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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tension/compression decoy motion device
Wildlife attractor device
Method and system for the continuous or semi-continuous production of flavored ice
Container having transparent optical element
Electronic cigarette
Straps for carrying an object
Exfoliating brush assembly
Toothbrush having light emitters on a bottom side
Tilt apparatus and kneeboard, lap table, or electronic device using such
Medical examination table
Illuminable panel frame assembly arrangement
Device for tempering food in rectangular, pan-like containers of standardized sizes
Footwear remover and drying rack
Blind adjuster
Automatic paper cutting device
Shower curtain incorporating entertainment system
Wheeled suction and blower apparatus
Infant protection assembly
System and method for reconstruction of the human ear canal from optical coherence tomography scans
Method for evaluating relative oxygen saturation in body tissues
X-ray CT apparatus and image reconstruction method
Bed with integral toilet
Device for preventing aspirated substance from going inside the lungs and enabling speaking
Burr hole cap and methods of use
Dual spiral lead configurations
Implantable microdevice with extended lead and remote electrode
Implantable medical device capable of depressing appetite to control obesity using stochastic resonance electrical stimulation
Electromagnetic signal delivery for tissue affected by neuronal dysfunction, degradation, damage, and/or necrosis, and associated systems and methods
Using implanted sensors for feedback control of implanted medical devices
Water balloon launching cannon and associated methods
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter device
Cleaning machine
Method for the production of a tubular body, and control arm produced by this method
Furniture assembly modules
Method for producing a trailing arm of a twist beam axle in which a drive unit of an electrical drive close to the wheel, comprising an electrical engine and a transmission, is integrated
Non-uniform vacuum profile die attach tip
System and method for lifting a casing section
Saw machine riving knife adjustment mechanism
Optical disk and recording method of visible figures into optical disk
Line head and image forming device using the same
Thermal printer and method of controlling the same
Image forming system
Suspension control device, vehicle comprising said device, production and associated program
Vehicle hydraulic system
Wireless illuminated indicators for motorcycle helmets
Parking lot congested state determination device, parking lot congested state determination method, and computer program
Car speed alarm system
Complementary braking system for a motor vehicle
Brake control apparatus for vehicle and brake control method for vehicle
Steering apparatus for vehicle
Electrical power steering apparatus
Hydraulic power steering system
System and method for continuously variable motorized adjustment of motorcycle handlebars
Height adjustable tower with integrated cargo rack aparatus for wakeboard boats
Adjustable skeg
Mobile ballast device
Pallet leader board system
Hinged universal lid for a beverage container
Inflatable liner systems
Corrugated edge nip
Elevator and arrangement for emergency stopping an elevator car
Safety brake for incline elevators
Paint can cover assembly with paint return port
Calibration of a chemical dispense system
Dispensing device for dispensing a liquid gas formulation in a metered manner and method for producing the dispensing device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods and apparatuses for steering flexible glass webs
Glass-bending apparatus and method
Glass blowing apparatus and method of making glass objects
Textiles; Paper
Device for making woven article
Washing machine comprising a laundry drum
Fixed Constructions
Method of making concrete pile sections
Double-handle faucet
Double-handle faucet
Valve device
Reinforced concrete hexahedral module
Truss and column structures incorporating natural round timbers and natural branched round timbers
Structural support device
Device for connecting two prefabricated construction elements together
Structure following roof mounted photovoltaic system
Device for enhancing a corner structure
Electronic security device
Detachable hanger for covering of building's opening
Residential window power actuator
Barrier systems and associated methods, including vapor and/or barrier systems with manual egress
Upright adaptor for ladder tree stand
Dump bailer
Inflow control device
Tubular member cutting tool
Rotary joint for subterranean drilling
Adaptor flange for rotary control device
Method and device for riserless drilling fluid recovery
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Delivery device and tank configuration for a reducing agent and motor vehicle having a tank configuration
Carbon oxygen hydrogen motor
Dual fuel injection system
Fuel gas cooling system for combustion basket spring clip seal support
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Purge valve noise attenuation system and method
Electromagnetically actuable valve
Mounting system for a resonating needle injection device
Cam cover coil on plug retention via oil separator
Lattice tower assembly for a wind turbine
Kinematic control in a hydraulic system
Power generator
High thermal conductivity disk brakes
Method and apparatus for controlling an elastomeric damper
Hydraulic arrangement for actuating a plurality of shift rails
Switching valve
Inflatable device
Opening degree detection device for automatically operated valve
Hybrid silencer with gas-liquid separating function in fuel cell system
Removable grommet device and method of using thereof
Convertible mobile fire pit and cooker assembly
Grate bar for an incinerator and method for producing such a grate bar
Ultra low NOx burner using distributed direct fuel injection
Thermal vector system for solar concentration power plant
Beverage cooler, a refrigerator comprising such a beverage cooler and a method for cooling beverage
Block ice maker with mold body and method of forming fan shaped ice with mold body
Dehumidifying cooling apparatus and method for an electronics rack
Thermal energy storage materials
Archery bow vibration dampening and balancing device
Computing device and method for calibrating star probe of image measuring machine
Method and device for locating a piece with respect to a tool
Magnetic type digital-analogic position-sensing device
Rotation detecting apparatus having magnetic sensor array and bearing provided with same
Moving body posture angle detecting apparatus
Inertial sensor control module and method for controlling inertial sensor control module
Route guidance systems, methods, and programs
Method and device for determining the width of a safety corridor for an aircraft and method and system for securing the automatic low-altitude flight of an aircraft
System and method for product level monitoring in a chemical dispensing system
Method and apparatus for performing spectroscopy downhole with a wellbore
Method for evaluating color filter, color filter and liquid crystal display device
Support structure for load measurement sensor
Method and device for detecting the independent running of an internal combustion engine
Speaker leak test system and method
Non-destructive testing of an integrated optical coupler in an integrated optical circuit
Apparatus and methods for analyzing samples
Photocatalysis testing device
Rail system and X-ray imaging apparatus using the same
Rapid polymer sequencer
Method for estimating molecule concentrations in a sampling and equipment therefor
Movement monitoring systems and associated methods
Technique for measuring power source noise generated inside integrated circuit
Electronic device utilizing impedance and/or resistance identification to identify an accessory device
Guide device and test apparatus for electronic devices
Multilayered probe card
Wireless communication apparatus, communication routing control apparatus, communication routing control method and communication system
Data transmission method and device using controlled transmission profile
IP exchange quality testing system and method
Test apparatus, shift amount measuring apparatus, shift amount measuring method and diagnostic method
Flasher sonar device with light guide
Method and apparatus for determining the geographic location of a device
Tracking of autonomous systems
Locator system and method including node and target acquisition
Seismic data acquisition system
Apparatus and method for reducing slippage between structures in an interferometric modulator
System and methods for tiling display panels
Optical attenuator
Optical scanning element and image display apparatus
Device for displaying a three dimensional image
