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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods for producing apomictic plants
Fatty acid desaturases and mutant sequences thereof
Substituted anthranilamides for controlling invertebrate pests
Methods for obtaining quick, repeatable, and non-invasive bioelectrical signals in living organisms
Method of forming an orthodontic transfer tray
Liquid droplet interproximal cleaning apparatus with gas stream protection
Nasal epidermal lifting mechanism
Azole derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Envelope-based amplitude mapping for cochlear implant stimulus
Lead and catheter assembly
Photocatalytic nanocomposites and applications thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microfluidic device and manufacturing method thereof
Electroacoustic transducer arrangement for underwater antennas
Method for thermographic lump separation of raw material (variants) and device for carrying out said method (variants)
Motor-driven working spindle for a machine tool
Magnetic clamp for underwater pelletizer
Septic tank fabrication system
Mold for molding optical fiber connectors
Mold for forming a product with a through hole
Sprue device for use in an injection mold
Two-step mixing process for producing an absorbent polymer
Combined flexographic and intaglio printing press and operating system therefor
Thermal image forming apparatus
Light beam scanning apparatus and controlling method for image forming apparatus
Printer bracket
Hand-writing input device and hand-writing input system
Wireless tire pressure and temperature detecting system
Vehicular system having a warning system to alert motorists that a mobile phone is in use
Method for selecting the operating state of a cruise control system for motor vehicles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the telomerisation of non-cyclic olefins
para-alkyl-substituted N-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-benzyl)-cinnamamides, pharmaceutical compositions and uses thereof
.beta.-lactam synthesis
Process of preparing N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines
Substituted 2-aminoacetamides and the use thereof
Monocyclopentadienyl complexes
3-Aryl-3-hydroxy-2-methylenepropionic acid esters as fungicides
Catalyzed process of making C-5-substituted heterocyclic inhibitors of 11.beta.-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase type 1
Non-covalent inhibitors of AmpC .beta.-lactamase
Process for arylamine production
Oligonucleotides containing molecular rods
Direct, enantioselective aldol coupling of aldehydes using chiral organic catalysts
Fluorescent and colored proteins, and polynucleotides that encode these proteins
Antagonists of cxcr3-binding cxc chemokines
Cristin/R-spondin ligands active in the Wnt signaling pathway and methods, compositions and kits relating thereto
Monoclonal antibody against connective tissue growth factor and medicinal uses thereof
Antibodies that specifically bind to TL5
Anti-CD4 antibodies
Thermosetting resin composition, thermosetting resin molding compound and cured product thereof
Monocyclopentadienyl complex
Enzyme-catalyzed process for the preparation of macrocyclic polyester oligomers
Branched polycarbonate resin and process for production thereof
Thermoplastic polyacrylonitrile compositions
Composition for preparing electron emitter, electron emitter produced by using the composition, and electron emission device comprising the electron emitter
Water base pigment ink composition for inner lead type writing instrument
Formation of substances by mechanical breaking of carbon-carbon chains molecules
Components for blending of transportation fuels
Process for the preparation of a composition comprising unsaturated compounds
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Fixed Constructions
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fan case reinforcement in a gas turbine jet engine
Air diffuser system for industrial pumps
Vehicle-mounted alternator
Sectional vane for vertical axis wind power generator
Lubricant valve for oil pumps of internal combustion engines
Socket with bearing bore and integrated wear plate
Methods and devices for optimizing heat transfer within a compression and/or expansion device
Staple holding prong
Weight selecting pop-pin
Cage for ball bearing
Spindle motor
Portable foam dispensing machine
Solar light with centering hook
Electronic device
Multi-lamp fluorescent lighting fixture apparatus and wiring method
Cable receiving apparatus and lamp using the same
Illuminating apparatus
Illumination system and method
Hotplate with lifting elements
Detection method using electromagnetic wave and detection apparatus
Stage controller and exposure method in which position of the stage is controlled based on position measurements of first and second laser interferometers
Displacement interferometer system and exposer using the same
Map display device
Method and system for LED calibration
Raman spectroscopy as integrated chemical metrology
Method for production of a device for thermal detection of radiation comprising an active microbolometer and a passive microbolometer
Infrared detecting apparatus and infrared imaging apparatus using the same
Radiant-energy-measuring device with two positions
Liquid measurement cell having a pressurized air cavity therein
Ultrasound gating of cardiac CT scans
Sensor device
Creating a virtual profile library
Capacitive sensor
Electromagnetic signal proximity detection systems and methods
Probe card transfer assist apparatus, and inspection equipment and method using same
Probe card
Membrane probing system with local contact scrub
Electronic device, testing apparatus, and testing method
Method and device for controlling data packet traffic at the input of a network, and corresponding computer program and network equipment
Burn-in sorter and sorting method using the same
Apparatus for testing integrated circuit
Method, apparatus and computer program product for designing logic scan chains for matching gated portions of a clock tree
Characterizing jitter sensitivity of a serializer/deserializer circuit
Method and system for scheduling tests in a parallel test system
Method and apparatus of electromagnetic measurement
Simulated battery logic testing device
Magnetic tunnel junction sensor
Magnetic characteristics measuring method and system
Method and wireless communication system for locating wireless transmit/receive units
Electromagnetic radiation detecting apparatus, radiation detecting apparatus, radiation detecting system and laser processing method
Coded aperture compton telescope imaging sensor
Method for molecule examination by NMR spectroscopy
Rotor drive apparatus and methods utilizing center-fed radial-outflow gas
Method and system for synchronizing geophysical survey data
Intermediate telephoto lens system
Zoom lens and image capture apparatus
Zoom lens system
Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and computer program
Dual illumination anisotropic light emitting device
Optical assemblies for free-space optical propagation between waveguide(s) and/or fiber(s)
Coupling element alignment using waveguide fiducials
Optical assemblies for free-space optical propagation between waveguide(s) and/or fiber(s)
Coupling optical system, optical element and optical pickup apparatus
Holographic pump coupler and laser grating reflector
Arrayed waveguide grating optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Lens unit and electronic apparatus using same
Lens barrel drive apparatus
Optical pickup
Birefringence-compensated liquid crystal display and projection system using same
Liquid crystal display device
Fully automatic, head mounted, hand and eye free camera system and photography
Camera lens module with a piezoelectric-driven zoom
Handheld camera balancing support system
Lens holder and image capture device using same
Multi-object controlled-depth matrix layer structure and manufacturing process
Compact near-IR and mid-IR cavity ring down spectroscopy device
Image forming method with image flow suppression feature
Charging device, image forming apparatus, computer readable medium storing charging control program and method for charging control
Color image forming apparatus, and program and method of controlling a color image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image heating device
