibitors of farnesyl-protein transferase
5-arylindole derivatives
4-hydroxyquinoline-3-carboxamides and hydrazides as antiviral agents
Isoxazoline derivatives useful as antimicrobials
Substituted 2-pyrimidineamines and processes for their preparation
Substituted pyrimidine derivatives and their pharmaceutical use
Trans apovincaminic acid ester derivatives
Process for preparing steroid receptor modulator compounds
4-substituted beta-carbolines and analogs thereof
Muscarinic agonists and antagonists
Synthesis of long wavelength absorbing photosensitizers
Preparation of penciclovir or famciclovir
Process for the preparation of C(5)-substituted 1,2-dihydro-5H-chromeno[3,4-f] quinolines
Methods for preparation of 1,2-dihydroquinolines
3'-epimeric K-252A derivatives
Process for preparation of cefdinir
Cephalosporin derivatives
Proton pump inhibitors
Imidazopyridine thrombin inhibitors
Process for the stereospecific synthesis of azetidinones
Catalyst for the production of olefin polymers
Silicone monomers and oligomers having a carboxyl functional group thereon
Phosphorylation of phosphazenes
Synthetic insulin mimetic substances
Sugar-modified 7-deaza-7-substituted oligonucleotides
Nucleic acid molecule encoding Ste20 oxidant stress response kinase-1 (SOK-1) polypeptide
Producing low binding hydrophobic surfaces by treating with a low HLB number non-ionic surfactant
Amido and peptido modified enzymatic nucleic acid molecules
Nucleic acid probes to ureaplasma
Glycoside compounds and methods of synthesis
Three-dimensional structure of bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein (BPI)
Synthesis of hydroxamic acid derivatives
Binding protein of biologically active compositions to an adhesive formulation on a substrate
Sugarcane bacilliform virus promoter
Immortalized brain endothelial cells
Method for identifying attenuated chickenpox virus Oka strain or strain originating therein and acceptable as attenuated chickenpox vaccine virus
Helper virus-free AAV production
Genetics manipulations with recombinant DNA virus comprising sequences derived from RNA virus
Rupestris stem pitting associated virus nucleic acids, proteins, and their uses
Modified HGP-30 peptides, conjugates, compositions and methods of use
DNA encoding proteins of Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpesvirus
Isolated peptides derived from the Epstein-Barr virus containing fusion inhibitory domains
Bacillus thuringiensis CryET29 compositions toxic to coleopteran insects and ctenocephalides SPP
Nematode-induced genes in tomato
Methods for improving seeds
Isothermal transcription based amplification assay for the detection and quantitation of macrophage derived chemokine RNA
Methods for preparing and using clonogenic fibroblasts and transfected clonogenic fibroblasts
Methods for detecting nucleic acid molecules encoding a member of the muscarinic family of receptors
E25a protein, methods for production and use thereof
Morphogen cell surface receptor and screening for morphogen analogs
B cell activation
DNA encoding the T cell surface protein T4 and use of fragments of T4 in the treatment of AIDS
Method of producing aminoterminal propeptide of type 1 procollagen
I.kappa.BEGFP constructs, cell lines and methods of use
Isolated human Prt1 protein
Recombinant analogs of bactericidal/permeability increasing protein
Method for diagnosing a disorder characterized by expression of a BAGE tumor rejection antigen precursor
Modified glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD)
Method for purification of alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor
Monoclonal antibody specifically recognizing adeno-associated virus cap protein
Recombinant hK2 polypeptide
Substituted isoquinoline-3-carboxamides, their preparation and their use as pharmaceuticals
Cephalosporin compounds
Tri-, Tetra-, Penta-, and polypeptides and their therapeutic use as an antidepressant agent
Non-linear styrenic polymer compositions and articles prepared therefrom
Polymers and processes thereof
Visible laser-curable composition
Use of a copolymer with a surface-active structure as a dispersing and/or crushing aid