Selectively enhancing angular beam deflection
Light illumination of displays with front light guide and coupling elements
Space diversity receiver for optical communications
Fiber termination block with splitters
Aperture apparatus and lens module having same
Silicon-compatible surface plasmon optical elements
Color filter, coloring composition for color filter and liquid crystal display device
Hollow mold for receiving liquid crystal panel and diffuser plate and liquid crystal display including hollow mold
Back-light assembly and liquid crystal display including the same
P-chassis arrangement for positioning a display stack
Inkjet ink for color filter, color filter, methods of producing them, and liquid crystal display device using them
Retardation substrate, semi-transparent liquid crystal display, and method for manufacturing retardation substrate
Thin film transistor array panel comprising first and second reflective electrodes
Optically writable display medium and optical writing method
Semiconductor device having thin film transistor with particular drain electrode structure
Portable camera device
Camera device
Lens cover assembly and portable electronic device using the same
Four-region catadioptric tile
Moving beam with respect to diffractive optics in order to reduce interference patterns
Immersion lithography apparatus and method of performing immersion lithography
Method for measuring subject distance
Image formation apparatus and associated methodology for patch image frequency updating
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Dynamic photo receptor wear rate adjustment based on environmental sensor feedback
Image forming apparatus having an adjustment unit for adjusting a contact state between two members
Image forming apparatus
Cleaning device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with function of toner supply amount control
Image fixing apparatus and an image formation apparatus including a magnetic flux adjuster
Fixing device, fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Smart shower, a motion activated shower timer and alarm with diversion related soundbytes for entertaining or informing used to conserve energy and water
Operator interface terminal for correlating data points to time points
Vehicle anti-theft system incorporated with internal antennas
Motor drive device, image reading device, image forming apparatus, and motor drive method
Method for controlling a wind energy park
Electric-vehicle driving apparatus
Constant voltage circuit using plural error amplifiers to improve response speed
Method and device for detecting clusters amongst data arranged in orders for cluster creation and removal based on conditional probabilities between clusters
Method and system for precise synchronization of audio and video streams during a distributed communication session with multiple participants
Timer circuit storing a plurality of time measurements with different sets of measurement time that can be realized by starting the time measurements asynchronously
Multi-purpose flat panel display cover
Electronic device
Portable electronic device incorporating extendable thermal module
Computer system and boot control method
Optical disc recording and reproducing apparatus
Apparatus and method for dynamically detecting improper configuration data provided in a network
Management supporting system, management supporting method, and management supporting program
Machine condition monitoring using discontinuity detection
Process variable transmitter with diagnostics
Multilevel storage nonvolatile semiconductor memory device enabling high-speed data reading and high-speed data writing
Runtime machine supported method level caching
Storage system and access count equalization method therefor
Storage extent allocation method for thin provisioning storage
File system for a capture system
Disk array synchronization using power distribution
Data storage control on storage devices
1-2-3 dynamic on-top tabular (DTT) editing of a list on a web page
1-2-3 Dynamic on-top tabular (DTT) web page editing
Utilizing abstract descriptions to generate, exchange, and configure service and client runtimes
Auto-execution signal processing method and apparatus performing the method
Virtual heterogeneous channel for message passing
Main processor initiating command timing signal via DMA to coprocessor in order to synchronize execution of instructions
Mobile information communication apparatus, connection unit for mobile information communication apparatus, and external input/output unit for mobile information communication apparatus
Determining profile parameters of a structure using approximation and fine diffraction models in optical metrology
System, method, and computer program product for managing and analyzing intellectual property (IP) related transactions
Automated content source validation for streaming data
Enhanced video programming system and method utilizing user-profile information
System including a server and at least a client
Flow routing for reducing internet congestion
System and method for delivering information on demand
Controlling subscriber information rates in a content delivery network
System and method for instant messenger to make friend by cyber pet
Electronically negotiating application layer properties
Extended link monitoring channel for 10 Gb/s Ethernet
Prefix and IP address management scheme for router and host in network system
Two dimensional addressing of a matrix-vector register array
Driver management method, driver management apparatus, and driver management program
Training a machine learning system to determine photoresist parameters
Fraud control when granting instant credit
System and method for the transformation and canonicalization of semantically structured data
Two-stage printing of value indicia
Assigning a hot spot in an electronic artwork
Facilities optimization method
Language module and method for use with text processing devices
Method for building parallel corpora
Efficient storage for finite state machines
Program ancillary data producing device, picture program editing device and picture program producing device
Information processing apparatus, method, and program
Tariff generation, invoicing and contract management
Control method for modifying engineering information from a remote work site and a system of the same
System and method for facilitating access to audio/visual content on an electronic device
Stream data processing method and stream data processing system
Systems and methods for exporting, publishing, browsing and installing on-demand applications in a multi-tenant database environment
Integration of documents with OLAP using search
Method, system and computer program product for exploiting orthogonal control vectors in timing driven synthesis
Predicting induced crosstalk for the pins of a programmable logic device
High tolerance TCR balanced high current resistor for RF CMOS and RF SiGe BiCMOS applications and cadenced based hierarchical parameterized cell design kit with tunable TCR and ESD resistor ballasting feature
Method and apparatus for designing a three-dimensional integrated circuit
Via density change to improve wafer surface planarity
Integration of causal models, business process models and dimensional reports for enhancing problem solving
Method and apparatus for on-the-fly minimum power state transition
Structure for system architectures for and methods of scheduling on-chip and across-chip noise events in an integrated circuit
Control system for a torque transmitting device in an automatic transmission
Method and device for monitoring and analyzing signals
Method and a system for diagnosing an aircraft from measurements performed on the aircraft
Control method for clutch arrangement
Visual-servoing optical microscopy
Enabling a software service provider to automatically obtain software service
Secure password entry
Secure remote password validation
Apparatus and method for processing map data and storage medium having information for controlling the processing of map data
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program for the same
Multimedia data transmitting apparatus and multimedia data receiving apparatus
Personal computer mouse
Database-rearranging program, database-rearranging method, and database-rearranging apparatus
Referential integrity, consistency, and completeness loading of databases
Compiling and accessing subject-specific information from a computer network
Detecting zero-result search queries
Synchronizing distributed work through document logs
Floating-point number arithmetic circuit for handling immediate values
Virtual code for delivery to the nearest building of organizations having multiple buildings
Mounting volumes on demand
Method and computer program product for viewing extendible models for legacy applications
