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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Malononitrile compounds and use thereof
Variable grip structure
Drawer with at least one wooden drawer side wall
Lift chair
Beach lounge chair
Boating seat umbrella assembly
Medical inspection devices
Integrated three-port receptacle and method for connecting hand and foot switched electrosurgical accessories
Four function microsurgery instrument
Ophthalmologic apparatus
System and method for in-situ mental health monitoring and therapy administration
Patient table for an x-ray system
Endolumenal device for delivering and deploying an endolumenal expandable prosthesis
Wafer retaining belt for a colostomy bag
Aryl-isoxazolo-4-yl-oxadiazole derivatives
Modulation of survivin expression
Treatment of malignant tumor
Film coating agent
Methods of extracting an anti-microbial fraction from Juglans regia
Hybrid peptides modulate the immune response
Nanoparticles for monoclonal antibody delivery
Coupling proteins to a modified polysaccharide
Methods and compositions for the treatment of peripheral artery disease
Antigen uptake receptor for Candida albicans on dendritic cells
Methods for treating rheumatoid arthritis using human antibodies that bind human TNF.alpha.
Amine polymer-modified nanoparticulate carriers
Vaccine against dental caries based on virulence-associated immunomodulatory extracellular proteins produced by the cariogenic bacteria Streptococcus sobrinus and Streptococcus mutans
Delivery system and prescription method for interstitial radiation therapy using enhanced parametric release sterilization techniques
Micro-processor controlled active gas removal apparatus
Method and apparatus for diverting blood flow during ablation procedures
Exercise weight stack methods and apparatus
Elliptical exercise methods and apparatus
Reorienting treadmill
Foldable mechanism for treadmills
Golf club head
Retention of weighting on an athletic striker
Cue stick joint
Game device, game control method, program and storage medium
Releasable display mounting system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oil/water separation system
Separator for multi-phase slug flow and method of designing same
Modular drinking water filtration system with removable and replaceable RO spindle
Modular drinking water filtration system with bottom load cartridges with grip-enhanced end rings and color coding
System for a plate-shaped filter element in a gas filter housing
Agitator, a circulatory cleaning device attached to the agitator, and a circulatory line system comprising the circulatory cleaning device
Microreactor and method of use to produce hydrogen by methanol reforming
Apparatus for producing hydrate slurry
Reforming nanocatalysts and methods of making and using such catalysts
Automatic pipetting and analyzing device
Air clarifying apparatus and air clarifying method
Method and apparatus for continuous processing of buffer layers for group IBIIIAVIA solar cells
Method for dispensing reagent onto a substrate
Roofing materials having engineered coatings
Method for forming layer
Tire mold
Solution casting method and polymer film
Method of producing a polyurethane foam molded article
Apparatus for the injecto-compression moulding of articles made of plastic material with two components
Extrusion die device for a molding machine
Proton-conducting membrane and the use thereof
Fiber composite over-wrap for a cryogenic structure
Drive for a cylinder of a rotary press
Method and apparatus for flexible sheet folding
Fuser member with diamond filler
Coated plastic substrate module
Multilayer film and image display device
Release agent applicator for imaging members in solid ink jet imaging systems
Print media and multiple printing fluid cartridge for digital photofinishing system
Printhead assembly having vertically overlapping ink flow channels
Ink cartridge and loading mechanism for ink cartridge
Micro-electromechanical nozzle assembly with an arcuate actuator
Orifice plate protection device
Device and method for residue removal
Recording apparatus and recording method
Liquid ejection head and ejection abnormality determination method
Foldable keyboard
Abrasive injury cleaning system
Wheel-use bearing apparatus
Apparatus for arranging cables in a vehicle
Grain cart with intermodal container loader
Cargo transportation box body with cargo handling device
Illuminating warning lamp
Heat dissipating light emitting diode module having fastened heat spreader
Vehicle body frame
System, method, and apparatus for locking down tendon or riser moorings
Device for stacking flat products
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing transition metal boride power
Lithium titanate and method of forming the same
Oil-well cement slurry
