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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hand-pushed mower
Compositions and methods for suppressing cracking and water loss from cherries
Magnetic fishing reel clicker
Insertable pest catching device
Protective eyewear with metal lenses
Convertible shoe and sandal
Ring with interchangeable settings and attachable charms and methods for their use
Floor shield carrying bag accessory
Apparatus for securing an eyelash holder platform to a back of a beautician's hand
Device for holding shower accessories
Antenna mounting structure
Wall-mounted picture display device
Airflow system for bagless vacuum cleaner
Method for detecting a functional signal in retinal images
Method and system for monitoring a health condition
Method and system for detecting electrophysiological changes in pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue
Pressure ulcer prosthesis and method for treating and/or preventing pressure ulcers
Seating unit with wheelchair base
Gas-dispensing device with self-contained gas container having a diffusion membrane
Portable drag compressor powered mechanical ventilator
Artificial retina device
Method for improving far-field activation in peripheral field nerve stimulation
Visual prosthesis and retina stimulation device for same
Magnetic patch coupling
Pacing catheter with expandable distal end
Sprinkler head
Electronic video poker games
Electronic video poker games
Method and casino gaming table for playing three hand pinochle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Turbine wheel for driving rapidly rotating tools
Metal object forming method and mold used for the same
Die cavity of a casting die for continuously casting billets and blooms
Spiral groove pipe joint machining assembly
Tool holder
Structure for supporting the spindle in a machine tool and method for the manufacture thereof
Method of manufacturing a hacksaw
Printed wiring board and manufacturing method therefor
Process for the metallization and/or brazing with a silicon alloy of parts made of an oxide ceramic unable to be wetted by the said alloy
Valve tooling system
Vise clamp
Gripping pliers
Fuel cell adapter for a latch
Electric stapler
Pyromechanical cutting element
Fast concrete house system for construction of houses and commercial structures
Tool and a method for making a tool
Golf ball manufacturing apparatus
Apparatus and method for molding golf balls
Metering pump, method for its production and device for carrying out the method
Apparatus for producing elastomeric nonwoven laminates
Wiring board for inkjet head, method of polarizing piezoelectric elements, and inkjet recording apparatus
Printhead assembly with power, data and fluid connections
Method of manufacturing printer head and method of manufacturing electrostatic actuator
Coupling for an elongate member having internal passageways
Method for manufacturing liquid cartridge and a liquid cartridge
Droplet jetting apparatus, an electro-optical apparatus, a method of manufacturing an electro-optical apparatus, and an electronic device
Liquid discharge device and liquid discharge method
Tire with a tread comprising a rubbery polymer of a functionalized monomer
Side-reinforcing rubber composition and run flat tire using the same
Hitch damping system
Method for disconnecting an electrical machine on a running gear of a vehicle, in particular a hybrid motor vehicle
Reclining device and method of locking the device
Energy absorbing device and shoulder belt-type vehicle seats comprising such energy absorbing device
Hand operated flashlight
Device for storing article protecting automobile body
Occupant protection apparatus
Vehicle wheel speed estimation device, vehicle body speed estimation device and vehicle behavior control apparatus
Three-state magnet valve
Method and system for operating a hybrid vehicle
Electric vehicle having a dual battery system
Rear wheel synchronous brake system for pushcart
Apparatus and method for determining the correct stance for riders of board-type title conveyances
Automotive vehicle body with hydroformed cowl
Hood for off road work vehicle
Transition device for coupled metal frames
Method and apparatus for controlling a waterjet-driven marine vessel
Aircraft lavatory
Payload adapter
Linear actuation device for spacecraft and solar generator unfolding systems
Pallet packing method and pallet packing tool used in the method
Twist neck
Production and/or packaging installation, and method of operating the same
Floating apparatus for supporting fishing accessories
Method of opening for bags of supple polymeric material subject to interlayer cling
Plastic boxes and methods for making same
Die sorter with reduced mean time to convert
Drivable trailer
Apparatus for transporting flat work pieces
Pin conveyor for pasty materials such as animal waste
Low cost food processing belts and other conveyances manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Transferring apparatus, carrying apparatus, and transferring method
Accumulating conveyor system
Retractable transfer device metering apparatus and methods
Container transport and organizing apparatus for use in manufacturing operations and method thereof
In-line slide gate for conveyor system
Job control apparatus and method, and recording medium for producing a book
Fixing element capable of rotatably fixing a ribbon roller in a ribbon cartridge
Method and device to control the alignment of a media sheet in an image forming device
Both-side recording apparatus
Rope-guiding device
Textiles; Paper
Hybrid cables, a process for obtaining such and composite fabrics incorporating such
Gate apparatus for tufting loop and cut pile stitches
Fixed Constructions
Pavement crack initiator
Performed pavement warning assembly method
Collapsible vehicle ramp
Control device for hybrid construction machine
Foldable support structure with hinged sawtooth wall members
Robust hinge
Sliding door locking system
