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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Oven for cooking cone-shaped foods
Microsensor system and method for measuring data
Digital minimally invasive surgery system
Transdermal delivery system for dried particulate or lyophilized medications
System and method for recovery from memory errors in a medical device
Centralized management system for programmable medical devices
Ventricular conduction delay trending system and method
Subcutaneous implantable cardioverter/defibrillator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Image forming apparatus and image density correction device
Methods and systems for thermal-based laser processing a multi-material device
Optical disk device
Warning device in a vehicle
Method and system for adaptively compensating open loop front-wheel steering control
Steering apparatus
Unit for controlling the operating functions of a cycle
Fixed Constructions
Lock system with remote control security device
Drilling signalling system
Interferometric measuring device
Interferometric measuring device
Navigation apparatus for receiving delivered information
Two-dimensional optical encoder with multiple code wheels
Particle counter for foreign particles in a fluid stream
Device for measuring the reflection factor
Method and apparatus for correcting motion in image reconstruction
Faraday system integrity determination
Test fixture for holding signal terminals or pins and related method for assembling the test fixture
Method and apparatus for measuring absolute and net power consumption for computer systems
Detector element for spatially resolved detection of gamma radiation
Method and apparatus for filtering irregularly sampled data
Wired tool string component
Shielded apparatus for reducing an electrical field generated by a pad during electrically exploring geological formations
Zoom lens system and image-pickup apparatus including same
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens and imaging system incorporating it
Lens barrel, camera and portable information terminal
Microscope and method of preventing dew condensation on objective lens
Core-shell particles for electrophoretic display
Spatial light modulator with multi-layer landing structures
Method and device for fabricating a release structure to facilitate bonding of mirror devices onto a substrate
Polygon mirror scanner device with tubular magnet adhered to the inside of the tubular mirror with a depression on the inner face, opposite the mirror face, with a gap, absent adhesive, formed between the magnet and inner face
Optical unit for projection display apparatus and projection display apparatus
Protective coating and hyperthermal atomic oxygen texturing of optical fibers used for blood glucose monitoring
Optical waveguide film, and light transmission and reception module
Optical fiber cable with system and method for mid-span access
Fine adjustment mechanism for zoom lens assembly
Lens module
Refractive projection objective
Optical module
Reflection-type liquid crystal display device and fabrication process thereof
Photo-electronic frequency multiplier
Method for focus adjusting and camera
Screen and projector with spherical lens array
Mirror, lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Projection optical system, exposure apparatus and device fabricating method
Method for operating a cleaning station
Background energy density control in an electrophotographic device
Image forming apparatus
Fixing device for use in an image forming device
Fixing apparatus, image forming apparatus, wire winding apparatus and method for producing magnetic excitation coil
Fixing device
Image forming apparatus using a contact or a proximity type of charging system including a protection substance on a moveable body to be charged
Holographic recording medium and writing method therefor
Date indicator mechanism for watch movement
Methods to resolve TSF timer ambiguity of IEEE 802.11e schedule element
Electronically servo-assisted bicycle gearshift and related method
Slug flow protection system
Information processing apparatus and its control method
4-dimensional gray neutrality calibration
Program and method of print instruction for printer with PDF direct printing function
Efficient interpolation technique using programmable node spacing
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Method for assessing models of vehicle driving style or vehicle usage model detector
Method and system for compiling a lexical knowledge base
Method and apparatus for collecting and categorizing data at a terminal
Verification of scheduling in the presence of loops using uninterpreted symbolic simulation
Harness design supporting apparatus and computer-readable recording medium recording harness design supporting program
Computer-controlled power wheelchair navigation system
Methods and systems for changing the appearance of a position sensor with a light effect
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Low-noise flight support system
Enhanced field programmable gate array
Internet facsimile machine
Printer management method and management system
Identification card reader
Method for aligning two objects, method for detecting superimposing state of two objects, and apparatus for aligning two objects
Apparatus and method for imager device color calibration using spectral light source
Method for automatic identification of a hair region
