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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tube for the enteral feeding of a patient
Plants having altered agronomic characteristics under nitrogen limiting conditions and related constructs and methods involving genes encoding LNT1 polypeptides and homologs thereof
Variety corn line FX8609
Variety corn line FF7354
Double-stranded lipid-modified RNA having high RNA interference effect
Adenosine A1 agonists for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension
Veterinary formulation for administration of a water-insoluble drug to a target animal through a water distribution system
Heterocyclyl pyrazolopyrimidine analogues as selective JAK inhibitors
Portable and articulable feather plucking mechanism
Device and method for decaffeinating a liquid
Writing apparatus
Slide assembly
Adjustable lounge chair
LED illuminating showcase
Ornament with enclosed water-proof battery capsule
Floral vase anchor
Encapsulated medical device guidance system, and a method of controlling the same
Surgical biopsy system with remote control for selecting an operational mode
Steerable laser probe
Tissue management apparatus for vascular access
One-piece variable angle locking washer
Power regulated medical underskin irradiation treatment system for manual movement
Large diopter range real time sequential wavefront sensor
Eye image and video capture system and associated methods
Belt with sensors
MRI method of calculating and generating spatially-tailored parallel radio frequency saturation fields
Connecting screw for a dental implant
Splint abutment over osseointegrated implant and compensatory slanted coping
Method of making a stent
Tissue marking implant
Modular, adjustable, prosthetic, hip/shoulder spacer
Penile rigidity device
Nursing wheelchair
Methods and compositions comprising at least one .alpha.3 .beta.A4 nAChR antagonist or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof
Colon cleansing of residual stool and secretions during colonoscopy
Bicyclic thiazoles as allosteric modulators of mGluR5 receptors
1H-benzimidazole-5-carboxamides as anti-inflammatory agents
Histone deacetylase inhibitor of benzamides and use thereof
Uracil derivative and use thereof for medical purposes
Process for preparing platinum-carbene complexes
Compositions for improving skin appearance
Botanical composition and method for treating pain and discomfort of various conditions
Nanocrystals and amorphous nanoparticles and method for production of the same by a low energy process
HCV NS3 protease inhibitors
Monoclonal antibodies against GMF-B antigens, and uses therefor
Anti-serum albumin binding variants
Pary-xylene based microfilm elution devices
RNA antagonists targeting GLI2 for the treatment of leukemia
Reduction of ALMS1 gene expression or inhibition of altrom protein to induce cardiomyocyte proliferation
Heterocyclic compounds as imaging probes of tau pathology
Mascara compositions containing an oil-dispersible micronized wax and a water-dispersible wax
Body wash with sunscreen system and method
Preparation for treatment of spinal cord injury
Frozen compositions and methods for piercing a substrate
Method of mechanically controlling the amount of energy to reach a patient undergoing intraoperative electron radiation therapy
Oral compositions of clindamycin
Leave-in hair conditioning composition
Exercise apparatus
Foot exercise machine
Exercise ring
Shoe with integrated fin apparatus
Golf ball and golf ball manufacturing method
Training device
Personal sports simulation robot
Systems and methods for a hill training apparatus for a bicycle trainer
Impact training device
Light gun and method for determining shot position
Integrating social communities and wagering games
Tool employing dynamic competition levels for improved performance
Print-level sensing for interactive play with a printed image
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of conditioning a body of water by delivering different dispersant combinations through a floating generally spherical dispenser system
Method for separating components in natural oil
Drained coalescer
Regenerative adsorption process for removal of silicon-containing contaminants from process gas using a neutral adsorbent media
Gas treatment by catalytic ozone oxidation
Compact, portable blender system
Method for producing alkaline (meth)acrylamides
Catalysts for making ethanol from acetic acid
Self-metering system and testing device with casing and sliding member to cut-off and set sample volume
Microfluidic devices with removable cover and methods of fabrication and application
Apparatus and method for fuelizing inflammable waste
Apparatus for closed tube sampling and open tube sampling for automated clinical analyzers
Spray containment device and methods of use
Ball shaped water sprinkler system
Air spray gun with pattern control tip
Method and device for coating components
Detecting apparatus, removing apparatus, detecting method, and removing method
Moving handrail sanitizing device
Stackable cartridges for bulk feeders
Systems and methods to feed a wire within a welder
Device for cleaning baking trays
Pin driven flexible chamber abrading workholder
Vacuum-lifting device for assembling and testing optical connector
Bag manufacturing system with a storage device for storing tube pieces
Disk and process for producing base material for disk, and disk roll
Dopant host
Protective sheet for solar cell module, and solar cell module
Printable reusable gel film
Fibre-reinforced composite moulding and manufacture thereof
Ink jet printing apparatus
Optical writing controller, image forming apparatus, and optical writing control method
Aircraft hubcap structure
Crash indication system for a reclining ride down child seat
LED lamp with cover having through holes
Directional indicator for a vehicle
Mold structure and bumper
Steering wheel mounted aspirated airbag system
Foldable stroller
Reconfigurable fixed suspension semi-trailer, flatbed or chassis
Foldable children's tricycle
Outer tube for front fork
Speed changing apparatus
Surfboard with air-film creating vents
Method and apparatus for a modular underwater weighting system
Coupling assembly
Devices configured to provide pre-launch support of kites
Safety aileron system
Space debris remover
Methods and apparatuses for moving objects based on a buoyancy force