Ladder leveller
Well communication system
System and method for multiple wells from a common surface location
Programming method for controlling a downhole steering tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Device for supplying secondary air
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine having exhaust-gas recirculation
Fuel supply system
Scroll compressor
Hydraulic system with multiple pressure relief levels
Supporting profile
Dog clutch and differential gear having same
Clutch release bearing
Bearing assembly
Adjusting device with automatic release mechanism
Self-balancing poppet
Snap-in flapper valve assembly
Electronically actuated valve
Hose clamping assembly
Fluid operated contractile drive
Drain seal for vehicle drain tube
Removable maintenance port with method for rehabilitating manhole
Support mechanism
Light emitting diode device
Vehicle lighting device
Hybrid fiber optic framing projector
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Light guide plate with narrowed center and surface light source device incorporating same
Light for cooking apparatus
Decoy system, notably for improvised explosive devices
Method and device for absorption cooling
Motor vehicle cooling and depolluting device
Chilled water storage for milk cooling process
Closed loop air conditioning system
Evaporator and vehicle provided with refrigeration cycle having the same
Heat and cold storage multistage tower with application of PCM
Reticle for telescopic gunsight and method for using
Link between handheld device and projectile
Self measuring workpiece
Systems and methods for providing variable position precision
Virtual walking stick for the visually impaired
System and method for generating alternative routes
Illuminated dial
Filling level sensor for a fuel tank of a motor vehicle
Liquid measurements using capacitive monitoring
Fluid level sensor
Seat belt tension sensor having shock isolation
Impact test apparatus and impact test method
Leak detection system for uniform vacuum packaged products
System and method for measuring the thickness of a zinc layer on steel and for measuring the iron concentration in a zinc layer
Capacitive humidity sensor
Method for determining the characteristic properties of soot particles
Semiconductor acceleration sensor
Wireless probe card verification system and method
Information processing apparatus and method for predicting remaining amount of battery charge
Robot system
Fiber optic cable pass-thru fitting
Laser based frequency standards and their applications
Optical interposer
Optical communications adapter module configured for use inside a XENPAK-sized module
Contoured metal eyeglass frames
Optical waveguide structure
Imaging-device cleaning apparatus
Image display optical system and projection type image display apparatus
Image projection apparatus
Digital printer having an improved liquid developer supply system
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Driving mechanism for fragrance dispenser
Method for predefining an operating point of a drive machine of a drive system
System-wide power management control via clock distribution network
Multi-core processor system, electrical power control method, and computer product for migrating process from one core to another
Automated line test action and monitoring system
Intelligent rolling upgrade for data storage systems
Elastic cloud-driven task execution
Background buffering of content updates
Automated node fencing integrated within a quorum service of a cluster infrastructure
Data set autorecovery
Generating a moving average
Data processing failure recovery method, system and program
Method and apparatus for interleaving low density parity check (LDPC) codes over mobile satellite channels
Dynamic concolic execution of an application
Analysis of tests of software programs based on classification of failed test cases
High speed data testing without high speed bit clock
Event notification system, event information aggregation server, and event notification method
Intelligent caching
Analyzing and reducing dump data
Optimized context drop for a solid state drive (SSD)
Reducing store operation busy times
Source cleaning cascaded volumes using reference counts
Method and apparatus for dynamically granting access of a shared resource among a plurality of requestors
Concurrent add-heavy set data gathering
System and method for optimizing data remanence over hybrid disk clusters using various storage technologies
Tagging in memory control unit (MCU)
Systems, methods, and computer program products for providing high availability metadata about data
Systems and methods for providing caching for applications with solid-state storage devices
Restoring data using parity when suspending a core of a multicore processor
Tiered caching and migration in differing granularities
Managing a region cache
SAS expander with multimode phys
Method and apparatus for efficiently transferring data in bursts from a storage device to a host
Accelerator engine emulation over an interconnect link
Method for performing inter-user equipment transfer in wireless communication system based on internet protocol multimedia subsystem
Integrated multimedia portal system
Capability grabbing peer device functionality in SIP
Processing STREAMS messages over a system area network
Situation-driven spontaneous networking
Anonymity-preserving reciprocal vetting from a system perspective
System and method for enabling product development
Systems and methods for peer-to-peer bandwidth allocation
System with multiple network protocol support
Use of browser history file to determine web site reach
Optimizing streaming of a group of videos
Hybrid transcoding for mobile media sharing
Methods and devices for processing incomplete data packets
Method and system for managing hardware resources to implement system functions using an adaptive computing architecture
Virtual machine demand estimation
