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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Device for coupling implement to agricultural tractor
Head restraint for animal control chute
Fishing rod repair kit
Training garment
Protective clothing against biological agents
Shoe outsole
Sock snaps
Non-inertial release safety restraint belt buckle system
Covered pad for wall panel and manufacturing process
Device for heating and frothing a liquid, in particular milk
System for removal of stains
Rib fracture score and protocol
Method and system for facilitating remote medical diagnosis and consultation
Method and system for detecting electrophysiological changes in pre-cancerous and cancerous breast tissue and epithelium
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Lymphatic pressure-measuring system and method for controlling same
Portable smart stethoscope formed of smart mobile device and casing assembly
Smart medicine container assembly
Protecting airways
Method and apparatus for quantitative nerve localization
Headgear apparatus
Portable oxygen regenerating escape hood
Performing Operations; Transporting
High-pressure processing chamber for a semiconductor wafer
Cleaning device for the shaving head of a dry shaving apparatus
Method for producing a shaft comprising stop caps device containing one such shaft
Graphical rolled steel sheet flatness display and method of using same
Canasta for forming tubes of different diameters
Apparatus and method for expanding a tube diameter and a pole formed thereby
Method for manufacturing an ink jet head
Precipitation-hardenable alloy core rod, plunger tip having a uniform side wall thickness, and method of forming same
Method of and apparatus for processing of semi-solid metal alloys
Apparatus for manufacture of directionally solidified columnar grained article thereof
Manufacturing method especially for integrally bladed rotors
Bonding device
Apparatus for crimping a stent assembly
Slide assembly fixture for rear hub assembly
Torque wrench with quick-release gear set
Holding device
Robotic machining apparatus method and system for turbine buckets
Stud system and methods related thereto
Feed rollers for tree handling
Variable tooth saw blade
Pavement saw and vacuum apparatus
Tread comprising incisions and lamella for molding these incisions
Making stencils for creating artistic works on residential lawns
Method for roller adjustment in a printing press
Fold-over tabbed notes and flags
Arrangement for filling air into a rotating pneumatic tire
Tire inflation and handling assistance device
Control system for a vehicle
Vehicle and control method of vehicle
Method of adjusting the electrical supply voltage for the operation of at least one electrically powered vehicle
Determination of running resistance for a vehicle
Module for determining of reference values for a vehicle control system
CVT frame member
Connecting link assembly and socket arrangement for assembly of floating drive-on dry docks
Device for discharge rod-like product having one end that is larger sized
Elevator roping system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Leather working tool and method for cutting a leather strip
Plasma processing apparatus including a plurality of plasma processing units having reduced variation
Textiles; Paper
Method of knitting knitwear with raglan sleeves and knitwear with raglan sleeves
Fixed Constructions
Tire pressure leak detection method and system
Flexible two-ply flooring system
Collapsible enclosure with 3-dimensional trim elements
Locking device having flange seal
Drill bit assembly with an indenting member
Apparatus for positioning a tong and drilling rig provided with such an apparatus
Hydraulic tools for setting liner top packers and method for cementing liners
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation using a pattern of heat sources
Methods and compositions for reducing the viscosity of treatment fluids used in subterranean operations
Hydraulic fluid coupling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic motor
Hermetic compressor
Method, control unit and program code for a control unit for controlling a camshaft control device
Method and device for pressure pulse generation
Structure of receiving and delivering oil
Method and apparatus for conversion of NO.sub.x
Engine assembly
Fumigation system for a diesel engine
Remotely mounted fuel system
Method for coupling and expanding tubing
Piston for automatic transmission
Axle driving system
Free-wheeling hub device
Modular transmission
Method for determining and selecting the optimal gear before driving into a curve for a motor vehicle having an automatic transmission
Dog clutch control apparatus for automated transmission
Absorption refrigerating machine
Energy-efficient heat pump water heater
Integrated air compression, cooling, and purification unit and process
Laundry appliance
Drying device for powder material
Method and device for providing an integral firearms safety lock mechanism
Vehicle armor system
Military vehicle window cover
Electromagnetic pulse transmitting system and method
Electronic compass and method for tracking vehicle rotation
System and method for using microgyros to measure the orientation of a survey tool within a borehole
Method, apparatus and computer program for determining the location of a user in an area
Trajectory planning
Mounting structure, module, and liquid container
Fluid-quantity gauging