Sheet conveyance apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Hand held cable reel assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass article with antimicrobial properties
Cement composition containing dune sand and limestone powder, concrete products and method for making concrete products
Shaped or unshaped refractory or kiln furniture composition
Freestanding films with electric field-enhanced piezoelectric coefficients
Lignin-based multipurpose fertilizers
Intermediate compounds of tamiflu, methods of preparation and uses thereof
Hydrogenation of styrene oxide forming 2-phenyl ethanol
Systems and processes for the production of isophthalic acid and terephthalic acid
Method of preparing functionalized graphene
Reversibly thermochromic compositions
Process for preparing diaryl carbonates from dialkyl carbonates
Intermediates in the preparation of 1,4-diphenyl azetidinone
Imino sugar derivatives demonstrate potent antiviral activity and reduced toxicity
Method for preparing rosuvastatin salts
Process for the production of moxonidine
Substituted benzylamino quinolines as cholesterol ester-transfer protein inhibitors
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing pneumovirus infection and associated diseases
Cyclic amide derivative
Phenoxyisobutyric acid compounds and method of synthesis
Acid addition salts of risperidone and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
4,6-disubstituted pyrimidines useful as kinase inhibitors
Photoelectric conversion device and photoelectric conversion device dye, and compound
Fused tetracyclic pyrido [4,3-B] indole and pyrido [3,4-B] indole derivatives and methods of use
Hydroxymethylaryl-substituted pyrrolotriazines as ALK1 inhibitors
Process for the preparaton of novel porphyrin derivatives and their use as PDT agents and fluorescence probes
Borazine derivatives
Aryloxy-phthalocyanines of group IV metals
Long-acting gastrin derivatives
Monoclonal antibodies against alpha-actinin-4 antigens, and uses therefor
Melanocortin receptor-specific peptides
Photochromic material
Catalyst system for heterogenous catalysis of an isobutylene polymerization reaction
Coatings repairable by introduction of energy
Hydroxy ester resins
Direct CH arylation method using palladium-based catalyst
Compositions of polyesters and fibrous clays
Impact-modified polypropylene
Epoxy resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor, semiconductor device, and mold releasing agent
Rubber composition including a 1,2,4-triazine derivative
Ceramic inks for inkjet printers
Resist ink and method of forming pattern using the same
Ink for inkjet textile printing and an inkjet textile printing method using the same
Eu.sup.2+-activated aluminates nanobelts, whiskers, and powders, methods of making the same, and uses thereof
Nano catalytic dewaxing of heavy petroleum wastes (>C-23 alkanes)
Use of a reaction product of carboxylic acids with aliphatic polyamines for improving or boosting the separation of water from fuel oils
Separation system and method
Lubricant of solid or liquid consistency, exhibiting low coefficient of friction
Skin cleansing system and method
Granulated foam control composition comprising a polyol ester and cationic polymer
Laccase for detoxification of feed products
DNA binding protein-polymerase chimeras
Sensor arrays and nucleic acid sequencing applications
Method to amplify nucleic acids to generate fluorescence labeled fragments of conserved and arbitrary products
Arsenic assay using ELISA
Method and apparatus for high temperature production of metals
Preparation method of nanocrystalline titanium alloy at low strain
Titanium based ceramic reinforced alloy for use in medical implants
Oxide sintered body and sputtering target
Electrolytic systems and methods for making metal halides and refining metals
Apparatus for producing multicrystalline silicon ingots by induction method
Method for the production of solar grade silicon
Textiles; Paper
Method for texturing DLC coatings, and textured DLC coatings thus obtained
Fixed Constructions
Systems and methods for collecting and processing permafrost gases, and for cooling permafrost
Machine tool
Downhole telemetry system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine nozzle
Exhaust gas purification apparatus of an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for motional/vibrational energy harvesting via electromagnetic induction using a magnet array
Piston and scroll compressor assembly
Pulse activated actuator pump system
Magnetic bearing device
Spring with adjustable spring constant
Power transmission belt
Support stand with integrated fire baffle
Mobile computing platform holding device
Volumetric light emitting device
Rechargeable flameless candle systems and methods
Optical lens and light source module having the same
Vehicular lamp
Illumination device with hollow post and reflective cup with two serially disposed lens disposed therein
Light fixtures and multi-plane light modifying elements
Battery powered electronic candle with speaker
Backlight module
Display module
Combustor with a combustion region between an inner pipe and outer pipe with an ignition device upstream of the combustion region
Solar concentrator systems
Air guiding element having a flow control element
Optoelectronic-device wafer probe and method therefor
Sample container with sensor receptacle and methods of use
Highly-reliable micro-electromechanical system temperature sensor
Method for securing a display diagnostic device to a display
Methods of preventing freezing of relays in electrical components
High-temperature furnace, use of a spinel ceramic and method for carrying out T(O)C measurements of samples
Input device with force sensing
Circuit arrangement with a plurality of on-chip monitor circuits and a control circuit and corresponding methods
Default current test method of impulse voltage mixed high voltage direct current converter valve
Detection of ionising radiation
Scanning microscope and method for optically scanning one or more samples
Manually adjustable ruggedized focus mechanism
Display device
Contactless coupling and method for use with an electrical appliance
Video wall and mullion elimination structure thereof
Optical element, head-up display and light source unit
Compact three-dimensional virtual display system
Leaky-mode resonant retarders and related methods
Optical fiber connector
Fiber optic connector structure