Process for preparing polyvinyl alcohol stabilized solvent- and plastifier-free polyvinyl ester dispersions
Supported cobalt catalyst, production thereof and use thereof for the polymerization of unsaturated compounds
Low VOC emulsion
Polymers with pendant fluoroalkylsulfide groups
Polyolefin containing polyetheramine modified functionalized polyolefin
Preparation of a homogeneous, demixing-stable polyol component
Process for preparing a reduced-color isocyanurate-functional polyisocyanate prepared from 1-isocyanato-3,3,5-trimethyl-5-isocyanatomethylcyclohexane (IPDI)
Stove-enamel coating media and the use thereof
Polymerizable acetylene composition and acetylene photopolymerization process
Liquid crystalline polyesters and molding compositions prepared therefrom
Process for preparing polytrimethylene terephthalate
Indane polycarbonates
Electrophotographic photoconductor and polycarbonate resin for use therein
Process for the production of polyether polyols
Polyether amine modification of polyproplene
Process for the preparation of polymers with repeating succinyl units using catalysts
Organic-soluble aromatic polyimides, organic solutions and preparation thereof
Method for preparing nonreactive aminosilicone oils
Crosslinkable compositions
Polymer/CaCO.sub.3 composite core/sheath particulates and hollow . CaCO.sub3 microbeads prepared therefrom
Flame retardant for styrene resin and resin composition comprising the same
Method for the production of substantially open-cell polystyrene sheet
Coated transparencies and transparent laminates incorporating a transparent polyurethane composition
Process for producing foam by monitoring key process parameters
High temperature silicon sealant
Compositions containing liquid crystalline polymers
Cyanoacrylate adhesive compositions with improved cured thermal properties
Binder system and method for particulate material
Composition and method for encapsulating photovoltaic devices
Process for the preparation of rubber mixtures containing water repellent oxide or silicate fillers, and the use thereof for the manufacture of tires
Manufacture of extruded articles
Immiscible polymer compatibiliser system
High shock absorbing rubber compositions
Open-cell foam and method of making
Thermoplastic moulding compounds based on vinyl aromatic polymers with syndiotactic structure, low-viscosity polyamides and polyphenylene ethers modified with polar groups
Syndiotactic styrene resin, thermoplastic resin and rubber
Fireproofed thermoplastic moulding masses
Binder resin for lithographic printing ink vehicle and method for producing the same
Poly (arylene sulfide) compositions and manufactures
Liquid crystalline filter dyes for imaging elements
(.mu.)-oxo-aluminum/gallium phthalocyanine dimer
Low gloss powder coating composition
Electrocoating compositions containing high aspect ratio clays as crater control agents
Organoborane polyamine complex initiator systems and polymerizable compositions made therewith
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets
Phosphor composition with a hydroxycarboxylic-acid coating
Long afterglow silicate luminescent material and its manufacturing method
Optically active compound, liquid crystal composition containing the same, and liquid crystal electro-optic element using the same
Polymer dispersed liquid crystal display device
Polishing slurry compositions capable of providing multi-modal particle packing and methods relating thereto
Use of mixtures based on difluoromethane and on pentafluorethane as cryogenic fluids in very low temperature refrigeration
Heat transfer medium based on alkylene glycols for solar units
Oil and gas well operation fluid used for the solvation of waxes and asphaltenes, and method of use thereof
FCC feed injection using subcooled water sparging for enhanced feed atomization
CO.sub.2 treatment to remove +2 ionic metal from crude
Process for selectively producing C3 olefins in a fluid catalytic cracking process
Oxygen flow control for gasification
Method for inhibiting the formation of gas hydrates