Housing structure of a pressure sensor apparatus and method of producing the same
Method for testing the thermally induced unbalance of a rotating machine part, in particular the rotor of a turbogenerator, and device for carrying out the method
Integrated system for attachment and connection of a sensor
X-ray imaging apparatus
Self-stabilizing, floating microelectromechanical device
Estimating loss rates of links in smart grids
Voltage-driven intelligent characterization bench for semiconductor
Wireless communication system, gateway apparatus, terminal allocation method, and program
Functional fabric based test wrapper for circuit testing of IP blocks
I/O linking, TAP selection and multiplexer remove select control circuitry
Method and structure combining vertical and angled facets in silicon photonic waveguides
Waveguide lens for coupling laser light source and optical element
Hybrid laser light sources for photonic integrated circuits
Electro-optic modulator
Photonic monitoring for optical signals
System and method for storing images captured from a booth
Image forming apparatus having photosensitive member and intermediate transfer member subjected to driving rotation control independently
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus that performs effective toner refresh process, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, and image forming method
Powder refilling device, process cartridge and image including same, and powder refilling method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Graphical view sidebar for a process control system
Modeling defect management and product handling during the manufacturing process
Low-cost, high-reliability controller for remotely operated robots
Power system stabilization
Power-saving network management server, network system, and method of determining supply of power
Power supply control system, method, and computer program product
Data manipulation on power fail
Banking of reliability metrics
Protecting visible data during computerized process usage
Using separate processes to handle short-lived and long-lived jobs to reduce failure of processes
Data store capable of efficient storing of keys
Client selectable server-side error resolution
Intelligently responding to hardware failures so as to optimize system performance
Method and apparatus for output of high-bandwidth debug data/traces in ICS and SoCs using embedded high speed debug
Systematic failure remediation
System and method for event-driven live migration of multi-process applications
Introspection of software program components and conditional generation of memory dump
Reconfigurable recovery modes in high availability processors
Avoiding processing flaws in a computer processor triggered by a predetermined sequence of hardware events
Promotion of performance parameters in distributed data processing environment
Method and apparatus for a trust processor
Concurrent content management and wear optimization for a non-volatile solid-state cache
Method and apparatus for optically backing up data
Writing of new data of a first block size in a raid array that stores both parity and data in a second block size
Writing of new data of a first block size in a raid array that stores both parity and data in a second block size
Memory data management
Streaming content storage
Automatically preventing large block writes from starving small block writes in a storage device
System and method for determining a level of success of operations on an abstraction of multiple logical data storage containers
Optimizing a cache back invalidation policy
Workload migration between virtualization softwares
Semiconductor device having a memory and calibration circuit that selectively adjusts an impedance of an output buffer dependent upon refresh commands
Dynamically improving memory affinity of logical partitions
Security content injection
Temporarily providing higher privileges for computing system to user identifier
Methods and systems for replicating an expandable storage volume
Adjustment of the number of task control blocks allocated for discard scans
Edge caching using HTTP headers
Interrupt control method and multicore processor system
Technique for communicating interrupts in a computer system
Systems and methods for tracking block ownership
Efficient processing of cache segment waiters
Information processing system
Link monitoring
Versatile lane configuration using a PCIe PIe-8 interface
Generating hardware events via the instruction stream for microprocessor verification
Annotating electronic presentation
Methods and apparatus for a plug-in model for publishing structured meta-data based discovery
Firewall event reduction for rule use counting
Method for activating and deactivating client-side services from a remote server
Efficient storage of encrypted data in a dispersed storage network
Distributing licensed content across multiple devices
Predictive operator graph element processing
Aggregation and queuing of communications
Targeted and dynamic content-object storage based on inter-network performance metrics
Payment card industry (PCI) compliant architecture and associated methodology of managing a service infrastructure
View selection in a vehicle-to-vehicle network
Linking instances within a cloud computing environment
Network management apparatus, network management method, and computer-readable storage medium
Predictive scaling for clusters
Router-based dispersed storage network method and apparatus