Image forming apparatus
Holographic recording medium, holographic record erasing method, and holographic recording and reproducing apparatus
Servo control device
System and method for the intelligent use of software deadband control in a control system
Method for maintaining geometry of ballasted railroad track
Switching regulator and method for switching output voltage thereof
Transistor drive circuit, constant voltage circuit, and method thereof using a plurality of error amplifying circuits to effectively drive a power transistor
Charge pump circuit
CPU frequency regulating circuit
Electronic apparatus having battery receptacle at the rear of keyboard
Computer case
Electronic module locking and ejecting apparatus
Methods and systems for a storage system
System and method for distributing system tests in parallel computing environments
System and method for implementing software breakpoints
Serial data validity monitor
Test harness benchmark file
Update status alerting for a malware scanner
Host apparatus
Method and apparatus for updating data on disk storage medium
Two-hop source snoop based cache coherence protocol
Data processing system, cache system and method for handling a flush operation in a data processing system having multiple coherency domains
Latency tolerant distributed shared memory multiprocessor computer
Memory access control based on hit prediction
Storage system and storage area allocation method configuring pool areas each including logical volumes having identical allocation unit size
Method for developing a password based on biometric template
Apparatus, system, and method for implementing protected virtual memory subcontexts
Method for installing a mailbox file associated with a disk storage medium
Method for destroying virtual resources in a logically partitioned data processing system
Computer mainboard
Multiple variance platform for the management of mobile devices
Flexible wiring system for electronic apparatus
Digital multimedia device
Storage system and storage control method achieving both power saving and good performance
Method for automatically extracting image effect color and recovering original image color
Inductive load broadband RF system
Electronic mail distribution method, communications terminal, and server device
Arrangement and method for impermanent connectivity
Symmetrical structural pattern matching
Electronic system and method for display using a decoder and arbiter to selectively allow access to a shared memory
Method of balancing communication load in a system based on determination of user-user affinity levels
Authentication device, system and methods
Transactional memory with automatic object versioning
Vehicle image processing device
Home entertainment apparatus and method
Centralised stochastic simulation method
System and method for analyzing language using supervised machine learning method
Document display device, wording method, and word display method
Machine translation using elastic chunks
Message validation model
Delaying automated data page merging in a B+tree until after committing the transaction
Cause to effect methodology for monitoring database performance
Computing frequent value statistics in a partitioned relational database
Systems and methods for collaborative note-taking
System and method for designing an integrated circuit device
Design supporting system of semiconductor integrated circuit, method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit, and computer readable medium for supporting design of semiconductor integrated circuit
Automatic trace shaping method
Method for early logic mapping during FPGA synthesis
Reporting delay in modeling environments
Clock design apparatus and clock design method
Method and apparatus for geobaric analysis
Method and apparatus for manufacturing objects having optimized response characteristics
Evaluation apparatus, evaluation method and computer program product
Use of N.sub.--Port ID virtualization to extend the virtualization capabilities of the FC-SB-3 protocol and other protocols
Operation parameter determination apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
Interface method and device having interface for circuit comprising logical operation element
Keyboard having keys horizontally arranged in the alphabetical order of the english language
Flat panel display capable of digital data transmission
Image displaying program product and an image displaying apparatus
Processor and method for selectively processing instruction to be read using instruction code already in pipeline or already stored in prefetch buffer
Data mining platform for bioinformatics and other knowledge discovery
System and method for checking BIOS ROM data
System and method for controlling access to documents stored on an internal network
Engine protection system
System and method for abstracting and visualizing a route map
System and method for testing and/or debugging runtime systems for solving MES (manufacturing execution system) problems
System and method for making a user interface element visible
Method for simulating back program execution from a traceback sequence
Method for accessing and collaborating between servlets located on different Java virtual machines
I/O planning with lock and insertion features
Creating web services programs from other web services programs
Queue busting through assignment of kiosks to users
Use of multiple queues in coupling facility to provide zoning capability in a parallel sysplex environment
Print control apparatus, print controlling method, and program therefor
Method and apparatus for internet, intranet, and local viewing of virtual microscope slides
Automated check processing system with check imaging and accounting
Use of Hausdorff distances in the earth mover linear program
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, program and recording medium that can reduce image quality degradation
Active sensing device configured to capture and decode infrared (IR) position tags from a page
Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
Apparatus and method for compressing image data
Image processing apparatus and method for converting first code data sets into second code data for JPEG 2000 and motion JPEG 2000
Spatio-temporal treatment of noisy images using brushlets
Device and method for image processing
Determining temporal patterns in sensed data sequences by hierarchical decomposition of hidden Markov models
Method and apparatus for serving beverages and for concealing and storing waitresses' cash
Method and system of marketing and mass producing customized domestic furniture
Modeling financial instruments using bid and ask prices
System and method for generating a unique identifier that can be used to integrate an offline experience with an online experience
Method for generating an insurance quote
Method and system for pivot-point based adaptive soft shadow estimation
Level set surface editing operators
Method for interactively viewing full-surround image data and apparatus therefor
Image processing method for reducing jaggy effect
Method for and system of intrusion detection by using ultrasonic signals
Visitor control and tracking system
System and method for visibility to consumer
Proximity-based task alerts
Method and device for fall prevention and detection
Appliance control apparatus
Reading game
Medical training methods and devices
Bias circuit and method for operating the same
Driving device of plasma display panel
Shift register having skip function, and display driver device, display device and electronic instrument using the same
Display panel driving circuits and methods for driving image data from multiple sources within a frame
Preventing image tearing where a single video input is streamed to two independent display devices
Multi-dimensional texture drawing apparatus, compressing apparatus, drawing system, drawing method, and drawing program
Methods and apparatus for re-scaling image by variable re-scaling factor
Method for simultaneously adjusting brightness and contrast of a display
Adjustable spring return for bass drum pedal
Stringed musical instrument using spring tension
Apparatus having page turning capability for reading assistance
System for learning a language
Magnetic disk drive using load/unload area for data storage