Peer-to-peer identity management managed interfaces and methods
Electronic device with an update agent that employs preprocessing techniques for update
System and method for tunneling and slicing based BMC decomposition
Terminal and method of displaying content thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit design system, semiconductor integrated circuit design method, and computer readable medium
Method for compensation of process-induced performance variation in a MOSFET integrated circuit
System for monitoring time proportion for interrupt or task processing with restriction placed in subsequent monitoring time period when allowable time proportion is exceed
System and method for optimizing block diagram models
Method for determining and compensating for a weight loss energy gap
Diabetes care management system
Tone reproduction curve linearization
Bi-directional magnetic character reader
Method and apparatus for automated detection of target structures from medical images using a 3D morphological matching algorithm
Deriving or calculating identifying data from video signals
Non-transitory computer readable medium for image processing searching colored regions for region satisfying searching condition, and image-processing apparatus for performing the image processing
Interpreting sign language gestures
Methods and apparatus for enhancing color data
Lung cancer diagnosis using magnetic resonance imaging data obtained at three time points
Method and system for associating source information for a source unit with a product converted therefrom
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable medium and computer data signal for processing image
Segmentation of tissue images using color and texture
Counterfeit deterrence using dispersed miniature security marks
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Shape measurement device and method thereof
Document audit analysis system and method
Methods, systems, and computer program products for promoting healthcare information technologies to card members
System and method for providing print advertisements
Method and load input device for optimizing log truck productivity
Method and system for creating ad-books
Point of service third party financial management vehicle for the healthcare industry
Machine and method for redeeming currency to dispense a value card
Automated processing of medical data for disability rating determinations
Method and system for providing a deferred variable annuity with lifetime benefit payments related to a withdrawal percent and a deferral bonus percent
Method and system for providing risk tranches in an investment product
Displaying market data
Systems and methods for context drilling in workforce optimization
Processor architecture with wide operand cache
Apparatus and method for visualization of operating status in a process control system
Apparatus and method for performing hidden surface removal and computer program product
Sales force automation and method
Sanitized vending machine and method
Material handling apparatus with a cellular communications device
Method and apparatus for concealing sensors in urban and industrial environments
Two-way remote control unit
Spatially distributed remote sensor
Electronic communication devices, methods of forming electrical communication devices, and communications methods
Method and apparatus for detecting portable electronic device functionality
Obstacle avoidance control device and recording medium
Obstacle avoidance situation display generator
Fluid-filled barrier assembly
Systems and methods of actuating MEMS display elements
Display device and inspection method for display device
Systems and methods for driving multiple solid-state light sources
Apparatus, method and control system for inputting a reproduction speed of a video signal
Method and system for interactive region segmentation
Method of displaying picture having location data and apparatus thereof
Display control apparatus and method under plural different color spaces
Ergonomic computer mouse
Active labeling for spoken language understanding
Speech recognition correction with standby-word dictionary
Information communication apparatus, transmission apparatus and receiving apparatus
Method for automated sentence planning in a task classification system
Reproduction data recording methods
Apparatus and method to adjust the orientation of a read head to correct for dynamic skew
Method of making a multi-channel time based servo tape media
Systems and methods for controlling data equalization
Thin-film magnetic head
Magneto-resistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic recording/reproducing device and magnetic memory
Pattern transfer apparatus and pattern transfer method
TE signal polarity determining system and related method thereof
Optical pickup apparatus, objective optical element and optical information recording reproducing apparatus
Optical disc device and converging position correction method
Optical storage medium, optical read/write apparatus, and optical read/write method
Optical storage medium, optical read/write apparatus, and optical read/write method
Optical head apparatus and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
Random access control method and optical disc driver
Optical pickup
Thin film magnetic memory device including memory cells having a magnetic tunnel junction
Device with precharge/homogenize circuit
Address controlling in the MBIST chain architecture
Positive and negative voltage level shifter circuit
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and its reading method
Multi-stage coil for transformer, and coil winding method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Electrode material for electric double layer capacitor and process for producing the same, electrode for electric double layer capacitor, and electric double layer capacitor
Electromagnetic drive unit and an electromechanical switching device
Circuit protection device having warning function
Optical device and manufacturing method of the optical device
Light emitting element with composite layers of varying concentration, light emitting device, and electronic apparatus
Light-emissive display and method of manufacturing the same
Low-pressure gas discharge lamp with a reduced argon proportion in the gas filling
Three-dimensional miniaturized power supply
Mount support structure for solar cell module
Solar thermal electricity generating systems with thermal storage
Piezoelectric transducer
Electroactive polymer-based artificial neuromuscular unit
Stator and piezo ultrasonic motor including the same
Light emitting device
Battery pack and electric tool
Wideband antenna and clothing and articles using the same
Semiconductor laser and optical integrated semiconductor device
High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays
Light source apparatus
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuit and method
Method and circuit for over-current protection
Electric motor device
Permanent magnet motor with magnets in an adjusted position to reduce cogging torque
Single phase AC synchronous motor
Core, rotor, motor and compressor
Reaction force cancel system
Superconducting magnetic thrust bearing with integrated dynamotor
Zero voltage switching high-frequency inverter
Controlling torsional shaft oscillation
Induction motor control device
Electronic module and arrangement for signal transmission with the former
Gate driver circuit, switch assembly and switch system
Frequency generation circuitry and method
Signal processing system and information storage medium
Local oscillator with injection pulling suppression and spurious products filtering
Phase adjusting function evaluating method, transmission margin measuring method, information processing apparatus and computer readable information recording medium
Power series predistorter and control method thereof
Balun amplifier
Low noise binary-coded gain amplifier and method for time-gain compensation in medical ultrasound imaging
Amplifying circuit, AC signal amplifying circuit and input bias adjusting method
Circuits for replicating self-timed logic
Active power filter method and apparatus
Oscillator gain circuit and method
PLL circuit, radio terminal device and control method of PLL circuit
Frequency counter based analog-to-digital converter
Fixed-point implementation of a joint detector
Systems and methods for error detection in a memory system
Strengthening parity check bit protection for array-like LDPC codes
Encoding system using a non-binary turbo code and an encoding method thereof
Base station for carrier offset recovery
Methods and apparatus for masking and securing communications transmissions
Transmission output control apparatus
Constant modulus indication for detection of RF signals