Optical signal transmission device
Optical-electric converting module
Fixing device for optical fiber detection
Optoelectronic module and lighting device including the optoelectronic module
Projection image display device comprising a plurality of illumination optical systems
Liquid crystal display device
Counter substrate for liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display device
Backlight module including circular and cylinder fresnel lenses
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method of liquid crystal display device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
Holding device for a camera
Projector system and portable electronic device having same
LCOS projection system having beam recycling module with total internal reflecting prism
Digital, virtual director apparatus and method
Projector having blue light alleviating part
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method with bearing to allow substrate holder to float with respect to substrate table
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Spectral purity filters for use in a lithographic apparatus
Microstructure manufacturing method
Developable bottom antireflective coating composition and pattern forming method using thereof
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product for determining a direction of transparent color material pattern based on acquired grain direction
Switching regulator
Dynamically programmable LED illumination system, method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for optimizing linear regulator transient performance
Non-transitory computer readable storage medium storing distributed printing control program
Display method for distinguishing multiple linking targets
Keyboard device for small size tablet personal computer
Devices and processes for data input
Moving an object by drag operation on a touch panel
Scheduling for digital commercial print workflows
Support system, control device, image forming apparatus, and support method utilizing cards on which written information is printed
Electronic interface apparatus and method and system for manufacturing same
Analyzing large data sets using digital images
Dynamic spatial index remapping for optimal aggregate performance
Support apparatus and design support method for differentiating between holes and projection graphics
Interoperability of servers and supported electronic gaming machines of different manufacturers
Biometric attribute anomaly detection system with adjusting notifications
Identifying the presence of an individual near medical radiation emitting equipment
Pre-alarm for abnormal merchandise handling
Radio frequency identification tag gripper device
Audio awareness apparatus, system, and method of using the same
Car seat occupancy alarm
Parking sensor device
Automobile blind spot detection system and method
Devices, systems and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly
Multi-function ukulele chord wheel
Method and system for controlling skill acquisition interfaces
Light emitting device and electronic equipment using the same
Transparent display field of view region determination
Tiled map display on a wireless device
Methods and apparatus for color rendering
Electromechanical systems display device including a movable absorber and a movable reflector assembly
Multi-touch mouse
Protector for musical instrument and player
Techniques for analyzing parameters of a musical performance
Electronic wildlife call
Variable stopwrite threshold using kurtosis
Adaptive soft-output detector for magnetic tape read channels
Three-dimensional materials
Volatile memory access via shared bitlines
Shifting cell voltage based on grouping of solid-state, non-volatile memory cells
Row driver circuit for NAND memories including a decoupling inverter
Electron beam lithography with linear column array and rotary stage
Thiophene derivative, method for producing same, and polymer of thiophene derivative
Generic approach for synthesizing asymmetric nanoparticles and nanoassemblies
Amorphous transformer core
Magnetic core
Polyphase converter with magnetically coupled phases
Direct feeding apparatus for impedance matching of wireless power transmission device, and transmitter and receiver using the same
Permanent magnet and manufacturing method thereof
3-dimensional seal for a button
Nano-electromechanical switch
Rotating switch mechanism with locking mechanism
Keycap assembly with an interactive spring mechanism
Air circuit breaker
Control of lumen loss in a liquid-filled LED bulb
Radiation hardened SOI structure and method of making same
Calibration assembly for aide in detection of analytes with electromagnetic read-write heads
Method for manufacturing light emitting diode packages
Engineering multiple threshold voltages in an integrated circuit
Flux-closed STRAM with electronically reflective insulative spacer
Wide band gap semiconductor wafers grown and processed in a microgravity environment and method of production
Manufacturing method for an LED
Air-stable n-channel organic electronic devices
Formation of metal nanospheres and microspheres
Gate electrode with a shrink spacer
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits having gate to active and gate to gate interconnects
Method for controlled removal of a semiconductor device layer from a base substrate
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device including peeling layers from substrates by etching
Methods of forming solar cells and solar cell modules
Method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
Advanced low k cap film formation process for nano electronic devices
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor package
Chip assembly with a coreless substrate employing a patterned adhesive layer
Power semiconductor package
Semiconductor device
Through silicon via wafer and methods of manufacturing
Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus to improve reliability of vias
Electronic component implementing structure intermediate body, electronic component implementing structure body and manufacturing method of electronic component implementing structure body
Integrated circuit including transistor structure on depleted silicon-on-insulator, related method and design structure
Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device, semiconductor unit, and power semiconductor device