Method and arrangement for network resource management
Visualizing total order relation of nodes in a structured document
Dual-phase file system checker
Method and apparatus for declarative data warehouse definition for object-relational mapped objects
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Deduplication in an extent-based architecture
Generating statistics on text pattern matching predicates for access planning
Method for searching document objects on a network
Rewriting relational expressions for different type systems
Enhancing cluster analysis using document metadata
Methods and systems for managing a data mining model
System and method for verifying and restoring the consistency of inode to pathname mappings in a filesystem
System and method for indexing documents on the world-wide web
Metadata brokering server and methods
Mirrored file manager
Systems and methods for directing access to products and services
System and method for efficient data storage
Managing overflow access records in a database
Electronic device and method for managing names of electronic device
System and method for efficient data storage
Providing record-level alternate-index upgrade locking
Extracting terms from document data including text segment
Opportunistic database duplex operations
System and method for mode-based social networking
Method and system for policy driven data distribution
Methods, systems, and physical computer storage media for backing up a database
Public health data exchange bridge and post office
Circuit design support method, computer product, and circuit design support apparatus
Machine-learning based datapath extraction
Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for implementing physical design using force models with custom connectivity
Synthesis of fast squarer functional blocks
Automated residual material detection
Method and weaving machine for shedding
Battery degradation determination device, battery degradation determination method and battery degradation determination system
Dynamically limiting energy consumed by cooling apparatus
Virtual machine monitor (VMM) extension for time shared accelerator management and side-channel vulnerability prevention
Managing physical presence across multiple blades
Distributing licensed content across multiple devices
Biometric authentication device, biometric authentication system, biometric authentication method, and recording medium
Bridge circuit
System and method for generating a virtual PCI-type configuration space for a device
Input/output monitoring mechanism
Semiconductor memory device and operation method thereof
Service distribution device and service display device
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing apparatus control method, and storage medium
Dynamically composed user interface help
Methods and apparatus to create process control graphics based on process control information
Post selection mouse pointer location
Using host transfer rates to select a recording medium transfer rate for transferring data to a recording medium
Identifying symbolic links
Table boundary detection in data blocks for compression
Data synchronization using string matching
Document processing method and system
Access management system
Intelligent decision support for consent management
Accessing information during a teleconferencing event
Fault localization using condition modeling and return value modeling
Conducting verification in event processing applications using formal methods
System for selecting software components based on a degree of coherence
System for generating readable and meaningful descriptions of stream processing source code
Creating dynamic interactive views from trace events for performing deterministic performance analysis
Algorithm for automated enterprise deployments
Cross-platform compiler for data transforms
Identification and management of unsafe optimizations
Converting dependency relationship information representing task border edges to generate a parallel program
Program module applicability analyzer for software development and testing for multi-processor environments
Method and system for efficient emulation of multiprocessor memory consistency
Remediating gaps between usage allocation of hardware resource and capacity allocation of hardware resource
Two-tiered dynamic load balancing using sets of distributed thread pools
Image processing device, method of processing image, and image display apparatus
Detecting recurring themes in consumer image collections
Image processing apparatus and method
Rule-based segmentation for objects with frontal view in color images
Face authentication system, face authentication method, and face authentication program
Nystagmus evaluation system
Method and system for detection 3D spinal geometry using iterated marginal space learning
3D-originated cardiac roadmapping
Hand-based biometric analysis
Multi-point image labeling method
Two-level error correcting codes for color space encoded image
Method and device for forming a panoramic image
Method and apparatus to prioritize video information during coding and decoding
Optimally configuring an information landscape
Hypothesis derived from relationship graph
Determining a replacement document owner
Scanning data streams in real-time against large pattern collections
Defining marketing strategies through derived E-commerce patterns