RF transmitter and integrated circuit with programmable filter module and methods for use therewith
Data communications enabled by wire free power transfer
Bi-axial swivel assembly in electronic apparatus
Scanner for a mobile device
Tuneable filter
RF filtering at very high frequencies for substrate communications
Method and apparatus for bit rate control in a digital video environment for arbitrary bandwidth
Visible light communication system and method therefor
Security message filtering using OCDMA encoding
Balanced transmitting apparatus
Bi-directional communication channel
Wireless proximity estimation
Satellite modem with a dynamic bandwidth
Interactive communication system, communication equipment and communication control method
Telecommunication network system and method in communication services using session initiation protocol
Device, system, and method of wireless communication of base stations
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
Watermarking compressed data
Method, system and apparatus for applying hybrid ARQ to the control of transmit diversity
Method and apparatus for selecting network resources according to service subscription information
Relay method, relay device, communication system, and computer program
Selective network switching in a wireless broadcast network
Routing internet communications using network coordinates
Terminal-to-terminal communication connection control method using IP transfer network
Link bundle co-routed VCAT via RSVP message bundling
Programmable network interface card
Communicating constraint information for determining a path subject to such constraints
Methods of clustering actions for manipulating packets of a communication protocol
Vehicle-mounted LAN system, electronic control unit, relay connection unit, and vehicle-mounted LAN communication means
Individual interleaving of data streams for MIMO transmission
Dual-mode system and method for receiving wireless signals
Peak-to-average-power reduction of OFDM signals
System and method for providing weather warnings and alerts
Communication device and communication method
Key distribution in systems for selective access to information
Method and apparatus for facilitating efficient authenticated encryption
Rights enforcement and usage reporting on a client device
Mobil terminal device, personal identification number verification program, and method of verifying personal identification number
Personal communications systems
Satellite positioning aided communication system selection
Unsplit bipolar pulse forming line
Communication device
Diversity receiver system with interference cancellation and methods for use therewith
Information processing apparatus, control method for the same, program and storage medium
Combined telephone and credit transaction enabler
System and method for providing voice messaging with dynamic content
Modem and method for switching operation modes thereof
Network session management
Image processing apparatus and method for performing shade correction on generated image using a shading coefficient
Halftoning device and halftoning method and laser printer including the same
Processor, method, and program for processing data using a mask pattern to print dots in each area in a non-periodic arrangement by using an integral multiple of the areas
Mosquito noise detection and reduction
Intelligent light source with synchronization with a digital camera
High dynamic range imaging cell with electronic shutter extensions
Photoelectric conversion device with isolation switches arranged between signal lines and amplifiers
Signal reading apparatus and image pickup system using the signal reading apparatus
Solid-state image-pickup device signal processing apparatus with signal compensation circuit
Solid state image sensor device having signal noise reduction circuitry
Digital imaging device with inclination sensor
Camera system
Bi-directional image recording and reproduction system
Image sensing apparatus and method of controlling the image sensing apparatus
Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus and radio communication method as well as computer program
Imaging device having a linear/logarithmic imaging sensor
Image processor and face detector using the same
Apparatus and method for automatically adjusting luminance
System and method for controlling TV display lamp brightness
Broadcasting for browsing the web
Image searching device and method, program and program recording medium
System and method for partial intraframe encoding for wireless multimedia transmission
Method and assembly for video encoding, the video encoding including texture analysis and texture synthesis, and corresponding computer program and corresponding computer-readable storage medium
Controlled cryptoperiod timing to reduce decoder processing load
Fast switching between time division multiplexed (TDM) channels
Video signal communication system for mobile objects on a race track
Communication system in digital television
Image sensor interface
Data processing system and method
Implantable medical transceiver device
Ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic speaker, acoustic system, and control method of ultrasonic transducer
Boundary layer regulator for extended range acoustical transducers
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Controlling services in a packet data network
Method and apparatus to perform synchronization in an AD-HOC network
Supporting idle mode of mobile station in wireless access system
Method and apparatus for adjusting guard band size between two carriers by quality of service data positioning in the spectrum band
Apparatus and methods for the thermal regulation of light emitting diodes in signage
Transmission/reception optical module
Display device
Electrical component and method for making the same
Installation assembly for hard disk drive
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Process for in vitro selection of high methol producing genotypes
Growth hormone releasing hormone expression system and methods of use, including use in animals
Skin sanitizing compositions
Pesticidal composition and method
Antimicrobial composition supported on a honeycomb shaped substrate
Cleaning-in-place composition and method for using the same
Method of killing protozoa
Alkaline preparations of Inula for the control of fungal diseases in plants
Anticoagulant compositions
Biological coating with a protective and curative effect for the control of postharvest decay
Low pH antimicrobial food composition from total milk protein and process of manufacturing same
Modified milk powder composition
Aqueous dispersion
Composition containing grass plant, water-soluble dietary fibers, oligosaccharides, lactic acid bacteria and green tea
Heated dilution water
Heated storage solution
Low calorie, palatable fiber-containing, sugar substitute
Chewing gums and method of manufacturing the same
Process for preparing milk-based freezable confections
Food which slows down the speed of ingestion in dogs
Beverage for animals
Edible cup and method of making same
Imbibant grains for bakery and other uses
Functional food ingredient
Method and compositions producing cherry derived products
Aloe vera glove and manufacturing method
Method of making convexities and/or concavities on cloths of a garment
Water-in-oil emulsions containing increased amounts of oil and methods for preparing same
Composite vehicle seat back frame and method of manufacturing same
Scanning hook overlays and method of manufacture of same
Hydraulic control of detergent concentration in an automatic warewashing machine
Method and apparatus for manually separating particulate matter from a liquid specimen
Home oral fluid sample collection device and package for mailing of such device
Sharp edged device for closing wounds without knots
Internal organ walls joining instrument for an endoscope
Biodegradable polymer coils for intraluminal implants
Cannula with associated filter and methods of use during cardiac surgery
Helical stent having flat ends
Stent pattern with staged expansion
Variable expansion force stent
Vascular endoprosthesis and method
Biodegradable stent
Method of insertion of keratoprostheses
Accommodative lens formed from sheet material
Intervertebral spacers
Knee prosthesis femoral implant and orthopaedic equipment set comprising such a femoral implant
Artificial finger joint
Leg prosthesis with an artificial knee joint provided with an adjustment device
Safety clutch for a prosthetic grip
Antibacterial agents
Pharmaceutical formulations for aerosols with two or more active substances
Pharmaceutical composition for prophylaxis and therapy of diseases associated with ocular fundus tissue cytography
Bioactive glass treatment of inflammation in skin conditions
.beta.-lactam antibiotic-containing tablet and production thereof