Production of a refinery feedstock from soaps produced during a chemical pulping process
Nogo-receptors and methods of use
Reactive yellow dye composition
Ink composition, ink set and recording method
Ink composition, ink set, ink cartridge using the ink composition, inkjet recording method and recorded material
Downhole drilling compositions and methods of preparation
Fuel compositions comprising tetramethylcyclohexane
Cell/tissue culture apparatus
Nucleic acid vectors for immunization
Transcription activation complex and utilization thereof
Growth and differentiation of adult muscle stem cells with activators or inhibitors of Wnt signaling
Method of generating human retinal progenitors from embryonic stem cells
Sulfotransferase sequence variants
Pancreatic cancer genes
Homo-doubly labeled compositions for the detection of enzyme activity in biological samples
Cleavage of nucleic acids
Method of using estrogen-related receptor alpha (ERR.alpha.) status to determine prognosis, treatment strategy and predisposition to breast cancer, and method of using ERR.alpha. as a therapeutic target for the treatment of breast cancer
Metallic glass alloys of palladium, copper, cobalt, and phosphorus
Method and system for coating internal surfaces using reverse-flow cycling
Shower head structure for processing semiconductor
Anticorrosive treatment for shaving blades
Solidification of crystalline silicon from reusable crucible molds
Crystallization apparatus, crystallization method, phase modulation element, device and display apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Method and system for energy savings in TMP by high temperature LC/MC refining of pulp
Press belt and shoe press roll
Fixed Constructions
Breakdown screed plate
Counterweight system
Vibratory paving screed for a paver
Integrated below-ground vault with a filtered catch basin
Pollutant purification apparatus
Method for pillar recovery in chamber-and-pillar working and tubbing unit for pillar recovery
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and apparatus to facilitate sealing in a turbine
Method and system for determining gas turbine tip clearance
Drive assistant device for automobile
Hermetic compressor
Power transmission and compressor
Scroll compressor and method for machining scroll wrap
Hydrodynamic fluid film bearing and bearing housing with cooling capacity
Full traction differential with hybrid gearing
Electric torch-light equipped with a device for fixing and positioning on a support
Spare battery holder
Spectrally controlled display backlight emissions for night vision imaging system compatibility
Modular fixture and sports lighting system
Utility mounting and lowering system
Lamp unit and projection display apparatus
LED indicator lamp
Illuminated panels and methods therefor
LCD optic shutter
Lamp retaining member, backlight device, liquid crystal display apparatus, and fluorescent lamp retaining method
Apparatus for direct measurement of insulation thermal performance at cryogenic temperatures
Method of screening a substance interfering in the association of DOCK2 and ELMO
Method of identifying antinociceptive compounds using protease activated receptor-2
Nuclear spin polarized rare gas production device and polarized rare gas production method using this
Positional differentiating connector assembly
Tan-through sunglasses
Optical film and optical compensatory film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display using same
Illumination optical apparatus and projection type display apparatus
Polarized, multicolor LED-based illumination source
Use of calcium fluoride substrate for lithography masks
Resist composition, compound for use in the resist composition and pattern forming method using the resist composition
Resist resolution using anisotropic acid diffusion
Imaging member
Photoconductor having silanol-containing charge transport layer
Electrostatic image developing toner
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording/reproducing device
Medical imaging apparatus
Active matrix type display device and method of manufacturing the same
Photoelectric conversion device, its manufacturing method, and image pickup device
Micro-electro mechanical device made from mono-crystalline silicon and method of manufacture therefore
Image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for thermally processing microelectronic workpieces
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Reversed T-shaped finfet
Method for producing semiconductor device
Temporary wafer bonding method for semiconductor processing
Flexible electronics using ion implantation to adhere polymer substrate to single crystal silicon substrate
Plasma oxidation and removal of oxidized material
Process for producing a base connection of a bipolar transistor