Multi-image feature matching using multi-scale oriented patches
Security system and security method using fingerprints
Desynchronized fingerprinting method and system for digital multimedia data
System and method for editing image data
Analyzing apparatus, model creating method, and computer product
System and method for detecting obstacle
System for constructing mosaic images
Transcoding a JPEG2000 compressed image
Image processing apparatus and method, and computer program and computer-readable storage medium
Software based stamp dispenser
System and method for automatic access of a remote computer over a network
System and method for dynamically providing personalized tracked data and automatically updating the data
System and method providing customer incentive to purchase non-fuel products and services
Structure of a digital content package
Data center for account management
Integrated electronic bill presentment and risk based payment
Systems, methods and computer program products for receiving and responding to customer requests for travel related information
Method and system for preventing unauthorized rerecording of multimedia content
Display processing switching construct utilized in information device
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Personal status physiologic monitor system and architecture and related monitoring methods
Hot swap and plug-and-play for RFID devices
Method and apparatus for communication between an electronic device and a connected battery
Method and receiver for blocking a runaway dialer at a local security system
Portable computer supporting paging instructions
Optical communication equipment and vehicle control method
Vehicular communication system
LED capacitance discharge with limited current
Shift register for pulse-cut clock signal
Display panel driving method, display panel driver circuit, and liquid crystal display device
Apparatus and method for driving liquid crystal display device
Extractable terminal keypad
Optical joystick for hand-held communication device
Digital information system
On demand techniques for using data associated with a digital image suitable for rasterization at any resolution
Microencapsulated electrophoretic display with integrated driver
Driving device of image display device, program and storage medium thereof, image display device, and television receiver
System and methods for providing automatic classification of media entities according to tempo
Singing voice synthesizing apparatus with selective use of templates for attack and non-attack notes
Constant bitrate media encoding techniques
Method for speech coding, method for speech decoding and their apparatuses
Method and device for providing speech-enabled input in an electronic device having a user interface
Recording method, reproduction method, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, and information recording medium
Method to record data on and/or perform optimal power control for information storage medium
Apparatus to reproduce data from a recordable information storage medium
Data recording/reproducing device
Method to avoid contact between the head and disk protrusions
Magnetic disk protection mechanism, computer system comprising protection mechanism, protection method for magnetic disk, and program for protection method
Acquiring spiral servo information on a storage surface
Pressure equalizing fluid flow stripper apparatus
Preamplifier for use in data storage devices
Recording medium and signal processing apparatus
Layered perpendicular writer with pole tip partially embedded in yoke
Rotary piezoelectric microactuator and disk drive head-suspension assembly
Dynamically controlling seek profile in an acceleration tracking seek controller
Recording method and apparatus for optical disk drive
Objective lens, optical element, optical pick-up apparatus and optical information recording and/or reproducing apparatus equipped therewith
Optical disk apparatus
Method and apparatus for constant linear velocity electron beam substrate processing
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including storage unit having nonvolatile and volatile memory element sections
Non-volatile memory embedded in a conventional logic process and methods for operating same
Semiconductor memory device having bit line precharge circuit controlled by address decoded signals
Active termination circuit and method for controlling the impedance of external integrated circuit terminals
Power supply apparatus for sliding structure
Capacitive pressure sensor
Lever button of electronic product
Ion beam profiler
Plasma producing apparatus and doping apparatus
IC card and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device protection cover, and semiconductor device unit including the cover
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Organic-inorganic composite insulating material for electronic element, method of producing same and field-effect transistor comprising same
ESD protection structure with lower maximum voltage
Self-calibrating anti-blooming circuit for CMOS image sensor having a spillover protection performance in response to a spillover condition
Contact image sensing module with movement detecting function
Method and apparatus for improving integrated circuit device performance using hybrid crystal orientations
MOSFET device with low gate contact resistance