Online game system, method, and computer-readable medium
Predictive placement of content through network analysis
Systems, apparatuses, and methods for discovering systems and apparatuses
Server and method for managing monitored data
Method and system for data packet queue recovery
Method for semantic resource selection
System having trace resources
Portable device integrated with a provisioning application to aid in discovery of non-network attached resources and provide suggestions for physical setup of the resources based on data center needs
Mechanisms for executing a process in a cloud computing environment
Dynamic creation of user interface hot spots
Method and apparatus for condition monitoring of valve
System and method for storing a series of calculations as a function for implementation in a spreadsheet application
Inline printer assembly
Method of operating a motor vehicle transmission system
Multi-standard multi-rate filter
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for implementing language capabilities using the same
Providing direct manipulation of an analytics data visualization within an analytics report
Navigation to a data definition in a diff context
Relation topic construction and its application in semantic relation extraction
Method for establishing paraphrasing data for machine translation system
Geo tagging and automatic generation of metadata for photos and videos
Verifying file versions in a networked computing environment
Redundant attribute values
Optimistic, version number based concurrency control for index structures with atomic, non-versioned pointer updates
Management of long-running locks and transactions on database tables
Method for authenticating a user requesting a transaction with a service provider
Centralized storage of storage system resource data using a directory server
Method and system for semiconductor design hierarchy analysis and transformation
Automated integrated circuit design documentation
Method and apparatus for generating gate-level activity data for use in clock gating efficiency analysis
Early design cycle optimization
Horizontal interconnects crosstalk optimization
Systems and methods for manual braking system
Apparatus safeguard
Control device for internal combustion engine
Visual display of website trustworthiness to a user
Method and system for managing and controlling direct access of an administrator to a computer system
System and method for using a visual password scheme
Automatic pinning and unpinning of virtual pages for remote direct memory access
Display tag cloud viewer interactive interface for enabling a viewer to quickly and effectively access a desired television program for viewing
Apparatus and method for digital content navigation
Automotive user interface for a ventilation system of a motor vehicle
Distributed, unified file system operations
Data synchronization
Method of processing mailpieces with digital models of running mailpieces being generated on an interactive terminal
System and method for electronically managing medical data files
System and method for efficient maintenance of indexes for XML files
Method of controlling clutch transfer torque in hybrid vehicle
Shift range switching apparatus of automatic transmission
Method and system for triggering a search request
Creating graphical models representing control flow of a program manipulating data resources
Automatic correction of contact list errors in a collaboration system
System of proposing creative keyword and method of proposing creative keyword using the same
Method and system for restricting access to user resources
System and method for programming a trading system
Secure startup of information processing apparatus including determining whether configuration information for hardware resources of the information processing apparatus have been modified
Dynamic creation and use of software testing stubs
Methods, systems, and media for protecting applications from races
Non-disruptive software updates for servers processing network traffic
Systems and methods for identifying software performance influencers
Partial recording of a computer program execution for replay
Three-dimensional GUI object stores in automation test tools
Method for partitioning programs between a general purpose core and one or more accelerators
Unified parallel C work-sharing loop construct transformation
Determining virtual machine image pattern distributions in a networked computing environment
Integrated virtual infrastructure system
Computing job management based on priority and quota
Data mover moving data to accelerator for processing and returning result data based on instruction received from a processor utilizing software and hardware interrupts
Method and apparatus for generating metadata for digital content
Managing utilization of physical processors of a shared processor pool in a virtualized processor environment
Data storage device incorporating a two-dimensional code
Magnetic identification card clip
Bar code reading device having image processing mode
Optical reader applicable to plurality of uses
Apparatus for optically reading information
Image reconstruction in computed tomography
Bitmap processing mechanism
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image data
Image encoder and image processing system
Image processing device and method, learning device and method, and program
Training classifiers for deblurring images
Robust feature matching for visual search
Classifying unclassified samples
Substance allocation system and method for ingestible product preparation system and method
ESL system using smart phone and operating method thereof
Method, medium, and system for facilitating vehicle purchases
Method, medium, and system of generating a referral website URL using website listings in a cookie
Formation and rearrangement of ad hoc networks
Direct mailing in a geo-spatial environment