Information providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, program storage medium, program, and information providing system
Personalized customer shopping experience
Method and apparatus for processing agricultural materials and changing the proportions of output materials
Transporting residue of vehicle position data via wireless network
Didactic appliance
Device for presenting information about plant materials
Magnetic advertisement
System, method and program product for providing automatic speech recognition (ASR) in a shared resource environment
Speech recognition and synthesis utilizing context dependent acoustic models containing decision trees
Electronically programmable fuse security encryption
Laser converter for emitting a green laser
Monitoring and optimizing an electrical grid state
Signal modulation scheme determination through an at least fourth-order noise-insensitive cumulant
Using ECC data for write deduplication processing
Memory controller, storage device, and memory control method
Techniques for reusing components of a logical operations functional block as an error correction code correction unit
Error protection for integrated circuits
Methods for generating multi-level pseudo-random sequences
DM-CM diversity receiver for a wireline communication system
Adaptive filter bank for dynamic notching in powerline communication
Network management system, repeater, and repeating method
Method and apparatus for reducing inter-cell interference in a wireless communication system
Baseband filter calibration methods and systems
Method and system to automatically establish NFC link between NFC enabled electronic devices based on proximate distance
Resource allocation in heterogeneous LTE networks via CSMA-based algorithms
MIMO decoding system and method
Communication method using relay station in mobile communication system
Input device switching an operating channel of a radio tranceiver between first and second computer systems
Firmware processing for downlink F-DPCH
Adaptive feedback loop based on a sensor for streaming static and interactive media content to animals
Communication method between two distinct networks with radio communication nodes, associated processing module and computer program
Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink control information in a wireless communication system
Method for data transmission in a local area network
Method for conducting communication using a frame structure which supports two or more wireless communication schemes
FBR DC vector offset removal using LO phase switching
Channel estimation technique
Receiver and receiving method for a combinerless LINC OFDM system
Parameter prediction for autonomous DSL system configuration profile selection
Appliance in a mobile data network that spans multiple enclosures
Measurement handling with carrier aggregation
Portable diagnostic device for trouble-shooting a wireless network and a method for trouble-shooting a wireless network
Adaptive peer discovery based on non peer discovery transmissions and device density for Wi-Fi
Wireless transmission method
Over-the-air programming of MAC address to wifi IC in production line
Method and apparatus of network configuration for storage federation
Data transfer optimization through destination analytics and data de-duplication
Perpetual memoire
Methods and apparatus for control protocol validation of a switch fabric system
Integrating telephone lines with packet connections
Selective bandwidth connectivity through network line cards
Network management for wireless appliances in a mobile data network
Interface mapping in a centralized packet processor for a network
Systems , methods, and computer program products providing feedback for network congestion management
Method and apparatus for rejecting untrusted network
Reverse proxy database system and method
Method for generating sequence in wireless communication system
Managing encryption keys in a computer system
Underwater communication device
Headset with binary display and integrated computing system
Automatic configuration of telecommunication station sets
Dual-channel analog door entry system and a method thereof
Systems and methods for proximity-activated voice recording
Method and apparatus for sending alerts to internet protocol phones
End-to-end logic tracing of complex call flows in a distributed call system
Progressive, targeted, and variable conference feedback tone
Progressive, targeted, and variable conference feedback tone
Reference frame ordering for multi-view coding
Interactive encoded content system including object models for viewing on a remote device
Digital video recording and playback of user displays in a process control system
Image capture device, player, and image processing method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Advertisement delivering system based on digital television system and mobile communication device
Early warning system, server and method
Systems and methods for dynamic transcoding of indexed media file formats
Broadcast transmitter, a broadcast transmitting method and a broadcast receiving method
Image coding apparatus and image coding method
Efficient employment of digital upsampling using IFFT in OFDM systems for simpler analog filtering
System for program specific information error management in a video decoder
Sound playback device and electronic device using same
Coaxial passive radiation monomer
Audio controlling apparatus, audio correction apparatus, and audio correction method