Process for slowing the growth and/or agglomeration and possibly retarding the formation of hydrates in a production effluent
Formula for arrow lubrication
Lubricating oil composition
Process for making solid compositions comprising quaternary ester ammonium compounds and fatty acids
Asphalt and heavy oil degreaser
Liquid for contact lenses
Water softening and detergent compositions
Water soluble dye complexing polymers
Detergent composition
Agglomeration process for producing detergent compositions involving premixing modified polyamine polymers
Detergent particles comprising metal-containing bleach catalysts
Plant lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferases
Genetically engineered mice containing alterations in the gene encoding RXR
Methods and compositions for use in gene therapy for treatment of hemophilia
Method of gene transfer into pollen by ion beam irradiation
Generation of hematopoietic cells from multipotent neural stem cells
Method of measuring bone resorption activity with a highly enriched population of prefusion osteoclast cells
Protein phosphatase regulatory subunit
Human lysophospholipase
Amylase variants
Amyloid precursor protein protease
Chondroitin lyase enzymes
Diagnosis of fungal infections with a chitinase
Mass spectrometer having a derivatized sample presentation apparatus
Double receptor polynucleotide assay method
Automatic plant for thermal treatment of metals, in particular steel
Modified nickel-chromium-aluminum-iron alloy
Material for magnetostrictive sensors and other applications based on ferrite materials
Copper alloy foils
Process for forming interconnection of semiconductor device and sputtering system therefor
Microscopic element manufacturing method and equipment for carrying out the same
Magnetron sputtering source
Elimination of titanium nitride film deposition in tungsten plug technology using PE-CVD-TI and in-situ plasma nitridation
Method of forming an electrical contact in a substrate
Coated hard alloy blade member
Method for depositing solid electrolyte layer
Inductively coupled plasma chemical vapor deposition technology
Electroless plating method
Continuous hot-dip coating method and apparatus therefor
Method of producing controlled thermal expansion coat for thermal barrier coatings
Low temperature case hardening processes
Method for etching thin nickel iron film to make a magnetic recording head
Method of producing hydrogen halide and oxygen
Cell for aluminium electrowinning
Cathode for diaphragm chlor-alkali electrolysis cell
Electrical heater for crystal growth apparatus with upper sections producing increased heating power compared to lower sections
Production method for a discrete structure substrate
Textiles; Paper
Cellulose fibers with improved elongation at break, and methods for producing same
Water-soluble fiber and a method for manufacture thereof
Moisture transport fiber
Pattern bonded nonwoven fabrics
Fixed Constructions
Drain insert for storm water sewer systems, and method of manufacture
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Conduit end fitting with automatic length adjustment
High sealing gaskets
Cooling device for halogen lamps in microwave ovens
Non-woven ceiling panels of formed thermoplastic compositions
Electric cooking appliance
Wall mounted microwave oven and control method therefor
Flow heater
Method and apparatus for dimension measurement and inspection of structures utilizing corpuscular beam
Position measuring rotary incremental optical encoder
Patient weighing apparatus for emergency medical service vehicles
Ultrasound intensity determining method and apparatus
Semiconductor sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Low pressure sensor with a thin boss and method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for rinsing a microscope slide
Sensors for detecting analytes in fluids
Gas sensor and gas concentration controller
Gas sensor
Slab gel cassettes with side openings
Sample plate and multi-capillary electrophoresis apparatus
PTFE matrix in a sample inlet liner
Microwave heating apparatus for gas chromatographic columns
Detection and quantitation of MN-specific antibodies.