Social networking websites and systems for publishing sampling event data
Method and apparatus for image segmentation
Vehicle having obstacle detection device
Greeting card with gift holder
Email administration for rendering email on a digital audio player
Speech effects
Method and apparatus for audio coding and decoding
Script compliance and quality assurance based on speech recognition and duration of interaction
Error correction for memory systems
Data management in solid state storage systems
Method and system for inertial confinement fusion reactions
Composite barrier-type Nb3AI superconducting multifilament wire material
Method of manufacturing a small vibration motor
Receiving device and receiving method
Combining an audio power amplifier and a power converter in a single device
Audio signal adjustment for two signals to be played at the same time
Dynamic setting of increments on an amplitude scale
Multi-bit error correction method and apparatus based on a BCH code and memory system
Generating partially sparse generator matrix for a quasi-cyclic low-density parity-check encoder
Method for selecting a LDPC candidate code
Signal enhancement
System and method for infrared dongle
Pre-emphasis control method and optical transmission system
Method and apparatus for peak-to-average ratio reduction
Transmission of channel quality data in wireless communication systems
Method, apparatus and computer program for determining whether a received signal comprises a first signal component
Systems and methods for providing one or more functionalities to a wearable computing device with directional antenna
Method and apparatus for allocating device identifiers (STID) in a wireless access system
Method and network node in a wireless communication system
Communication control apparatus, communication control method, mobile station, communication method, and communication system
Mobile station apparatus and signal detection and channel estimation method
Group resource allocation techniques for IEEE 802.16M
Radio relay station apparatus and radio relay method
Method of optical interconnection of data-processing cores on a chip
Method and a device for increasing the amount of information bits comprised in a symbol
Control circuit for terminal electronic device
Use of neural network based matched filter for fast response time in high-speed communications channels
Communication method for multisubscriber networks, which is protected from deception, eavesdropping and hacking
System and method for distributed deduplication of encrypted chunks
System and method for enrolling in a biometric system
Receiver and methods for calibration thereof
Mobile IPTV service system using downloadable conditional access system and method thereof
Caller authentication system
Wireless device application interaction via external control detection
Method for acoustic echo cancellation and system thereof
Method and system for providing a customized media list
Systems, apparatuses, methods and computer executable code for facilitating broadcast, publication and/or sharing of video from a user device to one or more other user devices in a social networking environment
Bit-rate constrained trick play through stream switching and adaptive streaming
Device and method to limit operations from an AV device or external terminal
Systems and methods for automated media programming (AMP)
Audio equipment attachable to spectacles
Method of assembly of a disk drive including engaging first and second VCM plates while maintaining a holding force against the first VCM plate
Speaker system and method of operation therefor
Desktop audio monitor system and method
Small footprint real-time operating system for reactive systems
Changing the orientation of a user based at least in part on transmit power
Method and apparatus for continuity of positioning determination at handover
Efficient generation of radio coverage map of access points in an indoor environment
Method and apparatus for recording events
Management of an electronic calendar using short message service (SMS)
Device and methods for signal-broadcasting sockets
SMS communication to and from messaging devices in an aircraft
Method and apparatus for providing accurate mobility state estimation in heterogeneous networks based on coordinated radial speed estimation
Apparatus for supporting a mobile station to communicate with two or more networks in a mobile communication system and method thereof
Cabinet with an environmentally-sealed air-to-air heat exchanger
Expired Patents Due To Time
Combined nursing bottle holder and ring
Hand-held container
Window wiping device
Pallet guard section
Lighting device, which is used, in particular for emergency signaling
Glass pendant
Diamond or precious stone
Diamond or precious stone
Diamond or precious stone
Precious gemstone setting
Jewelry setting
Bag attachment for golf pull-cart
Popcorn vendor
Speaker box
Pair of housings for bone vibrating audio transducers for a communications headset
CD player
Combined radio and CD player
Headset for portable communication device
Display device for an arithmetic and control unit
Adapter unit for a personal digital assistant
User interface for computer display
Personal digital assistant calibrator
Inkjet printer
Electronic internet organizer
Remote control
Integrated communication access device
Keypad for a handset
Cover accessory for cellular telephones and similar articles
Music player
Hand portable air compressor
Tooth cap for construction machinery
Front of dishwasher
Leaf blower
Vacuum cleaner
Sewing machine
Preform mold cavity plate
Saw blade
Milling cutter insert
Steel nose quick change bit holder
Torque limiter
Notched camera case
Swimming goggle
Crate music box
Laser printable card badge sheet
Business form
Solar and electric powered illuminated address display
Paint color display pattern for a set of one or more paint color selection cards
Playground car
Toy firearm
Puppy puppet
Target game
Electronic game machine