Flying height measurement and control with user data signal
Disk drive idle mode responsive to flex circuit cable bias changes
Magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
Apparatus and method for slider including shape memory alloy pads in a hard disk drive
Optical information recording device for detecting information during recording and method therefor
Write-once optical disc, method and apparatus for recording management information on write-once optical disc
Recording and/or reproducing methods and apparatuses
Magnetic head to prevent undesired data erasure and magnetic disk storage having the same
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic recording and/or reproducing system
Bottom spin valve with laminated CoFe free layer for ultra-high density recording
Magnetic disk apparatus
Transducer with pole tip protrusion compensation layer
Aerodynamic magnetic head slider and magnetic disk drive
Optical disc assemblies for performing assays
Defocus detection device, defocus detection method and optical disk unit using the same
Aberration correction apparatus, and control apparatus, control method and control program of optical pickup
Aberration correcting element in the optical head of a recording and reproduction system using independent control of phase distribution and defocus pattern variables
Optical pickup device
Birefringence characteristic measuring method, optical recording medium and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
Planar SRAM including segment read circuit
Stacked SRAM including segment read circuit
Ferroelectric memory
Measuring method for a semiconductor memory, and semiconductor memory
Non-volatile memory device and self-compensation method thereof
Multiple time programmable (MTP) PMOS floating gate-based non-volatile memory device for a general-purpose CMOS technology with thick gate oxide
Planar NAND flash memory
NOR flash memory including bipolar segment read circuit
Cyclic redundancy checking of a field programmable gate array having an SRAM memory architecture
FPGA equivalent input and output grid muxing on structural ASIC memory
Sense-amplifier circuit for a memory device with an open bit line architecture
Apparatus and method for accessing a synchronous serial memory having unknown address bit field size
Capsule assembling apparatus for neutron re-irradiation experiments
Multiconductor cable structures
Polyester resin composition and insulated wire using same
Multilayer zinc oxide varistor
Filter circuit having an Fe-based core
High-field superconducting synchrocyclotron
Actuating device with push buttons
Circuit breaker
Display apparatus
Sealing structure of field emission display device and method of manufacturing the same
Light-emitting element, method for producing the same and display device
Flat-panel display
Sulfur lamp having electrodes
Plasma display device
X-ray source with nonparallel geometry
Thin film transistor device and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electronic devices having external barrier layer
Lead frame for a magnetic sensor
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor fabrication using a collar
Radiation image pickup device
Packaging chip having inductor therein
Display device including thin film transistors
High K-gate oxide TFTs built on transparent glass or transparent flexible polymer substrate
Mask ROM devices of semiconductor devices and method of forming the same
Semiconductor device with a gate electrode including a pair of polysilicon layers
Solid-state imaging device
CMOS image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Ultrasonic motor
Memory device and method of manufacturing the device by simultaneously conditioning transition metal oxide layers in a plurality of memory cells
Enhanced-accuracy battery capacity prediction using multiple discharge curves
NRD guide transition, and coupling structure of dielectric material and conductor
Dual band digital multimedia broadcasting receiver
Mobile radio communication device
Portable terminal apparatus with TV function and TV antenna with function as input pen
Wireless communication device and antenna thereof
Small size thin type antenna, multilayered substrate, high frequency module, and radio terminal mounting them
Printed antenna
Power amplifier output switch using hybrid combiner
Planar antenna apparatus
Tunable integrated antenna
Contactless label with Y-shaped omnidirectional antenna
Switch pin for SMD manufacturing processes
Connector, electric connecting device and medical device
Apparatus and method for mounting audio-visual components
Self gauging insertion coupling coaxial connector
Slip ring contact coaxial connector
Surface-emission laser diode and surface-emission laser array, optical interconnection system, optical communication system, electrophotographic system, and optical disk system
Auto-protected power modules and methods
Standby power supply apparatus
Time limit circuit for a hold-up battery
Charge controlling circuit, charge controlling method, and electronic device provided with same charge controlling circuit
Battery-powered tool capable of detecting discharged battery pack
High voltage generation
Uninterruptible power supply with low power loss
Portable electronic device and mobile communication terminal
Control circuit for a fan
Flywheel electric generator
Method for operating a converter circuit, and device for carrying out the method
Voltage stabilizer circuit of forward converter
Synchronous rectification control circuit
Dual voltage switching in power generation
MOS rectifying device, driving method thereof, and motor generator and motor vehicle using thereof
Wind power generator with biased transmission arrangement
Power-diode driver having expansible isolated sub-drivers using single power source
Coaxial resonator based voltage controlled oscillator/phased locked loop synthesizer module
Apparatus and method for implementing a low complexity digital modulator
Delay modulator pre-distortion circuit for an amplifier
EER high frequency amplifier
Enhanced doherty amplifier with asymmetrical semiconductors
Quasi active MIMIC circulator
Voltage level shifter circuit
Low power, race free programmable logic arrays
Self-correcting buffer
Signal receiver apparatus and method for detecting logic state represented by an input signal and semiconductor integrated circuit device having the same
Device, system and method of wireless signal detection
Pipeline architecture for multi-slot wireless link processing
Baseline wandering correction device and related method
Circuit and method for glitch correction
Electronic filter device for the reception of TV signals
High speed signal processor
A/D conversion circuit and optical disk drive
High speed, low power all CMOS thermometer-to-binary demultiplexer
Variable quantization ADC for image sensors
Turbo decoder and dynamic decoding method used for same
Enhanced time-interleaved A/D conversion using compression
Frequency hopping ofdma method using symbols of comb pattern
Method and apparatus for measuring and compensating for power amplifier distortion and non-linearity
Multimedia terminal
Communication system
Portable communication terminal
Reset free devices
Optical switching apparatus with optical reflection monitor and reflection monitoring system
Howling detection circuit
Direct link establishment in wireless networks
Control device and radio control method
Maximum likelihood detection for MIMO receivers
Methods and apparatus for providing a cooperative relay system associated with a broadband wireless access network
Wireless communication system, wireless relay unit and wireless terminal constituting the wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
Satellite broadcast receiving and distribution system
Method of reducing inter-subcarrier interference in multicarrier communication systems and receiver using it
Logical and operation diversity combining method
Communication device
MIMO channel feedback protocols
Ad hoc network having a back-bone determined at least in part on a metric and method therefore
System and method of information communication, information processing apparatus and information processing method, program and recording medium
High-speed scheduling apparatus for a switching node