Process for preparing test elements
Method for detecting the presence of malignant cells using a multi-protein DNA replication complex
Wood's anomaly assay technique and kit
Huntingtin-associated protein-related assays
Acceleration detecting device
Collision detection device having eccentric mass and inertial mass
Backside silicon removal for face down chip analysis
Magnetoresistive transducer with spin-valve structure and manufacturing method of the same
Color filter composition
Automated precision wavelength control for fiber optic Bragg grating writing
Hybrid optical module including an intermediate element
Glass wave guide element and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing a plurality of electro-optical cells, in particular liquid crystal cells
Low temperature adhesion bonding method for composite substrates
Semiconductor thin film, semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Photographic film element containing an emulsion with broadened green responsivity
Benzimidazolocarbocyanine dye, and silver halide emulsion and silver halide light-sensitive photographic material containing the same
Imaging materials
Reducing agents for use in thermographic recording materials
Photographic day/night display material with voided polyester
Uniformly mixed dry photographic developing composition containing antioxidant
Color photographic film
Simplified process for fabricating levinson and chromeless type phase shifting masks
High aspect ratio microstructures and methods for manufacturing microstructures
Process for exactly transferring latent images in photo-resist layer nonuniform in thickness in fabrication of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Processing of lithographic printing plate precursors
Method of writing any patterns on a resist by an electron beam exposure and electron beam exposure system
Pattern-forming method and lithographic system
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Dual damascene structure formed in a single photoresist film
Overlay measurement improvement between damascene metal interconnections
Control device with first and second power control elements to control heater drive apparatus
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Photoreceptor for electrophotography and method of manufacturing the same
Diiminoisoindoline compound and the process for producing the compound and use thereof
Dry electrostatographic toner composition comprising well defined inorganic particles
Laminated substrates and data input unit using the same
Bicameral scale musical instruments
Clamping device for rods for musical instruments
Snare drum strainer with quick release mechanism
Automatic note inversions in sequences having melodic runs
Reel sensor and start/finish end detecting device
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic paint therefor
Magnetic recording medium with laser textured glass or glass-ceramic substrate
Gain and error correction circuitry
Vacuum-tight continuous cable feedthrough device
Radiation-hardened electrical cable having trapped-electron reducers
Semiconductor device and production method of a semiconductor device having a capacitor
Automotive waterproof push switch
Battery cell bypass switch
Manually operated actuating device
Automatic probe replacement in a scanning probe microscope
Beam stop apparatus for an ion implanter
Apparatus for and methods of implanting desired chemical species in semiconductor substrates
Methods for reducing mask erosion during plasma etching
Method for plasma processing
High pressure MS/MS system
Vacuum heating furnace with tapered portion
Method of manufacture of stacked gate MOS structure for multiple voltage power supply applications
Method of fabricating crown capacitor by using oxynitride mask
Plasma etching methods
Dielectric materials of amorphous compositions of TI-O.sub.2 doped with rare earth elements and devices employing same
Dummy patterns for aluminum chemical polishing (CMP)
Gas mixture for etching a polysilicon electrode layer and etching method using the same
Process to fabricate hemispherical grain polysilicon
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a process of manufacturing a thin film transistor
Recessed-gate MOSFET with out-diffused source/drain extension
Split gate flash memory with minimum over-erase problem
Method of forming sharp beak of poly by oxygen/fluorine implant to improve erase speed for split-gate flash
Source side injection programming and tip erasing P-channel split gate flash memory cell
Methods for preventing gate oxide degradation
Method of fabricating transistor having a metal gate and a gate dielectric layer with a high dielectric constant
Manufacturing method for a thin film with an anti-reflection rough surface
Fabrication process of semiconductor device
Wiring substrate having vias
Method for encapsulating a semiconductor package having apertures through a sacrificial layer and contact pads
Semiconductor component and method of manufacture
Self-aligned contact process using silicon spacers
Jig for semiconductor wafers and method for producing the same
Method of manufacturing a nonvolatile memory device having a program-assist plate
Method for making high gain lateral PNP and NPN bipolar transistor compatible with CMOS for making BICMOS circuits
High voltage tolerant thin film transistor
Crystallization of amorphous silicon film using a metal catalyst
Selective area halogen doping to achieve dual gate oxide thickness on a wafer
Integrated circuit with isolation of field oxidation by noble gas implantation
Method for fully planarized conductive line for a stack gate