Get wet water tunnel
Exercise bicycle frame
Golf putting practice receiver
Exercise device
Hockey training and conditioning device
Golf teeing aid
Sling swivel
Fishing float
Fishing float
Ion freshener with pest repelling
Fishing lure
Roof drain
Hose nozzle
Flip flop hammer valve means
Cross handle
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Tub spout
Water closet
Water closet
Portable urinal closet
Lavatory table
Elevated toilet seat
Ceiling fan blades unit
Apparatus for heating microscope slides
Removable cover for a glucose meter
Wear resistant tiles for lining a centrifuge bowl
Ellipsoidal syringe barrel
Wear resistant tiles for lining a centrifuge bowl
Sheath for cervical optical probe
Dental material placement and applicator device
Surface pattern for an absorbent article
Adhesive pattern for a sanitary napkin
Therapeutic elbow support
Set of interlocking pavers
Window component extrusion
Interior light
Electric lighting fixture
Wall fixture
Two tier chandelier
Tail lens assembly
Foot massager
Baby bottom drying apparatus
Dental floss container
Poultry feeder
Horse head collar
Memorabilia organizer capsule for casket
Human Necessities
Rotary cutter of mower
Constituent sensing system
Landscaping timber system
Standing-stem timber harvesting system
Potted plant watering apparatus
Self-watering plant pot
Pruning shears with a lock device
Sticky element and materials and methods
Covering for flower pot and floral grouping
Hydrotalcite compound, process for producing the same, and agricultural film containing the same
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU2`
Athyrium niponicum var pictum plant named `Silver Falls`
Chrysanthemum Plant Named `Yotrenton`
Osteospermum plant named `Kakegawa AU1`
Anthurium plant named `Lucky Leny`
Verbena plant named `Balazplum`
Dahlia plant named `Rio Grande`
Petunia plant named `MP4`
Novel, high yielding stable Mentha arvensis plant named `Damroo`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiewiwidiv`
Dahlia plant named `Melody Gipsy`
Dahlia plant named `Pecos`
Verbena plant named `Balwilpuri`
Antigonon plant named `Colvey`
Begonia plant named `77WL Peach`
Dracaena plant named `Limelight`
Dahlia plant named `Jacqui`
Verbena plant named `Balazlavi`
Nemesia plant named `Penmys`
Floribunda Rose Plant Named `Meisponge`
Artemisia plant named `Oriental Limelight`
Apparatus for cutting and stirring curd
Jetter cup
Flush toilet for domestic pets
Water supply manifold
Method and an apparatus for monitoring an animal
Bird training apparatus and method
Leash Pouch
Squirrel repellent bird feeder
Fishing lure skirt and method
Pole-attached fishing line cleaning tool
Fly line
Bird repellant method and system
Birdseed mixture and method for propagating native wild flowers
Apparatus for treating an item during travel of the item along a treating trough
Apparatus for slicing compression molded product of sheet-shaped material and split knife
Tobacco pipe assembly with filter adapter
Brush cleaning unit for the heater fixture of a smoking device
Tobacco pipe
Multi-purpose organizer and protector
Article of clothing
Article of thermal clothing for covering the underlying area at the gap between a coat sleeve and a glove
Protective glove for stringing a tennis racket
Headgear with insert for exhibiting a display thereon
Two piece helmet with optional airbag
Sport shoe with structural frame
Slipper with polymer insole jell and method for manufacturing
Shoe structure provided with means to fasten interchangeably various insoles, pads, or instep straps
Seat belt buckle
Watchband link assembly
Multiple-fold umbrella shaft having telescopic tubes outwardly decreased in concave quadrants
Umbrella having a rotation prevention mechanism
Cam-type latch with lock
Strap and attaching structure thereof
Rope hammock
Portable hammock
Cosmetic brush
Adjustable table for EDP system
Protective guard for furniture leg
Puncture proof inner tube
Check valve for mattress assembly
Baby playpen-bassinet combination
Decorative frame
Clothes hanger clasp
Rotisserie oven structure
Hood mounting device for barbecue grills
Kitchen appliance having a container and having a cover configuration for closing the container
Drain closure
Toilet seat lift kit
Seating assist apparatus
Apparatus for architectural unit construction
Shower buddy back cleaning device for use in a shower or bath
Cleaning tool
Liquid extraction machine
Powered mop adaptable for electro-mechanical operation
Wash liquid circulation system for a dishwasher
Gluteus medius muscle pedicle bone grafting for treatment of osteonecrosis of the femoral head
Interdental device and container
Anatomic incontinence pessary
Use of polymeric materials for enlarging human glans and method of performing a surgery for enlarging a human glans with the said materials
Anti-snoring device and method of making same
Oral condoms with detachable fasteners
Convertible patient isolation pod
Chair with toilet sink
Assist device for getting into and out of automobiles and other modes
Hand grip and ball glide for a walker
Bathing method and bathing apparatus
Medicament delivery and packaging
Low spray force, low retention atomization system
Drug delivery device
Rotary compressor for respiration systems
Multi-seal respirator mask
Infant oxygen mask
Stopcock for intravenous injections and infusion and direction of flow of fluids and gasses
Methods for iontophoretic delivery of antiviral agents
Spring-loaded car window breaker and retractable safety sheath
Hypoxic fire prevention and fire suppression systems and breathable fire extinguishing compositions for human occupied environments
Canopy system
Wrestling ear guard
Performing Operations; Transporting
Eductor system and method for vapor recovery
Dual solid chemical feed system
Apparatus and method for removing concrete from interior surfaces of a concrete mixing drum
Method of manufacturing an assaying device
Multi-purpose cryogenic surface device