Method of and apparatus for providing isochronous services over switched ethernet including a home network wall plate having a combined IEEE 1394 and ethernet modified hub
Electronic apparatus and content managing method for storage and transmission of compressed and encoded content in a network
Integer cycle event detection using wavelet pass filter system and method
Method and an apparatus to reduce electromagnetic interference
Method and apparatus for recovering a clock signal
Transmitting second content data with reference for use with first content data
Method, system, and storage medium for creating a proof of possession confirmation for inclusion into an attribute certificate
Method and system for setting up hosting environments in safety
Providing apparatus, communication device, method, and program
Digital signature generating apparatus, method, computer program and computer-readable storage medium
Cellular phone, print system, and print method therefor
Battery cover assembly for a portable electronic device
Method and apparatus for wireless transmission of audio signals of computer
Foldable cellular phone
System for testing subscriber lines and method thereof
Telephone outlet with packet telephony adapter, and a network using same
Subscribing to content
Cordless telephone handset
Apparatus and method for providing multiple line billing in telecommunications systems
Guest services management service
Dynamic ring start delay based on multiple factors
System and method for selecting photographic images using index prints
Method and system of noise-adaptive motion detection in an interlaced video sequence
Reproduction system
Image input apparatus
Electronic apparatus, connecting mounting for electronic apparatus, and connecting system including electronic apparatus and connecting mounting
Device using a camera and light polarization for the remote displacement of a cursor on a display
Camera with optical axis bending optical system
Image sensing apparatus having a color interpolation unit and image processing method therefor
Electronic imaging apparatus
Video signal processing apparatus and method
Video playback control apparatus, content playback control apparatus, and method of supplying commercial information
System of using digital frames in an idle web video conferencing device
Communication terminal and method for controlling the same
Encryption device a decrypting device a secret key generation device a copyright protection system and a cipher communication device
Method and apparatus for correcting a defective pixel
Ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic speaker, acoustic system, and control method of ultrasonic transducer
Ear insert for a hearing aid
Input sound processor
Method for storing short message service in a mobile communication terminal
Method and system for maintaining autonomous system clock accuracy for a mobile radio terminal
Providing handoff in a spread spectrum wireless communications system for high rate packet data
Transferring context during hand-over of mobile node in a wireless network
Dynamic control of eighth-rate gating of the reverse link fundamental channel in a wireless communication system
Current-mode resonant inverter circuit for discharge lamp
Starter for low-pressure discharge lamps
Lamp driver circuit with power factor correction circuit coupled to direct-current to direct-current power converter
Multiple discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Process of microwave heating of powder materials
Minimizing thickness of deadfronted display assemblies
Computer enclosure with rotatable power supply
Electronic apparatus incorporating fixing mechanism
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Integrated display computer with telephone switch cradle peripheral
Printed circuit board
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Apparatus for directing power to a hot swapped circuit board
Airflow-guiding device and computer having same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Stone gathering apparatus
Hydraulic ground-cleaning apparatus
Flexible folding agricultural implement
Multi-purpose dump unit for vehicles
Portable particulate spreader
Site-specific control system for manure spreader
Trailer for bulk material containers
Combine row crop header auger
Portable athletic field water fountain
Gravity flow microprocessor controlled portable plant dispensing system
Garden tiller pulverizing/edger attachment
Litter screening machine
Agricultural mixer auger cutting blade
Horseshoe traction devices and systems
Apparatus and method for cleaning poultry
Installation for manufacturing and packaging cigarettes
Rod-shaped article supplying apparatus
Portable cigar humidifier
Mask maintaining warmth in nasal area
Hand and wrist stabilization device
Magnifying contact lens storage unit
Optical device storage system
Pack structure
Protection clip device for securing personal hand carried items
Reusable gift bag
Multi-purpose bag and method for its use
Connectable cases and the manufacturing method thereof
Dual purpose hair coloring tool
Hair roller assembly
Carrying cases with strain relief shoulder attachments
Multi purpose, full size, portable podium
Work station for flat monitors
Keyboard positioning system
Door for cabinet and method for constructing same
Compact kitchenware washing station
Leg for a piece furniture with a telescopically movable portion
Folding chair with safety guard
Lumbar support
Chair wing structure
Gaming console
Computer work station
Protective cover for a baby carrier which provides sun, insect, and impact protection
Suspended motor-skill training apparatus
Rocking and gliding mechanism for furniture
Package display rack system and method
Plate rail
Beverage container with receptacle
Illuminated beverage container holder
Bowl with gripping means
Cooking container
Gravity lockable tongs
Food blender with a balanced blade
Steam pan manipulation device
System for dispensing coreless rolls of product
Easy roll
Adapter and dispenser for coreless rolls of products
Anchored floating device for supporting a bath tub accessory
Sink side dishwasher
Breast pump attachment to a household vacuum cleaner
Cytologic brush for endoscope
Brain spatula
Percutaneous chamber-to-artery bypass
Coronary bypass implant
Intra-luminal device for treatment of body cavities and lumens and method of use
Target device for proximal and distal locking of medullary nails without X-rays
Basket type grasping tool for surgery
Radiopaque guide wire
Trocar with disposable valve and reusable cannula
Apparatus and method for placement of a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube
Adjustable bone fixation plate
Biocompatible absorbable polymer plating system for tissue fixation
Bone fixation apparatus and method
Method to treat esophageal sphincters
Method for cooling surfaces
Electrosurgical generator and system
Catheter for neurosurgery
Endoscopic treatment tool
Expandable PMR device and method
Method and device for the automatic identification of components of medical apparatus systems
Biopsy needle
Surgical contact lens, methods for viewing the interior of an eye and methods for manufacturing such lenses
Apparatus for measuring intraocular pressure
Physiological monitoring
Method and apparatus for obtaining blood for diagnostic tests
Remotely interrogated implant device with sensor for detecting accretion of biological matter
System for pancreatic stimulation and glucose measurement
Pulse width modulation valve control for vital sign monitors
Maternal and fetal monitor
Methods of sanitizing MRI machines
Systems for modifying behavioral disorders
Apparatus and method to determine the relative position of a detector array and an x-ray tube focal spot
Method and apparatus for setting the integration interval for time integrated surface integral in an ultrasound imaging system
Ultrasound otoscope
Dental imaging system with digital motion video
Flossing tool
Parallel air stream dental air-abrasion system
Device and method for dispensing polymerizable compositions
Dental dam with integral clamp
Attachment means for a disposable dental tool
Dental implants with external polygonal head
Flexible non-contact wound treatment device
Sanitary napkin having laterally extensible means for attachment to the undergarment of the wearer
Method for the selection of a feminine hygiene product system