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Luminescent body and optical device including the same
Terrestrial solar array
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Solid-state image pickup device and manufacturing method for the same
Semiconductor device
Piezoelectric device for generating acoustic signal
Method for fabricating chalcogenide-applied memory
Overvoltage and backflow current protection for a battery charger
Broadband differential coupling circuit having coupled differential aggressor and signal channels
Antenna enclosed within an animal training apparatus
Circularly polarized antenna
Antenna structure and communication apparatus including the same
Optical device, laser beam source, laser apparatus and method of producing optical device
Systems and methods for automatic power control of laser diodes
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
Laser spectral engineering for lithographic process
Wiring sheet, electric distribution box and method of cutting wires
Method of linearizing ESD capacitance
System and method of electrostatic discharge protection for signals at various voltages
Electric motor
Linear actuator
Circuit for controlling inductive loads, in particular of electro actuators, at high efficiency
DC converter
Constant temperature crystal oscillator
Ingress noise reduction in a digital receiver
First order tuning circuit for a phase-locked loop
Semiconductor integrated circuit and amplifier for suppressing pop sound while minimizing voltage transition settling time
I/O interface circuit of integrated circuit
Level shifter circuit
System for mixed analog-digital automatic gain control
A/D converter with voltage generation circuits
Sampling and measurement of periodic signals
Pipelined analog-to-digital converter having a power optimized programmable data rate
Method and apparatus for configuring a RAKE receiver
Receiving circuit for radio-wave clock broadcast wave
Frequency conversion circuit, modulation circuit, polar modulation transmitting circuit, quadrature modulation transmitting circuit, communication instrument, and frequency conversion method
Method and apparatus for transmitting in a communication device
Communication device with diversity antenna
Spread spectrum modulation system and method for embedding digital information into digital or analog media
Wavelength dispersion compensation design method and a system thereof
Electronic communications device status determination
Processing apparatus, portable transmitter, and remote operation system
Ethernet passive optical network for integrating broadcast and communication based on time division multiplexing scheme
Mechanism to select the physical media type connector in network devices
Secure session set up based on the wireless application protocol
Information distribution system
Methods and apparatus for switching fibre channel arbitrated loop systems
VoIP service threshold determination by home wireless router
Method and system for flow control for route switching
Method and apparatus for discovering remote nodes in an ethernet passive optical network
Packet routing and switching device
Packet spraying for load balancing across multiple packet processors
Multiplex transmission apparatus and multiplex transmission method for encapsulating data within a connectionless payload
Method for implementing actions based on packet classification and lookup results
Line concentrator for telephone set and communication method of LAN
Transparent interchangeable network (TIN)
Communication system that shares protect links among multiple services including an internet service
Multichannel cochlear implant with neural response telemetry
Viterbi decoder utilizing compressed survival metrics for reduced memory size requirements
Cryptographic method for distributing load among several entities and devices therefor
Deriving a symmetric key from an asymmetric key for file encryption or decryption
Portable terminal device and communications device system wherein the device is used
Method of furnishing illegal mobile equipment user information
Method and system for automatic calling unit replenishment
Call setup using a packet-switched address such as an internet address or the like
Lottery channel
Variable reflectance cover
Device with printing and scanning capability
Scanning apparatus
Apparatus and method of extracting sync signal from analog composite video signal
Method and algorithm for detection of scene cuts or similar images in video images
Rotary camera assembly of mobile communication device
Image pickup apparatus and method for the output of AV data and the control of the output of AV data to an external storage device
Imaging system
Monitoring camera device capable of adjusting the changeover between standard time and day light saving time
Video disk player
Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing operation information in association with video or music
Recording apparatus and computer-readable program
Videophone system using cellular telephone terminal
Image data recording apparatus and method
Recording apparatus and method
Color correction processing circuit by each hue
Wireless network system capable of tracking a location of a mobile station and a method for tracking a location of the mobile station
Method and system for mobile communications
Transmission of data packets by a node
Apparatus of public land mobile network selection and method of the same