Method for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases
Method of enhancing the effectiveness of DCK phosphorylated molecules
Inhibitor of immunoglobulin E antibody production
Therapeutic nutrient composition for pre and post elective surgery
Compositions to control oral microbial oxidation-reduction (Eh) levels
Method of decreasing radiation or radio-mimetic chemotherapy for hematopoietic pluripotent cell engraftment
Method and product using sturgeon notochord for alleviating the symptoms of arthritis
Compositions and methods for inhibiting fungal growth
Microdose therapy
Inhibitor of platelet activating factor
Cytokine antagonists for the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss
Method of inducing formation of kidney epithelia from mesenchymal precursors
Adjuvant treatment by in vivo activation of dendritic cells
Treatment of Kaposi's sarcoma with IL-12
Dispersible macromolecule compositions and methods for their preparation and use
Composition for treatment of a bacterial infection of an upper respiratory tract
Methods for treating muscle injuries
Compositions including glycosaminoglycans degrading enzymes and use of same against surface protected bacteria
Herpes simplex virus-1 deletion variants and vaccines thereof
Inhibition of tumor growth by blockade of the protein C system
Non-covalent bioconjugates useful for diagnosis and therapy
Inhibiting oxidative degradation of pharmaceutical formulations
Composition and method for enhancing transport across gastrointestinal tract cell layers
Polynucleotides encoding protease-activatable pseudomonas exotoxin a-like proproteins
Constrast media
Resilient containers for hyperpolarized gases and associated methods
Acid resistant film forming dental composition and method of use
Foam skin cream, uses of the foam skin protection cream and a process for its preparation
Temperature-stable polyamide resin-based composition, and products
Skin care composition
Ammonia-free composition for dyeing keratinous fibres
Use of octocrylene for solubilizing 2,4-bis{[4-(2-ethyl-hexyloxy)-2-hydroxy]-phenyl}-6-(4-methoxyphenyl)-1,3,5 -triazine in cosmetic or dermatological light protection compositions
Cold-mix water-in-oil emulsions comprising quaternary ammonium compounds and process for producing same
Treatment of skin with adenosine or adenosine analog
Composition for oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers and process using same
Dimerized fatty acid based polyamides useful for clear candle and gel applications
Cosmetic compositions containing di-block, tri-block, multi-block and radial block copolymers
Cosmetic composition comprising at least an amidoethercarboxylic acid surfactant and at least a cationic polymer/anionic polymer combination
Bioadhesive complexes of polycarbophil and azole antifungal or antiprotozoal drugs
Process for the preparation of a solid pharmaceutical dosage form
Aerosol device based on alcohol compositions of fixing materials comprising anionic grafted silicone polymers
Phospholipid-coated microcrystals for the sustained release of pharmacologically active compounds and methods of their manufacture and use
Liquisolid systems and methods of preparing same
Matrices formed of polymer and hydrophobic compounds for use in drug delivery
Process for producing solid dosage forms
Fish gelatinous composition for use as an ingredient in tablets
Pharmaceutical preparations of glutathione and methods of administration thereof
Porous structure comprising fungi cell walls
Bactericidal silicon dioxide doped with silver
Method for sanitizing dental equipment using microwaves
Stable oxidizing bromine formulations, method of manufacture and uses thereof for biofouling control
Special container for cleaning or sterilizing lumen devices
Sealing or filling tissue defects using polyfunctional crosslinking agents and protein polymers
Methods of making micropatterned foams
Method and composition for deforming soft tissues
Use of a neutral or cationic polymer to prevent activation of the contact phase of blood or plasma in contact with a semi-permeable membrane
Apparatus for muffling and deodorizing a gas stream
Non-isosmotic diafiltration system
Blood heating system with mutually exclusive relay-controlled heat exchangers
Pleat construction for bellows heat exchanger manifold
Organopolysiloxane gels for use in cosmetics
Performing Operations; Transporting
Chromatographic method and chromatographic columns therefor
Purification process
Continuous level measurement for grease separator
Method for separating entrained aqueous from loaded organic in an SX process
Column gas-liquid contacting apparatus and its use thereof
Liquid filter with centrifugal separator
Ergonomically configured can for filter cartridges and wrench for use therewith
Filter apparatus and method therefor
Fluid filter unit with automatic clogged filter element bypass and ferrous indicator flag
Multi-element, reverse osmosis, liquid filter system with flushing and filtering circuits
High strength spongy sintered metal composite sheet and production method thereof
Methods and systems for controlling air filtration systems
Heat exchanger mechanism using capillary wipers for a thin film distiller
Method for the regeneration of an acid gas absorbing fluid containing methydiethanolamine and a (lower alkyl) piperazine
Plasma dry scrubber
Fluorine abatement using steam injection in oxidation treatment of semiconductor manufacturing effluent gases
Method for eliminating ethanol in exhaust gas
Method for removing NOx
Method for treating waste water
Microbial resistant water purification and collection system
Method for improving the permeate flux of a cross-flow membrane filter
Multichannel porous ceramic fiber
Phosphoric esters and their use as dispersants
Method for the preparation of compound micro array chips and the compound micro array chips produced according to said method
Pulse density modulation for uniform barrier discharge in a nonthermal plasma reactor
Method and apparatus for improving oxidation of nitric oxide using irradiated oxidizing compounds
Compact endothermic catalytic reaction apparatus
Removal of toxic contaminants from porous material
Synthesis of aluminum rich AFI zeolite
Adsorbent with a high macroporosity, usable in a gas adsorption process, especially a PSA process
Process for the reactivation of activated carbon
Catalyst for reforming
Fluorinated catalyst comprising a group VIII metal and an additional metal, and its use for hydrogenating aromactic compounds in the presence of sulphurated compounds
Oxygen storage material for automotive catalysts and process of using
Incipient wetness method for making metal-containing cyanide catalysts
Method and apparatus of controlling loose material that exits a coke drum
Electrochemical ion exchange using carbollide systems
Laminated assembly for active bioelectronic devices
Method of forming seals for a microfluidic device
Low volume chemical and biochemical reaction system
Refuse-treatment method and apparatus
Voltage block monitoring system
Power supply control system
Method and system and use of the method or system for the application of lacquer
Strip coating method
Method of coating a semiconductor wafer
Coating apparatus and coating method
Chemical liquid treatment apparatus
Die set for preparing ABCABC multiple-stripe coating
Method for producing organic insulating film
Tailoring the grafting density of organic modifiers at solid/liquid interfaces
Non-stick polymer coated aluminum foil
Apparatus and method for forming a bonding on a tapered part
Apparatus and method for gradient cleaning of semiconductor wafers
Method for cleaning a semiconductor substrate
Regenerative devices and methods
Reactor for processing a semiconductor wafer
Method of cleaning a wafer
Method and apparatus for treatment of internal surfaces in a closed-loop fluid system
Method of and apparatus for removing oil from a waste object
Advanced organic-inorganic solid-chemical composition and methods for anaerobic bioremediation
Isolation and use of perchlorate and nitrate reducing bacteria
Method of producing an opening cylinder
Formed strip and roll forming
For cermet inert anode containing oxide and metal phases useful for the electrolytic production of metals
Inert anode containing oxides of nickel, iron and zinc useful for the electrolytic production of metals
Process for forming rotating electromagnets having soft and hard magnetic components
Continuous fluid atomization of materials in a rapidly spinning cup
Solder-coating method, and solder paste suitable for use therein
Jig used for assembling semiconductor devices
Method for sawing wafers employing multiple indexing techniques for multiple die dimensions
Method for manufacturing products through the use of waste materials of various kind