MOSFET with recessed channel film and abrupt junctions
Solid state image sensor with protection against certain incident light
Semiconductor devices
Heterojunction tunneling field effect transistors, and methods for fabricating the same
Epitaxial structure and epitaxial growth method for forming epitaxial layer with cavities
Organic EL element having at least one organic light-emitting layers formed of a mixture containing a polymer material and method for manufacturing the organic EL element
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Power semiconductor device
Silicon-on-nothing FinFETs
Semiconductor device
FinFET device technology with LDMOS structures for high voltage operations
Partial sacrificial dummy gate with CMOS device with high-k metal gate
Field effect transistor device with shaped conduction channel
Method and structure for forming high-K/metal gate extremely thin semiconductor on insulator device
Organic thin film solar cell
Anti-reflective coating for photovoltaic cells
BSI image sensor package with embedded absorber for even reception of different wavelengths
Structure and method of fabricating a CZTS photovoltaic device by electrodeposition
Photovoltaic device including flexible substrate or inflexible substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Methods and apparatus for forming photovoltaic cells using electrospray
Solar cell sealing film and solar cell
Solar cell module
Thin-film solar cell and method of fabricating thin-film solar cell
Semiconductor structure for antenna switching circuit
Avalanche photodiode
Light-emitting unit, light-emitting device, lighting device, and method for manufacturing light-emitting unit
Transparent LED wafer module and method for manufacturing same
Light emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof
Driving apparatus
Crystal device
Nonvolatile memory device and method for manufacturing same
Solution-processed organic electronic structural element with improved electrode layer
Battery pack
Lithium rechargeable battery
Indirect internal reforming solid oxide fuel cell and method for shutting down the same
Coupling structure for multi-layered chip filter, and multi-layered chip filter with the structure
Cavity filter with connecting structure connected between slider and driving device
Apparatus and methods for providing power and communicating data with electronic devices
Terminal fitting
Plug and socket for providing electrical power to vehicle accessories
Staggered mounting electrical connector
Electrical connector with fastening elements
Card connector
Crimp terminal having engaging portions extending forward from core crimping portions
Terminal block assembly with a plurality of terminal blocks held side by side by a pair of end connecting units
Aircraft cable routing harness
Control of the distribution of electric power generated by a wind farm between an AC power transmission link and a DC power transmission link
Portable solar power supply
Systems and methods for in-vehicle charging of pallet jack batteries
Rotary electric machine
Kinetic energy atom-powered engine
Circuits and methods for determining peak current
Switching power converting apparatus, switching controller for the same, and method of controlling a bipolar junction transistor of the same
Driver circuit and driving method
Motor driving control apparatus, motor driving control method, and motor using the same
Graphene-based frequency tripler
Thermally stable low power chip clocking
Placement of storage cells on an integrated circuit
Operational time extension
Low-power dual-edge-triggered storage cell with scan test support and clock gating circuit therefore
Semiconductor device having pull-up circuit and pull-down circuit
Sequence circuit
Testing a digital-to-analog converter
Organism state quantity measuring apparatus
Lossless compression of the enumeration space of founder line crosses
Method and system for weighted fair queuing
Simultaneous acquisition of a TD-SCDMA network in circuit-switched fallback from TDD-LTE systems
Controlling a voice site using non-standard haptic commands
Sheetfed film scanning correction method
Exposure correction for scanners
Subdividing color space for fast vector error diffusion
Automatic switching of a multi-mode display for displaying three-dimensional and two-dimensional images
Simultaneously presenting an enhanced and primary stream associated with a digital television broadcast
Method and system of increasing spatial resolution of multi-dimensional optical imagery using sensor's intrinsic keystone
Peripheral information display system, display device, and peripheral
Digital jukebox device with karaoke and/or photo booth features, and associated methods
Digital capture device for learning
Confined motion detection for pan-tilt cameras employing motion detection and autonomous motion tracking
Vibration applying structure detecting device and vehicle control device
Context aware detection and mobile platform wake
Nth leadless electrode telemetry device, system and method of use
Method of controlling congestion of MTC data in a mobile communication system
Control system and method for a thermal circuit
Load driving apparatus related to light emitting diodes
AC LED lighting apparatus
Ballast lead wire configuration
Fabrication of zeolite composite film
Plasma light source
Manufacturing method for printed circuit board
Method for forming solder resist and substrate for package
Axiocentric scrubbing land grid array contacts and methods for fabrication
Printed circuit board with daughterboard
Multilayer ceramic electronic component and mounting board therefor
Sidewalls of electroplated copper interconnects
Dust-proof mechanism and electronic device using the same
Mounting structure of flexible printed circuit board and sliding-type electronic device
Secure raceway with lockable access
Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Air-cooling and vapor-condensing door assembly
Grounded lid for micro-electronic assemblies
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for harvesting crops wherein crops are cleaned at a remote site
Structure for connecting a tool with a grip
Chain die assembly
Therapeutic brassiere
Magnetic golf ball marker and holder
Liquid applicator for applying a liquid to a portion of a wiring harness, use thereof and method for applying a liquid to a portion of a wiring harness
Combination credenza and desk