Covert transformation of transistor properties as a circuit protection method
Damascene patterning of barrier layer metal for C4 solder bumps
Integrated circuit device having flexible leadframe
Method of forming tungsten polymetal gate having low resistance
Methods of forming metal-nitride layers in contact holes
Connection device and test system
Semiconductor device having three-dimensional construction and method for manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory cell array having discontinuous source and drain diffusions contacted by continuous bit line conductors and methods of forming
Method of manufacturing thin film capacitor
Method for producing MgB.sub.2 superconductor
Electrochemical cell and fabrication method of the same
Electrical connector
Electrical connector assembly with improved latching mechanism
Electrical connector
Stacked electrical card connector with grounding space
Receptacle connector
Card connector and method for producing housing assembly
Card connector with terminal protection
Electrical connector and liquid crystal display device
Communication jack structure
Ion conductive polymer electrolyte membrane and production method for the same
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Computer case retention structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hopper for seeding machine
Device for laying foil-like or sheet-like type material, specially strip-like material on the ground
Protective fruit group growing bag
Plant container
Planting container and method of making the container
Method for cultivating and rearing ornamental plants or treelike plants as potted plants and a planting system
Skeleton of a greenhouse
Collapsible lightweight animal security shipping kennel
Air supply/exhaust device for experimental animal rearing apparatus
Dog toy
Damped fishing rod
Fishing line stacker
Fishing jug
Device for use in connection with fishing
Decoy with moving body parts
Duck decoy
Pancake cooking apparatus and method
Method and an apparatus for production of frozen confectionery, in particular edible ice bodies
Automatic popcorn popper with thermal controller
Oxygen/carbon dioxide sensor and controller for a refrigerated controlled atmosphere shipping container
Collapsible cigar corer
Sock for the long-legged person
Footwear structure and method of forming the same
Heel and sole structure with inwardly projecting bulges
Unitary shoe bottom
Interlocking footwear insole replacement system
Fluid filled insole
Tap shoe taps cover system
Foot support system and use in shoe lasts
Self-locating sole
Keyring tool
Slide fastener
Double-layer water-proof zipper
Thin walled silver filled gold jewelry
Apparatus for interchangeably affixing a tool to footwear
Shelf assembly which can be taken apart
Kitchen unit and the use thereof for the handling or portions of kitchen garbage at the source
Computer desk with pneumatic elevation control means
Memorial year round flower display
Canned food ratchet-locking strainer device
Automatic or semi-automatic dispensing machine for wipe material with selector device
Bath ball
Bath brush
Method and apparatus for a stent crimping device
Ski pole anti-theft device
Stable, lightweight snowshoe
Performing Operations; Transporting
Helium recycling for optical fiber manufacturing
Method and apparatus for metering the introduction of a reducing agent into the exhaust-gas or exhaust-air stream of a combustion installation
Gas motor
Method for carrying out chemical reactions using a turbine engine
Hand-held blower
Steel mill processing by rhombic reversal reduction rolling
Process and apparatus for producing a linkage of an air/fuel ratio detector holder to an exhaust pipe
Die for forming a joint
Rigid connection of structural parts in the case of a motor vehicle and method for establishing the connection
Ring bending machine
Shave tool holder including a precise calibration assembly for machining a rotating workpiece
Telescoping die holder
Double-ended wrench with movable grip
Universal socket tool
Self-adjusting ratcheting wrench
Folding combination tool kit
Multiple fitting
Method and tool for aligning a striker with a latch
Bearing puller
Helmet face-mask extractor
Rescue tool
Razor holder
Rotary cutter for sheet material
Device for lengthwise slitting a web and method relating thereto
Stacker for labels and the like
Slicer with staged dynamic braking system
Device for forming perforation for separation
Tailstock assembly mountable on a machine
Method and apparatus for measuring the thickness of rubber over a metal reinforced layer
Method and device for bonding pourers to flat-topped parallelepidal cartons filled with free-flowing products
Roofing system for a cooled building
Method for self-adjusting color and cut register control in rotary printing machines having a plurality of webs