Flow-around valve with contoured fixation balloon
Breast prosthesis protective cradle
Movable magnet transmitter for inducing electrical current in an implanted coil
Stent or graft support structure for treating bifurcated vessels having different diameter portions and methods of use and implantation
IOL insertion apparatus and method for using same
Flexible valve rotator
Replacement semilunar heart valves using flexible tubes
Meniscal heterografts
Antiluxation hip prosthesis
Proximally holllow prosthesis
Surgical implant
Middle expanded, removable intervertebral disk stabilizer disk
Fastening device for prosthesis
Dynamic splint for post-operative treatment of flexible implant arthroplasty of the fingers
Device for hallux valgus
Thermoplastic apparatus with fastener
Spinal immobilization device
In-line method of manufacture of ostomy appliance faceplate
Anti-snoring device
Therapeutic cold and heat pack system
Lacrimal probe
Power assisted manually propelled vehicle and wheel assembly thereof
Self-propelled wheelchair
Wheelchair automatic anti-rollback assembly
Freely rotational manual body massager
Vibratory sleeve and method for the treatment of repetitive trauma syndrome
Blister pack arrangement
Medication applicator with incident reminder system
Baby bottle assembly
Holder for use in disposable feeding systems
Composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers, comprising at least two oxidation bases and an indole coupler, and dyeing process
Compositions for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres and dyeing process
Treatment of erectile dysfunction
Apparatus for producing a pharmaceutical product
Composite bioabsorbable materials and surgical articles made therefrom
Cartridge for holding a first and second fluid
Filter assembly comprising two filter elements separated by a hydrophobic foam
Powder inhaler having capsule holding structure and anti-static walls
Nasal oxygen catheter
Personal/private light screen
Intraparenchymal infusion catheter system
Insertion device for stents and methods for use
Catheter with flexible intermediate section
Introducer/dilator with balloon protection and methods of use
Wound irrigation shield adaptor
Safety Intravenous connector
Injector for a subcutaneous insertion set
Localized lubrication of syringe barrels and stoppers
Safety syringe
Structure safety syringe
Pre-filled syringe with mechanism to store needle therein
Spiral nerve cuff electrode implantation tool
Magnetic therapy
Device for in vivo radiation delivery and method for delivery
Stereotactic radiotreatment and prevention
Ultrasonic wave diagnosis apparatus
Safety anchor system
Apparatus and method for illuminating the scene of an emergency
Portable exercise apparatus and method of use
Multipurpose exercising machine
Muscle exerciser
Retrievable cylindrical wedged anchor
Swivel clamp for racket stringing
Correlated set of golf clubs
Golf club head with improved sole configuration
Batting practice attachment for baseball bats
Golf club head with a ball striking face having a directional tendency
Golf club head with vibration damping channels
Spinning baseball device
Baseball pitching and throwing training apparatus
Diagnostic golf swing training device
Football training and evaluation apparatus
Golf training kit
Ball pitching machine
Ball pen and method
Rollercross-type rink design
Snow ski traction device and method
Ski binding with two displaceable binding elements
Release binding for telemark and cross-country skis
Jaw which releasably holds a ski boot on a ski
Pool cue holder attachment
Modified poker card/tournament game and interactive network computer system for implementing same
Secure multi-site progressive jackpot system for live card games
Video game system for playing video game for removing displayed like objects from game field when they are successive connected
Fighting-type television game machine and a storage medium for storing a program of such a game
Gaming apparatus including slot machine
Structure of a soccer game table
100 point NCAA basketball tournament game
3-dimensional manipulative puzzle in the form of a humanoid figure
Apparatus for teaching horseback riding
Toy vehicle track
Water propelled toy torpedo
Head-like pneumatic play ball
Hand held doll simulating skating action
Bubble blowing toy for blowing big bubbles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Diesel fuel antifoam composition
Liquid clarification tank
Sand control screen assembly having a sacrificial anode
Purification of 1,3-butadiene
Air filter with labyrinth air flow pattern through an air filter insert
Drive checking system for fan filter units in clean room
Method and device for collecting by-products individually
Vacuum filtration system
Air/oil separator with unitary top end cap and flange
Method and apparatus for exhausting gases from processing tank
Stack filter assembly and methods
System for supplying air to aircraft pressurized cabins
Magnetic treatment of water supply to increase activity of chemical spray solutions
Method and apparatus for aeration of liquids or slurries
Secondary air humidification handler
Polymer property distribution functions methodology and simulators
Desulfurizing method and apparatus by irradiation of electron beam
Porous pellet adsorbents fabricated from nanocrystals
Aggregates of ceric oxide crystallites and reduction of vehicular emissions therewith
Process chamber with inner support
Fluid mixer and process using the same
Interchangeable liquid dispensing cartridge pump
Rotor for impactors
Blade ring for air-swept roller mills
Comminuting apparatus
Material processing apparatus
Dual motor drive system
Beneficiation of saline minerals
Reduction of pH modifying agent in the flotation of copper minerals
Holy water dispenser having a religious door ornament
Nozzle for spraying liquids
Wet scrubber and paint spray booth including the wet scrubber
Spray head with moving nozzle
Automatic pneumatic conveying machine
Structure of a paint container for spray gun
Distribution system for applying a viscous material to a roof
Bottle mounted applicator for automotive detailing
Process and arrangement for proportioning viscous material
Apparatus for applying a liquid or pasty medium onto a traveling material web
Apparatus for attaching endsheets without moisture wrinkles
Fuel nozzle configuration for a fluid-fuel burner, oil burner using the fuel nozzle configuration and method for regulating the fuel supply of a fluid-fuel burner
Method for cleaning a substrate with a composition comprising radiation curable groups
Rectangular support frame for supporting and transporting components of a cleaning device
Cleaning apparatus
In-situ cleaning apparatuses for wafers used in integrated circuit devices and methods of cleaning using the same
Method for using high density compressed liquefied gases in cleaning applications
Method and arrangement for producing hot-rolled steel strip
Embossing roll cleaning method
Expansion valve
Multi-wall tube
Apparatus for shaping wire into wire products
Method and arrangement for conveying moulds with castings therein
Nozzle for introducing liquid metal into a mold for the continuous casting of metals
Wheel body
Fireproof plate and a clamping device for a sliding gate at the outlet of a vessel containing molten metal
Iron-carbon compacts and process for making them
Process for preparing submicron/nanosize ceramic powders from precursors incorporated within a polymeric foam
Rivet removal tool and method
Method of utilizing a plasma gas mixture containing argon and CF.sub.4 to clean and coat a conductor
Automated stacking and soldering apparatus for three dimensional stack package devices and manufacturing method thereof
Device for transferring fluids from a stationary to a rotating machine part
Boring tool
Portable wood planing machine with improvements relating to a cutter and indicator
Alignment device used to manufacture a plurality of structural insulated panels
Reversible clamping hub
Row carrier for precision lapping of disk drive heads and for handling of heads during the slider fab operation
Polishing head release mechanism
Carrier head with a substrate detection mechanism for a chemical mechanical polishing system
Surface polishing machine
Polishing method and polishing apparatus using the same
Polishing apparatus and method