Method for supporting a plurality of subscribers operating on different frequency bands using a single access point
Medium access control for simultaneous channel communications
Phase shifting audio signal combining
Printed circuit board and inspection method therefor
Circuit-component-containing module
I/O port module replacing device
Weatherproof cover plate
Combination antenna and SIM card support structure
Circuit board stiffener
Method and apparatus for optimizing heat transfer with electronic components
Shielding device
Circuit board mounting panel for electrical appliance
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Multi-purpose weeder with auger
Method and apparatus for automatically connecting a drive member to a driven member
Individual seed hoppers forming banks of seed hoppers
Planting device for planting a seedling-growing tape in the field
Mowing and mulching system for lawnmowers
Cutting head for a string trimmer
Rotary cutter having suspension including air springs and shock absorbers
Self-propelled agricultural harvesting machine
Seed collector
Device for adjusting the working height of a crop pick-up
Cutting device for an agricultural harvester
Spiral rings for spreading wrapping material at the lower rear bale-forming belt support roll of the discharge gate of a large round baler
Knife bed assembly for balers
Masonry lawn edging block assembly
Cutting tool or the like, such as a pair of secateurs comprising tow pivoting active members
System, apparatus, and method for blade clearance tuning
Mechanical leaf stripper operating on compressed gas
Method of covering a potted plant
Method and apparatus for applying a growth regulating composition to a cotton crop
Flower pot with attached sleeve and method of use
Plant mobilizer
Potting machines and methods
Insulated greenhouse
Method and device for positioning teat cups on a milking animal
Sifting liner bags for a cat litter box
Systems and methods for covering and lifting animals
Heeler rope
Animal restraining halter
Bird feeder construction
Portable refrigerator kit for perishable pet products
Battery powered lighted rod
Fishing line twist removal apparatus and method
Fish measuring device
Fishing rod holder tip-up device
Fishing hooking device
Method and apparatus for attracting and collecting insects
Cockroach trap
Mosquito and biting insect attracting and killing apparatus
Multi-component device for capturing or repelling insects or insect pests
Bait station
Tree stand with level adjustment
Poultry cone cleaning device
Cooking device with registration of the amount of water
Cigarette filter
Method of cutting sheets of reconstituted tobacco
Smoking articles
Dry powder delivery system
Medial/lateral counter foot stabilizer
Snowboard boots
Shoe with an active air-conditioning device
Ski boot with variable volume shell
Article of footwear including a tented upper
Shoe with a pivotal counter portion
Slide closures for touch fasteners
Interlocking closure device
Closure device
Jewelry with replaceable ornamentation
Metal ornamentation technique
Jewelry piece
Pull rod structure of self-opening umbrella
Telescoping walking stick
Luggage with low-profile hanger bracket
Business case with removable handle and wheel assembly
Wrist corsage and holder
Portable cleaning apparatus
Mounting bracket and connector for a broom with a detachable handle
Hairbrush with retractable bristles
Adjustable shelving system
Adjustable leg assembly
Children's activity table
Magazine for espresso coffee capsules
Circulating type food and drink transport apparatus
Automated display mechanism
Display apparatus
Blending and bubble filtering container structure
Motorized rotating fork
Point-of-sale hanger for footwear
Extraction chamber for an automatic machine preparing hot drinks
Beverage server
Rotisserie oven
Temperature sensor for a cooking device
Cooking device
Pancake and egg cooking appliance
Barbecue grill and smoker with bottom mounted firebox
Electric toaster
High speed variable size toaster
Fruit and vegetable processor
Radiating structure for a motor of a food processor
Foodstuff lifter with side arms
Cleaning device, in particular, for grilling appliances or the like
Deflector for rack
Floor mats having peripheral apertures with acoustic absorbing material
Sterile packaging for flexible endoscopes
Container for holding therein needles used in surgical operation, containing instrument for holding therein needles, and picking device for use in containing needles
Tension-adjustable mechanism for stethoscope earpieces
Estimation of error angle in ultrasound flow measurement
Container for receiving a filling product and a method for its manufacture
Method for demonstrating breathability
Apparatus for administering intermittent percussive ventilation and unitary breathing head assembly for use therein
Pillbox for the physically impaired
Machine for filling capsules with a powdered product
Spacer for an inhaler
Inhalation device
Extendable spacer device and metered dose inhaler
Inhalator for administering powder composition
Device and method for creating aerosols for drug delivery
High-frequency oscillator ventilator
Ventilation interface for sleep apnea therapy
Nasal respiration mask
Oxygen diffuser for patient oxygen delivery system
Method and apparatus for maintaining airway patency
Intraparenchymal infusion catheter system
Cases for medication delivery devices
Golf ball stencil
Golf ball cleaning device