Systems and methods for preserving application identification information on handover in a communication network
Identifying purpose-based origin-destination using call detailed records
Location of cooperative tags with personal electronic device
Effective energy saving method of next generation mobile communication
Method and apparatus for efficient zone switch operation in a broadband wireless access system
Method of zone switch in a broadband wireless access system
Downlink indicator channel processing in a wireless system base station
System and method for enabling authorization of local breakout for internet protocol multimedia services
Techniques for evaluation and improvement of user experience for applications in mobile wireless networks
Wireless communication apparatus and scan control method
Method for performing retransmission in MIMO wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
Method and device for transmitting uplink data in wireless connection system
System and method for adapting an electronic device for different desired persona
Association of context data with a voice-message component
Method, apparatus and system for redirecting data traffic
Reducing wireless power consumption and signaling overhead for internet application background messages
Base station, user equipment, radio network controller and methods therein
Signaling separate unicast and broadcast information with a common pilot
Controlling stations' access to a communications medium
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Aerator attachment for a ground tiller
Tillage tooth for use in an implement providing a smooth finish
Connector assembly for three-point hitch
Rear mounted spreader with horizontal auger
Method and apparatus for flow control of NH3
Dual-bearing reel having a detachable handle
Fishing reel spool having a variable dimensioned front flange
Adjustable brake for baitcast reel with infinite control
Articulated spray boom apparatus
Mechanized fumigation tent with composite closing structure
Pistachio huller
Variable-capacity buffer store for rod-shaped articles
Filter for a cigarette and filter cigarette
Collapsible sun protection device
Wire connection device for folding umbrellas
Umbrella having a simplified configuration
Blow molded double wall chest with partial fixed top and partial hinged lid
Nested convertible handbags
Rouge compact
Dual-dispensing jar
Golf bag with angled receptacles
Combination backpack and hydration pack
Banquet table with pivotable legs
Article transporting/storing apparatus
Adjustable dunnage rack
Modular organizer
Rack system and method having tool-less releasable arm assembly
Torsion coil spring
Fanned shelf display
Wire rack for wine bottles and the like
Jewelry storage and display closet
Portable jewelry travel case and display
Hat storage and fashioning rack
Brimmed cap storage and display device
Display apparatus
Adjustable bracket and upright assembly
Leak-proof cup assembly with flow control element
Napkin holder with suction cup
Pumpkin stand
Garment hanger having a removable size indicator
Garment hanger having one piece molded pinch clip with clip protection
Cooking utensil with a base constituted of a composite structure
Collapsible stand and barbecue grill assembly
Canned food pressing device
Disposable cutting board
Toilet paper roll dispenser
Paper towel holder with means for facilitating its application and release
Cartridge for dispensing paper products
Shower apparatus
Oral/nasal cannula
Medical device with selectively positionable control unit
Hernia belt
Taste bud shield and method of using same
Respirator with a breathing circuit
Aerosol dispensing device
Continuous dry powder inhaler
Laryngeal mask
Vocal valve with filter
Roller clamps for intravenous administration sets
Enhanced agent misting extinguisher design for fire fighting
Water distribution network for domestic water and fire protection application
Tennis ball retrieving and storing system
Elastic ski covering having removable fasteners
Foam core in-line skate frame
In-line skate with auxiliary wheel, auxiliary wheel and method
Blackjack-style card game method
Method and apparatus for playing a wagering game
Method of playing a dice betting game and a playing board therefor
Word search based board game with directional tiles
Word game
Toy gun game set that activates a gun via a signal beam
Method of interaction using game piece
Rotatable connected object
Picture puzzle
Toy car with adjustable magnetic adhesion
Performing Operations; Transporting
Coalescer for hydrocarbons containing surfactant
Blood collection systems including an integral, flexible filter
Tray attachment apparatus
Filter with preferential fluid affinity
Apparatus and method for recovering waste production gases
Discharge device for raw materials and fuels
Cartridge washing system and methods
Microvolume liquid handling system
Rotary grinder apparatus and method
Refiner for refining a fiber suspension
Methods of controlling the density and thermal properties of bulk materials
Ammonia removal from fly ash in an acoustically enhanced fluidized bed
Method and apparatus for sorting recyclable products
Recovery from fine froth flotation feed (slimes)
Dispenser pumps
Pressure atomizer having multiple orifices and turbulent generation feature
Liquid discharging apparatus
Fluid-dispensing member having an off-center delivery channel
Spinning spray head and method
Method and device for isolating an electro-conductive flowing medium