Storable folding chair
Seat pad adjusting structure of a chair
Chair with disconnectable back
Height adjusting mechanism
Keyboard support
Key cabinet with staggered key panels
Dynamic collapsible revolving toy
Linear transmission member driving unit for endoscope
Fluorescent diagnostic system and method providing color discrimination enhancement
Operation wire connecting part in endoscopic treating instrument
Bone anchor delivery device with an articulating head
Surgical tool and method for passing pilot-line sutures through spinal vertebrae
Repeating multi-clip applier
Apparatus and methods for reducing embolization during treatment of carotid artery disease
Methods and devices for occluding a patient's ascending aorta
High tibial osteotomy method and apparatus
High speed motor for the surgical treatment of bones
Apparatus and method for dissection by pressurized liquid and injection by pressurized projection of a treating product
Excisional biopsy devices and methods
Catheter stylet
Ultrasonic surgical blade with improved cutting and coagulation features
Percutaneous and hiatal devices and methods for use in minimally invasive pelvic surgery
Intra-operative diagnostic ultrasound multiple-array transducer probe and optional surgical tool
Dermabrasion instrument, instrument assembly and method
Process for generating a pulsatile stream of a pulsed-suctioned sterile fluid jet and resulting pulsed jet for a handpiece, in particular for surgical use
System, employing three-dimensional ultrasonographic imaging, for assisting in guiding and placing medical instruments
Laser directed portable MRI stereotactic system
Cannula anchoring port
Methods and apparatus for pericardial access
Endoscopic infusion needle having dual distal stops
Uterine cannula and pelvic support for gynecological laparoscopy
Changing relationship between bones
Orthopedic system having detachable bone anchors
Inflatable device for use in surgical protocol relating to fixation of bone
Neck screw
Method and apparatus for mandibular osteosynthesis
Bioabsorbable pin for external bone fixation
Nonlinear lag screw with captive driving device
Orthopaedic screw variable angle connection to a longitudinal support
Cross-coupled vertebral stabilizers including cam-operated cable connectors
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling tissue temperature and lesion formation in radio-frequency ablation procedures
High-frequency instrument for endoscope
Radio frequency ablation apparatus with remotely articulating and self-locking electrode wand
Assemblies to visualize and treat sphincters and adjoining tissue regions
Phototherapeutic wave guide apparatus
Visual field tester
Visual acuity chart displaying apparatus
Method and apparatus for signal transmission and detection using a contact device
Medical guide wire
Injectable thermal balls for tumor ablation
Oscillometric blood pressure monitor with improved performance in the presence of arrhythmias
Method of measuring consumer reaction
Anthropometric measuring device
Labor monitoring device
System and method for evaluating labor progress during childbirth
Apparatus and method for fetal scalp blood sampling
Preference detecting apparatus and method and medium therefor
Imaging system with X-ray beam angulation compensation
Movable type x-ray photographing apparatus
Apparatus and method for surgical stereotactic procedures
Digital x-ray imager alignment method
System and method for assessing breathing and vocal tract sound production of a user
Ultrasonic systems and methods for contrast agent concentration measurement
Method and apparatus for automatic vessel tracking in ultrasound systems
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Ultrasonic probe
Articulator to realize gypsum models
Facial registration tool
Interproximal flosser handle
In-office tooth whitening
Endodontic irrigator tips having cannulas with annealed distal portions and related methods
Dental capsule or cartridge with frangible end seal
Synchronizing of animal oestrus and intra vaginal devices useful therein
Normothermic tissue heating wound covering
Disposable garment having an expandable component
Disposable undergarment having barrier flaps
Pants-type disposable diaper
Absorbent article
Absorbent articles with improved body contact
Disposable article having bodily waste isolation device
Catamenial applicator having a fingergrip
Surgical prep solution applicator system and methods
Disposable diaper with mechanical fastening members
Instrument for inserting graft fixation device
Ankle brace
Wrist/hand mobility enhancer/exerciser
Cervical extrication collar
Cranial remodeling headpiece
Eye fluid applicator
Flexible irrigation/aspiration tip assembly for providing irrigation to an eye capsule and for aspirating fluid from the eye capsule
Foot rest lifting and lowering device for a wheelchair
Catheter caddy
Total body relaxation system and method
Chiropractic exerciser
Sexual aid system
Therapeutic stimulatory massage apparatus
Therapeutic and diagnostic needling device and method
Novelty item with user actuated noise maker
Lubricated breastshield
Blood pump flow rate control method and apparatus utilizing multiple sensors
Blood purification apparatus
Method and apparatus for enhanced plasmapheresis
Device for use in the application of cricoid pressure (force) and/or in training for such application
Torque absorbing catheter
Method and apparatus for locking of central-vein catheters
Topical intra-uterine anesthesia device and method
Releasable tube assembly
System and method for detecting abnormal medicament pump fluid pressure
Infusion pump with a sealed drive mechanism and improved method of occlusion detection
Reduced-pressure syringe and manufacturing method therefor
Safety hypodermic syringe
Carrying case for defibrillator
Combined angioplasty and intravascular radiotherapy method and apparatus
Radiation therapy and radiation surgery treatment system and methods of use of same
Prostate visualization device and methods of use
Method for intravascular radioactive treatment
Flexible, open-pored cleaning body
Weight selection methods for adjusting resistance to exercise
Standing abdominal exercise apparatus
Inflatable device and method for using the device
Transportable stretching system
Elastomeric hand exerciser writing implement and amusement device
Compact elliptical exercise machine with adjustment