Packaging and dispensing device including a vacuum-filled container, and a method of manufacture
Apparatus for automatically cleaning resist nozzle
Apparatus and process for cleaning a work piece
Dual cassette centrifugal processor
Solvent and aqueous decompression processing system
Ultrasonic enhancement for solvent purge of a liquid delivery system
Method for testing the effectiveness of drain cleaners
Scarifier for interior surface of pipeline
Method for improving the fatigue life of a tubular stabilizer bar
Method and apparatus for fabricating a hollow body
Two stage punch press actuator with output drive shaft position sensing
Progressive die machine
Interior hemming machine
Convertible flange insertion machine
Method and apparatus of applying slider device to a recloseable zipper arrangement
Rebar bender/cutter
Round die type form rolling apparatus
Setting apparatus for blind rivets or the like
Centering device and method for U-bolt bending machine
Closed deck type cylinder block and method for producing the same
Cutting apparatus for roll-formed product of roll-forming unit
Method and apparatus for cutting workpieces
Power tool safety device
Automatic assembling system of galvanized steel sheet by spot welding
Method of manufacturing an article by superplastic forming and diffusion bonding
Fastener, die button and method of installing a fastener into a panel
Working tool
Apparatus and method for manipulating a screw
Universal bearing puller and installer
Flexible fixture system and method
Ergonomic handle for a wrench
Robotic manipulator
Device and a method for calibration of an industrial robot
Cutting apparatus
Dual-blade razor head with adjustable spacer
Wet shaver with retractile action
Artist's knife having an automatically retractable blade
Tool holder and tab system for board cutting machine
Processing center for three dimensional cutting of food products
Cut-off apparatus for non-circular tubes
Adjustable fence for a compound miter saw
Perforating machine
Force-adjustable rotary apparatus for working webs or sheets of material
Truss assembly apparatus with independent roller drive
Material and process for its production
Wall frame assembly table
Dryer control system
Modular security vault panels and method of manufacturing same
Plastic fastener, fastener clip, fastener dispensing tool and method of fastening objects
Method of fabricating die coater parts
Process and device for cooling extruded hollow sections
Methods for using a support backer board system for siding
Detection system for a press piston guiding system
System and method for compacting and transporting scrap metal
Method of wrapping a pot with a conformable sleeve
Full additive process with filled plated through holes
Sheet body fixing device having clamp with uniform nipping force
Turning bar arrangement
Printing cylinder for offset printing
Element for positioning and supporting a golf ball as an image is imprinted thereon
Inking unit for a printing machine
Ink supply apparatus for printing press and ink tray mounted on the same apparatus
Hydrophilized substrate for planographic printing
Adjustable measuring and marking device
Page maker template
Method and apparatus for cleaning spray guns
Radial tire with axially outer bead tip
Bicycle wheel rim with a wear-indicating projection
Pneumatic tire
Aircheck safety valve
Message insert for a trailer hitch receiver
Climate control system having electromagnetic compressor
Air conditioner used in electric vehicle
Air conditioning cleaning apparatus, kits & methods
Tailgate folding device of automotive vehicle
Hydraulic actuating arrangement
Low cost, compressed gas fuel storage system
Feed device intended for mounting in a fuel tank
Kickdown mechanism for a pedal
Superconductive magnetic levitation transportation system
Hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic brake booster
Brake pedal structure for vehicle
Priority car sorting in railroad classification yards using a continuous multi-stage method
Industrial truck
Method for drive coordination of rail-guided vehicles with individual-wheel drive
Running gear for rail vehicles
Steering wheel with at least one covering element
Passive steering assembly for a guided vehicle
Power steering apparatus
Margin blade holder assembly
Apparatus and method for sensing power in a bicycle
Connector between anchor and chain of ships, especially sailing boats and yachts
Underwater exploration device
Barge mounted food grade container system
Bellows and corridor for access to airplanes
Method and apparatus for containing an ambient climate control system
Strapping machine having an easy clear strap accumulator box
Automatic tandem corner protector attachment method and apparatus for picture frames and the like
Method and apparatus for opening a case and forming an insertion space therein
Process of bulk filling
Nozzle apparatus, a device for inserting materials into a container using such nozzle apparatus, and a container containing materials inserted therein with the use of such device
Automated filling machine and method
Fluid recovery cap system
Modular pallet construction
Shock absorbing pallet
Plastic bottle restricting device
Storage stabilized oxygen degradable polymer
Self-cooling container with internal beverage receptacle and process of manufacturing self-cooling container
Device for cutting a paper web in the transverse direction
Printing machine with plate thickness compensation
Sheet material dispenser with safer sheet cutting means
Dispenser for warm or cold beverages
Removable reservoir cooler
Method of checking that a system for recovering vapour emitted in a fuel dispensing installation is operating correctly and installation enabling said method to be implemented
System and methods for delivering fuel and for aligning elements of a fuel delivery system
Vapor flow and hydrocarbon concentration sensor for improved vapor recovery in fuel dispensers
Hands-free refueling trigger stanchion