Segmented applicator for hot melt adhesives or other thermoplastic materials
Pistol nozzle
Dispensing tool and system for reloading the tool
Continuous cleaning system for screening machines
Article dispensing machine and method
Device for cleaning pipette needles or stirrers
Pod and method of cleaning it
Evacuation system filter
Heat exchanger, in particular motor vehicle condenser and method for making same
Method and device for feeding of long objects
Apparatus and method for making clamp rings
Apparatus for making ready-to-pour shells or core assemblies
Method and device for chill molding
Interchangeable die for a die casting machine
Method and installation for low pressure die casting in a mould ceramic casting die
Casting apparatus and casting method of cylinder head
Slide gate for a container containing molten metal
Refractory nozzle
Saw blade for cutting integrated circuit package boards
Interconnection of aluminum components
Ultrasonic horn for a bonding apparatus
Method of mending a friction stir welding portion
Method and apparatus for lining up micro-balls
Damping device for telescopic guards
Extending clamp
Electric power operated clamp with spring lock
Adjusting apparatus of a trigger of a pneumatic nailer
Feed system for nailer
Collapsible sawhorse
Feed rolls with replaceable flute elements
Wood planing machine
Woodworking jig
Plate joiner
Dicing apparatus, kerf inspecting method and kerf inspecting system
Portable saw enclosure apparatus
Sacrificial plastic mold with electroplatable base
Expandable pre-formed plug
Wide-mouth container made of synthetic resin and method of manufacturing pressure wide-mouth container
Apparatus for continuously transferring orderly sequences of preforms of thermoplastic materials
Weldable mount for fuel system component
Nonmetallic cutter, a carton having the same cutter attached thereto, a method of and an apparatus for manufacturing the same cutter and attaching the same cutter to the carton
Press drive with oil shear clutch/brake units
Composite container for vacuum packaging food products such as dough and associated methods
Adhesive transfer apparatus with take-up roll and a removable cartridge for a master processing apparatus
Movable folders and former board arrangement
STS dayloader system
Adjustable zoned vacuum bed
Ink feed device with vibrating rollers
Ink regulation device for a painting machine
Flexographic preview printer
Multi-color offset printing method and apparatus
Stamping device
Stretching frame
Heavy duty tire with specified bead design
Pneumatic run flat tire
Tire changing machine for industrial vehicle wheels
Self-closing pneumatic spring system
Motor vehicle heating and/or air conditioning device, with improved heat exchange management
Apparatus for controlling the temperature of a beverage within a motor vehicle
Heat pump type air conditioner for vehicle
Heating system mounted in a vehicle with an internal combustion engine
Dual functional drain for a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning assembly
Roll-up blind with stowable guiding members for the window of a vehicle
Automotive vehicle seal and decorative trim strip
Engine cooling apparatus
Multi-function valve having a movable seat and needle
Power transmission system for four-wheel drive vehicles
Vehicle wheel end clutch
Vehicle driving arrangement
Hybrid vehicle
Structure of support leg member for seat slide device
Roller conveying apparatus
Tailgate step for pick-up truck bed access
Storage system for vehicles
Food holding and serving device
Retractable nonlinear garment hook
Apparatus for securing recreational equipment to vehicle-mounted racks
Bicycle carrier with unitary frame and leveling indicators
Car wash conveyor track section construction and combined chain take up and roller control unit therefor
ECP manifold valve inserts
Railway box car structure
Three-piece railway truck frame having a selectively removable bolster
Rail car truck pedestal shear pad
Hose support system
Railroad track switch operator
Ball screw rack assembly
Electrically assisted power steering system for motor vehicles
Human assisted walking robot
Transport mechanism
Bicycle lock holder
Bicycle cushion device
Switch for use in ride-on vehicles for children
Rotary coupling for brake assembly of cycles
Boat mooring device
Mounting system for offshore structural members subjected to dynamic loadings
Marine ladder
Sporting water vehicle
Towed airborne array system
Apparatus and method for elevating a watercraft out of a body of water
Aircraft with means for a premature breakdown of the wing vortex pair
Shimmy-free aircraft tail wheel conversion
Tracking device
Device for picking up and dropping loads by helicopters without help of ground personnel
Inflatable restraint systems for ejection seats
Inflatable restraint systems for ejection flight vests
Support system for ground testing an aircraft
Artificial satellite with an orbit having a long staying time in a zenith direction, an orbit control method and a communication system therewith
Common bulkhead cryogenic propellant tank
Strap sealer with fast-acting dual action piston
Three-layered insulated cup and method of manufacture
Tamper resistant closure overcap for metal spice can
Dispensing cap with flexible sealing post
Cap for liquid containers
Dispensing cap with internal measuring chamber
Foldable paper container having a top opening
Decorative container
Flip-top package for shipping and display of a multi-component meal kit