Golf club organizing assembly having compartment-forming dividers of different colors
Golf club transport case
Baseball/softball equipment bag
Golf club head with a high coefficient of restitution
Dog exercise apparatus and method
Ice skate blade squaring gauge
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid filter assembly
Wedge wire and paper stock screening apparatus incorporating such wedge wire
Filter device
Air-conditioning system for aircraft
Pre-separator for inlets of cascade impactors
Apparatus and method for reducing contamination in a wafer transfer chamber
Water well filter device and method of filtering air that enters into a water well
Exhaust purifying method and apparatus of an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for enhancing fuel economy of a lean burn internal combustion engine
Method for adsorbing contaminants from flue gas
Pump dispenser having body with fill-through conduit
Dispensing device
Method of applying liquid fluorescent dyes to the internal parts of air conditioning or refrigeration systems
Particulate material dedusting apparatus
Single wafer residue, thin film removal and clean
Method and system for polishing optical disks
Bath system with sonic transducers on vertical and angled walls
Brushing tool and method of using the same
Plumbing device
Method and equipment of recycling used-automobiles
Method of repairing vehicle body and repair indexing device
Method for making corrugated fins
Method for manufacturing a pipe connector of a gas isolated switchgear
Apparatus and method for setting bearing gaps in an electric motor
Spin cast end cap assembly with internal flyweights
Method and arrangement for utilizing a psuedo-alloy composite for rapid prototyping and low-volume production tool making by thermal spray form techniques
Method of manufacturing a tube-and-plate structure of metal-matrix composite material
Liner lock key for tumbler liner segments
Cutting tip, cutting method, and cutting-processed element
Drill bit, hard member, and bit body
Pivotable handle and angle adjustable device for miter saw
Portable work bench
Band saw shielding device of band sawing machine
Double heat exchanger having condenser core and radiator core
Heat exchanger of aluminum
Concave face wire bond capillary and method
Method of attaching solder balls to BGA package utilizing a tool to pick and dip the solder ball in flux prior to placement
Torque converter
Method for manufacturing coolant tube of heat exchanger
Installation for the circulation of part-carrying pallets and a pallet for said installation
Ratcheting adjustable wrench
Leverage-release type silent wrench structure
Tool for golf shoe spikes
Side handles on drill/drivers
Tool for manually turning an engine
Encapsulated dead blow hammer with improved skeleton
Knife with integral gated attachment
Hair removing apparatus
Shaving system
Shingle cutting apparatus
Blade and motor carrier with height/angle adjustment mechanism
Method of assembling a floor-bridging unit
Working cutting apparatus and method for cutting work
Dust-free masonry cutting tool
Insert for facilitating multi-component moulding and method of moulding
Grip, molding method and molding apparatus therefor
Slide drive unit of a press
Slide inclination correcting method and slide inclination correcting apparatus in press machinery
Multichamber press
Building for containing human occupants in an adverse arctic or antarctic environment and structures for containing and protecting occupants in an adverse environment
Method and device for stabilization of pile goods such as pile carpet with a reinforcing back and pile goods
Device for internal mass balancing in self-reciprocating rolls
Roller for a roller frame fitted with rollers and being in a rotary printing machine
Sheeting apparatus and method for a printing press
Printing unit with automatically moveable tail tucker bar
Printing press
Variable drop mass inkjet drop generator
Method of manufacturing an ink jet printer head
Printing control device for printing machine having plural printing drums
Stencil printing machine with a wrinkle preventing mechanism for a stencil sheet
Heat-sensitive stencil, process of preparing stencil printing master and stencil printer
Partial fold printable tab product
Retaining clip
Pivotal roller mechanism
Pneumatic tire including zig-zag main grooves
Pneumatic tire including circumferential groove having alternate constant width portions and widening portions
Pneumatic tire including three circumferential grooves
Pneumatic tire having a body cord insert that reduces the rolling resistance of the tire
Carcass reinforcement for aircraft tires
Temperature and pressure compensating indicator
Vehicular heating and air conditioning unit including plural air-mixing spaces
Air conditioning systems
Inflatable car flood rescue raft
Vehicle door with sealed equipment module and removable insert in the trim panel
Drive for a displaceable motor vehicle part
Engine compartment structure for four-wheel drive vehicle
Feed device intended for mounting in a fuel tank
Power distribution apparatus for a four-wheel drive vehicle
Snowmobile engine mount
Electric drive axle for hybrid vehicle
Hybrid vehicle capable of reducing NOx emissions and method of operating same
Cushioning device for rotatable components, such as, for example, roof grab handles or sun visors of a vehicle
Vehicle license plate cover
Steering wheel
Lock cylinder-free lock device