Apparatus for controlling uniformity of polished material
Wafer processing machine and a processing method thereby
Post-treatment method for dry etching
Vitrified abrasive solid mass reinforced by impregnation with synthetic resin, and method of manufacturing the same
Abrasive tools
Apparatuses and methods for polishing semiconductor wafers
Chemical-mechanical polishing pad conditioning systems
Quick clamping type vice
Multi position part holder for robotic applications
Holder for flat subjects in particular semiconductor wafers
Ratchet wrench having self-shifting transmission apparatus
Socket wrench with illumination
Magazine for compressed-air nail firing tool
Explosive powder charge operated bolt-setting tool
Tool holder for inserted tools in drilling and/or hammering machines
Multi-speed transmission for electrical power tools
Stowable knockdown sawhorse
Safe operating motorcycle lift and method
Object storage and selection system
Wrench socket holder
Wrench socket holder with locking member
Overhead hoist transfer
Pneumatic parallel or radial gripper
Plane head for a planing machine
Log splitter with manually operated hydraulic jack
Apparatus for manufacturing green bricks for the brick manufacturing industry
Adiabatic mold having composite structure
Board matched nested support fixture
Oven cured structural foam with designed-in sag positioning
Automotive instrument panel having an integral airbag
Method of making trim panel having two different trim materials
Mold core positioning device
Technique for manufacturing hose
Apparatus for removing hollow containers from a blow molding machine
Moulded interior door panel
Lip rolling machine with improved oven mounting and adjustable guide rods
Closure mechanism with a heat-insulating layer
Hot staking machine
Form for manufacturing concrete form components by machine
Machine for the production of an at least single-face lined web of corrugated board
Manufacturing process of metal foil card
Diaphragm and accumulator using the same
Decorative lighting laminate
Method of making a composite paperboard structure with a silicon-oxide-coated film for improving the shelf life of oxygen-sensitive products
Thermal and acoustical insulating shield
Conveyor belt construction
Mailroom conveyor system with an electric linear device
Apparatus for preventing jams in a folder of a printing press
Fixing mechanism and ink jet recording apparatus using the fixing mechanism
Printer with printing medium motion detection
Ink jet recording apparatus
Tape printing device
Printer with a movable paper guide mechanism and method of setting recording paper in such printer
Printing medium holding apparatus for a printer using air suction force
Printer with label separator
Apparatus and method for measuring printing paper quantity and warning printing part exchange time
Printing apparatus and printing registration method
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink-jet head and ink-jet recording device each having a protruded-type electrode
Ink-jet printer
Producing durable ink images
Printing device, printing method, image forming apparatus and image forming method
Printer with a manually operable print head that is detachable from the main printer body
Tape printing apparatus and tape holding case with a sliding switch
Device for stapling stacked sheets of a recording medium
Shipment form
Pressure seal license plate decal
Desktop modular assembly
Method of manufacturing laminated plates, pencil boards and/or shafts for writing, drawing or painting
Electro-mechanical writing implement
Vehicle part having weather sealed mirror finish decorative portion integral therewith
Sealing ring at axle shaft flange for a vehicle
Tire having anti-slip properties
Tires with colored indicia
Tire having circumferential cables for anchoring the carcass and process of preparing such cables
Side holder of an antiskid chain
Rim and assembly of tire and ring-shaped tread support on same
Tow strap apparatus
Towing pintle extender device
Suspension system
Structure for installing shock absorber for rear suspension in solar automobile
Active chassis in a motor vehicle
Vehicle height adjusting apparatus and cylinder system used therefor
Air conditioning apparatus for a rear seat of vehicle
Air conditioner for vehicle
Vehicle sunshield and method of manufacture
Collapsible structures having overlapping support loops
Anchorable vehicle cover
Absorbing body and a combination of an absorbing body and vehicle body parts
Flap arrangement for a motor vehicle body
Trailer cover
Wind guard for a convertible
Cooling system for a skid steer loader
Capless refueling assembly
High lateral offset front differential
System for automatically slowing vehicle during turns
System and method for determining the weight of a person in a seat in a vehicle
Single manual lock configuration for a seat assembly
Seat reclining apparatus
Apparatus to improve the retention of a child seat in a vehicle
Vehicle safety system
Beverage cup holder with an actuator
Dial-in ejector speed control for articulated trucks and the like having ejector type dump mechanism
Assembly for automatically opening the tailgate of a container
Mobile wrecker incorporating improved rear outrigger support arrangement
Lock for containers on a vehicle chassis
Vehicular headlamp having improved yield of high-beam luminous energy
Single lens, push-push, dual lamp assembly
Assembly for adjustably mounting vehicle external mirror
Self-contained case for housing transporting and mounting video monitor and video player for use in passenger vehicles
Modular headliner with self-aligning lamp
Arrangement structure of door harness for vehicle
Method for decelerating a vehicle, highway crash cushion, and energy absorbing element therefor
Device and method for occupant protection in vehicles
Method of folding a bag for an air bag apparatus and an air bag apparatus incorporating the bag
Airbag module
Air bag module mounting mechanism and method of making
Air bag mounting structure for passenger-side air bag device
Holder for a belt lock
Vehicle storage support device
Bag and accessory handling system
Towel dispenser for tractor
Multi-purpose holder, having a recess with an open circular upper end, a rectangular middle portion and a funnel shaped cavity lower end
Removable storage assembly for a truck bed
Truck mounted ladder rack
B.C. bicycle rack
All terrain vehicle with dual hydraulic brake system
Electromagnetically actuated valve for hydraulic brake systems for motor vehicles
Traction control system
Braking force control system and the method thereof
Device for presuming accumulator pressure operative with pressure switches
Piston pump
Brake system for a motor vehicle
Integrated anti-skid and hydraulic booster braking control
Support housing for lightweight drawbar assembly
Adjustable tote
Apparatus for clamping together two members
System employing a bracket to obtain secure engagement of a holding device for a system for clamping two members
Hydroformed space frame and method of manufacturing the same
Hood assembly
Structure of steering support beam for vehicle
Floor structure for truck's load-carrying platform
Air drag reduction unit for vehicles
Safety latch for a tire carrier and improvements therefor
Electro-hydraulic power steering control with fluid temperature and motor speed compensation of power steering load signal
Flatbar fifth wheel release handle
Steering assist system in a vehicle
Mat with integral wire harness fastener and channel
Bicycle flexible joint
Apparatus and method for transporting cargo with a two-wheeled vehicle
Vehicle pedal power saving mechanism
Hybrid spring for bicycle derailleurs
Swivel torque tube arrangement
Lens frame assembly for a diving mask
Beach ramp system for watercrafts
Low watch circle buoy system
Man overboard device
Process for forming a surface for contact with a flowing fluid and body with such surface regions
Oscillating air jets for helicopter rotor aerodynamic control and BVI noise reduction
Aircraft crash damage limitation system
Infrared deicing system for aircraft
Methods and apparatus for suppressing engine test cell howl
Method and evaporator device for evaporating a low temperature liquid medium
Product dispensing system
Method of forming groups of cigarettes
Product valve complex for dual stream filling system