Printing method and printing device
Three-dimensional raised image screen printing
Process for producing thin glass on roll
Heat-sensitive stencil, process of fabricating same and method of producing printing master using same
Stencil printing method, apparatus, and plate including shrinkable polymeric material
Method and apparatus for providing erasable relief images
Drawing board
Pencil sharpener
Device for extracting of the contents of an envelope
Method of making a shingle
Non-skid wheel brake mechanism
Method and device for monitoring the tire air pressure of the wheels of an automobile
Air handling controller for HVAC system for electric vehicles
Motor vehicle air conditioning device with compact refrigerating loop
Cooling unit for vehicle air conditioner
Refrigerator for a motor vehicle
Supercritical refrigerating circuit
Vehicle liftgate power operating system
Trunk lid for convertible vehicle with folding roof, adapted to open from the rear toward the front and from the front toward the rear
Winch bar
Seat belt
Steering wheel and lock arrangement for a motor vehicle
Interior windshield cleaning system
Brake servo unit and method assembling said unit
Composite box structure for a railway car
Curved rail cover actuator
Railroad car side bearing with thermal insulator
Radially side mounted railway car truck
Torque controlled mechanism for moving and steering a transit vehicle
Modular element and manufacturing process
Aerodynamic bicycle steering device
Generation of bubbles for friction-reducing ship and method for reducing skin-friction
Modular polymer matrix composite support structure and methods of constructing same
Anchor and mooring anti-chafe arrangement
Marine anchor system
Spar with improved VIV performance
Sailing rig
Desiccant based humidification/dehumidification system
Auxiliary power unit passive cooling system
Modified container using inner bag
Blow box for use in a plant for drying a material web
Apparatus for automatic removal of roving residues from roving bobbin tubes
Can opener
Meter calibration and drift compensation device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for heating moving glass sheets
Apparatus for automatically coupling two optical fibers in a tube
Compression molded door assembly
Process for the operation of a regenerator and regenerator
High rate cooling furnace for metal strips
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Textiles; Paper
Support disk bearing for an open-end spinning rotor
Process and apparatus for open-end spinning
Knitting machine, in particular flat knitting machine
Circular warp thread knitting machines
Driving mechanism of compound knitting needle in narrow width crochet knitting machine
Presser foot for sewing machine
Trousers-fly-sewing apparatus
Apparatus and method for monitoring consumption of sewing thread supply
Rolling drum type washing structure of a cloth washing apparatus
Washing machine
Method to fabricate wires and wire fabricated thereby
Arrangement for drying section of paper machine
Fixed Constructions
Storage system for vacuum pickup hose
Method for connecting a sheet pile to a beam
Concrete cylindrical body with aseismic base isolation structure, method for manufacturing the same and laminated ring assembly therefor
Ejector apparatus for an earth moving scraper bowl
Controlled float circuit for an actuator
Structural framing system and method of assembly
Aluminum framing components and component systems for pool, patio and glass enclosures and the like
Elongate structural member
Eavestroughing system
Snow removal apparatus
Concrete surface trimming apparatus
Pole anchor base plate
Electronically actuated cargo door lock assembly
Electronic article surveillance security device
Hinge with elastic ring return system
Door locking device for a door closer having a fire actuated mechanism for unlocking the door locking device
Power liftgate cable drive with position stop
Barrier operator system
Downholed system and method for determining formation properties
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power machine valve control
Electromechanical latching rocker arm valve deactivator
Method of controlling electronically controlled valves to prevent interference between the valves and a piston
Portable, automatic, oil recovery system
Venting device for the crankcase of an internal combustion engine
Function diagnostic system for an exhaust gas purifying apparatus in an internal combustion engine
Catalyst deterioration-determining system for internal combustion engines using compressed natural gas
Internal combustion engine
Controlled pressure rise in two-cycle internal combustion engine having cylinder wall fuel injection
Intake pipe
Air intake equipment for internal combustion engine