Compact elliptical exercise machine with arm exercise
Golf ball having a polyurethane cover
Golf ball
Golf ball
Rubber basketball with skived channel look
Self contained sport ball inflation mechanism
Non-circular vent pin for golf ball injection mold
Exercise rope
Metal wood type golf club head
Putter sole plate insert system
Quick-release self-adjusting slide collar mechanism for height adjustment of a basketball apparatus
Batting practice balance platform
Apparatus for practicing a ball-propelling sport using a ball-returning device in conjunction with an imaging device
Golf ball and putter alignment combination
Adjustable size skate design
Plug-in amplified stereo sound and force feed back accessory for video game devices and method of using same
Apparatus for illuminating a portable electronic or computing device
Universal tactile feedback system for computer video games and simulations
Game apparatus, game machine manipulation device, game system and interactive communication method for game apparatus
Virtual game board and tracking device therefor
Target hitting game machine
Storage medium for storing an application program for a car racing game
Jellyfish type underwater swimming toy
Dual-function balloon weight
Toy doll
Toy device using through-the-body communication
Twin flying discs
Decorative wind driven sculpture
Genderless construction system
Method and apparatus for enhancing an applause
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filtering material for fluidic media and a method and device for producing such a filtering material
Absorption device and corresponding exchangeable packaging
Poly (1-trimethysilyl-1-propyne) membrane regeneration process
Liquid sample cylinder with integral mixing pump
Internal mixer with wide throat and wear plates
Hydraulic jet flash mixer with open injection port in the flow deflector
Injection apparatus for gas-liquid mixed flow
Static foam generating apparatus and method
Compact cross-channel mixer
Scalable impeller apparatus for preparing silver halide grains
Nitrogen adsorbent and use thereof
Device for removing toxins from blood or plasma
Device for regulating a flow rate in an air-liquid centrifuge separator
Protective coating underwater applicator
Modular meltblowing die
Carbon electrode cleaning system and method
Method and apparatus for treatment and remediation of contaminated soils
Universal joint outer race and method for manufacturing the same
Precisely repositioning powder metal components
Process for widening the crown of cylindrical-type gears by continuous diagonal hobbing
Skate sharpener
Fixture apparatus and system
Workpiece holder for polishing, apparatus for polishing workpiece and method for polishing workpiece
Abrasive machine
Carrier head with controllable pressure and loading area for chemical mechanical polishing
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Heat activated detachable polishing pad
Chemical-mechanical polishing of photoresist layer
Apparatus for removing deposited film
Methods of obtaining a pattern of concave spaces or apertures in a plate
Polishing pad for a linear polisher and method for forming
Integrally molded brush and method for making the same
Foam buffing pad and method of manufacturing thereof
Rotary cutter for cutting, measuring, and dispensing molten plastic
Method for providing paste-like building material
Separating means for producing a thin-film solar module
Device for temperature adjustment of an object
Door trim panel assembly and method of making
Apparatus for fabricating color slide fasteners
Injection gate insulating and cooling apparatus
Hot runner system for molding preforms
Filter device for extruders and injection moulding machines
Frame for a game racquet formed by filament winding
Sealer apparatus for forming a cross seal in plastic film processing and particularly for bag making machines
Apparatus for producing recloseable bags
Windshield crack repair tool
Printer having an interference-free receiver sheet feed path and method of assembling the printer
Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, information scanning apparatus, recording apparatus, information scanning method, and storage medium
Recording method and apparatus for forming an image on a powder layer uniformly distributed on an intermediate transfer member
Electronically addressable microencapsulated ink and display thereof
Driving circuit for acoustic printer and acoustic printer using the same
Thermal ink jet printhead extended droplet volume control
Method and apparatus for aligning staggered pens using a composite reference
Drop on demand ink jet printing apparatus, method of ink jet printing, and method of manufacturing an ink jet printing apparatus
Segmented resistor inkjet drop generator with current crowding reduction
Inkjet print head
Resonant cavity droplet ejector with localized ultrasonic excitation and method of making same
Liquid discharge head and method of manufacturing the same
Compact ink jet printhead
Cap gimbaling mechanism
Maintenance station for an ink cartridge for a printer
Ink jet recording apparatus and cleaning control method for the same
Ink cartridge
Ink cartridge
Method and systems for supplying hot melt ink to a printer
Liquid supply system and liquid residual amount detecting method of liquid supply system
Printing apparatus
Ink interconnect between print cartridge and carriage
Ink jet marker
Disposable ribbon cartridge for shorthand machine
Universal inked ribbon assembly for printing apparatus
Ink jet printing method
Binding element for binding a stack of documents comprised of loose sheets
Pressure seal C-Z fold
Ball-point pen and a penpoint tip therein
Digital messaging pen
Device for communicating with a voice-disabled patient
Rolling bearing unit for supporting vehicle wheel
Vehicle wheel hub mounting system
Molded wheel and bearing assembly
Tire inside noise absorber
Airbag system for motor vehicles
Cross member in a hybrid construction and method of making same
Elastomeric web cap
Vehicle rear window drop glass module
Drive assembly for a moveable vehicle component
Folding cargo bay cover for pickup truck
Retractable motor vehicle top as well as motor vehicle comprising this top
Driveshaft bearing assembly
Illuminated-display graduated scale device
Engine control apparatus
Occupant position sensor and method and arrangement for controlling a vehicular component based on an occupant's position