Container with cap
Child-resistant medicament package and method of opening
Kit package adapted for display of select kit components
Self supporting lighting fixture and package therefore
Collapsible container with an unbroken top wall
Tank vault
Refuse container
Belt conveyor with increased capacity
Belt conveyor device for the suspended transport in particular, by means of vacuum, of goods to be conveyed
Conveyor incorporating a modular frame construction
Auger coupler
Power and control system for a mobile conveyor system
System and method for transporting and reorienting items
Box handling grip
Sliding dolly
Document feeder with pivoted lever
Reproduction apparatus
Winding unit
Apparatus for treating webs prior to splicing
Core infeed apparatus for winder
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of sheet stacking means
Sheet material registration apparatus and method
Sheet post-processing apparatus
Material transfer device
Wire spool cart
Reel having an improved reciprocating mechanism
Elevator speed controller responsive to dual electrical power sources
Procedure and apparatus for the installation of an elevator
Monitoring device for drive equipment for elevators
Hydrostatic displacement drive for lifting and lowering and holding loads, in particular for lifts
Method and device for mounting the masthead of tower cranes
Parts lifting device
Lifter apparatus for raising and lowering a part
Dispensing apparatus
Automatic bar
Fuel dispensing system providing customer preferences
Bar code gasoline blending
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nanotube-based high energy material and method
Method for reducing borehole erosion in shale formations
Aphron-containing well drilling and servicing fluids of enhanced stability
Well drilling and servicing fluids and methods of removing filter cake deposited thereby
Textiles; Paper
Weft selvage tuck-in nozzle injection timing apparatus
Sewing machine with thread withdrawing device
Apparatus for preventing raveling of seam
Method for operating a sewing device and sewing device for carrying out this method
Embroidery machine and method for transferring an embroidery frame backward in case of thread breakage
Fixed Constructions
Gauge plate and switch rod insulators
Machine for renewing a track
Railroad tie pad for crossings
Trap primer
Wall jack
Dismountable facade scaffold
Personal security lock for use with a camper shell of a truck
Door latch assembly with integrally molded, flexible interior door seal
Security container having combination mechanical and magnetic locking mechanism
Slide/swing patio door
Venetian blind with variable tilting
Deployment control for rolling protective shutters
Folding step ladder
Lift-up rail extensions
Drill bit with ridge-cutting cutter elements
Method and device for driving bore-holes, in the sea bed using a counterflush method
Apparatus for retaining two strings of tubulars
Dual cutting mill
Subsea drilling operations
Flow control apparatus and method for use of the same
Multizone production monitoring system
Impermeable and composite perforating gun assembly components
Horizontal well system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Piston engine powertrain
Actuator for variable valve mechanism
Mechanical lash control apparatus for an engine cam
Variable valve mechanism having an eccentric-driven frame
Lost motion rocker arm system with integrated compression brake
Method for operating a piston-type internal-combustion engine in the event of a temporary functional failure of an electromagnetic valve train
Handheld type four-cycle engine
Liquid cooling system
Remote air-oil separator
Oil injection lubrication system and methods for two-cycle engines
Exhaust gas muffler for internal combustion engines
Water seal for quick repair and flow control
Self-igniting engine
Expansion reservoir of variable volume for engine air induction system
Method and apparatus for impulse charging of an internal combustion engine
Intake apparatus of engine for vehicle
Intake control system for engine
Intake manifold with integrated exhaust gas recirculation system
Accessory drive assembly
Bi-turbocharger internal combustion engine with exhaust gas recycling
Electronic controlled engine exhaust treatment system to reduce NOx emissions
Internal combustion engine with an exhaust gas recirculation system
Method and device for controlling a gas flow over a throttle valve in an internal combustion engine
Fuel tank pressure control system
Monitoring apparatus for fuel feed system
Crank shaft support structure of engine
Liquid transferring assembly, in particular for fuel additive
Low evaporative emissions engine management system
Back pressure valve drive EGR system
Exhaust gas recirculation valve
Exhaust gas re-circulation system with an integrated catalytic converter
Electromechanically actuated solenoid exhaust gas recirculation valve
Device for recirculating exhaust gases in an internal combustion engine
Current-carrying device for motor
Fuel vapor separator
Intake system
Feed device intended for feeding fuel out of a fuel tank to an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Delivery device for delivering fuel
Fuel injector
Fuel injector
Method of enhancing heat transfer in a heated tip fuel injector
Magnet injector for fuel reservoir injection systems
Fuel injection device for internal combustion engines