Direct injection gasoline engine with stratified charge combustion and homogeneous charge combustion
Turbocharging apparatus including integral exhaust backpressure control means
Drive extender for superchargers
Fuel delivery device
Recuperator for gas turbine engine
Low Nox combustor having dual fuel injection system
Gas-turbine combustor with load-responsive premix burners
Engine controlling apparatus for an automotive engine
Direct injection engine controller
Device for controlling engine speed using dual governors
Air-fuel ratio control system for internal combustion engine
Cold starting method for diesel engine with variable valve timing
Air-fuel ratio controller
Method for testing correctly connected lambda sensors
Method for controlling the fuel injection in an internal combustion engine
Control arrangement for a direct-injecting internal combustion engine
Accumulator type fuel injection system
Throttle valve controller for an internal combustion engine
Modular integrated intake manifold
Heat engine
Hybrid rocket system and integrated motor for use therein
High-pressure sensor
Hydraulic pump or motor
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
Hydraulic pressure transformer
Suction accumulator assembly
Apparatus and method for diagnosing the status of specific components in high-pressure fluid pumps
Method and apparatus for producing a gear pump
Rodless power cylinder
Anchorage for motion-transmitting cable assembly
Rotary type driving device employing electromechanical transducer and apparatus provided with the rotary type driving device
Ball screw device of ball-circulating-part embedded type
Positive acting differential having chamfered teeth
Outside control of automobile gear box with inhibitor of involuntary gearing of the reverse gear
Small envelope range piston housing for electrical transmission range shift system
Countershaft transmission with constant mesh reverse gearing
Metal hose fitting and method of making
Pipeline mandrel positioning control system
Methods and apparatus for liquid cryogen gasification
Heat recovery steam generator
Boiler wash
Air conditioner
Air cooled two stage condenser for air conditioning and refrigeration system
Method for regulating the cooling performance of an air conditioning system
Air conditioner with electric dust collector
Refrigerator ice-maker water supply apparatus and method thereof
Vapor line pressure control
Microwave drying of hides under vacuum in tanning equipment
Absorbent fibrous granules
Archery bows with stabilizer receivers, and stabilizer receivers configured for mounting archery bow stabilizers in variable positions relative to archery bows
Single axis fold actuator and lock for member
Flare apparatus
Method for analyzing a separation in a deformable structure
Method and system for processing measurement signals to obtain a value for a physical parameter
Roundness measuring instrument and measuring head calibration method therefor
Tunnel pick-off vibrating rate sensor
Scale and scanning unit of a length measuring instrument, and method for attaching a scale
System for validating calibration of a coriolis flowmeter
Driver for oscillating a vibrating conduit
Mechanical signal producer based on micromechanical oscillators and intelligent acoustic detectors and systems based thereon
Pressure sensor for a baghouse
Differential pressure sensor having an alloy or metal isolator
Device for determining the phase component of a conductive medium in a duct
Ultrasonic system for automatic determination of material stiffness constants
Method and apparatus for detecting and characterizing splits in logs
Ultrasonic flaw detector apparatus and ultrasonic flaw-detection method
Method of testing a bond interface
Method of and apparatus for packaging film cartridge
Apparatus and method for drying photosensitive material using radiant section and an air flow section
Statistical process control for an automatic fastening machine
Pop-up items having pressure-sensitive adhesive
Apparatus for connecting advertising substrate to trucks
Identity tags
Rail sign device
Solar battery type indication apparatus
Videocassette time measurement device
Glide height test signal processor and method using increased high frequency components
Method for manufacturing a pencil-shaped core
High energy density capacitor
Vacuum processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for processing substrate
Flexible interface structures for electronic devices
Electromagnetic interference shield driver and method
Cooler for fitting on a control box
Control system
Rotor bar swaging process
Stator manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing printed circuits
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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