Ultra-low sheet resistance metal/poly-si gate for deep sub-micron CMOS application
EEPROM cell with field-edgeless tunnel window using shallow trench isolation process
Method for forming semiconductor device with common gate, source and well
Method of simplified contact etching and ion implantation for CMOS technology
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor apparatus having a silicon-on-insulator structure
Method of fabricating integrated circuits with oxidized isolation
Oxide liner for high reliability with reduced encroachment of the source/drain region
Method of forming shallow trench isolation
Isolation method of semiconductor device using second pad oxide layer formed through chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
Method of fabricating a shallow trench isolation structure
Method of providing a gettering scheme in the manufacture of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) integrated circuits
Methods of forming insulative plugs, and oxide plug forming methods
Method of forming a gate which provides a reduced corner recess in adjacent shallow trench isolation
Fabricating semiconductor memory devices with improved cell isolation
Method of fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Methods for making silicon-on-insulator structures
Method of manufacturing inductor device on a silicon substrate thereof
Method to selectively electroplate conductive material into trenches
Modified dual damascene process
Process for making contact plug
Method of forming a dielectric layer on a semiconductor wafer
High integrity borderless vias with HSQ gap filled patterned conductive layers
Method of minimizing dishing during chemical mechanical polishing of semiconductor metals for making a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Method of making a multi-layer interconnection structure
Tungsten-nitride for contact barrier application
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with an increased process tolerance
Method to form trench-free buried contact in process with STI technology
Electrically conductive projections and semiconductor processing method of forming same
Process for manufacture of integrated circuit device using a matrix comprising porous high temperature thermosets
Method for making reliable interconnect structures
Method of making a semiconductor device
Method of making a resistor, method of making a diode, and SRAM circuitry and other integrated circuitry
Method to form polycide local interconnects between narrowly-spaced features while eliminating stringers
Method and apparatus for fabricating electronic device
Integrated circuitry and semiconductor processing method of forming field effect transistors
CMOS optimization method utilizing sacrificial sidewall spacer
Method of forming source and drain regions in complementary MOS transistors
Semiconductor device having various threshold voltages and manufacturing same
Memory cell structure and fabrication
Method of fabricating a dynamic random-access memory device
Method of manufacture of vertical stacked gate flash memory device
Method of fabricating a contact structure having a composite barrier layer between a platinum layer and a polysilicon plug
SRAM having P-channel TFT as load element with less series-connected high resistance
Semiconductor device with improved pad layout
Semiconductor package and mounting socket thereof
Multiconductor bonded connection assembly with direct thermal compression bonding through a base layer
Semi-conductor personalization structure and method
Stacked die integrated circuit device
Buried contact method to release plasma-included charging damage on device
Photosensitive imager contact
Method of manufacturing a flash memory device
Self-aligned pocket process for deep sub-0.1 .mu.m CMOS devices and the device
Metal oxide silicon field effect transistor (MOSFET) and fabrication method of same
Higher power gallium nitride schottky rectifier
Thin film transistor having grain boundaries with segregated oxygen and halogen elements
MOS transistor
MOS transistors having vertical current flow
MOS devices with retrograde pocket regions
Transistor and method for manufacturing the same
Process for fabricating a high voltage MOSFET
Method of forming a charge coupled device with stripe layers corresponding to CCD regions
Method of producing a solar cell; a solar cell and a method of producing a semiconductor device
Photonic silicon on a transparent substrate
Photovoltaic power generating system
Solar cell module, production method thereof, and installation method of solar cell modules
Solar cell module, solar cell array having the module, power generation apparatus using the array, and inspection method and construction method of the apparatus
Light-emitting diode chip component and a light-emitting device
Cathode material and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell using the cathode material
Non-aqueous electrolyte lithium secondary cell
Electro-chemical-thermal rechargeable energy storage cell (ECT cell)
Method and apparatus for operating a fuel cell system
Fuel cell with selective pressure variation and dynamic inflection
Telecommunications equipment enclosures having side swivel stubs
Mounting device
Apparatus, and associated method, for shielding emi-generative components of an electrical device
Cooling device for microwave ovens with halogen lamp
Plasma burner device with adjustable anode and fixed cathode
Process for producing a ceramic-metal substrate
Arrangement for high-frequency opaque shielding
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