Composite molding and process for the production of the same
Blown film extrusion apparatus and method with improved collapsing frame
Method and installation for making containers by blowing thermoplastic blanks
Machine and method for providing folded pipe liners
Sealable, biaxially oriented polyester film
Method for manufacturing a structural part by deposition technique
Methods and apparatus for producing ordered parts from liquid crystal monomers
Method for producing molded crystalline resin article
Plastics material mesh structures
Vented pouch arrangement and method
Soft and tough paper product with high bulk
Heat shrinkable film with multicomponent interpenetrating network resin
Thermoplastic interlayer film
Oriented coextruded films
Laminated polyester film
Radiation image storage panel
Bulletin board and method for making the same
Method of making collapsed air cell dunnage suitable for inflation
Method for controlling laminate gloss
Strip between a rim and an inner tube of a tire
Self-carrying liner for the internal lining of vehicle ceilings
Monitoring method of developing solution for lithographic printing plates
Thermal switchable composition and imaging member containing oxonol IR dye and methods of imaging and printing
Photosensitive resin composition
Lithographic printing plate precursor and process for lithography
Image forming material
Method and apparatus for dispensing viscous material
Sublimation heat transfer system and related method
Method of manufacturing a nozzle plate
Ink jet print head and a method of producing the same
Laser-marking medium
Laser ablative recording material
Method for manufacture of electronic parts
Light fastness of inkjet images by adding salts into inkjet media
Process for making an ink jet image display
Ink jet printing method
Tartaric acid diesters as biodegradable surfactants
Method for electrochemical roughening of a substrate
Ball for ball-point pen
Heat-transfer label including non-wax release layer
Hand application to fabric of heat transfers imaged with color copiers/printers
Battery mounting structure in power assisted bicycle
Filter package
Process for finishing the surface of a corona discharge treatment roller
Method for manufacturing semiconductor dynamic quantity sensor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of producing chlorine dioxide using sodium chlorate and a water-retaining substance impregnated in zeolite or in aqueous solution
Method for production of aluminum nitride power
Fuel cell system with an assigned hydrogen generating arrangement
Method of making silicon clathrates
Method for recovering an organic solvent from an acidic waste stream such as in integrated chip manufacturing
Process for making gold salt for use in electroplating
Anhydrous magnesium chloride preparation process
Titanium tetrachloride production
Lithium manganese oxide spinel compound and method of preparing same
Filter cartridge assembly for water treatment device
Air and water purification using continuous breakpoint halogenation
Device for decanting supernatant
Electric deionization apparatus
Biological oxidation filter system
Bioreactor systems for biological nutrient removal
System and method for controlling microorganisms and biofilms
Treating fluorine waste water containing organic matter, phosphor and hydrogen peroxide
Synthetic quartz glass preform
Low-transmission transparent layered structure, production method thereof and display device using the layered structure
Coated substrate with high reflectance
Etching method
Potassium silicate frits for coating metals
Fiber reinforced building materials
Manganese-zinc base ferrite
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric ceramic device using the same
Piezoelectric ceramic composition for surface acoustic wave device and surface acoustic wave device
Apparatus and insertless method for forming cavity substrates using coated membrane
Variegated Kunitz domain peptide library and uses thereof
Aqueous suspension based on alkaline aluminium polysulphate, preparation method and use in the field of building materials
Surface treated aluminum nitride and fabricating method thereof
Aqueous solution for maintaining floors
Method of coating an uncured mineral substrate
Free flowing fertilizer composition with enhanced deposition/anti drift characteristics
Process for the preparation of 1,3-dichloropropane
Method for reducing organic fluoride levels in hydrocarbons
Coating material on the basis of liquid crystalline inorganic/organic hybrid polymers
Lithium fluoroalkylphosphates and their use as electrolyte salts
Compositions and methods for treatment of Hepatitis C virus-associated diseases
Combinatorial selection of oligonucleotide aptamers
WD-40 derived peptides and uses thereof
Hepatitis A virus vaccines
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer
Oligonucleotide mediated nucleic acid recombination
Compositions and methods for producing recombinant virions
Sprouty related growth factor antagonist (FGFAn-Hy) materials and methods
Human-derived bradeion proteins, DNA coding for the proteins, and uses thereof
Tumor derived carbohydrate binding protein
Polynucleotide sequences of human EDG-1c
Mammalian receptors for interleukin-10
Fusion polypeptides
Synthetic peptide for treatment of autoimmune arthritis
Pichia pastoris strain for producing lactoferrin and methods of use
Anticoagulant fusion protein anchored to cell membrane
Calcium-independent negative regulation by CD81 of receptor signaling
Method for screening candidate pesticides using a receptor that binds Bacillus thuringiensis toxin
Monoclonal antibodies specific to cooked meats
Monoclonal antibodies for assaying lipid transfer proteins
Methods and reagents for quantitation of HLA-DR and CD11b expression on peripheral blood cells
Humanized antibodies
Peptidyl calcium channel blockers
Dipeptide and related compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
LHRH antagonist peptides
Supported catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Titanated chromium/silica-aluminophosphate catalyst
.pi.-complex compounds
Protective, transparent UV curable coating method
Article having a chip-resistant electrodeposited coating and a process for forming an electrodeposited coating
Flame retardant compositions utilizing a mixture of cyanuric acid and cyamelide compounds
Urea and borates for fire and termite control
Aqueous developable photosensitive polyurethane-methacrylate
High molecular weight polyols, process for preparation and use thereof
Electronic circuit device comprising an epoxy-modified aromatic vinyl-conjugated diene block copolymer
Conjugated copolymers for use in luminescent devices
Detergent compositions for gasoline-type fuels that contain polytetrahydrofuran derivatives
Barrier coating compositions from bis-aminosilanes and phenolic compounds
Ultrasonically generated paramagnetic polymer particles
Pigment granulation
Bismuth vanadate pigments comprising at least one metal fluoride coating
Easily cleanable polymer laminates
Insulating film of semiconductor device and coating solution for forming insulating film and method of manufacturing insulating film
Method of making an artistic medium
Method for removing resin
Label adhesives and constructions exhibiting low adhesive residue in printers
Method of making green emitting alkaline earth aluminate phosphor for VUV excited light emitting device
Phosphorescent pigment and process for preparing the same
Thermostable pigments, films and effect coatings, and mixtures for their production
Method for making materials having uniform limited coalescence domains
Use of silicone compositions cross-linkable by cationic process under UV radiation and of an onium borate type photoinitiator for coating flat joints, particularly cylinder head gaskets
Alcohol ethoxylate-peg ether of glycerin
Process for making high-active detergent agglomerates by multi-stage surfactant paste injection
Method for removing etch-induced polymer film and damaged silicon layer from a silicon surface
Cleaner/degreaser concentrate compositions
Cellulase preparation comprising an endoglucanase enzyme
O-substituted N,N-diacylhydroxylamine bleach activators and compositions employing the same
Process and agent for instabilizing viral quasi-species-distributions avoiding resistance phenomena
Yeast cell surface display of proteins and uses thereof
Antisense modulation of hepsin expression
Regulation of quinolate phosphoribosyl transferase expression
Immortalized human skin cell lines and novel serum-free medium useful for the production thereof
Unmarked deletion mutants of mycobacteria and methods of using same
Design and production of mutant 2,5-diketo-D-gluconic acid reductase enzymes with altered cofactor dependency
Mammalian hyaluronan synthases, nucleic acids and uses thereof
Candida boidini dihydroxyacetone synthase promoter