Wiper device having wiper blade easily attachable to and detachable from wiper arm
Wiper apparatus for motor vehicles
Automatic spray arch impact reset mechanism
Hydraulic driving device and system for a vehicle
Vehicular sensors
Floor for a transport means and profiles for the construction thereof as well as a vehicle provided with such a floor
Rail brake
Collapsible steering column assembly for a vehicle
Structure for mounting engine on front side member of vehicle
Torque detecting device and electromotive power steering apparatus mounting the torque detecting device thereon
Hydraulic steering system, for an articulated vehicle with wheel steering
Supplemental walk along control for walkie/rider pallet trucks
Truck transport apparatus
Flexible framing station tool gate changing method and apparatus
Retaining device for personal vehicle with handlebars
Sensor of the pedaling force of a power-assisting bike
Swing arm type suspension for vehicles
Snowmobile suspension
Combination snap and fastener
Universal hinge
Connection arrangement for spider buoy to connector
Planing sailboard
Apparatus and method for removing coatings from the hulls of vessels using ultra-high pressure water
Combined thrust and power generator for a satellite
Suspicious object container and method
Method and apparatus for wrapping palletized bundles
Packaging device
Method and a machine for metering products, in particular liquids, and for filling containers with the metered products
Mobile fluid product filling system with fast setup
Wine preserving assembly
Equipment for assembling products such as packages for compact discs
Device for packaging sheet-like folded packages
Vacuum actuated label applying wand
Disk labeling device
Apparatus to identify information on containers
Food package whose lid has descending ribs to help hold food product and toppings in position
Hygienic paper pack
Paper container and method of manufacturing it
Floral shipper
Container with locking reinforcement panels
Device at a bundle tie
Method of packaging and selling natural stone
Extruded corner post for vertical and lateral protection
String trimmer line package and method of filling
Cigarette package
Method and kit for modifying a trash can to prevent vacuum lock from trash can liners
Pusher for scraper chain conveyors, especially for underground mining
Article transferring device
Loading dock with segmented wide lip
Bladder conveyor systems and method
Device for conveying mail using elastically deformable elastomer wheels
Device comprising a number of superposed bucket conveyors for sorting flat objects
Method and a device for the temporary storage of printed matter
Mark transfer tool and mark transfer tape
Measuring instrument
Strip barrier brush assembly
Bracket for securing elevator components
Pilot control for a hoist and balancing apparatus
Working platform assembly
Work platform control system for a boom-type vehicle
Forklift truck with a lifting device
Microfluidic device and manufacture thereof
Planar-processing compatible metallic micro-extrusion process
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the safe storage of sodium percarbonate in bulk containers
Method for producing a piezoelectric/electrostrictive actuator
Method of producing press-molded products
Process for devices for the production of internally-hardened glass tubes as well as their use
Device for generating an optically homogeneous, streak-free quartz glass body having a large diameter
Method and apparatus for supporting the middle section of a glass panel to be bent in a mold
Chemical reinforced glass substrate having desirable edge profile and method of manufacturing the same
Method for utilization of a methane-containing gas
Method of manufacturing metallic slurry for casting
Chemical cleaning apparatus for cleaning metal strip
Aluminum-coated plastic member
Textiles; Paper
Inflatable fabrics having woven attachment points between fabric panels
Thread tension control device for a sewing machine
Unbalance detection system for a washing machine
Ironing board and ladder combination
Fixed Constructions
Railway tie plate insertion apparatus and method
Deck plank extrusion and retaining clip
Roadway cleaning apparatus
Snowplow mount
Vehicle hitch mount assembly for a snow plow
Apparatus for holding a floating vessel to a fixed location
Method of making a foundation
Spacer for providing drainage passageways within building structures
Method and apparatus for mounting a pre-cast panel to a structure
Grooved construction beam
Bi-functional roof drain and method of retrofitting a roof drainage system therewith
Attachment device for leaf-deflection tubes
Apparatus for and a method of providing a reference point or line
Apparatus for the removal of floor coverings
Sheetrock repair system
Self-opening shades and methods of using the same
Self supporting privacy wall system
Motor vehicle door handle apparatus and method of installation
Attachment structure for key cylinder
Coupling device for joining a door stop to the hinge of door of a motor vehicle
Hinge assembly for a swinging door of a motor vehicle
Hinge clip and cover for telecommunications equipment
Roll-up curtain assembly for partitioning space into a private area
Pole step and attachment mount for poles
Ladder leveling device
Ladder safety hoop system
Multi-blade underreamer
Single-blade underreamer
Roller bit parallel inlayed compacts
Method of folding an articulating mast
Wire guard device for wells