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of making planar waveguides using low flow rates of feedstock vapors from a gas and liquid mixture
Apparatus and method for mold changing in heated glass sheet forming station
Method of making a glass preform
Glass melting apparatus and method including exhausting the furnace atmosphere by removal of a heating element
Vegetable oil-based printing ink and method for producing same
Method of using eukaryotic expression vectors comprising the BK virus enhancer
Tire having a stainless steel carcass reinforcement
Method of producing a metal component interacting by way of a sliding surface with a friction partner for a drive assembly
Method of and apparatus for plasma cleaning of chip-mounted board
Textiles; Paper
Method of automatically separating a roving upon removal of a bobbin from a roving frame
Method of manufacturing an elastic all-fiber polyester cloth
Yarn processing system with weft yarn tension regulation
Automatic button feeding and sewing device
Method for treatment of laundry with ozone
Control system for measuring load imbalance and optimizing spin speed in a laundry washing machine
Washing machine
Wire rope lubrication
Pipe attachment
Method and device in the dryer section of a paper/board machine
Calendering method and a calender that makes use of the method
Fixed Constructions
Joint forming systems
Outdoor deck material
Milling unit for the beating of snow-covered slopes
Anchor strap frame clamp
Apparatus and method for padding the ground below a duct using excavated soils, equipment for compacting soil below a duct, and a soil-compacting mechanism
Feeding device for a ditch digging and cleaning system
Machine for digging into the lower layers of the ground
Waste outlet
Eversible stopper/strainer device
Log panel system with panels comprising a plurality of stacked logs and an end board fixedly attached to the ends of each panel
Synetic structural forms and systems comprising same
Flooring panel or wall panel and use thereof
Non-structural steel studs
Wall panel system
Removable wall system
Modular temporary barrier system comprising foam core panels with peg-receiving apertures on the sides and u-shaped connector receiving portions on the top and bottom
Insulated asymmetrical directional force resistant building panel with symmetrical joinery, integral shear resistance connector and thermal break
Floor system and floor system construction methods
Aesthetic, self-aligning shingle for hip, ridge, or rake portion of a roof
Insulated roofing system
Contoured roof ventilation strip and installation system
Skylight curb seal and method
Panel for raised floors
Flooring assembly and fastener therefor
Building component spacer brace
Wall reinforcement apparatus and method using composite materials
Resin building
Memorial accents
Tent pole foot assembly
Leading edge bar for an automatic pool cover assembly in a swimming pool
Joint device for floor
Doorjamb reinforcement plates
Key container with improved locking features
Electronic chip functioned lock
Motor-driven lock
Drive apparatus for a lock with lock cylinder
Switchgear cabinet closing device
Slot adapter
Suspension device
Apparatus to fasten a fitting, preferably the support arm of a hinge, to a panel of a piece of furniture or the like
Bifold door fitting
Vehicle door window-lift with automatic fixing to the window slider supporting the window
Adjusting device
Drive spindle
Louver control bar with bendable louver attachment members
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of controlling the side wall thickness of a turbine nozzle segment for improved cooling
Combustor seal assembly
General advanced power system
Fluid flow inspection and video recording system and method for turbine buckets
Turbocharger bearing system
Valve driving means for V-type engine of vehicle
Valve operating system in internal combustion engine
Engaging and disengaging support element
Device for varying valve timing of gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine, in particular a hydraulic camshaft adjusting device of a rotary piston type
Variable valve open-and-closure timing changing apparatus for internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing system
Device for adjusting the angle of rotation of a camshaft
Pulse drive valve deactivator
Duration control strategy for a hydraulically actuated engine compression release brake
Adjustable device for valve control and method for adjusting same
Closed crankcase breather system
Engine breather apparatus
Positive crankcase ventilation system
Lubricant cooling system for outboard motor
Method and apparatus for estimating lean NOx trap capacity
Method for generating additional engine loads during start-up
Internal combustion engine with controlled ignition and direct injection
Internal combustion engine
Air induction system for engine
Low pressure gaseous fuel system
Two turbocharger exhaust gas re-circulation system having a first stage variable nozzle turbine
Composite full circle crankshaft counterweight
Connection of a crankcase of a reciprocating-piston internal combustion engine with a cylinder housing
Method and apparatus to homogenize fuel and diluent for reducing emissions in combustion systems
Control assembly for exhaust timing control
Total energy general optimized engine cycle
Method and a device for engine braking a four stroke internal combustion engine
Method and device for the operation of a drive unit on a vehicle
Control of a variable geometry turbocharger by sensing exhaust pressure
Misfire detecting apparatus for internal combustion engine
Ceramic gas sensor and an apparatus for measuring waste gas using the sensor and controlling an amount of fuel to burn
Electric-actuated fuel injector having a passive or memory circuit as a calibration group identifier
Throttle apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Liquid-cooled internal combustion engine with cylinder banks, which tilt toward one another, in particular a V engine