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Methods of making nucleic acids encoding ribonucleases
Isolation and composition of a novel glycosidase from chryseobacterium
Xylanase derived from a bacillus species, expression vectors for such xylanase and other proteins, host organisms therefor and use thereof
Human osteoclast-derived cathepsin
Human serine protease
Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase polypeptides, polynucleotides and modulating agents and methods of use therefor
Method for increasing the serum half-life of a biologically active molecule
Granule containing protein and salt layered on an inert particle
Process for preparing FR900482 and compounds analogous thereto
Microorganism lactamase enzyme obtained therefrom and their use
Dilute acid/metal salt hydrolysis of lignocellulosics
Normalization control for hybridization reactions
High throughput screening assay for detecting a DNA sequence
PCR primers for detection and identification of plant pathogenic species, subspecies, and strains of acidovorax
Amplification of nucleic acids
Hybridization assay for detecting a single-stranded target nucleic acid in which excess probe is destroyed
Method for measuring the concentration of polynucleotides
Organo luminescent semiconductor nanocrystal probes for biological applications and process for making and using such probes
Method of diagnosing juvenile polyposis (JP)
Method of labeling a nucleic acid amplicon with simultaneous contamination prevention
Method for extracting iron by direct reduction
Pressure control
Direct smelting process
Process for the coating of electrical steel strips with an annealing separator
Extraction of valuable metal by acid cyanide leach
Method for reducing the formation of Zn(NH4)4Cl2 from ZnO/NH4Cl solutions
Process for the manufacture of a free-cutting aluminum alloy
Cemented carbide body with improved high temperature and thermomechanical properties
Powder composition for capacitor and sintered body using the composition, and capacitor using the sintered body
Niobium-stabilized 14% chromium ferritic steel, and use of same in the automobile sector
High tensile hot-dip zinc-coated steel plate excellent in ductility and method for production thereof
Method of making grain-oriented magnetic steel sheet having low iron loss
Stainless steel plate for shadow mask method for production thereof and shadow mask
High strength metal alloys with high magnetic saturation induction and method
Method of making high strength aluminum sheet product and product therefrom
High temperature corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant coating member, and manufacturing method thereof
Method of coating three dimensional objects with molecular sieves
Method of making Ni-Si magnetron sputtering targets and targets made thereby
High purity aluminum materials
Sputtering apparatus and film forming method
Molybdenum-sulphur coatings
PVD Al2O3 coated cutting tool
Sputtering method and apparatus for depositing a coating onto substrate
HDP-CVD deposition of low dielectric constant amorphous carbon film
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Apparatus for performing plasma process on particles
Susceptor for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and process for producing the same
Plasma processing apparatus and method
Copper interconnect seed layer treatment methods and apparatuses for treating the same
Process for sealing pores in molded product, and bonded magnet with pores sealed by the process
Coatings and additives containing ceramic material
Method for producing decorative appearing bumper surfaces
Method of forming a coating onto a non-random monolayer of particles, and products formed thereby
Method and apparatus for lead contamination control
Process of surface treatment for faces that become contaminated in a paper or board machine
Method of etching tungsten or tungsten nitride electrode gates in semiconductor structures
Nitrogen doped carbon electrodes
Method for the integration of fuel cells into electrochemical plants
Gas diffusion electrode and brine electrolytic bath
Metal tube armored linear body, metal tube armoring linear body, method and apparatus for manufacturing metal tube armored linear body
Process sequence for improved seed layer productivity and achieving 3mm edge exclusion for a copper metalization process on semiconductor wafer
Method and apparatus for etching
Crucible for growing macrocrystals
Single crystal material supplying apparatus and single crystal material supplying method
Method for manufacturing a single crystal
Method for producing silicon single crystal and production apparatus therefor, as well as single crystal and silicon wafer produced by the method
Method and apparatus for stabilizing high pressure oxidation of a semiconductor device
Textiles; Paper
Polytrimethylene terephthalate fiber
Self-coating composite stabilizing yarn
Meltblown yarn and method and apparatus for manufacturing
Abraded stitchbonded fabric and process for making same
Apparatus and process for making structured paper and structured paper produced thereby
Gravure paper and manufacturing process for this paper
Method and equipment for regulation of the initial part of the dryer section in a paper machine
Composite doctor blade and its method of manufacture
Surface-sizing agent and recording paper comprising same
Paper products and a method for applying a dye to cellulosic fibers
Method for increasing the wet strength of a tissue material
Embossed absorbent paper sheet
Fixed Constructions
Method of manufacturing a sacrificial limb for a deck plank
Pool cleaner having vortex drive tube
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Heater unit
Air filter for an internal combustion engine
Pump assembly
Pond insert with pump
Rolling bearings and gear shaft support device
Calibration medium for wavelength calibration of U.V. absorbance detectors and methods for calibration
Housing for receptacle filling
Technique for measuring properties of polymeric fibres
Fluid sensing device using discotic liquid crystals
Sensor housing
Method for controlling sample introduction in microcolumn separation techniques and sampling device
Acid gas measuring sensors and method of using same
Process for dehydrating a mineral oil or other solvents for the preparation of moisture-in-oil or moisture-in-solvent standards
Phycoerythrin labeled thyronine analogues and assays using labeled analogues
Composition useful for the early diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis and a process for preparing the same
Forms of free prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and their association with prostate tissues from prostate peripheral zone and transition zone
DR6 and uses thereof
Flow cytometric characterization of amyloid fibrils
Force-sensing transducers, accelerometers, rate sensors, methods of forming force-sensing transducers, and methods of forming vibrating-beam force transducers
Reduction of plasma damage for HDP-CVD PSG process
Liquid crystal display devices
Thermally processed image recording material
Thermographic recording elements
High speed photothermographic materials with combined chemical sensitizers and methods of using same
Photosensitive composition and color photosensitive materials
Film support with improved adhesion upon annealing
Photographic element and package
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Coating apparatus having a cascade wall and metering blade, and a cleaning and recirculation arrangement for the coating apparatus
Cleaning carbon contamination on mask using gaseous phase
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive resin film, and method of forming bumps using same
Photosensitive composition and method of making lithographic printing plate
Process for preparing a patterned continuous polymeric brush on a substrate surface
Use of DARC and BARC in flash memory processing
Isolation using an antireflective coating
Method of manufacturing a stamper for producing optical discs, a stamper thus obtained and an optical disc obtained by using such a stamper
Method for fabricating a multiple masking layer photomask
In-situ process for monitoring lateral photoresist etching
Remover composition
Electrophotographic photoconductor and manufacturing method for the same
Coated carriers
Conductive coated carriers
Method of forming a watermark image in a hybrid optical master disc
Variegated label sheet
Pattern pouch label
Magneto-optical recording medium for short wavelength
Process to tune the slider trailing edge profile
Magnetic recording media having improved magnetic and parametric performance with chromium alloy underlayer having added aluminum
Method of making a magnetoelectronic device