Method and apparatus for taking over and piling articles supplied in a plurality of rows and for conveying obtained piles of articles to a packaging line
Method for making a flexible packaging bag for use with different bagging machines
Method and apparatus for determining stalling of a procession of moving articles
Auxiliary bag holding apparatus for a barrel
Drainage ports for plastic containers
Tubular container with independently openable compartments
Self-closing sealable valve bag
Collapsible, stackable, self-supporting container with supplemental support feature
Wet-wipe container having a hinged cover
Collapse-resistant, merchandise display
Folded cardboard blank dish-shaped container
Food package including a tray
Paper lunch box
Book-type carton with pull out tray
Restricted orientation shipping carton
Package for a product having a laterally directed base
Easy-to-use pizza box
Container formed of identical container elements and blank for forming the same
Hermetically sealed container with closure insert
Decorative article
Storage, admixing, and dispensing system
Stable-free-standing bag of heat sealable or weldable plastic foil
Simulated baby bottle gift package
Wrap around hinged end cap for packaging a computer system
Box system for supporting and displaying sand paper from a roll
Double chamber aerosol container and manufacturing method therefor
Two chambered spray can
High volume aerosol valve
Dispensing apparatus for dispensing pressurized fluid
Method for manufacturing cases for compact discs and the like
Welded bedframe for a push-back cart storage system
Driven wheel passenger conveyor
Method and device for vertically conveying packets of cigarettes
Transporting hanger for a hanging-type conveyor
Article grading apparatus
Positioning device for at least one pallet
Manually positioned wheel chocking apparatus
Machine for advancing a sheet metal strip in measured increments
Apparatus for counting and dispensing sheet objects
Method and mechanism for supporting and stacking liquid ink printed sheets
Process for the manufacture of printed products and an arrangement for implementing this process
In-line web separator
Folding apparatus for rotary printing presses
Device for conveying sheets in a printing machine
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming system
Fluid delivery hose recovery system
Support of a combined feed-out/feed-in device for a coilable tubing
Sheet transport apparatus and image forming apparatus
Arresting brake device for elevators
Roll lifting apparatus and system
Device for lifting prefabricated components, particularly made of concrete, or the like
Methods and apparatus for boom hoist systems
Ratchet with journaled spool
Vehicular pneumatic jack
Delayed-action empty-seat safety interlock for forklift controls
Device for dispensing liquids in a desired ratio
Universal monitor for collecting data on consumable products
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ozone generating method
Electrolyte producing apparatus with monitoring device
Granular organoclay for high temperature applications
Pyrotechnic gas generant composition including high oxygen balance fuel
Process for purifying n-butyl chloride
Interface seal for an aircraft
Binder composition and aqueous coating composition
Hot melt ink
Bonding process
Long burning fire starter
Detergent composition comprising an acid source with a specific particle size
Tint stain remover
Process for decarbonising a high-chromium steel melt
Corrective tempering method for rolling elements
Corrosion resistant solenoid valve
Nickel-copper-beryllium alloy compositions
Soft nitrided gear and method of fabricating the same
Ferritic stainless steel and external part for a watch made thereof
Compressor for turbine and gas turbine
Metallic glass alloys for mechanically resonant marker surveillance systems
Copper alloy having improved stress relaxation
Surface alloyed high temperature alloys
Equipment for producing thin-film solar cell
Method of generating a reciprocating plurality of magnetic fluxes on a target
Baffle plate design for decreasing conductance lost during precipitation of polymer precursors in plasma etching chambers
Method and a device for epitaxial growth of objects by chemical vapor deposition
Color development method of metallic titanium and black and colored titanium manufactured by this method
Electroplating apparatus
Silicon ribbon growth dendrite thickness control system
Method for growing crystal
Anisotropy-based crystalline oxide-on-semiconductor material
Textiles; Paper
Decorative outdoor fabrics
Shaft driving device for heald shafts
Process and apparatus for mounting a funicular element in a jacquard electrical shed forming device
Device for controlling warp threads for the production of leno fabrics on a textile machine
Method for manufacturing a pile fabric with coarse pile warp threads
Thread clamp for a weaving machine and a weaving machine with a thread clamp of this kind
Process for reducing sulfur and vat dyes
Method for recycling of old corrugated container using flotation and enzymatic hydrolysis
Air press for dewatering a wet web with pivotable arm seal
Shoe press and method for supporting a press shoe in a shoe press
Sizing of paper
Fixed Constructions
Adjustable anchorage for crane rails
Concrete joint restraint system
Prefabricated pre-cast culvert provided with couplings
Road marking unit and road marking system capable of switching from reflective state to light absorbing state
Apparatus for floor covering removal
Pin retainer for ground engaging tools
Device in a waste disposal system in a building
Double funnel float valve
Adjustable ceiling suspension system
Support frame
Turntable work support
Portable environmental barrier apparatus
Collapsible liquid containment device
Low-bed type seismic isolator for display case
Locking device, in particular for furniture
Hood latch and release mechanism and operating system including same
Closure member and closing construction
Garage child/pet/ventilation gate
Motor drive for an electric rolling steel door
Safety blind for windows and doors
Anti-slip ladder pad
Encapsulated elastomeric relief valve
Sealed lateral wellbore junction assembled downhole
Rotary drilling systems
Rotary drill bits
Apparatus and methods for deploying tools in multilateral wells
Deep drilling and/or well pump system using a hydrodynamic retarder to compensate for restoring torques released in the system
Clamping well casings
Device for making or regenerating a water well
Method and equipment for the flow of offshore oil production with primary gas separation
Downhole oil and water separation system and method
Dual injection and lifting system using a rod driven progressive cavity pump and an electrical submersible pump and associate a method
Method and apparatus for measuring operating parameters of a submergible pumping system
Method of installing re-placement pipe
Apparatus for completing a subterranean well and associated methods of using same
Actively controlled rotary steerable system and method for drilling wells
Tail structure of shield driving machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll-type fluid displacement machine
Apparatus and method for controlling angular relation between two rotating shafts
Turbine plant having a thrust element, and thrust element
Gas turbine blade
Cooling system for a main body used in a gas stream
Gas turbine cooling stationary blade
Integrated chain drive tensioner and sprocket assembly
Drain coupling
Control for outboard motor
Cooling structure for outboard engine
Fuel flow divider and pressurizing valve for gas turbine
Direct acting fuel injector
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injection valve
Fuel injector with pressure regulated trapped volume nozzle assembly
Constant vacuum type carburetor
Reciprocating compressor with a linear motor
Adjustable crankpin throw structure having improved throw stabilizing means
Compressor, particularly for an air conditioning system in a motor vehicle
Transport hose with safety channel and method of using the hose in a pump
System and method for pump control and fault detection
Pump for a pressure washer
High precision pump for medical and chemical analyzers
Multi-rotor helical-screw compressor with thrust balance device
Worm-drive compressor
Non-crescent seal internal gear pump with sealing elements inserted in the tooth tips