Rotary steerable drilling tool
Bit torque limiting device
Apparatus and method for connecting riser between a floating vessel and a subsea structure
Assembly for locking a polished rod in a pumping wellhead
Method and apparatus for inserting a tubing hanger into a live well
Apparatus for delivering a flowable substance to a remote location
Method and multi-purpose apparatus for dispensing and circulating fluid in wellbore casing
Hydraulic control assembly
Method and apparatus for use with two or more hydraulic conduits deployed downhole
Data line deployment in hydrocarbon wells
Extrusion resistant inflatable tool
Method and apparatus for plugging a wellbore
Fluid filled drill pipe plug
Internally oriented perforating apparatus
Method and device for gas lifted wells
Electric submersible pump assembly
Auto adjusting well control system and method
Process of preparing a gas composition and use thereof
Mine door installation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for an automotive power generating system
High temperature rake for suspersonic flow
Turbocharging of engines
Furnace blower housing with integrally formed exhaust transition
Vapor engines utilizing closed loop fluorocarbon circuit for power generation
Switching element for a valve train of an internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing controller
Variable valve actuator assembly having a secondary actuator
Rotary sleeve port for an internal combustion engine
Hydraulic valve-operating mechanism
Vehicle fluid transfer system
Automated service equipment and method for engine cooling systems
Apparatus for controlling exhaust gas in internal combustion engine
Apparatus for detecting fault in exhaust system of internal combustion engine
Oxidant storage capacity estimation
Exhaust gas aftertreatment device efficiency estimation
Method for regenerating a diesel particulate filter
Exhaust gas heat exchanger
Double-walled tail pipe for an exhaust pipe of a motor vehicle exhaust system
Cooling system for an internal combustion engine cooled with a liquid coolant
Cooling circuit for a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Electronically controlled thermostat
Dual mode engine combustion process
Two-stroke internal combustion engine
Two-stroke internal combustion engine
Miniature reciprocating heat pumps and engines
Control method for internal combustion engine
Idle shutdown override with defeat protection
Method and system for engine braking in an internal combustion engine with exhaust pressure regulation and turbocharger control
Process and system for automatically controlling the fraction of the exhaust gas quantity returned to an internal-combustion engine
Intake control system of multi-cylinder engine
Electrical control for engine
System and method for controlling release of fuel vapor from a vapor recovery system
Control system and method for an internal combustion engine
Air/fuel ratio control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Method and arrangement at a multiple cylinder four-stroke cycle internal combustion engine
Stroke discriminator for an internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine
Micromechanical actuation apparatus
Heatable throttle device for internal combustion engines
Carburetor spacer
Direct fuel injection and ignition system for internal combustion engines
Method of reducing noise in a mechanically actuated fuel injection system and engine using same
Compact valve assembly and fuel injector using same
Internal combustion engine high-pressure fuel delivery valve
Internal combustion engine having adjustable CO characteristic curve
Engine starting and stopping device
Ignition system for internal combustion engine
Ignition control device and method
Reciprocating compressor
Submersible well pumping system with an improved hydraulically actuated switching mechanism
Safety device for a fluid transmission
Expressor capacity control
Fan, method for producing the fan by molding molten metal, and device for producing the fan by molding molten metal
High pressure steam water injector comprising an axial drain
Punch press hydraulic servo device using a rotary valve
Panel fastener
Longitudinal adjuster having a release arrangement
Charging system for a rotating clutch assembly
Torque transfer clutch with linear piston hydraulic clutch actuator
For two-way roller clutch assembly
Hydraulic actuation systems
Continuously variably reciprocating transmission
Gear wheel variable transmission with two sub-gears arranged parallel to each other in the power flow
Hydrodynamic coupling device
Differential bearing cap
Linear motion unit
Transmission apparatus for vehicle
Variable gear ratio transmission
Creep resistant valve
Non-refillable valve for a gas cylinder
Motor operated control valve
Tube clamp
Prefabricated elements for thermal maintenance of industrial pipe
Swimming pool plumbing water/debris barrier device and method
Tear-out coupling with embedded wire
Auto-drain unit
Accurate cryogenic liquid dispenser
Display device
Process and apparatus for control of NOx in catalytic combustion systems
Vibration reduction in a combustion chamber
Safeguard for furnace draft system
Combustor, a gas turbine, and a jet engine
Method of assembling a fuel injector for the combustion chamber of a turbomachine
Stove for solid fuel
Multi-purpose collapsible portable stove
System for shading air conditioning units and method for installing the same