method for forming capacitors and field effect transistors in a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Magnet powder-resin compound particles, method for producing such compound particles and resin-bonded rare earth magnets formed therefrom
Ferroelectric relaxer polymers
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing tantalum solid electrolytic capacitors
Method for producing a solid electrolytic capacitor
Cell stack design with bi-directionally wound slotted electrodes and method for making
Keypad for portable telephone and manufacturing method thereof
Particle-removing apparatus for a semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and method of removing particles
Methods of making an etch mask and etching a substrate using said etch mask
Apparatus and method for reducing particle contamination in an etcher
Apparatus for plasma process
Manufacturing process of capacitor
Controllable oxidation technique for the formation of high-quality ultra-thin gate oxide using carbon dioxide as the oxidizing agent
Method of forming low resistance metal silicide region on a gate electrode of a transistor
Headless CMP process for oxide planarization
Method for forming inner capacitor of semiconductor devices using oxide layers formed through a plurality of radially-arranged injecting holes of a SACVD equipment showerhead
Sidewall formation for sidewall patterning of sub 100 nm structures
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having silicon oxynitride passavation layer
Ultra-thin resist coating quality by increasing surface roughness of the substrate
Retrograde well structure formation by nitrogen implantation
In-situ use of dichloroethene and NH3 in an H2O steam based oxidation system to provide a source of chlorine
Silicon wafers for CMOS and other integrated circuits
Planarization method of insulating layer for semiconductor device
Substrate-cleaning method and substrate-cleaning solution
PZT layer as a temporary encapsulation and hard mask for a ferroelectric capacitor
Method and apparatus for forming ultra-shallow junction for semiconductor device
Circuit manufacturing method and apparatus, anneal control method and apparatus, information storage medium
Method for forming uniform oxide thickness
Method for forming a self-aligned contact
Post-processing treatment of low dielectric constant material
Method for forming memory array and periphery contacts using a same mask
Multilevel copper interconnects with low-k dielectrics and air gaps
Process for forming low K dielectric material between metal lines
Method of forming integrated circuit structure having low dielectric constant material and having silicon oxynitride caps over closely spaced apart metal lines
Method of manufacturing diodes with ceramic base
Lead-bond type chip package and manufacturing method thereof
Method to protect an encapsulated die package during back grinding with a solder metallization layer and devices formed thereby
Method for manufacturing a dual chip package
Method of improving the bondability between Au wires and Cu bonding pads
Method for fabricating integrated circuit (IC) dies with multi-layered interconnect structures
System for determining overlay error
ADC based in-situ destructive analysis selection and methodology therefor
Method for evaluating impurity concentrations in heat treatment furnaces
Determination of thermal resistance for field effect transistor formed in SOI technology
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Surface reformation method of high polymer material
Process of making carrier substrate and semiconductor device
Methods of forming capacitors on a wafer, photolithographic methods of forming capacitors on a wafer, and semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a capacitor in a semiconductor integrated circuit and a capacitor fabricated thereby
Trench capacitor with insulation collar and corresponding fabrication method
Method of fabricating deep trench capacitor
Structure of a DRAM and a manufacturing process thereof
Low temperature silicon wafer bond process with bulk material bond strength
Method of fabricating a shallow trench isolation structure with reduced topography
Method of delaminating a thin film using non-thermal techniques
Method of fabricating a silicon solar cell
Method of manufacturing copper wiring in a semiconductor device
Method of forming Cu-Ca-O thin films on Cu surfaces in a chemical solution and semiconductor device thereby
Method of making self-aligned bit-lines
Method for scribing a semiconductor device
Method of filling a recess
Semiconductor processing methods, methods of forming a resistor and methods of forming a diode
Method for producing contact structures in solar cells
Removal of metal cusp for improved contact fill
Method for manufacturing diffusion barrier layer
Method of improving the adhesion of copper
Formation of dielectric regions of different thicknesses at selective location areas during laser thermal processes
Moisture and ion barrier for protection of devices and interconnect structures
Integrated electronic circuit comprising at least an electronic power component
Apparatus and methods for providing substrate structures having metallic layers for microelectronics devices
Hydrogen gettering structure including silver-doped palladium layer to increase hydrogen gettering of module component and semiconductor device module having such structure, and methods of fabrication
Microelectronic device package having a heat sink structure for increasing the thermal conductivity of the package
Method of fabricating an encapsulant lock feature in integrated circuit packaging
Low Resistance package for semiconductor devices
Method of making a semiconductor device having a stress relieving mechanism
Method for reducing an electrical noise inside a ball grid array package
Compatible IC packages and methods for ensuring migration path
Use of DAR coating to modulate the efficiency of laser fuse blows
Integrated circuit and fabricating method and evaluating method of integrated circuit
Ball array layout
Method of making an optoelectronic device using multiple etch stop layers
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Methods for fabricating CMOS integrated circuits including source/drain compensating regions
Method for two-sided fabrication of a memory array
Semiconductor device having a capacitor and method for the manufacture thereof
Photoelectric converter and fabrication method thereof
Method of forming a microwave array transistor for low-noise and high-power applications
High voltage transistor using P+ buried layer
Semiconductor device and a process for forming the same
Method for fabricating a MOS transistor
Transistor metal gate structure that minimizes non-planarity effects and method of formation
Contact electrode for n-type gallium nitride-based compound semiconductor and method for forming the same
Semiconductor device, a method of manufacturing the same, and a semiconductor device protective circuit
Heating treatment device, heating treatment method and fabrication method of semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing trench gate structure
Method for fabricating a field effect transistor having dual gates in SOI (semiconductor on insulator) technology
Field-effect transistor and manufacture thereof
Apparatus and processes for the massproduction of photovotaic modules
Method for crystallizing semiconductor material without exposing it to air
Fabrication method of high temperature superconducting step-edge Josephson junction
Controllable ovonic phase-change semiconductor memory device and methods of fabricating the same
Methodology for electrically induced selective breakdown of nanotubes
Organic electroluminescent devices
Lithium secondary cell and method of fabricating the same
Methods of making separators for electrochemical cells comprising pseudo-boehmite layers and a protective coating layer
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of production of the same
Solid electrolyte battery
Hydrocarbon polymer based nonaqueous electrolytic secondary battery and method of making the same
Method for sealing battery container
Alkaline battery separators
Battery pack signal routing system
Closed battery and closing member
Process for producing an electrode for a battery
Method of producing a thin film battery anode
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Electrode plate for secondary battery with nonaqueous electrolyte and process for producing same
Electricity storage device
Lead-acid cell and positive plate and alloy therefor
Method and apparatus for managing fuel cell performance
Tubular electrochemical devices with lateral fuel aperatures for increasing active surface area
Membrane electrode assembly for an electrochemical fuel cell
Passive air breathing fuel cells
Printed circuit substrate with controlled placement covercoat layer
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