Engine having external combustion chamber
Deployable diverging part for a thruster
Fuel vapor emission control system employing vacuum
Ultra sonic or heat staked fastening for air intake manifold active system
Low cost hydraulic damper element and method for producing the same
Device and procedure for coupling a fluid rail with fuel injectors
Constraint idler
Fuel injector assembly assembly method
HPDI injector and packaging
Treatment of engine blow-by gases
Rail geometry for minimization of fluid pressure pulsations
Electric drive arrangement for internal combustion engines in motor vehicles
External high pressure to low pressure valve for scroll compressor
Multiple feed powder splitter
Bearing assembly adjustable spacer and system for adjusting the same
Apparatus for balancing rotating member
Method of making bearings for use in torsional vibration dampers
Rope gripper
Stabilizer for ball screw actuator
Coplanar reverted gear train loop
Accumulator utilizing housing case pressure
Expansion/check valve assembly including a reverse flow rate adjustment device
Rubber component for fuel seal
Tightening strip with tension locking system
Device for storing and mixing two gases
Induction heated steam generating system
Operating method of fluidized-bed incinerator and the incinerator
Ignition inhibiting gas water heater
Incineration process and incinerator using heat generated from combustion to bake and sublimate waste to produce gases using as fuel for the burning
Method for operating a boiler using oxygen-enriched oxidants
Gas turbine engine liner
Method and apparatus for controlling combustor emissions
Gas turbine staged control method
Method of preparing a sleeve for installation of an air conditioning unit
Condensing heat exchanger
Bearing-supported damper assembly
Thermoelectric water pre-cooling for an evaporative cooler
Heat pump type hot-water supply system capable of performing defrosting operation
Fuel-fired heating appliance having flame arrestor plate with associated scale deflector shield
Power vented, fuel fired water heater with soft ignition system
Heat powered heat pump system and method of making same
Accumulator-dehydrator assembly with anti-bump/venturi effect oil return feature for an air conditioning system
High pressure regulation in transcritical vapor compression cycles
Method and device for preserving snow
Ice level detector
Domestic refrigerator with peltier effect, heat accumulators and evaporative thermosyphons
Machinery cooling system
Refrigerator and method for controlling the same
Storage equipment and storage method
Method and device for cryogenic air separation
Drier for a lacquering line
Drying apparatus for a substrate and drying method thereof
Method of sealing a rotary drum connection
Brine cooling apparatus
Rotary activated gun locking mechanism
Handgun safety device
Underbarrel shotgun
Recoil spring tube assembly
Paintball loader with vibrating mechanism to prevent jamming
Valves for actuating the flow of pressurized fluids and device containing same
Gunstock and scope mounted storage assemblies
Torpedo launch mechanism and method
Sight mount for a firearm
Vertical in-line bow sight
Projectile launcher sight
Body armor
Electropyrotechnic igniter with integrated electronics
Rotating angle measuring device and method for rotary object
Vibrating gyroscope
Angular velocity sensor
Spirit level with hand grips
Sonic flow measurement apparatus for tubes including sonically matched plates
Level transmitter for a liquid container and method for determining the level in a liquid container
Digital electronic liquid density/liquid level meter
Abnormal state detecting apparatus of torque sensor
Propulsion thrust test system
Differential pressure sensor
Gas detector equipped with feedback function
Fluid entry mechanism for a modular automated diagnostic apparatus
Sample bag
Particle sizing apparatus and method of use thereof
Sampling apparatus
Model test apparatus and method
Combined combustible gas sensor and temperature detector
Gas sensor
Structure of oxygen sensor
Gas concentration sensor
Pressure compensated transducer
Method of measuring shear friction factor through backward extrusion process
Method and apparatus for measuring friction and wear characteristics of materials
Handheld sensing apparatus
System for analyzing trace amounts of impurities in gases
Method and apparatus for aligning a beam path for a beam-emitting sensor
Power transmission device
System and method for dividing flow
Pressure controller
Pressure regulating valve
Deviation calculation rule used to monitor the drilling path of a two dimensional deviated hole
Chemical data handling system
Prepaid card in a pull out envelope
System for the inscription and secure recordation of information
Electronic labeling system
Dynamic disc pack balance correction
Optical recording disk capable of resynchronization in digital encoding and decoding
System and method for acoustic integrity monitoring
Toroidal plasma source for plasma processing
Method and tools for cutting semiconductor products
Method and apparatus for processing tool interface in a manufacturing environment
Method of improving adhesion of cap oxide to nanoporous silica for integrated circuit fabrication
Method of making multilayered substrate for semiconductor device
Sealed lead-acid cells and batteries having internal and external restraint for accommodating plate growth
Polymer electrolyte lithium battery containing a potassium salt
Method and apparatus for producing a crimp connection
Method for quality assurance of crimp connections produced by a crimping device and crimping tool and crimping device therefor
Method for filling gas-insulated electric current transmission lines with gas and process for manufacturing lines which incorporates such a filling method
Wire stripper
Multicode direct sequence spread spectrum
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