Motor vehicle having a vehicle seat
Stepping mechanism for an automobile seat
Crash box component holder
Discharge system with dual doors and intermediate auger
Transportable satellite communication station including double-expandable trailer
Cargo lash to bar
Ground lighting device for motor vehicles
Safety light
Vehicle lamp
Portable cockpit illumination device
Visual alignment aid for connecting trailers
Apparatus and method for positioning a mirror in a motor vehicle to ensure correct coverage of a critical field of view
Exterior rearview mirror for vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles
Exterior rearview mirror for vehicles, in particular, for motor vehicles
Vehicle mounted storage unit
One piece molded pick-up bed
System for attaching front grill or other trim component to vehicle
Occupant protection system having a central unit, sensors and a plurality of control modules which are connected by means of a bus system
Occupant protecting apparatus
Method for the transfer of a gas bag for a vehicle occupant restraint system into a mounting provided for the gas bag
Supplemental restraint assembly for an automobile
Variable profile air bag restraint
Recyclable airbag module housing
Holder for mounting an air bag module
Airbag apparatus
Air bag module with externally located drive mechanism for the deployment opening cover assembly
Vehicle occupant protection apparatus
Air bag in air bag system
Airbag module
Dual chamber inflator
Vehicle occupant protection system
Stabilizer pad for vehicles
Hydraulic brake master cylinder with integral pressure transducer
Estimated electric caliper clamp force based upon actuator motor position
Procedure for allocating of braking power
Method and device for triggering a brake system pump
Brake control system for a vehicle
Cargo snugger strap and hook mechanism
Transporting an electronic bay with pigtail cables from a fabrication site to an installation site
Shopping cart anti-tip bracket
Baby carriage folding mechanism for a folding baby carriage
Stroller latch apparatus
Standing board for buggies, push-chairs and prams
Vehicle body and frame assembly including energy absorbing structure
Ball joint
Truck bed extension apparatus
Truck bed extension
Golf equipment trailer
Interior expandable wardrobe for truck cabs
Hydraulic system for damping the motion of rotation of a swivel joint between two vehicle parts of an articulated vehicle, of an articulated bus for example
Carrier roller assembly of an undercarriage assembly of a work machine having a roller shaft with integrated thurst surfaces
Link-and-pin fixing structure for a crawler chain
Elastic crawler
Snowmobile track with heat transfer clips
Bicycle seat
Motorcycle saddle with backrest
Link mechanism preventing bicycle from inclining forward
Method and device for a self orienting floating apparatus
Water jet propulsion unit for use in water borne craft
Center holding assembly for vehicle steering systems
Marine propeller, propeller system and components belonging thereto, and a method of connecting a propeller
Variable pitch propeller control system
Separable beverage receptacle packaging with integral drinking spout
Flexible all-in-one bag
Overhead transport system
Anti-abrasion pipe fittings for high-speed particle-laden flow
Pallet stacker system
Produce unloading apparatus and associated methods for achieving smooth discharge and return
Skimmer lid and basket lifting tool
Method of detecting amount of remaining sheets of paper
Hollow shaft member fitted to member with hole
Automatic plate feeding system
Wire rope roundsling with inspection window
Remote operated lifting hook
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Quartz fusion furnace and method for forming quartz articles
Methods of printing phase change ink compositions
Pseudo-plastic water base ink for ball point pen
Polishing composition
Less outgas generating anticorrosive composition for HDD
Lubricating system for thermal medium delivery parts in a gas turbine
Textiles; Paper
Device for the extraction of undesired substances from an extruder
Roller-borne pressure roller for textile machines, especially texturing machines
Fixed Constructions
Track belt placer for placing construction materials and method for placing construction materials
Plate support device for use during road repairs
Headwall for drain pipe
Breakaway post slipbase
Synthetic bale and method of using the same for erosion control
Method and apparatus for supporting a wall by utilizing a channel
Quick coupler for bucket excavators
Inertia load dampening hydraulic system
Insulation fastener disk
Latch mechanism for pad-mounted transformer cabinet
Electronic lock
Closure device with shutting aid
Door lock device for motor vehicles
Adjustable hood latch assembly
Gate latch
Frameless appliance garage adapter
Door operator unit
Riser to sleeve attachment for flexible keel joint
Apparatus for mounting an electronic device for use in directional drilling
Foam blocks for construction of mine tunnel stoppings
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cat and mouse type rotary device utilizing grooves and rods for power conveyance
Rotary hydraulic vane pump with improved undervane porting
Turbine air seal replacement rings
Turbine inner shell heating and cooling flow circuit
Apparatus for producing vibration in turbo-machinery blades
Gas turbine arrangement
Corner tang fan blade
Cooled airfoil for gas turbine engine and method of making the same
Cooling circuit for and method of cooling a gas turbine bucket
Cooling arrangement for blades of a gas turbine
Method and apparatus for reducing turbine blade tip temperatures
Exit chimney joint and method of forming the joint for closed circuit steam cooled gas turbine nozzles
Automotive engine control method
Bi-directionally driven reciprocating fluid pump
Low pressure unloader mechanism
Variable displacement piston pump/motor
Plasma vacuum pumping cell
Mini-environment control system and method
Air pump capable of inflating and deflating an inflatable object interchangeably
Getting assembly for vacuum display panels
Resonance reducing device for a hermetic compressor
Fluid machine
Fluid pump and method
Reversing valve for a diaphragm pump
Hydraulic displacement pump having two stroke length
Oil supply cross-hole in orbiting scroll member
Screw rotor tip with a reverse curve
Screw compressor
Scroll compressor discharge muffler