Hybrid powered evaporative cooler and method therefor
Climate control system
Mobile heater
Structure of evaporation region of absorption diffusion type refrigerating circulation
Computer system having a refrigeration cycle utilizing an adsorber/desorber for purposes of compression
Apparatus and methods for performing switching in magnetic refrigeration systems using thermoelectric switches
Water cooled air conditioner
Logic module refrigeration system with condensation control
Method for providing refrigeration using two circuits with differing multicomponent refrigerants
Stirling refrigerating machine
Ice cube catcher
Sound attenuator for a refrigeration unit
Mechanical means for defrosting cold plates
Using micro heat pipes as heat exchanger unit for notebook applications
Heat exchanger
Heat sink assembly
Method for lining a gun barrel
High-power firearm cartridge
Multifunctional firearm muzzle attachments
Inertial breechblock gun system
Sighting device for a grenade launcher mounted on a firearm
Arrow rest device
Butt pad made of composite material for firearms
Missile launch assembly
Front interfacing detachable scope mount
Reactive personnel protection system and method
Ballistic shield and methods of use and formation
Irritating body
Arrangement for charging energy in an energy-storing arrangement such as an ignition capacitor
Caliper and caliper grip
Micromachined silicon gyro using tuned accelerometer
Long-term navigation method and device
Electronic plumb indicator for monopoles, survey poles, global positioning antennas and the like
Electromagnetic flow sensor including insulating material and embedded reinforcing body
Acoustic flow meters
Wire bonded sensor and method for manufacturing wire bonded sensor
Thermal mass flow sensor with improved sensitivity and response time
Fluid level sensing and control system
Method and apparatus for magnetic levitation
Method and apparatus for measuring cooling efficacy of a fluid medium
Simulated test joint for impulse tool testing
Magnetostrictive device for torque sensor and method of manufacture of the same
Pressure detecting apparatus with metallic diaphragm
Capacitive pressure sensor
Pressure sensor using resin adhesive between sensor element and stem
Sensor element especially for pressure sensors
Stopped leadless differential sensor
Self-calibrating machines for balancing work pieces and methods of machine calibration
Balance correction system with on-car runout device
Pressure measurement system
Test leak unit
Apparatus for determining the position of a signal from a pipe
Portable odor detecting and measuring device
Method and apparatus for measuring amount of gas adsorption
Noninvasive detection of corrosion, MIC, and foreign objects in containers using guided ultrasonic waves
Noninvasive detection of corrosion, MIC, and foreign objects in fluid-filled pipes using leaky guided ultrasonic waves
Sealant stream anomaly detecting assembly
Method for determining structural inhomogeneities in sheet material
Compact hollow cylinder tensile tester
Method and apparatus for determining dynamic response of microstructure by using pulsed broad bandwidth ultrasonic transducer as BAW hammer
Digital angular rate and acceleration sensor
Magnetic resonance imaging method
Underwater detecting apparatus, depth measuring apparatus and display apparatus
Micromechanical component comprising an oscillating body
Robot obstacle detection system
Pressure regulator for gas transport and distribution plants
Device and method for regulating the pressure of a gas stream
Two-way orifice seat
Adjustable pedal system with fail-safe device
Flexible heat pipe structure and associated methods for dissipating heat in electronic apparatus
Spray cooling system with cooling regime detection
Method and apparatus for a biometrically-secured self-service kiosk system for guaranteed product delivery and return
Method for calculating indicia for mailpieces
Coin rolling-type selector
Display device for alternately displaying balance data and historical data read from an IC card
Moving panel display
Fluorescent illuminated sign assembly
Flag unfurler arrangement
Display sign mounting system
Label or wrapper with premium
Fastening element
Method and device for emitting radial seismic waves in a material medium by electromagnetic induction
Apparatus and method for making a shaped-spring assembly for use in a magnetic head-to-media backer device
Active spring rate adjust
Scattered ray removal grid and method of producing the same
Method of making a multilayered pinned layer structure for improved coupling field and GMR for spin valve
Method of making a coil
Method of fuse manufacture and a battery pack containing that fuse
Apparatus for conveying a workpiece
Method and apparatus for testing cassette pod door
Highly moisture-sensitive electronic device element and method for fabrication utilizing vent holes or gaps
Process for forming multi-layer electronic structures
Motor manufacturing method using single plate for yoke
Custom-moulded ear-plug device
Method of making surface laminar circuit board
Method for displacing an article during screening
Process for the production of composite ceramic printed wiring board
Device to produce electronic circuits
Connection structure and method for connecting printed circuit and metal terminal, and reinforcing structure and method for reinforcing junction therebetween
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