Pump/motor apparatus using 2-lobe stator
Stator assembly for a rotary machine
Rotary pump having a bearing which dissipates heat
Molten metal pump with monolithic rotor
Liquid delivery device, method of controlling such liquid delivery device, and liquid delivery pump
Centrifugal blower assembly with a pre-swirler for an automotive vehicle
Fastener structure
Plastic part slidably mountable on a support
Ball joint
Assembly of two objects articulated to each other with two degrees of freedom in rotation
Driveshaft with anti-disengagement means
Locking device for use with shafts or tubes
Lockable chain winder
Splineless rotational control apparatus
Clutch with a sealing element, in particular an elastomer seal for use in annular cylinders such as in clutches
Bellows device, its application to a transmission joint, and ring for a device of this kind
Flexible coupling
Oneway clutch
Compliant cage for a roller-type bi-directional one-way clutch mechanism
Multiple-function controllable overrunning coupling
Automatic clutch
Multipot type disk brake
Fluid and elastomer damper
System life for continuously operating engines
Gas spring with temperature compensation
Friction cone gearing
Reverse gearing
All wheel drive continuously variable transmission having dual mode operation
Connection for a torque converter
Transmission device
Apparatus and method for controlling temperature of fluid in a differential assembly
Learn 1st 2-3 shift, 1st N-1 learn
Single layer head gasket with integral stopper
Hybrid gasket
Secondary seal for a sealing arrangement
Gate valve
Duckbill valve
Opening and closing valve
Magnetic actuated valve
Diaphragm valve seat arrangement
Detectability of buried elongated objects such as pipes, ducts and conduits
Pipe coupler
Offshore pipeline with waterproof thermal insulation
Indoor mounting arrangement for wireless systems
Stand for photographic-optical and cinematographic equipment
Heated sample container case and method
Light fixture conductors and methods of assembly
Zoom lighting fixture having multifunction actuator
Fluorescent light fixture
Flat and transparent front-lighting system using microprisms
Safety device in lighting rods
Portable, small, light-weight radiant and/or electrical power generating sources
Cooking appliance, gas burner for this appliance and method for mounting such a gas burner on such appliance
Gas burner
Cigarette lighter in the shape of a statue
Manifold for connecting circuits of a central heating system
Heating/cooling systems
Methods and apparatus for controlling an air inlet closure of an air conditioner
Satellite disk housing and roof ventilation device
Frost formation detector
Counterflow evaporator for refrigerants
Top mounting arrangement for a heat exchange module
Holster having a frontal reinforcement
Temperature detection of power semiconductors performed by a co-packaged analog integrated circuit
Thermal monitoring system for semiconductor devices
Apparatus for selectively providing different shades of light to illuminate a given pattern
Microwave moisture analyzer: apparatus and method
Contact apparatus for integrated circuits
Method for selecting operation cycles of a semiconductor IC for performing an IDDQ test by using a simulation
Polarizing illumination device and projection display device
Photonic crystal devices formed by a charged-particle beam
Optoelectronic transmitting and/or receiving module and method for its production
Methods for accessing optical fibers in an optical fiber ribbon using a rubber or plastic work panel as a work surface
Adjustable retainer for eyeglasses
Multifocal lens, and method for production thereof
Eye-wear with magnets
Method and apparatus for reducing the formation of spots in laser projection
Metering/re-cocking member for engaging film during exposure and for re/cocking shutter actuator, separates from shutter actuator when re-cocked
Processing photographic material
Linear developer
Timepiece including fixation device for an element added to a frame
System and method for adaptive control of uncertain nonlinear processes
Pressure regulating valve with optimized deaeration
Illuminated serrated wheel
Expandable keyboard including flexible flat cable conductors
Docking device for a portable computer
Movable connector board for computer
Method of run-time tracking of object references in Java programs
Standard cell integrated circuit layout definition having functionally uncommitted base cells
Method and apparatus for measurement, analysis, characterization, emulation, and translation of perception
Secured network system
Lighted key board
Flexible implementation of a system management mode (SMM) in a processor
Method and apparatus for building templates in a component system
Method of transmitting raster information from a host computer to an ink jet printer and corresponding method of printing
Two-dimensional data symbol processing system
Data reading devices using semiconductor lasers
Miniature laser diode focusing module using micro-optics
Method and apparatus for administering a survey
Statistical sampling security methodology for self-scanning checkout system
Selectively accented serpentine halftone patterns for embedding human readable information in images
Method for arranging pixels to facilitate compression/extension of image data
Ticket issuing apparatus
Easy opening money wrapper with graduated scale and bar code and a system and method for managing inventory of money using same
Coin feed mechanism
Service station island transaction terminal
Multiline gaming machine
Coin operated amusement device
Card reader
Promotional one-piece mailer assembly having an integral coupon card
Reel stand integrating brake torque mechanism
Buckler for a tape drive
Tape leader pin clamp and method for securing same to leader pin assembly
Media storing tray-board mechanical attachment
Compact disc holder
Molded container
Coil assembly useful in solenoid valves
Loading process to provide improved vacuum environment
Vacuum microdevice and method of manufacturing the same
Frit jig assembly
Method of HF-HF Cleaning
Substrate treatment equipment and method with testing feature
Semiconductor device and its fabricating method
Modular substrate cassette
Wafer carrier having both a rigid structure and resistance to corrosive environments
Wafer gripping device adapted to swivel wafers taken from a horizontal position in a storage container
Vertically stackable integrated circuit
Battery receptacle
Shock and weather protective mobile telephone case
Connector with spacer
Electrical connector having different interface matrices
Electrical connector
Connector assembly for connecting an electrical device to an external power supply
High density connector with low insertion force
Flat flexible cable connector
Connector for connecting a printed circuit board to a flat flexible circuit
Terminal housing connecting structure
Terminal connection device for power supply circuit
Enhanced emissivity electrical connector
PCMCIA terminal
Structure of a connector terminal
Connector having a holder for male sub-connectors
Slot type terminal and the terminal block provided with the same
Electrical connector having terminal insert subassembly
Quick connect/disconnect mechanism
Electrical connector module and kit having tamper proof latch mechanism
Connector locking mechanism
Solderless mountable insulation displacement connector terminal
Contact configuration in modular jack
Electrical jack
Track and connector arrangement
Connector block with internal power bus
Night lamp with side mounting type rotary powder input plug
Wire insertion entrance aperture
Electric component with soldering-less terminal fitment
Electric wire connector and electric wire
Electrical wedge connector having sleeve with wedge locking tabs
Contact for use in an electrical connector
Electrical connector assembled with a terminal array that is connected by a carrier strip
Telecommunications terminal block
Spark plug and process of producing same
Water-tight plastic component
Sheet supplying apparatus and image reading apparatus
Implantable microphone having improved sensitivity and frequency response
Apparatus for measuring the height of a substrate in a dispensing system
Transferring thin film to a substrate
Connector for a circuit board
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