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Compressed natural gas injector having gaseous dampening for armature needle assembly during closing
Armature/needle assembly for a fuel injector and method of manufacturing same
Fuel injection valve
Deposit resistant material for a fuel injection seat and method of manufacturing
Combination pressure sensor and regulator for direct injection engine fuel system
On-off valve in a fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Variable output pump for gasoline direct injection
Valve seat for fuel pressure regulator
Twist off pressure regulator connector assembly
Ignition coil and method of making
Power-loop apparatus and method
Lubricating oil pumping system
Pressure pump for high viscosity fluid
Fail-safe fluid actuator
Snap-in retainer for a fluid seal
Power transmitting apparatus
Hydraulically controlled clutch release device
Hydraulic power transmission joint
Centrifugal friction clutch for automatic transmission
Motor vehicle
Disc brake
Braking apparatus
Brake shoe and internal shoe drum brake
Ventilated disc brake rotor
Disc brake caliper with integral parking brake
Brake device
Leaf spring of composite material, and relative fabrication method
Active vibration isolating support device
Vacuum actuated active decoupler mount
Vibration isolator
Air damper for movable elements, in particular in automobiles
Damper, piston assembly and method for making
Dual mode suspension damper controlled by magnetostrictive element
Hydraulic control cold start neutral valve
Automatic transmission with band brake and hydraulic operator
Motor vehicle gearbox
Monolayer metal gaskets
Metal gasket
Lip type seal
Mechanical seal assembly
Snap-and-crimp appliance water valve assembly and associated method for making the same
Knife gate valve
Valve seal for a valve upper part, particularly for a water instrument or fitting
Severe service valve positioner
Apparatus and method for actuator stroke and spring preload setting
High force solenoid valve and method of improved solenoid valve performance
Cycling, self checking pressure sensing system
Universal mounting bracket
Pipe coupling
Multilayer plastic pipe and its use
Housing support
Compressed gas safety inflator for life vests, life rafts and the like
Incinerator for home use
Combustion grate and process for optimizing its operation
Apparatus for the combustion of vanadium-containing fuels
Heater with light
Portable stove apparatus
Heat recovery reflector for baseboard heat convector
Wheel system for an air handling unit
Air preheater rotor construction
System and method for cooling a central processing unit
Constant temperature coolant circulating apparatus
Heat exchanger with enhancements
Ultra high fin density heat sink for electronics cooling
System for robotic control of imaging data having a steerable gimbal mounted spectral sensor and methods
Smart bullet
Blank training cartridge for a self loading gun
Igniter unit for an inflator
Controlled electromagnetic induction detonation system for initiation of a detonatable material
Sequential detonation of explosive charges
Hydrofoil angular alignment tool
Device for directed deliverance of free-flowing materials
Temperature indicating device
Method of and system for automatically identifying packages during package transport operations carried out by a human operator walking through the doorway of a storage container
Reading system a variable pass-band
Method removing residual photoresist
Transmission wheel, method for manufacturing transmission wheel and self-winding wheel train structure having transmission wheel
Aircraft tailstrike avoidance system
Fluid flow controlling
Parallel divided flow-type fluid supply apparatus, and fluid-switchable pressure-type flow control method and fluid-switchable pressure-type flow control system for the same fluid supply apparatus
Nested and cascaded variable bias feedfoward and feedback flow and level control system
Method and system for ensuring connection of a module to an electronic apparatus
Process for secure processing of a sensitive logical element in a storage register, and security module implementing this process
N-space indexing of digital data representations using physical tags
Method and apparatus for controlling steering feel with diagnostics
Method, apparatus and character set for encoding and decoding data characters in data carriers, such as RFID tags
Circuit chip mounted card and circuit chip module
PCMCIA module including a chip card interface
Memory card of the contactless type
Visible display card and processing system
Chip card reader
Access control system
Access device for a materials depository
Bill deposit/withdrawal machine for depositing/withdrawing bills
Cigarette vending machine and vending machine dispenser
Method and system for off-line loading of stored value cards using a batch-load terminal
Automatic teller machine transport system
Self-service terminal
Money handling interface and method
Apparatus and methods for improved credit cards and credit card transactions
Authorization system using an authorizing device
Sign for consecutive, repeated presentation of a series of images
Magnet installation and removal device
Stand for supporting a musical instrument
Silent heat exchanger and fan assembly
Apparatus for treating ion-exchange resin
Apparatus for stringing static wire to utility poles
Loudspeaker with a suspension member made of a laminate
Locking apparatus for a nozzle exchange apparatus
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