Corrosive resistant fuel pump
Two-stage, permanent-magnet, integral disk-motor pump
Pressurized seal for submersible pumps
Compound pump
Regenerative pump having vanes and side channels particularly shaped to direct fluid flow
Compact, portable combination dust blowing and swabbing apparatus
Fan brake for removable module
Cyclonic ejection pump
Bolted joint for rotor disks and method of reducing thermal gradients therein
Hydrodynamic sleeve bearing with tilting thrust buttons and oil distribution ring
Active piezoelectric spindle bearing preload adjustment mechanism
Rolling bearing apparatus
Magnetic bearing protection device
Compact six speed power transmission
Powertrain with a six speed planetary transmission having three planetary gear sets
Toroidal transmission with a starting clutch
All-wheel-drive motor vehicle transfer case with bevel gear differential
Planetary carrier
Monolithic spider for epicyclic reduction unit
Air-cooled gearbox assembly
Belt power transmission device
Belt tensioner, and a drive system and engine including such a tensioner
Timing belt tensioner with a backstop device with controlled one-way mechanism
Fluid joint
Ramp-lock fitting device
Contractible joint device for metal conduit
Deformable fluid supply line
Fluid conducting connector assembly
Retrofit canopy luminaire and method of installing same
Lighting fixture with beam spread adjustment
Combination light assembly
Tube guard system
Portable light device for vehicles
Fast connecting structure for fitting lights
Lighting fixture with removable arms having electrical connection means
Heat source shielding device of projecting apparatus
Method and apparatus for dehydrating a vehicle lamp housing
Vehicle headlamp
Non-imaging light source for uniform illumination applications
Fiber optic light source with two chamber cooling
User-interface illuminator
Low NOx apparatus and methods for burning liquid and gaseous fuels
Double-button piezoelectric child-resistant cigarette lighter
Cigarette lighter with changeable display
Air vent covering assembly
Building-attached ornament or ventilator
Refrigerator compartment housing vertically adjustable shelves, each formed from a piece of tempered glass snapped-fastened to an injection molded frame
Insulation system for furnaces and kilns
Brake pedal sensor and electronic switch
On-board weighing system for front loading refuse vehicles
System and method for determining combustion temperature using infrared emissions
Differential scanning calorimeter
Method for determining heat transfer performance of an internally cooled structure
Method for nondestructive/noncontact microwave detection of electrical and magnetic property discontinuities in materials
Sample introduction systems and methods
IC socket for surface-mounting semiconductor device
Real-time ultrasound spatial compounding using multiple angles of view
Ultrasonic imaging system and method with SNR adaptive processing
Thin-sheet collimation optics for diode laser illumination systems for use in night vision and exterior lighting applications
Optical connection unit
Clamping mechanism for an optical fiber
Fiber optic connector
Fiber optic connector module
Angled optical connector
Fiber optic cable for connection to a mating connector
Modular apparatus for packaging and interfacing a photodiode with an optical fiber
Housing configuration for a laser module
Adjustable nose pad structure for eyeglasses
Method for monitoring film remaining in a motion picture film magazine
Camera having grooves for smooth movement of slidable lens barrier
Projection display with twin-blower heat-dissipating system
Application device and application method
System and method for processing photographic material which includes wash water recovery
Magnetic roll for use in xerographic printing
Mainspring device, timepiece, and method of controlling the mainspring device and the timepiece
Fractal analysis of time varying data
Printing method and apparatus therefor and printing system
Integrated footrests
Video poker device and method of operation thereof
Methods and apparatus for assessing and improving processing of temporal information in human
Educational system, method and doll for teaching individuals their emotions employing sets of faces expressing different emotions with plural states
Vertebral model
Illuminated, solar powered, vehicle activated, traffic sign
In-mold expanded content label and method for applying same
Hidden rib for reflector of LED display
Electrical connector and cable
Surface mount device and use thereof
Electrical assemblies
Electrode structures, display devices containing the same, and methods for making the same
Anodically-bonded elements for flat panel displays
Method of testing a display device during the manufacture thereof
Process and arrangement for continuous treatment of objects
Modular led assembly
High throughput interconnection system using orthogonal connectors
Apparatus for coupling power to an electronics module
Flat circuit member connector
Connector assembly adapted for axial realignment
Safety socket head
Electrical connector having a blade stabilizer
Interlocking plug-in connector part for an electrical plug-in connector
SCSI cable plug retaining seat
High durability, low mating force electrical connectors
Plug and socket connector arrangement with plug and socket mating slider
Damage resistant latching electrical connector
Method and apparatus for aligning and electrically connecting mating connectors
Trigger activated ejecting system for electrical plugs
Connector fitting detection construction
Shorting contact support for a plug-in projection in an igniter receptacle
Low profile telecommunications jack with lamp switch
Automotive electric equipment and automotive interior unit
Retaining hook assembly for outlet cover
Panel mounting connector
Receptacle for telephone plug and wide-band cable plug
Pre-wired circuit component for flexible wiring system
Plug-type connector and method of manufacturing a plug-type connector
Coaxial cable coupling device
Spacer coupler
Electronic-endoscope light source unit for setting shading period
Projector that automatically adjusts the projection parameters
Implantable microphone having improved sensitivity and frequency response
Method and system for prediction of exposure and dose area product for radiographic x-ray imaging
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